BREAKING: Russia Invades Georgia.

    UPDATE: An inquiry is out with the White House about what President Bush’s response will be to this invasion of an American ally. Note that it’s 10:30 PM in Beijing, so this may take some time to get. Putin Says ‘War Has Started,’ Georgia Claims Invasion (Update1) By Henry Meyer and Ryan Chilcote Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said “war has | Read More »


    Obama, Levin, Brewer et al Enabling Kilpatrick with Silence

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at What’s a Michigan Democrat have to do to be directly criticized by other Michigan Democrats, get thrown in jail?  Well, no.  Apparently even that isn’t enough for most of them to sever ties or condemn the Mayor of Detroit for any of his sundry adventures with criminality (allegedly).  And with every lukewarm statement about the importance of “letting the | Read More »

    Tremble before the apotropaic fury of the Great O! Dude.

    In response to what, I hear you ask? Why, this*: I figure that I could ask Obama supporters when they were going to start wearing ceremonial articles of clothing, or maybe I could start shouting out “Is there no help for the Widow’s Son?” and “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!” at random moments{*}; I might have even made a suggestion that Obama’s real purpose | Read More »

    Nat’l Post: ‘You’ll Miss’ The Old Media When Its Gone

    Jonathan Kay of the National Post (Canada) is sure that we’ll miss the old media when its gone. So sure he wrote a paean to how great the media is… and he missed the target by a wide margin on every point he made. Unfortunately, he took a good point and made a mockery of the truth of the matter with his wrongheaded reasoning. In | Read More »

    New Media Discovery: WaPo Misidentifies Three As McCain Donors, Apologizes for Mistake

    Amanda Carpenter has an interesting little blurb over at where she reports on Townhall’s catching the Washington Post misidentifying three donors as McCain contributors when, in reality, these donors did not donate to the McCain campaign at all. It seems some due diligence was dropped at the Washington Post, for sure. Good thing the new media was there to correct the story! In his | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    88 Days until Election Day August 8, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: PELOSI IN ANN ARBOR….HELPING SAVE THE PLANET….while we pay more for gas and energy…sending over $700 Billion a year overseas to some unfriendly nations because the Democrats won’t let us drill and develop our own oil reserves.  Shame! Nancy Pelosi’s energy plan: Write a bad book, pulp the remainders, and burn the waste as biomass. | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Space Program

    I read today that McCain sponsored legislation authorizing funding for returning to the Moon and preparing for a manned mission to Mars, because Americans have curiosity and like exploring, and because he believes the space program helps innovation and US security. The web site also says He favors ensuring NASA’s funding is being used well. ( I’ve only seen one moon in the sky at | Read More »

    Publisher Allows Hallmark Of Liberty To Cower In The Face Of Islam

    The series of events that torpedoed this novel are a window into how quickly fear stunts intelligent discourse about the Muslim world. Well, the book publisher Random House has bought into the fear and loathing bit with respect to the relationship between Islam and the MSM. The publishing giant just canceled plans to publish the book “The Jewel of Medina,” by first time novelist Sherry | Read More »

    Update: Cohen Beats Racist Tinker in Tennessee 9th

    Last week Erick wrote about the Congressional race between Steve Cohen (D, TN) and challenger Nikki Tinker for the Democratic seat in Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District. I wondered why Barack Obama had not come out to denounce the racist attacks that Tinker was unleashing on a fellow Democrat. Of course, the reason Obama didn’t attack Tinker for her racist attacks was because she was a | Read More »

    On The Windfall Profits Tax Proposed For Oil Companies

    Why, pray tell, are we going after oil companies again? This question is especially important, given the fact that there are so many other industries that are making more in terms of profit margin. I mean, is demagoguery so important to the “reality-based community” that reality is being so utterly and completely abandoned here? Sigh. Don’t answer that.

    Big Oil’s Presidential Candidate

    Who is it? Well, if you listened to most of the stump speeches given during this election cycle, the answer might seem obvious. But in fact, it isn’t.

    The Fear Factor

    When things go wrong for a campaign, they go wrong in groups. Rarely is there an endeavor where the “when it rains, it pours” motto applies more. A couple of weeks ago, while Barack Obama was in Europe, it seemed that nothing whatsoever could go right for John McCain. Now . . . well, it’s not so much that things don’t go right for Barack | Read More »

    So I’m watching the fireworks at Disney World

    I’m sitting watching the fireworks at Disney World when my son calls. He tells me that Obama just picked Hillary for VP. After a momentary shock, I realize I’m not surprised. I tell him that. I also tell him that it will probably be enough for Obama to win. To my credit I don’t immediately check Redstate. Instead I watch the rest of the show | Read More »

    TN Primary Update (Congressman Davis Loses 2nd Republican)

    Today is primary day in TN: TN US Senate It looks like the Dems are going to nominate Robert Tuke to take on Senator Alexander TN 1 Davis Precincts Reporting: 84% (200 of 236) Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote %Phil Roe 24156 51%David Davis X 22916 48%Michael Sabri 293 1% Congressman Davis is currently losing his re-election bid TN 9 Cohen (D) No info yet | Read More »


    Meanwhile, In The Caucusus…

    The ceasefire between Georgia and its breakaway province seems to have ended. One rather disturbing quote from the article: Interfax quoted the president of North Ossetia, a Russian area bordering South Ossetia, *as saying hundreds of volunteers were heading to join the fight “and we can’t stop them.” *As many as 1,000 volunteers from Abkhazia, another Georgian breakaway region with close ties to Russia, planned | Read More »

    You can start breathing again, Democrats.

    It looks like you’re not going to have the anti-Semite winning in TN-09, after all. And thank God for that.


    S. Dakota Election News

    Today I started back on my first steps back into politics since my recent move to start my new job at the beginning of June. It started off good. Today both Joel Dykstra and Chris Lien came to the park in Pierre, S. Dakota to meet people and talk politics. I got the chance to speak to both of them. I was impressed. I was | Read More »

    Global Poverty Act

    I contacted my senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander last week about the Global Poverty Act (S2433). I haven’t yet received a reply from Lamar Alexander, but I have received a response from Sen. Corker. Corker, a Republican, appears to be in support of the bill. I encourage everyone to put the pressure on your senators to fight this bill. In my opinion, it sells | Read More »

    ‘Why Is Nancy Pelosi Taking Care of Personal Business Rather Than the People’s Business?’

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Ann Arbor, Mich., tonight promoting her new book. Next week she’ll make stops in several California cities before swinging through Denver on her way to the Democratic National Convention (view complete schedule). Unfortunately for Pelosi, Americans aren’t buying it — the book has an Amazon sales rank of 1,567. As she talks about her legacy in posh book stores, millions | Read More »

    Will the John Edwards scandal hurt Obama?

    The National Enquirer dropped the first bombshell in October, 2007, when Edwards was still a candidate for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination: PRESIDENTIAL CHEATING SCANDAL! ALLEGED AFFAIR COULD WRECK JOHN EDWARDS’ CAMPAIGN BID The article described the “other woman” as someone who had previously worked on Edwards’ campaign and withheld the woman’s name. But if the story was to be believed, word of the affair | Read More »

    House Oil Party Conference call

    I was in on the conference call today with NRCC chair Rep. Tom Cole on what’s being called the “House Oil Party.” Some thoughts and questions from it: Rep. Cole started by thanking the right-blogosphere for being on top of this and helping to publicize it (a theme that would be repeated several times during the call). He also made sure to point out the | Read More »


    2,737 is an awesome number. I mean, check out these interesting facts:H.R. 2737, The Health Care Relief Act of 2007 would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow previously uninsured individuals a refundable credit for health insurance costs and to provide tax incentives to encourage small business health plans. 2737 Kotka is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on February 22, 1938 by Y. Vaisala | Read More »

    First there was his Pastor & Mentor. Now, there is…

    Well, with a hat tip to the Powerline guys, see for yourself… You’ve got it. “My good friend and a great mayor.” Hey! What’s that sound? Hear it? It’s getting louder. I think it’s… Yeah, it is! It’s the OBAMABUS! This guy just never ceases to amaze me.

    Detroit Mayor Jailed

    Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to jail today by 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles for violating terms of his bond. Some are calling for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) to remove Kiplatrick from office, a move her office seems to be seriously considering. Kilpatrick was elected to his second term as Detroit Mayor in 2005.


    In a tough year like this, Democrats could probably have defeated Republican John McCain with a flawed, but seasoned candidate like Hillary Clinton. But long-suffering liberals convinced their party to go with a messiah rather than a dependable nominee — and thereby they probably will get neither. Barack Obama and John McCain are running neck and neck. Impossible? {Hillary’s Growing Shadow}} {WE RESPECT COPYRIGHT AND | Read More »

    BREAKING: Barack Obama Trashes United States to Seven Year Old Girl

    Transcript: RUSH LIMBAUGH: I don’t know that you’ve heard this yet ladies and gentlemen. This happened yesterday in Elkhart, IN. It was at a campaign event. A little 7 year old girl stood up to ask a question of Barack Obama. Her name is Natalia. She asked this question of Barack Obama, “Why did you start running for President?” SEN. BARACK OBAMA(file): America is no | Read More »

    Kurdish Rebels Claim Responsibility for Oil Pipeline Explosion

    Kurdish rebels have claimed responsibility for an explosion on the pipeline carrying Azeri crude from the Caspian Sea ACG fields. Output is expected to drop by 80% pending repairs. Prior to the explosion, the pipeline had been carrying around 850,000 barrels per day. The impact was felt immediately on the tightly integrated world oil markets, with crude oil prices on the NYMEX jumping over a | Read More »

    Vacationing Nanny Pelosi Sends in the Clowns

    Increasing her carbon footprint hawking her little-perused and even lesser-purchased book, vacationing U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to reconvene Congress to hold a vote for lower gas prices and, instead, has issued a directive to her Politburo Palace Guard called MoveOn.Org: “Send in the Clowns!” From disparate parts unknown, Pelosi’s extremist heralds of higher gas prices descended upon my district office where – | Read More »

    Wow. I hadn’t realized that it stung the Democrats *that* badly.

    First, let’s watch this: Come, I will hide nothing from you: I worried slightly that this would set our conservative base’s teeth on edge. So, I said to myself: “Moe, when you write up this post, you had better include some links of all those Democrats saying some nasty things about McCain lately to make the point that either they were lying then, or lying | Read More »

    Its all about the Candidate Stupid!

    If the 2006 elections showed us anything its that we republicans had nothing but doom and gloom ahead in 08′. Surely Hillary, already the buzz at the time would come in and stomp a weak field of republican hopefulls. This election the election of 2008 was a give me for the Dems. Sometimes a 15 point congressinal ballot defecit was shown by polling for the | Read More »

    Obama’s energy hypocrisy: Barry Obama is Big Oil’s Buddy

    With Barack Obama, you have to be careful with the facts. You see, he and his factually impaired friends at the DNC, insist that John McCain is the candidate of Big Oil. But perhaps the finger ought to be pointed another way… First, of all, John McCain makes the point most clearly. It is Barack Obama who voted for George Bush’s energy bill and the | Read More »

    Ohio Democrats Attack McCain for Creating More Jobs

    The Ohio state Democratic party is attacking John McCain because his campaign manager once lobbied for DHL’s acquisition of Airborne Express, and now DHL plans to shut down its facility in Wilmington Ohio: In a private meeting Thursday, Wilmington residents will ask McCain for help in stopping DHL’s proposal to quit using the airport as a hub, which could cost more than 8,000 jobs. DHL | Read More »

    Schumer wants Obama to fight back. Barry’s surrogates do it for him.

    Chuck Schumer wants Barack Obama to fight back hard against the McCain campaign’s attacks: “I thought the Britney Spears commercial was powerful,” Schumer said, referring to McCain’s television ad casting Obama as a vapid “celebrity.” “They’re trying to say, ‘He’s not one of us,’” Schumer said. “I would answer back hard. What do you mean he’s not one of us? It’s John McCain who wears | Read More »

    Republican Revolt Resonating Back Home

    Today marked the fifth day that Republicans took to the U.S. House floor to talk about their “all of the above” energy strategy. The “Don’t Go Movement,” as conservatives are calling it, shows no sign of slowing down. House GOP Whip Roy Blunt told me he returned to Washington today after constituents in Missouri encouraged him to head back to Capitol Hill to be part | Read More »

    Of make-believe and real men

    I felt a welling of pride at the warm reception President Bush received upon his arrival in South Korea from the Korean people. That pride was bolstered at the rally from U.S. Army and Korean Army troops where Bush thanked our soldiers and our allies. You could see the honor that our troops have for our Commander In Chief, and the mutual respect was evident | Read More »

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    Best Obama BIO Website I think this is the best Obama bio website. 3 months ago, I was going to sit out the presidentail race. When I read this site, it really opened my eyes.


    Chicago Politics In A Nutshell: “Most aldermen, most politicians are hos”

    We’re overdue here to update our Corrupt Democrat Watch, but I couldn’t resist fronting a quote from former Chicago Democratic Alderman Arenda Troutman, who pleaded guilty yesterday to mail and tax fraud for shaking down developers (charges that could land her in jail for 4-5 years) – Troutman was caught on tape saying the following: “Most aldermen, most politicians are hos” As the Chicago Tribune | Read More »

    Obama’s “Plan”

    Obama’s plan is to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In his tax plan he said he would raise taxes on those making 250,000 a year, then he changed that to 97,000 a year. He wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts which would increase taxes. You don’t want to raise taxes or create new spending when the economy is at | Read More »

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    Obama’s Troubles Continue, and They Just Got a HELLary of a Lot Worse

    Poor Barack. He has enough to do, what with trying to match his flip-flops to the day’s outfit, trying to remember how many U.S. States there are, or offering minority audiences reparations of “…not just words, but deeds”, and offering to solve the energy crisis by inflating our car tires. Now he is suffering from over-exposure, under-preparation, and the return of the 800 pound elephant | Read More »

    Why Blackhedd Needs a Publicist

    Fortune is running an interesting piece about some financial types who foretold the credit crisis that nearly swamped the US economy. They probably don’t have much name recognition even among people who follow the markets on a more or less regular basis. Fortune also compiled a list of the polar opposites. And this list includes some of the most recognizable (and highly compensated!) names in | Read More »

    Obama’s Troubles Continue, and They Just Got a HELLary of a Lot Worse

    Poor Barack. He has enough to do, what with trying to match his flip-flops to the day’s outfit, trying to remember how many U.S. States there are, or offering minority audiences reparations of “…not just words, but deeds”, and offering to solve the energy crisis by inflating our car tires. Now he is suffering from over-exposure, under-preparation, and the return of the 800 pound elephant | Read More »

    Got that moral indignation in just under the wire there, Barry.

    Watch the latest exercise in hate speech from Democratic challenger Nikki Taylor – Hi, Nikki! Nothing EVER GOES AWAY on the Internet, you miserable anti-Semite. It’s useless to even try! – against Democratic incumbent Steve Cohen (TN-09) for the context of the subtitle: Nikki Tinker race baits Steve Cohen. @ Yahoo! Video This was apparently a little too public hateful for Senator Obama to ignore | Read More »

    Breaking: Obama Fundraiser headed to jail!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at So Kwame’s going to jail, huh?  How long, do you figure, before Barack Obama tells us that this is “not the Kwame Kilpatrick I know?”  From the sounds of these remarks (delivered last May to the Detroit Economic Club) the Barackstar might have to do some back-peddling and soon. You can check out the entire speech and the Democratic | Read More »

    Rush from the get go

    I started listening to Rush from day one. A friend of mine who lives in Cape Girardeau Mo. and is a friend of Rush’s brother David told me about the new show. Could get it on the Cape AM radio station. Then it was quickly picked up here on the local Carbondale AM station. It was great to turn people on the Rush and then | Read More »

    The Clinton Machine’s Motor Still Whining Away

    Just when we thought Hillary had finally come to grips with her devastating loss to Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries, this video of Hillary spiked the curiosity meter and suggested that she may not yet willing to raise the white flag. (I would post only the video images if I knew how) Perhaps “conincidently” (and perhaps not), Bill Clinton’s recent comments in an interview | Read More »

    Grassley Willing to Cut Farm Subsidies?

    The recently failed WTO negotiations have revealed something interesting; Grassley is willing to reduce agricultural supports. Senator Grassley, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over international trade, recently stated that the U.S. was willing to reduce allowable support for agriculture from $48 billion to $15 billion to achieve a successful WTO negotiation. This appears to be a reversal of sorts for | Read More »

    Hillary still has an “opponent” for the Dem nomination

    Last week, Hillary was in California telling her supporters that while she supports her opponent, Barack Obama, and is aware that he has secured her party’s nomination, she is going to demand that her delegates be permitted to vote for her in Denver. “I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and their views respected. | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi – Unimpressed, Unimpressive

    Fox news tells us that Nancy Pelosi is unimpressed by House GOP efforts to bring the House back into session to address gas prices and get an Energy bill done. According to Fox, Pelosi sent a letter to Minority leader Boehner suggesting this: The facts are clear. The Democratic-led Congress has repeatedly brought forth proposals to increase domestic supply, reduce the price at the pump, | Read More »

    MoveOn protests McCotter (MI – 11th)

    Just got an email from Rep. McCotter (MI-11th district) that is protesting at his Livonia office this noon (Thursday, Aug. 7). Unfortunately I am at work and a good drive away, but I will update if I can find anything on the local news. I don’t see anything on McCotter’s website so I am copying the email below the fold. Dear Friend: Today at | Read More »

    Get out of the Way

    I bite my tongue when I lazily repeat a political sound bite and cringe when I hear my friends substitute talking points for facts. However, I am about to surrender, or better said, fight fire with fire. Slogans have entered my thoughts at night without my permission. We have all heard catchphrases ad nauseam about how to solve the current oil crisis. I see members | Read More »

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