Obama Talks the Talk Yet Again…

    Barack Obama SAYS he’ll bring change. He offers change we can believe in and those with blind faith have jumped on his bandwagon. He chastised Clinton for being Old Washington and then he picked Old Washington for his running mate. John McCain SHOWED us yesterday that he supports change. His actions speak louder than any of Obama’s Oprahesqe words. I supported Hilary and would have | Read More »

    Obama Talks the Talk Yet Again…

    Barack Obama SAYS he’ll bring change. He offers change we can believe in and those with blind faith have jumped on his bandwagon. He chastised Clinton for being Old Washington and then he picked Old Washington for his running mate. John McCain SHOWED us yesterday that he supports change. His actions speak louder than any of Obama’s Oprahesqe words. I supported Hilary and would have | Read More »

    They’re Talking About Sarah

    “Why is it a genius move? It will complete the alienation of the rest of the Hillary supporters from the Obama camp. How? That’s easy — the Obamabots will do it themselves. Go read the Washington Post blog or anywhere online where the Palin pick is being discussed, and you’ll see the trademark Obama misogyny already out in full force. She’s been on the ticket | Read More »

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    {McCain raised 4.49 million dollars yesterday.}

    {…which pretty much shoots the ‘what was he thinking meme’ right in the head. Sorry, kids, but why don’t you stick to the Down’s Syndrome thing? It won’t work, either, but it fits your personality ever so much better. – Moe Lane}

    Obama talks the talk, McCain walks the walk!

    I am a disgusted Democrat! I’m male. I’m a yuppie. I’ve always admired the way McCain has crossed the isle, gone against the Republican insiders and stayed true to the public’s interest. I was hoping that Obama would be a fresh change politician. He talks the talk, but we fell for that with Bush. McCain walks the walk and we haven’t seen that in a | Read More »

    Rasmussen: Palin Makes Good First Impression(good reviews from 63% of unaffiliated )

    Obviously, it’s a very solid debut Sarah Palin has made a good first impression. Before being named as John McCain’s running mate, 67% of voters didn’t know enough about the Alaska governor to have an opinion. After her debut in Dayton and a rush of media coverage, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 53% now have a favorable opinion of Palin while just | Read More »

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    Points To Consider Regarding The Recent VP Pick…

    I can’t take credit for this. It was sent to me by a friend but I think it says it all. The recent VP pick has changed the game in this election and my friend makes some very good points here. He posted them as a comment to a column I wrote on another blog expressing my unconditional approval of Palin as the VP pick.Keep | Read More »

    Who wants to turn back the clock?

    Some ‘green’ plastic-free living advice published on the BBC’s website today:Ask yourself, what did they do 50 years ago before plastic was around. The answer is usually there.So it’s actually the green left who not only desire a return to the days gone by, but they expressly want to roll back the innovations of convenience that made modern feminism possible. Interesting.I have to think that, | Read More »

    Saturday Open Thread…And Caption Contest

    How CUTE is this? What do you think SHE’S thinking here?Have at it. Oh – and Happy Labor Day Weekend…beer, anyone?

    MI Morning Update: McCain picks Palin; Michigan Is Excited About Palin

    August 30, 2008MORNING UPDATE:MCCAIN SAYS…LETS MAKE IT VICE PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN…a solid conservative that solidifies our base, fires up independents and challenges the status quo.  She is a successful reformer…a great symbol of the Republican brand we can be proud of.She will strengthen Sen. McCain’s appeal to Reagan Democrats, and supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who are looking for a president who has the experience | Read More »

    Background chatter from DNC

    As I channel surfed looking for something more interesting than the DNC, I did occasionally stop and listen to a few of the speakers.What I noticed was that in all but the A-list speakers, there was a lot of background chatter. With every pause of a speaker, you could hear the attendees going at it with a dull roar. Is this there standard? Will we | Read More »


    Did Barack’s speech lift one too many lines from Hollywood? Compare his speech to speeches given in movies such as Dave and The American President for a good laugh.

    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: a preview

    For Sunday, August 31, 2008FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace has Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos has the candidates wife, Cindy McCain. After that, he’ll talk to Senator Lindsey Graham and the insufferable John Kerry.Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator Tom Brokaw spends the show speaking to Tim Pawlenty.Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer interviews Rudy Giuliani, Senator Joe | Read More »

    Flash Poll on Sarah Palin

    This is a repost of a comment I just made in Pejman’s front page article, adding the followingI think John McCain made one of the best VP choices in this or any other century by choosing Sarah Palin to be his running mate. He’s right — he had a deep base of talent from which to choose, but the Maverick picked a game changer also: | Read More »

    McCain has Finally Realized What Party he is In

    I’ve been pulling my hair out the past few months. I went though the loop of candidates during the primary season and cried a little more each day as it became evident that the Republican nominee was going to be McCain. I couldn’t imagine why the Republican Party would decide to slide off to the left so violently. It left me sitting in the cold | Read More »

    People who call Governor Palin ‘Risky’ have it completely wrong

    It is frustrating and sort of hilarious all at once, to hear various Washington ‘talking heads’ (mostly liberals, of course) talk about Governor Palin as ‘risky’ or ‘inexperienced’, when it’s so obvious that none of that is true. Of course, there is a reason why they say that, perhaps even believe it, and why some others may believe it also, and that is because 24 | Read More »


    MCCAIN: And I’ll tell you right now, the Log Cabin Party–Republican Party–should be part of our–of our party. And I believe the Christian right should be part of–of our party. I respect their views. My view is that in the case of the military, the don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy was appropriate. And I also believe that–that gays should not be in the military, and | Read More »

    Denial Isn’t Just A River in Egypt.

    My flight to Milan, Italy on Friday had a stopover in Boston. When I got to the Denver airport, I suddenly realized that half of the eastern seaboard was trying to board flights back home after the DNC Convention. This included the first leg of my flight.About an hour into the flight, the captain announced over the intercom that John McCain had selected his Vice | Read More »

    On Sarah Palin

    I find it more than a little amusing how the choice of Sarah Palin has given people on the other side of the partisan divide a serious case of intellectual whiplash. Up until now, anytime that Barack Obama’s experience was questioned, the reply from Obama partisans would be something along the lines of “Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had tons of experience and they ran | Read More »

    DNC Delegates: At Odds With Obama Over Taxes

    Yes indeedy–you read that right.The Obama campaign responded by attacking the DNC delegates for hewing so closely to the discredited economic beliefs of the Bush-Cheney-McCain Administration. “This isn’t change,” remarked David Plouffe. “This is more of the same!”**I made this paragraph up. But admit it: It’s plausible.

    Democrats frustrated over McCain’s pick of Palin

    Right after the pick was made, the party that supposedly doesn’t attack, attempted to attack Sarah Palin. Didn’t matter that they knew nothing about her, they wanted to spin the pick to make it look as poorly as possible.A few Democrats attempted to try and connect her to Ted Stevens and Don Young. Two Alaskans facing corruption charges. Not recogizing her fight against corruption and | Read More »

    Sara Palin

    I cant believe the hypocrisy of the BoIraq supporters that are claiming Sara Palin has no experience. Talk about the pot (yes, Obama inhaled) calling the kettle black. I heard one mindless Obama supporter criticizing how small the population of Alaska is compared with other states. Well guess where Biden is from, Delaware, full stop. Strong move by McCain. Choosing a driven competitive woman will | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Is A Person, Not A “Pick”

    Help McCain’s campaign

    Due to some different circumstances in my life,I now have a TON of free time… I did not know what to do with it,but then I decided that I am going to volunteer for McCain/Palin’s campaign! I want to get out there and do something! If we all helped out,we would have a better shot at seeing our man in the white house.I want to | Read More »


    I’m no longer holding my nose in November

    This is a risky, but high reward pick for McCain. Overall, I’d give it an A- (and four years from now, an A+). I have to give McCain a lot of credit here for having the guts to make his own pick and not one a lot of the establishment was hoping for (Romney).From a personal standpoint, Palin was my 2nd choice…..of EVERYBODY. Mark Sanford | Read More »

    Burning Down My Master’s House-Obama and the Democratic Party’s lies we can believe in

    There has been a lot of talk about race and identity politics during this campaign, perhaps more than any other political campaign in history. The media and pundits are showing this election as a classic case of the old America vs. the new America, the crusty old white guy against the young, hip, cosmopolitan Black candidate. However, this is not a blog about the media’s | Read More »

    Obama’s speech: long on rhetoric, short on details. Again

    Last night Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention. As has been par for the Obama course, the speech was inspiring and the delivery quite eloquent. Some of the people there were moved to tears and overall hope seemed to spring eternal in Denver CO. Alas, hope is all that those of us who watched the speech hoping | Read More »

    The New “New Woman”

    Have we moved to a point now where women can now have “it all” just as men have had for centuries? It seems in Sarah Palin we might have just such a person. After the “Women’s Movement” for equal rights in the 60s and 70s it was generally accepted that a woman had two paths one towards success in a career and the other a | Read More »

    Why I Got Excited (about Palin)

    I am a college student from Indiana. I woke up this morning, turned on Fox News, and started my day by listening to all the speculation of Palin as the VP pick. I had to go to class however, so I took my laptop with me, and watched the rally in between classes. On my drive home (I commute), I was listening to America Right | Read More »

    Hitting the HIVE dead on…

    - Cross posted from Michigan Taxes too Much -Everyone had their favorites, many like myself felt Mitt would be a solid choice for McCain’s pick, but the more I follow the reports and commentary from both the right and left side of the room, the more I can truly appreciate the choice made. The RIGHT side is happy, ..no ECSTATIC about the pick of a | Read More »

    Critique of Obama’s speech

    I read the transcript of Obama’s speech today, and since 38 million people watched it, I think its safe to say this speech will form the predicate for how he seeks to define himself for the next 9.5 weeks. As usual, he was thin on specifics and policy proposals, though I detected a few in there. Also as usual, he reversed himself on some points.Obama’s | Read More »


    http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn317/mjpair/McCainPalin.jpgWOW!!! John McCain really did an amazing job with his pick. I dropped my son off at school this am, came home and put on the news hoping to see the news that Mitt Romney had been named as McCain’s running-mate. I was greeted by the headline that McCain had made his choice (still unreleased) and it wasn’t Mitt. Being furious, I quickly ripped off | Read More »

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    irony of obama’s accomplishments

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the ‘big’ pieces of legislation Joe Biden credited Obama with involved a bill concerning loose nuclear weapons that was received a 98-0 vote in the senate and was signed by George Bush. So, the VP has acknowledged that Obama’s major accomplishments occurred when he cooperated with Bush. How does that jibe with Obama’s attacking McCain for agreeing | Read More »

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    Let the Democratic sexism begin!

    **So Mr. Begala on CNN’s Campbell Brown state how composed and comfortable Gov Palin was in front of people and then quipped something to the effect of “probably because she was a beauty queen.” Keep driving those HRC women to us. Someone more technogically savvy than myself needs to start a site for sexist comments against palin to draw the ire of the Hillary vote!

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    Why Republican and Why John McCain for Me?

    I am 42 years young, currently unemployed since my wife transfered us here in North Carolina in June of 2008. We have an 8 year old son in the 3rd grade and a 4 year old home with dad currently. Most of my life I lived in a Democratic state in Vermont, yes the state in which the president of the Democratic party is from | Read More »

    [Palin is pro-innocent life, protecting babies instead of pardoning murderers]

    Sarah Palin calls herself pro-life because she is against abortion. However, she supports the death penalty. That makes her simply anti-abortion. She may claim to truly respect and value life, but clearly does not. Abortions should be avoided whenever possible. Executions should ALWAYS be avoided.[Thanks for the honesty in your username. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of use here for people who try to | Read More »


    Grassley isn’t a delegate, but does it matter?

    Many of you may have read previously that the Iowa Republican Party rebuffed Senator Charles Grassley by not selecting the senior Iowa Republican as a delegate to the national convention.  This sent a strong signal to Grassley that Iowa conservatives are unhappy, but what impact will it have on the convention?I admit that I am not a political insider.  I have not run for a political office | Read More »

    Abortion = Human ownership = slavery

    Ironic really, that the self proclaimed civil rights proponent and African-American candidate defends the practice of human ownership as part of his political platform. When human life begins,whether at conception when a distinct human DNA is created and a systematic, organized, and growing (aka, living) organism exists, or whether at birth when occasionally a newborn escapes its planned barbaric execution during a botched abortion and | Read More »

    Charming people, Democrats.

    I normally don’t favor dKos with links, but this one is too… typical, really.This is what fear looks like, by the way. I mention it only because far too many people on the Left seem to be mistaking the sensation for a sense of triumph.

    Why Sarah Is The Perfect Pick

    The surprise pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could not have possibly been a better choice for John McCain.The reason is simple.Palin won’t hurt McCain. She won’t cost him even one single vote. She WILL gain him some votes that disgruntled Conservatives might not have cast. The other choices on the “short list” would have likely further angered the base and kept more people home | Read More »

    Why Sarah Is The Perfect Pick

    The surprise pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could not have possibly been a better choice for John McCain.The reason is simple.Palin won’t hurt McCain. She won’t cost him even one single vote. She WILL gain him some votes that disgruntled Conservatives might not have cast. The other choices on the “short list” would have likely further angered the base and kept more people home | Read More »

    McCain’s VP Pick

    I am so proud of Senator McCain and his campaign. Every one is looking for change, but are they just buying into empty words. Senator Obama does not stand for anything except a bunch of empty words. I Support Senator John McCain because he knows what he believes in and is not afraid to say it. To be the President I believe you must have | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton Forum: Read This

    If you’ve got a minute, browse these comments. They are overwhelmingly supportive of the selection of Gov. Palin.Hillary Clinton ForumI suspect these people are not the unhinged kooks of the Dhimmikratt Party but rather pretty normal mainstream traditional Democrats. If this is a sample of the 18 million that voted for Hillary in the primaries, then this could be a McCain/Palin rout. It could be | Read More »

    Palin on Energy

    From the HotAir.com website:If Sarah Palin brings this much passion, intelligence and forcefulness to the debate(s) – I almost feel sorry for Biden. I really mean that.We’re going to be seeing Michelle O’s “I hate you” scowl a lot between now and November (that is, if she isn’t sequestered in the Obama Mansion and kept under lock and key by Obama’s Chicago buddies).

    How To Read Polls During the Convention

    Fivethirtyeight.com has the answer. Based on past conventions, they have modeled how much of a bounce is normal each day based on the beginning of the convention. Today’s trackers (Obama +8 and Obama +4) are based on T, W, and H. That is based around Wednesday which is the third day of the convention. Based on the model, Obama should have a 3.5% bounce. So | Read More »

    Help on Palin

    even though she has more executive experience than Obama. We need facts:Size of BudgetNumber of State EmployeesNumber of Emergency WorkersNumber of Students in University SystemCan anyone help with this information??

    Instant Replay: Quick Thoughts on the Events of the Day

    Wow! Just Expletive-deleted wow! That’s the emotional reaction. On to the thoughts. 1)When I turn off the partisan inside me, Barack Obama is still favored to win. Just not by as much. McCain went from improbable to possible. I feel like I just watched a replay of the 1st Period of a certain 1980 Olympic Hockey Game. 2)Why has Senator McCain improved his chances? The | Read More »

    Moe did a Happy Dance in the NJT rest stop at 12:30 PM.

    First off: bring it, Democrats. Contribute to McCain Victory 2008 (UPDATE: as I understand it, that link still works after Thursday: it’s the same sort of shared-fundraising system that the DNC is using to inflate its monthly totals.)Second: It’s a fascinating thing, really. For the last few months, the overwhelming theme that we’ve heard from the Democrats is that we are lost: that we are | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Loves Guns

    Let’s have a live blog for latest developments.

    This has been fun, so let’s do it again.Note by Jeff: And “Delegate” wins the dumkopf of the night award, for his accusation that Sarah Palin probably “can’t name the leaders of our top European allies”….”like New Zealand, Japan, [and] Australia.” Well, done, Delegate! Your prize is eternal scorn and ridicule.Thanks again for playing, all. Have a good night!