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    GM is Alive and the Volt is Dead.

    GM is Alive and the Volt is Dead.

    One of the talking points that Obama’s reelection campaign has been pushing is that “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive!”  It’s fair to say that the success of GM is a pretty important linchpin to his reelection case. Something that Obama has not been running on is his failed attempts to force his green dreams on an unwilling public. You won’t see him | Read More »

    Cigarette Taxes Could Go Global

    Cigarette Taxes Could Go Global

    Recently, I wrote about how the World Health Organization (WHO) was giving New York City Mayor and Anti-Big Gulp Crusader Michael Bloomberg an assist in his “all your decisions are belong to us” initiatives. Well… as the WHO continues to press countries to raise their tobacco taxes (first China, now the Philippines) and continues to advocate for a “Solidarity Tobacco Contribution” to fund WHO activities | Read More »

    VIDEO: MSNBC says Romney Statement on Libyan Crisis Was a “Bad Mistake” and “Irresponsible”

    VIDEO: MSNBC says Romney Statement on Libyan Crisis Was a "Bad Mistake" and "Irresponsible"

    Late last night, the Romney campaign released this statement about the crisis in Libya: “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” –Mitt | Read More »

    Obama Does Radio Interview on 9-11. No Mention of 9-11.

    Obama Does Radio Interview on 9-11.  No Mention of 9-11.

    The headline speaks for itself. I tried hard not to get political today, but sometimes you have to call out insensitivity when you see it. It started with Joe Biden’s reference to Flight 93 as a “bittersweet” memory (though some are giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one) and then it was The Onion joking about 9-11 on their site and twitter | Read More »

    Public University Offered Course Credit to Work for Obama Campaign

    Public University Offered Course Credit to Work for Obama Campaign

    The Daily Caller is reporting that the Obama administration has been offering course credit to students through intern programs at a university in Colorado.   The internship was offered through the Adams State University but has since been taken down. The Obama Compaign [sic] Internship (GOVT 279 Presidential Election Internship) will be a 12 week long organizing internship for the Obama Campaign.  The program offers | Read More »

    Obama Campaign Requested Birther Jokes

    Some politicos are upset about a joke that Mitt Romney made today at President Obama’s expense. Romney:

    Equal Pay Icon Rallies for Obama. Attendees Unaware of Pay Disparity at White House.

    Lilly Ledbetter is the namesake of the first bill signed by President Obama back in 2009, The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. The purpose of this act was supposedly to make it easier for women in the workforce to file discrimination lawsuits and demand equal pay for equal work. So pleased with Obama is Mrs. Ledbetter, that she decided to rally on his behalf | Read More »

    For What Do We Fight?

    No, this is not a post defending Todd Akin.  I, in no way endorse the concept (which Akin himself refutes at this point) that “legitimate rape” is a phrase that should ever have entered the American lexicon. In the light of a new day I wanted to offer some final thoughts around how things unfolded yesterday and what it revealed to me. When I found | Read More »

    VIDEO: White House Unavailable for Comment After Explosive Interview

    No time for tough questions from the press, Obama’s team has assured us that he’ll be taking tough questions from the locals as he travels the country. The results are nothing short of the most important moment in the history of electoral politics. Here are some selections from the game changing interviews: Follow @BenHowe

    “Romney Owns the Olympics … and a Horse.”

    Does Romney own the Olympics? Who is Madeleine Albright? How much money is “too much for your own good?” All of these questions are answered at a Madeleine Albright rally in Denver Colorado earlier this week as Caleb Bonham of Revealing Politics hits the street to ask people what their thoughts are on the campaign. Hilarity ensues. Class warfare seems to be working, at least | Read More »

    Obama Administration Continues to Fail on Energy Policy

    One would think that one of the primary requirements of energy independence would be having the ability to collect the energy through which one becomes independent by using. Somehow, this logic escapes the Obama administration as evidenced by their “Five-Year Plan.” However, if their goal was to diminish opportunities for energy resources, they’ve done a magnificent job. It is pretty well established that there is | Read More »

    $20 Million to Inspect Catfish: Zero Catfish Inspected

    A few weeks ago I wrote about how the government is doubling up on the ever important Catfish inspection duties by having the USDA inspect catfish at an even greater cost than currently spent by the FDA to do the same thing. Either way, it seems that the Agriculture Committee found it too important to America to allow us tone limited to only one gigantic | Read More »

    Buzzfeed Uses Vice Presidential Selection to Bash Sarah Palin

    Earlier today, BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins put up a hit piece citing an anonymous source that claims the Romney team’s choice in Paul Ryan is especially awesome because Sarah Palin totally sucks. Each response from the campaign, if they are indeed from the campaign, are fairly benign to Mrs. Palin until Coppins inserts his own opinion. According to the article, one source said, “Paul Ryan has | Read More »

    MUST SEE: Senior Obama Campaign Advisor Robert Gibbs Refuses to Condemn Ad Calling Romney Murderer

    Let me warn you up front that this is a 9 minute video. Let me further warn you that it is from this morning’s edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC. But let me urge you to watch anyway so you can see the depths with which the Obama campaign is unwilling to condemn something as blatantly outrageous as accusing Mitt Romney of being responsible for | Read More »

    UPDATED– Mitt Romney: Murderer

    Update by streiff: Politico reports that the woman Romney allegedly murdered in this disgusting video died in 2006. For those of you without a calendar 2006 was the last year of Mitt Romney’s tenure as governor of Massachusetts and over at least four years since he has been affiliated with Bain. Even Politico had to note: “[T]he fairness of this one is open to interpretation.” | Read More »