MI Morning Update 9-2-2008

    63 Days Until Election DaySeptember 2, 2008MORNING UPDATE:MICHIGAN CONVENTION UPDATE:MICHIGAN RALLY…Please join John McCain, Cindy McCain and the Vice Presidential Nominee, Governor Sarah Palin at a Road to Victory Rally on September 5th in Sterling Heights, MI. The doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the program begins at 5:00 p.m. As the Senator, Mrs. McCain and the VP Nominee continue the momentum traveling across the | Read More »

    Demonstrators Block Access To RNC

    Demonstrators made it it difficult to get to the Republican Convention Monday. Freeway off ramps were temporarily blocked by human barricades. The anarchists chained themselves together with handcuffs covered with tubes then sat down on the ramps.A couple of weeks ago I asked asked whether the police are ready for anarchy during the RNC. After watching the police respond Monday, I can answer. Yes the | Read More »

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    Two Questions

    What’s worse? A bun in the oven or cold cash in the freezer? How about a blond in the pond, a booker for your gay hooker, or even an obvious tether to a Weatherman? For the same group that failed to discern the problem of a mistress intern of a sitting President, liberals sure are making a huge fuss over the non-scandal of the pregnancy | Read More »

    Bristol Palin: Sex Ed Barometer

    Amazingly enough, the following appears to be Mort Kondracke’s argument:Sarah Palin advocates abstinence-only sex education programs.Bristol Palin (Sarah’s daughter) had pre-marital sex and got pregnant.If 1 and 2, then abstinence-only sex education programs are ineffective.Therefore, abstinence-only sex education programs are ineffective.QED Mort. An intellectual triumph!


    Apparently the worst is over in New Orleans. Flooding and storm related damage was minimal compared to Katrina. The levees held, and the Army Corps of Engineers should be given credit for the reinforcement work they did since Katrina. The evacuation of 2 million people went like clockwork. We’ll see if the MSM applauds FEMA and the Bush administration for their fantastic job of planning | Read More »


    How the Palin Family Makes Decisions

    I must admit, I was reeling yesterday with the news of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Not that it would change my vote or anything, because it won’t. But I did still have questions. My big questions were-Did John McCain really know this in advance? All indications are that he did know about this and Todd’s DUI that took place before the Palins were married in 1986. | Read More »

    The Vetting of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

    Much has been made recently by various media sources about the vetting (or lack thereof) of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Many sources are saying that the McCain camp did not properly investigate her background, and is now being surprised by sudden revelations by the media. Elizabeth Bumiller of the NY Times, as reported by MSNBC writes,A series of disclosures about Gov. Sarah Palin, | Read More »

    A New Cold War?

    Folks, I was a cold warrior like many others on RS . I served in the USAF from 1978 to 1988. The jobs I performed were directly related to the threat posed by the USSR. I worked on the weapons systems of F-4 Phantoms and A-10 Warthogs while stationed in the UK. We all knew we would be crispy critters if we ever went to | Read More »

    Obama Says Palin’s Family Off-Limits, Doesn’t Even Know of Anbar Province Handover?

    As Senator John McCain and the Republican Party were making plans on the eve of the opening of their Convention to cancel various events due to Hurricane Gustav’s rapid approach upon the Gulf Coast, what was Barack Obama and his campaign doing?Obama planned to finish his campaign schedule Monday with stops in Michigan and Wisconsin, two battleground states the campaign views as possible wins, before | Read More »


    The influx of cretin Leftists has made this site unusable and unreadable. When I CAN get to a diary to read the comments, I can’t stomach the crap that’s being spewed by the unbelievable flood of idiots. The Drudge and Yahoo stories have resulted in a tidal wave of stupidity descending upon us.It’s time for a moratorium on registrations. Either turn the stinkin’ thing off | Read More »

    So what about Bristol Palin?

    A number of people emailed and call me about Bristol Palin today wanting to know my view about how the matter, so here it is:I would start by noting that the media at large decided to pick up the story based upon lies started from a democrat website. The implication was that the Trig, Palin’s, youngest child was in all actuality Bristol’s. Of course this | Read More »

    Barack Obama Talking Points

    Is this the man we want to lead our country? Longtime friends with Antion “Tony” Rezko. Rezko was a huge fundraiser for Obama and several other prominent Chicago politicians. Obama has done work for Rezko business partners and with Rezko himself. Rezko was arrested in January, 2008 for money laundering, aiding bribery, extortion, and fraud. He was demanding kickbacks from companies wishing to do work | Read More »

    My Position on Abortion

    My Position on Abortion:I’m Pro-Choice, and I Choose Life. Personally, for myself, I don’t support abortion. As a person of faith I understand that God gave to each one of us free agency. If God was gracious enough to give me free agency who am I to deny you yours. If you or I make the wrong choice we’ll be held individually to account before | Read More »

    A Personal Story – Unplanned Pregnancy

    I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t really pro-life. During high school & college in the 1980’s, when every “teen” movie HAD to have some pro-abortion message, I knew that life was the right choice for the baby. My wife became pregnant with our son before we were married. That was not a good choice on our part. We were engaged, & then married. | Read More »

    My Positon on National Security

    Let me tell you a story. My father Keith Lowell Dalton was a radar operator in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. He was part of an occupation troop sent to Hiroshima shortly after we dropped the bomb. This experience forever changed him. He may not have had scares on the outside, but the ones on the inside were so deep I can honestly say | Read More »

    Remember When Andrew Sullivan Used to be a Credible Blogger?

    I’m sure that newcomers to the blogosphere often wonder why anyone ever reads Andrew Sullivan. Since Obama came along, after all, Sullivan has been nothing but nothing more than just another no-talent Obama sycophant who is inordinately obsessed with convincing himself that the Catholic Church does not really mean what it teaches on homosexuality. In other words, no one that anyone would want to read. | Read More »

    Beckwith: Palin Tops Andrew Sullivan

    Francis Beckwith’s emailed his latest Southern Appeal post to me. It’s worth reproducing in full here:Andrew Sullivan does it again: he tries to demean Gov. Palin and fails, againby Francis BeckwithAndrew Sullivan writes:From an Eagle Forum Candidate Questionnaire:Q: Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not? PALIN: Not on your life. If it was good enough | Read More »

    Obama Compares Oranges to Apples

    Barack Obama on Anderson Cooper’s 360 made the following statement comparing his experience and that of Governor Sarah Palin:In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night, Obama was asked about whether his experience in the U.S. Senate dealing with weather-related situations compares to Palin’s executive experience running the state of Alaska and as the small town mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.“My understanding is that | Read More »

    Smear Of Palin Begins But….

    The Smear of Palin begings on the pregnancy of her daughter.We also learned today:Her husband was arrested for drunk driving 20 years ago (not right but not huge deal)ABC news is also reporting Palin belonged to “Fringe” Political Party in 1994 in Alaska that wants Alaska to seceede from union (Jake Tapper is behind all these posts although and we know how credible he is)We | Read More »


    Video: Bill Bennett Revolts Against CNN’s Coverage of Palin’s Daughter

    Video: Bill Bennett Revolts Against CNN’s Coverage of Palin’s DaughterIn this video, Bill Bennett goes after CNN, and rightfully so. There is a time for discussion about birth control, abstinence, and the appropriate context for teaching either method in our schools. That debate is a worthy one, but bashing Sarah Palin and her daughter for apparent hypocrisy because Palin supports abstinence is unquestionably unworthy. In | Read More »

    Obama misrepresents Gov. Palin’s experience

    In an http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/09/01/obama-defends-natural-disaster-experience/ with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Obama was asked if his experience in the Senate compares with Palin’s experience. His answer: My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for | Read More »

    Obama misrepresents Gov. Palin’s experience

    In an http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/09/01/obama-defends-natural-disaster-experience/ with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Obama was asked if his experience in the Senate compares with Palin’s experience. His answer: My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for | Read More »

    Al Anbar Province Turned Over to Iraqi Control

    With all the hullabaloo going on this weekend concerning our very own Right-Wing nutjob, Absentee’s amazing video: The Gov. Palin VP selection and the asinine attacks from the left who are quaking in their boots about it; and of course that little soirée up in Minneapolis, it turns out that the progress in Iraq is moving along unabated.Iraqi civilian authorities today assumed responsibility for security | Read More »

    How to knee-cap a domestic energy contrarian.

    I just wanted to share my letter to the editor the Topeka Capital Journal ran today. My district is currently represented by a liberal Democrat named Nancy Boyda. She has been trying to dodge her voting record against domestic energy production by saying she’s all for drilling, but her record proves otherwise. I would encourage all of those represented by a D in an otherwise | Read More »

    How to knee-cap a domestic energy contrarian.

    I just wanted to share my letter to the editor the Topeka Capital Journal ran today. My district is currently represented by a liberal Democrat named Nancy Boyda. She has been trying to dodge her voting record against domestic energy production by saying she’s all for drilling, but her record proves otherwise. I would encourage all of those represented by a D in an otherwise | Read More »

    Am I Making Too Much of ArcXIX?

    ArcXIX is the Kos diarist who started all this stuff on the Palin family and the baby. ArcXIX has pushed the story that Sarah Palin’s youngest child is really Bristol Palin’s child.If you go here, you will find a profile of a user at the 1up.com website.If you follow the Google Cache, that was oddly changed on August 31, 2008, you will notice that the | Read More »

    “Do the Right Thing.”

    We spoke briefly with candidate Jeff Beatty, who is opposing John Kerry for Senator of Massachusetts. He, unlike Senator Kerry, is a non-career politician; business owner, former Delta Force, FBI Hostage Rescue, CIA counter-terrorism. Pic here.His central issues in this campaign are families (exemplified by high gas prices, which he would combat by a truly comprehensive energy development program, including drilling); jobs (exacberated by illegal | Read More »

    Connecticut Delegation Attacked By Protestors

    Peace loving Obama supporters have attacked the Connecticut GOP delegation at the convention in a malicious attack.Covered here, protestors hurled clorox and water at the delegation. When Chairman Healy’s mother Lila was spat upon by a protester, former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons stepped between the elder Healy and the crowd. He was doused with a liquid substance that was later determined to be a mix | Read More »

    Trig Palin and how the Left is Anti-Math

    I’ve seen so many exchanges on the Internet lately that go like this:Smart person: You know, research shows that the older the mother gets, the more likely the children are to have Down’s Syndrome.Lefty: So what? More Down’s Syndrome babies are born to young mothers.I guess leftists are too busy learning at racist studies programs from Marxist professors to take classes in basic math and | Read More »

    Typical of the Obamites

    I was visiting some friends in Knoxville this past weekend, and we had lunch in a downtown old-town sort of area that had been fixed up with restaurants and stores. While we were eating, we noticed there were Obama supporters trying to sign people up for whatever deeds they wanted done. What was funny, though, was their location:I don’t know if they felt like Obama | Read More »

    Moby/Troll debate tactics by the numbers.

    Given the recent, disruptive infux of Moby/Trolls, trash talkers and DKos operatives, and the high probablity that they will continue their attempts to debate with us here at RS, I thought we could use some help in sorting them out. “There is an old joke about prisoners in a penitentiary who have heard each other’s jokes so many times, they assigned numbers to them and | Read More »

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    Who is more middle class than Sarah Palin?

    No one. No one is more middle class than Sarah Palin. No candidate, in my admittedly limited political memory, has ever really fit the definition of “one of us”. I always thought that if someone had the “pull”, connections and money to get elected President or Vice President , couldn’t really be one of us.But Sarah Palin is still one of us. She is a | Read More »

    Obamalujah: A Video about Obama’s Messianic Complex

    This is a video that JT and I put together and posted on youtube. I wrote the words and performed the song. Hope you enjoy:Check us out: thejtandbearshow.com/Audio.htmlCheck out our quickly growing blog: Right Werds, Korrekt Speech

    Palin’s daughter Vetted

    Of late the liberal media has been in the attack mode. The have been nonstop in reporting that Palin’s daughter is pregnant. I do not remember the liberal media vetting Biden’s kids, do you? Perhaps they could do as little as mention the Ayers problem that Obama has.


    The Palin Gamble

    There are legitimate positives to McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, but mostly it smacks of political tokenism. Which, let’s face it, in politics has been known to work quite well. Let’s hope it does this time..


    We’ve Left The Arena

    Along with everyone else, we’ve left the arena. Show’s over for the day.The one thing we all agree we hate are the power hungry twenty-somethings who get put in charge of things like Blogger Row. For the most part, they were great, except for one jerk who threw us out of our room.We were assigned three chairs for eleven people. Right next to us was | Read More »

    AceinTXWife Hammers Dems for Recent Attacks On Sarah Palin

    Today my wife emailed me her response to a friend who had filled her inbox with questions about Sarah Palin and the smears coming from the so called agents of tolerance on the left. I’m posting her reply as a perfect reply to the questions surrounding her daughter’s pregnancy and as an example of the response the Dems are getting from those who might not | Read More »

    What can we conservatives, republicans, and conservative Democrats do to win this race?

    A lot of the conservative base is fired up now that McCain has chosen his VP. However, a lot of us conservatives are in the fog about how we can make a difference other than use our vote. Sure we can try to persuade people, but we don’t have any control as to who they choose at the ballot box. Perhaps if some members post | Read More »

    Bring back the old REDSTATE web page

    This new REDSTATE page design is just not interesting to look at and it isn’t as user-friendly as the last design.Please go back to the old design. I have yet to figure out why sites like realclearpolitics.com and redstate.com feel the need to change good formats and page designs just for the sake of ‘updating’ their sites. Just take this as constructive criticism. No flame | Read More »

    The Dems are finished laughing

    In an effort to distract from the embarrassment of his fellow Dems celebrating Hurricane Gustav, Sen. Barack Obama has put out an email to supporters urging them to send donations to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief. “We do not yet know what the impact of Hurricane Gustav will be, and we hope with all our hearts that the damage will not be | Read More »

    A Three-Day Weekend Kinda Post

    So I sit with one cat or the other (both cats have been… we no longer use the terms “eviscerated/castrated”, we no longer use the terms “spayed/neutered”, we now use the term “altered”) in my lap. I make cooing noises while he or she (or it) makes purring noises.And it is not laughter, the response of my ancestors. It is incredulity, perhaps. No, not even | Read More »

    P Diddy Blog #16: Who’s Buggin’ Out, McCain or You?

    P Diddy Blog #16: Who’s Buggin’ Out, McCain or You?P Diddy has just posted an outrageously intellectual (insert sarcasm) blog on why we should not vote for John McCain and why Sarah Palin is a bad choice. The sad thing about all of this is people actually listen to P Diddy. Even sadder, a lot of people have the same reasoning skills. Warning! The following | Read More »

    How much do they pay Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel?

    This is too much.Watching The Weather Channel and it’s ‘crack’ team of reporters give commentary on Hurricane Gustav that make me look for a bottle of Jack Daniels. The lovely Stephanie Abrams was on television about 15 minutes ago pulling plant stems and small branches out of a puddle and talking about the size of debris that you might want to avoid in case of | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Denial Does Not Hold Water

    On a personal note, several credible, reliable people have told me that Obama staffers have been forwarding out the story about Sarah Palin’s youngest son not being her own. In fact, the New York Times vaguely referenced the story the other day. They would not do that if lowly bloggers were pushing the story. It had to be a connected Democrat.Barack Obama says his staff | Read More »

    This is why we tar leftist as nutroots…..they are NUTS

    I would hope that these thugs get 5-10 years for putting the lives of innocent people at risk.No matter your party sick is SICKI wish all the fine citizens of this country who have the LUCK to attend a convention good luck in this sick and twisted society of leftism that seeks to undermine the beauty of America.

    Article in TIME regarding Palin family

    As this story continues to evolve it appears that the nasty left has really bitten off far more than it will ever be able to chew.In this article on the TIME website, Nathan Thornburgh completely destroys the contention that this is SCANDAL.The opening lines tell the story: So his name is Levi. That’s about the only thing that I didn’t know about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. | Read More »

    The Drama

    OK, I’m over it. For the first fifteen minutes today after I learned that Sarah Palin’s daughter was pregnant at age 17, I have to admit that I was — to employ the biggest euphemism I’ve used in a long time — perplexed.Perplexed and befuddled. Perplexed, befuddled, and gobsmacked. Gobsmacked, perplexed, befuddled and crestfallen. Crestfallen, gobsmacked, perplexed, befuddled and spazzed out. Even a little angry. | Read More »

    Taken off Jake Tapper’s “Political Punch” ABC Blog in response to Palin article:

    If anything will continue taking this country 360 degrees from what it was intended to be and what has made it the greatest country in the world, it is the continued promotion of liberalism (socialism is the appropriate diction). People used to comment on the decency of Americans – you think this accolade was the result of liberals? Think again. They didn’t even exist. Sure | Read More »

    Let’s Amend the Constitution

    One of the most stubborn areas of political debate today concerns the Supreme Court and its power to legislate or “interpret the law” as they prefer to call it. The result is that the Court is creating political issues that cannot be resolved through the political process. There is also the ongoing problem of earmarking during appropriations and the always problematic federal budgeting process. I | Read More »

    New “Cause Greater” website

    I just got a link to the new McCain-Palin site dedicated ro relief for the states effected by Gustav. I think that the refocus of the convention was in the end the best choice in a very difficult situation. Thankfully Gustav was handled effectively by Jindal. Check out the new site:A Cause Greater What do you think: good idea or let’s get back to business?