We Fill Our Culture with Garbage, and We Reap The Result

    We Fill Our Culture with Garbage, and We Reap The Result

    I’m going to start today by venting, and I will warn you in advance that this is going to be a sermon, but someone needs to speak the truth for a change: Another week, another mass shooting, another press conference by the President lecturing us on the need for gun control, and now Hillary and Obama are in a race to see which of them | Read More »

    Declaration of Independence, not Dependence

    As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this week, it is important to remember and teach our children the Founding Fathers were declaring our independence, not creating a culture of dependence. (They also protested unfair taxation, but that is another story for another day.) This is an especially important lesson, given the Supreme Court’s ruling last week on Obamacare. The ruling was both a disappointment and | Read More »

    Liberal and Incompetent

    A few weeks back I found myself at the scene of the crime… campaigning in Wisconsin with Governor Walker. One thing was abundantly clear, and if you spent any time helping out Governor Walker in his campaign, you can attest to this — The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party. Last Tuesday in Wisconsin, the silent majority was very loud. Call it the | Read More »