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So, here you are. There are some reasonable questions you must have, but I'm afraid I have no reasonable answers for you; indeed, even the simplest question of 'who are you, Phil?' will yield the strangest of answers. So strange, in fact, that it would make you burst out in tears and die of laughter. It will shock and amaze you, as well. How do I know? Because this is my answer, to who I am. Did this answer shock you? If it did not, then I still have yet to fail. My objective was never to do so, but merely to dodge the question of who I am. Alas, I suppose it's a requirement to give a little history. In short, I am Phil and I like anime. Long-wise, it's all very complex and therefore blurry. I've attempted to forget some things, much to my chagrin. Have you ever felt that feeling? When you don't want to forget something, but you just naturally force yourself to do so because it is just so unbearably disastrous. All that said, what's been is done; so come aboard, dance along. Enjoy the ride and live alive. Most of the music I listen to is Noel Gallagher, some Oasis, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.


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