US control of ICANN is a big deal

    The entire Internet is based on trust, and it’s controlled by a surprisingly small number of computers. ICANN and IANA came into being to preserve trust, backed by the US Government.

    Now, our government has decided that the rest of the world is just as trustworthy as the US Government to shepherd and safeguard the Internet. This is part of the big pattern of American Unexceptionalism that President Obama and his Obots have self-flagellated for the past eight years. “What makes us so special?” Oh, you’re right, let’s just trust a polyglot collection of conflicting interests to manage all the data in the world. That makes perfect sense.

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    The Watercooler ~ An Open Thread

    With so much change and upheaval going on in America, sometimes we need to pause and give ourselves and our side of the political battle credit where it is due. I mean, especially those of us who frequent RedState. We are activists after all, and we cannot be expected to labor endlessly without seeing tangible results. For me, that includes gloating just a little over | Read More »

    Nevada GOP no longer opposes abortion or same-sex marriage [UPDATE]

    I’m speechless, but Las Vegas isn’t. They are a finalist in the running for the 2016 Republican National Convention. They even have a website set up at

    Maybe they should put that on the website.

    Or maybe this isn’t where the party is going, huh?

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    Sewage leaks and salvation — Christian lessons in a plumbing disaster

      “The Christian does not think that God will love us because we’re good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.” ~C.S. Lewis It didn’t seem spiritual.  Certainly, the last thing on my mind when I opened the e-mail and read the hello followed by niceties followed by SEWAGE…. BASEMENT….  LEAK….  the last thing on my mind was apostolic devotion.  PIPE….  | Read More »

    Atheist Lobby Prefers Debauchery Among Athletes

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation is outraged that the coach of Clemson University’s football team is promoting an atmosphere on his team that is “too religious”. What college sports really needs instead are more sex and drug scandals. As evidence of its claim, the atheist front group is citing the inordinate number of players on the team attending VOLUNTARY Bible studies. Perhaps even worse, the | Read More »

    Everything You Hate About D.C. is in the Podesta Divorce

    It is well-established that Americans do not trust the federal government  and believe that government itself  is the nation’s top problem. Naturally, much of that ill-will is focused on Washington, D.C., with its partisan elected officials, inept bureaucrats, bloated government, corruption, and those influence-peddling Washington lobbyists. The Podestas’ “lobbyist vs. lobbyist” divorce provides the perfect platform for the average American to justify why they harbor such | Read More »

    @Maddow Lies and HuffPo’s @CathTaibi Acts As Fluffer

    On the left the term “debunking” has a unique meaning. It means you make up something your opponent never said then point out what they never said is wrong. Then you set back and wait for the usual collection of booklicks and fluffers to come along and proclaim your brilliance. This is what happened this week on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, at least according to | Read More »

    The Gurr Plan. A simple fix to the Republican leadership problem

    One of the biggest problems the Republicans have right now is that it’s leadership is seen as disconnected from the base and is certainly not in alignment on many key issues with conservatives in the House of Representatives. This is attributable to the power that the position of Speaker of the House has amassed over generations. The Speaker selects the committee chairpersons and thus those | Read More »

    Will the FCC Force Television Online Even If Aereo Loses in Court?

    The Supreme Court hears oral arguments today in a case that will decide whether Aereo, an over-the-top video distributor, can retransmit broadcast television signals online without obtaining a copyright license. If the court rules in Aereo’s favor, national programming networks might stop distributing their programming for free over the air, and without prime time programming, local TV stations might go out of business across the country. It’s | Read More »

    0bama’s Economic Adviser

    0bama has released his decennial budget, and boy does it sock the taxes to us.  The 10-year level of taxation is 2% of GDP higher than it is historically. What is even more interesting is that he projects increased revenue due to this.  Despite the fact that increased taxes can be correlated historically with lower Federal revenues. This is not my correlation.  Credit is given | Read More »

    Happy Earth Day: I want my $10,000

    Earth Day is the only “holiday” you don’t see advertised in the greeting card aisle. But we should buy our Congressmen and Senators Earth Day cards.

    Mine will include a bill.

    I figure I’ll charge them $10,000 (which would put the cost of Earth Day at somewhere around $3 trillion over the last 44 years).

    Why do we need an Earth Day? The Earth is just fine without it.

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    The Religion of Politics

    What goes on in politics is of the utmost importance to how we live our lives. “You will be made to care,” after all, about numerous things. Marriage equality, reproductive rights, and whatever other keywords exist for pushing an agenda that is rejected by a lot more people than gets reported. I would be a hypocrite if I denounced people focusing for large portions of | Read More »

    The Misogyny of John Paul Stevens

    Numerous authors and diarists on this site have pointed out the abject hypocrisy of the “War on Women” trope that played no small part in re-electing President Obama to a second term in the White House, noting that the Left is an all-too-frequent perpetrator of its own War on Women. However, a week and a half ago – just shy of the anniversary of the original | Read More »

    Diversity or Reversity?

    DIVERSITY? “Unleashing the Power of Our Diversity”. That’s the slogan used by some dear friends of mine, to promote their course for diversity education. I suspect that it also describes what many in corporate America hope they’re getting with their investment in diversity education, though the primary motivation for this investment still seems to be avoiding discrimination-related litigation. Sadly, though diversity has been increasingly emphasized | Read More »

    Are NSA Nerds Obsessed With Prom Date Gossip?

    A student at Central York High School was given a three-day in school suspension for asking Miss America to the prom and approaching her to bestow upon her a rose crafted from distilled petroleum byproduct. The beauty queen was there to discuss diversity and the importance of math and science. The school is claiming that the suspension was necessary because he decided to defy academic | Read More »

    Would We the People Ratify the Constitution Today?

    We the People are the opening words of the preamble to the Constitution.  Many patriots glory in that name, “We the People” holding it aloft as a banner against the encroachments of an ever expanding central government.   In the minds of many it is connected somehow to Lincoln’s famous description of America’s government, “Of the People, by the people and for the people.” Both of | Read More »

    God’s Not Dead

    I got the opportunity to see this movie yesterday and yes it is simplistic in its presentation and I think the creators are proud of that fact. In fact, there is even allusion to that notion in the movie as exemplified in a scene where the main character gets a text from the pastor he is seeking counsel from about how the student does not need | Read More »

    The 2014 state of wind energy

    With the growing story coming out of Ukraine, the ongoing search for the missing Malaysian jet, the intensifying Nevada cattle battle, and the new announcement about the additional Keystone pipeline delay, little attention is being paid to the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy—or any of the other fifty lapsed tax breaks the Senate Finance Committee approved earlier this month. But, despite the low | Read More »

    The “Consider This!” Podcast, Episode 73: The Freedom of Speech; Culturally and Legally

    The latest episode of the “Consider This!” podcast is out. Conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. Freedom of speech is under attack in this county. The irony is that those who call themselves “tolerant” and “free thinkers” are, very often, the ones pushing against this right, both in our culture and via the legal system. Two examples in this episode include a man pushed out of | Read More »

    Electoral College Meddling

    Some quarters of the conservative blogosphere are all atwitter because of something called the Electoral College Compact.  Dick Morris, for example, has been very vocal of late ostensibly because Governor Andrew Coumo of New York recently enacted legislation whereby that state signed onto the compact.  Briefly, this compact would be an agreement among signatory states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the | Read More »

    Rethinking Income Inequality

    French economist Thomas Piketty is making a huge splash with his soon to be released book about income inequality — “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”.  The New Yorker’s John Cassidy provided a detailed preview, which follows growing calls by the media, public intellectuals and politicians for quick and aggressive government intervention to remedy the “crisis” of income divergence between the richest and poorest segments of the population | Read More »

    Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson misses the target and gets lost in the race space…

    I recently saw a clip of Cosmos host and all round brilliant Neil Degrasse Tyson answering a question posed during a panel discussion. The question, which wasn’t really a question at all, had to do with former Harvard President Lawrence Summers’ comments on the disproportionate representation of women in science and math fields and his wondering if innate differences in sex might partially explain it. | Read More »

    Is America ready to elect Golda Meir, er……..Hillary Clinton, as President?

    First, let’s be perfectly clear. Hillary Clinton is no Golda Meir. Clinton has the blood  of four dead Americans at Benghazi on her hands; Meir ordered the Mossad to hunt down and kill the terrorists responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. But this diary is about the media circus that is our national elections today. Our politicians Tweet, they | Read More »

    The progressive pedigree

    I suggest that this liability policy is more than simply a risk transfer purchase – it is in fact not insurance at all. It is the face of overt class preference and bigotry. The Left is knowingly, purposefully, pursuing a caste society, with themselves on top, racial minorities whose votes they need just beneath that, unions, Wall Streeters, and corporate fat cats who provide useful cash alongside, and conservatives at the bottom as “untouchables”. It’s easy to become “untouchable”: just support a cause or idea that the elite oppose.

    At the top is the unholy alliance of government, media and entertainment who issue the pedigrees and credentials. For them, no crime is prosecutable, and if there is a “real” crime, it’s buried like a black sheep family secret. Most of their crimes go on in public, unashamedly, without remorse or conscience.

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    Five Reasons Why the Shroud of Turin Could Be Authentic

    Today, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ commonly known as Easter or, less commonly, Resurrection Sunday.   If it were not for this event Christianity, the world’s largest religion, would not exist and Jesus, instead of being the most significant person in history, would have been just another forgotten Jewish man crucified by the Romans around 33AD. For those who are truly celebrating Christ’s | Read More »

    Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection

    Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection

    There are many who think Christians are anti-science. I’m a Christian, but I embrace science and see it as one more tool for finding the truth. I see an all powerful creator in the Big Bang, when our universe exploded into existence in a flash of light out of nothing at all. I see a designer in biological machines like the bacterial flagellum, which cannot be explained | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Just As I Am

    This being the first Passover/Easter season to celebrate since my mom passed away last year, I had to hunt down some good music to share. While I know that these may not be “traditional” Easter songs, nevertheless, they each express gratefulness to our Savior in their own way. Enjoy. This next song, In The Garden, is in memory of my mom who loved Willie Nelson | Read More »

    The Obama press conference — a smug, shameful liar on FULL display

      Did you see the latest Obama presser?  If so, I’m sorry, because you watched a man who’s made lying an art, his life’s work and legacy, elevating the heretofore shameful practice of degeneracy to levels that could make a polygraph smoke. I did watch - every painful minute - but as I’m visiting Oregon (back in the race-car bed beneath Farrah ) I saw it coming—TV. | Read More »

    Week 16 Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

    Week 16 – 2014 April Monday 21 1 Samuel 20-21; Psalm 56; 34 Tuesday 22 1 Sam. 22-23; 1 Chron. 12:8-18; Psalms 52; 54; 63; 142 Wednesday 23 1 Sam.24; Psalm 57; 1 Sam. 25 Thursday 24 1 Sam. 26-29; 1Chron. 12:1-7,19-22 Friday 25 1 Sam. 30-31; 1 Chron. 10; 2 Sam. 1 Saturday 26 2 Sam. 2-4 Sunday 27 2 Sam. 5:1-6:11; 1 Chron.11:1-9; | Read More »

    Easter Weekend and the Clash of Faith versus Science

    I believe the Pope is saying in his brilliant Regensburg remarks, that we must be cautious that we are indeed using “right reason” or an “informed conscience” or else the supposed attempt to use science as a replacement for faith becomes itself an exercise in subjectivity, not the use of objective reality and science.

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    Has Los Angeles Fallen, or Was it Pushed?

    Has Los Angeles Fallen, or Was it Pushed?

    I bet you have been recently thinking: How can we keep Los Angeles from turning into a post-apocalyptic wasteland like Detroit?  The Los Angeles 2020 Commission has the answers.  Well, they hedge a bit and don’t claim to have ALL the answers.  Their keen analysis identified several problems in Los Angeles: Jobs Poverty Traffic Poor education Decaying infrastructure resulting from budget woes There is no | Read More »

    Parents Can’t Win In The Eyes Of Liberal Elites

    The cover of the April 2014 Atlantic Magazine is titled “The Over-Protected Kid: New Research Shows He’ll Grow Up More Fearful And Less Creative”. Provided he is not on welfare, is that really anyone’s business? The parents are pretty much screwed over any way they turn. Let your kid run wild, and you’ll get slapped with abuse allegations. Not yet your kid play with matches | Read More »

    West Virginia’s Crony Capitalism Costs State Millions

    Crony capitalism continues to keep West Virginia behind, discourages reputable businesses from setting up shop here, and gives ammunition to liberals who decry the evils of capitalism. And things won’t change until Democrats are booted from control of West Virginia’s economic development.

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    Will the “Gay Games” boycott Ace and Yellow Cabs?

    This make-nice attitude toward Muslims isn’t due to some mutual inclusiveness, Kumbaya-singing spirit that gays and Muslims share. In countries ruled by Sharia law, homosexuals are beheaded. The soft-step is due to one thing only: fear. The LGBT political-social agenda is scared to death (literally) to engage in the kind of bullying, slur-hurling, demonizing behavior against Muslims. Nobody wants a fatwah on their heads, and that’s exactly what will happen to anyone calling Muslim cab drivers haters.

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    Happy Spring Black Friday! We owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at Home Depot who came up with the wonderful concept called Spring Black Friday. At last, we have a name for the awkward Friday before Easter. For years people have referred to it as, uh, you know, that day when schools are out, Wall Street is closed, and there’s nothing to do but go to | Read More »

    “Fixing” the Voting Rights Act

    In response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County, Alabama vs. Holder, Rep. Sensenbrenner and Senator Leahy have introduced legislation which they hope will “correct” the infirmities of the original Voting Rights Act last updated in 2006.  To recap, at issue in Shelby County was the formula used to determine which states or political subdivisions were to covered under Section 5.  That section is | Read More »

    Did Lois Lerner Want Conservatives to go to Jail?

    New emails show that at the same time the IRS was targeting hundreds of conservative groups, at a time Lois Lerner was fully aware of it, and was about to plant a question to supposedly apologize for it, Lerner was colluding with her former boss from the FEC, who was essentially now a liberal lobbyist, and the Obama DOJ to “piece together” criminal charges against conservative groups, not because of any hard evidence, but because liberal Senators and left-leaning groups “think” they should.

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    Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff

    Here’s the opening of the book. Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff. Simple and straightforward, that’s liberty in a nutshell – no assembly required. And yet it seems like, more and more, the decisions Washington makes about what to do for us, or to us, or even against us, are having an increasingly adverse impact on our lives. Young people can’t find jobs, | Read More »

    Why I can’t send my kids to public school

    I can’t send my kids to public school because there they will learn that Christians belong in the closet, that standing up for yourself is intolerant and hateful, that everybody must affirm and celebrate everybody else regardless of what they believe (except Christians), that cultural rules and “norms” are just old fashioned roles to be broken, but the rules of the school are inviolate without exception. That’s not learning, it’s indoctrination.

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    This is the Real War On Women – Waged By White Progressive Women Against Women of Color

    What is the common denominator in the photos below? It occurred to me, after reading Breeann’s diary and then Aaron’s on the slimy legislation being pushed in Denver, that when a picture formed in my mind of every pro-abort rally I had ever seen on television or online, the crowd seemed decidedly “pale”.  I did a Google image search for “pro choice rally”. These pictures | Read More »

    Solar flares up

    It is amazing that something that seems as upbeat as “free” electricity from the sun can have such a dark side. I started covering some of the shenanigans from the solar industry last summer when I wrote about the “Green Tea Party” in Georgia. I had no idea what a can of worms I’d opened. In September, I wrote about the net-metering battle taking place | Read More »

    Obamacare Must Go Regardless of Who is Obama’s Next HHS Nominee!

    At the end of the day, we all want Americans to have access to affordable, quality healthcare, but Obamacare is the wrong path to get to that goal.

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    The Watercooler ~ Heaven Is For Real Open Thread

    I haven’t seen an open thread in a while so I thought I would put one up with a trailer of another new faith-based movie being released today, “Heaven Is For Real.” It is based upon a true story of the Burpo family whose three-year-old son had a near-death experience and actually went to heaven where he had quite an amazing experience.  Among many things | Read More »

    F-35 Fleet Surpasses 15,000 Flying Hours

    (Photo: Lockheed Martin) “Flying 15,000 hours itself demonstrates that the program is maturing, but what I think is even more impressive is the fact that operational F-35s accounted for more than half of those flight hours,” said J.D. McFarlan, Lockheed Martin’s vice president for F-35 Test & Verification. “While the fleet continues to train, we are actively flight testing the software and mission systems that | Read More »

    Jim Moran retires from Congress; joins the Tea Party

    Jim Moran, (D-Va) announced his retirement from Congress last week, and to just about everyone’s utter astonishment, promptly came out in support of the Tea Party. Moran stated that members of congress deserved a raise; that it was impossible for them to live on $174,000/year, with the demands of the job ( i.e maintaining a second residence), unless they had other sources of income. Moran, | Read More »

    Health Care: You Break It; You Pay for It

    But here’s an idea for Leftist states that scrambled to get “free money” by validating ObamaCare: You broke it; you pay for it.

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    Greg Walden (Wuss-OR)

    On Sunday, while being interviewed by Democratic operative Candy Crowley on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) – Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was happy enough to enlighten us of his belief – no doubt shared by his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, that a “significant extent” of the Republican party base is “animated by racism.” Of course, he made | Read More »

    Pennsylvania GOP Tax Increase Causes Primary Problem for House Whip Stan Saylor

    The Republican controlled Pennsylvania Governor and both chambers of the state legislature, under Republican State Representative and “Majority Whip” (the number two position in the House) Stan Saylor, increased gas taxes last year. I have so far not found any Commonwealth conservative who is anything less than super angry about it.

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    The Tea Party: More Philosophy and Less Politics

    In a previous article, I tried to statistically illustrate that the Tea Party’s electoral strength in 2010 was exaggerated by the media.  Although there were some 56 or so members officially in the Tea Party Caucus in the House, it represented about 25% of total Republicans.  In the interim, the media had said the power of the Tea Party was waning yet the number of Tea Party-affiliated, | Read More »

    The Liberal Media Owns This Debacle

    After 4 decades the media and the left have finally gotten the government they have been waiting for.. They have effectually torn up the constitution favoring individual freedom for a vague utopian ideal serving mass equality through collectivism and embracing a Marxist ideology that so famously failed in the former Soviet Union. So now we have the supreme leader and the top heavy power of | Read More »