Obama on Time’s Cover AGAIN!

    Via Drudge we get the recognition that Time Magazine has once again placed the Obamessiah on its cover. This makes the 7th time in the space of a year that Obama has graced the cover of Time Magazine.Thus far, McCain has found the favor of the front cover precisely two times.In the tank much?Naahhh! Can’t be.It MUST be just a coinkiedink.Be sure and Visit my | Read More »

    What I Learned In The Arctic Circle

    I really thought I would come back from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with some pretty good pictures of, well, wildlife. To hear the environmentalists talk about it, ANWR is a pristine landscape filled with mountains, trees, and creatures huddled together for safety on their tiny tiny refuge. Imagine how stunned I was to discover, upon landing, that I was in a very different place. | Read More »

    Obama’s glass houses

    Since how many houses John McCain has seems to be the issue du jour, David Freddoso takes some time to discuss Obama’s house and his pal Tony Rezko. The house:Barack Obama has admitted it was “boneheaded” to get involved in a land deal with Tony Rezko, his friend and fund-raiser. But the media’s focus on that deal has distracted from the bigger question: Why would | Read More »

    Worst. Senate. Majority. Leader. Ever.

    Harry Reid: Target-rich environment. I don’t know if Reid has a soul, but if he does, it has likely been condemned to perpetually suck on a lemon. It would explain more than a few things about the man’s personality.

    More Of This Please

    James Pethoukis delivers a one-two between the eyes of Obamanomics. In addition to the economics lesson Pethoukis properly delivers, we have yet another lesson in just how much the media is in the tank for Barack Obama. Of course, all of this fawning only serves to reinforce the Obama-is-just-a-celebrity narrative, though the only people who don’t seem to understand or accept this are Obama and | Read More »


    Let’s Talk Forgetfulness

    John McCain wasn’t sure how many houses he owned. Sounds bad? Perhaps.Almost as bad as not remembering how many states there are in the Union. Or the number of cyclone victims in Burma, for that matter.

    The Road to Denver

    Via Constant Reader Aaron Gardner, whose mild reproof is quite correct: not hard to embed these, guys.


    In Which Things Get Interesting . . .

    And Chuck Schumer may need to get some consultants stat:California’s attorney general is reviewing a request by former employees of IndyMac Bancorp Inc to investigate whether a New York senator triggered the bank’s collapse by releasing confidential information.At issue is a much-publicized letter that Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, sent in June to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) and Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) questioning | Read More »

    For The Obama Campaign

    Sleep with one eye open:A brother of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and local Democrats who backed her unsuccessful presidential campaign socialized privately Monday with a top surrogate of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.The private gathering featured Carly Fiorina, Mr. McCain’s top economic adviser, and took place at the Dunmore home of political consultant Jamie Brazil, a longtime friend of Mrs. | Read More »

    A Note To The Democratic National Committee

    I don’t ever want to hear anyone from your organization accuse other people of being racists. You guys are just not in any position to preach anymore.I trust that this is clear, though simpler and more elementary words may be needed for the geniuses who thought up this line of attack on Eric Cantor.


    Front Runner

    This election season appears to be conspiring to make me look bad as a prognosticator. I thought that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination and instead, Barack Obama came storming onto the political scene and took it away from her. Next, I thought that Barack Obama would win the Presidential election and . . . well, I still think that but here comes John | Read More »

    Anwar Ibrahim’s connections to Terror

    Anwar’s recent anti-semitic remarks gave us pause and cause to take stock of the man and another look at his record and past associations. It is of paramount importance that both Malaysians and Americans understand the dangerous implications of a Malaysia ruled by Anwar Ibrahim.As is pointed out by Ganesh Sahathevan of the The Terror Finance Blog, “many Westerners believe Anwar to be a liberal | Read More »

    The power of negative campaigning, explained.

    S. Weasel has a flow chart, and everything. I won’t give it away, except to note that you should read the whole thing. Once you get the mechanism fully internalized, everything becomes obvious.Via AoSHQ.Moe LanePS: Let’s make this a diary, so that people can comment.

    Dems in denial of Barry’s position on infant life

    When the Yankees aren’t playing, and when Erick is a guest on Hannity & Colmes, I watch FNC’s prime time stuff. One thing I’ve noted about Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel is their reluctance to accept that Obama actually believes that you can leave living babies, survivors of botched abortions, to die without medical treatment. They think the claim cannot be right; there must be | Read More »

    Harry Reid hates John McCain

    John McCain has made some powerful enemies of late, none more so that the majority leader of the United States Senate, Dingy Harry. That’s Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to those of you who respect the man.His hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal , asked Reid about Joe Lieberman, and Dingy Harry defended his old friend:”He has a close personal relationship with John McCain. I don’t | Read More »

    US Women’s Soccer Team Wins Gold

    US Women’s Soccer team defeats Brazil 1-0 for the Olympic Gold Medal.


    Re: Rezko sentencing.

    But you do have to admit: it’s one heck of a Fitzmas present.

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    Barry Mud Slinger

    Barry Mud Slinger Theme SongWho’s the greatest mud slinger of all?Who can buy a great big house with Rezko subsidies?What kind of slimy worm guy?Who’s lied like a dog to chase his Prez destiny?Who’s got a segmented lot?It’s Barry… MudslingerIt’s Barry…MudslingerIt’s the Barry Mud Slinger Show!Glass jaw Barry should be more careful when throwing stones. John McCain can own as many houses as he wants | Read More »

    New McCain Web Ad: The One – Road to Denver

    This one is even better. Watch it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PetxaA42OuE

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    McCain and Obama: A Tale of Two Platforms

    A little compare-and-contrast regarding the party platforms. On the GOP side, John McCain has decided against a bitter battle to bend the party platform to match his own idiosyncratic views:Republicans are inviting suggestions for their party platform this year, and thousands have responded online. But when a committee meets to draft the document in Minneapolis next week, one voice will be largely absent: John McCain’s.The | Read More »

    Obama’s Dire Scenario

    I posted this a while back at Real Clear Politics and Conservative Politics 101.Some of it seems to be happening, and other parts can still happen, National Security did become a big issue again in mid-august but not because of the War but rather the Soviet Union. Also I missed the Energy Debate, but my Veep picks still look ok. So for the record here | Read More »

    Proud to Be an American

    I like the Olympics as much as the next guy. Maybe a little more than most, probably not less. I generally root, root, root, for my team but I am not so much a homer that I won’t pull for an underdog, even against the USA, even if it is an athlete from a country that I don’t admire so much such as Venezuela or | Read More »

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Hmm. This popped up on a “name brand” financial site a little while ago:What’s wrong with this picture? (First correct answer in comments wins a prize.)(BTW, can’t guarantee that this will be there like this for very long….)

    The Path Of The Warrior

    I’ve heard many Conservatives hail and holler in objection over John McCain’s nomination as the Republican candidate for President Of the United States. I’ve heard, “we’ll never vote for him”, “he’s a liberal Republican”, “he’s not one of us” But to those early on who rejected McCain I offer you something far worse. I offer American Liberalism the likes in which we’ve never seen before. | Read More »

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    I would like to reassure Jane Hamsher of something.

    But even if he did, should John McCain pass away after winning the election, she will not get sent to Gitmo (Via Ace, who is quite right: this woman probably isn’t joking).Now I understand that Ms. Hamsher is both a member of the antiwar movement and a netrooter, which is to say that she operates in a different (read: inferior) reality than the rest of | Read More »

    Congratulations to Our Women’s Beach Volleyball Champs

    First Kobe and now the women’s beach volleyball stars. I saw this on a few other websites, but wanted to post it here. I love this clip and I love these girls. I love the way the play and the way they conduct themselves on and off the court, but this clip of Kerry Walsh with Misty May-Treanor going out of her way to give | Read More »

    No, Barry, not every guy has that problem

    It sure did go fast for you, though.

    Obama’s Surprise VP Choice

    Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, or Evan Bayh?Oh, you silly country rubes. There is not an audacious name in that bunch.On Saturday, Barack Obama will return to the initial scene of his crimes against humanity with his vice presidential choice in tow.That choice?Does the phrase, “We’re putting the band back together,” mean anything to you, Chicago?That’s right, Obama’s choice will be a friend to lobbyists big | Read More »

    In 2002, Barack Obama Supported Infanticide and I’ve Got the Transcript of His Words

    Promoted up top in light of tonight’s debate.Editorial Note: People forget this issue came up more than once in Illinois. In 2001, Obama was concerned about abortion rights and the impact the Born Alive Infant Protection Act would have on abortion rights. In 2002, those concerns were addressed and fixed in the legislation. Now Obama’s concerns were more clear. His views on life had no | Read More »

    Barack Jennings Obama

    A young, inexperienced orator captures the Democratic presidential nomination and squares off against the war hero and senior statesman nominated by the Republicans. Speaking as if from a pulpit, in a style learned from fiery preachers, the magnetic newcomer had the crowds swooning. I’m referring, of course, to the presidential election of 1896.That year, the Democratic Party was sharply divided between an establishment faction led | Read More »

    Now is the time to rev up Rezko

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpmFd25tRqoThis ad is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the voters to Obama’s pal, Tony [convicted of mortgage fraud] Rezco.Remember, Tony commited felonies helping his pal, the Obama’s get their house.You know, if the McCain’s were worth 5X what they are worth, they would almost be worth Obama’s best Senate friend, John Kerry.If the McCain’s owned mansions in Italy, Martha’s Vinyard and new York, they could | Read More »

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    Was the Politico McCain House Question a Setup?

    Politico is headlining this and it’s flying across the fiber-optic lines of the Internet as we speak.POLITICO: McCain Unsure How Many Houses He OwnsInterestingly enough, Obama’s campaign has already come up with an ad.OBAMA TV AD released this morningThis story was already circulating before Politico asked their questions – according to the article below, the DNC accused McCain of being out of touch and owning | Read More »

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    Web a Leading News Source, Papers, TV Decline, Younger Ignoring ALL News

    Congratulate yourselves as being among the leading edge in Americans interested in the news. According to a recent Pew survey 37 percent of America’s news consumers go to the Internet for their news. But it isn’t all good news for our sources of news. For one thing, this survey also shows that many of us are logging on at work. This is the sort of | Read More »

    Orlando Magazine ‘Duped,’ Publishes Artist’s Fake Biography as Fact

    Orlando Magazine (FL) published the amazing life’s story of Florida artist Mark Pulliam in their August issue. It was an amazing story of a man who seemingly did everything. Played Major League Baseball, hobnobbed with the likes of Paul McCartney, Madonna, and Tiger Woods as well as finding great success as a local artist. Oh, it seemed a whirlwind life. One little problem. Little of | Read More »

    Union Thugs Beat Member for Disagreeing With Party Line

    Members of the carpenters union in New York City have ruined any chance that authorities there will take their union out of government oversight by beating unconscious William Davenport, a union dissident running for office in the union.After an August 5 candidates forum, the candidate was beaten by members of the carpenters union audience outside a church. Outside a CHURCH! This thuggery along with continued | Read More »

    The WMO explains that, despite global warming, it’s cold outside

    The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) tells us that this has been the coldest year in at least the past five [link].The global mean temperature to end-July was 0.28 degrees Celsius above the 1961-1990 average, the UK-based MetOffice Hadley Centre for climate change research said on Wednesday. That would make the first half of 2008 the coolest since 2000.Oh, they try to explain it away and | Read More »

    Colorado Dems Lose Battle for Oil, Go after McCain on Water

    According to an article at the Denver Post, Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) suggested that the Colorado River Water Compact should be renegotiated. Colorado Democrat Governor Bill Ritter and Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) seized on this word used by McCain and put their own meaning to it. Salazar claims,The political disruption that would result from any renegotiation of these allocations would create a | Read More »

    McCain to Lobbyists: “Birds of Prey”

    Recently, McCain has called lobbyists “birds of prey” according to Politico.He even went as far as to say: “Lobbyists don’t come to my office. Because they know they’re not going to be an earmark. They know they’re not going to get a pork-barrel project. Senator Obama’s gotten lots of ’em.” Let me take this time to remind the Senator that lobbyists are people first (people | Read More »

    With Liberty and Justice for All (even school teachers)

    When I first heard the news that Harold ISD, a small school district in North Texas, decided to allow their teachers to carry guns on campus this coming school year, “that feeling” came over me which used to come over me when Ronald Reagan gave speeches on liberty and American exceptionalism. In what I can only describe as a flood of emotion approaching inexpressibility, I | Read More »

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    Dismembering the “Torture Narrative”

    The “torture narrative” has taken another blow. As you may recall, Philippe Sands’ Torture Team (or perhaps more accurately the excerpts that appeared in Vanity Fair) proved so persuasive to Jerry Nadler (D-NY) that he convened a hearing of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Liberties (under Rep. John Conyers’ (D-MI) House Committee on the Judiciary) to demand the truth about the alleged | Read More »

    Obama news: Rezko to be sentenced a week before the election

    Barry Obama’s real estate buddy and fundraiser Tony Rezko is set to be sentenced for “wide-ranging fraud, connected to taking kickbacks from state deals.” Rezko’s sentencing date is scheduled for October 28, a week before the Presidential election.Don’t look at us. We didn’t nominate the guy and his baggage.

    About the Pay-Grade Thing

    Never make a joke that undermines the premises of what you’re trying to sell. That one’s not actually in the rule book (at least I’ve never seen it there), but you know it’s true if you’ve ever had to kick a cocky young sales guy under the table.Knowing where one stands on challenging, controversial questions is above Obama’s pay grade. We know this because he | Read More »

    Article: How McCain Fought For Change in Iraq (A must read)

    The Washington Times has a fantastic article about the origins of the surge. It really exemplifies McCain’s commander-in-chief credentials and unmatched nation security/foriegn policy credentials.It also points out how important Senators Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman were in the process. We owe these three men an enormous debt of gratitude for getting things on track in Iraq (yet we owe even more to our men | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     75 Days until Election Day August 21, 2008QUOTE OF THE DAY:"We agree with the Attorney General that the proposal affects the "foundation power" of government "- Court of Appeals in a 21-page opinion that orders the Board of State Canvassers to reject the Reform Michigan Government Now ballot proposal quotes Attorney General Mike Cox.MORNING UPDATE:DEMOCRAT & TRIAL LAWYER STEALTH CONSTITUTIONAL RE-WRITE DEAD…as the Court of Appeals | Read More »

    BREAKING: Detroit Dem Delegates openly discussing casting Denver ballot for Hillary!!!!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. Here we are less than three months away from the biggest Presidential election in my lifetime, with Russia rattling it’s saber like it’s 1988, with unemployment here in Michigan at a staggering, nation’s worst 8.5%, with gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon while Democrats vacation on the taxpayer dime and with a state jobs program who’s only method | Read More »

    Last Veep Thoughts

    Obama can’t pick Biden because he looks like a crook, and at the same time looks like he should be on the top of the ticket instead of Obama.He can’t pick Sebelius, because any woman except Hillary would send Democrat women into a frenzy, plus she gave a response to the state of the Union that could have been given by a skeleton robot.He shouldn’t | Read More »

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    Russian treachery and bullying

    Russians play chess, and the Putin government orchestrated a chess match when it came to Georgia, and they’re levering their actions in Georgia by bullying America into making a choice. The Russian government also has a choice, [i]if[/i] they can get over their bellicosity, paranoia and imperialist tendencies. Ralph Peters has interesting take on Russia’s readiness to invade Georgia:Let’s be clear: For all that US | Read More »

    Seriously, shouldn’t Obama do something about this?

    The Italian edition of Vanity Fair has recently tracked down George Hussein Onyango Obama, half brotherof the presumptive Democratic nominee, living in a two by three meter shack in a small town near Nairobi. The man’s income amounts to about one dollar per day, and the neighborhood he lives in is extremely dangerous. During the recent disturbances following the disputed presidential election Obama’s town saw | Read More »

    McCain VP?

    With all this talk of a possible pro choice pick, is Cohen pro choice?

    Minor Site Update

    I’ve now changed the archive link at the bottom of the front page. It used to link to some feature that our original developers started but never came close to finishing.So now that link goes to the regular diary page for the Front Page diary. It’s not perfect, as when you click the link you’ll get a duplicate of the stories on the front page | Read More »