Kim Davis Isn’t The First To Rightfully Challenge Authority

    Rowan County,KY Clerk Kim Davis Rowan county Clerk Kim Davis has been held in contempt of court and jailed by a federal Judge after she continued her refusal to grant same sex marriage licenses. Davis insist that her religious beliefs prevent her from having any part in a gay marriage and has refused court orders to issue them. Some Republican Presidential | Read More »

    ‘Follow the Law’ or ‘Take up your Cross’, Which Will it Be?

    'Follow the Law' or 'Take up your Cross', Which Will it Be?

    I have held off writing about Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky. clerk, who is now residing in a jail cell for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.  There’s so many opinions here (you know what they say about opinions) and only a few facts, so I took some time to read and pray, and avoid the fire and aim mistakes others have made. Reviewing the facts, | Read More »

    GOP Nominee Needs 64 percent of the White Vote and 30 percent of the Non-White Vote to Win in ’16

    It is well-established among pollsters that for either party’s presidential nominee to win in 2016 they must attract the correct balance of what is now commonly referred to as the white vs. the non-white vote. This development has spawned numerous articles and demographic math games whereby one can plug-in the estimated turn-out for Whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian voters and thus predict a party’s margin | Read More »

    Establishment vs. establishment primary in NC-9?

    Congressman Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) 72% of North Carolina’s 9th District has been a big disappointment to conservatives, and drawn Tea Party primary challenges in the past.  Among other issues, Pittenger is an outspoken supporter of a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Pittenger already has an announced primary challenger for 2016, but this time it is not from the Tea Party | Read More »

    1509 Parenthood Is Not About Selling Children’s Body Parts

    Houston Planned Parenthood produced about 260 pounds of baby flesh per week. That one clinic, by itself, trashed or sold over 6.5 tons, yes tons, of human infant flesh every year.

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    Politically Handling Climate Change

    Recently, Scientific American bemoaned the fact that although 90% of scientists believed that climate change was real and caused by man-made activity, about only 50% of Americans shared this view.  A discussion of climate change is sure to elicit strong responses from the Left and the Right given this 50/50 split.  The first obvious question is whether climate change actually exists and to the extent that | Read More »

    An Evolution

    I’ve been writing on Redstate since I was 17. During that time, I’ve grown up, graduated college, and now work as a registered nurse. I’m not the same person I was when I first came to Redstate. I don’t believe everything I used to; I have, for lack of a better word, evolved. I’m still a passionate conservative; I just found that my conservatism was | Read More »

    Trump’s appeal is real

    I am not a Donald Trump supporter. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is my favorite this year. I am waiting for Scott Walker to demonstrate political skills (he somehow has won elections … As a non-Wisconsin resident, I would like to see him show how, because it is a mystery so far). Mike Huckabee is ok, not my pick, but I like | Read More »

    Hillary’s e-Mails: An Intelligence Perspective

    The Barack Obama / Hillary Clinton years have indisputably been the worst for the American Intelligence community at least since the Office of Strategic Services was created in 1942 – the 2010 WikiLeaks release of thousands of State Department communications; Edward Snowden’s 2013 exposure of the gruesome details of NSA surveillance programs; the decision (apparently made by President Obama) to not come to the aid | Read More »

    Trump Played the RNC with His Ace Card to Narrow the Field. It’s a Yooge Deal!

    Trump became one of the King Makers in the last couple of elections, just like Sheldon Aldelson and the Koch brothers, where nearly every candidate made the trek to Trump Tower in order to garner favor and money. Today, in desperation, Reince Priebus made the trip to meet with the King Maker and kissed his ring. He must be jubilant that he got The Republican Pledge signed by | Read More »

    The State of SSM Licenses in KY

    On the issue of Davis (D-KY) not issuing SSM Licenses…. Libtards don’t like when they reap what they have sown ( … It is also the “Job” of Libtards to enforce Immigration Laws/Orders, but they refuse and created Sanctuary Cities…. So we can refuse to obey SSM Laws/Rulings and create Morality Cities. related….. ALL #GOP Candidates should learn from [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ | Read More »

    Donald Trump loves America way more than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does

    Donald Trump loves America way more than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does

    Here’s what I got from reading Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s op-ed in The Washington Post:  Donald Trump loves America much more than Abdul-Jabbar.  And Trump’s right—Kareem has no clue. Trump tangled with the basketball legend, answering his “you’re so nasty compared to Bernie Sanders” WaPo piece with a handwritten note scrawled across the essay like a teacher correcting a student’s writing assignment. Dear Kareem, Now I know | Read More »

    A Few Thoughts from One American to Another

    My Dear Friends, Today, I’m writing to you while sitting on the screened porch, on a quiet early September afternoon, watching the tall pines bend and sway, and the clouds race across the sky like a herd of white buffalo before the storm…feeling the caress of the breeze…listening to a woodpecker drill tenaciously into a tree for shelter; to my neighbor’s tractor, as he traverses | Read More »

    It Is Time to Put the Limit Back in Limited Government

    I own a small farm, a berry patch to be exact, and for the particular type of berry that I grow it is much more profitable to market them as organic.  I grow everything organically out of choice.  However to market anything as organic the operation must be certified by the government. So of course I must spend hours filling out and filling out and | Read More »

    So why is Hillary’s IT geek planning a Lois Lerner defense strategy?

    Bryan Pagliano, a former State Dept staffer who worked on Hillary’s home-brewed email server, notified Congressional committees if called to testify, he would invoke his 5th amendment rights. Hmm??? Let’s see now. The LAST person to do so was one Lois Lerner, who, while taking the 5th, also professed her complete and total innocence, and since then….well…nothing. She’s retired from the IRS,  now collects her | Read More »

    Abortion: A Choice Between Humanity and Inhumanity

    The unfolding Planned Parenthood scandal puts a long overdue spotlight on an industry that has been profiting from the deaths of millions of unborn human beings. Unlike abortion proponents who attempt to mask their atrocity with terms like fetus and fetal tissue, I rightly refer to the victims as fellow humans, worthy of all the rights that would have been afforded them had they survived | Read More »

    The Iran Deal: How Obama Negotiated the Terms of Our Eventual Destruction

    Some would say the Iran deal represents the worst kind of foreign policy naiveté. Others would say it was a deal for the sake of a deal to bolster Obama’s legacy. Still others would argue that it is part of some kind of conspiracy to elevate the power of Islam in the world. While there may be degrees of truth in all of these points, | Read More »

    A Battle Sent From Heaven

    While the Congress escaped the August heat of Washington, their last act was an attempt to transfer funding from Planned Parenthood to community health centers in stand-alone legislation.  This was doomed to failure since McConnell realized there would not be enough Democratic votes to advance the bill.  This is typical McConnell squishiness when it comes to issues that unite all true conservatives.  But, the continued | Read More »

    It’s Time for The Long March

    It's Time for The Long March

    Over a year’s time, from October 1934 to the following October, the Chinese Red Army undertook “The Long March”—a grueling 6,000 mile circling retreat from the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek. During that year, the Red Army suffered nearly 90 percent losses, crossing 18 mountain ranges and 24 rivers to arrive at its new base at Shaanxi, in northwest China. The GOP has many lessons | Read More »

    Baking cakes and gay weddings, etc.

    Can the owner of a bakery refuse to sell a cake with a celebratory message on it to a gay couple seeking to wed, based on the baker’s religious objections to gay marriages? Yes – but. Can a photographer refuse to be the official photographer for the same situation above? Yes, but. Can a public employee refuse to issue a license to a gay couple | Read More »

    PSST!! Did You Hear The One About The GOP Establishment Consultants’ New Found Conservative Principles? [Edited]

    PSST!! Did You Hear The One About The GOP Establishment Consultants' New Found Conservative Principles?  [Edited]

    Let me preface what I am about to say by denying my Trumpette Status for those of you that will no doubt go there. I am a Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% guy to the core and will back him to the end. I will admit to flirting with Carly though I have a healthy dose of skepticism where she is concerned, | Read More »

    The best chance to elect a strong conservative this year

    From the diaries… My name is Matt Mackowiak and I am the Treasurer of Fight For Kentucky, a Super PAC that is set up to help elect Matt Bevin for Governor. Since 1972, Kentucky has been led by Democratic Governors for all but four years. The Commonwealth has suffered from left wing policies in Frankfort, whether they be failing to stand up for our values, | Read More »

    Kim Davis Is Wrong

    Kim Davis: the Rowan county clerk of court has been causing quite a stir lately by refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples. She sites her Christian faith, and God’s authority for refusing to do so. Some have called her a martyr; she has been hailed as an example for conservative Christians. However, Kim Davis is not a martyr; neither is she a good | Read More »

    If Trump Has To Sign The Pledge, Doesn’t Everybody Else? (UPDATE) Trump To Sign Today.

    The Republican National committee has officially put “The Loyalty Pledge” out there.  Here’s what it says:   I [candidate’s name] affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for president of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is,” the pledge says. “I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or | Read More »

    The conservative case for Trump … and against him

    It might seem impossible to be ambivalent about Donald Trump, but it’s true: I am a right-winger who is ambivalent about Trump. The back and forth between Trump haters and lovers has not been much help, either. The haters ignore the potentially tectonic strengths Trump could bring to the general election and to shaking up the DC Cartel, while Trump lovers are way too quick | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Marlon Marshall and Jeremy Bird

    At one time, Marlon Marshall was believed to be on the short list of possible Clinton campaign managers.  Eventually, that job went to Robby Mook.  That does not mean that Marshall is the odd man out.  Mook and Marshall are practically connected at the hip.  Many consider Marshall Mook’s right hand man.  Known as “the Reverend” in Democratic circles for instilling zeal in his operatives, | Read More »

    9th #PPSellsBabyParts Video: Baby Parts Vendor ABR, Intact Baby ‘it just fell out’

    9th #PPSellsBabyParts Video: Baby Parts Vendor ABR, Intact Baby 'it just fell out'

    he 9th undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress was released Tuesday–detailing how most 21 week old babies, who are old enough to survive and thrive outside the womb with the right prenatal care, are ripped to shreds, with their abdomens torn open and their organs crushed, by abortion “doctors.” Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager at ABR, is shown describing ABR’s fetal tissue harvesting practice to a prospective buyer. | Read More »

    Will the Real Conservative Please Stand Up

      By Bob Bennett Reprinted from Instigator News Network Back in May, I wrote a piece called “Conservatives’ Impossible Mission: Win in 2016.” It made the points that, since the GOP took over the Senate, it has branded itself as the party that helped Obama instead of stopping him. There’s ample evidence of that: funding the unconstitutional amnesty, whipping to confirm Loretta Lynch as AG, on and | Read More »

    Mt. Denali is Unconstitutional

    Mt. McKinley or Denali (Credit: National Park Service) I really don’t care what Mt. McKinley or Mt. Denali is called. President Obama sees it differently, and flew Air Force One to Alaska at a mountainous cost to announce the change, which removed the name of a Republican president. What every American should care about is how Obama changed the name. He violated | Read More »

    Educating Rep. Adam Kinzinger On Reagan’s Campaign Against Carter

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ](R-IL)Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger spent his Monday on Morning Joe on MSNBC and Outnumbered on Fox sticking up for his guy Jeb Bush and taking shots at GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Part of Kinzinger’s line of attack on Trump during both shows was to say that Trump was angry and that wasn’t how Ronald | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Hidden emails reveal a secret anti-fossil fuel network involving the White House, Democrat governors, wealthy donors and foundations, and front groups

    The White House knows that the public is not with them. While polls show that slightly more than half of the American public believe the “effects of global warming are already happening,” it repeatedly comes in at the bottom of the list of priorities on which we think Obama and Congress should focus. The President’s pet policy fares even worse when pollsters ask if Americans agree: “government should do more to curb climate change, even at the expense of economic growth?” Only 12 percent “strongly agree.”

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    The EPA Assaults the Private Sector – and the Environment

    There are few things more dangerous to private enterprise than government bureaucrats with time on their hands. And since most bureaucrats have no legitimate reason for being – they have lots and lots of time on their hands. In 2009, the federal government had at least 2,748,978 employees – and 97.6% of civilian federal employees were in the executive branch (and do you think that | Read More »

    The Invisible National Security Question

    Incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford told lawmakers that Russia is the greatest threat to US national security and its behavior is “nothing short of alarming.” And that’s coming from someone who’s dealing with ISIL, Iran and al Qaeda on a daily basis. While the threat of nuclear action from Russia is well known in Europe, in America this is | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- August Edition

    In the continuing tradition of transparency and openness that characterizes the Clinton campaign, I bring you another edition of the private diarrhea diary of Hillary Clinton: 8/1- Dear diary:  Released tax returns and medical records today.  I challenge Bernie to do the same and explain why he drools when he talks.  And that frog in his throat…is that annoying or what?  And what’s all this I hear | Read More »

    The outline of Hillary’s email defense takes shape: “I was too stupid to be Secretary of State”

    With the latest release of some 6000+ additional emails, and the disclosure that some 150 of them have now been redacted because they contained “classified” information, Hillary now appears to be be in serious trouble and facing legal jeopardy. The constant drip, drip, drip of news about the emails is sending her poll numbers somewhere below the political equivalent of the Mendoza line, and revelations | Read More »

    Larry Sabato: Donald Trump is “The Un-Nominatable Frontrunner.”

    If you’re becoming nauseous or you’re staying up late worrying about the inevitability of a Donald Trump nomination, you can start to rest easy.  On the other hand, if you’re giddy and elated over the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the GOP nominee, you may want to temper your enthusiasm. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball analysis from August 13th sheds some light and some reality on | Read More »

    Can Anyone Stop the Momentum of Trump-motion and Bern-Motion in Their Tracks?

    I am not a witch Trumpette. I am a political junkie and enjoy sharing my observations with fellow full-time followers and expect disagreements amongst the dedicated. That being said, let the cow flinging begin because I’m nearly certain that Trump will be the Republican nominee. Why? Because it’s hard to stop a fast-moving train that’s gone off the rails of political correctness like we’ve never seen before in | Read More »

    The GOP would rather be “dying” than have an Outsider candidate win and hold them accountable

    The problem I see with the entire “GOP is dying” statement is that it is not exactly accurate.  As Erick said “The Republican Party is dying because the GOP in DC has gone corporate and K Street”. But, as Michael Needam CEO of Heritage Action for Ameriaca put it on Fox News Sunday yesterday “One of the greatest myths is that Washington  D.C. is broken; | Read More »

    How Americans really feel about stronger gun laws.

    Last week, our country bore witness to the brutal killing of two reporters broadcasting on live television. As expected, liberal media went insane with the Washington Post’s Mark Berman deciding to enlighten us all with his heavily tilted piece, “How Americans actually feel about gun laws”. Naturally, Berman concluded with the usual array of “common sense” policies proposed by the left.   But how does | Read More »

    Governor Rick Perry – A Man after Gods own heart

    Governor Rick Perry - A Man after Gods own heart

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells prayer rally: ‘Our heart breaks for America’ Switching channels in the Oklahoma territory is a common practice for anyone who travels the road from I44 to I40 , The first time I ever heard mention of Governor Rick Perry was from a Radio Station commercial that stated the Governor of Texas was invited to speak at a large 20 thousand | Read More »

    Adios America, Europe in Transition & An Enlightened Single Issue Voter

    I’ve just returned from two weeks in Europe with our time split between France and Germany. My sleep patterns being off a bit I occupied myself for a few nights reading Ann Coulter’s Adios America. Great book! I highly recommend picking up a copy. In it she talks about the disaster unfettered immigration from the third world has been for the United States. Essentially Teddy | Read More »

    Trump’s Record-Breaking New Poll Results & What It May Mean For The GOP Nomination

    Not surprisingly, presidential candidate Donald Trump leads the Republican 2016 field in the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics of Iowa voters. But, here’s where it gets interesting, as Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza illustrates: “The real story is contained deeper in the poll. In May, when the Register last polled, 27 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers viewed Trump favorably while 63 percent regarded him unfavorably. | Read More »

    Myra Adams: How Trump’s Anchor Baby Talk Could Anchor Democrats to the White House

    One of my all-time favorite quotes is, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts,” The quote is attributed to the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and usually applicable to any heated political discussion. Another popular alternative to Moynihan’s quote is, “Facts are inconvenient.” Attention Trump supporters: Here are some extremely inconvenient facts concerning the Republican Party’s chances of | Read More »

    Assault by Government: Draining the Capital Pool

    David Lee Roth – the original lead singer of mega-rock group Van Halen – gave us an excellent assessment of the value of coin: “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” What this amusingly quantifies is that money is a vital component of any and everything we do. Certainly for how we | Read More »

    2016 Gubernatorial Races: August Happenings in Review

    INDIANA: In 2008, Democrat Jim Schellinger unsuccessfully sought the nod to run for Governor.  Some expected him to enter the race in 2016.  However, Mike Pence recently appointed him to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation which all but takes him out of the gubernatorial picture.  Keep your enemies close, or just bad politics?  Wouldn’t a crowded Democratic primary favor Pence?  Meanwhile, as soon as she | Read More »

    Negation with Hitler in 1938 was the same as negotiation with Putin.

    All suggestions with aggressor lead to much more cruel war as it could be if the suggestion wasn’t. This situation occurred in 1938 Munich Agreement, when United Kingdom and France had decided to pacify aggressor Nazi Germany. As a result of this suggestion France was occupied in 1940 and UK only by the God favor could win in this war. USA didn’t almost had any | Read More »

    O’Brother Where Art Thou

    Throughout the little time that we spend on this place called earth, we are for the most part, faced with tough decisions and we meet people that become surrogate family members even though there is no DNA genetic link. Such is true for those who have served in the military where life and death decisions are made regularly and there is an inexplicable bond established | Read More »

    Society’s Difficulties Cause By Sin

    Many people, including most politicians believe that the only way to prevent murder and other serious crimes is for the government to: Enact more laws that will restrict or ban the possession of firearms. Spending more money for programs that will change people’s behavior. Prohibiting known criminal and mentally disturbed individuals from possessing fire arms. Since humans have been on earth, they have been killing | Read More »

    Why Trump has done so well in the polls- My thoughts

    I think I figured out what the root driving force is behind Trump’s voters and his popularity. I think it’s a combination of the following 4 things: 1)He’s brought excitement back to politics and made it entertaining. Before now it was boring, and we’ve been getting the same results or no results for so long that people have tuned out. Some people have wanted to | Read More »

    The Battle for the 2016 House- August Edition

    Happenings, observations and musings from around the country in US House races for 2016: AZ-01: Democrat Tom O’Halleran has entered the race setting up a Democratic primary challenge against Barbara McGuire. AZ-02: Former state representative Matt Heinz will take on Victoria Steele in the Democratic Party’s primary to challenge Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) 58%. AZ-09: The House’s resident bisexual witch- Krysten Sinema- | Read More »