Bill Clinton’s “inspiration”

    Last night, admittedly intrigued by the speculation on talk radio that “Crazy Ol’ Bill” Clinton just might be the best entertainment of the DNC convention, I tuned in after dinner to listen.Ah, Bill was good; he was quintessentially Clintonian. Admittedly, he has developed into a good speaker. As expected – he is an attorney, after all – oops, I take that back – President Bill | Read More »

    Get Sarah Palin on the phone

    Tonight Barak Obama electrified a crowd and perhaps the nation.No, I’m not some shill for Obama and on my personal blog, I’ve already written why a speech is simply an exercise in teleprompter reading. Obama can read a teleprompter … I get it.But I am not the typical American. The typical American is going to see the glitz, the hype, and the man and they | Read More »


    Obama Barrack Hussein sounds like Osama Saddam Hussein. And worst of all he chooses Joe Biden as his VP, which sounds like OSAMA BIN LADEN. So Obama, you choose him so that both of you together would be called OSAMA BIN LADEN SADDAM HUSSEIN. Can any patriotic Americans see what Obama is getting on? His name and Joe Biden would actually uphold the name “OSAMA | Read More »


    The Fiasco at Invesco.

    This piece originally appeared at Obama’s acceptance remarks this evening should be a source of relief to every Republican, conservative, and McCain supporter in America. The Democratic nominee for President walked to the podium with every advantage: eloquent, attractive, historic, gifted with a polling advantage, and bathed in the bright lights of one of the great football stadiums of America. He walked away from | Read More »

    McCain votes with his party 90% of the time

    According to, McCain DID vote with republicans on 90% of the issues in 2007. However, in 2001 he voted with the party only 67% of the time and in 2005 he voted with President Bush only 77% of the time. Meanwhile, Barack Obama voted with the President 40% of the time and has voted with senate democrats 97% of the time. To sum it | Read More »

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    what the frack…?

    okay, well i don’t know what particular “diary” to select, so i just picked the first one…hopefully, someone will educate me on the etiquette of blogging, so i might get better at it…i am just a oleperson here, trying to make sense of this new world….hah, good luck with that…. :)well, to get back to the meat of the matter, or the “what the frack | Read More »

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    Those Seven Words

    I’m from Illinois. I have followed Barack Obama’s political career since he first made his run for the US Senate in 2004, rising from obscurity to win the Democratic primary before stomping Alan Keyes in the general. That campaign was similar in many ways to the one he is currently waging; in particular, he was adored by the young voters of Illinois, and his popularity | Read More »

    My rebuttal to Senator Obama

    Senator Obama, you gave a great speech tonight. You proved, once again, that you read a teleprompter much better than John McCain. The setting you gave it in proves that you believe you are destined to be president more than anyone has ever believed that about themselves. But when it came down to what you were actually saying, I would like to submit the following | Read More »

    More on the AntiChrist

    I can see that I am going to have to toughen up out here! I can’t believe how blistering people are blogging. But I am not going to back down. I’ll just refrain from my creative manner of expressing things and just be brutal right back. Some of you seem to just be looking for a fight! Maybe I got a little carried away, but | Read More »

    Too Many Promises

    Who does Senator Obama think he is? Apologizing for America in Germany should have been political suicide for th young senator. The transfer of the last night of the convention to a bigger facility for his inflated opinion of himself was one thing. The lights and the fireworks and the dramatic music for his acceptance speech was another. But the shopping list of promises he | Read More »

    Wake Up GOP Or Else….

    The first political campaign I worked in was Barry Goldwater in 1964. It was a great campaign and a spectacular defeat. Over the years I worked in 30 campaigns in 11 States. I was there in 1976 when the GOP was broke and was giving serious consideration to closing the doors. They were backed into a corner. Then a bunch of 20 somethings came up | Read More »

    The Obama Speech

    A very good, very eloquent, very powerful case for a cause I do not believe in. It was delivered well, The atmospherics were impressive, if more than a little bit imperial. But at the end of the day, we have to decide whether we are going to buy into a political ideology merely because it is dressed up in eloquent words.Can we? Harsh shot after | Read More »

    RedState’s Take on Obama’s Speech

    This was not an uplifting, unifying, post-partisan speech.  It was a typical Democrat speech, an act of attack to disguise a record thinner than that of any president.  It was an act of religious prayer for the believers, not evangelism to the nonbelievers.  When he declared he would engage in specifics, he continued to offer even more promises without explanation of how or why – | Read More »

    “I Have A Dream” + 45 Years

    Originally Posted At The Minority ReportToday is the 45th Anniversary of the Rev Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech. While I feel certain that most everyone alive today is familiar with the words he spoke from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that day, I include a few of the more memorable lines: In a sense we have come to our nation’s | Read More »

    Liberal Bias in the Media

    I’ve done some research on the Washington Post and discovered that in August of 2008 the Washington Post ombudsman wrote that the Post had published almost three times as many page 1 stories about Barack Obama than it had about John McCain since Obama won the Democratic party nomination that June.-Adita Blanco

    Now up, John McCain

    Tonight Barack Obama served up a heaping glop of baby food. A purely rhetorical puddle of goo that sounds more like it leans toward traditional Socialism than traditional Democrats. What stood out on this night was his deeply personal, negative attacks on John McCain. He spent a long time bashing and challenging John McCain after a patronizing nod to his service to our Country. His | Read More »

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    Offshore Drilling, California

    Hello, I am new to this. There is lots of noise going on in blogs and forums and BS from the politicians about what we can drill and what we can’t drill.But if I may, let me tell you something that I lived and today suspect. In 1968, I went to work in the offshore oilfield about six miles from Santa Barbara, CA. in a | Read More »

    Washington Post misquotes Adita Blanco

    My name is Adita Blanco. On August 19th, 2008, I was at a reception for Hillary supporters hosted by McCain’s campaign. This reception was specifically for those of us that cannot support Obama. I was interviewed by a reporter from the Washington Post. Unwittingly, I agreed to do the interview and gave him my name. The next morning, I was suprized to see that I | Read More »

    TS Gustav: OK, Smart Guy, what would >you< do?

    The best and brightest minds are forecasting TS Gustav to strengthen into Hurricane Gustav and make landfall on the central Louisiana coast midday Tuesday. That would put the eye over my backyard about half-past Oprah on Tuesday in the pm.OK. So. The $64 dollar question is, what would you do in my situation? Stay put? Evacuate? If so, to where? and when?Of course, the easy | Read More »


    Clarifying the AntiChrist entry

    Okay, since clearly few understood the point – I’m sorry, I’m a marketing professional so I believe in an attention-getting headline!I do not believe that Barak Obama IS the AntiChrist – what I was getting at is that this is the kind of garbage – spectacle, egomaniacal display complete with the throngs of adoring people thinking this man is the world’s answer to all our | Read More »

    Peace Through Strength

    “Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of The Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian… this is a Christian nation”. United States Supreme Court, 1892There are certain defining principles which dictate human behavior and determine the course | Read More »

    The Obama Word Cloud

    LIVE From the Barackopolis

    Democratic Military Intelligence

    The Democratic Party spent a good portion of Wednesday night’s convention telling the American people how they loved and respected the military. For those of you that have very short memories, this is the same party that referred to our soldiers in 2006 as Nazi SS troops (Murtha) and cold blooded killers (Durbin), and accused them of terrorizing innocent civilians (Kerry). Neither these folks nor | Read More »

    Friendly Firm Letter to Friends For McCain

    As a family man, friend, and veteran, I write this from my heart with the intent to earnestly ask each of you to join me in support of Senator John McCain to become America’s next President. I do this because I believe and know he is the only qualified person who has the proven experience necessary to lead our nation in this troubled world.John has | Read More »

    Being Honest About Pawlenty Now; Helps Pawlenty Later

    If we hype up Pawlenty, the general public is going to be very disappointed. He’s just not that dynamic. Pawlenty is as vanilla as they come and looks comatose next Joe Biden. Remember, the general public has no idea about Joe Biden or Tim Pawlenty. The best thing we can do is play down expectations for him, much like Bush did in the 2000 debates | Read More »


    Former Marine found not guilty

    Jury acquits former Marine in killing of Iraqis By CHELSEA J. CARTER Associated Press Writer RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — A former Marine accused of killing unarmed Iraqi detainees was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter Thursday in a first-of-its-kind federal trial. The jury took six hours to find Jose Luis Nazario Jr. not guilty of charges that he killed or caused others to kill four unarmed detainees | Read More »

    Get To Know Tim Pawlenty

    (You can access a PDF version of this post by going here)From his official website:Governor Pawlenty grew up in South St. Paul, Minnesota. The only child in his family to graduate from college, he attended the University of Minnesota (B.A., J.D.) and practiced law in the private sector. His public service career includes serving as a city councilmember and ten-year member of the Minnesota House | Read More »

    Pawlenty = President Obama

    [So, not content with spamming our comment sections, you take your four-line non-wisdom to the diaries as well, taking space from thoughtful community members?Bye.]


    10 Quick Thoughts on Tim Pawlenty as Veep Nominee

    Yawn.Smallest upside. Smallest downside.What a difference two years makes for Pawlenty. To go from winning reelection in 2006 by 1% – aided by an embarrassing outburst from his opponent five days before the election – to the Vice Presidential nomination is a big jump.That said, Pawlenty is a capable executive, has a nice blue collar background (slightly inflated by the Sam’s Club meme), is solidly | Read More »

    McCain’s Vice President: Tim Pawlenty

    I’m confident enough to put this up now, but willing to be wrong.Right now though, every sign, signal, and background chatter indicates John McCain will pick Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota’s governor, as his running mate.UPDATE: A source close to the campaign now confirms for me that it “more likely than not” is Pawlenty. He does, however, caution me that the campaign does not actually want to | Read More »

    We Were “Mislead”

    This is the kindest verb I can use.The “change” on the donkey’s side is lies.We are being led down the “Primrose Path” again.The “tax maggots” want you to believe they are winning.These lies are necessary for their fraud to work.This election could be the end of Free Markets inthe World’s future.The “tax maggots” must be stopped.”We the people” will become slaves to the Change-ocrats.They have | Read More »

    Tim Pawlenty Abruptly Cancels Media Interviews in Denver–VP?

    I’m going to join in on the Veepstakes speculation here with something that someone pointed out to me.Could McCain’s VP be Gov. Pawlenty?An interesting article from Yahoo New has this to say:Read it below the fold… DENVER – Republican presidential candidate John McCain decided on a running mate early Thursday, and one top prospect, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, abruptly canceled numerous public appearances. The Arizona | Read More »

    BREAKING: Obama Campaign “Mad as Hell” At McCain

    Several reliable sources tell me, riffing off the Jonathan Martin piece, that the Obama camp is “mad as hell” at John McCain for stealing his thunder. As Martin reports:Tonight would be political malpractice,” Obama communications chief Dan Pfeiffer told Politico. “It’s one more piece of evidence that the McCain campaign is a war room masquerading as a presidential campaign.”I’m told the Democrats, recognizing that their | Read More »

    The McCain Veep Pick

    I’ve said for months it was going to be Tim Pawlenty. It is the most obvious choice, though I think Eric Cantor would be the more exciting pick. I am confident, based on conversations, that the top three picks are Cantor, Pawlenty, and Romney.Who do you think it is?Who Will It Be?Eric CantorTim PawlentyMitt Romney  Free polls from Pollhost.comBTW: It does look like it is Pawlenty. | Read More »

    LIVE From The Barackopolis!

    You can join the comment thread and we’ll bump up front the best of the bunch. Or you can just put your comments on as usual.

    Last beer call – it had so BETTER not be Lieberman

    It seems the announcement is imminent, and I wanted to make this statement, not that it will change anything.Mister, if you play chicken with conservatives, you will lose. And contrary to what so many pundits seem to suggest (including our own RedHots), you might win without overt conservative support, but you will lose if you napalm the conservative wing.

    Three best (and worst) VP choices for McCain

    Top three VP candidates that would help McCain.* Any of these would jazz up the base1) Pawlenty 2) Romney3) ThompsonTop three VP candidates that would hurt McCain* Any of these would depress the base1) Tom Ridge2) Joe Lieberman3) Kay Bailey HutchinsonThese are just my own preferences, of course. One thing I would like to add is that MIKE HUKABEE has been embarrassing himself with his | Read More »

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    Listen to the Architect: McCain Should Go with Romney

    Once again, I find myself at odds with the Directors. I like Cantor and I personally think he’d be great as a VP, but I don’t know if he’s got enough of the resources or name-recognition that people are looking for. Same for Pawlenty. Romney, though a staunch rival of McCain in the primaries, was rather gracious in his CPAC concession, which is something McCain | Read More »

    Easily the most offending McCain ad made so far.

    Not least because he obviously means…Every.Single.Word….of it. Here is what’s going to get thrown right in the face of all those race-baiting, house-counting, age-baiting, trying-to-incite-rage, would-be Lee Atwaters:Via Hot Air.{Update: Just a reminder, Pfeiffer: parrot the agitprop. Don’t actually believe it. Via Constant Reader c17wife.}

    New McCain Ad: Convention Night

    Talk about one upping your opponent…This is how it’s done! This ad is to air tonight during the convention coverage.Well done Senator McCain, Well Done!

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    I’m calling it: Tim Pawlenty will be McCain’s VP

    Tim Pawlenty will be McCain’s running mate.

    McCain’s Chosen One(Revealed?)UPDATE

    Fox News is reporting that McCain has indeed chosen his running mate and will appear with him/her tomorrow at 11:00 AM. The identity of McCain’s vice presidential selection is still unknown, but the presumptive GOP presidential nominee made the decision Thursday and is expected to shortly notify his selection, according to campaign manager Rick Davis.So now we wait and continually refresh Marc Ambinder as he | Read More »

    re: Lieberman

    I’m prepared to support Lieberman as the choice over some of the alternatives.The advantage of Lieberman is that he goes away after four years – there’s no chance he’s contending for the presidency. This makes him have a higher upside than any of the other potential pro-choice selections – KBH (I turned it down six times! SIX TIMES!), Meg Whitman, Ridge, etc.

    The funny thing about that Obama temple

    Jeff Emanuel has a full rundown of Obama’s attempt to photoshop himself into the West Wing, and it struck me as I was reading it: I wonder if the set designer in question has ever been to the White House?The funny thing about the cinematic depiction of the White House and the West Wing is that it’s always so grand and impressive. In reality, the | Read More »

    The way the government should be investing in alternative energy

    So far, government attempts at making alternative enery happen have been uniformly disasterous. They either give direct subsidies or create mandated government markets (such as Governor Rhino of Minnesota passing a law that dictates the amount of green energy that the state utilities will provide). Neither of these approaches result in actual “alternatives” but rather higher costs for everyone. What’s worse, they take money from | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Convention Film Leaked

    The story of how he began – in his own words. Interesting in that none of this is true from start to finish.Obama’s Bio Film

    The internecine series of hissy fits at MSNBC

    UPDATE: More good MSNBC feud stuff from Jossip. And (via Michael Calderone), the WSJ’s Rebecca Dana thinks that this public/private war might be due to the absence of the late Tim Russert and the vacuum left in his place.There is a third network for cable news, and they are… well, MSNBC. Sure, they’ve dropped the MS, and sometimes NBC must feel that way, but they’ve | Read More »

    McCain’s new web ad.

    The best part? Obama himself (after election, prior to his taking the oath of office):You know, I am a believer in … in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job. Uh, and I think that … if I were seriously to consider running on a national ticket, I would essentially have to start now, before having served a day in the Senate. | Read More »

    *NEW POLL* Mitt Romney helps McCain in Florida!!

    TALLAHASSEE — Joe Biden’s barely a blip. Mitt Romney’s more of a hit. Gov. Charlie Crist should stay where he is. And Joe Lieberman should go away.That’s all according to Mason-Dixon Polling & Research’s latest Florida voter survey gauging the vice presidential picks and possibilities in the presidential race.The poll shows the race is almost dead-even: 45 percent favor Barack Obama and 44 percent favor | Read More »

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