MSM Total Media Blackout on New Infanticide Video

    MSM Total Media Blackout on New Infanticide Video

    You’d think that the latest undercover video on Planned Parenthood is news, if not top-story news outside of the pro-life media.  Not only is it not top-story news, it’s not covered at all. Nothing. A total media blackout in the MSM. Crickets. CNN?  NBC?  Nope. CBS? ABC? Nothing. Vox? MSNBC?  Don’t even think about it. And HuffPo would rather cover a pro-abortion story instead. These | Read More »

    New Planned Parenthood Video Depicts LIVING Babies Being Harvested

    New Planned Parenthood Video Depicts LIVING Babies Being Harvested

    This has to be the most evil thing I’ve ever seen, including footage from the National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. The Center for Medical Progress has released its seventh video documenting the barbaric and inhuman practices of abortion giant Planned Parenthood (and its cronies in death) today. This video is the third in a row that features Holly O’Donnell, a former employee of StemExpress, | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Harold Ickes- Part 1

    If any name conjures up scandal within the Clinton inner circle, it is Harold Ickes (although there are so many, some may disagree).  In 2004, Harold Wolfson described him as the most important person in the Democratic Party.  Others described him as oozing with sleaze.  His political activism dates back to his days at Stanford when he went to the South to register black voters | Read More »

    So, which field were you hoping for?

    Humans in general, but Americans in particular, love us some free will wherever we think we can get it. Not wanting to disappoint my fellow citizens, I offer the simplest of polls for your consideration, in which you may express and even defend YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHOICE of Republican primary fields, the best with which to go up against the current Democrat field. As in | Read More »

    ‘Like with a cloth or something?’

    'Like with a cloth or something?'

    Hillary looks good in stripes, wouldn’t you say?  But not the red and white kind–it may more likely be the prison uniform kind based on the way she’s been descending into a desperate seance to channel hubby Bill’s “super human powers of duplicity and cozenage.” (Thank you Mr. Goldberg: here, and here too.) Only Bill Clinton can get away with answering a question (under oath, mind | Read More »

    I Want to Like Marco Rubio — But I Can’t

    I want to like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% (R-Florida). In fact, I want to love him. I want to support him for president. I thought his debate performance was magnificent. He was clear, concise and consistent. It’s clear Rubio has a Reaganesque speaking and communications skills lacking in the DNA of most GOP candidates. But I cannot. While Rubio might have | Read More »

    Is Treason Coming to a Town Near You?

    Is Treason Coming to a Town Near You?

    In case you’re not following the news, Hillary Clinton is facing some legal trouble, having turned her e-mail server over to the FBI as part of an investigation into her alleged insecure storage of highly classified material.  Of course, the server itself is blank—it was professionally wiped clean before she handed it to the Feds. While there’s been a lot of bandying about of terms | Read More »

    Russia Passes The Tipping Point…Be Afraid

    You’ve probably heard how President Putin ordered the bulldozing of mountains of banned imported food recently in retaliation for the West’s economic sanctions on Russia for its actions against Ukraine. This highhanded peremptory destruction by the autocratic Putin of vitally needed food outraged ordinary Russians who have been suffering the depredations of life in a declining country whose annual inflation rate is about 16%, interest | Read More »

    Increasingly bad science is still considered sacrosanct

    As Democrats and their news media pontificate about the Republican “War on science,” science is increasingly at war with itself.

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    Perotistas… Paulbots… Buchanonites… Trumpettes… six of one, half a dozen of the other. Let’s review a little history, shall we? In ’92, Ross Perot (a “populist” billionaire) captured 19% of the general election votes, but garnered a grand total of ZERO delegates and never came close to winning an actual state (never getting more than 30% in any state). And we got Clinton with only 43% of the | Read More »

    Ben Carson Walks Back Abortion Remarks

    Ben Carson Walks Back Abortion Remarks

    Just a day ago, I wrote that Dr. Ben Carson should drill into his head that the issue for 2016 is “It’s Abortion, Stupid,” and the very same day, Carson walked back his previous remarks and put them in the pooper-scooper. In remarks while appearing on ABC News’ “This Week” Carson told host Martha Raddatz that life begins at conception.  When she asked him about | Read More »

    Thank You Michele Bachmann for Educating MSNBC/NBC about Carly and Islam

    Recently MSNBC and NBC News highlighted former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s tweet pointing to the fact that two weeks after 9/11 Carly Fiorina gave a speech in which she nearly entirely praised Islam. (Her remarks contained numerous errors and omissions of facts. One primarily being that more than half of Muslims worldwide are illiterate, have no personal computer, no Internet, and no human rights protections. The GDP of 57 Islamic countries | Read More »

    U.S. Marine Corps Moves Forward with F-35 Transition

    The U.S. Marine Corps’ F-35B reached initial operational capability (IOC) on July 31, 2015 with a squadron of 10 F-35Bs ready for worldwide deployment. According to the news release: Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 (VMFA-121), based in Yuma, Arizona, was the first squadron in military history to become operational with an F-35 variant after completing years of developmental and operational testing, followed by an intensive | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood’s Goddess of Death Kali Appropriately Lights Empire State Building

    Image of Hindu Goddess Kali from “Projecting Change” Light show; image designed by artist Android Jones ( Recently an elaborate lights show, “Projecting Change,” was beamed onto the south side of the Empire State Building in New York City to raise awareness about wildlife extinction. Louie Psihoyos (Oceanic Preservation Society) partnered with Travis Threlkel (Obscura Digital) to portray colorful images of birds, snakes, | Read More »

    Dirty Harry Knows: The EPA’s Got to Know Its Limitations

    Clint Eastwood’s iconic Dirty Harry Callahan uttered one of the greatest movie lines of all time: “A man’s got to know his limitations.” It would appear no one in Washington, D.C. has ever heard of Harry or his weighty wisdom. No one in our nation’s capitol seems to think they are limited in any way. Not by any personal shortcomings – it’s like everyone who | Read More »

    Announcing the 2015 Bulwer-Lytton Prize winner for worst “make-believe” legislation: Bob Corker

    In the event you are not familiar with with the Bulwer-Lytton prize for rotten fiction; it is named for the Englishman, Edward George Bulwar-Lytton, who in his 1830 novel “Paul Clifford,” penned this thoroughly wretched sentence: “It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept | Read More »

    Ay Chihuahua: The Trump Immigration Plan

    So now we know how Mexico is going to pay for that impenetrable wall Donald Trump is going to build along the southern border.  And in his campaign’s first detailed policy “white paper,” we learn a few more things.  Unfortunately for Trump and his chest-thumping supporters there is one thing in the way- the United States Constitution. There is so much nonsense in his immigration | Read More »

    The Incredible Fall of Rand Paul

    In an earlier article, I alluded to the fact that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 88% would be the first most likely big name candidate to drop out of the presidential sweepstakes first.  I stand by that assertion and base it on several factors.  First, there is the money game.  His PAC raised a reported $7 million in the second quarter of 2015. | Read More »

    Marita Noon: The Agency that contaminated the Animas River is about to start regulating water that may be in your backyard

    Apparently, the EPA—which allowed millions of gallons of toxic waste to spill into the Animas River—and its “far-left environmental allies,” believe the agency can do a better job of protecting waterways, streams and wetlands than the states. A wide majority of states and industry disagree.

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    Rick Perry Is the Candidate the GOP Needs #StandWithRick

    Rick Perry Is the Candidate the GOP Needs #StandWithRick

      I can’t think of a single Republican who believes we can afford another 4 years of a liberal President. We absolutely must win the White House in 2016. The much-debated question is “How?” Some have suggested we adopt a socially liberal platform to appeal to millennials, while others have suggested we have to inspire and mobilize the base. I would suggest neither is the | Read More »

    This Conversation Needs To Have @GovernorPerry In It #StandWithRick

    This Conversation Needs To Have @GovernorPerry In It #StandWithRick

    The first week in August of 2011 I was attending the annual RedState Gathering. There were rumors of a big announcement, media excitement, and a buzz in the activists who were in attendance. As Governor Rick Perry began to take the stage I was sitting behind his wife, Anita, in the second row. I already knew what was about to happen, but I was filled | Read More »

    Do black lives matter?

    Do black lives matter? A suggested response for Republican Presidential candidates.

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    SUBMITTED BY: Jamie Johnson, Senior Director of Rick Perry’s National Campaign I am honored to be working with Governor Rick Perry, a humble public servant who has given 35 years of his life to defending liberty, establishing justice, securing peace, and promoting prosperity in American life. Whether as a captain in the United States Air Force, a state legislator, a commissioner of agriculture, a lieutenant governor, | Read More »

    We Don’t Need ‘Great’ Leaders – We Need Constitutional Ones

    The Founding Fathers knew what Lord John Dalberg-Acton knew. And far too few of us know the totality of Lord Acton’s sage sentiment: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” “Great men are almost always bad men.” America as envisioned and designed by the Founders was absolutely great. Subsequent men and women striving for a legacy | Read More »

    The Cult of Trump – Obama Déjà Vu

    The Cult of Trump – Obama Déjà Vu

    COMPETITION IS GOOD – POPULISM IS NOT It’s great to have competition. Conservatives believe in the power of fair competition to improve, streamline and ultimately expand things – especially in politics, where multiple challengers can cause others to be better candidates. But today, the GOP primary race looks more like a 16-ring circus than a job application line. And while there are some great candidates lining | Read More »

    Sanctuary Cities: Past, Present and Future

    As tragic as the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco is, her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant does not stand alone in this country this year.  Although not all of them are attributable to the sanctuary status of the jurisdiction, such status is a lure for illegal immigrants.  Unfortunately, many have moved on to other stories. There is no legal definition | Read More »

    Note to Dr. Ben Carson: ‘It’s Abortion, Stupid’

    Note to Dr. Ben Carson: 'It's Abortion, Stupid'

    In 1992, the first time a Clinton ran for a first term as president, the mantra was “The Economy, Stupid,” coined by James Carville. In 2016, the economy, a wheezing, foaming horse that’s been beat to death since 2008’s collapse, is under every candidate’s whip, but it’s not the mantra this time around. Donald Trump is running on a hard-line America first platform, with strict immigration | Read More »

    Obama and Clinton go Golfing …. Why Now?

    Both President Barack Obama and former President Clinton are vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.  So.  Nothing new there.  Both like to golf.  Same, nothing new there.  MSNBC reports that apparently for the second time in history, the two “ran into each other” on the golf course on Saturday.  H’mmm.  Something there?  It depends on what the meaning of the word there is.  I accept that there | Read More »

    Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Laid Out – You Be The Judge

    Donald Trump’s quick rise on this year’s political scene can be attributed to primarily one thing, illegal immigration.  he voiced his displeasure at the way thing’s are run now and that’s when the dam broke. Up until today he hadn’t really laid out the broad plan, the nuts and bolts if you will. He just talked about a wall. That had a door.  First things first, I’m a Cruz | Read More »

    Mike Huckabee proves he is still no fiscal conservative

    Mike Huckabee proves he is still no fiscal conservative

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has earned his reputation as a fiscal liberal. The Club for Growth, America’s chief organization for fiscal conservatism, has documented his indiscretions. But his 2016 presidential bid provided Huckabee an opportunity to redefine himself. Instead, he has doubled down, presenting himself as the candidate who will: protect Social Security and Medicare. I will kill anything that poses a threat to | Read More »

    The Brilliance of the Big Picture

      Donald Trump has become a leading candidate, holding onto sizable poll numbers and a massive amount of attention from the electorate and the media in general.  It’s an odd decision, from a guy who made no noises or moves to garner support or set up early-voting teams at any point in the past two years, to decide that he should jump in with both feet | Read More »

    It is now 5 weeks since Hillary lied and said she had not received a subpoena; yet she has not been asked ONCE to explain her lie

    On July 8th, Hillary Clinton, attempting to defuse reports  about her burgeoning email scandal, told CNN’s Brianna Keilar, “….I’ve never had a subpoena…” This was a blatant,  flat-out, bald-faced lie. And she knew it. The next day, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 78% produced a copy of the subpoena that the Select Committee on Benghazi had issued to her in March. Since that | Read More »

    Wow! Alternet Takes on Abortion and Ben Carson

    One of my favorite loony Left Wing sites is Alternet and their weekly column called “Five Deranged Right Wing Moments This Week.”  I will take up only number one on their list- Ben Carson.  In particular, they take exception to the fact that Carson stood by comments that abortion is the number one killer of blacks and that Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was an | Read More »

    The True Grace of God

    For at least the past decade, and I’m sure I’m likely being conservative [no pun intended] with my estimate, the American people have had very little to feel good about. The events of September 11, 2001, and the shifting political culture in the nation has changed everything, especially how jaded we have become. Today, everywhere you look, people are killing each other, our government is | Read More »

    Rule Number 6

    Rule Number 6

    Besides being a wise man, the Preacher also taught the people much learning. He thought about, and looked for, and put together many wise sayings. The Preacher looked to find pleasing words and to write words of truth in the right way. The words of wise men are like a stick. Their gathered sayings are like well-driven nails given by one Shepherd. But more than | Read More »

    A Sober Look at Foreign Aid

    The foreign aid package for FY 2016 is estimated to be $33.7 billion.  As the federal deficit continues and national debt reaches great proportions, there are many with the false belief that reigning in foreign aid should be a simple part of the solution.  Considering that according to a Gallup poll, Americans believe that foreign aid adds up to about 25% of US expenditures, it | Read More »

    George Will: pledge support to GOP nominee or you can’t debate.

    Recent columns in the Washington Examiner and the Washington Post highlight an ongoing feud between syndicated columnist George Will and Donald Trump.  Will was especially critical of Trump in his August 12th Washington Post column “Donald Trump is a counterfeit Republican.”  It is worth the read. Let me state that I am no fan of Trump, as my first Redstate diary clearly states. However, near | Read More »

    The “War On Women”?

    Liberal’s have stated over the last few years that there is now a war on women in the United States. Per their rhetoric, Republicans are out to take advantage of women, in whatever fashion they can muster. They try to portray Republicans and conservatives as groups of people who will do anything to keep women beat down, who will do anything to deny them their | Read More »

    Proof positive that GHW Bush must have dropped Jeb on his head as a child, or something like that

    George H. W. Bush was elected president in 1988 to fulfill the hope and the expectations of a third Reagan term. During that campaign, it appeared that he had learned well the lessons of the Reagan administration. The same guy who, when he first ran for the WH in 1980, termed Reagan’s supply-side influenced plans as “voodoo” economics, delivered a superb acceptance speech at the | Read More »

    Why ‘Has Trump peaked?’ is Exactly the Wrong Question

    Why 'Has Trump peaked?' is Exactly the Wrong Question

    Everybody’s stressing and speculating on whether Donald Trump has peaked.  Jonah Goldberg expresses hope that he has, writing “It’s obviously too soon to tell for sure, but I think we’ve reached Peak Trump.”  Neil Stevens agrees with the “too soon to tell” but isn’t so sure there won’t be more up in Trump, citing one RCP poll showing a decline as insufficient data. But the | Read More »

    What Does Trump’s Lead in the Polls Mean?

    According to a recent poll by CNN, Trump leads Ben Carson in Iowa by a 22-14 margin.  He also leads in Michigan according to a Fox News poll 20-12 over Jeb Bush and 18-13 over Bush in New Hampshire.  The Realclearpolitics average of polls puts Trump at 22.5% with Jeb Bush being a second best at 11.8%.  If all this really meant anything, Donald Trump | Read More »

    Rick Perry’s Path to the White House

    Rick Perry's Path to the White House

    Rick Perry possesses an outstanding record of conservative governance in leading the world’s 12/th largest economy over a 14 year period (h/t Ed Willing for his tireless effort in laying it out there in broad daylight). America’s anemic economic recovery occurred only because of Perry’s conservative penicillin he skillfully administered in Texas during and after the great recession. So why is Rick Perry languishing in the polls? | Read More »

    Social Security turns 80 years old…..Happy Birthday??

    Although it doesn’t have the historical significance of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, D-Day or the Louisiana Purchase, nonetheless a milestone will take place Friday, August 14th. On this date in 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program into effect, which created Social Security. Although created during the Great Depression to provide some semblance of a | Read More »

    No he doesn’t.


    Why The Political Speed-Dating? One Has The Best Record.

    Why The Political Speed-Dating? One Has The Best Record.

    WHAT’S WITH THE SPEED DATING? In the last 10 years, I’ve seen the GOP become the most conservative it’s been in my lifetime. Even more than during the years under Reagan’s leadership. There are many frustrations, but an undeniable move to the right. Frankly, we’re having debates about constitutionality that we couldn’t have in 2005. But we’ve lacked that kind of inspiring leadership, combined with pure conservative | Read More »

    For the Dual Citizens Among Us: About Dealer’s Choice

    There’s a lot of talk about deals these days, from punditry’s litany of deal makers and breakers, to over a dozen debate references to the pending agreement with Iran, to Mr. Trump, who, having written the book on them, also reminded us that he has made “hundreds and hundreds” of them. In the more informal sense of “treatment received from the hand of another”, Gov. | Read More »

    Foreign Corporate Profits and Repatriation- The Solution

    This writer is a fan of the governmental quid pro quo and allow me to show three examples where it works.  It also provides a key to the dilemma of encouraging corporations to repatriate foreign profits.  In France in order to meet the need for general practitioners, the government pays 100% of a person’s medical school training.  In exchange, that person must practice in an | Read More »

    Three Really Dumb Abortion Arguments You Should Stop Making

    Three Really Dumb Abortion Arguments You Should Stop Making

    As the series of shocking videos released by the Center for Medical Progress continues to land body blows on Planned Parenthood, fewer and fewer abortion advocates can be found to defend them.  They are even slowly disappearing from the typically safe comments sections of traditionally left-leaning sources like Slate and my state’s resident MSM outlet, the Des Moines Register.  Articles from pro-choice folks condemning the | Read More »

    A Pastor Destroys Abortion in 6 1/2 Minutes

    A Pastor Destroys Abortion in 6 1/2 Minutes

    Every so often something almost totally ignored at the time it was made finds its place in history. Such as it is with Pastor Matt Chandler’s 6 1/2 minute thundering assault on the insanity of abortion. Chandler is pastor of The Village Church, a Southern Baptist congregation located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Beginning his talk with pure science–that an 8-week-old fetus has a full set | Read More »

    Courts side against Christian baker. Again.

    The Washington Post reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled against Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips. “[The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act] prohibits places of public accommodations from basing their refusal to serve customers on their sexual orientation, and Masterpiece violated Colorado’s public accommodations law by refusing to create a wedding cake for Craig’s and Mullins’ same-sex wedding celebration,” the ruling states. The ruling states that | Read More »