The Academics Awards

    Now that the class of 2015 has largely graduated to enter the working world from the comfort of their parent’s basement, its time to review the best and worst of the past academic year.  Without further ado, its time for the First Annual Academics Awards (to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion): The Award for Stupid Government Actions:  The winner is: The California state | Read More »


    A simple apology is insufficient to atone for deliberate deception of the American people. The only fair and reasonable punishment for George Stephanopoulos should be permanent removal from broadcasting to prevent this from reoccurring. Neither, should we completely absolve Disney-controlled ABC. They knew when hiring Stephanopoulos he was a long standing supporter and political operative for the Clintons. Yet, they have knowingly permitted continuation of | Read More »

    Fist-sized Impact Found on Train: Was Amtrak a Terror Attack?

    Fist-sized Impact Found on Train: Was Amtrak a Terror Attack?

      Investigators found a “fist-sized circular area of impact” in the windshield of the derailed Amtrak train in Philadelphia.  This new twist has us all thinking the same thing:  terrorists may have again struck America’s soft underbelly. Robert L. Sumwalt, the lead investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said at a news conference Friday an assistant conductor reported that she heard a radio transmission | Read More »

    Good Bye America It Was Good to Know You

    It used to be that as one grew older their experience developed wisdom that could help guide succeeding generations.  Today the world moves too fast.  In some ways my 10 year old granddaughter knows more intuitively about computers than I do after working online since there was an online. My father grew up plowing with mules as had his father and his grandfather and so | Read More »

    How to Answer the Iraq Question

    The real mistake with going into Iraq was the plan to transition to a new government. Islamic countries are not suited to be free republics or democracies (fleeting transitions to oligarchy). Especial Islamic countries as subdivided as Iraq is. The societal elements necessary to sustain free republics are not found in Islamic countries. Read the founders! Study history. Its NOT THERE. So, the best you could do in Iraq is to establish a pro-western dictator or send in missionaries until the place is Christian.

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    A book for Christians and American citizens

    Very briefly, What is each chapter about and why is it in the book? Chapter 2. Free Will from God, Liberty from Government – God created humans with free will. A good government should protect and promote free will of its citizens. Chapter 3. Creation and Evolution: Two Competing Theories – The author believes there is stronger evidential support for Creation, but neither can be | Read More »

    Cultural Manipulation: How Wikipedia is influencing our nation

    Don’t bother editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia is in charge of rewriting history according to the political persuasion of its masters. And we are worse off for it. How can the The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act get a nickname in Wikipedia: But the The Affordable Health Care for America Act is never called Obamacare in | Read More »

    Five Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Drop Out Now (before officially entering the 2016 race)

    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush   Re-posted from BizPacReview  and   Conservative News Today Facebook   After finishing the first draft of this piece I received a late night return phone call from a Florida Republican power player (who asked that his name be withheld). He was responding to a question from me earlier about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s prospects for | Read More »

    Scott Walker vs Jerry Brown Train Edition

    Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was criticized by Democrats for turning down federal stimulus money for a high speed train between the two Democrat cities of Milwaukee and Madison.  In Walker’s view the State would be on the hook for added costs and cost over-runs were inevitable.  Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, to Democrat praise,  took different tack in California and opted to take the cash | Read More »

    Baltimore in the Rearview Mirror

    Now that the controversy over Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore, Maryland has simmered down somewhat, the inevitable hand-wringing and post-mortem analysis has begun.  To recount, Gray was arrested for “something” and while being transported and asking for medical help, suffered some form of spinal cord injury that eventually led to his death.  Gray was not secured in the police vehicle which the press portrayed as | Read More »

    These Republicans Voted Against the 20 Week Abortion Ban (Updated)

    These Republicans Voted Against the 20 Week Abortion Ban (Updated)

      Four House Republicans voted against the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”  The bill, which creates a 20 week abortion ban, passed 242-184, with four Democrats voting in favor. Even Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) 61%, who killed the original version of the bill to weaken it with the usual incest and health of the mother provisions, voted for it this time. Here are the | Read More »

    20 House Republicans Vote To Allow Illegals To Join Military

    Thursday the House of Representatives voted on an amendment offered by Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) 100% that would strip an immigration provision from the 2016 NDAA. The provision would allow DREAMers, illegal immigrants who were brought into the US as children, to enlist in the United States Armed Forces. Illinois Republican congressman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) 50% | Read More »

    Rand Paul in TechLand

    This past weekend Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 80% opened a small office at an incubator in a gritty neighborhood in the center of San Francisco, and spent an hour with a crowd of about 100 giving a short stump speech and answering questions from San Francisco Chronicle political reporter Carla Marinucci and a representative of one of the event organizers. The sponsors were Brigade | Read More »

    The Jeb Bush Doctrine

    Fox News’ Megyn Kelly asked Bush regarding George Bush’s invasion of Iraq, “Knowing what you knew then, what would you do?” Bush answered that he would do what his brother did – launch an invasion of Iraq. Bush now claims he “misinterpreted the question”. How such a fundamentally basic question can be misinterpreted is subject to question, but Bush’s entire neoconservative narrative about Iraq contradicts itself in numerous ways.

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    Urban, Rural & Suburban — Who ISIS Has Been Recruiting In The U.S. & How

    At 5:37 p.m. on Friday, May 1, a Twitter user sent a tweet to the Garland Police Department’s official Twitter account, alerting the agency to a potential ISIS attack in Texas. The Twitter user, who is affiliated with Anonymous hacktivists, sent the tweet on behalf of #OpISIS, an operation which counters ISIS activity online. The threat originated in the account of @AnsarAlUmmah49, but the tweet | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Ceres Conference 2015

    Follow the Money: Ceres Conference 2015

    Just a short drive across the Coast Ranges of California from the drought stricken Central Valley, business elites are meeting at The Fairmont San Francisco this week for the annual Ceres Conference to advance the liberal environmental agenda. Of course, according to the event homepage, “climate change” is to blame for “torrential rain events” and “unprecedented drought” making “the time ripe for creative disruption”.  We’re | Read More »

    Cronyism in the “Short Sale” Market

    In the classic 1976 movie “Network,” there is a famous scene where a character played by the late Peter Finch shouts, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” I feel that same sentiment is growing throughout America, as the cost of our debt and regulatory state has exploded. In the era of Obama, we are now pushing our way far beyond | Read More »

    Fox News Should Expose Obama’s Anti-Small Business Agenda

    Last week, Public Citizen, a government watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, released an investigative report that exposed the Obama Administration has cheated American middle class small businesses out of hundreds of billions in federal small business contracts. The investigative report was titled, “Slighted” with a subtitle, “Accounting Tricks Create False Impression That Small Businesses Are Getting Their Fair Share of Federal Procurement Money, and | Read More »

    Team Rubio gets an Ohio Ally (*and OH GOP is not happy!)

    Team Rubio gets an Ohio Ally (*and OH GOP is not happy!)

    Ohio State Treasurer and 2014 Senate nominee Josh Mandel has come out with a 2016 presidential endorsement and it’s not fellow Buckeye and current governor John Kasich. Focusing on foreign policy, the former Marine and Iraq vet wrote a column in the Daily Caller praising the vision and worldview of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 100%. As if placing an exclamation mark on this | Read More »

    ObamaCare Is Rapidly Imploding – Will the Republican Congress Finally Do Something About It?

    How much more ObamaCare failure must mount in a titanic heap – before Congress decides to get more involved?   A Congress given in 2014 a bi-cameral, bigger and deeper Republican majority – because of ObamaCare.   2014: Another Election About ObamaCare The Second Obamacare Election Obamacare Opposition Drives 2014 Election Results Republicans given the majority – based on their stated opposition to ObamaCare. [mc_name | Read More »

    Ending Federal Welfare

    . . .   . Robert Culp, Economist | May 14, 2015 Rethinking the Safety Net The primary purpose of this proposed program is to make most Federal Welfare programs unneeded by rewarding work through changes to the tax code. This is the idea behind the Earned Income Tax credit created by President Reagan. It was inspired by the work of great free market economists | Read More »

    North Korea: A greater threat than most want to believe

    The world was startled at reports from North Korea that Kim Jong Un executed his defense chief with anti-aircraft artillery for falling asleep during a meeting 1. There’s likely far more to the execution than ‘falling asleep.’ Consolidation of power or a power struggle would be more credible reasons for this barbarity. 2. This is further proof that Kim Jong Un might be insane enough to use or | Read More »

    Big Green and Moral Outrage

    It took a presidential veto to stop the Keystone pipeline and a whole lot of misinformation on the part of the Left.  To hear their rendition, this was framed as a war between David and Goliath with David (the environmental Left) winning over Goliath (Big Oil).  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, this effort to block the pipeline started back in the | Read More »

    You Only Think You Know Why the Trade Deal is Nearly Dead

    President Obama is, in reality, trying to kill the TPA.

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    Updated: RNC is STUPID!! How to solve the problem of a large field of candidates in the early GOP presidential debates

    PLEASE GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS DIARY FOR THE  UPDATE, which demonstrates RNC stupidity ( Reince…tell us WHY you’re agreeing to this) **************************************************************** The NY Times, and other members of the MSM, are now busy wondering just what the RNC is going to do with all those presidential candidates when the debates start. Well, actually, that’s not quite right. More likely they’re busy chortling | Read More »

    The Time Has Come To Reform a Broken Patent System

    Rarely can you find an issue in which the White House, Republicans and Democrats in Congress concur, but in a rare instance of bipartisan agreement, calls for meaningful patent reform legislation have transcended the proverbial aisle.  Bills in both the U.S. House and Senate have been introduced, and after five years of attempts, perhaps the time for action has finally arrived. In the House, the | Read More »

    Whoa Ho, Up She Rises

    Under the disturbing headline in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, “Sea Levels Rising Faster, Study Says,” we learned “Global sea levels are rising faster than previously thought, though seawaters haven’t climbed as high as scientists estimated, according to a new study.” In other words, the reason seawaters haven’t risen as high as expected is because they are rising faster than expected.

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    You’re Definitely a Sexist

    You're Definitely a Sexist

    In a modern age where Beyoncé is seen as the definition of feminism, it’s difficult to tell when you’re committing sexism. Frankly, it’s difficult to understand why any American male would venture outdoors. You might encounter a feminist female (or male) who has already determined you to be a card-carrying member of the patriarchy. You’re clearly on a mission to threaten the female population simply | Read More »

    The New York Times Says Christianity is Declining and I Say ‘Amen!’

    The New York Times Says Christianity is Declining and I Say 'Amen!'

    The New York Times declared that Christianity in America is declining and I say “Amen to that!” Actually, the article’s title is “Big Drop in Share of Americans Calling Themselves Christian” and that’s why I’m happy it’s true.  The Times piece is based on a Pew Research Center survey, which shows that people are abandoning the moniker of Christian religious identity in favor of post-modern nihilism. The | Read More »

    Scott Walker and That Koch Money

    Eight months out from the first caucus, the Left is already developing a message about the potential Republican nominee.  It will make little difference who that candidate will be which illustrates two things.  First, their logic is inconsistent given the online rhetoric thus far.  Second, it is obvious from the main target of that rhetoric that they probably fear this candidate more than any other | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger: Ted Cruz Running For President Because Of Social And New Media; Jeb Bush Will Win Because He’s A Good Manager

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ] Illinois 16th district Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger was on with Roe Conn AM 720 WGN last week and the face of the House GOP establishment on all things foreign affairs was in rare RINO form taking shots at a fellow Republican in Presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% | Read More »

    What do Medicaid, EBT and Public Housing Offer Americans That Public Education Does Not?

    Unlike Americans that receive entitlements such as Medicaid, EBT, and housing assistance, most parents have no real choice when it comes to enrolling their kids in school.

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    Ben Carson: A good man without solid political principles

    Ben Carson: A good man without solid political principles

    Ben Carson is a good man. He is, in fact, an American success story. Carson has never held political office. He is relatively new to the political world. Based on what I have seen from him, Carson does not seem to have a principled political foundation beneath him. A solid political worldview is essential. It is more important than personal experience and virtues. Those who vote | Read More »

    The Clinton Body Count

    The Clinton Body Count

    I am not typically one who is drawn in by conspiracy theories for sure. Today, however, I was reading around and I found this link in a comment over at another conservative blog: The Clinton Body Count I am sure as with most conspiracy type informational sites that there is truth mixed with some far stretched associations and the like. I decided to read it | Read More »

    The Government Raisin Ring

    Possibly one of the biggest property-rights case since Kelo has recently been argued before the Supreme Court. The property in question this time is not land, but raisins. A couple, the Hornes, who were raisin farmers in California were fined for declining to participate in a government sponsored raisin regulatory group. The raisin growers sued the government under the 5th Amendment with regard to their | Read More »

    Obama’s Accomplishments

    I found these on Facebook and I thought the author did a pretty good job of listing all of our president’s achievements. Mind you they may need some fact checking. But they are amusing just the same.(and yet they are not) Plus, I think they could be used in a conversation with a liberal who would most undoubtedly be offended. So without further ado here | Read More »

    Take Action Now to STOP Painful Late-Term Abortions

    Tomorrow, Wednesday May 13th, the U.S. House is expected to take up the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36). This bill seeks to stop brutal late-term abortions after 20 weeks, or 5 months of pregnancy, based on the child’s ability to feel excruciating pain. The vote on this compassionate bill coincides with the two-year anniversary of the conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a grisly | Read More »

    Jeb Bush: worst of the worst for 2016

    Jeb Bush: worst of the worst for 2016

    Believe it or not, we are only 18 months away from the 2016 presidential election — assuming that Obama doesn’t issue an Executive Order declaring himself king and cancel it — and the electorate is beginning to see just how little the Washington establishment has to offer from the so-called front-runners in both parties. According to a just released George Washington University Battleground Poll, Americans | Read More »

    Georgia Governor Signs The ‘Student Data Privacy, Accessibility, and Transparency Act.’

    I was appointed last year to a study committee that looked at the federal role in education. One of the topics that came up was the increased reliance on data schools collect from students. This data is valuable for teachers and educators as it helps them understand how the student is doing, and what areas the student may need help. It also presents challenges. Over | Read More »

    After Hillary loses in 2016, what’s the future of the Democrat Party?

    Among the silliest books ever published are those that attempt to extrapolate a single event into a semi-apocalyptic vision of the future. Kevin Phillips did so in 1969 with “The Emerging Republican Majority.”  Not to be outdone, in 2003, John Judas produced “The Emerging Democratic Majority.”   My personal “favorite,” as one who spent a career in the financial services industry, is James Glassman’s 2000 | Read More »

    Worse Than Government-Caused Uncertainty? Certainty the Government is Against You

    Without investment, everything economic collapses. Stasis is death. We must constantly create and innovate to move forward our massive $14-trillion-per-year economy. That takes lots and lots and LOTS of speculative capital. Without certain certainties, investment collapses. If investors don’t have any reasonable idea what’s going to happen in a market – they won’t invest in that market. That is not to say guarantees. Investing is | Read More »

    The Only Way to End Institutional Racism is to End the Democrat Party

    The only way to end institutional racism in America is to banish the Democrat party and any future political entity Progressives might rebrand themselves as.  Contrary to what minorities have been brainwashed to believe, it is the Democrat Party – not the Republicans – who have a rich and enduring history of racism in America. Democrats were the party of slavery.  They fought at every | Read More »

    The unnecessary immigration conundrum

    In politics today there are two options when it comes to immigration. You either need to tow the democrat line and want amnesty for all or you need to tow the republican line and desire a big government border TSA accompanied by a big government border bureaucracy and a big government project like a big government border fence. The reality is that these two options | Read More »

    Pennsylvania 2016 and the Senate Race

    With the announcement that Mark Rubio would be running for President and that he would not seek reelection to the Senate from Florida, many eyes have turned there.  Since there are more Republicans defending seats in 2016 in the Senate, there is the possibility they may lose their majority.  First, it should be noted that many of the GOP seats are in the rather safe | Read More »

    How You Can Save America! Step One!

    How You Can Save America! Step One!

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    Video: Paul Campaign Worker LICKS Dem. Tracker’s Camera Lens

    Video: Paul Campaign Worker LICKS Dem. Tracker's Camera Lens

    You really have to see it for yourself. In case you didn’t already think Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 80% supporters were weird, this proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Nobody’s sure whether Paul’s New Hampshire political director David Chesley simply wanted to taste the lens, or if he was going for the “blurred” look.  In any case, the American Bridge video | Read More »

    Marita Noon: An open letter to Dr. Ben Carson—and all presidential candidates—on energy policies

    Dr. Carson, while supporting renewable energy, like ethanol, may seem vogue, because you are running for the highest office in the land, I encourage you—and all presidential candidates—to learn from the recent elections in the UK.

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    Ben Carson agrees with Andrew Jackson

    Say what you will about the direction of the Supreme Court since at least the 1930’s, but Ben Carson may be advocating an even more aggressive executive than President Obama. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” Chris Wallace and Ben Carson engaged in a constitutional debate of sorts. Mr. Carson, apparently, had some qualms about the President having to enforce laws which he termed | Read More »

    Which GOP Senators running for president show up to work?

    Which GOP Senators running for president show up to work?

    Barack Obama has become known as the “part-time president” due to his excessive golfing. In fact, since taking office, Obama has played well over 200 rounds of golf. He spends more time playing golf than receiving intel briefings. Some say this could have been predicted. As a U.S. senator, Obama missed 24.2% of his votes, most of them after he decided to run for the | Read More »

    Retailers Seek Another Crony Bailout

    A new study by the American Action Forum examines the cost of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2010.  The law intended to protect consumers and taxpayers has done the opposite — costing the America people by nearly $1 trillion in lost economic growth. The bill was written by liberals and | Read More »