Basic Citizenship

    **How many states comprise the United States of America Mr Obama?How many stars are on the American flag Mr Obama? Hint the same number as states in our country, *and no the answer is not 57 as you have stated before.*The final question for you is a two part question. How many stripes are on the American flag Mr. Obama, and why is there that | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 9-5-2008

    60 DaysUntil Election Day September 5,2008QUOTE OF THE DAY:"Again and again I’ve worked with members of both parties to fix problems that need to be fixed. That’s how I will govern as president. I will reach out my hand to anyone to help me get this country moving again. I have that record and the scars to prove it. Senator Obama does not." "I can’t | Read More »

    John McCain’s Speach

    Like many others I watched the speach given by John McCain last night. I agree it was not the best speach ever given, at points it was slightly boring but we have to remember that John McCain is a leader. We will elect him to lead this great nation not to entrance us with word. The media is talking about how his speach differed with | Read More »

    Obama and Accountability

    I watched the Bill O’Reilly interview very early this morning. (Face it folks this might be as close to hard questions as Obama gets during this campaign).I am left with one question: How does a man with so few accomplishments know anything about accountability?


    Financial Tsunami, Updated

    I know it’s McCain’s day and I don’t want to step on the parade, but you might have noticed that the US stock market dropped three percent yesterday. Bonds had a fairly significant rally, but not a barn-burner.A pile of really bad economic data came out yesterday, and this morning everyone is anxiously awaiting the monthly labor data. The consensus estimate going in is that | Read More »

    Hire this pro-life woman for Sarah Palin’s campaign staff

    From the Forth Worth Star-Telegram comes this dramatic tale: Facing shotgun barrel, couple fought for their livesWhen two men smashed through the door of their house and one of them, weighing 300 pounds, thrust a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun in her face, 34-year old Kellie Hoehn’s primal thought was that she wasn’t going to let them get to her children. Ignoring the gunman’s murderous threat | Read More »

    [Obama Idiot,] GOP [Vindicated] [Edited for content]

    [Nah, let’s not show the video this Binko posted. How about this one instead? – Neil Stevens]


    One of the most Undemocratic, misnomered pieces of sh*- er; uh : I mean Legislation ever dreamed up by the current congress is the Employee Free Choice Act. Let’s face it, much of legislation today is about corruption, preserving that power that corrupts, and pitching the sale of it in some way that is palatable to the uninformed, underinformed or flat out misinformed by a | Read More »

    I need a hand – And I knew where to come ;-)

    On Fox recently Tom Ridge or Gingrich or one of those guys said, as he was comparing Barry and Gov. Palin’s resume’s, that among other things of course that she was the CIC of a “nuclear” Alaskan National Guard.Now I have seen this, and see the missile defense system link, but is there indeed a connection? Does Sarah Palin have responsibility as the CIC with | Read More »

    McCain, “Fight with me!”

    Take it to the 9:00 minute mark for the rousing ending. I’m going to loop it!This truly needs to become the viral video of the week if not a 60-second McCain ad

    Substance Over Style

    This past evening, Senator McCain walked down the stage and accepted the Republican nomination for President.Then he spoke.It was not a great speech. John McCain is no Sarah Palin. He is, however, a hard worker. The speech was the speech of a worker — of a fighter. Having watched it in the arena and just now on television, I must say it played better on | Read More »

    The Palin And McCain Speeches

    I finally had a chance to see the Palin speech and can readily see why it is that so many believe a star is born. Sarah Palin was very commanding on stage. She knows how to give a speech and she knows how to communicate through a camera to her audience. I would advise the Governor to forgo the slight face-scrunching that comes with getting | Read More »

    Angry Readers Dump ‘Us’ Magazine

    MSNBC’s Courtney Hazlett is reporting that thousands of subscribers have cancelled their subscriptions to Us Weekly in the 24 hours since the magazine’s Sarah Palin smear job became known on the Internet. Most subscribers have not even received their issues yet.

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    Obama woman flips for McCain/Palin!

    I just want to point out the fact that my beloved wife started last December in Obama’s camp (even as she let me take our daughter on repeated trips to hear and meet Sen. Fred Thompson in SC). She NEVER was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, which should give even more pause to the Obama campaign considering all the talk about Gov. Palin peeling of | Read More »

    Obama to Hide Behind Hillary’s Pantsuit

    Brave Obama ran away. Bravely ran away, away! When Palin reared her lovely head, He bravely turned his tail and fled. Yes, brave Obama turned about And gallantly he chickened out. Bravely taking to his feet He beat a very brave retreat, Bravest of the brave, Obama! ST. PAUL — Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Gov. Sarah Palin | Read More »

    Obama’s on the run

    B. H Obama is on the defensive. His thin qualifications, no matter how propped up by the Democratic machine are beginning to look thread bear. He is of the system of which he protests change. He is a product of the establishment looking for a puppet with a Clinton smile. He is smart enough to know where his bread is buttered, at the though. Expect | Read More »

    Sarah Palin was put on this earth to do two things:

    Kill caribou and kick butt. She’s all out of caribou.

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    A Speech for the Ages

    After watching the acceptance speech by Senator McCain tonight, I was somewhat surprised to find how tepid the reaction was by bloggers at the various conservative sites I visit. While I recognized that the moderate policies that he promoted were not the red meat that had been offered up the previous night, the story that he presented was still very moving and authentic.As I thought | Read More »

    Real versus Fake

    As Americans enter the voting booth come November 4th, they will take the measure of men and a woman and decide who they trust with the responsibility of the Presidency of the United States. This election, like all others, will come down to one single issue. Who do you trust?Barack Obama and the Democrats certainly put on an impressive, majestic performance in Denver last week. | Read More »

    Thank God for Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

    It a Historic year for America.


    AP writer Glen Johnson smears Sarah Palin

    This one is so blatant that it has to be deliberate. Here’s how the article starts:Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”This is false. You know, it says something when Huffington Post gets it right but AP and its reporter, Glen Johnson, | Read More »

    To the guys on XBOX Live that HATE Republicans

    I’m kind of an old fart, but my oldest son got me hooked on Halo a few years ago. I enjoy spending a bit of my free time mixing it up with the younger guys (and gals) I meet on XBox live. It is humbling to ket your butt kicked by 10 year olds, but I figure it is good for me in the long | Read More »

    In Praise Of Community Organizing

    I can certainly understand why, after having had her resume trashed from the very moment that she was thrust onto the national stage, Sarah Palin and other Republicans were interested in exposing Barack Obama as being too inexperienced to be President of the United States. To be sure, his inexperience is quite thin. Obama points to his days as a community organizer as having prepared | Read More »

    From The Department Of “Wow!”

    Really, it is worth asking how much the Obama campaign should trust the Clintonians. From where I sit, the answer clearly is “not much”:Sarah Palin found some unlikely allies Wednesday as leading academics and even former top aides to Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed the Republican charge that John McCain’s running mate has been subject to a sexist double standard by the news media and Democrats.Georgetown | Read More »


    Well he made the speech. He’d better get a specific road map out because the other side has more plans than Carter has pills. He needs to publish, publish, publish his top priorities and let Sarah keep banging away at the Dem’s. He needs a full court information press communicating his economic vision and specific plans. He and Palin can get to work on the | Read More »

    This one kind of speaks for itself.

    Via Ace, OlbermannWatch brings us this:The good news is that more people are probably watching this on RedState than saw it on TV.

    Raising Washington

    You’ve heard the expression that it does not take a man or a woman to raise a child– that it takes a man And a woman. Well, in these times, it takes a Man And A Woman to raise Washington.Robert and Lisa MasseyColorado Springs, CO

    Raising Washington

    You’ve heard the expression that it does not take a man or a woman to raise a child– that it takes a man And a woman. Well, in these times, it takes a Man And A Woman to raise Washington.Robert and Lisa MasseyColorado Springs, CO

    Raising Washington

    You’ve heard the expression that it does not take a man or a woman to raise a child– that it takes a man And a woman. Well, in these times, it takes a Man And A Woman to raise Washington.Robert and Lisa MasseyColorado Springs, CO

    The Maverick Does It His Way

    Last night was the fireworks at the GOP Convention, the high-wire triumph of Sarah Palin, the street fighting of Rudy. Tonight was the hard work: John McCain laying out his policy vision. So, what did I think?John McCain is a great talker, but not a great speaker – he’s the polar opposite of Obama, who gives a tremendous speech but does not converse and answer | Read More »

    McCain Speech (Lets Talk)

    First, everyone knows McCain will never beat Obama on a battle over who is better orator but McCain did talk more specifics on the issues and pointed to the differences to them in minor way. Could he have been more harsher? I think he should of.Everyone will applaud his service to this nation and his story; even his critics have said this (minus Jimmy Carter). | Read More »

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    McCain Being McCain

    Tonight’s speech was not the stick of dynamite that last night’s speech by Sarah Palin was. It was not supposed to be. It accomplished everything it set out to accomplish. It established McCain’s personal story of heroism, but above that, it put that story in the context of his vision for the entire country. His delivery dragged and was a bit awkward at points – | Read More »

    Those men saved my life, and I will fight for my country for as long as I live.

    America thanks you.

    Sully doesn’t stop, he just keeps on digging

    I wrote about Andrew Sullivan’s descent into madness here. But Sullivan shows no signs of stopping even as his colleagues at The Atlantic recoil in horror. In fact, he keeps digging a deeper hole, now claiming that what happened to John Edwards was a different issue entirely because he wasn’t running for president any more, but Sullivan’s own baseless and profoundly insulting attacks on Sarah | Read More »

    A Good, Honest, Conservative Newspaper

    For anyone lucky enough to live in the Philadelphia area, then hopefully you know about “The Bulletin.” Years ago it used to be an evening paper, and just recently has come back, this time in a morning edition. Now, I wasn’t around for it when it was an evening publication, but I am so happy that I have a chance to read it now.Billing itself | Read More »

    Breaking News: Republicans oppose ethanol mandate

    If you read the 2008 Republican platform you will notice two important things regarding biofuel. First, the plan for energy independence gives ethanol a small role. Second, the platform specifically says “[t]he U.S. government should end mandates for ethanol and let the free market work.”

    It’s time for a strategic redeployment from Chicago

    This summer, 123 people were killed in Chicago. That’s twice the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq in the same period., the war for Chicago is lost. We have created more enemies, took our eye off the ball, and wasted billions in government programs that had no effect. Our only remaining option is to withdraw all Americans from Chicago, consequences be damned.The people of | Read More »

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    Thought process and leadership

    Tom Maguirehas a good point: Obama was wrong about the surge while McCain was right, but by and large I think the case could be made (but not by me!) that Obama is by far the more thoughtful and reflective of the two candidates and far more disposed to listen to a range of advice. My guess is that he would have a broader and | Read More »

    As a Woman, Does N.O.W. Speak for You?

    On June 30, 1966, the National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) was founded with this statement of purpose, “To take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all the privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.”All women in America owe N.O.W. a debt of gratitude for the work they did for women’s rights. In the | Read More »

    Community Organizers

    “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities,” is one of several blistering criticisms that Sarah Palin said last night in her speech.This cuts to the core of Obama precisely because being a community organizer is one of his central passions and something he devoted much of his life to.He also takes great pride in | Read More »

    Hey! I use Lava…

    It became apparent to me last night, that the speakers were being spread out as evenly as possible. By far, however, last night was it. Romney did well, Huckabee rocked, Rudy dug in and attacked, and Palin – well she was amazing.The “angry left” disagrees I’m sure, yet I’ve heard much buzz around these parts here today. My classes are typically full of left leaning | Read More »

    Gustav aftermath: Jindal Acting Like a Governor

    Upon seeing no active looting in the city of New Orleans, the media packed their bags and went home.However, the brunt of the storm’s impact was borne by Houma (pop. 100,000 plus) and Baton Rouge (pop. 500,000 +/-). Houma is currently without water and sanitary sewers; residents will be able to get back in tomorrow to begin assessing damage.Baton Rouge is largely without electric power | Read More »

    The 2008 Election – a script for the Twilight Zone

    I’m thoroughly confused. I do not understand what is going on in our country. Barack Obama manages to maintain a slight lead in almost all polls and it just doesn’t make any sense.Experience – The most obvious reason why he shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the White House. I need not elaborate on this one, everyone knows he can’t hold a candle to McCain on experience. | Read More »

    If Sarah Palin was a Democrat …

    This was supposed to be posted prior to the speech yesterday, but my computer decided to crash and die on me just as I was about clicking ‘save’ …{snarl}Well … the past few days have been quite a revelation, haven’t they? John McCain (who seems to have wisened up considerably) introduced the nation to his pick for the Vice-Presidency and the media quickly set about | Read More »

    A Conservative Comes Out of the Mist

    Jonah Goldberg once wrote an absolutely classic description of how the dominant high-brow culture in media and academia views those of us who hold conservative philosophical beliefs. His article, in turns, makes me want to laugh and then want to punch the used food out of some geeky, bespectacled Beltway liberal. His article was entitled Conservatives in the Mist.When the Conservatives “behave” in accordance with | Read More »

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    Cable Outage Tracking during Convention Speeches

    On the night of the Obama speech, a family member in New Jersey told me about a peculiar cable outage that left only MSNBC broadcasting. Something similar is happening to me in northern New England right now. I am wondering if there is some sort of malware involved. It could just be a fluke, but I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else is seeing | Read More »

    McCain’s Acceptance Speech – A Preview.

    Cross-posted from McCainVictory08.comThe press won’t receive the text of Senator McCain’s speech for another couple of hours, probably around 6 pm Central time but I had the chance to speak with the lead speech writer, Marc Salter a few minutes ago and he gave me a general overview.Given that Salter has been described as John McCain’s voice, it is interesting how he slips back and | Read More »

    New SEIU Video Exposes Union Lies

    The Alliance for Worker Freedom recently announced the launch of their new YouTube channel at Upon this launch, they have released a new SEIU video. The video was taken at the July 17th, 2008 “Take Back the Economy” rally at the McCain headquarters in Virginia. They manage to interview a elected official who admits on tape that the union got her elected (and all | Read More »

    McCain Really Does have a Health Care Plan

    Something that concerns many working class moms like me is health care. So I thought I would start a diary on this topic, since the media covers little of what McCain’s solutions really are. Yes, folks.. he really does have solutions.Here is his website with the link on the McCain Health Care Plan: you see, he really does have a health care plan, he really | Read More »

    I should be nominated as VP!!!

    I am so hot!

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