Kerry’s Gay Blade

    Kerry's Gay Blade

    This is so expected.  First, the “gay pride” flag was flown over the U.S. Embassy in Madrid.  Then it was Israel’s turn to hoist the rainbow ensign over the embassy in Tel Aviv.  Now, Secretary of State Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) will appoint an LGBT special envoy. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said US Secretary of State [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry | Read More »

    Vote For Your Favorite Next NBC Nightly News Reader

    Vote For Your Favorite Next NBC Nightly News Reader

    If it was CBS instead of NBC there would only be 60 Minutes left on the clock ticking down on Brian Williams. So before they select his replacement I thought it might be helpful if we weighed in with our preference for the new face of NBC’s Nightly News. It’s a shame that Joanie Rivers left us so soon, as she would have been my | Read More »

    From Silicon Valley with Love… and Hope for Free Markets

    I’ve just returned home to Atlanta from spending a week in Silicon Valley at a program called Founder Institute. Basically FI is a bootcamp for founders of mostly tech startups. We were a pretty diverse group of companies. One wants to put servers in space, one wants to help golfers establish handicaps and another seeks to help equipment rental companies join the mobile revolution. Some | Read More »

    Muslim Brotherhood Forms U.S. Political Party

    Muslim Brotherhood Forms U.S. Political Party

    The newest political party in America is one that’s banned in Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood is launching a political party in the U.S.  The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations has a fascinating membership roll. Let’s start with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a lobbying and organizing political strong-arm of Hamas. CAIR is linked in federal criminal court documents to the terrorist group Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian | Read More »

    Rand Returns to His Roots

    Rand Returns to His Roots

    Nobody thought that former US Representative Ron Paul would show up in Iowa this week to stump with his son, Kentucky Senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul; but when Rand took the stage to deliver the keynote at an “Audit the Fed” rally hosted by Liberty Iowa, there was a whole lot of Ron in the room. Ron Paul shirts, Ron Paul hats, | Read More »

    Rick Santorum… Yesterday’s News

    Some pundits believe that Rick Santorum can be a player in the 2016 Republican presidential sweepstakes.  This writer is not so sure.  Most of that punditry is based on his performance in 2012, but a little more on that in a bit. No one doubts Santorum’s sincerity.  He has a compelling life story that voters can relate to.  No one doubts that when it comes | Read More »

    On Global Warming Environmentalists Want Issue Not Solution

    In the wake of the recent article in Britain’s Telegraph discussing wide scale manipulation of global climate data we’re once again reminded that the environmental movement only craves an issue to advance a toxic left wing economic agenda. Conservatives have pushed back, with some success, over the years with arguments based on the many flaws in the science and scientists pushing the global warming narrative. | Read More »

    Over the Hill-ary?

    Way back in 2008, Hillary Clinton proved to be a tired and not-so-debate-worthy candidate when up against a younger, vibrant, and untruthful Barack Obama. The coronation was hers to lose, and lose she did! Why then, with the added baggage of one of the most traveled, most inconsequential Secretaries of State, are Republican concerned at all about running a campaign against an aging grandma whose | Read More »

    Lawfare: Feds Launch Another New Probe Against Governor Christie

    Lawfare: Feds Launch Another New Probe Against Governor Christie

    The Obama administration’s never-ending investigations against New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie continue, as the Feds launch a new probe.  Christie hasn’t even announced his presidential campaign yet, and the Democrats are already loading their trebuchets with Jersey mud. The International Business Times reported Bennet Barlyn’s allegation that he was fired from his job with the Hunterdon County prosecutor’s office as retaliation for his opposing the state’s | Read More »

    I was wrong — Assets Do Count . . . Thank you

    . . . at least when applying for government handouts.  That’s what I just found out when I filed my taxes via TurboTax and when checking to see if all was well with the tax return, I was greeted with suggestions from TurboTax (which are really ads from both the state and federal government) that, based on my return, I should apply for up to | Read More »

    The Price for Intervention

    A Yalta Conference for a Post-ISIS Middle East Seventy years ago this month, the leaders of Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union gathered at the Crimean resort city of Yalta to plan the international order in the aftermath of Nazi Germany’s defeat. What made Yalta unique was not only the totality of power concentrated at this one conference at that particularly point in | Read More »

    Rep. Tammy Duckworth Owes Joe Walsh An Apology After Latest IL Terror Arrest

    ISIS threats against Chicago and White House In 2012 then Illinois 8th district Republican congressman Joe Walsh, a member of the House Homeland Security committee, was taken to task by his opponent Tammy Duckworth over his assertion that Islamic terrorist and their ideology had infiltrated the United States and that it had taken root in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. At | Read More »

    Are Teleprompter Readers Like Brian Williams Obsolete? Or Just Redundant?

    Are Teleprompter Readers Like Brian Williams Obsolete? Or Just Redundant?

    Brian Williams is taking a sabbatical until he’s no longer the laughing stock of the internet – this is HUGE! I can tell because even Maureen Dowd can’t seem to find the humor in it. It’s as if she senses something more existential (yes, I said it) is at stake here. It may be starting to dawn on her that the broadcast (and print) journalism | Read More »

    Is Susan Rice a holocaust denier?

    I viewed the talking points memo by Fox new’s Bill O’Reilly “is President Obama destroying his own legacy?” and was struck by the absurdity of the Obama Administration’s position on the middle east. In a speech that took place at the Brooking’s Institute, National Security Adviser Susan Rice stated While the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied they are not of the existential | Read More »

    The Pro-Choice Fallacy

    We’ve all heard the mantra from the left: “Let a woman do with her body as she pleases”.  They say it is her body and how dare the government step in and tell her what to do.  Forget the fact that there is a living human being inside of her body because she should have the right to choose.  The Republicans just want to hold | Read More »

    NOVEL Idea–NBC Nightly News with Donald Trump?

    With brickbats flying at Brian Williams over numerous allegations of his over-blowing stories on late night television, the time has come to consider a replacement for him in the event that he permanently steps down from the nightly news(as of this afternoon, he has temporarily stepped down). NBC News has a barn stable of talent who would be clamouring for such an opening as this | Read More »

    The Walker Deference Equation

    Based upon his recent performance at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Scott Walker has been the talk of the Republican Party.  Admittedly, there is plenty to like here as his speech in Des Moines demonstrated.  This writer has been rather consistent in his support of Scott Walker, but I am fully cognizant of the fact that this is only the very beginning of the 2016 election | Read More »

    Don’t Tell Someone Else

    I’m thinking about changing my economic strategy.  My parents were raised in the Roosevelt Depression and they taught me to work hard, save money, and pay for what I wanted.  I was a deficit hawk when being a deficit hawk wasn’t cool’  Now that it isn’t even an option why should I stay at the party when there’s no one left to dance with? In | Read More »


    We owe about $18 Trillion because government can not prioritize and spent far more than it took in for many years. We have among us many illegal immigrants mainly because government can not prioritize and fails to control our borders. We spend too much on “entitlements” – especially means tested entitlements because government has not been able to prioritize elimination of the duplications within the government departments that deliver “entitlements” or actions to encourage economic growth so that there will be less demand for “entitlements.”

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    Obama Has Lost His “Strategic Patience” Mind

    Obama Has Lost His "Strategic Patience" Mind

    President Obama finally has a name to go along with “we don’t have a strategy” plan to defeat pacify ISIS.  It’s called “Strategic Patience”.  I have to admit, my first instinct when I read about this was to check The Onion or Colbert, because this has to be a joke.  But it isn’t a joke—the White House is serious—seriously demented. While Obama was playing golf | Read More »

    We should speak up against Democrats waging the real War on Women

    While liberal Democrats and progressive bloggers get great delight out of laying clever traps for conservatives and even completely making up stories to the hurt of their Republican foes, the same individuals suddenly become silent and see nothing when one of their own breaks one of their unwritten rules. The double standard in regard to faux outrage is one thing, but it’s more serious when | Read More »

    Obama’s Strategy: From “Don’t Do Stupid S*&t” to “Don’t Do Anything”

    Obama's Strategy: From "Don't Do Stupid S*&t" to "Don't Do Anything"

    Relax America, we now have an official national security strategy. President Obama delivered a long-overdue national security strategy document to Congress Friday, emphasizing diplomacy over military power and warning against American over-reach in world affairs. The 35-page policy document released yesterday tweaks our previous strategy of Leading From Behind® (LFB). You may recall that the primary tactic of that successful strategy was “don’t do stupid | Read More »

    Is Wisconsin the New GOP ‘Power State’ for 2016?

    On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin! Champion of the right, “Forward”, our motto, God will give thee might! (The final stanza of the Wisconsin state song.) Currently, on the front lines of all the partisan political battles are three Wisconsinites uniquely positioned to make Democratic-leaning Wisconsin the 2016 Republican power state. The success of this trio would inject new meaning into those century-old state song lyrics in | Read More »

    Some Thoughts on “Political Correctness”

    I wrote an article entitled “”Political Correctness’ – No Longer a Joke, but a Menace . . . and an Assault on Free Speech.” Thus far, I have updated the article over 30 times, and I could have done so many times over as, virtually every day, something incredibly stupid happens in the world in the name of “PC.”

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    The 2% Problem & Foreign Policy Looming Large in 2016

    In virtually every poll conducted despite the outlet doing the polling, foreign policy and national security do not rate particularly high on the list of concerns of the electorate.  One Gallup poll puts the number at 2% of voters who believe foreign policy is the number one issue facing this country.  All this may change in 2016 with the presidential election. Foreign policy and, by | Read More »

    President Obama: The Jihadist in Our Midst

    How do they kill the infidel, let us count the ways: Burn young Jordanian pilot alive to ashes. Behead children and parents. Stone, execute, bludgeon, hack, dismember people to death. Blindfold gays and push them off the roof. Shove people in wheelchairs from ships. Fly jets into buildings crammed with human beings. Build thousands of mosques in their country. Infiltrate, multiply, con, get elected to | Read More »

    Did Chuck Swindol Overreact To Elijah’s Declaration Of Despair?

    A Facebook theologian has commented in agreement with Christian broadcaster Chuck Swindoll that we should never pray for God to take a loved one home to eternity. It is contended doing so can apparently derail His sovereignty. Apparently, if we believe that He is sovereign, we should know that He is fully capable of taking us home when He believes that the time has approached. | Read More »

    Rep. Aaron Schock Demonstrates What Is Wrong With The People We Send To Congress

    [mc_name name='Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='S001179' ] in his Downton Abbey office Illinois congressman Aaron Schock has been in some hot water the last week and it shouldn’t be all that surprising because Schock is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the people we send to Congress. The controversy started when the Washington Post reported on Schock’s new | Read More »

    Damn Those Who Won’t Fight Evil

    Last Tuesday, the Islamic terrorist group ISIS released a video of its horrific murder of a Jordanian pilot, sparking primal outrage around the world. On Thursday, at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama spoke of Christian brutality during the crusades, the imposition of slavery in America, and the post-Emancipation oppression of Jim Crow laws as if those events somehow justified the latest ISIS action. His | Read More »

    Will Iowa Throw the Nomination to the Establishment Again?

    Rick Santorum suffered a resounding 59-41 loss in a slightly blue state. Everyone knows that you don’t get called up to the big leagues when you bat .150 in the minors with a ton of errors. Santorum should have maybe run for congress after a performance like that, not President! .

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    In Defense of Beck’s Tea Party Name-Change

    The key is to make opponents use words that we define ourselves. For instance, I am in favor of single-payer health care… EVERY SINGLE PERSON pays for their health care.

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    Enough is Enough!!!

    Enough is Enough!!! This man we call our President offends many citizens of  the USA that he claims to represent and lead.  I suggest you click on the  attached link that is titled: Obama on ISIS Atrocities, Christians Did Bad Things Too.  Obama on ISIS Atrocities: Christians Did Bad Things, Too You need to ask yourself why the President tried to draw this comparison? What purpose | Read More »

    The Stafford Voice: Are We There Yet? [PODCAST]

    The Stafford Voice: Are We There Yet? [PODCAST]

    Do you remember when you were a kid on a road trip with mom and dad and you would utter that phrase: ‘Are we there yet?’ Or do you have kids right now that ask you? Either way, you understood pretty clear their response. At times, it almost felt like it was a defining moment. For you as a child, if you asked just one | Read More »

    Thoughts on Mitt Romney and the Republican Race Going Forward

    Last Friday morning, former Governor of Massachusetts, 2008 GOP Presidential Primary runner-up, and 2012 GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney stunned the political world by announcing that he would not be throwing his hat into the 2016 ring. The nomination had seemed his for the taking, what with his rocketing to the top of the pack upon his initial expressment of interest in the race, leading | Read More »

    Obama 2016 Budget Will Close The Small Business Administration

    Let me start off by saying, I TOLD YOU SO. It looks like my Jan. 29 blog was correct.   I first predicted Obama would close the SBA under the pretense of combining it with the Department of Commerce in Nov. of 2008. Since then I have continued to sound the alarm on Obama’s scam to permanently close the SBA on radio, TV and in dozens | Read More »

    What can we learn from the Brian Williams scandal? Hmmm.. It seems that you don’t need a college degree to become a network news anchor.

    If Scott Walker continues to climb in the GOP polls, it is as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow that Democrats and the MSM will begin to harp and pound on the fact that Walker lacks a college degree. Walker left Marquette, in good academic standing about one semester short of a degree. He was married, had young children, and needed | Read More »

    How Obama’s Budget Plays With Numbers to Claim Higher Deficit Reduction

    Obama’s budget for FY2016 claimed $1.8 trillion in deficit savings over a ten year period, 2016-2025. He used PAYGO (pay-as-you-go) rules to determine this figure, which basically means paring tax increases and spending reductions on one side to pay for new spending programs and tax credits on the other side, with anything left over going to the deficit. However, his numbers for overall deficit reduction | Read More »

    Obama’s Sermon on the “Mount”

    Obama's Sermon on the “Mount”

    We experienced another historical first at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast. In this, the sixth year of the Age of Obama, the Dali Lama attend the event for the first time. The Dali Lama, legitimate spiritual and political leader of Tibet Even more historical, Big Guy – already America’s political leader – assumed the mantle of America’s spiritual leader as well. The Barry, political, spiritual and | Read More »

    Give Brian Williams an Award!

    I almost have to laugh at calls for NBC to fire Brian Williams after he admitted to lying about being in an army helicopter that was shot down during his efforts to cover the Gulf war in 2003. This is the network that continues to employ the likes of Al Sharpton, a man who has repeatedly been thoroughly discredited, from the infamous Tawana Brawley mess | Read More »

    A suggestion for Democrats: Let Hillary Clinton debate Barack Obama. More: “The search for Hillary’s campaign theme song

    We’re starting to hear that Hillary Clinton, facing no serious opposition for the Democrat nomination, is considering delaying her formal announcement until mid summer. This will undoubtedly give her more time to try and develop a “message” as  well as rack up a few more higher paid speaking gigs. Jay Cost, in a Weekly Standard piece, examines the shocking possibility that there won’t be ANY Democrat | Read More »

    The 2016 Gubernatorial Races: A Real Early Take

    There will 11 gubernatorial races in 2016, seven of them currently held by Democrats.  In the four states with Republican Governors, the only state to really worry about is North Carolina.  Meanwhile, of the seven states where there are Democratic Governors, three of them went for both McCain and Romney in the past two presidential elections.  Thus, using this metric alone, the question is whether | Read More »

    Are We Really Trying to Win the War on Terror?

    Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 our leaders have been telling us that they are doing everything possible to keep us safe.  We as citizens have endured some pretty significant infringements upon our liberty as part of our bargain for security – from humiliating searches at airports to the intrusions the NSA has made involving our phone, e-mail, and Internet records.  We have sacrificed the | Read More »

    ISIS is just like you, Christians!

    Barack Hussein Obama made use of the national prayer breakfast to again provide a peek at the real Barry.  He found this venue – the national prayer breakfast – to be an appropriate stage from which to place Christians on the same plane with ISIS, just days after these inhumane murderers televised their burning to death of a Jordanian pilot.  This is just the latest | Read More »

    The Bill Clinton Factor

    At this point the 2016 Republican presidential conjecture is about the horse race. On the Democrat side the biggest question is how Bill fits into the plan. How can Hillary and the “labor Democrat” machine harness the “good old days” without the baggage? How can she tap into the best political skills in the party without giving up center stage?  This week President Clinton made a | Read More »

    Brian Williams–White Lies

    The truth may set you free but it’s hard to find in most media.

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    Union Bosses, Democrats Attack Gov. Rauner’s Proposed Reforms

    In a shock to absolutely no one Union bosses and Democrat lawmakers across Illinois are attacking Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed changes to collective bargaining offered in yesterday’s state of the state address. Among Rauner’s proposals are giving state workers the option of not joining a union, allowing localities to hold votes on creating mini right-to-work zones that would allow workers to not have to join | Read More »

    The Media is Soylent Green

    The Media is Soylent Green

    Mark Twain wrote over 100 years ago “if you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  And this gives the lie to NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ fake apology for telling a heinous lie for twelve years.  Williams said to Star & Stripes, when they broke the story, “I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know | Read More »

    Walker / Rubio Would Crush HRC, 352-186

    A strong ideological message articulated well (on either side) wins low-information voters, that is why they went for conservative Reagan but also for liberal Obama over “squishy” Romney. Walker showed that he has some charisma articulating conservatism in Iowa and Rubio has always been overflowing with it.

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    Conservatives Beware of HuffPo Bloggers Bearing Gifts

    In a recent article gravidly entitled, “My New Favorite News Network Is Not Liberal (and Not Fox)” Huffington Post blogger Marty Kaplan declares, “This may be the kiss of death, but One America News is my new favorite TV news network.” Then oddly, a few paragraphs later he begins to insult the network: OAN has also produced particularly sly minutes connecting American icons to conservative | Read More »

    Cruz to Liberty Movement: No Softballs

    Cruz to Liberty Movement: No Softballs

    Nearly two weeks ago, just prior to his appearance at Rep. Steve King (R-IA) 94%‘s Iowa Freedom Summit, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz carved out some time to meet with leading liberty activists from around Iowa. The low-key meeting, held in Des Moines, was many activists’ first time to meet the libertarian-leaning Tea Party firebrand. It was also Cruz’s first time fielding questions from | Read More »