Ted Cruz: Why Am I Persecuted?

    This is a clip from Ted Cruz’s performance in a law school production of The Crucible If you listen to this more than a minute, you will feel like you are persecuted too Hey, Ted should look on the bright side, it wasn’t The Scarlett Letter Answer:  If you are catching flak, you are over the target… I am pretty sure this is a parody!   | Read More »

    Check the actions of donors of SuperPAC, “Make America Awesome”

    The entire despicable affair regarding the absolutely destructive behavior of Donald Trump has, in my opinion, been orchestrated to maximize the sleaze affect in order to suppress the Cruz vote. Since Trump is maxxed out on being able to get new voters, he is now trying to prevent Cruz from amassing enough votes to win at a contested convention. Keep in mind my contention that | Read More »

    End welfare for the well-to-do!

    From The Wall Street Journal: Solar-Panel Installers Face Clouded Future Solar-power incentives for homeowners shrink as local utilities pressure state regulators By Cassandra Sweet | March 25, 2016 1:21 p.m. ET Many U.S. states are considering dialing back solar-power incentives amid growing pressure from local electric utilities, potentially dealing a blow to the companies that install home solar systems around the country. More than 900,000 | Read More »

    Lawmakers Urge IRS, Justice Department to Return $29K Seized from Dairy Farmers

    A bipartisan group of lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee is urging the Justice Department, Treasury Department, and Internal Revenue Service to return money “inappropriately” seized by the IRS under civil asset forfeiture. Led by Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam, R-Ill., and Ranking Member John Lewis, D-Ga., the group of 14 lawmakers also called on the agencies to give property owners the opportunity to petition | Read More »

    Trump’s forgotten what happened when he insulted Fiorina

    There are two possibilities regarding Trump’s dumb and mean tweet about Heidi Cruz: 1) Trump is just a jerk who likes to demean women or 2) Trump is a jerk who likes to demean women AND he thinks this will help him strategically. This diary will look at Trump’s dumb tweet assuming it was intended to be strategic and also look skeptically at the conventional | Read More »

    “Wife Wars” Shows the Embarrassing Media Coverage of Trump

    The mainstream media is in the bag for Trump. It has been evident for months and cannot be denied. This incessant desire to shove all things Trump down our throats knows no limits. From their live coverage of every second of his rallies to their allowing him to phone into any show whenever he wants, cable news cannot get enough of Donald Trump. The Media’s | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/25 Open Thread: Obama’s #1 Priority; Buying Made in the USA is Hard; Kerry Doesn’t Dance.

    Welcome back to the Watercooler, your daily open thread diary. So what is Obama’s #1 priority? For the first time ever, he used the words “top priority”  response to a question at a presser in Argentina: “You’ve resisted calls to alter your strategy for fighting the Islamic State and you said that your critics aren’t offering any better ideas. But the attacks keep happening. Did Brussels change | Read More »

    Wisconsin poll update – Ted increases his lead!

    A new poll by Washington Free Beacon conducted on March 19-20 shows Cruz leading Trump by 4.8 points, 36.2 to 31.4. Ohio Gov. John Kasich trails with 20.8.  This is up from the Emerson College Poll which showed Cruz with a 1 point lead of Trump. Cruz’s lead expands dramatically in a head-to-head contest with Trump. If Kasich were to drop out before the primary, | Read More »

    Why is Donald Trump Ashamed of His Wife?

    So here’s my question, why is republishing a picture that was taken during a photoshoot ON DONALD TRUMP”S jet, when Melania was his girlfriend some kind of low blow or vicious attack? I’m serious. Donald Trump practically sponsored this photoshoot. Clearly he had no moral problems with it at the time It was done on his private jet at a time when he was thinking | Read More »

    This is what happens when our President has been raised by Marxist and Communist sympathizers…

    President Barack Obama Speaking To The World (what could go wrong)   Where has Communism succeeded?  It has never succeeded. Every Communist state has been a failure. China is “communist” in name only and has morphed into a crony capitalist nationalist oligarchy. Not exactly a good thing, but not really communist. This is what happens when you are raised by Marxist and Communists sympathizers (and | Read More »

    German Politics: A Template for Donald Trump

    Recent state level elections in Germany have some political pundits wondering and worrying about the rise of so-called Right wing parties in Europe and elsewhere.  In Europe, Right Wing parties have a different connotation than here in the United States.  And their rendition of “Right wing” is something akin to a socialist-nationalist worldview  while here although there can be some nationalism involved, the Right wing | Read More »

    Contested Convention Countdown: Trump can only afford to lose 271 delegates

    So: As we all know, it takes 1237 required to win on the first ballot… Donald Trump has 739 in the bag so far… There are 944 delegates still up for grabs. Trump needs 498 delegates to win the primary outright. However, of those 944, 175 are unbound delegates (American Samoa (9 delegates), Colorado (37 delegates), Guam (9 delegates), North Dakota (28 delegates), Wyoming (29 delegates), | Read More »

    Using Trump to Defend Clinton

    Recently Guy Benson went on Fox to denounce Donald Trump for attacking Ted Cruz’s wife.  This is right and good.  All of us should be appalled that Trump chose to attack Heidi Cruz.  But the media is playing a much more long term game, whether they realize it or not.  The media is setting up a narrative with Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz that puts | Read More »

    No, Ted Cruz is not honor bound to support Trump if he is the nominee.

    A man’s word is his bond. Some people, including good men like Ted Cruz take this seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they feel honor bound to keep a pledge made to do something, even when that something is distasteful. Ted Cruz has consistently answered in this way when asked whether he would support Donald Trump, were he to become the nominee. He signed a | Read More »

    Sean Hannity forced to admit Ted Cruz had ZERO connection with Melania Trump ad

    Sean Hannity forced to admit Ted Cruz had ZERO connection with Melania Trump ad

    Anyone who listens to Sean Hannity’s radio show or watches his television program knows how pro-Trump he is. He never says anything negative about Trump, nor will he allow others to without interrupting them and shutting them down. As a result, Trump has been friendly in return and has granted Hannity many interviews, which means high ratings. Yesterday, in his rush to carry Trump’s water, Hannity | Read More »

    A Call for Civility

    A Call for Civility

    Just yesterday, during his address on the state of American politics, Speaker Paul Ryan stated: We always held ourselves to a higher standard of decorum. We treated each other with respect.  We disagreed—often fiercely so—but we disagreed without being disagreeable. I speak of this in the past tense only because I no longer serve here. But it almost sounds like I’m speaking of another time, doesn’t it? It sounds | Read More »

    You Sniveling Coward, I am Paying for This Microphone!

    From Ronald Reagan, An American Life: I decided I should explain to the crowd what the delay was all about and started to speak. As I did, an editor of the Nashua newspaper shouted to the sound man, “Turn Mr. Reagan’s microphone off.” Well, I didn’t like that—we were paying the freight for the debate and he was acting as if his newspaper was still sponsoring | Read More »

    We are at war with Islamic Terrorists. Islamophobia isn’t helping…

    There is no question we are at war with Islamic terrorists. If you do not believe that, you are completely disconnected from reality. Whether or not the terrorists are interpreting their (false) religion correctly is up for debate. But one thing seems fairly clear: not all Muslims have an extreme view of Islam. But it is also clear there are radicalized Muslims among us. Just | Read More »

    WV Democrats Play Games with State Budget During Election Year

    For the first time since 2009, the West Virginia Legislature ended their annual 60-day regular session without a budget, thanks to games played by Democrats.

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    To Hell with the Presidential Contest — Give Me the NCAAB Tournament

    The year 1978 matters for me.  One reason is the 1978 NCAAB championship game.  Michigan State vs. Indiana State.  Magic Johnson, a 6’8″ guard vs. Larry Bird, a 6’9″ forward.  What a game.  I watched it from a room high in an Atlanta hotel tower. Jimmy Carter was president.  What a downer.  The 1970s had been a big downer.  But now this basketball game.  With | Read More »

    Contemplating Trump: Five Perspectives

    Most participants in American democracy are casual observers; some have a self interest to pursue; many are trying to figure out what they should do about the Trump phenomenon, with lots of mental cross-currents. On the Republican side many have seen their favorites vanquished – some several times.  To a large extent the “what to do” answer depends on which of several intermingled perspectives are | Read More »

    #CruzToVictory over #UnelectableTrump

    I came to a stark conclusion today after reading yet another Berman piece on how unelectable Trump is: BECAUSE Trump is unelectable, it would be ‘safe’ for me to vote Trump. You see, I got into the #neverTrump corner because I know Trump is a lying, corrupt, phony.  I don’t want to be held responsible for foisting this man on the country. I cannot vote | Read More »

    Ted Cruz in Wisconsin

    Will the anticipated Scott Walker endorsement, push Ted over the top?     With Cruz and Trump neck and neck in Wisconsin, this has become an important state for Ted (I hestiate to use the term “must win” but basically all the remaining primaries are critical for Cruz). Wisconsin is a winner take all state and with 42 delegates that is important. Nate Silver says | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/24/16 OPEN THREAD – Trump on ISIS vid, Poli-coffee, Rubio at Convention

    Trump shows up in ISIS vid ISIS has out a new video in relation to the suicide bombings this week in Brussels.  Newsweek says in addition to showing the aftermath of the bombings it”…also features images of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.”  And it’s not just a picture of Trump: “It uses a recent audio clip of Trump’s comments in response to the | Read More »

    The GOP Is Struggling, But It’s Not Entirely Their Fault.

    The GOP Is Struggling, But It’s Not Entirely Their Fault.

    If this election has proved anything, it has proved that the Republican Party is struggling with its supporters. The rise of Donald Trump (and even Ted Cruz) has shown many voters are frustrated with the party. While some Republicans have broken their campaign promises and have compromised their morals, the majority have not. First, conservative radio and TV pundits (nationally and locally) have driven voters | Read More »

    Wisconsin – NOT your typical ‘Rust Belt’ state

    I grew up in Wisconsin… Milwaukee suburbs, to be exact… It’s a nice state 7-8 months out of the year, abjectly miserable for the other 4 (aka ‘Winter’)… It’s also markedly different politically from it’s eastern neighbors in the Midwest, and logically *the* strongest state for Cruz east of the Mississippi… Why? For one, Wisconsin actually has a reasonably diversified economy… You have farming, paper production, | Read More »

    Ted Cruz’s Mighty First Day

    I know it is hyperbole to say what you will do your first day in office if elected President, but if Ted Cruz hopefully (1) wins the GOP nomination and (2) wins the general election, he has a mighty chore ahead of him.  He did take one off his day 1 “to do list:” repeal every word of Obamacare.  With this issue, Cruz rightfully explained | Read More »

    In One Awful Retweet, Donald Trump Demonstrates Why He Must NEVER Be President

    In One Awful Retweet, Donald Trump Demonstrates Why He Must NEVER Be President

    The bombast is part of Donald Trump’s appeal. I get it. His supporters believe that he tells it like it is. They make whatever arguments they can muster to justify all of the immature and mean-spirited things that their chosen nominee does on a regular basis. With this latest Tweet, he demonstrates why every America-loving patriot should do everything within our power to prevent this | Read More »

    California Could Decide the GOP Nominee

    California Could Decide the GOP Nominee

    In 2008, California was part of the first Super Tuesday and helped to propel John McCain to the nomination. Then, in 2012, it was so late that I didn’t even vote. I assumed that the same thing would happen this year with California being on the last primary day, but I was wrong. This year, California may be the decisive blow to push Donald Trump | Read More »

    Ted Cruz’s new high risk high reward media strategy might yet pay off…

    Before Rubio dropped out, he did what he and his advising team thought vital, to go toe to toe with insult king Donald. but he really went into the gutter and became dirty himself in wrestling with the pig. I called this an error at the time, and was proven right. He was right about needing to outflank Donald, he just got too much into | Read More »

    E-mail-Gate II: Obama EPA Caught Using Private E-mail for Government Business

    This latest e-mail scandal also warrants full investigation as well. EPA officials are empowered to administer policies and regulations on behalf of the American people, and not the special interest groups, including the ‘green’ interests, that clearly have a vested interest in the outcome of these policies.

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    Cruz leads in close Wisconsin race, Kasich plays the spoiler

    Hot off his big Utah victory and the gathering momentum of endorsements, including Jeb Bush, Cruz has some good news on the polling front: A slight lead in Wisconsin. An Emerson College poll of Wisconsin GOP primary voters, March 20-22, shows Cruz at 36%, Trump 35%, and Kasich 19%.  Behind the top-line is good news for Cruz in that he has better favorables than Trump, | Read More »

    In the wake of the Brussels Terrorist Attacks, Ted Cruz’s comments are blowing the minds of Democrats and Media Pundits

    Sticks and stones (and especially  ISIS nail bombs) will break your bones, but Ted Cruz’s comments will not hurt you… Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s hysterical reaction to Ted Cruz’s comments, the Trumpist case against Cruz, Obama apologizes in Argentina, Cruz becomes the focus on the campaign Rush was all about Ted Cruz today, noting how the Democrats and Media are getting hysterical over the rather mind | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/23 Open Thread: Quick Hits, Trumpkin Butthurt Fun, Help Wanted

    #NeverTrumpWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… A Personal Thought Gentle readers, I beg your indulgence for a moment here, but I’d like to dedicate today’s Watercooler to the one I hope to grow old with, 45 years young yesterday and still “Has It” every bit as much as many women half her age. Happy Birthday, love!   Quick | Read More »

    Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) Will Lose. And It’s His Fault.

    Plain & simple, Mark Kirk is toast. Not just regular toast but that kind of burnt, left out to dry rock hard kind of toast that if dropped would crack your granite countertop and which even your dog won’t eat.

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    Filtering out the Myths Supporting Cigarette Taxes

    Filtering out the Myths Supporting Cigarette Taxes

    The Nebraska Legislature recently considered raising the tax rate on tobacco products such as cigarettes. The bill was brought to committee but, thankfully, failed to receive enough votes to be heard on the floor. In this case, Nebraska legislators made the right decision – an unreliable source of revenue and discriminatory in nature, cigarette taxes offer little benefit to the public good and can actually | Read More »

    Lawmakers Want Big Brother to Get a Warrant Before Looking in Your Inbox

    Lawmakers Want Big Brother to Get a Warrant Before Looking in Your Inbox

    If the Email Security Act becomes law, the inboxes of millions of Americans will get a security update overnight. The bill would prohibit the government from accessing private email accounts without a warrant. But civil rights and law enforcement advocates remain at odds over the legislation. Proponents say the bill secures privacy rights online while opponents complain it unfairly privileges digital information. At issue is | Read More »

    John Kasich Is A Dingleberry For The GOP

    John Kasich produces more dingleberries for the GOP

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    The coming Armageddon – Donald Trump may be the match, but the GOP set the kindling…

    Absent a political earthquake, Donald Trump will be the GOP’s nominee for President of the United States. It is possible that he won’t, but the odds are long. His nomination will set the nation on a disastrous course that is only partly – and a small part at that – of his making.When Donald Trump wins the nomination the $2 billion of free media he | Read More »

    What Alexander Hamilton Can Teach Obama and Harry Reid

                There is much controversy over the GOP leadership in the Senate allegedly not entertaining the nomination of Merrick Garland to succeed Scalia on the Supreme Court.  The Democrats argue that the Senate is supposedly obliged to consider the nomination.  The Republicans counter that any decision could wait until after the presidential election- “let the people have a say” through the | Read More »

    This is Islam

    My bachelor degree is in history.  That really isn’t anything special.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most moderately trained monkeys could actually get a college degree these days.  However, one thing that my background has enabled me to do, is to see modern Islam for what it is.  If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Islam, let me tell you a little about it. | Read More »

    Da’ish must want Donald Trump to be our next President

    From The Wall Street Journal: Brussels Attacks Will Jolt 2016 U.S. Presidential Race An uneasy electorate will try to decide who is best prepared to protect the U.S. By Damian Paletta | Updated March 22, 2016 4:29 p.m. ET WASHINGTON—The terrorist attacks in Brussels posed an immediate test for the winnowing field of presidential candidates, who offered sharp reactions Tuesday as an uneasy electorate tries | Read More »

    Thousands of votes in Arizona probably won’t be counted

    This is not complicated, but it’s getting overlooked. Not everyone’s vote today in Arizona will be counted. Arizona is holding a Presidential Preference Election. Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has told the public, repeatedly, only registered voters of participating, recognized political parties can cast their votes today.  That means Republican, Democrat or Green Party votes will be counted.  “Independent” is not a party. She’s told them here, and | Read More »

    I Used To Be For Cruz but Now I’m for Trump: Really?

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you choose. But I have seen some variation of the above in at least a hundred comments on the internet lately and have heard it from guests calling in on the Sean Hannity show. I don’t believe these people for one minute. It is a calculated effort to create a stampede effect toward Trump. It is meant to discourage | Read More »

    Soros company, Smartmatic, Controls 80% of Utah Votes

    Get ready for some shenanigans in Utah. Over 80% of all voting is being done on the Internet, using a process contracted to a company called Smartmatic. So why is this issue of concern? Last July, technical writer C.J. Wilson wrote about the purchase of the company Smartmatic, which had a track record of providing Internet voting in Venezuela (?!!), by a fella named George | Read More »

    Revitalizing #OHGOP Effort? Phhhft!

    Over these last few months, we’ve seen stories of Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges and the silliness of their attacks on conservatives. While there are a dangerous few conservative incumbents in the state party, challengers were offered to many of the remaining 66 members of the State Central Committee in an attempt to revitalize the Republican Party in Ohio and make it more open to | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/22 Open Thread: Brussels Burns, Obama Fiddles; AZ & UT Vote; Neocon Hillary?

    Welcome back the Watercooler on a somber day for too many but also a hopeful day for democracy as America continues to vote for the next presidential nominee. Brussels Burns, Obama Fiddles and Watches Baseball There is no good reason for Obama and his family to spend three days in the Communist paradise of Cuba. Is it just me to think that any other president would rush home after Brussels | Read More »

    The FBI, FCC, Online Privacy And You: Whose Data Is It Anyway?

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler is proposing discriminatory Internet marketing rules — rules that restrict the marketing efforts of Verizon FIOS and other Internet service providers (ISPs) only while giving Google and other big data companies in Silicon Valley an anticompetitive advantage in online advertising. Wheeler claims discriminatory marketing restrictions are intended to protect the privacy of “your data,” including “the websites that a customer visits, how often they visit them, | Read More »

    Dude: Why Did George Soros Just Write ANOTHER Big Check to John Kasich?

    Dude: Why Did George Soros Just Write ANOTHER Big Check to John Kasich?

    Only five other entities have contributed more to the Kasich-linked New Day for America Political Action Committee than Soros Fund Management. Now –like the Church Lady might ask– “Why would that be, hmmm?” Not that it really matters, mind you, but George Soros recently wrote a second check to John Kasich for $115,000, bringing his total Kasich Philanthropy to over $210,000. Yes, yes, I know. | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Trying to make winners out of losers

    By now, most people probably know about one of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s biggest campaign gaffes to date: “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” As soon as I heard it, I tweeted: “Imagine a presidential candidate running for office based on putting people out of work?” I wasn’t the only one shocked by the uncharacteristic clarity of her statement. Lacking | Read More »