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    The Race

    The problem with hiring a guy because of his race is, it gets very hard if you have to fire him. Barack Obama is likely to face a primary challenge in 2012, but the question of the day is whether it will be some minor fringe-like protest candidate like Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel or a more serious challenger like Howard Dean or Russ Feingold. | Read More »

    The Lamest Duck?

    What will happen to Barack Obama’s presidency if his tax compromise is shot down with the help of his own party? The House Democratic caucus just voted against it, which puts the deal on life support, at best. Can Obama recover from that? One of the great questions of the past two years, ever since it became obvious that Democrats would suffer significant setbacks in | Read More »

    Independents’ Day

    At ground level, Republicans win elections by doing one or more of five things: 1) Get more Republicans to vote; 2) Get more people to become Republicans, and vote; 3) Get fewer Democrats to vote; 4) Get fewer people to be Democrats; 5) Get more votes from independents, i.e., people who are neither Republicans nor Democrats. There’s been a lot of talk about the “enthusiasm | Read More »

    More Of That Delicious Foreign Money

    As noted below, the Democrats’ fumfer about outside money is ludicrous on its face, given the help they get from their union allies and the corporate money that helped Obama two years ago. Another avenue of attack is their claim that the GOP is being helped by foreign money, mainly on the theory that outside corporate groups get money from US subsidiaries of foreign companies | Read More »

    Pretending The Union Money Doesn’t Exist

    Desperate Democrats have been hyperventilating for the past month over money being spent by corporate and other groups, notably the Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity, to run campaign commercials. To conservatives, running commercials to attempt to persuade voters in advance of an election is known as “free speech,” and turnabout is fair play after corporate money went heavily for Obama in 2008, but | Read More »

    Left-Wing Bloggers Say The Durndest Things!

    Somebody should ask Robert Gibbs if he agrees with the assessment of a leading left-wing blogger that President Obama hasn’t been “even half-competent in the White House.” See, every now and then, I engage in back-and-forth on Twitter with some of the left-wing bloggers. Sometimes it’s pointless, but sometimes it’s revealing, and this is one of those examples. I and a few others were tweaking | Read More »

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    Merkel: Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just broken one of Europe’s greatest taboos. But the truth may prove more dangerous than the lies that preceded it. Europe has a decidedly love-hate relationship with racial, cultural and religious pluralism. On the one hand, Europeans have no choice but to deal – more than do Americans – with a continent with a multiplicity of languages, they love to | Read More »

    Science and its Enemies on the Left: An Update

    Scientific integrity and scientific progress continue to take a beating from the Left. In Part I of my series of essays on Science and its Enemies on the Left, I looked at the toll of junk science, quackery and anti-technological Luddism and the role of the social and political Left in promoting all three. In Part II, I looked at politicized science (both the misuse | Read More »

    Don’t Ask, Don’t Vote

    The Senate today mustered only 56 votes – four short of the necessary 60 – to break a filibuster and bring to a vote a defense appropriations bill containing two highly controversial provisions: (1) a measure repealing the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy (a Clinton-era policy) that permits gays to serve in the military only if they are not openly gay, and (2) the | Read More »

    And Now, A Word From Mark Kirk

    Via Ed Morrissey, who looks at the landscape and implications in Illinois, Mark Kirk is explicitly campaigning as the 42nd vote against the Democrats in the lame duck session in December – which he probably needs to do because in Illinois, for reasons not worth rehashing here, there’s actually a second line on the ballot in which Roland Burris is running for re-election just for | Read More »

    What’s At Stake In Delaware

    Tomorrow, the voters in seven states and the District of Columbia go to the polls to conclude the primary election season. The most closely-watched race on the ballot will be the race between long-time at-large liberal Republican Congressman Mike Castle and Tea Party-backed conservative insurgent Christine O’Donnell for the Republican nomination for the open Senate seat previously vacated by Joe Biden. Because the election is | Read More »

    Where I Was On September 11

    Until September 11, 2001, I worked in the World Trade Center, halfway up Tower One. I wasn’t doing political blogging at the time, but was writing “the Baseball Crank” as a weekly baseball column for the online edition of the Providence (R.I.) Journal. Here’s my account of that day, written for ProJo two days later while it was all still fresh. We run this every | Read More »

    Unorganized for America

    That was then: Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, | Read More »


    Rave Reviews For American Taliban

    So the reviews have begun to come in for Markos Moulitsas’ book “American Taliban,” which argues that American conservatives are just like the Taliban, and they’re…well, let me start with Jamelle Bouie’s review at the left-wing The American Prospect: Given the subject matter and his own influence, Moulitsas is sure to find a large audience for American Taliban. This wouldn’t be a problem if the | Read More »

    Et Tu, Harlem?

    It’s debatable what’s the most loyally Democratic district in the country, but NY’s 15th District would have to be in the running. The district, centered in Harlem, went 87% for Al Gore in 2000, 90% for John Kerry in 2004, and 93% for Barack Obama in 2008, is rated D+41 by Charlie Cook, and in various formats has been represented in Congress since 1971 by | Read More »