Update on Gov. Jindal’s Slush Fund Vetoes

    Gov. Jindal has vetoed $16 million of $53 million total “slush fund” legislative grants. The 258 vetoes in House Bill 1, the state’s nearly $30 billion operating budget for the 2008-09 fiscal year, is more than double the combined number of line-item vetoes in the past 12 years. Coupled with Jindal’s veto of $9.3 million in spending from a previous budget bill, they suggest the | Read More »

    The Sands “Torture Narrative” Takes a Hit

    Doug Feith testified to the House Judiciary Committee today on his role in GWOT detainee treatment, AKA the “Torture Narrative.” According to said narrative, the officially-sanctioned policy of systematic, brutal and illegal mistreatment of captured enemies led directly to the abuses at Abu Ghraib. One of the main documents of this story is Philippe Sands’ recent publication The Torture Team. Some in Congress found Sands’ | Read More »

    Obama Sells Soul to Lobbyist to Throw a Party

    The New York Times has a profile of the man behind the fundraising effort for the Democratic National Convention in Denver next month. His name is Steven Farber, and he just happens to be the head of the law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, which the Times describes as, “one of the fastest-growing lobbying shops in Washington and one of the most powerful firms in | Read More »

    Go Goldwater in 2008 !

    Mr. Barry Goldwater, a five-term U.S. senator from the state of Arizona, died in 1998 at age 89. Goldwater’s message 48 years ago was as politically astute and relevant then as it is today. The conservative movement did not have the right to complain about not winning, because it had not done the work necessary to win, that it needed to “grow up” and go | Read More »

    Patrick Ruffini: Obama Now Telemarketing?

    He’s of the opinion that “this is first-hand evidence that Obama’s money crunch is real and is being impacted by his moving to the center on FISA and Iraq.” Perish the thought of me disagreeing with Patrick – he’s better at this than I am – but I must note that we were seeing his fund-raising numbers go down prior to FISA. Until they reveal | Read More »

    History repeats itself…again

    In the span of over 120 years similar issues continue to vex the peoples representatives elected to office. Witness the the current situation of government attempts/programs to provide/throw money at specific issues and compare this to the past. I think most agree that throwing money at a problem is not conducive to solving the problem itself. This is not intended to be an unsympathetic view | Read More »

    Denver to DNC Protesters: No feces, please.

    In some ways, some of the comments to the article below (via Instapundit are the best part: Rules on tools could handcuff DNC protesters Items to thwart police, like chains, would be barred The prospect of protesters linking themselves with devices that bolt cutters can’t sever or throwing buckets of feces on police has Denver considering putting a new law on the books before the | Read More »

    No Bias Here

    According to the propagandists at the AP, being opposed to the so-called International Criminal Court is equivalent to being soft on genocide. Anything to attack President Bush. And people actually trust and rely upon these articles to tell them the truth about the world?

    Regarding Bret Favre

    Ok I really have to get this off my chest about the whole Brett Favre situation. I am really tired of the Green Bay Packers being made out to be the villains here. I cannot count the number times I have heard ESPN commentators or radio hosts say “Why wouldn’t they want him back? He will make the team better.” You would think they, of | Read More »

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    Unions Underfunding Their Own Members’ Pensions, Study Says

    A few days ago I posted a story on a recent article in the New York Sun by Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Senior Fellow at The Hudson Institute, that focused on how the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) had not fully funded the pension plan of their rank and file members while they had over funded the pension plan of the Union’s chief officers. Well, today at | Read More »

    Paging Congressman Ted Poe

    Sir, I have played this clip on a local radio show and the response from the audience has been amazing. This, I venture to say, is one of the greatest speeches ever made on the floor of the House. It is humorous, pointed, and effectively demonstrates the sheer absurdity of the rules. PS – Overwhelmingly the callers to my radio show do want you to | Read More »

    The Energy Crisis:

    This is a true story. It just hasn’t happened yet.2010: Oil has hit $200 and U.S. consumers are paying over $5.00 at the gas pump. Congress is still arguing over who’s to blame and nothing has been resolved to deal with the crisis. The Democrat President has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq, leaving their oil fields totally unprotected. 2012: $250 oil and $6 gas | Read More »

    Memo to Obama’s media sycophants: left-wingers started madrassa “smear”

    Ever since Newsweek released a poll that showed the general election virtually tied, many Obama supporters have pointed to opinions about the senator’s religious background as the cause of his problems. Broadcast bloviators and many print journalists attribute these “smears” to the “right-wing,” “Republicans,” “conservatives,” ad nauseum. In fact, the editor of the New Yorker, which published the tasteless and banal parody cover of Barack | Read More »

    Turnabout? ObamaLies™.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that in his speech late this morning, Obama tried his best to continue the narrative that BushLied™ about Iraq AND about Afghanistan. BTW, the new line is that limited success in Iraq has come at the cost of real terrorist victories in Afghanistan. He also posited that the Iraqis have failed to unify politically, which he said was the real | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Uninformed Plan For Iraq And Afghanistan

    He has made one trip to Iraq. He has never been to Afghanistan. His military policy decisions are based on a long standing anti-war agenda and advice from everyone EXCEPT active commanders in the field like General David Patraeus. Yet Barack Obama has now seen fit to make a major policy statement concerning Iraq, Afghanistan and the on going was against terrorism. Appeasing the liberal | Read More »

    What’s the Mood in the Hood?

    Hofmeister has just started a new not-for-profit company, Citizens for Affordable Energy I didn’t write this diary just to promote John Hofmeister. I really think the Republican Party needs to promote the idea of finding more energy from a point of view of not only finding new energy but also increasing the number of high paying union jobs that will be a part of the | Read More »

    Senator Burr: Obama Will Probably Ignore Gen. Petraeus

    This morning I talked to Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) about Senator Obama’s shifting positions on Iraq. He made a lot of great points worth repeating here. Initially, I asked him what he thought had brought about all of Obama’s policy shifts on Iraq. He said, as with all campaigns, Obama built his campaign around certain assumptions and then formed his policy positions from those assumptions. | Read More »

    Wherein the Obama campaign is told to grow up about the New Yorker thing.

    The op-ed is quite choice, really – and hard to know where to cut. Cover charges If Obama’s campaign is upset by a magazine satire, what will it do when the real attacks begin? July 15, 2008 Let’s be frank. People sophisticated enough to read, say, newspaper editorials are smart enough to know that the New Yorker’s cover art this week — portraying Barack Obama | Read More »

    TV One to cover DNC and after-parties but not RNC

    TV One plans to cover the Democratic National Convention and even the Wrap Parties, but CEO Johnathan Rodgers has no plans to bring the Republican National Convention to his audience. According to the Associated Press, TV One reaches 43.7 million households—almost one half of homes in the US with TVs. The network targets African-American adults. Rodgers told the AP and other news media, “We are | Read More »

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    Water Conservation In North Carolina

    Last night, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed a second reading of a bill entitled: “AN ACT to improve Drought preparedness and response in North Carolina, as recommended by the Environmental review commission.” Like all legislation, the devil is in the details. The legislation sounds like a good thing until you read what is actually in the thing. Here is just a smattering of | Read More »

    Are you ready for this…The Circus begins

    Are you ready for this…The Circus begins The first video of an interrogation of an al-Qaida suspect at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was released Tuesday. A 10-minute excerpt of the questioning was posted to the Internet around 5 a.m., made public under a court order obtained by the Edmonton, Alberta, lawyers for Canadian Omar Khadr. He was 16 when questioned in | Read More »

    The War on the Poor

    Energy is the creator of economic opportunities. Push energy prices up and everyone suffers. But who gets hurt first? The poor and disadvantaged. High energy prices make poor families pay even larger chunks of their meager incomes for energy. In fact, high utility bills are a leading cause of homelessness. While Washington plays politics with American energy supplies, people are hurting – and the poor | Read More »

    Global Warming and Kidney Stones

    Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme. Researchers at the University of Texas have published a report in which they draw a relationship between kidney stones and Global Warming. Per the report, kidney stones can be caused to dehydration, either due to just not drinking enough, or by constant exposure to high heat. If global warming trends continue as projected by the UN Intergovernmental Panel | Read More »

    AP’s New Muckraking Style, From Just-The-Facts to In-Your-Face

    For those unfamiliar, since May of this year the Associated Press has had a new Washington Bureau Chief, a past AP reporter named Ron Fournier. According to Politico, the previous chief was pushed out to make room for Fournier in a “hard-feelings shake-up” with the old chief left worried that Fournier might “destroy” the AP. A pretty stark assessment, of course, but not necessarily all | Read More »

    Binding Arbitration = Financial Collapse of Business Sector

    We are reminded here on the blog that there is one aspect of the lie that is the Employee Free Choice Act bill that isn’t much discussed. That is the binding arbitration feature of this business/economy killing legislation. Besides the card check aspect where a union can dispense with the ages old democratic system of the secret ballot when employees are voting as to whether | Read More »

    Barack Obama Purges His Website. No Longer Critical of the Surge.

    When the situation in Iraq was going badly, Barack Obama wanted us to retreat. When the surge took hold and the situation in Iraq improved, Barack Obama wanted us to retreat. No turn in Iraq went unstoned in Obama’s commitment to retreat and surrender. Not any more. Obama has thrown his old positions under the bus. And, for a guy whose campaign claims to get | Read More »

    What did Charlie Rangel do to the MSM?

    I’ve seen a number of stories in the last few days that are pointing out apparent corruption and illegal activity from Charlie Rangel. First there was the story about his illegal use of rent controlled appartments., now there are Stories (and here) about his soliciting donations from corporations with business before ways and means. It seems he wants a building named after himself and is | Read More »

    Will the Circle be Unbroken, Part III

    I read Narvel Blackstock’s recent letter to the editor with disappointment. Titled ‘Support the Music Industry’s Efforts to Replace Blight Near Music Row’, it defended MDHA’s decision to force Joy Ford off of her property to make room for $100 million worth of development. I’m sure Mr. Blackstock is a nice man. I have an enormous amount of respect for his wife, Reba McEntire. They | Read More »

    Four Freedoms, use, legislation effecting same, and some history.

    New Diary entry/blog Focus is on Four Freedoms, use, legislation effecting same, and some history.Extracted from the booklet “Heritage Foundation, 2003 ce, Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States”. US Constitution Amendment 1″Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of | Read More »

    Big Labor in Michigan as told by John McClane

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. Lansing insider publication MIRS reported last night that the AFL-CIO is now willing to take some of the credit for bankrolling the lefty extremist Reform Michigan Government Now vivisection of state government. The union’s President, Mark Gaffney, even admits to helping his pal Mark Brewer write the darn thing in an undiscosed smoke filled backroom somewhere around the state | Read More »

    Replacing Housing Risk With Dollar Risk

    As of Sunday night, the US government, speaking through Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, has committed to guarantee the value of securities issued by the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That means that you, dear Taxpayer, are about to get into the housing business in a way you’ve probably never imagined and certainly didn’t choose. So it’s worth asking a few questions about | Read More »

    Articles of Interest 7-15-08 McCain HQ Grand Opening, Romney McCain Co-Chair, Obama’s Issue Change, Business Friendly States

      112 Days Until Election Day July 15, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: McCAIN HEADQUARTERS GRAND OPENING…with Governor Mitt Romney was a huge success. Hundreds of volunteers and activists crowded the new headquarters and listened to Governor Romney fire up the troops. SCOTT ROMNEY NEW McCAIN CO-CHAIR…McCain Co-Chair Chuck Yob announced last night that Scott Romney would join him, National Committeewoman Holly Hughes and Congressman Fred Upton | Read More »

    Democrats Say Obama is Insular, Uncooperative, and Inattentive

    Yet more evidence that Democrats love President Bush. They say Bush is arrogant, inarticulate, insular, uncooperative, and inattentive. So what do they do? They nominate the closest equivalent to their allegations. Hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Nonetheless, it is humorous to pick through their concerns: – Until a mailing that went out in the past few days, Obama had done little fundraising | Read More »

    Let the Free Market Produce More Energy

    I want to begin by congratulating the entire RedState team on a great looking new version of the site, and by wishing them a happy 4th birthday. President Bush has taken an important step to lower gas prices. But now Congress needs to get out of the way and let the free market produce more energy. The U.S. is the only country in the world that refuses | Read More »

    Your timing needs a little work there, Senator Obama.

    Pejman, as is his wont, has collected a couple of the more trenchant objections to Obama’s fairly silly op-ed. Feel free to check them out; it’ll save me time, because I really want to bring up the following two observations: First off, “Senator Obama” – not that I would suggest that somebody wrote this for you, although in the end you might – did you | Read More »

    Conservation – YES! Umm, not so fast, my friend

    If I need to drive a Prius, and burn wood in the winter, and buy gas on odd days to achieve energy independence from the Middle East, sign me up! Well, at least that is the opinion I spouted until last summer. You see, here in my part of North Carolina, we have undergone a pretty severe drought for the past year. So severe, in | Read More »

    Grassley Doesn’t Threaten Copeland Ministries, Again

    Grassley shows no signs of letting up on his investigation of six Christian ministries. These ministries, all televangelist that preach the prosperity gospel, are under a Senate Finance Committee investigation being spearheaded by the Republican senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley. A number of religious groups have publicly come out against Grassley’s crusade (Coalition’s Letter, Believers Stand United, Assemblies of God) and a few of the | Read More »

    To run in 2010

    This diary is actually a request for advice. I have a question that seems pretty important to me and the answer(s) given should be helpful for anyone else intending to run for office for the first time. You see, I like to complain. It’s fun. You don’t have to come up with any solutions or work to fix anything. Unfortunately, in my eyes, complaining walks | Read More »

    Our Launch Day Podcast With Mark Levin

    When we kicked off RedState 2.0 back in August of 2006, I crossed my fingers, prayed hard, and emailed to see if Rush Limbaugh might do a launch day podcast with us. He very graciously said yes. Now we have a tradition: a radio host does a launch day podcast with us. It is set in stone now. With RedState 3.0 officially launching today, I | Read More »

    Unions, Government Websites, Labor, GM, and O’Malleynomics

    Let’s start with a recent kerfluffle in Maryland’s liberal blogosphere, which FSP’s been all over. Basically, the left was in a tiff because the state had an “anti-union website” that highlighted that Maryland has a “very favorable labor climate” and goes into detail about why Maryland is (allegedly) a good state for labor relations for businesses in Maryland. The left got in a lather, emails | Read More »

    Iowans Taking Notice of Grassley Missteps

    According to Matt Lewis on Townhall.com, Grassley has been punished by Iowa Republicans for his investigation of Christian ministries. I hope this is a sign that Iowa conservatives and Republicans are taking note of Grassley’s activities. This last weekend was the Iowa GOP convention. According to a reliable source, some conservatives (believing Sen. Grassley has lately been drinking too much water from the Potomac), decided | Read More »

    Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Tony Snow Funeral

    The scum-suckers of the Westboro Baptist Church led by the hatemongering Rev Fred Phelps have announced their attention to picket the funeral of former White House spokesman, Tony Snow. Tony Snow (Press Secretary for George W. Bush) is dead, YES! He had a platform, he was given some small talent by his creator. He was an unfaithful steward, and is now residing in hell. Each | Read More »

    President Calls Democrats’ Bluff on Offshore Drilling

    The Democrats are truly panicked and would no doubt be even more panicked if John McCain more vocally got on the GOP bandwagon over ANWR and drilling. Today, President Bush called the Democrats’ bluff on energy and the response was both predictable and telling. See here. peaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the move a “hoax,” while House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said, “It’s clear | Read More »

    Daniel Mitchell Is A Generous And Good-Hearted Soul

    He reads E.J. Dionne so that other people won’t have to.

    Of Presidential Campaigns And Fisking

    Peter Wehner limns and dissects Barack Obama’s New York Times op-ed on his Iraq policy. Notable points in Wehner’s discussion, of course, include the fact that Obama was wrong about the effects the surge and the implementation of the counterinsurgency strategy would have on the domestic situation in Iraq. Indeed, his predictions were totally and completely wrong regarding the impact of the surge and the | Read More »

    Re: Plouffe beating up netrooters for their lunch money.

    Oh, that’s a possibility, Mark: fear is one of the most powerful tools that progressives have, after all. But I’m starting to suspect that the Plouffe video is a tacit admission from the Obama campaign that they didn’t sweep past the GOP in June… and that they’re just a little bit nervous about July. As they should be, honestly. Unless they’ve already gathered up $22,429,435.49 | Read More »

    God Didn’t Tell Him to Run

    Dang, Jesse Ventura told Larry King he isn’t going to run for US Senate. In explaining his decision, Jesse rambled about all kinds of issues. The one that seemed to clinch it for him was that he didn’t want to subject his family to the Minnesota press. As with all of his complaints about Minnesota media, Jesse’s shot tonight should have been pointed back at | Read More »

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    re: Plouffe and Obama’s fundraising juggernaut

    Moe, the figures I used in that piece were from Plouffe’s vid. I had seen you mention from time-to-time that Obama’s fundraising might not be coming up with the money they needed to validate their decision to skip matching funds, but I had no idea. Now, it makes sense to me that many of these smaller donors will decided not to give another $50 if | Read More »

    Refining victory

    For the past few months I have made it a part of my daily routine to visit the Iraq page on Obama’s website (Iraq /Change We can believe In!). With mounting incredulity I found, day after day, the same increasingly bizarre and outdated entry on Obama’s policy for troop withdrawal. The policy, in its entirety, reads like this: “Obama will immediately begin to remove our | Read More »


    The Other Kind of Environmentalist

    I am an environmentalist. I am. I primarily use two vehicles to go to work. One gets seventy miles per gallon. The other is a bicycle. Sometimes I walk to the market. Most of the lights in my house are fluorescent. My television rarely gets turned on; I read instead. I am a *conservative * environmentalist. To me, that means that I would rather convince | Read More »