The Magical Word “Women”

    If we’ve come to the point where Republicans believe that dealing with domestic violence is within the purview of the federal government, we should just stick a fork in the party.  Yet, not only do Republicans in the House plan to reauthorize the wasteful and politically-motivated Violence Against Women Act, they plan to pass the Senate version (S.47), which contains egregious anomalies. The Senate bill | Read More »

    Where is the Leadership in the Senate?

    Most of the focus concerning intra-party battles has been directed at the GOP-controlled House where conservative rebels have dissented from leadership on key pieces of legislation.  There’s been less focus on the intra-party dynamic in the Senate, given that Republicans are in the minority and supposedly have no power.  However, we need to shed some light on the lack of party discipline in the Senate | Read More »

    Shining Light on the Fourth Branch of Government

    Shining Light on the Fourth Branch of Government

    This week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will deliver his semiannual testimony before Congress defending his reckless monetary stimulus.  He will testify before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee today and the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.  Now is a good time for Republicans to demand more accountability from the fourth branch of government – the one not mentioned in the Constitution. | Read More »

    The Problem With the AFP Scorecard

    Earlier today, Erick pointed out the absurdity of the ACU legislative scorecard, in which Mitch McConnell scores 100% – higher than Jim DeMint.  Well, the scorecard released by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is an improvement, but also in need of some scrutiny. The headline nugget of their Senate scorecard is that Marco Rubio is the only senator with a 100.  That should automatically raise the | Read More »

    Immigration as a Public Charge

    Our immigration system is broken, but not in the way that those who utter such declarations believe it to be.  Immigration can be an integral part of a pro-growth economic agenda.  It can also become a public charge.  When liberals lament our broken immigration system, they are suggesting that we don’t admit enough low-skilled immigrants who will become a public charge and vote Democrat.  The | Read More »

    Obama’s Cowardly Mendacity Over Sequestration

    In August 2011, Obama hatched a deal to grant himself a free $2.1 trillion increase in debt, which would take him past the 2012 elections, thereby sparing him the embarrassment of another debt limit request during the campaign season.  He knew that such a request was so bold it needed to be ensconced in a deal that would give voters the impression he was committed | Read More »

    Moving Beyond Prairie Populism in the Great Plains

    Another pickup opportunity in a red state has presented itself for conservatives.  We must choose wisely. Jeff Fortenberry is the most liberal member of an underperforming delegation in the conservative state of Nebraska.  With Mike Johanns retiring his seat in 2014, Fortneberry is considering a bid for his seat.  Well, conservatives should consider his voting record. In 2011, he voted along with leadership for the | Read More »

    The Time to End Agriculture Dependency is Now

    The Time to End Agriculture Dependency is Now

    Despite the electoral failures of the past two presidential elections, we can still take solace in the fact that there are more red states than blue states; more red districts than blue districts.  Hence, there are more parts of the country where people are intuitively suspicious of a large federal government than where there are people who are overtly appreciative of the federal leviathan.  So | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: The Paradigm Shift We Need

    If a man is judged by the quality of his enemies, Ted Cruz should be a national hero.  Over the past few days, The New York Times and Politico have run stories describing Cruz’s first 6 weeks in office as combative and McCarthy-like by his enemies.  Let us use this as an opportunity to take a victory lap for helping to elect this great patriot. | Read More »

    The GOP Waterloo

    The time for equivocation over defunding Obamacare is over.  The time for recalcitrance to fulfill the budgetary is long overdue.  Now is the time for action. Over the past two years, we’ve heard a variety of excuses in defense of Republicans for failing to cut spending in any consequential way.  Well, come March 1 those excuses are obsolete.  The sequester is something that Republicans agreed | Read More »

    Verify Immigration Enforcement; Don’t Trust

    There is an obvious reason why all promises to enforce our immigration laws in exchange for amnesty are vacuous.  You need to listen carefully to the rationale offered in support of amnesty.  One day, you will hear the old straw man bromide “we can’t possibly go door-to-door and deport everyone.”  The implication of this argument is that amnesty is a necessary evil at this point, | Read More »

    Continuing Failed Federal Housing Policies

    Proposing solutions to the financial crisis without looking into the federal involvement in housing is akin to enacting immigration reform without dealing with our southern border and points of entry.  The federal involvement in housing, via the monstrosities know ad Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, is what created the asset bubbles, propelled the growth of subprime mortgages, and took down the rest of the economy | Read More »

    Cutting Spending – Washington Style

    Throughout the past few years, we’ve noted that there’s too much focus on the dollars and cents of the budget.  Even Obama and Democrats are talking about billions in spending cuts.  It’s beginning to sound like an Old McDonald song: “a few trillion here and a hundred billion there; here a trillion there a billion, everywhere a spending cut.”  However, once we cut through the | Read More »

    Why is Bipartisanship a One-Way Street?

    We really need to make Republican members of Congress sign a pledge that they will not engage in gang violence against the party.  This secretive bipartisan gang work is getting out of hand. While working on ways to stop the hemorrhaging in our party from the Schumer/Rubio amnesty gang, I discovered today that Senator Coburn is working with a Democrat gang to advance a universal | Read More »

    Peeking Into the Legal Immigration Numbers

    We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on illegal immigration policy, both from an enforcement standpoint and from a welfare perspective.  It’s also important to delve into our current legal immigration process in preparation for any wholesale reforms of our broader system. From listening to proponents of open borders, you would get the impression that we barely admit any new legal immigrants, and as such, | Read More »