Debate One-liners for Sarah Palin

    Here are some things I’d like to hear Governor Palin say during the debate, and if others have better ones, I’d love to hear them. Obviously, some of these are just fun to imagine and would probably cause more trouble than they’re worth. But we can dream, can’t we? ON THE ECONOMY “The economy is as likely to grow when you raise taxes as hair | Read More »


    OK, OK let’s jut see if it’s me. Or not? ( hey , did you see the eyes in that painting move?) Ok here’s the scenario. The following is a verbatim excerpt of a question AND answer that was posted today on Yahoo!Answers Government/Politics. Here’s the 2 part question that was posted: Is it me or is Yahoo!Answers censoring any commenter who questions whether Yahoo! | Read More »

    Obama and the Uh’s, Ah’s, and Ummmm’s

    Much has been made by some conservative pundits about Obama being teleprompter dependent and how he racks up the speech pauses when he goes off the cuff. One might recall Rush Limbaugh compiling just the “uh’s” in an Obama appearance for comedic effect or Hugh Hewitt wondering how many of the awkward pauses he would accumulate during the first debate. I don’t think the issue | Read More »

    Another story with the “RACIST” angle

    This just getting ridiculous

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    ACORN Feels left-out

    On Sunday, Sept. 28, ACORN National President Maude Hurd (aka Chief Nut) released the following statement after Congressional leaders announced a $700 bailout plan for Wall Street: “Members of Congress worked tirelessly over the weekend to rid Wall Street of its toxic assets, which are responsible for the worst financial crisis since the 1930s. Unfortunately, families who fell victim to Wall’s Street’s toxic lending practices | Read More »

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    The New Economic Rescue Legislation

    Michael Steel from Leader Boehner’s office shared some great info with us on the current draft of the economic rescue legislation being talked about right now in congress:


    McCain needs to get back to Campaign 101:

    McCain needs t get back to fundamentals in teh campaign. Identify Problem: The Economy Sucks, largely due to an out of control Fannie and Freddie that issued mortgages to people who could nort afford to pay them back. The result is foreclosures on Main Street, as well as plunging property values. Furthermore, Fannie and Freddie spread these toxic mortgages to Wall St, and failure of | Read More »

    John Gard on Attack

    John Gard, running against the nut Steve Kagan in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, is the first candidate, to my knowledge, to go on offense against the bailout: You can send him a few bucks here. H/t to Mason Conservative.

    Some in the media invent a McCain-Palin contradiction

    This is media slime. Sarah Palin was in a Philadelphia restaurant when some guy asked her, basically, she thought our government should fight terrorism. Here’s the exchange, according to Jake Tapper: As Palin was glad handling, a man named Michael Rovito, wearing a Temple University t-shirt, approached Palin “How about the Pakistan situation?” he asked her. “What’s your thoughts about that.” “In Pakistan?” she asked. | Read More »

    There he goes again!

    Obama Wants NRA Ads BannedSaturday, September 27, 2008 8:10 PM By: Newsmax staff The Obama camp has been threatening television and radio stations to keep them from airing anti-Obama ads. The latest target is the NRA and stations in Pennsylvania.

    The Bailout

    People vastly smarter than me say that the Paulson bailout plan is a necessity to prevent a market meltdown. I trust these people. But I also know that people smarter than me got us into this mess and the Democrats will not allow us out of this mess without creating another mess of some sort down the road. I have no bone to pick with | Read More »

    Russians, Canadians and Palin, oh my!

    Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin has taken enough heat to melt the Artic Circle over this exchange with CBS’ Katie Couric: Couric: You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?Sarah Palin: That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and, on our other side, the land-boundary that | Read More »

    Missouri Governor Blunt on Obama “truth squads”

    JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

    Sarah Palin Looking Like A Mistake

    Governor Palin is the most popular Governor in America right now. More popular than both Republican and Democratic governors. She also has a high approval rating of about 80-85%. She’s an accomplished woman with a keen eye for ideas and a combative spirit. But you wouldn’t know that given the wrap job McCain campaign officials have done. When you bring this up to John McCain | Read More »

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    This Is What Country First Looks Like

    Senator McCain took a lot of grief from all sides on his decision to suspend his campaign to go to Washington to work on the bail out. It was widely seen as a political stunt. Democratic congressional leaders derided it as injecting Presidential politics into the situation. Senator McCain believed it was the right thing to do. Senator Obama thought it was a better idea | Read More »

    Ten questions some one should ask Mr. Obama

    On July 2, in Colorado Springs, you said: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” On July 20th, you told Face the Nation correspondent Lara Logan that you expect to be dealing with various world | Read More »

    1801 America was at war with Islam

    A lot of people dont realize it but when America declared independence from Britain we lost protection of the British Navy. Then pirates in Africa began to attack American shipping in the Mediterranean and holding Americans as slave labor. American soldiers were being beheaded 200 years ago in 2 viscious wars. We werent born a world power we were beat that way. Here is a | Read More »


    The relevance in the way both parties approach churches and religion.

    I have found it interesting in how most pundits and partisans following this election have focused very little on the religious affiliation of both McCain and Biden. Instead, the majority of the focus has been on Obama and Palin and the churches they have attended. The focus on Obama’s church has zoomed in on the political statements of Obama’s pastor. There have been allegations that | Read More »

    So guys, when does the fun start?

    As a young conservative, I must say that I am depressed. Not because we are behind in the election. That can change. Not by President Bush. He is an underrated leader and a fine man, polls be damned. Not even by the media. Sure, they lie all the time, but they always have so that’s no surprise. No, I am depressed because our nation is | Read More »

    Bias at the BBC?

    BBC investigated after peer says climate change programme was biased ‘one-sided polemic’ By Tamara CohenLast updated at 2:54 AM on 27th September 2008 ‘Potty peer': Lord Monckton said his sceptical views were misrepresented The BBC is being investigated by television watchdogs after a leading climate change sceptic claimed his views were deliberately misrepresented. Lord Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, says he was made | Read More »

    Breaking News: SNL Actually Produces a Funny Poitical Skit

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    CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN.. and Fellow Floridian..first let me commend you on a post well done!! I thank you for your sound logic,evenhandedness and common sense. Now , please allow me to voice a different ‘Pebble in my sandal’ moment.. Can you please tell me why it is that I am getting that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach again? It seemingly arrives right | Read More »

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    Obama Was Asked To Not Wear Soldiers Bracelet

    Via ABC News It was meant as a sign of respect, but now conservatives are saying Sen. Barack Obama’s invocation of his “hero bracelet” bearing the name of a fallen soldier is being done against the family’s wishes. Is it true? What’s the reality here? Sen. Obama responded saying, “I’ve got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant – from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek, | Read More »

    Just Win Baby

    Let’s just focus on winning this election. If conservative purists are worried about the big government ramification of this package, remind them what four years of Obama/Reid/Pelosi government will look like. Also, remind them who is captaining the Republican ship. I am not the biggest John McCain fan, but I trust him on protecting the taxpayers and fighting special interests including Wall Street. There will | Read More »

    Just Win Baby

    Let’s just focus on winning this election. If conservative purists are worried about the big government ramification of this package, remind them what four years of Obama/Reid/Pelosi government will look like. Also, remind them who is captaining the Republican ship. I am not the biggest John McCain fan, but I trust him on protecting the taxpayers and fighting special interests including Wall Street. There will | Read More »

    Time for the Game Changer…

    John McCain is scrappy and shrewd. He’s like the “old ball coach” with another trick play up his sleeve. Yet you don’t coach UF anymore and you’re too far behind with precious minutes left–against UF. I would be hopeful that there could be a game changer on the horizon for McCain, but I fear the VP debate. I sense that Palin lacks the creativity to | Read More »

    Rising Above Partisan Politics, Not Inserting Presidential Politics, and Political Ineptitude.

    Never mind the fact that the truth about what really happened at the failed Thursday meeting at the White House will never be relased by the mainstream media. Also, completely forget about the fact that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the entire Democratic party are mostly responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle. Oh, and definitely forget about Barack Obama rising above partisan | Read More »

    Ace of Spades vs. Barack’s Truth Squad

    As I have become more cynical about this whole election, I find myself at home to Ace of Spades more and more. I just wandered over there to check in before heading to bed and found this waiting for me. Truth Squad this. If prosecutors are going to threaten those who “lie” about Obama, I guess we’ll just have to start preparing the truth-is-a-defense-to-libel | Read More » Bankrolled By Mortgage Mess Fat Cats

    This has the potential to be the Democrats’ Enron of 2008. The recent troubles of Wachovia are directly linked to its $25.5 billion purchase of Golden West Financial in 2006. Golden West was run by two longtime liberal activists – Herb and Marion Sandler. Golden West was the holding company for one of the nation’s largest S&Ls: World Savings. World Savings was one of the | Read More »

    to win a debate

    The way debates are won are by facts and quick wit. What Palin and McCain need to do is use thier quick wit and facts to blast Biden away. They need to introduce Obamas new spending of 800 billions dollars and then wait for the attack of well you want to give a tax cut of 300 billion dollars to the wealthy to be shot | Read More »

    Presidential Debate

    I thought it was incredibly disrespectful that Obama referred to Senator Mccain as John. While, Sen. McCain is his elder, an experienced politician, and a war veteran. It would have been common courtesy for Obama to have referred to him in a respectful manner. Senator McCain on the other hand addressed Obama respectfully, as Senator Obama, even though Obama is not overly deserving of his | Read More »


    Kucinich: Bailout ‘Driven by Fear Not Fact’

    Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich suggested the $700 billion bailout package was sending America towards ‘casino socialism, where the only real product is debt’. To watch video:

    Obama and Schumer’s Sugar Daddy Pockets $20 Million Off WaMu Collapse

    One of Barack Obama’s and Charles Schumer’s political moneybag donors dating from very early in both of their U.S. Senate careers stands to make close to $20 million for 17 days on the job for presiding over the largest bank failure in U.S. history. That’s nearly $20 MILLION DOLLARS for 17 days on the job. He basically signed the papers delivering the company into government | Read More »

    More on Poll Panic: A Little History

    A quick tour of liberal blogs seems to indicate that gleeful Democrats are ready to pop their champagne corks and start celebrating an Obama victory, considering the current movement in head-to-head polls. Meanwhile, some Republicans seem caught somewhere between fatalistic resignation and despair. But not so fast. It’s a bit early yet to start moving assets offshore and training our tongues to say “President Obama.” | Read More »

    First Presidential Debate Analysis

    The first presidential debate was an impressive exchange between the two candidates. This debate was on foreign policy. Well, it was supposed to be. Jim Lehrer completely disregarded the rules governing this debate and decided that the first half should be on the economy. Now before the debate, I realized that given the current financial crisis we find ourselves in, obviously a little ammount of | Read More »

    Independents are Right: McCain Needs Bold Energy Independence Plan

    I watched the debate as a replay on CNN. I liked watching the Democrat/Independent/Republican lines move as each spoke. Now I could discuss the ups/downs of the Iraw war but there was one point that was very interesting. There was only one point in the debate when the Republican approval line went up and the Independent line not only went up but went ABOVE the | Read More »

    Hans Blix report documents Saddam never accounted for WMD

    ####Clearly Saddam was in violation of the cease fire agreement Chemical The document indicates that 13,000 chemical bombs were dropped by the Iraqi Air Force between 1983 and 1988, while Iraq has declared that 19,500 bombs were consumed during this period. Thus, there is a discrepancy of 6,500 bombs. The amount of chemical agent in these bombs would be in the order of about 1,000 | Read More »

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    Nancy Pelosi: House GOP unpatriotic for not reading my mind.

    Via Instapundit, this stepped over a line. [Crud, the video doesn’t work. Until I find code that does, it’s a video where Pelosi called the House Republican absence at a bailout meeting ‘unpatriotic.’ Yes, that word.] Try inviting us next time first… Madame Speaker. Dems Forget to Invite GOP to Negotiations Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney | Read More »

    Iran, Somali Pirates and radiation poisoning. **Update**

    I posted this on the 24th but that Server 500 deal kept me from getting it on till late evening. There’s been some new info Here and also on LGF”Sfront page. Is very curious to say the least. It seems some Somali pirates have hijacked an Iranian owned and operated cargo ship. The ship, the MV Iran Deyanat, is a 44468 ton bulk carrier, and | Read More »

    Why a Bailout Won’t Work

    Way back before there was paper money, people traded with whatever was available that others wanted. Barter was fair, but inconvenient. Soon people realized that gold and silver were easily identifiable, easily divided, and accepted everywhere. So gold and silver became the standard for trade. The village goldsmith, due to the nature of his job, had a vault to deter thievery. Being a shrewd businessman, | Read More »

    Obama’s Plan To Disarm America

    Obama exhibits very poor judgment when it comes to anything important. He seems like a vacuous waif who practices speech voice inflections but does not think — Puppet like in his actions. Apparently Obama wasn’t around for the latest successful anti-missile interceptor test. Now think for a minute, what would we do if a nuclear tipped missile from Iran or North Korea were headed to | Read More »

    Mike Pence is My Hero Today

    Mike Pence has an article up on Human Events. Go read it all. Now. And know that America needs more just like him. Economic freedom means the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail. And to this I just say-Preach it brother. Oh how we often forget. Duty is ours, outcomes belong to God. Indiana, you have something special in that man. Don’t ever | Read More »

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    No money in defense bill for 11,550 airmen

    But Congress never forgets Acorn funding.. By Sam LaGrone – Staff writerPosted : Sunday Sep 28, 2008 9:38:16 EDT In June, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the end of the Air Force drawdown. But, apparently, no one told Congress. A Sept. 24 joint congressional report on the 2009 defense bill says lawmakers have not authorized funds for more than 317,050 airmen. That is considerably fewer | Read More »

    Who’s running in your local elections?

    If you haven’t checked out our site yet, we’d love you to and give us feedback. is a social-network built around giving you a direct voice to the people running in elections that influence you directly, like your district’s congressional representative or school board. Come check us out and help the republicans in your local area gain momentum. Thanks! Travis J. ToddFounder,

    Mccain – this is your bailout contribution ad.

    Just play the video of this, i would think that would be enough for the people to know which presidential candidate is best for America on the economy: From Abc Stephanopoulos interview: **Stephanopoulos: “What role did you play? How were you helpful do you believe in the process?” John McCain: “I will let you and others be the judge of that. I did the best | Read More »


    The Long March to the White House – The Spectator UK

    The Long March to the White House Wednesday, 17th September 2008 As reported here, Camp Obama is resorting to ever more outrageous attempts to silence the questions that are mounting about the past associations of the saviour of the planet. Given the sheer volume of information that is now available and the deeply disturbing questions this all poses, the astounding reluctance of the mainstream US | Read More »

    What I Wrote My Congressman…

    “I am fundamentally against the bailout, but understand that it’s now a matter of the market’s perception of government’s willingness to act. Still, it’s grating to me to have to make amends for the greed that was allowed to run rampant in the financial markets. All the bankers would have needed to do is stay within time-tested LTV ratios and perform routine income checks. I | Read More »

    Psst! Senator McCain, A Debate Is No Time For “Bipartisanship!”

    When the time came for McCain to let the American know how the current crisis came about, he demurred and instead went populist, going on and on abstractly about Wall Street and greed, when the fact is that financial houses were compelled to give housing loans to people with little prospect of paying it back. The role played by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in | Read More »

    ME SEN: Tom Allen has done nothing -video

    h/t to the Maine College Republican blog. Allen’s lack of legislative record is really amazing, and is probably why he has trailed in every poll ever taken.

    Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis

    Let’s fix two things with this diary – by the way, as it stands I endorse the Paulson bailout – first off, it needs the video. Secondly, it needs to be fronted. – Moe Lane This video is an example of why working Americans are facing financial catastrophe while being railroaded towards socialism. Bill Clinton blames democrats at the videos end. If you don’t | Read More »