More Thoughts on the Palin Nomination

    The great question of the week, which I am unfortunately only now getting around to starting to answer, is what to make of John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Let me offer here my take on a few of the other early points here.I. EuphoriaI really was unprepared for how euphoric my reaction was to McCain’s choice, and there | Read More »

    The ‘high-tech lynching’ of Sarah Palin.

    In 1991 Clarence Thomas was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court by then President George H.W. Bush. The attacks on Thomas that ensued were astounding and sought not only to defeat his nomination but to destroy his reputation and character. Never mind that the outrageous accusations were unproven, they were tools to try to stop Thomas from being on the Court. The ends justify the | Read More »

    Into The Facts of Vetting Sarah Palin

    I think we need to relax and let the vetting process work out. We know that the media is going to work overtime to debunk Governor Palin and trash her. The liberal bloggers are polluting the internet with bogus articles and information about her family and professional career. I’ll do my best to clarify this for everyone:Vetting: A.B. Culvahouse vetted Governor Sarah Palin last summer. | Read More »

    It’s Not Easy Being Green

    Note: This was originally going to cover both conventions, to really get a picture of the energy use. Unfortunately, the setup is different here and I can’t really get a late night walkaround. So I’m going to post the coverage from last week. If there was one message heard loud and clear at the Democratic National Convention this year, it was "Be Green!" Everywhere you | Read More »

    Our #2 vs. Their #1: Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and the Race For The Vice Presidency

    I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to see Sarah Palin on the national ticket in 2012, but she wasn’t my first choice for VP – my long list of “don’ts” included a few strikes against her, and in the days before the rollout, I backed Eric Cantor and viewed Palin as too much of a rookie for the national ticket. Had | Read More »

    FredState at the Convention

    This morning RedState and Google hosted a brunch for new media types with Fred Thompson.He gave a terrific speech. Michelle Oddis will have more later at Human Events, as will other attendees have more here.One of the great points Thompson made was comparing Palin and Obama’s experience. First, he pointed out how humorous it is that the Democrats are comparing their number one with our | Read More »

    RIP: Civility and Principles

    In case you haven’t heard, the unmarried 17-year-old daughter of Alaska’s governor is having a baby and marrying the father. But, of course, you HAVE heard that because, even with Hurrican Gustav taking (at last count) at least seven lives and leaving nearly 1 million without power, it was the story getting most of the time and attention of the anchorazzi and blogosphere yesterday (three! | Read More »

    Palin’s experience vs democrat presidential experience

    My Dad, Ken sent me this, very interesting, especially since they were all democrats.**Here is what I have found. Sara Palin is not alone in being a governor then running for president. Here are some other presidents that have similar backgrounds. Remember, these guys were running for president and not VP.Grover Cleveland, Democrat, Mayor of Buffalo, Gov of New York, PresidentWoodrow Wilson, Democrat, teacher before | Read More »

    Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

    John McCain and Sarah Palin need us as they’ve never needed us before.We must keep our chins up, stiffen our spines and maintain the line.Two fine people are representing us in the arena and the left is doing ANYTHING it can to destroy them. If the left succeeds, we too will taste the bitterness of defeat and national calumny.Remember always that this is a choice | Read More »

    I am appalled, ashamed and embarassed!!

    At 64 and being an avid independent voter for 40 years, voting both democratic and Republican I can honestly say I feel politics have fallen to an all time low in this Country. Since when do we rake a 16 year old child over the coals because her Mother is running for VP. Shame on the media, Shame on NBC, ABC CBS, CNN and all | Read More »

    I am appalled, ashamed and embarassed!!

    At 64 and being an avid independent voter for 40 years, voting both democratic and Republican I can honestly say I feel politics have fallen to an all time low in this Country. Since when do we rake a 16 year old child over the coals because her Mother is running for VP. Shame on the media, Shame on NBC, ABC CBS, CNN and all | Read More »

    I am appalled, ashamed and embarassed!!

    At 64 and being an avid independent voter for 40 years, voting both democratic and Republican I can honestly say I feel politics have fallen to an all time low in this Country. Since when do we rake a 16 year old child over the coals because her Mother is running for VP. Shame on the media, Shame on NBC, ABC CBS, CNN and all | Read More »

    Don’t Let Them Get Away With It!

    John McCain and Sarah Palin need us as they’ve never needed us before. They are in the crosshairs and the left is pulling out all the stops to destroy them and US.Have heart, stiffen your spine and maintain the line. We are the foot solders who must support those who represent us on the front lines.Remember always that this is not a choice between John | Read More »

    NEW INFO: The Palin nomination is DOOMED.

    Amidst the New York Times’ concerns that John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate without fully vetting her – at least not enough to discover that her daughter was pregnant, her husband got a DUI two decades ago, and she defended her sister against an abusive lout – comes word of something McCain did know. This was from the report sent to | Read More »

    Rush is going to bring it….The Directors are stuffing their faces OPEN thread

    “Republican officials say their party’s national convention will resume later Tuesday with a full schedule, after Monday’s planned activities were scaled back due to concerns that Hurricane Gustav could have devastating consequences for the Gulf coast.’

    About the Poor Kid

    I know we should not encourage the liberal fools by “us” imitating their ways. But please don’t get mad at me on this. I just want to highlight that the smear campaign still continues against Bristol. In the site called Perez Hilton, the “alleged” Bristol is painted as easy-go-lucky, bad, bad teenage girl who loves drinking with her friends. Here’s the link. Note that the | Read More »

    Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement Obama

    Media vs. McCain: Love Affair Ends as Media Finds Replacement, ObamaWhenever you tell liberals that there is a media bias, they usually deny it and then turn to old faithful, “what about Fox News?” Well, if that’s the only example you can come up with, then that sort of proves the point. Then there is part 2, “what about talk radio?” Of course, talk radio | Read More »

    Back Palin

    Everyone is right, Palin is not perfect. Neither is McCain or Obama, I am not perfect and you are not perfect either. What do people expect? If you live life you are going to make mistakes along the way. Some are small and some are big. People change and learn from what they have done in the past. Just think about how you would fair | Read More »


    Obama Gets His Convention Bounce

    Over night, four new polls were released showing Obama up 9, 7, 8, and 6 respectively. The Rasmussen Tracker jumped from Obama +3 the last two day to Obama +6. The other three national polls are not trackers.Importantly, all four polls were taken after the DNC and after the Palin announcement. Contrary to the budding optimistic view that Palin stole the DNC bounce away (based | Read More »

    Applying Current Industry Practices to Politics

    The choice of Sarah Palin, is an indicator that attracting talent for the workforce, is definitely changing politics. People must holistically accept that after almost 20 years of “serial entrepreneurs” and the growth of outsourcing for staff augmentation and special project consultants, a culture of “get in, get out, get it done, has now entered the political arena. Gone are the days, where companies, and | Read More »

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    Convention: Day 2

    Day 2 of the convention starts today.President Bush will send a taped message. Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson will be the prime time stars.This morning, RedState will be convening at the top of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul to have brunch with Fred Thompson. The view is incredible. Afterwards, we’ll be headed to the XCEL Center for all the live coverage of | Read More »

    Who Turned Down The Heat On Obama

    Since when did we let left wing bloggers dictate our news. I always knew the media was going to turn on McCain if he ever posed a viable threat. The media tries to maintain some appearance of professionalism, but they were never going to let McCain actually defeat Obama. Now, comes Sarah Palin. Now, the flop sweat is pouring. Now, the threat is real. The | Read More »


    We Interrupt All The Politics For More Good Economic News

    This is supposed to be Blackie’s job, but what the heck.Just so that this doesn’t get lost in the political news, in a flash look at this morning’s current news….o Crude is trading around $108/barrel – down over $7/bbl just this morning.o The dollar is up sharply – now at $0.69, $1.07, and $0.56 against (respectively) the Euro, the Canadian “dollar,” and the British pound | Read More »

    Are You a Ron Paul Supporter? Let’s Talk About the Price of Gold

    As of Tuesday morning, gold is trading about $797/ounce, down from a high of $1,037 several months ago. Oil traded below $105.50/barrel earlier today, and I stand by my often-made prediction that oil will fall below $100, and possibly well below $100. The US dollar has strengthened to less than $1.45 against the euro. Now if you’re one of the people who support a certain | Read More »


    Memo to the New York Times: You Don’t Understand Conservatives, Republicans, or Independents.

    (Click for full image)Apparently, the New York Times has decided to take a day off from the exhausting work of alerting our terrorist enemies to our secret plans to stop them from attacking us, and has decided to focus instead on the vital issue of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Currently, on the front page of the New York Times there are three (THREE!) front page (FRONT | Read More »

    Introducing…Global Cooling

    Allow me to say with trepidation that as a newcomer I am not comfortable starting a diary so soon, and will not make this a habit for various reasons (Time is a big one!).But since I could not find a logical topic right now for this, here it is.Sunspot activity, which goes in 11-year cycles, has been completely dormant for weeks recently. For the non-scientists | Read More »

    Obama says back off; Huffington, Daily Kos say no

    Looks like the hate mongers hanging from their feet at Huffington Post and Daily Kos are refusing to back off from bashing a 17 year old child. Huffington so much so her bashing is posted all of her cover page. Will Obama confront them? We shall see.Should we be more concerned about the private matters of the Obama’s than those of a 17 year old | Read More »

    It Matters What We Do: Bristol Palin’s Story

    I dislike the parts of the news cycle which exploit the personal failings of others. There are times when, reluctantly, I concede they may be relevant. I intentionally stayed away from the John Edwards adultery story, for example. But I admit his behavior, had it been known, would likely have derailed his candidacy. Which would likely have changed the Democratic primary. Which may well change | Read More »

    Excuse Me, what about Parental Responsibility.

    When Sara Palin was thrust upon the stage last week, my first reaction was she wasn’t who I wanted, but she wasn’t who I didn’t want.Then we began to her about her, how she was a beauty queen who would get up early in the morning to go hunting. Tough as nails against the establishment but was a loving mother of 5 children. She began | Read More »


    How Dumb Can These Guys Be

    Headlines from Yahoo to the New York Times: “The Heat is On” the feeding frenzy around Gov. Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is like sharks circling an injured seal. Now I have to wonder if the media knows how touchy this subject is. Do they not realize that if they exploit and disrupt this 17 year old girl’s personal business their going to face a harsh backlash? | Read More »

    Young, Female, Executive Seeks Same – On Sarah Palin

    I find it very interesting that some people are having ‘heartburn” with this. I think that strategically, it shows that McCain is thinking about the country, the party, and the future. He has his opponents scrambling, since this was not out of the ‘playbook’ that they had for McCain. That was first very obvious, as they unsuccessfully try to tie him to Bush ’43. So | Read More »

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    If I Were VP and Not a Stay at Home Mom…

    If I were Vice President and not a stay at home mom, the first slide in my morning brief would show the location of my deployed son’s unit. I would be especially vigilant in foreign policy meetings to ensure our decisions would not unnecessarily risk the lives of anybody’s children. Any Senator from Illinois who claimed to support the troops while undercutting their mission would | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 9-2-2008

    63 Days Until Election DaySeptember 2, 2008MORNING UPDATE:MICHIGAN CONVENTION UPDATE:MICHIGAN RALLY…Please join John McCain, Cindy McCain and the Vice Presidential Nominee, Governor Sarah Palin at a Road to Victory Rally on September 5th in Sterling Heights, MI. The doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the program begins at 5:00 p.m. As the Senator, Mrs. McCain and the VP Nominee continue the momentum traveling across the | Read More »

    Demonstrators Block Access To RNC

    Demonstrators made it it difficult to get to the Republican Convention Monday. Freeway off ramps were temporarily blocked by human barricades. The anarchists chained themselves together with handcuffs covered with tubes then sat down on the ramps.A couple of weeks ago I asked asked whether the police are ready for anarchy during the RNC. After watching the police respond Monday, I can answer. Yes the | Read More »

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    Two Questions

    What’s worse? A bun in the oven or cold cash in the freezer? How about a blond in the pond, a booker for your gay hooker, or even an obvious tether to a Weatherman? For the same group that failed to discern the problem of a mistress intern of a sitting President, liberals sure are making a huge fuss over the non-scandal of the pregnancy | Read More »

    Bristol Palin: Sex Ed Barometer

    Amazingly enough, the following appears to be Mort Kondracke’s argument:Sarah Palin advocates abstinence-only sex education programs.Bristol Palin (Sarah’s daughter) had pre-marital sex and got pregnant.If 1 and 2, then abstinence-only sex education programs are ineffective.Therefore, abstinence-only sex education programs are ineffective.QED Mort. An intellectual triumph!


    Apparently the worst is over in New Orleans. Flooding and storm related damage was minimal compared to Katrina. The levees held, and the Army Corps of Engineers should be given credit for the reinforcement work they did since Katrina. The evacuation of 2 million people went like clockwork. We’ll see if the MSM applauds FEMA and the Bush administration for their fantastic job of planning | Read More »


    How the Palin Family Makes Decisions

    I must admit, I was reeling yesterday with the news of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Not that it would change my vote or anything, because it won’t. But I did still have questions. My big questions were-Did John McCain really know this in advance? All indications are that he did know about this and Todd’s DUI that took place before the Palins were married in 1986. | Read More »

    The Vetting of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

    Much has been made recently by various media sources about the vetting (or lack thereof) of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Many sources are saying that the McCain camp did not properly investigate her background, and is now being surprised by sudden revelations by the media. Elizabeth Bumiller of the NY Times, as reported by MSNBC writes,A series of disclosures about Gov. Sarah Palin, | Read More »

    A New Cold War?

    Folks, I was a cold warrior like many others on RS . I served in the USAF from 1978 to 1988. The jobs I performed were directly related to the threat posed by the USSR. I worked on the weapons systems of F-4 Phantoms and A-10 Warthogs while stationed in the UK. We all knew we would be crispy critters if we ever went to | Read More »

    Obama Says Palin’s Family Off-Limits, Doesn’t Even Know of Anbar Province Handover?

    As Senator John McCain and the Republican Party were making plans on the eve of the opening of their Convention to cancel various events due to Hurricane Gustav’s rapid approach upon the Gulf Coast, what was Barack Obama and his campaign doing?Obama planned to finish his campaign schedule Monday with stops in Michigan and Wisconsin, two battleground states the campaign views as possible wins, before | Read More »


    The influx of cretin Leftists has made this site unusable and unreadable. When I CAN get to a diary to read the comments, I can’t stomach the crap that’s being spewed by the unbelievable flood of idiots. The Drudge and Yahoo stories have resulted in a tidal wave of stupidity descending upon us.It’s time for a moratorium on registrations. Either turn the stinkin’ thing off | Read More »

    So what about Bristol Palin?

    A number of people emailed and call me about Bristol Palin today wanting to know my view about how the matter, so here it is:I would start by noting that the media at large decided to pick up the story based upon lies started from a democrat website. The implication was that the Trig, Palin’s, youngest child was in all actuality Bristol’s. Of course this | Read More »

    Barack Obama Talking Points

    Is this the man we want to lead our country? Longtime friends with Antion “Tony” Rezko. Rezko was a huge fundraiser for Obama and several other prominent Chicago politicians. Obama has done work for Rezko business partners and with Rezko himself. Rezko was arrested in January, 2008 for money laundering, aiding bribery, extortion, and fraud. He was demanding kickbacks from companies wishing to do work | Read More »

    My Position on Abortion

    My Position on Abortion:I’m Pro-Choice, and I Choose Life. Personally, for myself, I don’t support abortion. As a person of faith I understand that God gave to each one of us free agency. If God was gracious enough to give me free agency who am I to deny you yours. If you or I make the wrong choice we’ll be held individually to account before | Read More »

    A Personal Story – Unplanned Pregnancy

    I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t really pro-life. During high school & college in the 1980’s, when every “teen” movie HAD to have some pro-abortion message, I knew that life was the right choice for the baby. My wife became pregnant with our son before we were married. That was not a good choice on our part. We were engaged, & then married. | Read More »

    My Positon on National Security

    Let me tell you a story. My father Keith Lowell Dalton was a radar operator in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. He was part of an occupation troop sent to Hiroshima shortly after we dropped the bomb. This experience forever changed him. He may not have had scares on the outside, but the ones on the inside were so deep I can honestly say | Read More »

    Remember When Andrew Sullivan Used to be a Credible Blogger?

    I’m sure that newcomers to the blogosphere often wonder why anyone ever reads Andrew Sullivan. Since Obama came along, after all, Sullivan has been nothing but nothing more than just another no-talent Obama sycophant who is inordinately obsessed with convincing himself that the Catholic Church does not really mean what it teaches on homosexuality. In other words, no one that anyone would want to read. | Read More »

    Beckwith: Palin Tops Andrew Sullivan

    Francis Beckwith’s emailed his latest Southern Appeal post to me. It’s worth reproducing in full here:Andrew Sullivan does it again: he tries to demean Gov. Palin and fails, againby Francis BeckwithAndrew Sullivan writes:From an Eagle Forum Candidate Questionnaire:Q: Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not? PALIN: Not on your life. If it was good enough | Read More »

    Obama Compares Oranges to Apples

    Barack Obama on Anderson Cooper’s 360 made the following statement comparing his experience and that of Governor Sarah Palin:In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night, Obama was asked about whether his experience in the U.S. Senate dealing with weather-related situations compares to Palin’s executive experience running the state of Alaska and as the small town mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.“My understanding is that | Read More »