Obama EPA Forces Company to Cut Jobs, Spend $6 million on Green Agenda

    A settlement forced by the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency on a Wisconsin power company has forced an employer to prepare to cut jobs and spend millions paying for the Obama Administration’s green energy agenda. The EPA has entered into a consent decree with the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) after federal regulators alleged that two of the company’s coal-fired power plants were in violation | Read More »

    Federal Job Corps Vans Used to Bus Voters in Wisconsin

    Federal Job Corps Vans Used to Bus Voters in Wisconsin

    Media Trackers has found federal Job Corps vans being used to bus voters to at least one polling location in the City of Milwaukee. A van with federal plates and driven by a Job Corps employee was seen pulling up to the small polling station at the Clara Barton Elementary School in urban Milwaukee shortly after 1:00 pm on Tuesday. A Job Corps administrator inside | Read More »

    Final Obama Campaign E-mails Berate, Blame Supporters

    Depending on who you are, if you receive e-mail updates from the Obama-Biden campaign you may have gotten a few strident notes in your inbox over the last week. In making the closing pitch to supporters and potential donors, the President’s campaign has struck a negative tone attempting to shame supporters who haven’t done enough into doing more. “You’ve waited until the last minute here,” | Read More »

    Wisconsin Early Voting Gains Solid in GOP Areas

    MILWAUKEE, WI – Preliminary and limited data samples indicate that in Wisconsin early voting has increased more in Republican leaning areas than Democratic leaning areas headed into the November 6th election. Wisconsin does not track voters with partisan voter registration and all early voting reporting is done at the municipal level, making it difficult to gather broad samples of early voting data headed into the final weekend of the campaign. What the limited data does show is that early voters in traditional GOP strongholds are turning out in higher numbers than in 2008, while Democratic strongholds are turning out a statistically smaller increase.

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    Baldwin Repeatedly Tried to Create “Department of Peace”

    The following was written by Collin Roth and is cross-posted from Media Trackers. Voters in Wisconsin are suddenly becoming more aware of the records of both U.S. Senate candidates, and this is just another example of how radically out of touch Tammy Baldwin is.  Since 2001, Rep. Tammy Baldwin has co-sponsored legislation four times to create a federal Department of Peace and Nonviolence. Sponsored by | Read More »

    John Mica and The Politics of Cronyism (Plus Luxury Trips to Italy)

    Today, in Florida’s 7th Congressional District a primary battle between Rep. John Mica (R) and Rep. Sandy Adams (R) is culminating as voters go to the polls to decide which incumbent will represent the newly redrawn district. Mica, the entrenched powerful chairman of the House Transportation Committee, left his current district and a few hundred thousands constituents to move into the newly redrawn district of | Read More »

    COMPROMISED INTEL: Secret Democratic Political Research Files for Twelve 2012 Match-Ups Found via Google

    It could be one of the biggest political intelligence coups of the 2012 battle to control Congress. Media Trackers, a conservative investigative watchdog group, discovered nearly three-dozen Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee opposition research notebooks – extensive secretive manuals outlining anything that could be used against a political opponent. Several news outlets have reported that some of the files have been quietly published on the DCCC’s | Read More »

    WHOOPS: DCCC Lets 35 of 75 Oppo Books Slip Through “Back Door”

    Promoted from diaries. Opposition research is the grist of stark contrasts, fine tuned messages, and yes, even negative campaign tactics. And usually it is a closely guarded secret. An opponent’s record matters in a race, and a good campaign will accumulate as much information as possible about an opponent and strategically time the release of that information to maximize their position and weaken their opponent. | Read More »

    Walorski Likeliest GOP House Pick-Up

    ELKHART, IN – Republican Congressional leaders are finding themselves trying to walk an increasingly fine line in setting expectations for November. Depending on the day’s headlines, GOP House leadership is alternately cautiously optimistic about expanding the Republican majority and simply maintaining control. Democrats have a “Drive to 25″ program just in case they are able capitalize off possible GOP missteps that could surrender momentum; apart | Read More »

    How the NRA Helped ObamaCare

    It’s tough to accuse the National Rifle Association of being left-wing, but events on Thursday highlight just how useless the organization can be to the conservative movement at large. On the day that the Supreme Court found the most odious provisions of the Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – constitutional, the House of Representatives took the historic step of holding a sitting attorney general in | Read More »

    OOPS: AFL-CIO Super-PAC Shares Name with Old Communist Newspapers

    Workers’ Voices, a front group for the AFL-CIO, has been billed as the “largest union super-PAC” even though its own website declares it is not an exclusively union-oriented organization. “Workers’ Voice represents and fights for all working families, union and non-union,” the site proclaims. It is no real secret, however, that the super-PAC is the creation of the AFL-CIO. Filings show that the group is | Read More »

    Wisconsin: Barrett Fails to Play Big in First Debate

    MILWAUKEE – Sitting in the pressroom before Friday night’s televised debate between Governor Scott Walker (R) and Mayor Tom Barrett (D) the question was: will Tom Barrett do anything to change the momentum of the race? Since emerging from a divisive primary fight on May 8 that saw him trounce Big Labor’s candidate of choice, Kathleen Falk, Barrett has been working to shift the momentum | Read More »

    Spouse of WI Gubernatorial Recall Candidate Breaks Rules

    Promoted from the diaries By: Brian Sikma Kris Barrett, the politically active spouse of Tom Barrett, current mayor of Milwaukee and the Democratic nominee running against Gov. Scott Walker, has been caught using her taxpayer funded e-mail account to lobby and campaign for Democratic candidates and causes. Mrs. Barrett is a public school teacher and last year she was employed by Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin’s | Read More »

    Big Labor Pours $7 Mil. Into Recall, Likely to Exceed 2011 Spending

    Just released campaign finance documents show Big Labor both inside and outside of Wisconsin pouring just over $7 million into the effort to recall Governor Scott Walker and four GOP state senators. In the 2011 recall campaign combined total spending by unions and progressive groups reached $14.7 million, or just over twice what labor unions alone have managed to raise or spend in what is | Read More »

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