Thomas Perez, the “Disparate Impact” Crusader

    The idea of “disparate impact” is an abomination that has taken root in the business world and is being pushed into other sectors as well, such as housing and labor. This idea holds that “a defendant can be held liable for discrimination for a race-neutral policy that statistically disadvantages a specific minority group even if that negative “impact” was neither foreseen nor intended. In such | Read More »

    Selflessness and Selfishness

    Over the weekend I read the highly publicized account of the nurse who was detained under the new mandatory quarantine rules put in place by the state of New Jersey. On the one hand, I admire the nurse for the brave work she has done caring for Ebola victims in Africa.  On the other hand, I am mystified that someone so close to the crisis | Read More »

    I’m Weird as Heck

    I know you have those nights where you just can’t sleep. Like me, you probably heard something very very very very stupid and you just can’t swat the stupidity fly away. It keeps buzzing by your brain and mucking it. You are wide-awake raging until you find sweet release by placing a pillow over your face and start punching it as hard as you can. | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Louisiana

    About a month ago, Sabato’s Crystal Ball ran an article noting that come November 5th we may not know who has control of the Senate.  One of the reasons was Louisiana.  Election Day is like a pseudo-primary in Louisiana where if anyone gets 50% of the vote in any race, they win that office.  If they fail to get 50%, it proceeds to a runoff | Read More »

    Week 43 Chronological Bible Reading and Week 20 New Testament Reading

    Week 43 October Monday 27 Luke 10:1-11:36 Tuesday 28 Luke 11:37-13:21 Wednesday 29 John 9-10 Thursday 30 Luke 13:22-15:32 Friday 31 Luke 16:1-17:10; John 11:1-54 Saturday Nov 01 Luke 17:11-18:17; Matt 19:1-15; Mark 10:1-16 Sunday 02 Matt 19:16-20:28; Mark 10:17-45; Luke 18:18-34   Week 20 October Monday 27 Ephesians 3-4 Tuesday 28 Ephesians 5-6 Wednesday 29 Philippians 1-2 Thursday 30 Philippians 3-4 Friday 31 Colossians | Read More »

    2014 Elections – How to pick credible candidates for public office

    The best measure and prime indicator of what a candidate is likely to do in office is what they’ve done as a citizen, in their professional or work life and in the community or their record of service in the armed forces. Those factors are your best measuring sticks.

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    Obama’s Dream (New World Order)

      Over a period of many, many years the “Progressives” have invaded our Government, our civil organizations, our schools, newspapers and news media including the arts.  Government programs had been implemented to keep the poor oppressed and controlled – generations of dependents have been spawned under these hideous programs. The stage had been set for a “dark horse” to come from behind and take over | Read More »

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester first found a public spotlight focused on her when, as a “mom with a blog and calculator”, she exposed a host of financial irregularities within the DeKalb County School Board. Ultimately, six of nine board members were removed by the governor. Currently, Jester is running for the District 1 County Commission position, and once again she is taking a hard look at the | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Find Me

    The book of John in the New Testament is my favorite of the four gospels. Jesus speaks eloquently throughout the chapters about the depth of love He has for his Father and, in kind, the depth of love that He and His Father have for us. In chapter fifteen, Jesus makes a profound declaration to His disciples: You have not chosen me, but I have | Read More »

    There’s No Such Thing as a “Self-Radicalized” Islamic Terrorist


    It’s a term you are bound to hear a lot of, along with “lone wolf” and “recent convert to Islam,” in the wake of two separate terrorist attacks in Canada and one in New York City last week.

    Yet there is no such thing, and the label, more than mere semantics, trivializes and belies the reality we face.

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    Why the Whole “Shipping Jobs Overseas” Attack is Disingenuous

    Businesses are constantly make decisions about where its people need to be do their jobs. They follow the incentives to be the best company, to manufacture their product in the strongest and least intrusive way. Oftentimes that means, at some point, part of their operation moves abroad. Opening up new foreign markets doesn’t lose jobs. Relocating work overseas most typically is a reaction to proximity | Read More »

    You Want More Affordable, Accessible Food for the Planet? You Want Less Government

    What is far and away the most important global trade commodity?  Food.  People have to eat. Before the world’s peoples can afford to purchase from us an iPhone, or a Ford pickup truck – they have to buy (hopefully our) food. And governments are making sustenance so much more expensive. Governments raise the prices of everything we try to buy. They do so indirectly – | Read More »

    Obama Reveals The Stakes Of This Election

    In the Senate races this year, a vote for a Democrat—any Democrat—is a vote to empower President Barack Obama. But listening to Democrats on the campaign trail, you could be forgiven for not recognizing that they embrace the Obama agenda. They know that Americans disapprove of the president, so they know that admitting their support for him would be terrible for their electoral prospects. But | Read More »

    Scoring On Your Own Goal

    Scoring On Your Own Goal

    Michelle Nunn has fired her primary weapon:  a TV ad running in Georgia featuring Dad, former Senator Sam Nunn. Dad:  I may be a little biased… Michelle:  I think you’re a lot biased, dad… Dad:  But I know Michelle would make a big difference for Georgia, and for our nation. I certainly agree.  A catastrophic difference. An endorsement by the former Chairman of the Senate | Read More » Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya Agen Texas Poker Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya adalah agen yang relatif baru di pasar poker online di negri kita Indonesia, meskipun masih baru akan tetapi agen judi poker ini, menjadi salah satu situs poker ramai pengunjungnya dan menjadi salah satu situs terbaru yang paling menjanjikan di internet. Hal itu ditunjukkan dengan bisa kita lihat dari penawaran promosi besar-besaran, penarikan cepat dan perangkat lunak yang | Read More »

    When Corporate Titans Slug It Out, You Win

    The war that’s shaping up between Apple and Walmart is a doozy that could put money in your pocket. You win either way.

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    Midterm Races in Colorado

    A couple of years ago, the political pundits on the Left were lauding Colorado for their if not blue status, then their purple status.  Today, these same political pundits are scratching their heads at the “weirdness” of Colorado.  To them, it is inconceivable that Democratic Governor John Hicklenhooper and Democratic would be endangered species in 2014.  Before getting to these two marquee races, let’s look | Read More »

    Stump Speech Coverage

    The stump speeches have been delivered and the citizens of America are excited for the election! The speeches that were given by a couple of the candidates left opponents gasping for air. As for some of the candidate’s speeches did not show the true colors of an American president. There is an abundance of issues that we have in our country, many of which were | Read More »

    Biden In Iowa: Stop March Of Tea Party Keep Senate In Dem Hands

    Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Davenport, Iowa for Democrat US Senate candidate said that if Democrats maintain control of the Senate it would stop the march of the Tea Party and force the Republican Party to become Democrats-lite once more and compromise in favor of expanding the federal government and placing future generations in more debt. Braley has been trailing Republican state Sen. Joni | Read More »

    The Fight for Ticket Fairness in Michigan

    Amongst American ideals, the right to private property is among the most important. We are allowed to buy, own, and sell our property as we like, when we like. It’s just how it works. Well, it’s how it’s supposed to work but, in Michigan, that’s not always the case. Got tickets to sell? I’m afraid you can’t just sell them as you wish. “It’s not | Read More »

    Democrats Think Women Are Simplistic And Stupid

    Democrats Think Women Are Simplistic And Stupid

    Anyone paying to the 2014 midterms is aware that Democrats are kicking the “war on women” into high gear. It’s the latest rebirth of identity politics and scare tactics by the party. Democrats believe that the top priorities for women are unrestricted abortions and free birth control. The implication is that women are not responsible enough to engage in family planning, not capable of providing | Read More »

    My Mom & Ebola

    The reaction to the Ebola cases (which the administration partially caused) is abject comedy. Think of yourself as a parent…..

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    The “Consider This” Podcast: The Catholic Church, the Bible, and Gays

    Episode 90 of the Consider This Podcast has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. If you think it sounds like this episode is going to delve more into religion that it has up until this point, you have a discerning ear. But when I started this podcast, I promised you a take on these issues that you might not have heard elsewhere. So, depending | Read More »

    Marita Noon: EU climate compromise ~ I will if you will

    On Thursday October 23, 28 European leaders met at a summit in Brussels to reach a climate deal that would build on previous targets of a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gases, a 20 percent boost in the use of renewable sources, and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency, from the benchmark year of 1990, by 2020. …The “decision” calls for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of at least 40 percent and a 27 percent increase in renewables and energy efficiency, from 1990 levels, by 2030—though the original plan called for a 30-percent increase in renewables and efficiency.

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    Big government erodes our liberty while insulting our intelligence

    It seems that it’s impossible for those in the ruling class to contain the contempt they have for all of us shlubs who put them into office and pay their salaries. For some time, the Ad Council and the Department of Energy have been running a radio public service announcement that defends the banning of incandescent light bulbs.   The PSA notes that the incandescent bulb | Read More »

    Illegitimacy: America’s racist past and present dooms its present and future…

    I recently got into a lengthy discussion with some friends that makes me wonder how much longer the country can survive. Why? Because of such starkly different views on the nation, our history and the role of government. Frankly, I’ve never felt so bewildered in my life as to how people looking at the same information can come to such differing results… and I’ll point | Read More »

    Did Hillary just step into it , BIG TIME….. up to her cankles…

    Wonder why this little gem hasn’t gotten much more attention? BE PATIENT. IT WILL, SOON. BIG TIME!!! Breitbart has the video: Appearing Friday at a rally for Martha Coakley, (she who, not Wendy David, is running  THE ABSOLUTELY WORST CAMPAIGN EVER) Hillary dropped this little nugget: “Don’t let anybody tell you that businesses create jobs..” Oh, really? Pray tell us, m’lady..then who does? Hillary | Read More »

    Without Reliable, Rapid Tests, Ebola Ignorance Infects Us All

    Without Reliable, Rapid Tests, Ebola Ignorance Infects Us All

      Like most Americans, I suffer from a bad case of Ignorantia Febris Ebola, or Ebola Ignorance.  When Ebola first hit American shores, my gut instinct was to simply ban travel from the affected countries, or at least quarantine travelers for 21 days.  I wrote “I’m all for preventing a panic, but a panic is what we will get if we don’t get this situation in hand quickly.” | Read More »

    George Soros trying to buy Secretary of State’s office in New Mexico

    George Soros trying to buy Secretary of State's office in New Mexico

    George Soros’ Dark Money Queen As George Soros pours money into the the New Mexico Secretary of State race via ads his  we see other hard-Left groups bolstering the effort to push Soros-favorite Democrat nominee Maggie T. Oliver into the office of Secretary of State.  Four years of honesty and integrity in the Secretary of State’s office have been enough, according to the hard-Left. Maggie | Read More »

    Midterm Races in North Carolina

    Before addressing the Senate race, there are some interesting congressional House seat races.  The Republicans hold the partisan advantage in the Tar Heel State’s delegation 9-4.  No one is expecting much change here, although change may be in the offing.  Three of those 4 Democratic seats are safe.  The exception is the 7th District where incumbent is retiring in a district with a +11 GOP | Read More »

    Thomas Perez, Frontrunner for AG, Called For “Shared Prosperity” 20 Times in Speech

    Thomas Perez was Obama’s Labor Secretary pick 15 months ago, and he’s emerging as top contender for Attorney General as well. Is it any wonder that he gave a major speech at the National Press Club this week to share his vision of America? Entitled, “Calling for an Economy That Works for Everyone”, Perez discusses the concept of “shared prosperity”. How many times did he | Read More »

    How Conservative Principles Empower Teachers

    Years and years of failed efforts and billions of dollars later, educational reforms-  both liberal and conservative- have basically resulted in stagnation.  The primary reason, in my estimation, is the top-down, Washington dictated policies which have solved very little.  Despite massive federal spending, those federal dollars account for about 9% of any school board’s budget.  With those dollars come regulations and mandates which eat up about | Read More »

    Utah and Grama

    This is from a April 2012 blog post. Since the local liberal news paper seems to be bringing this up again, I thought I would repost the blog post here: For years after the DesNews v SLCo decision and others, the Utah Legislature tried to fix the problems with Grama. They had a committee meet for 2 years and then those recommendations were scrapped. | Read More »

    Brannigan v. Lipinski Candidate Forum Results

    In case you missed last week’s 3rd Congressional District Candidate’s Forum, you can catch my speech on the link below. Our own cameras had technical difficulties and wouldn’t function properly, but fortunately a private citizen had a recorder and submitted the video to our campaign. That video can be seen right here: One of the newspapers that covered it:

    Ebola and The Erosion of Trust

    The Ebola crisis has revealed the best in health care workers and the worst. It is commendable that so many would put their lives on the line to treat the suffering. Organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and Doctors Without Borders are doing God’s work. What they are doing highlights the heroism that many health-care professionals possess. However, recent actions (and attitudes) of some health care workers | Read More »

    I have civil rights too. I support mandatory quarantine.

    It was reported that Kaci Hickox a nurse on assignment with Doctors without borders was placed in quarantine, even though she did not exhibit symptoms. From the coverage she is not too happy about that. Great! Way to go Christie. This is the first intelligent and most effective government action taken to quell the “hysteria” towards people exposed to Ebola entering this country. Of course one person’s hysteria | Read More »

    The November Supreme Court Docket

    In November, the Supreme Court will hear argument in 10 cases.  They will kick off arguments with Omnicare, Inc. vs. Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund.  This is a complicated case that revolves around the intent of those who handle pension funds and SEC filings.  Specifically, the Court is asked whether the mere fact of an untrue statement should be the deciding factor, or | Read More »

    Common Core Wears Many Hats

    KDSL is one of the many hats of Common Core .

    Read More »

    Common Core “Scheme Team”

      There are predators in our midst and they’re stalking parents, children and our State’s Government. The goal is to take control of our schools systems, our Governors, our children and parental supervision.  It’s a deadly game that must be stopped immediately.  Way back in 1996 Achieve, Inc. started accessing our educational system and started developing what they called national standards.  The national standards eventually | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Kansas

    Who would have thought that Kansas would be a political battleground in 2014, but here we are with both the Republican Governor and incumbent Republican Senator endangered.  For , the trouble began in the GOP primary with him taking serious criticisms for his lack of presence in Kansas and being portrayed as a Washington insider who lost touch with his constituents.  If true, then it | Read More »

    Gungor and the Art of Apostasy

    It’s neither loving, merciful, or grace-filled to treat other Christians in the manner in which Michael Gungor has been treated. It’s far more wrong for those who are so skilled in the art of apostasy while accusing those who simply have bad theology of being apostates, than it is for the accused to have poor doctrine in need of correction. Those with poor doctrine might be open to loving correction, but the self-appointed inquisition has no interest in correction.

    Read More » Agen Bola Online, Judi Bola Terpercaya, SBOBET, dan Ibcbet

    Kami menawarkan berbagai penawaran menarik bagi and pecinta judi online di Internet. Hal pertama yang mungkin akan anda selidiki adalah bonus dan deposit murah pada saat mendaftar. Sementara situs agen bola lainnya mungkin menawarkan beberapa dana awal, menawarkan penawaran yang murah dengan deposit minimal Rp 25.000 dimana semua yang anda butuhkan untuk memenuhi syarat untuk memulai permainan judi online. Join Bersama Kami di Agen Bola Online | Read More »

    Ann Coulter’s version of Christianity- aka political Christianity

    Trigger trigger warning:  this is a warning to anyone who’s triggered to be offended by trigger warnings, the following trigger warning may be a trigger for you . . . Trigger warning:  the following groups are warned that this essay may offend them in some way:  Ann Coulter fans, atheists, the French, Mitt Romney supporters, liberals.   /end sarcasm I wanted to start this essay | Read More »

    Why the Welfare State Isn’t Well and It Isn’t Fair

    Throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries Socialism had a fairly precise definition, a somewhat clear program, and a generally agreed upon goal.  The definition of Socialism was some variant of Karl Marx’s well known statement, “From each according to the ability to each according to their need.”  Socialism’s program was the nationalization of all means of production, exchange, and distribution.  Socialism’s goal was | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Connecticut and New Hampshire

    Besides the congressional races in Connecticut, there is a competitive gubernatorial race.  First, incumbent Democratic Governor Dan Malloy finds himself in a serious match up against Republican Tom Foley who barely lost to Malloy in 2010.  In a race that most polls show Foley ahead or barely behind, the attacks have gotten personal of late with both sides bringing up old allegations against one another. | Read More »

    War On Terror: We Need To Finish The Job

    War On Terror: We Need To Finish The Job

    As ISIS continues to unleash a campaign of terror in the Middle East, Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi researcher who recently wrote a book about ISIS, warns of the devastation an ISIS/Al Qaeda collaboration could bring. Al-Hashimi’s book is based on his exclusive access to the organization’s documents, years of research and his experience with advising Iraqi security forces. In short, al-Hashimi points out that such a | Read More »

    Why is there no conservative version of Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, or Colbert?

      Why is there no conservative version of Bill Maher?  Why is there no show led by a conservative that uses satire and humor to talk about politics and the big issues of the day in an open and honest way?  I’ve looked for such a show and the only show on tv that I know of that fits that description is Real Time with | Read More »

    Jaylen Fryberg, WA School Shooter: Where Was Grace?

    Jaylen Fryberg, WA School Shooter:  Where Was Grace?

    What are we to do with this latest school shooting tragedy?  Unlike the killings in Oklahoma City and Ottawa, Canada, this was no terrorist or self-proclaimed warrior carrying out a religious fatwa.  Jaylen Fryberg was a 14-year-old boy.  He could be my son, or anyone’s.  This is really a tragedy, every bit as much as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary almost two years ago.  Except that by all accounts, Jaylen Fryberg was | Read More »

    Obama’s Trying To Kill The SBA, Who’s Trying To Stop Him

    I worked on President Obama’s first campaign. I met wit him and talked with him about my concerns about federal small business programs. He invited me to join his Small Business Advisory Council. Our job was to come up with a list of recommendations to bolster federal programs to assist small businesses. He even released the statement, “It is time to end the diversion of | Read More »

    Open Thread- DHS Should be Too Busy to Go on a Panty Raid. But They’re Not.

    It’s Friday and after a long week of troubling news around the world and in our own backyard, perhaps a dose of comedy is in order. Well it would be comical if the DHS wasn’t involved since I’m pretty sure they have bigger fish to fry like say, homeland security. We’re told Ebola is a national security threat, as well as ax wielding lone wolves, ISIS and of | Read More »