Common Core: The Background

    If there is one thing that has united conservatives and liberals, it is opposition to Common Core.  Both sides oppose it for different reasons.  On the Left, the opposition is practical while on the Right the opposition is philosophical and, in some cases, practical.  The Left opposes Common Core because it offends a key constituency of that group- teachers and teacher unions.  Part and parcel | Read More »

    Mandatory Voting Means More Money, Not Less

    While speaking in Cleveland about the importance of middle class economics the President said that “It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would counteract money more than anything.”  In fact, exactly the opposite is true.  If you want to reduce the amount of money involved in politics, make it harder to vote. I ran for State Representative in 2014.  I was holding a | Read More »

    Rather Than Pillory Candidate Ted Cruz, Convince Us Yours Is Better

    Although I don’t wish to wade into the now-busy airspace surrounding the merits or demerits of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%‘s newly minted presidential run–a sensible example of the latter having been posited by Charles Cooke over at National Review–I do want to add a note nonetheless regarding the inevitable criticisms of inbound candidates. It’s been interesting over the last 24 hours | Read More »

    What Part of “Death to America” Doesn’t President Obama Understand?

    The supreme religious leader of Iran has once again called for “death to America”.  He is reiterating what has been the official line of the Iranian theocracy since the revolution in 1979.  Nothing has changed. Apologists for Iran and the wishful thinkers in this administration have tried to convince themselves and us that the election of a “moderate” as the secular leader of Iran signals | Read More »

    The End of Specialty License Plates?

    The End of Specialty License Plates?

    What if the government made you rent a signboard from them—forced you to have it with you at all times, and then charged you for the privilege to put whatever message you want on it?  What if the government then said that signboard was really theirs, and they had the right to approve or deny what you wanted to place on the signboard? This isn’t | Read More »

    Objections to Cruz’ Candidacy Answered

    I think the main objections to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% as a presidential candidate can be boiled down to the following two: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% lacks the necessary executive experience needed to lead effectively as president Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is too conservative and controversial to win in the general election Executive | Read More »

    Is Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu designed to forestall an Israeli strike on the Iranian nuke sites.

    Much has been written of late about Obama’s behavior towards Netanyahu.  Just the other day, we heard  talk that the administration would begin to “reassess” the relationship with Israel. Yes, Obama is both petty and petulant, and worked overtime to try and oust Bibi from office. But the comments and actions coming from the White House are so out of proportion to Bibi’s supposed “faux | Read More »

    What happened to the “Last Mile”?

    The term “Net Neutrality” was coined by Columbia Professor Tim Wu in 2003. Net Neutrality originally referred to management of the “last mile” of the network over which data flows into a person’s home, but the debate has grown beyond that in recent years. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided on February 26th to apply utility style regulations to the Internet by reclassifying it as | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Oil and gas exports—one policy change, many benefits

    “Why can’t we export crude oil and natural gas?” you might ask—especially when the U.S. can export refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The NYT explains: “In 2011, the country pivoted from being the world’s largest importer of petroleum products to becoming one of the leading exporters.” At that point, for the first time in 21 years, refined petroleum became our number one export product—though Pritzker never mentioned that.

    Read More »

    AWOL Government? ISIS Recruiting Online At Faster Rate Than Are Being Killed On The Ground

    ISIS has been using Twitter for years. Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups are all on Twitter. U.S. Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) 86% (R-TX), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is deeply concerned about terrorists’ online presence. On January 27, Poe’s subcommittee held a hearing on | Read More »

    The FCC Delivers the Latest Dose of Obama Cronyism

    The huge-er government gets – the greater its ability to deliver cronyism goodies. The bigger the wallet government has – the larger the regulatory hammer it wields – the more Crony Socialism it can dispense. Remember when President Barack Obama said this? “We’re going to punish our enemies and reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” The Obama | Read More »

    The Left is Unhinged Over Cruz on Climate Change

    The Left is Unhinged Over Cruz on Climate Change

    California Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown certified himself non compos mentis on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday, raving that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is unfit to be president because he’s not a Climate Change Bot. “So, it’s climate disruption of many different kinds,” Brown added. “And that man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of scientific data. It’s | Read More »

    Microaggression- Silliness By Any Other Name

    A recent article in both Salon and Alternet discussed the concept of “microaggression.”  This is the assertion that small, subtle forms of racism permeate American society and target minorities every day.  Originating out of Critcical Race Theory, it says that unconscious actions have a cumulative negative effect on blacks and although laws and attitudes have changed over the years, these small actions permeate throughout society and interactions with | Read More »

    The “Ted Jumps In Tomorrow” thread.

    This news has been all over the place today. Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% said he had a major political announcement he would give from Liberty University tomorrow.  There was speculation at several sites and there was word from that he was definitely in. Much will be written about him tomorrow but let’s jump the gun RedStaters. I appreciate there are | Read More »

    Obama Wants To Be Harry Truman to Palestine

    Obama Wants To Be Harry Truman to Palestine

    One of Harry Truman’s most treasured possessions was a small Torah given to him by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president.  The gift was given in appreciation of a singular act of courage in a postwar world filled with deprivation and starvation in Europe, and an economic boom in America.  Hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees lived in the same camps constructed to efficiently kill | Read More »

    Barack Obama And Iran – A Love Story: How Far Will One Man Go To Validate His Nobel Peace Prize? And What Price Will The World Pay?

    Thirty two years ago Ronald Reagan introduced his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to the world with this quote: “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.” Derided by the left as being scientifically impossible and having the potential of reigniting the arms race with the Soviets, “Star Wars” as they called it, became a sufficient worry for the Soviets that it actually | Read More »

    This is what Fundamentally Transformative Means.

    We now live in a country, the United States, that has been fundamentally transformed as Barack Obama has promised.  It’s important to remind you all who the country is that has implemented this completely new direction, the United States.  The result of this transformation leaves us with this picture. Obama and the American leftists, after using government funds to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel, | Read More »

    True Leadership

    When Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh was brutally executed by burning at the hands of ISIS, Jordan unleashed a barrage of attacks against the terrorist organization.  Although figures are hard to come by, Jordanian claims of over 7,000 ISIS fighters killed seemed exaggerated.  If one remembers, prior to this attack the Jordanian government had been engaged in negotiations to free that pilot in exchange for a | Read More »

    With Jeb Fading, Is John Kasich The New Est. Pick?

    With Jeb Fading, Is John Kasich The New Est. Pick?

    The Race so Far When Jeb Bush leaped into the race last December, Bush and his handlers thought that his name, money, and organization alone would clear the field and his name would have the same magic as it did for his brother. However, his magic seems to have run dry. Larry Sabato, who is known as the most quoted political science professor, for one, thought | Read More »

    2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Must Repudiate The Bush Administration

    2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Must Repudiate The Bush Administration

    If Republicans want to win in 2016, they must repudiate the Bush administration. The 2008 presidential election was a referendum on the Bush administration, as were the 2006 midterm elections. The results were clear: Americans overwhelmingly wanted change. Let us also be clear on this: the Bush administration was an abject failure. The Iraq war was the Vietnam war of it’s time. It was based | Read More »

    Medicare pits Medical Professionals against Consumers

    My mother had a massive stroke in November.  In the four months since, my father has been in an almost constant battle with the medical professionals working with her.  It began when in ICU, when they wanted to move her to a regular room.  Then once she was in another part of the hospital, the personnel there wanted to move her to a nursing home. | Read More »

    Marco Rubio for US Senate

    We have a surplus of good Republican candidates running for President in 2016, one of the best potential Republican candidate fields in many elections. As such, it does beg a question of  whether candidates who run  with a low probability of victory should instead bow out and pursue lesser office. Both Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 90% and [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ | Read More »

    A New Civil Rights Movement This Isn’t

    A New Civil Rights Movement This Isn't

      From the diaries… For all the rejecting of the past, many of the disgruntled in the current generation are fixated on connecting themselves to it. Assuming that you share a similar struggle romanticizes a current one, and props up beliefs and actions which otherwise might be dismissed by others. While continuing a legitimate fight for a cause may continue for decades, breathing life into | Read More »

    Reform Medicare Now

    Washington is broken and no better example of this is the fight Congress is having over the Budget and something called “Doc Fix.” Both the House and the Senate are going to battle over the budget for the next fiscal year. Before that fight happens, they are going to deal with another budgetary nightmare — “Doc Fix.” The biggest problem is that our federal government | Read More »

    Light One Candle

    Over the years I have used these articles to chronicle America’s slide from a nation based on limited government, personal liberty and economic opportunity to one based on an all-powerful central government, an apathetic public bought off with entitlements, and a regulated economy in free-fall to stagnation if not contraction. The professional politicians, their casino capitalist cronies and the media/academic alliance that justifies and promotes | Read More »

    Stop 24/7 GPS Tracking of Your Car

    A number of states are preparing to pull the trigger on tracking your car by GPS. 24/7. Oregon is the furthest towards mandatory application. The Obama Administration’s Department of Transportation is also pushing the concept, as are various interests in industry who either would profit from or collect data from the implementation. The anti-private-auto activists would find the trackers useful to enable the technology to | Read More »

    Open Thread-Anything and Everything

    Folks…I don’t know how to create a link…WCP tried to help me…but it would not work…perhaps need to update to another program.  At any rate.  Look for my reply so I can link this.  Thx…rightlane.  I will try..but if you don’t see the link on this page…go down to the reply.  

    Did Hillary’s three top aides at State sign the separation papers when they left?

    Why hasn’t this question been asked as of yet? OK….Hillary’s dodged a bullet, for now. Seems she didn’t have to, sort of, sign the standard separation agreement when she left the State Dept. There are reports that her three top aides…, political staff, at State..Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Philippe Reines..also had private email accounts on the Clinton DIY server. Benghazi committee head [mc_name name=’Rep. | Read More »

    Immigration “Reform” is Democracy Turned Upside-Down

    Immigration Reform is democracy upside-down.  Instead of citizens choosing their leaders, leaders are choosing new citizens. Let’s just cut to the chase about what the immigration reform debate is all about.  It is not about a compassionate effort to bring people from “out of the shadows”.  It is not about national security.  It is about two facts. Fact 1: The people running our government want | Read More »

    “Words mean things”? If only…

    Recently, White House spokesman Josh Earnest, while expressing the administration’s concerns about comments made by Prime Minister Netanyahu during his campaign for reelection, uttered the phrase, “words mean things.” I thought I may have been hallucinating, but I later confirmed that he had indeed said that by reading news accounts. I can’t help but ask – since when have words meant anything beyond momentary expediency | Read More »

    Ted Cruz For Republican Party Spokesman

    In just this week alone, there have been two instances where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% jumped into the liberal’s lion’s den and emerged unscathed. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%‘s Morning Joe appearance had a liberal columnist at the Austin American-Statesman aghast at what happened to Mika and Joe. He reminds us of what a white-hot center of Cruz-phobia | Read More »

    Obama Blows Air Kiss to Iran While Flipping Israel the Bird

    Obama Blows Air Kiss to Iran While Flipping Israel the Bird

    President Obama released his annual Norwuz* message to the Iranian people, blowing them a wet kiss.  He related how he and Michelle celebrated Norwuz at the White House, invoking the term “diaspora” to describe expatriate Iranians in America. I vomited in my mouth. He then spoke of his “hopes for progress between the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the international community,” addressing the leaders and | Read More »

    Mandatory Voting? No, Mr. Obama, not for the Free People of these United States

    Is there no end to what this man will try?  Voting is one of the privileges of living in a representative republic and as much as I look down my nose at people who exercise their right to not vote, I will defend that right to the bitter end.  I can hear him now pitching this as a positive loss of liberty.  After all, no | Read More »

    The Confederate Flag On Trial

    On March 23rd, the Supreme Court will hear a case regarding the Confederate flag- Walker vs. Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This case could have broad reaching First Amendment implications beyond Texas.  At issue is the presence of the Confederate flag on a state-issued license plate. Texas, like most states, has a specialty license plate program where organizations can design their own license plates for an additional | Read More »

    2016: Thinning the Republican Herd

    Reflecting the fact that there are more political reporters than legitimate news, mentions of the large field of Republican presidential candidates are again on the rise. Maybe you will read an article about Donald Trump; maybe you will pay attention to some idiotic statement by an outlier trying to break through. It is a transitory problem. There will be good grazing lands through the summer for those who have | Read More »

    Congress To Look at Drug Stores and Hospitals “Honest Graft”

    George Washington Plunkitt, the famed New York City political boss, once bragged about making money through “honest graft,” purchasing plots of land knowing that the government was looking to buy then plot and then selling it back to the taxpayers at a higher rate. Today’s version of honest graft is called the 340B Discount Drug Program, a service designed to help the poor and indigent get drugs | Read More »

    I’m a Single Issue Voter

    Over the years I’ve been critical of single-issue voters. More often than not that means sacrificing the good for the perfect. Now that has all changed. Several Republican congressional candidates ran on the promise that they would not vote for the current leadership. Many of the people that voted them into office did so in no small part based on that promise. Once the vote | Read More »

    Judicial Committee Approves Significantly Expanded Surveillance & Hacking Of Computers by the Feds

    The Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules has given the FBI the initial nod they will need in order to be able to bypass warrants in more cases and hack into any computer, anywhere in the world.  The judicial committee voted 11-1 to revise the old federal rule which would broaden the FBI’s hacking authority. Referred to as Rule 41, the current provision allows | Read More »

    UPDATE: What Will The Netanyahu-Obama Relationship Look Like Now?

    UPDATE: What Will The Netanyahu-Obama Relationship Look Like Now?

    **** UPDATE:  CNN reports that “Netanyahu flip flops” on his Palestinian state remark. He didn’t flip flop.  He is simply being realistic, which is all he claimed to be (see below). “I’m talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable,” Netanyahu said Thursday. “If you want to get peace, you’ve got to get the Palestinian leadership to abandon their pact with Hamas and | Read More »

    Climate Change “Solutions”

    Assuming global climate change to be a legitimate problem (and I hope the previous three articles has shown the opposite), perhaps by looking at the proposed solutions from the pro-climate change crowd we can see the real agenda behind their efforts.  In the end, it will inevitably be revealed that the environmental movement has closely aligned itself with the anti-capitalist movement since this is really | Read More »

    If Bibi Played Sports or was a Dictator, Obama Would Find Time to Congratulate Him…

    So Obama and the “White House” (does the White House talk?) haven’t congratulated Bibi Netanyahu on his win as Pime Minister. That would be the Bibi, who is our former ally, because as many of you know, he is extended far less consideration by our current government than those who are on the other side of this never-ending religious war called the Islamic Caliphate. After | Read More »

    Dear Scott Walker: They Don’t Play Nice in Iowa

    Dear Scott Walker: They Don't Play Nice in Iowa

    The Iowa caucus is 306 days away (that’s $300 million to Jeb Bush), with a presidential batting average of .142.  They’d be cut from any freshman high school team.  Yet being first hands them an outsized media presence, and the g-O-p is nothing if not Old and steeped in tradition. As long as the tradition benefits the consultants who have for decades promoted their own | Read More »

    Don’t Treat Carson and Fiorina as Novelties

    Don't Treat Carson and Fiorina as Novelties

    From the diaries… The idea that Republicans should look for their side’s answer to Obama or Hillary in no way supports the goal of reclaiming the White House. Such a thought essentially says the rough template of a politician is found among liberals, and the best we can do is match it with a cobbled together version of our own. After all, the people want | Read More »

    Barack re-elects Bibi and Petulance Trumps Statesmanship

    It’s times like these when I question if we have a child in the White House or a world leader.  Contrary to polls right up until the election results were in, it was thought, most certainly by the occupants of the White House,  that Israel’s Labor Party and candidate, Isaac Herzog, would succeed in ousting Benjamin Netanyahu from the Prime Minister slot.  After all, Obama | Read More »

    The Betrayal Papers Part III: The Extensive Muslim Brotherhood Network in America, from Common Core, to Amnesty, to Purging the U.S. Military of Christians

    What do Common Core, “comprehensive” immigration reform, and IRS targeting of conservatives groups have in common? They are just a few of many examples of Muslim Brotherhood-connected policy initiatives affecting the lives of Americans every day. Under Obama, many new domestic policies, as well as many scandals, can be traced back to, in varying degrees, the Muslim Brotherhood. To understand why America no longer feels like America – | Read More »

    Obama Administration’s Justice Department Refuses to Seek Justice for Targeted Americans

    The Obama Administration’s IRS targeted Americans for their political beliefs. Former top IRS official Lois Lerner abused the power of her office and refused to answer any questions from congressional oversight committees after proclaiming her own innocence.

    The House Oversight Committee recommended specific action be taken to prosecute her criminally and voted her in contempt of Congress, yet the Obama Administration’s Justice Department has done nothing to pursue justice.

    Read More »

    Chaffetz’s Opening Gambit for Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

    Erick Erickson properly took a number of Georgia GOP state legislators (“Prostitutes and Their Johns”) to task for supporting a scheme to prohibit brewers from selling beer directly to the public. As Erickson pointed out, the issue is not alcohol; it’s corruption and cronyism. Unfortunately, the Georgia GOP can’t hold a candle to the GOP-led effort in Washington, DC to help the largest political donor to | Read More »

    Wait! Who’s Liz Mair?

    Liz Mair complained about Iowa. Well join the crowd. Living in the allegedly important state of Ohio, we’ve been stuck with primary decisions of Romney vs. Santorum and McCain vs. Huckabee. Like Mair and others, I think the Iowa fixation is a problem and bowing to Big Corn has true economic costs.

    Read More »

    Congress: Read Article III of the Constitution, It’s Treasonous to Give $12 Billion to Iran, America’s Sworn Enemy

    Congress authorized the State Department to transfer $11.9 billion in cash payments to Iran by June 2015. Transferring any form of aid/comfort to Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States, is a treasonous act. Treason against the United States is defined as 1) “consist[ing] only in levying war against them,” or 2) “in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Some argue | Read More »

    Washington Looks To Be The 26th Right-To-Work State

    Hoping to draw on the same sort of success that recently made Wisconsin the 25th state in the country to pass “right-to-work” legislation, an employee rights group in Washington State last week launched a campaign to pass a similar law by ballot initiative this fall. According to a press release at the Employee Rights PAC website, Initiative 1395 “allows all employees in the State of Washington | Read More »