And the Democrats accuse us of using scare tactics

    Taking a page right out of what they call the Republican playbook, the DNC has launched this wonderful website to “scare us all straight”. This group paints each possible VP with their own Bush/Cheney brush. The funny thing is, they even have the nerve to bring up links to Abramoff as if their party hasn’t had it’s own issues with fundraising – Norman Hsu, Charlie | Read More »

    And the Democrats accuse us of using scare tactics

    Taking a page right out of what they call the Republican playbook, the DNC has launched this wonderful website to “scare us all straight”. This group paints each possible VP with their own Bush/Cheney brush. The funny thing is, they even have the nerve to bring up links to Abramoff as if their party hasn’t had it’s own issues with fundraising – Norman Hsu, Charlie | Read More »

    What’s inscribed inside the House chamber?

    Our friend Congressman Mike Pence of Ohio pointed out yesterday that there is only one quote inscribed inside the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives: Let us develop the resources of our land, call forth its powers, build up its institutions, promote all its great interests and see whether we also, in our day and generation, may not perform something worthy to be remembered. | Read More »

    Where Did Eric Cantor Come From?

    This past weekend anyone interested in news about the the Presidential campaign probably came across a story or two about Congressman Eric Cantor emerging as a lead prospect to becoming John McCain’s choice for a running mate. Today, this story continues to spread. The New York Times reports that the Democrat National Committee has launched a web-site attacking potential Republican VP choices and Cantor makes | Read More »

    If you live in Johnson County, Kansas

    Please vote for District Attorney Phil Kline today in the GOP primary. You can view his campaign website here.

    “Barack Obama’s America”

    Please vote for Phil Kline today. There are several reasons why Kline should be retained as your district attorney, but number one on my list is that he had the guts to take on the proabortion lobby And Lord knows that he has paid a significant price for having done so. Please reward Kline’s courage by reelecting him to be your district attorney. As the | Read More »

    Barry ought to embrace the Paris/Britney thing

    Actually, Barry might have to embrace the Paris/Britney thing. McClatchy has a story on the latest Zogby: New poll shows Obama losing support among young, women. I’m sure Lindsey Lohan would sign on as a campaign consultant. After all, she’s big friends with Obama backer Al Gore.

    Forget Virginia

    I recently read that VA Republican Congressman and House Deputy Whip Eric Cantor was being considered by the McCain team as a runningmate. This after news that VA Gov. Tim Kaine is the front-runner for Obama Veep. Why all this attention to my state which is supposedly in play but has only voted Dem in one presidential election since 1952? If it’s a calculation that | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s “New” Energy Plan And Nancy Pelosi Saves The World

    Democrat nominee Barack Obama delivered yet another address on energy. This time he is in favor of tapping the strategic oil reserve and maybe, just maybe looking at the possibility of thinking about considering to review some thoughts about off shore drilling. His energy plan still consists mainly of alternatives that are YEARS in the future if the research were to begin today. He and | Read More »

    Democrats: “There is no crisis on our side of the aisle”

    Via Politico, we have an excellent montage of quotes and comments to help us better understand why there will be no energy legislation before the next Congress is sworn in…and a clearer picture of the depths of hell Democrats are willing to drag us through in order to expand their power in Washington: But what looks like intraparty tension on the surface is part of | Read More »

    Lex Talonis – vile murderer-rapist Jose Medellin will not receive justice today

    Today, an living organism of the species homo sapiens (this is the most that I will give this thing called Jose Medellin) will be dealt with in the final sense, legally speaking, at the hands of the State of Texas. His final reward, in the eternal sense, begins moments after Texas is through with him, and I confess that I relish that thought. But today | Read More »

    Oil from tyrants

    Barack Obama said yesterday, “we purchase $700 million worth of oil every single day from some the world’s most unstable and hostile nations – Middle Eastern regimes that will control nearly all of the world’s oil by 2030.” []. In truth, America imports only 19% of its oil from the entire Persian Gulf region which includes some more moderate nations. Canada and Mexico alone contribute | Read More »

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    Is Obama going to skip a military townhall for a vacation in Hawaii?

    Kudos to Newsbusters for tracking this down. John McCain and Barack Obama have been invited to participate in a townhall with the active duty military and their families on August 11. According to the organizers, only McCain has agreed to attend. What’s Obama’s excuse? Scheduling conflict: Obama campaign spokeswoman Shannon Gilson said that while the senator has a scheduling conflict on Aug. 11, he “strongly | Read More »

    Larry Johnson Continues His Jihad

    The aptly named Larry Johnson has posted more revelations on Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I’ve got to tell you that I don’t know whether my head or sides were splitting after reading the “forensic analysis”. Here’s the simple summary–an authentic [certificate of live birth] COLB was used as a template to create the so-called “birth certificate” that was first posted at Daily Kos and the | Read More »

    Brits, Inat’l Community, Subsidizing Torture With Aid

    By now, we are all familiar with the specious European efforts to bring President Bush up on charges of “crimes against humanity” because of the authorized torture he and his administration supposedly instituted. Oh, the Euros are in high dudgeon over their assumed sense of moral superiority in their claims against the evil, evil America. Despite the rapidly improving situation in Iraq, the calls to | Read More »

    AP: GOP Convention Protesters Create ‘Marketplace of Ideas’

    Talk about a puff piece, this Associated Press short is a story with absolutely no substance. Not only that but after seeing the headline and then reading the story, one is hard pressed to believe they belong together. This Amy Forliti puffery is incongruously headlined “Protesters expected to transform the streets outside GOP convention into marketplace of ideas,” yet there isn’t any discussion at all | Read More »

    Barack Obama Is Very Flexible

    One of the critiques that has been relentlessly attached to President Bush is that he’s inflexible. If Barack Obama is elected president no one need have that worry. Barack Obama is the epitome of flexibility. Even his nuances are nuanced. He is so nuanced and flexible (or disingenuous, dishonest, and evasive depending upon your outlook) that he inspired me to steal my subhead, verbatim, from | Read More »

    Union Negotiates UnAmerican Holiday, Dumps Labor Day

    A new 5-year contract between workers and the Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville, Tenn. has been negotiated in which the American holiday Labor Day has been eliminated as an official holiday to be replaced by the Muslim holy day Eid al-Fitr According to a news release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a new 5-year contract at the plant included the | Read More »

    Like his speeches, Barack’s commercials suck

    Last night I finally had to sit through one of Obama’s commercials running in Florida. Here is the flow of the ad: Opening scene – Picture of a gas pump with prices over $4.50 [Actually a picture from California, Floridians have never seen prices that high] Announcer – We are in a crisis of energy Next scene – Picture of John McCain walking out of | Read More »

    Obama changes on oil drilling issue.

    Who is pulling the strings of the democratic candidate for president? While Mr. Obama says one thing and then 4 days later says something different on the same issue, (and that seems to be a daily occurance on many issues) such as drilling offshore, we voters again scratch our heads in wonder. Even if Mr. Obama were to win the election, does he really think | Read More »

    Hey, at least they’re being herded up in the *VIP* Parking Lot, right?

    Credit where credit is due. Whoever at the DNC who came up with this fillip of utter contempt for the antiwar movement deserves a raise: Invesco protest zone to be in VIP parking lot The protest zone at Invesco Field on the final night of the Democratic National Convention will be located in a VIP parking lot north of the stadium, and will have a | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    91 Days until Election Day August 5, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: McCAIN IN MICHIGAN…John McCain will tour our Fermi II nuclear plant downriver and stress the need for domestic alternative power to make us less reliant on foreign crude.  We need to maximize domestic oil supplies, nuclear, wind, and solar power…to help put America back to work.  McCAIN CHALLENGES OBAMA TO CALL BACK CONGRESS…and get to | Read More »

    Go VOTE (after you read this)!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at How often do we decry the lack of good people in politics?  The run to the center by men and women who claimed to be on the right?  Folks abandoning their principles and going along to get along?   We complain about it more often than it happens but that’s only a reflection of how much we care about | Read More »

    Re: Worry on the Left

    …to BrianFaughnan’s quite good post, but I decided it was worth it’s own blog: Obama has two problems, here. The first is that he needs to “respond to every criticism leveled at him by a Republican operative,” simply because his party’s mythology is full of stories about The Democrat Who Wouldn’t Fight Back (instead of, say, The Democrat Who Fought Back Like an Idiot). He | Read More »

    McCain’s Energy Plan

    The key point that Republicans should be hammering on for off-shore drilling is the creation of jobs in the immediate future. The oil companies will do that which all businesses do with their profits, invest in new and emerging enterprises. Open up the off-shore drilling and the record “wind-fall profits” the Democrats want to tax, and One would give as an energy rebate, would be | Read More »

    Strategic Oil Reserve

    “…I will take 700 million gallons of oil out of the Strategic Oil Reserve..” This while Iran announces that it will take action against any new sanctions. To back this up, Iran tested long-range missles and announced the development of a new torpedo. Is it wise to take oil out of a reserve when the flow of crude is threatend?


    As Obama Rises in the East, I’m Having a Heck of a lot of Fun on the Radio

    I’m having so much fun on the radio this morning, I’ve got to share the link this morning. Feel free to tune in or call at 478-742-0940. We’ve already talked all about Obama’s reversals on oil, Iraq, etc., etc., etc. We’ve decided you all must be dirty racists if you think these are flip-flops. Clearly you’re so bigoted you just did not hear the consistency | Read More »

    Worry on the Left Over Barack’s Weak Polling

    Dean Barnett pointes out that in the battle of Obama vs. not Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois isn’t doing all that well. He’s not the only one reading tea leaves. Over on the Left, they’re starting to worry: I’ve had a bad feeling about the direction of the campaign for the past couple weeks. We’ve been saying for months that McCain and the GOP | Read More »

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    Obama Won’t Rule Out Keeping Bob Gates at the Pentagon

    Roll Call ($) reports that when Barack Obama recently met with House Democrats to coordinate their message for the remainder of the campaign, he was asked by several Members to keep Defense Secretary Bob Gates through the transition, assuming he’s elected: Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.), a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, raised the issue last week at the House Democratic Caucus meeting with Obama. | Read More »

    Change- It’s Biting Obama In the, Well, You Know

    Change #1- The Republicans finally make “The Ten Commandments” a winner in political debate- through John McCain, no less! For all the hype about change, Obama has reconnected the Democrats with their Inner Bourbon- they learn nothing and forget nothing. Obama’s astonishing summer reveals a party trapped in the freeze frame of their mid-term election triumphs, oblivious to the rapid pace of change since then. | Read More »

    How to stop the bag tax

    From what I understand, Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2008-2009 Budget for California includes a 10-percent across-the-board spending reduction, because he wants there to be a linkage between tax revenues and spending. He wants to sell bonds to avoid a shortfall in California’s cash reserves but does not seem to want to use any of that income to pay back old bonds. Instead, he wants to reduce spending.( | Read More »

    Obama Santa Claus – Mythical Hybrid Plug-ins

    Obama Santa Claus has promised mythical Hybrid Plug-in cars to be on road by 2015 (6 years from 2009). The car does not exist today but is in development. The car is expected to go into production until 2010-2011. The cars will be very small 4 door cars. The cars will cost from $30,000 to $48,000. That is two or three times the price of | Read More »

    Obama Santa Claus – 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-ins

    Obama Santa Claus has promised over 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-in cars to be on road by 2015 (6 years from 2009). The car does not exist today but is in development. The car is expected to go into production until 2010-2011. That means that Obama has to sell 30 million of his mythical cars per year in the US. In 2007, there were only | Read More »

    McCain Calls on Congress to Reconvene to Solve Energy Crisis

    Now, as all of us here know by now, a small group of Republicans (one certainly wishes it was bigger group) have been gathering in the House chamber since the recess to protest the decision by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to have Congress go into recess without attempt to solve the energy crisis, and if the Republican Cloakroom website is any indicator (and it | Read More »

    Senator Obama, You Are No Ronald Reagan

    Feast your eyes on one of the silliest things you will see this election season: Via Kos (H/T), though even Kos has to present it without comment to keep a straight face. Where there’s nonsense, of course, there’s also always Andrew Sullivan to declare it “the best way to respond to Rovian tactics.” One has difficulty viewing this video and imagining that it is intended | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Three and a Half Day Cure

    If Sen. McCain’s gas tax holiday was worthless because it would only save consumers about “half a tank of gas over the course of the entire summer,” how much worse is Obama’s plan to give drivers less than half a tank once, and for only three and a half days? The media coverage of yesterday’s energy speech by Sen. Barack Obama has focused mainly on | Read More »

    In Praise Of Charlene Barshefsky

    Unlike many people in her party, Charlene Barshefsky has an accurate and sensible view of trade issues and–fortunately for the rest of us–is not shy about sharing those views with the public. Of course, I hope that there is some private conversation going on as well–namely, conversation that entails Ambassador Barshefsky lobbying her fellow Democrats and beseeching them to recall that trade liberalization helped work | Read More »

    What Is A “Windfall Profit”?

    A very good primer which cuts the legs out of the Obama windfall profits tax plan. A must read for the presumptive Democratic nominee and his campaign, but just because they won’t pay attention doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

    Your Good News/Bad News Post Of The Day

    The good news is that House Republicans continue to put pressure on the Democratic leadership to allow for a vote on offshore drilling. The bad news is that the White House is unwilling to help its Congressional allies. You know, maybe Speaker Pelosi actually would feel pressure to schedule a vote if the White House placed her in the spotlight. Too bad that it appears | Read More »

    Look Who’s Leading

    This is statistically insignificant, but given that John McCain is supposed to suffer a landslide defeat of Mondale-ian proportions, it is worth nothing this poll: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows the race for the White House is tied with Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote. However, when “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 47% and Obama | Read More »

    Of Glass Houses And Stones

    The following is the key point of the latest Obama ad: “Every time you fill your tank, the oil companies fill their pockets,” a narrator says. “Now Big Oil’s filling John McCain’s campaign with $2 million in contributions.” Ahem. Time for a fact check to point out this discrepancy between word and deed. Prominently.

    More Oil Drilling vs. Special Session

    The democrats have inflicted a self suicide on their own country for 30 years in blocking expanded oil drilling, as well as oil refinery and nuclear power plant construction for 30 years. They are solely responsible for same via Democratic congressional majorities, presidents or minority filibusters. Minority House republicans achieved a major strategic victory in the political public relations war this past Friday with their | Read More »

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    First Monday in August

    Words to an old song by Buffalo Springfield to be sure. But these words can also be applied to politics in the US right now. This is to be a Democratic year. Because of George Bush they are to sweep into power and next January take control of the whole of the government. But… Why doesn’t it ‘feel’ like that? ‘Oh tsquare you are just | Read More »


    Allow me to get this oil thing down to a 30 second ad.

    And I do like myself a challenge. By now you’ve all heard about how the Obama campaign got its math wrong about how much money McCain raised from the oil industry. But let’s say that they did raise $2 million. If that money’s tainted, then why did Obama take 400 grand of it himself? If it’s not, then why is he trying to scare you? | Read More »

    Congratulations, Radley

    Looks like Radley has finally gotten his white whale. For those who’ve followed TheAgitator for the last two years or so, you’ll join in offering no small measure of congratulations, too. Pretty damn corrupt/incompetent Mississippi “medical examiner” Dr. Steven Hayne has made his last taxpayer-funded Y-incision.


    All one has to do is read the recent releases from Rasmussen, SurveyUSA and Quinnipiac to see that McCain has been gaining considerable ground, even in Democratically “safe” states.Hes now up again in Nevada as the trend average moves back nationally in his favor, he’s managed to cut Obamas leads in Colorado, Michigan and New Hampshire, and has strengthened in several key red states. As | Read More »

    Why We Must Expand Drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf

    “Why don’t we just go drill the 86 billions of barrels we know we have?!” So goes the argument for expanding drilling in the OCS (or in ANWR, or any other unexplored basin, for that matter) – as if there is an existing inventory of “proved reserves” just waiting to be exploited. The problem is, many of the places where those 86 billion barrels supposedly | Read More »

    Follow The Leader

    A wise man once said, “When your political opponent suddenly changes position that is similar to yours, it means you’re on the right side of that issue” And such is the case with Energy. John McCain has supported offshore drilling since June; his opponent Barack Obama opposed offshore drilling…until now. In the same day he accused McCain of being in the back pocket of big | Read More »

    Will NBC Report On Health Risks To Olympic Athletes

    Tonight, The Jim Lehrer Report on PBS broadcast a segment on the serious health challenges all the Olympic athletes are facing in mega-polluted Beijing. One athlete who had competed in Beijing last year recounted how he and other world class bicyclists became violently ill during a race. The World Champion marathoner was advised to run a shorter course because he was risking his life by | Read More »

    Daily Polling Shows McCain Gains

    Yesterday, I noted that the two major tracking polls showed a tie in the national race for President. I wanted more recent state polls in order to validate those national result. Today, they started coming in. First, if you add any pollster site to your blogroll, it should be fivethirtyeight. Yes, he’s an Obama supporter but he’s better at working with this data and presenting | Read More »