Will the infantile apes please stop flinging poo and grow up?

    Will the infantile apes please stop flinging poo and grow up?

    We can all benefit from an occasional rant.  If President Obama gets to do it (over and over again), and the Trumpkins get to do it with gusto, why can’t the rest of us? So here’s mine. Many conservatives are pursuing an unconstitutional and, frankly, cruel, view of over a billion people based on what book they’re taught and the circumstances of their birth. Many | Read More »

    The Speech Barack Obama Should Have Given Last Sunday… But Didn’t

    My fellow Americans, I’m speaking to you on the eve of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the event that launched the United States into a war against fascists who sought to eliminate freedom and our way of life. That war was long and hard and uncertain… but we prevailed and today the United States is the greatest nation on earth. Seventy four years later our | Read More »

    Cruz’s Trump problem as I see it

    Im thinking of switching my support from rubio to cruz primarily due to rubio’s disingenuous attacks on cruz about national security and the nsa, but one thing that makes me hesitate is cruz’s refusal to criticize anything trump says or does. You dont’ have to be a RINO to do so, for evidence of that look no further than Rick Perry, who was Trump’s most | Read More »

    Is banning Muslims from entering the U.S. really an unconstitutional ban on religion?

    Critics of Donald Trump wasted no time jumping on his recent statement that he favored placing a ban on Muslims entering the United States until the congress can “figure out what the hell is going on” with the radicalization of so many Muslim youth. This, after the massacre of 14 civilians and wounding of 17 others at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, CA on | Read More »


    Have you ever been down and out? Passed by, while others get the bonus? Scoffed at, while others get the compliment? It stinks! Right? Been there, done that. And at that moment, you just want out of your situation. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, taxes were devouring the lives of the middle class. Restrictions were crushing small business operators. Government’s | Read More »

    Visa Waiver Program and Terrorism

    Congress is very good at two things –  doing nothing and overreacting. Just as liberals are demanding quick action on gun control in wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, others in Congress is in overreacting mode over the Visa Waiver Program.  This program actually increases security because nations that participate in the program must share data on individuals from their country who raise | Read More »

    In Defense of the Flat Tax

    The flat tax is getting a lot of attention—and a lot of criticism—as an increasing number of Republican presidential candidates embrace the idea in some form or another. , Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and have all proposed their own variations on the idea, with an emphasis on simplicity that seems like common sense to most people. Right now, the staggering complexity of the 75,000 page | Read More »

    Why are most Democrats turning Socialist?

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK   John F. Kennedy – sometimes referred to as the “poster boy” of the Democratic Party. Well, before the party took a turn for the worst. JFK was young, energetic, and handsome. He encouraged and inspired Americans to participate in public service, to give back to | Read More »

    Obama: Climate change is the greatest threat to future generations. REALLY?

    President Obama has recently stated that global warming isn’t only the number one national security threat, but is also the greatest threat to future generations. Now, don’t get me wrong, the environment is important; pollution is an issue – but global warming being the number one national security threat and being the greatest threat to future generations? With all do respect Mr. president, what the | Read More »

    Trump and the Know-Nothings: Nothing has changed

    Trump and the Know-Nothings: Nothing has changed

    Once again, the Know-Nothings have surfaced like mold growing on overripe fruit.  Led by Donald Trump, Captain of the U.S.S. Bombast, Lord High King of Blather, the red-blooded vein of “real Americans” have shown their stripes—keep everyone who isn’t like “us” out. But Trump does have a point.  In 2001, President George W. Bush grounded all air traffic, because he didn’t know which airplanes contained terrorists.  Casting | Read More »

    Trump’s Proposal is Disgusting.

    Donald Trump is disgusting and his latest remarks highlight how ignorant many of his supporters are. We should absolutely properly vet and, in cases of people who enter the United States from nations with heavy radical islamic groups, monitor Muslim people trying to enter the United States, absolutely. But to ban an entire group of people because of their religion? That’s not only over the top, | Read More »

    From now on, every time a Republican says “Obama” when talking about foreign policy and terrorism, they should instead say “Obama and Hillary Clinton”

    Here’s a new, and abbreviated, “talking point” for all Republicans. It’s way past obvious that the war on terror is going to shape, if not outright define, the 2016 presidential election. What happened in San Bernardino  last week is just beginning to percolate through the polls, and they’re only going to worsen for Obama, as the American people realize that their president has, well….NOTHING to | Read More »

    Free Trade is Outstanding – But Not All Trade Items Are Created Equal

    I am about as huge a free trader as anyone you’ll read or meet. Because it is in fact yet another less government issue. The less government gets in the way of peoples trading freely – the better it is for everyone. “Trade Wars” actually aren’t about trade — they are about government trade policy. If peoples are trading freely, there isn’t a “War” – | Read More »

    The Time for Choosing Wisely

    The Time for Choosing Wisely

    As we make our way through the mix of shrill rhetoric, empty promises, and the cutthroat antics of politicians vying for the nomination of their respective parties, no one can deny that this season is a true anomaly. This is unlike any primary season that I can recall in my lifetime. Every unsavory detail of the political game seems to be at peak levels now, | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Fault found with the facts in the President’s presentation in Paris

    Ask anyone on the street: “What is the big international conference on climate change, going on right now in Paris, about?”—and, assuming you find someone who actually knows it is happening, they will tell you it is to stop global warming. However, on December 4, five days into the 12-day event, Christina Figueres, the UN’s top climate change official, made clear, that the meeting isn’t “about the temperature”—which she said “is just a proxy.” Instead, she revealed: it “is about the decarbonisation of the economy”—which means ending the use of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil, and coal.

    Read More »

    Are We Entering The World of “24” ?

    Fourteen years ago, conceived before the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 were hit by Islamic terrorists, a television show called 24 had debuted on the FOX network.  The premise of this show’s alternative America was that terrorist attacks were becoming regular events.  A special agency called the Counter-Terrorism Unit was desperately tracking as many suspects as possible in order to thwart them.  The hero was an agent | Read More »

    Rick Perry Was Right About Donald Trump

    Rick Perry Was Right About Donald Trump

    The Donald Trump show released another shameful episode this afternoon, as Trump  called for a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States. There are many things I could say here, and I will probably say them at some point. But for now, I feel it is only appropriate to defer to Governor Rick Perry. While he is now out of the race, his words from a | Read More »

    Ted Cruz takes the lead in IA: Monmouth University Poll

    This may be the start of a trend.  As a staunch supporter of Ted Cruz, I hope this poll is the first of many showing Cruz in the lead.  From the Washington Examiner: has surged past Donald Trump in Iowa with less than two months to go before the nation’s first nominating contest, giving Cruz his first lead in any early voting state during the | Read More »

    Iraqi Economy Became Stronger After Each Disaster

    The site of the ancient Babylonian civilization, Iraq has had a tumultuous history. Since the days of the British Colonial Empire, the geopolitical scenario has undergone a large number of upheavals with every international event of historic importance, from World War I to the recent establishment of a democratic government. The country’s national currency, the Iraqi dinar (IQD) has gone through a lot of changes | Read More »

    Gun Control Won’t Fly

    President Obama’s push to prevent Americans on the ‘No Fly List’ from purchasing a gun may seem sensible at first; until it’s learned that 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are on that list. The President doesn’t have the power to unilaterally enact gun control, but he does have the authority to terminate federal employees. If the President is truly concerned about everyone on | Read More »

    The toll of Political Correctness is 14 dead Americans

    July 3, 2001, was a day I will never forget. I was at the concrete plant when the cement tanker driver, a 41 year old independent trucker who looked to be in good shape, complained that his chest hurt. “You’re probably having a heart attack,” I joked. “Well, my left arm does hurt.” We laughed it off, and I got the call the next day: | Read More »

    FCC: ‘We Are Going to Be Sued.’ Don’t Execute HUGE Power Grabs – and You Won’t

    The Barack Obama Administration has almost inarguably executed more unilateral sweeping power grabs than any previous presidency ever. Administration defenders lamely point to the number of Executive Orders issued: “GOP Slams ‘Imperial’ Obama After Fewest Executive Orders In 100 Years (CHART).” Which is technically true – but totally irrelevant. A minor point: Not every single Executive Order grabs additional unilateral power (though many do). A | Read More »

    First F-35A Delivered Outside the U.S.

    From the release on F35.com: “When Leonardo DaVinci first envisioned human flight as an Italian creation, there is no way he could have imagined what we have here today,” said Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, F-35 Joint Program Executive Officer. “The F-35 aircraft built here in Cameri will take flight on the wings of Italian craftsmanship, ingenuity, and skill and will help build the first global | Read More »

    San Bernardino – As Usual the Left Gets it Wrong on Guns and Christians

    As usual, with the terrorist attack in San Bernardino the left gets it wrong on pretty much everything. Of course their first response was to call for gun regulation because… that’s what they do. Then when it became clear that it wasn’t a couple of white Christian Tea Party types who were responsible, they doubled down on gun regulation to try and distract from the | Read More »

    Uniting an Angry America

    Sunday night President Obama laid out his plans for defeating terrorism, again.   In his closing statements, however, he said one thing that bears repeating: Let’s not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear; that we have always met challenges — whether war or depression, natural disasters or terrorist attacks — by coming together around our common ideals as one nation, as one people. So | Read More »

    The coming civil war

    The coming civil war

    If Vegas set odds on President Obama’s speech to the nation tonight, it would be 5:1 that he’ll focus on terrorism, and 50:1 if you add the word “Islamic” (which in combination with “terror” creates a sound he seems incapable of producing—it comes out as a squeaking cough). Somehow, with 350 million guns on the street, the American Left’s universe, in all it’s European glory, | Read More »

    Benneta Betbedal escaped Islamic terror in Iran to die by Islamic terror

    Benneta Betbedal escaped Islamic terror in Iran to die by Islamic terror

    I was asked to write this story by my editor at BizpacReview.  To the victims of mass murders, whether it’s terrorism like San Bernardino or a mentally ill killer like Aurora, Colorado, making these events into political theater is “insulting, insensitive and off-base,” as my writing colleague Frieda Powers wrote.  Powers lost her cousin Benneta Betbedal in the San Bernardino massacre. For one of us | Read More »

    Obama’s nationwide speech tonight….Here comes the Boom!

    I recently had to have surgery, and being a nurse myself, the relationship between the patient and the medical professionals becomes somewhat more informal. As I lay in the operating room, the anesthesiologist asked me to breathe in the “oxygen” and I said, “that’s not oxygen,” she said, “you’re right,” I said, “here comes the boom!” Last thing I remember was a roar of laughter, | Read More »

    Eric Trump: My dad’s immigration plan includes amnesty after deportation

    Eric Trump: My dad's immigration plan includes amnesty after deportation

    Last month, Marc A. Thiessen of the American Enterprise Institute published the article Message to the GOP: Trump supports amnesty. In it, he highlights Eric Trump’s description of his father’s immigration plan: “The point isn’t just deporting them, it’s deporting them and letting them back in legally. He’s been so clear about that and I know the liberal media wants to misconstrue it, but its deporting them | Read More »

    Why Protect My Daughter’s Future If You Won’t Protect My Daughter?

    If my wife were became pregnant today, my wife has many options to terminate the pregnancy. She could go to a pharmacy the morning after. She could go to a doctor at almost any point in the pregnancy and, without my knowledge nor consent, terminate the pregnancy. She could find a doctor who practices late-term abortions in many states. She could tell the doctor she | Read More »

    The Pros and Cons of Evenwell vs. Abbott

    Yesterday, this writer attempted to illustrate the redistricting case out of Texas- Evenwell vs. Abbott– which presents the question of what satisfies the definition of “person” in one person/one vote.  This was a question never definitively answered in the original 1964 decision.  Since then, every state has used the total population of the state as determined by the latest census to adjust district lines in an | Read More »

    The New York Times and your constitutional rights

    The brave editors of The New York Times decided to publish an editorial on the front page . . . as though most of their front page stories aren’t editorials: Here is the text of the editorial, but I remain unmoved. Like President Obama, like the rest of the left, the editors of the Times want to do everything that they can to not blame | Read More »

    Former Rep. Joe Walsh To AG Lynch: I Dare You To Arrest Me For Criticizing Islam

    On Friday former Illinois Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh, now a talk show host on Chicago’s AM 560 The Answer, released a video rant on his Facebook page daring Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrest him for his constant criticisms of Islam and Muslims. Lynch at a event on Thursday said that she would prosecute people for making anti-Islam comments following the terrorist attack Wednesday | Read More »

    My name is Tina, and I am new to RedState

    My name is Tina, and I am new to RedState and RedState diaries.  I live in the Atlanta, GA area (same as Erick Erickson), and I’m married with a teenager. In order of importance, I’m a Christian conservative Republican.  I attend a church whose slogan is “Love First”, and I pray that I carry that out in my life.  I fail at “Love First” often. | Read More »

    Terrorist are born, not made.

    Ever since Sigmund Freud started his work over one hundred years ago, most people have come to believe that all behavior has a direct cause.  And, if we can only identify the cause, we can stop or alter the behavior. Since the first attacks against America in the 1970s, we have bent over backwards trying to identify and “cure” the cause of the attacks.  “If | Read More »

    San Bernardino might be the next phase of jihad, and our candidates better have a plan to stop it

    I think the San Bernardino terrorist attack represents a new phase in the war with radical Islam. I think this is the phase where ISIS and/or Al Qaeda create and then activate sleeper cells within the US to inflict the maximum amount of damage on the US population. It’s only a matter of time before a suicide bomber straps on a bomb and blows himself | Read More »

    Is the terrorist attack in California the death knell for Hillary?

    After 14 Americans have died, with 17 more wounded, in the largest terrorist attack since 9/11; it is inevitable that we begin to assess the political implications of this event on the 2016 election. Some may feel it is callous and cynical to do so, even before the funerals have ended; yet time and tide wait for no man. The Democrats and the MSM are | Read More »

    The Future of One Man, One Vote

    Next week, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a very important case about redistricting out of Texas.  The potential for the Court to rule in favor of the plaintiffs in the case has liberals quaking in their boots.  In 1964 in the case of Reynolds vs. Sims, the Court first articulated the concept of one man-one vote noting that elected officials represent | Read More »

    Laws Don’t Prevent Crime and Terrorism

    Terrorists and criminals don’t care about laws against guns or anything else. Laws don’t stop or prevent terrorism or crime; they just define it. Armed force stops crime and terrorism. The weapons used in the Paris attacks were illegal. It didn’t matter that they were illegal in France. That didn’t stop the attacks. Murder has been illegal since the beginning of time, yet that did | Read More »

    Conservatives: Why do you not like Jeb?

    Here at JebState we never stop trying to convince conservatives that Jeb Bush is Da Man. I promoted this from the diaries partially for fun, partially as a case study in why Millenials should not be allowed to vote (I refuse to correct capitalization, grammar and punctuation but I did put in paragraph breaks) and partially as an opportunity to express why Jeb should get | Read More »

    Potential House Seat Pickups For Republicans in 2016.

    SO above me is the predictions for the 2016 house races. I know this is going to be a higher turnout year than 2014, which may or may not be good for some key races next year. right now i am listening the current status of the tossups: Tossup District Incumbent 2012 president vote Arizona 1 (D) Romney 50% Florida 18 (D) Romney 52% Florida | Read More »

    House 2016: Seat Pick Ups for republicans?

    Just wondering what possible seats republicans can pick up in 2016 against the democrats… and not the usual ones that are known like Nebraska district 2

    Rand Paul: Rubio keep opposing my efforts to secure the border and tighten visas

    Rand Paul: Rubio keep opposing my efforts to secure the border and tighten visas

    Earlier today,  took fellow Senator and presidential contender to task for repeatedly opposing his efforts to secure the border and tighten our visa system: What exactly would Paul’s bills have done? Here’s the summary of the SECURE Act: Enhances Screening for High-Risk Refugees Designates 33 countries as “high-risk” and places an immediate moratorium on refugee and asylum approvals from those countries; Within 30 days, the | Read More »

    Sen. Durbin Promotes False Stats On Mass Shootings

    In an email to his constituents on Thursday Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin continued to push some false statistics about the number of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States this year. Durbin, playing off of Wednesday’s Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, said in the email that there have been 352 mass shootings this year(the rest of liberalism has been pushing | Read More »

    The feminists who ought to applaud Carly Fiorina for her successes hate her guts

    From, believe it or not, Time magazine! Feminists Are Total Hypocrites When It Comes to Carly Fiorina They look at her and see a chauvinist in heels. They don’t welcome her to the debate, and they give her no respect By Marjorie Dannenfelser and Penny Nance | Dec. 2, 2015 The double standard now on display with regard to Carly Fiorina has driven hypocrisy to | Read More »

    McConnell, you must choose between Cruz and Trump

    Let’s start with dark horse candidates.  First off, a dark horse needs to have low name recognition and not have been already rejected.  Consider Santorum in 2012.  When Iowa went to vote there was little known about him and he had risen from ~2% in the polls not long before.  Several other candidates had peaked and slumped before Santorum.  Interestingly nobody peaked twice.  That is, | Read More »

    Let’s start by banning Wahhabism

        Yeah, we need to go there.   Congress needs to declare war on ISIS and Radical Islam (Wahhabism).     1) Ban Wahhabism like it’s the Nazi Party. If you are a follower of this religious movement, you are incompatible with living and interacting with the West.  You hate the freedom women in the West have, you hate freedom of speech, you hate | Read More »

    Where was God? … On the cross.

    Where was God in all this carnage and violence and despair? Doesn’t he hear prayers? Does he not care? Where was God? He was on the cross. He came to us as Emmanuel, “God with us.” Not just alongside us but detached. Not just observing us but keeping his hands clean. with us. one of us. Like us in all things save sin. God, who was alone immortal and | Read More »

    Why Hillary Can’t Win

    I’d like to make the case that conservative positions are still winning positions. Set your way back machines to the 2008 and 2012 campaign seasons. Remember how Obama ran on some issues as a conservative in both his elections? Here’s a few examples: 1. He was very anti debt/deficit in his messaging in both 2008 and 2012 (In 2012, he claimed to have reduced the deficit – | Read More »

    How Mike Lee and Matt Bevin Saved the Obamacare Repeal Bill

    Conservatives have waited more than five years to deliver an Obamacare repeal bill to President Barack Obama’s desk. And until this week, it appeared that Republicans were about to squander what many conservatives believed was their best shot since the law’s passage. That changed Monday night. In a closed-door meeting with his Republican colleagues, Senate Majority Leader scrapped a House-passed bill and conceded to conservative | Read More »