With Friends Like These: Jake Sullivan

    This is the first of a series of weekly entries profiling key players in the Clinton campaign.  Today’s subject is Jake Sullivan.  Sullivan is something of a “wunderkid” once profiled in Time magazine as one of “40 under 40″ to watch.  His resume is impressive.  He is a Rhodes scholar and graduate of Yale Law School and visiting professor there.  He was a law clerk to an | Read More »

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger Attacks All Libertarians Because Rand Paul Stopped NSA Data Collection

    On Monday Illinois Republican congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50%, an Iraq war veteran and pilot in the Air National Guard, was on 1440 WROK’s morning show and attacked all libertarians and the libertarian philosophy as being ” at 100 percent odds with the idea of defending the country” following Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul’s successful efforts to get | Read More »

    Outrageous: Illegal Immigrant Sentenced To Two Years For Fatal Hit-n-Run

    Maria E. Romero One outrage after another is the best way to describe the case of Emilio Perez and the illegal immigrant woman who killed him on I-88 last year Maria Romero. Romero was driving her SUV one night near Joslin,IL when she struck and killed 17 year-old Emilio Perez of Villa Park after he had ran out of gas and | Read More »

    SCOTUS offers a tantalizing look at their cards. Maybe.

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck a blow for religious freedom. In EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc. the court ruled that Abercrombie had indeed used religion as a motivating factor when it denied Samantha Elauf a job because her headscarf would have violated their dress policy. Abercrombie tried to argue that it did not have “actual knowledge” her headscarf was worn for religious purposes | Read More »

    Freedom of Religion?

    Despite immense cultural pressure on Christians to keep their faith hidden from sight, many Christians continue to obey Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations,” and to “hold fast” to their testimony. Recently, a young marine was court-martialed, because she refused to remove from her work area a piece of paper on which was written a Bible verse. The court-martial apparently based its decision | Read More »

    Self-Identification and the Future of Identity Politics

    I promised myself I wouldn’t write anything about the whole Jenner sex change thing, so I’m going to step over that tripwire and address the larger cause behind this latest symptom: self-identification. A lot of the folks saying they are men in women’s bodies (or vice versa) say they “self-identify” as whatever they imagine they are today (when I was eleven years old, I “self-identified” | Read More »

    Adelson’s Money To Fuel Lindsey Graham’s Clown Car?

    When it comes to conservative principle, newly announced presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 55% (R-SC) really doesn’t have any.  Besides rattling the war sabers he is best known for his support of the TARP Bailout, Cap and Trade, a belief in government action to stem the faux threat of global warming, the surveillance state and Amnesty, and he was a key supporter of | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren continues her near-perfect campaign for the White House

    Much is being made in the MSM today that “Run Warren Run,” the group that garnered some 350,000 signatures in its online petition to convince Liz Warren to run for president, is shutting down. However, instead of viewing this  as the end of an ill-fated-from-the-beginning action; instead Warren supporters should secretly be rejoicing, and polishing their granny glasses and birkenstocks for the upcoming massive GOTV | Read More »

    Free Trade: Less Government Everywhere Means Cheaper Stuff Here (and Everywhere)

    More government means more expensive everything. Every second and penny spent paying government taxes and complying with government regulations – raises the prices of the goods and services people proffer. And more government makes it more difficult to innovate – to create and improve goods and services. Innovation is delayed or outright prevented – because the time and money wasted on government could be much | Read More »

    Caitlyn Jenner is a Humungous Transsexual Misogynist Jerk

    Caitlyn Jenner is a Humungous Transsexual Misogynist Jerk

    Now that Bruce Jenner has become Caitlyn Jenner, the transformation is complete in the media’s eyes. Over a month ago, when s/he was still Bruce, I wrote this on my personal blog, which got me banned from Reddit’s LGBT subreddit. Given that Caitlyn is now on the cover of Vanity Fair (an appropriate moniker for what the magazine has become), I am reposting this piece | Read More »

    Boehner opponent in NC may get primary

    It looks like one of the North Carolina GOP Congressmen who voted against reelecting Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% as Speaker this year may get a primary challenge from the GOP establishment.  The Raleigh News and Observer reports that state Secretary of Transportation Tony Tata is mulling moving across the state into the 3rd Congressional District to challenge conservative incumbent [mc_name name=’Rep. | Read More »

    And Graham Makes Nine- Good Grief!!

    With Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 55%‘s entry into the GOP sweepstakes to be the  next President, things are getting a little strange… and crowded.  I’m talking about official candidates as in “declared.”  We still have Walker, Bush, Jindal, Christie and Kasich to hear from which could increase the field to 14.  For political pundits, that may be a little too much- too | Read More »

    Marita Noon: A taste of things to come for electricity consumers and generators

    In New Mexico’s Four Corners region, negotiations regarding bringing the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) into compliance with Regional Visibility Rules under the Clean Air Act have been underway for more than a decade—with the bulk of the shenanigans taking place during the past five years. Note: SJGS’s back and forth with the EPA, the New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED), and anti-fossil groups have been over just one small rule that would improve visibility in wilderness areas and national parks to such a small degree that it would not be detected by the human eye. One can easily imagine how this process would be exacerbated by policy so extensive that it strives to transform the entire energy sector.

    Read More »

    The Unbelievable Lengths Hospitals Will Go To Keep Their Fraudulent Medicare Payments

    This is a story about how big hospitals, on the receiving end of an estimated $60 billion in fraudulent Medicare payments – annually – created their own problem to cry about so they could stop one of the government’s only effective programs for stopping waste and abuse.

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    DISCLAIMER: I never have met Ted Cruz or been in contact with anyone connected with his campaign. I would be amazed if he knows I exist. I write this as a citizen appalled at what has been and is being done to his country—due in no small measure to the lack of an opposition party worthy of the name. ****************************************************************************************** An old question presented to | Read More »

    Obama White House staffers ask: “Do you know who I am?”

    The email sent to Rehoboth officials and the media was unsigned. Lee Whitman, a D.C. resident and Rehoboth summer vacationer, told the Blade he knows those who wrote the email. “Among them are doctors, lawyers, a CNN producer, staff members of the Washington Post, members of the current presidential administration, and a three-time Emmy Award winner,” he said in his own email accompanying the one sent to Rehoboth officials. He did not identify them by name. “We are skilled. We are talented,” he wrote. “And if we continue to feel persecuted we could easily pull every gay dollar from your city. Not just the money from those that were there this weekend, but all gay dollars.”

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    Free Trade is a Core Conservative Principle

    The Senate’s passage of legislation to “Fast Track” of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement should be hailed as a victory for conservatives.  A liberal president, elected with the money and muscle of big labor, has stood up to his base to push an agreement that will bring jobs and prosperity to the United States. Big Labor bosses and liberals like [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth | Read More »

    Union rent-a-mobs not convincing

    I was watching Neil Cavuto the other day on Fox News when my head exploded. It exploded because Cavuto had one of his regular union hacks on. This guy was spewing so much bologna that Oscar Meyer should have been there to collect and package it. The topic was the “workers” strike at McDonalds that day. There was no mention of how many of the | Read More »

    Despicable Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fee Would Build 10 Preschools

    Despicable Bill Clinton's Speaking Fee Would Build 10 Preschools

    Image credit: New York Post Bill and Hillary Clinton would be the perfect casting pair to lead a live reboot of “Despicable Me,” but without the cute minions. The New York Times reported former President Clinton accepted a lifetime achievement award in 2014 from Petra Nemcova, a Czech model who survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.  The award was given by Nemcova’s charity, the Happy | Read More »

    California Assembly wants to kill more unborn babies

    California Assembly wants to kill more unborn babies

    Pro-abortion liberals like to use the word “choice” when defending their support for murdering the unborn, but in reality their position has nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose. Instead, it has everything to do with the “death culture” so common with the liberal left. And if you’re a part of the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood, you also favor the millions | Read More »

    The Feds Want to ‘Reform’ Fraud-Riddled ObamaPhone – By Expanding It to the Internet

    Remember this woman? “Everybody in Cleveland low minority got ObamaPhone. Keep (Barack) Obama in President, you know? He gave us a phone, he’s going to do more.” (Sic) “You sign up if you on food stamps, you on Social Security, you got no income, disability….” (Sic) Thus was the Lifeline redistribution-of-wealth government phone program rechristened “ObamaPhone.” Which drove nuts the Left and the Media (please | Read More »

    Do Black Lives Matter? No, Apparently, Not Unless They’re Good For The Race Pimp Business.

    For the last two years the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has been a rallying cry for those who suggest black lives don’t in fact matter to whites or to the police. In seeking to make sure that no one misses the point, across the nation citizens just trying to go through their everyday lives have been subjected to restaurant sit ins, manufactured traffic jams and | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- May, 2015

    By methods which shall remain secret (but involve a private server and some spyware), this writer has gained exclusive access to Hillary Clinton’s personal diary.  I thank “the cloud.” May 1st- Dear Diary: Bernie Sanders is in for a run against me.  Me!  Of all people, Bernie Sanders is running against me.  Well, it does have two advantages.  It certainly makes me look younger and | Read More »

    Overwhelmed Feds: Sharp Increase In Terror Arrests & Investigations – Across The Country and Online

    According to a recently released report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 40 people residing in the U.S. have been arrested on terrorism charges, so far in 2015. This represents a sharp increase as compared to the two years prior. In 2014 26 were arrested and in 2013 the number arrested was 22. These figures, however, don’t include the estimated number of those who have traveled | Read More »

    Child Abuse, the Church, and Matthew 18

    As I have watched the media coverage of the Josh Duggar scandal, I have wondered what purpose God could have for allowing these events to be brought into the public eye at this late date, some 12 years later. God must have had some greater goal in mind, something to outweigh the damage done to the victims by the media circus that has ensued.

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    Conservatives’ Impossible Mission: Win in 2016

    At the outset, I declare it can be done. But, if all goes according to the RINOs’ plan, 2016 will be a banner year for the Democrats, though they think they are working for victory. Next year, Republicans will have to defend 24 seats in the Senate vs. only 10 for the Dems. Right now, the GOP has a plurality of only 8 votes over | Read More »

    Constitutional Avoidance and King v. Burwell

    The Supreme Court will be handing down its decision in King v. Burwell in about a month’s time, and the availability of tax subsidies to help fund the purchase of health insurance will be decided. A good bit of the news coverage over the last month or so has been about the disaster that will befall the health insurance marketplaces in states that may lose | Read More »

    The Battle for House 2016: Recent News

    This is the first in a monthly series of reports on news involving the battle for the US House in 2016. CA-25:  The Democrats believe they have a decent candidate in Santa Clarita Water Board member Maria Gutzeit.  Why?  Because the Water Board is elected so she therefore has won an election before.  They believe that Republican incumbent [mc_name name=’Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’K000387′ | Read More »

    Muslim Woman Felt Hatred on United Flight. So What?

    Muslim Woman Felt Hatred on United Flight.  So What?

    A Muslim chaplain says she was mistreated on a United flight, and now she wants everyone to boycott United because of it. Let’s grant that Tahera Ahmad was abused by a flight attendant and another passenger.  It’s inexcusable behavior by any airline employee.  It’s beneath civility for another passenger to treat anyone in the profane and uncouth way Ahmad claims she experienced. It is not enough | Read More »


    Remember the old phrase: a whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Well, it is a mistranslation. That is not at all what Kurt Koffka uttered. Koffka was from a long list of Gestalt psychology sheep. Rather than bore the reader with attacking Gestalt in great detail (which it cannot survive), I’ll suffice with this simple definition: Gestalt theory depends on cutting a | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger(RINO-IL) Teams With Dana Milbank To Attack Ted Cruz

    This week the leading Republican warhawk in the House of Representatives, congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50%, joined forces with the Washington Post’s detestable Dana Milbank to attack Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% on foreign policy. Kinzinger, who openly endorsed Jeb Bush for President months ago, has been a leading advocate along side | Read More »

    Dunham, Duggar, Hastert: A Tale of the Left’s Twisted Morality

    Dunham, Duggar, Hastert: A Tale of the Left's Twisted Morality

    Aesop couldn’t have told this fable better.  Three sex scandals, and three different responses.  The Left celebrates admitted sexual abuse for their own, ravages those who honestly approach the subject, and withholds judgment for those who cover it up. The profane, progressive and feminist actress Lena Dunham molested her one-year-old sister when she was seven.  Dunham admitted, even praised this act, calling it “sexual exploration.”  When | Read More »

    Some Interesting Senate 2016 News

    Some interesting tidbits in the bid for control of the Senate in the 2016 election cycle: Alaska:  Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) 45%, the technically independent, nominally Republican Senator from Alaska will likely face a primary opponent in 2016.  State senator Mike Dunleavy, who is considerably more conservative than Murkowski, is said to be mulling a primary bid.  If one remembers, Murkowski lost | Read More »

    Democrat Insider: Expect a ‘Clinton Co-presidency’

      Re-posted from WND.com My ongoing effort to understand why the Clintons are able to stomp-on, skirt or just plain ignore unwritten rules (or even laws) governing political behavior led me to ask some questions (via email) of a longtime Washington, D.C., power-broker/lobbyist/Democratic Party fundraiser I had recently met at a social gathering. Given that he knows the Clintons and is well-versed in the ways | Read More »

    Treasonous “Viewpoint” on Memorial Day

    RE; Too smart on Memorial Day by Ron Chimelis rchimelis@repub.com Memorial Day carries on an ancient custom of respect and commemoration of soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation. This had started in earnest ever since the American Civil War that ended slavery that we had inherited from the English Crown Government. This also included those who have made the ultimate sacrifice | Read More »

    The Kasich conundrum

    Several years ago when John Kasich made his first venture into presidential politics, he possessed several attributes that made him a promising candidate. He was authentic and relatable; and equally important, good on television. He was accomplished, having been a key player in creating the budget surpluses of 1998-2001 and he was articulate. He was the the antithesis of typical Republican candidates with the notable | Read More »

    Untangled Web: Krugman on Poverty

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! – Marmion, Walter Scott A regular (meaning semi-weekly) piece to address some of what passes for intelligence in the media. This critique will break down an article or portion of an article to reduce the spin and bring to light the shadow in falsehood propagated by the left. While there may be factual | Read More »

    Aluminum Foil Hat Time: Is it just me, or is the internet getting dramatically slower?

    Yes, I know, JimmyGee take off that damn foil hat! Please hear me out. Recently, the government reclassified the internet as a “utility.” Now they can add all sorts of user taxes, and regulate the living crap out of it. After all, regulation (and taxes) are the ONLY things the government excels at! Since this reclassification, I have noticed dramatically slower internet speeds. Search times are taking much longer, as | Read More »

    King Obama – Lord of the waters

    King Obama - Lord of the waters

      Apparently, Obama really does consider himself the king of America. On Wednesday, his highness decreed himself lord of the waters as he claimed dominion over all of the nation’s streams, creeks, rills, ditches, books, rivulets, burns, tributaries, cricks, wetlands–probably the puddle in your driveway–in a sweeping move meant to assert his unilateral federal authority. Using the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of | Read More »

    Shame on You, Mr. President

    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com Bret Stephens devoted his Wall Street Journal column this week to Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent interview with Barack Obama. He discussed Obama’s “Rational Ayatollah Hypothesis,” in which the president believes that Ayatollah Khamanei, (whom Obama insists on calling the supreme leader), is like the little match girl, shivering outside the window, wanting only to bask in the glow that comes from the fond embrace of | Read More »

    A Small Victory for Taxpayers

    Last week, the United States Supreme Court released a 5-4 decision in the case of Comptroller of the State of Maryland vs. Wynne.  Most commentary on the decision has focused on the odd voting alignment in that case which had Scalia and Thomas dissenting along with Kagan and Ginsburg with a majority of Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Breyer and Sotomayor.  As most commentary has noted, this is | Read More »

    Conservatives (And the GOP) Must Beware Crazy Uncle Bernie

    Conservatives (And the GOP) Must Beware Crazy Uncle Bernie

    First, let me say that I in no way expect comrade Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) 0% to make it anywhere close to the presidency. This statement is a surprise to absolutely zero people I am sure. But even so, I think that a lot of people, especially on the right, are not taking this guy seriously enough. Are his ideas ludicrous (you don’t | Read More »

    Culling the Republican Presidential Herd

    With the first Republican presidential debate scheduled for August 6, the great sorting is about to begin. The Republican National Committee set the schedule at 12 sanctioned debates (as opposed to 27 various forums for 2012), leaving it to the media sponsors to determine how many candidates to invite. The first sponsor, Fox News, will thankfully take a step toward cutting the mushrooming field in | Read More »

    City Hall Attacking Freedom Of Press In Bloomington, IL(Update)

    An extremely troubling assault on the Freedom of the Press is taking place in Bloomington, IL with Mayor Tari Renner at the center of an attempt to silence a local talk radio station and its morning show for having the tenacity to question a plan to have the city of Bloomington use some $8 million in taxpayer money to help finance the purchase of a | Read More »

    Stephanopoulos is a Stain on Journalism

    Stephanopoulos is a Stain on Journalism

    Be kind to your local newspaper, because it’s not easy turning blank newsprint into journalism.  These days, ink-stained fingers and paperboys are mostly artifacts of a past time, although some idioms remain in use. “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel,” was one of Mark Twain’s favorite warnings, admonishing people to steer clear of verbal assaults on newspaper publishers and | Read More »

    Dumb. DUMB!! If Republicans think that Hillary’s finances are a scandal, just wait until we get a look at Trump’s.

    Follow the money. Always. Follow the money. It holds true for the Clintons, Boeing, FIFA, and also, especially so, for Donald Trump. The GOP is about to shoot itself in the foot yet again by confusing name recognition with popularity, and give Donald Trump a slot on stage for the first debate, on FOX, while likely excluding a Carly Fiorina, a Bobby Jindal, and a | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Boeing

    Follow the Money: Boeing

    Some companies create such a successful business model that they are able to develop financing arms dedicated to creating more opportunities to bring their product to market.  However, some companies have the good fortune of having a dedicated bank backed by the full faith and credit of the American taxpayer. There has been much in the news about the Export-Import bank in recent months, and | Read More »

    Jesus: Political Prisoner?

    Sean Illing, according to Salon, teaches political theory at Louisiana State University, but a quick look at the LSU website fails to turn up his name.  Maybe he is just a student there which, whether a student or teacher at LSU, a recent article titled “Jesus is a Political Prisoner” leaves much to be desired.  If this is the work of a “scholar” then higher education | Read More »

    Carly Fiorina

    The Presidential elections that have just barely begun, according to the left leaning media has already claimed its first victims.  Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson need not apply for the position.  The reason according to the NewYorker magazine is that they are not old white men. The real question is whether the conservatives from Red State will exclude them?  It seems to be a habit | Read More »

    That’s a sneaky one, Unions. Using the Minimum Wage hike that way.

    Premise 1: Unions are all about helping workers. Premise 2: The minimum wage should be raised a whole lot to help workers. Recent headline: Unions want companies who employ union workers to be exempted from minimum wage hike laws. Given these three items, one of these conclusions is true: A) unions are not interested in helping workers; or B) the minimum wage hike will not actually | Read More »