Call Obama’s Bluff on Immigration

    One of the oft-overlooked statements that the President has made on immigration, is that he will rescind his executive order IF the Republicans pass an immigration reform bill. He is, of course, betting that no one will do this… Which is why the new Congress SHOULD do it. Why? You see, the popular support for ‘comprehensive’ immigration legislation is a coalition of dissimilar interests: Tech firms | Read More »

    Americans Can Still Be Thankful Next Week

    In America, it’s exactly one week to Thanksgiving. And most political websites, including this one, are filled with bad news. Obama is going to push ahead with his illegal amnesty. , ,and the rest of the GOP leadership have laid down the few tools they have to stop him. Ferguson looks ready to explode again. The Secret Service can’t seem to keep people away from | Read More »

    Barack Obama: Democrat Savior

    Barack Obama is the Democrats’ best hope for getting their groove back as a party. According to Politico, they think that. Donna Brazile visited the White House the day after the midterm bloodbath and when she left she was convinced that, “Obama is the best and most effective person to get out the message.” See, it’s a messaging issue, not a “the people hate what | Read More »


    After every election, the pundits come out of the woodwork with their analysis of the results armed with a plethora of polling results.  If anything, the public and political parties should be skeptical of polling results since 2014 proved many of them dismally wrong.  Polling serves an important purpose in elections- it employs people at polling companies.  As a snapshot of any particular race, they | Read More »

    The Liberal Conundrum

    With today’s proclamation that the Constitution be damned, Congress is irrelevant, and the will of the people is what he says it is, Obama is going on television tomorrow night to state why he is going to provide amnesty for the 11 million+ criminals who are here. We have heard all of the lies: “…a humanitarian crisis…”; “…the right thing to do…”; etc. This has | Read More »

    Millennial Gay Speaks Out About His Support of Conservatism

    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THEBLAZE:   Gay rights and same sex marriage are two of the most controversial and debated topics in society today. Unfortunately, that debate carries a lot of labeling. The media, the left and their activists love to brand the Democratic Party as the party for gays and gay rights. I know that’s not true. I was lucky enough to interview Drew Vanderford, a | Read More »

    If Obama’s Executive Order Breaches The Constitution, Why Can’t Boehner And McConnell Ask ICE & The Border Patrol To Disobey It?

    Boehner and McConnell may not have the authority to directly order the ICE and Border Patrol to do anything. But they can appeal to ICE and Border Patrol agents to disobey Obama’s Executive Order and follow the law as written. Somebody needs to forcefully remind ICE and Border Patrol agents that they serve the United States of America, not President Obama (or any other President), | Read More »

    Obama’s Executive Amnesty Should Be Meet With Articles Of Impeachment

    President Obama is set to announce his executive amnesty in a prime time address Thursday night.  While the details of Obama’s executive amnesty haven’t been finalized it is likely to include the expansion of his Deferred Deportation program, known as DACA, to cover at least 4 million illegal immigrants as the program will now cover anyone who crossed the border as children(under 16) prior to | Read More »

    Jeff Sessions – To be removed from his budget comittee position!

    Heard half an hour ago in Rush show (11/19/2014) that Sessions may be removed from his position in the budget committee because he has been the only senator who has consistently gone against the Obama’s amnesty. Some of us have been warning Conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians — what will happen if we elect the Republican Liberal leadership again & again despite their giving us | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Keystone XL Pipeline

    Follow the Money: Keystone XL Pipeline

    If we were taking a class on the impact of the 2014 midterm elections, it might be called Activism 101: Your vote matters. Certainly, the scramble of recent Congressional action (namely Senate action) on the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal is evidence that elected officials took notice of millions of voters holding them accountable through the blunt force of the ballot box. With a Louisiana Senate | Read More »

    What would God say to us if we asked Him about climate change and our role in it?

    I’ve always believed God has a sense of humor just like us. The fact that many areas in the US are already having record low temperatures and record snowfalls has to be God’s way of laughing at us and saying the following: “you silly humans think you can have so much influence on the global climate just by burning fossil fuels?  I’m all-powerful and all-knowing, so don’t | Read More »

    Executive Amnesty? What about ‘Executive Right-to-Work’?

    As Obama prepares to engage in his most dictatorial act ever – granting amnesty by fiat – we see all manner of arguments from the left-wing press as to why ‘it’s the right thing to do’ or why Republicans should just sit down and take it… So with that, I have one question to ask: If a Republican President – unable to move legislation against | Read More »

    Obama Adviser Al Sharpton has Over $4.5 Million in Unpaid Taxes

    When even the New York Times notices a tax problem with a leftist fixture like Al Sharpton, you know something is really wrong. Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and | Read More »

    Executive Amnesty is Really Being Implemented in Order to Save Obamacare

    Is Executive Amnesty is inexplicably tied to Obamacare? On Monday of last week, the New York Times reported that Health and Human Secretary, Sylvia Burwell, projected 9.1 million enrollees in Obamacare by the end of the year. This is in stark contrast to the original projections by the Congressional Budget Office, which “had estimated that 13 million people would be enrolled next year, with the | Read More »

    Gun Sales Rise As Ferguson Braces For Grand Jury Decision

    St. Louis residents are increasingly taking their safety into their own hands as Ferguson looks primed for a new set of riots. The AP reports: Some suburban St. Louis gun dealers have been doing brisk business, particularly among first-time buyers, as fearful residents await a grand jury’s decision on whether to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. Metro Shooting Supplies, in an | Read More »

    There Are No Strangers When You’re Having His Baby

    ABC News used the headline “Meet the Men Having Sex With Strangers to Help Them Have Babies”. As if men having sex with strangers and getting women pregnant is a new thing. That doesn’t make it a good thing.

    It begs the question: are people who have sex multiple times with the objective of pregnancy really strangers?

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    Amanda Marcotte is a Big Dumb Jerk

    I occasionally like to read some liberal outlets to see what the opposition is thinking and if they have come to their senses.  I know this is a futile exercise, but one can hope.  Any way, one site is Salon which employs a resident moonbat by the name of Amanda Marcotte.  I am not sure whether she writes what she does just for the sake | Read More »

    Eliminating the Unfair White Tax Penalty

    Once Lady Justice has been allowed to see clearly (thank the Obama Administration for removing this handicap, which I guess then doubles as a victory for the ADA as well), we can finally start to fix some of these nagging injustices… Take for instance, the issue that black male school children are “disproportionately” punished in schools.  The Obama Administration has used its bully pulpit and the (implied?) | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Elections and the Message on Taxes

    While there is plenty to analyze from the elections as a whole, one of the most important lessons that we can glean from the 2014 mid-terms is on taxes. The message sent this election cycle to the nation’s governors is unmistakable. Governors who enacted bold tax reforms were reelected, even when facing daunting odds. Many governors who raised taxes, or even showed support for increased | Read More »

    CNN Mistakes Jerusalem Synagogue Attack as Mosque Attack

    CNN Mistakes Jerusalem Synagogue Attack as Mosque Attack

    The anti-Israel media dances like a barefoot kid in a yard full of dog poop to avoid calling Palestinian terrorists what they are.  CNN’s first ticker breaking the story about the despicable terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue read 4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians dead in Jerusalem They failed to note that the 2 dead Palestinians were the attackers themselves, who used axes and knives to slaughter | Read More »

    In praise of Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC); to date the only elected Republican to call Obama what he is: a liar

    Remember when the “L” word  which dared not be uttered was “liberal.” Back then, Democrats, after getting shellacked at the polls, decided to reinvent themselves as “progressives.” For Republicans, it seems that their “L” word –  that which they dare not speak is “lie.” As in, Obama lies. Period. Gruber? Who? Never heard of the guy. Never met him. He had nothing at all to | Read More »

    Hillary’s REALLY big problem: Who to pick for her running mate? ( Hint: a surprise choice!!)

    The HIT (Hillary Inevitabilily Tour) proceeds anew. Sometime in the next few months she’ll announce formally that she is running for the  White House. I think there’s now about a 20% chance that she won’t run. And despite multiple attempts by the MSM to paint the Clinton Restoration as a done deal, a foregone conclusion, ( and with apologies to Red Stater Myra Adams…) she’s | Read More »

    Jonathan Gruber Was Right About Stupid American Voters

    After sitting back and watching “Grubergate” unfold, it is clear that Republicans are trying to capitalize on, more than anything, Jonathan Gruber’s reference to the stupidity of the American voter. It’s hard to tell whether the outrage over his contempt is genuine or faux. But putting Gruber’s despicable motivations and methods aside, he was right about American voters. They are stupid, and frankly, that is | Read More »

    I’m Finally Coming Out

    After much deliberation, I’ve decided to come out with it. I know this is something you, the readers, have been wondering about for a long while. I’m a heterosexual.  I’m straight. Phew, glad that’s out of the way.  It’s a stressful event, preparing to share your sexual orientation with the world. I know, I know, I’m missing the press conference and hovering media presence demanding | Read More »

    How Hard Would THIS Be???

    How hard would THIS BE, Mr. Boehner. Mr. McConnell…. Mr. President, we have called this press conference to tell you and the American People that Congress will fund each and every part of the government, with the ONLY exception being ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act. To repeat: we will be funding everything except this horrible law that the American people DID NOT | Read More »

    Hispanics: Beware the Obama Executive Order!

    Law enforcement agencies- State, federal and local- routinely must prioritize how their resources are used.  It explains why the jaywalker is rarely charged.  Deportation proceedings instituted by ICE are no different.  The Obama administration’s main argument for issuing an executive order which would, in the practical sense, grant amnesty to an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants is based on the concept of prosecution discretion. There | Read More »

    Hey, Corey Gardner! It’s “shakin’ time!”

    The rumor around Washington is that Obama is expected to soon announce his unconstitutional immigration plan, so the question to ask ourselves is: how will the Republicans respond? Well, they won’t use the power of the purse—I wrote about this in a previous article—at least that’s the word from Senator-elect Corey Gardner. When asked about using budget reconciliation manuevers to bypass possible filibusters by Democrats | Read More »

    Are Stores Open Thanksgiving Deserving Of Wide Scale Divine Retribution?

    Granted, retailers opening on Thanksgiving might not have been the most family-friendly or magnanimous gesture in relation to their employees. However, the response on the part of certain theologians and critics might have gone a bit overboard. In particular, one such condemnation intoned that from this alteration in commercial operational policy that America is an evil nation worthy of God’s judgment. So because Walmart was | Read More »

    Obama Video on Jonathan Gruber: “I Have Stolen Ideas From Liberally”

    In case anyone wasn’t sure about the White House denials regarding its ties to Jonathan Gruber, here we have video of Obama heaping praise upon him: “You have already drawn some of the brightest minds from academia and policy circles, many of them I have stolen ideas from liberally, people ranging from Robert Gordon to Austan Goolsbee; Jon Gruber; my dear friend, Jim Wallis here, | Read More »

    Idealism and the Economic Realities of TRIA

    Conservatives cheered when Republican leadership appointed Congressman (R-TX) to chair the House Financial Services Committee. Indeed, Mr. Hensarling has proven an avid reformer, continually pushing for ever greater conservative reforms in areas under his committee’s jurisdiction.  One of his targets, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) is expected to be considered during the current Lame Duck session. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 brought | Read More »

    You Must Believe in Climate Change

    You Must Believe in Climate Change

    The High Priests of the Climate Change Church must not be challenged! They have declared that there are no scientists in the world who disagree with human-caused Climate Change.  This is what the Texas Board of Education is being forced to accept in its new textbooks. The revision arrives one week ahead of a final vote by the Texas Board of Education to adopt the | Read More »

    Feminism: Real and Imagined

    Modern feminism seems to break out into two categories: Experienced & Imagined. There are women all over the world who experience being  harassed, raped, controlled, manipulated, beaten, abused and even murdered because they are women. These women have experienced the worst of humanity based solely on their reproductive parts. It is no wonder they beg, plead, prod & scream “Equal rights”. In places such as Africa, approximately | Read More »

    Perversion of the 2nd Amendment continues

    Every day, another story comes out with a complete and total perversion of the original wording and intent behind the 2nd Amendment. One most recent story I found was a reader opinion piece at the Sante Fe New Mexican. Their punchline perversion is summed up like this: “There is no Second Amendment right to own guns. So intended the founders!” The Supreme Court in the | Read More »

    Time will tell if Gruber is right

    Jonathan Gruber, one of the key architects of Obamacare, has recently become a YouTube star for merely expressing the contempt that he and most of those on the elite left hold for Americans.  It’s really fascinating, how many seem to have been surprised by his consistent characterization of us, as it’s been clear for a long time to anyone who would dare to look how | Read More »

    While Negotiations Meander Along What Has Iran Been Up To?

    According to new information released earlier this month, Iran’s nuclear program could be even further ahead than previously thought. The information was issued by an Iranian dissident group and raises new questions in regard to what Tehran has been concealing from nuclear inspectors. Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo reports: “Iran is said to have built and still be in possession of two explosive chambers that have allowed | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Six energy policy changes to watch for in a Republican-controlled Congress

    For those of us who watch the politics of energy policy, it is going to be an interesting two years. If the Republican policies turn the economy around as predicted—offering a sharp contrast to the stagnation of the past six years, they will pave the way for victory in 2016.

    Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Amnesty won’t be legal, but it will likely be permanent…

    Sometime over the course of the next week Barack Obama is likely going grant amnesty to millions of people who are in the United States illegally. He’s doing this very much against the will of an overwhelming majority of American people. Not only do polls show that Americans are 3 to 1 against his giving amnesty to illegals, but his party, which very much supports | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 3: Possible Outcomes and Solutions

    Given the evidence offered in the first two parts of this series, it is easy to see what a debacle of a law  is Obamacare.  Yet, it was one of the most debated pieces of legislation in recent history.  The fact that Congress- essentially a collection of lawyers- would draft such a law is discouraging at least and criminal at worst.  If they deliberately left | Read More »


         Prior to his election, President Obama said that legally altering or instituting laws involving Immigration must involve Congressional action. When he took the Oath of Office he promised to defend the United States Constitution and our Nation’s laws. He is doing the exact opposite by issuing an Executive Order revising an existing law he promised to honor and defend. Doing so, ignores the sentiment of most Americans, negates | Read More »

    Pope John Paul II, One of the Greatest Political Leaders, Sparked Movement of Liberation in Poland, Eastern Europe, Defying Communism

    Those on Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Journey first arrived in Kraków, Poland, home of Pope John Paul II, to learn how its most influential agent for political change during pre and post Nazi and Communist occupied Poland, was its religious leader. To the Polish people, their Pope, Karol Józef Woityla, is the most significant man in modern history who led them to freedom after suffering generations | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 2: The Arguments

    As explained in part 1, two federal courts have now determined that the wording of the ACA is unambiguous and that federal subsidies cannot be offered to those who purchased health care through  A third court is likely to reach the same conclusion in a case out of Indiana while a fourth court has sided with the federal government in a “close call.”  Thus, | Read More »

    MSM Follows Mordor’s Plan on Gruber

    MSM Follows Mordor's Plan on Gruber

    Nothing that happens in Mordor is hid from the eye of Sauron.  Of course the White House knew about Jonathan Gruber’s on-the-record tell-all detailing How We Shoved Obamacare Down Your Throats.  The West Wing of Barad Dûr has plans within plans for such minor contingencies. Note that these remarks surfacing didn’t stop President Obama from his Grand Asia Excursion, where he traded awkward bromance moments | Read More »

    Chris Murphy (D-CT) Called Gruber Quotes “Irrelevant” and Twitter Responded

    Over on Twitter, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) called Gruber quotes “irrelevant” and Twitter responded big-time.

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    Action Congress can definitely take to deal with amnesty.

    The Constitution’s only specification with regards to the State of the Union address is: He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. Until 100 years ago, this was generally a written report.  Then President Wilson gave an address in person, and it has | Read More »

    Healthcare dot gov Begins a New Season

    I’m certain this will be the first in a long series of articles. Stay tuned.

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    What’s the Right Remedy in King v. Burwell?

    Insofar as I know, no constitutional issue has been raised, briefed or argued in King v. Burwell in any of the courts below; so this may all be too much to hope for. But now that the Supreme Court has accepted certiorari, here is an entry from that perhaps-too-much-to-hope-for category. According to the Court’s contradictory opinion in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, the | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 1: How We Got There

    Technically speaking, the case recently taken by the Supreme Court- King vs. Burwell- is not a direct challenge to Obamacare.  If anything, the plaintiffs in this case are arguing for the Supreme Court to uphold the ACA as originally written.  The action is taken not against the law itself, but against an IRS interpretation gone wrong. Section 1311 directs states to establish health care exchanges within | Read More »

    Democrats Still Have a Big Advantage in the Electoral College

      Re-posted from National Review Online After the GOP’s 2014 midterm election triumph, Republicans are still celebrating that the good guys (and girls) won and our nation has been saved. Finally, the American people wised up and threw the bums out. Six years after the election of Barack Obama, the midterm tsunami over the bluest of blue states filled Republicans with “hope and change,” mixed | Read More »

    Congress Can Deploy Troops to the Border

    I’m no expert on the Constitution but I think there may be an opportunity to stop amnesty and secure the border and do so in a constitutional means that doesn’t involve a shutdown or budget threats. I was listening to the Mark Levin show yesterday and he was reading through Article I, Section 8 and he breezed past these Congressional powers that caught my attention: | Read More »


    Ever tell a lie? I mean a little white lie, like telling someone they look fantastic in an outfit you wouldn’t use to cover your dog’s behind? Sure you have. And if you seriously can’t bring yourself to tell the truth, to stop telling lies, there’s a place for you.

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