So Is It Biden Or Someone Else?

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    Joe Biden Wants Answers


    Another hero has passed

    Ed Freeman, 80 years of age, of Boise, Id, passed away on Wednesday, 20 August, 2008. His obituary, at least in my paper, was overshadowed by the obituary for Gene Upshaw. No surprise, as the AP posted both obituaries. Ed Freeman was awarded the Medal Of Honor, for his actions at the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in South Vietnam, while flying a helicopter.Captain | Read More »


    Do not recommend this blog

    In Late 2006 I predicted the GOP nominee would win the presidency again in 2008 because I saw that the Dem Party had rejected Clinton DLC moderation. This was before I knew Obama’s middle name and assumed Hillary would probably be the nominee. Had no clue who the GOP nominee would be.Then, in 2007 I renewed my prediction that Obama would lose due to his | Read More »

    VP Kay Bailey Hutchinson?

    Dick Morris just suggested it on H&C. It seems tantalizing but I don’t really know all that much about her, other than I love her accent. Thoughts?

    It Can’t Be Biden Because We Don’t Deserve It

    Joe Biden It Is

    A friend who would know tells me Joe Biden is off to the airport and is Illinois bound.I trust the friend, but I’m not sure about his information. Consider this informed speculation and nothing more. I’m perfectly willing to be wrong, but the signs point to yes and, again, the source tends to be right about these things.Honestly, I did not see this one coming. | Read More »

    The John Edwards Update

    Most major media still have an omerta in place in dealing with the extramarital hijinks of John Edwards, former candidate for the Democrat nomination for president. Because of this abrogation of responsibility we have to turn to a real investigative news source, the National Enquirer, for the news the alleged mainstream media will not touch. The day prior to Edwards bombshell admission to an affair | Read More »

    This dog should go to heaven

    How sad is it that a dog is able to show more compassion to a just-born baby than a man seeking to become the next president of the United States?

    BREAKING: NBC News Says It Will Not Be Bayh or Kaine

    From the NBC News transcript:MITCHELL: all pointing to biden. at home and under wraps today surrounded by family who have been gathering all week, even on the eve of the announcement not yet given the official word, sources say, unlike the other top contenders, virginia governor tim kaine and indiana senator evan bayh.SEN. EVAN BAYH: it’s not mine to report.MITCHELL: sources say they were told | Read More »

    CNN recognizes heroes slain in Afghanistan

    In my gmail inbox, I saw this headline and clicked on it: Commentary: Elegy for heroes slain in AfghanistanI was thinking, wow, it’s nice to see a CNN article praising our troops! However, when I got to the page and began reading the article, I realized that the article was not about members of the United States Armed Forces. No, this article was about five | Read More »

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    Regarding the IOC investigating the Chinese gymnastics robbery

    OK, we’ve seen this movie before. Here’s the cast:Role _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ActorCIA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IOCJoe Wilson _ _ _ _ _ _ FIG(Int’l Gymnastics Federation)Iraq _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ChinaNiger _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Chinese bureaucraciesnuke documents _ _ _ | Read More »


    Has anybody asked Mike Johanns if he’s been vetted?

    There is your wildcard pick, ladies and gentlemen.(A) Governor. Check.(B) Federal experience. Check.(C) Catholic voter appeal. Check.(D) Mid-west appeal. Check.(E) No chance his state goes blue if he drops out of his current race. Check.(F) Close to a must win swing state (Colorado) and popular. Check.Has anyone asked Johanns if McCain vetted him?I’m sure the Nebraska GOP could find someone to fill his shoes in | Read More »

    Obama-Bayh ’08

    Folks, it is looking more and more likely that it will be Obama-Bayh ’08 (AE suggests that looks a lot like pig latin).But this is not the sticker, despite the Drudge headline and mysterious news report: How do I know?First, Obama likes pastels and non-traditional campaign paraphernalia.Second, it looks much like like this one: The Obama camp is more original than that. And Obama ain’t | Read More »

    Breaking: Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh Is Obama’s Veep

    Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh Is Obama’s Veep LENEXA, Kan. — After weeks of speculation and days of intense rumors, the answer to who Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would name as his running mate may have come down to a bumper sticker printed in Lenexa. KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney reported that the company, which specializes in political literature, has been printing Obama-Bayh material. That’s Bayh | Read More »


    Obama Messiah Watch

    Barack Obama has complained that John McCain and the Republicans are invoking religious imagery in their campaign ads about him. Obama argues that it’s unfair to suggest that his backers demonstrate an almost religious fervor for him.In unrelated news, Obama’s team of B-list entertainers prays for deliverance:When you walk into that voting booth, please remember: This is the ground that keeps our feet from getting | Read More »

    Lets Make This Stupid Veep Wait Backfire on Obama

    Okay. I’m sick of this whole waiting game. Then it dawned on me that the Republicans are missing a grand opportunity and are also quite lucky. If Obama is going to make us play this silly – I know but I’m not telling game – lets make it hurt.Candidates pick their veeps to complement their perceived weaknesses. In other words, all this veep talk is | Read More »

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    Txt Me XTC

    I can’t help but think, as I imagine all these Democrats hovering over their iPhones, sweat rolling down their cheeks, shushing everyone who dares speak, of another group of acolytes who spent their time in anxious anticipation of the ultimate selection by their “The One”:Can’t you just picture the txtual release, the electoral ecstasy, when they finally get their magic missive from on high?What do | Read More »

    I told you guys Georgia was not in play.

    The Obama team realizes it too. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned. Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those | Read More »

    Tactical Error

    I thought releasing the VP pick via text msg was a great idea and of course tantalizing the media with the pick was also a good idea.But not releasing the pick before office workers left (or are leaving) for the day on the east coast was a tactical mistake. It would have been a great time to generate conversation at the office and at Happy | Read More »

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    Is It Just Me . . .?

    Or does it sound like Obama really does not want a VP?Just, for example, is Adam Nagourney from the NewsHour on PBS:What they’re going to do is they’re going to send out, so they say, a text message or e-mail to millions of supporters and reporters who have signed up to get it. That will be the first time it There’s one thing interesting about | Read More »

    I think I know what is going on with Chet Edwards

    How about this: Obama had really had planned to have John Edwards and had gotten a whole bunch of Obama/Edwards! stuff printed up and then there was all that unpleasantness and they were sitting around looking at the stuff and a lightbultb went off over some genius’ head. Makes about as much sense as anything I’ve heard today.

    General thoughts on Russia

    I’ve been quiet on the subject of international affairs for a while now. The Iraq war has turned around so decisively in the past few months that it’s disappeared from the news cycles. I was (and still am) an unabashed supporter of the effort to oust Saddam. I know the Bush Administration had trouble articulating this, but I hoped that a democratic Iraq would destabilize | Read More »

    Should We the People Vote for VP?

    Is direct suffrage for the Vice Presidency the last obvious unturned stone of the American enfranchising movement? The original Constitution did not let people vote directly for President, Vice President, or Senators, and most states had high property holding requirements (not to mention racial and gender requirements) in order for someone to be able to vote for the U.S. House or other state offices (if | Read More »

    Senator Ensign Slams Fellow GOP Senators

    Josh KurtzRoll CallIn a stunning admission, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Ensign (Nev.) on Friday morning blasted his GOP colleagues for not doing enough to help the committee financially, and he said he would have to scale back the NRSC’s independent expenditure budget as a result. “I recently challenged my colleagues to step up to the plate and help me provide the resources our | Read More »

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    Bringing Accountability to Government for Generations

    History has repeatedly shown what motivated people can do to change the governments they live under. Our Declaration of Independence boldly declares that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” However, “the governed” must be active and informed or they simply become the sheep led by the whims of a charismatic leader. Many have short-term success in | Read More »

    The More They Know About Him, The Less They Like Him

    Barack Obama is in trouble. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen until after he took office as President.You see I have said from the beginning that America would not like Barack Obama. I said they wouldn’t like his policies, they wouldn’t like his leadership. I just didn’t think they would like him at all.I was right.I just didn’t think | Read More »

    It Won’t be Hillary

    Lately I have seen a lot of speculation about Hillary as Obama’s VP but it my view all evidence and rational thought points to someone else. As many decisions Obama has made that are obviously against his own self interest, I can’t believe that he could make such a porous choice. Here are the most significant reasons why Hillary as Obama’s VP would be the | Read More »


    Cyber Tea Leaves Pointing to Chet Edwards???

    OK – I know that this is going to show that I’m very nerdy and bored while I’m at home and my little girl is taking her nap on my day off.I have been typing in a few URL’s and noticed something:www.obamakaine.comwww.obamakaine.comwww.obamabiden.comwww.obamaclinton.comWhen I type these in – something comes up – either the site is parked by or there is news placed there by | Read More »

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    A Show of Unity behind Barack Obama?

    Does anyone have an over/under for the duration of any riots in Denver next week? That political party, the Dem one, is not united and excited.The Miami Herald ran a story today by Beth Reinhard: Clinton stumps for Obama in South Florida. It deals with Hillary talking to 1,000 senior voters who in a town north of Miami who, it is reported, hate President Bush | Read More »

    From the Mailbag

    From my appearance on Hannity & Colmes last night comes these gems:From Bill Hicks: “This world would be a better place if your blood was running down the streets.”He was kind enough to follow up with this: “I am a radical who supports the overthrow of this government through non violent means. I would like to see all neocons bleed to death in the streets | Read More »

    Obama’s Confused Entitlements of Constitutional Rights

    Barack Obama will defend the entitlement of foriegn terrorists to protection under the United States Constitution. But not to living, breathing, American babies outside their mothers’ womb.He will eagerly defend the proposition that illegal foriegn immingrants are entitled to protection under our Constitution including free medical treatment anytime they need it.But he is opposed to giving any form of medical treatment to a newborn baby | Read More »

    Senator Obama, You’re No Jack Kennedy

    Despite the change & youth hype, the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, the Kennedy family patriarch, and the obvious similarity (first credible African American candidate vs first credible Catholic candidate), there are striking differences between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John F. Kennedy at this stage in their careers. These are worth looking into.FathersWhile it is hard to make Joe Kennedy Sr a truly appealing figure, | Read More »

    Obama on Iraq: Then and Now

    Then (August 2007):”All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq.”Now (August 2008):”Let’s be clear, our troops have completed every mission they’ve been given. They have created the space for political reconciliation.”(h/t): VDH

    You Help Me Decide (Poll)

    Does this:remind you of this:Does the Democrat convention platform look like it came straight out of American IdolYesNo free polls

    Obama’s student article on the unborn–consistent with his extreme views

    Friends,I just finished reading on Lexis O’Bama’s casenote as a law student, in which he endorses the Illinois Supreme Court’s rejection of any tort claim brought by an unborn child against his or her mother for prenatal injuries. Politico is reporting Cass Sunstein’s claim that it is “modest and balanced.” Yeah, maybe in liberal lawschool land. course, there is nothing outrageous in the decision | Read More »

    I have got another Obama video for you…

    Pass it on if you like it…give it a rating on YouTube!

    It Will Be Hillary.

    Rush Limbaugh is all excited that Hillary wasn’t even vetted for VP (he says, according the AP). But the All-seeing MahaRushi missed one: they didn’t have to vet her specifically. They’ve been doing opposition research on her for months!With Obama tanking in the polls, he will either pick Hillary as his running mate, or he will not be elected.

    McCain has won if Obama snubbed Hillary to this extent

    If the following report from the Politico is true, and for all we know Obama could disprove it with his announcement, the presidential election is game, set, match: There’s one Democrat who would seem to have little or no chance of being picked by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to be his running mate – his former opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). But it’s not | Read More »

    Friday in August: One Last Veep Speculation Thread

    Well, now that Barack Obama is calling the unlucky ones, we’re running out of time to do the last fun speculation thing prior to the election, and I still haven’t thrown up a post of significance about all this. So here goes.On Obama’s side, it seemed clear from the beginning that he was going to bollix this choice. It tends to prove the old dictum | Read More »

    ELECTION PROJECTION 8/22-McCain 274 Obama 264

    McCain’s surge may be subsiding now as we are heading towards the back-to-back conventions…Obama’s margins in Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa are growing slightly, enough to bump Iowa into likely Democratic status. Nevada as well has drifted back towards a tie with Research2000’s Nevada poll giving Obama a 1pt advantage there.McCain is still making headway, however, in some key swing states-New Hampshire is on the verge | Read More »

    A month of presidential polling transition in one table

    Like many other pollsters, Rasmussen rates states as safe XX, likely XX, leans XX or toss up. Today they made their first update in a month. Now I know the slight shifts in race have been well documented here. But, this gives a nice chance to step back and look at the progress of the race as a whole. So without further adieu- State- Former | Read More »


    SOX Survives

    A divided panel of the DC Circuit this morning, in Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, No. 07-5127 (D.C. Cir. Aug. 22, 2008), rejected a challenge to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s appointment on separation of powers grounds; because of the lack of a severability clause in Sarbanes-Oxley, the challenge presented the possibility that the court would have had to declare | Read More »

    Deep Sixing the Obama Vessel

    *Nota bene; Originally posted in December 2006. I usually don’t recycle articles, but I was asked; several times.The recent thoughtful opining by the press and others on Barack Obama is very nice, feel good reading. It makes me think of tall fragrant grass, fresh summer winds and other calming thoughts. Frankly, it is a pleasant fantasy which distracts from daily concerns such as potential terrorists | Read More »

    Okay, so I missed it by one

    Tim Kaine appears to be out.Evan Bayh, who was my fall back choice, just might be it.Oh, and MITT ROMNEY looks to be the GOP pick. That’s what Mark Halperin says.The URL is now empty though, but the blurb still exists on the front page of Halperin’s site, along with a note that the New York Times reports people close to the campaign are suggesting | Read More »

    Michelle Obama steered contracts to Barack supporters

    What a shock! You mean there might be graft and political back washing going on in Chicago?!! Wow, it is not like that has ever happened before. And isn’t it funny, that a woman with little qualification suddenly is offered a job AT A HOSPITAL with a salary of $315,000 a year. And also funny enough, she happens to be married to a politician who | Read More »

    Mr. President, Thank You For Your Inspiration


    Ohio Gov Says No to Unions

    It seems Ohio’s economy is bad enough that even Democrats have to draw the line. The Obama supporting union SEIU has been pushing a ballot initiative which would require every business with 25 or more employees to offer seven sick days to full-time employees. Realizing that the last thing a struggling economy needs is more mandates, and the last thing he needs is to be | Read More »

    Dem Mantra of More Deaths By Terror Under Bush Disproven

    A new independent study shows that deaths from terrorism have actually declined by more than 40 percent since 2001. This flies in the face of the constant Democrat mantra that states the opposite, that terrorism has increased since Bush initiated the War on Terror. It is a mantra that the media have helpfully spread for their friends at the DNC. We’ve heard it again and | Read More »

    Teamsters Dumps Old Union Boss Family

    James Hoffa, Jr. is trying to make it look like he is reforming the Teamsters by forcing out Robert Hogan, former President of Teamsters Local 714, a member of a long time, corruption prone union family. The IRB alleged that Hogan had acted against the best interests of union members by hiring Robert Riley as a business agent and organizing director, even though Riley had | Read More »