I am a mostly retired white male who has passed through the vicissitudes of signing up for and then trying to collect Social Security. My disappointment over the outcome of the election is only exceeded by contempt for the Democrats in general and the triumverate of BO, Dingy Harry, and harridan in the House, Speaker Skeletor. I will probably survive the BO presidency, I am not sure the country will. I live in Illinois. I am so happy we have been able to take the country's minds off our troubles with the continuing farce of Balgo. I sincerely hope that Prosecutor Fitzgearld can get all these low level cretins to spill their guts about the Illinois Combine (John Kass' title for the downstate corrupt Republicans and Democrats) and the Cook County Democratic Machine. I am a Blackhawks fan, Yankee fan, a Colts fan, a Glen Beck fan, a John Kass (columnist of the Chicago Tribune), a Shepard Smith fan, and I was so very impressed with John McCain's candidacy, and I wish ALL our politicians of every strip believed in his campign motto; Country First!


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