Night Is Dark, Day Is Light, Water Is Wet, Ice Is Cold, Fire Is Hot . . .

    And Naomi Klein still is a fraud.It is a shame that Cato is one of the few organizations dedicated to revealing the depths of Klein’s mendacity and lack of serious scholarship. Given how publicized her book was, everyone and his/her pet canary should be on Klein’s case so that she is laughed out of any and all respectable courts of public opinion. I am pleased | Read More »

    “Incentives Matter”

    To wit. This point needs to be made over and over and over again. See also this and this which relate the the issues covered in the Cafe Hayek posting.

    Stuart Buck = Rock Star

    My RedState colleagues and I all concur on this point. Here is one reason why. And here is another. When you are on fire, you are on fire.

    A Teaching Moment

    In response to the not-very-good-news-at-all that the nation’s unemployment rate is now at 6.1%, we learn that Barack Obama wants a $50 billion stimulus package to be passed by Congress.Yeah, because that last stimulus package really did wonders for the economy.Chalk this up to your “reality-based” Zen moment of the day. Only without the reality and most certainly without the Zen.

    From The Department Of “Wow!” (Nielsen Edition)

    So the narrative going into this election cycle was that Democrats were super-motivated and Republicans were anything but. I guess I assumed that this would mean the Democratic National Convention would get a lot more eyeballs watching it than the Republican National Convention would–especially given that Barack Obama has charisma and star power and John McCain really doesn’t. How wrong I was: As a television | Read More »

    {Tsk, tsk, Sparky.}

    {The Scary Woman frightens me.}

    The Race Card

    I am fascinated by this election. I really thought by now that the attacks on Obama would have been called racist. It seems that Palin has overshadowed even the race card for a while?

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    Schooling Krauthammer

    [Since his conservative epiphany in 2000, Gamecock has regularly referred to Charles Krauthammer as “The Master”, so instrumental was he in said epiphany.]Originally published in The Minority and HinzSight ReportsIs Gamecock the only member of the chattering class in America that understands the history of U.S. presidential elections since 1968? I give a pass to the under 30 crowd that obsesses over polls. I give | Read More »

    For all your Sarah Palin rumormongering needs.

    Quite the list, huh? You’d almost think that Democrats might be a little scared of the woman, or something. (Via Hot Air)

    MSNBCs Rachel Maddow: LIAR!

    I never thought I would find a more liberal “journalist” than Keith Olbermann (no link provided as I don’t wish to promote his form of politics), but tonight, on the popular MSNBC program Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the show was guest hosted by Rachel Maddow (again, no link, again for the same reason). She has taken over from Keith Olbermann in my mind as the | Read More »

    Yet another Obama supporter sacrifices himself to get the smear out.

    Shows that I’m not yet numb.Anyway, usual pattern (via Instapundit): Person – hey, why am I hiding his name? It’s Howard Gutman. Anyway Gutman, who’s only on the air because he’s a top Obama guy, takes the opportunity to make a sexist argument about the Mean, Scary Woman who makes his candidate look bad. This version? Sarah Palin’s a bad parent who isn’t putting her | Read More »

    The Alaska Shake-Up

    The first post Palin poll in Alaska shows big changes, Aug 9-12 (Aug 30 – Sept 2):Palin Approval 82/13 (+69)Help/Hurt McCain:Help 62Hurt 20PRESMcCain/Palin 54 Obama/Biden 35Back in July, McCain led by 2.5 according to the same pollster. Actually, most AK polls have been close (5-10 point McCain lead). It seems Palin has taken a likely R state and made it Big Time R state.SENBegich (D) | Read More »

    Stealth Grand Slam?

    Driving to work and home today has convinced me that John McCain’s speech wasn’t a base hit, it was a grand slam home run. I was listening to the radio, but that isn’t what convinced me that John McCain filled the world with awesome. It wasn’t pondering the speech or talking on the phone, or any of the other usual indicators that might tell me | Read More »

    Sarah Palin’s Next Move

    Okay, so now we got this super heated story about Sarah Palin and everybody wants to learn more about her. Time to strike while the iron is hot.Now the media have started the meme that Gov. Palin is too timid to come on and do interviews with the press. Alternatively they’ll suggest she will only go on “safe” shows like Hanity, and Glenn Beck.My first | Read More »

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    My (brief) views on Feminism

    I love that Senator McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. This, in my humble opinion, represents the continuation of true feminism. It is a chance for the women of the United States to see all of the perspectives of feminism. It is a chance for the American people to really review their thoughts on feminism. Is feminism simply a pro-choice outlook? I don’t | Read More »


    Basic questions the MSM and even O’Reilly won’t ask The One?

    Originally published at The Minority/HinzSight ReportsWell, he was The One before McCain went and got One that will raise the obvious questions, i.e. former mayor that can feild dress a a Moose.I watched Bill get red-faced over Jesse Jackson for over two years with challenges to the Reverend Obama Castrator wanna be, and then saw Bill Pussycat when Jackson showed up on the set. Jesse | Read More »

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    The Great Healthcare Debate

    I was looking around to see if there were any indications of a bounce for McCain after the convention (I know, less than 24 hours afterward is next to impossible to tell) and I stumbled across a table that showed who trusts the candidates more on what issues. I’ll tackle them in seperate entries (because I wouldn’t want to completely bore you to tears) | Read More »

    Fact Checking on Palin’s Speech

    One of the most pointed accusations Sarah Palin lodged against Barack Obama was the fact that, despite not authoring a single significant piece of legislation, he’s found the time to write two memoirs. But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in | Read More »

    Character v Diversity

    An African-American from Generation X, two White Guys from the Silent Generation and a woman from Generation X. Arguably, the greatest diversity the U.S. has ever seen in its leading general election candidates for the Presidency. I think that’s a healthy thing.The progress our nation has made on the topic of diversity is, surely, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. But, he taught us | Read More »

    Political syncopancy costs lives

    Inspired by the plaintiff’s bar, congressional Dems (and a few Republicans like Charles Grassley), began about five years ago to beat up the FDA regarding the perceived dangers of antidepressant use by adolescents.That always-risk-averse agency responded with a flurry of dire “black-box” warnings in the official labeling of virtually all modern antidepresssant prescription drugs. The politicians pointed with pride to what they had accomplished.The trial | Read More »

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    Crud, they’re on to us.

    Lefty or not, I wouldn’t dream of denying this Falstaff fellow the traffic, though, given that the post is both funny and largely true.Can’t wait for the books on this election, let me tell you.

    Palin vs Wooten

    There have been a lot of outrages attacks on Sarih Palin, at the same time many in the Republican circles seem to think that Sarih is a combination of Snow White and Ronald Reagan.However, I prefer to do my own research. The issue that concerns me the most is the TrooperGate. Below is chrononigical list of events. Its obvious not complete but it is as | Read More »


    When they spoke, McCain got higher ratings than Obama

    According to Nielsen Media Research, 38.9-million television viewers in the United States watched Senator John McCain accept the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination, which tops the short-lived record 38.3-million who saw Barack Obama accept the Dem nomination in front of Styrofoam columns in a football stadium last week by over half a million folks. (Only 37.2-million watched Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech on Wednesday.) | Read More »

    There you go again, Senator.

    …I’m merely trying to make Democrats feel at home. What with them having Joe Biden on the ticket, and everything.But back to the matter at hand. If you were wondering about whether or not the Obama campaign has been stung by the entire Palin thing, stop. He has. How do we know?Observe: DURYEA, Pa. — “I know that I’m not your typical presidential candidate,” Sen. | Read More »

    Media: The Iditarod Idiot Is Headed To Alaska To Hide

    More paranoid fallout from the We-Didn’t-Get-To-Vet-Her whiners in the MSM. Palin is afraid to face us!! Grab some Rolaids, you’ll have to suffer through Olbermann and Howard Fineman to get the initial story.Note the insults. Fineman calls the Palin pick the “accidental brilliance” of John McCain and reminds us that Palin is actually the “Heiress of George W. Bush.” The McCain campaign says they spirited | Read More »

    Media: The Iditarod Idiot Is Headed To Alaska To Hide

    More paranoid fallout from the We-Didn’t-Get-To-Vet-Her whiners in the MSM. Palin is afraid to face us!! Grab some Rolaids, you’ll have to suffer through Olbermann and Howard Fineman to get the initial story.Note the insults. Fineman calls the Palin pick the “accidental brilliance” of John McCain and reminds us that Palin is actually the “Heiress of George W. Bush.” The McCain campaign says they spirited | Read More »

    Obama could not get a security clearance!

    I recently had to apply for a DOD security clearance. The level I applied for is about the lowest, that being Secret. Does it bother any of the Obama supporters that he could not even be granted that lowly level of clearance? His admitted use of a lot of illegal drugs along with is affiliation with ‘individuals or groups’ committed to the overthrow the government | Read More »


    Third Party Voters

    The American electoral system is heavily biased against more than two parties, just as all winner take all, single-member constituencies are. It is not because of money, entrenched corruption or media conspiracy (though the two parties having the lion’s share of the money is certainly an effect). It is also not uniquely American, other nations with this way of electing representatives have also not had | Read More »

    World’s Gutter Governments To Sit In Judgment Over U.S. Human Rights Record

    No one is perfect. As such, at times correction and admonition may need to be promulgated to set the ethically concerned back on the right path.

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    Volokh: Poor Joe Biden

    Over on the Volokh Conspiracy, Todd Zywicki feels sorry for poor old Joe Biden:

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    Even a Messiah Can Change His Mind

    Sarah Palin has presented Barack Obama with an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that would demonstrate to America his ability to be a decisive leader and to show that even he, can adapt to changing circumstances. The change that is needed is for Obama to replace Joe Biden on the ticket. Not with Hillary Clinton; who at this point would probably refuse. The choice | Read More »

    The Fruits of Community Organzing

    Before I was blessed to know of the existence of Barack Obama, I had an entirely different view of what community organizing is. I would think of City Year – the organization that takes mindless young people with the hope of turning them into minions for George Soros. Mostly inner-city youth at a cross-road facing two options — stop bathing and become a so-called anarchist | Read More »

    McCain is “careful” and “deliberate”; Obama is not.

    I was again reading Ben Smith’s blog at – it’s another wont o’ mine – when I came upon a link to something called The Gawker, a blog described by its proprietors as “Manhattan media news and gossip.” (Should I ask them about this alleged Jon Bon Jovi-Valerie Bertinelli romance?) At Gawker, this gossip-guy Nick Denton has some campaign advice for David Axelrod: attack | Read More »

    Americans want positivity in the White House!

    Dear Senator McCain, Recently I considered supporting your candidacy for president. I even once prayed for your success in this endeavor. However, after viewing last night’s acceptance speech, I am dismayed at the negativity expressed, both by you, Sen. McCain, and by the audience. What we need in the White House is tolerance, acceptance, positivity and gratitude, not put-downs. When someone gets involved in their | Read More »

    Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain so much to the hate monger, socialist, leftist, elitist media for helping make our gal Palin “viewed favorably by 58% of American voters.” While Palin certainly deserves the credit, your hateful elitist attacks put her in the spot light so much so fast that many more viewers tuned in to learn about the VP nominee who is more qulified than Obama. She sends “thrills | Read More »

    Poll: Palin More Popular Then Obama and McCain

    New Rasmussen pollPalin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% hold an unfavorable view of the self-described hockey mom.The figures include 40% with a Very Favorable opinion of Palin and 18% with a Very Unfavorable view. Before her acceptance speech, Palin was viewed favorably by 52%. A week ago, 67% had never heard of | Read More »


    Why McCains speech was good

    Although McCain’s speech wasn’t as good as Palin’s he did manage to do something he is used to doing. That is, talk to the middle or the road voter. McCain being called a maverick is a good spin on someone the conservative base often disagrees with. He let Palin do the bad talking on Wednesday and this enabled him to hit home the reason he | Read More »

    Game ON!

    THe addition of Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket ensures John McCain can effectively target Independents and Regan Democrats. My beloved GOP has delivered yet again in the race for President. A true reformer and American patriot on the same ticket. Watch out Dem’s, the straight talk express has just begun to pick up speed!

    John McCain’s Temper, John McCain’s Patience

    Hunter’s piece on McCain’s speech made me think of an important point: after last night, can we finally put to rest the stories about McCain’s supposedly uncontrollable temper, which he has nonetheless managed to keep largely under wraps in decades of public appearances? I mean, look: we all know McCain has a temper – one that, when unleashed, is a fearsome thing to behold. But | Read More »


    I have been watching as much possible coverage of the RNC as I can lately and I must say that it is one of the most incredible conventions in a long time. McCain spoke with such conviction and boldness, while Palin brought the crowd to its feet with an energy level that was through the roof. Can’t wait for more coverage tonight.


    Sarah Palin mesmerizes….

    I found this link from a comment on,7340,L-3591532,00.htmlAn Isreali man who was living in Los Angeles, California. He is 52 and a former fighter pilot in Isreal. He went to alaska for the first time in 1983. “I made it a point to come back to Alaska every three years or so, since. It’s a very hard country. The real final frontier. They | Read More »

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    Who Exactly Was Fox Showing During McCain’s Speech? And Why?

    If you were watching John McCain’s acceptance speech at the RNC on Fox, then this image was hard to miss:After posting recently about Sarah Palin and the 49-star flag, the appearance of a 51-star flag really got my attention. The network kept showing this section, but I could not tell which delegation this was. Most likely, it was Washington, DC, but it could have been | Read More »

    McCain Surveys the Battlefield

    I have already commented that the selection of Sarah Palin by John McCain was nothing short of brilliant. It has left me wondering, “Is he really that smart?” or, “Did he just veer into something?”. I wonder, for example, when he made his decision. Did he have Sarah Palin in his pocket and wait for Obama to make the uninspired pick of Joe Biden, knowing | Read More »


    Liberal blame America crowd is right about Russo-Georgian War it is indeed our Governments fault

    Liberals enjoy blaming America for almost anything especially the Cold war and Arms Race that followed WW II. The British Conservatives agree that the American Government is to blame for much of post WW II problems.Yet the Conservatives in Great Britain hold an entirely different perspective on why and who is responsible than Liberal Americans do. In fact the total opposite viewpoint. British conservatives know | Read More »

    Voting for Character

    I have something to say about the election. And I want to say it because every time I read what the liberals say that conservatives believe, I don’t think they’re talking about me. I am not stupid, fanatical, blind, or so committed to any dogma that I can’t think for myself. But I am going to vote for John McCain.After my first marriage ended, I | Read More »

    Palin Provides The Bounce; McCain Outdraws Obama In TV Audience

    McCain had a 4.8/7 share to Obama’s 4.3/7. In other words Sarah Palin almost beat Obama and McCain did. Also Real Clear Politics averages shows with the Palin speech factored in the races are in a statistical dead heat 47 Obama and 43.8. Further making the messiah soil his pants is that he is now below 50% to 48% in people believing he is experienced | Read More »

    Palin Won’t Be On Oprah

    Ok, folks this is one of those instances where you only need four words to say it:Sarah Palin won’t be appearing on Oprah’s show until after the campaign is over, according to Drudge and Oprah.I’M SHOCKED! JUST SHOCKED!I haven’t been this surprised since I heard Mayor Daley say that there wouldn’t be any dissent about the nominee during the DNC Convention. I haven’t been this | Read More »

    Humor Break: Jib-Jab Strikes Again

    We take our hits, but the section on Obama is a hoot! The Clinton parts are pretty funny, too. They’re giving Johnny Mac the old Bob Dole treatment. Which of course you know they would. The jib-jab guys are marketing this as a sendable e-card with interactive features. This tech stuff just gets cooler and cooler!link to jib-jab sendable card

    Operation Manchurian Conservative *REDUX*

    This was originally posted on RS 2.0…I have updated based upon new details of the Mission…Enjoy…It’s Friday….;^)”Operation Manchurian Conservative”John McCain is not what you think. He is not the Liberal in Conservative clothing. Our man John, has been a double agent for quite sometime and his cover has yet to be fully understood. *KEEP READING….TRUST ME….;^)**