Not All Soldiers Are Equal

The left’s contention is that conservatives would prefer if we left an American soldier to rot in Afghanistan. No one is arguing that, that I know of. What we are arguing is that the President should not have traded five members of the Taliban for one American soldier who, it appears, left base without permission in search of the Taliban.

Even Hillary Clinton, we now know, wanted more restrictions on the deal the President ultimately agreed to.

But what we see from President Obama and Mordor’s twitter feed is that the left thinks all American soldiers are equal. In fact, the President and the left are today treating American soldiers who served with Bergdahl worse than they are treating Bergdahl.

It is a screwed up administration and a screwed up world view that treats soldiers as villains for daring to tell what Bergdahl did and how he wound up in the hands of the enemy. It is a screwed up administration and a screwed up world view that thinks five Taliban released into the great unknown is a good idea.

Not all soldiers are equal, but the left sees them all as equally able to be used as political pawns for the President’s own ambition.

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