BHO “accomplishment”

    Why doesn’t the MSM report on this?


    Just the tip of BHO scummy iceberg

    We need to put the heatlamp back on BHO.Britol Palin’s child can look back in pride as we dump this scumbag.

    A young Republican

    During my childhood I grew up in a house full of republicans. My dad, mom, grandparents were all republicans. During High School and college I was rebelling and didn’t vote mostly because of lack of interest and not seeing how one person could affect the whole nation. Call it stupidity or ignorance, but I wasn’t even willing to listen to candidates speak on issues regarding | Read More »

    A young Republican

    During my childhood I grew up in a house full of republicans. My dad, mom, grandparents were all republicans. During High School and college I was rebelling and didn’t vote mostly because of lack of interest and not seeing how one person could affect the whole nation. Call it stupidity or ignorance, but I wasn’t even willing to listen to candidates speak on issues regarding | Read More »

    BHO – the communist exposed

    Great reading: Democratic party is not democratic, it should be re-named the New Socialist Party.

    All Shook Up

    Democrats sure are angry this election year. We seen glimpses of it during the primary where they basically assassinated Hillary and Bill Clinton’s character and drew rifle fire upon them. There’s this sense of power driven anger that I’m seeing from not only the party itself but from the leftist blogs. In part well, they have their Jesus Christ. So they’re going to get fired | Read More »

    What Gov. Palin Needs To Say Tonight

    Tonight’s speech at the Republican National Convention by vice presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is probably the most important convention speech in memory by a vice presidential candidate. Gov. Palin made a smashingly good impression with her initial appearance on Friday, but her relative inexperience combined with a ferocious left-wing/media assault on her and her family has left a lot of the public up | Read More »

    The AP and Gannett further in the tank for Obama

    The (Gannett) Tennessean headlined on the top of page 2A an AP story by Matt Apuzzo “Campaign cash hurts Palin’s image”. The subhead was: “More potentially embarrassing details emerge”. No shame here. They are all in the tank.Since they buy the feed and the stories, they get to edit to their liking. The Gannett version left out the last five sentences, in effect, editing out | Read More »

    The Great Reconciler: Sarah Palin Brings Rush Limbaugh and John McCain Closer

    I do not usually have the time or opportunity to listen to conservative talk radio, (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage (?!)etc.) But I do skim through their transcripts on-line, and know that in general they were highly skeptical, disappointed, and perhaps even halfway angry about John McCain being the candidate.Lately they seem much more enthusiastic about John McCain right now. So what | Read More »

    Economics 101

    While everyone is caught up in the Palin vs. MSM controversy, some important points fly by without the attention they deserve.One of the points Fred made in his speech last night cannot be made often or strongly enough… Now our opponents tell you not to worry about their tax increases. They tell you they are not going to tax your family. No, they’re just going | Read More »

    Gay Congressman Says Kids Are Fair Game

    Barney Frank, one of two openly gay members of Congress and a prominent voice on gay rights, told the Associated Press that it’s okay to go after kids in a political campaign.The AP reports that Frank is among is among the first Democrats to publicly say Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s family background should be fair game for campaign discussion.Frank also said that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s | Read More »

    Simply Hypocrisy

    As a woman, I am insulted by the way liberals and liberal media are treating Mrs. Palin. Here is something I wrote that express my concern over their hypocrisy:Simply HypocrisyLiberals across American take pride in their liberal values that give women the right to choose, equal pay for equal work, equal education, and to be leaders at home and in society. Yet, when a woman | Read More »

    Fight Back by Donating

    Folks, it is time for us to fight back. With the nomination of Sarah Palin, the media have really let the masks slip.Donate to the RNC Victory Fund.Right now, the “coverage” the major media networks are providing for the Republican National Convention ought to count as an in-kind contribution to Barack Obama’s campaign. In the middle of Fred Thompson’s primetime stemwinder speech, I switched over | Read More »

    Fighting Back

    I myself and going to go have a conversation with the Manager of my local grocery store with whom I am friendly with and have shopped there for the last 5 years and explain my displeasure and request they remove US weekly from their shelves.I know some of you will say that I am calling for removal of the people’s right to KNOW and the | Read More »

    Quote of the Day: William Saletan.

    As Ace notes, Saletan bent over backward to keep Chelsea Clinton off of the list; but Ace also notes that he probably had to, in order to get the basic argument published. So be it.Saletan, walking through recent single daughters-of-candidates-and-Presidents/VPs, their surprising lack of pregnancies, and the reason why it’s surprising, finishes up with the rather harsh conclusion:> If any of these daughters conceived, but | Read More »

    NYT Newsflash: The people Palin beat don’t like her

    Today’s New York Times has a story about Sarah Palin’s critics in Alaska. These are the “facts” that they use in the story:They quote the guy she beat for Mayor of Wasilia.They quote a Democratic city council member who says that Palin did something but doesn’t corroborate. The person who could have corroborated refused to comment.They note a guy who she fired and who sued | Read More »

    Why Sarah Palin is the Most Remarkable Media Phenomenon in Recent Memory

    Beyond any doubt, Sarah Palin is the most remarkable media phenomenon of the year, and perhaps of several years.Last week, she was “Sarah Who?” This week, she and her baby will be on the cover of a Hollywood celebrity-dish rag, as if she were Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.Completely lost in the volcanic paroxysm of mass-media anger, incredulity and blatant sexism are the plain facts | Read More »

    Another look at Fred Thompson’s Speech

    Let’s take a different look at some of the stuff Fred Thompson said in his speech:1) *Palin ran “the largest state in the union.” *Good point, because we know how much work goes into governing all those vast expanses of unbridled nature. The fact of the matter is there are 19 cities in the country with more people than Alaska.2) *When referencing Obama there are | Read More »

    What is the Alaska Independence Party?

    Since the nomination of Sarah Palin, the MSM has been reporting that in the 1990s she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which is routinely described as a “secessionist” group. The McCain campaign has released her voter registration records, showing her to be a member of the Republican Party continuously, but some in the press still want to make something of the Alaska | Read More »

    Why is Arianna Huffington such a hate monger, socialists, leftist, extremists?

    If the media ends up giving out awards for “most hateful” towards the 17 year old Palin girl, Arianna Huffington will surely be a contender. Wondering how in the world someone could be so mean, mad and hateful, a search provided clues:“The couple (Arianna & Michael Huffington) divorced in 1997, and in 1998 Michael Huffington disclosed his bisexuality. A 1999 magazine article claimed that Arianna | Read More »

    Losing one of our Four Freedoms, will MSM care?

    **Freedom of Speech, Press. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Assembly & Freedom from want. In our General Election this November, the choice is clear. Socialism or Capitalism. Our Decision will be in effect immediately after the November results are in. The Transition Teams are running in place.These freedoms are precious. Already, the MSM has opted for support to Mr. Obama’s General Election Campaign. The bias, | Read More »

    American Pride and Personal Triumph: Thoughts on Day 1 (take 2) of the Republican National Convention

    I had a really bad day yesterday. I’m not going to waste anybody’s (or my) time in describing it, but suffice to say, I came home in not the best of moods.Tuning in to the Republican National Convention, I started on MSNBC, which my wife had begun recording for me until I got home. The team of Olbermann and Matthews (among the least professional news | Read More »

    World War III is Around the Corner

    Obama once stated that the Iranian threat is small compared to the old Soviet Union threat.He might have changed his stand on that like he has on many foreign policy issues.The Iranian threat is deadly serious.That country is hell bent on building a nuclear program.Iranian President Mahmoud’s Ahmadinejad’s is a nut. He is looking forward to the world to end so that his Messiah Allah | Read More »

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    MI Morning Update 9-3-2008

    62 Days Until Election DaySeptember 3, 2008MORNING UPDATE:CONVENTION ACTIVITIES…BREAKFAST…Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land hosted yesterdays breakfast. She had guest from Chrysler and AT&T address our delegation. We were able to secure a very special guest to fill in for Governor Haley Barbour…our First Lady Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush delivered a great message and stressed how important Michigan could be and said Michigan could be | Read More »

    Class, Decency and Andrew Sullivan; Which of These Three Does Not Belong?

    Let’s just say I really disliked my neighbor, or just someone who participated in public life. Now let’s say that neighbor or public figure suffers the misfortune of having a child with an extra chromosome. At that point, I could call it a day. No matter how much I hated that particular individual, I could consider them taken care. Game over, Nemesis has this one.

    Sarah Palin, Live From St. Paul

    At 6:29 a.m. CDT, Sarah Palin is on the floor in St. Paul. She’s prepping for her big speech tonight. she looks confident. She does not, at all, look intimidated.We’ll see what happens with the crowd shows up, but right now, it looks like Sarah Palin has her game face on.

    Palin Is a Porkbuster, Plain and Simple

    Few would argue that Sen. Jim DeMint is one of the Senate’s top reformers when it comes to pork-barrel spending. But even DeMint only recently kicked the habit.It was less than two years ago that the South Carolina Republican swore off earmarks after the GOP’s drubbing in November 2006. DeMint now calls himself a “recovering earmarker” who equates pork-barrel spending to a disease.My point is | Read More »

    Will Congressman Heath Shuler Debate Carl Mumpower?

    The congressman has already fled me once when faced with a question of debating his challenger. Watch what happens when I ask the question again…If you think Congressman Shuler should debate Carl Mumpower and Keith Smith, please call his offices and ask why won’t he?Has he been captured by Washington Values?Washington Number (202) 225-6401Asheville Number (828) 252-1651I am sure we would all benefit from seeing | Read More »

    TROLL vs. MOBY

    Pardon my ignorance, but, I’m new to the blogoshere. What is the difference between a troll and a moby?

    Coping with Senility: The Joe Biden Edition

    Jake Tapper, hardest working man in the 08 cycle, continues his coverage of the ever declining mental faculties of Joe Biden, Senator. For all the coverage given the family affairs of Governor Sarah Palin, precious little has been given to the rambling, bizarre statements of Smilin’ Joe Biden since his convention speech. And there’s so much good stuff here, too! Just the other day in | Read More »

    Unreported: Montana Governor’s ‘Senior Counsel’ Not Licensed to Practice Law in State! (Democrat, of Course)

    There is an ethics squabble going on in Montana perpetrated by the senior counsel to the Democrat Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer. It has been revealed that the Governor’s “senior counsel,” a man named Eric Stern, has been caught trying to “back-door” the judge in a case in which he is involved on behalf of Governor Schweitzer. The ethics violation is bad enough, but it | Read More »

    Unreported: Montana Governor’s ‘Senior Counsel’ Not Licensed to Practice Law in State! (Democrat, of Course)

    There is an ethics squabble going on in Montana perpetrated by the senior counsel to the Democrat Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer. It has been revealed that the Governor’s “senior counsel,” a man named Eric Stern, has been caught trying to “back-door” the judge in a case in which he is involved on behalf of Governor Schweitzer. The ethics violation is bad enough, but it | Read More »

    More Milwaukee Voter Fraud… Guess What Party?

    Milwaukee has discovered some more voter fraud with 10 more voter registration workers are being investigated by Wisconsin authorities. Fittingly, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covered the story in its paper on August 29. Unfittingly, the Journal Sentinel forgot one, tiny aspect of the story… that the voter fraud was perpetrated by Democrats. In fact, one of the organizations, ACORN, is intimately linked with Barack Obama. | Read More »

    Sarah Palin and McCain {Hi.}

    {I have a brunch to go to, so no replacement McCain/Palin video today. Sorry, folks. – Moe Lane}

    LiLo and the Hockey Mom

    You know things are getting a little out of hand when even Lindsay Lohan notices. So, yeah – it’s out of hand. But be thankful at least that this hilarious overreach has led to what may be the smartest column Joe Trippi has ever written (I know, I didn’t think he had it in him either).It’s a fundamental rejection of the idea, popular in some | Read More »

    What We Should Expect from Sarah Palin’s Convention Speech

    Matt Scully is a long time speechwriter for a vast horde of politicians on the right, and he’s a very talented one. I had the good fortune to work alongside him at the White House, and wrote a little about him and his relationship with Mike Gerson here.It’s somewhat amusing to me that Matt has been tasked with writing Sarah Palin’s convention speech, according to | Read More »

    ELECTION PROJECTION HIATUS (and a plea to RedStaters)

    As I feel it is foolish to even update a projection in the middle of two conventions’ conflicting bounces, I will, unless otherwise noted, refrain from any updates to my projections until (at the earliest) Tuesday of next week. Polling data from the swing states will only begin to reflect the real winner next week (and methinks thats why PPP, Razzy, Susa, Zomgsby, and the | Read More »

    oh yeah of change; or no change at all

    Barrack obama is the candidate for “change” there is now noooo.. doubt in anyones mind of that. he wants change so bad he proposes one of the largest tax hikes in U.S history,paid for by the dwindling tax base of everyday workers. He suffers for change so he proposes creating a large buerocratic health care system that will have citisens waiting in line for minor | Read More »

    Biden: Palin is Qualified to be VP

    Joe Biden was asked about Governor Palin’s qualifications:Biden said he doesn’t know (Gov) Palin but, “(everything) I know about her, there’s no reason not to respect her and believe she’s qualified to be the vice president.”More Biden:”If you get elected governor of a state, you’re qualified, and she’s apparently a very popular governor.” Biden said Tuesday night in an interview with the Herald-Tribune. “Qualified to | Read More »

    I usually enjoy the history, but now I am just angry

    I am usually one of the conservatives who hates to point to a media bias as the reason we face uphill battles around election season. My response has always been, “We simply need to speak louder and convince more people.”However, the modern Internet and mainstream media lynching I have witnessed recently has disgusted me to the core. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. There | Read More »

    Yes Virginia, There Is Tremendous Progress In Iraq

    I haven’t touched on this story because I took the day off yesterday. But it is too important to go unmentioned:Two years ago, Anbar Province was the most lethal place for American forces in Iraq. A U.S. marine or soldier died in the province nearly every day, and the provincial capital, Ramadi, was a moonscape of rubble and ruins. Islamic extremists controlled large pieces of | Read More »

    There Are Days That I Wish The Internet Had Never Been Invented

    Matters are quite simple:The fact that Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant and will carry the baby to term while marrying the soon-to-be father is the business of no one but the Palin family.The bottom-feeding that is going on in various portions of the Blogosphere concerning this story is nothing short of appalling–which thankfully, some people are beginning to recognize:

    Oil Prices And Godot

    I am still awaiting mea culpas from those who believed that “price gouging” and “speculation” were behind the increases in oil prices earlier this year. As is once again being made clear, supply and demand are the key determinants behind the price of oil–as with the price of other products and commodities–and it is supply and demand that is currently lowering the price of oil:Oil | Read More »

    Ah, Joe Biden . . .

    Always good for a laugh, or sixty three.

    Attacks on Palin Getting on the Fighting Side of Me

    Podcast Show NotesAttacks on Governor’s Palin’s faith, coupled with a dedicated cadre of leftist extremists who’ll do anything to win (Hat Tip: The Corner.) including a media dump of personal Palin information are getting some conservatives fighting mad.The Decency of Meghan McCain.Obama mouths off another challenge to a foreign policy after having issued several challenges in the past and declining to appear.Obama blunders and shoves abortion | Read More »

    Viral Video: Barack Obama Says Sarah Palin Has “Zero” Experience…Let’s See!

    A must see…pass it on.

    McCain, the new better choice

    In the stages of the primary campaign, when it was clear that McCain would be the nominee, I as a true conservative came to grips with the fact that McCain, though not truly a conservative was a better choice than ANYTHING the other side had to offer. Yet, with his VP choice, he has further solidified that fact. I thought he needed to go conservative | Read More »

    The Alaskan Independence Party

    Alaska has a serious libertarian element. It also has an old Bircher, Minutemen, Patriots in Action element. When RFK went after the Minutemen and the Patriots, N. B. Hunt and his buddies put up the money to move a bunch of them to Alaska. Not coincidentally, they settled in the Matanuska Valley. For those of you on the dark side of the Moon the last | Read More »

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    What’s the job of a Senator?

    There was a priceless moment near the end of Greta’s show tonight. There’s nothing to link to yet, but perhaps someone else can add whether they saw it and were similarly floored. I don’t know how Greta didn’t fall off her chair.She was interviewing some Obama staffer, and the end of the exchange went something like this:Greta: Did Senator Obama ever introduce legislation to end | Read More »


    Universal Health Care- Is It Fair?

    As a student of modern economics, I feel that when we take a look at the broad picture of universal health care, we should all be able to agree that it is not economically reasonable or fair for that matter.I’m sure most of you have heard the joke, “If America had free health care, where would the Canadians go?” As funny as this is, there | Read More »