Phelps’ Cult Veers Into Further Irrationality

    To those of us whose vocations consist largely of commenting on the momentous trends and events going on all around us, it can be easy to fall for the delusion that ultimately the world itself orbits those of us observing it.Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church has gained for himself and his congregation a degree of notoriety for his insistence that “God Hates Fags”. | Read More »

    VP markets on Intrade

    Regarding the DEM.VP intrade markets, we can now take a look and see how they performed. Of interest: market efficiency, their prediction accuracy, and reaction to Biden’s headfake (8/19).Here are some graphs and commentary written in the language of gibber. Clearly there was a reaction to Biden’s headfake. His price had been surging and suddenly dropped for 2 days. Kaine and Bayh’s prices both increased | Read More »

    Navy destroyer doesn’t destroy

    The Navy’s guided missile destroyer McFaul arrived in Georgia today, not with guns blazing but loaded with 72 pallets of humanitarian aid. Granted, 72 pallets isn’t a lot – a pallet represents a volume of the standard sized pallet you see at home depot about 4 feet high – but it does represent a huge effort for a small ship designed to something other than | Read More »

    A Little More Perspective on Biden

    Joe Biden’s journey toward the national spotlight started roughly 200 months, or 9 election cycles ago. Reagan was in his second term(as governor, Nixon and Brezhnev were signing the SALT treaties, and George McGovern was still being taken seriously. MASH, The Waltons, and Sanford and Son were the big new shows for the fall television line-ups. Sonny and Cher were going strong along with Carol | Read More »

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    Its in the press today!

    Well you can see it for your self.It just came out on a Press Release! to go to the original release For Immediate ReleaseAugust 23, 2008 Contact: Statement By McCain Campaign On Barack Obama’s Freudian Slip ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today issued the following statement from Ben Porritt, McCain spokesman: “Barack Obama sounded as though he turned over the | Read More »

    McCain: Nice ground fire you have there, Barry. Here, let me pour some gasoline on it.

    Via Brother Pejman: And, lest you think that we’re the only ones seeing the tension…

    So . . . Biden

    I admit it. I signed up for the text message and the e-mail. I got the e-mail at 3:50 am on Saturday morning and did not read it–as I was asleep. I never got the text message. It would appear that there were problems with the transmission of the text message. Not exactly the best way to show the campaign organization’s competence in the prelude | Read More »

    Yahoo! Needs to brush up on ‘rithmetic

    In the most recent case of praise for the People’s (Communist) Republic of China, our friends over at Yahoo! ranks the competing nation’s medal count by “gold medals won”. (Update: Mea culpa, I viewed this page via a link from Drudge. I guess there was a Freudian slip over there on Drudge.) Of course, the communists did win more gold medals than the United States | Read More »

    The Moderating Of Inflation

    Ben Bernanke thinks that price pressures are easing up because of the strengthening of the dollar, the recent drop in oil prices and the weak overall economy. Let us hope that he is right; a stagflationary situation is scary beyond measure to think about. I suppose that it is too much to ask that we get another rate cut, given that inflationary pressures still exist | Read More »

    Nudging: A Private Sector Idea

    Behold the argument. I buy it; I suppose that my concern is that someone else is determining what I ought to be nudged towards. And yes, since you asked, I am still hostile towards the basic concept of “libertarian paternalism.”

    The Corporate Tax Situation Worldwide

    Take a look. If people really are serious about keeping jobs in America, then corporate taxes ought, at the very least, to be cut significantly. Otherwise, we are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to being able to compete with the rest of the world in attracting business activity.

    Shorter Jacob Weisberg

    Well, it’s really not shorter. It’s just plain Jacob Weisberg: There is no policy, ideological, or philosophical reason to vote against Barack Obama. If you do, you are a racist. End of story. People like Weisberg must be devastated that we are actually having an election. They probably think that a coronation is in order instead.

    Obama-Biden: FUNiculi, FUNicula!- Cultural Relief from Anglo Legal Gasbags

    One of the great joys of Italian culture is that a healthy dose gives quick relief from our word-obsessed, soundbite-laden political culture that the rest of the world finds, well, rather peculiar. So here goes! Background & translation can be found here. The lyrics make more sense than anything we’re likely to see from the Democratic ticket. We can do repetitive nonsense, too, and ours | Read More »

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    Scranton, Delaware?

    Geography enthusiasts who watched the big Obama-Biden rally in Springfield, Illinois, yesterday were probably a bit curious to hear the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, mentioned so often in relation to a man from Delaware. Together, Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden mentioned the town five times. Joe Biden has roots in Scranton. He was born there in 1942. But Joe Biden hasn’t lived in Scranton since | Read More »

    McCain supporter FURIOUS about being banned

    I was formerly “McCain08″, and for some insane reason, I was banned. What is your problem, Red State? Do you want to alienate your supporters?? I am an enthusiastic supporter of John McCain and all conservatives/Republicans, and have been for years. But when you ban me for some egghead reason, that you don’t like my screen name, then you jeopardize my support and involvement in | Read More »


    Why I vote the way I do

    I vote Republican because the party generally is closer to my personal beliefs. As my sister once put it ~ I am a right wing conservative fundamental Christian and proud of it :o). Having said that I also believe that politicians, or leaders of any kind, should not be judged on their religious beliefs but rather they should be judged on there history of supporting | Read More »

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    Obama the empty suit

    Some think Obama blew it with his vice president pick. I don’t. It’s part of a beautiful stragey to keep the pundrity and press so focused on drama and gimmicks. That’s all they report. An inattentive public will watch the spectacle. Never realizing nothing of importance will have been said. I know this is truly cynical but really is anyone noticing the Obama campaign in | Read More »

    Obama/Biden Ticket: Like Christmas for GOP

    So Barack Obama finally unveiled his VP choice earlier today in Springfield. It was…wait for it, wait for it…..surprise! Senator and former 0-2 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of Delaware. Joe Biden? That’s the big news? Joe Biden? The guy who said Obama wasn’t ready to be president? The guy who said:“The presidency doesn’t have on the job training” when he talked about Barack Obama’s | Read More »

    Why LeBron James and Kobe Bryant make me smile.

    No, this isnt your typical post about this year’s redentition of the national basketball team dubbed “the Redeem Team” by those in the media. Nor is it a tyrade about the past and how this team can be an example for future Olympic squads. While both are true I would like to focus on a little patriotism. You heard me right, love of country. Think | Read More »

    In the Interest of Balance

    With all the exultation in Red State over Biden, I figured jptrenn’s diary entry makes a few points. Namely, that Biden’s background is ‘normal’ compared to some of the recent players for the presidency in D.C. Land and McCain should be careful who to pick for his ticket.

    Bad-Choice Barack Picks Sub-Average Joe

    I recount the many reasons Joe Biden (D – Beltway Establishment) is an awful VP pick for Obama in a detailed article here: In brief, they are: DC insider appointment (steps on change theme); Biden praised McCain and raised experience issue in his run for President; Biden is another liberal (14$ lifetime ACU rating); sub-average Joe has been a plagiarist and academic record inflator; | Read More »

    Obamas introduction*** The next President Obidon****

    What a jokeI was watching Horaldo, on fox news.When he was reporting about Obamas choice for Vice Presidethe showed a clip of Obama introducing Bidon. He said something like, Here is your next President Bidon. I am not sure if anyone even caught that Blunder!

    Is Obama throwing the election?

    Well, it was like watching a really bad boxer or a boxer throwing the fight. That thought has been rattling around my head all afternoon. It’s almost as if he ran not expecting to get the nomination, then couldn’t really “opt out”. This would be one way to get that done. We really can’t be seeing someone throw the Presidential election, can we? Hopefully, it’s | Read More »

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    Obama picks Joe Biden as his running mate.

    If I hadn’t seen it on more than 1 news service, I’d have thought it was someone’s joke. Obama has chosed Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Joe Biden – the guy who, not a year ago, said Obama wasn’t ready to serve as President. The Joe Biden who said Obama’s foreign policy judgement stunk. The Joe Biden who said he’d rather stay in | Read More »

    Someone Explain This To Me? Please?

    I have been racking my brain trying to figure why in the World Barack Obama would pick Joe Biden? I know a lot of people are asking the same question and the criticism of it is running rampant but really, why would he make such a critical election costing mistake? I mean this is game over for him and you have to wonder how he | Read More »

    Senator McCain Should Choose John Breaux As His VP

    I know this is a long blog entry, but I feel Former Senator John Breaux would be the best VP choice to defeat Obama/Biden in November. As someone who strongly supports Senator John McCain’s bid for the presidency, I want to enumerate the many reasons why he should choose former Louisiana Senator John Breaux as his Vice President choice. This is a long letter, but | Read More »

    Is The Obama Campaign Courting Convicted Felons?

    (Post taken from Tony Phyrillas, a contributor to PennPatriot Blog) This is wrong in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. The Barack Obama campaign opened an office in Pottstown. Nothing unusual about that. The Obama camp is flush with money, some of it from questionable sources, so it can open an office in just about every city, township or borough in the | Read More »

    Welcome To The World of Logical Outcomes

    It seems that the British National Health System is facing a cost crisis due to rapidly increasing rates of childhood obesity. They may not be facing it yet, but they have smart people working for them, maybe even a Evil ORSA or two, who have drawn them a picture of what’s approaching down the pike. The British government has seen this picture and judged it | Read More »

    The Left Was Against Plagiarists Before They Were for Obama/Biden

    Or so I’ve been told. Since the announcement of Joe Binden, last night, as Barack Obama’s VP I’ve been playing with the plagiarism charges, making silly inspirational posters parodies for the website and having some fun until it dawned on me… this is a really serious issue for two reasons — One, is the fact that both of these men Joe Biden and Barack Obama | Read More »

    My Polls Ain’t Lookin’ Pretty

    I’m dreamin’ of my White House plans, but my polls ain’t lookin’ pretty. I’m dreamin’ bout my White House plans, but my polls ain’t lookin’ pretty. Rush views have got a hold on me. I believe I’m goin’ crazy. (Joe help me now!) I keep thinkin’ how I’ll raise his taxes. Lord for him it won’t be heaven. I keep thinkin’ how I’ll raise his | Read More »

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    New McCain Ad: “Why Not Hillary”(To be released 3:00 AM Sunday)

    Wow, McCain campaign is getting very agile…New McCain Ad Uses Clinton Attacks No sooner had Barack Obama publicly announced his new running mate had John McCain’s campaign produced an attack ad asking: Why not Hillary? “Passed Over” will hit the airwaves at (you guessed it) 3 a.m. Sunday. The timing is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s national security ad during the Democratic primary and the | Read More »

    Putting the Biden Pick in Perspective

    When Joe Biden entered the United States Senate, John McCain was in his fifth year of captivity at the Hanoi Hilton. Barry Obama was eight when Biden began his Senate career. Nixon was starting his second term as President. Barack Obama’s campaign says Joe Biden is “not of Washington.” Linda Douglass, formerly of ABC News and now an Obama hack (not that it’d be different | Read More »

    As the undeclared winner of the majority of delegates in the Democratic Primary…

    “I will now withdraw from the race as Democratic Candidate for President and in so doing ask all of my supporters and constituents to align with the best possible candidate for the office of President of the United States… Senator John McCain!

    Obama Choice-Biden…A Good One…Or?…

    Hi Readers! So, it’s confirmed. Sen. Barack Obama has selected U.S. Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. Is this a good selection or one that the Senator from Illinois simply hasn’t thought through as well as he perhaps should have? I suspect that only history will be the judge of this. However, in the meantime, let me make an observation or | Read More »

    Neil Kinnock endorses Joe Biden

    Lord Neil Kinnock, the former boss of Britain’s Labour [sic] Party, has endorsed Obama’s selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate. “He is a man of immense maturity and unmatched in the Senate, and probably much more widely, as an analyst and advocate in the foreign policy and defence [sic] policy areas. This is significant… why? Oh, you remember. In a 1987 speech | Read More »

    Time to bring the disaffected Clintonistas to our side

    Now, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault that Obama has screwed this up so badly. Obama’s last great chance to mend fences with the Clintonistas was to pick Clinton as veep. Or at least another woman that would ratify the “historic” importance of this year for the feminists who wanted to see the glass ceiling broken at the top of the political world. Its not Biden’s | Read More »

    Caption contest!

    This photo at Drudge seems worthy of a caption contest, except that I don’t have any prize to offer. First ones that come to mind for me are:- Now we know why Bill is mad that Hillary wasn’t chosen.- Edwards disappointed not to be Obama’s running mate.- Biden says he’s prouder of his country than ever before.

    This One’s Easy

    We have now had 3 terms of a supposedly (conservative) democrat representing the 8th Congressional District in Georgia–Jim Marshall. The Republican Party has finally found someone who has the personal stature to beat Jim Marshall this fall and swing the pendulum one vote away from the liberal democratic domestic policies. That man is Rick Goddard. I recommend we all rally round Rick with our votes | Read More »

    Dick Morris got it right last night

    Last night I was watching Dick Morris on Hannity at 9pm, and I believe his analysis of the Biden pick was very accurate. First, his point that Biden is ‘not Hillary’ is what is the most important part of his pick. The Hillary supporters didnt care if it was Biden, Kaine, or Bayh, they just cared that it wasnt her. The fact that Biden is | Read More »

    Frank Rich is an Awful Person

    I’m sure that you all remember the so called “disastrous” Senate race of former Virginia Senator George Allen back in 2006. However, it is extremely difficult to run a successful race of any kind when the mainstream media (particularly The Washington Post) is literally waging a jihad against you, but I digress. Anyway, you all are probably wondering what George Allen and Barack Obama have | Read More »

    New World Order: I’d like to join

    I’d like to sign up for the New World Order in the Black Ops UFO division. I’d rather not do the neo-fascist thing, but Capitalist Masonic Pig Dog would be fine with me. My grandfather was a Mason, and I know he would have encouraged me to join had he not died before I was born. I’m cool with it. I’ve heard so many good | Read More »

    About the Dress Rehearsal next week

    With the announcement of Joe Biden as VP on the Donk side, are we going to see somewhat of a dress rehearsal next week when it comes to Republican Spin misters on the talking heads shows at the Donk convention? Maybe not exactly dress rehearsals, but maybe Pre-Season lineup tryouts. I’d guess that we see the usual group of Republicans interviewed, but I also think | Read More »

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    Some in Clinton circle ‘outraged’

    This is good.Some in Clinton circle ‘outraged’ “Set aside that Obama said she’d be on anybody’s short list, set aside anybody’s feelings on whether she was deliberately snubbed and the pros and cons of whether it should be her,” a former Clinton strategist told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “Focus on the politics of it and you have about a quarter of Clinton loyalists still not joining | Read More »

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    Biden, check. Palin, checkmate.

    I’ve already shown how Sarah Palin would be a smart pick by John McCain to be his running mate. In light of recent events, she’s looking like a smarter selection .The announcement made early this morning by the Obama camp that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is Obama’s choice to share the Democrat presidential ticket with him sets the stage for McCain to name his own | Read More »

    K’mon Kompassionate Kons- Komfort the Kos Kids re 2:35AM text msg!

    Wow. Kos & Ko. got quite a jolt this morning in their lonely rooms when those cells started buzzing! With a little bit of editing, easily done in our imagination, here is the perfect songto help them in their time of loss. And this song was HOT when Joe Biden started in politics. So sing it, brothers and sisters!

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    Obama holding a fetus ??

    Orin Kerr kills with kindness…

    …with regard to the Biden pick. Again: oh, the fun that we’ll have. Via PJM, which has a nice round-up.

    Primary Day Today Alaska/Florida (Rooney Wins)

    Tuesday August 26th Primary Day Alaska and Florida Alaska US Senator Ted Stevens Senator Stevens is facing toughest re-election of his career and jail time as well. Even before charges against him he was in for tough road but now its going to be nail bitter. His first test starts Tuesday 26th Ted Stevens (R)* – (Campaign Site) Mike Corey (R) Dave Cuddy (R) – | Read More »

    Apparently, even Obama’s down with the “he’s too inexperienced to lead” meme.

    A little thing, but at best a gaffe, and at worst a tacit admission: How Ben Porritt of the McCain campaign put it: “Barack Obama sounded as though he turned over the top spot on the ticket today to his new mentor, when he introduced Joe Biden as the next president. The reality is that nothing has changed since Joe Biden first made his assessment | Read More »

    Iowahawk’s title is slightly too risque to repost here…

    …but as always, he is THE MAN. Yes, Obama supporters, this is precisely what you look like. Down to the bone.