The REAL War on Women

    Turn on the television, pick up a newspaper, listen to talk radio, and you’re very likely to hear about the “war on women.” Apparently, we’re to believe that women are being attacked, held back, and otherwise prevented from living free, equal, empowered lives in today’s America. Oddly enough, I would have never noticed this war, had it not been made a hot button issue with | Read More »

    “Why I Will NOT Support Donald J. Trump For President 2016!”

          Trump is a great guy, I’m quite certain and a great business man just to clarify that as well. Donald J. Trump is a living embodiment of the American dream. He’s led a successful business and has a large portion of his life embedded into entertainment appearing on “The Apprentice” and his reality T.V. show on real estate development. He’s also had an ample | Read More »

    Why Are So Many on the Right Helping the Left Undermine Our Patent System?

    It is disappointing to see so many people who usually reside on the Right – go screaming Leftward on an issue so fundamental to all-things-free-market as private property protection. In this particular case – patent protection. All sorts of things that in every other instance the Right loves to excoriate and ridicule – these Converts-to-the-Left must ignore or accept as a part of their effort | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- November Edition

    Nov 5th: Dear diary: It has been a whirlwind week.  I discussed so many things over the past week, I don’ know what my positions on anything are anymore.  First, I was there for the African-Americans for Hillary event.  That was a nice event- I got to use my southern accent again.  Then I got the endorsement of the longshoremen.  I so want to be | Read More »

    Hail King Blather (Donald Trump talks himself to Death)

    Hail King Blather (Donald Trump talks himself to Death)

    President WIlliam Henry Harrison’s only inaugural speech lasted an hour and fifty-five minutes. It killed him. Not politically.  Or even intellectually.  Quite literally, it did kill him. On March 4, 1841, after winning a landslide election on a campaign slogan of “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too,” the Whig gave his speech on a cold, wet Thursday in Washington D.C.  As the war hero of Tippecanoe, who | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Hope for our water woes found in fracking technologies

    For years, water, or, more accurately, its scarcity, has been predicted to be the next doomsday scenario. In 1994, the American Philosophical Society published a book bearing the title: Is water our next crisis? In 2007, NBC featured: Crisis feared as U.S. water supplies dry up. More recently, in 2011, NPR did a story on Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power and Civilization—a new book in which the author posits: “water is surpassing oil as | Read More »

    Condom Update: “…we don’t have a rubber shortage in America.” – Ted Cruz

    Imagine if you will,   after another grueling day making yet another whistle stop in Iowa. He’s promised to hit every county before the caucus and that means visiting several counties in a day.  He’s probably tired. I would be. On his last stop of a three day swing through he gets asked a question by a member of the audience.  Specifically what were his thoughts on “making | Read More »

    Cruz, Rubio, Trump, and the Supreme Court

    Right to life is decided in the courts.  That is a plain matter of fact.  We have a Federal system with state and national governments, and three co-equal branches.  The legislative branches have demonstrated a regular ongoing willingness to curb, and in some cases outright ban abortion.  Executives have regularly signed these laws, but the Judiciary regularly overturns the laws over things like “Well, its | Read More »

    Most Pathetic Generation

    Most Pathetic Generation

    Reading this weekend in the Telegraph about the new wave of political correctness sweeping over our colleges and universities, and I couldn’t help but feel worried for the future of our nation. The creation of “safe zones” on college campuses, where thought police and Play-Doh soothe the nerves of this generation’s exceptional snowflakes when confronted with new ideas, is a sad indictment of our effete culture. Where | Read More »

    Our Betters will tell us what to do concerning climate change

    From The Wall Street Journal: World Leaders Meet in Paris to Overcome Divisions on Climate Change Tough negotiations lie ahead between rich and poor economies, high polluters and countries already suffering from rising temperatures By William Horobin and William Mauldin | Updated Nov. 30, 2015 6:48 a.m. ET PARIS—World leaders converged on Paris on Monday for international climate talks amid an unprecedented security lockdown, two | Read More »

    Why Does Government Not Know – or Ignore – History?

    It’s one of our most oft-cited quotes. George Santayana’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The reason it so regularly recirculates is because we far too often fail its tenet. Which is truly sad. Because if you pay attention to the past – you can make some reasonable, rudimentary predictions about the future. And avoid a whole lot of completely | Read More »

    The Black Lives Matter Movement: The Preening of Petulant Millennials vs. Actually Accomplishing Anything

    I remember once hearing a question posed by some would be philosopher: “If you could do something that cured all of the ills of the world, but only if someone you despised would get the credit, would you do it?” It’s an interesting question with a number of elements to it. Are you really a humanitarian or do you just want to be seen as | Read More »

    Abortion Related Crime: There Are Far More Murders Committed by Pro-choicers Than by Pro-Lifers

    Abortion Related Crime: There Are Far More Murders Committed by Pro-choicers Than by Pro-Lifers

    Before even knowing the race, religion or political affiliation of the gunman responsible for the tragedy on Friday in Colorado Springs, many had already jumped to the usual spurious conclusions. Desperate for the suspect to fit the narrative, in their minds the suspect was a white Christian Republican. Within this crowd, the fact that people were dying seemed to be of secondary importance, while unleashing | Read More »

    2016 Gubernatorial Races- November News

    DELAWARE:  There has not been a Republican Governor of Delaware since 1988 and don’t expect one in 2016.  The most credible name mentioned is state senator Colin Bonini, but he will likely run for the Lt. Governor’s position next year instead. INDIANA:  Polling is hard to come by, but one out of Ball State shows that Mike Pence has a comfortable if not overbearing lead | Read More »

    ESPN says there is too much patriotism in sports

    There is a natural affinity between sports and the military. Both unambiguously reward hard work and excellence. Both teach personal responsibility for success or failure, and celebrate the virtues of courage, earned-pride, and honor. Sporting events are also among the biggest occasions when Americans come together in their communities to enjoy the fruits of freedom that our service men and women provide. So I’ve never | Read More »

    By Their Tax Plans You Shall Know Them

    Most Americans do not pay any federal income tax. This means to most Americans when Republicans talk about changing the income tax system, they could care less. It is a hard truth. The candidates can talk all they want about the confusing, complicated, and time-consuming tax system; however, to most Americans who do not pay federal taxes, it just does not matter. Why then is | Read More »

    “Could Public Education Be Taking A Hit For The Team[Progressive]…?”

    There is no doubt that youth in America are becoming more progressive by the time people stand in line to elect a candidate whether it be at the local, state and or federal level. When demographics come in after an election we glance, ponder and ask ourselves what are we doing wrong…? Could public education be taking a hit for the team? For most of | Read More »

    Ben Carson should drop out of the race immediately

    I’ve said from the start that Carson is a decent man, but I liked him a lot more as a doctor and not as a presidential candidate. He had no business running for president, much like Herman Cain didn’t. Neither were qualified, and neither had any clue about the biggest issues, especially foreign policy. It goes beyond that though. Carson is wasting millions of dollars | Read More »

    2016 US Senate News: November Edition

    ARIZONA: We have limited polling out of Arizona showing that would handily defeat his main primary opponent, Kelli Ward, by an obscene margin.  In a hypothetical general election against likely Democratic opponent , he would also win.  However, about one-third of the general electorate is undecided. ARKANSAS: The DSCC recently endorsed Conner Eldridge as their man in Arkansas after a recruiting campaign.  Democrats have not | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood is ill-clothed in robes of self-righteous hypocrisy

    Planned Parenthood is ill-clothed in robes of self-righteous hypocrisy

    This has to be one of the worst cases of confirmation bias and self-righteous hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Before anything official has been released about Richard Lewis Dear, 57, the man who killed three, including a police officer who gave his life in the line of duty, the press and Planned Parenthood have pulled the chocks and rolled the bandwagon down the hill. Planned Parenthood | Read More »

    “Latinos and the GOP vote”

    We live in difficult times where economic, social and foreign issues strike our nation where voters know nothing in who and what they vote for. Throughout time the Democratic Party has spent ample years diligently indoctrinating the Hispanic populations voters, depriving the very ground we Republicans stand on with our fellow Tejanos y Americanos making it appear only one way “we don’t care.” Our party | Read More »

    CJ Pearson lacks political principles, but manufactures the attention he craves

    CJ Pearson lacks political principles, but manufactures the attention he craves

    We learned recently that, shortly after announcing his candidacy for Chairman of the Georgia Teen Republicans, YouTube star CJ Pearson is renouncing conservatism and the GOP, because conservatives aren’t focused enough on race issues and young people. This is not surprising to me, as I have followed his rise closely. I have written about him on RedState before. I documented how Pearson had joined ‘s campaign | Read More »

    The Battle For the House 2016: November News- Part 2 (of 2)

    This is part 2 of the November US House news happenings for 2016: MO-1: In what has to be one of the oddest selling points for any candidate, Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) is encouraging voters to vote for her over rival Lacy Clay because Congress lacks any members with an Afro hairstyle, which Nadal sports. MT-AL: The Democrats believe they have their candidate in term-limited state | Read More »

    DOJ: Gitmo Closure And Where To Send The Terrorist Not Pressing Media Or Public Issue

    cross posted from The absurdity of the Obama administration knows no ends. This week the Obama Justice Department sent a letter denying an appeal to have a Freedom of Information Act request expedited under rules for issues of pressing media and public interest.  It was the DOJ’s contention and that of Justices Director of Public Affairs that the issues of President Obama’s planned | Read More »

    Washington Post and New York Times: Ted Cruz is the next Barry Goldwater

    It is no coincidence that with recent rise in the polls come attempts to downplay or diminish him as a viable GOP candidate. Two recent columns, one each from the Washington Post and NY Times, attempt to do just that.  A column on November 24th by obscure Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman titled “Sen. Ted Cruz could actually be the Republican nominee for President” is | Read More »

    Want to end the problem of excessive use of force by police ? Easy. Eliminate police unions.

    Set against the recent growth of the Black Lives Matter and social justice movements (which pretty much denigrate all cops as inherently evil, and also seek to emasculate the police) there has arisen  a spirited, (and happily civil debate) among conservatives and libertarians, at Red State and elsewhere,  as to the proper role and function of police in our society, and how some fear we | Read More »

    God bless fracking!

    The environmentalists and the left and the Democrats¹ would have us believe that fracking is evil, evil, evil! but I, as a working man, sure have seen the benefits. The chart shows what I had to pay for heating oil last winter, in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, compared with what I paid for a delivery on Wednesday. The great increase in domestic oil production, coupled with | Read More »

    The Battle For the House 2016: November News- Part 1 (of 2)

    There was sooooo much news in November as races start to take shape, that I had to split this article into two parts.  Without further ado… AL-1: Dean Young will challenge incumbent (R-AL) 77% in the GOP primary in 2016.  Being a safely red seat, there is no downside to Young, a Tea Party favorite, mounting a challenge here.  AZ-1: Democrat Barbara McGuire is apparently | Read More »

    Donald Trump is a horrible, terrible, very bad person

    Photo: Reuters Recent reports from anonymous sources have Donald Trump yelling at his wife, kicking his dog, and promising to “bomb the snot out of everyone who looks at us funny.” He likes beautiful women and he thinks his daughter is beautiful. How weird! Current GOP front runner Donald Trump is mean. He yells at people who interrupt him. And he makes fun of children | Read More »

    The New York Times subtle hit piece on Carly Fiorina

    After having noted recently that Carly Fiorina had been getting very little “free” press, I found this story in The New York Times: For Carly Fiorina, Peripatetic Childhood Helped Build Worldview By Jason Horowitz | November 26, 2015 The 1969 Stanford Law School yearbook notified readers that Joseph Tyree Sneed III, a top professor with Harvard, Yale and Cornell on his résumé, would be taking | Read More »

    Donald Trump did more than mock a disabled reporter

    Your are a mother, a father, a sister, a brother to a special needs person. Maybe you married someone. It can be Parkinsons Disease, it can be Spina Bifida, or arthrogryposis like this reporter. Perhaps it is Autism, or another mental disorder. Trump just gave the world permission to mock your child, your sibling, your mate. The world is going to be far more cruel | Read More »

    Election 2016: The National Security Vote

    Amid the changing demographics and social attitudes of Americans, one constant – at least post-Vietnam – is respect and appreciation for those who have served their country in the armed services. (The consensus is strong enough that Hillary Clinton makes a “two pinnochios” claim that the anti-war law school graduate who had just moved to Arkansas with Bill Clinton made an effort to join the Marines | Read More »

    Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and all that you love.

    Pray, cook, feast and enjoy this day of peace in peace. God Bless everyone. Truth, Life & Love Tony Carlton

    For MSNBC, Thanksgiving isn’t a time to be thankful for what you have

    Thanks to William Teach of the Pirate’s Cove, I saw these wonderful hints from MSNBC on how to enjoy political conversation during Thanksgiving dinner. The byline on the article is simply “MSNBC staff,” so we are informed that this isn’t something designated as an opinion piece, but is simply a standard news (?) article. MSNBC has never hidden its leftist orientation, at least not in | Read More »

    Sen. Mike Lee gives the Thanksgiving Address

    This year Conservatives we get a treat. gave the weekly Republican address, and since it’s  Thanksgiving it’s special.   It’s a little over five minutes and features a tribute to our service personnel, also volunteers, moms and dads, and other great people. Give a listen and make sure to crank it up real loud when the relatives of a ‘different’ political persuasion show up for the feast today and try to explain how you are doing | Read More »

    Myra Adams: President Roosevelt’s 1941 Thanksgiving Proclamation is Relevant Now

    Re-posted from WND Did hear this week that “World War III” is trending across social media and tweeting jokes about it is all the rage? Surely this “trend” will spice up the conversation around your Thanksgiving dinner table. If our world is in fact on the verge of WWIII, it is instructive to go back and read President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Thanksgiving Proclamation dated Nov. | Read More »

    Being Thankful For Liberty

    We give thanks to the Almighty today for liberty’s bounty on our shores. But it is important to remember that our American experiment was not actually founded in liberty. Rather, our history began with an early — though equally destructive — form of socialism. When those early settlers landed on Plymouth Rock, they weren’t city slickers ill prepared for wilderness life; nor were they misguided | Read More »

    Decoding Obama’s Contrarian ISIS Strategy

          By Bob Bennett   The black flag of ISIS cast its shadow across France on Friday, November 13th. Terrorists killed some 130 Parisians and injured over 300 others, in France’s worst homeland attack since the Second World War; ISIS took credit for it.   After the appalling attack, and a chilling post on a terrorist website, there’s little doubt an attack on | Read More »

    HUD Investigating Rockford,IL City Council For Civil Rights Violations For Objecting To New Public Housing Project

    On Monday the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey stating that the feds were starting an investigation against the city council for possible violations of the civil rights act and the fair housing act, along with breaking HUD’s new affirmatively furthering fair housing rules WREX TV and the Rockford Register Star report. HUD is unhappy that the city council, the Winnebago | Read More »

    New PAC Forms to Bring Rick Perry Back Into 2016 Race

    New PAC Forms to Bring Rick Perry Back Into 2016 Race

    A new PAC has officially formed with the purpose of bringing former Texas Governor Rick Perry back into the Presidential race. The group, called Bring Leadership Back, plans to launch Friday. Governor Perry suspended his campaign for the Presidency on September 11 of this year after a criminal indictment – which was widely considered a partisan hit job – greatly hindered his ability to raise money | Read More »

    Picking a Presidential Nominee in 2016

    If enough conservatives unite, they can nominate and elect any of the more conservative Republican presidential candidates. So there’s every reason for conservatives to try hard now to unite in support of a candidate they believe would be the most determined and effective conservative President possible.

    Read More »

    Mislabeling, Lying, and Redefining: Leftists’ Favorite Tools Morph Terrorism into Citizens with Guns

    Vox is really talented when it comes to mislabeling, lying and redefining.  They have the same level of integrity you would expect from Pravda, only in the 21st Century.  And, like Pravda, no shame in any of these exercises.  In this case, they are asserting that citizens with guns are a much larger threat than ISIS and Syrian refugees. The entire article is premised on | Read More »

    Cruz vs Rubio will be decided in (early) December

    is clearly the establishment favorite right now.  He also has managed to put in a rider that prevented the use of general funds to cover the “risk corridors” in the ACA.  This block is what has United signalling that they may exit the exchanges, and if followed by Aetna this would be full bore death spiral. However, Obama has said that the risk corridor is | Read More »

    The Republican presidential candidate who has done the most to attack Obysmalcare

    One of the reasons that I have been more in favor of candidates like Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina is that I look for candidates who have actually done something, as opposed to those who say that they are going to get something done, if only they are given the opportunity. Senators and Representatives seem to get such opportunities much less frequently, but | Read More »

    December Supreme Court Docket

    The December sitting of the Supreme Court session starts the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The cases scheduled for oral argument are potentially contentious as the Justices will confront several issues with the potential for some blockbuster rulings.  So in chronological order, here is a summary of the cases to be heard: November 30th Mussachio vs. United States: This case involves criminal procedure and the appeals process | Read More »

    This will not end well…

    The Obama presidency… this will not end well. World War III is getting hot. Turkey is a fellow N.A.T.O. allie of the United States. Russia is fighting against ISIS. Turkey is covertly helping ISIS. Russia is supporting Assad. And France… France is at war with ISIS and is acting accordingly. So, who will Obama side with ISIS and Turkey or will Mr. Obama side with | Read More »

    Steven Hayward emulates those who mocked Reagan.

    In an article at PowerLine, Steven Hayward declares that Trump is an unserious candidate.  But didn’t he write in his excellent Age of Reagan, about how many people, including establishment Republicans thought Reagan would be terrible? Let’s take what Steve wrote and substitute Reagan for Trump.” I still say Reagan won’t make it to the nomination, but right now I’m only about 60 percent confident | Read More »

    Did Vladimir Putin take action while Barack Hussein Obama dillied and dallied?

    From The Jerusalem Post: Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action US officials say Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield Russia confirms that explosive downed plane over Sinai In an unprecedented move, Russia has sent ground-troops into the Syrian battlefield in support of Bashar Assad as the dictator struggles to maintain his power in the continuous four-year-long civil war, according to | Read More »

    First EVER Man Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl (according to Fox News)

    It takes a special kind of higher education to make sense of the following sentence written by the geniuses over at Fox News: “Now, the couple is celebrating their new parenthood with 22-month-old Azaelia, who was born by Caesarian section when Kayden was induced when he was nine months pregnant.” If you were grading papers in an K-12 English class, you might think the “he” | Read More »

    Future Outlook for Iraq’s Economy and Iraqi Dinar

    Future Outlook for Iraq's Economy and Iraqi Dinar

    As the world’s second-largest owner of oil reserves, Iraq is growing rapidly as a regional economic power. And, the country faces an even brighter future ahead. Since the Iraqi economy and Iraqi Dinar depend on revenues from oil sales, understanding Iraq’s oil industry is key to understanding the nation’s economy and benefiting from its growth. In Part One of this two-part series we’ll look at | Read More »