Obama Defeats McCain

    Before many of you have an attack because of reading the title of this post read on a little further in order to fully understand the title. This particular title is a 2008 similarity to a newspaper headline from the Chicago Tribune made famous in 1948. Election day in 1948 fell on November second placing President Harry Truman against New York Governor Thomas Dewey. The | Read More »

    Obama Defeats McCain

    Before many of you have an attack because of reading the title of this post read on a little further in order to fully understand the title. This particular title is a 2008 similarity to a newspaper headline from the Chicago Tribune made famous in 1948. Election day in 1948 fell on November second placing President Harry Truman against New York Governor Thomas Dewey. The | Read More »

    Who played the race card? Rasmussen finds that Obama did

    Rasmussen actually asked people: As for Obama’s comment, 53% of white voters saw it as racist, as did 44% of African-Americans and 61% of all other voters. So who was racist? Unaffiliated voters, by a five-to-one margin, said the McCain ad was not racist. By a much narrower 50% to 38% margin, unaffiliateds viewed Obama’s comment as racist. Perhaps the press and the lunatic lefty | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    93 Days until Election Day August 3, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: SUNDAY’S TALK SHOW LINEUP…below. OUTRAGE…America should remember that House Democrats shut down debate on energy policy that would have helped lower gas prices and took a 5 week vacation instead.  There IS a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Please check out the article below from The Hill newspaper, as well as this article from Politico. | Read More »

    In America Today What Does it Mean to be a Fiscal Conservative

    What does it mean to be a fiscal conservative? I have been searching my inner soul the past couple of days too find the answer. Everywhere I look, we have become more, and more like dependents of the federal government, and they for indulging our privileged and abundant life styles. Now with the new housing market rescue, our federal government has me starting to wonder… | Read More »

    One more reason to walk away from the Washington Post:

    Many of us savored last night’s NFL Hall of Fame induction. For thousands in Canton, and millions around the DC area and the world, time slowed down a bit last night as we watched Darrell Green and Art Monk enter the Hall of Fame. This morning, I went to washingtonpost.com to continue savoring the moment. It appears I’ll have to go elsewhere. The powers-that-be at | Read More »

    Obama plays Checkers and McCain plays Chess

    Let’s start with by saying that I am no big fan of McCain, and even less of a fan of liberals and Obama. And I have been very frustrated about the shifting winds on McCain running Mates and I am waiting for Godot. I am a very staunch conservative and have been very frustrated about the republican party and it’s lack of conservatism. Also putting | Read More »


    Reading Senator McCain’s web site, 2nd Amendment

    The second amendment is in the Bill of Rights, part of the Constitution of the United States. It became law on Dec. 15, 1791. The 2nd Amendment says, “A well regulated Militia . . . , the right of the people to keep and bear arms . . . “ In other words, if you own a firearm you might be summoned to be in | Read More »

    Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Blame Musgrave for $4/gal Gasoline [Updated]

    It looks like the liberal activists are going to try to use $4/gal. gasoline against conservatives. Marilyn Musgrave (U.S. House CO-4) is their current target. This is another vulnerable seat that the Democrats want to pick up. Musgrave has had a tough fight for her seat the last two rounds. According to PolitickerCO.com, Defenders, which played a key role in ousting former Rep. Richard Pombo | Read More »

    “Black in America”: The war against fascism in 2008

    Much has been made recently of liberal network CNN’s decision to showcase a program called “Black in America”. In this age of constant political correctness as well as extreme liberal bias, this was a documentary that posed as factual news while merely serving as intellectual masturbation for the Political Left. In arguments that have been rebutted time and time again by Black intellectuals from Thomas | Read More »

    What is Good For GM is Good For the Country

    GM president Charles Wilson said this years ago. GM recently reported record losses and may go bankrupt. I know in this global economy foreign car makers produce a lot of autos in the US. I also know that GM has not had the best management and during the 70′s and part of the 80′s their cars were subpar in terms of reliability. I still find | Read More »

    From CNN – Why White House race is a close call

    This is an excellent article if you have not already read it. Why McCain is in with such a strong chance despite all the economic factors leading up this race and the fact that a Democratic candidate had raised so much money, got the over-attention, yet cant break away in the polls. Read this:-http://edition.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/07/31/mann.mccain/index.html I especially like the last two lines of the article, “A | Read More »

    Obama and Pelosi to Repeal DOMA

    From CNSNews, Another reason to vote NOBAMA, but is anyone listening? Pelosi Backs Obama on Repeal of Defense of Marriage ActFriday, August 01, 2008By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) On the Spot (CNSNews.com) – If Barack Obama is elected president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will support him in fulfilling his vow to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act | Read More »

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    As He’s Consistently Said… He’s Been Saying this for Years.

    This, really, was about as predictable as the sun rising in the east this morning: My interest is in making sure we’ve got the kind of comprehensive energy policy that can bring down gas prices,” Obama told The Palm Beach Post early into a two-day swing through Florida.But on Saturday morning, Obama said this “wasn’t really a new position.”“I made a general point about the | Read More »

    Obama is No Dennis Kucinich

    With this latest flip flop on drilling, it occurred to me that Obama is the anti-Dennis Kucinich. I’ve always liked Kucinich, but I never knew why. Now I’ve figured it out. Dennis Kucinich has ridiculous ideas for America, but he is a sincere man. He stands up for what he believes is best for our country and fights for those ideas come hell or high | Read More »

    Wil Armstrong for Congress (CO-6)

    The Republican primary race for U.S. House, District 6 from Colorado is to replace Tom Tancredo who is not running for re-election. There are four candidates running for this seat, two of which are Mike Coffman and Wil Armstrong. This seat is safely in Republican hands, so whoever wins the Primary will be going to Washington. Both Coffman and Armstrong are solid conservatives, which makes | Read More »

    I went into DC to see the GOP House protest.

    Yesterday several GOP House members said on TV they would be keeping their protest on the floor going all night and keeping the gallery open. I wanted to go into DC, get into the gallery, show my support and witness first hand something extraordinary. At 5pm, I called my Congressman’s office (Frank Wolf VA-10) and they said that even though he wasn’t on the floor, | Read More »

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    Re-Elect Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4)

    Marilyn Musgrave is the incumbent congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives from Colorado’s 4th District. She is nearing completion of her third, two-year term in office, and during this time has been a consistent and reliable conservative while faithfully representing the people in Northern and Eastern Colorado. From her re-election web page: She has been a leader for agriculture, 2nd Amendment rights, lower | Read More »

    Impeach Nancy Pelosi :: Sign The Petition!

    What started out as a fun way for me to blow off some steam and frustration at what transpired yesterday in the House, has kinda blossomed into fun challenge to see how many people we can get to sign this petition and join it’s facebook group page. So be a sport, sign the petition join the group or comment here as to what a tool | Read More »

    They’re Alive! They’re Alive!!

    On a day when unemployment reached a four year high, John McCain had Democrats wailing not about the economy but about “The One”…an ad that properly identifies Barack Obama as being an egomaniacal empty suit. At the same time, Congressional Republicans seized the initiative and humiliated Nancy Pelosi on two counts: her unpopular anti-energy stance and her totalitarian parliamentary stance. Just hours after the government | Read More »

    Dick Morris is wrong about Mitt Romney

    Dick Morris was once a hotshot consultant who was eagerly sought out by politicians from Bill Clinton to Vincente Fox. Now he’s been reduced to writing columns for the lightly-regarded NewsMax.com. How the mighty have fallen! The major reason for Morris’ downfall is that he’s just been wrong too many times. Morris is the guy who missed the boat in 2003, saying that he “didn’t | Read More »

    Is Life Hot Chocolate?

    I received this in an email today and found it posted here on the Internet. It definately bears repeating, so I have… ================================================================== A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work and lives. Offering his | Read More »

    The hidden issue that will elect a President this year

    According to Rasmussen Reports; Gov’t Ethics & Corruption is considered very important by 67% of respondents, somewhat important by 23%, not very important by 6%, and not important at all by just 1%. The party the people view as more trusted on the issue of Gov’t Ethics & Corruption is currently, 40% for Democrats and 29% for Republicans giving Democrats an +11 point lead. When | Read More »

    {I’m sorry, but you needed to read the Posting Rules.}

    {So go push your anti-growth, anti-poor, pro-Democratic agenda elsewhere, Sparky. – Moe Lane}

    Another good reason not to vote for Obama -the post presidency

    This is my first post-hope you like it!I think that many of the critiques raised here and elsewhere about Obama (from his foreign policy naiveté to an excessive ego even for a politician) are head on. However I think people missed one major reason why we shouldn’t want Obama to be elected to the presidency in 2008- the fact that he’ll have an extremely long | Read More »

    Obama campaign agrees to three debates – after the conventions.

    Well, they tried to lipstick the pig, but you know and I know what this means: Due to the late date of the two parties’ nominating conventions, and the relatively short period between the end of the conventions and the first proposed debate, it is likely that the four Commission debates will be the sole series of debates in the fall campaign. Consequently, we believe | Read More »

    The Birth of the [wow, runs afoul of Erick]

    This is Erick. Let me just be clear that I don’t know whether the author of this diary is a troll, moby, well intentioned, or clueless. But we don’t use racial slurs at RedState and there are some topics we should best avoid in polite society This is one of them Trying to engage in a conversation on this topic will cause the user to | Read More »

    I’d compliment Barack Obama on his courage for betraying his base on drilling, except that he’s not showing any.

    Everybody reading this knows that they’ll accept this slap – like every other slap and outrage – and then meekly go back to working for him and his like the good little drones that they are. They’ll keep sending him money, too. But they’ll whine about it all the while, which will make them feel like they’ve actually accomplished something (for a change) – so | Read More »

    Obama Running for President of Black America

    from politicalpyro.blogsome.com: John McCain recently revealed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he supported the proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would ban “preferential treatment” on the basis of “race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” Barack Obama immediately fired back saying he was “disappointed” in McCain’s position. “You know, the truth of the matter is, these are not designed to solve a | Read More »

    McCain’s ‘The One’ Web Ad a huge success(half a million hits in less than 24 hrs)

    McCain had a great week , no doubt, but it’s still a long way to go since 2008 really shapes to be a bad year for any Republican. Obama is the weakest candidate, which is probably the only way democrats could lose in November. It’s pretty amusing and satisfying to watch democratic consultants & pundits gasping in horror and fear when anything associated with Karl | Read More »

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    Another Pelosi/Ried Promise Broken

    When opening the new Senate session on January 4, 2007, the new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid leader boldly proclaimed that “We are going to work longer hours, we are going to work full weeks, we are going to have votes on Mondays and Fridays.” In the people’s house, Nancy Pelosi made similar promises about the way business would be done under Democratic leadership. He | Read More »

    Grassley on the Housing Bill

    Senator Grassley recently released a statement about his vote on the housing bill that recently passed congress and was signed by the president. The problem with this massive bill is that it could do more harm than good. It started out to help Americans who are losing their homes, but it ended up giving banks a $4 billion incentive to foreclose rather than work something | Read More »

    Virginia Democrat calls Republicans “Terrorists”

    Originally posted on Bearing Drift Cliff Garstang is a member of the 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee and a Member of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee. He also blogs at Cobalt 6. In a post, Garstang calls Republicans “terrorists.” And then continues the riff in the comments section by claiming the only difference between Republicans and terrorists is that terrorists have “principles.”On | Read More »

    Obama Press Conference – and a Wimpy Press Corps

    This morning, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, Obama held a press conference and took questions from the press. Without his scrip and teleprompter, it wasn’t pretty as the Illinois Senator stuttered and stammered his way through softball questions that my six-year-old grandaughter would have been able to answer. In three different speeches Thursday in my home state of Missouri, Obama said “they” ( a clear reference | Read More »

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    England: Stabbed, Gutted and Bleeding Out

    Most haughty Europeans look down their nose at we “violent Americans.” They sniff the air at the ugly American and assume that they are, one and all, more “civilized” than we gauche colonials. Look at all the gun violence in America, they say. They tsk. tsk us for the deaths by gun. Certainly they are better than we? Now shocking news emerges out of England | Read More »

    MI Morning Update: House GOP stands up for consumers much to the dismay of Speaker Pelosi

    94 Days Until Election Day August 2, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Only God can decide if terrorist are right or wrong.  It’s our job to arrange the meeting."U.S. Navy Seals T-shirt MORNING UPDATE: DEMOCRAT SPEAKER TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS…House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned the light offs – literally – on House members who wanted to vote on energy policy, including Congressman Tim Walberg. Walberg | Read More »

    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: preview

    For Sunday, August 3, 2008 FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace will talk to surrogates about this little ad war: Chuckie Schumer for Obama and Lindsey Graham for McCain. This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos chats with Speaker Nancy and then to former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge. Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator Tom Brokaw talks to surrogates: Joe Lieberman for McCain and John Kerry | Read More »

    Barack Obama Listens To RedState On Oil Drilling

    It’s gratifying to know that Barack Obama has been paying attention to us here at RedState. Just yesterday morning, I pointed out that oil drilling was the one issue on which Obama has never compromised his true principles. Since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee (and being made de facto President of the United States by the media), he’s flip-flopped on nearly every other subject. The | Read More »


    I watched 20/20 today. It said that some people have treadmill desks to lose weight. The idea is similar to the stand up desk. I think the writer who wrote about a Cuban fisherman used his refrigerator as a desk. I think some president or somebody had a stand up desk. I don’t have a stand up desk but I sometimes pace while studying. I’ve | Read More »


    I guess this shouldn’t surprise me

    One of my favorite stories about the late Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings (Yes, I know it’s kind of sad that I have a favorite Fritz Hollings story. I know it probably speaks to my lack of a personal life.) involves the South Carolina grandee’s off-the-cuff remark concerning certain salacious tabloid photographs of a certain well-known colleague caught in flagrante delicto with a young female friend | Read More »

    New Polls (Congress Polls MO, WA, IN/MO Gov)

    Survey USA has some new polls up on some key Congress races in November MO 6 Graves (R) Graves 48% Barnes 44% Democrat Challenger Barnes Creeps-Up on Incumbent Republican Graves in MO6: In an election for United States House of Representatives from Missouri’s 6th Congressional District today, 08/01/08, incumbent Republican Sam Graves edges Democrat Kay Barnes 48% to 44%, according to this SurveyUSA poll conducted | Read More »


    On Rush Limbaugh

    After the 1992 election, when Democrats won the Presidency and kept control of both chambers of Congress, Republicans were lost, disconsolate and desperately in search of some institution to grab onto. Some rock upon which the GOP could be re-established. That rock was found on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. It’s hard to remember a time when Limbaugh hasn’t influenced the debate in one way or | Read More »

    Apollo 7′s, Walt Cunningham speaks out on man’s contribution(?) to global warming.

    Launch Magazine’s July-August issue features a piece by the famous Apollo 7 astronaut, Walt Cunningham. There are excellent correlations between the regular fluctuations of the Sun and the Earth’s temperature, while scientists cannot find a relationship between industrial activity, energy consumption, and global temperatures. But global warming is an issue no longer being decided in the scientific arena. I’ve noticed over the past several months, | Read More »

    Well, This Had To Be Embarrassing

    I guess episodes like this one can only help Republicans be the trusted party when it comes to dealing with higher gas prices. I frankly can’t recall a time when any House majority was made to look so unbelievably bad by the minority. The House Republican leadership showed a lot of quick thinking to not only paint the Democrats in a corner public relations-wise, but | Read More »


    The Free Trade Key To The White House

    The conventional wisdom is that you have to be a protectionist these days in order to survive politically. But Daniel Griswold reminds us that history is on the side of the free traders: John Kerry, Ross Perot, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale all tried to play the protectionist card, but none made it to the White House. Obama’s skeptical line on trade contrasts not only | Read More »

    Worst. Economic. Plan. Ever?

    Barack Obama wants to give $1000 handouts to families that will be funded by a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Obama has been talking about this kind of tax for quite a while but it is worth emphasizing anew just how bad the idea is. A windfall profits tax will cut into the profit structure of oil companies–which isn’t nearly as large as people | Read More »

    The Latest “Let’s Make The Obama Campaign Sweat” Poll

    All tied up in Gallup. So much for the 6-9 point lead Barack Obama held only a few days ago. And this poll is of registered voters; imagine what likely voters–who generally trend Republican–might be thinking. In any event, this is looking more and more to be a race to the finish. The McCain campaign certainly cannot take anything for granted. But contrary to popular | Read More »

    Rasmussen: KY 49 McCain, 39 Obama

    I was just looking at Rasmussen Reports and I noticed a state poll that could be big trouble for Barack as far as Rasmussen polls go, which as we all know is the most on target of all the polling firms out there. It is from the Bluegrass state where McCain leads Obama by a 49-39%. At first glance you would think this is good | Read More »

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    The Obamassiah’s flip of the day……

    This should come as no surprise with 75% of Americans wanting to drill now. Flip-Flop Here Wasn’t it less than two months ago the Obamessiah said this? BARACK OBAMA: “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing. But if we take some steps right now to help | Read More »

    CNN Adds Video of Riots in Budapest to Report of Riots in Belgrade

    Apparently, CNN decided that they didn’t have enough video of rioting in their recent story on unrest in Belgrade, Serbia, so they decided to add in footage of rioting in Budapest to sexy up the story. I have to say, if the Kosovars intend to make the cut with CNN in the future, they’d better start rioting to the satisfaction of CNN’s video editors. Either | Read More »