CC Winner

This week's winning caption came from throwback95 with 20% of the votes (it was a close one this week).

See the rest of the winning captions below: Thanks for participating. I hope you had as much fun as I, reading the humor of Redstate readers.

(1) - 20%
Let's see: Great Britian, Poland, Israel, Mubarek, Mainstream America… Oh good, we’re not on the list. - throwback59

(2) - 19%
Best investment we ever made! - anotherindyfilmguy

(3) - 8%
Don't worry brothers, he's talking about Republicans. - Ben Howe

(The other finalists...)
FINALLY, he's doing something about the U.K. - NightTwister

He *actually* believes us. - SoFiMil

Mega dittos! - SoFiMil

I thought I was the king of De Nile. - belcatar

Nooooooo! Not the strongly worded letter. - SoFiMil

Yeah, and he will focus on creating jobs too? - frankcomments

I guess he is talking about the Tea Parties, whew Obama had me going there for a minute!! - izoneguy

Just like Carter punished the Ayatollah -- bwahahahaha! - rickbull

Oh good. Obama is declaring war on Fox News again! - rickbull

Hey, Barry, have you mentioned the burka to Michelle? - chbroussard

That actually meant something when the Dubya guy with the big ears said it! - rickbull

Yeah, sure. Just don't bring a butter knife to a scimitar fight. - finbar

arrg, he talk long time...I am missing American Idol. - speciallist