How do we know John McCain Did Best at Saddleback? The Media is Pushing the “McCain Cheated” Theory for Obama

    “McCain did well because he understands the issues close to the hearts of the people at Saddleback. Obama did poorly because he does not understand those issues and only built up the ‘I’m a man of faith’ narrative to hide that fact.”Remember back in 2004 when George Bush trounced John Kerry in the debates? The left saw a funny shape under Bush’s jacket and immediately | Read More »

    George Washington Was Right

    My hero George Washington warned in his farewell address that we shouldn’t get involved in European affairs nor should we entangle ourselves in alliances with other nations.We’ve come along way since the great George Washington and in that time we’ve seen events around the world that constantly shape and mold our foreign policy. From the blunders of president Carter with Iran, to the historic Cold | Read More »

    Germany Now Supports Georgia NATO Membership

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday reversed course and said Georgia would join NATO: “Georgia will become a member of NATO if it wants to — and it does want to,” she told reporters before talks with Saakashvili in Tbilisi.Merkel is a day late and at least a dollar short. The United States strongly supports Georgia joining NATO, but misgivings from France and Germany have | Read More »

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    Obama’s mentor to retire from IL State Senate

    Barack Obama’s mentor, Emil Jones, will announce his resignation from the Illinois State Senate today, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune describes Obama as Jones’ protege.Rumors are floating that Jones is wrapped up in a criminal investigation. We will keep you updated… We have written about his own private slush fund in the past.In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the | Read More »

    Musharraf Resigns

    Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf announced he would resign Monday.Maybe now the government of Pakistan can focus on confronting the Islamic insurgency in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

    Premature baby ‘comes back to life’

    I offer the following without comment other than to say that my thoughts are prayers are with the child and her parents A premature baby who was pronounced dead “came back to life” Sunday after five hours in Nahariya Hospital. The baby girl, who was in a cooler at the hospital, suddenly showed signs of life and was being treated in the premature baby unit. | Read More »


    Obama’s Team is Delusional about Evangelicals

    I posted back on June 19th that Obama was wrong in thinking he had a chance to win Mississippi in November because his argument was based on false facts. He claimed that Mississippi was 40% black but only voted as 25% of the population. This was his rationale for putting the state in play; if he could just get African Americans to vote their proportion | Read More »

    McCain is in best position since general election began

    Following the best projection pollster site of the cycle, fivethirtyeight, the Obama friendly writer admits that: Although Barack Obama remains a slight favorite in this election, his position is more vulnerable than at any point since the primaries concluded, and he no longer appears to have a built-in strength in the electoral college that we had attributed to him before. The reason is a new | Read More »

    Kobe Bryant is Cool

    Our fellow citizen is doing us proud in Beijing.

    Michigan Dems at the controls: “Zzzzzzzzzzz” — Ten week paid siesta continues

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at Enter another Monday with the discomforting knowledge that while everyone statewide who isn’t on the unemployment line this morning heads back to work after a two day weekend, the Democratic controlled Michigan House of Representatives and the Democratic controlled United States Congress continue their months long paid vacations.  Congressional Democrats like Bart Stupak are in the midst of a | Read More »

    How the Democrats Intend to Create Five Million New Jobs

    So Barack Obama is running ads on the Olympic Games, promising to create five million new jobs by way of building an “alternative-energy” economy. This is also something Nancy Pelosi talks about a fair bit. And of course the newly-created jobs are to be of the Good, High-Paying™ variety, which is Democrat-speak for: Union.What’s this all about? In a word: Redistribution.Let me explain…You can count | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     78 Days until Election Day August 18, 2008MORNING UPDATE:RUSSIA SIGNS BROKERED CEASE-FIRE…does it mean anything?  We’ll see.  Russia announced it will pull it’s troops back today…the world watches as the Russian bear throws out verbal threats, which if implemented, would make the world more dangerous.WALBERG…RUSSIAN ATTACK HIGHLIGHTS NEED FOR ENERGY POLICY…Walberg says: The Georgia situation highlights the perilous condition our country is in. America’s reliance on | Read More »

    And now, O Faithful, Let Us Pray and Beseech The One

    Let us begin the week with prayer in the grace-filled setting of the Obama cyberchapel!May the Obamites continue to make cracks about John McCain’s age, as an important sliver of the huge boomer demographic moves into their sixties…Lord Obama, hear our prayer!May The Iconic One continue to be seen in settings divorced from the experience of The Unworthy- Europe, Hawaii, etc…Lord Obama, hear our prayer!May | Read More »

    Happy 88th Birthday 19th Amendment

    Today, August 18th, marks the 88th anniversary of the amendment that ensured women’s right to vote. The struggle that culminated in the ratification of the19th Amendment in 1920 began at Seneca Falls in 1848 more than 70 years before. The Republican Party was the first major party to champion women’s suffrage and its role in that struggle is chronicled here. Republicans were important in the | Read More »

    NBC Questions Kobe Bryant’s Pride of Being on Team USA

    In a recent interview with USA Olympics basketball team member Kobe Bryant, NBC Sports reporter Chris Collinsworth seemed to question Kobe’s patriotism when the player said that he was proud to wear the team USA uniform. Wondering if it was “cool” to be proud of being on Team USA, Collinsworth seemed to surprise even Bryant with the temerity of the question. Why Collinsworth wouldn’t think | Read More »

    I quit.

    I wish I’d researched Eagle Publishing and Regnery’s associations much sooner – I might have spared myself some of the dismay with its sordid roster of authors (whom it may also be cheating) and its methods of attack-journalism as evidenced in Human Events. The events of the last two weeks have only amplified my desire to no longer associate with agents of voter exploitation and | Read More »

    California Republican lawmakers show their Cashews

    Earlier tonight..the Democrat Deficit Budget/tax Increase effort failed by nine votes in the Assembly. The vote was 45 in favor and 30 opposed. Not a SINGLE Repub voted for it…way to go!!”In a rare Sunday-night Assembly session, a Democratic plan to close the state’s $15.2-billion budget shortfall by raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations failed to get a single GOP vote.”GOP members said they | Read More »

    Obama is not underperforming

    So the MSM is so focused on Obama and so surprised that the race is close, there have been a good number of articles pondering: Why is Obama underperforming?I don’t think he is. He is still relatively popular (53/34). He is still ahead in national polls. The most recent head-to-head polls with Obama and non-McCain Republicans, show Obama crushing the Rs: Obama-Romney 49-41; Obama-Huckabee 50-39. | Read More »

    Walt Minnick’s Big Benefactor

    In Idaho’s 1st District, Congressman Bill Sali (R-ID) is being challenged by Walt Minnick, a businessman and 1996 Senate Candidate. Minnick calls himself a “conservative Democrat” on his website, and, he expects to capture the seat and the Idaho media is doing everything they can to help.The Idaho media reports on Minnick’s fundraising advantage, but unlike with Congressman Sali’s 2006 campaign’s support from Club for | Read More »

    Under The Bus

    So much for Wesley Clark attending the Democratic National Convention; Barack Obama basically told him that he was uninvited. And I think that we all know why. John Edwards humiliated his wife, his children, his supporters and the Democratic Party in general thanks to a whole lot of personal shenanigans and is therefore not wanted in Denver when convention time rolls around. But in a | Read More »

    Saddleback And Its Aftermath

    I missed the McCain and Obama interviews with Rick Warren last night, but from the looks of things, McCain was the one who gained the most from the interviews. This fits in with a lot of the e-mails that I received regarding the appearances. Now, the e-mails that I received are from people predisposed to voting for McCain, but at the same time, many of | Read More »


    Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has been quite the republican media darling here lately, and also hailed as the “future of the Republican Party”. He has made numerous appearances on national news programs, has been mentioned in print nation wide, and also was invited to a private Memorial Day barbeque at Sen. John McCain’s ranch in Arizona. He was also said to be on Sen. | Read More »

    Let’s reach across party lines!

    With the veepstakes in full swing and less than two weeks to go before the conventions, talk of VP announcements for Obama and McCain dominate the airwaves. So much has been made of Republican Chuck Hagel possibly being on Obama’s shortlist, while the only non-Republican mentioned as a possible McCain running mate is Joe Lieberman. So now I challenge you to think of a Democrat | Read More »

    Let’s trade Vice Presidential promises

    In the coming days (probably about 10), John McCain will name his running mate.We have discussed them ad nauseum on this forum and the pros and cons of all of them.There are two names that I sincerely hope to show up next to McCain. Huckabee because he is a fraud and a big government conservative and Carly Fiorina because she has destroyed two companies (HP | Read More »

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    RedState was NOT involved in yesterday’s Hawaiian coup attempt.

    I don’t care what you might have heard, but we had nothing to do with the attempt to overthrow the State government of Hawaii with a monarchy. H/T AoSHQ, although it made the front page of the Sunday papers here.: HONOLULU – A group of Native Hawaiians claiming to be the state’s legitimate rulers occupied the grounds of a historic palace for two hours before | Read More »


    The Beauty of Sarah Palin

    I’m not talking about the mere physical attractiveness of Alaska’s governor, though she has been blessed with an abundance of that gift. Palin was a competitor in the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant after being named Miss Wasilla earlier that year, where she also won Miss Congeniality honors.No, what I’m dicussing here is beauty in the political sense – as in the beauty of what | Read More »

    How do we know that McCain won the Saddleback forum?

    Because his opponent’s people are apparently claiming that McCain cheated, that’s how. Via Hot Air Headlines: The Obama people must feel that he didn’t do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because that–what they’re putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the | Read More »

    Oh, Those Hate Filled, UnAmerican Gays

    Isn’t it grand that in the United States of America you are free to hold a political position or affiliation, free to donate your money to any political party you desire, and not lose your job over it? The United States has always been the epitome of freedom of political speech. … unless you are a gay guy that wants to support John McCain. In | Read More »

    5 Million Jobs?

    I must of been sleeping when we decided to elect a CEO of a very large corporation that is going to create 5 million jobs. Now, lets elect a president that will keep our country safe, a real American that has no problem displaying the American flag on his lapel, an American that if asked to go to war will not hasetate to flex his | Read More »

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    The Unbelievable Smarminess: The Inauthenticity of Hype

    Never badder than bad cause the brother is madder than madAt the fact thats corrupt as a senatorSoul on a roll, but you treat it like soap on a rope- Public Enemy, *Bring the Noise*Unfortunately, I missed the Rick Warren Saddleback confab last night due to family obligations, but have been having a grand old time reading all about the exchange.I’m certain more people will | Read More »


    Had to adjust several states for the trend, but with a poll out of the RockyMountainNews, it is enough to change Colorado from tossup to weak GOP, giving McCain a 274-264 lead in the Electoral Vote and winning the General Election.This is his first lead in my projections in weeks, riding on a trend that has shown him flipping swing states back to his favor | Read More »

    When Life Begins: “Above my pay grade”

    Rick Warren: “At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?”Barack Obama: “Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is, you know, above my pay grade.”(Image revised per our fearless leader’s request. You can view the original image and another alternative image here. Any feedback on the various images would | Read More »

    Radio Free Europe

    The lyrics are as follows:Decide yourself if radio’s gonna stay.Reason: it could polish up the grey.Put that, put that, put that up your wall.That this isn’t country at all.Raving station, decide yourself…Calling all in transit! Calling all in transit!Radio Free Europe, radio.Decide defying media too fast.Instead of pushing palaces to fall.Put that, put that, put that before- all.That this isn’t fortunate at all.Raving station, decide | Read More »

    Is that a stethoscope? Or a hidden mic?

    Part VI in a multi-part series about Operation Continuing Promise (Parts I, II, III, IV, & V)Regularly Updated Photostream Here (Unfortunately, a network glitch on the Navy end bars me from uploading more photos temporarily. Will be fixed soon.)Danny Ortega, leader of the communist Sandinista party that caused so much trouble in the 1980s, got himself elected president thanks to Hugo Chavez’s petro dollars. Now | Read More »

    With “Friends” Like This — Credibility On The Net

    In perusing the web this morning, I came across this headline, Obama’s Campaign Admits Obama is a Muslim!!!!! My first thought was that I had somehow missed an important news story. So, I clicked on the site.There I learned that during David Axelrod’s August 1 appearance on Good Morning America, during which he “did” admit that Sen Obama had brought up the issue of race | Read More »

    Call the Left wing What it is “Communism”

    DESPIERTATE AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. I am uphold at the naivety of my country’s people, they are voting for an man that talks the talk and makes you believe he dose the walk. The people in Cuba thought Castro was the saviour,Castro was going to liberate Cuba from the strong hold of a tyrant, let me tell you something the world doesn’t know, Batista | Read More »

    Obama Says McCain Camp Paints Obama As The Anti-Christ

    Immediately after Obama’s appearance with the reverend Rick Warren, the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee was interviewed by CBN News Senior National Correspondent, David Brody.Among other things Brody asked Obama whether the McCain campaign is purposely using imaginary to scare people about him being the anti-Christ. Obama answered yes. You can watch and read a partial transcript of the interview here.I’m sick and tired of this bovine | Read More »

    To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

    A Dutch physicist first experimented with the internal combustion engine in the 1600’s using gun powder as fuel. That same conceptual design powered the first “horseless carriage” in the 1800’s. Since then, the world has gone through a spectacular, explosive advancement in technology from space travel to a real-life version of Captain Kirk’s tiny hand-held communicator to the desktop PC.But our automobiles are being powered | Read More »


    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: The Review

    Sunday, August 17, 2008PREFACE:AXELROD TALKING POINT OF THE WEEKEND: We have no influence or leverage in foreign affairs because Bush and McCain have been focused solely on Iraq.On FOX News Sunday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice indicated that our relationship with Russia, which had recently communicated in a forward-looking manner, was now “in tatters.” Then the surrogates, Ridge and McCaskill argued about whether John McCain | Read More »

    Thoughts on Obama’s Leadership Qualities

    This thought was prompted by an email thread which sought to understand the process and objectives by which Obama will be making his VP pick.It’s astounding how little we know about Obama’s character as a leader. For all we know, he could be sitting in those meetings letting Eric Holder pull his strings. Or he could be deciding out of insecurity, and will intentionally pick | Read More »

    John McCain, Why This Conservative Supports Him

    Barack Obama is dangerous. That is a well known fact that conservatives understand and why we are so adamant in our opposition to this liberal candidate whose inexperience and lack of substance have no business even running for President much less sitting in the Oval Office.In our zeal to defeat Obama though, we have neglected something that we as conservatives have always been consistent with | Read More »

    Gotta keep your sense of humor, Barry.

    Apparently, Obama’s people are having the vapors over McCain’s visible indifference towards smoothing the One’s way through life: The Obama campaign is upset with John McCain far failing to defend Obama from charges leveled by Jerome Corsi in his new book, “The Obama Nation.” But since when is it the job of a presidential candidate to comment on the substance of a book he presumably | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     79 Days until Election Day August 17, 2008MORNING UPDATE:McCAIN ON GEORGIAN CRISIS… ‘Georgia remains in line for alliance membership, and I hope NATO will move ahead with a membership track for both Georgia and Ukraine. At the same time, we must make clear to Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the values, stability and | Read More »

    Dog Kept From Recieving Medical Help Dies

    As a dog owner this is a sad story for me, but at the same time I can’t help to be completely infuriated. A young man and his girlfriend were speeding down a highway in Texas trying to rush their dying dog to a vet clinic in time to save his or her life. Well, along came the highway patrol to pull them over for | Read More »

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    Barack Obama – Doubting Thomas

    In December of 2007 I wrote up this blog, Barack & Clarence’s Memoirs A Stark Contrast. A feathered liberal poster, flyerhawk, pointed out the contrast in the memoirs is because Barack wrote his at the age of 31 and Clarence wrote his at 59. So I accept this explanation, and don’t think about it anymore until Barack tells Pastor Rick he would never have nominated | Read More »

    One of Obama’s mistakes tonight

    I watched Rick Warren’s Saddleback event last night. I thought it was interesting. I thought John McCain won, an opening shared by Zack Exley, a former John Kerry staffer. He called Obama’s performance “disappointing” and notes that he had been coached on a number of issues by evangelical leaders but that Obama “kind of went around in circles”, calling it “a little John Kerryesque”.By contrast, | Read More »

    China Agitates To Undermine American Liberties

    It’s bad enough that those living under the heal of tyranny have their God-given rights suppressed, but one expects to hear of this transpiring in less-developed countries that have never really known freedom to begin with. However, things have really gotten out of hand when those living in the United States have to fear for their livelihoods for speaking out against abridgements of liberty occurring | Read More »

    China Agitates To Undermine American Liberties

    It’s bad enough that those living under the heal of tyranny have their God-given rights suppressed, but one expects to hear of this transpiring in less-developed countries that have never really known freedom to begin with. However, things have really gotten out of hand when those living in the United States have to fear for their livelihoods for speaking out against abridgements of liberty occurring | Read More »

    Science Daily: Linking Depression With ‘Americanization’ of Latinas

    Another day another “study” of dubious worth. This time it is Science Daily letting us know that “Latinas” in the United States have high rates of depression because of that dreaded “Americanization” they apparently unfairly face. So now, just the gall-darn, odiousness of becoming “Americanized” is enough to send “Latinas” to the funny farm, I guess. But, it seems to me that this “study” tends | Read More »

    Singer Randy Newman on McCain’s Music List: ‘Then Again, Hitler Liked Some Good Music, You Know?’

    Blender Magazine, self billed as “the ultimate guide to music and more,” is famous for compiling “lists” of music for one thing or another. This month they’ve gone politics with the candidate’s top ten favorite songs as reported by the campaign offices of John McCain and Barack Obama. To make a mountain out of this mole hill, they also invited as commentators on these lists | Read More »