He Did It Again

    I don’t know if anyone else caught this, but Biden did it again.In the Vice Presidential debate he said that for the seven years we were in Afghanistan, we only spent what we spend in three weeks in Iraq.He was trying to make the point that we were neglecting the war on terrorism in Afghanistan.His statement didn’t make any sense to me so I did | Read More »

    They’re going to put the SNL Bailout sketch back up.

    NRO’s Media Blog has the details (H/T [Hot Air])(http://hotair.com/archives/2008/10/07/report-snl-to-repost-bailout-sketch/)).

    ‘Tis the season for falling ACORN: raided

    Acorn offices being raided today in Las Vegas

    MarkI has more on Axelrod’s admission about Ayers.

    Mind you, Axelrod didn’t explain why Obama continued to deal with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, but one must encourage these hesitant baby steps to the truth.

    Why you either love or hate Sarah Palin

    This article on Jewish World Review offers a great analysis of why people have an almost instantaneous reaction to Sarah Palin – you either lover her or hate her. The author’s answer is that the election has turned into an unspoken referendum on human nature and the idea of “gender neutrality,” with Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain representing the left’s worst nightmare – strong women | Read More »


    If I were a liberal democrat, I would be fuming mad today. The realization of who Obama thinks of you, his people, is quite evident. He thinks your stupid. Where do I start? Barrack Hussien Obama has fed you the lie that he attended Rev Wrights church, for 20 years, listening to his hate sermons. Hate America. Hate the whites. Then Obama tells you he | Read More »

    Would You Vote For Barrack Obama if He Were Friends With Osama Bin Laden?

    Of course you wouldn’t. That is a silly question. Bin Laden is responsible for planning and leading activities aimed at killing Americans and disrupting the American way of life because he does not agree with the views of American democracy and American values. So why would you think of voting for Barack Obama for President, or any office for that matter, knowing he is friends | Read More »

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    Why I Believe Virginia is Trending Blue

    My mom and dad were born and raised on the eastern shore of Virginia, and a good part of my family still lives in Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. In one of my last jobs, I had several clients in Virginia, including such cities as Manassas, Fairfax, Charlottesville, Danville, and Warrenton. All were cities on the nothern side except for Danville, which is down south. | Read More »

    Palin Steps Up TV Interviews

    Palin Steps Up TV Interviews http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/10/07/palin-steps-up-tv-interviews/ The McCain campaign has largely sheltered Sarah Palin from the media, but that’s changing. This week, the campaign is slowing releasing the GOP vice-presidential candidate to local media. On Monday, Palin sat down with NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, Fla. On Tuesday, she took questions from another local television station in Jacksonville. The Monday interview with WFLA will be | Read More »


    So, Obama looks inevitable ? Then welcome back Carter days.

    Yes, I have seen the media full of glee, so I can only make the connection that Obama is riding up in the polls. Ok, so Obama is elected; what next ? I’ll take one thing. Energy. Although Obama has seem to have been a proponent of offshore drilling recently, that does not mesh with statements in the primary nor any of his Senate actions. | Read More »

    Why did Barack Hussein Obama send $50 million to the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

    Now being rather new to the blogging world, people can check all the facts they want to confirm or deny what I am about to post. I did an quick biography look-up on both presidential candidates and found some rather interesting information on Mr. Obama. Of all the legistlation that he initiated and sponsored, only one became law. If I am incorrect, my appologies. This | Read More »

    Creepy Comrades: The Ayers-Chavez Connection

    In a recent post I referred to a speech unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama associate Bill Ayers delivered in Caracas, Venezuela, to the 2006 World Education Forum, sponsored by UNESCO. His text is full of Marxist rhetoric, but that’s just Marxist Ayers being Ayers. He’s also a professor of education, and there’s nothing unusual about his presence at a global forum on education sponsored by | Read More »

    Obama: Yeah, OK, Maybe I Kinda Sorta Did Know Ayers Was A Terrorist

    UPDATE: I can’t resist. Via Constant Reader Rod_Patrick in comments, check this video out: Stop digging, guys. – Moe Lane In light of the mounting common-sense evidence of the total implausibility of Barack Obama’s claim to have not known that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were not just terrorists but nationally famous terrorists when he worked with Ayers in the mid-1990s (including funnelling millions of | Read More »

    An Apology, A Promise, and My Resolve

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m sorry to say that I have fallen for the trap, taken the bait, and let everything going on get me down about this election. I spent Sunday evening attending a rally headlined by Sarah Palin, and left the building inspired, energized, and enthusiastic. The next morning, I saw the news, saw the polls, saw how most major TV | Read More »

    A Bright Spot for the GOP: Barletta Is Beating Kanjorski

    According to Roll Call ($), Mayor Lou Barletta is leading Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D) in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District. In the Susquehanna Polling and Research survey, Barletta led Kanjorski, 47 percent to 39 percent, with 11 percent undecided. The survey, taken Oct. 2, questioned 400 likely voters and had a margin of error of 4.9 points. Barletta’s lead has increased from a similar poll on | Read More »

    Rub a Dub Dub

    Rub a dub dub,Three men in a tub,Who do you think they be?Obama’s up front,Rezco holds the bunt,And Ayers he makes three. But there on the shore,He would have been four,Wright is the man you don’t see,He had to be true:”Don’t trust whitey or Jew! Come along and damn America with me.” But Obama’s so smart,He’s had a good start,Raising money foreign and domestically,He’s told | Read More »

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    Popular culture beginning to glare at the Democrats over F/F.

    Via Allahpundit we see the Colbert Report half-putting out our campaign ads for us: A pity that they think that it’s a pity that they can’t blame it on Bush, and the McCain house crack was lame, but nice to see that our paltry efforts aren’t totally in vain, no?

    John McCain for president

    Dear friends, I would like to take a moment to encourage you to vote John McCain in the upcoming election. McCain will keep our taxes low, Keep America safe, help everyone to be able to afford health insurance and prescription medicine, and most importantly he is the ONLY ONE who WILL get our economy straightened out. Lets please keep terrorist out of America and out | Read More »

    McCain Being Outspent Three To One On TV Ads

    McCain is being outspent by three to one of TV. If he loses, it may be the result of his own impetuous legislation. I’m not a grecophile, but I’m pretty sure that’s either ironic or tragic or both. This article and chart explains the discrepancy in ad spending. I’m not sure where all his public funding money went nor do I know where the RNC | Read More »

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    A Look At A Potential Obama Administration

    A look at a potential Obama Administration: Secretary of State – Jeremiah Wright (“God D*mn America” resonates well overseas) Secretary of the Treasury – Barney Frank Secretary of Defense – Jack Murtha (would put an immediate halt to US troops air raiding villages) Attorney General – Tony Rezko Secretary of the Interior – Sheryl Crowe (has the right ideas on interior policy.) Secretary of Agriculture | Read More »

    Dog bites man: ACORN got raided as part of a voter fraud investigation. Again.

    ACORN office in Vegas raided in voter-fraud probe LAS VEGAS (AP) – Nevada state authorities are raiding the Las Vegas headquarters of an organization that works to get low-income people to vote. A Nevada secretary of state’s office spokesman said Tuesday that investigators are looking for evidence of voter fraud at the office of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also called ACORN. | Read More »

    Fellow Americans – It’s Our Call

    It’s Our Call Fellow Americans, we’re down to the wire on making a wise decision about our next President of the United States. We have exactly two options left at this time: (1) Bury our head in the sand, keep sweeping crap under the rug and let the extreme “Liberal” News Media choose our next leader, or (2) We can do our homework and equip | Read More »

    Three points that will pull the race closer

    1. Obama promised Illinois residents he would not raise taxes, in order to win his Senate seat. Once he was elected, he raised taxes. And we currently have an economic crisis which will make it virtually impossible to lower taxes and pay off this huge debt. Lowering taxes would mean an EXTREMELY slow, Socialist-like economy. Do Americans want a fix that will take decades, and | Read More »


    Re-Enact Wittenburg with John McCain, Newt Gingrich, and Richard Russell

    An excerpt from a Human Events e-mail I have just received: Senator Obama is intimately tied to corruption, left-wing radicalism, and predatory politicians. But the elite media has done everything it could to avoid asking the key questions…. They could use the same technique that Senator Richard Russell used in 1936 to defeat populist Georgia Governor Gene Talmadge. Russell literally posted a list of questions | Read More »

    ACORN Offices Raided!

    Fox News is reporting that the ACORN office in Las Vegas, Nevada was raided today as part of a voter fraud investigation. The raid was prompted by “ongoing complaints about ‘erroneous’ registration information” being submitted by ACORN under the Project Vote voter sign-up drive. “Some of them used nonexistent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed | Read More »




    Innocent life: McCain protects the “punishment” Obama lets die in soiled utility rooms

    [We swap editing roles for this one.] Originally published by Mike DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports My brilliant conservative, non-columnist friend in the banking industry desires, and rightfully so, that Obama and the Democrats be hit again and again – at least by McCain and his ads! – on a number of issues. My most recent economics column introduced Boata’s | Read More »

    Obama’s Sermon on the Mount

    Something very dangerous is occurring in our country. It’s what we call the “cult of personality” when it happens in totalitarian countries. It is the idea that the leader is wise beyond the comprehension of the people,that he is pure and kind,and he and only he knows what is good for the country. Normally in democratic countries this is abhorrent. Winston Churchill led Britain throughout | Read More »

    The defectors are Republicans

    The national polls are improving, but some of the swing-state polls look awful and we’re fighting in our own backyard. The interesting thing about the swing states is that much of the margin seems to consist of McCain voters who have gone independent or crossed over, rather than straight Obama gains from the independent pile. This tells us that Obama’s not outperforming McCain on the | Read More »

    Chicago’s Public Schools- It Takes a Paddle to Raise a Child

    h/t Drudge It does look like all that Annenberg money that Barack Obama and his pal William Ayers spent might have been diverted to, um, weapons of @$$ destruction. CBS Chicago reports on a scandal that has broken out involving physical abuse at Chicago pulic schools. CHICAGO (CBS) ? CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini exposed illegal corporal punishment in public schools, and the report is | Read More »

    Can’t See the Transparency Through The Fog

    The New York Times today has basically pooh-poohed the GOP for ‘complaining’ over a couple million dollars from foreign donors. They ignore the fact the recent Newsmax report that gives examples of foreigners giving donations and the Obama campaign promising to refund their money at a future date (after ‘repeated FEC warnings’, compliance claims by the Obama campaign, and the inability to tell if the | Read More »

    McGovern Trashes Card Check Scheme in New TV Ad

    The Employee Freedom Action Committee is hitting the airwaves tonight with a new TV ad featuring Sen. George McGovern trashing the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which would do away with the secret ballot for union elections and replace it with a “card check” system that merely requires a majority of workers to sign a card to unionize. You can see it here. Of course, | Read More »

    Can you do a better job than this ad?

    Link, via AoSHQ If you can, go for it! If you can’t, pass this one along.

    George McGovern Comes Out Swinging Against Card Check

    Mark Impomeni has a great piece over at AOL about Obama and the Democrats wanting to pay back union support by getting card check passed. “Card Check”, typically referred to by Democrats in Orwellian fashion as the “Employee Free Choice Act,” would require that employees vote for or against unionizing while standing in front of union thugs without a secret ballot. Tonight, during the 2nd | Read More »

    Rep. Shays (R) goes after Congress (D)…

    Good stuff, if you’re a policy wonk. Via Hot Air: Obviously, the Democrats are not going to want to talk about the way that they caused the subprime meltdown by refusing to regulate Fannie/Freddie – especially since they have a Presidential candidate who’s down there in the muck with the rest of them, right down to the brazen-faced lying and cowardly abandonment of responsibility. Just | Read More »

    Commercial Paper Funding Facility: The Federal Reserve Becomes a CP Dealer

    Here it is. That’s the Fed’s announcement of two new facilities. The Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF) will create credit, to be made available to a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (SPV), as authorized under Section 13(3) (the “unusual and exigent circumstances” section) of the Federal Reserve Act. The SPV is authorized to purchase three-month dollar-denominated commercial paper from eligible issuers. There isn’t a lot of detail | Read More »

    Hey, Big Spender

    Stanley Kurtz has been doing tremendous work on Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers lately, but his examination of Obama’s Chicago years doesn’t end there. Given the sharp contrast presented by the first debate – when John McCain called for across the board spending cuts to tighten our collective belts for the coming recession, while Obama’s effort to answer the same question found him launching into | Read More »

    Conservative Voter Registration – Whose doing it?

    I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet in attempt to find some conservative/republican organizations that specialize in voter registration. While I’ve found dozens of them that have a liberal/left leaning, I’ve not been able to find one organization that is out there trying to register conservative leaning individuals. If anyone knows of one, please submit. Thanks.

    Barack Obama is a lying hypocrite/hypocritical liar

    Lace up the shoes. Game on. A new ad from John McCain intones that Dem candidate Barack Obama is a hypocritical liar. Barack Obama. He promised better. He lied. To wit: Writes ABC News’ Jake Tapper: The criticisms of the Obama ads are all on target. Tapper, God love him, has backed his statement with links. (To be fair, he did not on his blog | Read More »

    McCain hangs Fannie around Obama-Dem necks

    Originally published by Mike DeVine, the Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports [Update – Since my friend called for McCain to act, he has, all week. McCain has called out Dems, including Obama, by name in pinning the cause for the Fannie Mae induced economic crisis on them and showing that he and Palin are the real change.] I had been considering doing | Read More »



    There are a number of reasons for the Loss of support for the McCain/Palin ticket. However, I think the loss of support is being accelerated by the increasing attacks coming from the Republican party and the McCain/Palin camp. Most of my friends are independents and Libertarians. A number of them voted for Bush in 2004. Every single one of my friends who voted Bush in | Read More »

    Election Advice from a Therapist

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling pretty good about McCain’s chances. He was doing pretty well in the important battleground states, Palinmania was still sweeping the nation, and Obama couldn’t seem to find his legendary voice. I was beginning to think that, perhaps, despite all the naysaying and the gloom-and-doom about Republicans’ chances this year, McCain is the guy who can | Read More »

    Obama’s Communist Connections

    Obama’s Communist Connections Who is Alice Palmer? Palmer is much more than the “influential liberal” described by Politico. Ten years before the aforementioned meeting, Alice Palmer was an official of a notorious Communist front group (so identified by the FBI), the U.S. Peace Council, an affiliate of the World Peace Council, an international Soviet front. It goes without saying that during that era of the | Read More »

    Another Great Ayers Clip

    Even though it is not Ayers alone. I never understood why Dohrn’s role goes unchecked, she actually worked with Michelle Obama. Aside from the damage this does to the Obama campaign, I hope this stuff exposes some Republicans to the real threat of liberalism and how they work. These people are veield marxists who have intertwined their inner ambitions with organizations like ACORN and the | Read More »

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    Campbell Brown Cavorts With Felons

    Campbell Brown is at it again. Having bashed Sarah Palin from the moment she was picked, Brown is out bashing Palin for going after Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers. Brown writes, “To say, as Gov. Sarah Palin is now doing, that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists is just outrageous.” Why exactly is that outrageous? Obama worked for Ayers. Obama fundraised in Ayers’ house. Obama | Read More »

    Democrats, feel free to leave the country at any time.

    I know Alec, Madonna, Susan Sarrandon and her boy toy have all threatened to leave the country. To them, and anyone else are more than welcome to leave. I have been to Canada a few times and can tell you it looks just like America and even has all the niceties like free health care that you guys are so looking forward to. Today, the | Read More »

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    SarahCudda Handles a Heckler

    During a campaign speech she was giving in Estero, Florida yesterday, Sarah was being heckled by a rather large, bearded gentleman with long hair and wearing a black t-shirt who was standing right behind her… After svereal (inaudible) outbursts from the gentleman, Sarah turned, propping one hand on her podium and the other on her hip. The man, ready for a confrontation, folded his defiantly | Read More »


    Note To Reporters on the Ayers Story: Ask About The Brink’s Case

    Kevin has linked to a great CNN piece that explodes some of Barack Obama’s untruths about the depth of his ties to unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. You should go watch the video, which is excellent and includes new reporting quoting Alice Palmer, the leftist state senator who Obama succeeded in office. The Obama camp and its media allies have used two main rhetorical strategies | Read More »

    Affimitive Action on steriods

    The constant drum beat of background Obama noise is everywhere. You cannot turn on a radio, TV, computer or drive your car without hearing or seeing an Obama yard sign, bumper sticker, magazine cover, puff piece on TV, entertainers, sports figures, Oprah, tingle leg types who masquerade as “journalists” lulling you into Obam all the time. The BIG LIE as practiced did in Nazi Germany. | Read More »