Obama Turns Blind Eye to Medicare Fraud

    In what appears to be a direct quid pro quo with hospitals for their support of ObamaCare, the White House has suspended a critical anti-fraud program run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that has found billions in mistaken and illegal payments since the program was created.  Hospitals appears to have been overpaid billions of dollars by Medicare and faced with the threat | Read More »

    Why Social Security Hurts Society and Isn’t Secure

    The concept of a social safety net is well accepted throughout the Western World.  The idea that some provision should be made for those who through no fault of their own are unable to provide for themselves first appeared as a state policy in Germany in the 19th century as the Iron Chancellor, Bismarck, sought to coopt the popular appeal of socialism and strengthen the | Read More »

    The Beltway’s “Week of Acting Stupidly” Award

    The Beltway's "Week of Acting Stupidly" Award

    We started the week with Gruber, apologizing for acting stupidly: “In excerpts of these videos I am shown making a series of glib, thoughtless, and sometimes downright insulting comments,” Gruber said in prepared testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Tuesday. “I behaved badly, and I will have to live with that…” And apparently so do we – “have to live with that” | Read More »

    Marlin Stutzman has two choices: If he was indeed lied to, he should run for Speaker; if he is lying, he should resign.

    I have admired Marlin Stutzman for his positions during his short time in Congress. He has always been a solid, pro-life conservative. He supported the 2013 government  shutdown. Last night, Stutzman changed his original vote on the rule that  allowed the cromnibus bill to come to the floor.  Had he not done so, it is likely that the bill would have died. According to CQ | Read More »

    BOOM! We Just Spent $1 Trillion of Your Money

    BOOM!  We Just Spent $1 Trillion of Your Money

    In the dark of the night, two weeks before Christmas, the GOP consummated their betrayal of our trust.  We voted them a majority for the next two years, and they thanked us by a backstabbing so heinous, that it moved the seismic needle on the Democratic party, splitting against and the White House’s minions. The CRomnibus was so bad for the GOP that even Hoyer | Read More »

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    Do Jealous Theologians Bask In The Failure Of Christian Artists?

    On social media, Lutheran apologist Chris Rosebrough felt the need to point out that Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” is the worst rated movie in the history of Internet Movie Database. And what is the point? Is the truth of an artistic or didactic work to be determined by critics out to advance their own philosophical or religious agendas? Applying Rosebrough’s reasoning to other institutional venues, | Read More »

    Defending the Defenders

    The behavior of the intelligence community post – 9/11 is a serious subject, requiring an honest and sometimes painful discussion. Ditto the relationship between local police forces and minority communities. Unfortunately, there is more upside for provocateurs like Al Sharpton and Sean Hannity in sensationalizing alleged misbehavior than in addressing the difficult realities, while politicians such as Diane Feinstein are so focused on their objectives that they do not | Read More »

    Boehner CRomnibus Contains Tens Of Millions For Thomson Prison, The Potential Home Of Gitmo Terrorist

    There is now a new reason for conservatives to oppose Speaker Boehner’s $1.1 trillion CRomnibus spending bill on top of its full funding of Obamacare for the rest of the fiscal year and its funding of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for the next 3 months. That reason is over $100 million dollars tucked away in appropriations for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for the | Read More »

    The Scourge of CBDS

    The Scourge of CBDS By Michael Goodell http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com Today the CDC revealed a frightening new disease called CBDS. If left untreated, CBDS could result in the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of Americans around the world. Some observers have gone so far as to call it a threat to national security. How could a disease as severe as CBDS appear without warning, despite one | Read More »

    With Gruber’s Deceptions Is it Any Wonder ObamaCare Funds Abortion?

    After his “glib” apology before Congress this week for calling the American people “stupid,” ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber attempted to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and … dodge every substantive question that came his way.

    He helped the Obama Administration deceive the American people about ObamaCare, and now he’s attempting to deceive us again.

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    Follow the Money: The Salvation Army

    Follow the Money: The Salvation Army

    What if one year your family celebrated an untraditional Christmas? After all, wouldn’t there be an element of relaxation by avoiding the malls and the department stores? There’d be no last minute rush, less stress fighting traffic. What if instead of buying anyone a gift, your entire family committed to experience one day of giving to others?  Many find an alternative to a consumption-laden Christmas | Read More »

    Second Amendment support rising amongst blacks

    One wonders if the Ferguson aftermath had something to do with this (emphasis mine): Support for gun rights is higher than it’s been in decades, according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center that signals a stunning turnaround in how Americans feel about the issue just two years after the Newtown school shooting. Pew found that 52 percent of Americans say Second Amendment | Read More »

    Schoolin’ Gruber…Bueller…Anyone?

    Schoolin’ Gruber…Bueller...Anyone?

    Question:  Ben Stein and Jonathan Gruber: Separated at Birth? Let’s watch one of the Professors try to school the stupid people, because you really can’t watch this often enough: Apparently, by their own accounts, neither Jonathan nor Ben are geniuses: “I’m not a Mensa member. I have no idea where that rumor came from. I never have been, and I doubt if I ever will | Read More »

    State Department Dragging Its Feet On Hillary Papers

    When the Associated Press complains that a government agency is delaying releasing documents, you know there’s something really wrong. WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has failed to turn over government documents covering Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that The Associated Press and others requested under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act ahead of her presumptive presidential campaign. They include one request | Read More »

    Fayetteville Repeals LGBT Special Privileges: A Win

    Despite the foaming vitriolic mouths of the Left, calling for the reality-TV star Duggars’ heads, and prophesying TEOTWAWKI, the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas chose common sense over granting special LGBT privileges.

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    Who Has The Best Solution For Profiling Criminals & Terrorists? Neal Boortz!

    Earlier this week, the Obama administration announced new racial profiling guidelines. Eric Holder has called these guidelines a “major and important step forward to ensure effective policing.” Critics, however, see things differently, arguing the guidelines should include local law enforcement, while others complained that it was “loosely drafted.” Others have cited the exemptions included for certain federal agencies as being problematic. According to The Latin Post: | Read More »

    A Simple Way Out of the Predicament Regarding Nomination Filibusters

    There is currently a big debate among GOP Senators about whether to overturn the Democratic Senators’ recent elimination of most nomination filibusters.  Some in the GOP are concerned that allowing the Democratic Senators’ precedent to stand could endanger filibusters of legislation as well, because the so-called “nuclear option” might be used in the future to completely eliminate the filibuster.  However, many others in the GOP | Read More »

    White House Targeted Legal Businesses for Destruction

    New documents released by the House Government Reform Committee confirm what many suspected — the Department of Justice was working hand-in-hand with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to deny banking services to legal businesses it deemed immoral or unsavory.  Industries selected for destruction by Operation Choke Point included gun shops and the short-term lending industry, often referred to as “payday lending.” Despite testimony before Congress | Read More »

    Press On: The path to victory is through the Republican Party not around it

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” ― Calvin | Read More »

    I Was Not Born a Racist

    Racism is a heart problem. It’s not a blood problem or a skin problem. Nobody is born a racist. I was not born a racist, and neither were you.

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    Dear VA Board of Health, Keep TRAP in Place

    For reasons unbeknownst to pro-life Virginians, one of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D-VA) first orders of business was to erase regulations of the state’s abortion clinics. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) signed SB 924, often referred to as TRAP, into law last year. The legislation required abortion clinics to be treated as ambulatory surgical centers and upgrade construction at their facilities accordingly. Because of the strict new | Read More »

    Feinstein Report: Because…Moral Equivalence.

    Feinstein Report: Because…Moral Equivalence.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee’s $40 million investigation of the CIA (that involved no CIA directors or interrogators) culminated yesterday in the release of a 545 page executive summary (the complete report is 6000+pages so you can’t expect anyone to read that). I can summarize it for you in far fewer words: America conducted what Diane Feinstein considers illegal torture techniques such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, | Read More »

    It’s time to change our agricultural policies. Here’s why.

    Every time i go to the grocery store now I notice three things:  1) all the healthiest foods are ridiculously overpriced, expensive, and lacking in variety and quantity  2) all the unhealthiest foods are super cheap and have entire aisles to themselves and 3) most people are concentrated in the unhealthy food aisles and very few people spend any time in the healthy food aisles. | Read More »

    When Will ISIS Release Their Torture Report?

    Re-posted from PJ Media Today the timing of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s declassified executive summary on enhanced interrogation techniques used by the Bush Administration raises an intriguing list of political questions. One is even about movies and another has huge implications for the 2016 presidential race. Now that Senate Committee’s torture report is bedside reading for our enemies, when are ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban going | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Tragedies

    The tragedies in Ferguson, MO. and New York are being tied together as examples of systemic racism among local law enforcement across the country.  They are alike only in two regards – both saw a black man die at the hands of a white police officer and both are being exploited by the same boisterous gang of race peddlers who make their living perpetuating the | Read More »

    A new kind of social networking app or site for teens?

    The following is a random idea I had to create an app for teens called WHO-R-U.   I realized there’s apps for adults to hook up like tinder, but there’s no social networking sites or apps aimed directly at teens.  I was reading this article , and I had a sudden realization.   Obviously today’s teens are struggling with their identities for a number of | Read More »

    Congress Poised to Create 4,000 Jobs in the Western United States

    Contained in the House passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a provision that would create 4,000 jobs in the Western United States and produce $60 million in productive economic activity over the next few years. The language was crafted over a decade and is the result of give-and-take between industry and the government. As Daniel McGroarty notes, some in the Obama administration are unwilling | Read More »

    A Feeble Case for Destroying Senate Rules

    Now comes a National Review article by an “Ed Whelan” attacking my position in favor of the institutional role of the Senate.  And what a tantrum it is!  Whelan is clearly fond of adjectives and invectives.  As for arguments, well, not so much. Before I get to a point-by-point rebuttal, let me just go back, briefly, to the general issue:   There is no conceptual difference | Read More »

    Jonathan Gruber… “I Behaved Badly.”

    I’m not going into a line by line account of everything that Jonathan Gruber has written out as his official testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform. At the bottom is a link and you can read it for yourself. Or use Hotair’s link if you prefer.  But I do want to make a couple things clear. When you pull it up in pdf | Read More »

    South Texas College Professor Compares Tea Party With Nazis

    Via The College Fix comes the following video of a professor likening the Tea Party with the Nazi Party. He also explains that someday people will realize Tea Partiers are just a bunch of nuts, just like they eventually realized the Nazis were a bunch of nuts. Obviously, this professor has never looked at the full name of the Nazi Party, which was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche | Read More »

    Obama Administration Transparency – “Shades Up; I Can’t See!”

    “This Is The Most Transparent Administration In History” – Barack Hussein Obama Q: When does the most transparent administration in the history of the world actually practice said transparency? A: When it can be used as an excuse to release their $40 million report on “enhanced interrogation” techniques used under George W. Bush’s watch. Otherwise our posture on transparency around here remains unshaken, which is | Read More »

    Campus Rape: It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    Campus Rape:  It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

      I would begin by saying “unless you’ve been under a rock”, but I know a whole lot of rock dwellers who haven’t heard a thing about this story or the endless discussion going on, mostly on the Internet and cable news.  So I’ll begin this way:  ICYMI*:  Rolling Stone Magazine published an article entitled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at | Read More »

    Getting Real About the Minimum Wage

    This should be a very easy subject for the conservative and liberal to understand if we look at the issue realistically.  First off, increasing the minimum wage does not alleviate poverty.  It also has a disproportionate effect on small businesses- the main driver of job growth in this country- since they are less able to pay increased wages.  It certainly does not encourage wage growth | Read More »

    Did The People Or Elites Decide In Favor Of Gay Marriage?

    In reference to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases regarding prohibitions against gay marriage in a number of states, the 10/6/2014 episode of Viewpoint with Chuck Crimier was titled “America Officially Embraces What God Hates”. But is that entirely accurate? For did not voters in these states initially enact prohibitions against this practice? Therefore, on what grounds is the average American responsible when leaders | Read More »

    Let’s Not Give Up on the Institutional Role of the Senate

    Back in 2005, a gaggle of so-called conservative lawyers were hatching a Senate parliamentary “con game” called the “nuclear option,” in order to confirm President George Bush’s judicial nominees. At its core, the “nuclear option” is this:  51 senators fraudulently vote that the written Senate rules provide something that they don’t.  They stand in the Senate well, raise their finger for recognition, and lie.  They | Read More »

    No, Adam Kinzinger Isn’t The 2nd Most Popular Member Of Congress

    According to the Cook Political Report Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger is the second most popular member of Congress in the entire country; New York Republican is first. If the rankings don’t make you question the validity of this list from Cook the methodology will. The rankings were based upon the margin of victory of the last few elections for each candidate coupled with the | Read More »

    The Republicans’ Populist Moment: Squander or Capitalize?

    With the bid for re-election of (D-LA) now recorded in the ignominious annals of crushing defeat, the Republican gains for the 2014 mid-term elections stand at nine Senate seats for a total of 54, and 12 seats in the House for a total of 246 going into the 115th Congress in January 2015.  Among the most notable factoids, this is the largest House Republican majority | Read More »

    Al Sharpton Is As Much a Reverend As I Am a Black Man

    In America many people claim to be something they are not and get away with it, which explains why Al Sharpton continues to use the title Reverend. However, he is as much a reverend as I am a black man. By age ten Sharpton was “ordained” by Pentecostal minister Bishop F.D. Washington—a man with no training or education. Regardless of education, no one in his | Read More »

    British Christianity: “Denial and Inertia” No Match for “Resolute Wickedness”

    Gov. Mike Huckabee recently retraced the steps of Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan with a group of ministers and faith leaders. After touring Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the Churchill War Rooms, he remarked that both Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill were heavily criticized and often dismissed yet they remained steadfast to name and fight evil. “During two periods of massive global | Read More »

    Judge chooses NSA over the Constitution

    On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I took a lot of flak from many of my readers for an article I wrote stating the following: As we approach another anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place in New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, we are reminded of many things. We remember the thousands of innocent lives that were | Read More »

    ISIS Reportedly Beheads Four Christian Children in Iraq for Refusing to Convert to Islam

    The brutality and barbarism of ISIS – the Islamic State – has been well documented, but the latest report is unspeakable.

    The Christian “Vicar of Baghdad,” the Rev. Canon Andrew White, recounted that ISIS jihadists recently beheaded four Christian children.

    Read More »

    Marita Noon: Welcome to the O-zone—where economic development is a zero-sum game

    While environmental groups and the Obama administration maybe feel, “emboldened,” more regulation—especially that which “would impose too severe a burden on industry and local governments”—is not what the American people want or need.

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    Do the upheavals at Rolling Stone and The New Republic presage the future of the Democrat party?

    Hmmm?? Life imitates artifice…. It’s been an interesting last few months for the denizens of the left, to say the least. The Democrat party suffered its second consecutive mid term shellacking, yet Obama blithely ignores it, and proceeds to unilaterally amnesty  millions of illegals. At the same time, two longtime cheerleaders for the establishment left, “Rolling Stone” and “The New Republic” self-destruct. Can one deduce | Read More »

    Surrender: Why does anyone ever vote for the Republican Party… at least one run by Boehner & McConnell?

    Do you ever wonder sometimes why Americans vote? How many times have you heard people say “I don’t vote because my vote doesn’t really matter, those politicians are going to do what they want regardless of how I vote.” In some cases that’s true. Obamacare was a perfect example. In January 2010 Scott Brown won his campaign for the Senate in deep blue Massachusetts by | Read More »

    Judd Gregg Recommends GOP Surrender

    Former Senator Judd Gregg has become a surrender monkey.

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    What Part of Illegal Does Our Government Not Understand? Rule of Law, Immigration and Racial Divide.

    Our country has arrived in the rabbit hole where up is down, down is up and absolutely nothing makes sense anymore. It didn’t happen overnight but clearly accelerated over the last six years. We have gone over the edge where the rule of law is meaningless to our federal government yet We the People are still held to account when citizens break a law knowingly or | Read More »

    Hands Off! Don’t Loot!

    One current rallying cry being used by those, like Al Sharpton, who have made a profession of fanning the flames in America’s black/white racial divide rather than building a bridge across that chasm, is “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” There is no legitimacy to it. It’s based on a concocted account of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The rallying cry that needs to | Read More »

    Getting Real About Campus Rape

    One of the worst crimes is rape.  The reported statistics by some groups is disturbing in this area, but like any statistic they can be skewed and parsed by any group with an agenda.  We are told that at the low end, there are 300,000 rapes every year and at the other extreme, it is 1.3 million.  Additionally, about 54% of those situations that fit | Read More »

    If We Are to Automatically Believe Rape Accusations…

    …then I take it that the Washington Post now accepts Juanita Broadrick’s allegation that she was raped by one William Jefferson Clinton? And do they also accept the allegation that Al Gore attempted to rape a masseuse in Portland, OR? It is true that the allegation first came up in the National Enquirer, but Zerlina Maxwell didn’t say anything about the credibility of the source | Read More »