Grading Palin… and grading us?

    I was struck this morning by a comment made in passing that really shows a central problem in how the Left and the MSM (OK, so that’s the same thing) think of everyone that isn’t, well, the Left or the MSM (or a D.C. insider, Blue State resident, or Hollywood “expert” like Matt Damon).I was listening to N.P.R’s Morning Edition to see what the reactions | Read More »

    New Obama Line of Attack: Senators are Out of Touch and Shouldn’t be Elected President

    You might think that the title of this post is facetious, sarcastic, or in some way inaccurate, but I delight to inform you that it is not. The background is as follows: McCain, speaking at a forum at Columbia University on service, contrasted the service of Mayors, who work and serve in the communities in which their constituents live, with Senators, who get elected and | Read More »

    The Tide Has Turned More Than You Think

    Some time ago I was a pretty active member at RedState. Perhaps my journey down the path of apathy began when I saw some of the spending that my own party was engaged in, or some of the corruption, or the failure to stand up and fight for the reasons that we are engaged in a war against terror in Iraq. Any of those planted | Read More »

    She’s No Hillary

    Sara Pain is everything feminists esteem, especially the liberal feminist advocacy group National Organization for Women–NOW. She’s a competitor, accomplished, intelligent, popular, and a fighter. So, why do they demean Palin’s accomplishments? There’s one little problem, she’s a woman of faith and a conservative.The Washington Post’s Sally Quinn questions Palin’s ability to mother and have a career, “I think, when you have five children, one | Read More »

    The yet to be unfolded game-changing nature of Sarah Palin

    If you’ve payed a lick of attention to the news over the past 2 weeks, you’ve undoubtedly caught at least one major trend: the primary political discussion has turned into a comparison of Obama and Palin.-Who is more politically experienced?-Small town Mayorship vs Community Organization-Who is really creating a Cult of Personality-Who is playing Identity Politics-Palin’s speeches causing fundraising for both her Campaign and Obama-Who | Read More »

    Ohio rejecting absentee ballot requests from McCain Supporters

    From UPI CINCINNATI, Sept. 11 (UPI) — Hundreds of Ohio absentee ballot requests using forms distributed by the McCain campaign have been found invalid, elections officials said. There’s not a lot to comment on this, other than those that will request a ballot need to be aware so their vote is not thrown out.


    Honor Killings

    This is my first diary entry so please be gentle, my thoughts are a bit scattered today.“Feminism directly confronts the idea that one person or set of people [has] the right to impose definitions of reality on others,” ~ Liz Stanley and Sue Wise.

    NYTimes: Article on Palin’s Son/Father To Be (Disgusting) like sweet article at first on hockey in Alaska but the whole article has a point of course to first call Palin just a woman who was keeping track of score board till few years ago. A family who says they are average family and lets them play hockey (they go into full detail how much it costs for equipment) etx so goal of | Read More »

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    While everyone is sleeping

    It’s my responsibility to teach my children right from wrong, and hold them to high standards to better themselves.**While parents are responsible for the actions of their children, the liberal’s ideas say you can’t dicipline your child for wrongdoing.**While criminals are put on trial and found guilty, the liberals say they are all good deep down and can be rehabilitated.Really? The liberals or progressives as | Read More »


    By Matt Rooney | September 12, 2008blog.savejersey.comIt looks like Tom Kean has called Jon Corzine’s bluff.Yesterday, The Gloucester County Times strongly urged Governor Corzine to debate a state Republican leader on the issue of toll hikes at the Governor’s upcoming community forums. Corzine’s new toll scheme, aiming to triple fares on all three major toll roads, would constitute a severe economic blow for the already | Read More »

    And there goes Rasmussen

    Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll is finally showing the McCain advantage that the other polls have been showing. As of today, McCain holds a 3 point advantage both with and without leaners included (49 to 46 with leaners).This gives me a lot more confidence in the state of the election, since Rasmussen was not matching the other polls before today.This is historically a small shift to | Read More »

    We don’t deserve Joe Biden

    Seriously. $369/year? Is that all Joe Biden can contribute? If so, must have taken some Delaware-sized stones to sit and smirk in the audience at the Columbia Presidential Forum on Service last night while John McCain talked about his love for the sacrifices our military makes.


    Why Sarah Matters

    I am a member of a great womans site called sorta like a turned down version of myspace for moms one of these ladies wrote this journal entry Please feel free to pass it around she has given me permision to send to a few friends as long as I give her credit. This is a great post and in my opinion should | Read More »

    Why Sarah Matters

    I am a member of a great womans site called sorta like a turned down version of myspace for moms one of these ladies wrote this journal entry Please feel free to pass it around she has given me permision to send to a few friends as long as I give her credit. This is a great post and in my opinion should | Read More »

    Obama says Fox News is hateful, like Kos

    **In Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama, O’Reilly asked him about his associations with Move On and Daily Kos and Obama’s response was that there is also hate on Fox News. If this clown wants to compare Daily Kos to the most watched cable news network in North America, let’s take him to task for this. Obama is so far to the left that it’s scary | Read More »

    Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and the Bush Doctrine

    I gather, although I did not watch the interview, that Sarah Palin responded to a question from Charlie Gibson about the “Bush Doctrine” by describing it as “Bush’s Worldview.” This was supposedly incorrect, as Gibson allegedly corrected her by noting (with all the smugness that only Charlie Gibson can appropriately muster) that the Bush Doctrine refers specifically to Bush’s belief that it’s appropriate to engage | Read More »

    It means something like “Every man for himself.”

    Then I heard an all-hands call on my helmet that I never want to hear again. “Sauve qui peut! Home! Home! Pickup and home! Any beacon that you can hear. Six minutes! All hands, save yourselves, pick up your mates. Home on any beacon! *Sauve qui – *” I hurried. Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers, page 110 Why am I quoting that book?Oh, no reason: Democrats | Read More »

    John McCain and the Internet

    Revisiting a tactic that didn’t come off too well the first time when George Soros tried it, Obama is taking a shot at McCain as being too old to use email:Of course, unlike Obama, if you want to judge McCain’s views on technology, you can look at his record. McCain spent seven years as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, during | Read More »

    The Values Voters Gather

    Note: Head on over to FRCAction to view streaming video of this weekend’s conference.You want proof about how successful the Sarah Palin pick has been in coalescing and motivating the socially conservative base of the GOP? Look no further than the subdued schedule today at the FRCAction Values Voter conference in Washington, DC.A year ago, the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit propelled Gov. Mike | Read More »

    Defining the “Bush Doctrine.”

    This piece originally appeared at ink has been spilled in the past 24 hours over a segment from ABC’s Charlie Gibson’s interview with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. The clip reveals Palin momentarily confused when confronted with a query about “the Bush Doctrine,” by which Gibson refers to the present Administration’s practice of preemptive war (or, to be euphemistic, “anticipatory self-defense”). You may | Read More »

    Will Obama’s ACORN investment net him several stolen states?

    Will Obama’s ACORN investment net him several stolen states?Article here:

    Obama’s Ageing, Tiresome Narrative

    Have you noticed the increased whining coming out of the Obama camp? The meme is that the crafty McCain is responsible for Obama’s difficulty by putting unfair ads on the air and pandering to women by an unqualified female pick for VP.Ah, my dear Obamatrons. The problem is not in your stars, but in yourselves. And your STAR. No presidential election is a cakewalk. If | Read More »

    Let Her Loose

    While I thought Palin did a fine job answering Charlie Gibson’s questions in the ABC News interview yesterday, I’m ready to hear more directly from her. I got the feeling campaign advisors had loaded her guns and told her to shoot only certain bullets. I’m impressed with Palin, I believe she has exactly what it takes to be our nation’s vice president, and I’m ready | Read More »

    Freedom’s Watch ads

    It seems poor Mark Udall is in a snit over this ad. I think it’s pretty funny. They have several cute local ads there.

    ELECTION PROJECTION 9/12: McCain 265 Obama 273 (But Wait…There’s More!)

    The first map shows the current projections with just weighted polls:McCain still has trouble sealing the deal in New Mexico/Colorado or flipping a Kerry state.Though Washington now goes on the list of states Obama needs to worry about- the last Rasmussen poll there gave Barack a 12-point lead. This one? 2. It now joins the roster of up for grabs states.When you adjust the current | Read More »

    Vote ! Mccain fights for the right

    Hey, If you havent registered to vote yet you should. I think John McCain is the best choice for President because he puts this country before his own personal agenda. He has the same values that I do, most importantly protecting the lives of unborn children. He is the only cantidate who has actually fought for this country and fought against the government to reform | Read More »


    Even in the face of Obama ads like this, we mustn’t get cocky.

    Via Hot Air:Although when even TNR blanches at your ad, you’re in trouble…Must. Not. Get. Cocky…

    Palin’s Secret

    When she accepted the nomination, they scoffed. They thought the Republicans were desperate, and perhaps we did too. Obama thought it was too easy, so he told the Americans far and wide that Palin’s family was off-limits.But American women everywhere quickly realized that this was no average female politician. Her name? Governor Palin! And even though she struggles with 5 kids and a hubby, she | Read More »

    Seniors being insulted by Obama team!

    Does anyone else out there over 50 years old find the age discrimination in the Obama campaign offensive? I am getting sick and tired of them making fun of the wisdom of someone who has experience and knowledge that young kids can’t buy (no matter how much money the Obamas may raise)! That wisdom and knowledge makes me feel much more secure than someone whose | Read More »

    Thought of the Day Open Thread.

    So the major continues. “See, we’ve gone over the watershed line of this war. We won Midway. We won North Africa. Stalingrad. The Battle of the Atlantic. Everything changes when you go over the watershed line. The rivers all flow a different direction. It’s as if the force of gravity itself has changed and is now working in our favor. We’ve adjusted to that.” Neal | Read More »

    What Sarah Palin’s dad told her

    There are many reasons for the Palin sensation and the one that stood out to me most during her RNC speech was her unapologetic attitude. That’s been something in short supply in politics lately and I’m sure it was part of what people called “fresh air”. Then yesterday while watching the “Green Room” interview of Palin on Charlie Rose’s web site I learned where it | Read More »

    “She is most definitely a Christian”

    Just watch the opening of this Nightline piece:Now, say in a fine British accent, “She is most definitely a Christian.Ask yourself what the hell that has to do with anything under the sun.

    That’s A Very Good Question…

    This question has been in the back of my mind for the last few weeks. However it takes Jake Tapper to bring it to the forefront:

    Attack and destroy politics

    I see Barack Obama has a new ad criticizing McCain for not being a computer whiz. Which in itself is indicative of just how scattered his campaign has become. This is the big issue of the day? Make fun of his age? He has also found unflattering pictures of McCain from back in the 70’s. I have seen pictures of Obama in tribal head dress | Read More »

    Barack Obama will usher in a brighter future for the USA

    Ever since the attacks on 9/11/01 (which I remind everyone happened on GW Bush’s watch) everything has been a bit bleaker in the USA. The economy has been on a steady decline, hard-working friends and family members have lost their jobs as companies downsized. (Yet if you worked for or had investments with oil companies, I guess you were doing pretty well.) As far as | Read More »

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    Joe Klein: Palin, Obama and… Myself Are ‘Embarrassments’

    What’s the ‘Bush Doctrine?’ Apparently, it depends on who you ask. Most invoke it to describe the policy that treats terrorist-supporters as terrorists themselves. To others it refers to the promotion of liberal democracy. But to Joe ‘A Joke’ Klein Sarah Palin is ‘an embarrassment’ because she doesn’t know it refers to… pre-emptive war.Who else can we lump in with Palin — among those who | Read More »

    I Don’t Like Ike: Hurricane Ike Open Thread

    Hurricane IkePost updates, prayers, and thoughts on Hurricane Ike here. As always, there are links to the RedCross and other helpful organizations via the link below.

    Gallup: If These Numbers Are Sustained Through Election Day Republicans Could Be Expected To Regain Control of the U.S. House of Representatives

    Gallup has breathed the unthinkable. Republicans have a shot a retaking the House. Of course, one has to presume that such a result would mean the White House is thrown in for good measure.The positive impact of the GOP convention on polling indicators of Republican strength is further seen in the operation of Gallup’s “likely voter” model in this survey. Republicans, who are now much | Read More »

    AP Taken Apart Line By Line, Part 2 (UPDATED)

    AP: Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s assertion that she believes humans play a role in climate change — made in her first major interview since joining the Republican ticket — is at odds with her previous statements. Palin said she didn’t disagree with scientists that the problem can be attributed to “man’s activities.” “Show me where I have ever said that there’s absolute proof that | Read More »


    Navy commissions the USS William Jefferson Clinton

    As a 6 year U.S. veteran sailor I am proud to pass this along to everyone.The USS William Jefferson Clinton (CVS1) was commissioned today at a ribbon cutting ceremony.The ship is the first of its kind in the Navy and a standing legacy to President Bill Clinton for his “forsight in military budget cuts” and his conduct while president.She is a 100 foot flat top, | Read More »

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    Another lobbyist?

    Wow – another big time Republican lobbyist joins McCain to head up the transition.

    Why Won’t Biden Disclose His Earmarks?

    Listening to Barack Obama rail about earmarks, you’d think he was a Porkbuster. Far from it, in fact. Obama, who spent the week attacking Sarah Palin, is directing his criticism at the wrong vice presidential candidate.Rather than criticizing Palin for her role in canceling the Bridge to Nowhere, Obama ought to hold his own running mate to the same standards he demanded of Hillary Clinton | Read More »

    Stop the lies

    As a republican it shocks me when I hear McCain/Palin lie to our faces.

    Chances in Congress are looking up for Republicans

    From Gallup “If these numbers are sustained through Election Day — a big if — Republicans could be expected to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.”For most of the past year Democrats have held double-digit leads in the generic “if the elections for Congress were being held today, which party’s candidate would you vote for in your congressional district?” The latest USA Today/Gallup | Read More »

    Just How Wealthy Are We As a Country?

    Via reason’s blog Hit and Run you can check out this interactive tool that shows you what countries are spending on different classes of goods. If you click on over there and check out the “Recreation” tab, you will see something that I find to be quite telling.


    “Hopelessly liberal” and other campaign slogans I wish McCain would consider

    I think it’s inevitable, especially during the debate weeks, that more of the emphasis of the campaign will be on the divergent policy prescriptions of the two nominees. Especially now that the Obama campaign hopes to attack McCain’s legislative record. so, here are a few slogans I hope McCain will consider:After hammering away at Obama’s record of liberalism (tax-raising, anti-gun, pro-late-term-abortion, anti-funds-for-the-troops (unless they’re | Read More »

    I saw a fighter!

    While her first public interview, since McCain introduced this wonderful woman to the American people as his VP running mate, was not as polished as most would like to have seen, I saw something in her interview that continues to feed the fire of enthusiasm I now have for the Republican ticket. It wasn’t her stance on the issues (although I think she did fine) | Read More »


    MO-GOV: Kenny Hulshof Gets Bit By Campaign Stupids

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof (current U.S. House of Representative from MO-09) unveiled his education plan today. Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof said Missouri has a problem. The state ranks 47th in expenditures for higher education. Hulshof said that is unacceptable and that if elected he would funnel more money to the state’s colleges and universities as well as increase scholarships to needy students. ~snip~ | Read More »

    DOC-Post Redux

    In my post yesterday I struck a cord. I was bombarded with comments; some enlightening, some negative. But I meant no harm in my overall message; and to those who think I’m some covert lefty troll; you’re dead wrong, dead wrong. I do no align myself with the left, in fact I’ve been rejected by them. Truth is moderates aren’t welcome anywhere because we aren’t | Read More »

    Two new Ohio polls show McCain ahead.

    As Adam mentioned, there are two new Ohio polls are out today. The Insider Advantage poll has McCain up 1, 48-47 and the StrategicVisionpoll has McCain up 4, 48-44.Looking at the InsiderAdvantage poll, there seems to be a few noteworthy items:First, it was 503 LV on 9/10, within the MOE.Obama wins 18-29 by only 14 points, McCain wins 30-44 by 20 points, and Obama wins | Read More »

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