MI Morning Update

     90 Days until Election Day  August 6, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: HOUSE REPUBLICANS…who cleared the primary yesterday promise to be the best crop of challengers we’ve had in years.  Republicans need to win 4 seats to gain a majority and stop the tax and spend Democrats. McCAIN TAKES BACK THE ISSUES…with his visit to Michigan, the McCain campaign has Obama talking "our issues"…jobs and energy.  McCain | Read More »

    The Energy Call to Arms Continues

    It seems unlikely that flight attendants working Continental’s afternoon service between Washington and Houston regularly field requests from passengers looking to leave the plane just minutes before it’s scheduled to take off. But the request one received from Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) this past Friday was no ordinary appeal – and neither were the circumstances that led Republicans to storm the floor of the U.S. | Read More »

    Jake Tapper, Politifacts, and Barack Obama’s Claim About Inflating Tires

    Jake Tapper has up a post quoting Politifact.com’s claim that Barack Obama is right on the inflating your tires thing. Tapper also quotes statements by the government in 1990. They say: overinflate your tires (that saves 50,000 barrels of oil a day). They also say: overinflate your tires, drive more slowly, and join car pools (those measures in total will save 7 million gallons of | Read More »

    MI:13 Congressional, 50th House District Vote for Change!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. The victory celebration had to wait until early Wednesday morning.  Long-time incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick snuck by a pair of challengers at the polls yesterday but the race was so tight nearly 80% of the precincts were reporting before there was any indication Kwame’s mom had actually held on through the storm. Meanwhile, in Davison (the 50th House | Read More »

    I’d say this is the pot calling the kettle black, but Obama’s supporters would call me racist.

    John McCain is out promoting nuclear energy and Obama’s response is to accuse McCain of being divisive. Oh wait, maybe it’s not just the nuclear issue. Maybe it’s because McCain is daring to fight back. “When John McCain’s campaign goes out there and starts saying things like I’d rather lose the war to win an election or when he says that somehow I didn’t want | Read More »

    Democrats Nervous that John McCain Might Give Them a Fight

    The Democrats are like Israelites. The Israelites wandered through the desert seeing great miracles of God. Nonetheless, when the Israelites made it to the promised land, they were fearful of the Canaanites and wanted to flee. God punished them. The Democrats have wandered in the Presidential political wilderness for a long time. Yet Obama has shown them great wonders. He beat the Clintons. He brought | Read More »

    Mazen Asbahi Resigns As Barack Obama’s “Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs.”

    Well this won’t be too helpful for Barack “I have a funny middle name” Obama. The Muslim-outreach coordinator to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has resigned amid questions about his involvement in an Islamic investment fund and various Islamic groups.Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, who was appointed volunteer national coordinator for Muslim American affairs by the Obama campaign on July 26, stepped down Monday after | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh Daily Open Thread

    Okay, so I forgot this yesterday. The show is about to start. Have at it in the open thread.

    Where is the leadership on energy?

    We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — Erick In recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies | Read More »

    McCain-The only candidate I could take seriously.

    McCain-The only candidate I could take seriously. McCain has proven himself time and time again to work with Senators and Representatives in DC and get the job done. With Obama’s 3 Votes opposing protecting babies who survive abortion (born Alive Infant Protection Act) in Illinois, I cannot take Obama seriously as a candidate. I wouldn’t vote for Obama as a neighborhood leader, let alone the | Read More »


    Reading McCain’s web page, Ethics Reform

    I think McCain considers accepting or demanding bribes from grant and/or job recipients to be wrong, and calls such funds “pork barrel earmarks,” and I think he also opposes bribes from rich people and from labor unions and considers lobbyists to be a nuisance. I think his web site says he will veto pork barrel earmarks and expose those trying to get bribes, and that | Read More »

    Populist Demagoguery Knows No Party Identification

    The best kind of person to have in one’s life is someone who will be both a fair-weather critic and a foul-weather friend. When things are going fine and dandy for a given individual, that person will benefit from having another offer gentle–and sometimes, not-so-gentle–reminders that all glory is fleeting. On the flip side, when even your own mother doesn’t like you, having the support | Read More »

    Points For Persistence . . .

    But not much else; while Venezuelans had rejected efforts by Hugo Chavez to essentially install himself as dictator for life, it now appears that Chavez is back to his old tricks: Opponents of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela are up in arms over a raft of decree laws they say replicate constitutional reforms rejected by voters last year. A package of 26 laws, enacted on | Read More »


    The latest results are somewhat mixed. First, Obama has received some good news in that he appears to have regained a modest lead over McCain in the latest Gallup survey. However, there is bad news as well: Barack Obama has lost ground among some of his strongest bases of support, including young people, women, Democrats and independents, according to a new ATV/Zogby poll. The Illinois | Read More »

    “Et Tu, William?”

    Even if Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the Vice Presidential nod–and she won’t–Bill Clinton will be sure to attach himself to the Obama campaign in the role of Prime Nuisance: Bill Clinton regrets some things he said – and didn’t say – on the campaign trail. But there’s one thing he still can’t utter: Barack Obama is ready to be President. “You can argue that nobody | Read More »

    How Potent Is The “Drill Now” Message?

    Potent enough that even as Nancy Pelosi opposes it, she is compelled to tell members of the House Democratic Caucus that they can feel free to dissent from her hard line. Now that this fissure is public, it would behoove the GOP to shine a big, gleaming spotlight on it and see what it can do about emphasizing and increasing the differences between House Democrats | Read More »

    Why the lag or why the same lead

    For the last few weeks, the Polls have been stuck where they are. Inspite of the Celebrity tour of the World, Obama’s lead has stayed where it is or rather, it has shrunk.However, while we gloat over that fact, Sen. John McCain has not taken the lead either. In a way this is nice, as it keeps it close and keeps our candidate with the | Read More »


    Missouri Primary Election Report Synopsis

    The Missouri Primary Election was held Tuesday, August 5th. As of 11:40PM, only a few precincts had not reported. Congressman Kenny Hulshof defeated State Treasurer Sarah Steelman in a hotly contested Republican primary. Kenny will be facing “Wrong Way” Jay Nixon in the general.At this time, there were more Republican votes in the governor’s primary than Democrat votes. I take this as a promising sign | Read More »

    I knew I had heard that before……………….

    “What worries me most is that people will let the perfect become the enemy of the good, and in this area, that’s catastrophic.” -Dianne Feinstein quoted in the SF Chronicle, February 24, 2007. Doesn’t Obama ever deliver an original line? Would you believe I stumbled on this just clearing a stack of stuff out of the garage? Time to line the birdcage…………… Oh, I almost | Read More »


    OR Senate Poll (Smith Looks Good)

    Smith 49% Merkley 37% Brownlow 8% Constitution 3 Months to Election, Incumbent Smith 12 Atop Merkley in Bid to Hold US Senate Seat for GOP: In an election for United States Senator in Oregon today, 08/05/08, incumbent Republican Gordon Smith retains his seat, fighting off Democrat Jeff Merkley, the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, 49% to 37%, according to this KATU-TV news poll | Read More »

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    Will 2008 Be A Re-Aligning Year? Part III of V

    The “Great Man”/Inorganic Theory Of Re-alignment It is now time to discuss our initial set of maps. Map A is the map of McCain counties and Huckabee counties from the 2008 primaries. McCain’s counties are in blue, Huckabee’s counties are in red. Map B is the DeMint-Tenenbaum 2004 Senate race. Map C is the second Democratic gubernatorial primary between Burnet Maybank and Wyndham Manning. Counties | Read More »

    Will 2008 Be A Re-Aligning Year? Part II of V

    Landslides as re-alignments  The easiest alignment theory to dispense with is the idea that we will know it has happened by its size. The gist of the theory as proposed by Bowers is that a 400+ electoral landslide would be a re-aligning election. Of course, this would be noteworthy, given that the Democrats have only won more than 51% of the popular vote once since | Read More »

    Will 2008 Be A Re-Aligning Year? Part I of V

    I ran this series at Race42008.com and TheNextRight.com (my usual haunts) that I thought I would re-publish here, where I believe the readership would especially enjoy the series. We begin our exercise with four maps.   Obviously these are maps of South Carolina, and they represent four different elections. Take a look at them closely, and decide for yourself what the similarities are, if any. | Read More »

    Annnnd McCain pulls out the win on *le affaire Hilton*.

    There’s no earthly reason why the Obama campaign couldn’t have gotten something out on the Paris Hilton rebuttal video first, after all (Bolding mine.): John McCain’s mouthpiece has responded to Paris Hilton’s stinging retort — but he’s not attacking Hiltie! In the unkindest cut of all, McCain’s spokesperson Tucker Bounds tells TMZ that on the subject of energy, Paris is deeper than Barack. He says, | Read More »

    I Just Realized That The “Obama Girl” Youtube Clips Are Racist

    <New York Times Logic> The “Obama Girl” clips interspersed images of a scantily clad white girl with those of Barack Obama. –Which tapped into white sexual phobias. –Which was clearly an appeal to barely suppressed racism. –Which means that they were racist. And how can anyone vote for a man whose own “supporters” are employing racist tropes against him–thereby showing that a vote for Obama | Read More »

    McCain leads Obama by 15 points with Catholics

    So saith Zogby. Needless to say, this is excellent news for McCain.

    Oy: Liberals Confused over the Dates of McCain’s latest ad

    Liberals are having a fit today over John McCain’s latest ad. “He’s The Original Maverick” started today and already the libs are shaking their heads over it all. Even though the ads says nothing of the sort, libs are claiming McCain is distancing himself from George W. Bush with this line, “Washington’s broken — John McCain knows it…” And they are completely lost with the | Read More »

    Vive le Paris!

    Via HotAir, I had the dubious pleasure of watching a Paris Hilton video tonight. Hold on, now, it’s not what you think. See more funny videos at Funny or Die The marginally humorous clip raises an important question: Should Paris Hilton be the next President of the United States of America? Let’s look at her many positives. President Paris would represent a fundamental change in | Read More »

    Harpers Magazine’s Production of “Obama’s In The House!” Starring Tyra Banks

    I saw this picture in an article, and it occurred to me, who are we to suggest he is presumptuous or an elitist? Can you get any more inference in one photograph? Then I saw this next picture… And wondered if I could try out for the role of Barack Obama in the next shoot!LOL!

    The 10th Amendment Dies Quietly

    5 Counts of Distributing Drugs. That is what Charles Lynch was found guilty of today. He was the owner of a Morrow Bay marijuana dispensary. He dispensed with the blessing of State Law (and in accordance with it)… and now he’s going to be getting five years (minimum).Read the shameful story here. He was accused of, among other things, distributing to children. The Children in | Read More »

    Let Them Eat Cake

    That’s Nancy Pelosi’s attitude toward struggling Americans. But instead of cake, its gas. The Politico: But what looks like intraparty tension on the surface is part of an intentional strategy in which Pelosi takes the heat on energy policy, while behind the scenes she’s encouraging vulnerable Democrats to express their independence if it helps them politically, according to Democratic aides on and off Capitol Hill.Pelosi’s | Read More »

    Owls say “who?” Hawks say “how?”

    While reading the National Review Online‘s blog, The Corner, I came across this entry by Lisa Schiffren – Pak help for Afghan “militants” is old news – and I must admit that it set me off: The CIA has known all this forever. Nonetheless, the Agency made a deal with ISI early in the 1980s, which led to funneling covert US money for the Afghan | Read More »

    Queen Nancy

    Mark this day on your calendars, August 1, 2008. This is the day government of, by and for the people took a major hit from Queen Nancy. We need to change her Majesty’s title from Speaker to Dictator. In order to prevent embarrassment to herself and the presumptive nominee for the Dimocrats she slammed the door on the current session of the House for the | Read More »

    Bart’s Clever Use of Redstate

    Sorry Directors, if only I had as good a reason. I will endeavor to improve upon my duplicative posting.

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    This election just jumped the shark

    A rather short diary, but hey it’s a video one, so… This election has now as they say, “Jumped the Shark” (Google it if you don’t know that one). In some ways, this is pretty funny. See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on FunnyOrDie.com See more funny videos at Funny or Die

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    NY-25: Meet Dan Maffei

    Last week, I wrote about Dale Sweetland, the Republican candidate for the open seat in New York’s 25th congressional district. I hope to post regularly about this race. Today, I’d like to introduce the Democrat running for this seat, Dan Maffei. For the ten years before his first run for Congress in 2006, Dan Maffei lived in Washington, D.C. He worked as a congressional aide | Read More »

    Why Obama Should Pick Evan Bayh

    Some speculate that Obama will tap Evan Bayh to be his VP this week. We Republicans should do all we can to encourage Obama to make this very wise selection. Senator Obama, if you are reading this blog, let me present you with some benefits of picking Evan Bayh: 1. Bayh will help you win Indiana, as he is very popular there. Why just stick | Read More »

    Whites not Racist Enough to Aid McCain

    So I was browsing through the USA Today today, where DeWayne Wickha(ck)m floored me with his outstanding insight into the Presidential race. (W)hen voters go to the polls in November, McCain will almost certainly get a lot less than the 11% of the black vote that George W. Bush won in 2004. But as troubling as this must be for McCain, the lack of black | Read More »


    My story of Monday, August 4

    I read about what happened in the House on Friday, and was immediately excited that finally, FINALLY some elements of Congress were willing to stay and work harder than their schedule demanded. When I read on Sunday that Roy Blunt had issued a memo calling for it to happen again, I was excited: I wanted to see this. So, as a seventeen-year-old with no car | Read More »

    We must save America from the Liberal secular progresive movement!

    The liberals are at it again, trying to appease to people who have know ideal whats going on. Barrack Obama says he will give everyone free health care. Well how can he do that, without raising taxes on everyone and eventually making everyone going bankrupt. Besides who wants the Government running our health care system, especially with todays liberal congress and Nancy Pelosi. Not only | Read More »

    Obama ignores facts, blames GOP {UPDATED}

    {UPDATE: with Kevin’s kind permission, below is the video of the speech in question. Remember: this is the candidate who’s supposed to be taking us away from the politics of negativity. Unless you disagree with his math, of course: then you’re just being proudly ignorant. But he still wants your vote! – Moe Lane} Obama in Ohio: Let me make a point—let me make a | Read More »

    Sorry, but no way

    Purportedly reputable journalist Ron Suskind has made the rather explosive charge that President Bush ordered a forgery to connect Saddam Hussein to al Qaeda, and that our intelligence officials told him, in January of 2003, that there were no banned weapons in Iraq: Author claims White House knew Iraq had no WMDJournalist Ron Suskind says Bush ordered forgery linking Saddam, al-QaedaBy Bob ConsidineTODAYShow.com contributorPresident Bush | Read More »

    Pawlenty for VP

    In my opinion Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty would be the perfect choice for McCain’s VP. Why? There are several qualifications a the veep needs to have; 1: Should be solidly conservative and attract votes from all ultra- conservatives, especially from the religious right. 2: Should be young and good-looking. 3: Should from a critical swing state. 4: Needs to be able to handle the presidency | Read More »

    Boehner to supposedly pro-drilling House Democrats: Oh, so you’re on *our* side, now?

    Hey, non scriptus, non est, baby: “My message to Democratic lawmakers is this: if you’re really for increased American energy production, then prove it by putting it in writing. Sign the discharge petitions House Republicans are circulating that will force votes on energy legislation Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring to the floor. And sign onto the American Energy Act, our ‘all of the above’ plan | Read More »

    Barack Obama Voted for Big Oil

    From the AP Democratic candidate Barack Obama criticized Republican John McCain on Tuesday for taking a page out of “the Cheney playbook” on energy, overlooking his own support of oil-friendly policies that the unpopular vice president helped to craft. Vice President Dick Cheney, a former oilman, early in the Bush administration helped draft an energy policy that Obama asserted is biased in favor of tax | Read More »

    Where are all the white women at?

    Not totally safe for work: What can you say to that? The overlord of liberal news, Jon Stewart, has mocked the One. Either it wasn’t racism, or Stewart has been killed and replaced with a cunning replica. You decide. Open Thread

    Nice Convention…

    Having already decided to cage protesters during the Colorado Democratic National Convention (sorta makes that whole “Democratic” part of that seem somehow disingenuous, no?), and have delegates pass by and look at them like a zoo exhibit, the Denver City Council has also found it necessary to ensure protesters don’t also act like their fellow zoo critters. The Council voted 12-0 on an ordinance forbidding, | Read More »

    Obama Using Anger Management to Buy Votes

    It is essential for a presidential candidate to manage and control anger in the heat of an intense and often-bitter political campaign. But for the Messiah and his disciples, it is not Obama’s anger they are managing and controlling, but rather the anger of voters. Americans are becoming increasingly mad as hell every time they fill up their gas tanks. I’m mad too. We all | Read More »

    Rethinking Meeks

    I was too tough on Illinois State Senator James Meeks. Last week, I offered both a commentary and rigorous interview of Rev. Meeks on the WLS airwaves as to Meeks’ controversial declaration that he will bus thousands of Chicago Public School (CPS) students up to New Trier High School on Chicago’s ritzy North Shore for the first day of school next month to protest state | Read More »

    Email of the Day

    As a loyal RedStater, I get a lot of spam because my actual email address has been listed as part of my profile for quite a while here. Until today, I thought I’d seen them all, including all of the different ways spam artists can think of for creatures on this Earth to fornicate with each other, but this one takes the cake, and it’s | Read More »