Decoding Obama’s Contrarian ISIS Strategy

          By Bob Bennett   The black flag of ISIS cast its shadow across France on Friday, November 13th. Terrorists killed some 130 Parisians and injured over 300 others, in France’s worst homeland attack since the Second World War; ISIS took credit for it.   After the appalling attack, and a chilling post on a terrorist website, there’s little doubt an attack on | Read More »

    HUD Investigating Rockford,IL City Council For Civil Rights Violations For Objecting To New Public Housing Project

    On Monday the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey stating that the feds were starting an investigation against the city council for possible violations of the civil rights act and the fair housing act, along with breaking HUD’s new affirmatively furthering fair housing rules WREX TV and the Rockford Register Star report. HUD is unhappy that the city council, the Winnebago | Read More »

    New PAC Forms to Bring Rick Perry Back Into 2016 Race

    New PAC Forms to Bring Rick Perry Back Into 2016 Race

    A new PAC has officially formed with the purpose of bringing former Texas Governor Rick Perry back into the Presidential race. The group, called Bring Leadership Back, plans to launch Friday. Governor Perry suspended his campaign for the Presidency on September 11 of this year after a criminal indictment – which was widely considered a partisan hit job – greatly hindered his ability to raise money | Read More »

    Picking a Presidential Nominee in 2016

    If enough conservatives unite, they can nominate and elect any of the more conservative Republican presidential candidates. So there’s every reason for conservatives to try hard now to unite in support of a candidate they believe would be the most determined and effective conservative President possible.

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    Mislabeling, Lying, and Redefining: Leftists’ Favorite Tools Morph Terrorism into Citizens with Guns

    Vox is really talented when it comes to mislabeling, lying and redefining.  They have the same level of integrity you would expect from Pravda, only in the 21st Century.  And, like Pravda, no shame in any of these exercises.  In this case, they are asserting that citizens with guns are a much larger threat than ISIS and Syrian refugees. The entire article is premised on | Read More »

    Cruz vs Rubio will be decided in (early) December

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% is clearly the establishment favorite right now.  He also has managed to put in a rider that prevented the use of general funds to cover the “risk corridors” in the ACA.  This block is what has United signalling that they may exit the exchanges, and if followed by Aetna this would be full bore death spiral. However, | Read More »

    The Republican presidential candidate who has done the most to attack Obysmalcare

    One of the reasons that I have been more in favor of candidates like Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina is that I look for candidates who have actually done something, as opposed to those who say that they are going to get something done, if only they are given the opportunity. Senators and Representatives seem to get such opportunities much less frequently, but | Read More »

    December Supreme Court Docket

    The December sitting of the Supreme Court session starts the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The cases scheduled for oral argument are potentially contentious as the Justices will confront several issues with the potential for some blockbuster rulings.  So in chronological order, here is a summary of the cases to be heard: November 30th Mussachio vs. United States: This case involves criminal procedure and the appeals process | Read More »

    This will not end well…

    The Obama presidency… this will not end well. World War III is getting hot. Turkey is a fellow N.A.T.O. allie of the United States. Russia is fighting against ISIS. Turkey is covertly helping ISIS. Russia is supporting Assad. And France… France is at war with ISIS and is acting accordingly. So, who will Obama side with ISIS and Turkey or will Mr. Obama side with | Read More »

    Steven Hayward emulates those who mocked Reagan.

    In an article at PowerLine, Steven Hayward declares that Trump is an unserious candidate.  But didn’t he write in his excellent Age of Reagan, about how many people, including establishment Republicans thought Reagan would be terrible? Let’s take what Steve wrote and substitute Reagan for Trump.” I still say Reagan won’t make it to the nomination, but right now I’m only about 60 percent confident | Read More »

    Did Vladimir Putin take action while Barack Hussein Obama dillied and dallied?

    From The Jerusalem Post: Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action US officials say Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield Russia confirms that explosive downed plane over Sinai In an unprecedented move, Russia has sent ground-troops into the Syrian battlefield in support of Bashar Assad as the dictator struggles to maintain his power in the continuous four-year-long civil war, according to | Read More »

    First EVER Man Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl (according to Fox News)

    It takes a special kind of higher education to make sense of the following sentence written by the geniuses over at Fox News: “Now, the couple is celebrating their new parenthood with 22-month-old Azaelia, who was born by Caesarian section when Kayden was induced when he was nine months pregnant.” If you were grading papers in an K-12 English class, you might think the “he” | Read More »

    Future Outlook for Iraq’s Economy and Iraqi Dinar

    Future Outlook for Iraq's Economy and Iraqi Dinar

    As the world’s second-largest owner of oil reserves, Iraq is growing rapidly as a regional economic power. And, the country faces an even brighter future ahead. Since the Iraqi economy and Iraqi Dinar depend on revenues from oil sales, understanding Iraq’s oil industry is key to understanding the nation’s economy and benefiting from its growth. In Part One of this two-part series we’ll look at | Read More »

    America needs a little more serpent and a little less dove

    America needs a little more serpent and a little less dove

    Recently my faith has been called into question by some of the presidential candidates running for the Republican nomination because, as a social conservative, I don’t agree with them about illegal immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, or even how we need to address the Syrian refugee crisis. Some of them include: George Pataki called social conservatives a “distraction” from the real issues. John Kasich claimed the | Read More »

    Some good news for Carly Fiorina

    From USAToday: Despite her falling poll numbers, businesswomen Carly Fiorina has one group of GOP voters in her corner. G2 Analytics, an analytics platform that allows users to give real-time feedback during live or recorded events, and the College Republican National Committee conducted a web-based focus group to measure 328 Millennial Republican primary voters’ reactions during the Nov. 10 debate hosted by Fox Business Network. | Read More »

    Talking Turkey: National Security – and Growing Our Own Food

    Turkey: Thursday is, of course, Thanksgiving. A holiday which celebrates our inconceivable good fortune and tremendous bounty. Most of us celebrate our good fortune – by joining with family and friends to consume massive amounts of bounty. We (should) do so in large part in remembrance of how hard it was for the Pilgrims to scrape together enough food on any day – let alone | Read More »

    Is Net Neutrality ‘The Law’ Or ‘The Great Internet Power Grab’?

    Sometime in the next several months, a federal appellate court will choose between two narratives used to describe the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision earlier this year to regulate the Internet as a public utility using “net neutrality” rules: Was the FCC simply implementing the law as Congress had always intended; or Was net neutrality a ploy for an Internet power grab by three unelected bureaucrats? A | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Greens “smuggle” climate policy into the church to tip climate politics

    While I hope all readers find the report’s inside strategic analysis interesting, evangelicals should be particularly alarmed with the realization that we have been, and will continue to be, the target of an organized and well-funded effort, from outsiders who “lacked deep knowledge about evangelicalism,” to “recruit evangelicals into policy solutions to climate change.”

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    Iraqi Dinar and Its Economy after Saddam’s Regime

    The Iraqi Dinar and economy have come a long, long way since the days of brutal starvation under Saddam Hussein. The American-led invasion in 2003 toppled the regime and reset the Iraqi economy. Nowadays the young nation is growing rapidly because of its booming oil industry, and its certainly oil-rich. Still, the Iraqi Dinar’s value hasn’t risen to the level expected by many…. It seems | Read More »

    The Vitter Defeat in Louisiana

    Although not a total surprise, the loss of Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) 84% to Democrat John Bel Edwards in the gubernatorial race needs to be taken in context.  Losing this seat simply creates a net zero at the Governor’s office level since the GOP picked up a seat in Kentucky earlier in November.  In an earlier article, I predicted that Vitter would | Read More »

    Some Candidates About to Go Broke

    At the end of the third quarter the candidates had to submit a bunch of financial documents.  These included simple things like the dollars coming in, cash on hand, and expenditures.  Let’s exclude Trump since should he ever decide to pay for his campaign out of pocket he could, and Jindal out of respect. We can take a quick stab and ask “if no more | Read More »

    Economics 101: Maybe people have gotten smarter?

    From The Wall Street Journal: Why the Housing Rebound Hasn’t Lifted the U.S. Economy Much Many homeowners don’t realize they have home equity to tap, while banks have pulled back on loan amounts and other types of loans have become cheaper By Joe Light | November 22, 2015 2:50 p.m. ET American homeowners are finally digging out of the hole created by the housing crisis. | Read More »

    The Private Sector Solves Problems – Government Exacerbates and Creates Them

    The seven years of the President Barack Obama Administration have provided us with two diametrically opposite things. The government time and again failing utterly in just about everything it tries to do – economic recovery, job creation, health care, defense of our borders and our nation, budget stewardship,…. Meanwhile, the Administration and its Democrat Party keep usurping and pushing to usurp as much of the | Read More »

    King Leonidas, ISIS and the Culture War Barack Obama Refuses to See… Nevermind Fight

    A week and a half ago fascist thugs of ISIS attacked Paris. Three days later President Obama addressed the world from Istanbul and said the attack was “an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.” That is a wonderful sentiment, but like most things that come out of Barack Obama’s mouth, it’s wrong. There are not universal values. Take freedom of | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Five Reasons Why the Clinton Foundation Will Be a 2016 Campaign Issue

    The finances of the Clinton Foundation are now being closely examined by numerous media outlets and watchdog groups. With this increased scrutiny, the foundation could develop into a huge campaign issue dogging Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign throughout 2016. Republican presidential candidates can boil down the Clinton Foundation’s problems into three bumper sticker themes: Hillary can’t be trusted, the IRS is corrupt, and the Clinton’s only | Read More »

    There’s a Very Clear Path to Victory Over ISIS with the Peshmerga, but the Door is Closing

    There's a Very Clear Path to Victory Over ISIS with the Peshmerga, but the Door is Closing

    All of the pieces to the puzzle of defeating the Islamic State without American combat troops doing the heavy lifting are in place. The United States and our allies can destroy all but a remnant of the Islamic State if we act quickly. If we continue to pursue the current atrocious policy regarding them, the window of opportunity may be closed, leaving nothing short of | Read More »

    Conservatives don’t fear ISIS; the Left will reap the whirlwind

    Conservatives don't fear ISIS; the Left will reap the whirlwind

    President Obama thinks Republicans are scared of the Islamic State.  We are not.  But we’re terrified of Obama’s policies, the New York Times editorial board and the liberal narrative they are spouting. The president said the Islamic State “can’t beat us on the battlefield so they try to terrorize us into being afraid.”  The Left’s response to being bullied to is be foolhardy, call Republicans fear-mongers, and | Read More »

    The federal government loves illegal immigrants . . . and the taxes they pay

    From the Raleigh News & Observer; hat tip to Sister Toldjah! NC worker arrested after complaining about wages Miriam Martinez Solais worked for low wages in a Roxboro restaurant until 2014 After Solais reported lost wages to labor officials, former boss had her investigated Federal labor officials want restaurant owner cited for retaliating against employee who complained By Mandy Locke | ROXBORO – When | Read More »

    Another Day, Another Trump Gaffe

    Donald Trump delivered a gaffe-filled speech in Alabama on Saturday, exaggerating that crowds of Americans in New Jersey cheered the attacks of September 11, 2001. I was prepared to defend him, if he had merely misspoken, but given time for reflection he doubled down. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. | Read More »

    Why Trump’s consistent position atop the polls could be a problem for Cruz

    I think I finally understand why Trump has done so well in the polls for so long, despite his controversial statements and cluelessness on the issues, and why he’s doing better than Cruz, even though Cruz is much more conservative. It all comes down to uneducated, blue collar white voters. They’re voting based on personality and name id rather than policies and ideology. They simply | Read More »

    Election Day ! Louisiana! (an open thread about anything)

    I kneaux nothing about Lussiana politics, and I’ll be the first to admit it. But, I suspect others on here do and may want to chime in. Plus its a weekend, which means all kinds of stuff can happen and usually does, hence the desire for open threads since some stories have no home to go to. Also, this is Thanksgiving week. So, dig out your | Read More »

    Mizzou was the spark; Now there’s a fire.

    Mizzou was the spark; Now there's a fire.

    Missouri was finally out of the news. For what seemed like months on end, most new cycles in the country focused their discussion on the Ferguson riots, and the subsequent riots that broke out in places such as Baltimore. After a while, the riots simmered, and Missouri seemed to be breathing a sigh of relief. Until now. The latest actions in the state of Missouri | Read More »

    Why The Obama-Clinton Terrorism Rhetoric Fails

    It seems a day does not go by without President Obama or Hillary Clinton making some facially absurd argument about Islamic terrorism. They assign themselves a fool’s errand: convince the world that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. They hope, by their rhetoric, to drive a wedge between the radicals and the rest of the Islamic world. President Obama has gone so | Read More »

    The Conspiracy Against Trump and Your Candidate May Be Next

     The Wall Street Journal has news up of the latest group formed to bring down Donald Trump. At least I believe that’s what its about as the actual story is behind a paywall and I was only able to catch the gist of it thanks to The Hill. Liz Mair, who use to work in communications with the RNC and was on Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign before he dropped out, has | Read More »

    the maniac in the high castle

    I’m watching The Man in the High Castle which is an amazing TV show on Amazon about an alternate history where the Nazis and Japs won the WW2 and America is basically divided up itnto a east coast colony of the Nazi Reich and a west coast colony of the Empire. Its brutal and depressing and amazing, because the rebels are basically screwed, but are | Read More »

    Republicans in WV Poised to Make More Gains in 2016

    It’s less than a year until the 2016 elections, and Republicans in West Virginia are in a great position to improve on the gains they’ve already made in 2014.

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    Which America Do We Choose?

    After the Paris terror attacks, the world was shaken — yet again. For many, it was not only the 130 people killed, it was a flashback to attacks closer to home. 9/11, the London Underground bombings, the Boston Marathon; they have all left their mark on us, but it is up to us both as Americans and as humans to decided what that mark will | Read More »

    Paul Ryan moves America closer to another 9/11

    Paul Ryan moves America closer to another 9/11

    One of the objections to making Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) N/A% the replacement for the retiring Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% as Speaker was the fact that he was too close to the former leader philosophically and politically. It was believed that he would be nothing more than a Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% 2.0. On | Read More »

    Reconciliation: A Test of Leadership for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

    Sitting in the U.S. Senate right now is a reconciliation bill, already passed by the House, which advances two major conservative priorities: 1. Repealing major portions of Obamacare 2. Re-directing Planned Parenthood’s tax funding to entities that provide real health care to women and don’t abort children & harvest their body parts What is so special about using the reconciliation process to advance these two | Read More »

    Why Islamic terror in Mali bodes very ill for Europe

    Why Islamic terror in Mali bodes very ill for Europe

    Overnight, Islamic terrorists took 170 hostages at a hotel in Mali.  Why would Islamic terrorists take hostages in Mali?  Most Americans don’t even know what continent Mali is on (Africa), or where it is in Africa (I admit, I had to look on a map).  What’s special about Mali?  Turns out, quite a bit. Mali is former French colony, now an Islamic state.  It’s a | Read More »

    Syrian Refugees: Restoring the Proper Focus

    Democrats always seem to be better at Public Relations than are Republicans. When faced with an indefensible position, they change the subject. Here we have a totally discredited Middle East strategy in which Hillary Clinton is inextricably complicit, particularly in Libya, but also in its grand design. We have a narcissist president who cannot admit, probably even to himself, that his policies have encouraged, then | Read More »

    Let them in

    Today the House passed a bill that will slow down, if not stop refugees from Syria from being able to be re-settled in the United States. This is in my view a mistake. For one, it doesn’t address the serious issue of the Administration refusing to give governors information as to their plans, and other concerns that some have raised. My main problem with this | Read More »

    Is Ted Cruz the next Goldwater or the next Reagan?

    The more I watch Cruz on tv and on the campaign trail, the more I wanna like him. I agree with him on pretty much every issue, more than with any other Republican candidate. But as of right now I intend on voting for Rubio in the primary instead of Cruz, and the reason is I just don’t believe Cruz can win in a general | Read More »

    Why Should God Save America

    I am a Christian.  I make no apologies, and I am happy to say I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior, and everything I am and everything I hold dear comes from Him. This was once believed by the majority of our citizens to be a Christian nation.  I know that our politically correct re-written imperial History now tells | Read More »

    RELAX – The great and powerful Hillary has spoken.

    Well now we can all just relax can’t we, because Hillary has spoken: “Muslims have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with terrorism. Must be those dog-gone Amish terrorists disguising themselves as Muslims. Shame on those people to say they are pacifists then libel the good name of the ‘religion of peace’. Maybe not, perhaps it is not the Amish. Hillary I do have one question, it | Read More »

    Theologizing Social Policy in the Wake of the Refugee Crisis

    There has been plenty written here on Redstate about the Refugee crisis that more able commentators have delved in to. I do not mean to rebut any of what they have said and I generally agree with what has been said. Erick, in multiple posts, has confronted the argument that Christians in particular should be completely for letting in the refugees carte blanche. In my | Read More »

    Hillary’s Top 5 ISIS Failures

    The American people are looking for their next president to outline a clear path to victory against the unimaginable evil of radical Islamic terrorism, but in her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations today, Hillary Clinton offered nothing more than soaring platitudes and promises to largely double down on the existing Obama strategy. As a candidate, Clinton is counting on the fact that voters will perceive her | Read More »

    First your schools, now your healthcare: Obama sidesteps Congress to redefine “sex”

    The following is a guest post by my Alliance Defending Freedom Colleague Samuel Green.   President Obama’s administration insists on forcing boys and girls in our nation’s public schools to share restrooms and locker rooms with each other. But instead of just targeting vulnerable children who must attend school, the administration seeks to expand its agenda to include vulnerable patients in dire need of healthcare. How is | Read More »

    If you Stand for Nothing, You will Fall for Anything

    Our forefathers declared our Citizens’ inherent right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  By popular vote, we extended that right from White, Male, Property owners to anyone 18 and older in age.  Our concept of liberty, over the centuries, has evolved. Liberty is at the core of the raison d’etre of our Nation.  We are not France.  We are not a country where “Liberty, | Read More »

    The Postmodern Left and the Embrace of Dysfunction

    Something happened on the way to the postmodern liberal’s march for tolerance; they completely forgot why they were marching or what they were marching for. Martin Luther King marched for liberty and equal treatment. Everything the left does now- whether one considers abortion, or race relations, or the way to handle terrorism, or marriage, or global warming, or police protection, or 2nd amendment rights, or | Read More »