Fiscal Deal: Tax Hikes, Green Pork, Stimulus, Oh My

    Fiscal Deal: Tax Hikes, Green Pork, Stimulus, Oh My

    Surprise surprise, they have a deal to avoid the politicians’ cliff.  Who didn’t see that coming? Here’s an enigmatic riddle for you: what happens when Republicans publicly obsess about the degree of tax increases they are willing to accept without a commensurate demand for spending cuts?  You get tax hikes and no spending cuts!  In fact, we will spend even more as a result of | Read More »

    Happy Debt Ceiling Day

    It feels like yesterday when John Boehner was bragging how he got 98% of what he desired from the deal negotiated to raise the debt ceiling in August 2011.  Yet just 17 months after Obama was granted a $2.1 trillion debt limit increase to preserve his reelection, we have breached the new ceiling.  In just 519 days, we’ve burned through $2.1 trillion in debt, for | Read More »

    Tell Senators to Vote No on Obama’s Pork “Disaster Aid” Bill

    Tell Senators to Vote No on Obama's Pork "Disaster Aid" Bill

    After the divisive intro-movement battle in the House over taxes, here is a fight in the Senate we can all join in together.  Obama and Reid are using the disaster of Hurricane Sandy to push through a $60.4 billion package that is full of pork and special interest handouts.   Only $11.5 billion will go towards FEMA’s disaster relief fund.  CBO projects that 64% of the | Read More »

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    It’s all About Trust

    If you listen to many in the Republican intelligentsia, you will hear this accusation that conservative rebels destroyed the Republican Party.  The reality is that nothing changed after the defeat of Boehner’s plan B other than Republicans not buying into the premise of raising revenue for the federal leviathan. Before last night’s vote, we faced two possible outcomes; either we go over the cliff (which | Read More »

    A Time for Choosing

    Obama has spent four years asserting that his plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire on the top two brackets is not a tax increase, rather just a continuation of the current law (pursuant to the sunset provision) for the wealthy, and a tax cut for 98% of taxpayers.   Republicans spent the past 4 years sans the last month arguing that this would constitute | Read More »

    Are We Living in the Twilight Zone?

    At least Esau got a bowl of lentil soup for selling out his birthright.  What will Republicans get? It’s amazing how events in politics seem to repeat themselves more often than Charlie Brown and the football.  It seems like it was yesterday that we were advocating against Boehner’s trial balloon vote to raise the debt ceiling at the end of July. Back in 2011, it | Read More »

    Boehner’s Tax Increase to Nowhere

    Boehner’s Tax Increase to Nowhere

    So Boehner plans to introduce a bill on the House floor that increases the top marginal tax rate on those earning more than $1 million per year.  Most likely, Boehner and Obama will ultimately agree on a deal that splits the difference between $400,000 and $500,000.  Many Republicans will shrug their shoulders:  “Who cares about a few rich liberals?” However, this rationale represents a shortsighted | Read More »

    The Democrats’ Tax Mendacity

    One of the biggest ironies lost in the tax debate is that the very same Democrats who worked assiduously to block the Bush tax cuts have now embraced 98% of the cuts.  In fact, they are running around the country propping up working class Americans as examples of the calamity that is set to befall the middle class if the tax cuts expire. Amazingly, if | Read More »

    Obama’s ‘Disaster’ Aid Package

    Obama’s ‘Disaster’ Aid Package

    Democrats live by the dictum “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  What better way to insert their campaign wish list into a Hurricane Sandy disaster aid bill? To that end, Obama has submitted a $60.4 billion dollar aid request for recovery of damage from Hurricane Sandy.  His proposal is chock full of items from his campaign wish list, and will be considered before | Read More »

    Boehner Can’t Give Away the House Fast Enough

    What is worse than striking out?  Grounding into a double play. Not only is Boehner prepared to raise taxes – both through capping deductions and increasing marginal rates – he is now prepared to preemptively surrender our last point of leverage in one fell swoop.  The media is now reporting that Boehner offered Obama a clean 1-year debt ceiling extension as part of the deal | Read More »

    “Next Time We’ll Really Stick it to Obama”

    A common tactic used by someone who fears confrontation is to contrive an excuse for not battling his adversary at the present, while promising to deal harshly with him in the future.  That’s how the GOP has operated with Obama in all of the budget battles over the past two years.  It’s always ‘the next fight.’ There is an emerging consensus from some conservatives inside | Read More »

    Welcome to QE4!

    Welcome to QE4!

    The actions of the Federal Reserve over the past 4 years exemplify insanity more than anything else in politics.  They continue implementing one monetary stimulus policy after another in an attempt to jumpstart the economy, even though they keep failing in that goal.  We had QE1,2,3 and Operations Twist 1 and 2.  Now the Fed’s Open Market Committee has announced a new monetary stimulus package | Read More »

    So Which One is it, Mr. Boehner?

    More than a week since several conservative House members were kicked off their committees, they have finally received a personal note from Boehner. During last week’s conference meeting, Boehner explicitly told members that there was a purge based upon voting records, that he was a part of it, and that other members who deviate from the big government echo chamber would be next.  Here is | Read More »

    Let’s Just Call the Bush Tax Rates a Subsidy

    Listening to the self-righteous protestations of the class warriors, one would come away with the impression that the rich don’t pay any taxes.  In fact, the top 1% of tax filers paid 37.4% of all federal income taxes in 2010; the top 2% paid almost 50%. Unfortunately, when it comes to real handouts for the rich, liberals are silent.  In their dyslexic worldview, a tax | Read More »

    The Obamacare Fiscal Cliff

    Obama claims that his tax plan would only increase the tax burden on those earning more than $200,000.  What the Democrats, the media, and even Republicans fail to mention is that there is another aspect of the fiscal cliff that will hit everyone.  A number of Obamacare’s tax increases are scheduled to take effect in January.  These tax increases will be severely regressive to those | Read More »