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Hello! And thank you for coming here. I've been happily married for 34 years, and have two grown kids. I have a BA in Legal Studies and a MA in Public Administration. I love politics most of all, and through my understanding of politics I have come to have a better appreciation of history, economics, and foreign & domestic policy. I play guitar some, sing well, and write songs - a few of which are well-received by others, and that I am quite proud of. I am physically disabled (heart) and I therefore retired early. I love to write - especially about the current political issues. I'm also very much a "people person", love to interaction, and very much enjoy the give and take of debate. That's… debate, not argument. I call myself a "Conservative Populist", even though at first blush that appears to be a contradiction in terms. I neither scorn nor envy those who are successful in life, and I am definitely Not against the rich. Rather, I favor reforming and opening up the economy so that Everyone, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, age, or social status, have a better chance to achieve their dreams. When I look at any issue, I always begin from a conservative perspective. Usually, I need go no further. But, depending on the issue, I might go on to have different or original thoughts. I feel that is the natural consequence of being open-minded, and not an ideologue. Having said all that, I would be Absolutely Thrilled for America to again become, as Ronald Reagan said, that "shining city on the top of the hill". I share that vision, and it's great to associate with those who do, too. I was, and am, a strong supporter of former Gov. Mike Hukabee and the Fair Tax. And while I don't agree with him on Every Single issue, that example might be your best guide in knowing where I'm coming from. I wish to be a "good citizen" here! However, being fairly inept when it comes to the internet, I still find this site, well, shall we say a little confusing? For instance, after being here off and on for quite awhile now, I have only now discovered the "getting started" section! My goal now is to understand it completely - especially anything that refers to Rules of Behavior. I Do Not Wish To Offend Anyone, nor do Anything that reflects badly on the site. I know there is a wide divergence of opinion here. I believe we should be respectful of that, and celebrate that diversity. To me, to attack another conservative of any stripe in more than inadvisable. It is flat-out wrong. Similar to Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment", I do not wish to speak ill of another conservative. Sure, polite disagreement is fine. Going beyond that is not. Why? Because in the end, we all want the same thing: a better America. And, unlike those on the left, we know what to do in practical terms to achieve it, because history proves that what we want, works. That suits me just fine, and I promise to do my level best advance the kind of friendly and thoughtful atmosphere that should and must be the hallmark of the conservative community, and this site. Finally, after a wide variety of experiences on the internet that have ranged from disappointing to just totally disconcerting, I have been intimidated to the point that I have become private to a degree that some might characterize as "outrageous". I am extremely wary of sharing Any personal information about myself whatsoever online. Just writing the first paragraph above was actually a personal ordeal for me. Additionally, there IS a difference between being private and "hiding" bad things or not telling the truth. I fully understand that in feeling that way, it may and probably will detract from my credibility here to some extent with many and perhaps most. But since no background checks are necessary to become a member here - and appropriately so I might add, like you one cannot be completely sure whom to trust. Surely with so many members, there must be a least a few here with less than good intent. From my perspective then, I have opened up the door to my life very much for such a venue. Yet at the same time, I realize that for many what I have revealed is not enough. I regret that. But that doesn't mean that I lie, do not express myself according to my true beliefs, or am divorced from speaking from my heart. Hopefully over time, good will, good behavior, and consistency of thought will convince many of you that I am not one of those to be suspected or feared. For the rest, I fully respect Your caution, and only hope that you will feel more comfortable with me, someday. Again, many thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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