1) I am a Jude Wanniski-style supply-sider On domestic policy I advocate a flat tax similar (or identical) to what Steve Forbes presidential campaigns of 1996 and 2000. Return the country to the gold standard as Jack Kemp advocated with tying the value of a dollar to the value of an ounce of gold in order to eliminate inflation and the Fed manipulation of the currency to achieve different (and mostly political) goals. Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which were created to deal with the catastrophic consequences of leaving the gold standard in the first place (and then proceeded to make extensive problems of their own). 2) constitutional conservative/economic conservative/civil libertarian Long term goals should be to return the country to something resembling a national government which abides by the constitution. Ideally if there's widespread support for accomplishing this, I'd like to see constitutional amendments passed to authorize (and limit) the existence of things like the Food and Drug Administration and the EPA rather than them being completely eliminated or, worse, continuing to exist as a precedent for the national government being allowed to get away with exceeding it mandate. 3) I agree with the morality of the Religious Right but skeptical about the constitutionality of their goal to implement their morality into national law. The choice of the word "law" is deliberate since some of their goals could be addressed on the national level by constitutional amendment rather than through law. Other of their goals should more properly be addressed through state and local governments rather than attempting to have the national government exceed its constitutional limits by creating laws to address their concerns. 4) Undecided on my choice of presidential candidates as of summer 2011. Many un-conservative republicans get away with calling themselves "conservative" for years or decades without revealing their core values by being in charge and choosing a direction to lead. A presidential campaign is ideal to separate the wheat from the chaff as candidates are pressed to reveal exactly what they would do if they were placed in charge. In the pre-Ames Straw Poll debate, one of the candidates (who shall remain nameless for purposes of shame) said when asked why he didn't have proposals on his website about what to do for the economy stated that he was still trying to come up with some ideas. Sorry, but if your problem is trying to come up with some ideas, that's a clear sign that you aren't an economic conservative. Our country is doing so many things wrong that trying to pare down ideas to a readable list ought to be the problem if you have any idea what you are talking about on the subject. 5) As for my personal background, I've wrote political commentary for 13+ years for a variety of now-defunct websites. I'm disabled now and can't produce prolifically anymore. I have work background in business and finance. I have interests in public policy, economics, foreign policy, various sciences, learning new things, and am an information junkie. I have no interest in movies and who is or isn't a movie star. My interest in recent music is almost non-existent.


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