McCain’s got my Vote!!!!

    I am so glad that McCain took Palin as a running mate because she shook things up and grabbed my attention to McCain. After watching all the media about Obama and how he’s for change etc. he said that McCain was too old etc. etc. I was going to vote for him, being snowballed like many others. But now, I have listened and it’s VERY | Read More »


    Capping Progress,Trading Away Freedom and Liberty

    In October 2007 Former Vice President Al Gore received 1/2 of the Nobel Peace Prize. This wasshared by the UN agency created to advance the idea of man-made climate change the IPCC.Here is the wording attributed to this prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to | Read More »

    Barry’s hand exposed by Bruce Wolpe?

    H/T Tim BlairThe money quote from the Sydney Morning Herald: An Obama ally assessed what Palin means: “This is a turnout election and the right will now turn out. I still think this is Obama’s race to lose but he could lose it unless our folks turn up the energy … “Obama needs to help identify her over the weekend as a book burning fundamentalist | Read More »


    Why I am voting Republican {Guess she resolved it in her own mind.}

    {Commendably fast of her, given that she started off being an Obama voter. Sheesh, but these people are weird. – Moe Lane}Yep. I am voting Republican because I can send my slightly over-weight and somewhat bullied 9 year-old son to school with his father’s hunting AK-47.At least it will be out of the house for a day.


    Is McCain Running Both Campaigns?

    It really seems to me that McCain has been more than inside the “decision loop”, as they say… He is playing Obama like a fiddle, or something.It appears to me that McCain decided on Palin a long time ago, and held it very close to his chest. Here’s why…

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    America’s Small City Mayor’s

    Written by The Mayor September 2008It was shocking to see the statistics on viewership for Governor Palin’s address to the nation.The Associated Press reported that over 40 million people viewed the event. It is apparently two to three million more than watched Obama’s convention speech. Anytime the vice-presidential candidate dwarfs the leading nominee of either party: that is noteworthy.In a strategic sense McCain’s pick creates | Read More »

    Judicial Activism and the Polarization of America

    **America was never intended to be a nation where everyone in every state shared the same values. The original colonies had their own distinct cultures, religions, and traditions, and they wanted to make certain that those were preserved before they agreed to enter the national union. That’s what federalism is; that’s why the 10th amendment is in the constitution. But federalism and local government has | Read More »

    The Abolition of RedState

    I have to rewrite this diary because I lost the long text after rebooting for the third time. I have attempted to sign in and post probably 30 times tonight. I no longer have the interest to go into the detail of my last attempt so I will keep this short and sour.As far as I am concerned, Redstate 3.0 is a collosal failure. The | Read More »


    The Abolition of RedState

    I have to rewrite this diary because I lost the long text after rebooting for the third time. I have attempted to sign in and post probably 30 times tonight. I no longer have the interest to go into the detail of my last attempt so I will keep this short and sour.As far as I am concerned, Redstate 3.0 is a collosal failure. The | Read More »


    Throw Them a Curveball

    In the past week, so much discussion had been made of Governor Palin’s qualifications to become President. It seems that the MSM and the Democrats keep forgetting that Governor Palin is the VP on the ticket. Now you really to forgive the left. They have this problem with people’s titles. When Obama introduced Joe Biden in Springfield, he called him the “next President of the | Read More »

    My First Try At A Diary

    I’m not a great writer, or the type who comes up with some great argument defending this or that. I am just a regular middle class guy who believes in certain things, and believes them to the core. I cannot begin to tell you what the selection of Sarah Palin does for me. As a father of 3 young daughters. I feel like this woman | Read More »

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    Obama and abortion: walking the walk with babies.

    It was sunny early afternoon in 1992 when the phone rang from the local hospital. They informed me that my wife just gave birth to a boy weighing less than two pounds. Because she was months away from full term the moment seemed like I had slipped into a dream like state. I thought soon this moment would be over but moments later I realized | Read More »


    FYI FoxNews 8pmEST SAT and SUN….A Documentary On Palin’s

    Hey, my first post. Ran across your site from the Drudge posting he had.Your site rocks…best coverage of what is going on. The live blog, chat during the RNC was perfect. You folks need to upgrade your server, but that ok. Folks like me are adding to the server load so I am patience with the growth of traffic.FYI, saw this this morning and haven’t | Read More »

    Hurricane Ike: What would you do, redux?

    I blogged a couple of weeks back about the dilemma that coastal residents face with an oncoming tropical storm. Hurricane Ike may reach landfall in the central Gulf Coast late next week, with the recovery from Gustav (landfall Sept 1) is in high gear.With Ike, we have added complexity: an estimated 2 million Louisiana residents evacuated for Gustav. Some of them may still be in | Read More »

    Choice, and a chance

    In the aftermath of Governor Palin’s selection as his VP running mate, people have been asking me if I am rethinking my opposition to John McCain. The answer I have been giving is, I’m considering it.Months ago I said that the selection of VP might have an impact on my position but the reality is that John McCain would still be at the top of | Read More »

    “So Sambo beat the bitch”

    Charley James writes for the LA Progressive and he penned a sneering article about Sarah Palin in particular and Alaska in general. This seems to be par for the course for many on the left, but the interesting part of it is that Charley James has his own blog on the Obama for President website. Must be that “new kind of politics” that Obama’s been | Read More »

    Oh Yes, I’m The Great Pretender

    INCLUDES HIS GREATEST HITS:Even When I’m Wrong, I’m Wright97% Party LineOde to Billy AyresHow Can She Be ProudSay AnythingI Have A NightmareWhen They’re Not ListeningNo, No, No, No, Not God Bless AmericaFreedom: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away, Now!_________________ CLASSIC 0:


    Republican’s recycling of American Flags that Dems discarded.

    I noticed on Drudge this afternoon a link to a Denver Post Blog concerning the discovery of thousands of small American flags that were trashed by the Democrats following the acceptance speech of Barack Obama at Invesco Field. I did not have the hyperbolic reaction of ‘horror,’ but was saddened that there is a candidacy for the President of our great country that considers the | Read More »

    Change vs Experience – Lets Talk About It

    With less than 2 months to go the themes are set by the Obama team and the McCain team. Both camps are going with the theme of change. This is a change election and a historic election no matter which side wins.


    McCain/Palin Casting for new voters

    Even the Brits, whose politics are not ours, get it, as evidence by this post from London’s Daily Telegraph broadsheet.On Friday night in Sterling Heights, Mr McCain’s selection of Mrs Palin appeared to have utterly transformed his campaign and made easier the task of converting Reagan Democrats to McCain Democrats.Even some Canadians, like Dr. Salim Mansur, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University | Read More »

    Democrats Have No Use For The Flag

    A worker at Denver’s Invesco Field saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Even though The Democrats had no use for the flags, the Republicans did. The Democrats’ discarded flags were used at a McCain/Palin event in Colorado Springs.You would think that when your standard bearer has a record of disrespecting the flag, and even replaces | Read More »

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    Woodward, the Surge and Bush’s Legacy

    Bob Woodward has a new book out. Flash: It’s not very favorable to President Bush. No surprise there. But it actually may tell a story different than what the author intends. It shows that Bush’s surge strategy may go down as one of the greatest turnarounds in American military history.Yes, I know the jury is still out on Iraq, and things could still go wrong. | Read More »

    I would NEVER question their patriotism… UPDATE w/ video!

    Only which “country” they actually claim as “theirs”.With a HT to Ed Morrissey @ HotAir

    No Class

    McCain congratulated Obama for his nomination. It was a classy thing to do. The video and the response from the Obama campaign can be seen here: hadn’t seen Obama’s response on TV. It’s easy to miss, as I record a lot and watch on weekends, so I could have missed it. So I went to Obama’s youtube channel, figuring they’d have it there.This is | Read More »


    Rudy and Governor Palin really REALLY struck a nerve with the sensitive Left on Wednesday.First came the whining. Now comes the bumper stickers.

    Governor Palin As Commander In Chief Of Alaskan National Guard

    Some in the elite media have belittled Governor Palin’s role as commander in chief of the Alaskan National Guard.Greta Van Susteren went and got the facts about Governor Palin’s performance as head of Alaska’s National Guard from Major General Craig E. Campbell. Watch the interview:That interview was more than enough to convince Jennifer Rubin that Governor Palin’s role as commander of the Alaskan National Guard | Read More »

    Oh, yeah: I got interviewed by the Star-Tribune.

    Interesting – and I’m not being sarcastic, here: it is interesting, and I’ve had to do the same thing myself – how five minutes of conversation turns into a couple of paragraphs. I have no complaints about the article, by the way: the text was fair and the guy who wrote it was both polite and friendly. No gotchas.Moe LanePS: via the article’s comments section | Read More »

    Brace Yourself for the Stupidest Thing You’ll Read Today.

    Apparently, logic was not a required class in whatever med school Rahul Parikh attended. Via Ross Douthat comes this mind-bendingly stupid argument: We could ask, given that Palin had no doubts about seeing her pregnancy through, why she bothered to take a genetic test. Why not, as you might expect a woman in her position and with her outspoken beliefs to do, decline any testing | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 9-6-2008

    59 DaysUntil Election Day September 6,2008MICHIGAN UPDATE:MICHIGAN RALLY A HUGE SUCCESS…McCAIN-PALIN FEVOR GROWS…as an overflow crowd at Freedom Hill in Macomb county came to hear a war hero and hockey mom talk about “shaking up” Washington. And they didn’t disappoint. The common response from so many who attended was “she’s one of us”, a working class, union family who understands the issues effecting each of | Read More »

    Sarah Palin is The One We Have Been Waiting For

    Sarah Palin’s triumphant speech at the Republican National Convention left the Democrats and their media allies afraid, very afraid. The evening was also a triumph for Senator John McCain, the man who had selected her for the vice presidential nomination. Well done! I had the honor of meeting Governor Palin when I keynoted the 2006 Alaska Republican Convention. She is just as impressive in person | Read More »

    Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Death Watch

    About two weeks ago, I wrote in this space that some very large tectonic plates were starting to move far below sea level in the financial world. That was based on some unusual patterns I was seeing in the overnight repo and money markets.I guessed (but had no information to confirm) that whatever was in the breeze had something to do with Fannie Mae and | Read More »

    Will Hillary hit the campaign trail for Obama?

    A factoid known to all those of us addicted to the blogs: Obama will ask beg, plead, entreat and implore Hillary to campaign to keep the women’s vote.It seems likely that Hillary will, in fact, play the faithful Democrat and campaign more visibly for Obama. If this were to appear on a lefty blog, it would point out that Hillary will once again play the | Read More »

    Sally Quinn Recants

    Jennifer Rubin posts on something that’s a truly significant moment: The great Sally Quinn recants her position on Sarah Palin.Quinn had been one of Palin’s biggest critics in the days leading up to her speech (read her column here). But yesterday in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, she declared: “I was wrong about her.” I thought that she was amazing. in her speech. She was | Read More »


    She’s made a few bucks up in Chi – Ca – Go,where she has a show for gals known as Po – Ta – Toes,Couch – Po – Ta – Toes – Cow – Ouch – Po – Po – Ta – Toes!When she walks on the stage, they’re all deep entranced.She’ll cry there on cue, and then she’ll sell them fat pants!She’s their O | Read More »

    If we can’t sing Heart’s “Barracuda,” then let’s build…er write our own!

    I remember a story about why Wal-Mart created its own soft drink brands. As the story went, Pepsi and Coca-Cola tried to gouge Sam Walton. Sam responded by making his own soft-drink brand for sale at Wal-Marts. If Hasbeen…er, Heart won’t let the GOP use their song titled “Barracuda,” then fine. We can write our own.Read onWe have John Rich, of Big and Rich and | Read More »

    Another Radical — Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour Sponsored Barack Obama Into Harvard Law School

    This is excerpted from a piece at The Minority ReportWe have long chronicled the ties of Sen Barack Obama to radical extremists with views that preach hate against the United States. Most informed Americans are familiar with the rantings of his “former” pastor, the Rev Jeremiah Wright, who in church, screamed, “Some say God bless America…No, no no, I say God Da America!”**Many Americans have | Read More »

    A public service announcement for our anti-Palin trolls.

    Not surprising, really: a lot of ’em probably got their start expressing their inner misogynist against Senator Hillary Clinton, and are no doubt excited to think that they can keep doing it to Governor Sarah Palin. I understand that hate and fear does that to a person, which is personally why I avoid those two emotions whenever possible. Besides, I find that fully justified ire | Read More »

    Obama is NOT a Black American!

    Did you notice Obama never even ONCE mentioned King in the speech or race or anything even remotely related to the struggle of the great black American’s?  He can’t because he is NOT part of this. He is not a Black American!  Excuse me!!!  He is the son of a Kenyan elite PRINCE and a white momma.  No Black American to be found in his | Read More »

    Reagan Revolution, part 2

    New Page 1 I remember the first time I heard Reagan speak to the RNC back in 1976 in my dorm room at Morehead.  It wasn’t when he first ran on the ticket but 4 years before that.  He had run in the primary but didn’t win the nomination.  However he was given the opportunity to speak at the RNC and his plain talk and down | Read More »

    Preview of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    For Sunday, September 7, 2008They’re back! John McCain and Joe Biden are returning to the Sunday shows where they once reigned as whatever you call people who are always on particular TV shows but are not, per se, cast members.FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace has Obama’s campaign guide David Axelrod and McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt.This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos talks to | Read More »

    We need McCain

    John McCain is a strong and proven leader and understands and respects life. He is pro-Life. Obama does not have any experience and does not understand what it’s like to fight for this country.


    We need McCain

    John McCain is a strong and proven leader and understands and respects life. He is pro-Life. Obama does not have any experience and does not understand what it’s like to fight for this country.


    It’s High Time to Act

    I’ve never been involved in politics, other than to vote, however this year I am making a conscious effort to see that we don’t end up with the wrong team leading our country. I fear for our future if Obama/Biden get in. While I don’t think McClain is a “super speaker”, Palin sure is. She’s a fighter. Up to the point McClain named her as | Read More »

    McCain’s Next Step: Economics

    John McCain is already winning over voters who are most concerned about terrorism. He’s gotten social conservatives excited by picking Palin, and aiming to pick up some blue-collar, working class votes with her “conservative populism”. He’s going to try and make a large dent in the demographic of women. Now, there’s one key demographic he’s still got to shore up and he might just win | Read More »


    Country & Western

    For months now here and over on Stand Strong America, I have been beating the drum on the importance of Senator McCain’s pick for Vice-President. In doing so, as I researched and polled grassroot conservatives for the ‘ideal’ candidate, it became plainly evident as far back as May, that the best choice for Sen. McCain to make was to call upon Governor Sarah Palin.The reasoning | Read More »

    Metallica comes through with this century’s ‘One’?

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    ‘8 Mile’

    As a Michigan voter (home of the one-recession state), I can attest that we have been hungry for real change. A plurality of Michiganders finally get it — that we are in this position exactly because of the control the Democrats (and unions) have over our state.It (like Ohio) is ripe for picking. Keith Naughton writes in Newsweek that with Friends Like These, Obama is | Read More »

    Andrew Sullivan epic fail (again)

    We see today that Andrew Sullivan has experienced another Palingasim over the potential for some seedy detail about what a horrible person Gov. Palin is and if elected to the Vice Presidency will damage the American nation to its’ very foundation. Todd Palin’s former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Oh God. –Andrew Sullivan 9/5/2008, The daily Dish. Apparently, | Read More »

    Measuring Negative Attacks In Speeches

    Jim Lindgren has done the brainwork in comparing Barack Obama’s acceptance speech with Sarah Palin’s in terms of tallying up the number of negative attacks. What he found may surprise you–assuming, of course, that you bring a certain bias to the debate.

    Night Is Dark, Day Is Light, Water Is Wet, Ice Is Cold, Fire Is Hot . . .

    And Naomi Klein still is a fraud.It is a shame that Cato is one of the few organizations dedicated to revealing the depths of Klein’s mendacity and lack of serious scholarship. Given how publicized her book was, everyone and his/her pet canary should be on Klein’s case so that she is laughed out of any and all respectable courts of public opinion. I am pleased | Read More »