Thoughts on the Indiana RFRA

    Who needs comedy when you have the Left?  Want to see them go absolutely apoplectic?  Pass a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that mirrors a law that has been on the Federal books for over two decades, that was co-sponsored by a Democrat (Schumer) and signed into law by a Democratic President (Clinton), and that exists in twenty other states- red, blue and every other color | Read More »

    Creflo Dollar Demands 65 Million Of Yours For Aeronautical Swag

    Televangelist Creflo Dollar needs 65 million of yours so that his ministry can acquire a new luxury jet. This is because of an engine failure that nearly resulted in tragedy but which was averted through the skill of an experienced pilot. With a new aircraft, the ministry assures that Dollar will be able to continue the mission of spreading the Gospel around the world. In | Read More »

    Meet Upcoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

    Meet Upcoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

    On the heels of ‘s retirement, he endorsed  of New York to succeed him as Senate Minority leader. By the end of the day, Schumer appears to have locked up the needed support to win. And as it stands, all members of the leadership of the Senate Democrat Caucus have endorsed him and unless something changes, Chuck Schumer will be the next Senate Minority Leader. And if you want a | Read More »

    Northern Illinois University Consultant Paid $495K For 18 Months Of Work

    A consultant for Northern Illinois University was paid $495,000 in salary and travel expenses in what I can only describe as a get rich quick scheme. According to information obtained by the Northern Star student newspaper through FOIA request shows that NIU and President Doug Baker paid consultant Ron Walters $463,000 in salary from July of 2014 to December 31st of 2014.  The university also | Read More »

    Dear liberal, unfortunatley you made me care, and now so will you.

      A writer here on Redstate about a year ago claimed he did not care about gay marriage, or homosexuality. Honestly, I didn’t care either. I felt I really had other things in life to think about than those two topics. For example, I had groceries to buy, school to attend, and a household to support. And I would like to have been able to | Read More »

    Marita Noon: The geopolitics of oil go round and round

    Frequently calling us “the great Satan,” Iran continues to hate the U.S. Falling oil prices could serve as a death knell to America’s oil abundance (not to mention countries, such as Venezuela, that depend on oil revenues). However the low prices would, overall, be good for western economies—but bad for Iran and its friend, Russia.

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    We Are Tired of It

    For once, will our Georgia legislators stand up for us? For once will you listen to the people who send you to office rather than the deep pocket lobbyists in Atlanta? Approve Senate Bill 129 without amendment and make it a law for the average Georgian. Hear us. We are tired of it.

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    Hello World. This is a first diary from a new member.

    I am completely confused so far by the mechanics of this site, but I will learn.  

    Djibouti, the U.S. ally with “dirty hands”

    Djibouti, the U.S. ally with “dirty hands”

    “Reprehensible conduct”; “fall way a long way short of the standards of a sovereign state”; “their hands are still dirty”… These are just some of the harsh words used by a British High Court in a judgment handed down on March 23rd against the state of Djibouti. The court case revolved around the false evidence used by the administration of president Ismail Omar Guelleh to | Read More »

    Aren’t We All Looking Forward to ‘Internet at the Speed of Government?’

    We were on February 26 subjected to the hugest of Barack Obama Administration Internet power grabs. Where the Administration unilaterally decided to start applying 1934 landline telephone law to the 21st-Century-Web. This government grab was made under the guise of Network Neutrality – but this flashback-to-New-Deal phone law is oh-so-much-worse. The Administration has appointed itself the overlord of just about every private sector decision, transaction | Read More »

    The April Supreme Court Docket

    In April, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in nine cases.  They are: Bullard vs. Blue Hills Bank:  This is a bankruptcy case which asks whether the denial of confirmation of a bankruptcy plan by a bankruptcy court can be appealed.  It involves a plan which some say was agreed upon while others say they are not so sure.  Regardless, this about a nuance | Read More »

    The Problem I Have with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    Let me begin by saying that I am in favor of the goals of the RFRA both federally and the bill just recently passed in my home state of Indiana.  I do not think that individuals or owners of private businesses should be forced to compromise their religious beliefs to accommodate the social cause of the day. The problem I have is that once again | Read More »

    Indiana: RFRA, History & Traditional Christiantity vs ‘Big Little Government’

    I’ll start by saying that as issue go, gay-marriage/gay-rights is not one of my majors. It’s not that I support the left’s position on this one – I don’t – it’s just that in the scheme of things that are happening right now (the diminishing of our superpower status abroad, the wholesale swindling of the taxpayer to fund ‘green energy’ scams & high-density ‘smart’ development | Read More »

    Let’s make them bake a cake for once

    As the homosexual community erupts in flames over Indiana’s religious freedom law, and sanctimonious businesses threaten to pull out of Indiana(I suggest they go to California and enjoy the much more business friendly environment out there) I can’t help but wonder if Governor Mike Pence will hold the line or if he will cave. I lean toward caving. Just a feeling I get. Never the | Read More »

    A Team of Rivals

    America is on a precipice, and we are near the point of no return. With over 18 trillion dollars in debt, an unsecure border, a rising threat in the Middle East, an out of control entitlement system, Obamacare, and a looming battle over the future of America’s education system and Common Core, America cannot wait for future elections to tackle these problems.  Every four years, | Read More »

    Power of the Purse: Abdicated, Not Blocked

    In a remarkable op-ed in last Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal (March 24, A 11), David Rivkin and Lee Casey call for an end to the filibuster in order to curb President Obama’s negation of Congress’ power of the purse. They argue: The Obama administration has systematically targeted critical congressional powers … It has rewritten … statutes … [and] effectively blocked Congress’s “power of the purse.”…The recent standoff | Read More »

    Rand Paul to Conservatives & Libertarians: Hang Together

    Benjamin Franklin famously said that “we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” He was making the obvious point that when you’re faced with a determined foe who will cause great harm if you fail to defeat him the path of wisdom is to find common ground with your natural allies. Sadly, conservatives and libertarians have spent so much time squabbling | Read More »

    The stupidity of petulance: Obama’s outing of Israel’s nuclear program actually proves that pending deal with Iran will fail

    The latest example of Obama’s hostility to Israel, and loathing of Netanyahu, came to light  last week when the DoD declassified a formerly top-secret 1987 report that laid bare Israel’s nuclear program. Joe Cunningham covered the details  here at RS: What has not been discussed is how the release of the report  validates the claims that Obama’s imminent surrender  deal with Iran is actually doomed to | Read More »

    The SS Run Amok

    Long ago in the early days of January 2015 there was a squabble for who would be the House Speaker. But it was merely a family matter within the party and there would be no consequences for those who sought the seat or voted against  .  At least that’s what we were told by Boehner’s own advisors. It better be quickly forgotten, for everyone’s best interests,” said another advisor. He | Read More »

    Delusional: Lindsey Graham Likes His Chances In Iowa

    South Carolina was in Coralville, Iowa Saturday.  The latest in a steady stream of Republican and Democrat presidential hopefuls visiting the state that is home to the nations first presidential votes next year in the Iowa caucuses. Graham is expected to make his decision about running for the Republican presidential nomination in May. During his Saturday visit the Quad Cities Times reports that Graham said he | Read More »

    The Six Most Damaging Presidents in US History

    Alternet, one of my favorite Leftist sites, recently ran an article titled, “The Six Most Evil Presidents in US History.”  It is a small wonder George W. Bush did not end up on the list although he made honorable mention.  In reverse order, they were: James Buchanan- for allowing the country to descend into Civil War; Andrew Johnson- for his Reconstruction policies that allowed the proliferation | Read More »

    There’s No Doubt Which Side Obama is on, And It’s Not America’s (Hint: it’s Iran)

    There’s No Doubt Which Side Obama is on, And It’s Not America’s (Hint: it’s Iran)

    If there was any remaining doubt at all about who’s side Obama is on, this should eliminate it.  An Iranian journalist who previously managed Hassan Rouhani’s public relations defected to the West during the nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerland. Amir Hossein Motaghi: “The US negotiating team R mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf” — Haya Eytan (@TeachESL) March 29, 2015 Amir Hossein Motaghi | Read More »

    It is time for a constitutional amendment to limit a president to one (1) four year elected term

    The framers intended our system of government to have three separate, but equal branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. In the last 75 years, the federal government ( the executive) has greatly expanded in both size and scope, and now intrudes daily into the life of every American. In addition we have seen how an out-of control president can willfully ignore,  if not flout, the Constitutional | Read More »

    Sister Apple, Sister Pig: An Abortion-Indoctrination Children’s Book

    Sister Apple, Sister Pig:  An Abortion-Indoctrination Children's Book

    Art imitates life, then life imitates art, but “artist” Mary Walling Blackburn has written a children’s book so ghoulish as to inspire the worst dystopian nightmares our society has ever dreamed. The book is called “Sister Apple, Sister Pig,” it’s published by e-flux, and available as an e-book, for free.  The book tackles a topic not usually discussed with small children:  abortion. In the book, little | Read More »

    Speech Police: “Dear Politicians, Stop Calling People ‘Taxpayers’”

    The New Republic recently went through an internal overhaul in order to stay relevant, and the recent drivel that was written shows that it wasn’t for the better. Last week, there was an article written called, “”Dear Politicians, Stop Calling People ‘Taxpayers’”, in which the author proposes to eliminate the word “taxpayer” from everyday lexicon because it favors those who pay taxes. You can’t make | Read More »

    Google’s ties to the White House

    A weekly meeting with the White House goes a long way. As I’ve written on numerous occasions, Google’s intrusion into the power structures of Washington over the past five years is something we ought to keep an eye on. Specifically, Google’s escape from the Federal Trade Commission’s 2012 antitrust investigation into its practices of influencing searches to promote its own products serves as Exhibit A | Read More »

    Jettison the Empire to Save the Republic 2015

    In 1951 President Harry Truman ignored the advice of General Douglas MacArthur who rightly perceived that it was China that was the real threat. Truman fired MacArthur and doomed American troops to a limited war which dragged on for two more years.  Then when General Ridgeway and his meat grinder defense had bled the Chinese white, President Eisenhower refused to mount an offense and claim | Read More »

    Pro-Life Ohioans to a Point

    Pro-Life Ohioans to a Point

      From the diaries… Discussions regarding fetal personhood are unfortunately never-ending. In some minds, questions persist on life’s beginnings, what ‘quality of life’ is acceptable, and what crimes should unquestionably be “rectified” through (a second crime of) abortion. Recent legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives is focusing on specific restrictions on abortions which, surprisingly, not all pro-lifers support. On Wednesday, the Ohio House of | Read More »

    After conquering the US, Barack Obama now seeks to become King of the World

    Earlier this week I wrote about President Obama seeking to validate his Nobel Prize as one possible motivation behind his moves with Iran.  Of all the options I think that option has risen to the top.  It seems clear now what is happening.  The Nobel Prize is only the first step.  Now that Barack Obama has ruled the United States for six years with impunity | Read More »


          Nothing reveals the extreme bias of the liberal press and media more than their assessment of  (R-TX) after he entered the Republican Primary for President. While the similarity of his and Barack Obama’s background, experience and family roots are amazing, it was completely ignored by both mediums.. Each was born outside the United States to parents of mixed national backgrounds. Obama’s father | Read More »

    Using Immigration to Destroy America

      The article, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is responsible for the Somali chaos in St. Cloud , points out the foolish policy that will negatively affect Minnesota for decades to come. “That supposedly ‘Christian’ charitable organization is directly responsible for the high Somali numbers in St. Cloud, and they are jointly responsible for bringing over ten thousand Somalis from around the world to colonize | Read More »

    The Real Reason for Hillary’s Forbidden Words

    Hillary Clinton has decreed that certain words must not be applied to her. The ostensible reason is that these words express sexism, and let me remind you that sexism means “having the wrong attitude about women.” I have never heard the word sexism used to disparage a woman’s lustful or scornful description of a man. Hillary did not personally author the decree, of course, but | Read More »

    They Never Eat Their Words

    They Never Eat Their Words

    It’s not even remotely satisfying to witness the Obama administration and its media minions repeatedly spew maniacal, spittle-flecked pablum only to have those words served up cold and congealed for them to consume.  Because the Left never eats its words. On June 6, 2014, Susan Rice—head cheerleader for the “I’ll read any talking point” squad—told CNN, “I realize there has been lots of discussion and | Read More »

    Dark clouds hang above Nigeria’s Christians – and nobody cares

    Dark clouds hang above Nigeria’s Christians – and nobody cares

    Following the Paris terror attacks, liberal media’s penchant to sweep under the rug the tragedies of Christians falling victim to jihadists and Muslim fundamentalism and rush to the defense of Islam as a “religion of peace” has been pushed into overdrive. Even more worrying though is the conservative media’s silence in exposing the real tragedies that have befallen Christians around the world. Make no mistake, | Read More »

    Holding Leviathan by the Tail: A Story of Republicans and Same-Sex “Marriage”

    How do people who claim to fear Leviathan think you can put a tether on him just one more time and then drop him back in the sea? This is a question that should, but apparently does not, occur to the signatories of a now-infamous amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of nominally-conservative or –libertarian political consultants, campaign buffoons, and political activists | Read More »

    The Continued Madness of Marcotte

    This diary entry largely has to deal with another article’s assertions about conservatives needing some rudimentary sex education.  That article was penned by Amanda Marcotte who fancies herself an “expert” on all things sexual.  Titled “Six Conservatives Who Desperately Need a High School Sex Ed Class,” it lists some interesting points from around the country starting with a state representative (I believe in Missouri) questioning | Read More »

    Erick Erickson issued a major challenge to Cruz, Paul, and Rubio. Which one took him up on it?

    Erick Erickson issued a major challenge to Cruz, Paul, and Rubio. Which one took him up on it?

    Okay, so the title is just gut-driven conjecture on my part, but I do have some evidence for it. One March 25, Erickson published this front page post: Cruz, Paul, and Rubio — Time to Lead In which he wrote: Senate Republicans think they have push through a budget that does not manage spending, funds Obamacare, and contemplates the Obamacare tax increases. In fact, the budget | Read More »

    2016: A Call for a Team Approach

    This week’s blog is inspired by informed reader and long time friend Dick Greenwood of South Carolina. The premise: When the Democrats search for someone other than Hillary as a nominee or spokesman, the cupboard is bare. The risk with Republicans is that they have so many well qualified potential candidates that the media will be able to orchestrate a “war of attrition” if they focus | Read More »

    The First Presidential Candidate Arrives, and We’re Already Going About It the Wrong Way

    The First Presidential Candidate Arrives, and We're Already Going About It the Wrong Way

    , former Solicitor General of Texas, has barely stepped into the empty presidential ring and media narrative is judging presidential candidacy for all the wrong things. The buzz is about a “big-money crisis” and being “completely unelectable” or lacking “experience” and “eligibility” and “likability” as the party and media establishments alike chomp on their cigars in search of the one who will draw the most bets and bring | Read More »

    Sweet Meteor of Death…Missed It By THAT Much

    Sweet Meteor of Death...Missed It By THAT Much

    In the “extinction-level event” department, asteroid 2014-YB35 will (likely) not hit Earth tomorrow.  It’s going to miss us by a measly 2.4 million miles.  That’s about 10 times the orbit radius of the Moon, and 1/10th the distance between Earth and Venus (1/20th the distance to Mars).  In astronomical terms, it’s a close miss. We should celebrate tomorrow as Extinction Avoidance Day.  Possible appropriate events | Read More »

    Why the GOP Should Fear Al Gore in 2016

    Re-posted from The Blaze Al Gore says he is not running for president (yet) and that’s good news for the GOP. With support for Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential bid rapidly declining among Democrats, influential Vox writer, Ezra Klein, recently birthed an amusing scenario with his widely reported piece titled, “Al Gore should run for president.” Given Klein’s main premise — “climate change is an existential | Read More »

    I am a number 2 pencil

    I am a number 2 pencil. I am a classic. I have been used to fill in the circles on standardized tests. I have done countless hours of homework, and letters to Grandma. I have been used, by the Russians, to write in space. (NASA, by default, found me too low tech. So they spent millions designing a pen that will write inverted, and in zero-gravity). I | Read More »

    Flank Attack! The Danger of ‘Big Little Government’

    For a long time, ‘local control’ has been a major tenet of the conservative movement… Now, before someone brands me a heretic for even daring to discuss the subject & suggest that it might be changing, all I ask is that you hear me out. I recognize that those with strong libertarian impulses are going to disagree with the points I make here, because they | Read More »

    Parents: Get Rid of Islamic Infiltration by Libya, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia via Common Core in your state

    “Where did Common Core come from?” is a question I often hear from parents in every state I’ve visited as I travel the country speaking about the Islamic infiltration of America. Because in 2014-2015 America, public school students via Common Core are: Public school sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense, girls must wear head scarves (Colorado parents complain), Debating whether or not the Holocaust was | Read More »

    Screw Your Cotton Courage, Congress: Impeach the Lawbreaker

    How many times must America hear that President Obama has broken our laws before Congress does its job? How many breaks will it take til they know that too many laws have been broke? How many lies will he tell til they know that too many lies have been told? How many deaths will it take ’til Congress actually acts, instead of going on FOX | Read More »

    Obama Revealed Israel’s Nuclear Secrets

    Obama Revealed Israel's Nuclear Secrets

    Israel’s nuclear secrets are now declassified by the U.S. government.  Wait, what?  How was this missed by the media? Did Israel make the first move when it provided details of U.S. negotiations with Iran to Congress, or was it really the U.S. who made the first move against the Zionist Entity Israel? It appears that the Obama administration struck first. In early February, the Defense Department | Read More »

    Give Cruz a Chance

    In the past few days, I have read with some amusement and amazement reactions to the announced Presidential candidacy of .  Much of the “criticism” is coming from the Right.  Before a speech has been made on the actual campaign trail, before a single dollar has been raised, before a single debate, before a single baby has been kissed, some have dismissed his chances already. | Read More »

    Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation: Religion Harms Equality, Women’s/Gay Rights

    On Wednesday evening the Northern Illinois University Secular Student Alliance had the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Dan Barker, as their guest speaker. During a more than hour-long talk about religion, atheism, the work of the FFRF, and the establishment clause of the First Amendment Barker said in part that the students in attendance and his organization cared about the “inequality and the | Read More »

    Joe Walsh: Amnesty Could Get Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL) Primaried Like Eric Cantor

    At Tuesday’s LaSalle county Tea Party meeting former congressman Joe Walsh talked about congressman ‘s support for amnesty and how that could lead to him being primaried the way was in 2014. As the night unfolded several people lobbied Walsh to be the person that challenges Kinzinger.   Kinzinger is a Boehner yes man, and has voted repeatedly in favor of President Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Finally: An Actress Who Refuses to Apologize to Radical Feminists

    Actresses these days haven’t given me much of a chance to cheer for them. Just when they begin to make common sense arguments about gender in society, they turn right back around and apologize for them. The first case in point: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. I was ready to make “The Big Bang Theory” star my new hero this past January. In an interview with Redbook magazine, | Read More »