Obama solves America’s Energy crises

    Obama has a game plan to solve USA’s energy problem.It is called the 240% solution.Obama will rely heavily on solar power and wind which are currently very expensive generators of energy. The brand new Solar One plant southwest of Las Vegas produces energy at 240% times the current market price of energy. It is the most efficient solar power plant in the world. I guess | Read More »

    Gravitas? (Part Deux)

    In the world of former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden, the Constitution doesn’t mean what it explicitly and clearly says it means.


    Still think that Joe Biden is a serious student of foreign and national security policy?

    Frank Rich Doesn’t Deserve A Job Writing For A Major Newspaper

    Or even a minor one. Here is why.Really, this is embarrassing stuff, even when one considers that it is Rich doing the writing. It shows no understanding whatsoever of the nature of international competition, the state of affairs in China, how China will be able to compete in and influence the world or the underlying strengths that continue to buttress America even in tough times.Oh, | Read More »

    O’Bama is Just Another “Bait & Switch” Politician

    Cannot believe…, as the Democratic campaign goes on…; the true nature of Barrack O’Bama keeps manifiesting itself!!!First Barrack promised Hillary that she would be considered (even if not selected) for the VP position…. He did not keep his promise!He promised all his followers, supporters and workers…, they would be the first to know who the VP “candidate select” would be…; before anyone else in the | Read More »

    LATimes Brooks Thinks Russia/Georgia War is Funny

    The L.A. Times’ Rosa Brooks has done it again, taken a serious subject and made an uninformed romp of it. One wonders how the old Georgian lady seen in news photos standing wounded among the ruins of her apartment building, or the Georgian Mother running down the street, infant in her arms, trying to escape Russian tanks might feel about the humor with which Brooks | Read More »

    Forced Unionism at UPS Being Fought

    Forced unionism is one of the issues that galls right to work advocates the most. How can we, as a free people, be forced by state laws to join a union just to keep a job? Worse, how can one be forced to pay union dues without even joining a union just to keep a job? Is this not America where one has free choice? | Read More »

    The Biden Factor

    There have been innumerable opinions and articles so far about the Obama / Biden candidacy. Why did Obama choose Joe Biden as his running mate? What was he thinking? And what can he possibly hope to gain from having Biden on the ticket? What is he likely to sacrifice?I’m no expert, clearly. Just an Average Joe American with an opinion on everything, including politics and | Read More »

    Miscellaneous Morning Tidbits

    Now that the Dem Veepstakes are resolved, on to the Republicans. Here’s what I can tell you.Joe Lieberman’s (I-CN) star has burned out on the veep spot. I’m told McCain very much wanted Lieberman, but the campaign has heard from enough people to know it won’t happen. Expect Lieberman to be a member of the Cabinet, letting Republican Governor Jodi Rell appoint his successor.Mitt Romney’s | Read More »

    A Very Good Introduction Video for John Kasich

    I found a great introduction video for John Kasich as a professional speaker that only had 107 views, so I thought I would share it on Redstate.I don’t think there’s a better way to introduce John Kasich as a possible Vice Presidential candidate than this video.

    The Psychology and Timing of McCain’s pick

    McCain has gone on record that he will announce his VP the day after Obama’s big speech. To me, this implies he is not going to make a convetional choice (sorry Mitt Romney). He wants to steal Obama’s spotlight but he has to be careful about throwing away what should be a big newday for him. If he makes a generic safe choice the media | Read More »


    Boycott the DNC

    We should fight the good fight and not watch the DNC. Come on, Republicans, independent conservatives, let’s drive the ratings down by not lending our support. We must collectively (eeewwww) band together and ignore this proceeding. We will hear enough of it as it is, we can’t escape it. You can read all about it spewed by the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, the | Read More »

    Lets Discuss Possible Woman VP Candidates

    Lets have a serious discussion on what woman McCain could possibly nominate for VP slot. Please give your pros/cons to them.Gov Palin- many on here seem to have fallen in love with her but she comes from Alaska a lock for GOP and is only in her 1st term of Governor. Has she really been tried and tested? Does her librarian image hurt her? Would | Read More »

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    Madonna cuts right to the Godwin’s Law violation.

    Madonna joins the ranks of entertainment people who seem to confuse their performance success with political savvy at the opening of her new tour in Cardiff, England. She just cuts right to the Godwin’s Law violation and proves she’s another of The Chosen One’s groupies:Amid a four-act show at Cardiff’s packed Millennium Stadium, a video interlude carried images of destruction, global warming, Nazi dictator Adolf | Read More »

    Shouldn’t Bill cry Sooey! for a Bull Hawg Party?

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportThe only Democrat to be re-elected President since FDR is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention this week. When he does, he will be speaking to possibly the largest gathering ungrateful beneficiaries in modern American political history and in world history since Winston Churchill last addressed the British Parliament.Why should Bill | Read More »


    Meanwhile: Bush (USA) and Tbilisi, Iraq, other places Russia and Iran aren’t

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportThe media focuses on horse races between men while the Earth turns. Some major events have occurred on the third stone from the Sun and significant dawgs haven’t barked within the din of mostly insignificant barking by McCain, Obama and Biden.Russian forces occupy a small portion of former USSR slave state, Georgia. For | Read More »


    Am at the right place

    Am I at the right place with liked minded people. I have almost finished the book the obama nation and all I can say is that this guy should never ever be president! I would love to know that I have found a homewith like minded people. I woild love to know how I could get envolved to learn what do to do to combat | Read More »

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    McCain’s housing problems and Hillary

    What does the Obama campaign have against strong, independent women? The attack on John McCain for the sin of being married to a business woman who does not consult him in all her real estate dealings is ill timed, hitting the airwaves days before Obama announces he would rather choose a tired Washington hack for his running mate than his party’s second most popular figure. | Read More »

    Biden in debt? Does this reveal something important about his ability to handle finances?

    Joe Biden is ranked as the “poorest” U.S. senator, listing his net worth at negative $300,000. Question: He’s been making six-figures for over 30 years. How did he end up in debt at this point in his life?Is he unable to manage his finances? Does he not understand saving, investing, etc.? *Might this be more relevant than McCain’s real estate investments? * We are, after | Read More »


    Brutal CNN poll: McCain 47, Obama 47(Biden bounce!!)

    CNN has just released a new poll after Obama anounced his VP pick. To put it mildly, it’s brutal…CNN poll: Post-Biden poll shows dead heat It’s a dead heat in the race for the White House. The first national poll conducted entirely after Barack Obama publicly named Joe Biden as his running mate suggests that battle for the presidency between the Illinois senator and Republican | Read More »

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    Nicaraguan Army Chief of Staff Visits USS Kearsarge to Thank Operation Continuing Promise Personnel

    Part X in a multi-part series about Operation Continuing Promise (Use RedState Tag Operation Continuing Promise for all previous entries)  Regularly Updated Photostream Here (Unfortunately, that security issue wasn’t quite worked out, so no new photos uploaded since last RS post)Nicaraguan Army Chief of Staff Major General Javier Aviles paid a visit to Puerta Cabezas and came aboard the USS Kearsarge for a press conference and | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton’s pro-forma denunciation of John McCain’s ad.

    We finally got a response from Hillary’s people to this McCain ad:…and it’s certainly, um, well, a statement. The following is a statement released today by Hillary Clinton’s Spokeswoman Kathleen Strand in response to the McCain campaign’s new ad “Passed Over.” “Hillary Clinton’s support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction | Read More »

    Reagan chose him, why not McCain?

    Is there any question that many of our political choices come with a great many caveats? In the race for the White House it seems that most anyone will say anything if it can further their own end, regardless of previous statements to the contrary.There is one man who words ring as true today as they did when Ronald Reagan selected him to fill one | Read More »

    Attacking Fox News in Denver

    Today I had the dubious privilege of attending a protest here in Denver. Recreate68 and several other protest groups organized a rally with speeches and music, followed by a protest march to the entrance to Pepsi Center, where the convention will be held. I have a number of videos and photos, but I wanted to post this one right away. I was able to capture | Read More »

    Class Warfare

    That’s all I hear from Democrats, “Out of touch”, “Only for the rich” Early this morning on Face The Nation Governors Kathleen Sebelius(D-KS) and Ed Rendell(D-PA), along with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr(D-IL). talked about John McCain and his many houses “problem” They said that showed John McCain to be out of touch with the American people. What really annoyed me was not the fact they | Read More »

    {Had to switch flights in Honolulu.}

    Dear Redsall y’all{…I believe that it’s from the same guy – same username, at least. Oddly, I think that he hacked the program to let him accelerate upwards. Which is kind of sad. – Screwface}

    Top Five VP Considerations

    I would suggest Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Elizabeth Dole, Charlie Crist, Mitt Romney? Reasons for or Against?!


    Recreate ’68 Schedule Released

    H/T to Slapstick PoliticsRecreate ’68 has released its Master Schedule of events.Highlights include (H/T to Moonbattery):o “Confront the anti-abortionists” at Planned Parenthoodo “Non-violence training”o “FUNK the WAR-Dance for peace-4 routes”o “Reclaim The Streets Party”o “March to Freedom Cage”o “Shake Your Money Maker (levitate the Mint and shake the money out!)”o “Everything for Everyone: anti-capitalist march & 6pm meet-up for Fundraiser Disruption”o “Code Pink Concert”o “Direct | Read More »

    NIST report on WTC 7 released

    Via Slashdot, the NIST report on the collapse of New York World Trade Center building 7 is out. The statements of the cause of the collapse are conclusive.“Our study found that the fires in WTC 7, which were uncontrolled but otherwise similar to fires experienced in other tall buildings, caused an extraordinary event,” said NIST WTC Lead Investigator Shyam Sunder. “Heating of floor beams and | Read More »

    To Matt Stoller, cancer is the new cooties

    If you wish to insult me in a meaningful way, look to my ideology, my pen-pushing proclivities, or my cancer. Sure, that’s fine.I was not surprised that a few Sundays ago, a lad named Matt Stoller had referred to John McCain as “a crazy cancer-ridden dishonest madman [sic].” (The bracketed Latin is there because he skipped the commas. ) This was after a rant in | Read More »

    let’s use our own “judgement”

    This election is not about how many homes that different politicians own, if it was then you wouldn’t have any currant Senators who would “qualify” to be President. Barrack Obama likes to believe that he has the moral edge on “judgement”, well let’s have a quick overview on his “judgement”.-Obama supports late term abortion-Obama believes in appeasing rogue nations and dictators who believe in the | Read More »


    If John McCain chooses a Latino running mate, it would ensure a majority of Latinos voting for the G.O.P. for decades to come. Latinos are the swing vote in this election. Their political power will only increase in future elections. Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, John McCain and many other conservative leaders understood this years ago. John McCain’s courageous support for the recent immigration | Read More »

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    BREAKNG: FL & MI restored to DNC !Oh please, oh please, oh please….

    Just off the wire at CNN, Florida and Michigan have had thier full voting rights restored to the Denver convention.It’s all up to the Superdelegates sticking to their word now. I’m gonna make another batch of popcorn.

    Mason Dixon Polls Released Today (NM, NV, AZ, CO, WY, UT)

    Mason Dixon released new polls from various Western states: Nevada: McCain 46%, Obama 39% New Mexico: McCain 45%, Obama 41% Arizona: McCain 47%, Obama 41% Colorado: Obama 46%, McCain 43% Wyoming: McCain 62%, Obama 25% Utah: McCain 62%, Obama 23%These polls show very good news for Obama in Colorado and for McCain in Nevada and New Mexico.


    Pay no attention to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. It’s totally not fair game. He’s only making money off his dad’s connections, that’s all.

    Here is a story most of the MSM is going to run away from as fast as possible.The son of Barack Obama’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Joe Biden, is a top partner at a Washington law firm that has lobbied his father’s office, a family tie that could prove embarrassing for a campaign that has positioned itself as fighting lobbyists and special interests in Washington.In | Read More »

    Does The Convention Speaking order give a hint at who will be the VP

    If we look at the current Convention speaking order, we can come to some conclusions.Monday 9/1:Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.Vice President Dick CheneyMonday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif.President Bush and First Lady Laura BushTuesday 9/2:Fmr. Gov. Tom Ridge, R-Pa.Former CA Secretary of State Rosario MarinFmr. Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn.Gov. Linda Lingle, R-HawaiiFmr. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, R-Md.Tuesday primetime (10-11pm Eastern Time)Gov. Sarah Palin, R-AlaskaFmr. | Read More »

    Aloha O’e

    Leaving for the airport soon:(pause)Gimme a break, most of the Disney stuff had the embedding disabled.


    ‘Accountable America’ Held To Its Own Standard?

    Judical Watch is asking the Dept. Of Justice to look into the Accountable America’s ‘warning’ posted to conservative donors if they give money to PACs (Note that Judicial Watch and AA theoretically are supposed to serve the same purpose). Apparently 42 U.S.C. § 1985(3) makes Acc. Amer.’s letters and threats illegal (irony is that this code is under federal civil rights, something that the left | Read More »

    Obama is the “negative” candidate

    The most effective thing that can be done to reach the disenfranchised Clintonistas and the Independents besides nominating Palin as McCain’s veep is to show Obama for the negative candidate that he is. Portraying the GOP candidates as “negative” or “corrupt” has become standard playbook material for the Democrats, and Obama is getting away with it.The Clintonistas slow to return to the party and refrain | Read More »

    At Least Hitler Was Straightforward About What He Wanted

    Substitute ‘Democrats’ for ‘National Socialists’, ‘conservative’ for ’30’ and ‘American’ for ‘German’ and you basically have the what a lot of the current Democratic leadership won’t say, but probably believe.

    Biden- Not a Bad Pick, BUT

    Let’s go down memory lane a bit, as this will help to put Obama’s selection of Joe Biden in proper perspective.JFK- picked his convention opponent and Senate powerhouse, Lyndon Johnson., to the consternation of his supporters. JFK acted in the overriding interest of electoral victory.Reagan-the magnanimous Gipper chose his primary opponent, a selection reflecting great self-confidence. And a practical one, too, building a needed bridge | Read More »

    The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: The Review

    PREFACE:On ABC’s This Week, David Axelrod guffawed that McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns. Next up, Rudy pointed out that the Joe Biden selection was one made from weakness. Hillary was the obvious choice, he said, her having received half the votes in the Dem nominating contest.On FOX News Sunday, Governors Bill Ritter of Colorado and Tim Kaine of Virginia advised Barry to | Read More »

    Obama-Biden ’08 [Annotated]

    Spam link removedThis site’s pretty funny. Now you can show your friends what Obama-Biden ’08 really means for our country.[Go spam for your t-shirts elsewhere. – Neil Stevens]

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    Yet Another Reason to Support Sean Parnell

    RedState-endorsed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell is doing very well in his race to primary Rep. Don Young of Alaska. Young is scandal-plagued and a major porker. Today brings word of a shocking development in the race for Alaska’s House seat. Don Young – corrupt, porkmeister-extraordinare, Don Young – has been endorsed by none other than Ron Paul.Yes, that Ron Paul.No, this is not a joke.It’s | Read More »

    I Refuse Left wing Salvation

    I intend to tell you things, things that may make you despise me, but in this world we live in I feel it is my only option.I drink too muchI sleep with immoral woman, I left the woman I love because I was scared to commit to herNow If I finished this with the simple phrase “and George Bush is an asshole” I know I | Read More »

    Biden – Plagiarism And Prevarication You Can Believe In

    I’ve never had much use for Joe Biden. I simply can’t get past Biden’s plagiarism and Biden’s portrayal of his academic record which you can see in the following video:Four of the boasts Biden made about his academic record are false:Full Academic Scholarship – Biden actually received a partial scholarship from the university based on financial need.Top Half of His Class – Biden finished 76th | Read More »

    Obama. Biden. Bin Laden.

    http://www.ObamaBidenBinLaden.comEnjoy showing your friends what Obama-Biden ’08 really means!

    Bloomberg’s Outrageous Power Grab

    In recent days there have been several articles about Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to lift New York City’s Term Limits Law.Millions of New Yorkers voted for the Term Limits law, and now Bloomberg who calls himself a term limit supporter who would defend the law has indicated he would support the City Council subverting the law without giving the people a chance to vote.Bloomberg is not | Read More »

    O Bama Where Art Thou ?

    He has picked his running mate. Joe Biden from Delaware. A Senator who like Obama himself is an obvious flip flopper. While running for the Democrat Nomination Biden considered is a ,”tragic mistake, ” for the Democrats to nominate a candidate without ,”unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy.” Now he is not only running with that candidate but considers the same inexperienced candidate | Read More »

    Thank You Senator Obama, For Making This So *Easy*

    The selection of Joe Biden to be a heart beat away from the Presidency re-invigorates and refreshes this politics-weary old guy. All that clap trap about hope and change and fixing Washington because it was “broken” from our poor misguided Barack Obama had a lot of people going…for awhile. Long enough to get Hillary out of the spotlight – and we thank you for that | Read More »