Where is Jim Marshall?

    Promoted from the diaries by Erick. I’m a little confused. Our allegedly conservative Democrat congressman, Jim Marshall, claims to support exploration for domestic energy sources. And yet, we’re now into the second week of the energy protest in the House, led by two of our truly conservative Georgia congressmen, and Rep. Marshall is still on vacation. Imagine the incredible message that would be sent to | Read More »

    The Washington Post On Drilling

    The editorial board of the Washington Post today takes the unusual step of fact checking a full page ad run by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) decrying additional drilling in response to oil prices as “100% Snake Oil.” After an obligatory nod to two standard enviro-weenie memes on the time lag from drilling to gas pump and the “pristine” nature of our mosquito infest | Read More »

    Yesterday’s Communists, Today’s Democrats

    Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia sent me to the shelves to peruse my undergraduate Soviet/Russian politics books. I found the following passage in Hedrick Smith’s The New Russians (1991) that rings true of the Democratic Party today: In an open letter to Izvestia, [Gorbachev advisor Alexandr] Yakovlev argued that the Communist Party had turned against the individual citizen and had proven incapable of bringing forward | Read More »

    Rasmussen shows energy issue has traction for McCain

    Last Friday, Rasmussen release a report that hasn’t garnered much attention on the blogs. In this report, Rasmussen found that a substantial majority of the respondants believe that increased production is more important, and that 67% believe McCain, not Obama, shares that view. Here is the key paragraph: By substantial margins, voters believe that McCain’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while Obama | Read More »

    Georgia/Russian War: Blame Obama

    General Wesley Clark had one thing right during his tenure as a general in the U.S. military. He understood the portentous nature of the Russian’s move to take control of the airport in Pristina, Kosovo at the end of the 1999 NATO engagement in Yugoslavia. He ordered NATO forces to gear up to prevent the Russians from taking the airport but was opposed by British | Read More »

    The Georgian Cease Fire and the Markets

    Reuters reports that the Russians have halted operations ahead of their meeting with Sarkozy, and have softened their stance on the President of Georgia’s resgination. Link The article tries to draw a connection between the collapse of the rouble and the Russian stock market and Russia’s cease fire. It’s an interesting point, since the tumble began when Russia launched its offensive into Georgia, and a | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 8-12-2008

    84 DaysUntil Election DayAugust 12, 2008 MI MORNING UPDATE: RUSSIA CONTINUES SLAUGHTER OF GEORGIANS…in an unprecedentedshow of aggression, Russian troops are indiscriminately bombing andkilling thousands of civilians in it’s attempt to wipe outU.S. ally Georgia.  The world in shock and can only stand byand watch, as the old Russian bear emerges, with KGB Colonel Putinin charge. Collateral damage?  Where’s the outrage??? Somuch for change.http://migop.blogs.com/blog/2008/08/russia-slaughte.html McCAINSTATES… | Read More »

    Let me just spell out something about Pelosi’s cave on drilling.

    If you don’t know which one I mean, check out Erick’s post first. Up to speed? Excellent. Anyway, just for the record: this is merely a long-delayed, mildly good start. We’ll be expecting and getting quite a bit more out of it, so if you’re one of those Democrats who don’t like poor people being able to drive, I suggest that you not get too | Read More »

    McCain is so Good on the Republic of Georgia the Left Must Seek to Discredit Him

    Let’s recap this folks, because this is going to become the next “100 Years” meme from the left. Taegan Goddard, a man of the left, used his platform at CQ to kick it off. The left is accusing McCain of plagiarizing Wikipedia. Yeah, read that again. They are accusing McCain of plagiarizing Wikipedia. There is no proof other than some similarities between McCain’s recitation of | Read More »

    The House GOP Protest is Working. Pelosi Folding Like a Cheap Tent.

    The Hill is reporting overnight Nancy Pelosi is caving to the House Republican protest. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night dropped her staunch opposition to a vote on offshore oil drilling in the House. Republicans, reacting to high gas prices, have demanded a vote on additional oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf, where drilling is currently blocked by a moratorium. Until now, Pelosi | Read More »

    It’s 3 am, and I’m Surfin’, Dude

    The Fall election will not hinge on taxes, social security (what a laugh), medical care (have you noticed, MediCare and MedicAid are already bankrupt?), young v. old or black v. white, or even a better economy than most of the past fifty years (com’on folks, my Carter/Reagan mortgage was at 13%, and I was happy to get it). When it comes down to it, it | Read More »

    Old Dominion Polling Update: Virginia’s Swing State Status

    The latest Survey USA poll of Virginia is getting a bit of attention today, as it shows Barack Obama to still be statistically tied with John McCain in the state – McCain 48, Obama 47, as befits a swing state. The full poll is here. And here’s a little analysis of the situation.When you look closer, this poll has McCain losing southeast Virginia 53-40. As | Read More »

    The Absence Of Tingliness

    Either Chris Matthews feels like he has to compensate in the other direction, or he has come down from his previous high and has started wondering if there is any there there when it comes to Barack Obama. I don’t know how long this non-tingly sensation will last but it appears to be part of a media backlash against the Obama celebrity movement. Of course, | Read More »

    Quote Of The Day

    It is true that many Russians were humiliated by the way the Cold War ended, and Putin has persuaded many to blame Boris Yeltsin and Russian democrats for this surrender to the West. The mood is reminiscent of Germany after World War I, when Germans complained about the “shameful Versailles diktat” imposed on a prostrate Germany by the victorious powers and about the corrupt politicians | Read More »

    So . . .

    Will this generate some headlines and attention-grabbing pictures? If not, it had only better be because the protests don’t materialize into anything significant. If they do and the protests receive little or no coverage, we will have an idea of who is in the tank for whom.

    Talking Points Memo’s latest attempt to play the race card

    A new McCain ad titled “Fans Club” mocks several Barack Obama supporters for making fawning remarks about their leader: A girl says he (Obama) has “soft eyes”. Another man confesses: “I almost felt like crying” when Obama gave him an autograph. The last such supporter featured in the ad says, “hot chicks dig Obama”. Predictably, TPM’s young reporter Eric Kleefeld saw this last statement as | Read More »

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    Support Crowe’s Embedded Blogging

    Just a reminder for you: if you haven’t been following Crowe’s excellent series blogging from the USS Kearsarge as part of Operation Continuing Promise, you should be. And what’s more, you should give to help cover his expenses on this trip – they’re relatively modest, but for someone taking this much time to be out in the field, they’re significant. You can give here:

    EXACTLY what tapes is Mark Penn referring to?

    Jen Rubin passes on a great little tibit from the document dump from the Atlantic. You want to read this one which contains Mark Penn’s analysis just prior to the Iowa Caucus. On page 8, in the scenario that Hillary Clinton comes in second behind Barack Obama, Penn recommends: If it is a two-way race with Obama, on Friday we do a media interviews (sic) | Read More »

    The Real Camapign Issue in S Dakota Senate Race

    Here in S Dakota, the Senate race is getting a bit bizarre. We have a Senate candidate, a sitting Senator, who suffered a terrible brain injury. As we all know, the tragedy to this man, and his family must be enormous. I am thankful he survived, my aunt wasn’t so lucky with the same injury, but there comes a time where the question has to | Read More »

    Gold (and a world’s record) for the Red White and Blue

    Everything you need to know about the United States and France can be foundin this video. Read more here. Vive le Michael Phelps.

    Gold (and a world’s record) for the Red White and Blue

    Everything you need to know about the United States and France can be found in this video. Read more here. Vive le Michael Phelps.

    USA must Defend Her Ally Georgia

    The strong condemnation of Russia can go on and on they are meaningless now. Russia is fighting far into Georgia and is trying to oust an elected leader and possibly reclaim Georgia to Russia. Georgia has been a great friend to this country and we have done nothing to help them in their time of need. The people of Georgia are angry at us and | Read More »


    The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Flowchart.

    It’s not really for examining (via Screw Loose Change, via Hot Air Headlines): it’s best observed as a seamless whole, with little bits popping up here and there. I assume that the British-centric nature of it reflects the original authors, while the pervasive anti-Semitism is… well, let’s just say that these guys probably aren’t for the GWOT either, and leave it at that. To rip | Read More »


    EXACTLY what tapes is Mark Penn referring to?

    Jen Rubin passes on a great little tibit from the document dump from the Atlantic. You want to read this one which contains Mark Penn’s analysis just prior to the Iowa Caucus. On page 8, in the scenario that Hillary Clinton comes in second behind Barack Obama, Penn recommends: If it is a two-way race with Obama, on Friday we do a media interviews (sic) | Read More »

    What do you think of Human Events?

    I’m a writer whose credits include The Atlantic, The American Spectator and The Claremont Institute. A story I’m researching requires that I better understand who reads Human Events, and the various opinions conservatives have about the publication. I’d be grateful for anyone who e-mails their opinion to conor.friedersdorf@gmail.com

    Maybe Wes Clark Was Right

    We all know the story well because we flogged Wes Clark with it in 2004. June 12, 1999. Priština International Airport. Details of Russia’s surprise occupation of Pristina airport at the end of the Kosovo war are revealed in a new BBC documentary on the conflict. For the first time, the key players in the tense confrontation between Nato and Russian troops talk about the | Read More »

    What does Russia Want

    Originally Posted at Voices in the Wilderness Russia and Georgia have found themselves in military conflict for 3 or 4 days now and there does not seem to be any let up despite calls by The United States and the European powers (demands without weapons in the real world does little to change facts on the ground). The conflict will not stop until Russia has | Read More »

    Have I Mentioned that Barack Obama is Morally Depraved?

    Lo, I believe that I have. And now, as a bonus, it appears that he’s a liar. I know, I know, “liar” is generally more or less subsumed within “morally depraved,” but in this case, it turns out that he’s a liar in addition to being the sort of person who thinks it ought to be legal to allow babies who survive attempted abortions to | Read More »

    Russia, you keep using that word.

    Via Josh Treviño, the headline of a Russian newspaper (since changed when the propaganda was exposed): Peacekeepers seize Army base inside Georgia. It now says “leave” instead of “seize,” but you can’t leave a base unless you entered it at some point, could you? We all must take down the names of anyone who parrots the Russian imperialist (literally, they’re expanding the empire here) point | Read More »

    World Popularity vs. Obama: That’s Right, It Means NOTHING

    A liberal says, “Whether we like it or not, we are part of the whole world, and we have to live with everybody else.” A historian says, “Whether they like it or not, we are part of the whole world, and everybody else has to live with us.” At first, I saw this post about the potential for the DOW to rise 1,000 points if | Read More »


    You may now proceed to vent.

    Cars Create Money?

    Oh noes, car ads supply lotsa cash that we will miss when we all just walk and bike everywhere! Gubmint must act! Also, from the same source: have you eaten your kangaroo today? It’s to save the planet!

    Obama’s Kool-Aid Brigade

    Obama’s Kool-Aid Brigade I hoped the recent priapism that Bill O’Reilly developed for Obama was merely a clever ploy to lure Obama into his no spin zone. After further observation it is clear that O’Reilly has crossed over and has gone under the spell of Europe’s choice for President of the United States. Because of O’Reilly’s slobbery excoriation of Laura Ingraham for making fun of | Read More »

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    Coin vs. tax

    The Cap and Trade and Fair Tax ideas both ignore coining money, I notice. I don’t know why, but it seems they think the government needs the money, when it does not. It coins the money. What’s the reason for taxes, I wonder? Putting your petty cash in the bank keeps it in circulation, so it’s not about conservation. Maybe it’s a tradition left over | Read More »

    Team Obama

    “Celebrity distorts democracy by giving the rich, beautiful, and famous more authority than they deserve.”Maureen Dowd, The New York Times, “Giant Puppet Show”(Poor Maureen, if only you could have seen the future, those words would never have escaped your pen.) What do you get when you cross two of the biggest celebrities in the world? I know, you’re thinking “Apple” right? But, no, that’s not | Read More »

    And some days the bear eats you

    From the diaries by Erick. The Russian bear is awake from its hibernation. Russia’s response to the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia was typically Russian – “disproportionate” – in the words of the Bush administration. The conflict, killing thousands and dsplacing tens of thousands in just a weekend’s short time, has serious implications for the United States, its newer friends among the former Soviet | Read More »

    OH-02: EMILY’s List Endorses Wulsin

    In a not-so-shocking development, EMILY’s List has endorsed Vic Wulsin in OH-02. But try finding that announcement on Vic Wulsin’s campaign site. Why would Wulsin want to bury this news? Because while Wulsin’s values are aligned with EMILY’s List, the district does not support their principles. Wulsin will take their campaign cash and support while trying very hard to keep it secret. Let’s not forget | Read More »


    Obama advisor George Clooney says…

    The Brit press, in the form of their Daily Mail, tells us that Obama has a new advisor: George Clooney. I haven’t followed Clooney’s acting career, but he is a Hollywood actor who played a doctor on television and more recently was involved in a motorcycle accident. The London tabloid gives us some specifics: [H]e is also sharing with Obama his strong opinions on Iraq | Read More »

    Senator Reid: The Best Senator in the World

    Senator Reid represents Nevada. He is the best senator in the whole wide world. Senator Reid does an excellent job in helping Nevada’s needs. For example, high gas prices are killing the gaming industry in Nevada. Less people are driving from California into Nevada. Also, the airlines have cut a serious number of flights into Las Vegas. Gaming stock has fallen by 20%. Construction projects | Read More »

    Re: Re: Nuts

    Embrace the power of and!


    RE: Nuts

    We don’t think you’re nuts. We think you are wrong. There’s a difference.

    A peaceful and Prosperous World

    The world to-day faces two challenges. The first challenge is the centuries old desire of the Imperialists to shape the world for their own interest and to subdue and annihilate those who resist. The second new challenge is the desire of the Islamists to live as per their own convictions and to fight and annihilate those who oppose them. Both want to dominate. Let us | Read More »

    The other RS Contributors think that I’m nuts…

    …but I’ve decided that it has to be Richardson for Obama’s VP choice. He’s the best one on paper – which is infinitely more important than being the actual one for a campaign like Obama’s – and his Judas-like nature among holdout Clintonistas won’t concern Barack’s people in the slightest. Audacity of arrogance, remember? Now watch as he picks Barbara Boxer. Which would be a | Read More »

    Illinois GOP misses opportunity

    From the diaries by Erick. I live in southern Illinois (real southern Illinois, not just south of Chicago), but found myself near Springfield this weekend. I had some time, so I decided to head out to the State Fair and see what was going on. It was a beautiful day, and my husband and I went on a search for the Illinois GOP tent. We | Read More »

    The Evangelical Vote of 2008

    In 2004 they went overwhelmingly for George Bush over John Kerry. In the 1990s Clinton got 40-45%. This time around Evangelicals are up for grabs; or are they? And if they aren’t then why aren’t they? I consider myself a Christian, I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior, I’ve read the bible, I pray before I rest my head; the whole deal, but this | Read More »

    And the Obama campaign comes through for me again!

    I was just thinking about whether we could legitimately put this video: …back on the front page. It’d would have been a little difficult to justify: there’s a half-life to any good ad, and this one is getting to be weeks old by now. Still a little juice left, but would it have really been worth it? Apparently, the Obama campaign thought so, because they | Read More »

    Why Do We Continue To Call Them The Mainstream Media?

    I am perplexed by our continuing to label The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC *(gag cough, sputter), and other media outlets like them the Mainstream Media. Just exactly what about them and their coverage of the world says they are like us.The so called Mainstream Media have lost enough viewership, and readership over the past 25 years to populate a small country. | Read More »

    Obama: an extremist and a liar on abortion

    Obama’s abortion extremism and deception is coming to light. Yuval Levin explains: Six years ago, Congress passed the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act,” making it illegal to kill a child who is fully born during an attempted abortion. The bill passed without a single opposing vote in either house, and was signed into law by President Bush on August 5, 2002. When he was a state | Read More »

    The Gang of 10 Harms America, Not Just the GOP

    This morning on the radio I read EPU’S post, Kevin’s post, and Gamecock’s citation of Texas Ace’s comment. There is a common trait in each post that Texas Ace sums up quite well. By caving now, Saxby Shambles and Little Lord Fauntleroy, (as Doc calls him) have bailed them out of their predicament at the exact moment when the Republican party is on the brink | Read More »

    Global Poverty Act – have they all gone crazY?

    Obama is trying to pass the Global Poverty Act thru Congress with little discussion. I believe we need to discuss this passionately. We need new Energy methods, we need to pay off a huge war bill, and we need better education for our children.But instead, he is more interested in helping out the United Nations poverty. I realize when we have a better economy we | Read More »