Tech at Night: The FCC gets adversarial with the wireless industry

Tech at Night

Some have said that the Obama administration is saving up disastrous regulation for the second term, but the FCC is wasting no time. Not content to obstruct wireless innovation with painfully limiting spectrum policy, FCC is now duplicating FTC efforts and playing speed advertising nanny.

Duplicative regulation protects nobody. It’s adversarial. Mitt Romney must make it a priority to appoint reformist regulators to pare back regulation, allowing more marginal business growth opportunities to pan out, creating more jobs, creating more demand, and so growing the whole economy out of the Obama valley.

And that’s actually all the news I’ve got for you tonight. However when I mentioned this on the Tweeters, I ended up getting an interesting response from Jeff Emanuel (follow him by the way).

He said he bought they have a mini/microUSB model for some phones, and an iPhone-specific travel model.

Kensington’s been a solid accessory maker for a long time. I’ve been happy with everything of theirs I’ve bought. In fact I used their trackballs (Orbit for years, then Expert Mouse until Apple went touch control in Lion).

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