As a lifelong Conservative, I have loyally worked within Republican Party. Now am a TEA party part of Republicans dedicated to replacing RINOs. Through the largest Texas Pro-life, Pro-family group, I personally made significant and successful sweat contributions to RON PAUL's first elections (1978 & 1980) and attended KC in 1976 for Reagan. I cried in 1980 when the Bush/Baker machine took over the Transition Team, tossing out the best of our party appointment nominees because they were social conservatives. Few of even Coors nominations made it through the elite Party Machine. The degradation in our nation’s morality was set that November-December as no supporting administration voices supported Ronald Reagan’s moral tone. Again this year, playing R Paul as a Nut instead of serious Idealist, helped cost Republicans & RR 2012 election, Many of his supporters {solid 10% across nation}did not vote & were in the 5 million+ hat voted protest. So that mentality shot us all in the head Nov 7, as the protest vote in 2 of swings states caused the loss. I tried to reason with the foolish on net the net but was not enough to overcome the bitterness of rejection. Romney and Elite Rino leadership finished themselve off denying RP and Delegates. Over 5 million still protest voted and more millions sat out without voting. The RINO ELETE elect Obama. Many Ron Paul libertarians, and even true conservatives, ferociously equated Romney as Equally bad as BHO. They flooded the internet with Romney negatives as bad or worse than BHO’s negative ads. This so discouraged many that simply did not vote in 2012...even though they were the primary difference in 2010. In 76-82 in Texas, I was a very strong Republican activist in conservative traditional social causes that carried the Grass Roots Majority forward. But was sorely aghast at Baker / Bush running and Ruining the Republican machine and thwarting almost all our gains. I Still remember Bush Sr. in 1980 campaign, angrily using the "F" word as an epithit to Pro-lifers. These types have been, and now still are, our Republican Achilles’ heal. Fiscal Conservatives without Social issues Morality are the TRUE traitors and caused our demise Nov 7, 2012. To ever recover the Republic (an?) ideals we must become inclusive of all who hold conservative SOCIAL values. These types always seem to have a better barometer for TRUTH and REASON, and their voices resonate, ultimately with a larger base. Building alliances within our entire ranks, finding a way to be inclusive and respectful of all within the conservative spectrum is essential. Divided we fall. Fighting each other from the top down or bottom up, is suicide for the Republican Party.


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