Democrats Should Drink From the Right Bottle

    In the newly released film “Antarctica,” the narrator talks about the similarity, in size and shape, between the standard-issue antarctic water bottle, for personal consumption, and the standard-issue bottle for human waste — and the importance of not confusing the two. The lesson is the same for politics: Those who traffic in both wisdom and waste need to be able, in their own minds at | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2014- Part 4

    An election year tends to bring out the Lefty loons and this year did not disappoint.  Of course, there are always the behind-the-scenes actors like those dreaded, evil Koch brothers (who employ over 75,000 Americans) and #14 on this list- Tom Steyer (who employs zero Americans).  This self-made billionaire donated $74 million to NextGen- a PAC dedicated to Democratic candidates who would address climate change. | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Unto Us a Child Is Born

    Thank God we live in America. Though she is currently bruised and battered and struggling to recover her true identity, along comes the celebration of celebrations to remind us of things that truly matter — in this world and in this life. No leftist ideology or hatred spewed from the mouths of the ignorant and the arrogant can extinguish the Light of Christ, nor prevent | Read More »

    Linus Had It Right.

    This is what Christmas is all about. It’s easy to forget, amid all the shopping, and the cooking, and yes, even the lame duck politics, but Christmas should always be about Christ. We give gifts, but we should always remember the greatest gift ever given: God’s own Son, who willingly came to earth to die on a cross to reconcile us to the Father. Could | Read More »

    Four little words of advice for Michael Grimm: Charlie Rangel and Alcee Hastings

    New York GOP Congressman Michael Grimm  yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of felony tax evasion. It is inevitable that he will soon resign from the House. Speaker Boehner has wisely to date refrained from any public comment; allowing Grimm time over the holidays to contemplate his fall from grace and hopefully come to the correct decision as to his future. Let’s be clear here. | Read More »

    Mele Kalikimaka 2014

    Mele Kalikimaka 2014

    The Won with Wee Won One,with friends and their Secret Service Army,  on the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail, Taking the Road Less Traveled And so we leave the year behind – by and large unexamined – to kick back and enjoy the Winter Holiday season Hawaiian style. Don’t think that the Wons don’t realize how many things they have to be grateful for this year: | Read More »

    Why God Used Angels To Announce Christmas

    Erick wrote a post yesterday titled “To Understand the Beginning of the End, You Must Understand the End of the Beginning” which beautifully described God’s covenants with Abraham, Moses and Israel, and the connection to Christmas. I posted a comment posing the question “Did you ever wonder why God used angels to speak to Mary and Zechariah and Joseph?” with a possible answer. This post is the expanded version of that answer with lots of Scripture to back it up and an interesting twist at the end.

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    The Police are Mean

    We’ve all been pulled over by a cop. Most law abiding citizens only deal with police officers a handful of times in their lives, but at some point – it happens. I’ve been fortunate enough to have only been pulled over twice; for speeding and for sporting expired registration tags. In neither instance was I harassed, beaten or killed. So where do I get off | Read More »

    Clinton/Warren 2016 Should Republicans Laugh, Fear, or Dismiss?

    Clinton/Warren 2016  Should Republicans Laugh, Fear, or Dismiss?

    Re-posted from National Review Would a Democratic presidential ticket of former secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Democratic Massachusetts be doomed to defeat or cruise to an easy victory on November 8, 2016? From a Republican perspective would this Clinton/Warren “all chick tick” elicit howls of laughter or utter fear? Here is why from a Democrat point of view a Clinton/Warren ticket might make good | Read More »


          When public officials ignore or condone street mobs calling for “Dead Cops” they are compliant in any subsequent consequences. No one should underestimate the influence of months of demonstrations and rallies led by professional agitators like Al Sharpton. They stoked the fires of police hatred by incorporating false charges of racism. Eventually, that anti-police rhetoric resulted in death by assassination for officers | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews on 2014- Part 3

     Its fitting that these next two appear near one another in the countdown since they share a lot in common.  Both are race baiters extraordinaire and both see a racial bogeyman behind everything.  So coming in at #16 is outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.  He comes in lower in the countdown only because he is resigning and will be less high-profile now although one can | Read More »

    It Doesn’t Matter When Jesus Was Born

    It Doesn't Matter When Jesus Was Born

    This week, Christians will celebrate the birth of Christ. We will gather with loved ones to worship, sing, eat too much, and reflect on what His birth has given us. And then, the one know-it-all on Twitter, in your family, or wherever else he lurks, will tell you in his most self-satisfied tone, that Jesus wasn’t even born in December. That, using Biblical clues, it | Read More »

    IRS Lois Lerner & North Lorea: Icky and Hacky

    IRS Lois Lerner & North Lorea: Icky and Hacky

    Greetings from the formerly sunny island of Oahu! I haven’t needed my uva and uvb lenses much so far this year, as the little black cloud seems to be following us; the rain I mean. And now I hear that Congress is releasing a report today that reveals our ex-IRS top official Lois Lerner specifically targeted tea party groups and misled the public about its | Read More »

    Is This the Post Post-Racial Presidency?

    Racial strife has been in the news for months. It has lasted while the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an Ebola scare, ISIS-ISIL-DASH, kidnappings, beheadings, prisoner releases, and an historic mid-term election have either come and gone or have been reported and pushed aside. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Racial tensions were supposed to be a thing of the past by this time. | Read More »

    The U.S. Has a Drone Problem

    The U.S. Has a Drone Problem

    Nowhere is the tension between technology and safety evident than the “drone wars”, pitting the FAA against Hollywood.  So far, Hollywood is winning.  Last September, the FAA granted permits to several production companies to operate commercial drones. The drones must weigh no more than 55 lbs, fly no faster than 58 mph, and no higher than 400 feet above the ground (AGL).  FAA rules for | Read More »

    Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 2

    Coming in at #18 is a person very few people have probably heard of- Esquire political blogger and ESPN sports analyst Charles Pierce.  There lies the problem in a nutshell- a sports writer doing political commentary.  Its just as silly as a community organizer becoming the President.  Charles Pierce zoomed into 18th place since he came out in defense of his “friend,” Jonathan Gruber.  In | Read More »

    Mock We Much

    Mock We Much

    The National Review thinks kids today are softer than cotton candy. They drew this conclusion based on the students’ and their institutions of higher learning reactions to the double non-indictment of two grand juries hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from their campuses. Requiring everything from grief therapists (University of California) to delayed final exams (Harvard, Occidental, Columbia), the kids just can’t seem to | Read More »

    Christmas As An Atheist Holiday

    I’d like to thank the atheists for making my point: when we tell our kids that Santa is real, and that he exemplifies the spirit of Christmas, we are practicing atheism. Practical atheism. We are taking a day dedicated to celebrating a uniquely Christian event and making it a fairy tale.

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    Law Enforcement Contempt, I’ve Had Enough

    As I have written before, I have been a police officer for 28 years. The men and women with whom I have served are some of the most honorable, dependable people that you could possibly meet. They are compassionate. They are dedicated. They are patriotic. They are hardworking. And they truly wish to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. The vast majority | Read More »

    The Content of Our Character

    The Content of Our Character

    On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and captured the heart of a nation with a single phrase: “I have a dream.” Dr. King’s decision that day to set aside his written speech and speak these visionary words ultimately placed him in the same oratory company as Presidents Lincoln and Jefferson. While most people remember and | Read More »

    Congress: The Return of “Regular Order”

    There is good reason to believe that the coming Republican Congress will be able to demonstrate that the GOP knows how to govern effectively and can be trusted with the presidency in 2016. In fact, this may be easier than it looks. Without knowing or caring how the plumbing really works, the public has given Congress an approval rating of 10 to 15% in recent | Read More »

    Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 1

    Like last year, the obvious choice- Obama and his wife- are off limits.  This is my list of some of the most obnoxious yet reflective individuals of the Lefty mindset. Coming in at #20 is the man a heart beat away from the Oval Office, Joe Biden.  In his long, distinguished career, Joe has made numerous gaffes and this year was no different.  I will, | Read More »

    One Weird Trick From Dr. Claus To Make Your Life Perfect this Christmas

    One Weird Trick From Dr. Claus To Make Your Life Perfect this Christmas

    In our golden age of charlatans, shills, and hucksters… Oh look! Weasels! …why is this even news? “Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong.” I mean, he calls himself Dr. Oz for crying out loud. I know: he’s a heart surgeon, with degrees from TWO Ivy League schools, ipso fatso, he must be smart. He was discovered by Oprah, thus given a | Read More »

    Obama, executive orders….excuse me…”unsigned” memoranda, and razor blades

    Those of us of a certain age recall that once upon a time shaving was almost always accomplished with a Gillette safety razor, using double edged blades. (Though for a while, Schick was the choice of conservatives….as they advertised in “National Review.”) In those antediluvian times, before ATRAs and other disposables, regardless of which brand you chose, you were faced with the problem of what | Read More »

    Obama’s Year-Ending Presser…But I’m Not Done Yet!

    Obama's Year-Ending Presser…But I’m Not Done Yet!

    We must have let the rest of the White House staff go on “Winter Holiday Break” early too, because as of this morning, still no transcript from yesterday’s presser. I gotta run, I’ve got a flight to catch. See you next year. Although there was this posted yesterday on the Big White site: DECLARACIONES DEL PRESIDENTE SOBRE CAMBIOS EN LA POLÍTICA CON CUBA. No English | Read More »

    This is why I might have a problem voting for Rand Paul

    Before I explain the title of this entry, first let me clarify a few things.  On policy, I agree with Rand Paul on 99% of the issues. In fact, I think I agree with him on policy more than any other candidate, with his stance on Cuba being an exception.  So this isn’t about policy.  This is about what it takes to be president and | Read More »

    Demographic Fallacies

    The New York Times had an article entitled “The Growing Blue-State Diaspora.”  In that article, the authors make a claim that as blue state residents move to traditionally red or swing states, they are changing the political ideological tendencies of their new home states.  It is not until almost the end of the article that the authors acknowledge that just because the person comes from | Read More »

    Actually, Rand Paul Knows Exactly What He Is Talking About

    Actually, Rand Paul Knows Exactly What He Is Talking About

    Appearing with Megyn Kelly to discuss the Cuba situation last night, discussed the policy change toward Cuba. and his comments were brought up. stated that doesn’t know what he is talking about. A social media battle ensued. After Rand came out in support of opening relations with Cuba, many of the reactions were typical. I can’t count how many times I saw people accuse Rand | Read More »

    Did North Korea Really Hack Sony?

    IP addresses were hard-coded into the software. This is never, ever done by any reputable programmer. Unless the North Koreans were blatantly advertising their actions — not at all out of the question — there is no reason to do this. But it makes me suspect that perhaps someone else did the hack and used this to point toward North Korea.

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    A Candidate Who Can Win

    It was a Tuesday night on November 3, 1964.  In a humiliating defeat of Republican Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson won the presidential election in an historic landslide.  After all the votes were counted and the dust settled, Johnson took away 44 states and Goldwater carried a paltry number of 6. A few months prior in San Francisco, the Republican convention was one of the most | Read More »

    Everything You Need To Know About Sony, Cuba and North Korea

    It’s all in this one infographic.

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    “I’m Too Spooky for My Soul; Too Sexy, In My Soul”

    “I’m Too Spooky for My Soul; Too Sexy, In My Soul”

      BO is the reason for the season – regardless of which “season” you’re celebrating: Cat Walkin’ our way through the “Holiday” Season: “I’m too sexy for my house…” For Hanukkah, Big Guy, widely described by pro-Israel groups as the U.S. president “least friendly to the Jewish state since its founding,” believes that he is Jewish in his “soul.”   “I am, in my soul.”  | Read More »

    Blaming the Victim and the “Rape Culture”

    A supposed comedy called “The Interview”, about the assassination of North Korea’s still-living (as far as we know) man-child, monstrous dictator Kim Jong Un, was set to be released on Christmas Day. The film’s distributor, Sony, had its computer systems hacked by, according to our illustrious federal government, those attached to the North Korean regime run by Kim. The hacking revealed some emails between the | Read More »

    Some Thoughts on Cuba

    The history of US-Cuban relations is rife with exploitation before Castro and deep mistrust between the nations after Castro.  Much of that mistrust is justifiable on the US end of things given Castro’s rise to power and resulting placement in the Soviet Communist orbit culminating in the Cuban missile crisis and subsequent actions taken on both sides.  Make no mistake- the Castro brothers are brutal | Read More »

    For the Dual Citizens Among Us: How It’s Done in the South Bronx

    If the name of my chosen home raises only distant memories of Dresdenized rubble, or–perhaps worse to many–the specter of the soulless hive, I accept your hesitation to read on and commit you to more authoritative words than I can conjure. But if you have ever wondered–I shall be blunt–what the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ might look like in action in | Read More »

    Obama Declares War on the Republic

    If government of the people, by the people and for the people should perish from the Earth, its demise will have started with this president’s relentless, Chavez-like power grabbing—and the failure of craven Republicans to resist it. Be not deceived: this is a direct assault on our way of life and on our freedoms. If this assault is not halted, one day America will no | Read More »

    Mean Christians

    ….Bear in mind, many Christians are already facing enormous challenges–anything from being the target of a smear campaign to being imprisoned and tortured for refusing to submit to another religion. Online, Christians are faced with verbal abuse from people….

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    Repeal and Replace- The Tax Code

    Incoming Senate Finance Committee Chairman (R-UT) released a 350-page primer on tax reform – individual and corporate – outlining the issues lawmakers will have to tackle in an effort to reform our tax code.  As the committee noted in an accompanying press release, “At over 70,000 pages in length, the U.S. tax laws are a labyrinth of red tape. The current tax system is anti-competitive, complicated, unfair, and | Read More »

    U Michigan Is A Bastion Of Free Speech, But Only For Liberals

    The University of Michigan is a bastion of free speech, according to its own public affairs department. But only if you’re a liberal.

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    Unlike in 2012, the Establishment Will Not Coalesce Behind One Candidate in 2016

    In 2012, Texas did not hold its primary until May 29. In 2016, Texas joins Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Vermont (listed in order of population) in holding its primary election on Super Tuesday, March 1. This represents 25% of the population of the United States, so it is safe to assume there will still be at least two competitive potential Republican nominees | Read More »

    Groundhog Murderer DeBlasio Named PETA Person of the Year

    Groundhog Murderer DeBlasio Named PETA Person of the Year

    Yes, you read that correctly.  New York city mayor Bill DeBlasio has just been named person of the year by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  PETA granted this honor because, according to the New York Daily News, Mayor de Blasio’s mission to corral the city’s horse-carriage industry has helped him score the title of Person of the Year from advocacy group People for | Read More »

    How to Lose a Cyberwar with North Korea

    In the past twenty-four hours, United States intelligence officials definitively confirmed that the recent cyberattacks against Sony Pictures Studios and the concomitant threats to terrorize movie theaters showing its film, “The Interview,” are indeed the work of North Korean state actors.  Sony, of course, canceled the global release of “The Interview,” which threatens to ex ante effectuate some of the most outright perverse incentives in geopolitics that we’ve | Read More »

    CRomnibus: Republican Betrayal on Amnesty

    President Obama gets substantially closer to his amnesty while Republicans, such as Boehner and others, effectively satisfy their corporate donors on Wall Street while carefully shielding themselves from Main Street behind the robes of the Supreme Court.

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    I Love Santa

    What is this idea that Santa Claus somehow detracts from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? I grew up in a Christian household that loved Santa and, as pretty much anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter can attest, I still really like Jesus. Believing in Santa Claus and loving Jesus are hardly mutually exclusive.

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    Multi-Ethnic not Multi-Cultural

    We are a multi-ethnic country not, as so often stated, multi-cultural.  We have one culture — the American culture — emphasizing personal freedom, self-reliance, work, education — in short, The American Dream.  It’s what draws so many people to this country and leaving behind the culture that kept them from being the best they could be.  Don’t people realize that it was those “cultures” that created the | Read More »

    Erick is half right…..

    Erick penned a superb, powerful diary the other day: House Conservatives have the power, and should depose Speaker . He points out, correctly, that it will take only 30 conservative House members to deny Boehner the 218 votes he will need in the next Congress to be elected Speaker. He makes the case that by in effect vetoing Boehner, conservatives will throw the election back to | Read More »

    One Old Guy Against the Emperor

      I am an older guy, knocking on the door of 70. Over the years I’ve seen a gradual erosion of personal freedom and a growing disrespect for others and the rule of law. Disrespect and lawlessness now reach all the way to the Attorney General and the President. The President has become de facto emperor, his unpopular edicts constantly delayed past the next election. | Read More »

    “I’ve been mistaken for a valet” and Other Tales of the Dark Side

    “I’ve been mistaken for a valet” and Other Tales of the Dark Side

    It’s worse than we thought; even the Wons are frequent victims of racial injustice according to People magazine – The Obamas: How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences. In the article, Big Guy claims he’s been mistaken for a valet and Lady M said he has also been mistaken for a waiter. Some say he’s been mistaken for a President: Rock star? President? Whatever. | Read More »

    Gov. Shumlin Admits High Taxes Hurts Businesses, Families, and the Economy

    Peter Shumlin, a Democrat governor from one of the most liberal states, made a jaw-dropping admission when he released his much-awaited plan for a single payer health system in Vermont. Shumlin’s proposal called for massive tax increases to pay for the system, which Shumlin himself called “detrimental to Vermonters”. Shumlin stated, “These are simply not tax rates that I can responsibly support or urge the | Read More »

    An Act of Kindness

    Let me ask you something: do you think it’s strange  for a stranger to knock on your door and inform you of anything? No I’m not talking about solicitors nor volunteers, I’m talking about someone who notices something is wrong on your property and tells you. I will admit I do, but let me explain; I had just finished making a delivery and noticed the headlights | Read More »