Gee, I hope that Shrum is ignored.

It’d be awful if the Democrats were to take Bob Shrum’s advice about how to salvage the 2010 elections by having the President give “a major speech that redraws the dividing lines.” God help the Republican party if Obama ever decided to break with tradition and do one of those. We’d all be doomed.


Moe Lane

PS: By the way, if you’re wondering how seriously you should be taking Bob Shrum, consider this: last year by his own admission Shrum was working under the assumption that the Republican party “would be punished in the midterms.”  Meanwhile, last year I was talking about how getting back the House of Representatives was in fact a realistic goal for the GOP.  But then, I’m of this country, while people like Shrum generally seem to act like they’re merely from it.

Just saying.

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