Richie Rich For The Democrats

    Driving to lunch yesterday I saw a Mercedes S-Class sporting a Bernie Sanders for president bumper sticker. It reminded me that only the rich can afford to be socialists. Reflecting on it, I remembered my first visit to Boulder, CO, back in 2001. I was warned by a friend to be weary of the aggressive panhandlers. Sure enough, the first evening in town some colleagues and | Read More »

    Jindal Out?

    I predict he’ll endorse Cruz

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    Why Moderate Muslims Don’t Fight

    (Philippe Wojazer/Reuters) The events in Paris this weekend solidified a position I’ve been thinking about for a long time. When I look at the Islamic world, from Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia –included in the 10-40o window – I can’t help but wonder why there has not been one democratic revolution in any Muslim country in the last 200 years?  I believe that | Read More »

    If You Thought You Could Never Agree With Dianne Feinstein, Think Again

    If You Thought You Could Never Agree With Dianne Feinstein, Think Again

    On Friday morning in an interview on Good Morning America, President Obama proclaimed to George Stephanopolous that ISIS was “contained.”  He went on to state: “I don’t think they’re gaining strength.  From the start, our goal has been to contain and we have contained them.  They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave.  But you don’t see this | Read More »

    Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Syrian Refugee Crisis

    This is a message to my Christian friends, family, and people I do not even know yet that refuse to accept any Syrian Refugees: YOU ARE (mostly) HYPOCRITES. Yeah. I said it. How in the world can you sit here and say “We are a Christian nation” while simultaneously saying “We won’t take ANY refugees”? There are two chief arguments that I am seeing and | Read More »

    The Louisiana Run Off: Vitter Versus Edwards

    On October 24th, Louisiana held their election and no one of the nine candidates on the ballot reached the magical 50% threshold thus necessitating a runoff.  The Democrats are ecstatic about this result since their candidate “won” the election with 40% of the 1.1 million votes cast.   came in a distant second at 23% and not much higher than third place finisher, Scott Angelle, | Read More »

    The Refugee Risk Democrats are Willing to Take (With Us)

    All 3 Democratic Presidential candidates continue to support importing Syrian refugees into the United States, even following the #ParisAttacks. Martin O’Malley explained,  “Accommodating 65,000 refugees in our country today, people of 320 million, is akin to making room for 6.5 more people in a baseball stadium with 32,000.” Someone ought to remind the Governor that there were only 3 terrorists who targeted the nearly 80,000 person stadium in | Read More »

    The Race to the White House Continues at 2015 Sunshine Summit

    The Race to the White House Continues at 2015 Sunshine Summit

    In the nation’s largest swing state, The Republican Party of Florida hosted the first annual Sunshine Summit this past weekend at the Rosen Shingle Creek. The Summit hosted presidential candidates, federal elected officials, and state leaders who, over three days, addressed over 2,500 grassroots leaders, volunteers, GOP supporters, and activists from across the state, some of whom were first time voters. The speakers were given | Read More »


    Things were looking so good for 2016. Obama is more unpopular than ever. Hillary’s involved in a scandal and her nearest rival is an admitted socialist. On the other side the GOP had a huge list to choose from, including several very strong conservatives, some young faces who could appeal to millennials, and several who could easily articulate conservatism in a debate with anyone. Into | Read More »

    Congratulations, Pennsylvania! We’re getting what you voted for!

    While sensible Governors across the country are saying, “No!” to accepting Syrian refugees, Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania is saying, “Sure, c’mon in!” PA-Gov: Pennsylvania Will Continue to Accept Syrian Refugees Written by Nick Field, Managing Editor The Keystone State will continue to welcome Syrian refugees. According to John Micek of the Patriot-News, Pennsylvania’s policy will not be affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Ethanol loses its few friends

    Plainly irritated, the ethanol industry shot back immediately, saying it receives no government subsidies. But it neglected to mention a very important fact. Instead of subsidies, ethanol producers get something better: a mandate that orders refiners to blend ethanol into motor fuels which forces consumers to buy their product. A federally guaranteed market beats a subsidy every time.

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    How Reformers Want to Make It Harder for Law Enforcement to Keep Cash, Property They’ve Seized

    PHILADELPHIA—In state capitals and courtrooms across the nation, lawmakers and lawyers are challenging a tool used by law enforcement to take property and cash from Americans who, in many cases, have not committed a crime. But in no other city is the convergence of efforts more evident than Philadelphia, where attempts to reform “policing for profit” aren’t limited to the state capitol and federal courts. | Read More »

    After Paris Attacks, Abbott Closes Texas To Syrian ‘Refugees’

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is sending the Obama Administration a simple message: “Not In Texas.” His office issued a statement today saying that “Texas will not accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Paris.” Abbott is quoted as saying: Given the tragic attacks in Paris and the threats we have already seen, Texas cannot participate in any program that will | Read More »

    Iowa Rep. Steve King Endorses Ted Cruz (Update) Another Name Jumps Onboard

    This is a major endorsement for . Here’s a bit of King speaking of why he made the endorsement from a press release on the Cruz website. “He has consistently and tirelessly fought on the issues that matter most to conservatives, such as Obamacare, religious liberty, life, and stopping Obama’s lawless executive actions. Cruz has a proven record of standing up to both Democrats and Republicans to put | Read More »

    Ted Cruz is a “Threat” to the Open Borders Bushies

    According the Politico, the presidential campaign of is firing on all cylinders.  “He has more cash than any other Republican candidate. He is organized in every county in the first four voting states. And he has served up one strong debate performance after the next.”  That, of course, makes him a threat to the Bush/Open Borders wing of the Republican Party. “He’s the longer-term threat,” | Read More »

    The Paris attacks and the Mizzou protests are two sides of the same coin…

    The ISIS attacks on civilians in Paris and the attacks on common sense across the country are two sides of the same coin. Both were carried out by those who hate freedom…. Not their freedom of course, but yours. With ISIS (as well as fanatical Muslims around the planet) you are expected to live the way they want you to, to act the way they | Read More »

    Islam And Immigration: America’s Inconvenient Adversaries

    For all you unwilling to accept an inconvenient truth, stop reading my post and click out of this site because what I’m relaying to those who will listen is reality. And while we can debate America’s role in creating ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other bad actors in the Middle East, one thing for sure we know America had know role: The fact that all these | Read More »

    Empowering Texans By Restoring Justice

    Who should our system of justice serve, the government or the citizenry? The answer seems obvious. Yet in too many real and practical ways, the justice system of the 21st century has devolved into one more focused on serving itself than serving the people. In Texas and around the nation, the “justice” system seems more interested in padding the pockets of bureaucracies than in healing communities | Read More »

    What is Happening to America’s Universities?

    University: “An institution of higher education offering tuition in mainly non-vocational subjects and typically having the power to confer degrees.”  (Oxford University Press, 2010 as quoted in Wikipedia) “An important idea in the definition of a university is the notion of academic freedom.”  (Wikipedia – emphasis added) “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging | Read More »

    France and NATO

    Maybe I am way off, but I am under the impression that ISIS has attacked Paris.  I am also under the impression that Article 5 of NATO requires all member states to come to the military assistance of any member that is attacked. Shouldn’t all our defense hawks be pushing that just as we required countries to come to our aid October 4th 2011 we | Read More »

    Prepare for a state’s rights showdown!

    Alabama and Michigan to refuse Syrian refugees: Governors of Michigan, Alabama Seek to Bar Syrian Refugees After French Attack by M. Alex Johnson | Nov 16 2015, 8:09 am ET No Syrian refugees have entered Alabama under federal refugee assistance rules, and Gov. Robert Bentley declared Sunday night that they never will on his watch. Bentley cited Friday night’s “attacks of terror on innocent citizens | Read More »

    Democrats: The Party of Freeloaders Unite

    Democrats: The Party of Freeloaders Unite

    Saturday night, the Democratic Presidential candidates joined up again to debate the best way to ruin America.  To their credit, all of the candidates seem quite capable of accomplishing this task. But listening to them drone on, it’s clear they have only one tactic up their sleeve: tell people that everything should be free. If something is already free, it should give better benefits.  If | Read More »

    Facebook Should Reverse Its Support of Government’s Net Neutrality Fantasy

    Network Neutrality is a unilateral and completely unnecessary government-intrusion-and-imposition on the entirety of the Internet – and the trillions-of-dollars-economy that has arisen around it. Net Neutrality is one fantasy – based upon another. Fantasy: The evil Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will – at some indeterminate point in the future – start blocking you from getting to certain websites. (In this way it is very similar | Read More »

    Da’ish and Hamas are simply different parts of the Islamist enemy as a whole

    From The Wall Street Journal: Paris Attacks Undercut Western Hopes of Containing Extremists G-20 leaders expected to rethink approach to fighting terrorism By Damian Paletta | November 14, 2015 9:26 a.m. ET WASHINGTON—The consecutive terror attacks that killed 224 people on a Russian charter plane Oct. 31 and well over 100 in Paris on Friday have undercut what remained of Western hopes of containing extremists, | Read More »

    The #DemocraticDebate: the candidates argue over whom will surrender the fastest

    From The New York Times: Rivals at Democratic Debate Attack Hillary Clinton By Amy Chozick and Jonathan Martin | November 14, 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had set out to use the second Democratic presidential debate to portray herself as the strongest potential commander in chief while France reeled from terror attacks, instead found herself pummeled by rivals on Saturday over her ties to Wall | Read More »

    Obama’s Syrian imports

    Until it directly affects them, politicians and the MSM do not care if Americans die because of their immigration policies.  They will see thousands of Syrians come into this country and no matter what happens—it was just a few troublemakers and look at how well the others are doing.   Flash back to President Carter and the Cuban boat lift.   Several dozen bilingual police officers, | Read More »

    The 2016 Election is Now a National Security Election

    I have very little to say about the horrific string of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris that has not already been said.  Those of us for whom 9/11 was a seminal moment in our intellectual development know full well that evil exists in this world, that moral and cultural relativism is utter nonsense, and that radical Islamic jihad is an irredeemably recalcitrant form of cancer fundamentally at | Read More »

    Alarm Bells from Paris – is anyone listening?

    With the recent ISIS attack in Paris, and now reports coming through the wires that ISIS claims the attacks are “first of a storm“, one has to wonder if collectively, the world and its leaders have learned anything.  After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, we had hashtags and unity marches through the streets of Paris, good for optics, but not much else.  Now ten months later, Paris is | Read More »

    Why is Raqqa still standing?

    How I’d deal with ISIS 1- Drop leaflets over Raqqa like they did in Japan and Fallujah. You have 2 days to evacuate or be treated as an enemy combatant. 2- Level Raqqa to the ground. Nukes, cluster bombs, nerve gas, test some biochem warfare on that town. Everyone dies. 3- Repeat steps 1&2 for every town that ISIS occupies until every arab in East Syria/Western Iraq | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Exclusive interview with Bill O’Reilly re-posted from Washington Examiner

    Authors Note: I thought my RedState friends would be interested in reading this exclusive interview with Bill O’Reilly about the “Killing Reagan” controversy with George Will questioning the book’s historical accuracy. The interview also addresses the future of the ‘Killing’ series, Reagan on amnesty, and O’Reilly’s belief that Reagan was one of our greatest presidents.  The interview was conducted by phone on November 13 and posted | Read More »

    Paris, jihad and war: Can we get serious?

    Paris, jihad and war: Can we get serious?

    Can we get serious?  Because our enemies are dead serious. I grieve for Paris, and for the families who lost loved ones.  I grieve for those who are frightened.  The two largest terror attacks against civilians in the West in this century both took place in cities boasting a Statue of Liberty.  I don’t think that was missed by the Islamic jihadists who perpetrated the | Read More »

    The Forever War Against Islam…Our New Reality

    In 1974 American science fiction author Joe Haldeman wrote the epic of futuristic militaristic fiction in ‘The Forever War’, the story of endless interstellar war by space marines and rocket jockeys fighting interminable battles and wars with a shifting panoply of menacing space aliens. And this motif of endless war with a gruesome otherworldly enemy has been popularized in countless other sci-fi sagas such as | Read More »

    What Does ISIS Really Want?

    The world was stunned by the attacks on the City of Paris by terrorist butchers on Friday the 13th – November 13, 2015. Like September 11 fourteen years prior, this was not a minor act from which we can simply move on. This is a game changer. There is no question of that. What is a question is how long will the game remain changed | Read More »

    A Little Straight Talk for All the Special Snowflakes

    To all the Special Snowflakes marching around college campuses demanding things: I have absolutely no sympathy for you. None. You don’t deserve sympathy. In fact, instead of sympathy, the only emotion your juvenile, foolish behavior  has inspired in me is disdain. I find your goals ludicrous, and your methods crass and immature. What you are doing tells me that not only should we not be giving | Read More »

    ‘A Nation of Laws (Sometimes)’

    At the height of Kim Davis controversy the establishment relished in reminding us that ‘We’re a nation of laws.’ Jeb Bush said of Davis,  “She is sworn to uphold the law, and it seems to me that there ought to be common ground, there ought to be big enough space for her to act on her conscience and — now that the law is the | Read More »

    Why These Women Think the Government Seizing One Home Benefited Their Neighborhood

    PHILADELPHIA—Longtime residents know East Walnut Lane, on the outskirts of Philadelphia County, as a quiet street. It’s a street lined with houses all featuring the same facade—stone on the first story, brick on the second; alternating black and white screen doors; four steps leading up to the front porch. It is a street that has been home to neighbors who mostly kept to themselves. In | Read More »

    Big Music Targets Streaming Music

    In a few weeks, you could turn on your favorite streaming music medium like Pandora and hear nothing but static. That’s because by the end of the year, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) at the Library of Congress will set the new royalty rate for streaming music.  If they abandon the Goldilocks principle, and find don’t set a rate that’s “just right,” it could imperil | Read More »

    Introducing The #MillionStudentMarch And The Idiot Behind The Movement

    Introducing The #MillionStudentMarch And The Idiot Behind The Movement

    Yesterday marked another embarrassing day for America’s future.  College students across the nation organized and protested against the premise of student debt and the fact that college costs money at all, calling for “tuition free schools.”  These yahoos dubbed themselves “The Million Student March,” though if news reports are accurate, they should have called it the “Several Dozen Student March.” So, here go the millennials | Read More »

    How to turn the tables on the free college agitators

      Hats off to Neil Cavuto for the patience and calm demeanor he exercises with this interviewee. Its obvious Keely Mullen has been taught a bunch of lies and she’s not to blame for this movement. The question is, how do you get the Keelys of the world to question what they’ve been taught about economics, wealth distribution and “social justice”? Neil Catuvo takes the | Read More »

    How Many Nails Does it Take to Seal a Coffin

    How many lopsided trade deals does it take to teach a nation they are being sold down the river?  Apparently it takes one more than we have. After months of secrecy President Obama has the chutzpa to throw the thing online and challenge people to read it.  Saying “Along with the text of the agreement, we’ve posted detailed materials to help explain it. It’s an | Read More »

    How big of a problem is Rubio’s support for sugar subsidies?

    This is actually a double problem for him wrapped in one. Not only does it seems like he changed his position on sugar subsidies because a wealthy man within the sugar industry started donating to him, but his defense of those subsidies is really weak to put it mildly. So it appears he’s involved in crony capitalism while also supporting a policy and principle all conservatives should | Read More »

    Explaining Trump

    Several of my Democratic friends have asked for an explanation of the Trump phenomenon, some even offering insights from their normal sources of political wisdom such as the New Yorker (The Republican Class War: In 2016, will conservatives finally face the realities of inequality?) and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams (How to Spot a Wizard).  Some of the questions represent real seeking of understanding; others are | Read More »

    Where’s Obama when Mizzou turns into the Jacobins meet ‘Lord of the Flies’?

    Where's Obama when Mizzou turns into the Jacobins meet 'Lord of the Flies'?

    This sad moment in history has been brewing for at least two decades, and now we’ve arrived.  On campus, it’s the Jacobins meet “Lord of the Flies.” Now that it’s been proven even to the most jaded liberals (writing on a Fox Sports blog, mind you) that the overthrow of Mizzou was based on lies and tribal hysteria, the country can watch in muted horror at what happens | Read More »

    A Look Inside the Philadelphia Courtroom Where Property Owners Fight the Government to Get Back Their Cash, Homes and Cars

    PHILADELPHIA—On a September day in 2014, Leandro Banks saw his money disappear in an instant. Banks, an independent contractor, left the bank with $1,858 in his pocket. The money came from his paycheck of nearly $5,000, Banks says. Some of it he deposited, some he shared with an employee, and the rest—the $1,858—he says he intended to keep at home. But in between the bank | Read More »

    Bill O’Reilly vs. Donald Trump on the issue of anchor babies.

    A couple months ago I  wrote a column titled:”Why Donald Trump is right about anchor babies”, (Aug. 2015). The subject of anchor babies and illegal immigrants came up again recently in the republican party presidential debates on FOX Business Channel. Contenders Governors John Kasich and Jeb Bush both came down pretty hard on Trump and others who called for the deportation of both illegal immigrants | Read More »

    Rand Paul is right on military spending: frugality is not the same as weakness

    Rand Paul is right on military spending: frugality is not the same as weakness

    Tuesday’s GOP debate hosted by Fox Business was quite good. One of the most memorable moments occurred when and clashed over military spending. Paul pointed out that Rubio plans to boost military spending by $1 trillion ($100 billion a year over 10 years). Rubio notes his plans to go back to 2012 levels on his website. (Benjamin Friedman notes that even this increase would not cover Rubio’s ambitious priorities.) The | Read More »

    Louisiana is disappearing!

    Sea level rise! South Louisiana is disappearing  — an area the size of a football field disappears every 15 minutes! Or so we’ve been told. The scapegoats range from the oil and gas industry to climate change to invasive species — feral hogs and the lowly nutria. The story fits well with environmentalist panic and the new geologic age, the Anthropocene. Geologist Chris McLindon has | Read More »

    It’s all about accountability

    Just a day after this country celebrated those who served their country in the military, the headlines splashed across nearly every news outlet are about how offended people are by the application of the very rights these brave men and women fought to defend. How is it that this country has evolved from one that held honor, truthfulness and commitment in high regard to one | Read More »

    Gender Confusion In The Bathroom: Coming Soon To A City Near You

    Gender Confusion In The Bathroom: Coming Soon To A City Near You

    Last week, I wrote about the federal government strong-arming a school district into allowing a transgendered female high school student into the girls’ locker room. At the same time this story broke, a few other newsworthy events involving the issue of transgenderism were happening down in Houston, Texas. One involved a 6 year old whose insane and/or insanely stupid parents decided this child was mature | Read More »

    LOTFI: Dear Neocons, Rand Paul Is Right On Military Spending

    I’m an Iraq vet and I can’t agree more with this article. We’re over 18 trillion in debt and we can’t keep spending on things like 40 million for a gas station in Afghanistan and billions on “moderate Syrian rebels.” The Pentagon needs a full audit and our defense dollars need to be spent wisely. Our debt is our biggest national security risk.   “During | Read More »