Dear Rubio: You want to win? Make an offer

    The Senate is promising not to approve any nominations made by Obama.  Good for them.  They are a sack of liars, but let’s assume they are willing to hold to this one.  Rubio wants to consolidate the non-Trump vote which is essentially split three ways between 1) Rubio 2) Cruz 3) Other. You want Cruz’ support?  Great – nominate him to the Supreme Court right | Read More »

    We Want Our Country Back

    “We want our country back!” Is often the rallying battle cry of various conservative groups who are simply fed up with the GOP’s nigh constant capitulating to President Obama. It’s often a harkening back to the days of Reagan when the economy was good, children were children, and schools taught some sense of American Pride that seems absent in today’s culture. However if you look around | Read More »

    Senator Cruz Cannot Be President with Rick Tyler- UPDATED

    Senator Cruz Cannot Be President with Rick Tyler- UPDATED

    Ladies and Gentleman this man needs to go. As the Cruz campaign moves toward a listless flailing motion resembling the dancing air mascots we see outside of strip malls. Its time that we change course, tighten the ships moorings, and throw loose baggage overboard. I apologize for my brevity on this post but it just needs to be said, Mr. Tyler you are not working | Read More »

    Houston’s debate

    CNN will be hosting another debate on Thursday.  There is a good chance that Ben Carson will be out by then leaving only four on the stage.  Kasich is terrible, and probably won’t get much speaking time.  Leaving really just three debaters on stage: Trump:   Path to victory – Continue to win a split electorate.  Win a majority of delegates on March 1st, narrowly | Read More »

    Trump: Our nominee, our President, our ringmaster!

    Should Trump become the Republican nominee, he will not survive the first one or two debates without being shown to be the pro-wrestling ringmaster he always has been.   I, and many others have said it from the start, Trump is a pants dropper that will do or say anything to keep himself in the spotlight, and the spotlight has been glaring.  For the sake of | Read More »

    Why the Establishment is Using Rubio to Clear the Path for Trump

    Why the Establishment is Using Rubio to Clear the Path for Trump

    The word from the Republican Establishment is that Marco Rubio is their guy. With Jeb Bush dropping out and John Kasich almost out of money, Rubio seems to be where entities like Fox News, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, and other power brokers in the Republican Party are quietly pitching their tent. According to math, their efforts are futile and will result in Donald Trump | Read More »

    #FreeStacy: Anonymous & Others Protest R.S. McCain’s Twitter Suspension

    #FreeStacy: Anonymous & Others Protest R.S. McCain’s Twitter Suspension

    Twitter, a financially struggling social media platform, has been accused of targeting conservatives. In January, Twitter removed the verified status of  Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s Twitter account (@Nero). Twitter claimed he violated the anti-harassment Terms of Service. But, as Legal Insurrection points out: “It is also a sort of peculiar way to punish violations of terms of service. Assuming @Nero actually violated the terms | Read More »

    Trump agrees with Stern: “Women like being treated badly”

    NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. No commentary needed.  Just watch the YouTube video (start at 10:55): STERN: So if she hears about that [Trump being with another woman], will it ruin your scene? TRUMP: Probably not. STERN: Unbelievable. TRUMP: You said that women like being treated badly STERN: Yes.  So the more they think you are desirable, the more they will go for you. TRUMP: There’s | Read More »

    Hey Cruz and Rubio: Flip a Coin

    I’m a Cruz supporter. Spoke on his behalf at my Iowa caucus. I think he’s the best candidate in the race, and its not even close. That being said, Donald J. Trump is an unmitigated disaster for the constitution, conservatism, the Republican party and the country. If the non Trump vote continues to be split, we stand a real chance of giving him the nomination. | Read More »

    TRUMPEROT! Let’s get Something Straight, Right Now: The Trump Juggernaut is Still Waiting In Drydock

    Figures lie. Liars Figure. Donald Trump received 32.4% of the vote in South Carolina last night. Given his commanding lead in “the polls”, his non-stop coverage on most forms of media in this country, and access to a limitless ocean of money, it was a rather plonking night for him. Some polls had him up over 40%, and this final result was underwhelming in a | Read More »

    Ron DeSantis – Veteran Constitutional Conservative

    Rep. Ron DeSantis is a junior member of the House of Representatives who may be joining Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) as leaders in the Senate liberty movement next January. DeSantis was elected to the House in 2012 and had the endorsement of Sen. Lee and Red State’s own Erick Erickson showing his early conservative credentials. And he has proven | Read More »

    Trump Gains if Cruz Leaves the Race? But Worse Off if Rubio leaves?

    Many Ted Cruz supporters on this website indicate that they would support Marco Rubio as their second choice. Therefore, the thinking goes a Cruz departure would help Rubio. But what do the polls say? Unfortunately, the most recent scientific poll (NBC did an online poll last week on this topic but was not scientific) was from early January. What do these polls indicate? Among Cruz supporters, | Read More »

    Mimi Walters – Stronger Defender of American’s Rights

    Rep. Mimi Walters has established a strong record in California, as well as in Washington D.C., in standing up for the rights of Americans on eminent domain reform and many other issues.

    Read More »

    Trey Gowdy – Defender of American Freedom

    Rep. Trey Gowdy has established a strong record as a true defender of American Freedom in Congress. Next week presents a great opportunity to stand for key privacy rights of Americans during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on 4th Amendment issues involving electronic data.

    Read More »

    If Donald Meets Hillary

    OK!!!  OK, already !!!!  With Donald Trump leading comfortably in all of the polls (except the latest outlier  WSJ/NBC poll) and three quarters of Republicans anticipating that he will be the nominee, it is time to think about him going head to head with Hillary. It is way too hard to envision him as President Trump, but it is worth getting one’s head around Nominee Trump. | Read More »

    Denton County Chair’s Abuse of Power and Voter Intimidation

    Denton County Chair's Abuse of Power and Voter Intimidation

    Finally! After getting numerous reports of abuse someone else is willing to let me write about their experience with the Denton County Republican Party Chairwoman, Dianne Edmondson. Recently, I made a post about how our chair treated doing her job was some sort of quid pro quo. If she appointed someone to serve the party by being on a  committee the environment was such that | Read More »

    The State of the Race in Texas for Cruz. How Can I Help?

    Ted outperformed SC polls by 4% folks.  Trump is starting to crumble.  In the beginning of February, he was leading by 20+ points, he won by only 10.  He will continue to crumble as people vet him more.  Rubio’s 3-2-1 strategy that in reality is a 3-5-2-tie placement will not lead him to the nomination despite what the media and the establishment are trying to push. | Read More »

    Who Would You Rather Have Facing Putin – Cruz or Rubio?

    Delivering results, significantly changing where we are headed, and having a style that is both feared and respected internationally are traits unique to Ted Cruz. There is a reason the Republican Establishment is positioning to support Rubio, and it has nothing to do with leadership.

    Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/21/16 Open Thread – Trump’s birthering again, Super rainbow delegates, About that obit

    Mom, he’s doing it again! Trump is now really pushing the matter of  Rubio’s eligibility: Politico has the set up – yesterday Donald Trump “retweeted” a tweet which eluded to Marco Rubio not really being a US citizen. Today, he’s on ABC with George Stephanopoulos who asked him about it. “You’re really not sure that Marco Rubio is eligible to run for president? You’re really not | Read More »

    A Solution To The Problems

    The way I see it, there are two big things that could rip the Republican party apart: 1) Trump wins the nomination 2) The Senate confirms any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court Either, or both, sends a base into an angry spiral and they either stay home in November or they start voting for candidates outside the major parties. For myself, I could never | Read More »

    Can We Please Focus on the Immediate Threat?

    In the wake of the South Carolina primary results, the hyperbole is intense from the media and elsewhere.  Let’s stop, take a deep breath and get a grip.  Donald Trump, despite the declarations of the talking heads at CNN and elsewhere, has about 5% of the delegates necessary to win the nomination.  These same people say no one who has won New Hampshire and South | Read More »

    Whichever candidate is in 3rd place after Super Tuesday needs to drop out

    For a while now I’ve said I plan on voting for Cruz in my state’s primary (Ohio).  However, I’m an open-minded person, and a thinker.  As circumstances change, I’m willing to change my positions on things if need be. I believe such is the case in the GOP primary race we find ourselves in. It’s become clear to me that if we have a three | Read More »

    Are Trump and Kasich in cahoots?

    Why is Kasich still there? What possible benefit does he hope to achieve? He has a well earned reputation as an insider deal maker. He currently has his fiefdom in Ohio right now, but don’t overlook his 18 years in Congress. He knows everybody that’s anybody in D.C. and I’m sure Ohio too.  The classic big business buddy with K Street insider. He is a | Read More »

    Lets face the Reality of the Situation. Trump Has not won Yet

    If Trump ran against Alfred E Newman he would get 30% of the vote. If Trump ran against Ronald Reagan, he would get 30% of the vote. Results in South Carolina show that about 65%  of the voters soundly rejected Trump. Of those 65% , very few would have chosen Trump as their second choice .  However, all voters who voted for someone else had | Read More »

    Hobson’s choice

    The kids would offer this “choice” on the playground when I was in elementary school: “if you were standing up to your neck in (insert slang term for feces here) and someone threw a bucket of (insert slang term for urine here) at your head, would you duck?” That’s how I see a potential “choice” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in November. Would the | Read More »

    The Race Has Just Started

    It takes 1272 delegates to win the nomination. Cruz is ahead in some states that vote later. My home state, Californis, votes so late, in June, that the nomination is most often locked up before we vote. Maybe this year it will be different. California gets 172 delegates. It is a winner take all state. In the last poll taken here, acField poll taken in | Read More »

    GOP Propositions

    If you’re voting in Texas’ March 1 Republican primary, you’ll find propositions at the end of the ballot covering four policy issues. Since they are not binding, it’s easy to skip past them and hurry on with the day. But let me encourage you to give them your support.   The GOP ballot propositions, better than any “scientific poll” or “public survey,” give policymakers a clear indication | Read More »

    When it Comes to Liberty: Sweat the Small Stuff

    When it Comes to Liberty: Sweat the Small Stuff

    We just finished up the first week in Texas and I feel like screaming. This is the first campaign in many years where I’ve worked for one candidate instead of a slate or traveling the state to donate my time to various candidates. Considering that it may just be the first time I have noticed the horrible ways many of these cities and election facilities | Read More »

    Trump’s Failures Exposed: Sex, Money, Power

    WARNING: SOME CONTENT HERE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. After reading the exit polling from South Carolina tonight, what stands out is that Trump is doing unreasonably well among evangelicals and is doing very well among people who want candidates who “tell it like it is”.  Also, many “low-information” voters are flocking to Trump because they think he has the star power and strength to beat | Read More »

    Democrat Leaders are Hypocrites On Religious Freedom in WV

    West Virginia is poised to pass a bill protecting the religious convictions if its residents, though Democrats and liberal activists are doing everything they can to label supporters as bigots. Democrats had better look in the mirror, because many of them were for religious freedom before they were against it.

    Read More »

    The Night Old Dixie Burned Us Down.

    Well, pretty much the worst case scenario is coming at us now. = Trump, in the space of one week, has flipped off the Pope and embraced Obamacare, and still pulls numbers ensuring that he remains the frontrunner and favorite for the ‘SEC Primary’ in less than two weeks.. = Cruz’ evangelical support – the key to his strategy to the nomination – has collapsed. | Read More »

    Had my first real Twitter battle today and disappointing doesn’t begin to cover it

    And it’s only February! I got into my first official Twitter battle today… and it was with a heavy weight of sorts. Naturally it was about the 2016 Republican presidential primary. As a spirited supporter of Marco Rubio, I was thoroughly dismayed to see a hit piece dropped on him by the propaganda site Breitbart News on the eve of the South Carolina primary, although my | Read More »

    Choices And Consequences

      When Governor Nicki Haley ordered the confederate flag removed from atop of the South Carolina State Capital building she removed a symbol of hate and oppression that existed for decades tearing people apart. Some people took exception to her move because they believed it was a symbol of who they were. In reality, it was who they were/are and is very much of what | Read More »

    South Carolina Republican Primary Results – Open Thread

    Here’s a good place for results – Ace’s decisiondeskhq. This is fun as well  A tweetapalooza from various pundits and such. Politico’s election desk Remember 50 delegates are up for grabs. Do the screaming and yelling down below.  

    Nevada Democratic caucus votes

    With 69% of the vote in, Hillary leads Bernie about 4400 to 4000. I couldn’t help but notice the vote totals. Those totals mean they expect (getting out the calculator) about 12,000 votes total. Really?? According to the Nevada Secretary of State official statistics, there are 471,342 registered Democrats in the state. Only about 12,000 came to the caucus. That is roughly 2.5% participation. That | Read More »

    Early Exit Polls Favor Trump and Cruz, but Good News for Rubio as Well? (UPDATE: Uh oh, Trump may be doing very well)

    Here are some key points from Exit polls from ABC: Further in these preliminary results, nearly three-quarters of GOP voters identify themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians – again a record if it holds in final data, up from 65 percent in 2012. (Favorable for Cruz. Although Trump has for some reason been getting support from Evangelicals as well) Additionally, nearly half say it matters | Read More »

    Jim Jordan – Conservative Leader

    Rep. Jim Jordan has been fighting against Republican establishment leadership since he was elected to Congress in 2006. According to his official bio, “In the 112th Congress, Jordan served as Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of conservatives, advancing conservative ideas and solutions on Capitol Hill. In the 114th Congress, Jordan helped found the House Freedom Caucus, and is currently serving | Read More »

    Cruz, Homeschoolers, and the Constitution

    Since writing my op/ed for Breitbart and my posts here at RedState, some have falsely asserted that my questions regarding tax-credits for homeschoolers are a politically motivated attack on Cruz and suggested I am in the tank for Trump.  Sadly, even Cruz even repeated the false rumor in his interview with Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) founder Michael Farris.  Cruz said, “As you know, those allegations | Read More »

    Steve King – Warrior for American Citizens’ Rights

    Rep. King represents quite well the people of his district and state, who like most Americans, want limited government, individual rights, and economic prosperity to be among the highest priorities of our elected officials.

    Read More »

    Louis Gohmert – Consistent Defender Against Big Government

    In his more than a decade of service in Congress, Rep. Gohmert has been consistent in standing up for limited government, less needless regulation, tax relief for hard-working Americans and individual liberty.

    Read More »

    Finally! Marco Rubio rips Breitbart over well-timed hatchet job

    To the great satisfaction of his supporters who have seen their candidate get unfairly dragged over the coals repeatedly by Breitbart News, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio finally pushed back. And Rubio said what those who’ve been paying attention have known all along — that Breitbart News has become a “conspiracy” website that’s hardly credible. Appearing with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Rubio made a rare | Read More »

    The Road To Idiocracy

    President Camacho: Idiocracy Is Here!   Instapundit: The Road To Idiocracy (oh yeah, baby, we’re there), Trump Fishtown and Belmont, and Obama dumps on Trump (they really are a lot alike)   Matt Lewis suggests that the GOP field needs to unify by agreeing on one candidate to take on Trump. Good luck with that. Jeb managed to spend $100 million bucks trying to take out Marco and what does | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/20/16 – Open Thread – Dems behaving badly, Supporters switch candidates, SCOTUS rules on N.C.

    Our primary is bad. They’re getting worse: We’ve seen some bad behavior during the Republican primary, but let’s look at the other side for a moment. Brandon English, former deputy exec-dir of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put out a post on MEDIUM. The title says it all . “Go f— yourself, Bernie.”  Per The Hill: “The post was in response to Sanders implying that rival Hillary Clinton | Read More »

    Crossover Voting: Democrats to Republican

    Question: Would we rather have things more our way, or should we hold out and try to get everything we want in national politics? There is one indisputable fact about Donald Trump’s candidacy that all sides can agree on: He has created a huge schism within the Republican Party.  Some will argue that the roots of the schism have been there for a long time, and | Read More »

    Thoughts on the South Carolina GOP & Nevada Democratic Primaries

    ​ Polls since last Summer have shown a consistent, gaudy lead for Donald Trump, the brash, millionaire real estate developer who has taken the Republican party by storm with his rhetoric on immigration(“build the wall…put a big, beautiful door in the middle…make Mexico pay for it…”), fellow candidates(Jeb Bush: “Low energy,” Carly Fiorina: “Robotic,” Ben Carson: “Nice–We don’t need any more nice people, folks!,” Ted | Read More »

    Twitter Star Chamber Thugs Ban Robert Stacy McCain

    I’M REALLY LOSING PATIENCE WITH TWITTER: The Twitter Star Chamber Suspends Stacy McCain. via @instapundit — (@instapundit) February 20, 2016 So what is the justification for this? There is no justification. On Twitter, they came first for @Nero, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a flamboyant gay man  working for Breitbart and taking on politically correct thought police; And then they | Read More »

    Marco just on Fox/Cavuto saying Cruz used ROBO CALLS to suggest Carson dropped out?

    It appears that Rubio has gone too far. He just appeared to Cavuto and said Cruz used ROBO CALLS in Iowa saying Carson dropped out. As far as I know, Cruz’s operatives MAY have suggested to caucus goers he dropped out, but he did NOT  use robo  calls to do so in any direct fashion. Cavuto did not challenge Marco on this, at all. Cruz | Read More »

    Today’s Over/Unders

    I took all the polls conducted since Thursday and averaged them, giving a little more weight to the better ones, allocating the 3.2 points of undecided like this: Trump 0.7, Cruz 0.9, Rubio 1.2, Kasich 0.2, Carson 0.2: Tr 31.4 Ru 21.6 Cr 20.0 Bu 10.3 Ka 8.9 Ca 7.2 Give me your picks

    Dana Loesch vs. Jeremy Konner and looses

    Caleb Howe had a great post yesterday expounding  Dana Loesch ‘s telling article and radio show and read and listened to both. I like Dana, I agree with her, and none of what I’m going to write here is to besmirch her. Dana laid out the hard hitting facts against Trump. She used well documents and sources and she’s spot on. Dana’s got competition though, | Read More »

    Raul Labrador – Defender of The Bill of Rights

    Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) is one of the premier defenders of liberty in all of Congress. Labrador was a member of the 2010 class of constitutional conservatives who stormed Congress in a wave that has provided Republicans the largest majority since the 71st Congress (1929-30). With that historic majority and leaders like Labrador, it is a great time for Congress to reassert the Article I | Read More »