Yet another passive-aggressive slam of Barack Obama by Bill Clinton. I think it is safe to say that No. 42 doesn’t really like the would-be No. 44. Looks like someone didn’t get the memo about the need for party unity, eh?

    Tougher Than Expected

    It appears that Saddleback and its aftermath rocked David Gergen back on his heels: Heading into the candidates’ appearances on Saturday night at Saddleback Church, the conventional wisdom in politics was Barack Obama should have a clear upper hand in any joint appearance with John McCain — one the young, eloquent, cool, charismatic dude who can charm birds from the trees, the other the meandering, | Read More »

    This is a great video, let’s take it viral!

    McCain’s Pro-Abortion Running Mate

    It is just too damn coincidental that McCain kicked Obama’s butt all over Saddleback Community Church on Saturday night and now all of a sudden the media is filled with stories about McCain eyeing a pro-abortion running mate. It’s as if someone wants to undermine every gain McCain made on Saturday in a way the “McCain cheated” meme failed to do. What say you? Where | Read More »

    My Thoughts on Saddleback

    Watching CNN’s webcast of Senators McCain and Obama during the Saddleback Civil Forum, and a subsequent volley on Twitter with an inflamed Obama supporter, made me start thinking about what’s really at stake in this Presidential election cycle. What really matters, and what is just hot air? I have been asked by some to elaborate on my thinking, and I will also share with you | Read More »

    Give Fred Thompson a Speaking Slot at the Convention

    Today is Fred Thompson’s birthday. John McCain should give Fred a slot at the convention as a birthday present. I think, given Fred’s role in the McCain Kitchen Cabinet, he’d be worth having as a speaker.

    Democrats Really Don’t Like Republicans in South Dakota

    In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at the campaign Headquarters for Republican Senate candidate Joel Dykstra, there was a letter that came in the mail this morning. This was not an ordinary letter. A letter that arrived at U.S. Senate candidate Joel Dykstra’s Sioux Falls office today contained baby powder, preliminary tests show. The letter also contained a threat to either Dykstra’s campaign or Republicans in | Read More »

    The Battered Spouses of the Left

    Our side expects McCain to name a pro-life Vice President. He will. The left expects Obama to obstruct FISA. He folds like a cheap suit. The left sends him more money. Our side expects McCain to change his mind on domestic oil production. He does. The left expects Obama to continue his obstruction of offshore drilling. Obama caves on the issue. The left sends him | Read More »

    NBC’S Mitchell to Obama: To Sir, With Love

    I guess I can understand it. You spend a lot of time with a candidate on the campaign trail, watching their every move. Listening to their evey word, fart, burp, and whistle. And it doesn’t hurt is the candidate is young and not so ugly. You can develop a schoolgirl crush on the candidate. It happens. But should it color the way you do your | Read More »

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    We’re All Knotted Up

    Yet another poll, this time the LA Times/Bloomberg poll, puts this race in a statistical tie. Obama now only “leads” 45 – 43% (with 10% undecided). The two percent difference is well within the margin of 3%. The “negative ads” (also known in the real world as contrast ads) have been working.McCain drew stronger support from his party than Obama from his. McCain has 90% | Read More »

    The Annenberg Records Will Show Obama’s Connection With Bill Ayers Was Direct and Substantive

    If you haven’t paid attention to the coverup related to the Annenberg Challenge on Excellence in Education, you need to catch up. This is a ticking time bomb for the Obama campaign. They are doing their best, through proxies, to stop the release of the Annenberg records from the University of Illinois Chicago (“UIC”). Why? Because as Rick Moran points out the release of the | Read More »

    A public service announcement (no, not another…)

    Although I am. Anyway, I’ve been watching with some interest all the frenzied VP speculation that has been going on for the last few days, on both sides. As we are now performing at levels of minutiae-analysis that would impress an old-school Kremlinologist, I’d thought that I’d make the following recommendations: 1). Get – hold on! Wait until you read the whole thing before you | Read More »

    Bush Not Running? That’s OK, They Can Pretend That He Is!

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Barack Obama wants to use the DNC Convention to paint John McCain as a carbon copy of President Bush but that is the latest report. Since George Bush isn’t running for President, and I know that surprises a number of my liberal friends, the second best thing to do is pretend that he is. This has been a | Read More »

    An American Carol

    Apostasy I say. Yes, a spoof of a liberal. This movie would be harder to believe in than bigfoot if it weren’t for the non-rubber proof above. It is the rarest of things to see hollywood (well, an independent film company) and some big stars poking fun at liberals. But at Hollywood’s Gold Buddha Michael Moore? Be still my heart! I’d be satisfied with this | Read More »

    The Loch Ness Monster’s Book Was WRONG

    The big bigfoot discovery claimed last week turns out to have been hoax. I’ll wait for the shock to wear off. Good? Ok. It seems the corpse frozen in the ice block was just a rubber suit. The story revealing this information is just chock full of fun paragraphs. For example: “Steve Kulls, executive director of and host of Squatchdetective Radio, says in a | Read More »

    Obama’s veep: Michael Moore nominates Caroline Kennedy

    I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by Michael Moore to his groupies in which he begs Caroline Kennedy, she of Barry’s veep search team, and asks her to “pull a Cheney” and select herself as Barry’s veep. (It’s also on his web site.) The poor man is either drunk or goofy. Here’s the text of Moore’s missive: Dear Caroline, 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 Yours,Michael | Read More »

    The Question that Hasn’t Been Asked Yet About Obama and Ayers

    Stanley Kurtz of NRO is attempting–with very little success and a lot of stonewalling–to get the records of Senator Barack Obama’s association with a short-lived non-profit organization called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). He wants the records because the CAC was set up by unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and because Obama served not only on the board, but as chairman of the board from 1995-1999. | Read More »

    David Brody Thinks I’m Shrill. I Think Brody Is Letting Perceptions About Objectivity Get in the Way of Facts

    David Brody gets good access to Barack Obama. Obama, after all, is making superficial outreach efforts to the evangelical community (probably not for much longer). As a consequence of this access, Brody has every reason to play it straight, even to the point of being unwilling to connect the dots himself regarding Obama’s support of infanticide, dots that are abundantly obvious. By not doing so, | Read More »

    Kobe’s patriotism crushes NBC’s political correctness [updated]

    Originally published at the new Gamecock’s DeVine Law By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report I was horrified at NBC’s refusal, during Opening ceremonies especially and anytime since, to identify communism as the evil behind Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Tienanmen Square crackdown, Chinese support for Islamic extremists in Sudan, repression of pacifist monks and the Dali Lama in Tibet and | Read More »

    Blogging From Gori

    The team at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has done an outstanding job covering the war between Russia and Georgia. Check out the blog maintained by correspondent Goga Aptsiauri, one of only a handful of journalists reporting from Gori. He’s chronicling the latest developments in central Georgia.

    Conservatives Will Support McCain No Matter Who He Chooses

    With every passing hour comes word through the political grapevine that John McCain has settled on Romney, or considering Joe Lieberman, or picked Tom Ridge. Even Rudy’ name has been thrown around this afternoon. Probably the biggest issue surrounding McCain’s VP pick is whether he’ll dare pick a pro-choice candidate as his running mate. A small vocal base of right-wingers is up in arms at | Read More »

    The Almost..LAST CHANCE to guess who MCCAIN picks for VP Official Redstate Poll

    Now remember this is about who HE will pick…not who YOU want him to pick…OK? Feel free to leave comments so you can Brag later. Who will McCain pick for his VP? Bobby Jindal Duncan Hunter Tim Pawlenty Charlie Crist Rudy Giuliani Mark Sanford Haley Barbour Sarah Palin Rob Portman John Thune Mitt Romney Chris Cox Newt Gingrich Mike Huckabee Fred Thompson free | Read More »

    McCain’s Website Needs An Obama Tax Hike Calculator!

    So I spent a little time noodling around the McCain campaign website, and maybe this is buried deep in the site somewhere and I missed it, but shouldn’t the site have a place where you can calculate, even roughly, how much Obama’s tax hike plans will cost you? Certainly taxes is a huge issue, being a hardy GOP perennial, an issue on which Obama has | Read More »

    Picking Up the Warnings Whispered in the Breeze

    You all know my biases about financial news-reporting: much of what you read and hear is either old news that is no longer actionable, or it mistakes cause for effect, or it’s just totally wrong, or all of the above. The most fundamental market in the world, on top of which everything else rides, is the overnight repo market. The mainstream business press rarely reports | Read More »

    A case to be made for Joe Biden as Obama’s veep

    It is difficult for me to recommend that Joe Biden be nominated to higher office, but I will. First, I’ll have to psyche myself for the task. Over at the TIME Magazine’s web site, Mark Halperin quotes “one of the keenest observers of American politics (a/k/a: X)” about why Joe Biden would be a good veep choice for Obama. In part: “Biden may be a | Read More »

    Will the media EVER get the Catholic vote thing right?

    They would have a hard time keeping up with today’s parishes! The MSM, clueless as ever to the realities of social change in America, is recycling a lot of nonsense about the poor urban ethnic Catholic working-class voter, and how these Catholics are troubled by an Obama candidacy. This image of the Catholic voter is a myth, a holdover from days long gone by, and | Read More »

    Barack & Nancy: We’re On a Mission from God

    On Saturday, Barack Obama did an interview with CBN in which he accused McCain and the GOP of invoking Messianic imagery when referring to him: Brody: Let me ask you a little about some of these ads that John McCain has been running not just on television, but on the web. Let’s face it, let’s call a spade a spade, there has been some Messianic | Read More »

    Pro-Abortion Is Not An Option For Vice President

    We’ll get right to it. The Politico reports Senator John McCain is feeling out state parties on the issue of a pro-choice Vice Presidential pick and what effect such a choice would have on the base. Make no mistake about it, it would so dishearten the base we can spend the next few months practicing saying “President Obama.” In short, there is no room for | Read More »

    The Almost..LAST CHANCE to guess who BARRY picks for VP Official Redstate Poll

    Hope I get this up in time. He should be announcing any second…maybe. Wow that really scared me..I almost fainted. I’m reading Sat…. Maybe we’ll check this poll once a day till Sat…Whew Not who YOU want…Who HE is going to pick Feel free to leave comments so you can Gloat about how you were right!! Hope I didn’t miss anybody…Vote Now Who will Obama | Read More »

    Blame it on the “Israel Lobby”

    It seems this particular conspiracy theory never gets old or goes out of style: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused his country’s government of supporting the pro-Israel lobby in the US and Jewish groups inside Israel. “I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the US and some parties inside Israel,” Anwar told in an exclusive interview. But | Read More »

    A Dem Convention Par-tay schedule!

    For those of you who’ll be in Denver, or would like to dream of being there, the Chicago Sun-Times has found a pdf file containing a list of the dates and times of various parties and events surrounding the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Some are conventional, others are weird. If you attend the CODE PINK MEET AND GREET, you are responsible for your own shots.

    BREAKING: Tom Ridge No Longer Under Consideration

    As I told you, the RNC is telling Fox News that Tom Ridge is out. I told you so. The issue of life is non-negotiable. John McCain will choose a pro-life running mate.

    Official Colorado Springs Meet-up Diary

    Okay, are we going to do this or what? I suggest Jose Muldoon’s because everybody knows the location of Acacia Park… but if there are more people who say “no, I live up on Rockrimmon and I want to go to P.F. Chang’s and spend lots of money because, hey, I live on Rockrimmon!”, that’s an option too. Who’s in and under what circumstances? What | Read More »

    The Moment Before the Pain…[FIXED]

    Excellent photo series I received. I had to clean it up a little bit, though, in order to meet posting standards…

    A Bigg Mess

    I already knew the MSM was in the tank for Obama, but I didn’t know they were relying on the Obama campaign to generate ideas for their “journalism“: ATLANTA (Reuters) – The U.S. presidential election presents a sharp contrast between two types of patriotism: John McCain stands as a war hero. His rival Barack Obama calls Americans back to the can-do spirit of the nation’s | Read More »

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    ATR Forms 60 Member Coalition Opposing “Gang of Ten” Compromise

    Today, Americans for Tax Reform released a coalition letter signed by 60 national and state think-tanks, advocacy groups, blogs and other organizations (including Red who are opposed to the so-called “Gang of Ten” bi-partisan energy compromise. Why are the nations leading national and grassroots advocacy groups opposed? Well…because the compromise is nothing short of a complete failure of Senate Republicans to support their House | Read More »

    The Roaring Left

    It is a place or time of darkness and threat, of fear and oppression. People are suffering. They are dying. It is a time when a man waits for his fate, expecting to be agonizingly tortured to death. He is afraid. He is distraught. Alone. In such a place, a man’s heart reaches for comfort. In such times, man turns to God. Faith in our | Read More »

    Sore Loser Thy Name Is Obama Camp, NBC

    So the Obama camp’s level of arrogance just went up a notch this week. They accused John McCain of possibly knowing the questions and listening in on Barack Obama’s time with Rick Warren during Saturday’s Saddleback forum. It’s so beyond the comprehension of the Obama campaign that their candidate lost a battle of conversation to a 72 year old man. Rick Davis, of the McCain | Read More »

    Barack Obama Finally Admits He Supports Infanticide

    Barack Obama has finally admitted he did support infanticide in the Illinois State Legislature. Naturally, he won’t phrase it that way and naturally the media won’t cover it, but in fact, he has now admitted he supported infanticide. I have my weekly “RedState Under the Radar” column up at Human Events examining this topic. The column is based on the work we’ve done here at | Read More »

    Obama to spread the Philly street money around.

    Funny how that works out, though: both Ed Morrissey and I gave the campaign props for refusing to play the money game in Philly. “We’ve heard directly from the Obama organizer who organizes our ward, and he told us it’s an entirely volunteer organization and that I should not expect to see anything from the Obama campaign other than ads on TV and the support | Read More »

    Obama and the Chicago Machine

    One of the more puzzling developments in Obama’s career is how he has been able to position himself as a reform style politician – as an outsider who can come in and clean up the mess politicians have made. This simply doesn’t match reality. And yet the media seems uninterested in exploring and explaining Obama’s past. At the start of his career you could make | Read More »

    Barack Obama Makes Wife Fair Game

    “LAY OFF MY WIFE,” Barack Obama in May 2008. During the Saddleback Forum Obama was asked in whom he receives advise when Rick Warren asked this question , ” Who are you going to rely heavily on in your administration ?” Obama’s first response was, “You mentioned one person I’d be listening to and that’s Michelle.” Obama has made it very clear that his wife | Read More »

    To the Devil with Above My Paygrade

    I continue to be stunned at this thing. I’ve heard a number of people describe Obama’s answer about abortion as thoughtful or professorial. Let’s take the answer apart quickly bit by bit. First, he says the question of when life begins is above his pay grade. That is an astonishingly lame way to answer the question. You could say that about nearly any question of | Read More »

    Why McCain will not pick Lieberman.

    {* NOTE: I had not yet seen Erick’s piece regarding this on the front page. I support what he said.) John McCain will not pick Joe Lieberman, a pro-abort senator from Connecticut, as his running mate. Lieberman, though a nice guy and a decent man, is a liberal who is realistic on terror and Iraq. Those are not per se conservative positions for Lieberman; rather, | Read More »

    Welcome back to swing state status Minnesota

    When Sen. Obama peaked about a month ago in polls, Minnesota seemed to move out of contention. The MN/WI/ND/SD region is known for being more pacific and anti-war than the country as a whole and McCain’s hawkishness is not as big a draw in this area. However, the last three polls show MN back in the margin of error. SUSA:Obama 47 (47)McCain45 (46) Rasmussen:Obama 46 | Read More »

    Neither Tom Ridge Nor Joe Lieberman Will Be McCain’s Veep Pick

    There are a lot of people getting really upset of late worrying that Tom Ridge or, to a lesser extent, Joe Lieberman, could be John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick. That is not going to happen. People should step back from the ledge. Why do I know it won’t happen? John McCain does not get to be the Republican Presidential Nominee without (A) being a smart | Read More »

    Barackstar to Michigan’s new Welfare Queen: ‘Stay away… STAY AWAY!’

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at Attention women: If you live in Michigan and you’re a fan of Barack Obama then there’s a big party being thrown today just for you.  Well, assuming your name isn’t Jennifer Granholm.  The Ivory Tower reports this morning that the Barackstar’s campaign is kicking off their official “Michigan Women for Obama” organization.  Here’s the trick… the headliner isn’t Michigan’s | Read More »

    Nothing Is Above The POTUS Pay Grade.

    Life’s hardest decisions are exactly that; hard, gut-wrenching dilemmas with no pure 100% answer. Rick Warren subtly and unobtrusively laid one of those dilemmas in Barack Obama’s lap during The Saddleback Summit on Saturday Night. Rev. Warren asked Senator Obama when he believed human life began. Barack Obama answered that it was above his pay grade. This delightfully ambiguous phrase can mean several things. p>Perhaps | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     77 Days until Election Day  August 19, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: GOV. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS IN MICHIGAN…TOP VP PROSPECT…NO GRANHOLM…I think Obama and the rest of the country have heard enough…if you like what Jennifer Granholm has done for Michigan, you’ll love what Barack Obama will do to America!  No Granholm…No Kwame. McCOTTER LEADS DEMONSTRATION…in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. to condemn Russia’s brutal | Read More »

    Irony (Updated)

    In light of the recent events in Georgia, I offer Westwood Studios’ take on US-Russian relations. Given Obama’s naivete to cut the military, that video seems like reality.