Nathan Deal and Donald Trump: A case study in businessman governance.

    Nathan Deal gives us an object lesson of what happens when you elect a man who admires nothing more than making a great deal and values money more than principle

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    “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Donald Trump and the Tyranny of the Mob…

    For the last eight years I’ve been shaking my head, simply bewildered that so many Americans could be so insane as to vote for Barack Obama for president. Not surprisingly, once Obama was ensconced in the White House things played out pretty much as predicted with virtually every month bringing new news of a faltering economy, a shrinking workforce and more government waste, intervention and | Read More »

    Family Research Council Requests Congress Investigate Illegal Abortion Funding

      AmeriCorps is a federally funded, government program who’s goal is “to meet critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.” Between 2013 and 2015, six Americorps members helped a few pregnant women meet their “critical need” of an abortion by “supporting them during the abortion procedure” while at a New York City Health Center. Following OIG’s public release of their investigation’s findings | Read More »

    The Battle for the House in 2016- April News, Part 1

    There is a lot to get to and a lot that happened in April.  This is part 1 of a 2 part series on House races of interest. AZ-02:  Surprisingly, the DCCC has not listed this race as a priority to unseat GOP incumbent Martha McSally.  Perhaps they are waiting for their primary to decide, but McSally has an impressive $2.2 million war chest at | Read More »

    Hillary’s Risk of Stroke & Toxic Drugs That Cause Confusion

    Hillary’s Risk of Stroke & Toxic Drugs That Cause Confusion

    It’s nearly every week now that Hillary Clinton has a substantial coughing attack. Of course, this observation is being dismissed as politics-as-usual.  Hillary-supporters accuse conservatives of conflating these issues into her being unfit for the presidency.  I think conservatives (at least) can agree – from a character, integrity and positions-standpoint she is definitely unfit to be president. More importantly, she may be physically unfit as | Read More »

    Helm’s Deep, Indiana

    Things are looking decidedly grim for those of us still possessed with some modicum of reason. Despite months of abject stupidity, rank ignorance, and astonishing displays of petulant immaturity, Donald Trump is poised to become the Republican nominee. Many are suggesting that Cruz improve his game, that he step up and Get It Done. To paraphrase the King of Rohan, What can men of reason | Read More »

    Donald Trump: A Fitting Figure For America In 2016

    Webster’s definition of the word “idiot” is as follows, “a stupid person”. Pretty cut and dry I say, underneath the definition are the words, “cretin, imbecile, ignoramus, halfwit, dolt, fool, simpleton; and may I add numbnuts and crayon eater in there for good measure. I haven’t paid much attention to the campaign since the fourth GOP debate, which was Lord only knows how many months | Read More »

    Dear Senator Cruz: It’s Time To Put On The Brass Knuckles

    A few days ago, you had what has been termed a “throw down” with the once Conservative but now Trump fanboy Sean Hannity on his radio show. As usual, one can’t fault your performance on a forensic battle ground; you more than held your own – you got some good shots in at Donald Trump, and you were relentlessly on message all through, all while | Read More »

    Doctor Strangelove Comes to Washington

      President Obama has done everything possible to reduce America’s footprint in the world. Although candidate Donald Trump said he wants to make America great again, when it comes to America’s role in the world, there’s some doubt. Investor’s Business Daily reported that Trump said this, of how he would build up the military: “We get better than we get now, for no more money. | Read More »

    Trump, The End State Result

    Astonishing vision of the moment Life begins…. Imagine this taking place in a womb. Utter darkness, and then, suddenly a spark of the Divine (Genesis 1:3) and a song (Psalm 139: 13-14) fuse to form a singular human life . God recapitulates Creation in every human conception. We know this intuitively, and through faith, and now, for the Thomases, through the evidence of their own | Read More »

    I voted for Ted Cruz today!

    Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio were on the ballot along with the remain active candidates. Living in the 17th congressional district in Pennsylvania, there was a long list of delegate candidates, and I could have voted for three, but voted for only two, Ron Boltz and, as a write-in, Joel Underwood, the two pledged to support Senator Cruz. If you are eligible to | Read More »

    No Nose Holding, Cruz Is the Only Uniter

    No Nose Holding, Cruz Is the Only Uniter

    I will not, ”hold my nose” and vote Trump and neither will many others. The #neverTrump movement is not a bunch of elitist, establishment types. Rush Limbaugh used to talk about the old salt that Republican consultants would tell candidates; that 40% of the people are democrats and 40% Republicans and the key to winning is getting the 20% that are independent, moderates. I say | Read More »

    Will Trump Be The GOP Nominee?

    Instapundit: Roger Simon: Is Trump Inevitable? Leon Wolf is right about this but so is John Podhoretz below: Every TV talking head talking about how amazing Trump is right now in April will be shocked and horrified by him in Sept and Oct. — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) April 26, 2016 Of course, Trump could parlay this into a selling point in the general election… It | Read More »

    Watercooler 4/26 Open Thread: Acela Primary; He Should, She Should; Foghorns in MD; Go Bernie!

    It’s often called the Acela Primary, where 5 Northeast states hold primaries today. It’s no surprise that the Trump train is predicted to sweep them all, leaving it mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the nomination on the first ballot. All but RI are closed primaries and all polls close at 8pm EDT: Connecticut (with 28 delegates), Delaware (16 delegates), Maryland (38 delegates), Pennsylvania (17 | Read More »

    Democrisy! John Kerry hides millions of dollars in off-shore tax havens

    Remember, the left support having higher-earning people pay more in income taxes! EXCLUSIVE: Kerry, Heinz Family Have Millions Invested In Offshore Tax Havens Richard Pollock | 10:42 PM 04/25/2016 Secretary of State John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz have invested millions of U.S. dollars through family trusts in at least 11 offshore tax havens, according to an analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation. | Read More »

    The Libertarian Alternative

    There has been considerable discussion in new media about a third party run if Trump is the candidate of the Republican party. What the self appointed pundits fail to acknowledge is that there already is a third party on the ballot in all 50 states– the libertarian party. There are three candidates seeking the nomination of that party. I find any of them preferable to | Read More »

    Black lives matter? Seems the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t gives a crap about black candidates

    There’s a fascinating Democrat Senate primary race in Maryland that’s received very little attention, yet the outcome will say a lot about the direction of the Democrat party in the coming years. Two House members, both viewed as rising stars…….Donna Edwards and Chris van Hollen. both gave up ultra-safe House seats to run for the Senate. This in itself speaks volumes as to how Democrats | Read More »

    John Kasich demonstrates why he won’t win against Hillary

    An interview on Today this morning should put to rest the notion that Gov. John Kasich would beat Sec. Hillary Clinton in the general election. Here’s a link to it. I would have embedded it but had trouble with the file. It’s not so much what he says but how he says it. Scratch that. It is as much what he says as how he says it. He seems to | Read More »

    New Harvard Poll: Cruz Millennials Pick Trump in Clinton/Trump Election

    New Harvard Poll: Cruz Millennials Pick Trump in Clinton/Trump Election

      A Harvard IOP Spring Poll released 25 April,  has Hillary a clear favorite at 61% to The Donald’s 25% among “likely voters” aged 18 – 29 years old. Not terribly startling or remarkable.   Yet, when the Harvard pollsters asked the millennially-aged, tried and true, Cruz supporter who they would pick in November if their choices were Clinton and Trump, a whopping 69% said they | Read More »

    High Tech Young Americans

    America needs more high tech young Americans. State governments are making slow progress towards producing more computer science proficient high school graduates, yet the federal government has been reluctant to make this a national priority.  Conservatives recognize that the federal government has dominion over immigration laws, yet many are reluctant to advocate education policies that will reduce the need to import foreign laborer to help | Read More »

    Can We Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Get Trump to Discuss Actual Issues?

    It is my understanding that the Great Horace Greeley of Our Time, Sean Hannity, has had Donald Trump on his show 4,829 times. During this lengthy period, if I read the transcripts correctly, he’s asked the Great Deal-Maker: 1) “How Great Are You? I mean, Literally: How Great Are You? Not just how Great do you THINK you are, how Great are you really?” 2) | Read More »

    #CruzFiorina 2016?

    As a supporter of, and contributor to, Carly Fiorina, this is good, but hardly unexpected, news: Ted Cruz ‘narrowing’ vice-presidential shortlist — and it includes Carly Fiorina By Theodore Schleifer, CNN | Updated 5:08 PM ET, Mon April 25, 2016 Washington (CNN) Ted Cruz’s campaign is vetting a list of potential vice-presidential choices including Carly Fiorina, an indication that the campaign could choose a running | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: Oregon Team

    Ted Cruz: Oregon Team

    Lot’s of speculation is going on about the Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico deal. I, a voice from Oregon, plan to deal with it. I was formerly set as the Multnomah County Captain (Volunteer) for the Ted Cruz campaign. Multnomah County is the most heavily populated and has a number of cities, the two biggest being Portland and Gresham. Ted Cruz had started setting up | Read More »

    Marita Noon: On climate, we’re manipulated by sleight of hand

    Yes, as Climate Hustle makes clear, there are dissenting scientists—but they are marginalized, even called “kooks.” If they speak out, they are insulted, ignored, ridiculed, ostracized, called heretics, hurt professionally, and even terminated for divergent views. This is not the scientific method.

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    The Lessons of Peru

    After round one  of  the Peruvian  presidential election on the 10th of April, the 2 candidates with the most votes, Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski met with the electoral commission for the June 5 runoff election briefing. They signed an agreement for an ethical campaign where there would be no personal attacks. Both of the candidates  miraculously are center-right and  married to Americans. They | Read More »

    Yes, Ted Cruz was a U.S. citizen the very day that he was born

    Yes, there are still a lot of people out there on the Internet arguing all sorts of things. 9/11 was an inside job.  The moon landings were fake.  Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to be President. Instead of arguing with people on the same topic multiple times, I thought it would be easier to to just go through the applicable statute one time. Ted Cruz was | Read More »

    Water Cooler 4/25/16 OPEN THREAD – Kasich tells Indiana voters they should go ahead and vote for him

     Kasich tells Indiana voters to go ahead and vote for him anyway. That whole deal going down between Ted Cruz and John Kasich concerning votes in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico is not as cut and dried as everyone thinks it is. At least from Kasich’s point of view. The Governor tells The Hill voters in Indiana who want to vote for him should do so. “I’ve never told them not | Read More »

    Donald Trump has more delegates than he should have. The system IS rigged.

    As of today, Monday, the day before the “Acela Primary,” here are the popular vote totals (thanks to RealClearPolitics): TRUMP: 8,722,467 CRUZ: 6,389,500 RUBIO: 3,445,578 KASICH: 3,178,315 Again, thanks to RealClearPolitics, here’s the delegate count: TRUMP: 845 CRUZ: 559 RUBIO: 171 KASICH: 148 Let’s do some crazy maths here to prove Donald Trump’s contention that the primary system is rigged. Let’s add up the popular | Read More »

    MUST READ insider info on Hillary’s E-mail Investigation

    Today my National Review piece, “The Clinton E-mail Case Transcends Hillary’s Presidential Campaign” has prompted a comment from someone named ZigZ who I would guess is a member (or former member) of the intelligence community. His comment sheds new light on the Clinton FBI/Justice Dept. investigation and is so significant that I am posting it here on RedState.  Thank you ZigZ for your comment! Most people think Hillary’s | Read More »

    Why Ted Cruz in PA on Tuesday April 26?

    Why is Ted Cruz the only choice for conservatives on Tuesday in Pennsylvania?  They said of Ronald Reagan he could never win because he was too conservative.  But he ran and won as California Governor anyway, then won reelection by an even larger margin.  They said it again when he ran for President but he ran and won, and then won reelection in a landslide. | Read More »

    Important Down-Ticket Primaries Tomorrow

    While all eyes will be on the presidential primaries tomorrow, it is important to note that there are down-ticket primaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania also. In Maryland, besides the eight congressional districts, there is a Senatorial primary to see who will run in November to replace the retiring Barbara Mikulski.  Most of the attention is on the Democratic side which features several candidates, but the | Read More »

    Whatever Trump says, Lincoln Did Not Steal the 1860 Nomination

    After Ted Cruz thrashed him in Wisconsin, Trump refused to gracefully congratulate him on winning – instead he released a bitter statement attacking Cruz, which only portraying Trump himself as a whining sore loser. It labeled Cruz “a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.” The day after the Wisconsin primary, Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson explained | Read More »

    2017: President Trump to start deportation of 11 million.

    Heard Donald Trump Jr. on CNN State of the Union say that his dad intended to deport 11 million illegals, should he become President.  Knowing how government gets carried away with everything it does, the following is how I envision the deportation to take place.   A new department would have to be put in place, perhaps the Agency of Special Services, Hispanic verification And | Read More »

    WaterCooler Open Thread 4/24/2016 – Gender Equality; African Immigration; LA Times Punked; Christian School

    Ancient Peruvian Gender Equality Archaeologists in Peru have discovered the 4,500-year-old mummy of a woman buried near one of the most ancient cities of the Americas, in the coastal ruins of Aspero. Shady Solís’s team…suggested to the Andina news agency that the objects (seashells, carved desert birds and designs of jungle monkeys) revealed “gender equality, a kind that let both women and men hold leadership | Read More »

    It’s time for a #NeverKasich movement; and I do mean “never”

    Gov. John Kasich has fewer delegates than Sen. Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the presidential race last month. In the upcoming primaries, Kasich is sure to split the anti-Trump vote with Sen. Ted Cruz, which could have the effect of handing precious delegates to Donald Trump. He takes on a holier-than-thou attitude toward those who disagree with his more expansive approach to using his fellow citizens’ taxes, | Read More »

    About that great Ted Cruz “ground game”

    Rigged process? Wait till Trump sees how Pennsylvania picks delegates Voters admit they don’t understand the way the Keystone State GOP chooses delegates The campaigns seem adrift also in trying to explain a convoluted process Which candidate do the people on the ballot favor? Voters left to guess By Lesley Clark | [email protected] | April 23, 2016 | 12:31 PM HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: Mel Bingaman couldn’t | Read More »

    Tuesday’s Primary Outlook

    This is the last instance- other than New Jersey on June 7th- of an East Coast primary group which would be favorable to the front runner, Donald Trump.  While most of the attention will be focused on Pennsylvania, it is important to remember that although the state is rich in delegates, only 17 are definitely up for grabs while 54 from the congressional districts will | Read More »

    Texas’ Big Debt

    As Texans, we like to brag about how big everything is. One thing we don’t like to brag about is how much debt we have. Sadly, Texas has the second-highest local debt-per-person in the nation – second only to New York. That’s “yuuge,” as one New Yorker might say. Me? I tend to call it “bad.” Texas’ debt is almost exclusively issued by local taxing entities | Read More »

    The Blues over “Blue Man”

    I’ve never been to a Blue Man show.  I got to see a couple of T.V. shows with them.  I really liked what I saw.  Unfortunately, now, they have decided to alienate me and, I would assume, many others like me. According to AP News, as reported at The Blue Man Group is the latest musical act to cancel shows in North Carolina after | Read More »

    The Trump Camp’s Cyber-War on Ted Cruz

    Most of us think that we have the freedom to choose a candidate and vote for that candidate. But in order to choose the right candidate, we need reliable information. Something unique has been happening, that prevents a large segment of the electorate from getting that information: The Trump team and its surrogates have driven a massive, unprecedented smear campaign against Ted Cruz that is | Read More »

    WaterCooler Open Thread 4/23/2016 Conservatism; Establishment; Manafort

    WaterCooler Open Thread   4/23/2016  Conservatism; Establishment; Manafort

    Watercooler    A Conservative Platform “Why is it our side that’s afflicted with all the loonies?” — William F. Buckley, Jr. If the father of modern conservatism were alive today, there’s a good chance he’d take back his words given the liberal’s propensity to attract their own brand of crazy. However, there’s been much ado about an irrevocable splintering of the Republican Party, as if | Read More »

    Harriet Tubman: Guns, Freedom and Republican Rule 5

    Republican EBL: Andrew Jackson, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Warren and remembering history Harriet Tubman Snopes is going crazy with a FALSE on this meme Lefties hate conservatives embracing Harriet Tubman memes Mary “Stagecoach” Fields   This was supposed to be the left’s big moment, bumping slave owning Andrew Jackson for a black woman. Turns out Harriet Tubman had some characteristics the left does not want to embrace, | Read More »

    Bart Simpson For President

    That ultimate symbol of mischievous scamp Bart Simpson in Season One of the longest running show in TV history when caught red-handed offered up one of his signature phrases, “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, there’s no way you can prove anything.” This came to mind when I was thinking about Hillary “They’ll Never Indict Me” Clinton and her morally challenged obviously | Read More »

    Reporting a Hate Crime Can Be Dangerous Than a Hate Crime

    First, let me get something off my chest- all crimes involve some element of hate or disrespect.  We only have hate crime legislation to enhance a penalty when racially-motivated hate is involved. Hate crime laws are passed to make people feel better as if these laws will actually discourage acts of hate.  If the death penalty doesn’t discourage your average murderer, one doubts hate crime | Read More »

    #H1BVisaAbuse: Meet Marco A Just Fired IT Worker At Chicago’s Abbott Labs

    At the end of business Friday nearly 200 IT workers at Chicago’s Abbott Laboratories left there for the last time as their positions were terminated by Abbott Labs and each of them was immediately replaced by cheaper foreign workers using the H1B visa program(and others). Conservative author and columnist Michelle Malkin held a protest/wake/awakening Friday evening at a restaurant just feet away from Abbott Labs | Read More »

    UPDATE: I Will Be Praying for Ted Cruz Victories. Please Join Me: Sunday, April 24 at 10PM EST

    God is Large and In Charge…! Corporate Prayer (as has been astutely noted in the Comments Section) is a very powerful and mysterious force. I cannot help but note the timing of the “Deal” between Governor Kasich and Senator. It was when we were praying for a  Victorious Ted Cruz. There are some important things to glean here, I think: Primary among them: Cruz has | Read More »

    The First Ballot Delegate Math

    For those who just want the bottom-line, here it is: If Cruz wins Indiana and holds Trump under 100 delegates in California, he can hold Trump to 1190 delegates and win the nomination! But he needs every single delegate he can find, and there is no room for error on either side. Data beats opinion when it comes to answering the question: What does it | Read More »

    West Virginia Democrats Continue Brinkmanship on Budget

    It’s time for serious professionals to run our budget process in West Virginia, not cronies willing to burn down the house.

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    Indiana Presidential Primary Poll

    Since normally Indiana doesn’t matter in the Presidential primary process, and since there is no contested gubernatorial races this year, there have been no published polls. Well, Howey Politics and the local NBC affiliate have commissioned one: No crosstabs yet. They have Trump 37% Cruz 31% Kasich 22% Of course, Trump usually under-performs and Cruz over performs and it only totals 90%, but there | Read More »

    Kasich Remains a Spoiler, a Loser, and Trump’s best hope for Victory

    What purpose does Kasich serve at this point? Since Rubio withdrew from the race in mid-March, Kasich, on the strength of his sole home-state win, stayed in. And while Cruz has garnered over 100 delegates in WI, UT, CO and WY, and Trump got a 100 delegates, mainly out of New York, Kasich got 3 whole delegates. Kasich is STILL running 4th in a 3 | Read More »