John McCain, Why This Conservative Supports Him

    Barack Obama is dangerous. That is a well known fact that conservatives understand and why we are so adamant in our opposition to this liberal candidate whose inexperience and lack of substance have no business even running for President much less sitting in the Oval Office. In our zeal to defeat Obama though, we have neglected something that we as conservatives have always been consistent | Read More »

    Gotta keep your sense of humor, Barry.

    Apparently, Obama’s people are having the vapors over McCain’s visible indifference towards smoothing the One’s way through life: The Obama campaign is upset with John McCain far failing to defend Obama from charges leveled by Jerome Corsi in his new book, “The Obama Nation.” But since when is it the job of a presidential candidate to comment on the substance of a book he presumably | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     79 Days until Election Day  August 17, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: McCAIN ON GEORGIAN CRISIS… ‘Georgia remains in line for alliance membership, and I hope NATO will move ahead with a membership track for both Georgia and Ukraine. At the same time, we must make clear to Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the | Read More »

    Dog Kept From Recieving Medical Help Dies

    As a dog owner this is a sad story for me, but at the same time I can’t help to be completely infuriated. A young man and his girlfriend were speeding down a highway in Texas trying to rush their dying dog to a vet clinic in time to save his or her life. Well, along came the highway patrol to pull them over for | Read More »

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    Barack Obama – Doubting Thomas

    In December of 2007 I wrote up this blog, Barack & Clarence’s Memoirs A Stark Contrast. A feathered liberal poster, flyerhawk, pointed out the contrast in the memoirs is because Barack wrote his at the age of 31 and Clarence wrote his at 59. So I accept this explanation, and don’t think about it anymore until Barack tells Pastor Rick he would never have nominated | Read More »

    One of Obama’s mistakes tonight

    I watched Rick Warren’s Saddleback event last night. I thought it was interesting. I thought John McCain won, an opening shared by Zack Exley, a former John Kerry staffer. He called Obama’s performance “disappointing” and notes that he had been coached on a number of issues by evangelical leaders but that Obama “kind of went around in circles”, calling it “a little John Kerryesque”. By | Read More »

    China Agitates To Undermine American Liberties

    It’s bad enough that those living under the heal of tyranny have their God-given rights suppressed, but one expects to hear of this transpiring in less-developed countries that have never really known freedom to begin with. However, things have really gotten out of hand when those living in the United States have to fear for their livelihoods for speaking out against abridgements of liberty occurring | Read More »

    China Agitates To Undermine American Liberties

    It’s bad enough that those living under the heal of tyranny have their God-given rights suppressed, but one expects to hear of this transpiring in less-developed countries that have never really known freedom to begin with. However, things have really gotten out of hand when those living in the United States have to fear for their livelihoods for speaking out against abridgements of liberty occurring | Read More »

    Science Daily: Linking Depression With ‘Americanization’ of Latinas

    Another day another “study” of dubious worth. This time it is Science Daily letting us know that “Latinas” in the United States have high rates of depression because of that dreaded “Americanization” they apparently unfairly face. So now, just the gall-darn, odiousness of becoming “Americanized” is enough to send “Latinas” to the funny farm, I guess. But, it seems to me that this “study” tends | Read More »

    Singer Randy Newman on McCain’s Music List: ‘Then Again, Hitler Liked Some Good Music, You Know?’

    Blender Magazine, self billed as “the ultimate guide to music and more,” is famous for compiling “lists” of music for one thing or another. This month they’ve gone politics with the candidate’s top ten favorite songs as reported by the campaign offices of John McCain and Barack Obama. To make a mountain out of this mole hill, they also invited as commentators on these lists | Read More »

    Union Loses in California, Now Trying to go National

    One of the most annoying sayings in American politics is “what happens in California will next happen in the rest of the country” as if California is always at the cusp of all the good ideas in politics. Well, apparently the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) is finding that old bromide not very helpful because its latest political coup failed to pass in California. So, | Read More »

    Obama gets facts wrong on Bosnia

    Obama on Bosnia at Saddleback 8/16/2008: I THINK YOU TAKE AN EXAMPLE LIKE BOSNIA WHEN WE WENT IN AND UNDOUBTEDLY SAVED LIVES. WE DID NOT HAVE UN APPROVAL BUT THERE WAS A STRONG INTERNATIONAL CASE THAT HAD BEEN MADE THAT ETHNIC CLEANSING WAS TAKING PLACE. Anyone interested in the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama on key issues of conscience should watch the Saddleback | Read More »

    Conviction is the Key for John McCain

    Tonight I saw a Reaganesque John McCain for the first time this campaign.While Barack Obama took great strains to make sure his word choice was even-tilled and didn’t isolate anyone; John McCain demonstrated he is a made of conviction, adhering to basic conservative principles. Whether Rick Warren asked a question regarding abortion, taxation, or “what SCOTUS jurist would you have not nominated”: the major theme | Read More »

    The Magnificently Overrated Electoral Consequences Of The Vice Presidential Sweepstakes

    Now that we are fully in the throes of pure and undiluted obsession as we work to guess who John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential picks will be and as we speculate on whether one pick or another will be able to move a state or an electoral group into the Blue or Red columns respectively, let us remind ourselves anew that when it | Read More »

    I’m afraid that I have to make an announcement.

    Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been really around in the last couple of days. Some of you may have also noticed that I may have seemed slightly behind, as if there was something else going on with me right now. I’m sorry to have to say that if you did, there was a reason for it; and I can guarantee that | Read More »


    McCain Shines, Obama Well…………..

    Leading up to this wonderful and gracious forum with Pastor Rick Warren the Pro-Obama media at MSNBC and NBC were like degenerate gamblers placing bets on two cockroaches racing up a wall in a bar somewhere in Queens. You know, they were saying, “Obama looks to shine with this more open younger evangelical crowd” or, “How many of them do you think Obama will gain?” | Read More »

    An Open Challenge To The House Of Representatives

    The Constitution requires a simple majority to be present for the House to conduct business. I have a challenge for each member of the GOP, and any Democrat who now suggests they support legislation to allow offshore drilling. Block a quorum, and do NOT return to Capitol Hill until October 2nd. You guys are still out on your 5 week vacation, and we’re all still | Read More »

    Meet John McCain

    Thank you to Rick Warren for this candid and honest forum for the 2008 Presidential candidates. It was a wonderful forum without the confrontation and bickering that occurs in debates. Thank you Pastor Warren for using your public platform to help people make an informed decision in this critical election!

    Where is Your Common Sense, America?

    Thomas Paine speaks to this generation! He is good (New York accent aside, the real Paine would have had an English accent!). This guy is passionate and spot on in his commentary.

    Saddleback Church debate analysis

    Crossposted at It was surprising that Charles Krauthammer on FoxNews felt Obama looked relaxed and confident. That wasn’t the case at all. Obama looked tight and worked harder to avoid mistakes than to give confident answers. His choices of heroes were nice sounding and “safe” but lacked thoughtfulness. He remains canned and vapid in his responses even in this relaxed forum. His most poor | Read More »

    Kudos to Rick Warren

    Back on August 13, I posted an open letter to Rick Warren asking him not to leave the abortion issue out of his candidate forum with John McCain and Barack Obama. He didn’t leave it out. Looks like my fears were unfounded. Good on you, Pastor Warren.

    Saddleback Conversation (Server Test V 1.0)

    Well it’s almost time for the “conversation” from Saddleback Church, so I am posting this as an open thread. This is also going to turn into a test of RS 3.0 and the servers, hence the Server Test V 1.0 title. I hope Neil and company don’t mind and will cross their fingers as the balloon goes up and this first pseudo debate open thread. | Read More »

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    Paging Team McCain: This is the type of ad you should run in the near future. Americans need to know about Senator Obama’s extreme views on abortion. (LvDC)

    Weekend Blockbusters Abound

    Don’t care which party has em, if they are Republicans, throw em under the bus. In this case it is Conrad and Dodd which are on the radar for accepting “special deals.”Part of the arguments you will hear, is “I didn’t know if was special treatment.” Hmm.. well frankly, if that is the case, then they have NO business chairing thos committees which oversee the | Read More »

    Happy Birthday, Ramesh

    How about an open thread for Ramesh Ponnuru’s birthday.

    Lunch Money and Liberals

    I have long believed that if my father hadn’t intervened during the second grade, I might have grown up a liberal. In 1961, my dad was transferred to Hickam AFB on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. I was seven years old. My parents believed in living on the local economy (rather than in base housing) so that we could experience the culture. That worked | Read More »


    Watt, Dems’ war against the poor: Raises gas/food prices, razes homeowner walls

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report In 445 B.C. the Persian King Artaxerxes sent Nehemiah, an Israelite who was a trusted official, to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Mel Watt (D-NC) joined most of his fellow Democrats (and not too few Republicans) last month is passing a law arbitrarily bailing out over 300,000 sub-prime loans guaranteed by | Read More »

    Barack Obama on Taxes

    The Wall Street Journal reports that once again the United States is second only to Japan for the highest corporate tax rate at 39.9% average (federal and state combined). This is 50% higher than the average of our international competitors combined and only strengthens the argument that American companies are becoming less competitive globally because of our domestic policies. Our corporations remain strong enough for | Read More »

    Not Our Enemies But Our Own Label Us As Cowards and Killers

    NBC(what a surprise right?) led the charge of different media takes on the current Russia/Georgia conflict. On CNN Anderson Cooper reported the news with a graphic in the background that read: “Impotent America?” Retired Army Col. Jack Jacobs wrote an article calling us, “All Hat and No Cattle” Why the usual suspects over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann all but placed blame on | Read More »

    Primary Day Today WY, WA (Sneak Peak 26th Tuesday AK, FL)

    Primary Day this Tuesday in Wyoming and Washington State. The following Tuesday huge primaries in Alaska and Florida. Then by early September primaries in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, and some other states will determine who the Republican party nominates in some key Congress races and also a US Senate Race. Here is what to look for: *Tuesday August 19th * Wyoming Congress AL Seat Open | Read More »

    Obama Campaign To Prospective Ticket Holders: First Serving, First Served

    More anguish for those who think that the Obama campaign’s words aren’t “just words” There seems to be a suspicious favoritism toward those who volunteer or donate to the Obama campaign when it comes to a “raffle” for tickets to Obama’s planned speech at Invesco Field. As one Obama fan says in the article: (The campaign) “mentioned on the news that it wasn’t going to | Read More »

    Romney Not Right Choice for VP

    For some time now, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has been mentioned as one of the front runners to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate. But is Romney really a smart choice? Earlier this week, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who opposed Romney for Republican presidential nomination, made an excellent point saying: “I think a lot of people, not just social conservatives, but a | Read More »

    founding fathers save US !

    The president is not an old-style monarch, empowered in wartime to make up rules as he goes along to defend his subjects. He is not the law. He must obey the law, as all citizens must. And in a series of actions and decisions after 9/11, President George W Bush in effect broke the law, violated his oath of office and pushed the limits of | Read More »

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    Ruffini Predicts: Hillary for VP?

    Patrick Ruffini thinks Obama’s VP vetting is nothing more than a head fake and predicts the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee will choose Hillary as his running mate.

    Obama campaign breaks anti-soft-money commitments

    The LA times has exposed a nice little bit of hypocrisy from Barack Obama’s campaign. His campaign is now directly soliciting high-six-figure checks from unions: In an example of the campaign’s late-innings effort, a very senior Obama campaign official called the political director of one of the largest labor unions about two weeks ago and asked for a $500,000 contribution on top of a similar | Read More »

    Colorado Education Association Cooks The Books

    H/T to Mount Virtus During the 2004 Colorado Senate (14th District) election campaign, the Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the Poudre, Colorado Education Association (PEA) gave material assistance to the Bob Bacon (D-Fort Collins) campaign. This assistance included using staff for mailings and emails to union members, and recruiting members and non-members for campaign volunteer work. Colorado law, like that in many other states, prohibits | Read More »

    Re: Quotes

    Add them to the enemies of freedom list.

    Howard Dean Plays Race Card, Media Folds

    **Video Below the Fold** Barack Obama has been fond of playing the race card in this campaign telling his enraptured audiences that Republicans will attack him because he’s black, even though no GOP candidate or campaign has done so to date. But, Obama is a newcomer to the racemongering game when compared to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. True to form, in a recent | Read More »

    Liberals are meaner, cheaper, more willing to steal than Conservatives

    Peter Schweizer, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, has a new book out that is sure to drive the loony left, well, even loonier. In the new book Makers and Takers, Schweizer tells us “why conservatives work harder, feel happier, have closer families, take fewer drugs, give more generously, value honesty more, are less materialistic” than lefties in America. This from his website: Seventy-one | Read More »

    Invented ‘News’

    Remember during Bush’s run for the White House in 2000 when it was announced that Dick Cheney was his choice for vice president and the media meme became that Cheney added “gravitas” to the ticket? This is a small example of manufactured news. It wasn’t the fact that Cheney added much to the ticket, but that the media universally adopted a single word to describe | Read More »

    Kill Your Baby If You Must, It’s OK, But We’ll Hand Out Jillions If Some Of You Keep One

    That appears to be the latest Obama marketing strategy for pandering to the pro-life crowd at least. Sadly, there might just be something to this grand little master-stroke from the soulless Messiah. Over the years since Roe, many of us have said that we MUST improve the options for expectant Mothers such that they wouldn’t even dream of killing their babies. From improving the adoption | Read More »

    The markets stick it to the Ronulans

    Gold prices are collapsing, says Bloomberg: Gold fell below $800 an ounce Friday, capping the biggest weekly slide in 25 years, as the dollar surged against the euro, reducing the appeal of the metal as an alternative investment. Silver dropped as much as 14 percent. The dollar headed for a fifth straight weekly gain against the euro as economies in Europe slow. Gold generally moves | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 8-16-2008

    DaysUntil Election Day: 80 August 16, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: MICHIGAN MATTERS…taped "Michigan Matters" with Carol Cain, which will air this weekend. "Michigan Matters" airs Saturday on CBS Detroit at 11 a.m. and is repeated on Sunday on CW 50 at 11:00 a.m.  We talk about McCain, Kwame and Russia. HUGHS SULLIVAN LIVE…CANDIDATE FORUMS…CONGRESS HOEKSTRA MONDAY…on August 18th, this Monday, tune in and hear Congressman Pete | Read More »

    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: a preview

    For Sunday, July 27, 2008 FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace opens with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice regarding Russia, the he turns to former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, supposed McCain veep shortlister. This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos starts with SecDef Bob Gates to discuss Putin’s dangerous tantrum, then he turns to surrogates: Tom Daschle for Obama and Mitt Romney for McCain. Meet | Read More »

    Let’s Have Ourselves Some Popcorn

    I have to say that I agree with this analysis. The Obama campaign most certainly had to make sure that it accommodated certain of the Clinton campaign’s requests to ensure that Hillary and Bill Clinton got respectful treatment at the Democratic National Convention. But Obama and his team may very well have given the store away and the Clinton team is now primed and poised | Read More »

    Can’t Get Much Closer

    McCain and Obama are all tied up in Gallup.

    Protectionism In The Newspaper Industry?

    Somehow, I don’t think that this will come about. The question, of course, is why we should have to put up with similar pronouncements when other industries are forced to adapt to changes that fundamentally alter the nature of those industries. Resorting to knee-jerk protectionism in the hypothetical that Dan Griswold discusses is plainly silly. But there are a whole host of other situations as | Read More »

    Squeezing More Political Oil From The Rock

    Nancy Pelosi appears to be bound and determined to play into Republican hands when it comes to the issue of allowing more offshore drilling: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday firmly rejected the idea of a House vote solely on the issue of offshore oil drilling, calling it “a hoax on the American people” backed by oil companies. Instead, she said, she wants Congress to | Read More »

    And The Campaign Season Gets Juvenile

    The latest meme appears to be something along the lines of “Vote Against John McCain Because He Is Short And Doesn’t Dress Like A GQ Model!” Really, some people could not possibly be more ridiculous. If I am wrong about that, I am deeply afraid. Of course, it is entirely possible that the latest potshots from the political cheap seats stem from fear: John McCain | Read More »

    The Bear Goes Berserk

    The cloud of war obscures much, but can anyone imagine a warfaring party that has gone as off the deep end as have the Russians? I mean, consider: A top Russian general said Friday that Poland’s agreement to accept a U.S. missile interceptor base exposes the ex-communist nation to attack, possibly by nuclear weapons, the Interfax news agency reported. The statement by Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn | Read More »