Pelosi’s Pending “Severe Blow”

    Poor Nancy can’t seem to get a break.Her book flops, the republicans wouldn’t shut up in spite of the fact that she turned off the lights… and the microphones… and the cameras…Then she had to open her own mouth while a camera was running…Not only did Nancy usher in “A New Congress in Town”… she also put truffles on the House Menue and re-defined the | Read More »

    The Audacity of Deceit; Barack Obama’s War On American Values

    O’Leary, Brad. The Audacity of Deceit; Barack Obama’s war on American values. Los Angeles: WND Books, 2008, 230pp. ISBN: 9781935071020. I was pleasantly pleased to discover that despite the title, this book is not so much about Barack Obama, the person (though that is covered), but is largely about the policies advocated by Barack Obama and what implementing those policies might do to our country. | Read More »

    Another McCain Democrat

    Having had a lot of trouble logging onto this website over the past week or so, I decided to check out some other conservative as well as liberal webpages. I am a declared democrat but I always consider all sides and am always up for a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. I vote according to the person, NOT according to the party but I | Read More »

    NBC Reassigment of Olbermann Tied to Palin and Iran

    NBC has decided to modify the roles both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews play throughout the rest of the campaign. Now they are merely political analysts, offering their leftist slant on the campaign. Until now, they have been anchoring MSNBC’s coverage.There are a number of excuses being given as to why this change was made. The dominant one that the mainstream media is running with | Read More »

    Lt. Gov. Landrieu (D) on Gov. Bobby Jindal (R): “I give him an A-Plus.”

    Gov. Bobby Jindal is showing how it should be done. A week after Hurricane Gustav’s landfall on the central Louisiana coast, the metro areas of Houma and Baton Rouge remain largely without power. Hurricane Ike threatens to strike later this week; the governor has already requested a state of emergency be declared in anticipation.From the Baton Rouge Advocate:

    Question about the use of Ms. vs. Mrs.

    I have a co-worker that brought this up as a concern and I explained to them the origin of “Ms.” but while reading all the news out there on Ms./Mrs. Palin I noticed there has been a lot of references of both “Mrs. Palin” and “Ms. Palin” in the same articles. So in reading I find many more “Ms.” references than “Mrs.” references…but often a | Read More »

    Not sure what to say, but …

    New here. Just want to ask what kind of action is being taken to address possible voting machine tampering by Obama’s campaign? They have established a track record of: a) interfering with elections by cheating in the democratic primary caucuses; b) hacking into opponents’ web sites to bring them down. Right now, for example, nonpartisan Charles Martin’s “Palin Rumor” page is suffering from intermittent “internal | Read More »

    Obama’s “Christmas in Cambodia” Moment?

    On This Week with George Stephanopoulos (aside from the obvious hilarity that Barack actually considered a career other than fame) there is a very real discrepancy between Obama’s answer to a viewer’s question about whether he ever considered military service… and the facts with respect to his answer.“You know, I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school. …. But | Read More »

    Obama’s alters position on his pay grade and his humility

    Dem Presidential nominee once told Pastor Rick Warren that he could not judge abortion to be deadly because, in his words, “whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question [of when human life begins] with specificity is above my pay grade” [vid]. He’s been panned for his intellectually lazy version of stoicism.On Sunday, talking to political ally | Read More »


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    Christian bashing.. again

    When AP Media hitman Eric Gorki took on the task to impugn the religion of Sarah Palin, he accomplished what these media hacks usually accomplish when they delve into areas that they are obviously unfamiliar with. They irritate the informed and sway the ignorant.Sadly their main effectiveness is with other people who are unfamiliar with the topic chosen, Christianity.

    The Organizer-Based Community

    One of the major themes in the reaction on the Left to the Republican convention – and we have seen this directly from the Obama campaign as well as from left-leaning bloggers – is to scream bloody murder at Mayor Giuliani and Governor Palin for mocking Sen. Obama’s experience as a “community organizer,” mainly for the three years between his college graduation and his entry | Read More »

    Can Sarah Palin rescue congress

    We have already annointed her as the saviour of the McCain candidacy and in the long run of the Republican party.You probably don’t want me to unfocus her and use her for something else, but I can’t shake the feeling that Sarah Palin could be the answer to Republican congressional woes in 2010 and maybe even a little in 2008.

    Temper Tantrum Protest

    Last week I posted the first half of my protest videos and photos, featuring an incredibly offensive (NSFW) anti-Palin rap “performance”. I’m working on the second half (featuring the cops putting me in flex cuffs), but in the meantime I’m throwing up this video.This guy was being a real jackass outside the entrance to the RNC. He was loudly berating the people in line, calling | Read More »

    Can Sarah Palin rescue congress

    We have already annointed her as the saviour of the McCain candidacy and in the long run of the Republican party.You probably don’t want me to unfocus her and use her for something else, but I can’t shake the feeling that Sarah Palin could be the answer to Republican congressional woes in 2010 and maybe even a little in 2008.

    New Polls have Liberals Seeing RED!!!

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    25 Most Competitive House Races

    The guys at RealClearPolitics have made their list (in order) of the 25 most competitive House races. Some basic outlines of the House races: 1) GOP retirements have made this likely to be a good year for DEMs; 2) There are some DEM freshman in heavily GOP seats that the GOP could get back; 3) The Party ID advantage that DEMs have created is helping | Read More »

    Time to Reevaluate United States involvement

    From The Strategy PageTime to Reevaluate United States involvementEvery day there are news reports about more deaths. Every night on TV there are photos of death and destruction.Why are we still there?We occupied this land, which we had to take by force, but it causes us nothing but trouble.Why are we still there?Many of our children go there and never come back.Why are we still | Read More »

    Devil’s Advocates

    Peggy Noonan, who did not mention her off-the-air slip a few days ago, made an interesting point in her recent op-ed piece. She pointed to the sense of “foreboding” in the political air. “This new war on new turf is not good, and carries the potential of great harm. Everyone really ought to stop, breathe deep, and think.I am worried they won’t. A friend IM’d | Read More »

    Democrats Return From Five-Week Vacation

    Democrats return to Capitol Hill today, five weeks after leaving town. While they were gone, their GOP colleagues staged a revolt on the House floor. Republicans will officially welcome back the majority party at a 3 p.m. rally on the U.S. Capitol steps.Throughout the five-week congressional recess, Republicans ushered tourists and other visitors to the House floor to hear impassioned speeches about the high cost | Read More »

    McCain’s Unconventional Pick

    Despite quite a bit of speculation that she would be a good pick beforehand, Democrats claimed that McCain picked Palin at the last minute as an act of desperation, even some on the right characterize it as a Hail Mary pass. As I argued before his pick, McCain was actually going to win whoever he chose and that he should make an unconventional pick to | Read More »

    For your morning chuckle: TNR’s “Shattered.”

    Like Hot Air Headlines, I’ll note that TNR isn’t handling the news of Palin all that well; I’ll also add that the Governor of Alaska seems to have become a convenient receptacle for Lefties wishing to project their growing alarm about the exceptionally thin resume of their own candidate – a resume that is, in fact, thinner than Palin’s, particularly when it comes to actually | Read More »

    “Above my Pay Grade”?

    “Asked on Sunday whether the “above my pay grade” answer was too flip, Obama said: “Probably. …What I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility about understanding when does the soul enter into … It’s a pretty tough question.””… a pretty tough question.”Sooo… when faced with a tough question Barack votes either, “flippant” or… “present”…. and I’ll just | Read More »

    I want my glasses back!

    Please, Ms. Palin, you’ve had them enough. I can’t see a thing without my glasses. I made these glasses popular in the 1980s, and I don’t think it is fair to make people live through that again. Please stop wearing my MC Hammer glasses.Thanks,The Hammer


    Interpreting the Nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    There are two points I want to make to you this morning, as the impact of yesterday’s nationalization of the mortgage GSEs works its way through the system. Here’s more information.First: while this is most definitely a fundamental change in the structure of the mortgage markets, it is not a change in our government’s existing policy of deep intervention in housing. The people who are | Read More »

    9th time’s the charm… Dems finally find their far-left liberal

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at Thomas wanted the nod but no one outside the convention hall wanted any of her.  Marietta Robinson was courted hard, went to Europe, issued a statement that convinced everyone she was in then returned to the United States, did a little digging and ran far and fast from ballot.  There’s another Hathaway out there who was interviewed but big-labor | Read More »

    Are you not busy this morning, and live in Green Bay, WI?

    You can go see Senator Biden in a town hall! Yup, there are still tickets available: all you have to do is call ahead, wait until the office that has the tickets is open, go over to the office, wait until 9 AM and the tickets are available, fight through the rush to get the tickets, get the tickets, then drive really really fast on | Read More »

    McCain’s Unconventional Pick

    Despite quite a bit of speculation that she would be a good pick beforehand, Democrats claimed that McCain picked Palin at the last minute as an act of desperation, even some on the right characterize it as a Hail Mary pass. As I argued before his pick, McCain was actually going to win whoever he chose and that he should make an unconventional pick to | Read More »

    Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus Is Dead. The Media Killed Him.

    “It is quite telling that the media think Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign gives him better experience than Governor Palin’s political career. It also shows these doyens of politics have an illiterate understanding of the internal political process.”Twice, with Rome under threat, the Senate named Cincinnatus dictator. Both times he saved Rome, took off his toga, and went back to his fields. The story of Cincinnatus | Read More »

    MSNBC makes changes

    There are so many gems in this article about shuffling at MSNBC that it’s hard to decide where to begin…. After months of accusations of political bias and simmering animosity between MSNBC and its parent network NBC, the channel decided over the weekend that the NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host David Gregory would anchor news coverage of the coming debates and election night. Mr. | Read More »

    Life after Obama’s Oval Office Coronation..

    Greetings from the White House.Today I, Obama the Elected Oval Office selectee, decree that the MSM will follow the The Oval Office by an embedded set of MSM newspersons.Expanded Briefings will be presented, detailing our Staff Legislation Efforts, our West Wing Teams working details and my own personal observations as the embeds watch from the Oval Office Sofa.They will be watching as my staff deal | Read More »

    Goodbye, Keith. Goodbye Chris. We’ll Miss You (Not!)

    I awoke this morning to wonderful news. Not only are McCain-Palin up by 10 points, but MSNBC has put the axe to Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. They are ‘perceived to be too biassed’, according to MSNBC President Phil Griffin. Of course, these two crazy lefties are being replaced by – you guessed it! two other crazy lefties, David Gregory and Rachel Maddow. But still | Read More »

    America is Lucky to have Democrats

    When unexpected good things happen, we call it Serendipity. Not so with unexpected bad things. The Law of Unintended Consequences, abbreviated LUC and pronounced “luck” as in “If it weren’t for bad LUCk I’d have no LUCk at all!”, is perhaps the most famous non-scientific Law. No need to be a rocket scientist to recognize no matter how hard you try to avoid it, bad | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     57 Days until Election Day September 8, 2008QUOTE OF THE DAY:Obama vs. Obama…can’t just use "one" quote with him…Obama: "I’ve said that we need to increase the size of our military, which politically, if it got to the floor, probably would pass. But there, as you know, [are] a whole bunch of folks on the left who think that that is a waste of money. I | Read More »

    Are Body Parts Next?

    According Bill O’Reily… Obama believes that the federal government should be in control of income distribution and, to some extent, should regulate the free marketplace. That is a classic liberal position and the candidate promotes it well. And… …the senator also believes that poor Americans have a basic right to free health care and monetary supplements from the government with no strings attached. The American | Read More »

    McCain up by 1 at RCP; Update +3.2

    …or both?The USA Today/Gallup poll that has him (them) up by ten helps a bit. Of course such an anomaly could be completely meaningless, but RCP states that the USAT/Gallup sample was of L(ikely)V(oters) so it should be more reliable than some of the other polls out there, however Gallup reportsthat the sample was “…1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters” and I’m not sure how | Read More »

    MTV’s 2008 Video Music Awards (and VIACOM) need a switch taken to them

    h/t to Michelle Malkin for taking the lead on this vent, but I have to share with my fellow RSers here…My wife and I flipped between MTVs VMA and ABC’s Salute to Heroes music programs Sunday night.We were both aghast only ten minutes into the VMAs. I have filed my own FCC complaint and I encourage others that were offended to do so. Here is | Read More »

    Republicans: More Trusted On National Security Issues

    So sayeth this poll. The “Greenberg” in Greenberg, Quinlan Rosner is Stan Greenberg, who is no one’s idea of a Republican pollster. This ought to terrify the Obama campaign.

    How McCain Can Win

    Michael Barone gives the rundown. Worth reading–as are all of Barone’s pieces.


    Wow, if this ain’t telling:In an electric interview, Obama suggested again and again that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, is unprepared for the job. At one point, he mocked her camp’s suggestion that Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign-policy credentials: “Well, look. You know, I actually knew that Russia was next to Alaska, as well. I saw it on a map.””It’s not | Read More »

    Hypocrisy Personified

    Over the past week, Andrew Sullivan has derided Sarah Palin as being obviously unprepared for the Presidency, a lightweight as a former mayor and as a current Governor of Alaska and a potential liar who supposedly is pretending to be the mother of Trig Palin, a baby with Down’s Syndrome so that she could cover up the teenage pregnancy of her daughter. When it was | Read More »

    The Phoenix Rises: McCain Surges Past Obama

    John McCain has surged past Obama in the most recent USA/Today Poll, opening a massive lead of 54-44. It marks the first time either of the two candidates have garnered so much support nationwide. Though the results of the poll are probably a bit extreme, the conclusion is not. Taking into account the Poll of Polls, which shows McCain with a lead over Obama, the | Read More »


    Notice what is missing in this story:Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton marched for labor and stumped with Democrats on Saturday, but sidestepped questions about the woman who has taken her place as the nation’s most-talked-about female leader.Clinton brushed aside questions about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin during appearances at New York City’s annual Labor Day parade and later during a stop on Staten Island.”This election | Read More »

    Spheres Of Influence

    The Russian counterargument to what it perceives as Western imperialism and interference concerning issues like Russo-Georgian relations and the status of relations between Russia and other former Soviet states in general is that Russia is merely exercising its power in its own sphere of influence. Implicit in that argument is that Russia would not interfere in the spheres of other great powers and especially not | Read More »

    “Good heavens, are you still trying to win?”

    According to Rasmussen, fully 68% of voters believe that “most reporters try to help the candidate they want to win.” And — no surprise — 49% of those surveyed believe reporters are backing Barack Obama, while just 14% think the media is in the tank for Sen. McCain.MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat”Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to | Read More »

    A Glimmer of Hope… and Sweet, sweet justice…

    I love tomorrow…Let me premise this by saying (as I have told family friends time and time again)–I still believe this election is Obama’s to lose. However, McCain/Palin is doing everything they possibly can to win this thing. Reform may be what Americans want over some obscure theme of change exemplified by policy proposals of the Carter and Lyndon Johnson presidencies.First… USA Today Gallup has | Read More »

    What was Bob Woodward talking about?

    From UNCLASSIFIED DARPA documentsThe Threat Activity Recognition and Monitoring (TARM) program will develop an automated capability to reliably capture, identify, and classify human activities in surveillance environments. Currently, these types of activities are identified and analyzed by humans studying real-time and recorded video sequences. TARM technology will dramatically improve the speed and ability to discover and identify anomalous or suspicious terrorist threat-indicative activities. In particular, | Read More »

    Time To Break Obama’s Ego

    The great chess Grand Master Bobby Fisher was once asked what was it about chess that he loved so? Fisher did not hesitate he said, “there is a point in a chess match when you feel your opponent’s ego break. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world.”The USA Today Gallup survey has John McCain up by 10 points amongst likely voters, and 4 | Read More »

    Red State III and what to do with the problems

    have been using Red State III since the inception of the Beta program and have had no real problems with it except for the last week or so when it seemed as though the whole world “stumbled” upon my favorite read.So how do we fix it? First thing I know it seems like a government program but no bull they need money to grow and | Read More »

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    Why Can’t Barack Obama Just Tell The Truth?

    I hesitate to mention the subject which dare not speak its name (no not THAT subject) but I am somewhat nonplussed by the lack of comment on what Mr. Obama was actually saying in the interview this morning.Watch the longer clip that Moe posted and several things leap out at the viewer.