i am a double army brat. i'm proud of it. my mom sometimes outranked my dad and i'm proud of that too. i am allergic to capital letters most of the time, unless i'm trying to be erudite. i live in west virginia freely of my own accord. in other words, i was not born here, even tho my son is about to marry a girl whose grandmother shares his last name. laugh if you must. i am listed in the national merit scholarship who's who of high school students, when it was only one book for the whole country. a long time ago. it says i dropped out my senior year, which is not true, i actually graduated!!! i never went to college. i had four brothers. they went to college. i was a girl, it was not a priority still am...a girl, i mean.... :) pretty much everything i know, i taught myself. then i taught my kids. it's worked so far.... :)


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