Christianity and The ‘Pro-Life or Pro-Choice’ Choice

    It’s a question that is almost as old as our legislative system: as a Christian, should you be pro-life or pro-choice? Let’s take a look at this.The question of whether the soul occupies an embryo is debatable, but in solving the question of a Christian being pro-choice or pro-life, it is irrelevant.For most Christian parents, having a child is the most blessed experience of a | Read More »

    Another Media Generated Lie

    This evening the media breathlessly reported that Governor Palin did not show up for a pro-life event at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul, MN.”She’s on lock down,” one reporter said on Fox.She’s in hiding, others have said.”You know,” some of the talking heads are saying in their Mr. Serious tone, “she may not last the week.”Folks, there was a scheduling conflict.Given her pro-life bona | Read More »

    CNN Ommission

    So, CNN is crying foul about Senator McCain cancelling the Larry King Live interview excerpts because of a hard-hitting interview with Campbell Brown.Cnn also replayed the interview with Campbell Brown that the campaign found so tough. ThinkProgress is all over this controversy, and here’s the link.Note this from the web site:CNN also replayed the interview between Brown and Bounds. Watch Blitzer’s announcement and the interview.Note | Read More »

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    Barack Obama, Dangerously Unqualified

    The media likes nothing so much as a “do you still beat your wife” question.But that question only works if the person you ask it of responds the way you want them to.The media now asks EVERY Republican they interview some variant of this question: “Do you believe that Sarah Palin was the most qualified person for the job.”The answer MUST be: Is Barack Obama | Read More »

    Arizona Primary Day Results

    AZ 1 Renzi (R) Open SeatDemocrat winner: KirkpatrickRepublican winner: Hay (much closer then expected though)AZ 5 Mitchell (D)58% reportingSchweikert 31%Bitter Smith 28 %The others are far back

    Video of Newt Ripping MSNBC

    Palin’s Daughter is Getting More Coverage then….

    Palin’s daughter is getting more press coverage then Obama being friends with terrorist William AyersWhen will the liberal media actually give any coverage here?

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    Sarah Palin and Wasilla: Real People, Real Consequences

    Let’s leave aside, for a time, the ridiculousness of Democrats’ efforts to pretend that Sarah Palin is not the Governor of Alaska, managing an 11 billion dollar budget and 50,000 people. Democrats want to pretend that Governor Palin has never held an office higher than Mayor of Wasilla, and they look foolish doing so.But Wasilla does matter. It is a key part of Governor Palin’s | Read More »

    Experience, Experience, Experience

    The media, Democrats and some Republicans are beginning to sound like a ridiculous broken record. They keep singing the same old tune, “Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is inexperienced and she isn’t ready to become President.”First, she isn’t running as President…McCain is. She will be the Vice President and will only become President if McCain passes away while in office. He is only 72 years old | Read More »

    David Gergen in the tank for Obama

    Gergen really did not like Lieberman’s speech going after Obama. Gergen should be ashamed. Last Friday on Larry King Live Gergen blasted McCain as being reckless for choosing Palin due to “lack of experience” but gives he and his pals in the press a pass for getting Obama, with less experience, the Democratic nomination.These so called journalists are on take some how. They are not | Read More »


    A Message to Barrack

    I’ve heard you say on countless occasions that the Republicans are trying to scare people into not voting for you because, “I don’t look like any of the other faces on our money.” Or because, “My name is different”. For the record, Barrack, the only person I have heard say these things about you is YOU!!! You, Barrack, are the only one who is making | Read More »

    Democrats and the Plantation Syndrome

    It really doesn’t surprise me that the Democrats/Liberals are pulling out all the stops to smear Gov. Palin. This has been going on for years, and there are particular groups of people that are specially targeted by the Left when they break from Liberal doctrine. These groups include African-Americans, women, and some others to a lesser extent. Why are these groups targets of the Democrats, | Read More »

    A Media Generated Lie

    Here at the convention, the story is how much the media is out to get Sarah Palin. The stories that are circulating:McCain did not properly vet her.She’s going to be tossed within 72 hours.The baby stuff caught McCain off guardThese are all media generated lies.These stories are not coming from the McCain campaign. They are not generated from here.The only story coming out of this | Read More »

    My Response to Ben Smith’s Response To Me

    You can see his response here.He claims my headline is misleading because I identify “Democrats” as releasing the information.if he knows that Democrats released it, he has better sources than I do.Who among you really believes a Republican did it?He then writese Social Security umber is missing its last four digits. That is, it’s already been redacted, in an apparent excess of caution by whoever | Read More »

    The Problem with McBush

    It’s not his age, or his transparent attempt to win women over by picking a mayor of a samll town for rhis running mate, or even his flip-flop on drilling offshore, or his myopic view of economics or lack of an energy policy. Even his worn-out attempt to scare people into voting for him by talking about “911” and the “twin towers” is foregivable only | Read More »

    Suddenly The Media is Concerned About Vetting A Candidate

    Not so long ago the mainstream media didn’t appear too interested in doing the job of vetting the dirty laundry of certain candidates running for the two top jobs in American politics. In fact it was a little over one weekend ago that the media’s silence on Barack Obama’s background indicated that it did not matter what skeletons were in his closet.But now that John | Read More »

    Why Palin? Energy-

    Reform of GOP in Alaska, check.Work with Oil Companies, check.No international experience, er building a multi Billion USD pipeline through Alaska and Canada. International experience and enhancing oil supplies to the USA, check. Where have Biden or Obama delivered on an anti inflationary policy regarding energy or food? Their big Corn allies, Daschle, Thune, et al. That would have been a good place for Obama | Read More »

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    RIP: New Tone, 2005-2008.

    The text of the President’s RNC speech goes below the fold, because it’s pretty long. We put this bit above, though, for a very simple reason: Fellow citizens: If the Hanoi Hilton could not break John McCain’s resolve to do what is best for his country, you can be sure the angry left never will.(Bolding mine)John McCain is not the only one whose resolve that | Read More »

    Guess Who Is Pushing the US Weekly Story?

    If you haven’t see the Sarah Palin cover of US Weekly, you will. Compare it to this one.Who is flogging this story?See this email:Thought I would send over our Us Weekly/Sarah Palin cover story, on stands Friday, if helpful in your coverage. Might be useful as an illustration of how the news is playing out.(Us Weekly has 12 million, mostly female readers)Mark NeschisCorporate Communications Director | Read More »

    Democratic Mudslinging for Fun and Pleasure

    My, my, my. After the long weekend in the sun at the soccer tournament a half tank of gas away (x 4, 2 round-trips), it appears that my brain isn’t the only thing that’s baked. If the Democrats keep up this despicable muckery, then the election WILL be over before the first fake absentee is cast.So let’s play a little game… a word game. First, | Read More »

    Possibly you people should have thought of that before you started in on the Palin family

    Sorry: that’s in response to the rather annoying reaction to this news. Via Glenn Reynolds(who is, by the way, right on how we’re ready to engage this):ST. PAUL — Levi Johnston, the boyfriend of the pregnant 17-year-old Bristol Palin, plans to join the family at the Republican Party’s nomination here of mom and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for vice president.The 18-year-old father-, husband- and celebrity-to-be | Read More »

    Assault on the Electoral College? From Universities?

    Northwestern University’s alumni magazine arrived today. Flipping through the NewsOnCampus section, this headline jumped out at me: Rethinking the Electoral College, penned by one of the current students.In the brief piece, the author quotes Professor of Law Robert Bennett, “The Electoral College is badly out of date,” he said. “There are some land mines in the process that could do a lot of damage if | Read More »

    Experience? Governor Palin’s Job

    The Governor of Alaska is uniquely powerful among America’s governors. Alaska’s governmental structure is unique among the states. The State government is almost all-powerful. Little of the State has local government as most of you would understand it. The State does most of the things that local government does in the older states. Rather than the usual county structure, or parishes in LA, Alaska has | Read More »

    Media hysteria over Obama key indicator in newspaper industry decline

    Top prize for today’s media hysteria race goes to The Philadelphia Daily News where one columnist wrote: “If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!” That column comprises a complete fiction—for instance, poverty is up. It’s not. It’s actually about the same, according to the latest US Census Report. | Read More »

    RNC Day Two (One?) Liveblog

    We’ve been linked by Drudge, which is making commenting somewhat… difficult. Hop on in the liveblog and comment along!


    Getting to Know Barack Obama

    I’m going to keep pounding on these points just to keep them in circulation so that voters understand more about Barack Obama. I think it’s scary that the MSM isn’t pressing a guy who has more experience studying communism, socialism, and Marxism then capitalism – and votes like it. Barack Facts:COMMUNIST MENTOR: Obama’s childhood mentor in Hawaii, named just “Frank” in his autobiography, is actually | Read More »

    Quick thoughts from the RNC Life of the Party speech.

    …but the aftereffects of Gustav interfered; we had Laura Ingraham instead.Very quick reaction (more later, and after the fold): if you are the sort that thinks that McCain is quietly looking for an opportunity to dump Sarah Palin, do yourself a favor and stop deluding yourself – or else do me a favor, and keep telling yourself that. I picked six or so people at | Read More »

    Here comes the threat of a race and class war

    Here comes the threat of a race and class war by Fatimah Ali if they don’t get their way:By Fatimah Ali Philadelphia Daily NewsPosted on Tue, Sep. 2, 2008 “If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!”Here’s the link:


    Sarah Palin

    Hi, all…..I have gotten dozens of requests to give my views of Governor Sarah Palin, so here are my thoughts. No need to respond….just thought you may like to hear from a long-time Alaskan on the subject!Sarah Palin is what you see! She is as authentic as they come….she lives her values, and she does what she says. She has taken our state by storm | Read More »

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    Dragging the family through the mud.

    So I spent my lunch hour today reading about the “utter atrocity” of McCain’s judgment in choosing a running mate with a pregnant 17 year old daughter…I’d seriously like to know if anyone truly chooses who to vote for based on the running mate’s children’s decisions. To all the drama queens out there screaming of McCain’s poor choice in a running mate…were you 17 once? | Read More »

    Obama vs. Palin on abortion

    Obama on abortion, specifically with reference to his daughters: “But it should also include — it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I’ve got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” | Read More »

    Winning The Whitehouse And Taking Back The Congress: Is It Possible?

    I’ve been chewing on this a while and it’s time we got out of our funk…Read on:On McCain:Republicans should be stressing the following: Experience in spades at the top of the ticket overshadowing Obama’s relative inexperience. Point out all the great things the NY times ever wrote about him and continue to beat the drums of media bias exposing the fact that the MSM is | Read More »

    BREAKING: Democrats Release Sarah Palin’s Social Security Number

    The Politico has received an opposition research file from the Alaska Democrats. You can read it in PDF here.In the file, the Democrats have released Sarah Palin’s social security number minus the last four digits. Also tied to the information are her various home addresses.Back in 2005, Democrats used Michael Steele’s social security number to get his credit record.It is atrocious that the Democrats would | Read More »

    Teddy Roosevelt is at the GOP Convention

    Josh Trevino, Redstate co-founder, encounters President Roosevelt. “Colonel Roosevelt at your service, sir!” “Colonel Roosevelt, lovely to meet you.” “And where are you from, young man?” “I’m from Texas, Colonel Roosevelt.” “Texas! Why, I trained my Rough Riders at Fort Sam Houston!” “You certainly did, Colonel!” “And have you had a bully time at this convention?” “Except for the protestors, yes.” “Those anarchists! You know | Read More »

    Your mom always told you…

    …if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I wholeheartedly agree. I will be the first to tell you I’m a staunch, conservative Republican. I voted for Dubya. I will also be the first to say I believe this particular administration failed in their governing of the country.Now before anyone tries to tell me (or yell at me, I guess) | Read More »

    George Clooney’s Father, Nick Clooney a class act

    George Clooney’s Father, Nick Clooney is class act. A journalist himself and an Obama supporter, he just stated his disgust with the media’s handling of the 17 year old Palin girl. About the time I think this country is on the way down the tubes due to scum like Daily Kos and Huffington Post, people on the left we disagree with like Nick Clooney give | Read More »


    Be Afraid of Sarah Palin

    Be very afraid, if you are smart enough to listen to what TNR’s Chris Orr repeats via a smart Alaskan friend: Sarah Palin is a living reminder that the ultimate source of political power in this country is not the Kennedy School or the Davos Summit or an Ariana Huffington salon; even now, power emanates from the electorate itself. More precisely, power in 2008 emanates | Read More »

    As an enormous fan of The Atlantic, I must admit

    Conn Carroll’s criticism of their coverage of the Palin story rings absolutely true to me. I realize that The Atlantic is caught between the historical old media position it once occupied and the new, unrestrained cacophony of the online media world, but you’d certainly hope some degree of responsibility would carry over. Sadly, once you decide to hire someone like Matthew Yglesias (what’s that, he | Read More »

    By that line of logic…

    MEMOTO: The so-called MSMRE: Your homework. BODY: Is THIS all you’ve got with which to criticize Governor Palin? Obama advisers and surrogates have also linked Palin to conservative former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. An Associated Press story from Alaska, dated July 17, 1999, states that Palin, then the mayor of the small town of Wasilla, was wearing a Buchanan button during a Buchanan visit to | Read More »


    Do Not Underestimate the Didgeridoo

    As the most people-hating extrovert you will ever meet, I dislike, nay, abhor conventions. They are useless except as meat markets for protesters to show off their oh so pretty bonnets, wealthy fortysomething Republican men to pitch drunken woo in the direction of the hordes of ambitious young pencil-skirted women, and Donna Brazile to inevitably get lost in the bowels of the convention center. But | Read More »

    “Ready to… um… Lead…”

    “The thing I’m always concerned about in the middle of the storm is whether we are drawing resources away from folks on the ground, because the Secret Service and various security requirements sometimes pulls police and fire and other departments away from concentrating on the job,” Obama told reporters on Sunday. “We are going to try to stay clear of the area until things have | Read More »

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    Response to Diddy

    It’s amazing that people talk about issues in this campaign. Can any of you Dems or Diddy define any of the issues or policies associated with your candidate’s “hope and change” motif? Please humor me; name just one. Oh, and by the way Diddy, Clinton was from a state that also began with an “A,” and he too was a Governor with similar experience which | Read More »

    The Three Little Pigs

    The most important lesson in the three little pigs story is “be prepared”. Apparently a lesson lost on the Senate when they voted to suspend our ability to wage war without relying on foreign fuel.–as posted previously at GrimlandBack in May, the Senate voted to suspend shipments to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The reason — it could possibly lower prices. Bullshit. How stupid does the | Read More »

    Daily Kos – Yes, Redstate – No

    I teach U.S. Government and History at a small public high school in west Michigan. Today was the first day of the school, and to my surprise I discovered that the schools new internet filters block access to Redstate, but not the Daily Kos. I was told that they could not unblock redstate w/o exposig all computers to inappropriate material. I was also informed by | Read More »

    Re: Curiouser.

    I just remembered who those guys are! They’ve got nothing to do with us or the Democrats: they’re the anti-Scientology guys)


    Should John McCain distance himself from President Bush?

    The Obama camps strategy is clear over the 60 something days. To continue to tout John McCain as the second coming of George Bush and to tout himself as the one who can truly bring change.The McCain camp needs to respond to these two charges and have yet to do it effectively.Some might of disagreed a month ago or maybe still disagree, but with John | Read More »

    Joe Biden’s Draft Deferrals

    Ed Morrissey points to an Associated Press piece about Joe Biden’s five draft deferrals: Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War, the same number of deferments received by Vice President Dick Cheney, and later was disqualified from service because of asthma as a teenager. Officials with Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s campaign released Biden’s Selective Service records | Read More »

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    Protest Video

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    CBS Coddles Obama / Biden

    This past Sunday, the popular CBS News Magazine show 60 Minutes featured an interview with Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. The full video is embedded at the end of this article. First, some highlights from the video and my commentary. See if you don’t come to the same conclusions that I did, including the conclusion that 60 Minutes and quite likely CBS News have taken | Read More »

    Here I take my stand

    Lest anyone, humor-challenged or other, not understand where I was coming from in my earlier post here at RedState: I support 100% the nomination of Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President and stand in sympathy and support of the Palin family during this challenging time that they face with their daughter Bristol.I pronounce anathema on the subhuman slime who first spread baseless and abhorrent rumors | Read More »