Why We Must Expand Drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf

    “Why don’t we just go drill the 86 billions of barrels we know we have?!” So goes the argument for expanding drilling in the OCS (or in ANWR, or any other unexplored basin, for that matter) – as if there is an existing inventory of “proved reserves” just waiting to be exploited. The problem is, many of the places where those 86 billion barrels supposedly | Read More »

    Follow The Leader

    A wise man once said, “When your political opponent suddenly changes position that is similar to yours, it means you’re on the right side of that issue” And such is the case with Energy. John McCain has supported offshore drilling since June; his opponent Barack Obama opposed offshore drilling…until now. In the same day he accused McCain of being in the back pocket of big | Read More »

    Will NBC Report On Health Risks To Olympic Athletes

    Tonight, The Jim Lehrer Report on PBS broadcast a segment on the serious health challenges all the Olympic athletes are facing in mega-polluted Beijing. One athlete who had competed in Beijing last year recounted how he and other world class bicyclists became violently ill during a race. The World Champion marathoner was advised to run a shorter course because he was risking his life by | Read More »

    Daily Polling Shows McCain Gains

    Yesterday, I noted that the two major tracking polls showed a tie in the national race for President. I wanted more recent state polls in order to validate those national result. Today, they started coming in. First, if you add any pollster site to your blogroll, it should be fivethirtyeight. Yes, he’s an Obama supporter but he’s better at working with this data and presenting | Read More »

    Mookie is going to be a Community Organizer or a Social Worker…not much difference!

    Mookie knows the path to the Presidency runs through the community…heh. “The al-Mumahidoon office will be separated into sections, including religion, education, social services and information. Posters bearing the indicating a new direction for the Mahdi Army have been put up in some areas of Baghdad, the Wall Street Journal reported.” Hey it’s a first step in the direction of running for national office. He | Read More »

    Obama first compared Obama to Paris Hilton

    John McCain was not the first to compare Barack Obama to Paris Hilton. Nope. It was Barack Obama who compared himself to the ditzy socialite. Newsbusters.org’s Seton Motley found this quote in a Febuary 4, 4005 Washington Post article: There’s nothing exotic or complicated about how phenoms are made in Washington, and, more to the point, how they are broken. “Andy Warhol said we all | Read More »

    Zogby:McCain turned lemons into lemonade.

    Sorry I can’t edit my previous diary, so have to create an addtional diary for the new national survey from Zogby. Zogby is a crazy pollster, so take the results with a huge grain of salt. First of all, the trendline. July 31-Aug 1(July 7-9)McCain 42 (36)Obama 41 (46) Zogby National Survey The national Associated TV/Zogby International telephone poll of 1,011 voters surveyed July 31-Aug. | Read More »

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    At Newsweek, they tell us that McCain has cooties

    It seems that the glossy Newsweek infotainment magazine has a feature wherein they give candidates up arrows and down arrows. John McCain has been even with or, in a few polls, ahead of Obama despite the latter’s messianic tour of Europe with its fawning press coverage, gets a down arrow for last week. Why? Here’s Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters.org: But to Newsweek’s Conventional Wisdom (see | Read More »

    Move the gas debate to the Senate?

    I am not certain if this idea has any validity or not. I am by no means an expert on the rule that The United States Senate operates under. The House of Representatives currently has the lights and cameras off so the GOP must continue it’s demand for a vote on oil production in the dark. Now, if memory serves, The Senate remains in session | Read More »

    Another bad polling day for Obama(down across the board)

    A couple of polls out today at state level are showing further improvement of McCain’s standing at state level. Survey USA Florida McCain 50Obama 44 Poor Obama, he has spent over $5 million on ads in this state since primary, and McCain has spent ZERO. Great investment return, and keep it up, Obama. Other polls are conducted in safe blue and red states, nothing particular | Read More »

    Proud to be a Republican

    I’ve been reading Ben’s dispatches from the Capitol and it’s about time to say it: today has made me prouder to be a member of the Republican Party than any day I can think of in recent memory, which for me is about the past 6 years. When Nancy Pelosi shut out the lights and turned off the microphones on Congress, she made an unequivocal | Read More »

    GWB has the political instincts of a rock.

    We can thank God that the Democrats selected the most stupid people they could find for Congressional leadership positions. If Harry & Nancy were even half wits they would be looking at a 49 state sweep for BO and majorities in excess of 65% in both the House and Senate. Why? Because this President is absolutely the worst excuse for a politician ever to see | Read More »

    Aww, grawlix: somebody else noticed that McCain got inside Obama’s OODA loop.

    Goodness knows that Obama’s vulnerable to that sort of thing, although fortunately it was apparently too late for Clinton to capitalize on that. Simon of Classical Values (via Glenn) addresses the latest iteration of this vulnerability, which is not happening too late for McCain to capitalize on it. What makes it especially choice is that Simon does it by going through Saul Alinsky’s own Rules | Read More »

    Rep Kenny Marchant (TX 24) on Energy: Hear, Hear!

    As a compassionate conservative, I can understand the impulse to flee steamy Washington DC in August. But the Congress should really do its job first. I am posting Rep Marchant’s letter in its entirety. Let’s Have a Vote on Real Energy Solutions As many of you have heard, the House Republican Caucus has taken over the empty House chamber in protest of Democratic House Speaker | Read More »

    Everybody knows … this is why, I, this … I don’t like …. here’s the thing … let’s not do the Town halls

    Sounds like it’s Senator Obama who needs the breathalyzer … err, inhaler. No wait, breathalyzer. Not hard to see why he is afraid of a McCain Town Hall meeting. Let’s see them make a music video out of that one.

    What about Google, Senator Obama?

    Senator Barack Obama today once again attacked oil companies, Exxon in particular, as greedy nefarious corporations who seek to bribe officials and prevent American energy independence. Well, I have a question. If making “windfall” profits is greedy and a threat to our economy and way of life, why hasn’t the Senator spoken out against Google? Confused? Allow the Wall Street Journal to expain: If Senator | Read More »

    Congress should return to session as soon as possible and be allowed to vote on OCS drilling

    Even though I am scheduled to be in Texas today, I chose to remain in Washington to participate in the GOP effort to draw attention to America’s current energy situation, and to the fact that we in the House were prevented from voting on a substantive, comprehensive energy plan in June or in July. This week’s activities will involve everybody who is near the Capitol. | Read More »

    Colorado Governor Bill Ritter: 18 Months as a Governor Not Enough To Qualify For Veep

    Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (D) was asked on the Mike Rosen Showabout his reluctance to be considered for Obama’s Veep. The meat of Ritter’s response? “I’ve been governor for 18 months. It’s been a great experience. But it’s just 18 months…Obama has to think about experience…levels of experience…” Later a caller to the show pointed out that Obama had been a Senator for a 143 | Read More »

    Obama’s Faith in Government

    I think a proper response to Obama’s big energy speech in Lansing today should include this poster:


    Windfall Profits Tax

    Obama wants to give another $1,000 handout to help Americans deal with rising fuel costs. Obama wants to pay for his gift by taxing the profits of oil companies. Oil companies like profits, investors and creditors like profits, oil companies like investors and creditors, and they need investors and creditors to help finance major production improvements and expansions etc. etc. which increase supply and effieciency, | Read More »


    Broken Promises — The Barack Obama Legacy

    Writing in the Evening Standard, in a piece entitled Barack Obama’s broken promise to African village David Cohen last week detailed a promise made by Barack Obama to the village of Kogelo in Kenya. More than two years ago, traveling to the village of his 86-year old Kenyan step-grandmother, Barack Obama promised to come to the aid of the school named in his honor. As | Read More »

    The Oily Bird Gets The Worm

    July was not kind to the energy bulls. The spot price of crude fell from a high of $145 in mid-month to close at $124 by month end, a decline of over 14%. Today the markets took another dip, as the Street, with its customary concern for the commonweal, noted sourly that Tropical Storm Edouard was not likely to wreak havoc in the refinery-laden Houston | Read More »

    Robert Novak’s brain tumor is dire..

    [http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,397301,00.html] “The Chicago Sun-Times reported on its Web site Monday that Novak described his prognosis as “dire,” and said: “The details are being worked out with the doctors this week, but the tentative plan is for radiation and chemotherapy.” I have not always agreed with Mr. Novak but this is indeed bad news. He is without a doubt one heck of a newsman and there | Read More »

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    Inconvenient Democrat Watch: Steve Cohen.

    The one that Ed saw has already been taken down. What makes this particularly sad, of course, is that Representative Cohen is an early Obama super-delegate… and one who has been assaulted for months, in some of the vilest ways possible. He has a right to receive some sort of support from his erstwhile patron, in other words: either out of pragmatism, or simple human | Read More »

    A look at Florida and the South Florida Republicans

    Time for an update from Florida. I’m going to give a small discussion on the current presidential race, then talk about the three districts in South Florida held by Republicans.Over the last few months, Obama has gained a slight lead thanks to spending $5M on advertizing in Florida, while McCain has remained dark, as detailed in this Miami Herald article. This is a significant shift | Read More »


    {I keep telling you folks: USE THE CONTACT LINK.}

    {I am not being paid to do this, so if you want to ensure that this sort of thing gets stepped on fast, USE THE CONTACT LINK. – Moe Lane}

    Obama Announces Comprehensive Energy Plan

    Obama just unveiled his comprehensive energy plan – version 47. His plan is bold, sweeping, innovative, cutting-edge, and poses a serious threat to McCain’s plan of simply reducing our dependence on foriegn oil. Here’s the link Mac will have a hard time competeing with THAT.

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    Obama must fight the “petty misrepresentations” alone

    If Obama wants the world country to know that he is not a policy ditz, he will have to show us something of substance. The best way for him to do this, would be for him to agree to a few town hall debates. Remember this truism: “Blogs Cannot act in a vacuum, but Obama can.” I don’t regularly read John Aravosis, but I do | Read More »

    McCain needn’t do this

    I was checking factcheck.org this morning, and it looks to me like the McCain campaign is stretching the facts way too much. It needn’t be this way. We can take Obama to task without distorting anything. For example: He was flat wrong on the surge strategy in Iraq, a top two issue. His plan for turning things around in Afghanistan is practically non-existent. He is | Read More »

    Fuzzy Math – Obama Style

    Monday (Good Morning America): “Senator Obama, your health care plan will cost well into the hundreds of billions, some estimates even over a trillion. How will you find the funding to pay for this ambitious plan?” Obama: “That’s simple. I can pay for it by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.” Tuesday (CNN): “Senator Obama, your energy plan calls for substantial ‘investment’ in | Read More »

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    Solar and Wind – Capital and Labor Cost Duplication

    The key barrier in solar and wind technologies is that they are not 24/7 reliable sources of energy. Sometimes the sun does not shine even in the middle of summer in Nevada’s desert. Sometimes the wind does not blow even in the middle of winter on top of a mountain. The power utilities have a mandate to provide constant power. They cannot rely on solar | Read More »

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    {And so goes away the dog-whistler.}

    {I wish that these people would stop assuming that we’re racist, just because they are. – Moe Lane}

    Obama: Death by Taxation

    Cities, chambers of commerce, and officials in state and local governments know that tax incentives drive economic development. It is one of their chief tools in luring business to their areas. There are extreme examples of this principle in places like Wilmington, DE, and Liechtenstein, where every nearby company wants to have a legal presence, and more mundane examples in nearly every major city in | Read More »

    They Came to Make a Ruckus

    Ben Domenech is currently at the Capitol and will be filing live reports from the Republican energy “Speak-in.” Keep checking below the fold for updates. So here they come, those stubborn House Republicans, the persistent vagabonds of Washington D.C., haunting the footsteps of absentee Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The cameras are off – the microphones are off – and the long line of Capitol Hill tourists | Read More »

    Happy Birthday, Barack Obama

    Just in time for Barack Obama’s birthday, our friends at Regnery Publishing (also owned by Eagle Publishing, Inc.) have released David Freddoso’s new book, The Case Against Barack Obama. While there are other books out there on Obama, I have to say, and not just because Regnery and RedState have a relationship, David has the best, in that his book is built around Obama’s record, | Read More »

    Introducing Obama’s Con

    I hope Redstate readers will once again indulge my self-promotion, but I wanted to make them aware of a new blog: I know you are probably thinking that the last thing the world needs is another political blog. But it is my hope that the focus of this particular blog will be helpful (not to mention interesting). Here is how I laid it out in | Read More »

    Eric Cantor on McCain Campaign Energy Call: Obama “seeking culprits rather than solutions”

    I just finished a conference call on Obama’s energy policy (more of which is apparently being rolled out today) with Virginia Congressman and House Chief Deputy Minority Whip Eric Cantor, and McCain campaign spokesman Douglas Holtz-Eakin. Here’s your summary of the call. The chief theme pushed by Cantor and Holtz-Eakin is that Obama is at best weakly committed, and at worst outright opposed, to more | Read More »

    A (State) Constitutional Poison Pill

    This most recent application of rule by bureaucratic fiat is brought to you, once again, by the State of California and, more specifically, Attorney General Jerry Brown. Go figure. After the California State Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal under the state’s Constitution, opponents of gay marriage have put forth a petition to put Proposition 8 on the ballot, which would amend the state Constitution | Read More »

    Conference Call Summary: Eric Cantor and Douglas Holtz-Eakin

    I just finished a conference call on Obama’s energy policy (more of which is apparently being rolled out today) with Virginia Congressman and House Chief Deputy Minority Whip Eric Cantor, and McCain campaign spokesman Douglas Holtz-Eakin. Here’s your summary of the call. The chief theme pushed by Cantor and Holtz-Eakin is that Obama is at best weakly committed, and at worst outright opposed, to more | Read More »

    Social Welfare and the Republican Party

    The disparate media attention due to the recent (current as of this writing) overseas trip by Barack Obama, along with recent polling data, has highlighted a potentially major weakness in the McCain campaign. Our opponent excites people above, beyond, and outside the scope of logical reasoning. He enamors, hypnotizes, and woos them. He has clear strengths in terms of charisma and presence. The July 21 | Read More »

    Majority See Obama’s Dollar Bills Comments As Racist

    Rasmussen Reports found a majority of voters (53%), see Obama’s comments that he does not look like all the other presidents on dollar bills as racist. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters have seen news coverage of Senator McCain’s “Celeb” ad, which compares the Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and suggests the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee is little more than a widely recognized media concoction. | Read More »

    PA-10: Turning the Lights Back On

    Promoted to the top by Erick. Chris Hackett is one of the few GOP challengers to an incumbent Democrat who has a heck of a good shot at picking off the Democrat. But he needs your help. Please, please, please consider contributing $10.00 or more to Chris’s campaign and help us take back PA-10. With Congressional Democrats going on vacation without passing an energy bill, | Read More »

    The John Edwards Test

    The Obama campaign and its supporters have been quick to throw around charges of racism when their candidate has been criticized. I propose the following easily-applied thought experiment before evaluating such charges: would Republicans say the same thing about John Edwards? Edwards is not, of course, precisely identical to Obama, but if you were conducting a test for racial bias and needed a white “tester” | Read More »

    Jay Cost makes the case for McCain picking Romney NOW

    As always an excellent analysis by Jay Cost on the plusses and minuses of picking Mitt Romney. He also discounts many of the advantages we have kicked around among ourselves.His primary thesis, however, is that Romney can do McCain’s dirty work for him (bolding mine): Anybody who followed the primaries closely noted that Romney was a frequent critic of his fellow Republicans. His campaign put | Read More »

    What an interesting development in *a* poll.

    “One swallow doesn’t make a summer.” “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” “There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.” “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” All of these things are true. Cliches, to be sure, but they’re cliches for a reason. The concepts that they embody have been tested – and, by and large, they have been deemed to be correct. So caution | Read More »

    A New RedState Embed: A Real Mission of Hope

    Note: One of our longest-tenured users, Crowe, is taking the opportunity to embed with a Navy mission providing relief to Central and South America. He’ll be blogging his time aboard the USS Kearsarge here at RS. The costs of this embed are low – the cost of plane tickets and food add up to around $900 – so any support you can give him would | Read More »

    Wow, James Rainey, we hadn’t even really noticed the Lincoln Bedroom thing!

    Thanks for pointing that one out! (Via RCP) By the way, if you think that your contempt for the average American voter wasn’t blazing throughout that article… well, write another twenty just like it. If you write thirty, well, maybe Obama will let you sit in his special Presidential Chair. You can even get your friends to pretend to be the Joint Chiefs of Staff | Read More »

    Another Flip from the Flop

    I awoke Sunday morning to the news that the Democrat party’s flop has flipped yet again, and I knew it was going to be a good week. The look on his face as he stuttered his way through yet another tail-tucked admission of defeat to conservatism was utterly priceless. And so, it is with great satisfaction, that we add offshore drilling to the ever growing | Read More »

    Interview with Jeff Beatty (R-MA)

    Below is video from a phone interview I conducted with US Senate candidate Jeff Beatty from the ommonwealth of Massachusetts.