B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. is a real estate entrepreneur who acquires, owns, develops, and manages real estate investments. Mr. Hughes began his career as an acquisition officer for Public Storage, a real estate investment trust traded on the New York Stock Exchange. He subsequently founded American Commercial Equities, a private commercial real estate company. Today, Mr. Hughes manages his own real estate portfolio, is a member of the Board of Directors of Public Storage and dedicates the balance of his time to various charitable and community activities and organizations. His particular passion is for the youth of the inner City of Los Angeles. As a major contributor and supporter of programs such as World Impact and Prison Fellowship, he gives back all he can to the most disenfranchised of California’s youth, by supporting programs that seek to keep children in school and away from criminal street gangs. Married 25 years to Wendy Miller Hughes, they reside in Malibu California with their two children. Born and raised in California, Mr. Hughes attended San Marino High School and the University of Southern California where he earned a B.A. in Performing Arts in 1983. Mr. Hughes served as Vice President-Acquisitions of Public Storage and its predecessor company from 1985 to 1998. He presently sits on its Board of Directors. He is the Founder of American Commercial Equities, a private real estate company specializing in the acquisition and management of retail property in prime locations and growing markets. Founded in 2005, American Commercial Equities rapidly became known for the high quality of its portfolio, which consists of more than 60 retail and mixed-use properties in California and Hawaii. Mr. Hughes has been a long-time supporter of programs for at-risk youth and faith-based community building. He and his wife, Wendy Miller Hughes, founded the Cantinas Ranch Foundation, which is developing a camp outside of Paso Robles, California, with the purpose of creating a positive venue where children and young adults can pursue their interest and hone their skills in faith-based performing arts. Mr. Hughes’ heart for youth of all cultures and economic backgrounds, and his support of faith-based values, are the driving forces behind the vision of this performing arts and family camp in Central California. Through his support of World Impact and Cloud and Fire Ministries, Mr. Hughes has dedicated himself to the urban youth of Southern California. Both Cloud and Fire and World Impact provide educational, vocational, medical and spiritual services to young people facing all of the many challenges that come with growing up in the inner city. He also has been instrumental in the promotion of The Urban Ministry Institute (“TUMI”). TUMI is a seminary level curriculum taught by Prison Fellowship instructors to incarcerated inmates. A program emphasizing moral and ethical teachings, TUMI will now be available to some 900 prisoners in five Southern California prisons due to a recent grant of 2.1 million dollars provided by Wayne and Wendy Hughes. Wayne Hughes has also recently been appointed to the Board of Visitors at the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. As a proponent of better government he hopes his association with the school will initiate effective policy changes. A native Southern Californian, Mr. Hughes’ concern about the welfare of his state, its people and its food supply motivated him and his wife to purchase 464 acres of land in Central California where they have started HZ Harvest, a farm dedicated to enhancing community through sustainable agriculture and educational opportunities. In 2000, Mr. Hughes and his wife were instrumental supporters of the establishment of Oaks Christian Middle School in Westlake Village, California. Mr. Hughes served on the Oaks Board of Directors for nine years, with a focus on growing the physical dynamics of the campus and shepherding the spiritual growth of the school. His passion for the outdoors and a desire to leave an inheritance of "untouched creation" for the next generation of Californians keeps him busy pursuing opportunities in intelligent advancement of land use. A thoughtful Republican, Mr. Hughes has friends on both sides of the political aisle, and he tends towards grassroots, citizen activist initiatives. He has expressed concern about California's state fiscal condition, and the need for economic opportunity, innovation and new manufacturing for the available state work-force. He believes in educational opportunities for all, including urban communities, and sustainable farming to assure a safe food supply for all citizens. Mr. Hughes hosts a growing An Evening in Malibu series at his home, providing a range of California citizens access to interesting speakers on the economy, religion, politics, social demography, public policy, agriculture, and national security issues. Speakers have included Michael Ramirez, John Eastman, Dennis Prager, Dr. Edward Leamer, Dr. Joel Kotkin, and Professor Richard Muller. Mr. Hughes was born and raised in Southern California, where he continues to live with his wife and their two children. Mr. Hughes is the son of B. Wayne Hughes, a founder of Public Storage. He is an avid surfer, PADI-certified diver, kite boarder and farmer. A prolific reader, Mr. Hughes has focused on futurism, technology, the environment, the Central California bread basket, and good government.


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