Union vs. Private Sector Pensions: How Secure Are Union Members’ Retirements?

    In a follow up report to our earlier coverage, the Hudson Institute has unveiled its damning study on the largely ubiquitous insolvency of the pensions plans of the nation’s largest unions (download PDF here) Excerpts: At a time when unions are intensifying efforts to organize American workers, it’s troubling to see a widespread pattern of relatively poor performance among collectively bargained pension plans. They perform | Read More »

    Hey! Remember 2005, when you thought that two bucks a gallon for gas was a *lot*?

    You do? Well, go remind people, then. Be sure to also ask if they miss that $2.20/gallon that we were enjoying at the end of 2006, back when the GOP was still running Congress. And when you’re done with that, ask ‘em what they think that the price of gas is likely to be after two more years of Democrats running Congress. Moe Lane PS: | Read More »

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    Democrats’ Energy Ideas Date to 19th Century

    Bless his heart, Rep. Jerry Nadler is trying to understand the woes of Americans facing the high cost of gasoline. Venturing outside the comfortable confines of his Manhattan and Brooklyn district, the liberal Democrat was spotted Monday in the Upstate New York city of Utica talking about transportation and energy policy. Nadler’s solution: “We should take a hard look at reviving the canals,” Nadler said. | Read More »

    Richard Cohen Might Be Racist

    Of course the title is in jest and refers to Allahpundit’s groundbreaking discovery of the Unified Field Theory of Obama Criticism: if you criticize him you are racist and hostis humani generis. Though I think Richard Cohen guilty of unspeakable crimes against logic and reason, no one could think him racist. But given the state of the political left today, I suspect he will be | Read More »

    Wonder if anyone in Washington DC is listening?

    Day after day we see and read about the terrible actions of our Congressional representatives or the lack of actions. Let me tell you sometimes I’d rather Congress did nothing, at least that way they wouldn’t make the mistakes that burden the American people. When Congress does act, it is in such a way that us ordinary Americans scratch our heads with wonder. Wonder what | Read More »

    Too Much Money, Not Enough Economy

    We spend a lot of time worrying about the economy in the United States, especially as it relates to politics and policy. We’re facing very slow growth, well below the long-term trend, and certainly below what we’re capable of. At the same time, inflation is running well above normal (we reached a 5% annual rate in June). Europe faces similar problems, although their policy response | Read More »

    You’re holding the knife wrong, Senator Reid.

    OK, that’s the part that’s supposed to point outwards. Generally, the idea is to stick the sharp bit in your opponents. Op-pon-ents. O… P… P… What? No, your opponents. Not Mitch McConnell’s: Reid plan splits Dems By Alexander Bolton Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has split the Democratic front opposed to drilling with a plan that would open new areas for exploration. Reid’s proposal | Read More »

    Aaron Eckhart Gives Another Reason to See Dark Knight

    Carter Wood points to a BBC interview with Dark Knight co-star Aaron Eckhart: Lang: The movie’s already done incredibly well. I think it’s broken records in its opening weekend in the United States. I mean, do you think that because America’s in an election year, the economy going down the tubes, a lot of uncertainty in the world, do you think it touched a nerve?Eckhart: | Read More »

    Sean Tevis Runs For Kansas State House District 15 on Netroots Nation Funds

    Kansas Meadowlark has a new fun way to raise money. Meet Sean Tevis. Sean has done little fundraising in the 15th State House District of Kansas. Instead, Sean went to Netroots Nation and passed the hat. He raised closed to $96,000.00. As Kansas Meadowlark notes A huge part of Tevis’ contributions (71.9%) were small, unitemized, and without any additional information. *Only 1.8% of all contributions | Read More »

    If THIS isn’t a political party worth supporting, I don’t know what is

    Sometimes I really wish I lived in Detroit.  It isn’t just the state’s biggest city and the home to my beloved Tigers (you can’t see me right now but if you could you would see that I am shaking my head in disappointment right now), it’s where all of the action is.  Where else in the entire country do you have a twice elected and | Read More »

    McCain’s read my lips moment.

    So much for the straight talk express! McCain who is suppose to speak truthfully, has now been caught in a big lie! Republican presidential candidate John McCain drew a sharp rebuke Monday from conservatives after he signaled an openness to a higher payroll tax for Social Security, contrary to previous vows not to raise taxes of any kind.Speaking with reporters on his campaign bus on | Read More »

    MI Morning Update: Walberg fights for lower gas prices, Right Michigan blogger challenge

    98 Days Until Election Day July 29, 2008 MONRING UPDATE: WALBERG BATTLING FOR LOWER GAS PRICES…Tim Walberg is pushing Congress to allow domestic drilling to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  He’s also announced he may start driving his Harley around the district to save on gas!  My kind of Congressman! RIGHT MICHIGAN CHALLENGE…bloggers, join our effort.  This is a great opportunity to make a | Read More »

    Proft, Kelley Square-Off on Presidential Politics on Fox Chicago Sunday

    On Sunday, I squared off with the inimitable Cliff Kelley, afternoon radio talk show host for WVON, on Fox Chicago Sunday, for a brief discussion about Sen. Barack Obama’s European vacation, the media coverage of it, and the McCain campaign’s reaction to it. Take a look. –DPhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=e75CgUP6Ylc

    Inflation and Blueprint for Change

    I read that the U. S. Olympic Committee is staying where it is because that city is renting them new office space for free. The City raised the money to buy the office space by selling shares in the committee’s lease, and the city intends to pay the committee’s rent for them from the city’s general fund, to get the committee to stay in the | Read More »

    An overnight thought.

    Nothing too profound: only, if Obama’s European trip was mostly supposed to be about the Germany speech, and if said speech was supposed to be evocative of both JFK’s and Ronald Reagan’s… why is it that none of the text of that speech has captured the public imagination? Stop your average American on the street, and they’ll know the most famous phrases from either Kennedy | Read More »

    In Praise Of “Dr. No”

    See this story and this one, which cover Senator Tom Coburn’s efforts to bring excessive government spending to heel by refusing any and all expenditures unless there are appropriate offsets to those expenditures. I am not a fan of term limits but it is impossible to deny that Coburn’s decision to limit himself to two terms has freed him from the need to engage in | Read More »

    “The Most Ethical Congress In History”

    From time to time, it would serve us well to remind ourselves just how hollow that claim really is.

    Some Gaffes Are Worth Making

    But of course, Barack Obama is going to get into a world of trouble for this.

    You Don’t See This Much

    One gifted orator whose soaring rhetoric was not matched by specific policy proposals is telling another gifted orator whose soaring rhetoric is not matched by specific policy proposals to get more specific about policy. Irony can hit you from all kinds of unexpected places.


    This is one of the most important stories not to get much publicity: The mighty Service Employees International Union (SEIU) plans to spend some $150 million in this year’s election, most of it to get Barack Obama and other Democrats elected. Where’d they get that much money? That’s a question the Departments of Labor and Justice are being asked to investigate by the National Right | Read More »

    David Petraeus Is A Very Smart Man

    An example of his intelligence can be found here: The top U.S. military commander in Iraq isn’t buying the increasingly popular idea of a publicly stated timetable for American troop withdrawal. Gen. David Petraeus, the Iraq commander, said in an interview with McClatchy that the situation in Iraq is too volatile to “project out, and to then try to plant a flag on, a particular | Read More »

    Still very close

    Saw the buzz and the excitement today as the new Poll numbers for the first time put John McCain ahead among registered voters. The big question in my mind is why, as I just saw on another post here write ‘the race is still very close’. Are we taking the defeatist attitude. Its almost as is we are falling for the liberal press tactic of | Read More »

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    Truth Be Told: Obama States That He Is the Beneficiary of Unusually Positive Press Coverage

    Truth Be Told: Obama States That He Is the Beneficiary ofUnusually Positive Press Coverage, whereby, the media become lobbyists for Obama, without being registered as lobbyists. Recently, I have seen numerous guests on various TV news and commentary programs debating whether Obama is and has beenfavored by the media. Along these lines, the McCain Campaign hasrun a TV commercial having clips which show well known | Read More »

    Campaign 2008- and That Kennedy Thing (I)

    American presidential elections are fascinating as much for their sociological import as their concrete political issues. So it was intriguing to watch the Kennedys, America’s first explicitly ethnic dynasty, pass the torch to the first African-American presidential candidate. And that does inspire some meanderings down memory lane. Everyone raised in the postwar Catholic neighborhoods remembers the tremendous impact of the John F. Kennedy’s race in | Read More »

    More Coburns, Please

    Man. This guy is teh awesome. I’d offer to nominate him for some sort of leadership award…if I thought for a minute he’d give a crap.

    The Daily Rush Open Thread

    The show is starting. Consider this an open thread on the show and whatever you’re moved to comment on. And Happy 20 Years Rush. By the way, Karl Rove pays tribute to Rush Limbaugh today. Jed Babbin interviewed Rush for this week too. It’s a great read.

    Rush Limbaugh’s 20 Years of Excellence in Broadcasting

    All week long over at Human Events, they’re celebrating Rush’s 20th anniversary. On Friday, we’ll have a great many front page posts about it. But starting today, at noon, we’re going to being the Daily Rush Open Thread. We know a lot of you listen. Between now and noon though, please consider using this as a thread to share your favorite Rush moments.

    Ad Wars!

    By now you’ve seen the latest John McCain ad slamming BO for refusing to visit wounded troops without his media acolytes, now MoveOn is striking back. As a refresher, here is the McCain ad… And here’s the MoveOn counter… I can just feel the hope, can’t you. To steal the best thing GW Bush said in the last seven years… Bring it on!


    Liberal Groups: Voter Fraud

    Via Daily Times VA The chairman of Virginia’s Republican Party on Monday sought a statewide probe of what he claimed was voter registration fraud across a battleground state in this year’s presidential race. Jeff Frederick decried a “widespread problem across the commonwealth” after the arrests in Hampton on election fraud charges of three people last week. He urged Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and Republican | Read More »

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    Thoughts on the Veepstakes

    Charlie Crist (R-Florida)Pros: “Chain Gang Charlie” is the young governor of a crucial swingstate, a remarkably strong fundraiser, a crucial early supporter, not a Washington insider, and somewhat appealing to moderates.Cons: Christian conservatives remain bitter about his (lack of) performance in the Terri Schiavo debacle and his personal life remains controversial, with allegations of homosexuality being spread.Thoughts: Governor Crist is a good governor and a | Read More »

    Huckabee: “I’d go Pawlenty.”

    Just now, on FNC’s Hannity & Colmes program, Mike Huckabee said that the two names he has heard being mentioned as John McCain’s likely Veep pick were Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. Asked who he would choose, Huckabee replied: “I’d go Pawlenty.” I ought to leave the Veep talk to the smart people, those who participate at RedState.com, but I agree with Huckabee — if | Read More »

    Your obligatory “standard netroots reaction to news of Novak’s brain tumor” RedHot.

    The right questions are, Why is it so depressingly easy for somebody from talk radio to put together five minutes’ worth of genuine netroots hate speech on any topic at all? – followed by And why the hell is it that nobody from the quote-unquote “Decent Left” ever seems inclined to spank these guys? Not that we all don’t already know the answers, of course. | Read More »

    New York Times: “Where’s The Bounce [Dammit]?”

    Wiping the nervous sweat from his brow, Adam Nagourney at the New York Times tries to figure out who misplaced the emperor’s clothes. It is a question that has hovered over Senator Barack Obama even as he has passed milestone after milestone in his race for the White House: Why is he not doing better? [snip]And it is back again as he returns from an | Read More »

    McCain Leads in National Poll, 49-45

    With all the usual caveats on this being only one poll, USA Today/Gallup just published the first poll with McCain in the lead since May 1st. Back then, McCain only lead by one. USA Today/Gallup:McCain 49 (45)Obama 45 (50) That’s an unlikely 9 point shift from “late June.” The most interesting factor seems to be the likely voter screen. McCain leads among Likely Voters 49-45, | Read More »

    Dear Mr. President, Commute These Incomprehensible Sentences…Signed Sen. John Cornyn

    So, Ramos and Compean get their day in court at the 5th Circuit…and the Appeals Court thinks they should sit in the cooler for a good long time regardless the insanity of putting Border Patrol agents in jail for doing their freaking jobs… Not everyone agrees with the sentences, but they have been handed down and today they were upheld. The matter at hand is | Read More »

    Obama Leaked His Prayer to Press Before He Didn’t

    Though there was a lot of outrage expressed over someone pulling Obama’s prayer out of the Western Wall, I personally figured he’d focus grouped the heck out of it first, knowing someone was going to get hold of it. Well, it appears I was probably right. In fact, according to the Israeli paper that published Obama’s prayer, he, well, from the New Republic: the Obama | Read More »

    Did you enjoy watching Senator Trainwreck embarrass Harry Reid?

    Is this the sort of thing that brightens your day? And, like Constant Reader NightTwister, do you think that “Entertainment this good should cost money”? Well, guess what: it does – because one major reason that Doctor No can do this sort of thing is because he can win cloture votes. And the reason why he can win cloture votes is because he has enough | Read More »

    Police Departments and SUV’s

    Driving around the suburbs of New York City gas is very expensive, the price of gas at 4.25 a gallon doesn’t catch many New Yorkers eyes as it would say in Maryland or North Carolina.( where on a recent vacation I saw gas as cheap as 3.62) The high prices are starting to have an affect on how people view driving. For example my mom | Read More »

    Busting a cap in Obama’s class warfare

    cross-posted on Bluegrass Policy Blog Parents and students stuck with failing schools in Kentucky have no opportunity to move their children into a charter school like they would in California, or a private school like they would in Washington D.C. Our soon-to-be legislative liaison from the Kentucky Department of Education Frank Rasche saw to that (here and here). Kentucky’s Democratic primary voters rejected Sen. Barack | Read More »

    Obama’s Earmark Odyssey

    John McCain has neither requested nor received any pork spending in his 25 years in Washington–a standard for the rest of the party to follow. His opponent, Barack Obama, denounces wasteful spending but has requested three-quarters of a billion dollars in pork projects in just three years in the Senate. It is a record that contradicts Obama’s pledge to change politics in Washington. The latest | Read More »

    McCain’s Opportunity to Provide a “Change We Can Believe In”

    During his address at the 99th annual NAACP Convention earlier this month, U.S. Sen. John McCain had an opportunity to make education reform a key issue in this year’s presidential campaign. But, to paraphrase the immortal Don Adams (aka Maxwell Smart), McCain “missed it by that much.” McCain correctly fingered the fundamental hurdle to education reform when he said, “When a public school fails … | Read More »

    Update on the latest Guide to the Perplexed…

    Specifically, the Obama Victory and the Democratic White House Victory Funds. These are both joint fund-raising accounts designed to allow for contributions up to what look to be around $30,000 or more, based on this article: and the numbers match up. The difference between the two funds, by the way, is that the latter is older, and was set up between the DNC, Obama, and | Read More »

    Obama’s Crooks and Cronies a/k/a His Economic Policy Team

    Today Barack Obama met with his economic policy advisers. Let’s review who they are. First, there is St. Robert Rubin. The media prefers us to remember Rubin as the savior of the economy; such a good Secretary of the Treasury, Bush wanted a Democrat and found Hank Paulson. They don’t like to talk about this. Yeah, that’s right, Robert Rubin has his hands in Citigroup, | Read More »

    Free Speech Protection Act of 2008

    On occasion we do get to write about bi-partisan legislation at RedState. This is one of those times. Meet Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld. There is a bill working its way through Congress right now called the “Freedom of Speech Protection Act” (H.R. 5814 in the House and S. 2977 in the Senate) that would not be moving forward, but for what happened to Dr. Ehrenfeld. The | Read More »

    Breaking USA Today/Gallup poll: McCain jumps to a 4-point lead(McCain 49%, Obama 45%)

    Will this poll send orange dailykos/pelosi/dean/chris matthews/MSM propagandists into panic mode? Yes, It’s McCain, NOT Obama in the lead, first time in two months. Gains for McCain in latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll Republican presidential candidate John McCain moved from being behind by 6 points among “likely” voters a month ago to a 4-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama among that group in the latest USA | Read More »

    Hillary Delegate Removed Over McCain Support

    Wisconsin Democrats ousted Debra Bartoshevich, a pledged delegate to Hillary, as a delegate to the party’s national convention because she said she’d vote for Republican Senator McCain in November. The Wisconsin party’s administrative committee stated Bartoshevich violated rules requiring delegates to support the party’s nominee and be faithful to the party. Last time I checked Obama is only the presumptive nominee. He can’t be the | Read More »

    How McCain or Obama Could Really Screw Up a VP Choice: “His Accidency”

    With all the chatter about potential VP picks recently, Barack Obama has finally shed some more insight on his potential selection- he wants “somebody with independence, who’s willing to tell [him] where he thinks or she thinks [he’s] wrong.” Although Obama will probably pick a mainstream Democrat, there have been rumblings about Joe Lieberman going onto the McCain ticket. Would any such independent be a | Read More »

    Slickness without substance

    I for one was not impressed with BHO’s global jaunt to say the least. From the showing up and playing hoops instead of getting down to the matters at hand in Iraq, his sitting in a head of state setting, his blatant fabrication and claim of credit that he is on a Congressional committee he has no part of, to his double talk on Jerusalem, | Read More »

    Tenn. Church Shooter Says He Hates Liberals

    Recently on Comcast news, I saw a headline that says the Tenn. Church shooter’s motive to kill church-worshippers was because the church took liberal stances. This is indeed a sad day for all of us. Nobody deserves to be shot and left dead in cold blood. It’s called murder, period. What this shooter did is horribly wrong, no question about it. He has only himself | Read More »

    Diary of a Rush Baby

    Like him or not, it would be very difficult to deny that Rush Limbaugh has transformed the world of politics in America over the last two decades. I am one of the first generation of Rush Babies to enter the real world, and I am extremely grateful for the influence he had, and continues to have, on my understanding of conservative thought and practice. As | Read More »