Blame today’s market tanking on Obamanomics

    Promoted from diaries. – Moe Lane GDP numbers are out, and they couldn’t be much worse. To sum it up, that supposedly sharp pace in 4Q10 was overstated by 35%, 1Q11’s figure was overstated by a mere 475% (!), and the already low expectations for 2Q11 were 38% higher than reality. The U.S. economy grew less than expected in the second quarter as consumer spending | Read More »

    Senate GOP allows judicial confirmation of ex-Planned Parenthood director

    From the diaries by Erick As so often seem to be the case, the GOP doesn’t follow the Democratic playbook when it comes to obstruction. They caved when it came to a vote last week on the nomination of Jack McConnell as a US District Court Judge. He’s only 52 or 53, so we can look forward to decades of his rulings. Among the items | Read More »

    Our last WWI vet passes away at age 110

    From the diaries by Bill S. Update from Erick: The U.S. Naval Institute has more here. Frank Buckles, the last of the 4,734,991 Americans who served in World War I, has passed away. When you think of most kids today, his story is just staggering. He was born on a Missouri farm when William McKinley was President. When the US entered WWI in April 1917, | Read More »

    So San Francisco may ban circumcision, eh?

    Promoted from the diaries… They’re currently gathering signatures so it can be placed on the November ballot. You can’t help but read this story about the guy behind it without doing a compare and contrast with abortion a certain safe/legal/rare medical procedure. Schofield’s ordinance would outlaw the procedure throughout San Francisco, even for religious reasons. The only exception would be “a clear, compelling and immediate | Read More »

    Kagan made up “scientific facts” regarding partial birth abortion

    Promoted from the diaries In 2000 the Supreme Court struck down Nebraska’s PBA ban, citing a statement from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that PBA might be the best choice for a woman under certain circumstances. That statement was also used later to fight against a federal PBA ban signed by Bush. We now find out that the ACOG didn’t come up with | Read More »