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    Trump is all about ethanol cronyism. Because of course.

    Trump is all about ethanol cronyism. Because of course.

    The longer that Donald Trump’s campaign for president goes on, the more he is exposed as a deeply unconservative, anti-free market, anti-limited government liberal who has just conned the media and a bunch of poor, low-information voters into thinking he’s conservative by saying a bunch of inflammatory things, usually involving women or minorities. The latest example: Turns out Trump is big into ethanol mandates and thinks | Read More »

    Newsflash: Republican Senators Love Cronyism

    Newsflash: Republican Senators Love Cronyism

    With the Republican takeover of Congress earlier this year, conservatives hoped we’d see an end to cronyism. We hoped in vain. It turns out Washington has proceeded as normal, carrying on with its usual tricks. The GOP-controlled Senate is working hard to revive the Export-Import Bank. And the Senate wants to bring back a bunch of “green energy subsidies” that we thought we had dispensed with. | Read More »

    Student Performance to be Judged by Happiness of Teachers

    While media attention is focused on Obama’s poorly considered and ultimately dangerous Iran “deal”, the Senate is attempting to undertake the difficult business of overhauling American education policy. And one of the Senate’s top Democrats on education matters wants to deem American kids literate and numerate if… teachers are happy! I wish this were a joke. Sadly it is not. From an amendment to the | Read More »

    Polls Indicate Trust in the Supreme Court is Fragile

    Polls Indicate Trust in the Supreme Court is Fragile

    CNN came out with an interesting poll this week concerning the Supreme Court, a favorite topic of conservatives ever since John Roberts’ horrible vote to uphold Obamacare. It turns out that trust in the Supreme Court is lacking and surprise, surprise, one of the biggest factors is the Court’s handling of… Obamacare (note that gay marriage also features prominently, but we’ll leave that to one | Read More »

    Let’s not forget…

    Let's not forget...

    As the accolades and attaboys come in for standing up against the continuation of NSA surveillance, we would do well to remember that this is a man who believes the GOP created ISIS. While many candidates are saying that “knowing what they know now” they wouldn’t have supported the Iraq War, Paul went a step further and basically gave an updated version of his father’s | Read More »

    Cuomo’s Revenge?

    Cuomo's Revenge?

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to make a career at McDonalds more lucrative. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $11.50 in new york city and $10.50 in the rest of the state, and he’s specifically targeting the fast food market, a subset of the restaurant industry. While many are concerned that Governor Cuomo is abusing his authority by attempting to raise the wage | Read More »

    Is Scott Walker afraid of social issues?

    Is Scott Walker afraid of social issues?

    Politico says that Scott Walker is having a “crisis of faith” because social conservatives are questioning his bona fides.  Showing their ignorance of what “social conservatism” actually is, they quoted a lot of evangelicals and mentioned over and over how it was surprising he would have this problem given that he mentions God a lot.   You know, because that’s the criteria. Hold your hand | Read More »

    Obama is making good on his promise to raise your utility bill

    Obama is making good on his promise to raise your utility bill

    Remember awhile back when it was “revealed” that Obamacare had been deliberately designed by its architect to screw over states that would not want to set up their own insurance exchanges and go along with the top-down, big-government deform that Dear Leader was pushing? Well… as Dear Leader’s EPA moves forward with its carbon plan (call it “cap,” with no “trade”), it’s beginning to look | Read More »

    Senator Jon Tester hates teaching standards

    Senator Jon Tester hates teaching standards

    Liberal Sen. Jon Tester of Montana , an ex-teacher and payer of dues to his former teacher’s union is colluding with teachers unions to gut standards designed to hold unaccountable teachers unions and their members accountable where teachers fail to deliver. The standards are included in the Senate’s legislation reforming the much-reviled No Child Left Behind Act, which is slowly making its way through Congress’ upper chamber.  Conservative critics say Tester’s move | Read More »

    Green Cronyism Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

    Green Cronyism Hasn't Gone Anywhere

    Back in the good old days of the Obama stimulus, green energy companies were looking for a boost direct from the federal government, in the form of straight-up financial subsidies to promote “green-collar jobs.” Fast forward to 2015, and the terrain has changed some. We’ve seen that the stimulus was a bust. There was the Solyndra mess. Candidates less willing to hand out federal cash | Read More »


    Elizabeth Warren’s Education Power Grab Fails

    Elizabeth Warren's Education Power Grab Fails

    says she is not running for President. Sadly, that does not make her a benign or waning influence in national politics. As MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has (with probable glee) noted, Hillary Clinton – probably in an effort to do or say something that is interesting or motivating to anyone, anywhere – has been parroting Warren. CNN Money ran a story with a similar thrust | Read More »

    Ed Schultz cuts guest’s microphone because he won’t let him interrupt.

    Ed Schultz had the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson on this evening. Bear in mind that Ed started the segment off angry and determined to bite someone’s head off and, well, Mr. Anderson was rude enough to continue to try and answer questions that were presented. My personal favorite is when Ed Schultz calls Governor Pence a homophobe, and within minutes condemns Anderson for not being | Read More »

    They Don’t Want Your Cake

    They Don't Want Your Cake

    The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The RFRA. It’s caused more people to freak out in the last 24 hours than the ebola crisis could have ever dreamed. The party of extreme fear-mongering has declared the new law in Indiana as a five-alarm fire and they are pulling out all the stops to make sure that the Hoosier State is viewed as the return of 1955 | Read More »

    Phil Robertson’s Point is Poorly Delivered but Nothing New

    Phil Robertson's Point is Poorly Delivered but Nothing New

    I first became aware of Phil Robertson’s recent controversial comments because Ace wrote up a criticism headlined “So Phil Robertson Is Yammering Again.” I disagreed with some of what he said but that was that and I went about my day. Then an article by Katherine Timpf  at National Review titled “Stop Defending Phil Robertson – You’re Embarrassing Yourself” popped up as well and I started | Read More »

    Barack Obama Is A Very Successful President

    Barack Obama Is A Very Successful President

    As was the case when Scott Walker’s college credentials became a news story a few weeks ago, some have found their cause du jour with which to hit . For Cruz, it’s a question of experience. Does he have enough? What constitutes presidential experience is vague but from what I’ve seen, it is mostly conservative media that is questioning Cruz’s creds. It seems some believe | Read More »