We’re Being Played Like Fools

    We’re Being Played Like Fools

    If there is any agreement on fiscal issues in Washington it is that we must do something about the growing debt and long-term unfunded liabilities.  With the debt exploding by over $6.6 trillion under Obama’s watch, the only leverage conservatives had to force a path to balance the budget was the debt ceiling – a built-in check on runaway spending.  Yet, ever since they took | Read More »

    D.C. Oligarchy Performs Broadway Amnesty Show

    Despite all the talk about partisan acrimony in Washington, the establishment in both parties is doing a great job working together to pass amnesty.  In fact, their carefully choreographed kabuki theater in the media should win them awards for great team work against the Country Class. The news out of Washington last week was that Speaker John Boehner got the message loud and clear from | Read More »

    Conservative Debt Ceiling Plan? #FireBoehner

    After offering their disgraceful plan to raise the debt ceiling for a full year at the GOP conference meeting, House leaders challenged conservatives to come up with their own plan.  It’s like a group of capricious leaders in a beleaguered village who break all of their weapons and urge the residents to surrender because there is no alternative. Indeed, there is no alternative.  Over the | Read More »

    Veterans Used as Pawns in Effort to Grow Government

    Last December, Congress passed the ridiculous Ryan-Murray budget deal designed to grow government and set a permanent precedent to do away with the sequester.  The only real spending offsets in the entire bill were cuts to military pensions of those already in the service.  This was not some unforeseen consequence of the bill.  It was written in plain language.  We were one of the first | Read More »

    Senate Democrats Exposed on Iran

    The media is constantly bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship in Congress, with the lion’s share of their scorn directed at conservatives for being too “intransigent.”  Well, almost the entire Senate GOP Conference – both moderate and conservative members – actually united behind a Democrat-sponsored bill to implement sanctions on Iran.  Yet, the Democrats and their allies are spoiling this superlative opportunity to work together on | Read More »

    What is Really Broken About our Immigration System

    When Democrats and Republicans speak of “fixing” our “broken” immigration system, there is one aspect they ignore as if it works fine — but in reality is a major threat to national security.  One of the worst aspects of our immigration system is our policy of letting in security threats under the guise of refugee and asylum.  Now, according to the Daily Caller, DHS is | Read More »

    GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy

    GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy

    In a sane world, President Obama and the Democrats would be on the hook for requesting yet another debt ceiling increase after already racking up record high amounts of debt.  Obama is extremely unpopular, saddled with the failures of Obamacare, and accruing more debt than every other president combined.  Yet, thanks to self-immolation on the part of the stupid party, it is Republicans who find | Read More »

    McConnell Auditions for Job as Cable News Commentator

    McConnell Auditions for Job as Cable News Commentator

    At present, we are getting rolled in Washington.  Democrats have pushed an omnibus bill, a disastrous farm bill, endless debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.  Instead of an equal and opposing force in the opposite direction, Republicans have….. pushed an omnibus bill, a disastrous farm bill, endless debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals. There is a serious lack of leadership and vision within | Read More »

    Phil Gramm: A Statesman Comes Full Circle

    Washington is full of politicians who have forged long careers in Congress either lying to their constituents or offering lousy policy advice – over and over again.  Given that most of the politicians serve until they are carried out of the Capitol in a coffin, they often live to see the disaster from their own policies, and unfortunately, are in a position to exacerbate those | Read More »

    Farm Bill is Comprehensively Flawed

    Last week, only 63House Republicans had the gumption to vote against the Farm Bill, the latest in a series of policy victories for the left.  Later today the Senate will be voting on cloture.  If you plan to call your senators and voice opposition to the bill, here are some points to keep in mind: Cost:  The last 5-year Farm Bill, which passed in 2008, | Read More »

    Obama Spills the Beans on the Citizenship Fig Leaf

    Obama Spills the Beans on the Citizenship Fig Leaf

    Based on the statements from most House GOP leaders, it appears that the major fig leaf in the latest push for open borders will be “legalization without citizenship.”  Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that the Dream Act will directly or indirectly grant citizenship and bring in millions of illegal immigrants without any other amnesty legislation.  The broad notion of a permanent or | Read More »

    Boehner Releases Immigration Deform Proposal

    Drum roll…..the long awaited GOP principles on illegal immigration were presented today to the House GOP Conference at their annual [aptly-named] retreat.  Sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing new under the sun.  Their framework is a mirror image of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill, albeit cloaked in even more deceptive and disingenuous language in order to distract conservatives with shiny objects.  Let’s | Read More »

    Paul Ryan’s Super Clever Idea for Illegal Immigrants

    Now that House Republicans have passed a trillion dollar omnibus and trillion dollar farm bill, they are prepared to tackle the most pressing issue of our time – granting benefits to illegal immigrants. The key to understanding the politics of illegal immigration is that this is not just about amnesty (legalization and/or citizenship).  It’s not just that these people are calling for amnesty because of | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell, the Farm Bill and the Power of Logrolling

    Earlier today, the House passed the Farm/Food Stamp bill boondoggle.  Sadly, only 63 Republicans opposed it.  The bill locks in Obama’s food stamp regime, creates and expands numerous Soviet-style agriculture subsidies and conservation regulations, and authorizes more spending on the biofuels fiasco.  House Republicans got rolled in the conference committee by Senate Democrats, yet almost 75% of the conference dutifully followed leadership. Click here for | Read More »

    The State of the Republican Party

    The big story for conservatives is not the President’s State of the Union Address.  It is the broken state of the Republican Party – the party that is supposed to serve as a bulwark against the poisonous ideas propagated in that speech. It certainly is egregious that we have a president who is brazenly implementing wage controls without congressional approval.  It is reprehensible that he | Read More »