President Obama and “soft power”

    From Patterico’s Pontifications: Putin “Orders” U.S. Fighter Planes Out of Syria, Bombs non-ISIS Opposition Filed under: General — JVW @ 1:31 pm As we know, our lead-from-behind President has happily left the mess in Syria (a mess that he partly inherited but largely exacerbated with his own fecklessness) to our new and staunch ally Russia. Now we hear from Fox News that Russia is demanding | Read More »

    Mourning For America ~ Land of the Free

    (This diary is written as a response to and in agreement with, Angelle’s diary: A Brutal Assessment of Our Day in the United States of America. Thank you Angelle for your spiritual input on Red State.) The title of this diary originates from a heavy heart after reading/listening to conservative commentaries, diaries, debates, and other discussions across digital platforms on how to fix America. Although | Read More »

    Running For Fundraiser

    As someone who has gotten at least a dozen robo-calls and live calls from the Carson campaign, plus fundraising emails and letters from Carson, Jeb, Fiorina, Rand, Cruz (disclosure: contributed to Cruz campaign), Trump and others – this item caught my eye: Republican Ben Carson raised more than $20 million in the third quarter of the year, more than twice the amount he brought in over | Read More »

    Why we can’t support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.

    I’m not Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) 57%. I wish that I was – because I would then be able to use my credentials and powerful voice to support someone who will bring change to Washington. Let’s make no mistake: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 61% is not the guy for the job. I have great respect for Mr. Ryan – but his | Read More »

    The One Question Someone Should Ask Donald Trump (and the rest of the field)

    The One Question Someone Should Ask Donald Trump (and the rest of the field)

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% dropped the equivalent of a 10 megaton warhead on the political landscape Friday while on Hannity’s radio show. During the interview Ted said that despite the dire state of the country, it was a good news/good news situation as it relates to Obama’s executive actions. He said the good news is that Obama has used his ‘executive | Read More »

    Why I support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

    Now that Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% is stepping down, the House of Representatives needs a principled leader who will work hard and get results. That’s why I support Congressman Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 61% for speaker of the House. I’ve known Kevin for more than a decade. From day one, we’ve worked closely to advance our conservative | Read More »

    Should House conservatives focus more on defeating Scalise than McCarthy?

    Whenever I’ve posted on Red State in the past, I’ve done so because I felt I had a clear and concise opinion to express. So apologies in advance, because this is more of a “thinking out loud” type of piece. The GOP House leadership race is in flux. Here’s a brief summary of what we do know: 1. Boehner has resigned, but not until the | Read More »

    Marco Rubio Sympathizes With Anti-Cop Rhetoric

    Marco Rubio Sympathizes With Anti-Cop Rhetoric

      A new Breitbart News article has noted that 2016 Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has been invited to a meeting with a well-known leader of the “Black Lives Matter” movement: DeRay McKesson. Following an interview in which Rubio discussed African-Americans and the justice system, Deray tweeted the Senator saying, “@MarcoRubio, I just saw your recent interview re: the movement. Will you meet to discuss the | Read More »

    Myra Adams: What Does Obama Know about the Clinton E-mail and Foundation Scandals, and When Did He Know It?

    Re-posted from National Review What did the president know and when did he know it?” That now-iconic question was asked by Senator Howard Baker, vice chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee, to President Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean on June 29, 1973. Forty-two years later it is doubtful that President Obama will ever truthfully answer that question as it relates to the mounting number | Read More »

    The left, the HITECH Act, and gun control

    I have previously noted the requirement for searchability in computerized medical records, something mandated by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, abbreviated HITECH Act, which was enacted under Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Pub.L. 111–5), the official name of the porkulus stimulus bill. We’ve noted before the urge to control in our friends on the | Read More »

    A Good Gun Control Case

    Back in April of this year, a divided panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an ordinance in the city of Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, which banned assault weapons and high capacity magazines against a Second Amendment challenge.  The majority opinion was penned by Frank Easterbrook, a Reagan appointment.  Because it was a divided decision, it is a good vehicle for en | Read More »

    Jason Chaffetz To Run For Speaker

      In a move that challenges Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 61%, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 81% has announced today that he will be running for Speaker of the House. In this time of great division amongst the Republican party, leadership willing to face the Obama administration head on is increasingly necessary. Chaffetz has already faced the administration boldly, leading | Read More »

    How do we defeat the left wing and defeatist narratives

    Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. (It could be stated a lot of other ways, but that’s the simplest) I’ve read thousands of words speculating on the rise  of “outsider” candidates and submit the following as a possible explanation. The bulk of the media has been publicizing the “outsiders” to the hilt and covering them in a generally very flattering way | Read More »

    Reckless: Fiorina, Clinton, and Kasich are iching to go to war with Russia

    Reckless: Fiorina, Clinton, and Kasich are iching to go to war with Russia

    The record of removing secular dictators in the Middle East has been a remarkable failure. Just look at Iraq, Libya, and Egypt. So naturally the U.S. foreign policy establishment is eager to remove Bashar al-Assad in Syria. And Vladimir Putin doesn’t. He gets it: Russian President Vladimir Putin told the U.N. on Monday that those who supported democratic revolutions in the Middle East are to | Read More »

    We Need Answers to These Questions First

    Liberals often mock the idea that ‘only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.’ And yet, when a bad guy with a gun shows up, they inevitably call the police – because they have guns.

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    Russian Politician On Syria: “It is Our Land”

      In an attempt to further expand Russia’s territory, as if the Russian mainland and Crimea were not enough, a Russian politician is now saying that Syria belongs to Russia. The ploy of “it is our land” is nothing new with Russia. The same argument was used when the country invaded the Ukraine in 2014. President Obama, as many of us recall, drew a “red | Read More »

    A Brutal Assessment of our Day in The United States of America

    PREFACE: I truly do not want to write this diary tonight! Period! Please understand that I am addressing America as a whole with no specific negative intention towards anybody on RedState. Starting with Erick on down, I find this site has a much higher percentage of the basic comprehension of all the critical issues and problems blowing up in our nation than any other site | Read More »

    Cultural Sanity: The Time To Choose Approaches Again

    This is an updated rehash of a previous article I have written. I thought that the content within it was still relevant and so I have republished it. This month will be the 51st anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech which launched The Gipper on what would be a very successful political career that culminated with him as President. On the 23rd of | Read More »

    Face Of Death

    In the Middle East today, the Islamic State or ISIS and the State of Iran, a known sponsor of terrorism is the evil “Face of Death” in that regional part of the world. Here in the United States, a country founded on faith, liberty, freedom and the rule of law, we too have our own evil “Face of Death” and it’s called Planned Parenthood (PPHD). | Read More »

    Labor Force Participation Numbers Hit 38 Year Low

    The last time that the labor force participation rate was this low, America was in the midst of the Cold War. Yesterday, the job numbers for September were released, and undoubtedly served as a blow to the Obama regime. For those who do not know, the labor force participation rate is the civilian labor force participation rate of Americans 16 years and older. Yesterday, it | Read More »

    Want to stop all mass killings? Ban all “Dangerous Stuff”

    So, now that you’ve decided to ‘control’ or ban guns, you’ll also need to enact legislation to eliminate access to lawn fertilizer, kitchen knives, Baseball bats, Chainsaws, Compound bows, Automobiles, Swords, Machetes, Commercial Jets (actually aircraft of any type), Gasoline, Solvents and matches.

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    Hey Barry, It’s Already AGAINST THE LAW To Shoot People!

    It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry guns explode bombs on the campus of Columbine High School on April 20th 1999. It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry guns on Fort Hood Texas November 5th 1999. It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry a gun onto the campus of Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 2012. It was AGAINST THE LAW to shoot up a | Read More »

    Obamacare: If you like your doctor… go to hell

    Obamacare: If you like your doctor... go to hell

      I fully expected this, and here it is.  I received this letter from Cigna, my health insurer, today.  In the nicest possible way they told me to Go To Hell and gave me full directions. The cover letter reads “your current medical plan will not be offered, not will any other Cigna medical plan, in your geographic area.”  In other words, we’re leaving and goodbye | Read More »

    ‘The Martian’ isn’t for everyone, but it’s really good if you love science

    ‘The Martian’ isn’t for everyone, but it’s really good if you love science

      It’s no fun being an illegal alien.  On Mars. A few months ago my teenage nephew suggested I read Andy Weir’s book “The Martian.”  The book draws you in from the first line: “I’m pretty much f—-d.”  That’s an apt description of being stuck on Mars alone.  I devoured the whole 368 pages in about 2 days (of course I was on vacation at the beach | Read More »

    Gun-Free Zones Like The Walking Dead

    “Will the Muslim extremist hiding out in this country, waiting for his opportunity, throw his firearms away when more gun-control is enacted? Will the thugs in crime-infested Detroit, Chicago , or Baltimore put theirs away when the fuehrer signs the next bill? Did the shooters in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Umpqua Community College obey the gun-free zone signs?”

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    Nose Punching is bad, mmkay? So let’s do something about it.

    Promoted from the diaries… There are laws on the books that make it a crime to punch your neighbor in the nose. If you are punched in the nose the person who did it should be punished, and hopefully will be. If you are punched in the nose again by a different person hopefully that person also will be punished. If you are punched in | Read More »

    Making The Case For More Guns In Schools

    There are a plethora of options to choose from when deciding how to better protect the schools. One such route, extreme although it may be, is to have the military protect our schools. Personally, I find that option to be a bit of overkill. A much more sensible option is to arm teachers. This strategy of arming teachers is nothing new to the world. In | Read More »

    Someone owes an apology.

    Someone owes an apology   If you compare all that is going on in the United States, with what went on in Sodom & Gomora, and if God does not directly punish this country, God owes those two tiny cities a sincere apology.   As an example, let’s look at the abortion issue as recently highlighted by the videos with Planned Parenthood.  The videos were | Read More »

    Guns Are Dangerous

    I had intended today to make a post about Syria, as that has been a passion of mine since the beginning of that conflict in 2011 and its now back in the news, but something else happened to draw the attention of the nation; another shooting. Within hours of the shooting the President gave a speech condemning the act, as presidents are oft to do, | Read More »

    Communicators Phasers Replicators Cloaking Device Impulse Drive and the Borg

    In many ways I have always been a dystopian believing that the inevitable rise of a future technology enhanced totalitarian state will regiment and control a society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible.  I was influenced by early and repeated readings of such works as 1984, The Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange, and the Iron Heel.  I was also influenced by | Read More »

    You need to know this about the Oregon killings

    You need to know this about the Oregon killings

    You need to know three things about the Oregon killings, the latest senseless act of hate directed at Christians in America. The father of shooting victim Anastasia Boylan, who was shot in the back and survived, said this after talking to his daughter before her surgery about Christopher Harper Mercer’s killing spree at a Roseburg, Oregon community college. I don’t know how much time elapsed before he | Read More »

    The Hero Of Umpqua

    Yesterday, while Chris Harper Mercer was murdering people on the basis of religion, a hero arose. Army veteran Chris Mintz was shot seven times during his attempts to save as many students as possible from the fray. Courtesy of NBC News, his aunt reported that Mintz: “‘tried to protect some people.” She also noted “‘We were told he did heroic things to protect some people.”‘ | Read More »

    Why Does Creators Allow Connie Schultz to Openly Advertise for Her Husband’s Political Contributor?

    Promoted from the diaries by Neil Left wing columnist Connie Schultz has used her weekly column to sing the praises of Planned Parenthood again. I know, big surprise, right? I could have bet you money on Tuesday that when her column came out Wednesday that this would be her topic. Hey, it’s no big surprise. She’s a woman. She’s a liberal. Cecile Richards was in | Read More »

    In Defense of Dark Money

    It is well-established law that political campaign contributions are a form of political speech.  It is also well-established law that expenditures on political advocacy for a “cause” are also a form of political speech.  When it comes to free speech rights in this country, in no other area is it more important than political speech.  Yet, there are forces out there who would like to | Read More »

    The Middle East As Obama Winds Down

    Unfortunately our Commander in Chief does not have a plan for the war against ISIS a year after being asked. Also unfortunately, the narcissist is unable to collaborate to find common ground with friends or adversaries, either domestically or internationally. At this point the question in the Middle East is how the regional forces will play out in the absence of American leadership before President | Read More »

    Ted Cruz gets a bounce from the Values Voter Summit

    The candidate that brought the strongest game to the VVS, was Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz understands, possibly better than any of the other GOP contestants, how to deliver a high impact message tailored to the emotional frame of a specific audience.

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    Mark Steyn’s: A Disgrace to the Profession

    The final episode of Seinfeld involved a “Good Samaritan” court case that featured witness after witness testifying passionately about the moral misdemeanors perpetrated against them by the show’s protagonists: Elaine, George, Kramer, and Jerry. One segment simulated a TV newscast in which Geraldo’s onsite reporter summarized the testimony. The number of prosecution witnesses, she concluded, “just went on and on and on into the night.” | Read More »

    From a Mad Scientist: My Experiment to Wipe out Stupidity About Gun Control

    PREFACE: I had to think twice about posting this after the grief of the travesty in Oregon. But I am posting it because of the grief and the stupidity of a thousand mantras about gun control and our 2nd Amendment rights. I pray for God’s mercy upon the families who suffered untimely losses. I am not without terrible, personal loss at the hands of evil. | Read More »

    How to win defunding

    First, in all steps end the ability of Democrats to filibuster.  Use reconciliation, nuclear option, force them to actually speak for hours on end, or something else, I don’t care.  Just break it. Step 1 – pass a full CR with a stipulation that no funds go to PP.  This is then vetoed Step 2 – Pass an AG funding bill (food stamps) including the | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger(RINO-IL): Conservatives, Talk Radio Whipping Up Anger And Dissent To Raise Money

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ](R-IL) In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said that conservatives(i.e Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% and the House Freedom Caucus) and talk radio were whipping up peoples anger and dissent in Congress and Washington in general to raise money, not to govern. In an interview with | Read More »

    Morning Laugh: Jeb! Says Boehner Did A “Good Job” As Speaker

      Wednesday on CNN, establishment favorite Jeb Bush(!) related his opinions on the tenure of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%. Here is what Jeb! had to say: “So, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% passed, through his body, repeal of Obamacare, reform of the FDA, passed a budget that limited spending. In fact, spending has been limited under | Read More »

    This is why we’re cynical about Congress

    This is why we're cynical about Congress

    Americans are cynical about Congress.  Approval ratings are in the basement at 15.2 percent according to RealClearPolitics. We see congress like a bad TV show being acted before our eyes, with the real purpose to only sell us one more show to watch.  It’s like the fake freak shows at county fairs, or the ring toss at the carnival midway where the barker just wants | Read More »

    Sprint’s Decision To Skip Wireless Auction “Highlights The Folly” Of Federal Hubris

    Few industry analysts seemed surprised when Sprint’s new CEO announced “after thorough analysis” that the company won’t participate in next year’s auction of TV broadcast spectrum (known as the “incentive auction”). Analysts already knew that Sprint “has the spectrum it needs to deploy its network architecture of the future.” As a senior telecommunications analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence said in response to the news, “Sprint really | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- September 2015 Edition

    This writer is finding it more difficult to get his hands on these diaries.  No sooner are they published, Clinton takes measures to ensure their privacy.  I shall not be deterred!  I’ve resorted to tactics that some may find “illegal.”  Regardless, here is September’s edition: Sept 4- Dear diary: So much has happened since my last entry.  State released more embarrassing classified exonerating e-mails.  I penned an | Read More »

    Rick Santorum On PP + How Necessary Is PP’s Government Funding?

    Let’s be honest, former Senator Rick Santorum’s future in this Republican presidential race is likely coming to a close. Santorum continually polls at one percent, and is more than likely going to drop out in the near future. However, low poll numbers did not stop Santorum from correcting Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” talk-show today. Here is video of the interview: After stating, “Planned | Read More »

    Republicans need to take a class on how to debate the issue of abortion

    After watching parts of the PP hearing yesterday in Congress, it confirmed what I already knew: most Republicans really don’t know much about abortion and have no clue of how to debunk liberal talking points about it, especially when it comes to the so-called “exception” cases like rape and the life of the mother. They clearly haven’t given the issue much thought, probably cause they | Read More »

    With over-the-counter morning after pill endorsement, Rubio failed

    With over-the-counter morning after pill endorsement, Rubio failed

    A little over a week ago, I came to Red State to get some ideas about who to support. Like many Republicans, I feel like a kid in a candy store with so many strong options to nominate for the GOP run at the White House next year. There are a handful of candidates this year who would have been my #1 choice if they | Read More »

    FiveThirtyEight Demonstrates Conclusively the Bias of Statistics and the Real Danger of Polling is a website born from a blog on Daily Kos, who, for anyone living in a political cave over the past few years, is a very left-wing site.  Nate Silver started a blog where he applied statistics to an analysis of polls.  His conservative credentials were burnished by the New York Times acquiring his website in 2010.  Then, in 2013, his site moved to | Read More »

    Obama Fails To Stop American ISIS Members From Returning Home

      The House Homeland Security Committee recently released a 66 page report concerning American citizens returning home after traveling to Syria to fight with ISIS. A portion of the text mentions that, “Over 25,000 foreign fighters have traveled to the battlefield to enlist with Islamist terrorist groups, including at least 4,500 Westerners. More than 250 individuals from the United States have also joined or attempted to | Read More »

    Post-Video Washington

    Post-videos, if you can’t shut off public funding to Planned Parenthood, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SEAR YOUR SOUL?

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