The State of Political Consulting: Rapid Growth, Stale Ideas, Same Old Corruption

    Today Politico, a Washington insider publication that is intensely read on Capital Hill, published a piece uncritically cataloging the growing role of consultants in political campaigns. Washington D.C. may not have a problem with consultants, but if the American people certainly may, provided they ever realize the role consultants play in the average campaign and how that impacts our elections. The problem with consultants is | Read More »

    Marco Rubio And These Other Republicans Voted To Put The First Amendment Up For Debate

    Marco Rubio And These Other Republicans Voted To Put The First Amendment Up For Debate

    There isn’t much to say about this. Senator Tom Udall has proposed a constitutional amendment which would gut the First Amendment, by allowing Congress and state governments to regulate campaign spending. Udall claims that his amendment would not violate the freedom of the press, but there is nothing to prevent such violations from occurring. Please watch Senators Lee and Cruz poke holes in this amendment | Read More »

    Education: Think Globally; Act Locally

    In assessing America’s international competitiveness, many experts would give us good marks for having deep capital markets, high entrepreneurship, and a “best in class” university system. That is why people come here to invest, start a (particularly tech) business, and get a college or post-graduate education. On the other hand, the United States is well down the international ranks in terms of the business tax code and K-12 | Read More »

    IL Rep’s Luis Gutierrez and Cheri Bustos Forget 9/11

    Thirteen years ago today Al Qaeda terrorist took the lives of nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans. While the nation has been reflecting on that horrific day as a new threat from ISIS looms and remembering the lives lost two members of Illinois’ congressional delegation forgot to make any mention whatsoever of the day on their official Twitter accounts. Amnesty advocate Luis Gutierrez’s only tweet | Read More »

    Dueling Washington gun initiatives

    Washington voters will be presented with two firearms initiatives in November’s general election.  Initiative 591 reaffirms existing federal background checks. Initiative 594 is being sold as “universal background checks” for purchasing firearms. It is that, but it’s much more. Eighteen pages of red tape criminalizes such ordinary activities as loaning your hunting rifle to a friend or relative – unless you visit a gun dealer, | Read More »

    The FCC’s Ill-Fated Quest to Make the Internet a Public Utility

    If you logged into your Netflix account last night to binge watch one of your favorite shows, you’ll probably noticed the “wheel of death” icon spinning. That’s because Netflix, along with a number of other popular websites like Etsy, Kickstarter and Foursquare, are trying to make a statement about an impending decision from the Federal Communications Commission to impose net neutrality on broadband provides. Companies | Read More »

    Anniversary of September 11th 2001

      13 years. 13 years and it feels like it was only yesterday that these events that mar our history took place but here we are. My family was fairly traditional, father worked, mom stayed home to take care of the kids, all or most of the kids were in school. We lived in Reseda California, a quiet suburb of Los Angeles in the San | Read More »

    Restoring the Second Amendment on College Campuses

    More than 19 million students are set to begin spring semester in colleges across the United States. With mass shootings and individual crimes on college campuses lingering in the minds of parents, students, and college employees, safety is critical and invaluable. But university police departments are admittedly over-stretched and unprepared, endangering the well-being of students and faculty. While some states are rushing to restrict the | Read More »

    McDaniel Infighting: Et tu, Plunkett?

      In a recent blog post, Keith Plunkett, blogger – turned spurned McDaniel staffer – turned blogger once more, attacked every member of the loose (and getting looser) confederation of conservative groups that comprise the McDaniel wing of the Mississippi Republican Party. Plunkett clearly aims to position himself as The. Only. Conservative. Who Truly Knows the Way Forward. Period. He attempts this by drawing equivalency | Read More »

    We Are No Longer a Serious People

    President Barack Obama’s address to the nation last night on the threat of ISIS and his strategy to deal with it demonstrated clearly that the American people are no longer a serious people.  Prior to the speech, I gave serious consideration to a point by point analysis.  After reading the text of the speech, I decided that it was really not worth the effort.  The speech | Read More »

    Tea Party Keeps Winning in Wisconsin

    ** Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron ** No other state in the union saw as big of a transformation of political control in the 2010 election as Wisconsin, going from liberal domination to conservative leadership. Following Gov. Walker’s bold collective bargaining reforms, the Left protested, whined, and forced recalls that ultimately failed. These activities spurred the Tea Party into action and gave them invaluable | Read More »

    A Detached President delivers a Detached Speech — and Obama’s Vietnam Begins

    Yesterday evening, a passionless President Obama stared into a teleprompter and breezed through a 15 minute speech on what his strategic and tactical plan would be to combat the biggest threat to American security to date. After reminding us that ISIS/ISIL is not “Islamic,” nor is it a “state” but a terror group, when more erudite minds refer to the group as a well-armed, well-financed | Read More »

    OK, just what is a “large scale, years long, multi-variant counter-terrorism action?”

    Oh, those funny, funny people at MSNBC. Last night, after Obama’s speech, they were tying themselves in knots, along with the English language attempting to prop up the president, to somehow defend him to their base,  get him off the hook for doing a 180 from his previous statements,  ( though it’s easy to see their hearts aren’t in it) and actually embracing the policies | Read More »

    September 11, 2001 – The day liberty died

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness – Declaration of Independence __________________________________________ As we approach another anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place in New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, we are | Read More »

    Let’s Get a SOFA and a Congressional Resolution Before Increasing Attacks Upon ISIS in Iraq

    President Obama recently said this about a status of forces agreement (SOFA):  “What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision. Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government. So let’s just be clear: The reason that we did not have a follow-on | Read More » Agen Texas Poker Dan Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya

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    Obama’s Weak, Pathetic, And Too Little Too Late ISIS Speech

    This evening in a prime-time address to the nation President Obama finally outlined his strategy to deal with the genocidal Islamic barbarian horde know as ISIS(I am not ever going to call them ISIL). To be perfectly blunt this was a rather pathetic address to the nation, with a weak outlining of the threat ISIS poses to the United States and the rest of the | Read More »

    Every Day is 9/11

    Every Day is 9/11. Every day is September 11th when we have enemies who want to destroy America. Enemies who are both foreign and domestic. Enemies who are always plotting against us. Patriotic and law-abiding Americans must be on guard against their own government and politicians as well as other countries and terrorists. They all have the same goal – to destroy our way of | Read More »

    I Never Listen to the Experts

    The experts say don’t write about religion on political blogs, and definitely don’t write long-winded crap like this on serious blogs. They say. Bah. I never listened to them anyway.

    Read More »

    Live Open Thread… This Is Your War Mr. President. Can We Talk?

    I’m not a betting sort of person but it’s fun to play one when no money is on the line. Odds are that the president will be late to speak as usual. And I’m betting that he will not use the word war once. I could be wrong. He won’t use the word Islamist Extremist either but we will hear extremists. He won’t blame Bush | Read More »

    EPA Proposed Regulation Would Significantly Hurt Access to Electricity

    EPA Proposed Regulation Would Significantly Hurt Access to Electricity

    When talking about energy and environmental policy, it is a bit troublesome to watch just how recklessly big-government environmentalists unfairly and erroneously accuse individuals and organizations of the pro-free market persuasion of being “climate deniers.” Instead of engaging in thoughtful, substantive discussion, many of these environmental activists oftentimes resort to this tactic of public shaming in order to eliminate debate and to bully individuals and | Read More »



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    Anizan Alternatif Google Adsense

    Anizan Alternatif Google Adsense : Google Adsense Alternative Anizan A Service Is The Best And Trusted Online Advertising in Indonesia Those already experienced in Internet marketing , Technology , Affiliate , PURCHASE , vehicles sisial marketing , and monetization solution . Blog Advertising Service Anizan is Google Adsense Alternatives And Anizan Advertising Best Blog in Indonesia . Anizan providing Advertising Solutions for advertisers * All | Read More »

    Fundraiser for Sharon Brannigan, Republican Nominee for the 3rd Congressional District

    You are invited to attend a Fundraiser for 3rd Congressional District Republican Nominee, Sharon Brannigan Where:  Davidson’s Bar and Grill, 14136 Bell Road, Homer Glen, Illinois When:  Thursday, September 18, 2014 Time:  7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. $50 per person, appetizers and cash bar Former Congressman Joe Walsh, Talk Show Host of AM 560 The Answer will be the Keynote Speaker Come on out and | Read More »

    Let’s Support Uber, Lyft, and Free Markets.

    Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft offer customers added choices in transportation. Unfortunately in big cities like Atlanta, governments have erected barriers to entering the taxi business by requiring taxi drivers purchase expensive “medallions” and limiting how many taxis can operate in their cities. These regulations artificially raise prices and stifle innovation. In some cities around America, government officials have even threatened Uber and | Read More »

    Land, Ho!

         What, exactly, is the compelling reason that Terry Lynn Land should be a senator? More presicely, why should she be MY senator? In a nation with 310 million souls, she’s among the best we can find, eh? Alright, she has a “musical name”– at least, that’s George Will’s Aristotelian pronouncement. Granted, her name is better in that department than,  say,  Mike Cox or Dick | Read More »

    When a Hate Crime Against a Memphis Teenager Isn’t a Hate Crime

    What kind of society have we created when a crime motivated purely by hate, anger, rage can’t be called a hate crime because of the color of the victims?

    Read More »

    Bernie Sanders Wants Rich People To Die

    At least you can say Bernie Sanders is ideologically consistent. The self-proclaimed socialist unabashedly declared on Saturday that “we need a tax system which asks the billionaire class to pay its fair share of taxes and which reduces the obscene degree of wealth inequality in America.” It was particularly fitting that the speech was at an AFL-CIO convention. Sander’s sentiment echos that of another famous | Read More »

    Headline Potpourri #60

    Professed Communist Van Jones insists that unarmed Black males have been gunned down all summer long. No doubt primarily by other Black males. So if it is established that the police officer in the Missouri shooting was defending himself, does that mean Southern Baptist propagandist Russell Moore intend to recant his racial pandering and instead publish a blog column on the need to respect law | Read More »


          It is no coincidence that many American cities plagued by crime violence, poverty and inadequate educational opportunities are governed by Democrats. Neither, is it a mystery why cities like Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois remain dangerous and blighted for years.      Surely, no one wants to live in hopelessness or deplorable conditions but the truth is that | Read More »

    Facebook blamed for high mobile data usage charges

    Topping over $110 million in worldwide donations from July 29 to August 29 – compared to $2.8 million during the same time period last year – the true power and might of social media became evident with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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    Ex-Im’s long, hot summer

    It’s been a long, miserable summer for the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank. Members of Congress have returned to Washington to find the Bank’s fate resting squarely in their hands. Ex-Im’s charter will expire on September 30 unless Congress acts to renew it, and given the events of the last few months, that reauthorization looks increasingly doubtful. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), and numerous other lawmakers, | Read More »

    9/11 is a Bad Day. I Will Not Fear

    9/11 is a Bad Day.  I Will Not Fear

    September 11th is a day on the calendar, and no different than the other 364 days.  It’s a bad day for America, but not the worst day in history.  Jews have a holiday dedicated to a terrible day on the calendar, the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av.  It’s the day when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed in 586 BC.  It’s also the day when | Read More »

    AS THE WORLD BURNS – Episode 4

    Coherence we can all take comfort in regarding ISIS/ISIL Terrorists as we examine a progressive string of Presidential pronouncements on how the United States plans to deal with the radical beheading Islamists: The JV Team>We don’t have a strategy > Manageable >Destroy and Degrade > Follow to Gates of Hell > We’ll Get back to you Wednesday.

    Read More »

    The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link

    The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link

    Paul Ryan is a smart man, and probably represents the mainstream thinking of the Republican Party, though like every ambitious politician he likes to position himself as a critic of the crowd. But In a recent interview with Matthew Continetti Ryan started out well by complaining about the GOP consultant class. “The consultant class always says play it safe, choose a risk-averse strategy. I don’t | Read More »

    The Inalienable Right to Bear Arms

    The Inalienable Right to Bear Arms

    Our founding fathers met in Philadelphia in May 1787 for the first Convention with the intention of “fixing” the Articles of Confederation.  Instead, they drafted and signed the Constitution of the United States in September of that same year. Federalists would concede to the demands of Anti-Federalists in 1791 during the 1st Congressional assembly, when the First through Tenth Amendments were adopted, thereby creating what | Read More »

    Who Will Get Worst Punishment: Memphis Kroger Mob, Missouri Gang, Or Ray Rice

    The National Football League has suspended running back Ray Rice indefinitely after TMZ made public new video footage of Rice punching his then fiancée in an elevator of an Atlantic City, NJ Hotel/Casino.  The Baltimore Ravens have cut Rice today because of the video, which only shows a new angle to the attack. The question I have is, will Rice’s punishment, an effective banishment from | Read More »

    The Blue States’ Economic Paradox

    The Blue States' Economic Paradox

    Blue states have a problem. Although there are some recently notable exceptions, most vehemently oppose cutting taxes, favoring instead a tax-and-spend or top-down redistribution approach. They require high taxes to finance the pet projects they believe the market is too short-sighted to support, like Solyndra. At the same time, however, these big government states try to pursue goals of economic growth, even if they believe | Read More »

    New Mexico Democrats #WarOnWomen

    New Mexico Democrats #WarOnWomen

    Last week an interesting report surfaced bringing to light the troubling work history of attorney Roxanne “Rocky” Lara.  Lara, a Carlsbad resident who is challenging New Mexico’s Republican Congressman Steve Pearce, has finally released information on her campaign website claiming she has represented “children, particularly in abuse and neglect situations.”  Really? Debbie Wasserman Schultz visited Albuquerque a couple weeks ago in an event supporting Democrats | Read More »

    Get Into The Daily Free Football Predictions

    Have you ever surprised how the specialist handicappers come up in their NBA specialist betting picks? While each specialist have their own way of determining their excellent picks, the single key element in creating winning sports picks, whether they are NBA specialist betting picks, NFL or yet NCAA football betting picks, is knowledge and stats. Experts do further than to watch the sports event. They | Read More »

    The 2016 Crystal Ball

    Having recently peered into my crystal ball and consulted Tarot cards and a Ouija board to boot, I saw the following vision.  It is December 2016.  The long presidential campaign is a thing of the past.  After Hillary Clinton dropped out of contention by her choice- she wanted to be a grandmother and the Clinton Foundation is more profitable than the presidency given her financial | Read More »

    One Mom’s Reflection on the Legacy of Chick-fil-a founder S. Truett Cathy

    S. Truett Cathy died this morning at the young age of 93, and with his passing our world lost a true gem. Mr. Cathy’s Chick-fil-a franchise has enriched my life as a mother and as a woman of faith tremendously, with their unwavering commitment to God and family — in that order. His company and it’s policies are more far-reaching than one might think, especially | Read More »


    Last weekend, American Majority trained our 30,000th  trainee at a Boot Camp Training in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s 30,000 new leaders and activists who have gone through American Majority’s cutting edge trainings to equip them to be agents of change in their local communities. Many of these people have gone on to run for state or local office, while many more found a way to use | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Don’t give up America’s economic and competitive advantage

    In her speech, Clinton repeated a falsehood Obama likes to reference: reducing CO2 emissions will improve children’s respiratory health. “Hillary apparently doesn’t know the difference between soot and CO2,” quipped Jane Orient, MD, and president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness.

    Read More »

    McDonald’s and the NLRB – those who can do, those who can’t regulate…

    Franchising has been nothing short of a spectacular success for America. From restaurants to hotels to auto shops to plumbers, franchising generates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year and employs millions of people across the country. Modern franchising as we know it was created a century and a half ago by Isaac Singer, an inventor, innovator and the founder of the Singer | Read More »

    The Death of Values

    Liberals have a secret passion: the death of values, and the elevation of class rules and pragmatism above all else.

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    Obama has “lyin’ eyes..”

    You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes And your smile is a thin disguise I thought by now you’d realize There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes That’s from The Eagles great 1975 hit.. During a more than 30 year career in the financial services industry I probably interviewed over 2,000 prospective candidates for employment. You look for certain characteristics and non-verbal clues: dress, posture, | Read More »

    The Closing of the Liberal Mind

     Political polarization is all the rage in the news.  Looked at realistically, one cannot say that the country is the most polarized it has ever been.  Perhaps that is true as long as political polling has been around, but to compare today’s political polarization to Andrew Jackson and his opposition to the national bank, the lead up to the Civil War, or even our entry | Read More »

    Senator Ted Cruz’s “Expatriate Terrorist Act” Has Right Intentions, Wrong Details

    Next week, Senator Ted Cruz will be filing a bill entitled the “Expatriate Terrorist Act.” This bill would strip the citizenship of American citizens who aid and abet terrorist groups. I agree with Cruz that those who take up arms against America should no longer be citizens. But I disagree with his means for accomplishing that. Neither Congress nor the President has the authority to | Read More »

    WWII Groundhog Day

    HISTORIC TIMES I was in the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation. We grew up having all of the adults in our lives being those who had seen the U.S. and its allies through to victory in WWII. Naturally, we were taught a lot about that historic conflict and the events leading up to it. Although it was exciting to have much of that | Read More »