Dear State Legislature, Please Hold Congress Accountable

    Dear Representative, Like many Pennsylvanians, ten days ago I became aware that a crisis in the United States financial system threatened to send our country into a full scale depression unless a $700 billion bailout bill was enacted quickly. Subsequent news revealed that certain Members of Congress had been warned of the impending disaster years earlier, but either denied the existence of a problem or | Read More »

    Who Wants to Lead? Anyone? Anyone at All?

    Is has become increasingly clear to me that John McCain has zero political courage unless it deals with an issue going against his own party. He is a patriot and a good man but let’s be honest his political courage has been on display this past week and it is non-existent. He seems to be following W’s path of taking the high road and staying | Read More »

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    Bailout Explained

    Let’s cut the B.S. on the bailout. The proposed government bailout is based on two government promises of maybe: 1) The taxpayer might recover some of the 700 billion someday; 2) Once banks bad debt is purchased with taxpayer money, the banks might loan some of it back to the people who paid the banks’ debt in the first place. Read the complete article, Bailout | Read More »

    America: From Freedom to Fascism (part 1 of 11)

    Aaron Russo: “I set out on a journey to make a film about whether or not there was a law requiring Americans to pay an income tax…or was the tax a fraud being perpetrated by the American government. This process of discovery brought something much more dangerous and frightening to my attention…now, I will bring it to yours.” This film not only puts the legalities | Read More »

    Obama Sieg Hail

    Warning, the following video is both creepy and alarming. This video refreshes in our minds the Obama from the Democratic Primaries. The atmospheric, messianic, megalomaniac Barack Obama who spoke in poetic salute to new world vision and Marxist economic philosophy. The Obama who talked about jobbing the jobless and feeding the hungry; not to mention lowering the oceans on earth and bringing peace in one | Read More »

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    Disdain, thy name is Democrat

    UPDATE: See 29Victor’s blog for another take on this important story. His was up early this morning, but I missed it before I posted mine. How often we are reminded that it is those in the Democrat Party that care about women, minorities, and children, and those of us in the Republican Party are intolerant, bigoted, chauvinistic, child-haters. Those of us that have been around | Read More »

    Pray for Possibly the Most Persecuted Christian Sister in America

    I’d encourage Christians to pray for Sarah Palin if not as a politician, then just as a sister in Christ. She clearly entered the fray not knowing how entirely the media and the American left were set on totally destroying her and her family. They have already decided the spin is that she is Dan Quayle Mark II and are clearly going all out to | Read More »

    This year’s Rightblogs’ Slate

    In 2006, on behalf of RedState, I joined with other right of center bloggers to choose a slate of candidates worth supporting. RedState has its own slate of candidates that we have endorsed. This other slate is a larger selection of candidates chosen together by right of center bloggers. We all had the chance to nix a choice until we had a slate of candidates | Read More »

    Barack Obama and the Strategy That Must Not Be Named

    September was another month of declining violence in Iraq, both for civilians and military personnel. Below are the pictures, and I’m guessing that Barack Obama would prefer that you don’t see them. Once the progress in Iraq became all too obvious, even to Obama, he credited the success to the increase in troops, the troops themselves, the Sunni Awakening movements, and Muqtada al Sadr, but | Read More »

    Fox covering Ohio voting irregularities

    Fox is covering the voting issues in OH: Transcript after the jump:

    A Note About LIBOR

    Several of our conservative friends have pointed to the very large reduction in the LIBOR interest rate between Tuesday and yesterday as evidence that the credit crisis is easing. LIBOR is one those arcane things no one but geeks should need to understand. It’s a notional interest rate published at 11:00 AM GMT every day in London. It represents an adjusted average of the “offers” | Read More »

    Driver’s Licenses For Illegals. (Why Isn’t McCain Using This Issue?)

    One issue the McCain campaign is completely ignoring is the stand Obama took during the Democrat primary of supporting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. 75% of Americans wisely oppose this, even in liberal states like New York and California. I would argue this issue helped Schwarzeneggar win in California, and destroyed the political career of Spitzer in New York (before the escort scandal). McCain could | Read More »

    Ashwin Madia: An Economic Nightmare Running for Office in Minnesota

    Aswin Madia is running for Congress against Erik Paulsen in MN-03. In his advertising, Madia defends himself against Paulsen’s attacks by saying the he would let the Bush tax cuts expire on people making $250,000.00, but keep the middle class tax cuts. But that’s not really his record. We’ve gotten him in his own words: He wants to scrap the Bush tax cuts with no | Read More »


    The Palin advantage

    Palin needs to remind the american people that she is the new gun in town.John McCain brought her in to clean up this miss,Joe biden he is the problem not the cure, he and the rest of his gang need to leave town or pay.


    Obama Shredding the Constitution

    Barack Obama has shown himself to be an unusual candidate for high office. He doesn’t necessarily play by the rules. He is a typical Democrat. If he is winning, all is well. If he starts to lose, he pulls out every stop. In 1996 when Obama was first running for the Illinois state senate, he managed to clear all his opposition from the electoral field | Read More »

    When the Going Gets Tough, John McCain Gets Going, When the Going Gets Tough, Barack Obama is GONE

    John McCain’s first reaction to the economic crisis was to go back to Washington and get involved in the discussions and decisions. The news media was critical because John McCain did a lot of listening. The best decision makers are those who are good listeners and gather all the facts and understand all the positions and perspectives before formulating a solution, albeit in many cases, | Read More »

    Dicta or Ditka?

    [Dicta ordinarilly refers to a judge’s expression of opinion on a point other than the precise issue involved in determining a case. I apply the term to similar statements included in legislative statutes.] Originally published By Mike DeVine, as Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports I was up all night reading. The last two times I did this, I had delightfully consumed Larry | Read More »


    Influencing Economic Expectations

    If you have been following my articles , I have strongly advocated that the Congress approve the rescue plan proposed by Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke. I won’t rehash all of the reasons why I think this must happen, but suffice to say, our financial system needs liquidity to be stabilized and that’s what this bailout is all about. You can read my other previous | Read More »

    Bill Clinton tells Obama to Sit Down and Shut Up, Again

    The stars moon and sun must be aligned because I actually agree with Bill Clinton on something (via WSJ ); A running cliché of the political left and the press corps these days is that our current financial problems all flow from Congress’s 1999 decision to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that separated commercial and investment banking. Barack Obama has been selling this line | Read More »

    The Rescue

    Last night, the Senate approved the revised bill that implements the proposed plan to bailout (read ‘rescue’) the financial markets after an already long week and painfully drawn out past couple of weeks. Now, the bill will move on to the House for more political butchering of policy that is already late and less than top-notch quality.

    The Other Bailout

    A bounce in the markets yesterday was not unexpected after the day we had Tuesday, but many people were surprised to see the Dow jump 400 points. Many people chalked this up to the idea that the markets were already recovering from the plunge after the bailout was rejected, but this is because the majority of people didn’t realize fundamentally why the increases happened.

    Operation Hold The Line

    Since ALL of our leaders here at RedState have officially gone over the deep end ((yet another promoted Pro-Bailout dairy, while those anti-Bailout dairies are not… the fix is in at RedState)), we need to look for leadership elsewhere. No, not me. I don’t want the job even if you paid me. I’m talking about Michelle Malkin. She has more balls than all the RedState | Read More »


    Sarah Palin Zinger Suggestion Box Open Thread

    Actually, Gwen, we know that you’re not much of a gambler. If you were, you would have hedged your bets by also writing a book about me. Open thread.

    On the Suspension of Mark to Market

    [UPDATE]: Allow me to update this piece with this delightful piece of news re the commercial paper market. AT&T can probably survive this for a little while. Plenty of other companies can’t. One of the items in the proposed bailout that a number of Republicans seem to be insisting on is either a suspension or outright end to mandatory mark to market accounting rules. It | Read More »

    Did Reagan’s Campaign conspire with Iran to ensure the hostages weren’t released before the election?

    Can someone confirm or refute this claim?? President Carter worked throughout the campaign to secure their release, including launching an ill-fated rescue mission in April 1980 that killed eight U.S. servicemen. Critics say the Reagan team was so concerned that Carter would gain a boost by winning their release just before the election, that his campaign manager and others negotiated privately with the Iranians to | Read More »

    3 things Palin must do

    There are 3 things Palin must do tonight in the debate: 1) Expose Obama’s tax plan and WIN2) Expose Biden’s Past Foreign policy credibility and WIN3) Lay out the energy plan in regards to the new american economy and jobs and WIN!

    What’s it Like to Debate Joe Biden?

    Here is Joe Biden debating my father, John Burris, in 1984. Biden establishes his conservative bona fides by calling for freezing spending and preventing the government from funding abortions. The debate is 60 minutes. Dave


    MI Morning Update 10-2-08

    33 Days until Election Day October 2, 2008   QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rests more in resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress … to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." -President Bill Clinton MORNING UPDATE: DEBATE WATCHING PARTIES STATEWIDE…check you local Victory Centers or county party | Read More »

    Ms. PAC-Man

    There are many twists and turns in the maze in which Poison Pelosi’s PAC-Man gobbles up the “fruits” of politics that are campaign cash: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has directed nearly $100,000 from her political action committee to her husband’s real estate and investment firm over the past decade, a practice of paying a spouse with political donations that she supported banning last year. Financial | Read More »

    The Credit Markets Are Worried

    Yesterday’s somewhat anticlimactic news from Capitol Hill was that the Senate passed a new (and disgustingly pork-laden) version of the Paulson rescue proposal. Asian stock markets fell on the news, although overnight-dollar interest rates also fell somewhat. The action moves back to the House of Representatives, which is expected to vote on the new draft on Friday. In failing to pass the previous version the | Read More »

    Repulicans Need New Blood!!!

    Though I will vote for McCain in November, for not voting for a Repulican is the same as voting Democrat — I am not happy with the choices we had in this election year. I think McCains position on Global Warming and his backing of the “Bailout” are signs that he will sell out on his principles for a vote (independents). I would rather have | Read More »

    Only chance for Victory

    McCain has only one shot at winning now in the last month of the election. He has GOT TO go negative, and he has got to do it in a big way. There should be ads going out non stop showing him trying to pass his Freddie and Fannie reform Bill, and show how Obama and Biden were opposed. He has to wrap Obama around | Read More »


    Must See Video on the Housing Mess

    It’s ten minutes long but full of facts that the MSM is burying:

    [It’s not that I mind places like the Roosevelt Foundation, per se…]

    […I merely wish that they’d stop calling themselves nonpartisan when they really mean progressive. That blogroll of theirs was hysterical in its lopsidedness. – Moe Lane]

    Bombshell: Obama Neck Deep in Breaking Campaign Finance Scandal

    This is a bona fide bombshell. Obama loves to say that 90% (or whatever the phony made-up figure is) of his donors contributed less than $200? Sounds good, right? Real, honest to goodness grass-roots support there. The little people, the poor people, really want this guy to be their president. Well it turns out that 35 or 40 of those “people” turn out to be | Read More »

    Sarah cannot play it safe.

    **No matter how well Sarah does in the debate, the networks in the tank, and the print media, will continue to slam her with their left wing rant. Hopefully, enough people will get the info correctly through FOX, radio, and the few publications that report on news without attempting to create it. Sarah cannot play it safe. Ties will not put McCain ahead. Sarah has | Read More »


    Educate the Idiots.

    Face the State, which refers to itself as “the ‘go-to’ news resource for Coloradans interested in state and local politics,” has obtained a confidential memo from the Colorado Democracy Alliance (a Colorado 527 group) which contains both a list of their operatives and the tasks assigned to them. The list of operatives includes the Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Gov. Bill Ritter’s press aide, | Read More »

    Issues: Obama’s Education Policy a.k.a. the Impossible Dream

    I decided to really start researching each candidate’s policies tonight after a conversation with a friend. I realized that I couldn’t really define why I wouldn’t vote for Obama. So I decided to go the issues, and I focused on Education first. A little background first: I have grown up with a mother that teaches in a low-income public school in West Texas and I | Read More »


    Ideas Still Have Consequences

    When I was a teenager growing up in northern Minnesota in the 80s, I lived in the only state to have voted for Walter Mondale during the Reagan Revolution. So naturally, to rebel against authority, I embraced that revolution. My teachers were most distressed. grins “He’s bright, intellectual, a gifted speaker, and…and crestfallen whisper conservative.” I took a college level class in Econ my senior | Read More »


    Barack “Sub-Prime” Obama

    Barack “Sub-Prime” Obama is number two on getting cash from the crooked Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac organizations. He accomplished that feat in only 3 years of being a US Senator. Also, he had one of the ex-CEO’s of those crooked organizations be in-charge of his VP selection committee before resigning for ‘reasons’. The other ex-CEO of one of those crooked organizations gave the Obama | Read More »

    The choice we faced was between pursuing an informed response, or panic. I think we chose panic.”

    See the full article here. The money quote: He blamed his colleagues for rushing to another unexamined policy decision that could lead to further unintended consequences. Emphasis mine “To the extent other options exist, however, I believe we failed the American people by not examining them. And we are doing something in haste,” he said. “Many around here find comfort in the notion that something | Read More »

    Worry for the children – disturbing indoctrination by Obama campaign

    Yes. The following video was the brain child of an Obama fund-raiser, Kathy Sawada, and music teacher at an elite private school. In two weeks time the song was put together, rehearsed and then filmed with a professional crew including: Jeff Zucker, Holly Schiffer, Peter Rosenfeld, Darin Moran, Jean Martin, Andy Blumenthal, and Nick Phoenix. This is truly disturbing and recalls images of Mao-ist, Hitler | Read More »

    The McSenator Killing His Campaign

    Patrick Ruffini made the point that McCain has lost steam because stylistically he’s behaved like a Senator rather than a President. I’d argue that McCain is hurting himself right now because his approach to the bail out issue is much more like a Senator in the minority party responding to a big issue rather than a President. The President, when the country is in crisis, | Read More »

    Bail Out Bill Wordle



    After living a long and remarkable life, Journalism has passed away following a prolonged battle with illness. Doctors attribute the cause of death to abuse. No one really knows the precise age of Journalism, but it is believed to have descended from oral traditions that existed in the ages prior to the written word. The coroner has not been able to determine the time of | Read More »

    My letter to my Congressman: Be a Maverick!

    Just sent this in via, which is very slow tonite. Dr. Weldon voted for the bill Monday, saying it was a poor bill but he felt pressured to do something. Please vote no on this bailout. I agree with you that it is a poor bill. But “doing something to just do something” is no reason to support it. As a doctor, you know | Read More »

    Before anybody gets the Wooden Arrow thing stuck in their heads…

    …please read Ace’s post on the subject. The gist, for people who won’t click through, is this: all financial bills originate in the House. Article I, Section VII of the Constitution: “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” What happened here is that the Senate took a | Read More »

    Would it Hurt for Sarah Palin to Acknowledge her Shortcomings in the Debate?

    Even I have to admit there were rough spots in Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. I thought she handled Charlie Gibson very well, but Couric was obviously out to put more pressure on her and play the gotcha game and put her on the spot. She served her purpose effectively. Some of you may disagree, but I believe that Palin didn’t do so great. | Read More »

    Awesome video

    Tags: Not So Factual On Obama’s Gun Views

    First off, apologies for this cross-post from We Rush Daily But I felt it was important to get this out. It came to my attention today in an email I received from the NRA-ILA regarding the latest goings on at the NRA. Scanning through the email, I noted a point where the NRA took issue with past statements on the part of Mr. Obama on | Read More »