Will Hillary hit the campaign trail for Obama?

    A factoid known to all those of us addicted to the blogs: Obama will ask beg, plead, entreat and implore Hillary to campaign to keep the women’s vote.It seems likely that Hillary will, in fact, play the faithful Democrat and campaign more visibly for Obama. If this were to appear on a lefty blog, it would point out that Hillary will once again play the | Read More »

    Sally Quinn Recants

    Jennifer Rubin posts on something that’s a truly significant moment: The great Sally Quinn recants her position on Sarah Palin.Quinn had been one of Palin’s biggest critics in the days leading up to her speech (read her column here). But yesterday in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, she declared: “I was wrong about her.” I thought that she was amazing. in her speech. She was | Read More »


    She’s made a few bucks up in Chi – Ca – Go,where she has a show for gals known as Po – Ta – Toes,Couch – Po – Ta – Toes – Cow – Ouch – Po – Po – Ta – Toes!When she walks on the stage, they’re all deep entranced.She’ll cry there on cue, and then she’ll sell them fat pants!She’s their O | Read More »

    If we can’t sing Heart’s “Barracuda,” then let’s build…er write our own!

    I remember a story about why Wal-Mart created its own soft drink brands. As the story went, Pepsi and Coca-Cola tried to gouge Sam Walton. Sam responded by making his own soft-drink brand for sale at Wal-Marts. If Hasbeen…er, Heart won’t let the GOP use their song titled “Barracuda,” then fine. We can write our own.Read onWe have John Rich, of Big and Rich and | Read More »

    Another Radical — Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour Sponsored Barack Obama Into Harvard Law School

    This is excerpted from a piece at The Minority ReportWe have long chronicled the ties of Sen Barack Obama to radical extremists with views that preach hate against the United States. Most informed Americans are familiar with the rantings of his “former” pastor, the Rev Jeremiah Wright, who in church, screamed, “Some say God bless America…No, no no, I say God Da America!”**Many Americans have | Read More »

    A public service announcement for our anti-Palin trolls.

    Not surprising, really: a lot of ‘em probably got their start expressing their inner misogynist against Senator Hillary Clinton, and are no doubt excited to think that they can keep doing it to Governor Sarah Palin. I understand that hate and fear does that to a person, which is personally why I avoid those two emotions whenever possible. Besides, I find that fully justified ire | Read More »

    Obama is NOT a Black American!

    Did you notice Obama never even ONCE mentioned King in the speech or race or anything even remotely related to the struggle of the great black American’s?  He can’t because he is NOT part of this. He is not a Black American!  Excuse me!!!  He is the son of a Kenyan elite PRINCE and a white momma.  No Black American to be found in his | Read More »

    Reagan Revolution, part 2

    New Page 1 I remember the first time I heard Reagan speak to the RNC back in 1976 in my dorm room at Morehead.  It wasn’t when he first ran on the ticket but 4 years before that.  He had run in the primary but didn’t win the nomination.  However he was given the opportunity to speak at the RNC and his plain talk and down | Read More »

    Preview of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    For Sunday, September 7, 2008They’re back! John McCain and Joe Biden are returning to the Sunday shows where they once reigned as whatever you call people who are always on particular TV shows but are not, per se, cast members.FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace has Obama’s campaign guide David Axelrod and McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt.This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos talks to | Read More »

    We need McCain

    John McCain is a strong and proven leader and understands and respects life. He is pro-Life. Obama does not have any experience and does not understand what it’s like to fight for this country.


    We need McCain

    John McCain is a strong and proven leader and understands and respects life. He is pro-Life. Obama does not have any experience and does not understand what it’s like to fight for this country.


    It’s High Time to Act

    I’ve never been involved in politics, other than to vote, however this year I am making a conscious effort to see that we don’t end up with the wrong team leading our country. I fear for our future if Obama/Biden get in. While I don’t think McClain is a “super speaker”, Palin sure is. She’s a fighter. Up to the point McClain named her as | Read More »

    McCain’s Next Step: Economics

    John McCain is already winning over voters who are most concerned about terrorism. He’s gotten social conservatives excited by picking Palin, and aiming to pick up some blue-collar, working class votes with her “conservative populism”. He’s going to try and make a large dent in the demographic of women. Now, there’s one key demographic he’s still got to shore up and he might just win | Read More »


    Why Gov. Palin Should Meet The Press

    I am a very conservative person and I don’t just throw my vote away. It’s definately not going to Obama and I am not crazy about McCain. Sarah was great giving her speech but is she ready to deal with Putin? With China? With Iran? With a declining dollar and loose nukes? What is her world view? Is she a realist? A neocon? A carbon | Read More »

    Country & Western

    For months now here and over on Stand Strong America, I have been beating the drum on the importance of Senator McCain’s pick for Vice-President. In doing so, as I researched and polled grassroot conservatives for the ‘ideal’ candidate, it became plainly evident as far back as May, that the best choice for Sen. McCain to make was to call upon Governor Sarah Palin.The reasoning | Read More »

    Metallica comes through with this century’s ‘One’?

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    ‘8 Mile’

    As a Michigan voter (home of the one-recession state), I can attest that we have been hungry for real change. A plurality of Michiganders finally get it — that we are in this position exactly because of the control the Democrats (and unions) have over our state.It (like Ohio) is ripe for picking. Keith Naughton writes in Newsweek that with Friends Like These, Obama is | Read More »

    Andrew Sullivan epic fail (again)

    We see today that Andrew Sullivan has experienced another Palingasim over the potential for some seedy detail about what a horrible person Gov. Palin is and if elected to the Vice Presidency will damage the American nation to its’ very foundation. Todd Palin’s former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Oh God. –Andrew Sullivan 9/5/2008, The daily Dish. Apparently, | Read More »

    Measuring Negative Attacks In Speeches

    Jim Lindgren has done the brainwork in comparing Barack Obama’s acceptance speech with Sarah Palin’s in terms of tallying up the number of negative attacks. What he found may surprise you–assuming, of course, that you bring a certain bias to the debate.

    Night Is Dark, Day Is Light, Water Is Wet, Ice Is Cold, Fire Is Hot . . .

    And Naomi Klein still is a fraud.It is a shame that Cato is one of the few organizations dedicated to revealing the depths of Klein’s mendacity and lack of serious scholarship. Given how publicized her book was, everyone and his/her pet canary should be on Klein’s case so that she is laughed out of any and all respectable courts of public opinion. I am pleased | Read More »

    “Incentives Matter”

    To wit. This point needs to be made over and over and over again. See also this and this which relate the the issues covered in the Cafe Hayek posting.

    Stuart Buck = Rock Star

    My RedState colleagues and I all concur on this point. Here is one reason why. And here is another. When you are on fire, you are on fire.

    A Teaching Moment

    In response to the not-very-good-news-at-all that the nation’s unemployment rate is now at 6.1%, we learn that Barack Obama wants a $50 billion stimulus package to be passed by Congress.Yeah, because that last stimulus package really did wonders for the economy.Chalk this up to your “reality-based” Zen moment of the day. Only without the reality and most certainly without the Zen.

    From The Department Of “Wow!” (Nielsen Edition)

    So the narrative going into this election cycle was that Democrats were super-motivated and Republicans were anything but. I guess I assumed that this would mean the Democratic National Convention would get a lot more eyeballs watching it than the Republican National Convention would–especially given that Barack Obama has charisma and star power and John McCain really doesn’t. How wrong I was: As a television | Read More »

    {Tsk, tsk, Sparky.}

    {The Scary Woman frightens me.}

    The Race Card

    I am fascinated by this election. I really thought by now that the attacks on Obama would have been called racist. It seems that Palin has overshadowed even the race card for a while?

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    Schooling Krauthammer

    [Since his conservative epiphany in 2000, Gamecock has regularly referred to Charles Krauthammer as "The Master", so instrumental was he in said epiphany.]Originally published in The Minority and HinzSight ReportsIs Gamecock the only member of the chattering class in America that understands the history of U.S. presidential elections since 1968? I give a pass to the under 30 crowd that obsesses over polls. I give | Read More »

    For all your Sarah Palin rumormongering needs.

    Quite the list, huh? You’d almost think that Democrats might be a little scared of the woman, or something. (Via Hot Air)

    MSNBCs Rachel Maddow: LIAR!

    I never thought I would find a more liberal “journalist” than Keith Olbermann (no link provided as I don’t wish to promote his form of politics), but tonight, on the popular MSNBC program Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the show was guest hosted by Rachel Maddow (again, no link, again for the same reason). She has taken over from Keith Olbermann in my mind as the | Read More »

    Yet another Obama supporter sacrifices himself to get the smear out.

    Shows that I’m not yet numb.Anyway, usual pattern (via Instapundit): Person – hey, why am I hiding his name? It’s Howard Gutman. Anyway Gutman, who’s only on the air because he’s a top Obama guy, takes the opportunity to make a sexist argument about the Mean, Scary Woman who makes his candidate look bad. This version? Sarah Palin’s a bad parent who isn’t putting her | Read More »

    The Alaska Shake-Up

    The first post Palin poll in Alaska shows big changes, Aug 9-12 (Aug 30 – Sept 2):Palin Approval 82/13 (+69)Help/Hurt McCain:Help 62Hurt 20PRESMcCain/Palin 54 Obama/Biden 35Back in July, McCain led by 2.5 according to the same pollster. Actually, most AK polls have been close (5-10 point McCain lead). It seems Palin has taken a likely R state and made it Big Time R state.SENBegich (D) | Read More »

    Stealth Grand Slam?

    Driving to work and home today has convinced me that John McCain’s speech wasn’t a base hit, it was a grand slam home run. I was listening to the radio, but that isn’t what convinced me that John McCain filled the world with awesome. It wasn’t pondering the speech or talking on the phone, or any of the other usual indicators that might tell me | Read More »

    Sarah Palin’s Next Move

    Okay, so now we got this super heated story about Sarah Palin and everybody wants to learn more about her. Time to strike while the iron is hot.Now the media have started the meme that Gov. Palin is too timid to come on and do interviews with the press. Alternatively they’ll suggest she will only go on “safe” shows like Hanity, and Glenn Beck.My first | Read More »

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    My (brief) views on Feminism

    I love that Senator McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. This, in my humble opinion, represents the continuation of true feminism. It is a chance for the women of the United States to see all of the perspectives of feminism. It is a chance for the American people to really review their thoughts on feminism. Is feminism simply a pro-choice outlook? I don’t | Read More »


    Basic questions the MSM and even O’Reilly won’t ask The One?

    Originally published at The Minority/HinzSight ReportsWell, he was The One before McCain went and got One that will raise the obvious questions, i.e. former mayor that can feild dress a a Moose.I watched Bill get red-faced over Jesse Jackson for over two years with challenges to the Reverend Obama Castrator wanna be, and then saw Bill Pussycat when Jackson showed up on the set. Jesse | Read More »

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    The Great Healthcare Debate

    I was looking around rasmussenreports.com to see if there were any indications of a bounce for McCain after the convention (I know, less than 24 hours afterward is next to impossible to tell) and I stumbled across a table that showed who trusts the candidates more on what issues. I’ll tackle them in seperate entries (because I wouldn’t want to completely bore you to tears) | Read More »

    Fact Checking FactCheck.org on Palin’s Speech

    One of the most pointed accusations Sarah Palin lodged against Barack Obama was the fact that, despite not authoring a single significant piece of legislation, he’s found the time to write two memoirs. But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in | Read More »

    Character v Diversity

    An African-American from Generation X, two White Guys from the Silent Generation and a woman from Generation X. Arguably, the greatest diversity the U.S. has ever seen in its leading general election candidates for the Presidency. I think that’s a healthy thing.The progress our nation has made on the topic of diversity is, surely, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. But, he taught us | Read More »

    Political syncopancy costs lives

    Inspired by the plaintiff’s bar, congressional Dems (and a few Republicans like Charles Grassley), began about five years ago to beat up the FDA regarding the perceived dangers of antidepressant use by adolescents.That always-risk-averse agency responded with a flurry of dire “black-box” warnings in the official labeling of virtually all modern antidepresssant prescription drugs. The politicians pointed with pride to what they had accomplished.The trial | Read More »

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    Crud, they’re on to us.

    Lefty or not, I wouldn’t dream of denying this Falstaff fellow the traffic, though, given that the post is both funny and largely true.Can’t wait for the books on this election, let me tell you.

    Palin vs Wooten

    There have been a lot of outrages attacks on Sarih Palin, at the same time many in the Republican circles seem to think that Sarih is a combination of Snow White and Ronald Reagan.However, I prefer to do my own research. The issue that concerns me the most is the TrooperGate. Below is chrononigical list of events. Its obvious not complete but it is as | Read More »


    When they spoke, McCain got higher ratings than Obama

    According to Nielsen Media Research, 38.9-million television viewers in the United States watched Senator John McCain accept the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination, which tops the short-lived record 38.3-million who saw Barack Obama accept the Dem nomination in front of Styrofoam columns in a football stadium last week by over half a million folks. (Only 37.2-million watched Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech on Wednesday.) | Read More »

    There you go again, Senator.

    …I’m merely trying to make Democrats feel at home. What with them having Joe Biden on the ticket, and everything.But back to the matter at hand. If you were wondering about whether or not the Obama campaign has been stung by the entire Palin thing, stop. He has. How do we know?Observe: DURYEA, Pa. — “I know that I’m not your typical presidential candidate,” Sen. | Read More »

    Media: The Iditarod Idiot Is Headed To Alaska To Hide

    More paranoid fallout from the We-Didn’t-Get-To-Vet-Her whiners in the MSM. Palin is afraid to face us!! Grab some Rolaids, you’ll have to suffer through Olbermann and Howard Fineman to get the initial story.Note the insults. Fineman calls the Palin pick the “accidental brilliance” of John McCain and reminds us that Palin is actually the “Heiress of George W. Bush.” The McCain campaign says they spirited | Read More »

    Media: The Iditarod Idiot Is Headed To Alaska To Hide

    More paranoid fallout from the We-Didn’t-Get-To-Vet-Her whiners in the MSM. Palin is afraid to face us!! Grab some Rolaids, you’ll have to suffer through Olbermann and Howard Fineman to get the initial story.Note the insults. Fineman calls the Palin pick the “accidental brilliance” of John McCain and reminds us that Palin is actually the “Heiress of George W. Bush.” The McCain campaign says they spirited | Read More »

    Obama could not get a security clearance!

    I recently had to apply for a DOD security clearance. The level I applied for is about the lowest, that being Secret. Does it bother any of the Obama supporters that he could not even be granted that lowly level of clearance? His admitted use of a lot of illegal drugs along with is affiliation with ‘individuals or groups’ committed to the overthrow the government | Read More »


    Third Party Voters

    The American electoral system is heavily biased against more than two parties, just as all winner take all, single-member constituencies are. It is not because of money, entrenched corruption or media conspiracy (though the two parties having the lion’s share of the money is certainly an effect). It is also not uniquely American, other nations with this way of electing representatives have also not had | Read More »

    World’s Gutter Governments To Sit In Judgment Over U.S. Human Rights Record

    No one is perfect. As such, at times correction and admonition may need to be promulgated to set the ethically concerned back on the right path. When issued by those adhering to the high standards to which they profess, such criticism can be looked upon as a helpful corrective to assist equals in living up to their potential. However, when such accusations are leveled or | Read More »

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    Volokh: Poor Joe Biden

    Over on the Volokh Conspiracy, Todd Zywicki feels sorry for poor old Joe Biden:But watching Palin I all of a sudden had a memory of when I was a kid and I recall watching with sadness Muhammad Ali’s fight against a younger, stronger, sharper Larry Holmes. Ali’s time was past and Holmes just ran rings around him and everyone just ended up feeling sorry for | Read More »

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