Ted Cruz on Birthright Citizenship

    I believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% to be the most Reaganesque candidate.  By that I mean the most articulate on conservative principles, and the one most likely to rebuild the Reagan voting coalition that won two landslide presidential victories. But his position on birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment is troubling. Briefly the 14th Amendment was ratified to ensure newly freed | Read More »

    Trump will NOT apologize for retweeting ‘Megyn Kelly is a bimbo.’ – “Look, I know bimbos when I see one. I married three of them”

    The war between Trump and FOX took an oddly different and dark  turn the other day. Displaying a near-childlike inability to “let sleeping dogs lie,” Trump welcomed back Megyn Kelly from vacation with a series of Tweets deriding her top-rated show. Trump poured fuel on the fire by retweeting a supporter’s post that said of Kelly, “The bimbo is back.” Until this latest exchange, it | Read More »

    Dreadful Noise and Loathsome Silence

    Dreadful Noise and Loathsome Silence

    “And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people maybe more. People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices never share And no one dare Disturb the sound of silence.” Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, of the eponymous folk music group, released “The Sound of Silence” in October 1964—the blessed year and month of my own birth—as part of | Read More »

    With Friends Like These- Harold Ickes- Part 2

    In the previous entry, I showed how Harold Ickes wormed his way into the Clinton inner circle and became a key operative in the White House and the 1996 reelection effort.  During that time, he gravitated towards Hillary and became a close friend.  His association with unions infiltrated with organized crime were essentially covered up by the Clinton White House in the case of the | Read More »

    Protected: Trump is getting scary – I’ll take Carson

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    Why Donald trump is right about anchor babies and the 14th amendment.

    The state may not take the children as its own, leaving the parents with an untenable Hobson’s choice and the children without parents.

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    Is the Mainstream Media (and Fox News) in the tank for Trump?

    If you watched Fox News or Fox Business Channel anytime between 5 and 6 pm CT tonight (8/25), a familiar face appeared live: Donald Trump holding a campaign rally in Dubuque, IA. If it seems the Trump campaign gets more extensive coverage than any other GOP campaign, there is data to substantiate this.  The Media Research Center confirmed that from Aug 7-20, nightly newscasts of | Read More »

    China is Not a Free Market

    China has constructed an apparent free market which has attracted investors from around the world. The Shanghai skyline is a brilliant testament to the opportunities available in China, however its glare can obscure the risks of investing in a Communist-ruled regime. The stock markets Beijing allowed to be built may work when everything is perfect, but once problems develop, they turn out to be merely alluring and carefully-painted images | Read More »

    Service Dog Lawsuit Cost Small Illinois School District $95K To Settle

    Kellsey and Jasper at Sherrard school, photo provided by McGuire family At Tuesday nights school board meeting the Sherrard school board(in Western Illinois) voted to settle a lawsuit brought by the McGuire family against the district over the treatment the McGuire’s daughter Kellsey and her service dog Jasper received.  A state administrative hearing officer had previously ruled that the district had | Read More »

    In Defense of Birthright Citizenship

    Donald Trump brought it up, but it is hardly a new contentious topic with immigration reform- birthright citizenship.  For those who argue against it, much of the argument is rooted in ignorance of the history and a tendency to see things in terms of black and whites.  Such is not the case.  For the first 100 years of this country’s Constitutional existence, there was no | Read More »

    Eye Opening

    In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson,       Looking back at the whole thing I really regret it. My father told me I was throwing my vote away, that I was supporting a radical change in America on the notion of principle. I voted on my ideals and principles rather than pragmatism. Gary Johnson barely recovered 1% of the total vote, and at | Read More »

    The Donald’s Hidden Tattoos…What Does It Mean?

    Sorry to bait you in this way but Donald Trump can’t possibly have any tattoos, and in a moment you’ll see why. This post is an explanation of this crazy two- decades old cultural phenomenon of skyrocketing tattoo use in America and you have to understand the hidden emotional drivers behind it. First, think back to a saner time in America, pre-1960s say, when the | Read More »

    Trump’s Border Ruffians and Twain’s War Prayer

    Trump's Border Ruffians and Twain's War Prayer

    Mark Twain wrote with enormous sentiment about a great patriotic movement, as “a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun.”  Thus is the receiving line of the disaffected for Donald Trump, of whom legend and song shall be duly recorded in history. Leading in the polls, standing tall above all the other GOP candidates, indeed above Her Majesty Hillary Clinton, whose shine has turned to | Read More »

    Register that Lawn Mower

    The Environmental Policy Alliance has released a new ad detailing the absurdity of new Environmental Protection Agency rules that will outlaw everyday activities like cutting your grass.  It is worth your time. Under communist-rule in Romania, citizens were expected to register their typewriters to ensure anyone writing material against the state could be tracked.  It appears that we are heading down a similar track but | Read More »

    Top 10 Most Unfortunate Named Candidates

    In recognition of the 15-year-old North Carolina sophomore “Deez Nuts” the teen presidential candidate, we decided to step away from research to take a look back at other political candidate names that inspired a chuckle.   1) Young Boozer  |  The 39th State Treasurer of Alabama.   2) Janelle A. Lawless  |  Former chief judge of the 30th Circuit Court in Ingham County, Michigan.   3) | Read More »

    The Real Economic Crisis Is Our Culture

    (Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images) The real challenge of economic growth is not changes to taxes or regulation, as important as those policies are. It is not innovation and education, even though both are necessary and important. The economic problems will not be resolved through legal or government reforms, although without those reforms the prospect of economic growth is slim. At the root, our economic | Read More »

    Washington Post op-ed: Black votes should count more than whites’

    Washington Post op-ed: Black votes should count more than whites'

    The idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves has been a topic of discussion in the far-left wing of the Democrat party for years, and there have even been rumblings that Obama might push for such an idea in 2016 before he leaves office. While the likelihood of reparations becoming reality is debatable, there remains no lack of ideas for ways to make America | Read More »

    Dear Donald: Stop for now attacking the other candidates, and focus on the REAL enemies, Boehner and McConnell

    Donald Trump has a unique opportunity in the next 5 weeks to further shake up the GOP race, and to increase his support among the GOP base. Trump’s been busy attacking everyone and anything. That’s politics. As one wag  put it over 100 years ago, “politics ain’t beanbag.” And his attacks are having some success. After first vowing to ignore “Mr. Trump,” Jeb Bush has | Read More »

    What’s Behind the Continual Appeal of Ben Carson?

    To many on the Left, Ben Carson remains an enigma.  Most of the attention on the “outsider” candidates focuses on two other people for different reasons.  With Donald Trump, it is his personality and ego and over-the-top statements.  Almost self-describing himself as the anti-PC candidate, his rhetoric could be rude and his tone nasty.  That appeals to some people who dress it up as, “He | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Oil’s down, gasoline isn’t. What’s up?

    This year, several unexpected maintenance issues happened in the spring. Other refineries worked overtime to make up the shortage. That, plus low crude prices, means that many refiners didn’t shutdown for the usual spring turnaround. Fuel News notes, potential profit encouraged refiners to “get while the getting’s good.”

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    The Republican Party Needs To Change

    The Republican Party Needs To Change

    “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Never did Thomas Jefferson realize that his remark to John Adams would carry so much significance today; applying to a broken political system with ever-increasing polarization and gridlock. Over the past few years, Americans have had to dream of a Congress that would work again, that actually had the best interests | Read More »

    Vulnerable Sen. Mark Kirk Maybe Be Replaced By Rep. Adam Kinzinger

    [mc_name name='Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)' chamber='senate' mcid='K000360' ] and [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ] Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) 15% is the most vulnerable of all incumbent Republicans anywhere in the country.  All of the political predictors, forecasters, political observers, and race handicappers agree on this and have for some time.  Illinois is a | Read More »

    No Reason for Gun Advocate Groups

      I receive daily updates from a conglomerate of gun advocate organizations and clubs. I quickly learned that gun clubs, like other political and semi-political groups, thrive on sensationalism—there’s never a shortage of crises. Bloomberg works tirelessly through the night concocting plans to register firearms, Congress talks about nothing but banning “assault weapons,” and the U.N. meets monthly to talk about ways to impose a | Read More »

    The Next President will be Trump or a Democrat

    It is very likely that the next President will either be Donald Trump or whoever wins the Democratic nomination. If you see a problem with my logic, please let me know. But it seems to me that most of the election scenarios have a similar outcome – Trump or a Democrat in the White House in 2017.

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    Hillary Clinton Not Only Email Scandal in Town

    The Hillary Clinton email scandal is not the only game in town.  A new report by the the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal),  entitled Private Interests & Public Office: Coordination Between Governors, the Obama White House and the Tom Steyer-“Founded and Funded” Network of Advocacy Groups to Advance the “Climate” Agenda (and an appendix of source documents), reveals a vast, coordinated, three-track effort by public officials and | Read More »

    How Google Can Rig Everything in Washington, D.C. – and All Around the World

    Let us ponder for a moment who and what Google is. Google has made tens of billions of dollars – being all up in your business. Uber-efficiently doing what governments the world over have for centuries only at best bumblingly attempted – accumulating reams and reams of data on millions and millions of people. Google is a private company. These millions of people voluntarily use | Read More »

    Welcome to California

    Forget the wildfires and the drought, California’s biggest problems are on paper.  California has sunk so low that it did not even make CNBC’s Top States to Live 2015 list.  A deadly combination of ecological destruction and seemingly senseless lawmakers has doomed the west-coast state.  From welfare to immigration, liberal and socialist policies have turned the formerly glamorous state of California into a living hell. | Read More »

    Where Have You Gone, Marco Rubio?

    By most accounts, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% was the nominal winner of the Republican debate held earlier this month.  There were no break out stars from the prime time debate with Carly Fiorina being the obvious star from the earlier debate/forum.  This writer has watched and re-watched the debate and has to conclude that if I had to pick a winner, | Read More »

    Hold on! Wait just a sec! THIS is supposed to be a BIG F***IN’ Deal?

    A little travellin’ music for our Democrat friends… “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” More and more Democrats, in a near panic about Hillary’s plunging polls, and the ever increasing email ( and other) scandals, have suddenly convinced themselves that Biden’s Biden’s been observed the last week or so, walking around with a wistful, yet somewhat whimsical expression on his face, humming an old Clash | Read More »

    Looking for answers in HillaryGate?

    Hillary set up an illegal server. She claims never to have read any classified materials. What did she do all those years? Lounge on the beach. Even if she didn’t read anything, and quite honestly I can believe it, she still set up a honey pot server and the world had access to America’s top secrets. Who knows what else they gained from this info. | Read More »

    Of The Currant Citizenship Controversy

    On one side we have those proclaiming “Birthright Citizenship” or jus sanguinis as the law of the land here in the United States, an unconditional basis for citizenship as such as anyone born in this territory has citizenship. However, “Birthright Citizenship” is not actually “Birthplace Citizenship” or jus soli and ought not to be confused with jus sanguinis as is this side of the debate. | Read More »

    Is Scott Walker a Racist?

    As this campaign heats up, accusations will be flying from the Left in an attempt to tear down the eventual GOP nominee for President.  One such accusation that caught this reader’s eye involved Scott Walker being racist.  I endured about ten articles from Leftist websites on this issue.  Since becoming Governor of Wisconsin, Walker has undid years of Democratic/Leftist chicanery in Wisconsin.  This attack on | Read More »

    For the Dual Citizens Among Us: Doing it Right in Greenwich Village

    If Political Issue #1 for the evangelical Christian is Life, and we are surrounded by a culture of Death, and we are forbidden to employ weapons of the flesh (including “anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk (Col. 3:8)”, cursing, and vengeance) to destroy its strongholds, and yet we will be scoffed at if we so much as quote a Bible verse, then how can | Read More »

    Ranking the GOP Candidates by their Ability to Win the General Election

    Ranking the GOP Candidates by their Ability to Win the General Election

    If you look on the surface, one might think that the polls indicate that Donald Trump is the best candidate to go up against the Democrats in the general election. As history has shown, the ability to get support within one’s own party is not always an indicator of ability to win in the general election. In fact, one can argue that either Rick Santorum | Read More »

    #ProtestPP draws Granite State crowds

    #ProtestPP draws Granite State crowds

    The nationwide #ProtestPP event  held on August 22 included five scheduled demonstrations in New Hampshire. The largest was in Manchester, where 175 people gathered to call for an end to public funding of Planned Parenthood and an end to PP’s business in abortion and the procurement of fetal body parts. Just before the protests began, the Center for Medical Progress announced an eighth video documenting abusive | Read More »

    Pro-Lifers Aren’t Pro-Life After Birth

    Pro-Lifers Aren't Pro-Life After Birth

    Today I attended the ProtestPP demonstration; it’s brought forth some good conversation online. I’ve seen a few comments from some people that are sympathetic with the pro-choice position (to varying degrees). Here are a few things (paraphrased) that I’ve read online: ‘I’d be more sympathetic with the pro-life position if they helped kids in poverty.’ ‘Getting rid of Planned Parenthood wouldn’t stop other places from doing | Read More »

    Will the Next President Enforce Citizenship Law?

    Early Americans officials realized the preciousness of citizenship and the danger to the Republic of granting citizenship to any who did not respect the Constitution and the freedoms America offered. If aliens might be admitted indiscriminately to enjoy all the rights of citizens… the Union might itself be endangered by an influx of foreigners hostile to its institutions, ignorant of its powers, and incapable of | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Trump vs. Clinton – Potentially the Greatest Celebrity Battle in History

      Re-posted from WND.com Here on RedState back in June of 2013, I penned a piece entitled, “Why it looks like Donald Trump is really running for president in 2016.” At the end I posed a humorous question I thought was far removed from reality: “Can one even fathom all the blood and guts that would spill from a Clinton vs. Trump 2016 match-up? There | Read More »

    Is Donald Trump Hurting the GOP?

    As anyone who has read any of my entries here, I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  The back-and-forth here on Redstate and other sites over Donald Trump’s candidacy would be amusing at any other time but for the stakes involved in 2016.  Historical trends alone indicate a favorable atmosphere for a Republican presidential victory in 2016.  Trump’s refusal to pledge against a third | Read More »

    Outrage Machine Targets Sorority for… Being Pretty?

    This past week, the Internet exploded over a sorority recruitment video. Why? Because their recruitment video is “worse for women than Donald Trump.” The sorority, apparently not enjoying that they were being tarred and feathered across the Internet, has taken the video down. If you really want, you can find it elsewhere now. But it’s rather mundane: if you’ve seen one sorority recruitment video, you’ve | Read More »

    Birthright Citizenship Has to Go—no Matter What the Wall Street Journal Says

      By Bob Bennett In the August 21st Wall Street Journal, the lead editorial rips the idea of ending “birthright citizenship,” which Donald Trump put forth in his immigration policy paper. The editorial debunks the idea held by many experts that the 14th Amendment has been misinterpreted, allowing enormous numbers of illegal aliens to give birth on our shores to instant citizens. This allows a | Read More »

    Donald Trump is a birther only when convenient

    Donald Trump is a birther only when convenient

    In 2011, Donald Trump thrust himself into the national spotlight when he questioned the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. According to Trump, had Obama been born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, he would have been rendered ineligible for the presidency. Barack Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. His father resided in the U.S. but was not a citizen. Earlier | Read More »

    Trump still leads; is a Trump/ Cruz ticket in the works?

    Trump, whatever you think about him, you have to give it to him that he is really good at making big deals.   Someone that is in deal making is always thinking about winning the deal; what do they need to do to win?  How can I structure the deal to beat the competition?  Business is very competitive, and it requires a certain mind set that is | Read More »

    GOP organizations in NC support Meadows effort to remove Boehner UPDATED

    Congressman Mark Meadows efforts to remove Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% as Speaker of the House are getting support from party officials in North Carolina, as two Republican Congressional District party organizations at the opposite end of the state from Meadows district overwhelmingly endorsed his efforts.  The resolution is being circulated to other GOP congressional district organizations and is expected to gather | Read More »

    Texas Governor Abbott to New Hampshire Employers: Texas Is Open for Business

    Texas Governor Abbott to New Hampshire Employers: Texas Is Open for Business

    More than 20 governors have proposed tax relief this year, increasing competition among the states for jobs and talent. New Hampshire and Texas provide a great case study that demonstrates why states cannot afford to ignore burdensome business taxes. Texas’s pro-growth tax policies and Right-to-Work status earned the economic outlook ranking of 11th best in the 2015 Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness | Read More »

    The Donald Trump Bandwagon – A Case of Over-Correction

    The more I observe politicians, the more I notice their tendency to over-correct. Obamacare was an over-correction to real problems plaguing our healthcare system. The Iraq War was, I think I am safe in saying, a costly and unnecessary over-correction in the War on Terror. But I think that voters sometimes over-correct, too. And Donald Trump’s current popularity among conservatives strikes me as a prime | Read More »

    AFP Defending The Dream Summit: Millennials And Freedom

    Caleb Bonham(Campus Reform), Casey Given(Students For Liberty), Ryan Houck(Free Market America) Millennials and freedom was the topic of a panel discussion at Americans For Properties Defending The American Dream summit in Columbus, Ohio featuring Ryan Houck of Free Market America, Casey Given of Students For Liberty, and Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform. Caleb Bonham said that Millennials have a bunch of | Read More »

    AFP Defending The Dream Summit: Breitbart’s Brandon Darby On Leaving Liberalism

    Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby and Anita MonCrief with AFP Breitbart Texas’ Editor Brandon Darby was among the first speakers in Columbus, Ohio for Americans For Prosperities 9th annual Defending The American Dream summit.  Darby has been at the forefront of reporting on the illegal immigration crisis and last years surge of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors along the Texas border with Mexico. | Read More »

    Executive Order 13526- HRC was the “Original Classification Authority” for Foggy Bottom

    Per BO’s executive orders,  Her ThighNess, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was one of the few people in government who was tasked with declaring a document Secret or Top Secret. It’s not about her “being a conduit” for documents that didn’t have the right markings. She was supposed to be the Classification Authority for Foggy Bottom. She was the responsible party who was tasked with being the | Read More »

    Trump … Why He Might Be Our Best Chance

    I’m a Conservative.  I wish that Rick Perry would be the nominee.  However…this post is in reply to Gawken and I feel it is important.  Do I like the current situation in this country?  No…I do not.  Do I wish that America’s culture had not changed…Yes I do…but it has and I have to live with it.  I want someone that will deal with current | Read More »