Obama’s War on the War on Terror

    Reprinted from Instigator News Network President Obama’s recent treatment of our “allies” reveals his true ideology, even to those dolts who’ve been taken in by his charade as a moderate. He has upgraded Iran from most treacherous enemy status to most esteemed ally, while consigning Israel to a slot somewhere between Russia and North Korea. Israel has endured a string of punishments administered by the | Read More »

    Dear Penn Jillette, How Much Do You Have to Hate Somebody to Encourage Their Sin?

    Not long ago, magician and all-around entertainer, Penn Jillette asked, “How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize? How much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?” Jillette, a professed atheist, surprised many with his questions on proselytizing. However, in his recent CNN commentary on Indiana’s RFRA Law, he seems to have | Read More »

    Rural Woodsman Condemned For Prophetic Insight

    Spineless milksops are outraged at Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty over the most profound thing he may have ever said. At a prayer breakfast in Florida, the backwoodsman took direct aim at the ethical bankruptcy of moral relativism. In the example, Robertson postulated an atheist family where not only are the daughters raped, the wife decapitated, and the father threatened with bodily mutilation but where | Read More »

    On WMAL Radio: Iran is following North Korean Playbook

    I was on WMAL Radio this week with Larry O’Connor regarding the Iranian nuclear deal. I explained how Iran is following the exact same playbook as North Korea used in buying time until they completed and tested their atomic bomb. North Korea’s tactics included claiming their program was only for peaceful nuclear power, kicking out and later re-inviting inspectors, making promises in exchange for removing sanctions and then breaking | Read More »

    Is Obama Going After Bloggers In His War On Whistleblowers And Transparency?

    In addition to the Obama Administration’s war on whistleblowers, their staggering lack of transparency seems to be escalating at an unprecedented pace. Last year 38 journalistic organizations sent President Obama a letter asking him to stop politically driven censorship of the media. Just a few days later 47 Inspector’s General sent letters to the House and Senate Government Reform Committees asking for their help in | Read More »

    The Politics of Easter

    I love my country.  I consider myself a patriot.  I believe that the United States has provided more people with more freedom and more opportunity than any other nation that has ever existed.  I think the United States has been blessed by God. Having said all that I must admit that I am only a citizen of this country in a transitory and momentary way | Read More »

    Why don’t Senate Republicans deem the Iranian “agreement” a treaty, and move directly to a ratification vote?

    Disclaimer: Whenever I have chosen to diary at Red State, I believe I am well-versed in the subject material. In this case, I’m not that sure..I do not profess to be a Constitutional scholar….but it appears that neither is the Congress. One of the major issues confronting our nation is the ever-increasing power of the Executive branch, and the apparent willingness of successive Congresses to | Read More »

    Reservations about Walker Amplified

    I believe I have been fairly consistent in claiming that I would probably be okay with voting for Walker, but he is not my first choice.  He has a record of fighting liberals and winning in a purple state on economic issues, HUGE plus mark for him.  However, I have a hard time believing he is conservative across the spectrum.  In many ways it is | Read More »

    Ted Cruz In Iowa: “Defending Religious Liberty Is Not A Fringe View”

    Speaking at a town hall event in Cedar Falls, Iowa Thursday Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%, the first official candidate running for President in 2016 on the Republican side, said that, “Defending religious liberty is not a fringe view” during remarks about the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Gov. Mike Pence’s signing of a clarification bill that some see as | Read More »

    Tired of Civil Rights

    Imagine if you would for a moment that you have worked hard and learned how to make violins.  Not just any violins, but fantastically wonderful violins.  You decide that you want to make the world a better place by building these violins and then selling them at an extremely low price (much lower than the market is asking for) to less than privileged high school | Read More »

    Ted Cruz In Iowa: We’ll Win In 2016 With “Bold Colors, Not Pale Pastels”

    Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% of Texas was in Cedar Falls, Iowa Thursday as part of a swing through the first caucus state before heading to South Carolina Friday. During the town hall meeting Cruz said that he can win in 2016 by emulating Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign and by following the Reagan model of bold colors, not pale | Read More »

    The One Word That Will Win Ted Cruz the Nomination

    In last November’s election, the Republicans campaigned on just one issue. Extreme opposition to Barack Obama and his big government, liberty stealing agenda. They said “If you put us in power, we will stop him. There will be no amnesty and no Obamacare.” Many conservatives, myself included, actually got suckered into believing that, and worked tirelessly to give Republicans a majority in both the House | Read More »

    Indiana RFRA Rightly Protected Human Rights of Business Owners

    Some of the anger expressed about the RFRA in Indiana is antagonism with the whole idea of protecting religious liberty. Other issues result from specific elements of the legislation. It is highly disturbing to an observer in the forum of ideas to see that legislation supposedly produced as a consequence of thoughtful discussion of principles can be so readily discarded by supposedly principled leaders and | Read More »

    Is this the strongest response we can muster?

    It is said when when you are in a bar and someone is challenging you, and you do not have the opportunity to escape, you better prepare for battle. What you don’t do is try to reason with an assailant, because it is way too late for that. So, instead of throwing your hands up and pleading, you amp yourself up and get the adrenaline | Read More »

    Good Friday: Sunday’s Coming!

    Good Friday: Sunday's Coming!

    It’s Good Friday.  Why is it good?  Because Sunday’s coming!  Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.  Behold the King of the Jews, dying for the salvation of all! Matthew 27:1-57 Jesus Handed Over to Pontius Pilate 1 When morning came, all the chief priests and elders of the people plotted against Jesus to put Him to death. 2 And | Read More »

    ICANN, Meet Your New Master, the FCC

    The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an executive branch agency within the Department of Commerce, sparked controversy last year when it announced its intent to transition its oversight of Internet domain names to “the global multistakeholder community.” The controversy is now over. The NTIA no longer has authority to relinquish U.S. control over the Internet domain name system. Though few seem to have realized it, the FCC assumed | Read More »

    The Inquisition 2.0

    The Inquisition 2.0 is a government-backed series of civil and criminal prosecutions designed to punish private citizens for behavior not in accordance with a new set of “enlightened” beliefs.  The Constitutional Congress enshrined protection for a set of beliefs directly out of the Age of Enlightenment.  Those beliefs were silent on slavery, women’s rights and other areas which were left to the States to determine | Read More »

    Take the Gloves Off in the Culture Wars

    There are a few people of faith and conviction who are still willing to stand up for their principles. Those people are being systematically punished. Careers are being ended, businesses are being destroyed, and lives are even being threatened by the enforcers of the selfish wave of belligerent decadence currently throttling society in the name of tolerance. As usual, conservatives are taking a high minded | Read More »

    The Great (Not!) Indiana Boycott

    Prior to the passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the polling company- Marist- released results of a poll they conducted on the issue from February 25th to March 1st.  In that poll, 54% of respondents agreed with the idea of a RFRA with 65% of respondents stating that no one should be fined or imprisoned if they have religious objections that conflict with | Read More »

    My Response to Being Made to Care

    In the sprit of civil discourse, I submit my response to Olive’s remarks. I will be forthright and declare at the outset that I do not approve of homosexual behavior. I do not approve of gay marriage, gay pride parades, or sounding from the rooftops any time a gay person accomplishes something for the first time. No amount of legislation, public pressure, government coercion, or | Read More »

    A three point plan

    I will make this short and sweet. I know a lot of people do not have the stomach for this, but here is my proposal for fighting back.   1. Boycott Walmart,  Angie’s List and any other corporation that has extorted Indiana. We need protests outside their  stores. Angie’s List would be a good place to start since their  headquarters is in Indiana. 2. The | Read More »

    Iconic Progressive Presidents and World Wars

    There is a disturbing pattern when it comes to iconic Progressive Presidents.  Woodrow Wilson presided over substantial changes to our system of government.  World War I occurred during his term.  Following the war he worked to shape the international order through the League of Nations. Franklin Roosevelt presided over some of the most sweeping changes in the size and scope of our government.  World War | Read More »

    Obama/Kerry:Peace In Our Time

    These are dangerous times. Politics and polling aside, we are seeing the end game of the Obama administration’s policy of withdrawal from the Middle East. Unlike Obama’s domestic legacy, Obamacare, which can be absorbed and corrected over time, the administration’s attempt to restructure the balance of power in the Middle East – away from our traditional allies in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and toward | Read More »

    Ted Cruz, In the Line of Fire

      I occasionally like to cite the old saying, “If you’re not getting flak, you’re not over the target.” Applicable in so many situations, it can now be applied to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%’s recent announcement that he’s running for president. At this early stage of the game, I’m not so interested in his platform, or his political record. But watching | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Angie’s List

    Follow the Money: Angie's List

    Most of us remember the Yellow Pages, but our kids look at us like we’re speaking a foreign language when we mention the tome of phone numbers that was our top reference for pressing service needs each day. Today, with services like Angie’s List, we have information at our fingertips anywhere. With their “Reviews you can trust” slogan, they have taken much of that uncertainty | Read More »

    Will Indiana sell RFRA to Appease LGBTQ Activism?

    The ink was hardly dry on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Law before the LGBTQ activists began to protest. They began to shout and demonstrate and make demands on Twitter, because they did not get what they wanted. They have every right to have opinions, but in this vocal and explosive minority is not willing for a discussion to have any outcome they do not like. | Read More »

    State Governors & RFRA: Who will fight for truth?

    There have been alot of posts on RFRA issues, with varying tones. So I’ll keep this short & to the point. This issue is no longer about gay-rights vs religion. It’s not about discrimination vs individual freedom. This is about TRUTH vs LIES. Yes, the Left is up in arms over these laws. Yes, they will throw a temper-tantrum in your state bigger than the one | Read More »

    Easter In Yemen

    In the Middle East & parts of Africa, with the regional violence that has become a fixture, there is a growing sense that unless something significant changes, Christians will continue to be slaughtered or driven out of their homelands and ultimately out of the region that was the birthplace of Christianity. On account of the escalating conflict in Yemen and Easter’s rapid approach, it is worth | Read More »

    Much Ado About Nothing?

    I support the  Indiana RFRA without clarifications or modifications.  I also support public discussions based on the actual facts.   After digging into to the details of the Indiana RFRA controversy over the past couple of days, it is clear to me that  99.9% of the arguments on the Indiana RFRA have nothing to do with the actual statute. Douglas Laycock, a professor at the University | Read More »

    The Left’s Hypocrisy Over Discrimination

    With all of this hoopla surrounding the Indiana RFRA law, a reasonable person would have to expect that there was indeed some merit to this claim of discrimination within the law. The only problem is that most of the left have not bothered to read the law. (It’s only four pages.) Then they want to talk about what might happen instead of the actual content | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton to officially announce WH run in front of Gowdy’s Benghazi committee

    Hillary Clinton has decided to formally announce that she is running for President while she is testifying in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Clinton has repeatedly delayed the the official start of her campaign, and it has been believed that she had planned to kick it off sometime in April. When committee chair Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 89% announced | Read More »

    Response to a Young Gay Man, and Being Made to Care

    Response to a Young Gay Man, and Being Made to Care

    To the young gay man who shared so openly and clearly on RedState:  thank you.  It’s refreshing to see someone willing to engage in real debate without invective, accusations, and straw men.  That’s a rare event these days, and it deserves recognition and encouragement. That being said, beyond encouragement, such a heartfelt diary deserves a response.  And the response must be just as clear, open, | Read More »

    The Continuous Travails of Hillary Clinton

    In the continuing drama known as the race to the White House in 2016, Hillary Clinton seems to keep hitting speed bumps along the road.  The latest bump- the State Department and her private e-mail account- is just the most recent example self-inflicted blunders.  We can count among them her Benghazi testimony and the continued investigation, the roll out of her book tour, her claims | Read More »

    The Fight Against Executive Amnesty Must Continue

    Like many of my freshman colleagues, I believe I was sent to Congress in a wave Republican election with a mandate from the American people to hold the President accountable for his unchecked lawlessness and circumvention of the Constitution. Lately, the headlines have been dominated by religious freedom, continued turmoil in the Middle East, more scrutiny around Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email, and ongoing | Read More »

    Speaking of Going Both Ways…

        It’s quite easy to picture, really… I live in a part of the country that has been voted by various adjudicators (The Today Show, National Geographic, etc, etc,) as one of the most beautiful places in the nation. Thus, it started out as a place peopled by rugged, manly, reticent, individualistic pioneers– who were, in their turn, replaced by middle-class vacationers, who were | Read More »

    How Obama’s Hit Job on Israel Will Spin Out of Control

    In the end, it may very likely be Israel who saves the world from the menace of a nuclear Iran.  They have played this role before.  They took it upon themselves to take out Iraq’s nuclear facility, saving the world from a nuclear-armed Saddam Hussein.  It is ironic that as President Obama looks to enact an international version of fundamental transformation in the Middle East, | Read More »

    Call their bluff

    In an attempt to intimidate the states that pass an RFRA, businesses have threatened to leave the state, on the command of their masters that being the Militant Homosexual Lobby. The most prominent company is Walmart who as we know has their headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas. So, okay Pence and Hutchinson here is what you do, if that’s the way they want to play, call | Read More »

    Thoughts From a Young Gay Man on Homosexuality, Religious Freedom, and Being Made to Care

    Two years ago I sat on my grandfather’s porch watching the sun burn red on a summer evening.  We were sharing a drink with two of my uncles – Dewar’s White Label, a fine concoction and likely the best my grandfather has tasted.  I wish that he would upgrade to single malt though, if only because he can and his time grows short, but grandfather | Read More »

    Deadly Decades: Roe at 42

    Deadly Decades: Roe at 42

    From the diaries… In January of 1973, the Supreme Court decided that women have the right to an abortion, and the legality of such a procedure was granted. To “celebrate” this decision’s 42nd birthday, NARAL Pro-Choice America recognized it with an event called “Realizing the Promise: Roe at 42″ on Monday, March 30. Throughout the day, the hashtag #RoeAt42 appeared, as women celebrated, congratulated, encouraged, honored | Read More »


    Yesterday I was reading and listening to all the commentary on the Indiana RFRA, and I wrote down the following thoughts I had on the issue: If believing that God and His commands must come before all else, and congregating, worshiping, and behaving in accordance to that conviction can be a form of religion, then refusing to engage in or honor objectionable behavior in accordance | Read More »

    Let’s change who we currently are

    Yesterday Mike Pence capitulated and without further ado I will ask this simple question: Why do libs always win? The answer lies in exploring who we are and who we need to be. We’re Curmudgeons. We are the “get off our lawn people.” we see protests and instead of actively engaging the issue with demonstrations of our own, we cluck our tongues, shake our heads | Read More »

    Freedom of Religion

    Freedom of Religion

    The one thing about the RFRA law passed in Indiana, and now more recently in Arkansas, is that I am going to ask why? Why do we have to have our religious freedom “restored” in this country. According to the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… Now, | Read More »

    Being President Doesn’t Mean Having Everything Your Way

    How many times have we heard President Obama or his minions explain his highly questionable executive actions by saying, “He had to do it because congress didn’t do anything.” Whoa! Have I moved to a different country? If congress isn’t doing what the President wants, the President needs to go up to the hill and work it out. That’s what Ronald Reagan did. That’s what | Read More »

    Proof Hillary is Running for Obama’s 3rd Term

    Re-posted from World Net Daily Credit: Hillary Clinton Twitter account March 23, 2015 That infamous White House fly on the wall (the one that landed on Obama’s face) was all ears (and wings) when President Obama secretly met with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week. “Secret” was the operative word since the meeting was not on the president’s official | Read More »

    Government-run Transparency Site is Now Even LESS Transparent

    Last summer, I wrote about how an audit by the GAO of the government-run transparency site, (USASpending.gov), revealed that more than 90% of the information found on there was inaccurate. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) audited spending data from 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, by comparing government agency records with those found on USASpending.gov. The GAO reported that only 2-7% | Read More »

    No Conservative Or Republican Is Saying This, AND I’M SICK OF IT!!!

    For those of you who don’t know about Baronelle Stutzman, she’s a 70-year old florist and a devout Christian who lives in southern Washington state (not near to Seattle). She had frequently done business with a same-sex couple for several years. But when they asked her to provide flowers for the couple’s upcoming homosexual “wedding”, Stutzman said she couldn’t due to her religious beliefs; in | Read More »

    Seriously … what is so difficult about this?

    I don’t get it. Is there some sort of GOP bylaw that says that Republicans should at all times avoid as much as possible having to make a case for their own policies or arguing back against disingenuous talking heads? I saw this with George W. Bush, I’ve seen this with Republicans in Congress and I’m seeing it now with Republicans in Indiana – this | Read More »

    The New Yorker Calls GOP ‘Opportunistic’, ‘Fear-Mongering’ Over Iran Opposition

    The New Yorker Calls GOP 'Opportunistic', 'Fear-Mongering' Over Iran Opposition

    The Obama-worshipping sycophantic media always presumes his motives are pure and conservatives are crass and evil.  And they just keep proving it over and over again. The New Yorker penned this piece titled “A Calculated Risk” which lays the blame for Iran’s nuclear ambitions on Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft.   No kidding. Ford’s talks failed, as did negotiations undertaken by the Carter Administration. In | Read More »

    Cochran Forms Exploratory Committee

    Fresh off his 20 point victory for his 7th Senate term, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) 55% is reportedly forming a Presidential Exploratory Committee for the 2016 race. He’ll provide balance to the principled, articulate, and conservative candidates that are currently mentioned in the polls. Presuming this will be a turnout election, Cochran’s appeal to Mississippi voters should spill over into neighboring states assuring | Read More »

    The Failure of Public Education

    Public education began in the United States in the 1800’s but did not become widespread until the early 20th century. Public schools today are an easy target for anyone wanting to lament about how bad our education system has become. Every politician wants to be the “education guy”. Who does not want improved education? No amount of dollars or reforms in the current model will | Read More »