Anyone Know the Truth Re: Biden’s Iranian Connections?

    In the comments section of this thread on Pajamas Media, I ran across this interesting item from a commenter named Banafsheh. I duplicate much of it here, because there’s no way to link directly to the comments, and the name Banafsheh doesn’t link to email or blog.On Friday, Aug. 22nd, reading David Brooks gushing article about Mr. Biden in the NY Time, made me shudder, | Read More »

    DNC Wrap-up: Day One a Waste

    The first night of the Democratic National Convention is (mercifully) over, and even for a political junkie, this was difficult to watch. The after show reviews are coming in and a consensus appears to be building that this was a wasted night. CNN’s David Gergen was the first to remark on this around 9 PM Eastern.”We’re two hours into this and so far, nothing of | Read More »

    The State of the Presidential Race

    “Don’t believe the hype.”Today is the first day of the Democratic Convention. So get ready for a lot of fluff, a lot of spin, from both the media and the Democrats, all to convince us that things are just hunky dory in Democrat land, and that Obama and Biden are all but guaranteed an easy waltz into the White House. Perhaps there will even be | Read More »

    Madonna who could never be mistaken for The Madonna……pimps for Obama

    Madonna in her sleazy way has attempted in her concert to link McCain with Hitler and Mugabe while at the same time likening Obama to Ghandi, Lennon and Al Gore? This pathetic shot from the off shoot Judism, Kabbalah Queen is getting the derision it deserves from multiple Jewish quarters…..The Anti-Defamation League and The Simon Wiesenthal Center amongst others are condemning this trifling tramps use | Read More »

    Just curious, but did anyone catch the similarity between Michelle and Hillary?

    Having just concluded Michelle Obama’s speech before the DNC, I was struck by one thought ~ how similar her words tonight were to Hillary’s some sixteen years ago (actually, on July 13, 1992) before the same body. Did I just get a sense of deja-vu about a potential first lady, and future presidential candidate-in-waiting?Hey, it is just an observation.theBlurRoger

    I was told if President Bush were re-elected that dissent would be shut down.

    It appears that Obama is asking the Justice Department to look into the ad tying him to Ayers. He and his campaign have “forcefully” ie threatened news stations about running the ad….I only have one thing to say….Thank you Barack for helping this video be seen by at least a million to two million more people because EVERY one loves to see what a whiner | Read More »

    BREAKING: Michelle Malkin Verbally Attacked in Denver [Update 3]

    Update 3: Subtitle corrected.Breaking story at People’s Press CollectiveUpdate: YouTube video available now.Update 2: Alex Jones lackey yells “Kill Michelle Malkin” until someone gets him to stop.Gateway Pundit has pictures and video (embeded below).

    Barack Obama on ESPN – McCain staff, return those calls

    ESPN’s sitdown with Barack Obama is outlined in full by Awful Announcing, hands down the best sports TV blog there is. It seems awfully brief and fluff-filled, as if the Worldwide Leader was very uncomfortable with asking any tough questions. C’mon, folks – Al Gore and Jack Kemp had to answer questions about Roberto Alomar spitting in an umpire’s face in a Vice Presidential debate! | Read More »

    “He’s the Pied Piper for our family.”

    So said a lady on the Ted Kennedy tribute video at the DNC tonight. I can only assume she does not know the story of the Pied Piper.

    Live Blogging Michelle Obama’s Speech

    I am going to be trying it out Cover It Live’s new fangled technology to live blog Michelle Obama’s Speech tonight. You can check it out here.

    Obama/Biden’s war against the Average-American family

    I’m not a class warfare type. But Obama’s Robin Hood mentality and misguided liberal policies are a danger to the proverbial “middle class” in particular. Let’s look at the fictitious statistical average American family.Mr. and Mrs. Average-American have some small savings in the stock market. By doubling the capital gains tax, Obama hurts everyday small investors. These parents saving for their child(ren)’s college tuition just | Read More »

    McCain-Coburn 2008

    One of the RedState contributors came up with a great out-of-nowhere pick for Senator McCain to add to the ticket: Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. Yes, please. Only problem – what sort of slogan could they run on together? Here’s a couple that got tossed around over email:McCain-Coburn 2008Dark Horse? No, The one You Road In On.McCain-Coburn 2008100% Ted Stevens-freeMcCain-Coburn 2008We Could Give A CrapMcCain-Coburn 2008″They | Read More »

    Cuckoo for Obama

    Available on Democraticstuff.comCan anarchists for Obama be far behind?

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    John Edwards is sorry, sorry, sorry.

    John Edwards is one sorry dude:John Edwards is burning up the phone lines begging former aides and backers to forgive him for lying about his affair – but hearing their rage instead.As Democrats kick off their convention Monday, the onetime presidential contender is a man without a party – or a political future – trying to rebuild bridges through dozens of remorseful phone calls.[ . | Read More »

    Congress Polls (KS, MI)

    MI 7If the election for U.S. Congress were held today, would you vote for Mark Schauer the Democrat, Tim Walberg the Republican, Lynn Meadow of the Green Party, or Ken Proctor the Libertarian? TOTAL WALBERG – 43% Republican Incumbent TOTAL SCHAUER – 40%TOTAL MEADOWS – 1%TOTAL PROCTOR – 2%MI 9If the election for U.S. Congress were held today, would you vote for Gary Peters the | Read More »

    21 Liberals and 4 Conservatives

    Did you ever wonder why John McCain is not way ahead of a radical like Barak Obama in a country where a majority of voters describe themselves as right of center?The answer is that McCain keeps slapping conservatives in the face.He knows that on issues like immigration, his partnership with Teddy Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, etc. he has serious problems with his base but instead of reducing | Read More »

    Inaugaral rant

    **Greetings,This is my inaugural diary entry. A fitting occasion as we sit and enjoy the Democrats fight and squabble amongst each other. I commented to my son that I thought Obama made a mistake by not giving Hillary an obligatory meeting. I thought a smart move would be to have given Hillary a token look for VP. There is still a lot of hostility in | Read More »

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    Obama Rewards Big Donors

    National Journal has the latest from Mr. Clean: A total of 552 individuals have bundled $50,000 or more for Obama, and 36 individuals and couples bundled $500,000 or more so far, according to the watchdog group Public Citizen. All the attention lavished on the high rollers raises questions among watchdogs about what donors might get in return for their fundraising efforts. “Receptions and prime seats | Read More »

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    Archbishop Chaput takes Pelosi to task on Church teachings and abortion

    Catholic News Agency has the details.(LvChristopher)

    Obama’s Gimmicks

    Let us count the silly gimmicks that Obama has tried to pull, even if he didn’t consider them gimmicks:He redesigns the Presidential seal before he’s even nominated, much less elected.He pretty much demanded to be allowed to speak at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate, long a site of Presidential speeches, not candidate’s speeches.And his latest attempt, to announce his Veep pick by text message failed miserably, so | Read More »

    Colorado Hispanic Leaders Endorse John McCain

    H/T to exvigilare.The Aspen Times reported last week that a dozen Hispanic leaders, including former Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez have endorsed John McCain for President.Martinez was raised in an orphanage, and had this to say about McCain,My mother chose to give me life. He’ll preserve our heritage.Martinez goes on to list what’s important to the estimated 240,000 Hispanics in Colorado:AbortionFree TradeImmitration ReformLower TaxesLess Government | Read More »

    NOW Demands Obama Mentor Resignation

    Great timing. On the eve of the ‘unity’ convention for the democratic party, Obama’s political mentor (yeah, another crazy mentor… noticing a pattern yet?) attacked a Hillary supporter, witnesses confirm, with a racist insult.NOW of Illinois is demanding his resignation:DENVER — The chief of Illinois’ National Organization for Women chapter today called on Barack Obama’s “political godfather” to resign immediately from the Illinois state Senate | Read More »

    Democrats Support Mafia

    Democrats and the Mafia >”Barack Obama’s key fund raiser, Tony Rezko, went on trial last week. It’s important to take a broader look at America’s most corrupt large city: Chicago. (We apologize from the outset,some links no longer exist or passages we quote never existed on the web.) Chicago has had a Democratic Mayor since 1931,and today in 2008,49 of 50 Chicago Aldermen are | Read More »

    You’ve Got Keys; We’ll Bring Some Real Noise

    The only truly American political convention is a week away in the twin cities. This week the Democrats are going to try to exploit the McCain housing issue by having conventioneers bring and jingle keys. I recall how effective the GOP convention was in 2004 as compared to the Democrats. There was so much unity and organization. The simple chant of “flip flop” pierced through | Read More »

    New Ad Tries To Distance Obama From American Terrorist Bill Ayers

    Last Week, the American Issues Project announced a new television advertising campaign examining the relationship between Obama and the unrepentant 1960’s domestic terrorist, William Ayers, the former leader of an American terrorist group known as Weather Underground. The ad — entitled “Know Enough?” asks a pointed question: “Beyond the speeches, how much do you really know about Barack Obama?” The ad must be hurting the | Read More »

    Biden’s Kitchen Table Talks

    Since Joe Biden seems to want to compare what gets discussed around his kitchen table to what gets discussed at any of Mr. McCain’s kitchen tables, maybe we should take him up on it.It appears that what gets discussed at Joe Biden’s table is the nation’s business in the form of his sons’ lobbying clients interests. Either that, or how to get a $1.2M a | Read More »

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    28 Years voting democrat out the window

    Hello Everyone,I have voted Democratic since 1980. 28 YEARS! I supported Gore, I voted for Kerry. Yes, I voted for all of them without hesitation even Dukakis in 1988 and I voted for Mondale and Ferraro in 84.The Democratic Party has once again moved away from the center and drifted left with the help of Howard Dean and the media who have fallen all over | Read More »


    Ha Ha Ha!! The Texas GOP Comes Through With A Great Ad

    It’s just a web ad and the production quality doesn’t appear that high, but boy does it really hit the nail on the head. Somebody should pony up and invite his brother to the United States – My God would that agitate Obama. It’s a great and simple point, how can Obama take care of your family when he can’t even take care of his. | Read More »

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    Lame Obama Ad:’I was only 8 years old when Ayers bombed capital hill…’

    Gosh, this counter attack ad is painfully lame.Obama Ad First on The Page: New Obama ad distances him from Bill Ayers and hits McCain back on the economy. “With all our problems, why is John McCain talking about the sixties, trying to link Barack Obama to radical Bill Ayers?” “McCain knows Obama denounced Ayers’ crimes, committed when Obama was just eight years old.” … Spot | Read More »

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    Biden and Oil – He’s agin’ it.

    Hardly a man is still alive who remembers the embattled Republicans and a few Democrats trying to bring oil to America in the face of the Arab Oil Embargo. The TransAlaska Pipeline was authorized in ’73 by one vote; that of VP Spiro Agnew. There are only a handful of Senators still serving who voted, Biden is one of them.Sen. Biden was a newly elected | Read More »

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    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Fred Baron and John Edwards

    Politics is supposed to be about the will of the people expressed by their vote and their activism which then shapes both the political parties and the ranks of elected officials. Would that it were that simple. Reality deals with the fact that there will always be those who are more influential than others in that process. Whether via connections or cash, some folks are | Read More »

    CQ: Dem convention “on the brink of a media disaster”

    Craig Crawford at CQ has the story:The Democratic convention now teeters on the brink of a media disaster thanks to real news that threatens to distract reporters from the scripted show.And wouldn’t you know, it’s all about the Clintons. The trouble with the news-free nature of modern conventions is how anything unplanned can instantly get of hand with thousands of reporters in town vying for | Read More »

    Democratic Convention Prayer Leaked

    Like any cult, any decent cult of personality needs it’s own rituals and prayers. I happen to have some connections among Democrats and have received an advanced copy of the prayer that will be spoken at the start of the Democratic Convention. Here it is:Our leader,Who art in Denver,Hussein be thy name.Thy Hopechange come,Healthcare be done,In America as it is in France.Give us this day | Read More »


    FINAL PROJECTION BEFORE THE CONVENTIONS, GOOD REFERENCE START POINT FOR ANALYZING ANY CONVENTION BOUNCES FOR THE CANDIDATES.NOTE- NEW MAP DESIGN! Since we are now within the last 10 weeks of the campaign, states are divided into four categories for both parties-Barely (0.1-3.9 within M.O.E.), Likely (4-9.9), Strong (10-14.9), and Solid (15+).Obama has regained the lead in the electoral vote with Colorado, now+2 for the Democrat. | Read More »

    Are we starting to see a patern here?

    Earlier today I posted a blog about how Obama advisers are openly admitting to their plans to exploit Beau Biden’s upcoming overseas deployment in October.It’s part of our narrative and we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth,” says one of the Obama advisers. “Republicans would do the same.””Republicans would do the same.” This line jumped out at me, mostly because well, they haven’t | Read More »

    Biden Choice Shows Obama Doesn’t Believe His Own Rhetoric

    Barack Obama learned an important lesson from John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign–do not express two contradictory positions in the same sentence. Instead, wait awhile.Kerry infamously contended in a single statement that he had voted for funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan before he voted against the funding.Conversely, Obama has smartly spread out his flip-flops. During the primary, Obama asserted that qualification for the | Read More »

    McCain should make an unconventional pick

    I’ve felt since the FL Primary that McCain is going to be the next President. Obama and Hillary the only two real Dem contenders at that point were just too inexperienced. Right now he is basically tied when he should be several points behind. As we get closer to the election and Americans become more familiar with Obama, particularly his complete lack of executive, business, | Read More »

    More Dem “unity!” in Denver

    I know, Barry has a lot of mentors. Well, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones is an erstwhile Obama mentor. (I think Barry let him keep the name tag, and he might have gotten a pocket watch.)Jones referred to Hillary’s delegates as “Uncle Toms.”From the Associated Press:Chicago political consultant [and Hillary delegate] Delmarie Cobb says Jones made the remarks Saturday night while discussing her support for | Read More »

    Biden in Plain Sight

    Two sets of thoughts on Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate – more on this to follow:1. Gaffe-Tastic! The initial gut reaction of essentially every Republican I know was giddiness. Biden’s the most gaffe-prone politician I have ever seen, and if you think about the competition that is a truly impressive accolade. Others have spent more time cataloguing Biden’s taste for his | Read More »

    Democrats Plot to mock McCain, Vietnam Vets and POW’s at their convention

    The Democrats have come up with a fantastic idea for their convention. Every time John McCain is mentioned, they are going to jingle sets of keys. Why? Because McCain has 10 houses of course!!Here is the plan:Then another list member came up with the killer idea: During the convention, have everyone jangle their keys every time the name of the Man of Who-Knows-How-Many Homes is | Read More »

    Sure it takes a village, but this is ridiculous

    How many “father figures” does Barack Obama have? The Rev Jeremiah Wright and now Frank Marshall Davis have laid claim to the title. What does it say about a man who’s attracted to racist demagogues and communists?

    Police State in Denver

    Recreate 68 is convinced they live in a state of opression. Since the government now prevents them from exercising their free speech, they held a huge protest march where they were given free reign on half the streets of Denver and international press coverage, wherein they said any despicable thing they wanted. So yeah, they’re totally being oppressed.I spent some quality time with these rocket | Read More »

    Nice Gentle Libs, Where Art Thou?

    Recently my state suffered a great loss. Bill Gwatney, head of the AR Democratic Party was murdered by a lunatic. It took less than 30 minutes for the Arkansas Times bloggers to begin attacking Republicans. Rush and Sean were even mentioned as hate spreaders that caused this tragedy. The killer voted Republican more times than he voted Democrat (but he did vote Democrat). He had | Read More »

    If not Hillary, then why not Richardson?

    Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has chosen, and his selection of Sen. Joe Biden for the ticket’s second spot has not helped his faltering campaign:It’s a dead heat in the race for the White House. The first national poll conducted entirely after Barack Obama publicly named Joe Biden as his running mate suggests that battle for the presidency between the Illinois senator and Republican | Read More »

    A Query for Political Historians Among Us

    In the history of the modern televised convention, has any major candidate lost significant polling ground in the week prior to the convention?It’s shocking to me that Obama, headed into what should be a glorious public display of support and a great coming together of the Clinton-Obama horde, seems to have dropped 7-8 points in national polling in just the past ten days. I wonder | Read More »

    Hydrogen Fraud

    Some may have heard of a plan to drive Hydrogen-fueled cars across the country, in a demonstration of technical maturity and practicality. It’s a great idea if you can do it, but it turns out to have been a lie. Says Gizmodo:…if you’re going to heavily promote your cross-country trek as the “first ever” for hydrogen-powered vehicles, at least make sure large, 1,000-mile stretches of | Read More »

    I Like Debra

    There seems to be a strategy by the McCain camp to create quick relevant ads that convey similar themes. However, the also convey similar styles. Anybody notice this. They are kind of getting a little boring stylistically. I like this Debra ad for no other reason that it is a little different style and has a really positive tone.

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    Obamunists descend on Denver…..

    **Is the media going to pay any attention to the fact that Rage Against the Machine is a big supporter of the Obamunist movement. This is a band that burned the American flag with pride at the 21st century version of “Woodstock.” How can the Democrats get away with nominating a guy that belongs to an anti-American church, partying with a flag-burning band, and victimizing | Read More »

    Oh Dear!

    The National Security Archive released a report last Friday that sheds even more light on the premeditated lying and deception that took the United States to war in Iraq. The findings are based on new evidence compiled by Dr. John Prados and published by the National Security Archive. Most notably, Dr. Prados shows the depth of the deception perpetrated against citizens and Congress regarding the | Read More »

    Led Zeppelin doesn’t want to offend

    So in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, Led Zeppelin toned down the lyrics to their song “Whole Lotta Love” in order to not offend the delicate sensibilities of the Chinese. Is anyone else scratching their head over that one?What is it about murderous dictatorships that make them lean so heavily in the direction of prudishness? How does one resolve the conflict between a willingness | Read More »