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    Why It’s Time To Replace Mike Simpson

    Dear Red State community – the following OpEd ran in the Times-News of Twin Falls, Idaho on Sunday, and I thought I’d share it with you here as well. – Chris Reader Comment: Why It’s Time To Replace Mike Simpson By Chris Chocola July 21, 2013 The Political Action Committee of the Club for Growth, of which I am the president, has endorsed Idaho | Read More »

    Why Ted Cruz is right and John McCain is wrong

    Why Ted Cruz is right and John McCain is wrong

    Senator John McCain and the mainstream media, are attacking Senator Ted Cruz (and Senators Lee, Paul, and Rubio) for objecting to going to conference on the budget resolution. Cruz’s objection is simple: he wants a public promise from the Democrats that they won’t use what is called “reconciliation” to raise the debt ceiling. Reconciliation is a special procedure that requires only 50 votes, not 60, to | Read More »

    On the GOP Establishment And Primaries

    Friends, I thought I would share this OpEd I wrote for the Kansas City Star, the home paper of incoming National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran. Read it, and tell me your thoughts in the comments. How the GOP can avoid the next Todd Akin By Chris Chocola November 21st, 2012 As Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran takes the reins of | Read More »

    What Do Solyndra, Mexican Drug Cartels, And Enron Have In Common?

    Answer: all three received subsidies from the Export-Import Bank. Here’s the Club for Growth’s new web video: The Export-Import Bank is nothing more than a fund for corporate welfare backed by the American taxpayer. It’s time for Congress to shut down the Export-Import Bank for good. Chris Chocola President – Club for Growth    

    The Republican Party is playing a dangerous game

    From the diaries. There’s a lot to like about Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. It cuts some spending. It flattens the tax code down to just two individual marginal tax rates. It also includes some innovative policies designed to halt the unsustainable growth of health care entitlement spending. However, on balance, the budget is disappointing for fiscal conservatives for two main reasons: It waives the spending | Read More »

    The Club for Growth on the Ryan budget

    Yesterday, the Club for Growth released a statement saying that the Ryan budget was “on balance, a disappointment to fiscal conservatives.” We applauded the strong pro-growth reforms in the bill, but the reasons for our opposition were twofold: First, the budget doesn’t balance within 10 years, or for that matter, even 20 years. Our country is currently enduring unsustainable trillion-dollar deficits. We cannot wait until | Read More »

    It’s Time to Bring Lugar Home

    From the diaries by Erick I have an OpEd in the National Review today about the Club for Growth PAC endorsement of Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate in Indiana: “Earmarks,” also known as pork-barrel spending, are considered a “gateway drug” to corruption and bigger government in Washington. They got that well-deserved title because there’s a history of both Republicans and Democrats using earmarks as a | Read More »

    A $54 Billion Bailout

    Our friends at Hertiage Action have a great piece out today that looks at CBO data and says that if House Republicans vote for the Highway Bill, they are basically guaranteeing a $54 billion bailout of the Highway Trust fund over the next five years. It’s incredible that anyone would even consider this good policy, let alone conservative. The Club for Growth is advocating that | Read More »

    Why the Club for Growth PAC is backing Mark Neumann in #WISEN

    One of the biggest pick-up opportunities for Republicans next year is going to be in Wisconsin, where the Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is retiring. There is a three-way primary, and the Club for Growth PAC has already endorsed one candidate. That candidate has already been endorsed by Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative’s Fund, Senator Rand Paul, and Senator Tom Coburn. His name is Mark Neumann, and | Read More »

    The McConnell “deal” sells out conservative principles

    Folks, I don’t want to repeat a lot of the great points that Erick has made already about the McConnell “contingency deal.” The proposal is a dereliction of duty and everything that we all hate about Washington. It punts responsibility at exactly the point when Republicans want Americans to give them more. The Club for Growth has announced that we oppose the McConnell-Reid-Pelosi deal and | Read More »

    End subsidies to ethanol

    We’ve Key Voted a “Yes” vote to Senator Coburn’s Amendment to kill Ethanol Subsidies. Bad economic policy should be eliminated. Period. Exclamation point. End of story. We have an opportunity to strike deep into the heart of Big Ethanol – Senator Coburn’s Amendment repeals not only the tax credit, but it also repeals the tariff on imported ethanol. It’s a great first step on the | Read More »

    A dumping ground for pork projects

    The Senate is going to take up a bill tomorrow that fiscal conservatives need to be aware of. It’s S. 782, the “Economic Development Revitalization Act of 2011″ We’ve issued a Key Vote Alert calling for a “NO” vote on S. 782. This bill reauthorizes the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), which costs $500 million a year, and has proven to be | Read More »

    Why Conservatives should oppose The NAT GAS Act

    This is my first post on Red State – I’m looking forward to being a part of this community and I look forward to keeping you informed of the Club’s ongoing activities to defend economic liberty. I want to use my first post to talk about HR 1380. HR 1380, otherwise known as the “NAT GAS Act”, is bipartisan legislation (sponsored by 105 Democrats, 83 | Read More »