It’s Tom Ridge or Tim Pawlenty?

    According to MSNBC, John McCain’s final two are Tom Ridge and Tim Pawlenty. I think both are acceptable. I prefer Tom Ridge, he has the potential to deliver PA.

    John Kasich and Kirsten Powers agree on FOX

    I was watching Hannity tonight, and they had John Kasich and Kirsten Powers on, and while they come from opposite sides of the political spectrum they did seem to agree on one VERY important issue, one of THE most important issues remaining in this campaign, the issue of who will John McCain pick as his running mate. It seems that both Kasich and Powers agree | Read More »

    HOPE! We call it Home Clinton!!

    Bill Clinton claims we are a Nation of Hope. I disagree and say we are a Nation of Homes, all ready established and hope is for the losers who need direction, like the democrats keep pushing the weak power hungry Messiah, tax hungry egotistic want everything socialist. We all want change but not at the expense of our most valuable freedom, US.

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    Missing Persons Alert

    Have you seen this person?Name: Hunter BidenAge: 38Occupation: Pay to Play With Dad LobbyistLast Seen: August 22, 2008Definitely not mentioned or seen on stage at the Democratic National Convention. All references to his existence were scrubbed from his father and brother’s speeches, except vague references to “my brother” or “my son.”Possible Location: Same place they put John Edwards. Could also be visiting George Obama.If you | Read More »

    MSDNC Claims It Has No Bias

    MSDNC has defended its coverage of the Democratic Convention as not partisan. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.MSNBC is as objective as RedState, but less professional.“MSNBC does not have an ideology,” Griffin said. “We hire smart people who are passionate about their love of politics and love of news.” “Do I want them to have squabbles?” Griffin asked. “No. But I understand they’re human.” This from the guy who just | Read More »


    Grassley Watch catches the Senator’s eye

    Grassley Watch has recently learned that Senator Charles Grassley’s office has taken notice of our effort.  We are pleased that the Republican Senator from Iowa and his staff have taken the time to review our concerns and constructive criticisms about his work, as well as our occasional recognition of the times when the Senator takes a conservative stand.Grassley Watch is an Iowa based voice for conservatives demanding a | Read More »

    A GOP Convention Game Plan

    OK, folks, this is it. The Dem convention is already a bust. Do not, I repeat, do not, listen to any positive analysis from the MSM that says otherwise. There is no excitement, no personality. Any time this ship of fools is out where all can see they come off looking like a bunch of children. All you have to know is that the highlight, | Read More »

    Note to the McCain Camp

    Romney is crashing in InTrade and Kay Bailey Hutchison is going up.I’ll remind you all she is pro-choice and I’ll tell you all I will puke on my keyboard if she is the pick and probably will cease being excited about your campaign. She’ll be a good governor. She is not an inspiring Veep Pick.And I speak for a large, large number of Republicans.That is | Read More »

    Brass Knuckles

    Barack Obama spits out what sounds like a threat by saying “they don’t know who they’re dealing with”.I hope we do know who we’re dealing with. From Time, The Page: Jim Messina, Obama campaign’s chief of staff, tells Iowa Democrats: “I’m not the public speaker in the group, so we’ll try this.” Of Arizona, says: “If Senator McCain continues to be the schmuck he’s being, | Read More »

    “Gravitas” (2000-2008) R.I.P.

    Originally Posted at The Minority ReportHaving enjoyed a high profile for the last eight years, it is with profound regret that I must announce the imminent death of Gravitas, at the hands of the Mainstream Media.”Gravitas” came to life in 2000 in the early days of the Presidential campaign between Gov George W Bush and Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. Gravitas demonstrated the inexperience of | Read More »

    LA Times:Biden son, brother invested with firm that lobied for him

    Investigative reporters Chuck Neubauer and Tom Hamburger:”When Joe Biden’s brother and son wanted to buy a hedge fund company two years ago, they turned for financing to a law firm that had lobbied the Delaware senator’s office on an important piece of business in Congress — and in fact had just benefited from his vote.The firm promised James and Hunter Biden that it would invest | Read More »

    Bill Clinton Speaks & Joe Biden Is Next

    This is going to be fun.The crowd goes nuts. More nuts for him than they ever did for Hillary.Michelle looks happier tonight.”I’m here first to support Barack Obama and second to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden . . . . I love Joe Biden.””In the end, my candidate didn’t win, but I’m really proud of the campaign she ran.” Heck, I wouldn’t be.We’ll | Read More »

    Carter on Obama’s Qualifications: He Gives a Great Speech

    It seems that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only prominent Democrat who can’t bring herself to say that Barack Obama is qualified to be president. Jimmy Carter was interviewed on CNN’s American Morning today: ROBERTS: Let me remind you of something you said. It was back in November of 2006 on the “Charlie Rose” program. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CARTER: He’s got yet to prove substance or | Read More »

    Drudge is reporting McCain has decided on a VP

    I’m sure the pick has been made for several days and was cemented soon after Obama announced his pick. They have had to make travel arrangements for whoever it was.

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    Barrack Hussien Obama the Nominee for the Democratic Party

    maybe I wasn’t really listening or maybe No Body said it.They said Barrack Obama. From all accounts of previous conventions where the nominee was announced they always use their middle name. Several times throughout the convention,when his full name would have been used it wasn’t.William Jefferson Clinton,George Walker Bush,Ronald Wilson Reagan,heck even Hillary Rodham Clinton(ok not her middle name).During the video when they went through | Read More »


    Harry Potter Fans are disappointed with the Harry Potter 6 release date

    Harry Potter PetitionHarry Potter Fans are disappointed with the Harry Potter 6 release dateHarry Potter 6; the Half-blood prince is much anticipated by all the Harry Potter fans around the world. Everybody were expecting it to be on their movie screen by November 21st, but suddenly Warner Brothers had announced that they will push the date to July 17th of 2009 and not on November | Read More »

    Hats Off To Hillary Clinton

    I watched “The Speech” last night and I need to tell you that Hillary Clinton impressed me, and in a BIG way. That speech had to have been one of the hardest things she has ever had to do in her entire life. She did it with grace and complete class. It was well delivered.Unfortunately, she wasn’t believable and I don’t think her supporters bought | Read More »

    Romney Stock Way Up…

    I was just watching Glenn Beck’s tv show and he had a guest from on talking about how Mitt Romney’s value has spiked in terms of whether McCain picks him or not for Veep. Beck mentioned how Saddam Hussein’s capture stock went way up only weeks before he was actually caught, so who knows! For full disclosure purposes, I am praying that Romney is | Read More »

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    It’s going to be Gov. Pawlenty for McCain’s VP

    You know how sometimes you are suddenly hit by a moment of clarity so certain that all other possibilities seem unlikely?I’ve had such a moment. McCain’s VP will be Pawlenty of Minnesota.Slow your mind down and just think about it for a minute. A) The Republican Convention is in Minneapolis/St.PaulB) Pawlenty is a solid conservative C) It puts Minnesota in playWhen I look at all | Read More »

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    Barack Obama is on Al Gore’s “Love Train”

    I wrote it down contemporaneously, so now we can all remember together.In 1999, the Democrats were ready to party like it was 1973. Saturday, September 25 of that year was the final day of the Democratic National Committee under National Chairman Joe Andrew and General Chairman (and Philadelphia Mayor) Ed Rendell. In the next year, they would nominate Al Gore to run for President wearing | Read More »

    There is so much win in this Ramesh comment

    It might just blow your hair back.Go read it. Now.

    “Groundbreaking Advance Allows for ‘Reprogramming’ of Adult Cells”

    This is fantastic news that everyone should celebrate.(LvJJ)


    Is Obama’s Ego Infinite Or Merely Unimited?

    It is not enough for Barak to tell a room full of democrats in the Capitol that he is the new Messiah. He must not just tell the millions on TV. It is not enough to set a ‘new tone’ by filling a stadium of fans (and test the limits of good security and common sense). No. The empty suit needs a toy temple. And | Read More »

    ABC News producer arrested taking pictures of Democrat donors, senators.

    Ah yes, freedom of the press. Grand isnt it? Unless you happen to be a reporter taking pictures of “big” Democrat donors and senators meeting at a hotel in Denver during their convention.ABC News producer Asa Eslocker was arrested today outside the Brown Palace Hotel while doing investigative reporting on corperate lobbyist and political conventions.Earlier in the day Eslocker was told by law enforcement that | Read More »

    Hillary 2012 has officially begun

    Now that she has that convention speech out of the way, where she dutifully performed the minimum (a BARE minimun at that) nod to Obama’s fatally flawed 08 campaign, she can officially start into what has already been going on underground for weeks — her 2012 campaign.VRWC operative @@@ @@@@@ (Code name Tbone, that’s the most we’ll reveal) came across some official materials, amongst them | Read More »

    A Great Video Metaphor for McCain v. Obama

    Snazzy guy with lots of cool moves and flips versus the traditional trench fighter.

    Did Hillary Clinton Use a Racist Theme In Her DNC Speech?

    This was probably totally unintentional, but there have been doubts about the Clintons. I DO NOT say that the Clintons, or that Hillary herself, are/is racist, but to use the following line in her DNC speech when everyone is scrutinizing whether she will support Obama, and everyone is scrutinizing her phraseology in doing so, is, at minimum, a severe lapse in judgment: “And along the | Read More »

    New Game: Where’s the Flag

    So, I tried a new game here in Denver. It’s called “find an American flag the Democrats put up.” Considering the elaborate effort they made to Obama up the town, they certainly would have found time to stick up a flag or two right? As in, not one built into the Pepsi center by someone else. Let’s play, hmm?First, the compound:Hmmm. Well, they must inside | Read More »

    What Would JFK Say About Barack Obama?

    We all know JFK was a closet conservative, so let’s celebrate his legacy with a biting look at Obama…

    Most liberal ticket in 40 years?

    Four years ago, Republicans made hay out of the fact that the Democrats had a very liberal presidential ticket:Republicans on Capitol Hill jumped on Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s pick of a vice presidential candidate — John Edwards, the junior senator from North Carolina — and zeroed in on the candidates’ liberal ratings, among other things.House Speaker Dennis Hastert said, this is “not a balanced ticket | Read More »

    Sarah Palin for VP If We Want To Win….

    This election is for all the marbles. Anyone who thinks differently is either naive or delusional. If the Democrats sweep it all they will pass legislation to tie up conservatives and the GOP for the next 50 years. The media has shown itself to be so in bed with the Democrats that no matter what they do or legislation they pass they will excuse it | Read More »

    Eric Cantor for Vice President

    In 1862, when some of Abraham Lincoln’s political allies, furious over the losses at Shiloh, demanded the removal of Ulysses S. Grant from the leadership of the Army of the Tennessee, the first Republican President responded with unequivocal fervor.”I can’t spare this man,” Lincoln said. “He fights.”What John McCain requires in a Vice Presidential choice today is an individual who exhibits the best qualities of | Read More »

    The pro-slavery candidate

    Ironic really, that the self proclaimed civil rights proponent and African-American candidate defends the practice of human ownership as part of his political platform. When human life begins, whether at conception when a distinct human DNA is created and a systematic, organized, and growing (aka living) organism exists, or at birth when occasionally a newborn escapes its planned barbaric execution during a botched abortion and | Read More »

    Nearly 400 nabbed in ICE raid in Mississippi

    Something around 400 people were detained by federal immigration agents in Laurel, Mississippi. Story is attached.**Laurel, Miss. (AP) – Federal immigration agents arrested some 350 suspected undocumented workers in a raid on a Mississippi electrical equipment plant Monday, authorities announced, hours after sealing all entrances amid reports their sweep had idled normal operations.Barbara Gonzalez, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, confirmed the arrests in | Read More »

    The pro-slavery candidate

    Ironic really, that the self proclaimed civil rights proponent and African-American candidate defends the practice of human ownership as part of his political platform. When human life begins,whether at conception when a distinct human DNA is created and a systematic, organized, and growing (aka, living) organism exists, or whether at birth when occasionally a newborn escapes its planned barbaric execution during a botched abortion and | Read More »

    I’m okay with KBH as the VP

    About Me:Before I get beat up for this diary, let me just clarify that I am a strong conservative and that I generally line up with Redstate. The two areas where I stray are 1) jobs going overseas (and no I have no good answers on what to do about it) and 2) that Carly Fiorinia is a good person/advisor/etcRead Below to see the Negatives, | Read More »

    The Truth About The Economy

    Here’s some shocking economics for you…The US ranks #1 among all nations in terms of GDP. The nations that rank #2 and #3 are two countries that the US defeated in WWII and then rebuilt in America’s image: Japan (#2) and Germany (#3). Just the difference between the US at #1 and Japan at #2 ($9.4 trillion) is greater than the bottom 158 countries COMBINED. | Read More »

    I have a question about the Democrats’ convention

    I noticed this yesterday. I’ve gone through the photostream. Now here is my question:Where are the American flags?They are not there. They do not exist at this convention.They briefly existed, but they’re gone. Not there.Where are the American flags?

    Inside Obama’s Greek Temple

    Via Jonah Goldberg, we get this exclusive look inside the planning session for Sen. Barack Obama’s Greek temple set from which he will accept the Democratic Party nomination.”Can I raise a practical question at this point? Are we doing Stonehenge tonight?”

    Nevada Turning Blue

    Turning Blue……Nevada is on the verge of becoming a full blown blue state.The state senate is currently controlled by a one Republican vote edge.The national Democrats are targeting Republican Bob Beers seat to gain control.Whoever controls the Senate will have a significant edge in the next census redistricting process.Please skip a meal this week and contribute $5, $25 or $50 to save our state from | Read More »

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    We seem to be having a Star Trek TOS meme going with Obama, here.

    Don’t get me wrong, loved the first two seasons growing up, have all of Diane Duane’s ST books – but this isn’t really the mood that I presume that the Obama campaign wants to present. Particularly since McCain’s going with that entire BSG 2.0 vibe.Anyway, first we had the Space Hippies:…and now we have to ask, “Who Mourns for Adonis?”…um, not me? Read up a | Read More »

    On Kay Bailey Hutchinson

    Erick’s Red Hot said No, John, Kay is not Acceptable.As a Texas voter, I agree.I think she’s a good (not great) Senator and may/may not be an improvement in the Governor’s mansion over Rick Perry, but her selection as VP will hurt the McCain campaign:She is Pro-choice. That will deflate the buzz in the social conservative ranks. We (many, not all) are lining up behind | Read More »

    Alaska Primary–Stevens wins (Parnell/Young Update)

    Ted Stevens has won the Alaska Senate primary with 63% of the vote.As of this writing, the Parnell/Young race is too close to call.It looks like the Parnell/Young race is too close to call.This will come down to how the absentee ballots go, and it could take til mid-September for a final count.

    Despite Soft Polls in US, Bloomberg News Tells us Germans ‘Overwhelmingly Favor Obama’

    On August 25 Patrick Donahue of Bloomberg breathlessly informed us that a recent poll showed that Germans love Barack Obama. In a week where Obama’s soft polling numbers with Americans who will do the actual voting, you’d be excused if you wondered who cared, but apparently Bloomberg thinks this Obama puffing “news” is worth reporting. It’s more reason to be suspicious that the Old Media | Read More »

    Kid Rock: Entertainers Should ‘Keep Their Mouths Shut on Politics’

    Read it and weep, Dixie Chicks. Shove it Bruce Springsteen. Put a sock in it Johnny Cougar Mellencamp. Because, in a refreshing change of pace for the entertainment industry, Kid Rock is telling CMT Insider via People Magazine that entertainers should stay quiet on matters political.How many times have you seen the uninformed blather of some goof from Hollywood, or some crank from the music | Read More »

    Calif. SEIU Funds Abuse Spreads to Mich.

    This just gets better and better. You’ll recall our recent focus on the abuse of funds and influence peddling by California Service Employee International Union (SEIU) head Tyrone Freeman being investigated in depth by the L.A.Times and how Mr. Freeman has been funneling union contracts to his family members. Now a related investigation in Michigan has revealed that one of Freeman’s former associates has had | Read More »

    No, John, Kay Is Not Acceptable

    John McCain, the buzz is that Kay Bailey Hutchison could be your pick.As we said earlier, a pro-choice candidate is unacceptable.Likewise, I know for damn certain that Kay Bailey Hutchison has repeatedly barred conservative staffers from policy meetings in the Senate.John, I like KBH. She blogs here at RedState. She’d be a good governor of Texas. She is not Veep material.

    Hillary Did her “Job” – And That’s All

    On style and delivery, I would give Hillary a 9.5 on the scale of 10.Let’s face it, she had a “job” to do which was to throw her support behind Barack Obama. Moreover, she had to preserve and protect her own political future and could not be seen as a Democrat who helped her party lose this election.But let’s look a bit deeper into Hillary’s | Read More »

    Voter Confidence in Iraq and War on Terror: Highest EVER

    It’s an odd thing to watch the Democratic Convention in Denver. The messages just aren’t consistent – there’s an off-kilter feel to the whole thing. Just take Mark Warner’s remarks last night for example. Here’s a guy who’s viewed as the future of the party, whose withdrawal before the presidential stakes was shocking to a lot of people, and who – if Barack Obama loses | Read More »

    Washington Post Takes Russia’s Blood Money

    Matt Lewis at Townhall thought the same thing as me this morning when opening the Washington Post to find an advertising supplement from the government of Russia. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Russia or other countries produce this kind of propaganda for the Post, but coming in the wake of its war on Georgia, I was a bit alarmed the newspaper would take | Read More »