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    Sen. Rand Paul Gives the Tea Party Response to the State of the Union Address

    The Tea Party Express has brought Sen. Rand Paul to provide a Tea Party response to the President’s State of the Union address. Consider this an open thread.

    Google: The Democrats’ Private Intelligence Agency

    Google: The Democrats' Private Intelligence Agency

    Last week, Neil Stevens raised the alarm about Google selling out conservatives on policy issues. He’s right, but a number of conservatives and Republicans think there is an even bigger problem for GOP. Remember that enormous, sophisticated data operation the Obama campaign had? The one that gave them massive daily data on public opinion trends in almost every segment of potential voters. It’s almost as if Democrats | Read More »

    America’s Opportunity: A Discussion with the Heritage Foundation

    I took part in a Google Hangout today to discuss the Heritage Foundation’s report “America’s Opportunity For All” which lays out their vision for the future. Part of that vision involves how to message small government principles to groups of people that have thus far rejected conservative policies. I was joined by Rich Tucker, Senior Writer for The Heritage Foundation; Emily Zanotti, Principal at Iconoclast | Read More »

    Ecuador’s Hugo Chavez

    Ecuador's Hugo Chavez

    Next month, elections will be held in Ecuador to determine whether current President Rafael Correa gets another term. Advocates of human rights and opponents of Hugo Chavez-style politics and policy should watch the election closely, because Correa purportedly fancies himself the successor to the Venezuelan President’s legacy in Latin America – no good thing. Among other things, Correa has been restricting civil liberties, using outdated | Read More »

    It’s the Messaging, Stupid. It’s the Stupid Messaging.

    It's the Messaging, Stupid. It's the Stupid Messaging.

    As many have already discussed, Karl Rove has launched an organization, the Conservative Victory Group, that purports to work on behalf of conservative candidates to shore up our numbers in Congress and bring our party into the 21st century. Like many others, I viewed this as the political equivalent of declaring war on the grassroots. The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny set off the fireworks | Read More »

    Why I Love Twitter

    Why I Love Twitter

    In emails and on twitter I’m starting to see a common theme emerge. People are getting sick and tired of the nonsense on twitter and how “high school” it is. They’re tired of the snark. They’re questioning its effectiveness. Some are even suggesting that we give up on the platform, perhaps relegating it to Google+ status: have a twitter account, post links to your stuff, | Read More »

    VIDEO: A Quick Reminder on Benghazi

    VIDEO: A Quick Reminder on Benghazi

    As Hillary Clinton takes to Capitol Hill to answer questions related to the attacks in Benghazi on September 11th of last year, it might be a good time to have a reminder of what the State Department and the administration’s initial response was to the act of terrorism. Consider this an open thread. Follow @BenHowe

    Gun Control: WWJD?

    Gun Control: WWJD?

    As the gun control debate rages in America following the abominable events in Newtown, eventually, perhaps inevitably, the media will ask itself, “What would Jesus do?” They’ve done it for years as it relates to wealth redistribution and Obamacare. Obama gave an entire speech about taxes in which he used Jesus for his justification. I’d wager that the tactic is designed to hit God fearing | Read More »

    Obama Has His Revenue. Time for Republicans to Step Up or Get Out.

    Obama Has His Revenue.  Time for Republicans to Step Up or Get Out.

    Most of my morning has been spent listening to the two camps on twitter and in the news. Half say we got a bad deal in the Fiscal Cliff debate. The other half say we got the best we could and should be happy with the concessions we extracted from the Democrats. From the beginning, this negotiation has been a mess. Every day we were | Read More »

    Union Thugs Shout “I’ll Kill a Mother F***** With a Gun!” While Assaulting Opponents

    Union Thugs Shout "I'll Kill a Mother F***** With a Gun!" While Assaulting Opponents

    *UPDATE* Dana Loesch has set up a donation page to help put together a reward to locate the perpetrator of the assault so that he may be reported to the proper authorities. Steven Crowder is in Michigan recording the protests that are taking place. At some point, as Moe Lane noted earlier, the crowd started tearing down the AFP tent that was there. When Crowder | Read More »

    Three Tools to Educate an Uninformed Electorate on the Fiscal Cliff

    Three Tools to Educate an Uninformed Electorate on the Fiscal Cliff

    Over several months now, I have been devoting attention to the question of how conservatives can win both policy debates and elections, not by appropriating policies that Democrats advocate and putting a Republican stamp on them, but rather by educating Americans and converting those who don’t already share our perspective to it. My basic thesis is that we win by getting more people to agree | Read More »

    Watch Radio Host David Sirota Flip Out on Mike Rosen

    Watch Radio Host David Sirota Flip Out on Mike Rosen

    This actually happened over a month ago but seems to have mostly flown under the radar.  I think it’s worth a look.  After all, it’s rare that you get the joy of seeing an established left winger completely melt down in front of an audience. No, wait it’s not rare at all actually. But definitely fun. Such was the case when watching David Sirota, a | Read More »

    VIDEO: There’s Still Time President Obama

    VIDEO: There's Still Time President Obama

    In 2008, President Obama campaigned on hope and change. He made lofty promises from closing Gitmo to changing the sea levels. At a debate in 2008, in between John McCain obsessively saying “my friends”, we heard a different Barack Obama than teh one we hear today. One that believed we must deal with our entitlement crisis and we must deal with it swiftly. He addressed | Read More »

    Campaign Sources: The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job

    Campaign Sources: The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job

    If you spend your time watching politics and haven’t been hiding in a deep depression since Tuesday, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about “ORCA.” According to the Washington Post, ORCA “was designed as a first-of-its-kind tool to employ smartphones to mobilize voters, allowing them to microtarget which of their supporters had gone to the polls.” There is now widespread condemnation of the program as | Read More »

    How to Stop Losing

    Several months ago I wrote an article condemning the manner in which we conducted our tax arguments. I felt they were too divisive and failed to teach anyone why our policies were right. In short, while it feels good to hold up a piece of paper complaining that the 53% pays for everything, it does little to convince the 47% to vote for us. And | Read More »