Brian Darling is a Washington-DC based Congressional analyst and political commentator. He appears frequently on American and foreign television, radio and print, including Fox News, Sun News of Canada, BBC, RT (Russia Today) and Fox Business. Darling served as a staffer on Capitol Hill with four United States Senators and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrianHDarling


    President Obama’s Budget – Increased Spending and Taxes

    The President’s budget is out today.  Do not believe the hype that the President is cutting spending and balancing the budget.  A cursory review of the budget tables in his proposal indicates that the free spending Obama Administration is going to increase spending and taxes, yet claim that they are freezing spending and cutting the deficit. The President even has the Wall Street Journal parroting the | Read More »

    Federal Jobs Training Program – “Waste, Mismanagement, and Even Corruption”

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has put out yet another excellent report on waste, fraud and abuse in federal job training programs.  The report titled “Help Wanted” describes specific instances of “waste, mismanagement, and even corruption.”  This report proves, in addition to other reports by Senator Coburn, that the government is a poor allocator of resources. The Coburn report indicates that these federal jobs training programs are | Read More »


    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) delivered his first Senate speech last week.  Senator Paul discussed the idea of compromise. Please watch an excellent speech by an emerging conservative leader of our great nation. I will sit at Henry Clay’s desk. There is likely no legislator from Kentucky more famous than Henry Clay. He served as both the Speaker of the House and Leader of the Senate. | Read More »


    The True Cost of Rationing Health Care

    For more than six months, breast cancer patients have been stuck in a horrible limbo, being forced to wait and watch the rationing battle over Avastin play out in a debate between government bureaucrats with little concern for their well being at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There has been an ongoing battle between victims rights groups, families of cancer victims and the FDA specific | Read More »

    Senator Mike Lee on ObamaCare and the Commerce Clause

    Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.  Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) questioned Walter Dellinger, former Clinton Solicitor General for the 1996-97 term and law professor at Duke, about his views on the individual mandate provision in the law.   The questioning of Professor Dellinger on the constitutionality of the individual mandate was a preview of the debate that we shall see before | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday

    This Sunday will be the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan.  When I was an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts, Reagan was a beacon of hope.  I felt like I was behind a red curtain of crazy liberals and far leftists at UMass-Amherst.  Reagan inspired me to be a conservative.  The Heritage Foundation blog, The Foundry, has a more lengthy post on the subject written by | Read More »

    President Obama’s Big Diplomatic Test – Egypt

    It is clear that the Obama Administration is facing a big diplomatic test in dealing with the fast developing situation in Egypt.  On one side is the Obama Administration’s interest of promoting freedom and democracy for the people of Egypt.  On the other side is the national security interest of maintaining a strong pro-Western U.S. ally in the Global War on Terror in Egypt.  These are very difficult interests to balance.  | Read More »

    The Big Show on WMAL in DC

    From 4-7pm today, I will be on 630AM WMAL in Washington, DC with Derek Hunter and Mary Katherine Ham.  You can listen at  Scheduled guests include Andrew Breitbart, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Greg Gutfeld of Red Eye on Fox News.  The call in number is 800-630-9625 or 202-432-WMAL.  Feel free to call in or use the comments section of Red State to pose a question.


    Senate Tea Party Caucus Meets – Washington Post Mocks

    The first ever meeting of the Senate Tea Party Caucus was convened yesterday on Capitol Hill and it was a great success.  The left wing media is doing everything they can to demonize the Tea Party movement.  It is not going to work.  The Heritage Foundation sent a camera and here is a video of the proceedings for those who could not make the first | Read More »

    The Filibuster Is Preserved – Progressives Lose

    Moe has a good post on the demise of so called “Filibuster Reform” from earlier today.  The Senate voted on a package of rules reform proposals, but the filibuster is safe from an attempt by a simple majority of Senators to expunge it from the rules of the Senate.  The minority party and individual Senators will retain the right to force an extended debate and participate in the | Read More »

    The Over-Promiser-In-Chief

    President Barack Obama is known as a great orator.  One would think that this skill would serve him well during the State of the Union tomorrow, yet his public speaking is fast becoming his biggest liability.  It is because the American people look at many of his biggest promises skeptically. The AP reports in a story titled, “At Obama’s Midpoint, an Altered State of the Union” that the President has a record of promises | Read More »

    The Big Show on WMAL in DC

    From 4-7pm today, I will be on 630AM WMAL in Washington, DC with Derek Hunter and Mary Katherine Ham.  You can listen at  Scheduled guests include Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Adam Baldwin from the show “Chuck” and the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”  The call in number is 800-630-9625 or 202-432-WMAL.  Feel free to call in or use the comments section of Red State to | Read More »

    Repeal of ObamaCare in the Senate – Part II

    Now that the House has passed H.R. 2, ObamaCare Repeal, by a 245-189 vote, the fight moves to the Senate.  I wrote a few days ago Repeal of ObamaCare in the Senate – How to do it and I wanted to further explain how to force a vote in a Senate on H.R. 2 or another measure to repeal every word of ObamaCare.  Here is exactly how one | Read More »

    Repeal of ObamaCare in the Senate – How To Do It

    I just posted a piece on The Heritage Foundation blog, The Foundry, titled “How to Repeal ObamaCare in the Senate.”  I tried to put into easy to understand terms the way for the Senate to repeal the unconstitutional ObamaCare.  Although it is unlikely that the Senate will take up the House repeal measure H.R. 2 in the next few months, it is possible to bring it | Read More »

    The Second Amendment Under Attack In 2011

    America is a nation in mourning as a result of the violent tragedy in Arizona last weekend.  This is an appropriate time for prayer and national healing.  This is not the time to restrict the Second Amendment rights of Americans to defend themselves from unbalanced individuals. The enemies of freedom will use the Arizona tragedy to push for gun control.  streiff of Red State said it | Read More »