Live on the Radio

    I am, yet again, live on the radio this morning from 6am to 9am. We’ll spend a lot of time talking about Rush’s 20th anniversary and a host of other topics. The show is out of Macon, Georgia. We talk about local, state, and national issues. At 8:08 a.m. this morning, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) is going to be on with me talking about energy. | Read More »

    Congratulations Rush Limbaugh

    Today is the 20th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh show. Rush has become so influential and powerful in the cause for freedom that the Democrats are actively considering a return to the “fairness doctrine” in an attempt to shut Rush down. Over the past twenty years, Rush has been a constant source of encouragement for the right, a champion for freedom, and a friend and | Read More »

    My Brush With Rush

    When I first launched my website,, the theme song was “American Woman.” I know it is an anti war song, but a song is what is means to the person who hears it, right. Well, I am an American woman. A proud Southern Woman. And like many southerners in the late 80’s, we were deciding whether the Democrat party and liberal values were for | Read More »

    Before I Forget . . .

    Happy Milton Friedman’s birthday. Needless to say, the Great Man is deeply missed. But at least he is given a gift; a ringing defense of Friedman’s ideas and ideals. (Thanks to Free Exchange for the link.)

    Kissinger On Iraq

    The thoughts and ideas of the former Secretary of State are always worth reading so it should come as no surprise that I would highlight his latest on Iraq. Key graf: Over the past year, many have proposed setting a deadline for withdrawal. Proponents have argued that a date certain would compel the Iraqi government to accelerate the policy of reconciliation; would speed the end | Read More »

    Just In Case The Obama Campaign Has Forgotten

    There are still disgruntled Clinton supporters to deal with. Of course, few of them are as utterly fanatical as Lanny Davis but there are enough Clinton supporters out there who will be plenty mad if Hillary Clinton is not selected as the Vice Presidential candidate and who will be more than willing to take their anger out on the Obama campaign in the fall. And | Read More »

    Jake Tapper: One Man Truth Squad

    Right on target. The McCain campaign has done nothing to suggest that people should vote against Barack Obama because of his name or background. And it is utterly wrong of Obama to suggest otherwise. Obama is perfectly free to take issue with and take on McCain’s critiques of his candidacy. But he should actually argue against McCain instead of some straw man that Obama says | Read More »

    Image Is Everything?

    No, but it counts for a lot. John McCain is not Andre Agassi but the Arizona Senator could take a lesson or two from the Las Vegas tennis star.

    The Audacity Of Hype–Campaign Polling Edition

    The Los Angeles Times properly points out that despite all expectations, Barack Obama has done nothing to open up a lead against John McCain. Quite the contrary; he has allowed McCain to hang around and is giving him a chance to take the race in the end. This despite one week of adulatory coverage while Obama was overseas and despite a fair amount of turmoil | Read More »

    Michigan, Colorado, Virginia

    I have been thinking for some time now that your three most important states for 2008 are Michigan, Colorado, and Virginia. Take a look at the map above. This is my guess as to how the map will shake out. It’s a foregone conclusion that New Mexico and Iowa go blue this cycle. This leaves really 3 states that will play a crucial role in | Read More »


    In 2002 and 2003: Bad Judgments of Obama about Soon-to-start Iraq War

    In 2002 and 2003, bad judgments of Obama about the soon-to-start Iraq War cast doubt about Obama’s ability to be Commander-In-Chief. SUMMARY: In fairness, Obama showed one pre-Iraq-war GOOD JUDGMENT by forecastingsome of the costs and undesireable consequences of an impending Iraq War. However, Obama showed pre-Iraq-war BAD JUDGMENT by forecasting thatAmerican lives that would be lost in such an impending Iraq War would be | Read More »

    New Webad Attacks Democrats On Drilling

    So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a short webad condemning the Democrat obstructionism on oil. The embedded video is hopefully below the fold. So there it is. Any nice people who want to comment on how awful it is, feel free to do so. The graphics were done in that wonderful graphic editing program, Microsoft Paint.

    McCain/Reagan: Taxes, Speakers and the Race Card

    Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports By the most basic of criteria, John McCain is running a great campaign. He is defying history by either leading polls or being within the margin of error in July when past Dem losers led by from 7-14 points at this stage. He is responding daily to attacks with speed reminiscent of the Cue ball Carville, Paul | Read More »

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    Race issue moves to center of campaign

    Race issue moves to center of campaign Looks like Team McCain is ready to strike back. McCain aides say their goal is to pre-empt what they believe is Obama’s effort to paint any conventional campaign attacks as race-based. Obama’s aim, in the view of the McCain camp: “to delegitimize any line of attack against him,” said McCain aide Steve Schmidt. He said he saw that | Read More »

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    Former Landstuhl Trauma Chief slams Obama’s skipping of tour

    Ouch! The McCain camp released this statement today. Statement On Barack Obama’s Canceled Troop VisitsARLINGTON, VA — Today, Dr. Danny Jazarevic, who served as the Chief of Trauma, Critical Care and Vascular Surgery at Landstuhl, issued the following statement on Barack Obama’s canceled visit to Ramstein and Landstuhl:”Last week, Senator Obama skipped a visit with wounded U.S. troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany | Read More »

    Consumers and Suppliers Unhappy With Ethanol

    A recent New York Times article has helped to expose the frustration of unwilling ethanol consumers and their suppliers. Marine and small engines are sputtering across the nation and fuel efficiency in our nation’s cars has decreased and all due to ethanol, or at least that is how many consumers see it. According to the article small engine repair centers are seeing an increase in | Read More »

    Today Is Primary Day: KS, MO, and MI (Congress/Gov Nods)

    Tuesday is a big day in MO, KS, and MI as each state holds its primaries to determine who the nominee will be for us in November. Georgia also holds its runoff that day to determine who will face Senator Chambliss in fall Here is rundown of races to watch on Tuesday: Kansas: The biggest take back opportunity for us Republicans in fall is in | Read More »


    The Nanny Congress and Tobacco

    (cross-posted at Society for Independent Thinking) On Wednesday, a not-well-publicized vote went to Congress, to turn over the regulation of tobacco to the FDA. The bill, of course, puts more money into the FDA to combat smoking, in the latest federal attempt to keep adults from taking care of themselves as they see fit. John McCain approves of the measure. So does Barack Obama. And, | Read More »

    Cool/Smart McCain T-shirt We need to show support for McCain by wearing shirts around in support of McCain. The more people see him the more appealing he is to voters. The t-shirt at is my favorite. I started giving them away as gifts because I get so many compliments of the t-shirt when I wear it out jogging or to the grocery store. I urge you | Read More »

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    Disregard this Post – I’m new and experimenting with the editor (since I can’t find a “preview” button)

    This is bold. This is italics. This is both. Let’s try my first link Here’s a test of “B-Quote” No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.) General George Patton Heading Level 2 Heading Level 3 Heading Level 4 Another try to show an image Number List Roses | Read More »


    The RedState Challenge, Issue 1

    For the first two weeks on the new site, we did really good about blogging on state and local politics. Let’s keep it up. Here’s my challenge: next post you write, write about your state representative or state senator. Let’s keep the initiative. Be sure to put the name of your state in the tags. JUST TO BE CLEAR: Write about the people representing you | Read More »


    Barack’s Lousy European Vacation

    If the objective test of the value of Barack Obama’s recent European jaunt is whether or not it helped or hurt his chances of becoming president, it would seem the verdict is in. Intrade shows a steady slide since Barack left the U.S., for a total loss of about 8 percent in the value of a share of Obama as president: Was it the refusal | Read More »

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    New York Times: Barack Obama JUST LIKE O.J. Simpson!

    In their haste to find a racial angle to the increasingly commonplace assertion that Senator Barack Obama is becoming a rather arrogant jackass, the New York Times gives the whole thing away in one fell – and funny – swoop: But Rick Davis, Mr. McCain’s campaign manager, had a snappy answer. “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom | Read More »

    Nevermind Nirvana, Rush is Right

    Had I smelled teen spirit before I heard Rush Limbaugh, I may never have seen the conservative light. Rock died for me after Ozzy left Black Sabbath in 1979 and wasn’t resurrected until late 1991, as Grunge, with the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind album, and its signature song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” But I didn’t know the song’s name until a few years later because | Read More »

    Thank You President Bush!

    Thats the slogan that is on the bumper sticker that adorns my car and I can’t explain how sincere that thank you really is. While President Bush may not poll well, and while some conservatives constantly complain about him because of this or that, President Bush remains true to the office, and vigilant in our nation’s defense like very few President’s in our nation’s history. | Read More »

    Ken Salazar: No OCS drilling, even when it’s $10/gallon for gas.

    I give up. I figured that six bucks a gallon was a nice, round number with which to beat the Democrats with about the head and shoulders. Which it would be. For rational people. But freaking ten? (Via Hot Air) What are you willing to bet that Senator Salazar hasn’t paid for his own gas in years? – because he certainly seems perfectly happy to | Read More »

    What would happen if the U.S. won a war but the media didn’t tell the American public?

    London’s Sunday Times called it “the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror.” A terrorist force that once numbered more than 12,000, with strongholds in the west and central regions of Iraq, has over two years been reduced to a mere 1,200 fighters, backed against the wall in the northern city of Mosul. The destruction of al-Qaida in Iraq | Read More »


    Confucius: “The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The second best time is now.”

    Deroy Murdock gets it mostly right in National Review Online: Santa Barbara [the catastrophic 1969 oil spill] accelerated oil companies’ efforts to prevent such disasters. Beyond compliance with 17 major permits and 90 different federal regulations, offshore operators frequently conduct accident training and safety exercises. Sensors and other instruments now help platform personnel monitor and handle temperatures and pressures of subsea oil, even as drill | Read More »

    Rep Gohmert (R, TX-01) introduces legislation calling for closing of the GITMO detainee facility!

    And his legislation… No, really. HR 6615, which NRO’s Gregory McNeil suggests may have been “in jest” (H/T AosHQ) …would have Justice Kennedy have of all the responsibility that he (and more importantly, Rep. Gohmert) could possibly want on this issue. And more. Yes, this is not going to go anywhere, more’s the pity. And Gohmert’s about as likely to lose this seat in November | Read More »


    Reading McCain’s web site, Immigration

    Obama wants 25 percent of College Work-Study to be public service instead of jobs in dining halls and libraries. He also wants middle and high school students to do 50 hours of community service a year.(Obama’s Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service, Integrate Service into Learning,, July 31, 2008) That’s slavery, whether Obama’s black or not. Look, if you can’t afford to pay your | Read More »

    California Court ratifies takesies-backsies doctrine

    Most people, when we sign a contract, we understand that we’re supposed to follow through with what we promise. Contracts are one of the pillars of our economy, without which we would have the mess you see in any lawless banana republic. Alameda County, California is going bananas though, as a county Superior Court judge has ruled that wireless phone service providers may not enforce | Read More »

    Is the time ripe for a McCain race speech?

    With all the lambasting by Democrats, or more specifically the presumptuous Democratic nominee, shouldn’t Sen. McCain offer his own speech on “Race in America?” Republicans are not racists. I say this in confidence because we are the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan. For those of you not familiar with American History, LINCOLN (aka Republicans) freed the slaves. The DEMOCRATS fought against it tooth and | Read More »

    A grandmothers view

    I think this election is even more important to me since I have become a grandmother. I feel I am safe guarding the future of my twin grandsons.I worry about how my husband and I will be able to continue make ends meet.My two main concerns are the economy and the war on terror.We need relief from high food prices and gas prices.We have to | Read More »

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    Acceptance of Arrogant Obama Critique Says a Lot About the Media

    After months of adulatory press (minus a few weeks of Jeremiah Wright), have the national media finally begun responding to a large-scale critique of Barack Obama? Yes, argues Politico reporter Carrie Budoff Brown in a piece which she alleges that the Illinois senator is now being hit for being too arrogant: Barack Obama’s critics laid down the foundations of the strategy months ago: The Republican | Read More »

    Re: Douthat’s Quote of the Day

    It’s always a pleasure to see the Left’s breathless explanations of how amazingly good we are at the most esoteric forms of evil. Not least of which is because that as long as they do this, they’ll never confront the truth: which is pretty much that yeah, they really do suck that badly.


    Rassmussen confirms Obama is in trouble

    Today’s daily Rassmussen tracking poll shows that Obama has the slightest of edges, well inside the margin of error, and has dropped a point or two from Monday. Obama leads 45% to 43%, or 48% to 46% when including leaners. This confirms the trend noted by Gallup, where the “Berlin Bounce” has disappeared in less than a week. But there is a really interesting statistic | Read More »

    Quote of the Day to Ross Douthat

    See here. If your candidate is going to stage enormous rallies in front of tens of thousands of chanting Germans (with monuments to Prussian military might in the background) in the middle of his Presidential campaign, it isn’t the GOP’s fault if the footage comes out looking a little like Hitler at Nuremberg.

    John McCain Does Not Think That Campaigning Against Barack Obama Makes Him A Racist

    Back when this campaign started in the beginning of 2007, I had a low opinion of many things about Barack Obama – his experience, his policy positions, his voting record, his knowledge of national security matters. But naive liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and sometimes they do have something useful to contribute to public debate. The one thing Obama’s 2004 convention speech and occasional public | Read More »

    US National Debt

    So I got up for work this morning and while I was driving through the ghetto for a long hard day at the old grind and I was listening to my local radio shows, when I heard some disturbing misconceptions bye a bunch of uneducated liberal idiots. Of course the subject was the growing US nation debt which has recently grew to over 9.5 Trillion | Read More »

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    Paging Marsha Blackburn. Come to Shelby County STAT!

    I’m beginning to get distressed about the Republican Primary down here! Leatherwood is gaining ground every day and this is playing out all wrong. Its not even funny anymore. Even libs like wintermute and leftwingcracker are helping him. Ummmm… Just sit down, I have something to tell you. This is probably going to hurt a bit. Yeah, you just got nailed again. This time by | Read More »

    So I suppose this means that David Letterman is racist, too.

    So concludes Allahpundit, based on what we’ve been hearing from a rather pouting Left recently: Mind you, if I had burned through half a billion dollars on a divisive primary, and only gotten back the results that the Democrats have gotten, I’d probably be pouting too. Besides everything esle, I doubt that anybody actually thought to save their receipts. Moe Lane

    Barack Obama plays the race card. The media denies Barack Obama is playing the race card.

    John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, called out Obama today saying, “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It’s divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.” The media, though, is denying that Obama played the race card. They do not want to believe that their golden boy has stooped so low, so soon. By the way, do | Read More »

    The ditzy, celebrity candidate.

    It has been established that Barack Obama is a celebrity without portfolio, to combine lines from Lindsey Graham and former Democrat Joe Lieberman. The latest Gallup tracking poll, the one which recently had Obama up by nine points, “has moved back into a statistical tie,” with Obama up by only one: 45% – 44%. The latest three-day average confirms that Obama was unable to solidify | Read More »

    Video: Leave Obama alone! (Hilarious)

    This video is too good to be passed. Absolute hilarious.Go watch here. Obama’s MSM sycophants are whining how negative McCain has become, how much it will hurt McCain, blah, blah, blah. You guess what? McCain actually has had a couple of great days by sharpening his message and contrast with THE ONE. **Today’s Rasmussen:Obama 48McCain 46 Today’s Gallup:Obama 45McCain 44**

    The Obama Energy Plan: Inflating your tires and getting regular tune-ups can save you as much gas as we’ll get from drilling.

    There you go ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama has let loose with where he actually stands — that is directly against you, the American people. You can listen to Rush talking about it here. He rightly draws the connection to Jimmy Carter’s policies. Next, I suppose, Obama will advocate the maximum speed limit be 55 mph again. First, let’s point out that he’s full of | Read More »

    The Daily Rush Open Thread

    Well, this was supposed to go up at 12:03 p.m., but somehow did not. So here we are close to 2 o’clock. Let’s make this a general open thread.

    Barack Obama…..Soliloqy, not Substance

    Back in the 1980’s, there was a week end sports anchor at tv station WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. I won’t mention his name here, but people locally will remember him. His performance on the station had been sub-par for some time, and management reached the decision to terminate him. They notified personnel and payroll, and on Monday morning, they called the man in and told | Read More »

    Benjamin Netanyahu calls for Israeli Elections

    Serious Mayhem: A Conservative Policy Arena After learning only yesterday that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be resigning his leadership post, today we learn that the top opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, is calling for new elections. Olmert is under intense scrutiny and facing charges of corrupton. This growing storm has finally taken its toll and forced him not to seek his Kadima party’s nomination. | Read More »

    “The Tools of Free Men”

    There is an excellent article by A.W.R Hawkins on Human Events today. He talks about why the Democrats are against oil, guns and free speech. It’s not a new thesis to most of us, but I liked his rugged, free American approach to the subject. Hawkins also stresses the importance of teaching the costs, meanings and benefits of freedom to our children, so that they | Read More »

    Illinois Towns Repealing Handgun Bans (AP)

    Here’s hoping the trend continues. MORTON GROVE — In 1981, this quiet northern Chicago suburb made history by becoming the first municipality in the nation to ban the possession of handguns. Twenty-seven years later, Morton Grove has repealed its law, bowing to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that affirmed homeowners’ right to keep guns for self-defense. … Wilmette, another Chicago suburb, voted to | Read More »