The Truth Hurts and Jindal Hit a Nerve

    A recent article in Politico magazine illustrates the utter stupidity of the Left.  Entitled “Bobby Jindal’s Muslim Problem,” the article is basically a politically correct screed that attempts to paint Jindal as a cheap politician pandering to the evangelical base of the Republican Party by perpetuating the now-familiar warnings against Islamaphobia.  At issue is Jindal’s recent remarks in Great Britain describing so-called “no go zones” in | Read More »

    An open letter to a patriot lady

    Dear Erin, I am writing this to you, but I think that the message I want to convey is more than to you.  I hope you will forgive me for doing this without permission, but I found that what you said in this final exchange really struck a chord. A couple of exchanges you and I had are below: Ohio Historian Define “warmongering” if you | Read More »

    Boehner leads the way in cave on executive amnesty

    Do you remember when Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame members and capitulated in the budget battle just after the November election? Sure you do. That’s when he led the way in passing the CROmnibus with a promise to exercise the “power of the purse” to shut down Homeland Security if Obama refused change his plans for illegals. Well, Obama hasn’t changed his plans, | Read More »

    Nazi Holocaust: Incomparable to Muhammad’s Plan for Jews

    Commemorating the anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation is important. But remembering without action is irrelevant. The reality is that in America more hate crimes are committed against Jews than all other groups combined, according to a recently released FBI report. Internationally, eradicating Jews and Israel is integral to Islam. Muslims believe, according to the Qur’an that worldwide Islamic rule will only occur once Israel is destroyed | Read More »

    A Tale of Two City Protests: Sharia in Dallas vs. Christian Prayer in Baton Rouge

    On January 17th Sound Vision Foundation, a Chicago-based 501 (C) 3 organization held a “Stand with the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas, at the Curtis Culwell Center on Independent School District property. The event, permitted by the Superintendent of Public Schools, launched a Strategic Communication Center for Muslims to advocate censoring and criminalizing non-Muslim speech. Sound Vision asks: “Frustrated with | Read More »

    What the effort to “dump Boehner” means for 2016

    Republicans can win the White House in 2016, but not with middle-of-the-road tactics and platitudes. Ronald Reagan won the presidency twice precisely because he offered a substantive, conservative vision for the country. He didn’t waffle or try to appease all sides.

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    Euromaidanpr Page Unpublished by Facebook

    Thanks to everyone who helped.  As of 2 pm west coast time, the Euromaidanpr page has been restored by Facebook!

    Next President should sit on Regan’s Stool

    The President has quite a bit of authority that can be used to push a conservative agenda.  Conservatism as broadly defined has three legs: Religious/Social conservatives National Security conservatives Economic conservatives (including the libertarian wing) While the president does not legislate he does have broad authority that can be exercised in these areas.  Let’s consider the most pressing issues in each of the three areas: | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Center for American Progress

    Follow the Money: Center for American Progress

    The last time you filled up your cart at Walmart or checked your balance with your account at Bank of America you were likely making a decision based on the cost benefits and convenience of doing business.  You probably weren’t thinking, “I’m supporting the ‘official Hillary Clinton think tank’ today,” but you were. These companies are just two of many that you’ll likely recognize which | Read More »

    Finally Someone on the Left Gets It: It’s Not “Violent Extremism,” It’s Radical Islam

    Finally, someone on the Left gets it.

    You won’t hear me say that often, but when someone is right, they’re right.

    Iraq War veteran and current Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2) didn’t mince words in explaining how she feels about the Obama Administration’s insistence that we only refer to terrorists as “violent extremists” and not radical Islamists.

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          Are democrats and liberals favoring Hillary Clinton for President simply because she is a woman? Is the Mainstream Press and Media, who feel the same way, ignoring her lack of genuine accomplishments and serious failures while Secretary of State? The potential danger to our Nation from increasingly belligerent radical Islamists requires a unique type of future leader. He or she must be | Read More »

    Obama and Historic Snow Jobs

    Obama and Historic Snow Jobs

    What can I say; sometimes the predictions are just wrong. That doesn’t always stop us from pretending that our prediction was more accurate than it really was: It appears that the model used to forecast New York’s  Snowmageddon II was just wrong. A National Weather Service official says the agency will evaluate its storm modeling after a storm that was predicted to dump a foot | Read More »

    Consumer asks Indiana not to prohibit Legal Funding

    Today a hearing will take place in the basement of the Indiana State Capitol.  The subject matter will be a bill to prohibit Indiana consumer’s access to legal funding, a product that allows them an alternative when faced with financial pressures and an uncooperative defendant insurance company.  This is a repeat of a bill that Indiana Representative Matt Lehman introduced last year that was promoted | Read More »

    Obama’s Policy Proposals Are the Opposite of “Tax Reform”

    Obama has consistently talked about how he is for “tax reform” all during his presidency. But clearly, he has no idea what that even means. True tax reform is a mechanism that produces a cleaner and clearer tax code. A great example of this was the 1986 IRC reform, where Reagan set the highest rate at 28% in exchange for eliminating massive amounts of tax | Read More »

    Call It What It Is

    A lot has been written and mentioned lately about Obama’s reluctance to refer to recent terrorist acts as “Islamic terrorism.”  Valerie Jarrett (the real president) said on television- in a classic case of not answering a question with an answer- that Obama’s number one priority is keeping all Americans safe from all acts of terrorism.  In the mind of a Leftist, however, a peaceful demonstration | Read More »

    Scott Walker: Go Big, Go Bold or Go Bust?

    CRUZ VERSUS JEB WALKER-BEE We heard an incredible speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit from Scott Walker about his fight over Public Unions in Wisconsin.  As Scott Walker put it, he went “Big and he went Bold”.  Despite people on the ground and Iowa media saying TC  ran away with this event, Fox News’ immediate headline was that Scott Walker took Iowa by Storm.  After inital | Read More »

    After State Farm gets its comeuppance, its lobbyists push to prohibit Legal Funding in Indiana through HB 1340.

    Legal Funding helps Champion of the Little Guy defend himself against State Farm and Big Insurance in Indiana, and State Farm is not happy.  Tomorrow, an Insurance Industry promoted bill (HB1340) sponsored by Indiana State Representatives Matt Lehman and Terri Austin will have a hearing in front of the Indiana House Financial Institutions Committee.  The bill is a repeat of last year’s unsuccessful bill to | Read More »

    Hospital Lobby Continues Effort to Gut Anti-Fraud Provisions

    It is rare for Congress to identify rampant fraud and actually do something to prevent it. That’s what the Recovery Audit Contractor (RACs) Program in Medicare is all about. Like most anything that works, the program has become a target by the hospital. The American Hospital Association (AHA) has lobbied Congress, the White House and has even press the courts to end the RACs program. | Read More »

    Michael Moore – Wrong Again

    So, Michael Moore has a problem with American Sniper.  No surprise there, consider the source.  Apparently, Moore is uncomfortable with the prospect of rewarding a film about a Navy Seal sniper.  However, as an Oscar winning film-maker (gag me) he ought to know that the Academy has never shied away from handing out Oscars to actors who portrayed men who were notable for killing others.  | Read More »

    Is the ‘Wide Open’ Race Actually Bad News for Republicans in 2016?

    Re-posted from National Review Online On any given news day, the term “wide open” is the most overused phrase to describe the 2016 GOP presidential field. After last weekend’s Iowa Freedom Summit, the first event to showcase a field of potential Republican candidates numbering in double digits, the phrase is now totally exhausted. But reviewing this “competitive” bench of “strong” and “experienced” candidates makes me | Read More »

    “People need to make smart decisions” mayor tells imprisoned New Yorkers

    Snow storms, real not imagined by the media,  have sunk more than one big city mayor. We may be watching the failure of socialist oppression in New York as May De Blasio tells people to stay indoors. In his infinite progressive wisdom, he processed the information from experts and announced that according to the experts this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the | Read More »

    Bergdahl to be Charged with Desertion

    Bergdahl to be Charged with Desertion

    We knew this true last August:  President Obama traded five vicious Taliban terrorists for a deserter.  And now the U.S. Army nods in agreement. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, among other violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), according to Briebart and The Washington Times reports. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was released by the Taliban last year in exchange | Read More »

    How to absolutely convince Democrats to immediately become 100% pro-life

    Politicians of all stripes can do one thing exceedingly  well: count ( as in votes). And, with an Ivory soap-like consistency, they will vote in their self-interest 99 44/100% of the time. But for those of us who champion the unborn, and who mourn the tens of millions whose lives have been snuffed out, and who are committed to doing everything in our power to | Read More »

    Putting It Back Together

    Three potential Republican candidates for President- Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee- have all been through this before.  In fact, they are using this as justification for another run.  Being familiar with the process is one thing, but adapting to the changes is another thing altogether.  All of them are under the mistaken impression that they can recreate what they did previously, make changes | Read More »

    Seven Reasons Erick Erickson Was Right

    Republican apologists for ‘s Senate-destroying “nuclear option” have produced a lot of fog — but, when it comes to opposing Leftist Democratic judicial nominees, not much war. So it was refreshing when, yesterday, Erick Erickson burst their tiny bubble and came out in opposition to confirming Supreme Court nominees in the Senate with 51 votes and without the possibility of a filibuster. Basically, the “nuclear | Read More »

    #Deflategate is a Disgrace and Cheaters Never Win

    #Deflategate is a Disgrace and Cheaters Never Win

    I am so absolutely and completely, gaggingly chokingly vomitingly sick of hearing about #Deflategate‬. It’s a disgrace.  This is just one more proof that our society has fallen into a liberal Chinese finger trap of the brain. The harder we pull against it, the more it cuts off our cerebral circulation. I can feel myself losing intelligence. I can feel it. I win and you | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Note to GOP: Talking about raising taxes is a bad idea

    With several options available to support the nation’s highways, the GOP needs create, innovate, and unify in fixing problems—like the HTF—and show America that they can do it without raising taxes.

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    Obamanomics: Capital Gains Hikes and the Economy

    President Obama just told the country during his State of the Union address that he is going to increase the capital gains rate again in order to raise revenue for new spending programs. Given that Obama already knows that raising the capital gains rate actually REDUCES revenue, we are left with a President who believes that we can pay for increased spending by reducing revenue. | Read More »

    The “Consider This!” Podcast: The State of the State of the Union Address, Extreme Circumstances for Abortion, and How Harvard Hates Its Own Health Care

    More free stuff, and making the eeevil rich pay for it. The State of the Union Address was a rerun of so many other speeches by Democratic presidents. So then, what is the state of the State of the Union Address?

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    Leftist utopia: A wonderful world without plastic bags!

    Leftist utopia: A wonderful world without plastic bags!

    A utopia without plastic bags?! Over two weeks ago I began writing about the recent plastic bag ban in Silver City, New Mexico.  It’s a common topic at local Chamber of Commerce luncheons and provides a thread of common interest to discuss at local grocery stores and Walmart for frequent shoppers. As I have written in the past, grocery store owners predict that the ban | Read More »

    Illegal or Undocumented…

      There are those who believe… “…referring to people as “illegals” goes far beyond “petty insult”“…referring to people as “illegals” is downright mean and nasty…” “…the border is illegal, not people”   My response goes like this… It’s neither mean nor nasty; it’s just the truth of their situation. If people are not legal citizens or legal residents, or they do not have a legal reason | Read More »

    GloZell, Agent Provocateur, Punks the Punk-In-Chief

    GloZell, Agent Provocateur, Punks the Punk-In-Chief

    I know there has been much discussion here and elsewhere regarding Big Guy demeaning the office of the Presidency by agreeing to an interview with green-lipped GloZell Green. Butt just because she eats Fruit Loops out of a bathtub, don’t be so hasty in your judgment. Did I not tell you that GloZell is a national treasure?  I suspect several of you did not believe | Read More »

    Three More Obama Admin Casualties: Congress, Federalism – and Humility

    It’s been a bad six years for the United States of America. The examples are myriad. The national debt has nearly doubled – from ten trillion dollars to over eighteen trillion dollars. The workforce participation rate has decreased precipitously – to a level not seen since the mid-1970s. (The phony “unemployment rate” is irrelevant – and its computation process is in desperate need of Reality-based | Read More »

    When Something That Makes Sense Makes No Sense= Nonsense

    Although the Left does not like to attribute it to conservatives, everyone is in favor of equality.  Nowhere is this most misconstrued than in the alleged discrepancy between the pay for men and women.  Such  noted economists like Beyonce and Barack Obama have used the “women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar” meme although true economists have correctly dismissed this lie.  One can get | Read More »

    The Primary 100, Installment 2 of 100: #99 (tie) – Sen John McCain (R-AZ)

    of Arizona must be defeated in the Republican primary election on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. He represents a state that he carried as a presidential candidate in 2008 by eight points and that Romney carried in 2012 by nine points for a Charlie Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+7, yet his Heritage Action Lifetime Score is a measly 62%. This places him in the 42nd | Read More »

    What do Winston Churchill and Rand Paul have in common?

    Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill, considered by many to be the greatest statesmen of the 20th Century. In reading various articles commemorating the occasion I was struck by the widespread opinion that Winston Churchill could never be elected to a political office today in Britain or the United States. The reasons are several. He was perceived by contemporaries a | Read More »

    Grow Up, Already

    Welcome to Utopia, also known as the Nanny State. There are quite a few people who believe them to be one and the same. For these people, most everything should be affected, controlled or led by the government, which is really just people who get paid by our tax dollars to do stuff. This group of people wants to let someone else decide what is | Read More »

    American Sniper Breaks Box Office Records As White House Petition For Chris Kyle To Receive Medal of Honor Circulates

    Born and raised in Texas, Christopher Scott Kyle was a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1999 to 2009. He is the most successful sniper in American military history. According to his book American Sniper, he is credited with 160 confirmed kills. Kyle served as a Navy SEAL in 4 tours in the latest Iraq war. For his bravery and military skills, he was awarded some of | Read More »

    America Must Cut Class

    The concept of “class” is counter to the tenets of a free society.  In the past two centuries America has achieved significant progress towards economic, social and racial equality and recognition of the value of individuals based upon their specific identity.  Though imperfect and in need of continued effort, this progress is evidence of the value of the nation’s founding principles, among them the freedom | Read More »

    Bankrupt Who’s Bankrupt?

    A few years ago, with tongue securely in cheek, I wrote about the Fed buying Treasury Bonds.  I tried using the absurd to make a point.  I explained this would be like issuing your own credit card, buying everything you want, paying for the credit card with your checking account, and filling the checking account with cash advances from the credit card.  I was just | Read More »

    Deflategate: The MSM, Athletic Supporters That They Are, Will Sniff Out the Truth

    Deflategate: The MSM, Athletic Supporters That They Are, Will Sniff Out the Truth

    I will be brief, as this could turn out to be a bum wrap. We don’t know now, and may never know, what transpired in “Deflategate.” Notwithstanding, the nation – and by “nation” I mean the main stream media (MSM) – has now officially spent more time examining a scandal surrounding the inaccurate inflation of NFL footballs than we have spent on all of the | Read More »

    Its A Generational Thing

    Two articles recently on other websites take on similar themes- the importance of young voters and, more importantly, young(er) candidates.  One article noted that despite the alleged doomsday predictions, young voters are not necessarily moving en masse towards the Democratic Party.  Neither are they moving to the Republican Party.  Exit polling indicates that younger voters are still the least likely to actually vote, but that | Read More »

    Ted Cruz destroys the media….then..he goes to work on them

    How many times have you watched a left wing anchor have a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news and you are getting angry and uncomfortable?  I’ve been there a million times.  We get uncomfortable and angry because that Republican is doing a terrible job defending the party and conservatism.   They either dodge the question and come up with a weak answer or | Read More »

    Remember to thank our 25 real Congressmen

    It has been a few weeks now since was reelected and 25 republican Representatives are no longer on important house committees. Many of us wrote and called reps to get them to vote against Boehner but as things worked out a small group have been blackballed by Boehner. I for one called and wrote my Congressman to thank him for standing up for those of | Read More »

    Obama runs to meet Saudi King Salman (but still refuses to meet Netanyahu)

    Obama runs to meet Saudi King Salman (but still refuses to meet Netanyahu)

    President Obama has changed his scheduled departure on his trip to India so as to personally meet the new Saudi King Salman (according to CNN).  The POTUS is literally running to be among the first world leaders to genuflect to the new Saudi leader, only days after he was appointed. Vice President Joe Biden was originally set to have led a delegation to Saudi Arabia on | Read More »

    Rep. Pocan(D-WI): Voter Fraud “Manufactured Problem”

    Wisconsin Democrat congressman Mark Pocan told the Beloit Daily News this week that voter fraud is a “manufactured problem” so that states like Wisconsin can pass Voter ID laws. “When I was in the legislature I saw the manufactured problems over voter fraud,” he said. “The real fraud is the discussion of voter fraud. The one thing my brother and I have in common with | Read More »

    Protocol? Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Protocol

    Protocol? Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Protocol

    “Don’t bother me, I’m negotiating with myself.” Now why on earth would Bibi breech protocol and not advise Big Guy that invited him to speak to Congress in March? I suppose it might be that he disagrees with Barry’s position on not imposing additional sanctions against Iran. Maybe he has taken umbrage with Barry and the Brit Twit for boasting about their lobbying of Congress | Read More »

    The Ellmers Factor

    There is much consternation and uproar over the recent decision by to remove her name from the list of co-sponsors of HR 36- the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  This action basically sabotaged the bill and it was pulled for consideration by the House which was expected to vote on it and approve it.  The alleged reason was concern over language regarding rape. I | Read More »

    Dem Lemmings

    Dem Lemmings It is interesting, no amazing to me, when Obama delivered his latest SOTU, how many fewer Dem House members, Dem Senators, Dem governors and Dem state legislators there are compared to when Obama took office. Yet, like lemmings, the Dems are in virtual lock step with Obama.

    Knowing Your Audience Wins The Election

    Hearing Dr. Carson speeches inspires a writer to do his best in connecting to an audience, who strives to be a smarter than Dr Carson. At some point a space is created from the top of your skull from understanding what the writer just proposed, or conveyed , with the actual acknowledgement of his  writing level. Disbelief is expressed by signal from a hand passing | Read More »