Wise, but old, hand overtakes strong, energetic neophyte

    That’s the upshot of tonight’s first presidential debate in Oxford, MS. The debate cannot be judged, though, without taking note of the drama behind whether it was going to take place to begin with. McCain took a gamble this week and suspended his campaign so he could fly back to Washington and broker a deal on Hank Paulson’s bailout plan. Obama throws a grenade on | Read More »

    No Time to Get Wobbly

    So, it’s panic time among right wing elitists. CNN is reporting that “prominent conservative columnist Kathleen Parker” has called for Sarah Palin to get off the ticket. Most Americans are wondering, “Who the heck is Kathleen Parker?” Apparently, according to Parker, Sarah Palin is unqualified to be President because she doesn’t give good interviews in adversarial settings. Jim Geraghty of National Review compared Kathleen Parker | Read More »

    “Me too, teacher. Me too.”

    This one really came across as crass tonight. McCain points out the bracelet he has from the parent of a fallen soldier. Obama, naturally, has to point out that he has one too. Only Obama can’t remember any details. I’m reminded of President George H. W. Bush looking at his watch in the 1992 debate. Obama had to look down at the bracelet to remember | Read More »

    The Doc is moving on

    blah blah

    Vote on who won the debate…Kossites are thronging the polls

    Here’s a list of polls where RedStaters can vote on who won the debate. It seems that our lovely friends on the other side of the internet at DailyKos have sent their minions to swarm these polls. Perhaps we could do our share? Vote at AOL Vote at Drudge Vote at Newsvine Vote at MSNBC Vote at Chicago Tribune Vote at Atlanta Journal-Constitution Vote at | Read More »

    McCain v. Obama: Round 1

    There were no knockout blows in this debate, but McCain won on points–a surprise for people like me who expected a crushing performance from the much more silver-tongued Barack Obama. That didn’t happen tonight. Instead, Obama seemed at times to wither against McCain. “I agree with John” is the takeaway line from the debate. Obama said it over and over and over. And how could | Read More »

    What McCain Should Really Say

    The next time Obama goes off on a McCain = Bush tangent in a debate, McCain needs to say, “Senator Obama keeps trying to connect me to President Bush, despite my repeated disagreements with the administration. My friends, let me be clear, I can pronounce ‘nuclear’.”

    Henry Kissenger Statement On The Debate

    Kissenger “Senator McCain is right. I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain. We do not agree on everything, but we do agree that any negotiations with Iran must be geared to reality.” McCain’s quick response | Read More »


    “I have a bracelet too!”

    If “I have a bracelet too” isn’t going to be fodder for future SNL skits, then there’s no justice in this world. I can see it now. “I’m wearing argyle socks too!” “I am wearing underwear too!” That was about the most forceful, direct statement Obama made all night, and it was entirely inappropriate. Was Obama trying to contradict, somehow, McCain’s very moving testimony, in | Read More »

    Daily Kos says Obama made no gaffes!!

    Didn’t he say that Iran’s leader is in IraqDidn’t he say that he has been in the congress the last three yearsDidn’t he say that he never said that he wouldn’t talk with Iran’s leaderWhat else…I know of those at least!

    Well, *that* was a relief.

    Sorry: I got comprehensively shut down on the internet about 40 minutes in, so you all had to lose my deathless prose. Such as it was. First impressions: Obama was prepared, but not comfortable – and he got less and less comfortable as the debate went on. There were at least two or three times where he tried to needle McCain, and about four or | Read More »

    Now it comes down to one definitive question…

    Who do you want to have your back? I believe the entire nation saw tonight the two men. More importantly they saw who they are. That begs the question. Do you want to face the future with the fighter or the negotiator? Who do you want leading you into this frightful future?

    McCain wins, but let’s ask the media

    It was impressive to watch John McCain hold his own on issues of the domestic economy while moderator Jim Lehrer lingered for almost the first 40 minutes. I saw McCain smiling and anxious to speak, while Obama alternated between staged confidence, mock impatience, and outright anger. Obama could not shine, but neither could score a knockout. Obama blamed Bush/McCain, but McCain, I think, successfully ejected | Read More »

    McCain Already Has Out An Ad Based On Debate Tonight

    Obama says McCain is right.

    In the Debate: Obama says he never said he’d meet with Ahmadinejad

    Really? Really? He’s going to say that? Really? With all of this: “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama underscored his willingness to talk to leaders of countries like Iran that are considered U.S. adversaries but said that does not necessarily mean an audience with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” (Caren Bohan, “Obama Says Won’t Guarantee Ahmadinejad A Meeting,” Reuters, 5/26/08) Question from a reporter: “Senator, you’ve said | Read More »

    John McCains book, Why Courage Matters

    I have always supported John McCain. But after reading his book, “Why Courage Matters”, I have even more faith in his ability to lead our country. From this book, it has become evident that he has the type of morals that our country was founded on and will flourish because of. I doubted that there was any way for future President McCain, to appear even | Read More »

    What’s the deal with Obama and the Iran Revolutionary Guard

    McCain is hitting Obama for opposing designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. In fact, Obama had sponsored a piece of legislation in the Senate to do just that. But the bill was going absolutely nowhere. Why? Senators Kyl and Lieberman had competing legislation that not only did what Obama wanted, but also declared that it was vital to national security that the Revolutionary | Read More »

    Who Is the Better Multi-tasker?

    Barak Obama made another political gaffe when he used cyber terminology to chide John McCain for saying the debate in Washington by the Joint Economic Committee was more important than the Debate Theatre scheduled for national television. The term he used was “multi-tasking.” Ooooh! That causes my heart to skip a beat. Obama said a president should be able to “multi-task.” Does flying an A-4 | Read More »

    Obama on the Middle Class Tax Cut

    From the McCain campaign: Barack Obama says he supports middle class tax cuts but he voted to tax those making just $42,000 a year. The McCain campaign points out: Barack Obama Voted Twice In Favor Of The Democrats’ FY 2009 Budget Resolution That Would Raise Taxes On Those Making Just $42,000 A Year. (S. Con. Res. 70, CQ Vote #85: Adopted 51-44: R 2-43; D | Read More »

    McCain Comes Out Swinging

    The first part of this debate is very interesting. The foreign policy discussion has descended into a play by play of their records on earmarks and the economy. McCain has come out swinging, putting Obama on the defense. There has also been a shift as the debate has gone on. McCain looks comfortable and Obama looks angry. Lehrer just looks annoyed at both of them. | Read More »

    First Impressions

    Having to go to work in the rainy Maine AM, I am only watching the first question in this historic debate. The first response from Obama provided an insight to his speech-writers accumen. Mcain’s response was less scripted and more down to earth. Let me know what you think.

    The “Uhs” return

    Everyone knew what the first question would be. It sounded, on radio when I was listening, that Obama had a scripted statement. The second question, the uhs have returned. He’s just not that good on his feet. Nonetheless, Senator Obama is looking more at the camera than John McCain, which is a plus. Man they are both makeuped!

    Overflow Debate Live Blog

    I encourage everyone who is able to participate the in the Live Blog on the front page. In case of technical problems, or an overwhelming number of comments, I wanted to make you aware that I will also be live blogging the debates at Obama’s Con. The limits of the system make it hard to always approve comments in a timely manner and the chat | Read More »

    Finally A Voice of Reason

    Greg Mankiw’s link today sums up my thoughts on the economic crisis and the controversy around the proposed bailout from Paulson and Bernanke. Everyone should listen to him … especially those folks on the Hill who have allowed their vision to be obstructed. From Mankiw …

    Maybe I don’t want to support the bailout after all …

    I was reluctantly supporting the bailout as the likely “least-bad” option going forward. Then, I see this gem on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/26/bailout.outrage.irpt/index.html If these are the people benefiting, maybe we’re better off letting the system crash and start over.


    Only a Matter of Principle?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I do not hold a Ph.Genius in economics. I have had mixed feelings about the proposed bailout, like so many other conservatives. Some who are far more knowledgable about economics – really brilliant people, like Bernanke and Paulson – have told us that this is a real crisis, and that the only entity with the resources, clout, and | Read More »

    David vs Goliath

    So, the Democrats couldn’t put aside partisan politics for 2 days to try and actually HELP us taxpayers. You know, us bitter clingers who get up and go to work and try and save for a rainy day. I have never seen a group of individuals who must suffer from some sort of amnesia or something. These Dems are walking around with their chests puffed | Read More »

    The Debate Live Blog

    Has McCain successfully thrown Obama off his game by doing the Washington trip? Will we get a lot of populist pablum tonight? I bet so. Take a shot every time Obama claims he supports the surge. Shoot yourself in the face if McCain goes after the free market. In any event, let’s get the beer chilling, the bourbon poured, and start this chat. WARNING: Taking | Read More »

    Panicking over Polls? Don’t.

    Like many, I’ve been shocked to watch the polls move around during the last couple weeks. And what I find so shocking is that Barack Obama, despite enjoying every possible advantage a candidate for the presidency could wish for in even in his wildest dreams, is not currently 10 or 15 points ahead of John McCain. A massive economic meltdown, hurricanes that supposedly remind voters | Read More »

    Bill Burton, Obama Spokesman, Caught in Flagrant Lie to Media

    Here’s the thing: a lot of the media is not intentionally out to get McCain. They are just damned lazy and their sympathies lie with Obama. So when they get stuff from the Obama campaign, they don’t question it and they report it. That’s why the credible ones have had so many back peddles. And yet, they don’t learn their lesson. Here is the latest: | Read More »

    Obama lies about Blunt, McCain.

    Nothing personal, Ben – but I wanted to punch that up for you.

    Main Street buying Wall Street for pennies on the dollar. The Blue Collars even up the Score!!!

    Main Street buying Wall Street for pennies on the dollar… The Blue Collars even up the Score!!! By Guy D. Glennon, [email protected] Moral Hazard of Inaction The demise of American Financial Companies will affect all Americans. The Credit Markets will be the catalyst to paralyze all Americans. Paralyzed credit markets will impose significantly fewer car loans, home loans of all shapes and sizes, private and | Read More »

    Obama Campaign Purposefully Edits Blunt on McCain

    I’m no fan of Congressman Roy Blunt, but purposefully lying about what any Congressman says is pretty low, especially when it’s of the “let’s cut out the first four words and last eight words of this television quote to make it seem like he’s saying the opposite of what he just said” variety. Which happens to be what the Obama campaign just did: REP. ROY | Read More »

    McCain Should Vote “No”

    I have been a supporter of John McCain from the beginning, but I fear he is losing this race because he is losing his identity. The decision to suspend the campaign was a good one, but it has been for not because the Senator has spent too much time trying to prove that he is one of the Washington gang, rather than acting like a | Read More »

    McCain Should Vote “No”

    I have been a supporter of John McCain from the beginning, but I fear he is losing this race because he is losing his identity. The decision to suspend the campaign was a good one, but it has been for not because the Senator has spent too much time trying to prove that he is one of the Washington gang, rather than acting like a | Read More »

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    Paul Kanjorski (D, PA-11): “I don’t know that we included them in enough”

    Interesting message difference: Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) on Friday suggested Democratic leaders did not solicit enough input from House Republicans on the financial rescue package. [snip] Asked whether House GOP lawmakers are right to believe they were slighted, Kanjorski replied, “I don’t know that we included them in enough, and that’s always a dangerous thing in politics. Remember, you’re dealing with egomaniacs. We’re all egomaniacs | Read More »

    Foreign Policy Credentials?

    Mrs. Palin, what experiences do you have that qualify you in the area of foreign affairs? Why is this question so hard for everyone? Does everyone including Sarah Palin and the GOP have some sort of mental problem or block when it comes to coming up with a common sense answer to this simple question? What the H#ll is wrong with everyone? Sarah Palin has | Read More »

    Barack Obama to MO law enforcement: Be my brownshirts, will you?

    H/T: KMOV-TV via Drudge Barack Obama’s campaign has asked law enforcements across the state of Missouri to create a “Truth Squad” and target anyone who runs lies or a misleading TV ad during the election. Youtube video here.

    Let Palin be Palin

    While I am a staunch Republican, and a strong supporter of Governor Palin, I am more than willing to admit the obvious: Sarah Palin has not performed well in the major interviews she has done. Why is this? Is it because she’s stupid? I think not. By all accounts, Palin is a quick study and plenty smart. So what gives? Why is Palin struggling so | Read More »

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    What McCain Needs To Do Tonight

    I had thought out in advance a week ago or more what John McCain needed to do tonight. But for better or for worse (in a macro sense, for McCain, probably worse) the financial crisis and McCain’s decision to double down on getting a deal done in DC, followed by his unsuccessful game of chicken aimed at getting Obama to postpone the debate, has totally | Read More »

    Have they found the voice actress for the anti-Palin smear ads?

    Audio clips for comparison below: …with the ones for comparison from a woman called Vicki Kaywood, a Chicago voice artist whose voice certainly sounds like the one in the ad allegedly created by LA native Ethan Winner. Personally, I thought that exploring the links between Winner & Associates – we will dispense with the absurd nonsense that Winner acted alone – and PR giant Publicis | Read More »

    And as we get ready for the debate…

    Remind me never to wish for a shakeup in the race ever again. You’d think that I’d have learned my lesson in 2000, when I hoped that the election wouldn’t be the usual “we all knew the answer by 9 PM” lopsided victory. Clearly, somebody listens to my errant whims – and, yes, that worries me, too. But seriously: this is going to be different; | Read More »

    The Debate

    Tonight’s debate is the most fraught in my memory. The financial crisis has obscured the reality that our nation is at war, that Russia is sending out alarming signals that it is exploring the possibility of a new Cold War, and the terrorist bombing in Islamabad over the weekend suggests that we are far from a stable, friendly Middle East. So while Jim Leher will | Read More »

    For John McCain to win, the GOP better “grow a set.”

    **For a guy who was going to refuse to stoop to negative campaigning, Obama doesn’t mind stumping from the gutter. Make no mistake about it, he KNOWS what’s going out on the air. He endorsed that low-class ad about John’s Cancer. These wussy retorts the GOP is putting out are a waste of money. So, as a public service, I’m going to write the GOP’s | Read More »

    Gov. Palin’s Trooper Troubles – UPDATE

    Attorney General Talis Colberg’s motion to quash Legislative subpoenae was filed today. The motion and other relevant documents are available here: http://community.adn.com/adn/node/131915 The motion was prepared and will likely be argued by AAG Jan DeYoung, one of Alaska’s better, maybe best, civil side AAGs, so they’re taking this quite seriously. Fundamentally, they are challenging both the structure and the authority of the investigation and its | Read More »

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    The Debate

    We now know that the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama is on. My thoughts on what needs to be achieved by each candidate is as follows: Barack Obama: He is the candidate with the reputation for eloquence and verbal fluency and he is going to have to show it–especially against John McCain, who is not nearly as good a communicator as Obama is. | Read More »

    Is Governor Patrick Thinking of Leaning Right?

    Governor Deval Patrick says people in Massachusetts may freeze to death this winter. Here’s my advice: become a Republican. Republicans created global warming, and we don’t care to fix it. Republicans also want to drill for oil. Could Gov. Patrick possibly be leaning to the Right?

    Does Barack Obama Take PAC and Lobbyists Money ?

    Now go see if what he said is true. Go to The Fec Site below http://www.fec.gov/finance/disclosure/srssea.shtml Make sure you Select the approiate buttons Then select Election Cycle 2007-2008 Then Select Pac’s and Parties. where it says name Put in Obama. Where it says state select all. Where it says select Office select U.S. President. Where it says Party Select Democrat. Then where it says status | Read More »

    Why We Can’t Afford Market Failure

    As I have been cross-posting between Redstate.com and my blog the past two days, there has been quite a bit of discussion on the economic crisis, which both excites and concerns me. One of the key comments I have been hearing from folks over there is that we should not do the bailout and instead should allow banks to fail. Now, let me be clear | Read More »

    Drs. Michael Fratkin & Noah Craft, Stand Up And Be Recognized

    Now, you may not know who Micheal Fratkin and Noah Craft are, but you might have heard of them. They are two doctors appearing in an advertisement paid for by Brave New PAC and Democracy for America. In the ad, the doctors, who have never treated John McCain, claim they are just “expressing concern” about John McCain having had skin cancer. They then try to | Read More »