Independence From What?

    Independence Day can only mean one thing: hot dogs, barbeque, and mattress sales. Because if there’s anything our nation was founded upon, it’s the right to get a good night’s sleep for one-year-no-interest financing. It also means that we are celebrating our independence from tyranny, independence from a government far removed from the people it governs, independence from a ruling class bent on power, completely | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan on the Fourth of July

    Ronald Reagan on the Fourth of July

    This is the full text of President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Independence Day address. According to Reagan aide Michael Deaver, Reagan himself wrote this speech. I felt it was appropriate to share here today.   “For one who was born and grew up in the small towns of the Midwest, there is a special kind of nostalgia about the Fourth of July. I remember it as | Read More »

    The Exorcism of Mayor de Blasio, Another Critic of Donald Trump

    According to a story in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office is looking at the City’s contracts with presidential candidate Donald Trump—including two ice skating rinks, a golf course and a carousel—all operated by the Trump organization. This was in the wake of Trump’s comments about illegal aliens coming across our southern border: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not | Read More »

    It’s time to go after liberal media bias

    Big media has had a distinctly liberal political bias for years.  Indeed, the media functions as if it is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  Everyone in GOP politics must realize that, but too many want to look the other way and pretend that media is objective and neutral.  Recent events give us a new opportunity to expose media’s bias for all to see, | Read More »

    Why Christians should be optimistic about the future of America

    I can honestly say I’m not proud to be an American this 4th of July because of what our country has become. A country is only as great as its average citizens, and the average American has no knowledge of what built this country, nor gratitude for all the things they take for granted that probably 99% of the world’s population doesn’t have. I’m proud | Read More »

    Setting Forth the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms 2.0 Saturday, July 04, 2015

    If it was possible for men, who exercise their reason to believe, that the divine Author of our existence intended a part of the human race to hold an absolute property in, and an unbounded power over others, marked out by his infinite goodness and wisdom, as the objects of a legal domination never rightfully resistible, however severe and oppressive, the inhabitants of these States | Read More »

    Independence Day and True Freedom

    “…the American Dream may include material well-being, but at its heart the American Dream is about Freedom – not freedom to disrespect the law, or one another, or to trample the value of human life and kill whomever one pleases. True Freedom comes with responsibility to treat one another with respect, to tolerate one another, rather than to perpetuate divisiveness and disrespect for the law, or civil society. Independence Day should awaken the better part of people to rise above the pettiness of human culture and reconnect to the values and ideals that led to the birth of the United States of America.

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    Antigone And The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

    Sophocles In the wake of the Supreme Courts ruling last week that nationalized same sex marriage as a “constitutional right” many people have been openly wondering and talking about whether or not they should obey “God’s” law when it comes to marriage or to follow the legislating from the bench otherwise known as “Man’s” law. It’s a moral and legal dilemma | Read More »

    These Colors Don’t Run

    These Colors Don't Run

    We celebrate the red, white, and blue today, because it’s July 4, Independence Day. If you haven’t noticed, flags are a big deal in the media lately. Unless you’ve hidden your head in a bag, or lived under a rock, you couldn’t help but see story after story about flags. Our flag’s design goes back a long way: on June 14, 1777, the Second Continental | Read More »

    George Takei: An Intellectually Honest Liberal in a Dishonest Tribe

    George Takei: An Intellectually Honest Liberal in a Dishonest Tribe

    The conservative world exploded in outrage over George Takei’s blatantly racist remark calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “a clown in blackface,” but they all got this story wrong. Takei is a very rare bird: an intellectually honest liberal. I’m not going to cover in detail what Takei said and what Justice Thomas wrote.  You can read about it here, here, and here. To sum up, Justice Thomas wrote | Read More »

    July 4 Honors Independence from Big Government, Not Dependence on It

    The 4th of July marks an incredible day in history. Some 239 years ago, the Founding Fathers declared our independence from an overbearing and intrusive British government. Their extraordinary act of courage marked the birth of an exceptional nation, where citizens enjoy the greatest freedom in the world. America is unique because our founders recognized that true freedom does not come from government, it comes from | Read More »

    US Senate Republican First Marking Period Report Cards

    We are through the first six months of the 24 months of the 114th Congress.  It is time for the GOP report cards after the first marking period. Receiving an A+: Cotton of Arkansas, Inhofe of Oklahoma and Sasse of Nebraska Receiving an A: Barasso of Wyoming, Fischer of Nebraska and Risch of Idaho Receiving an A-: Boozman of Arkansas, Burr of North Carolina, Cassidy | Read More »

    July 4, the flag, the Bible: All under attack

    Re-posted from World Net Daily As our nation prepares to celebrate 239 years of independence from a former world superpower 33 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 can’t even name, I am most disturbed by former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell’s recent statement reacting to a bulletin issued by the Department of Homeland Security warning about a potential Fourth of July | Read More »


    Sound the TRUMPets!!!

    The amount of commentary here and elsewhere regarding Donald Trump’s entry into the race for President as the Republican nominee requires a response.  I admit upfront that I am not a fan of Donald Trump- the businessman, the real estate mogul, the person, or the politician.  Most of the commentary centers around three supporting themes that I shall attempt to take on. The first is | Read More »

    IL18 Special Election: LaHood Lies About Tea Party Support

    On Thursday evening Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood was on former congressman Joe Walsh’s radio show on AM 560 The Answer to talk about the upcoming special primary election in the 18th congressional district in Central Illinois to replace the disgraced Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) 39%. During the interview ahead of the election on July 7th, in the heavily Republican district the | Read More »

    What Small Business Helps Pay For Its Employees’ Obamacare? Congress.

    The IRS is fining small businesses that help pay their employees’ health insurance premiums under Obamacare (the “Affordable” “Care” Act). That’s bad enough, but Congress has given itself the ability to do this, contrary to law and good sense. The NFIB reports: Under the rule, which appears nowhere in the Affordable Care Act, employers who do not offer a group health plan, but give their | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term in Review- Part 2

    In part 1, I discussed some criminal law and separation of powers decisions of the Court in the 2014-2015 term.  In this entry, I will take a look at some free speech and civil rights cases (and two tax cases that are overblown).  First, the two tax cases.  In Wynne vs. Comptroller of Maryland ,  this was a 5-4 decision that ruled the Maryland taxing scheme illegal | Read More »

    We need a Conservative, not a Compromiser, Mr. Christie.

    This week Governor Chris Christie opened his big mouth to announce his bid for the Presidency, and his exceptional lack of historical understanding. If there is ever a book written titled “Great Moderates in History” Christie will be forgotten along with the rest of the names it might chronicle. His announcement speech could be summed up in a simple manner, something like: “I’m Chris Christie | Read More »

    God Bless America!

    There’s almost no such thing as a patriotic song I don’t like. I love hymns and songs, both old and new, that were written to honor and celebrate our country. But God Bless America has always been one of my personal favorites. And as I reflected on what Independence Day means to me, I realized that the first verse of this song perfectly reflects my feelings.

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    2016: The Economy Factor

    The financial pages are full of discussion about the first half of the year – how the different stock, bond, and real estate markets are doing; whether the economy is strong enough for the Fed to move toward a more normal interest rate environment; how world events are impacting the economy.  Let’s put the discussion in the context of the 2016 presidential election. First, some | Read More »

    IRAQ The Final Cut For A Country Created By “Cut and Paste”

    A long term solution for Iraq that will finally be workable.

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    Hillary Clinton and how she will punish Americans

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    The New York Times Celebrates Its Declaration of Surrender

    The New York Times Celebrates Its Declaration of Surrender

    The New York Times has published their own ode to Independence Day—a Declaration of Surrender to Islamic terror—while freely offending a billion Catholics who don’t shoot journalists for publishing offensive art. Roundly criticized for publishing a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely of 17,000 colored (non-lubricated) condoms after refusing to publish the cartoon from the cover of Charlie Hebdo last January, the Times standards editor Philip B. | Read More »

    Donald Trump May Be the Great White Hope the GOP Needs

    Donald Trump May Be the Great White Hope the GOP Needs

    The mainstream media is descending on The Donald like buzzards on carrion—and their instincts for a fresh kill are rarely wrong.  But don’t discount Donald Trump. Erick Erickson offered sage advice for the tempestuous-tempered billionaire-cum-politician to stay on offense, but I expect that Trump will rebound very soon. The “stay on offense” advice works best for politicians, but Donald Trump isn’t one.  He’s a unique | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- June 2015

    As long as she continues to use an unsecure private e-mail server, this writer will continue these monthly entries. June 1: Dear diary… heard the news of Beau Biden’s death.  Simply tragic.  Poor Joe…he’s my good friend.  Someone’s death hasn’t shaken me this much since Vince Foster’s.  What else?  Oh yeah- Martin O’Malarkey Malley entered the race.  Geez!  When MSNBC pans your announcement, you know you are | Read More »

    To win the hearts and souls of the uninformed populace, polygamy would not be my play

    Polygamy, as known to the masses, leaves a bad taste in the mouth (no pun intended, ok maybe a little one). Polygamy is associated with stories from the Old Testament and with the early days of Mormonism. It is associated with male dominance and female subjugation. Take a poll and most Americans would overwhelmingly be against polygamy. There would be bipartisan agreement against polygamy as | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger(RINO-IL): Gay Marriage Is The Law Of The Land, Get Used To It

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ](R-IL) Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger finally broke his silence on the Supreme Courts ruling last Friday that nationalized same sex marriage, telling 1440 WROK Wednesday morning that “Gay marriage is the law of the land” and that it is something people will just have to get used to. In typical establishment RINO fashion Kinzinger also | Read More »

    Off to a Bad Start: START-UP NY Spends $45 Million and Only Creates 76 Jobs

    Off to a Bad Start: START-UP NY Spends $45 Million and Only Creates 76 Jobs

    “Move here, expand here or start a new business here and pay no taxes for 10 years.” If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is – and that goes for Governor Cuomo’s tax carve-out program, START-UP NY. New York State Comptroller Thomas Napoli recently revealed that START-UP NY spent $45 million to advertise the program, but created only 76 jobs. The | Read More »

    Marita Noon: The SCOTUS/EPA decision, while not all positive, is worthy of celebration

    The big lesson for the Obama Administration should be read between the lines. They may be, in some back room at the White House, rubbing their hands in glee over the SCOTUS/EPA decision. The Administration can introduce all kinds of controversial and unreasonable rules and regulations that crush growth, kill jobs, and favor its friends and ideology—and even if it, ultimately, gets shot down, it will be too late; the impact will already be felt.

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    “Tail Gunner Trump”

    Sen. Joe McCarthy is best known for attempting to make the case that the US government was riddled with Soviet spies and Communist sympathizers. McCarthy was of course, correct,  ( just Google “Verona Project”) but was unable to successfully make his case to the American people, in part because of his tactics and his temperament  ( no doubt  fueled by his alcoholism) The left reacted | Read More »

    I’ve Made My 2016 Decision

    I've Made My 2016 Decision

    This Presidential election is shaping up to be so much fun. Not only do we have high-quality field of Republican candidates, but each one of those candidates can run against the destructive liberal policies of President Barack Obama. Knowing all of the statistics about how hard it is for the same party to win three consecutive Presidential elections, I’m convinced the GOP has a very | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Clubs our Civil Liberties with 14th Amendment

    In a very strange short story by author Kurt Vonnegut, the concept of equality is parodied.  Harrison Bergeron is the story of a person living in the utopian world of the future, a world where everyone is truly and finally equal under the guidance of the government.  Anyone who knows the story knows that the “solution” is a colossal failure.  Anyone who knows the story | Read More »

    Words have (double) meanings

    John Roberts, in his now infamous second decision to re-write SCOTUScare (I defer to the dissents and note that this is probably a more accurate name at this point) to save it from legislative ineptitude has given the Right the weapon needed to fight in the judicial wars that have now been unleashed thanks to a congress that would rather hide behind the skirts of | Read More »

    Yes, I Am One of the Pod People

    Yes, I Am One of the Pod People

    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance: the five stages of grief.  As a Christian, I’ve gone through these over the last few years, and now I’ve arrived at acceptance. I denied that God could remove His hand from our blessed country, America; that divorce among Christians was just as prevalent as the non-religious.  I denied that our youth were ever more questioning Christian teaching and doctrine, and | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Minyon Moore

    In the drama that is Hillary Clinton, the build-up to her announced candidacy pitted different loyalists against one another and at the center of the “resolution” is Minyon Moore.  Hailing from Chicago, she has deep roots in Democratic Party politics starting in 1984 when she became a volunteer in Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition eventually working her way up to deputy political director.  In Jackson’s | Read More »

    Establishment challenge to Boehner opponent in NC fizzles out

      ”The Republican establishment is ready to take another crack at unseating Rep. Walter Jones” the article in National Journal earlier this month began.  A similar trial balloon was raised in the Raleigh, NC News and Observer at the same time. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) 87%, one of the stalwarts who voted for a GOP alternative to [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ | Read More »

    Walker’s Proposed Amendment – Failure Theater edition

    So Scott Walker has called for a constitutional amendment that will specifically delegate to the states the authority to decide the definition of marriage.  As the governor of Wisconsin he has the authority to call for a special session of the legislature with the specific purpose of considering a formal request to amend the constitution.  Yet… nothing. Here we have a “leader” pandering to the | Read More »

    Why is the Government Regulating Marriage?

    In America the state, not the Bible, not the church, regulates, defines, and redefines marriage. Americans cannot be legally married without complying with and gaining the government’s permission. Yet prior to the 16th century this was not the case. No government regulated marriage, only churches and synagogues recorded and regulated birth, marriage, sex, and death. In fact, the overwhelming misunderstanding of the First Amendment and the concept of “separation of | Read More »

    Why Is There A Civil War In The GOP Over Marriage?

    Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t understand the whole civil war over marriage thing going on in the Republican Party. I mean if you support same sex marriage fine, if you oppose it great. Why does the entire party have to shift their view on the matter namely those who still oppose the idea of two people of the same sex getting married. I | Read More »

    A Bad Bill + Crony Socialism = An Even Worse Bill

    The Barack Obama Administration is – even more than any of its predecessors – the Crony Socialism Administration. No prior presidency has used and abused government to do more for its friends – and more to its friends’ competitors – than has this one. When Private Companies Beg for Government Favors – It’s Crony Socialism Crony Socialism: When Private Sector Losers Turn to Big Government | Read More »

    The Unbearable LightHeadedness of John Roberts

    America’s Chief Justice has a problem. Twice wobbled by seizures, his brain has gone wobbly. To confirm, we may have to wait for this once brilliant man to die, well after all the damage has been done. Or we could soon learn a secret only his honest doctor knows for sure: is John Roberts on medications to help prevent seizures? If so, what are the | Read More »

    If you let the fire burn, you and America may be burned beyond recognition.

    If you let the fire burn, you and America may be burned beyond recognition. Erick Erickson’s article The Wildfire Burns suggests retreating to your “monastery” is a practically viable and morally acceptable strategy. If you wait for the fire to burn itself out, you may not like the result. As an extreme example, when the fires of the Russian and Chinese revolutions burned themselves out, | Read More »

    The 2014-2015 Supreme Court Term in Review- Part 1

    As usual, the Supreme Court’s recent term ended with a bang with decisions on Obamacare subsidies and gay marriage.  I suppose, considering we are entering a presidential election year, the GOP should thank the Supreme Court.  With Obamacare, which remains unpopular according to most polls, the GOP can now make a more forceful argument that the only way to rid us of it is through | Read More »

    The link between climate and poverty

    “It is more a gale than a fresh breeze,” Pope exclaimed, “when the most ground-breaking pope since John XXIII links poverty and climate.” In his post titled “How Pope Francis’s Climate Encyclical is Disrupting American Politics,” Pope pronounces: “Something fundamental is shifting this summer in political and cultural attitudes around the climate.”

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    Over the course of my life as a business person and stock holder I have always been drawn to watching shows about business. My favorite episodes were always the ones featuring highly successful business people like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs and others in the hope of learning a smidgen of the knowledge they have developed in their campaign lifetime.

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    The Most Dangerous Man in America

    In an interview with talk-show host Mark Levin on May 5th, presidential candidate Ben Carson answered this question: “If you were president today, what are three of the things you might want to accomplish quickly?” His answer began with a sentence unique among the 2016 hopefuls, to this writer’s knowledge: Carson replied, “Well, I want to look at the things that are likely to destroy | Read More »

    Supreme Court Aligns with the Left in Assault on First Amendment Religious Rights

    USA Today calls Friday’s legalizing of gay marriage by the Supreme Court “A victory for America.” It is in fact an attack on America, in its very fiber, by the American Left. Consider Obama’s damaging of the Constitution’s balance of powers by repeated (unopposed) intrusions into Congress’s domain; his dismantling of border enforcement and legalization of millions unlawfully in America—financed by Congress; his incitement of | Read More »

    Yanked Around By Marionette Strings…

    Fourteen months ago I posted this on my old, rarely updated blog: “… we are on very dangerous ground right now. On a global/government-led scale, it showed itself with the NSA and IRS scandals. On a societal/mob-mentality level, it showed itself with Chick-fil-A, Elaine Huguenin, Brendan Eich, George Zimmerman, Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, etc. (and all the hypocritical double-standards that are in stark contrast). You play with fire, | Read More »

    Adios America: Review of Coulter’s New Book

    Goodbye to the prosperous country founded by overwhelmingly Protestant colonists in the 18thcentury. Hello to the third-world multicultural mélange with a distinctly Mexican accent, appalling cultural norms, and a clearly leftist political orientation. Such is the vision of the United States given by no-holds-barred pundit Ann Coulter in her latest book, Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. | Read More »