Watercooler (12/29) Open Thread: BlackberryGate, Voting Games and Ad Wars

    BlackberryGate National Security and Hillary Clinton are words that should not be used in a sentence together. As if we needed more proof of her total disregard of handling  sensitive information, Judicial Watch managed to pry more than 50 emails from the State Dept. on the use of unauthorized electronic devices. Shortly after Clinton became SoS, the Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security warned her and her staff | Read More »

    Tuesday’s Watercooler (Open Thread): Visa Waivers, Border Wars, and Missile Trains.

    Fact or Fiction?  Some say facts are stranger than fiction but I say politics is stranger than fiction. The new $1.1T spending bill just signed into law made changes to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) that restricts people from traveling to the U.S. without a visa if they have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan in the past five years. They can still travel here but they must obtain a | Read More »

    Dallas, We Have A Problem. Or Maybe It’s Just an Anomoly?

    Later today the CDC will advise whether Patient #1 does indeed have Ebola. In case you missed it, a nurse using full protective equipment while treating Patient Zero aka as Mr. Duncan that died last week, tested positive for Ebola based upon a test performed in Austin. The CDC will do a test in Atlanta to confirm or refute the results. She was self-monitoring herself and upon | Read More »

    Weekend Open Thread- Get Ready to Rumble in Texas: Greg Abbott vs. Wendy Davis

    Get your popcorn ready for the first gubernatorial debate between Greg Abbott in one corner and Wendy Davis in the other corner. They will square off at 6-7 CDT in the Rio Grande Valley and it will be aired at 10:00pm EDT on C-SPAN for the country’s entertainment enjoyment. It seems that Abbott should tie one hand behind his back to make the debate fair but remarkably, he’s only | Read More »

    There’s a Crack in THE DOME. How’s it Going to End?

    Cameras in place, cue the lights, turn up the mics. And action. Into our view is the most elaborate stage ever seen for a political convention with the enormous Greek columns flanking the stage with two huge video screens displaying colossal images of the Democratic nominee, inevitably our new presidential American idol. Indeed a monumental stage built in the image of ancient times for a Greek God | Read More »

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