It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

    As a double USC graduate and daughter and granddaughter of USC graduates, I am a USC football fan. It’s almost obligatory. And there are two rivals who have special meaning– UCLA and NOtre Dame. Any season where USC beats those two is a good season to USC fans. There is one game that lives in my memory and which I used to use in talking | Read More »

    John Kasich’s Pyrrhic Victory in Ohio

    John Kasich's Pyrrhic Victory in Ohio

    By Matt A. Mayer, President of Opportunity Ohio and a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. With the passing of Super Tuesday II, Ohio Governor John Kasich finally notched his first victory in thirty tries by winning his home state of Ohio. Kasich’s margin over Donald Trump was two-thirds of the seventeen-point victory Senator Ted Cruz managed in his home state of Texas. Largely | Read More »

    Dear Ted: Every day, five…. no ten times a day, demand Trump’s tax returns; and ask what he is doing about his blind trust?

    Well, it looks like we pretty much have a two person race, which is what Cruz has wanted for some time. There are two things that Ted must do every day, continuously, non-stop, to pin Trump down. 1. Demand that he release his tax returns. Trump’s “argument”..that he can’t do so because he’s supposedly being audit, is full of crap. It has more holes than | Read More »

    UPDATED: Cruz Can Still Have Delegate Lead Even After Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    UPDATE: According to Greenpapers, Cruz will get 15 delegates not 10 so Cruz’s numbers will likely improve by 5 delegates. I’ve adjusted total’s below. I also updated North Carolina which shows Cruz getting one more delegate. Original Post: Surprisingly, Cruz can still get more delegates than Trump by the convention. However, after last night’s debacle, it is very unlikely he can get to 1237 on | Read More »

    CLEVELAND, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Why the Convention MUST get to a Second Ballot

    DON’T DRINK THE DRANO YET! The most important factoid yet, while I’m digging through all the stats: Donald Trump is wildly, wildly unpopular with Republican voters. Despite having amassed a plurality of the Primary Vote thus far, the Anti-Trump Vote is almost TWICE AS LARGE IN TOTAL TERMS: As of 11:06PM, March 15, the total votes cast thus far are: TRUMP:  6,492,202 EVERYONE ELSE:  11,378,071 | Read More »

    #TrumpTuesday: Resistance Is Futile?

    Newt Gingrich (who is obviously part of the Borg): Trump cannot be denied Instapundit: Why Rubio is out, Republican voters feel betrayed by GOP, Preparing for the post apocalyptic conservative movement and the reckoning (2008) Actually I do not think resistance is futile, but I was prompted to do this given Jonah Goldberg’s tweet below: .@JonahNRO so long this is not your view, I figure there’s a chance #TrumpTuesday #ResistanceIsFutile | Read More »

    The only fat guy in North Korea wants to blow up another hole in the ground

    From Reuters: North Korean leader says will soon test nuclear warhead By Jack Kim and James Pearson | March 15, 2016 SEOUL: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country would soon test a nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, North Korea’s KCNA news agency reported on Tuesday, in what would be a direct violation of U.N. resolutions that have | Read More »

    Only megalomaniacal, narcissistic, fascist wannabes believe that they are making a “sacrifice” by running for President. Only Trump is stupid enough to come out and say so.

    Trump has a new ad out. It’s a different tone….deeper, heavier, more ominous. But what is most striking is the first ten seconds. Watch for yourself. Yup, that’s right folks. “Der Donald” actually deigns to tell us that he’s making a “sacrifice” in order to run for President  and save all us poor folks from whatever. It’s hard to believe that nobody in Trump’s campaign | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/15 Open Thread: Super Tuesday Redo, Chaos in Cleveland?, Lecturer-in-Chief and Commie Cuba.

    Welcome back to the Watercooler on Super Tuesday II. Will tonight’s results provide clarity or predict a forecast of cloudy with a chance of a brokered convention? Super Tuesday II Deja Vu After the last Super Tuesday on March 1st, Bush and Carson finally threw in the towel when they realized they had no way to win the nomination. Will two candidates quit after tonight if they | Read More »

    Donald Trump: Beware the Ides of March, or July as the case may be…

    Donald, Beware the Ides of March July: How to steal a nomination and what may be coming I suspect Donald Trump will have either a pretty good or a YUGE night (depending on Ohio). Does that mean he has the nomination in the bag? Not necessarily. It’s ain’t over till it’s over. And with Trump only having a plurality of votes so far, it’s far | Read More »

    If It Goosesteps Like a Duck …

    Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again. The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Bertolt Brecht In the last couple of Trump news cycles (and, yes, they are all Trump news cycles) we have seen left-wing thugs disrupt Trump rallies, right-wing thugs retaliate and the | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Do We Have to Blow Up the Republican Party in Order to Save It?

    What I thought was going to be an extremely boring Saturday night attending the Republican Party of Broward County, Florida’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner, turned into an evening of surprises, upheaval, scolding, turmoil, and change. Let me explain. This pricey annual event with tickets starting at over $200, is the main fundraiser for the Broward County, GOP. In attendance were about 200 hard-core Republican activists. | Read More »

    #FlintWaterCrisis goes National with DC hearings

    The #FlintWaterFiasco goes on and the Left continues to deflect… It is now a National issue with Democrat POTUS Candidates trying to use it for the usual #RaceBaiting and other opportunities to LIE. So that you can be informed if it comes up in discussions, no matter where you reside, here are the details…. Fact 1: Regardless of any other “facts” surrounding the reasons why | Read More »

    Trump continues to LIE about Trump U rating with BBB

    #‎LyinTrump‬ at it again… This time on ‪#‎FoxNewsSunday‬ (3/13) regarding ‪#‎TrumpUniversity‬… I covered it the night of the last FOX ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ when he tried to pull this, and it appears we need to cover it again… Trump has endlessly boasted about his use within the Law to be a sucessful Businessman (including H1B Visas, Bankruptcy, Licensing, Tax Dodges, Eminent Domain, etc) to game the system | Read More »

    Mike Huckabee, Herman Cain sell out to clickbait factory Liftable Media Inc.

    Mike Huckabee, Herman Cain sell out to clickbait factory Liftable Media Inc.

    If you follow Herman Cain on Facebook, and more recently, Mike Huckabee, you will notice a pattern in their posts. Nearly all of the articles they post come from sites such as Tea Party News Network (TPNN), Conservative Tribune and Western Journalism. All three are owned by Liftable Media Inc. A press release from Liftable’s purchase of TPNN gives some insight into the scope of the | Read More »

    FYI No Candidates yet qualify for the nomination

    Rule 40 is a glorious thing.  Checking Paragraph b (b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these rules | Read More »

    Massachusetts Plays the Lottery with Students’ Futures

    Massachusetts Plays the Lottery with Students’ Futures

    Last Wednesday, the families of 366 Massachusetts students waited anxiously while their educational fates were decided by a lottery. The families were applying to the Holyoke Community Charter School, one of the best in Massachusetts, but because charter school enrollment is arbitrarily capped in the state, only 34 were chosen to enroll in the school. Unfortunately, scenes like the one at Holyoke are not uncommon | Read More »

    Tiananmen leader: Trump sounds like a Communist

    Wang Dan was the main leader of the Tiananmen Square protests for democracy back in June 4, 1989.  These were the same protests that turned into the Tiananmen Square massacre, where thousands of innocent peaceful protesters (mostly students yearning for democracy in China) were murdered by the Chinese government. To this day, the Chinese government censors any mentions of Tiananmen on the internet using its | Read More »

    Tomorrow grab 10+ friends and vote for Cruz in most of the primaries…

    Perhaps in OH or FL you might want to do some poll consultation, but you get the drift. It ain’t over til it’s over. Cruz is our last hope to stop this nomination going forward, the delegate math is clear about that. Phone bank, volunteer, go door to door and help get people to the polls in large numbers by any means necessary. Cruz has | Read More »

    Marita Noon: “Green”—the status symbol the affluent can afford that costs the poor

    Despite claims of “green prosperity” that implies such policies can “fight poverty and raise living standards,” the opposite is true. Everyone pays more—even those who can least afford it—so the elites, seeking green status symbols, can feel good and appear to be community leaders.

    Read More »

    Ted Cruz Masterfully Deals With Trump Birther Protester In Peoria

    Ted Cruz Masterfully Deals With Trump Birther Protester In Peoria

    Towards the end of his speech late Monday afternoon at the Peoria Civic Center Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was interrupted by a protester carrying a Donald Trump sign who yelled multiple times “Go back to Canada” at the leading opposition candidate to Trump.. Cruz told the man that he appreciated his being there and his freedom of speech and told the birther protester “You see | Read More »

    Screwtape’s Letters from the Trump Campaign…

    My Dear Wormwood,  * It was very refreshing to hear that your patient had recently become “confused” about the various terms being thrown around to describe what it means to believe in personal liberty. I especially like it when this confusion can be framed as Mere Conservatism. If any modifier can be attached to “conservative”, the more it helps our cause. I especially enjoy Mr. | Read More »

    Lessons From ‘Sic Temper Tyrannis’

    Lessons From 'Sic Temper Tyrannis'

    I rarely diary at RedState anymore. I miss it [you all surely know where I’ve gone], and miss you all. But this is one I’ve been asked to post here by some friends. Hope you enjoy it. The Associated Press began operation in 1846. News media organizations, once begun, in complete disregard and in spite of our prescriptions of their impending doom, tend to stay | Read More »

    Soros and Allies Prescribe Bankruptcy and Bailout for Crisis-ridden Puerto Rico

    There is certainly another way forward for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, aside from having their stagnant and innefficient economy enabled and rewarded with bailouts and bankruptcy. The Commonwealth can pursue strong finanicial and government reforms including lower taxes and regulations on business that will encourage the kind of investment in the private sector needed to grow Puerto Rico’s economy.

    Read More »

    How The Hell Did We Get Here?

    This past Friday night, I watched Fox News cover the cancelled Trump Rally in Chicago just as they did the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. I hated it then and I hate it now. In fact, there are many similarities between the two, and there is simply nothing good to be made of it. The other night for example, I watched Bill O’Reilly denounce the Donald | Read More »

    A mathematical Analysis of the Election

    There is a change coming. It is in the winds, it is in the water, it is making noise and coming our way. That is the result of this series of mathematical proofs I have done. Some of this change is scary, some of it is awesome. You be the judge, I provide the numbers. OPEN PRIMARIES Open Primaries still tend to be the bane | Read More »

    The Democrats (not the Republicans) are about to Splinter

    Republicans: Formed in the legacy of a Big Tent.  We have a three legged stool: Social Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Strong Defense.  This tent can appeal to each of the groups without offending the others.  There are some serious internal debates (how much defense do you need compared to cutting spending), but the aims are not at odds.  In addition, the three legs have merged over | Read More »

    Separated at Birth: King David and…?

    David vs. The Donald: It might be a bit of a stretch… Link to Tweet Donald Trump and King David? If Donald Trump said he was sorry about what he did (and meant it) I might be more persuaded. Trump is not sorry about it at all. I would take Trump’s position over the hypocrisy of Bill or Hillary Clinton any day, but that is | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/14/16 Open Thread: Finally, I Get To Vote

    In my humble biased opinion I am fortunate to live in the greatest State in our Union… Florida.  Now I know that my homestead may not be your cup of tea, but for me it is my personal nirvana.  Beautiful weather, abundant wild life, world class amusement parks, and two different oceans within a cars drive away.  Some say “it’s too hot”, well good news | Read More »

    The “Consider This!” Podcast: Interview with Erick Erickson, Author of “You Will Be Made to Care”

    Episode 136 of the Consider This Podcast (one of the Top 50 Conservative Podcasts according to Newsmax) has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. In this episode, I’m thrilled and honored to be interviewing Erick Erickson, conservative blogger, radio talk show host, and author of the book “You Will Be Made to Care: The war on faith, family, and your freedom to believe”. I | Read More »

    Major Shift in Ohio and Illinois (seriously, 20+ points this month)

    The only catch – on the other side.  Head over to RealClearPolitics and check out the polls for the Democratic nomination in Ohio and Illinois over the last month. Ohio: Clinton +5 Clinton +5 Clinton +9 Clinton +20 Clinton +30 Clinton +21 Clinton +9 Illinois: Clinton +3 Sanders +2 Clinton +6 Clinton +37 Clinton +42 If Sanders can win these (and it is highly possible | Read More »

    The left and the “living wage.”

    The left have been amazingly successful: these days, wages have fallen to the point where a man is usually unable to provide all of the economic support a family requires, and his wife has to work outside the home as well, just to make ends meet. I suspect, however, that, for most women, this economic change hasn’t exactly been how they wanted things to turn | Read More »

    More Dangerous Than a Military Experiment in Equality

    A just war is always about winning (even if the Left believes kumbaya with an enemy is preferable) and winning in war is always about real estate.  It is also a truism (regardless of whether or not a Commander-in-chief has the stomach for it) that gaining territory in order to secure the win always, outside of using weapons of mass destruction for depraved annihilation of a people, ultimately requires hands-on ground combat. The relationships between soldiering, real estate and winning are | Read More »

    Seven Things Trump Supporters Are No Longer Allowed to Complain About

    Where Trump voters lose me entirely, however, is not only the “solution” that they in their anger have embraced, but also the flagrant way in which they wield this anger, as though its mere possession is enough to excuse them for any actions they may take

    Read More »

    International Elections, Volume 2

        Above left- Angela Merkel; above right- Frauke Petry Sunday, Germans went to the polls in three states.  The first was Baden-Wurrtenberg centered in Stuttgart followed by Rhine-Palatinate, northwest of Baden, and Saxony-Anhlat, an area to the west of Berlin in what was formerly part of East Germany.  Like most elections, they are often viewed through the prism of national politics.  Germany awards seats | Read More »

    We can’t defeat every GOP squish in Congress…but we can get rid of one

    In 2014, Matt Lynch came closer than any GOP primary challenger not named Dave Brat to unseating an incumbent congressman when he ran against Dave Joyce…establishment sycophant and wholly-owned subsidiary of Gucci Gulch.

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    The New York Times Takes on the Tough Issues–Emojis.

    The New York Times ran an opinion piece yesterday that serves as a self-parody of academia. The opinion piece, entitled Emoji Feminism, is written by a female assistant professor of English who wrote the following to describe her email to another friend who was granted tenure: I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD, I wrote, and as with any message of sincere and unparalleled sentiment, I thought to include | Read More »

    Are You Better Off than You were Eight Years Ago?

    Reagan used this phrase in the context of four years to great effect in 1980 and propelled himself into the White House despite his challenger trying to paint him as a dangerous, right-wing radical.  Trump, in some ways, is repeating the phrase and trying to generate his own phrase, but there is something off in it.  Isn’t it time that we coalesced around what we | Read More »

    The Real Donald Trump on Islam and Free Speech

    Not too long ago Donald Trump had the opportunity to stand against radical Islam and in favor of free speech. He didn’t. Instead he attacked the victim of the attack as a trouble maker. Here’s the background. Pamela Geller is a fearless fighter against Sharia law. Her organization helps those in the United States who want to leave Islam. She highlights things like honor killings | Read More »

    C’mon, Ted. If Bernie were the GOP nominee, you wouldn’t support HIM

    So, this is happening: Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich are all being asked now if they’d stick to their pledge to support the GOP nominee for president if it were the thug-encouraging Donald Trump. And while Rubio and Kasich have tepidly said yes, clearly signaling they’d have a hard time with that, Ted Cruz equivocates, answering he’d stick to his | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/13/16 OPEN THREAD – Microphone testing, A willingness to serve, No cheating

    The man who would jump Trump: Yesterday you may have seen the video here, of a man who tried to make it on stage while Trump was talking in a microphone at a rally.  Secret Service rushed up and surrounded Trump while eyeballing anybody who was close and the man who attempted to crawl up on stage was hauled off. So what happened to they guy?  Politico says | Read More »

    DON’T LOOK NOW: The CBS/YouGov Poll Shows a 3-Way Tie in Ohio… And Cruz in Second in Florida…

    Really, now: Who really knows what any of this means; and I say “tie”advisedly if you factor in the Margin Of Error. OHIO:  TRUMP: 33%   KASICH: 33%   CRUZ: 27% FLORIDA:  TRUMP: 44%   CRUZ: 24%   RUBIO: 21% But, I think it does mean there is a powerful reason to believe that a Vote for Ted Cruz, is, well, a vote for Ted Cruz. In Florida, | Read More »

    Chicago and Trump: The Left Needs to Shut Up

    It was a bizarre scene this past weekend with remembrances of Chicago 1968 at the recently cancelled Chicago rally for Donald Trump.  One wonders why Trump would choose a venue like the University of Illinois at Chicago to begin with other than to reach a large number of supporters in one fell swoop at a large pavilion.  But, clearly the handwriting was on the wall | Read More »

    Stop it with the Trump Panic: You could elect my cocker spaniel as President and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    There are hundreds of examples but to keep it short, ask yourself:   Who had more power for several years, G.W. Bush or Harry Reid? Would Obamacare been possible if Congress had been Republican? Would Gitmo still be open if Congress wanted it closed? Would the border continue to be porous if Congress acted to shut it down? Can a veto by the President be | Read More »

    The “Populist” Rise of Donald Trump (And Bernie Sanders)

    This writer recently came across an article on Alternet– my weekly trek into the deranged mind of your average loony tune Leftist- and came across an article reprinted from Huffington Post (another source for Leftist dribble) by Robert Kuttner that made some sense.  One cannot argue with his basic thesis regarding the rise of populists, although he goes clearly off the rails when it comes to comparing | Read More »

    Trump and his followers are the new establishment- #TRUMPe

    So I was exchanging tweets with a fellow conservative on Twitter this morning, and one of his tweets got me thinking. He was saying the GOPe would rather support Trump instead of Cruz because Trump would be easier to work with in their minds. My response was that I actually think more will choose Cruz over Trump because although they secretly would rather work with Trump, | Read More »

    President Reagan and the 1969 Berkeley Protests: An eerily prophetic message

    At roughly 1:25 in the clip All of it began the first time some of you who know better and are old enough to know better let young people think they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest – Governor Ronald Reagan These days the news seems to be | Read More »

    Cruz is Winning Wyoming Running Away

    With 57% of votes counted, Cruz is at 65%. More astounding, Rubio a distant second and Trump getting just under 5% of the vote. Maybe indicates Cruz will do well in Western states.

    Ted Cruz: We’re Neck And Neck With Trump In Illinois

    Speaking at the Northwest Suburban GOP’s Lincoln day dinner Friday night in Rolling Meadows, Illinois Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that he and Donald Trump are neck and neck heading into the Illinois primary on Tuesday and that Trump is the only person on the planet that Hillary Clinton can beat. Cruz: Illinois is a battleground. Listen Illinois is used to being neglected by Republicans, | Read More »

    Why does Corey Lewandowski still have a job?

    From The Wall Street Journal: Kasich, Rubio Waver on Backing Trump as Nominee GOP candidates react after cancellation of Trump rally in Chicago; Secret Service surrounds Trump at Ohio event By Reid J. Epstein in Sharonville, Ohio, Patrick O’Connor in Largo, Fla. and Colleen McCain Nelson in St. Louis | Updated March 12, 2016 5:28 p.m. ET Ohio Gov. John Kasich blamed Republican presidential front-runner | Read More »