The Immorality of Government Pension Obligations

    I know that pensions are out of the news right now and that defund is the defining issue of the moment.  However, I think it is appropriate to revisit these issues from time to time. Let’s consider somebody (Bill) moving from New York State to Illinois.  The best estimate of New York’s unfunded pension obligations that I can find per capita is $814 while Illinois | Read More »

    It’s nice to be on offense, isn’t it?

    So much of Obama’s Presidency has been an unrelenting assault – a push for one legislative horror after another,  coupled with a continual usurping of power.  The encroachment has been at the national level, the state level, and even the government and liberal media vs. convenient scapegoat citizen level.  We’ve seen a phony crisis after phony crisis from a President whose political philosophy seems to | Read More »

    Cruz cures Krauthammer of cul-de-sac phobia?

    For weeks, Charles Krauthammer has trashed the effort led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to defund Obamacare as a “cul-de-sac” strategy because it would inevitably end in a government shutdown-showdown, that Republicans “just can’t” win. Yet, last night he endorsed the notion of conditioning a hike in the debt limit or a continuing budget resolution on either subjecting federal employees, including congressmen and their staffs, to Obamacare | Read More »

    Play Me Again, Imam So basically what happened is this. Iran’s new president, the supposedly moderate Hasan Rouhani, watched Russia and Syria play our President, his Secretary of State and the entire American National Security apparatus for the spineless, egotistical fools that they are, and he said, “Hey, I got to get me some of that.” And so the slow dance of ignominy began. First, friendly words, in | Read More »

    Po Pimps in 4th Grade

    Maybe you have seen this maybe you haven’t but here ladies and gentlemen is just another example of Common Core making sure that our children are ready for the world. I mean once they get through school they have to be able to survive and that’s where Common Core comes in. I mean how else can they explain teaching kids about a song called Po | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ Delaying the Individual Mandate

    The Defund Effort did accomplish some things though not it’s primary goal of Defunding Obamacare. That is it made Delaying Obamacare a “compromise” something only this week Senate Majority Harry Reid opposed adamantly, and was willing to shutdown the government to do so. It also distracted Dems from the Details of the CR. Had this fight not taken place Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would | Read More »

    Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America

    Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America Every generation has at least a few things they just can’t believe have happened during their lifetime in their beloved America – and it’s disturbing to the multitude of folks who worked hard to make their children’s lives better and more prosperous than their own. That was the goal for so long, to leave a place with | Read More »

    These health rates are subsidized

    A 25 year old single Franklin County, Kentucky non-smoker with a $25,000 annual income purchasing a Humana Silver plan effective January 1, 2014 will pay $144.17 per month for a $3250 deductible plan that pays all approved medical expenses after a $4750 maximum out of pocket limit is reached and all applicable federal subsidies are applied. Humana currently offers on a $3500 deductible plan with $3500 maximum out of | Read More »

    How I can be sure Defunding can Work

    Harry Reid. Let’s consider his options: 1) Simply allow defunding in the CR and extend the CR by a year and in return extract major concessions on everything else 2) Fight the Ted Cruz faction of the senate over THIS issue Now ask yourself which path Reid would choose if he thought defunding wouldn’t affect PPACA rollout. I believe he would use the opportunity to | Read More »

    Dear Senator

    I sent the following to Senator McCaskill this morning, for what it’s worth:   I usually find it pointless to write to you since you don’t listen to your constituents.  Had you listened, you wouldn’t be supporting Obamacare because most of us don’t want it. I am writing today to inform you that I will not be buying health insurance next year.  I am not | Read More »

    The last post about Ted Cruz

    We can all thank Ted Cruz for creating the template for which all future candidates courting our votes must follow and they must deliver on that template. This sentiment is not original and has been articulated better by others. What he did goes way beyond trying to stop Obamacare. He just gave us all a voice and for right now the Establishment RNC is finally listening  and | Read More »

    Macon, GA cop shoots 10-month-old puppy in the head, after being asked not to– twice

    Not all governmental evil comes out of Washington, D.C. Sometimes it’s as nearby as your local police department. This past Sunday, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, found this out the hard way. The story from On September 22, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, drove to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department to request an officer come to and investigate a vehicle that had | Read More »

    VA Debate: Cuccinelli poised while McAuliffe struggles to remember talking points

    Last night, the Virginia gubernatorial candidates squared off again in their second-to-last debate before the November election.  Republican Ken Cuccinelli turned in a strong performance while Democrat Terry McAuliffe struggled to keep up. From the outset, McAuliffe’s attacks were on the Attorney General’s personal character and belief system while Cuccinelli’s attacks seemed to focus more on McAuliffe’s actions.  Neither candidate was above throwing the occasional | Read More »

    Sen. McCain – Separate but equal is not leadership…..It is segregation

    Sen. McCain, I understand that you sacrificed much during your stay in Hanoi. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what I desire from my government. You and your constituents would no more be interested in me dictating how they live, where they work, what they eat, then I am in you telling me what my medicare should look like. Especially since | Read More »

    #StandWithRandAndTed 2016

    As ya’ll already know, I’m a huge Rand Paul fan and even wrote a diary here at RedState endorsing him for 2016. But after this filibuster I’ve turned into a Rand and Ted fan. Paul and Cruz according to Matt Drudge are the faces of the Republican Party. And he is correct 100%. These guys are the real deal and it’s about time somebody start | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ VA GOV Debates.

    I’m posting the live feed of the VA gubernatorial debates. as always the water cooler is an open thread Okay I tried to embed it but it isn’t working. this link is better

    The US Debt Clock of Deceit, Decline and Doom is Ticking in the Debt Ceiling Debate

    The United States as we know it today will cease to exist in the next few decades. Unfortunately, this is due to deceit in government accounting that you will NOT hear discussed on any news reports in the debate over raising the debt ceiling. Let’s frame this somber picture. President Obama and the Treasury Department are demanding that Congress raise the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling so that | Read More »

    Shedding a Little Light on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA’s) Early History

    Since it hit prime time five years ago, the PPACA has been emitting fraud’s foul odor. It’s touted as healthcare reform, but it doesn’t reform healthcare. Somebody nicknamed it “Obamacare,” but it’s not about “care,” and Obama neither conceived of nor wrote it. In fact, according to Politico, Obama didn’t know much about “healthcare reform” when he began campaigning in 2007, and his ignorance showed. (Some icy strategist still decided to sell | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ Tomjeffersonsghost

    In the past few days the poster of who goes by the handle of Tomjeffersonsghost has posted some very profanity laced diaries in faux support of Ted Cruz. To see what I am talking about go read them yourself. Is it just me or does anyone else smell a rat?  Personally, I have not liked this poster because a lot of times he just wants | Read More »

    Senator Cruz just voted Yea for cloture On the Cloture Motion to Proceed to H.J.Res. 59

    ok, this was a question Samsara asked in comments to the frontpage post – at 1pm today the Senate voted for cloture on the CR, and the story says it was unanimous. I checked and yup, that does mean that Sen/ Cruz just voted for cloture. I just have no idea why he would vote for cloture after doing the filibuster. He said a vote | Read More »

    $1.2 Trillion Added To The National Debt Thanks To High Oil Prices

    While conservatives would say that Obamacare is sinking the American economy – and they’re right – another commodity has added an astronomical amount to the national debt: high oil prices.  Dr. Robert Wescott of Keybridge Research and Dr. Phillip Swagel of the University of Maryland and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) released a study showing that $1.2 trillion has been added to the debt as a result | Read More »

    Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) Leaves Americans at the Mercy of Obama’s EPA

    Somber news came out of AAA this week: the nationwide average price per gallon for gasoline has been above $3.00 for over 1,000 days straight. This is a new and unprecedented record and undoubtedly one of the unsung reasons why the national economy continues to flounder in what the Obama Administration embarrassingly champions as a recovery. The implications of this unsavory distinction are obvious to | Read More »

    A Warning from Kenya

    Almost 12 years ago, just after 9/11, I wrote a piece that warned how easy it would be for terrorists to attack multiple shopping centers in America, using nothing more sophisticated than standard small arms (and a relatively small number of radicals willing to die for the cause – and there are doubtless plenty of those, right here at home). The recent shooting rampage at | Read More »

    The Amazement that is Senator Cruz

    I lived in Texas during Cruz’s campaign for the TX senate seat (you know, the Republican primary). I remember considering Cruz and Dewhurst and wondering which one would be more likely to represent conservatives in DC. The thing is between the two choices you had 1) A man who had been pretty conservative, but obviously loved political power 2) A man that we knew nothing | Read More »

    It’s Time to Stand

    It’s time to stand with Ted Cruz.  Not just stand for restoring conservative values back to Washington but for exposing the way DC and far too many Republicans work against us.  We can talk all we want about beating back the progressives in the Democratic Party but first we need to get our house in order and that begins now. We all know the car | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Reminds Republicans That There Are Still Things In America Worth Fighting For

    I am not attempting to troll the site I have been an active and outspoken member of Redstate for a while now. I under my style is controversial and not everyone will be comfortable with it. But it’s how I’ve always communicated be it in person or otherwise. God bless-El Fantasma   Warning: The following contains language not suitable for this site. I am but | Read More »

    Cruz Rolls On as Beltway Establishment Doesn’t Realize What’s Going On

    As I begin writing this (4:13 am ET) Ted Cruz is still talking. He’s just finished recounting a story about his Cuban-born Daddy’s travails upon arriving in Texas. He’s probably riffed something similar dozens of times in the course of this oratorical tour de force. Now he’s begun quoting excerpts from “Atlas Shrugged.” Listening to the timbre of his voice, he doesn’t sound gassed. And his wingman, Utah’s Mike | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Senator Cruz Too Hot to Handle

    “I rise today in an effort to speak for 26 million Texans and for 300 million Americans…” Opening statement from Senator Ted Cruz as he begins his filibuster/speech (whatever) on the Senate floor. I’m amazed that so many political pundits are unable to grasp the significance of what Senator Cruz is doing. Most are so stuck in the D.C. bubble that they can only mock | Read More »

    Reagan and the government shutdown

    With all the hand wringing about the pending government shutdown, I thought the following from a radio address that Reagan made shortly after losing the nomination to Ford was helpful. “My belief has been strengthened that if government would someday quietly close the doors; if all the bureaucrats would tiptoe out of the marble halls; it would take the people of this country quite a | Read More »

    Dear @Reince and @RNC: Put your money where your tweets are.

    I realize this would appear to be the second letter to the party today, especially after Breeanne Howe’s “Dear John” to the party as a whole. But, I would simply like to ask something of the chairman of the RNC and the RNC itself: Turn your words into deeds. Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, has not one but two posts on RedState | Read More »

    Senate: If not you—who? If not now—when?

    Open Letter to All United States Senators Dear Senator, When I was in school, we were taught that the United States Senate was “the world’s greatest deliberative body”. Under your current majority leader, it has been run more like the Soviet Politburo, with dissent, deliberation, and true debate stifled at every turn. The very idea of amending a bill or resolution AFTER debate has ceased, | Read More »

    Whack-a-McConnell Wednesday in Louisville

    Hundreds of concerned Kentucky citizens will converge on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Louisville office at 11am Wednesday morning to shake him up on ObamaCare. At issue is Sen. McConnell’s insistence on allowing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to remove continuing resolution ObamaCare defunding language with only a majority of senators, rather than 60. McConnell’s actions, in keeping with his long-standing fight against conservatives on this, would make defunding ObamaCare harder. McConnell is | Read More »

    Cruz vs the Balrog: You Shall not Pass. Six Days left to stop ObamaCare

    Senator Ted Cruz and Senate conservatives make final stand as 1.6 million Americans sign “don’t fund obamacare” petition. The image we show here once again represents Senator Ted Cruz and his allies in the Senate and House who are making a final stand to block Obamacare from becoming law on October 1, a mere six days from now. The script of the liberal left and | Read More »

    McCuliffe just gave Cuccineeli a Killer Ad.

    Just say this earlier today. Given the unpopularity of the of the anti-2A crowd, this is probably the slip that needs to be exploited. I would hope Cuccinelli jumps on it. BTW, where is the NRA, they should be all over this.

    2013 and 2014 Predictions

    As we approach the end of the 2013 elections and close in on the official start of the 2014 cycle, we are beginning to get a clearer picture with regards to how things will play out when voters go to the polls November 5. For as much as most of those races have yet to fully take shape, we are also starting to get some | Read More »

    Delaying – Not Defunding – Will Kill Obamacare

    I love Sen. Ted Cruz.  I’m a huge fan of Sen. Rand Paul as well.  I’m not one who cozies up with establishment Republicans.  In fact, I find – at times – moderate Republicans to be more spineless than liberals.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean I need to agree with everything the Tea Party does concerning fighting Obamacare.  We’re heading for rocky shoals with this defund | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ #StandWithTed

    So Ted Cruz is having a “filibuster” / non-filibuster. He is currently talking on the floor, but due to a lack of votes cannot effectively stop the CR from continuing on to a vote, at which point Reid will amend it to include Obamacare funding. So far I’ve seen Pat Roberts ( R-Kansas), Jeff Sessions ( R-Alabama) Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on | Read More »

    Kentucky taxes truth-telling on ObamaCare

    Humana sent letters out to health insurance customers in Kentucky this summer warning them that ObamaCare will cause their premiums to explode upward in January and advising them how to limit harm to their personal finances caused by radical left-wing politicians. The Kentucky Department of Insurance fined Humana $65,000 in August for their efforts, in every way punishing them for telling the truth. Gov. Steve | Read More »

    Over 100 Grassroots Prayer Vigils for American Pastor Saeed Worldwide Thursday

    Thursday, thousands of Americans, literally from coast to coast will gather at state capitals, city halls, parks, and churches to pray for Pastor Saeed. Thousands more will gather in nations around the world. Will you join them?

    Read More »

    In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz

    In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz. Last week, House Republicans overwhelmingly passed legislation that defunds ObamaCare while keeping the government open and running. Now it is time for the Senate to do the same. Republicans want to keep the government running. Democrats claim they want the same, but they aren’t acting like it. By denouncing the | Read More »

    Monday morning quarterbacks

    The wisdom of the Cruz strategy is being widely criticized today (9/23). It is being measured against some theoretical ideal rather than the real world alternatives. We can only choose between the options actually available to us. What are those choices? We can do nothing. Or, we can patiently wait for the expiration of the president’s term, hoping to then persuade the voters to disassemble | Read More »

    Ted Cruz, Just Doesn’t Give A [Edited]

    I follow Ted Cruz on Twitter and that has nothing to do with why I admire him so much. I admire Ted Cruz because of what my title reads. I like how Ted Cruz smiles while stomping on the nut sack of the GOP leadership. Ted Cruz made the honey badger give a [Edited]. He’s exactly what we’ve wanted in that guy in politics who | Read More »


    Between political bias emanating from Democrats and their adjunct, the Mainstream Press, few understand what constitutes a Conservative. There are also attempts to equate brain structure with philosophical interpretation. However, some psychologists, allow their own liberal bias to color scientific associations, thereby, negating any genuine value to their theories. Depending on which dictionaries are consulted, definitions of a Conservative are  similar. He or she is | Read More »

    Hold off on Privatizing US Postal Service

    This week, Britain announced that it would soon be privatizing its postal service, the Royal Mail. Estimated to be worth nearly three billion pounds ($4.8 billion dollars), the Royal Mail will begin selling shares of stock to potential investors sometime in the next few weeks. While it remains to be seen whether or not this is a smart move for Britain, the United States should think twice | Read More »


    The House has passed a bipartisan bill to accomplish two goals that are in line with the will of the American people: (a) end the ObamaCare train wreck by defunding it and (b) keep the government open and running. Now it’s up to the Senate to do the same. Republicans want to keep the government running. Democrats claim they want the same, but they aren’t | Read More »

    GOP hasn’t the votes to defund, nor Obama to fund, Obamacare

    Do the Constitution’s separation of powers and concomitant duty to compromise apply to all presidents save for President Obama? Few things enrage this rooster more than to have our intelligence insulted by vacuous  excuses for cowardice from those who know better, yet expect political allies to share their glazed-over looks and accept them as reasoned arguments. So it goes on Sunday political shows and The | Read More »

    Ship Trials Bring F-35B Capability, Operational Utility Into Focus

    FORT WORTH, Texas – Recent ship trials for the Lockheed Martin F-35B onboard the U.S.S. Wasp underscored the fifth-generation fighter’s unique capabilities and operational utility according to Marines and sailors alike. In a video released last week, U.S. Navy Capt. Erik Etz stated, “A fifth-generation aircraft, such as the F-35, will open up threat areas where previous legacy fighters that operate off L-class ships weren’t | Read More »

    Cuccinelli’s Education plan would move VA children into the 21st Century

    With all the mudslinging in the Virginia Gubernatorial race, it has been difficult to approach the main issues affecting Virginians lives.   A few weeks back, Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli unveiled a twelve point plan to strengthen our children’s education from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.   The plan’s essential goal seeks to offer all children, no matter their ethnic or socio-economic background, opportunities to learn and grow | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ McCain Staffer: My boss F!@ng hates Ted Cruz

    said a McCain advisor to GQ’s Jason Zengrele. “He is just offended by his style.” I don’t know about you but I think the moral high ground to be offended by anything is lost when you, a person in a very prominent position lacks the dignity to comport yourself better to the press. Who is this foul mouth scumbag? And why are we paying his | Read More »

    Do Parents Have Rights When It Comes To Public Education?

    It used to be that elected members of school boards were scared to death when parents showed up to meetings – especially parents who came prepared and had a beef about something their little one brought home or said. The last people they wanted to see when discussing the progress of a child’s education were the people responsible for bringing that child into the world. | Read More »