The 2016 GOP presidential field needs a “rabbit.”

    Most people can correctly identify Roger Bannister  as the man who first ran a mile in under 4 minutes, in 1954. I expect  nobody can recognize the names Chris Bracher and Chris Chataway. The two served as pacemakers, or “rabbits” for Banister’s accomplishment. They set the pace in the early laps, allowing Bannister to focus early on just the mechanics of running free and easy, | Read More »

    Thank You Ted Cruz

    So, apparently the Constitution affirms the right for any two people to apply for and receive a marriage license from the state regardless of little things like whether it is possible for the relationship by nature to produce citizenry (the entire reason for recognizing and privileging marriage in the first place).  Thus we have in 11 years turned the entirety of human civilization on its | Read More »

    Jesus never taught “tolerance” – A look back

    Jesus never taught "tolerance" - A look back

    It was just a little over two years ago that Jason Collins, a washed-up NBA player nearing the end of his career and looking for some cheap publicity, announced to the world in a Sports Illustrated interview that he was “a 34-year-old NBA center” who was “black” and “gay.” In the interview, as he tried to justify his sexually deviant lifestyle, he reflected on the | Read More »

    The Question Before Religious Organizations: God or Mammon?

    “No one can be the slave of two masters; such a slave will hate one and love the other or will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Luke 16:13 The ruling by the SCOTUS on Friday will undoubtedly result in an assault on religious freedom in this country. This is not speculation or hysteria. The possibility | Read More »

    Marriage Policies in America Similar to Communist China

    It’s astounding to review the requirements to be legally married in America. Even more astounding is the reality that Americans, and especially Christians, comply with them. Worse still— Christians continue to demand that the government regulate a predominantly Christian practice. (Monogamous heterosexual marriage is a unique New Testament Christian concept. Nearly all non-Christian faiths advocate polygamy and pedophilia as part of acceptable social marriage norms.) | Read More »

    Let’s Make All Non-Political Giving Tax-Deductible

    Let's Make All Non-Political Giving Tax-Deductible

    Time Magazine wasted no time in calling for the end of tax exemptions for religious institutions, with writer Mark Oppenheimer firing the initial salvo.  Oppenheimer writes the “beliefs” column for The New York Times, in which he studies religious matters with the alacrity of a medical examiner performing an autopsy: God is dead, let’s find out what killed Him. I have a different view on the | Read More »

    Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong – Or Lying to Us?

    Gassy assertions by government officials are, of course, a given. Very few groups of people are more wrong, more consistently – yet with more confidence – than the people who lord over us. There are only two possible explanations. They are either really, really ill informed and naive. Or they know they’re wrong – and they are each respectively lying both of their faces off. | Read More »

    Obamacare, Gay Marriage and Disparate Impact – 25 Hours Which Will Live in Infamy

    When historians look back on the collapse of the United States and seek to pinpoint the beginning of the end, they will no doubt look to the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. If they want to narrow the focus they will point to the period of his reign between 10:00 AM June 25th and 11:00 AM June 26th. [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ | Read More »

    Battle for the House 2016: The June Edition

    AK-at large: Rep. Don Young (R-AK) 49% has not had a serious challenger in a primary since 2008, but that may change and it would be to his advantage.  With both Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller considering a primary run, state senator Pruitt is making noise and may enter the fray.  With a crowded field with so many big name items, a split | Read More »

    LGBT Trump Card

    Donald Trump was asked about his three traditional marriages. It is a great example of how Conservatives have failed.

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    Churches aren’t next

    Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all three hold that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  For practitioners of any of these faiths, when approached with the request to marry two men or two women, there can be only one answer: “No.”  Fortunately, for now, as long as performing a marriage ceremony remains a matter of personal choice, pastors, rabbis and religious leaders | Read More »

    Western Conservative Summit

    This weekend I attended most of the 2015 Western Conservative Summit Denver and heard six of our GOP candidates speak.  Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Scott Walker (undeclared) and Ben Carson all spoke to the Summit attendees hoping to convince us that they have what it takes to lead the USA out of the dire straits that we are in.  In general, | Read More »

    Social Security: To Draw or Not to Draw? That is the Question

    I have just turned 66.  All my friends, family, colloquies, and people in line at Walmart tell me I should apply for benefits since now I can draw “Full” benefits and keep working which is the boomer generations equivalent of having a Winnebago and being a Snowbird. First a word about “Full” benefits; every once in a while, on a seemingly random basis I receive | Read More »

    NYC about to Flush Common Sense down the Toilet

    One of the first things we learn in Kindergarten is that boys and girls do not share a bathroom.  There are some essential reasons for this.  First, we are told that boys and girls are different in what anatomical parts we have.  Second, we learn that boys and girls do not want to share their actions in going to the bathroom with each other.  Third, | Read More »

    Response to Erick’s Thoughts on the Confederate Flag

    Response to Erick's Thoughts on the Confederate Flag

    Erick Erickson wrote a very logical and reasonable approach for a Christian to the Confederate battle flag issue, but he is barking up the wrong tree. In essence, Erickson said we should not fly that flag out of politeness, and politeness is a virtue.  Were there an award for politeness, I believe Erick would receive honorable mention, if not first place (that doesn’t always apply | Read More »

    The Silver Lining: Republicans can Call Marriage Equality a Non-Issue

    The Silver Lining: Republicans can Call Marriage Equality a Non-Issue

    It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court ruled. We can expect mainstream media to ask the question of every GOP candidate whenever they get the chance. Whether it’s about the ruling, gay marriage in general, or what a candidate would do about marriage equality if they’re elected, they have an optional out. “The law of the land has been set and as President, I cannot | Read More »

    Education: The School as Social Engineer

    Politicians on the Left and the Right regularly talk about one’s home life and the societal conditions that make learning difficult.  To those union voices, the cause of failing schools is not the teachers per se, but society as a whole.  It is actually a circular problem.  Without an adequate education, “graduates” are doomed to a life of low-paying jobs which only perpetuates a cycle | Read More »

    The U.S. Department of Education endorses homosexual marriage

    The U.S. Department of Education endorses homosexual marriage

    The U.S. Department of Education, which is gaining increasing input in what our children are learning, is now embracing homosexual marriage. Just take a look at their Facebook page: Screenshots: A quick look at some of the other federal departments revealed that they did NOT change their profile pictures in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. The implication is very clear: that the | Read More »

    This Generation’s Bonhoeffer is Among Us… Tragically

      It started with his opening homily before a “marriage” ceremony… “I would like to welcome you all to New Life Harvest Church. We have all come to witness the union between Michelle and Tiffany. “I yearn to say we ‘celebrate’ this union, but, as the Pastor, and founding member of this Church, I cannot celebrate something that is an affront to almost all of | Read More »

    When SCOTUS Becomes A “Threat To Democracy” The Cure Is Article V And The #LibertyAmendments

    Justices of the Supreme Court In the span of two days the Supreme Court of these United States became a “threat to demomcracy” as the great Justice Antino Scalia wrote in one of his dissents.  In the Courts three rulings King v Burwel upholding Obamacare subsides for the federal exchange, Texas Housing v Inclusive Communities which found that discrimination in housing can happen simply | Read More »

    We just really need to hope and pray that the right person gets in office 2016

    Obama and his side have gotten a lot done in terms of their agenda. We need a conservative minded person to get in and do the same thing with a conservative agenda. I think everything that’s happening right now is going to open the door for an un-orthodox nominee for the Republican Party ( in other words, not a candidate that the establishment of the | Read More »

    City Threatens Veteran with Arrest for Living off Grid

    This is seriously messed up!   “Huntsville, AL military veteran Tyler Truitt answered the call to defend the rights of all Americans during his service to his country but is now being forced to defend his own right to live a self-sustaining lifestyle on his property.   Last week, Truth in Media reported on a dispute, originally covered by WAFF-TV, between Marine Corps veteran Tyler | Read More »

    The Tiger Will Feed

    The decision yesterday was a swipe of the tiger’s paw at all Christians. America, as undoubtedly founded with/for Juedo Christian principles, has been holding the tail of the tiger for far too long thinking we can make friends. That tiger now has the strength and veracity to turn and destroy. No matter how much you praise and agree with the decision yesterday, YOU (all Christians) | Read More »







    JUSTICE KENNEDY delivered the opinion of the Court.

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    We may hold the high ground this time.

    As the smoke clears from a dizzying and demoralizing week,  I’m starting to think that those of us who aren’t white supremacists—good day, Virginia Postrel, from today’s Instapundit at 1:07 PM*—but still want proper respect shown to those parts of the Confederate legacy that deserve respect, might be on some pretty good ground for the fight ahead. (* Apologies in advance—I can’t insert hyperlinks to | Read More »

    Dissent on Gay Marriage: The Justices’ Own Words

    Dissent on Gay Marriage: The Justices' Own Words

    Five Supreme Court justices agreed that culture reigns over Constitution in Obergefell v. Hodges, as they found another emanation from the 14th Amendment–this one granting “dignity and liberty”–a phrase that most (American) third year law students would be hard pressed to find in their texts (at least before Friday). Fortunately, Americans pay Supreme Court justices for their careful legal analysis and foresight on issues like this.  Four | Read More »

    Chris Christie launches 2016 Presidential Campaign website

    Chris Christie launches 2016 Presidential Campaign website

    Chris Christie, Republican Governor of New Jersey, has officially launched his 2016 Presidential campaign website ahead of his expected announcement on Tuesday. Christie has struggled in the polls recently after “Bridgegate”, falling from the top of the pack to around 2-6%. Christie as viewed by many as a moderate or even a RINO (Republican In Name Only), however some may view him as an alternative | Read More »

    2016 – An Outsider’s Handicapping, Part II

    Back in November I made an analysis of the Republican potential field for President.  Much has happened over the intervening months and I thought I would make two more reviews before the season starts, now and the week before the voting actually gets underway. There were 20 potential candidates back in November, and out of that group, I identified Pataki and [mc_name name=”Sen. Lindsey Graham | Read More »

    2016 US Senate News- The June 2015 Edition

    As we move along in this election cycle, things are starting to pick up a little on the US Senate side. Arizona: On the Republican side, McCain’s numbers in Arizona remain miserable.  No doubt, some potential primary challengers see that as a weakness to be exploited.  One such person is Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) 86% who said he would decide by August 15th | Read More »

    Draft effort underway for Mark Meadows for US Senate in NC

    A campaign has been launched to try to draft conservative Congressman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) 87% to run for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.  That would likely mean a primary as incumbent Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) 46% has indicated he plans to run again.  A website and a Facebook page are both active, with a petition asking | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: Not the End of the World, But the Start of a New Battle

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided Obergfell v. Hodges, which effectively made gay marriage the law of the land.  This was clearly anticipated and came as no major surprise including the rationale under an Equal Protection argument (notice how Kennedy took strides to avoid the level of scrutiny question) and the author of the majority decision.  The surprising part was that it took Kennedy 28 pages of soaring, | Read More »

    My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling on Same Sex Marriage

    The amount of both despair and jubilance circulating around today’s rulings is quite something. However, while religion is a crucial guiding light for any person calling themselves a Christian, so too is the Constitution a crucial guiding light for any person calling themselves an American. Looking through the lens of the Constitution, the fact that America has freedom of religion, and the fact that the | Read More »

    Dr. Carson Addresses Leaders of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials—NALEO

    I’ve read recently that Dr. Carson spoke in front of twelve hundred Latino Political and Community leaders in Las Vegas this last week. The candidate for the Republican Nomination for President in 2016 is likely most excited about this first post-announcement opportunity to speak before these prominent leaders and shakers within the Latino community…I can’t honestly blame him The reason for this is simple; first | Read More »

    Will Clergy Be Next Target of Supreme Court?

    The big story today is not really the Supreme Court declaring that States can no longer prohibit same-sex marriages.  Its previous opinion, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, clearly foreshadowed the result announced today.  The bigger story is whether this newly discovered right to same-sex marriage under the Fourteenth Amendment will trump another individual’s long-standing right under the First Amendment to exercise his or | Read More »

    Satirical Political Time Warp: Obama Visits The Ruthless Dictator’s Club

    Imagine what it would be like on Obama’s first visit to the Ruthless Dictators’ Club.

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    Call your members of Congress and tell them to co-sponsor the First Amendment Defense Act

    Call your members of Congress and tell them to co-sponsor the First Amendment Defense Act

    With the latest ruling on gay marriage from the Supreme Court, we must be wary of the coming storm. According to Solicitor General Don Verrilli, in regards to institutions retaining religious principles, “It is going to be an issue.” In response, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100% and Congressman Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) 91% have introduced the First Amendment Defense | Read More »

    Gay Marriage at the End of a Gun Barrel

    Gay Marriage at the End of a Gun Barrel

    Now that the Supreme Court has decided that same-sex marriage is a Constitutionally-protected right of all citizens, the question that naturally arises is: What happens next? In the 37 states where same-sex marriage is already legal, nothing happens.  Things simply go on as they have. In the 13 states where same-sex marriage is prohibited by state law and constitutional amendment, things are more complicated. Court cases will | Read More »

    What Have We Done?

    Most everyone I know is either in complete meltdown or euphoria over the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. I characterize myself as a very conservative Christian. However, I have social ties and connections with many diverse groups of people that share some or most of my belief structure. I have friends who are gay that politely ignore my staunchly conservative opinions and I don’t make | Read More »

    It’s Time for the States to Push Back

    It’s time to add some amendments to the Constitution: JUDICIAL 1. All federal courts shall be abolished including the Supreme Court and no further ones created 2. The District of Columbia shall be part of Maryland 3. Every judge in a state shall lose office ten days after the start of a legislative session unless reappointed by the state legislature 4. a state judge may | Read More »

    Can I vote for a Conservative now?

    I should probably open this my admitting my shame and coming out of the closet as a… millennial.  I was born in 1989, and my first Presidential election was in 2008.  I didn’t like McCain, but I held my nose and voted for him anyway, because I figured anyone was better than Obama.  Experience has demonstrated the validity of that assertion, but I digress… In | Read More »

    Rev. Martin Luther King on Civil Disobedience

    An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.

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    #SCOTUS Approves #SAMELOVE: Let’s Not Mourn the Dead

    #SCOTUS Approves #SAMELOVE: Let's Not Mourn the Dead

    In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court redefined marriage in all 50 states, forcing states whose citizens voted to preserve the institution as one man and one woman to accept “SAME LOVE.” This was predictable.  In fact, I predicted it, and many others also did. Next we may see something happen again in Alabama that hasn’t happened since Gov. Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door | Read More »

    Southern Culture Ain’t the Problem, Y’all

    Southern Culture Ain't the Problem, Y'all

    I love the South. The land of fried chicken and banana pudding, where the only thing sweeter than the people is the sweet tea they make. It’s a place where everyone says “sir,” “ma’am,” and “y’all,” and respect and courtesy is the rule, not the exception. We love Jesus, America, and NASCAR. We simply refuse to eat tofu, worship Buddha, and hate American exceptionalism like | Read More »



    Does God really call us to an easy life? Does the God who can do anything with a simple word from His mouth not preserve us to happiness? Why is there such difficulty in our lives even when we surrender to God? William Cowper is quoted as saying “A life of ease is a difficult pursuit.” Cowper was a man of means in 18th century | Read More »

    Greece: Exit Stage Left

    Long before there was a Rome, a Frankish kingdom in Paris, Anglo-Saxon rulers in England, or a Prussia, there was Greece: Aristotle and Plato; the Iliad and the Odyssey; Auschylus, Sophocles, and Euripedes; the victories over the Persians at Marathon and Priam’s kingdom at Troy. How could there be a Europe without Greece?  Well, everything can get stretched to its breaking point and some lessons | Read More »

    Republicans Should Help Bernie Sanders to Weaken Hillary

    Re-posted from National Review Support Bernie Sanders! This is a call to action for every Republican anxious to win back the White House in 2016. Bernie Sanders, the socialist U.S. senator from Vermont, is now surging in his quest to win the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. He is attracting media attention and large crowds, and is invigorated by a New Hampshire–primary poll showing him only | Read More »

    Impeachment is a constitutional option

    No, I don’t mean we should impeach President Obama.  Impeaching President Obama is a dead end and is politically stupid, especially considering our current national climate in regards to race relations.  When I was younger I thought impeachment was a legal act, but as has been pointed out on Redstate multiple times, impeachment is an inherently political act.  Right now we do not have the | Read More »

    Roberts Gets it Right Again

    Since my last post on this topic in the wake of the NFIB v. Sibelius decision was taken by some as an overall defense of Obamacare, let me begin by stating clearly that I think the ACA is a horrible law, horribly written and horribly implemented. It is a disaster of epic proportions that is approximately the last thing this country needs during an extended economic | Read More »

    Obama Bids Farewell to the “Loyal Opposition”

    Obama Bids Farewell to the "Loyal Opposition"

    Since the end of the American Civil War, America has been admired around the world for its ability to remain more-or-less unified in its diversity.  But lately I’ve noticed signs of that unity breaking, in what I would call the end of the “loyal opposition.” In parliamentary governments, there’s a ruling party or coalition which gets to form the government, appoint ministers, and generally run | Read More »

    Armchair Quarterbacking

    I hate to say it, because I have always been an eternal optimist, but folks we got our arses kicked again. And we will keep getting beaten until we wise up. This week the position that redsate took on the Confederate Flag controversy was appalling. And even more appalling was thee bullying that went on on our own side. I would expect this kind of | Read More »