Who is Rich in America

    Who is Rich in America?Bye-Bye, American PieRick Warren asked the presumptive presidential candidates to define rich in America during the Saddleback forum. I like to hear candidates answer a simple question with a simple answer. However, Pastor Rick did not provide enough information to properly answer this question. At the risk of breaking the rule of never answering a question with a question, I think | Read More »

    Palin’s Trooper Question Gets Serious

    OK, from an insider’s perspective the Palin Administration hasn’t covered itself with glory in this but the Governor herself does not appear to have done anything improper – not real smart politically, but not violating anything.But now we have a lovely smackdown from the Attorney General. Sen. Kim Elton, (D-Juneau) and “my” senator, who heads the Legislative Committee and his Democrat buddy from Anchorage, Sen. | Read More »

    More games with Electoral results oversight?

    OK, let’s walk through. As you no doubt remember, the Federal Election Commission was deadlocked for six months – just in time for the primaries! – because the Democrats objected to one of its proposed new members being appointed. It eventually got resolved when said member withdrew his name. Well, the GOP can’t win every fight in Congress; we are technically in the minority in | Read More »

    At the 9/11 Memorial

    Obama carried the flower low. McCain carried it high.Obama threw it upon the memorial waters. McCain carefully placed it with respect.Firefighters placed pins on McCain and his wife.No pins for Obama.You get what you vote for.Care to define honor now?

    Let’s Translate This Energy Into Something Useful

    We are all aware of the tremendous energy out there in the wake of the Palin nomination and the subsequent polling.There is still time for YOU to get out and do something useful.Right now, the best way that we can help McCain and Palin succeed is to register voters in heavily Republican areas of swing states or states with close Senate races. Even one additional | Read More »

    From Ground Zero

    Boxing Day at Hot Air: A switcheroo on Palinmania.

    Nonetheless, anybody who has read Hot Air for any length of time knows that Allahpundit’s the pessimist and Ed Morrissey’s the optimist. Which makes today’s switch here kind of cool.First, Ed, who is echoing Glenn Reynolds’ “Don’t get cocky, kid”: …we have to guard against the same kind of cult of personality that arose around Obama and continues to this day. We want the large | Read More »

    Numbers That Ought to Terrify Barack Obama

    One reason that Barack Obama’s campaign is experiencing such trouble right now is that the independent voters who will decide this election have more faith in John McCain than Barack Obama. Take a look at the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics survey. Independents trust McCain over Obama by a margin of 58%-30% on Iraq; by 62%-25% on the War on Terror; by 46%-35% on energy independence; | Read More »

    Follow Up Post

    I want to follow up on my previous post about the Conservative Movement. I didn’t mean to say that Conservative views should be left at the front door; and I never said we should rethink our free market system or our foreign policy. In fact I’m probably more hawkish than most RedState members. My views overall have been one of a more centrist approach. I | Read More »

    The War on Terrorism

    September 11, 2008Dear Senator McCain:Seven years ago we weathered a painful attack by an evil cabal of cowardly fanatics. We Americans and most of the world stood as one. We hunted the terrorists down and fought them in their caves, in the cities, in the hills, in the deserts, and in their dark holes around the world, wherever they chose to hide. We killed and | Read More »

    “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

    Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie, September 10, 1813. On that day, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry led the young United States of America to naval victory in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, against the British during the War of 1812.A super-quick history:Perry was aboard the USS Lawrence, which had been named after Captain James Lawrence. Lawrence had died earlier in the year, aboard the | Read More »

    How soon we have forgotten

    9/11 — We all have our stories. I was caught 2300 miles away, with 5 children. We were to fly out that morning. We had to drive from San Diego to the Midwest — in a mini van.Along our way, we saw American Flags over every overpass. People would wave to us. Folks were handing out American Flag T shirts. We got to see this | Read More »

    Cry Out

    “I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”


    Sarah’s Gift of Life

    By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon In 1917, Vladimir Lenin spearheaded his leftist revolutionaries in a massive people’s revolt, which smashed Russia’s monarchy to dust, and forever disfigured the face of worldwide power politics. Nearly fifty years later in the 1960s, radical feminists and other useful idiots here and abroad placed a bear hug on Lenin’s adage that “a lie told often enough becomes the | Read More »

    Dedicating the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon

    I was honored to attend the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon this morning. I was not in the building when it was attacked and I did not know any of the victims, but I have spent some in that unique edifice since, and with the people who lost friends and comrades, who inhaled the smoke and rescued the wounded. For them, the | Read More »

    New Ohio Poll shows Obama up Five

    A new Quinnipiac poll in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer shows Obama up 49-44 over McCain. A few highlights(Edited to show 5 point lead instead of 3):· The poll was of 1,367 likely voters taken from 9/5 (Friday) – 9/9 (Tuesday).· McCain wins over 34 years old by a few points, but loses the 18-34 vote by 64-33%. Will the “Youth Vote” materialize?· They asked what chance | Read More »

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    the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax, Virginia

    Grand Old Partisan attended the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax, Virginia yesterday. The crowd was huge and joyous and enthusiastic.See the Grand Old Partisan blog for photos.Among the preliminary speakers were Senator Fred Thompson, Rep. Tom Davis and Rep. Frank Wolf. Other Virginia luminaries in attendance, with whom I spoke, included former Governor Jim Gilmore, Attorney General Bob McDonnell and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore.Sarah Palin | Read More »

    The Death Of The Conservative Movement

    Like Clinton and the Democratic party John McCain will rewrite the meaning of Republican if he’s so lucky as to take the oath of office. Many Conservatives, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, and the ever mouthy Sean Hannity have openly objected to McCain as their party’s nominee. They say he’s not Conservative enough but that hasn’t stopped the Maverick from cleaning house; and rightfully so. Now, | Read More »

    Obama and Black Genocide

    In 1973 a procedure was legalized that has since reduced the African American race by 25%. This procedure kills more African Americans in three days then the Ku Klux Klan did in all of its history. It kills more African Americans then drugs, disease, crime, and accidents combined and it is supported by our tax dollars. By now you probably have figured out that the | Read More »


    Curbing my enthusiasm

    You all know that I’m poll afficianado, and I try to evaluate their results with a level of realism. So let me take a moment to hold up a hand and say “let’s curb our enthusiam” in response to Moe’s post about the Rasmussen daily track.There are several polls, especially the Gallup track, that are showing McCain leading this thing now. And I firmly believe | Read More »

    ‘Drive By’ Media tries to derail more drilling with hit piece about Interior Department

    I love how a story that concerns internal ethical issues at the DOI is connected by the ‘Drive By’ to the current issue of oil drilling.Is anyone else here at RedState SICK AND TIRED of these deliberate attempts by supposed ‘objective’ media to try and influence the issue over tapping our own natural resources?The RNC and every conservative blog, radio talk show host, conservative news | Read More »

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    Grassley Investigating Michelle Obama’s Hospital

    One of Grassley’s ongoing investigations is related to the tax exempt status of nonprofit hospitals. The latest hospital to come under his scrutiny is none other than the University of Chicago Medical Center that until recently employed Michelle Obama, the wife of the Democratic Nominee for President.

    McCain Opposes Grassley on Ag Subsidies and Ethanol

    According to a recent AP article, McCain opposes agricultural subsidies. Specifically McCain stated that he does not “support agricultural subsidies no matter where they are.” He further says that the “$300 billion, bloated, pork barrel laden [farm] bill” passed by congress this summer “is something America simply can’t afford.” Grassley Watch could not agree more.Senator Grassley responded to McCain’s coments by sayign that he “would | Read More »

    Loquacious Enemy Continues to “Text Message” the Pangs of Defeat

    Way back in January 2007, your humble correspondent made his (in)famous RedState debut with a lengthy essay comparing the contemporary situation in Iraq with the one that our forebears faced on the Pacific island of Guadalcanal in 1942-1943.That essay ended with the following flourish:Guadalcanal had been a longer and murkier affair; it was clear that the Japanese had lost, but the extent of the victory | Read More »

    RedState users’ memo to the 9/11 trolls, mobies, and other low-life traitors

    It’s not really surprising. We expected you this day, because this is who you are. Punks who hide behind keyboards to sow your America-hating bile, who deliberately inflict damage on those who love America. I did not want to write this memo, since I would RATHER spend the day reflecting on and honoring the dead and injured.But you came, in numbers. You could not merely | Read More »

    My two observations on 9/11.

    First: our prayers for the dead and their families and loved ones. May the latter, especially, have the strength to get through this day, and the days the follow.Second: I’M STILL HERE, you miserable, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, hate-filled, cowardly fantasy ideologist son-of-a-bitch. I just went out to feel the wind and the sun on my face. When’s the last time you got to do that, | Read More »


    The proximity of 911 Anniversaries to Election Days: An example of Providence? [updated]

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportIf a President won’t defend America, it won’t be defended. I think this adage is driven home at a most opportune time before we choose Commanders in Chief. Does anyone doubt that President Bush benefited from the third anniversary remembrance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against John “international test” Kerry? And | Read More »

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    A Brief Reflection on September 11, 2001

    It began as a wonderful summer morning in New York- crisp and clear, with a touch of fall and its bounty. Unsuspecting travelers boarded aircraft, perhaps looking forward to flying in such beautiful weather and the stunning views to be had with a cup of coffee by the passenger window. It ended in fire and ash and tragedy. There were countless displays of courage under | Read More »

    Echoes Of Your Love


    Screening “Obsession” in Dearborn, Michigan

    (Updated below.)Today I am flying to Dearborn, Michigan, where I will be attending a screening of a documentary titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” – a film that I have discussed here before – which is being sent nationwide, included in newspapers and magazines as a way of reminding voters of the threat we face from Islamic terrorists, and how the result of | Read More »

    9/11 research could make fusion power breakthrough

    BBC reports that research into the building collapses on 9/11 has illuminated properties of steel at high temperatures. Fusion power researchers hope that research into the effects of magnetism on very hot steel will lead to the creation of new materials that can take the heat, which would allow the construction of better nuclear fusion chambers.

    His lies have cost him my vote

    On NPR yesterday they played many politicians using the lipstick on a pig quote including McCain (about Hillary!) well actually about her health care plan. I want an HONEST PRESIDENT. I thought McCain was really different but over the last two weeks he has shown his true colors – the same old washington. I can’t take any more of this crap. I will either vote | Read More »

    Remembering September 11

    September 11, 2001.I was living in southeast Georgia attending Georgia Southern University as a senior when the worst attack in our nation’s history occurred. For some reason I decided to play hooky that day, sleeping in and being generally lazy. My wife of five years, at that time, was the good, dutiful student and was attending class. During those days I usually left the radio | Read More »

    That September day

    My friend, James Hooker, is never at a loss for emotion on 9/11. Enjoy his thoughts.Things are seared in my memory about that day like no other event in my lifetime. I was driving to work after a business breakfast. I happened to notice the sky was filled with planes seemingly in a holding pattern on approach to the commercial airport. I was stunned at | Read More »

    Missed Opportunity

    The McCain/Palin campaign directors have overlooked one of the most profound and relevant story of Sarah Palin’s governorship: “The $1,200.00 that she gave back to each family of Alaska!” Why they have not exploited this amazing story is beyond me? I believe a whole T.V. special could be devoted to impact that this money had on the lives of poor and middle class Alaskans. Interviews | Read More »

    Get Fred and Rudy to do the VP thing…

    I am liking the McCain campaign’s decision to keep Palin in the bus. Her warmups and star power pack a pretty big punch and certainly assure local coverage, and maybe a few more seconds of national coverage each day. This is the best thing to happen to us in a long time (energy and ethusiasm) and we need to play it for what it’s worth. | Read More »


    Today I will go through what I felt during this day seven years ago. I am putting aside all political feelings on how to handle this. This is my memory and my tribute to people who died during September 11th 2001. May god bless them.What’s amazing to me about this is that I remember that day more than any other. I remember it better than | Read More »

    A Guide to Celebrity Strays

    Thank goodness for Matt Damon. If he hadn’t had the courage to go on national television and talk about things that he is completely unqualified to discuss, some of us might have made the fatal mistake of actually voting for McCain-Palin. But now, thankfully, he has made it known that he “knows nothing about” Sarah Palin. What would we do without celebrities?(By now you have | Read More »

    Media Doing the Work of the Obama Opposition Research Team

    Jon Henke posts the audio of a phone call made by a Wasilla, Alaska process server, who has been deluged by calls from the media, seeking salacious and damaging material about Sarah Palin:The media is supposed to get to the truth, but in the case of Sarah Palin, all they want is the dirt. As Henke says: This is the stuff that opposition researchers usually | Read More »

    ImPalin Obama: Barack “Flustered,” Supporters “Frightened,” Aides Whine About Palin’s “Celebrity Treatment”

    BWAAAAAA HA HA!! Folks, Sarah Palin has the entire Obama campaign in therapy. They have absolutely no idea what hit them. Listen to the panic.At campaign headquarters in Chicago, the Palin phenomenon is clearly getting under the skin of some aides, who complain she is getting “celebrity” treatment. “The McCain campaign attacks Obama as a celebrity, but they are completely managing Palin’s celebrity — with | Read More »

    McCain Booms Among Independents; Captures Some “Change” Voters

    We’re still getting a lot of polling data. For aggregation of state and national polls, see RCP or 538. These include yeseterday’s CNN/Time survey of 4 swing states and today’s Quinnipiac poll of 3 swing states. Here are some random thoughts on some of those polls.PRESFirst, 538 now has McCain projected to win 52% of the time. Intrade has the odds of McCain winning at | Read More »

    Where I Was On September 11

    Until September 11, 2001, I worked in the World Trade Center, halfway up Tower One. I wasn’t doing political blogging at the time, but was writing “the Baseball Crank” as a weekly baseball column for the online edition of the Providence (R.I.) Journal. Here’s my account of that day, written for ProJo two days later while it was all still fresh; we have run this | Read More »

    Forgive me

    After the two candidates leave ground zero, I wonder what the American people and the polls will say about the popularity of each.On the GOP side we have a proven leader John McCain with Military background and whose children have chosen to serve their country and a VP candidate Sarah Palin who is seeing her son off to Iraq today.On the Democratic side we have | Read More »

    Today all Americans should pray.

    **Never Again.With the passing years with each memorial service I’m asked to attend on this Historic day, I have to decline.As an American I am filled with hatred and vengeance for those who wish to do us harm. As a retired firefighter each day I’ll remember those terrorists that killed so many on that September day seven years ago. It is because of the hatred | Read More »

    Making decisions

    I have been undecided on who to elect for a while. I didn’t want Hilary because she can’t seem to make a decision without the party telling her what to do. Then I was a little concerned with McCain’s age and his tax policy. Now Obama on the other hand, I knew nothing about him so I decided to research in my spare time. Information | Read More »

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    9/11 Seven Years On

    September 11 is a new anniversary date in American history. For days leading up, newsreels and documentaries recount the tragic events. 9/11 induces somber reflection.That day changed America and it should have. But then again 9/11 never should have happened. Despite repeated warnings from within and without, a laissez-faire attitude among certain elements in the governing classes led to death and destruction.It is enlightening to | Read More »

    U of Wisconsin prof Menzie Chinn: I think Sarah Palin is so stupid that I can’t even articulate why

    reposted from the W.C. Varones Blog.University of Wisconsin professor Menzie Chinn:In response to the largest de facto nationalization in US history, we have this example of Governor Palin’s comprehension of this issue (ABC News):Saturday in Colorado Springs, Colo., Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said, “The fact is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers. The McCain-Palin administration | Read More »

    Please Stop With The Lipstick

    In hearing Obama’s “lipstick remark” a few days ago, I simply rolled my eyes. In my mind, the comment was not a sexist one, but more a quick jab at Sara and her very popular soundbite, “the difference in hockey mom’s and pit bulls”. Now, he may claim that his comment had nothing to do with Palin and/or her previous lipstick joke, but the audience | Read More »

    Pig stories from the mouths of babes

    As a former school teacher I can tell you that if you ever want to know what parents are saying inside the homes of your community listen to the kids. Last night my son comes home from school and says “all the kids talked about today was how Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.” This from a school system in a county that went for | Read More »

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    Things I will never forget; September 11th

    I originally posted this last year. However, many friends and acquaintances’ ask me what it was like to be at The World Trade Center on September 11th. This, I believe aptly describes that day from the ground.I will only add this preface from Emerson;Not unless God made sharp thine earWith sorrow such as mineOut of that delicate lay couldst thouThe heavy dirge divine The unrivaled | Read More »