My posted comment today: Thou has said it! It amazes me that the GOP has no Rapid Response team, no weekly “talking points”… no constant articulation of their core principles…to wit…smaller more efficient gov-meant, lower taxes and family values…. Why have we not heard from EVERY Repub this year…”Obama’s recession”, “Obamas gas prices”, Obama’s new taxes”, “Obama’s debt” and Obama’s shutdown”?  We should be | Read More »

    Bush Tax Cuts vs Obamacare: Same Playbook, Different Reactions & Blame (of course)

    The tactics that the Democrats used in 2012 regarding the Bush tax cuts is the same strategy being deployed by the Republicans in 2013 and Obamacare. Yet this time around, the Republicans are getting vilified for it. Let’s get this straight. In 2012, the Republicans wanted to permanently extend the “Bush tax cuts” for all. These cuts had been temporarily put in place in 2001 | Read More »

    Obamacare Costs Hit Home

    American consumers of health insurance, the 85% of us who were just fine with our old health insurance, have been dragooned by Obama to be the suckers who have to pay for the risky scheme known as ACA, and only now, when the bill comes in the mail, does the media realize this: As Obamacare begins to roll out, some people who already buy insurance | Read More »

    The Strategy of a Shutdown, Pt. 1

    If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’d be familiar with my love of classical military strategy. I am particularly fond of the Art of War and all works that are directly inspired by it. One such work is “Mastering the Art of War,” which I’ve sourced before and will be going to again for this post. One thing about the shutdown is the | Read More »

    Obama Has Wrong Stance on Debt Limit

    Another round of political theatre is coming, and it will undoubtedly distract from the worrying financial future of our nation. If you thought the government “shutdown” wasn’t enough, just wait until the next round of financial debates. In the next few weeks, the debt limit will be the new catchphrase digested by the media ad nauseam. What exactly is the debt limit? In a nutshell, | Read More »

    WWII Memorial Closed; Amnesty Rally on National Mall Allowed

    Go ahead and read that again! You read it right. Obama is allowing an amnesty rally on the National Mall. Breitbart is reporting that lawmakers in Congress like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) are expected to be at the event. But you probably thought this whole government shutdown was about Obamacare, right? There is always a higher agenda! Especially with | Read More »

    Righteous Shutdown

    I admit that I was hesitant about a shutdown.  The House was safely in Republican hands – and a shutdown could be a game changer in 2014.  However, it’s probably just the last vestiges of my more moderate leanings gasping for air.  I’ve been killing those dispositions off rapidly over the past two years.  Theoretically, with government shut down, these politicians can’t waste our money, | Read More »

    ATTENTION: Jackass Job Approval Is At 37%

    Today the AP has released a poll showing Obama’s job approval at 37%. And this was taken after the shutdown was getting into full swing. To the Republicans who think they’re losing this shutdown battle, Obama’s job approval is now on par with Bush’s 2nd term job approval. You have nothing to lose by ruthlessly attacking him the same way the Dems did with Bush. | Read More »

    ‘Obama was running for president even as he was still getting lost in the Capitol’s corridor.’ Criticizing New Senators Demonstrates Obama’s Hypocrisy

    On October 4, President Obama gave a widely reported interview with Julie Pace of the Associated Press that reads like political satire from The Onion. During the interview, Obama was highly critical of freshman Senator Ted Cruz for his role in the government shutdown. Then, Obama went on to slam Cruz and other freshman Republican senators for their high media profiles that called to mind then-Senator Obama’s behavior during his | Read More »

    Congressional Chicken or Egg?

    The Democrats (and some others) have been screaming for all the country to hear that the upcoming debt ceiling vote should not have to be. After all, once Congress passes a law that involves paying for something, and the President signs it, the country has an obligation to “pay its bills”, right? Wrong. This rationale is utter nonsense, as Congress has the sequence of events | Read More »

    ATTN NSA, FBI, ET AL: List of Anarchists

    Starting with a few of my favorists: Barrack Hussein Obama Joseph Biden Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dianne Feinstein Barbara Boxer Harry Reid … Well, if Harry Reid and others can call Republicans “Anarchists” for exercising their Constitutional Duties (in this case, the “power of the purse”), then we might as well start calling out all the others who swore an oath to preserve and protect the | Read More »

    Captured AQ leader great news, but why do we know it?

    I have read a few places this morning that we captured an AQ leader in Tripoli Libya. That news in and of itself is a great thing. We can interrogate him – turns out no Miranda issued yet – and hopefully get some real intelligence that can be used. That of course is a fallacy. Abu Anas al-Libi was taken off the streets of Libya | Read More »

    Cutting Our Monetary ties Part 2

    Article 1 Section 10 prohibits the states from coining Money (printing fiat currency) and also requires the states not to accept anything other than Gold or Silver coin as a tender in payment of debts. Historically this has been carried out in three ways 1) Allow banks to keep gold reserves (coin) and issue notes that can be redeemed for coin upon demand (bank notes) | Read More »

    “Chicken Little” Obama: Default is Scare Tactic

    The definition of “scare tactic”: a strategy intended to influence public reaction by the exploitation of fear. President Obama is claiming that if Congress does not raise our debt ceiling, America will default on its obligations for the first time in our country’s history. His claim is untrue. Regardless of the debt ceiling, tax revenue will continue to flow into our Federal government coffers, to | Read More »

    Why the shutdown scares the petty vindictive little man Barack Obama

    Despite the fact that the average federal employee earns $123,000 (2010 numbers) in salary and benefits while the average private sector employee earns $61,000, my sympathy goes out to those who have found themselves on the sidelines because of Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s shutdown. Despite the fact that they will likely get all of their backpay and perhaps a bit more, it’s always difficult | Read More »

    Evolution Gives Us The Answer To Obamacare

    If in life, adversity is the true mother of invention. Catastrophic calamity is the catalyst for evolution. We are in the bowels of catastrophic calamity. Obamacare is the catalyst which will cause new answers to the game. As an example, Medicare was touted as the saving grace for all the older members of our community. But as the requirements on this system grew, and the | Read More »

    #OpenLetter From @BigGator5 To @Redskins Owner #DanielSnyder: Change The Name…

    I don’t know Daniel Snyder’s email address, so I am making this an open letter: I am going to go against the grain and agree with President Obama. Change the name… President Barack Obama says that if he owned the Washington Redskins, he would “think about changing” the team name, wading into the controversy over a football nickname that many people deem offensive to Native | Read More »

    FYI, Politico profiles Dana Loesch: “Not Afraid to Fire Away”

    I thought Red Staters might find Politico’s profile of our own  regular contributor, Dana Loesch of interest: I guess she’s starting to: a) make a name for herself b) piss off people BTW, I learned that she studied ballet for 17 years. So maybe she and Rahm Emanuel should sit down and figure out how to end the shutdown?

    A Selective Government Shutdown

    The fact that there is a government shutdown these days is ignorant to say the least. Turning away WWII Veterans from the very memorial that represents them. Closing down National Parks. All for what? To make people hurt? To further the Obama agenda? Well, the longer this goes on the easier it should be for people to see right through Obama and his agenda. The | Read More »

    Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate in NJ

    He’s a candidate of solid principle and has a strong track record of cutting taxes, restraining spending and reforming government welfare programs as mayor of Bogota. He’s all opposed to Obamacare. I may also say I proudly support as a libertarian as well. He’s opposed to the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance and is skeptical of an interventionist approach on the world stage. Whenever he’s confronted, | Read More »

    Former US Senator, George LeMieux, Endorses Republican Richard DeNapoli

    FORMER US SENATOR, GEORGE LEMIEUX, ENDORSES RICHARD DENAPOLI FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 7, 2013 Nokomis, FL – Today, businessman, former prosecutor, and Republican Party leader, Richard DeNapoli, earned the endorsement of Former United States Senator, George LeMieux. In endorsing Richard, Senator LeMieux said, “Richard DeNapoli is dedicated to solving the problems that face Floridians today and rising to the opportunities that can make Florida an even better | Read More »

    DOJ Violates It’s OWN Shutdown Contingency Plan by Shutting Down

    By now, you have probably heard that the Department of Justice has shutdown due to a “lapse in federal funding.” Seems pretty outrageous huh. Especially considering all the controversy surrounding closing down parks that don’t receive any federal funds and spending money to block access to WWII memorials. During the shutdown, “essential” government services continue. Before the shutdown began, each federal department came up | Read More »

    Delaware’s Congressman John Carney Attacks the “Little Guy”

    Guest Post By: Rose Izzo Congressman John Carney is at it again. With things falling apart in Washington Mr. Carney took to the News Journal to write an Op-Ed that blames everyone else for the Washington mess he created. Carney says the “Little Guy” who grinds along each day trying to make ends meet and pay his bills along with Mr. Carney’s salary is the | Read More »

    Let’s Give Our Conservative Senate Candidates A Social Media Boost

    One of the main reasons Democrats won again in 2012 was due to superior utilization of social media. In this day and age, many people don’t get their information for CBS Nightly News, but from Facebook and Twitter. As shallow as Facebook and Twitter might seem, they actually provide a better medium for education than the biased liberal media outlets. The nature of social media | Read More »

    What are the best online resources, that explain the GOP and conservative position on the shutdown?

    Greetings, all. Lots of coworkers and friends know that I’m a conservative who follows politics closely. Some have asked me to explain the GOP and conservative’s rationale for the shutdown/slimdown/insert preferred alternative name here. Most are willing to listen to the GOP/conservative side of the argument. I give it my best shot and try to explain it to them, with what I know—but I know | Read More »

    2 Million Bikers to DC: On The Road with Veterans in DC during Shutdown (UPDATE: VetsRoll 2013 Video Added)

    Just got word of this today.  2 Million Bikers to DC has been supporting our veterans who visited the memorials this week in DC and ran into conflict with the National Park Service. From their Facebook page: To get an image of the type of nefarious citizens that our federal government is guarding these memorials against….. Mr. Charles Grey from Arkansas at Memorial today. Mr. | Read More »

    Lets look down the road, and see just how creepy the IRS involvement can become.

    We know that Justice Roberts said that Obama can justify the mandate as a tax. Government has the right to impose taxes on individuals. Therefore the mandate stood, not under the commerce clause but because it is a tax. The mandate is an obligation that every citizens has to the government which represents all citizens. I get that, but do you? Not if you think | Read More »

    A New Course for the GOP

    A new course for the Republican Party It has become clear that a large majority of Republicans identify themselves as conservative. But what does that mean? How do we translate that word into a meaningful base to our platform? The progressive Republicans are clearly on the way out. As we forge new alliances we will find a natural fit in most issues between the conservatives | Read More »

    Coping with the Fear of Their Own Shadow Caucus

    Last Sunday evening, after watching video of Ted Cruz that morning battling David Gregory on Meet the Press, I realized I was looking at the future—or at least the potential future—of how to win this thing. Not the budget battle or Obamacare, per se, but this thing. This battle between limited, constitutional government and the overwhelming firepower of entrenched progressivist thinking that pervades government, journalism, | Read More »

    Single focus Republican talking point for the Sunday shows.

    It is time to face a fact. If the government cannot in a timely and efficient manner set up the necessary infrastructure to sign you up for coverage under the PPACA how can we possibly believe they will be able to deliver the services needed to analyze, authorize and finance the services you need to stay alive in a timely fashion. This isn’t Social Security. | Read More »

    A winning strategy for the shutdown: just “rebrand it” call; it something else.

    The worlds of advertising and public relations have shown that there are several strategies that the GOP can employ to challenge the constant  opprobrium they are receiving  in the MSM due to the shutdown. The first is “rebranding.” If you have a product  or name  that isn’t doing well in the marketplace, just give it a new name. One successful example can be found in | Read More »

    McCutcheon vs. FEC- Part 5: The Problem With Contribution Limits

    Before using some illustrative problems with campaign contribution limits- the issue in this case- we need to get beyond a certain liberal Utopian myth. Democrats and liberals are often loose with their tongues in many areas in their criticisms of conservatives when they claim the GOP or the Tea Party wants to return us to a bygone era. With respect to campaign finance, Democrats and | Read More »

    Obamacare is broken and so is our way of fighting it too!

    This week we are in a middle of a shutdown of epic proportion says the democrats. Thou the only things they done is shamed our greatest generation by not letting those coming in from honor flights to go to their memorial in D.C. Also the Obamacare exchange has open thou it’s a website full of fail evidenced by this loser Chad Henderson claiming he got | Read More »

    The upside of shutdown

    What has the shutdown accomplished? Truth be told, we don’t know for sure. Was it worth doing? Absolutely. Consider the worst case scenario going forward; Republicans are forced into giving the Senate a clean CR. How do the Democrats benefit? The funding fight doesn’t end. It just gets rolled over into the debt ceiling negotiation. The Democrats will enter that fight with three additional self–inflicted | Read More »

    AT LAST AT LAST…liars being called liars!

    HANNITY CALLS DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN A LIAR TO HIS FACE …(at last!!!) ========== This is way way overdue! The arrogant apostles of secular socialism use 4 basic tactics all over the globe… 1…bold lies 2…smears 3…demons 4…fantasy promises Why do the democrats (aka secular socialists) do this almost daily? There are 3 reasons… 1…they are secular and so no ethics are ever involved, they are simply | Read More »

    Why is the Media Helping Obama Close the Small Business Administration?

    Over the last few months I have put out dozens of press releases and blogs sounding the alarm that President Obama was going to close the Small Business Administration (SBA) by combining it with the Department of Commerce. I predicted he would do that in November of 2008. I reiterated that prediction in several national television appearances. In January of 2012 he proved me right and | Read More »

    And so it goes

    Status update: As you may or may not know, I have been affected by the government shutdown. The good news is my company stepped up and gave us an overhead number to charge against for this week. Next week it looks like I have to start burning vacation. That’s gonna last about another week and a half, after that it’s leave without pay. Just in | Read More »

    Governor Walker is awesome: won’t shut down the public parks

      SO AWESOME.   Despite receiving a closure directive from the National Park Service, Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has decided instead that parks partly funded by the federal government would stay open to the public.   In the wake of this week’s federal government shutdown, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also placed barricades by a boat launch on the Mississippi | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ We are winning!

    I am taking my cues from Rush Limbaugh. According him Harry Reid had to apologize for being too nasty and personal in Congress and for his children with cancer comment. Rand Paul and Mitch McConne(I know his name is mud around these parts) were caught on ahot mic saying they think they can win this. Obama cancelled a trip to Asia. To me these are signs | Read More »


    So, I’m on furlough and watching Fox news this morning and I see an ad from “No Labels” featuring Evan Bayh and John Huntsman asking the public to petition the government to end the shutdown. Then, after swallowing the bile that came up at the sight of Huntsman, it suddenly hit me! We’re nearly a full work week into this shutdown. And where is the | Read More »

    A Solution to California’s Unemployment Problem

    Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law granting illegal aliens the ability to obtain driver’s licenses. Afterward, it occurred to me that this presents a fantastic solution to California’s unemployment problem: find a company that you like, and then pick a position that you think no current employee wants. Perhaps working in the warehouse? Whether an open position exists or not is completely irrelevant, | Read More »

    Grand Bargain must cut spending, end Obamacare’s Hunger Games-exemption

    Speaker Boehner must not be spooked, by President Obama’s debt ceiling-default threat, to grab defeat from the jaws of government shutdown-victory. This wacko bird-tea partier conservative couldn’t have written the GOP’s continuing budget resolution (CR)-script, nor executed the strategy, better than it has played out…thus far. Large majorities of elected Republicans have remained united on insisting that any bill to fully fund the non-Obamacare portion | Read More »


    So, I’m on furlough and watching Fox news this morning and I see an add from “No Labels” featuring Evan Bayh and John Huntsman asking the public to petition the government to end the shutdown. Then, after swallowing the bile that came up at the sight of Huntsman, it suddenly hit me! We’re nearly a full work week into this shutdown. And where is the | Read More »

    Oh, Chad…

    This is the guy that every reporter wants to interview because he signed up for Obamacare. That raised some flags last night. Then, added to it. But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad father’s Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of. What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released | Read More »

    They Thought They Were Free

    An excerpt from They Thought They Were Free But Then It Was Too Late What no one seemed to notice, said a colleague of mine, a philologist, was the ever widening gap, after 1933, between the government and the people. Just think how very wide this gap was to begin with, here in Germany. And it became always wider. You know, it doesn’t make people | Read More »

    Cutting our Monetary ties Part 1

    There are several ties holding together the several states. These include: 1) Diplomatic (including common military) 2) Cultural (including religious and historic) 3) Economic 4) Monetary The legal ties merely codify these more fundamental ties. There may be some more that I have missed, please feel free to point them out. What I am looking at today is monetary ties. These ties are related to | Read More »

    Divided Government is on the Brink

    Last night (Oct. 3, 2013) , M. Lavin had a compelling hour talking about his observation that the president is getting ready to confiscate the power of the purse from congress. He had laid out, with articles and speeches being given by the president, his staff and “think tank” cronies how it is less harmful to the country for him to unilaterally raise the debt | Read More »

    slouching towards a grand bargain

      Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were caught talking on a live mic – Paul suggested that after attempts to defund Obamacare in the spending bill failed in the Senate, it’s time to make Republicans appear more reasonable than Democrats. (POLITICO’s full government shutdown coverage) “I think if we keep saying, ‘We wanted to defund it, we fought for that, but now we’re willing to | Read More »

    Why Opposition to Obamacare is both Rational and Necessary NOW

    My message tonight to my Senator Jeff Flake on his revitalized Facebook page (slightly edited): Dear Senator Flake: There are many problems facing our nation today. The most urgent, perhaps, is the threat posed by Obamacare. Let’s consider what has transpired since it was being debated in the House and Senate, and I acknowledge that you did NOT vote for it. Every problem with Obamacare | Read More »

    McCutcheon vs. FEC: Part 4- Divining a Decision

    So, what exactly is the McCutcheon case to heard in the October 2013 term of the Supreme Court? Shaun McCutcheon is an Alabama political activist and businessman. Under campaign donation limits codified in McCain-Feingold from the earlier FECA of 1971, McCutcheon is limited in the amount he can donate under a complicated accounting system. Simply, he and co-petitioner, the RNC, believe the law to be | Read More »