Comfortably Numb

    I’m going to admit you into my circle of trust here, by telling you a secret. A Secret of the First Order, like the Unified Field Theory, the God Particle, or the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Ready?

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    Read What Planned Parenthood Supporters Really Think About Children

    Read What Planned Parenthood Supporters Really Think About Children

    CAUTION/NSFW: Vulgar language is used in the comments. While perusing the Planned Parenthood Action Facebook page, I noticed someone had posted a comment advocating that taxpayer money be cut off from the organization. In the volley of comments that followed, I got to read the true nature of the most steadfast defenders of Planned Parenthood and abortion, which I proceeded to screenshot. Again, there is | Read More »

    Michelle Obama Falsely Claims Illinois Leads Nation In Job Creation

    At a Democrat Party get out the vote campaign rally in Moline, IL Saturday for Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin, and congresswoman Cheri Bustos First Lady Michelle Obama said that Illinois was leading the nation in job creation. According to the Senate Joint Economic Committee Illinois added 18,400 jobs in September. By contrast the great state of Texas created 29,200 jobs in September in the | Read More »

    NARAL, SBA List, and the Condompocalypse

    This week NARAL launched what may be the most hysterical – in both meanings of the term – ad of the cycle. Given the strong efforts of the Wendy Davis campaign in Texas, this is no small accomplishment. NARAL’s ad claims that Colorado’s Republican Senate candidate would “ban” contraceptives, leading to a run on condoms that would leave Colorado citizens roaming the city looking for the | Read More »

    Progresssives Demand It- TAKE a Woman to Vote

    Progresssives Demand It- TAKE a Woman to Vote

    I just received a political e-mail from a group of people, mostly women from what I can determine from the message, who appear to be more than a little conflicted. The group calls itself “Better Georgia,” and the authors of the e-mail, Amy Morton and Lauren Benedict, were kind enough to acknowledge that that they know I’m busy. Then they went on to tell me | Read More »

    Complaint: Maggie Toulouse Oliver misused government website to campaign for herself

    Complaint: Maggie Toulouse Oliver misused government website to campaign for herself

    Another instance of [alleged] inappropriate activity from Maggie Toulouse Oliver Could it be that Maggie Toulouse Oliver has been more than simply using her Twitter account to engage in what appears to be illegal electioneering!? It seems that according to Maggie Toulouse Oliver, using any tool to get an edge and win an election is worthwhile and to be taken advantage of.  Is this the | Read More »

    2014 Performance Evaluation of Congress: You’re Fired.

    This election, are you better or worse off than you were before President Obama took office?  CONSIDER HEALTHCARE. The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, was President Obama’s single legislative accomplishment, passed solely by Democrats. President Obama knew in 2010 that nearly 93 million Americans would lose their existing health insurance plans. That’s nearly one third of Americans. In addition to the millions who lost | Read More »

    Mid Term Election Outcome

    Well are three days out from election day and it looks as though the GOP gains RCP predicts for Governors and Senators. Republicans are going to gain 7 seats in the Senate, there will probably be 1 net governor gain depending on Illinois and we’re going to wipe the floor with every democrat that represents a conservative district. All in all this isn’t going to be | Read More »

    Rasmussen Has Shaheen up by 7 points

    I have been watching this race very closely. Brown had closed a 20 point g and then for a time pulled ahead only to settle back to a tie in recent weeks. now Rasmussen’s latest poll shown Shaheen up by 7. I know New Hampshire is “fickle”

    50 Years of Failure: The Nation-Wide Political Ad Elbert Guillory Should Do Next

    Below is a script for an ad that I believe can go nationwide, directly aimed at the African American (and every other) community. The cast should be African American adults from all walks of life, of all ages, including politicians, e.g. Mia Love, , Elbert Guillory, Artur Davis, etc. It may be longer than 30 or 60 seconds and therefore expensive, but here’s the thing; | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Georgia

    Before looking at the races, it is important to note the well-publicized efforts of the Democratic Party to turn Texas blue.  I have argued in the past that this is a less likely scenario than them turning Georgia blue.  The changing demographics of Georgia is the key factor.  This will not be an overnight happening, but more likely to occur by 2024.  All that being | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Elbert Guillory Confronts Democrat Racism in Georgia and North Carolina. Awesome

    Watch this purely awesome ad by Elbert Guillory — the Louisiana state senator who switched to the Republican party a couple years ago — as he confronts Michelle Nunn’s hypocrisy. These kinds of ads need to be run all over the country. Here’s another one calling out . Here’s a link to Guillory’s website promoting “Republican values in all communities.” The Watercooler is always an | Read More »

    The Redstate Contributors’ GOTV Talking Points Open Thread

    I hope that all of you here will share you GOTV (that’s “Get Out Out The Vote”) efforts in this crucial election. How many phone calls did you make? How many doors did you visit? If you live in a very red or very blue district, how many calls did you make for other conservative candidates not in your district? Me? I’ll confess I called | Read More »

    Dan Bongino Powerfully Demolishes the “War on Women”

    Dan Bongino Powerfully Demolishes the "War on Women"

    I felt that I needed to share this short post recently put out by Maryland congressional candidate Dan Bongino on his Facebook page. The post combines emotion and truth to strike at the heart of the absurdity that is the liberal creation known as the “war on women.” After a long day of campaigning in the rain I just returned from the grocery store. Diapers | Read More »

    Landrieu, by extension, admits to being a bigot

    As the midterm campaigns round the bend for the home stretch, it’s not difficult to surmise which candidates are feeling uneasy.  in Louisiana is squirming, and because there is nothing of substance that she can run on, she decided to go to the back of the play book and deploy a Democrat party failsafe – the race card. In an interview Thursday on NBC, the | Read More »

    VA is a disaster, and we are partly to blame.

    “But if we were in charge, things would be different.” I want it to be so, but with the current anti-liberty crowd, it’s just not the case. Republicans don’t advocate for liberty enough, but they sure as heck advocate for votes. Pandering by both sides is at an all time high, yet our Founding Fathers warned us repeatedly about expecting the government to be the | Read More »

    What do Barack Obama and Sammy Davis, Jr have in common, and how does it impact Hillary?

    The great Frank Sinatra  headlined at the  old Sands Hotel in Las Vegas for many years, during the heyday  of the “Rat Pack.” In 1966, “Sinatra at the Sands,” a LIVE recording was released. It is, simply put, superb. If you’ve never heard it, and enjoy the old standards, you’re in for a rare treat. One of the tracks is a twelve minute monologue by | Read More »

    Clinton: In search of minions

    Clinton wants her audience to follow her blindly.

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    Midterm Races in Alaska

    There are three races in Alaska this year- the at large congressional seat, a gubernatorial election and a Senate election.  As for that congressional seat, incumbent will take on Democrat Forrest Dunbar.  This is the least interesting of the three races and Young should win this race. As for the gubernatorial race, incumbent Republican Sean Parnell finds himself in a hard fight to keep his | Read More »

    Incomprehensible Immigration Reform

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet | Read More »

    No Obligation To Watch The World Series

    The closing segment of the 10/26/2014 episode of Fox News Sunday lamented the decline in the ratings of the World Series over the past few decades. A number on the panel yammered on about that being statistical evidence of Americans no longer being able to delay gratification. Where is it written anywhere that Americans are required to enjoy baseball? Is as much concern expressed on | Read More »


    Maybe it is a lingering reaction to the surprise loss of Mitt Romney in 2012. Maybe it is a suppressed memory of the Democratic near-sweep of contested Senate seats in 2008. Maybe it is fear of Charlie Brown-like disappoint after six years of Barack Obama and . Despite all of the good signs, there is still plenty of reason to be nervous – and not | Read More »

    less wrong = more right

    I hear many conservatives lamenting the state of the Republican party, and Lord knows, I, too lament.  It saddens, disappoints, and vexes me that conservatives are so reluctant to push an agenda that will be necessary to reverse the damage done since the end of the Reagan administration.  I genuinely believe that a sustained effort, years, of educating people of the consequences of liberalism and | Read More »

    Maggie Oliver New Mexico Secretary of State hopeful campaigns illegally?

    Maggie Oliver New Mexico Secretary of State hopeful campaigns illegally?

    Would Secretary of State hopeful and Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver use her position to give her own dark money allies and friends a leading edge? Just two days after tweeting a comment about supporting “accountability in elections” (this tweet alone is misleading hypocritical due to the support of dark money organizations Oliver receives), Democrat nominee for Secretary of State Maggie T. Oliver, tweeted | Read More »

    Being a Woman is Awesome and Crazy and Awesome!

    Why do feminists want to get rid of all this? I don’t want to be a guy. Don’t get me wrong – I love guys!

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    WV Democrat Party Leaders Using Intimidation to Get Out the Vote

    Now that we are in the final stretch, Democrat Party leaders in West Virginia are turning to intimidation to get out the vote.

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    Midterm Races in Arkansas

    Arkansas is an important state this year which has recently grown in importance if that were possible.  There is a hotly contested gubernatorial and Senate race and two of the state’s congressional seats, currently held by Republicans, have become interesting.  The First District and Third District are safe Republican holds.  The interest lies in the open Second and Fourth Districts with vacating the spot for | Read More »

    Spinning a Loss

    A recent article by E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post is indicative of the fantasy world of the average liberal.  In that article, in some bizarre preemptive attempt to explain anticipated Democratic losses in the Senate, he presents “four underappreciated facts” that need some explaining.  The first is the number of Democratic seats that are not in play at this point.  He notes that the GOP | Read More »

    Attracting Women

    If you think about attracting women, one of the things they look for in a guys is being fun. Many guys gets too nervous or insecure around women and rarely allow the women to relax and have fun around him. One of the fastest way to have fun with women is to flirt with them, of course. You can tease them and be playful. And | Read More »

    Pentagon: Latest F-35 Deal Shaves Unit Costs by 4%

    The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin announced a new production contract for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter this week, with the new purchase deal cutting costs for each aircraft by close to four percent. The contract will include the Defense Department procuring 43 F-35 jets. From DoD Buzz coverage: Under the previous production contract, the Pentagon in 2013 agreed to pay $112 million per | Read More »

    And the WI Governor’s race just keeps getting better and better: Mary Burke was FIRED from Trek!

    Pretty much everyone here knows who Scott Walker is, and what he’s gotten done since 2010…. From cutting public unions down to size, to being the first Governor to survive a recall, to voter ID, WI has finally started moving in the right direction… The flip-side of this, of course, is that the labor movement (primarily) and liberal groups hate his guts… From turning the | Read More »

    Elections Have Consequences So Don’t Bury Your Vote

    On a near daily basis, we receive a number of callers into our daily radio program at the ACLJ , Jay Sekulow Live!, rightfully upset about the most recent appalling Executive overreach by the President or devastating vote in the Senate or House of Representatives.

    The question always comes up: “Isn’t there something we can do to stop this outrage?”

    Our Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow’s answer is always the same. “Elections have consequences.”

    And we’re the ones to blame for those consequences.

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    Judge Orders Disabled Child Starved to Death in UK

    Judge Orders Disabled Child Starved to Death in UK

    Once the pinnacle of civilization, the UK has succumbed to the culture of death once again.  A mother was granted a petition to kill her own twelve year-old daughter, who was not dying of a terminal disease, not on life support, and not able communicate her wishes. If you’re ill and unhappy, or just unhappy with life, death is the answer, according to supporters of euthanasia.  | Read More »

    a refugee by any other name…

    Obama and his entourage have a pattern of bastardizing the definitions of words, twisting them to suit the objective du jour.  Just a few months ago a federal judge declared that the federal government was not authorized to issue subsidies to people who acquired their health care plans through a federal exchange.  That ruling was made because — that is what the law says!  Moreover, | Read More »

    Micro Education centers. A pillar for the urban agenda.

    I understand that there is an election next week. It is too late for conservatives, federalists, tea party patriots, or radical Republicans to develop and benefit from an as of yet undefined urban agenda. But one of the problems with conservatives, and Republicans in general is that outside a few political junkies the will go away for the next two years, expecting that in a couple months | Read More »

    Thomas Perez, the “Disparate Impact” Crusader

    The idea of “disparate impact” is an abomination that has taken root in the business world and is being pushed into other sectors as well, such as housing and labor. This idea holds that “a defendant can be held liable for discrimination for a race-neutral policy that statistically disadvantages a specific minority group even if that negative “impact” was neither foreseen nor intended. In such | Read More »

    Selflessness and Selfishness

    Over the weekend I read the highly publicized account of the nurse who was detained under the new mandatory quarantine rules put in place by the state of New Jersey. On the one hand, I admire the nurse for the brave work she has done caring for Ebola victims in Africa.  On the other hand, I am mystified that someone so close to the crisis | Read More »

    I’m Weird as Heck

    I know you have those nights where you just can’t sleep. Like me, you probably heard something very very very very stupid and you just can’t swat the stupidity fly away. It keeps buzzing by your brain and mucking it. You are wide-awake raging until you find sweet release by placing a pillow over your face and start punching it as hard as you can. | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Louisiana

    About a month ago, Sabato’s Crystal Ball ran an article noting that come November 5th we may not know who has control of the Senate.  One of the reasons was Louisiana.  Election Day is like a pseudo-primary in Louisiana where if anyone gets 50% of the vote in any race, they win that office.  If they fail to get 50%, it proceeds to a runoff | Read More »

    Week 43 Chronological Bible Reading and Week 20 New Testament Reading

    Week 43 October Monday 27 Luke 10:1-11:36 Tuesday 28 Luke 11:37-13:21 Wednesday 29 John 9-10 Thursday 30 Luke 13:22-15:32 Friday 31 Luke 16:1-17:10; John 11:1-54 Saturday Nov 01 Luke 17:11-18:17; Matt 19:1-15; Mark 10:1-16 Sunday 02 Matt 19:16-20:28; Mark 10:17-45; Luke 18:18-34   Week 20 October Monday 27 Ephesians 3-4 Tuesday 28 Ephesians 5-6 Wednesday 29 Philippians 1-2 Thursday 30 Philippians 3-4 Friday 31 Colossians | Read More »

    2014 Elections – How to pick credible candidates for public office

    The best measure and prime indicator of what a candidate is likely to do in office is what they’ve done as a citizen, in their professional or work life and in the community or their record of service in the armed forces. Those factors are your best measuring sticks.

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    Obama’s Dream (New World Order)

      Over a period of many, many years the “Progressives” have invaded our Government, our civil organizations, our schools, newspapers and news media including the arts.  Government programs had been implemented to keep the poor oppressed and controlled – generations of dependents have been spawned under these hideous programs. The stage had been set for a “dark horse” to come from behind and take over | Read More »

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester first found a public spotlight focused on her when, as a “mom with a blog and calculator”, she exposed a host of financial irregularities within the DeKalb County School Board. Ultimately, six of nine board members were removed by the governor. Currently, Jester is running for the District 1 County Commission position, and once again she is taking a hard look at the | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Find Me

    The book of John in the New Testament is my favorite of the four gospels. Jesus speaks eloquently throughout the chapters about the depth of love He has for his Father and, in kind, the depth of love that He and His Father have for us. In chapter fifteen, Jesus makes a profound declaration to His disciples: You have not chosen me, but I have | Read More »

    There’s No Such Thing as a “Self-Radicalized” Islamic Terrorist


    It’s a term you are bound to hear a lot of, along with “lone wolf” and “recent convert to Islam,” in the wake of two separate terrorist attacks in Canada and one in New York City last week.

    Yet there is no such thing, and the label, more than mere semantics, trivializes and belies the reality we face.

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    Why the Whole “Shipping Jobs Overseas” Attack is Disingenuous

    Businesses are constantly make decisions about where its people need to be do their jobs. They follow the incentives to be the best company, to manufacture their product in the strongest and least intrusive way. Oftentimes that means, at some point, part of their operation moves abroad. Opening up new foreign markets doesn’t lose jobs. Relocating work overseas most typically is a reaction to proximity | Read More »

    You Want More Affordable, Accessible Food for the Planet? You Want Less Government

    What is far and away the most important global trade commodity?  Food.  People have to eat. Before the world’s peoples can afford to purchase from us an iPhone, or a Ford pickup truck – they have to buy (hopefully our) food. And governments are making sustenance so much more expensive. Governments raise the prices of everything we try to buy. They do so indirectly – | Read More »

    Obama Reveals The Stakes Of This Election

    In the Senate races this year, a vote for a Democrat—any Democrat—is a vote to empower President Barack Obama. But listening to Democrats on the campaign trail, you could be forgiven for not recognizing that they embrace the Obama agenda. They know that Americans disapprove of the president, so they know that admitting their support for him would be terrible for their electoral prospects. But | Read More »

    Scoring On Your Own Goal

    Scoring On Your Own Goal

    Michelle Nunn has fired her primary weapon:  a TV ad running in Georgia featuring Dad, former Senator Sam Nunn. Dad:  I may be a little biased… Michelle:  I think you’re a lot biased, dad… Dad:  But I know Michelle would make a big difference for Georgia, and for our nation. I certainly agree.  A catastrophic difference. An endorsement by the former Chairman of the Senate | Read More » Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya adalah agen yang relatif baru di pasar poker online di negri kita Indonesia, meskipun masih baru akan tetapi agen judi poker ini, menjadi salah satu situs poker ramai pengunjungnya dan menjadi salah satu situs terbaru yang paling menjanjikan di internet. Hal itu ditunjukkan dengan bisa kita lihat dari penawaran promosi besar-besaran, penarikan cepat dan perangkat lunak yang | Read More »