How The Hell Did We Get Here?

    This past Friday night, I watched Fox News cover the cancelled Trump Rally in Chicago just as they did the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. I hated it then and I hate it now. In fact, there are many similarities between the two, and there is simply nothing good to be made of it. The other night for example, I watched Bill O’Reilly denounce the Donald | Read More »

    A mathematical Analysis of the Election

    There is a change coming. It is in the winds, it is in the water, it is making noise and coming our way. That is the result of this series of mathematical proofs I have done. Some of this change is scary, some of it is awesome. You be the judge, I provide the numbers. OPEN PRIMARIES Open Primaries still tend to be the bane | Read More »

    The Democrats (not the Republicans) are about to Splinter

    Republicans: Formed in the legacy of a Big Tent.  We have a three legged stool: Social Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Strong Defense.  This tent can appeal to each of the groups without offending the others.  There are some serious internal debates (how much defense do you need compared to cutting spending), but the aims are not at odds.  In addition, the three legs have merged over | Read More »

    Separated at Birth: King David and…?

    David vs. The Donald: It might be a bit of a stretch… Link to Tweet Donald Trump and King David? If Donald Trump said he was sorry about what he did (and meant it) I might be more persuaded. Trump is not sorry about it at all. I would take Trump’s position over the hypocrisy of Bill or Hillary Clinton any day, but that is | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/14/16 Open Thread: Finally, I Get To Vote

    In my humble biased opinion I am fortunate to live in the greatest State in our Union… Florida.  Now I know that my homestead may not be your cup of tea, but for me it is my personal nirvana.  Beautiful weather, abundant wild life, world class amusement parks, and two different oceans within a cars drive away.  Some say “it’s too hot”, well good news | Read More »

    The “Consider This!” Podcast: Interview with Erick Erickson, Author of “You Will Be Made to Care”

    Episode 136 of the Consider This Podcast (one of the Top 50 Conservative Podcasts according to Newsmax) has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. In this episode, I’m thrilled and honored to be interviewing Erick Erickson, conservative blogger, radio talk show host, and author of the book “You Will Be Made to Care: The war on faith, family, and your freedom to believe”. I | Read More »

    Major Shift in Ohio and Illinois (seriously, 20+ points this month)

    The only catch – on the other side.  Head over to RealClearPolitics and check out the polls for the Democratic nomination in Ohio and Illinois over the last month. Ohio: Clinton +5 Clinton +5 Clinton +9 Clinton +20 Clinton +30 Clinton +21 Clinton +9 Illinois: Clinton +3 Sanders +2 Clinton +6 Clinton +37 Clinton +42 If Sanders can win these (and it is highly possible | Read More »

    The left and the “living wage.”

    The left have been amazingly successful: these days, wages have fallen to the point where a man is usually unable to provide all of the economic support a family requires, and his wife has to work outside the home as well, just to make ends meet. I suspect, however, that, for most women, this economic change hasn’t exactly been how they wanted things to turn | Read More »

    More Dangerous Than a Military Experiment in Equality

    A just war is always about winning (even if the Left believes kumbaya with an enemy is preferable) and winning in war is always about real estate.  It is also a truism (regardless of whether or not a Commander-in-chief has the stomach for it) that gaining territory in order to secure the win always, outside of using weapons of mass destruction for depraved annihilation of a people, ultimately requires hands-on ground combat. The relationships between soldiering, real estate and winning are | Read More »

    Seven Things Trump Supporters Are No Longer Allowed to Complain About

    Where Trump voters lose me entirely, however, is not only the “solution” that they in their anger have embraced, but also the flagrant way in which they wield this anger, as though its mere possession is enough to excuse them for any actions they may take

    Read More »

    International Elections, Volume 2

        Above left- Angela Merkel; above right- Frauke Petry Sunday, Germans went to the polls in three states.  The first was Baden-Wurrtenberg centered in Stuttgart followed by Rhine-Palatinate, northwest of Baden, and Saxony-Anhlat, an area to the west of Berlin in what was formerly part of East Germany.  Like most elections, they are often viewed through the prism of national politics.  Germany awards seats | Read More »

    We can’t defeat every GOP squish in Congress…but we can get rid of one

    In 2014, Matt Lynch came closer than any GOP primary challenger not named Dave Brat to unseating an incumbent congressman when he ran against Dave Joyce…establishment sycophant and wholly-owned subsidiary of Gucci Gulch.

    Read More »

    The New York Times Takes on the Tough Issues–Emojis.

    The New York Times ran an opinion piece yesterday that serves as a self-parody of academia. The opinion piece, entitled Emoji Feminism, is written by a female assistant professor of English who wrote the following to describe her email to another friend who was granted tenure: I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD, I wrote, and as with any message of sincere and unparalleled sentiment, I thought to include | Read More »

    Are You Better Off than You were Eight Years Ago?

    Reagan used this phrase in the context of four years to great effect in 1980 and propelled himself into the White House despite his challenger trying to paint him as a dangerous, right-wing radical.  Trump, in some ways, is repeating the phrase and trying to generate his own phrase, but there is something off in it.  Isn’t it time that we coalesced around what we | Read More »

    The Real Donald Trump on Islam and Free Speech

    Not too long ago Donald Trump had the opportunity to stand against radical Islam and in favor of free speech. He didn’t. Instead he attacked the victim of the attack as a trouble maker. Here’s the background. Pamela Geller is a fearless fighter against Sharia law. Her organization helps those in the United States who want to leave Islam. She highlights things like honor killings | Read More »

    C’mon, Ted. If Bernie were the GOP nominee, you wouldn’t support HIM

    So, this is happening: Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich are all being asked now if they’d stick to their pledge to support the GOP nominee for president if it were the thug-encouraging Donald Trump. And while Rubio and Kasich have tepidly said yes, clearly signaling they’d have a hard time with that, Ted Cruz equivocates, answering he’d stick to his | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/13/16 OPEN THREAD – Microphone testing, A willingness to serve, No cheating

    The man who would jump Trump: Yesterday you may have seen the video here, of a man who tried to make it on stage while Trump was talking in a microphone at a rally.  Secret Service rushed up and surrounded Trump while eyeballing anybody who was close and the man who attempted to crawl up on stage was hauled off. So what happened to they guy?  Politico says | Read More »

    DON’T LOOK NOW: The CBS/YouGov Poll Shows a 3-Way Tie in Ohio… And Cruz in Second in Florida…

    Really, now: Who really knows what any of this means; and I say “tie”advisedly if you factor in the Margin Of Error. OHIO:  TRUMP: 33%   KASICH: 33%   CRUZ: 27% FLORIDA:  TRUMP: 44%   CRUZ: 24%   RUBIO: 21% But, I think it does mean there is a powerful reason to believe that a Vote for Ted Cruz, is, well, a vote for Ted Cruz. In Florida, | Read More »

    Chicago and Trump: The Left Needs to Shut Up

    It was a bizarre scene this past weekend with remembrances of Chicago 1968 at the recently cancelled Chicago rally for Donald Trump.  One wonders why Trump would choose a venue like the University of Illinois at Chicago to begin with other than to reach a large number of supporters in one fell swoop at a large pavilion.  But, clearly the handwriting was on the wall | Read More »

    Stop it with the Trump Panic: You could elect my cocker spaniel as President and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    There are hundreds of examples but to keep it short, ask yourself:   Who had more power for several years, G.W. Bush or Harry Reid? Would Obamacare been possible if Congress had been Republican? Would Gitmo still be open if Congress wanted it closed? Would the border continue to be porous if Congress acted to shut it down? Can a veto by the President be | Read More »

    The “Populist” Rise of Donald Trump (And Bernie Sanders)

    This writer recently came across an article on Alternet– my weekly trek into the deranged mind of your average loony tune Leftist- and came across an article reprinted from Huffington Post (another source for Leftist dribble) by Robert Kuttner that made some sense.  One cannot argue with his basic thesis regarding the rise of populists, although he goes clearly off the rails when it comes to comparing | Read More »

    Trump and his followers are the new establishment- #TRUMPe

    So I was exchanging tweets with a fellow conservative on Twitter this morning, and one of his tweets got me thinking. He was saying the GOPe would rather support Trump instead of Cruz because Trump would be easier to work with in their minds. My response was that I actually think more will choose Cruz over Trump because although they secretly would rather work with Trump, | Read More »

    President Reagan and the 1969 Berkeley Protests: An eerily prophetic message

    At roughly 1:25 in the clip All of it began the first time some of you who know better and are old enough to know better let young people think they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest – Governor Ronald Reagan These days the news seems to be | Read More »

    Cruz is Winning Wyoming Running Away

    With 57% of votes counted, Cruz is at 65%. More astounding, Rubio a distant second and Trump getting just under 5% of the vote. Maybe indicates Cruz will do well in Western states.

    Ted Cruz: We’re Neck And Neck With Trump In Illinois

    Speaking at the Northwest Suburban GOP’s Lincoln day dinner Friday night in Rolling Meadows, Illinois Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that he and Donald Trump are neck and neck heading into the Illinois primary on Tuesday and that Trump is the only person on the planet that Hillary Clinton can beat. Cruz: Illinois is a battleground. Listen Illinois is used to being neglected by Republicans, | Read More »

    Why does Corey Lewandowski still have a job?

    From The Wall Street Journal: Kasich, Rubio Waver on Backing Trump as Nominee GOP candidates react after cancellation of Trump rally in Chicago; Secret Service surrounds Trump at Ohio event By Reid J. Epstein in Sharonville, Ohio, Patrick O’Connor in Largo, Fla. and Colleen McCain Nelson in St. Louis | Updated March 12, 2016 5:28 p.m. ET Ohio Gov. John Kasich blamed Republican presidential front-runner | Read More »

    I Have Struggled to Understand Redstate

    I have struggled to understand Redstate’s purpose. In years past, the mantra was conservative in the primary, Republican in the general.  I bought into that and voted for Romney. I understood that. This year, the mantra in the primary season is anyone but [name will not be mentioned]. If Cruz wins the nomination fair and square, Redstate prevails.  And I vote R. What about you? | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/12/16 OPEN THREAD – Today’s GOP Caucus/Primaries, Trump was ready

    Election Day Saturday:  Washington DC voters head to the polls today.  Closing times are split.   Most DC polls close at 4 pm EST. However, Jewish journal notes a local rabbi was able to get longer hours.  If a person signs a form signifying they are a Sabbath observant Jewish voter they can vote until 9 pm.  Over in Guam, a caucus takes place today. says “Guamanians” can’t vote in the presidential | Read More »

    Anti-Trump Republican Rhetoric Echoes Professional Left

    I’m a loyal Republican voter and have always supported the nominee of my Party. I voted for George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush (twice), John McCain (holding my nose) and Mitt Romney (who I actually like). During the George W. Bush years, I blogged and sought to push back on the wild accusations, ugly rhetoric and smears unleashed by the professional Left toward | Read More »

    Of RINOs And A Home For Conservatives.

    People like to toss around the accusation that this person or that person is a “Republican In Name Only,” or a RINO. Generally this means the person is not a conservative, at least in the eyes of the accuser. The accusation is meant to be an insult or an attempt to dismiss what the accused thinks on a particular subject. I heard Jonah Goldberg once | Read More »

    Trump Model Management: Aspiring models are subject to abuse courtesy of H1-B visas

    Add Trump Model Management to the long laundry list of business scandals related to Donald Trump. At first, there was the usual tough-talking rhetoric from the Donald on immigration. “These are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay. I remain totally committed to eliminating rampant, widespread H-1B abuse,” Trump said in a statement on | Read More »

    Congressman John Shimkus Spent $2500 At Gentleman’s Club

    Congressman John Shimkus Spent $2500 At Gentleman's Club

    According to multiple sources, Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL15) leads a double life: Christian family man in the district, drunken John in DC. A 20-year member, Congressman Shimkus got elected promising limit himself to two terms. That was a long time and a lot of DC night life ago. As Newsmax reported last May, Shimkus leads the pack of DC wolves when it comes to lavishly | Read More »

    It’s Time to Primary Trump’s House Supporters

    Of Trump’s 4 house endorsers, it looks like only one is being primaried, Scott DesJarlais.  I’ve attached a link to his opponents’ website, and encourage you to donate.  These are the four sellouts: Duncan Hunter — CA 50th Chris Collins — NY 27th Tom Marino — PA 10th Scott DesJarlais — TN 4th From wikipedia: DesJarlais is one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the | Read More »

    To Understand Trump, Look to Central Europe

    The more this writer reads and researches recent events in Central Europe- Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia- the more I see parallels to the rise of Donald Trump.  After the fall of Communism, the transition to a free market economy was, at times, messy.  These were populations that knew only a centrally planned economy for 40-50 years.  Prior to falling under the domination | Read More »

    The Declaration of Independence from Donald Trump

    The Declaration of Independence from Donald Trump

    When in the course of human events, it become necessary for the American people to raise their voice in opposition to violations of our shared nature, and to protect what the founding generation of our country so diligently sacrificed and fought for, it is required of us to come together in one accord to state the reasons for our grave concern for the candidacy of | Read More »

    Conclusive VIDEO evidence that Trump’s campaign assaulted female reporter

    The evidence is now incontrovertible that Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, forcibly threw down Michelle Fields, a Trump-friendly Breitbart reporter, after an innocent question about affirmative action: Michelle Fields has bruises. A WaPo reporter, Ben Terris, witnessed the entire event and identified Corey as being the aggressor. There is audio evidence. There is video evidence. A Breitbart spokesman, Kurt Bardella, resigned because he could not credibly defend | Read More »

    The Fruits of “Trumpism”

    The Fruits of "Trumpism"

    A week ago I submitted a piece to RedState called “The Gathering Storm.” In that piece, I compared the tone of Donald Trump’s campaign to the days of Bull Connor. I also pointed out that with nearly eight years of Obama crafting a narrative of a racist America, that much blood and effort has been spent to correct, we could not afford a candidate to | Read More »

    Trump Admits He Rents Politicians; I wonder– How Much Did Palin, Drudge, Sessions & Carson Cost Donald?

    We are about to descend into madness, and I blame some putative “conservatives” for the rapid acceleration. Despite Hag Coulter’s scorn, there are alarming parallels between the rise of the recent Trump fevers, and the embryonic movements of Adolf Hitler in 1922 Bavaria. I won’t go into the too-obvious appeals to an amorphous Nationalism. Or the singling out of entire ethnic groups as enemies of | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan’s Patron Saint – Saint Nancy, reunites with him in Paradise

    Others have already pointed out the contrast in the dignity and respect for the Office of the Presidency that Nancy Reagan fostered and maintained in comparison to the current occupants of the White House. I agree with that sentiment.

    Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/11/16 OPEN THREAD – UPDATE- Bedlam at Chicago Trump rally, Virgin Isles, Workers lock and load, Kids sue fed

    Trump’s Chicago rally troubles – A Chicago rally for Donald Trump turned chaotic this evening even before Trump got on stage.  From The Politico: “The group of dozens of protesters, some wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts, had stood and chanted “Let him stay! Let him stay!” as security personnel removed an African American male from the building at another side of the arena. Across the | Read More »

    Everyone says Hillary will clobber Trump, but what happens if the Dem nominee is Sanders? (Dumb and Dumber run for President)

    I’ve been an avid supporter of Ted Cruz since he first announced, and continue to hope that he can find a pathway to the nomination. However, if Trump wins Florida and Ohio, it’s going to be difficult, at best.  We continue to get polls showing that both Cruz and Rubio would beat Hillary, but she’d clobber Trump. (Though one would think that pollsters, after their | Read More »

    National Review to Endorse Cruz. Red State Should as Well.

    National Review to Endorse Cruz. Red State Should as Well.

    When I discovered Red State in 2012, I was enamored with it as the only major conservative site that didn’t seem to be bending over backwards to make Mitt Romney the nominee. It was refreshing to know that true conservatism wasn’t being pushed to the fringes and that the so-called “Establishment” didn’t have everyone in its clutches. National Review, though they didn’t endorse Mitt Romney | Read More »

    Ben Carson to Attend Broward Lincoln Day Following Trump Endorsement

    According to Broward GOP Chairman Robert Sutton, each of the Presidential candidates has expressed interest in the event. All have been invited and several are attempting to attend through a surrogate.

    Read More »

    Fear of Undermining Iran Deal Complicates Obama Administration’s Response to Missile Tests

    The Obama administration’s careful reaction to Iran’s latest round of ballistic missile tests showcases the difficult balance the United States and its allies face in deciding how forcefully to push back, without undermining last summer’s nuclear deal. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s missile tests conducted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran did not violate the nuclear deal, the administration says, although the actions are likely | Read More »

    A Government of Fallible Men to Rule Fallible Men

    In America today a debate rages concerning the legitimate role of government.  Currently the Federal Government is controlled by a group of politicians who consider themselves the ideological descendants of the Progressive Movement. Beginning in the 1890’s the Progressives led by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson championed the idea that it was time to progress past America’s old ways of doing things.  They felt the | Read More »

    Dear Dr. Carson–words of advice

    I wouldn’t cash the check just yet, Dr. Carson. He may have used invisible ink, so it’s probably as worthless as a degree from Trump University. While you’re at the Trump rallies, give my regards to David Duke. I doubt you’ll sell many books at them, unless you include a box of crayons. But don’t let it get you down when you don’t become Surgeon | Read More »

    Drudge in Full Bore Anti-Christian -Anti Cruz Attack Mode

    Drudge has posted a 2012 videotape of Cruz’ father saying Ted is anointed by God as the top story. This is clearly a Ted is a crazy Christian looney attack. It really is time for Ted to grab the Bull by the horns and talk about the First Amendment and Separation of church and state

    BREAKING: Ben Carson Endoreses…. Donald Trump?

    Trump got to Carson… I wonder what the payoff was…

    UPDATED: The Art of the Steal… Democrats voting in GOP contests make a HUUGGEEE difference

    UPDATE:  UPDATE: The infographic below did not originally include ID, MI & MS. Their addition only strengthens the premise of this post. Back in 2008 Rush Limbaugh had a bit called “Operation Chaos” where he suggested Republicans in Ohio and elsewhere cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary. The goal was to keep Clinton in the race to blunt the lead | Read More »

    Sow the Wind, Reap the Trump Whirlwind: The Perils of Our Videoized Society in Election 2016

    Throughout his career, philosopher and social critic Neil Postman worried about the effect of television and other electronic media on people’s learning and thinking patterns and therefore on their behavior in general, and he was highly skeptical that the effect was positive. With over 60 years of television and other electronic media soaked into our society, our present campaign for the presidency, with the rise | Read More »