BEFORE we defeat McConnell: Resolved – That the National Republican Senatorial Committee should NOT make any financial contributions to Kirk’s campaign.

    From the NRSC homepage: (my emphasis in bold) “The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is the only national organization solely devoted to strengthening the Republican Senate Majority and electing Republicans to the United States Senate.” “We provide invaluable support and assistance to current and prospective Republican U.S. Senate candidates in the areas of budget planning, election law compliance, fundraising, communications tools and messaging, research and | Read More »

    The Private Sector Giveth – and Government Taketh Away

    It is – sadly, always – a clash of two titans. The private sector and government. There are claims made that it is – or can be – a symbiotic relationship. The free market and government – walking hand-in-hand into a brighter tomorrow. But it is never symmetrical – it is always adversarial. In large part because it isn’t a fair fight. The government gets | Read More »

    The 2016 Gubernatorial Races: Where We Stand in August 2015- The Democrats

    Four Democratic Governors are either term limited or announced their retirements in 2016: Jack Markell in Delaware, Jay “Let’s Mishandle Ferguson” Nixon in Missouri, Pete “Oops- Single Payer Health Care is Harder Than I Thought” Shumlin in Vermont, and Earl Ray Tomblin in West Virginia.  Incumbent and eligible Democratic Governors are: Kate Brown in Oregon, Steve Bullock in Montana, Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, and | Read More »

    A suggestion for congressional Republicans: If the IAEA won’t divulge the secret deals with Iran; well, let’s just cut our UN contribution by 50%.

    Obama’s still secret nuclear deal with the Iranians includes two secret agreements between the IAEA and the mullahs. Yet Kerry has supposedly never seen these, and according to no less an authority than the Iranian delegate to the IAEA, the US is actually  prohibited from knowing  the details in these agreements. So  it ‘s way past time to stop playing games, and end all the pseudo-diplomatic | Read More »

    Rand Paul and Libertarians for defunding Planned Parenthood

    Can a libertarian be pro life? For anyone that equates libertarian with anarchist, the answer is no. In an absence of all government of course people can do anything they like. But the false equivalence of libertarian and anarchist has always been a libel. Libertarians aren’t opposed to law and civil society. They are opposed to concentrations of power that allow one group of people, | Read More »

    New Hampshire Forum-Open Thread all know..I am not a diary writer.  However..I want to see this thread on front page.  We need to share our thoughts on who we thought won, who made excellent points and what effect will it have on the debate on Fox. I was impressed with Cruz, Rubio, Carson…AND FIORINA! She needs to be the VP choice…not doubt.  Some of these people, whoever wins | Read More »

    Layman’s Reaction to the “First” Debate on C-SPAN Tonight

    I am by no means a politician and so my opinion is purely based on hearing the candidates speak.  I just found out about the debate about ten minutes prior when I saw a blurb on about it.  I have read a lot about these candidates, but this is the first time I have been able to listen to them speak. Some of them | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Hillary’s energy plan is like Obama’s Clean Power Plan on steroids

    Clinton’s “ambitious” plans will take money from your pocket through increased taxes and higher energy bills, but it will help her ambitions by putting money in her campaign and help her expansive political network—a fact to which voters need to pay attention.

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    Obama to Hillary: You’re Fired! Turns out, he has more room Under His Bus.

    It seems like a year ago when WAPO and NYT published the first hit pieces on HRC’s use of a personal email account which got worse with the revelation that she had a home server. I had a feeling back then that something was afoot as these papers usually support and provide cover for those they favor, as in nearly everyone with a “-D”. Of course it was just a few months ago | Read More »

    One Step Closer To World War In The Middle East

    The U.S. announced today that it will be providing close air support to the rebels in northern Syria. This is coming on the heels of a recent NATO emergency meeting called by Turkey on the growing violence on its southern border. Could a deal have been struck in that meeting between the U.S. and Turkey, such that Turkey ‘promises’ not to advance on Damascus, and | Read More »

    Did You Ever Notice the Asterisk on Your Social Security Statement?

    Author Note:  This piece was originally posted July 30 on National Review. Drudge Report re-posted it and, as a result, it was shared over 29,000 times and received over 2,800 comments.  In case you missed it, here it is again. I look forward to seeing all my RedState friends this coming weekend at the Gathering where we can continue discussing this important issue.    While engaging | Read More »

    Let the Games Begin. Here’s What to Look For.

    After two-plus years (for the junkiest of the political junkies among us, at least) of “who’s-gonna-run” 2016 chatter and four-plus months of having officially declared candidates, it is finally time for the most crowded presidential primary in modern history to kick off in earnest.  I will be in Atlanta this Thursday-Sunday for the 2015 RedState Gathering, and could not be more excited to watch the debate | Read More »

    Government Slowly Kills the Private Sector – And Blames the Victim for Its Sputtering Demise

    One of the advantages Big Government advocates have in their efforts to end the private sector – is the size of the victim. A $17-trillion-a-year economy is so huge – it almost always takes a lot of time to dismantle. It’s like taking down those giant oliphants in the “Lord of the Rings.” Our economy can take a LOT of government arrows – and continue | Read More »

    No Click-Bait, Please!

    No Click-Bait, Please!

    According to website analytics tracker Alexa, is in the top 5,000 highly trafficked sites in America, albeit toward the bottom of that list.  The media kit shows 700,000 unique monthly visitors and 3.5 million views although that might be dated information.  By contrast, Salon is number 322, Slate is 178, and HuffPo is number 30. By those statistics, you’d think that liberals own the blogosphere–and | Read More »

    Of Cute Babies and Stuffed Lions… Why Cecil Gets All The Attention

    Last week it was almost impossible to escape pictures of Cecil the Lion King and the Minnesota dentist who killed him. The dentist received death threats and had to go into hiding. The story was indeed sad. The lion was lured out of the sanctuary and shot with a bow in the middle of the night… and then suffered for 40 hours before he was | Read More »

    How to Stop Planned Parenthood

    The U.S. Senate will vote today on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and to stop forcing taxpayers to fund abortions and the barbaric sale of baby organs. Unfortunately, this bill won’t be signed into law. Even if enough Democrats support it to overcome a filibuster, President Obama will veto it. That is why the new Republican Congress must refuse to fund Planned Parenthood this | Read More »

    2016 Gubernatorial Races: Where We Stand August 2015- The Republicans

    This is the first of a monthly series looking at the 2016 gubernatorial races.  The three 2015 races will be analyzed as Election day nears.  There are 12 races in 2016 where there are currently eight Democratic incumbents and four Republican incumbents.  Hence, there is a chance that the GOP can add to their already commanding advantage at this level of government.  First, let’s look | Read More »

    The Fallacy that is Donald Trump

    The Fallacy that is Donald Trump

    First I will acknowledge that this is my first RedState diary.  I’m from South Dakota, the great conservative state of the upper Midwest.  Thanks for taking the time to read my submission, and my appreciation to RedState. In a scene from the movie “The American President”, Lewis Rothschild (portrayed by Michael J. Fox) has a heated verbal exchange with President Andrew Shepherd (portrayed by Michael | Read More »

    Illinois University Diversity Officer To Make More Than Every Governor And Member Of Congress

    Vernese Edghill-Walden, NIU diversity officer Why are college students the nation over saddled with a combine student loan debt of around a trillion dollars? Why does the cost(tuition) at public colleges continue to soar costing students, their families, and taxpayers $40,000 a year or more with no end in sight? Well part of the problem lays with colleges and universities paying | Read More »

    Trump: voice of the silent majority?

    I don’t support Donald Trump for President and never will, primarily because I have no idea where his true political convictions lie and because he was a Democrat until the day before yesterday.  But the surging success of his campaign has delivered an important message that every conservative should take to heart.  Political correctness, the idea that certain people get to decide what the rest of us | Read More »

    If Dems think Biden’s the answer, they are truly delusional

    As Hillary’s poll numbers sink, and the headlines about her many scandals increase, Democrats are starting to publicly admit what many have known for a long time: their putative candidate is deeply flawed, not trusted by a majority of Americans, and may be facing serious legal issues in the coming months. Thus, we are now seeing a plethora of stories to the effect that Joe | Read More »

    Big Game Hunting, Lawfare Edition: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

    Big Game Hunting, Lawfare Edition: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

    On Monday, two felony charges will be unsealed against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and the liberal media will feast on his humiliation and booking in another episode of Big Game Hunting: Lawfare Edition. After the indictments are unsealed, Paxton can surrender to be photographed, fingerprinted and booked at any of the state’s 254 county jails. Kent Schaffer, one of the special prosecutors, has previously told News 8 | Read More »

    The Left’s Purge of History

    From 1479 to 1425 B.C., King Tuthmose III ruled Egypt and expanded its empire to the largest stretches in its history.  For twenty of those years, he was co-regent with his step-mother and aunt, Hatshepsut.  After assuming full control after her death and later in his rule, he ordered the destruction and defacement of monuments and tombs to his co-regent, aunt and step-mother in an | Read More »

    Sen. Rand Paul In Chicago(Full Speech)

    [mc_name name='Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)' chamber='senate' mcid='P000603' ] speaking in Niles, ILKentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul was in Niles in the north suburbs of Chicago Saturday afternoon to speak to nearly 300 supports about half of them millennials. The outspoken defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights repeatedly emphasized the need to defend all of our | Read More »

    ‘Delenda Est Carthago': Defund Planned Parenthood

    Crossposted on my blog, In the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC, there was a great struggle for Mediterranean dominance between the Roman Republic and Carthage, with three devastating wars fought between the two powers. Cato the Elder (234-149 BC) was a Roman statesman, orator and writer who, toward the end of his life, was obsessed with the fear that Carthage would once again grow | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- July 2015 edition

    Despite taking measures to secure her private server, this writer is in possession of Hillary Clinton’s personal diary.  Don’t ask me how I got it.  All I can say is that it involves someone from Great Britain (who likes Swedish girls) and an Ecuadorian embassy. July 4th:  Dear diary- Today I took part in a parade in NH.  Too bad those reporters had to stay | Read More »

    Avoiding Big Trouble at the Cleveland Convention

    Below is an email I have sent to all members of the Republican National Committee.  It contains my solution to an unnecessary problem that could become a thermonuclear stink bomb at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. During the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, our Virginia delegation and many others were outraged during the roll call of the states to name our presidential | Read More »

    Defund Planned Parenthood: These 7 Senators Need Pressure NOW

    This upcoming Monday evening, August 3rd, the U.S. Senate will vote on a bill (S. 1881) sponsored by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) 63% that would stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. In the latest reportable year, Planned Parenthood received $528 million – over half a billion dollars – in taxpayer funding. During that same period, they performed 327,653 abortions, and have performed | Read More »

    Mitt Romney defends Obama while attacking Ted Cruz

    Mitt Romney defends Obama while attacking Ted Cruz

    On Tuesday, Senator and presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% (R-TX) had this to say about Obama’s deal with Iran: “If this deal is consummated, it will make the Obama administration the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism. Billions of dollars under the control of this administration will flow into the hands of jihadists who will use that money to | Read More »

    Judge: ‘Efforts to extend legal rights to chimpanzees are thus understandable’

    Judge: 'Efforts to extend legal rights to chimpanzees are thus understandable'

    I am not making this up.  A New York judge dismissed a lawsuit by the Nonhuman Rights Project to grant personhood to two chimpanzees, named Hercules and Leo. This isn’t the first attempt to grant “human” status to chimps: last year a judge threw out a similar request for a chimp named Tommy.  But the worst part isn’t the fact that self-hating humans keep trying to | Read More »

    Americans Want the “Real Deal”

    The Republicans campaigning and running for President in 2016 better regroup and get real – their constituents deserve better than what they’re getting from these Republicans in 2015. americans want the real deal – a man or women who is a leader not a political robot dressed up in a fancy suit spieling fancy sophisticated hand-written idiotic speeches.  They’re tired of the lies and false | Read More »

    CJ Pearson’s strange rise and abrupt betrayal

    CJ Pearson's strange rise and abrupt betrayal

    CJ Pearson just turned 13, but he is already planning his run for President. And there are over 45,000 loyal Facebook followers ready to support him. How did he become such a celebrity? Pearson started making videos and became a YouTube sensation, with his largest video attracting nearly 2 million views. It isn’t everyday you see a 12-year old black kid articulately advocating for conservative principles on the | Read More »

    Will GOP establishment throw Renee Ellmers under the bus?

    In an unusual development, an establishment oriented candidate is testing the waters to run in NC’s second Congressional district represented by liberal Republican incumbent Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) 58%.  The race already features a substantial conservative challenger, former Chatham County GOP  chairman Jim Duncan, and perennial candidate Frank Roche.  Now, just resigned NC Secretary of Tranportation Tony Tata is also reported to | Read More »

    #PPSellsBabyParts to Hannibal Lecter?

    I think we have to prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts to cannibals.

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    Statistical proof (sort of) that GOP leadership is way out of touch with the base.

    The failure/ineptness/unwillingness (take your pick, or “all of the above”) of GOP leadership to move forward aggressively on key issues, such as shutting down Planned Parenthood, or halting the Iran nuclear deal, has brought conservative frustrations with Congress to a head. Eric has a diary today,  Shut Down The Government. Now.  and Steve Berman tells us that 140 House Members are Ready to #DefundPlannedParenthood So why | Read More »

    I Am a One Issue Voter

    I Am a One Issue Voter

    I have become a one issue voter.  It’s not because I don’t care about the federal deficit, or the crushing weight of student loan debt, or Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  Those things matter.  But they matter less than our government actively participating in the abhorrent and evil trade of dead baby flesh. Priorities are easy to set when one has a consistent world view, and | Read More »

    Pension Funds in NYC & California Plan to Divest From Gun Sellers Such as Walmart

    On Tuesday, New York City’s largest pension fund voted to move forward with potential divestment from gun sellers. The New York City Employee Retirement System (NYCERS) board passed a resolution to research the impact of abandoning stocks from weapon retailers such as Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s. The measure was sponsored by Public Advocate Letitia James. Next, a consultant will conduct an analysis of | Read More »

    BREAKING: PP video producers release new video, ‘it’s a boy!’

    BREAKING: PP video producers release new video, 'it's a boy!'

    Here’s video number four [Content warning: some of thijs is pretty gruesome]: This one hits Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains affiliates, with investigators posing as buyers looking for “intact specimens.”  They spoke with PPRM’s Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde. “We’d have to do a little bit of training with the providers or something to make sure that they don’t crush” fetal organs during 2nd | Read More »

    #PPSellsBabyParts: Why Is Selling Human Organs Illegal Anyway?

    #PPSellsBabyParts: Why Is Selling Human Organs Illegal Anyway?

    If I kill an endangered lion in Africa and bring its head and skin home to be stuffed, I will be fined anywhere between $500 and $10,500, depending on how many times I’m caught doing it—not to mention calls for my soul to be fed to Cthulhu after my body is slow roasted on a spit.  But if I sell my own plasma or sperm, | Read More »

    Cecil the Lion is Dead. So Are Millions of Unborn Babies

    Cecil the Lion is Dead. So Are Millions of Unborn Babies

    I’m amazed by how often society fixates on shiny objects and completely ignores things that matter. This week, the shiny object was Cecil the Lion. I’m sure Planned Parenthood is very happy about Cecil. Instead of talking about the little shop of horrors PP has been running for years, the media is talking about the evils of lion hunting. Instead of investigating what laws Planned | Read More »

    So Why Aren’t You Worried About Climate Change?

    If you read the scientific stuff, like the journals Nature and Science, etc., then you will be faced with all the scientific research that has been contributing to the consensus opinion that greenhouse warming has been triggered by human activity in the world, the so-called anthropogenic greenhouse effect. I’ve been reading this stuff for years and I don’t think there is some loony leftist conspiracy | Read More »

    Donald Trump: Wife Raper, From The 1980s

    Yeah if you didn’t want to or just unwittingly didn’t believe Donald Trump was officially the front runner for the Republican nomination for president, a Daily Beast assassination attempt disguised as a “news story” lets us know plain and clear that in fact Mr. Trump is the clear cut #1 in the field. Donald Trump won’t take this lying down I would imagine, but who | Read More »

    The Iran Nuke Deal is Damnable Mess, From Beginning to End

    The nuclear deal with Iran is a full-fledged disaster. The terms of the agreement are truly frightening, but they represent just the tip of the messy iceberg this process has become. To address just one heinous term of the deal that should independently disqualify it, Iran will have up to 24 days to respond to a concern, or to provide access to an inspector, should | Read More »

    Is Nobody Talking About Meadows?

    So just over eighteen hours ago, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) 83% put in a resolution to Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% to “vacate the chair.” He composed a list of grievances, a list that has been hashed and re-hashed ALL OVER these Redstate Diaries for over four years! Meadows lists the Speaker’s attempt to “consolidate power and centralize decision-making… punish | Read More »

    BSA president Robert Gates: mentally asleep and morally bankrupt

    BSA president Robert Gates: mentally asleep and morally bankrupt

    -   The objectives of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are referred to as the “Aims of Scouting” and they are: moral character development, citizenship training, and development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. The Boy Scout oath states, in part, that a scout will do his duty to God and his country, to keep himself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Yet | Read More »

    Harry Reid channels Strom Thurmond: Senate to Vote on #DefundPlannedParenthood

    Harry Reid channels Strom Thurmond: Senate to Vote on #DefundPlannedParenthood

    The Senate is going to vote on a “right wing crazy deal” (as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 14% calls it) before the August recess.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87% supplied the bluster, but Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) 63% along with a core group of senators pushed through a deal that will allow a floor vote on | Read More »

    The Constitution Has a Heartbeat

    All too often we find the Constitution kicked to the curb, stomped upon and left for dead but a new decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals shows it still might have a heartbeat. At issue is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the crown jewel of liberal governance. The agency, created by the Dodd Franks financial reform bill, is one like no other.  Shielded | Read More »

    Can Trump Trump [The Ruling Class]?

    Can Trump Trump [The Ruling Class]? “The 2016 election is simple; the person who runs on the platform ‘Who do they think they are?’ will win.” Angelo Codevilla In “his essay-turned-book The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It [Angelo Codevilla] caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh and many others. It argues that our fundamental political problem is | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Cheryl Mills

    Mention any Clinton scandal and inevitably the name of Cheryl Mills will appear.  She was Bill Clinton’s deputy counsel in his years in the White House and is best known for defending the President in his impeachment hearing before the Senate. But there is a more sinister side to her White House tenure.  She forged a relationship with Hillary during this period and appears as | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood Is Our Auschwitz

    Folks, I am delighted to give the top spot this morning to my friend, Owen Strachan. Owen also has a new book out today called The Colson Way. I hope you’ll join me in ordering it. It is a solid read on Chuck Colson and his ministry. Please order the book and thanks to Owen’s boldness in the post below. — Erick “As a society, | Read More »