Can a Liberal Be Christian?

    Can a Liberal Be Christian?

      Anna Marie Cox posed a useful question when she compared her faith to President Obama’s, who has been roundly criticized by conservatives such as my friend Erick Erickson, who wrote that Barack Obama is not a Christian in any meaningful way.  Cox asked “if Obama’s not Christian, what does that make me?” She announced her Christian faith to the world by writing “My understanding of Christianity is | Read More »

    Remembering Breitbart and His Message: Make enemies

    Remembering Breitbart and His Message: Make enemies

    “America has finally awoken to your Saul Alinsky bull**** tactics, and we’re coming to get you.” Andrew Brietbart, 2012 CPAC Three years after his death, and we’re still missing Breitbart. Why? Many reasons: because he was so good at exposing lies, half-truths and obfuscation, because nobody has stepped in to fill the void. Butt mostly because he was such a symbol of what we inherently | Read More »

    The Roberts Court and Obamacare

    Back when the Supreme Court decided NFIB vs. Sebelius- the celebrated Obamacare case- I distinctly remember watching the news that June morning.  Every broadcast was anticipating the decision since it was the last day of the term.  Every station was there and they all broke into their regular scheduled programming to bring the news.  They all erroneously initially reported that the law had been struck down | Read More »

    Will the real leaders please step-up

    About two months ago, the GOP took over both the House of Representatives and the Senate. After they finished patting themselves on the back at the rout they delivered to the Democrats, both houses re-elected their leaders, Congressman Boehner and . There was some minor resistance to them being re-elected, but it was token resistance at best. Those of us that live out side the | Read More »

    The ignored wisdom of Mr. Spock and the timeless morality play, Star Trek

    The ignored wisdom of Mr. Spock and the timeless morality play, Star Trek

    Surely there’s some significance in the fact that Leonard Nimoy’s death intersected precisely with the death of the Internet as we know it. And even if not, it might serve as a good opportunity to review another timeless intergalactic morality play about an Emperor who ruled the universe by fiat. Spoiler Alert: that one didn’t end well, for the Emperor. Death Star, proceeding according to | Read More »

    Obamacare Budget Recently Changed How Its Funds Cost Sharing Programs

    Yesterday it was reported that the Treasury Department paid $3 billion to cover Obamacare cost-sharing subsidies without Congressional approval. The heart of the dispute appears to be whether or not these subsidies were supposed to be funded via yearly appropriations or not. The House Ways and Means Chair, , argues the former. Health and Human Services, via the Department of Justice, argues the latter. In | Read More »

    Jeb Bush’s CPAC Debacle Wasn’t Saved By Bussing In Supporters

    Jeb Bush's CPAC Debacle Wasn't Saved By Bussing In Supporters

    Jeb Bush’s campaign is calling Dick Tuck to see if he’s behind the debacle he suffered at CPAC 2015. Gateway Pundit confirmed that Jeb bussed in supporters so it wouldn’t look like everyone in the room hated him (or worse, left).  But it didn’t matter, because they booed him anyway. And they left. And Slate got hold of the emails from Fritz Brogan telling his | Read More »

    We Need to Transform Politics from a Career to a Part-Time Job

    We need politics to become a part-time job. Career politicians are destroying this country. The more time people spend in Washington the more detached they become from the rest of the country. They live in a world where they are wined and dined and promised lucrative jobs should they ever get tired of their power trip (or have it cut short by voters who have | Read More »

    Gitmo Closing, Thomson Opening

    The federal Bureau of Prisons, Democrat congresswoman , and Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin have formally announced that the CRomnibus spending bill passed last December contained $58.7 million to get Thomson prison in Thomson, IL open. The Prisons warden and the Bureau of Prisons say the first 200 minimum security inmates will be incarcerated at the prison in the next two to three months. As I | Read More »

    Obama Administration Proposes Final Phase In Killing Small Business Programs

    In the last year the Obama Administration has implemented policies and legislation that will slowly dismantle all federal programs for small businesses. In his 2016 budget he announced his plan that will permanently close the Small Business Administration by combining it with the Department of Commerce. I predicted Obama would close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce in 2008 after working | Read More »

    Net Nonsense

    Competition is GOOD. Period. Government regulation stifles competition. Period. Ergo most government regulation is NOT GOOD. This is especially true on something like the internet, that is a major mechanism of free speech today, both by individuals and by formal media (whether “mainstream” or not). Note, this administration is and has always been about CONTROLLING and TAXING the net, not trying to do anything else that | Read More »

    An open letter to Jeb Bush

    To Jeb Bush, It is one thing to actually be a one-percenter, be born choking on a diamond encrusted, gold plated, spoon. But those alone do not make you President. It is comforting for you to know that when you were born, your life was all planned out; the right schools, the right friends, the right jobs, the right cars, boats, vacation homes, but they do not | Read More »

    Can You Choose Who You Love?

    Ok, so I’ve had a lot of debate and talk over a particular topic; can you choose who you love?  This argument is used tremendously by the homosexual community to make a stand for gay marriage.  Let’s take this idea and remove the concept of homosexuality from the equation.  We can do this because of the claim that “love is love and all love is equal”. | Read More »

    A letter to my Representative

    It is time for men of honor to stand and oppose the Tyrant and those that that abet his attack on the foundation of our Nation. It is time for action.

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              Democrats favor Hillary Clinton for President simply because she’s female? Ignored is her shallow record as U.S. Senator, lack of genuine accomplishments and serious failures while Secretary of State? They forget she assigned Americans to Benghazi then denied military support to save their lives. They overlook her disrespect for all women when she attempted to minimize her husband’s sexual attacks on women inside | Read More »

    A Rose By Any Other Name

    The main lesson we learn from History is that we don’t learn from History.  The lack of historical perspective is, I believe, one of the major contributing factors in America’s current state. People don’t realize that all of these novel fixes our collectivist leaders are shoving down our throats with regard to health care have been tried multiple times before.  Or that they have failed | Read More »

    Greedy Cowards

    Time to build a new Conservative party from ashes of GOP.  That party is done.  Only concerned with keeping their jobs, whether in majority or not. And sell-outs starting with Lillie Graham will not be allowed to join.

    GOP Is Looking For “Captain America,” But Captain America Wouldn’t Outlaw Midget Bowling

    GOP Is Looking For "Captain America," But  Captain America Wouldn’t Outlaw Midget Bowling

    I’ve been perplexed for six years as to why Hillary-the-Inevitable has already been deemed our next president. Likewise, I didn’t understand the Dems insistence on continually pumping up the deflated War on Women balloon and attempting to send it aloft again…and again when it clearly hasn’t been ready for prime time since the ‘80’s. Mylar; perfect. Then, as I was reading Daniel Henninger’s column, Captain | Read More »

    Ezra Klein Breaks The Internet with Dumb

    Ezra Klein Breaks The Internet with Dumb

    Here it is: When our great grandchildren are dealing with the effects of climate change, they will look at this and hate us: — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) February 27, 2015 This is Vox’s piece by Brad Plumer depicting Senator James Inhofe tossing a snowball on the Senate floor.  He then segues into more pretty charts showing data from the Climate Change Institute and NOAA. | Read More »

    Mini Obamacare Bailout? Treasury Covers Some Obamacare Costs Without Congressional Approval

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Obama’s budget contained a $22 billion student loan bailout to cover a massive shortage of funds for the Department of Education Federal Student Loan program. Because the program is categorized as a “credit program”, due to a “quirk in the budget process for credit programs, the department can add the $21.8 billion to the deficit automatically, without | Read More »

    Oregon’s Former Dem First Lady Cylvia Hayes Pleads the 5th

    Oregon's Former Dem First Lady Cylvia Hayes Pleads the 5th

    Enough has been said already about the slideshow that my state has become over the resignation of the now-former governor of Oregon, John Kitzhaber, and his fiance, have become. Moe has covered it well. The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper (which has endorsed him every time for reelection) could be credited for correcting their mistake by calling for his resignation and keeping the focus on | Read More »

    The Obama Drilling Game

    The Obama administration’s Interior Department recently released plans to allow offshore oil exploration and drilling off the eastern coast of the United States from Virginia to Florida.  In the states affected- Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia-, there is generally wide bipartisan support.  The opposition is coming from the environmental Left, Democrats in Congress, and some misinformed interest groups.  However, we need to | Read More »

    Origins of ISIS Told In A Powerful Short Video

    This video is a much watch before the upcoming AUMF vote –     As an Iraq vet – war needs to be all out or not at all!

    Defeating Muslim Extremists: Know Your Enemy

    Back to Sun Tsu and The Art of War: Victory begins with a profound understanding of your adversary.  With the Somali Islamists threatening to attack American shopping malls as they did in Nairobi last year, and the President refusing to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorism”, it is no wonder that the portion of Americans who believe that we are winning this war is down to 15%. | Read More »

    IMPEACH NOW (another plea now that we have the Senate.)

    Since the last time: Impeach now. Not later. Now. Not “only after American lives have been killed by ISIS”. Not “only if he refuses to secure the border.” Not “only if he takes over the world’s greatest promoter of freedom, the Internet.” Not “only if he nominates someone with even less respect for the law than former AG Holder.” Not “only after we get control | Read More »

    GOP Leaders are Obama’s Cheap Date

    GOP Leaders are Obama's Cheap Date

    House Speaker , ever the gentleman—and a sharp dresser—reminds the House membership of their obligations: “Members should wear appropriate attire during all sittings of the House, however brief their appearances on the floor may be. You know who you are,” Boehner said to laughter. We know this is the most important business the House will be taking up this session. “Following the basic standards of | Read More »

    Internet Freedom Comes from Markets Not Government

    Progressives are good at use and abuse of language, in particular defining their agenda items in terms of the broad goals rather than actual impact of their proposals. Hence, we see and hear earnest advocates for “net neutrality” argue about how great the internet is and would be if only the wonderful ‘net neutrality’ that it is built on it is guaranteed – by a | Read More »

    Obama’s Bizzaro Middle East

    The Obama regime has turned the entirety of the Middle East political landscape upside down. Apparently there is nothing of substance in this country’s historical alliance with Israel, and the regime is now behaving as if our relationship with sponsors of worldwide terrorism means more to us. And it’s nothing short of surreal. Just days ago, in a Q&A with , Secretary of State affirmed | Read More »

    Obama’s View of Life Through the Lens of Victimhood

    The Obama view transcends typical bleeding heart liberal philosophy. It sees government assistance not merely as means to fulfill a need, but as a bridge to compensation for being born into victimhood.

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    Why I’m Signing Wisconsin’s Freedom to Work Legislation

    Why I’m Signing Wisconsin’s Freedom to Work Legislation

    From the diaries. Welcome Governor Scott Walker to the front page of RedState. When I took office as governor of Wisconsin in 2011, I called together our new Republican majority in the legislature and told them it was time to “put up or shut up.” As the elected leaders of our state, we owed it to our fellow Wisconsinites to follow through with our promises | Read More »

    If Bill O’Reilly is a Liar, then David Corn is a Murderer

    If Bill O'Reilly is a Liar, then David Corn is a Murderer

    David Corn has joined ranks with the 9/11 truthers, and now proudly sports his own tin-foil hat. Corn said he was surprised by O’Reilly’s “use of rhetoric that had a violent tone to it,” and while he isn’t personally concerned, he does have friends and family who are worried about him. Maddow agreed that was an “explicit threat” to both him and the Times. David | Read More »

    Non-Partisan Existentialism Explained

    Non-Partisan Existentialism Explained

    What better way to start your day than with a video of our Secretary of State criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu for “profoundly forward leaning” with respect to Bush’s war against Iraq? You know, the war that Jean Carré was for before he was against? “Actually, for the record, George W. Bush won that war. Barack Obama lost it to ISIS.” – Gateway Pundit Meanwhile, Susan | Read More »

    What’s wrong with this picture? We give Algeria $100 million+ each year in foreign aid, and Algeria sends $500k to the Clinton foundation.

    hasn’t hesitated to go after the Clintons, and the burgeoning scandal involving contributions by foreign governments to the Clinton foundation should give him a lot more ammunition, especially if he frames the issue in the right way. The story so far concerns the impropriety/illegality of the Clinton foundation receiving contributions from foreign governments while she was SecState, as a means to curry favor with the | Read More »

    Following Jesus Into The Storm

    Following Jesus Into The Storm

    Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him. And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep. Then His disciples came to Him and awoke Him, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then He | Read More »

    The March Supreme Court Docket

    There are several high profile cases on the Court’s oral argument calendar in March.  So, in order of argument: Arizona State Legislature vs. Arizona Redistricting Commission- This has the potential to be a huge case.  At issue is who should be responsible for redistricting federal congressional districts.  Under Article I of the Constitution, redistricting is left to the states and for the vast bulk of | Read More »

    Southern Baptist Functionary Lays Claim To Your Extraneous Income

    According to Southern Baptist Missions Board President David Platt, Christians ought to set for themselves a financial spending cap. The justification for this principle can be found in the admonition that godliness with contentment is great gain. Interestingly, Platt is not providing this advice so that you might provide better for yourself in the rocky times ahead likely to result from a declining economy. Instead, | Read More »

    Use our Wallets and Purses in Service of the Cause

    Use our Wallets and Purses in Service of the Cause In any game or war or contest, each side needs to use its weapons and advantages. The Left controls most of the cultural high ground, the MSM, Hollywood, the universities, the government run K12 schools, the music, TV, the liberal mainline churches and most of the foundations. Conservatives control our wallets and purses, and we | Read More »

    Draft Condi 2016

    Condoleezza Rice for the Republican presidential ticket in 2016

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    And the Winner of the GOP Senate CaveDate is…

    I don’t have an answer. All I know is that Senate Republicans are the lowest turd in the septic tank.

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    Picking a Hostage We Can Shoot

    Of course, it’s not the Republican party that made DHS funding a hostage in the fight over Obama’s executive order on immigration.  That was a decision of Democratic senators.  But it’s hardly shocking this happened, and that put the Republican Congress in a ridiculous position.  Americans don’t really want to cut off money to DHS.  How does letting that happen help the Republican brand?  It’s not realistic to think Obama | Read More »

    How to Rescue Stopping Obama’s Amnesty from McConnell’s Cave-in

    The latest news is that Senate leader McConnell, having failed to break united Democrat opposition to the House DHS funding bill that also defunded Obama’s executive amnesty, has thrown in the towel. In remarks on the Senate floor Monday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated he has no choice: “Now, my preference is still to debate and pass the funding legislation that’s currently before | Read More »

    Decoding Obama: No, Muslims Did Not Found America

    Obama recently claimed, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its founding.” This is both true and false. It is true in the sense that Islam posed a threat to America’s early existence. The North African Islamic Barbary Pirates proved to be a significant impetus towards uniting a divided colonial delegation to sign the Constitution and strengthen their Navy and Marine Corps. | Read More »

    When Something Hurts

    Franklin Graham and beyond. Thoughts on the state of American Christianity

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    Taqiyya Sunrise at Obama’s Countering Violent Extremism Summit

    Muslims have a whole science devoted to deception: Hiyal, meaning secrecy or concealment. Then there’s Kitman, the art of making ambiguous statements or omission of key information. Idtirar is a similar, subtly different term. Most often, we see Muslim deception referred to as Taqiyya. The Clarion Project says: “Islamists interpret their scripture to say that they are allowed to lie about the nature of Islam | Read More »

    Follow the Money: BICEP

    Follow the Money: BICEP

    Last week, Citigroup announced an initiative to finance $100 billion in renewable energy investments to fight climate change and fund other environmental protection projects. This announcement comes after the bank reached a previous $50 billion goal to invest in green projects set in 2007. Citigroup’s CFO Michael Corbat claimed that the undertaking was a simple investment, not philanthropy. However, the strategy for this initiative was | Read More »


    Congressman Ron Barber was the last head to be severed off by right-wing terrorists in the in the aftermath of the violent uprising that started on November 4th of 2014. Most of us just called this Election Day.

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    Just Like Obamacare: Free Internet!

    Just Like Obamacare: Free Internet!

    As Yael Abergel pointed out to us yesterday, Lady M enjoyed dinner with friends at Rose’s Luxury Restaurant – where according to the owner they ordered “pretty much the whole menu.”  So just to clarify: “#Gimme5” technically means “gimme 5 of everything!” And amazingly, people are still talking about the incredible acting skills that MO and BO displayed in the Lets Move! video. What, they just | Read More »

    Videos: Guy Who Convinced Obama to Dramatically Ramp Up Internet Power Grab – Is an Uber-Boob

    Tomorrow’s Barack Obama Administration Internet unilateral uber-power grab is larger, worse and more heinous than it was just four months ago. That is because Obama-campaign-cash-bundling Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has knuckled under to the President’s November demand to ramp it WAY up. What preceded President Obama’s November demand? This: In a lucky coincidence, Tumblr Chief Executive David Karp , who attended the | Read More »

    America Funds Palestinian Terror and America Should Pay Victims

    America Funds Palestinian Terror and America Should Pay Victims

    Is the U.S. jury trial system fair?  Is it efficient?  Does it arrive at the truth (most of the time)? Yes, yes, and yes. So when a federal jury in New York found the PLO and PA liable for damages for six acts of terror in Israel, and awarded survivors $218.5 million, why is it going to be so difficult to pay the plaintiffs their due? | Read More »

    Giving Up is Not an Option

    As a former radio talk host who railed against the encroaching evil of liberal theology, the one thing I never did was give up hope that America would cease to be that “city on a hill”! I still believe in her and the founding principles in spite of how far left she has been steered. But what gives us hope when we witness the onslaught | Read More »