I am 35 years old and have always been interested in the politics of our country. I believe deeply that the only way to right this ship is to go back and stick to the constitution. The last few years have been so difficult for so many Americans. This is the result of the liberal, left wing agenda that has been unfettered. It must be stopped. One of my favorite pieces of literature is an essay written by John Adams called Liberty and Knowledge. He basically was saying that knowledge breeds liberty. If Americans do not educate themselves enough then they will not know whether they are being governed by or ruled over. Many in America do not understand that the current administration has changed the entire nomenclature of our Republic. We are being ruled over, but it is not a dictatorship, it's a group propagating their Marxist, Socialist ideology. This sounds extreme to many, but I am not an irrational person. I am a middle-class working professional, but I am tired of what is happening in our country and I refuse to remain silent. We must stick together and work very hard to educate America on how our system was designed, how far removed we are from that system, and how to get back to it. So let's roll our sleeves up and make it happen. -Clay Myers


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