2016 Gubernatorial Races- February News

    Gubernatorial news increased a little in February, so here we go: Indiana:  Eric Holcomb dropped out of the open Senate race and will instead run on the same ticket as incumbent Republican Governor Mike Pence as his Lt. Governor.  Current Lt. Governor Sue Ellerspun will be stepping down to become president of a college. New Hampshire:  Manchester mayor Ted Gatsas is rumored to be interested | Read More »

    What the Hell is Going on Here? Just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !?

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions: My mother used to walk out of the room after switching off “Hogan’s Heroes”. Her mother–my Gramma– survived the Czarist anti-Jewish pogroms, and the show disgusted her. Even it’s cartoon caricatures of Sergeant Schultz and Colonel Klink as buffoons, some twenty years after the end of Nazi Germany didn’t assuage her burning rage. “There’s nothing funny about Nazis,” is all she’d say | Read More »

    Five GOP Candidates: What have we Learned?

    The presidential field is narrowing. Not fast enough for some people. But we have seen a good bit of the candidates by now and can draw some conclusions about them and their supporters. Donald Trump has turned the race on its head by voicing what so many people are thinking, but perhaps are too intimidated to say out loud. His style is hyperbole. “We’re going to make America | Read More »

    It’s time to pull the race card on The Donald…

    Following the recent news story over Trump “looking into” the KKK, etc. before making up his mind, we can conclude that as fast as possible Rubio and Cruz need to do even more than their recent Tweets. They need to go nuclear as fast as possible. David Duke, BTW, upped the rhetoric: “treason to your heritage” & saying, cryptically, “I hope he does everything we | Read More »

    Better get that 3rd party rolling quickly

    I realize that most voters aren’t as invested in the process as bloggers, so maybe they’re not entirely representative.  But I have to assume that on some level they represent similar minded voters.  With that in mind, I’ve just spent a depressing hour on a couple of other blog sites (no, not Breitbart, which I know is out of balance).  Trump supporters seem to stay away | Read More »

    Republican Base Voters Want A Fighter: So Pick A Fight

    Donald Trump’s appeal is built around his persona as a fighter – right or wrong; he doesn’t back down, he doesn’t apologize, he doesn’t cave, and when you hit him – he hits back. For many rank-and-file Republicans, this is as refreshing as a tall frosted glass of ice cold water after miles of traipsing through unforgiving desert. From eight frustrating years of watching George | Read More »

    The Tea… Party is over.

    The Tea... Party is over.

    I’ve abstained from writing over the past few days because of the continuous drip of negative news on the conservative front. However after Sessions endorsed THE TRUMP today the final nail in the coffin has been made for me. I’m always an optimist by nature but I’m no fool either. Let me start my post with a brief look back in history. Starting in 2010 (and before that) our movement | Read More »

    Europe has better pro-life abortion laws than the US.

    I wasn’t expecting ever to write that headline, but I find it to be true. Here are a few examples. Germany: In Germany, abortion’s legality and the ability to obtain it depends largely on how far along into the pregnancy the woman seeking an abortion is. The abortion rate is 6.1 abortions per 1000 women. During the First Trimester: It is on demand, but requires | Read More »

    Conservative Groups Fight Shameless Waste in Medicare

    Three leading conservative groups are leading the fight against a quiet effort by the Obama administration to shield politically powerful healthcare interests from fiscal accountability. Americans for Tax Reform (ATF), headed by founder Grover Norquist, the lobbying arm of Citizens against Government Waste (CAGW), and the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) joined in a recent letter denouncing Obama’s stealth campaign to enable Medicare fraud. At issue | Read More »

    Lessons from Grandfather

    When my wife’s grandfather was a young man, he lived in a country which had once been a great and proud nation, a nation leading in commerce, technology and philosophy. In those years, that once great nation was becoming beaten down. They were not winning anymore: not economically and certainly not in esteem from other countries. In later years, my wife and I were able | Read More »

    Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz Scuffle on Fox News

    Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz scuffled today on Fox News Sunday, with Cruz saying that Wallace was “reading the Donald Trump attack file” in outlining well-worn talking points about Cruz campaign “tactics”. The full interview can be seen here, but the fireworks begin shortly after the start of this video portion:   With every passing day, it is clear many of the Fox News talking | Read More »

    Stop Trump – Get Out the Vote

    The 26 states and territories voting between now an March 15 may well determine whether or not Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and voters in November will be forced to decide between an unprincipled blowhard and a terminally corrupt failure as Secretary of State. – If you live in one of these states, please vote – generally, whether you are a Republican or not; | Read More »

    The silver lining of a Trump nomination

    As I’ve said in some of my past diaries, at heart I’m an optimistic person.  I always try to see the good in every situation, no matter how bleak it may seem.  This primary fight is no different. I still don’t believe Trump will be the nominee, but as conservatives we have to at least start mentally preparing ourselves for that possibility.  The truth is | Read More »

    Oh My..Rubio Got Fox News to Silence Hannity and O’Reilly on Amnesty

    From the NY Times: Their mission was to persuade Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the media empire, and Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive of its Fox News division, to keep the network’s on-air personalities from savaging the legislation and give it a fighting chance at survival. (emphasis mine) Mr. Murdoch, an advocate of immigration reform, and Mr. Ailes, his top lieutenant and the | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/28/16 -UPDATE–Sessions/Trump, Pie and Peyton, Tweeting Mussolini,

    Up on Drudge: SEN. SESSIONS TO ENDORSE TRUMP ” The conservative soul of the US Senate, Jeff Sessions, will endorse Trump this evening at a Huntsville, Alabama rally…” This is developing so stay tune. http://drudgereport.com/trumpal.htm   Big Case for the Supremes: SCOTUS is set to hear an important abortion case Wednesday. The issues involve the “… standards for doctors and facilities” where abortions take place. Yahoo explains: “One | Read More »

    Whatever Trump’s hiding in his tax returns, it’s gotta be pretty bad for him (THIS WILL NOT STAND!)

    Trump was on several of the Sunday shows this morning. By my count,  when the subject of his tax returns came up, THREE TIMES he was asked if he would release a brief summary for each of the last few years, providing the following information: 1. Total income 2. Effective tax rate, and/or total income taxes paid 3. Amount of charitable donations. Now, this is | Read More »

    The Kim Kardashian Kandidate

    Tens of millions of Americans are fascinated each day by people whose sole claim is that they are “famous for being famous.” The tabloids feature on their front page the latest comings and goings, crack-ups, and crack use, who is doing what to whom.  There’s TMZ, Access Hollywood, People, zillions of blogs, thousands of paparazzi…..all devoted to providing us the latest 411 on Kim, Khloe, | Read More »

    The Houston Debate: Analysis and Grades

    Once again, after watching the debate live and again taped, and reading the transcript and given some time to ruminate not in the moment, its time to look at how the five candidates did upon reflection.  In alphabetical order: Dr. Ben Carson During the debate, I repeatedly asked myself, “Why is this guy on the stage?”  After watching it again and reading the transcript, nothing | Read More »

    Battle for the US Senate- 2016: February News

    There was more news on the 2016 Senatorial races in February as filing deadlines in Maryland, Indiana and Pennsylvania passed besides the news from other races.  If a particular race is not mentioned here, chances are there was no major news.  Not all races are analyzed each month, however there is a rating chart at the end that does occasionally change based on news, polls, | Read More »

    I Was There – Ted Cruz Fought Marco Rubio’s Amnesty Bill

    In 2013, Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) “Gang of Eight” instant amnesty bill, S. 744, passed in the Senate, and was destined to be passed by Speaker Boehner in the House by one of two possible schemes. The Speaker was planning to conference a House border security bill with Rubio’s amnesty bill, and pack the conference with pro-amnesty Members. Alternatively, he might have simply scheduled a vote on the Senate bill | Read More »

    Donald Trump – An extreme risk to Freedom of the Press and Free Speech

    Why is Donald Trump so animated against investigative journalism that he wishes to be the prime mover in an effort to produce a chilling effect on the reporting of public figures, celebrities and elected officials? A full, frontal assault on the media’s ability to fulfill its’ role as public watchdog? Could it be because such journalists have contradicted Donald Trump’s self aggrandizing public claims about himself, both in the past and more recently?

    Read More »

    The Mega Powers

    How can Ted Cruz and or Marco Rubio defeat Donald Trump? Thursday’s debate in Texas gave us all a glimpse of what has to happen. As Rush Limbaugh put it on his show Friday the tag team of Cruz and Rubio hammering away at Trump truly struck a nerve with him, and it has rattled him. Cruz and Rubio have put aside their differences for | Read More »

    Change We Don’t Need

      For many years to come, historians and political authors will capture the political wave phenomenon that is sweeping through the 2016 election primaries like a tsunami. Political pundits have tried in every news cycle to predict the outcome of both the Republican and Democrat races, but to no avail. However, Barack Obama’s election campaign slogan of “Change” is slowly taking shape all across America | Read More »

    Ben Carson Should NOT Quit!

    Benjamin Carson is an American citizen who deserves the right to run (like any other candidate) for President of the United States of America. He stands upon the foundation of those who had suffered for the civil rights of all people whose rights had been denied for almost 200 years via laws in the U.S.A. Carson stands upon the foundation of the black Christian church, which was the heart and soul of the Civil Rights Movement.

    Read More »

    Super Tuesday in Three Days

    Super Tuesday is just around the corner and I’m wondering if the dynamics of the race have been altered by the last debate. To anyone with an objective bone in their body (this does not include Trump fools), Trump not only lost/failed miserably but he proved to be an even bigger blithering idiot than advertised.  Trump has been on the defensive for three days now and his | Read More »

    Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker should endorse Rubio asap

    Let’s face it, Carly and Gov. Walker aren’t gonna endorse Sen. Cruz.  If they’re gonna endorse anyone, it’ll be Sen. Rubio, and in that case it’s only a matter of when, not if. With this diary, I’m making the case that that time needs to be now.  They know as well as we do that Trump must be stopped if we want a conservative nominee. | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/27/16 – A vet takes on a former President, Hate-crime “victims” charged, Oscar ballot

    Kasich to Drop Out if He Loses Ohio: John Kasich was in TN Saturday and told voters if he doesn’t win his home state when voters head to the polls March 5th, then he’s getting out.   The most recent poll, from Quinnipiac, has Donald Trump leading Kasich by 5 percent. Pull out the checkbook for Trump: About those fundraising letters you get from Republican organizations, candidates, and PACS. | Read More »

    Is Sen. Mark Kirk Afraid Of His Primary Opponent James Marter? You Betcha

    Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk is the most vulnerable incumbent seeking reelection in 2016 and his precarious position coupled with his lingering health issues related to his stroke several years ago has caused the states Junior Senator to become deathly afraid of even being in the same room as his conservative primary challenger Oswego businessman James Marter. Last Saturday the LaSalle county Tea Party hosted a | Read More »

    What We Need Is One Good Cowboy

    What We Need Is One Good Cowboy

    This has been one of the hardest political seasons of my entire 40+ years of living. I remember being in my 20s before getting truly enthralled by the process. The first election I recall voting in was the 1992 election, that saw Ross Perot act as spoiler, receiving about 19% of the popular vote – just enough to end George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign and | Read More »

    Marco Rubio for President, Ted Cruz for Associate Justice of SCOTUS

    If I were Marco Rubio, I would jump on the phone and call Ted Cruz and say this, “How would you like to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States?”  Obviously Ted Cruz wants to be President of the United States, he’s running for that job, but surely this thought would be intriguing to him. Cruz would be a magnificent Supreme | Read More »

    The Trump Wall: The most outrageous political lie since–well, free college for everyone!

    Trump proudly states he will build a wall along our southern border, and he will make Mexico pay for it—-and the crowd goes wild!  Sanders says he will make college free for everyone—-and the crowd goes wild!  Promising everyone a pony has a better chance of happening than either of these two “campaign promises”.  But for now, let’s just talk about Trumps wall.   I | Read More »

    Christie’s Endorsement of Trump

    I believe we now have some idea of why and how Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign and rise to front-runner status: payoffs.  This might explain why people like Ben Carson and John Kasich are still in the race.  When the definitive book is written on this campaign, do not be surprised if Trump promised Carson the removal of Gideon’s Bible in Trump hotels to | Read More »


    Erick Erickson is the former editor-in-chief of the conservative Republican website, RedState, and former CEO of RedState Inc. One of the site rules for which Mr Erickson was responsible is this one: 6. It is forbidden to promote or give any kind of support for parties other than the Republican Party, or candidates running against Republican primary, caucus, and/or convention nominees. Exceptions to this rule | Read More »

    The Battle for the House 2016: February News- Part 2

    NV-04: We don’t hear too much from this endangered Republican held seat by incumbent Crescent Hardy, but the Democrats are heavily targeting this district.  Since Harry Reid endorsed Ruben Kihuen, he has gotten a ton of union endorsements.  However, there are others in the mix on the Democratic side.  Susie Lee is partially self-funding here and has a cash advantage over Kihuen while John Oceguera | Read More »

    Is Kasich next to endorse Donald Trump?

    All the signs are there. Kasich must be thinking he wants to be Trump’s favorite. He has no chance on his own and Christie, while he would take vice president, is probably wanting the Attorney General spot.  Kasich has the potential to deliver Ohio to Trump.  Of course it must be a wee bit disconcerting to Kasich that Trump is leading him in Ohio. When | Read More »

    What, in the name of God, is wrong with evangelicals?

    One of the lesser reported stories of the Obama era, by the MSM,  is the tremendous growth in support for the pro-life movement. Polling data is near unanimous in showing that public opinion is changing. The crowds at rallies get larger each year.  Abortion clinics around the country are closing their doors. Many states have enacted laws to protect the unborn. While there is still | Read More »

    Thomas Sowell Raises Two Extremely Important Questions

    It really is common sense, but in today’s society where good judgment is so clouded by political correctness, which as Dr. Ben Carson has pointed out really does dumb us down, it takes someone as brilliant as Dr. Sowell to point it out.

    Read More »

    Fruit salad, seriously?!?!

    Dr. Ben Carson’s comment about “fruit salad” during Thursday night’s GOP debate sparked a social media frenzy. When asked about selecting a Supreme Court justice, Carson replied: As president, I would go through and I would look at what a person’s life has been. What have they done in the past, what kind of judgments have they made? What kind of associations do they have? | Read More »

    Why Rubio Should be our First Choice

    Super Tuesday is here and the stakes are high. There is little chance that anyone can win the Republican nomination except Donald Trump unless Republicans wake up and admit what is about to happen. We need to rally around a candidate. I think that candidate should be Marco Rubio. If you are thinking about voting for Donald Trump, please don’t. It should be obvious as to | Read More »

    If you’re losing, you might should change the game

      Last night on the debate stage, those of us desperate to see (almost) anybody but DT win the nomination got a breath of fresh air.  Whether in the end it changes the outcome has yet to be determined, but there is now at least a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  In order to figure out if that light is an exit | Read More »

    Not only do the ‘transgender’ want to live a lie, but they want to compel everyone else to go along with their delusions

    From The New York Times:¹ South Dakota Bill on Transgender Students’ Bathroom Access Draws Ire By Mitch Smith | The New York Times | February 25, 2016 SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — For Thomas Lewis, a high school senior who plays trumpet in the marching band and works evenings at a grocery store, South Dakota’s contentious debate over transgender rights is personal. Mr. (sic) Lewis, 18, | Read More »

    The Battle for the House- 2016: February News- Part 1

    AL-02:  A National Journal article appeared to breath life into the campaign of Republican Becky Gerritson in her bid to challenge fellow Republican incumbent Martha Roby in the primary.  However, several polls show Roby absolutely crushing her in the primary. AZ-01:  Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeau’s candidacy is facing some headwinds on the GOP side for this open Democratic seat.  Video recently surfaced indicating that he | Read More »

    Limbaugh Says the Christie Endorsement is HUGE!!!!!

    Against my better judgment, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show today at about 2:00 est. I thought that maybe he would have watched the debate and that he would have some honest comment on it. After all he has no problem talking about how wonderful Trump did in the last debates. To that end Rush always spends a lot of time explaining how Trump sends secret | Read More »

    Rubio to voters: “Are you not entertained?”

    There’s a small part of me that’s ambivalent about the events of the past 18 hours in the GOP primary.  Am I happy that Rubio finally joined the fray against Donald Trump?  Of course.  But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Rubio is not only the last person to attack Trump, he’s also the first. No, I haven’t forgotten Jeb Bush’s pearl-clutching gasps about how the Donald | Read More »

    Democrats Count on Public Pressure as Their ‘Best Weapon’ in Supreme Court Fight

    Democrats Count on Public Pressure as Their ‘Best Weapon’ in Supreme Court Fight

    From the steps of the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats unleashed their latest messaging barrage in the battle over whether President Obama should fill the open seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., blasted Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, after the chairman of the Judiciary Committee accused Democrats earlier Thursday of throwing “childish tantrums.” Sounding incredulous, Reid responded to the characterization by | Read More »

    Millions Watched as Ted Cruz Showed What Happens When You Give Trump Enough Rope

    For a couple of weeks, about the only thing that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth was the word “liar” as he failed miserably in attempts to bring down his presidential rivals. Whether on stage, in tweets or in a studio it was all you heard out of him. Liar. Here is part of the debate from 2/25/16 with a little help from an interview Smugly did in September. It clearly | Read More »

    Watercooler 02/26/16 Open Thread: Whack A’ Trump

    I am sure most of you have played the popular carnival game “Whack A’ Mole” at some point in your lives.  You know the one where that pesky little varmint pops it’s head up out of random holes and you have the responsibility to bash that little sucker in the head with a rubber mallet.  Teaching that thieving glorified rat that he isn’t just gonna | Read More »

    Random thoughts on last night’s debate part 2

    Please read part 1, otherwise this won’t make sense since I left off in the middle of that diary.  I had to split it into two parts since it got pretty long. Continued from part 1 . . . .   Wow. Carson is having his own little mini meltdown. All of the other candidates are just looking at him with confusion. Like the rest | Read More »

    He’s Cut! And it’s a Bad Cut!- Rubio finally Trumps Trump in a debate- part 1

    Here are my random thoughts on last night’s debate, in flow of consciousness form as I always give them:   Marco Rubio’s opening statement told me he was finally gonna go after Trump. That was the first time he addressed the issue of how we define conservatism without being asked about it. He clearly wanted to frame the debate and set himself up for his | Read More »

    Trump’s Waterloo

    Last night I found myself imagining a President Trump petulantly challenging the press, senators from his own party, and his own cabinet members.  Then it hit me again—something I’ve known all along—Trump will never be president.  He will have a one-on-one and meet his waterloo.  Unfortunately it may come at the hands of Hillary Clinton.  His supporters are so foolishly focusing on everything they hate | Read More »