Child from The Galilee dies

    The child from the Galilee died.WWBD. What would Barak have done?The child I am referring to was being carried by a 26-year old woman “in the fifth month of her pregnancy when she underwent a series of tests…It was discovered that she was suffering from internal bleeding and that the embryo had ceased to show signs of life,” according to The Jerusalem Post.Doctors at Nahariya | Read More »

    Biden VS ?

    Why did Barack Obama choose Joe BidenTo be his running mate ?Its very odd that a candidate whose wholeCampaign has been about bringing something new to WashingtonA guy that’s articulate bright new and clean and a good looking guyPicks Joe Biden who’s been in the senate 35 years So much forNew. The Obama Biden ticket just shows how stupid liberalsAre, Nominate a Presidential Candidate with | Read More »

    Biden: The Jokes Will Write Themselves

    Joe Biden? Really? Hilarity ensues…Obama, he of the hidden Chicago thuggery politics, empty suit and padded resume…but marketing himself as the Grand Poobah of Change and the self-styled Savior of America, picks Joe Biden for his running mate? Joe Biden really sends a message of Change, there, Obamatrixypooh. Biden reeks of pol-i-tics-as-usual. Not to mention, he is known for talking and talking and talking; he | Read More »

    What happened to Brit Hume?

    What happened to Brit Hume? I haven’t seen him on Fox in ages. This replacement guy isn’t nearly as good (and I’ve actually been turning to CNN — something I never do). Surely he’s not on vacation, not during this time of big political reporting. Is he still with Fox? Does anyone know? (Same with O’Reilly.)

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    Missing Link Discovered in Pakistan

    I’m a believer in the GW Bush doctrine, put a finger in the terrorists eyes by putting American Troops on so called Muslim lands and watch the roaches leave Pakistani tribal areas to try to pry that finger out of said eye.On a side note, do you think the Russians’ ever said, “Go ahead take Afghanistan”?The link to this cartoon sums up the first paragraph | Read More »

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    McCain’s House Issue

    The current liberal spin that John McCain is an out of touch elitist because he cannot account for every penny his wife ever earned is ludicrous. If McCain was the money grubbing elitist the liberals claim he is, he would no doubt be able account for all his assets.The fact is that instead of sitting in a little room maniacally rubbing his hands together counting | Read More »

    Confession good for the Soul

    They say that confession is good for the soul. Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate, I refuse to say Vice President, because Barack is STILL, not going to win. Biden being chosen is a confession by the presumptive nominee for the Democrats to his lack of experience in the area of foreign policy and military affairs.It is about time he | Read More »

    Annnnd Fausta reminds us why we’re all very happy with Obama/Biden.

    LinkHe says [expletive deleted] like this all the time.

    Obama/Biden ’08; Let the Self Destruction Begin

    I like Elizabeth’s take in this one at E!! The True Conservative Story.I am really surprised. I think it’s a bad choice. Which I’m happy about, but Wow, what a poor choice. Obama’s camp seems to get dumber by the minute.Of all the names I saw floated over the last few weeks there was one name that I consistently wondered about. Biden’s. Of all the | Read More »

    Let’s Welcome Joe Biden to the Ticket

    He himself said Barack Obama was “not ready to lead.”He’s right.So we should stop them by sending some money to John McCain.While we’re at it, there is an opportunity ripe here for RedState readers.I will truly be ashamed if we do not have creative enough talent to put together a 30 second ad spot on this announcement.Your base material is this Hillary Clinton ad. The | Read More »

    Rush to Reaganism for Grand New Party Comeback

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportOriginally published in Race42008.comGamecock sees no inherent contradiction between Rush/Reagan conservatism and most of the themes and policy proposals presented in David Frum’s Comeback nor Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam’s Grand New Party, despite the hype of some columnists and the author’s themselves.Both books, but especially Frum’s, claim to be departures from Reaganism, | Read More »


    I suppose that Obama plans to wash Biden’s racialist sins away?

    And that they plan to have Obama formally forgive Biden for this: After a lengthy critique of Bush administration education policies, Biden attempted to explain why some schools perform better than others — in Iowa, for instance, compared with the District. “There’s less than 1 percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than 4 or 5 percent that | Read More »

    Just How Little Change There Is In Obama’s Hope

    The non-traditional politician chooses a gaffe machine who has been in the United States Senate since The One was eight years old.The only change there is that Obama has finally chosen to ditch the idea that he is a new type of politician. Obama is part of the failed legacy of liberalism of the past 100 years. There is nothing new here except the package.The | Read More »

    Oh, let’s get that Obama/Biden video up.

    (Via Jeff)

    Barack Obama Defeats Joe Biden in a Gaffe Competition

    I was curious who would win between Barack Obama and Joe Biden in a Gaffe competition. Joe Biden cannot keep his mouth shut. Barack Obama cannot talk without a teleprompter. So what do you think.

    The Case for Chris Cox as McCain’s VP

    What does Christopher Cox bring to the table in terms of executive experience and the economy? A LOT!!What does Christopher Cox bring to the table in terms of legislative experience and the economy? A LOT!!Christopher Cox had a very important role in President Reagan’s White House.What does Chris Cox bring to the table in terms of private sector business experience and education? A LOT!! Christopher | Read More »

    Biden? Is this some kind of sick joke?

    What is Obama thinking? He needs to come up with a cranky old blowhard to counter the cranky old blowhard McCain?I’m starting to think Obama might actually find a way to lose this thing.If Biden is supposed to cover Obama’s foreign policy void, he’s a laughably weak choice. Biden has never done anything in his whole life. He’s sat on committees and bloviated endlessly. To | Read More »

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    Jumping Out of Foxholes

    Does anyone ever read Jerry Flint? He’s an old-fashioned “car guy” who has been writing about the auto industry for nearly 50 years now, and he once wrote a column for Forbes about Detroit’s lack of leadership. And he said there are some guys you just know are solid, hard-core leaders. His example was Bob Lutz, who now is a vice chairman at GM.Lutz is | Read More »

    The Amazing Similarities Between W. and O.

    Although Obama has run his campaign almost completely as a reaction to the administration of one George W. Bush, the parallels between their campaigns are apparent.Bush ran against eight years of bad judgment and personality failures of the previous administration. Obama is doing the same. Bush ran as the one who could transcend partisan differences in Washington. So is Obama.Bush faced concerns about his misspent | Read More »

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    3AM Text Message Results From Obama’s Bungled First 3AM Call

    Republicans got the rarest of 3 a.m. phone calls this morning: One that contains good news.The problems of Joe Biden as a candidate have already been well documented at RedState. He is the sound bite that doesn’t stop giving. Ads are already prepared with Biden pointing out the need for Obama to have on the job training.But for a candidate that has generally followed Bill | Read More »


    As expected, VP choice doesn’t matter

    Pretty much no one cares that Biden is the VP nominee for Obama. Of those who do, 13% say it makes them “more likely” to vote for Obama and 10% say it makes them “less likely.” Without seeing the internal numbers, my guess is those 13% are mostly already Obama supporting Democrats who think Biden will help and the 10% are McCain supporting Republicans who | Read More »

    Joe Biden: Foreign Policy Savant

    Other than comedic relief the only possible reason Barack Obama could have for choosing Joe Biden as his running mate (other than the obvious which is to reassure the political center that he will have a babysitter should he be elected president) is his alleged foreign policy expertise.Biden has a long track record in foreign policy that we will explore in the coming days.Consider:Joe Biden | Read More »


    Biden: A masterful stroke of genius from the Obama camp

    With the pick of Joe Biden the Obama campaign has managed to put Delaware into play and all of its Electoral Votes. Biden all but guarantees that Obama will win that state.Wow! I am breathless with the boldness of this move.It will certainly require the McCain campaign to go back and rethink its nominee — someone who could possibly counteract the Joementum that this pick | Read More »

    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: preview

    For Sunday, August 24, 2008FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace has some Dems: Governors Tim Kaine of Virginia of Virginia and Bill Ritter of Colorado. Then he’ll have Obama campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs. No sign of Ned.This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos talks to David Axelrod, whom we all know, and Rudy Giuliani, whom we remember. No sign of Ned.Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator | Read More »

    Joe Biden Celebrates

    MI Morning Update

     73 Days until Election Day August 23, 2008MORNING UPDATE:OBAMA-BIDEN…Barack Obama announced that Joe Biden will be his running mate this fall. The McCain campaign issued the following statement about Obama’s selection of US Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate – "There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama’s lack of experience than Joe Biden. Biden has denounced Barack Obama’s poor foreign policy judgment | Read More »

    I can see the Biden spin coming

    The headline of this AP article gives it away.Biden speaks _ and speaks _ his own mindThe article itself is fair, but I’m willing to bet that headline is a clue that we’re going to hear how Biden is the REAL maverick/straight talker while McCain is just a pretender.

    Oh, by the way: Obama’s cutting and running in Red States.

    No, really. It diminishes us all when someone’s dream is brutally dragged out into the street and shot in the head: Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned. Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida | Read More »

    Joe Biden?

    It will be interesting to hear Sen. Biden blasting away at John McCain, after saying in 2004 that McCain is so great that McCain should have been Kerry’s running mate on the 2004 Democratic ticket: “I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president,” Biden said.Sure, Biden will make things interesting, but I don’t see how he will really help the Democratic | Read More »


    Waitasecond: Obama supporters *weren’t* the first to know?

    …which was, by the way, very cool.Anyway: am I really given to understand that this Biden thing got out before the text messaging?:pause:Suckers.Moe LanePS: My reaction to the news?Last panel.


    Biden FTW!

    So much for that text message announcement. Obama really should’ve done it earlier – this afternoon at the latest. All he’s done now is piss off the morning papers by making them miss their deadline, and given the networks a scramble for Saturday morning. How very throwback to think you could avoid the internet attention – but then, they got what they wanted in millions | Read More »

    Biden for Veep? Best News I’ve Heard All Summer

    Christmas came early this year for John McCain. It came gift-wrapped in the form of Senator Joe Biden the biggest, most pompous windbag in the United States Senate, a man so full of cr*p his speeches bear an awful resemblance to twenty minutes of flatulence preceded by “Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” and followed by “God bless America.”You don’t believe me? Go ahead and watch | Read More »



    No further reason to pretend and time to fess up: Our sinister plot has been revealed.

    Killing Corporate Taxes

    James Pethoukis provides motive. Pray that opportunity follows very quickly.

    Conn Carroll Reads Harold Meyerson So That The Rest Of Us Don’t Have To

    And lives to tell the tale. Once again: Isn’t Meyerson’s tale supposed to one from the “reality-based community”? And since it so obviously is not, what on Earth is the Washington Post doing allowing Meyerson to draw a salary?It is one thing to have differing political opinions. Obviously, no one should think that we have or should have political uniformity to the degree that no | Read More »

    Obama & Biden, Attorneys-at-Law yet never tried a case [updated]

    Oh yeah Barack, and what community did you organize and are at least two witnesses still alive.Questions the MSM professional journalists never ask: Joe, Barack, can either of you name ONE case you tried to a jury? I am not asking for the style of a case you won, mind you. Just name a case you actually took to court and the telephone numbers of | Read More »


    Speculating! Price-Gouging! Unconscionable Oil Company Profits!

    Yeah, right:Crude oil prices fell more than 5.4 percent on Friday in the biggest one-day slide since 2004 as dealers turned their focus to rising supply levels and weakening global demand.A rebound in the U.S. dollar encouraged the sell-off, applying downward pressure across the commodities markets by weakening the purchasing power of buyers using other currencies, dealers said.The slide adds to a more than 20 | Read More »

    Not. Even. Considered.

    Attention Hillary Clinton supporters: He was never that into you.The remaining question, of course, is whether you will exact some form of retribution for the fact that your candidate was treated–and continues to be treated–in the fashion one would expect you to find so unbelievably unbecoming.Barack Obama, of course, bets that you will swallow your pride and fall in line. He probably chuckles at the | Read More »




    FNC says its Biden



    Joe Biden: Famous Plagiarist

    Joe Biden’s history of plagiarism and “stressless scholarship” gave plenty of ammo to his enemies, one of them choosing to circulate a so-called “attack video” to demonstrate Biden’s outright plagiarism of a British politician’s speech. But this appropriation from Neal Kinnock was not the first occurrence of unacknowledged lifting by the senator from Delaware. [Editor’s note: don’t just cut and paste verbatim lengthy material from | Read More »

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    Obama-Biden ’08: A Clean-Articulate Campaign

    The One has chosen.Have U ben txtd yet?I will say again: the reason this has been handled the way it has been handled is because Obama wants to emphasize that he needs no one.There will be no pre-convention campaigning.There will be no major pre-convention promotions.This is all about Obama. Joe’s just there for constitutionally required window dressingP.S. — It’s kind of hard to be the | Read More »

    BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden Gets Secret Service Protection

    Jake Tapper is reporting now that the secret service is sending personnel to begin protection of Joe Biden.As I told you guys earlier, it is Joe.No, we don’t deserve this, but by God the Lord is smiling on us. How exactly is Joe Biden hope and change?


    I admit I am a proud supporter of John Mccain. Barack Obama the man who claims to have the interest of the poor at heart has a brother who lives on less than one dollar a day. He lives in a house with a dirt floor. While I disagree with Mr Obama on policy I once respected the man. Tonight I am sickened that a | Read More »

    Infanticide, the Good Samaritan, Obama and MSM strategy

    Infanticide is defined as “the killing of an infant.” The law punishes same.A Good Samaritan sees a human in distress and helps them. Not rising to the moral heights of same is not punished. Those that do rise to such heights are glorified.Hence, America is glorified. We help the least of these when we don’t have to. But you can’t see it from Chicago’s South | Read More »


    Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What’s So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

    Yep, now Michael Moore is attacking McCain’s war service. Take a gander at this. “Sadly,” [Moore] writes, “McCain’s sacrifice had nothing to do with protecting the United States. He was sent to Vietnam along with hundreds of thousands of others in an attempt to prop up what was essentially an American colony, South Vietnam, which was being run by a dictator whom we installed.”It goes | Read More »

    So Is It Biden Or Someone Else?

    So Who Is It?Joe BidenChet EdwardsKathleen SebeliusSomeone else  Free polls from

    Joe Biden Wants Answers


    Another hero has passed

    Ed Freeman, 80 years of age, of Boise, Id, passed away on Wednesday, 20 August, 2008. His obituary, at least in my paper, was overshadowed by the obituary for Gene Upshaw. No surprise, as the AP posted both obituaries. Ed Freeman was awarded the Medal Of Honor, for his actions at the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in South Vietnam, while flying a helicopter.Captain | Read More »


    Do not recommend this blog

    In Late 2006 I predicted the GOP nominee would win the presidency again in 2008 because I saw that the Dem Party had rejected Clinton DLC moderation. This was before I knew Obama’s middle name and assumed Hillary would probably be the nominee. Had no clue who the GOP nominee would be.Then, in 2007 I renewed my prediction that Obama would lose due to his | Read More »