Consumers Benefit from Open Skies

    Crony capitalism comes in many forms but one of the most pernicious is protectionism.  Corporations and their political allies in the government will stack the deck making it difficult, if not impossible, for competition to take place.  In the short-run, companies that push protectionist policies benefit while consumers are harmed by a lack of choices and often-higher prices than those produced by a free market. Politicians | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ He Is Able

    I was able recently to join a bunch of like-minded Christians to seriously pray for America. For an extended length of time. It was so refreshing and encouraging to be with others who see all the same discouraging and destructive forces that we all see and battle every day. Forces that seem to be overwhelming and suffocating our nation. Don’t forget the power that is | Read More »

    Another Dubious Obama Legacy: No experience needed to be president

    Re-posted from National Review Online Both parties are succumbing to the new normal in the age of Obama. Recently a spate of articles have unleashed the rumor that if crowned the Democratic party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is likely to select Julian Castro, the secretary of housing and urban development (HUD), as her running mate. Keep in mind, Castro has been HUD secretary only | Read More »

    I’m Standing With Pat

    I am proud to say I have been a viewer, reader, and supporter of Pat Buchanan for decades.  I have watched all the different shows that he has either participated in or founded.  His career as a commentator has stretched from the 1970’s with his radio program the Buchanan – Barden Program and his commentaries for NBC.  His work in television has helped shape a | Read More »

    Canadian Jeweler Imbues Wedding Ring with Gay Hate Cooties

    Canadian Jeweler Imbues Wedding Ring with Gay Hate Cooties

    It appears that Sauron is living in Toronto, where he eeks out a meager living as a jeweler.  Making rings of power has always been his speciality, and imbuing them with subtle yet powerful evil is his passion. So when a lesbian couple entered his store and ordered custom wedding rings, they had no idea they were dealing with the Lord of Darkness. Nicole White | Read More »

    Higher Electricity/Heating Bills Coming Soon

    On June 1st, the EPA is expected to publish their final rule implementing Obama’s executive order to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% of 2005 levels by 2030.  This executive order was issued last June.  It was a behemoth of an executive order coming in at 645 pages (which may be a record).  The President has the authority under the Clean Air Act of 1970. | Read More »

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL) Wants US To Go To War With Syria’s Assad

    One of the two leading warhawks in the House of Representatives, Illinois congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50%(with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) 50% of New York the other) took to the House floor on Wednesday to give a short speech on the problem of ISIS, who captured Ramadi, Iraq over the weekend and the Syrian civil war that partially | Read More »

    The USPS is in desperate need of reform

    The United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) is in desperate need of reform. Once a revered pillar of our country, they have lost sight of their core mission and it is costing taxpayers greatly. Instead of focusing on mail delivery, the U.S.P.S. has shifted towards services like the delivery of flowers and groceries, which are losing money. It is not surprising that they announced they suffered | Read More »

    Vanita Gupta loves her some black people

    But perhaps the most interesting thing about Gupta, is that like almost every single “progressive” in the news (including those who work in the media), who almost all live in Chevy Chase (Chris Matthews) or Bethesda (Cokie Roberts) in suburban Maryland, or in DC neighborhoods like Kent or Berkeley (Andrea Mitchell, Jay Carney) that are so wealthy most long term DC residents have never heard of them, Gupta has demonstrated preferences in her residential real estate choices. She didn’t buy a house in up-and-coming LeDroit Park, Bloomingdale, Trinidad, or Anacostia, and send her child to a charter school with an African American majority or large minority. She bought a $1.4 million home on Clarendon’s Highland Street in zip code 20001, where her neighbors include Chuck Todd (in the minimally more diverse zipcode adjacent, 22203), and, as virtually her only black neighbors, MSNBC regular/Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson’s family.

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    Follow the Money: Export-Import Bank

    Follow the Money: Export-Import Bank

    “There are two types of businesses: successful ones that don’t need financial assistance from the government, and unsuccessful ones that don’t deserve it.” This line from Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint in a recent column perfectly underscores the reason for principled opposition to the Export-Import Bank by conservatives. Unfortunately, a major entity in the business world with whom conservatives often find common political ground is | Read More »

    A suggestion for the 6-10 Republicans who are about to be excluded from the FOX debate: hold you own debate the next day

    We’re just getting reports about how FOX, which is hosting the first GOP presidential debate, is going to handle the “problem” of having too many candidates. FOX wants to limit it to no more than 10 candidates on stage, and is proposing to use a Real Clear Politics poll average to come up with their top ten. As usual, the RNC,  by agreeing with this, | Read More »

    U.S. Marine Corps Begins F-35B Operational Trials

    Six U.S. Marine Corps F-35Bs arrived aboard the USS WASP this week to mark the beginning of the first shipboard phase of the F-35B Operational Test (OT-1). According to the report: The at-sea period will continue aboard USS WASP for the next two weeks, with fleet representative aircraft and maintenance personnel from Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 22, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, Marine | Read More »

    The Left’s Nightmarish View of America

    You can always count on the fine folks at Alternet to be at the forefront of creating mass hysteria in the public should we elect a Republican President in 2016.  They start with the supposition that the House will remain in control of the GOP (highly likely) and also the Senate (also likely, but less so than the House).  A recent article by Steve Rosenfeld outlines | Read More »

    Why Boston Must Be Evangelized

    Why Boston Must Be Evangelized

      If Samuel Adams were to time-travel and suddenly appear on Purchase Street in Boston, a block or two from South Station, he wouldn’t recognize much of his old city.  His church however, is still there (the Old South Congregational Church, now known as the Old South Meeting House, one of the birthplaces of the American Revolution). When Adams was in Boston, it was a | Read More »

    Why several House Democrats are entering kamikaze Senate primaries

    Seane Trende, the superb election analyst at Real Clear Politics, yesterday released a new column, The GOP Is the Strongest It’s Been in Decades. Though parts are highly technical, it’s well worth reading, and should encourage conservatives. But if you don’t want to risk an attack of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) it’s easy to see positive proof of Trende’s, well, the actions of three | Read More »

    ‘Hard Truths’ From The Left About Texas Bikers and Black Thugs

    'Hard Truths' From The Left About Texas Bikers and Black Thugs

    Washington Post writer Jannell Ross tried to hang racism, white supremacy, biker culture, and gun rights around Texas Republican necks in a literary lynching so stuffed full of wrong presumptions that if words were mathematical, Ross’ article would prove that gravity makes things fall up. Here’s the key takeaway from the article.  Whites are free to be either law-abiding citizens or dangerous Harley-riding savages, while blacks | Read More »

    Watch Live: Rand Paul Launches Filibuster Of Patriot Act Renewal

    Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to like this quote and what he’s doing today – “There comes to a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer.  That time is now. And I will not let the Patriot Act, the most un-patriotic of acts, go unchallenged.”    [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul | Read More »

    Sex Ed: Incomplete Without Abstinence

    Sex Ed: Incomplete Without Abstinence

    A hallmark of the Left is their inability to comprehend that opposing opinions can and do exist at the same time. They’re the Thought Police, and are routinely convinced that another’s viewpoint must boil down to obsession over said subject matter. This is frequently seen in discussions regarding sex education. Conservatives hold “radical” views about sexual choices (meaning: you’re responsible for your own, regret & | Read More »

    Criminal Cronyism in Oregon

    Oregon’s former Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) and his lover Cylvia Hayes became targets of a state and federal criminal investigation after engaging in what appears to be a clear pattern of corruption when environmental groups, including ones associated with billionaire Tom Steyer, used Hayes to direct state funds and policy for their benefit. Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman Jim Inhofe described the situation as | Read More »

    Anniversary of Georgia Residency

    When consulting the calendar yesterday, I realized that on August 11, I will have been a resident of the state of Georgia for ten years.  While for the first year or two, I thought of myself as a refugee from my home state (Florida), I now realize that on balance, it was a very good move. There is one thing I have observed as a | Read More »

    Professor Grundy, Certified Racist

    No race outside of the europeans had a system that made slavery “personhood” instead of a temporary condition…there is also no race except europeans who kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life… in other words, deal with your sh*t, white people.  slavery is YALL thing. These are snippets of tweets from Dr. Saida Grundy, a newly hired | Read More »

    The Road to Hell is Paved with Progressive Policies

    We are all familiar with the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  We’ve been laying our magnificent well-intentioned road mile by mile for the past 100 years and we are nearing our destination.  Take a look around you and ask yourself if we are closer to the Utopia promised by the visionary Progressive social engineers or closer to the infamous | Read More »

    Will Congress Finally Defend Its Constitutional Turf – to Stop the EPA’s Assault on Water?

    It is an empirical fact – a metaphysical certitude. Government overreaches. And the Barack Obama Administration has the longest, most overactive arms ever. With many, many, MANY power-grabbing hands. Obama’s Legacy of Overreach Obama Amnesty ‘Unprecedented’ Threat to Constitution Obama Is Breaking The Law By Repeatedly Making Changes To ObamaCare Without Going Through Congress Net Neutrality Power Grab Is Worse than ObamaCare The Coming Climate | Read More »

    Georgia Right to Life Bullies Congress Against Pro-Life Bill

    Georgia Right to Life Bullies Congress Against Pro-Life Bill

    In Bible-belt Georgia, one would think that pro-life organizations would support the federal “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” which imposes a 20 week abortion ban (with exceptions for rape and incest).  The bill passed the House last week generally along party lines, 242-184.  But one pro-life organization vigorously opposed this bill. Georgia Right to Life wrote that the bill, H.R. 36, “contains dangerous exceptions | Read More »

    Why does it take 12 State Dep’t staffers working full time 13 months to review 55,000 emails, when Hillary had a few aides review 125,000 emails in a few weeks?

    Someone really needs to remind Hillary: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Except she can’t. The hits just keep on coming. Yesterday, the NY Times revealed  emails from  a second, secret email account, except that her lawyer said it wasn’t used while she was SecState. Except it was. Now, the State Dept has asked a federal judge, who is handling several lawsuits | Read More »

    Obama admin knew about Benghazi and gun running

    Everything we’ve been saying since the events of Benghazi happened were finally confirmed thanks to the all the hard work by the team at Judicial Watch. In documents and reports that they were able to obtain, it proves that the Obama administration knew of the pending attack on the Benghazi consulate 10 days in advance. They also confirm the gun running from Benghazi to Syria. One | Read More »

    Obama, Mohammed & ICANN – The Biggest Bad Deal No One’s Talking About

    Thankfully humans are no longer slaves to their environment. We have been able to use our creativity and ingenuity to adapt (some of) the world around us to make our lives longer, less dangerous and in many cases, more enjoyable. Throughout history there have been many inventions or innovations that have changed the world: The printing press. The internal combustion engine. Flight. The wheel. Plastic. | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger: Not Letting Illegals Serve In Military Comes From “Very Ugly Place” In GOP

    Speaking with the morning crew on AM 1440 WROK(Rockford) Monday congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50% talked about last weeks vote in the House to remove a provision in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act pertaining to illegal immigrants given amnesty under President Obama’s unconstitutional deferred deportation(DACA) and said that the sentiments against allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the military comes | Read More »

    Clown Cars, Edsels and the Model-T

    The cute folks on Leftist websites have taken to dubbing the growing Republican Presidential hopeful field as a “clown car.”  Of course they are referring to that well-worn circus tradition of a small car driven into the center ring out of which emerge a large number of clowns.  To wit, this is a partial list of some headline articles from the children at DailyKos, Alternet, | Read More »

    Help threatened allies with surplus military equipment

    The President is ending transfers of some military equipment and weapons to domestic law enforcement agencies. Rather than destroy or warehouse such equipment, the United States should offer it to those allies and friendly nations which are under attack or threatened with possible attack. By transferring useful hardware to Ukraine; the Kurdistan Regional Government; Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; Israel; Taiwan; Egypt; Saudi Arabia, and other threatened friendly nations and | Read More »

    What will America look like if the environmentalists win?

    The idea of citizens willingly being chipped (like a dog) and tracked may seem extreme to some, but as I returned to the U.S. and scanned my passport while the kiosk took my picture and printed out a report that allowed me back into the country, I realized it is a closer reality than we think. If you’ve seen advertising pop up on your computer based on websites you’ve visited, or if as you pull out of your driveway on Monday morning, your phone, without your asking it to, tells you how long it will take you to get to work, you know the scenario presented in Mountain Whispers, Days without Sun, while fiction, is totally possible. Unless, like the Appalachian Mountain folks, we get what is going on and fight it while it is still an ideological war that can be won without bloodshed.

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    DHS Internet Kill Switch: No Checks & Balances or Court Oversight and FOIA Requests Denied

    A kill switch refers to the government’s authority to disconnect wireless networks — both private and commercial. It involves both cell phones and the Internet and takes place in the event of an emergency. Many questions surround the government’s use of the kill switch, but last week a federal appeals court ruled the US does not have to disclose its secret strategy, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 303, | Read More »

    President Obama’s Permanent Presidency?

    Imagine if President Obama and his policies never left office.

    Imagine if the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the IRS, DOJ, HHS, DHS, and other federal agency could target conservatives, “piece together” charges against patriots, and force a permanent partisan progressive agenda on the American people.

    That’s the reality we face in America today. But there is something we can do.

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    Gay Rights: We will be made to not only care, but to watch

    Eric has coined the phrase regarding gay rights as, “being made to care.” That has proven to be very true. But that is not enough. In the media, all sorts of programming has homosexual relationships being acted out on our television screens. In the show “How to get away with Murder,” there is a male central character that seems to always have a scene where he | Read More »

    The Wrong Use of Georgia Capitol

    The Savannah Morning News and Augusta Chronicle ran stories today about the Georgia Chamber of Commerce gala 100 year birthday held at the State Capitol. The Savannah Morning News headline glared, “Deal bends rules for Ga. Chamber’s gala at the Capitol.” The Georgia Building Authority rents facilities in the Capitol area for various groups through the year; however, the rules for the Capitol building itself | Read More »

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Maryland Income Tax Scheme

    This morning at 10:00, the Supreme Court issued opinions in six cases.  First, in a 9-0 decision authored by Justice Kagan, the Court ruled that a convicted felon can turn over their lawfully owned firearms to any third party provided the court is satisfied that the third party will not give the convicted felon control over those firearms. There were three other unanimous decisions that | Read More »

    Save Streaming Music From Government Imposed Extinction

    Decisions are being made right now that will impact your music streaming service. There is a good chance, if the government screws up, that your Pandora or iHeartRadio or other music streaming service will be turned off and your music app will be useless. The best thing government could do is to take actions that will expand music streaming services, not destroy them. The great | Read More »

    The Amtrak Crash: When Government is Ideological Instead of Lawful and Logical

    Last week’s deadly Amtrak crash was absolutely horrendous. For Democrats and their fellow Big Government advocates – it was a serious crisis they are trying desperately to not let go to waste. They first tried to say the cause of the crash was a lack of government money. Except Amtrak has received over $30 billion since its 1970 inception. The last spending bill signed by | Read More »

    Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Problem

    The Leftist blogosphere is all excited about the entry of Bernie Sanders into the presidential race for the Democratic Party.  There are many questions regarding his motivation for declaring his candidacy.  Personally, I think he entered the race to make Hillary Clinton look younger and fresher.  Many actually believe he has a legitimate chance against the Clinton machine and Clinton, for her part, has welcomed | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger: I’d Vote To Continue NSA Data Collection Struck Down By Courts

    Speaking with AM 1230 WJBC following this weeks federal court ruling that struck down the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of American citizens phone metadata(call length, numbers involved, etc) Illinois congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50% said that he would vote to continue that data collection albeit with some additional transparency to make Americans “feel comfortable” with the NSA spying program. Others | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger: Going To Take Some US Ground Troops To Fight ISIS In Iraq

    Speaking with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Friday about the offensive by ISIS that has nearly taken all of Ramadi Illinois congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50%, an Iraq war veteran and Air Guard pilot, said that is was going to take some American ground troops fighting along side Iraqi forces to drive ISIS out of Ramadi, Mosul and other Iraqi cities | Read More »

    The Academics Awards

    Now that the class of 2015 has largely graduated to enter the working world from the comfort of their parent’s basement, its time to review the best and worst of the past academic year.  Without further ado, its time for the First Annual Academics Awards (to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion): The Award for Stupid Government Actions:  The winner is: The California state | Read More »


    A simple apology is insufficient to atone for deliberate deception of the American people. The only fair and reasonable punishment for George Stephanopoulos should be permanent removal from broadcasting to prevent this from reoccurring. Neither, should we completely absolve Disney-controlled ABC. They knew when hiring Stephanopoulos he was a long standing supporter and political operative for the Clintons. Yet, they have knowingly permitted continuation of | Read More »

    Fist-sized Impact Found on Train: Was Amtrak a Terror Attack?

    Fist-sized Impact Found on Train: Was Amtrak a Terror Attack?

      Investigators found a “fist-sized circular area of impact” in the windshield of the derailed Amtrak train in Philadelphia.  This new twist has us all thinking the same thing:  terrorists may have again struck America’s soft underbelly. Robert L. Sumwalt, the lead investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said at a news conference Friday an assistant conductor reported that she heard a radio transmission | Read More »

    Good Bye America It Was Good to Know You

    It used to be that as one grew older their experience developed wisdom that could help guide succeeding generations.  Today the world moves too fast.  In some ways my 10 year old granddaughter knows more intuitively about computers than I do after working online since there was an online. My father grew up plowing with mules as had his father and his grandfather and so | Read More »

    How to Answer the Iraq Question

    The real mistake with going into Iraq was the plan to transition to a new government. Islamic countries are not suited to be free republics or democracies (fleeting transitions to oligarchy). Especial Islamic countries as subdivided as Iraq is. The societal elements necessary to sustain free republics are not found in Islamic countries. Read the founders! Study history. Its NOT THERE. So, the best you could do in Iraq is to establish a pro-western dictator or send in missionaries until the place is Christian.

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    A book for Christians and American citizens

    Very briefly, What is each chapter about and why is it in the book? Chapter 2. Free Will from God, Liberty from Government – God created humans with free will. A good government should protect and promote free will of its citizens. Chapter 3. Creation and Evolution: Two Competing Theories – The author believes there is stronger evidential support for Creation, but neither can be | Read More »

    Cultural Manipulation: How Wikipedia is influencing our nation

    Don’t bother editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia is in charge of rewriting history according to the political persuasion of its masters. And we are worse off for it. How can the The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act get a nickname in Wikipedia: But the The Affordable Health Care for America Act is never called Obamacare in | Read More »

    Five Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Drop Out Now (before officially entering the 2016 race)

    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush   Re-posted from BizPacReview  and   Conservative News Today Facebook   After finishing the first draft of this piece I received a late night return phone call from a Florida Republican power player (who asked that his name be withheld). He was responding to a question from me earlier about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s prospects for | Read More »

    Scott Walker vs Jerry Brown Train Edition

    Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was criticized by Democrats for turning down federal stimulus money for a high speed train between the two Democrat cities of Milwaukee and Madison.  In Walker’s view the State would be on the hook for added costs and cost over-runs were inevitable.  Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, to Democrat praise,  took different tack in California and opted to take the cash | Read More »