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    Washington Post: 95% Believe Spending Cuts Are The Best Way To Cut The Deficit

    Greg Sargent, the Washington Post’s in-house left-wing activist, has a hilarious post up analyzing the latest WaPo poll. (The post was originally entitled, “The pubic agrees with Dems, but they don’t know it,” although eventually someone caught on and fixed the typo.) Everybody has typos; what’s more enduringly amusing is Sargent’s effort at spin:

    The Fall of the House of Mubarak

    Today is a day for joy. Hosni Mubarak has stepped down immediately as President of Egypt. Following on the heels of the departure of Ben Ali in Tunisia, we are witnessing the hitherto unprecedented spectacle of the people of a Muslim Arab state rising up in protest, of their own initiative, and throwing off a remarkably well-entrenched dictator. We rejoice in the spectacle because we | Read More »

    WaPo’s Greg Sargent Casually Slanders Tea Party Movement

    As anyone who has spent any time reading them knows, left-wing bloggers and activists tend to live in a world of their own, in which the most outrageous sorts of allegations against conservatives and Republicans are not required to be supported by any evidence. This is especially true when it comes to accusing conservatives and Republicans of bigotry and other improper motivations; left-wingers feel free | Read More »

    Why 2012 Is Not 1996

    A little history can be a dangerous thing, and in advance of Tuesday’s State of the Union Address by President Obama, political commentary will be focusing on Obama’s ability to replay 1995-96, when President Clinton rebounded from a similar rout in the midterm elections to more or less coast to re-election (while Clinton finished below 50% of the popular vote, it was only a “coming | Read More »

    Glenn Beck Did Not Tell His Audience To Shoot Anybody

    Patterico notes a meme being rapidly spread by left-wing bloggers: that Glenn Beck told his viewers to shoot Democratic Members of Congress in the head. This is, sadly, the kind of thing the left-blogs try to put over on their readers, hoping it will stick quickly before the facts can come out. But I would not advise doing that while the likes of Patterico are | Read More »


    The Winning Statistic in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

    There are a welter of issues raised by the public policy debate over same-sex marriage and whether to treat it, for purposes of the law, as identical to traditional opposite-sex marriage. Among other things, there is the broader debate over the propriety of valuing tradition (i.e., the collected experience by trial and error of large numbers of people over time) and the respect we give | Read More »

    The Reverend’s Day

    We celebrate today a national holiday in honor of an ordained minister of Jesus Christ. There are three men in American history distinguished enough that they have been honored with a national holiday – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King jr. – but only Dr. King has been honored solely for his time as a private citizen, having never held public office or | Read More »

    “The Deficit” Is The Wrong Yardstick

    Yesterday’s swearing in of the new House and Senate, including the transition of power to Speaker Boehner and the new Republican majority in the House, inaugurates a new political season, in which “the deficit” promises to be front and center. President Obama is already sending up trial balloons about various proposals made by the Bowles-Simpson deficit commission. But Republicans should resist efforts to frame the | Read More »

    It’s Cens-mas!

    The Census Bureau today released the official reapportionment figures from the 2010 Census, which will determine (1) what states gain and lose House seats and thus will be prime targets for redistricting and (2) what states correspondingly gain and lose votes in the Electoral College for 2012. By and large, the news was good for the GOP. For the immediate impact, I’ll focus on the | Read More »

    It Was Ever Thus

    Republicans, so long as I can recall, have faced an endless barrage of attacks from Democrats and their media allies derived from the theme that today’s Republicans are mean, scary extremists not like those Republicans of the past who won elections because they were moderate and civil and whatnot. The only really good Republicans, to these critics, are dead ones (or live ones who lose | Read More »

    The Race

    The problem with hiring a guy because of his race is, it gets very hard if you have to fire him. Barack Obama is likely to face a primary challenge in 2012, but the question of the day is whether it will be some minor fringe-like protest candidate like Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel or a more serious challenger like Howard Dean or Russ Feingold. | Read More »

    The Lamest Duck?

    What will happen to Barack Obama’s presidency if his tax compromise is shot down with the help of his own party? The House Democratic caucus just voted against it, which puts the deal on life support, at best. Can Obama recover from that? One of the great questions of the past two years, ever since it became obvious that Democrats would suffer significant setbacks in | Read More »

    Independents’ Day

    At ground level, Republicans win elections by doing one or more of five things: 1) Get more Republicans to vote; 2) Get more people to become Republicans, and vote; 3) Get fewer Democrats to vote; 4) Get fewer people to be Democrats; 5) Get more votes from independents, i.e., people who are neither Republicans nor Democrats. There’s been a lot of talk about the “enthusiasm | Read More »

    More Of That Delicious Foreign Money

    As noted below, the Democrats’ fumfer about outside money is ludicrous on its face, given the help they get from their union allies and the corporate money that helped Obama two years ago. Another avenue of attack is their claim that the GOP is being helped by foreign money, mainly on the theory that outside corporate groups get money from US subsidiaries of foreign companies | Read More »

    Pretending The Union Money Doesn’t Exist

    Desperate Democrats have been hyperventilating for the past month over money being spent by corporate and other groups, notably the Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity, to run campaign commercials. To conservatives, running commercials to attempt to persuade voters in advance of an election is known as “free speech,” and turnabout is fair play after corporate money went heavily for Obama in 2008, but | Read More »