What Does Trump’s Lead in the Polls Mean?

    According to a recent poll by CNN, Trump leads Ben Carson in Iowa by a 22-14 margin.  He also leads in Michigan according to a Fox News poll 20-12 over Jeb Bush and 18-13 over Bush in New Hampshire.  The Realclearpolitics average of polls puts Trump at 22.5% with Jeb Bush being a second best at 11.8%.  If all this really meant anything, Donald Trump | Read More »

    Rick Perry’s Path to the White House

    Rick Perry's Path to the White House

    Rick Perry possesses an outstanding record of conservative governance in leading the world’s 12/th largest economy over a 14 year period (h/t Ed Willing for his tireless effort in laying it out there in broad daylight). America’s anemic economic recovery occurred only because of Perry’s conservative penicillin he skillfully administered in Texas during and after the great recession. So why is Rick Perry languishing in the polls? | Read More »

    Social Security turns 80 years old…..Happy Birthday??

    Although it doesn’t have the historical significance of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, D-Day or the Louisiana Purchase, nonetheless a milestone will take place Friday, August 14th. On this date in 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program into effect, which created Social Security. Although created during the Great Depression to provide some semblance of a | Read More »

    No he doesn’t.


    Why The Political Speed-Dating? One Has The Best Record.

    Why The Political Speed-Dating? One Has The Best Record.

    WHAT’S WITH THE SPEED DATING? In the last 10 years, I’ve seen the GOP become the most conservative it’s been in my lifetime. Even more than during the years under Reagan’s leadership. There are many frustrations, but an undeniable move to the right. Frankly, we’re having debates about constitutionality that we couldn’t have in 2005. But we’ve lacked that kind of inspiring leadership, combined with pure conservative | Read More »

    For the Dual Citizens Among Us: About Dealer’s Choice

    There’s a lot of talk about deals these days, from punditry’s litany of deal makers and breakers, to over a dozen debate references to the pending agreement with Iran, to Mr. Trump, who, having written the book on them, also reminded us that he has made “hundreds and hundreds” of them. In the more informal sense of “treatment received from the hand of another”, Gov. | Read More »

    Foreign Corporate Profits and Repatriation- The Solution

    This writer is a fan of the governmental quid pro quo and allow me to show three examples where it works.  It also provides a key to the dilemma of encouraging corporations to repatriate foreign profits.  In France in order to meet the need for general practitioners, the government pays 100% of a person’s medical school training.  In exchange, that person must practice in an | Read More »

    Three Really Dumb Abortion Arguments You Should Stop Making

    Three Really Dumb Abortion Arguments You Should Stop Making

    As the series of shocking videos released by the Center for Medical Progress continues to land body blows on Planned Parenthood, fewer and fewer abortion advocates can be found to defend them.  They are even slowly disappearing from the typically safe comments sections of traditionally left-leaning sources like Slate and my state’s resident MSM outlet, the Des Moines Register.  Articles from pro-choice folks condemning the | Read More »

    A Pastor Destroys Abortion in 6 1/2 Minutes

    A Pastor Destroys Abortion in 6 1/2 Minutes

    Every so often something almost totally ignored at the time it was made finds its place in history. Such as it is with Pastor Matt Chandler’s 6 1/2 minute thundering assault on the insanity of abortion. Chandler is pastor of The Village Church, a Southern Baptist congregation located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Beginning his talk with pure science–that an 8-week-old fetus has a full set | Read More »

    Courts side against Christian baker. Again.

    The Washington Post reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled against Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips. “[The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act] prohibits places of public accommodations from basing their refusal to serve customers on their sexual orientation, and Masterpiece violated Colorado’s public accommodations law by refusing to create a wedding cake for Craig’s and Mullins’ same-sex wedding celebration,” the ruling states. The ruling states that | Read More »

    Why I Don’t Trust Carly and Neither Should You

    Two weeks after 9/11, on September 26, 2001, Carly Fiorina gave a speech, “Technology, Business and Our Way of Life: What’s Next,” in which she tied courage, leadership, heroes, and “the questions of life and death” to business leaders learning from one of the greatest civilization to ever exist: Islamic civilization. Her claims evidence her exceptional ineptitude or blatant, galling, willful deceit. Consider her claims | Read More »

    This Is About More than Abortion

    From the diaries… By Anne Morse, compiler and co-author of My Final Word: Holding Tight to the Issues that Matter Most (Zondervan 2015) In the last few weeks, as I’ve given interviews about the collection of Chuck Colson memos gathered in a newly released book, “My Final Word,” several people have asked me, “What would Chuck have to say about the Planned Parenthood videos? “ | Read More »

    Solyndra in Spanish Means Abengoa

    The desire of the Obama administration to fund green energy project extends well beyond our borders.  Abengoa, a Spanish company, was the recipient of more than $2.8 billion in taxpayer loans and grants making them the second largest recipient of the $16 billion doled out by the Department of Energy’s 1705 loan guarantee program.  Abengoa is now collapsing before our naked steaming eyes and no one | Read More »

    Obama Intervening so the 9/11 Terrorists Can Keep Getting Paid

    Obama Intervening so the 9/11 Terrorists Can Keep Getting Paid

    If I told you in 2005 that ten years later the United States government would oppose justice for 9/11 survivors and punishment for the terrorists that attacked us, you’d think I’m one of those Holocaust-deniers and terror apologists.  But I’d be right. The Obama Justice Department has intervened in the largest civil award in the 9/11 attacks, where a jury earlier this year awarded $655 | Read More »

    The Unspoken Alliance

    The Unspoken Alliance

    I am just a novice political watcher I admit. I pay close attention, I read a lot, I try and analyze as many of you fellow RedStater’s do. So here is what I see, that I have not seen explicitly written anywhere, which may be something of interest. Donald Trump is in this to play Kingmaker. That’s it. He doesn’t like Jeb Bush. Only one candidate to | Read More »

    Abortion Supporters Try, but Can’t Remove the Stigma

    Abortion Supporters Try, but Can't Remove the Stigma

    “You have cancer.” Fear and dread pulse upon hearing those words.  The stigma of cancer—the chemotherapy, the endless tests, the knowledge that death is growing inside—is not joyful.  But the disease and the stigma can be overcome. “You’re pregnant.” Depending on circumstances, this can be the biggest news in the world, or the worst possible thing. There are only two ways a pregnancy can end: | Read More »

    Foreign Corporate Profits and Repatriation- The Problem

    Much has been written and debated about the “repatriation” of corporate profits which, depending on the source, totals somewhere between $1.3 and $2.1 TRILLION.  In a broad stroke analysis, if those profits should somehow magically be brought to the United States, it would make the Obama stimulus look like small potatoes.  Before discussing any proposal to encourage the return of those profits, you have to | Read More »

    The Abomination of Obamanation

    I have often said in the pages of these Dispatches from the past to the future that nations are not judged by the sin that is in them for the same sin is within all of us.  Neither are societies judged by the sins that are committed by those who form their population for all people in all civilizations have sinned and this will continue | Read More »

    What Does Abortion Really Mean?

    As uncomfortable and distasteful as this whole topic is for many I’m still going to talk about this stuff just to inform anyone who cares to read this and get a clearer explanation of what is going on. For most pro-life people the fundamental belief is that life begins at conception. Bill O’Reilly, for example, makes this argument very forcefully when he talks about the | Read More »

    VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes at the 2015 RedState Gathering

    Last weekend, I attended the RedState Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a bit of what I saw: https://youtu.be/XlEm482kvXw A few quick points:  I brought a decibel meter with me and took some unscientific (maybe pseudoscientific?) measurements of the crowd noise during various speeches (you can see hints of it in the video). I missed Mike Huckabee’s speech, but I did use it for the rest of | Read More »

    Obamacare Gets a D+ by its own standards

    A while back, President Obama stated he’d give his time as president a B+. His signature legislation, the Patient Protecion and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which most now simply call “Obamacare,” hasn’t done so well. Today, MSNBC is ecstatically reporting that the number of uninsured Americans is down to 29 million people, from 51 million before the legislation was enacted. Adding health insurance coverage for | Read More »

    CONFIRMED: Obama Admin Secretly Planning To Bring Gitmo Terrorist To Illinois Prison

    Thomson Prison located in Thomson, IL(Carroll County) Everyone’s long held concerns that the Obama administration would use the Thomson prison in Thomson, Illinois, designated AUSP Thomson by the Bureau of Prisons, to hold terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay have been confirmed. A plan to close Guantanamo Bay and move 50 or so terrorist to other countries and bring 60 or more | Read More »

    To the RedState Community

    To the RedState Community

    Preachers sometimes begin their sermons by saying “this is for the home crowd.”  That means the preacher is speaking directly to the church’s members, and visitors are certainly welcome to hear the message, but realize it’s not aimed at them. This is one of those times, so if this is your first foray into the deep red world of our community, feel free to politely | Read More »

    Rick Perry Is Not Dead. Nor Is He Dying

    Rick Perry Is Not Dead. Nor Is He Dying

    I walked into work yesterday and an older gentleman approached me. “I’m so sorry!” he said. I didn’t understand what he meant until he continued, “I heard about Rick Perry dropping out of the race.” Thanks, media. I really enjoy having to explain to people why your reports are false. And this person wasn’t the only one who thought Perry was suspending his campaign. All | Read More »

    New Center for Medical Progress Video Out.

    This latest video from the Center for Medical Progress involves a former StemExpress procurement technician telling her experiences. What she saw, or didn’t see. Namely, consent forms not being handled properly.  Her name is Holly O’Donnell, and while this video doesn’t have some of the heart wrenching scenes we’ve come to expect from these videos, her account of what happened is chilling nonetheless.     | Read More »

    Divider-in-Chief or Deceiver-in-Chief? Both Names Suit Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is desperate. Her tired ideas from the past have not worked, and she is doing everything she can to distract Americans from the truth, including attacking me. Divider-in-Chief After six years of division under President Obama, America needs a leader who will unite all Americans. Instead of focusing on what divides us, we should be concentrating on what brings us together. Yet Hillary | Read More »

    How does a $2.5B powertrain plant in Mexico help the US?

    The now much maligned NAFTA was the result of Ronald Reagan’s vision for a prosperous 21st century.  Conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation supported trade agreements such as NAFTA, and conservative voters by and large went along with that position. Ronald Reagan first proposed a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico in his 1980 presidential campaign. Since that time, The Heritage Foundation | Read More »

    Two Rand Paul aides are under federal indictment

    Two Rand Paul aides are under federal indictment

    Back in 2011, the Ron Paul campaign received a lot of attention when the chairman of Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign, state senator Kent Sorenson, defected to Ron Paul: Talk about fairweather friends. Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson (R), who was Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s state campaign chairman, endorsed Texas Rep. Ron Paul Wednesday night. At a rally in Des Moines, Sorenson told the crowd, “We’re | Read More »

    Kim Kardashian, Robert F. Kennedy and why Donald Trump Scares the Hell out of the GOP

    If you ask any American who Kim Kardashian is – other than perhaps one of her 34 million Twitter followers – they’ll likely tell you she is a vapid, self(ie) obsessed brunette with a propensity for public displays of nudity who leads a reality show band of dysfunctional misfits. They’d be right of course, but that wouldn’t be whole story. That characterization would miss the | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Sidney Blumenthal

    Perhaps no name in the Hillary Clinton orbit of friends best defines sleaze than Sidney Blumenthal.  Prior to his association with the Clinton clan, Blumenthal was a columnist for the Washington Post.  In 1988, while Bill was still governor of Arkansas, Blumenthal began to sing his praises.  In subsequent stints elsewhere, most notably The New Yorker, Blumenthal was an avid supporter of everything Clinton did and went | Read More »

    Reagan Didn’t Shut Down, Neither Will Rick Perry

    Reagan Didn’t Shut Down, Neither Will Rick Perry

      SUMMER, 1979: The campaign for Gov. Ronald Reagan announced in July of 1979 that it was out of money. Not only had they used up their $1.3 million stash, but they weren’t pulling in the donors they had hoped. Many were discounting the candidate because of his inability to land large donors, along with questions about his age and stamina. Despite having run once before, | Read More »

    Trump: Here’s Why

    With lots of accusations of craziness flying around in the vicinity of both Trump’s supporters and his detractors, one of my favorite sayings comes to mind: “If you think that your enemy is crazy, you should pay close attention, because one of you is”. People seem bewildered that Trump, whose political track record is (charitably) inconsistent, can have a commanding lead among the Republican candidates | Read More »

    Corruption in ObamaCare Exchanges

    A corruption scandal has hit the Obamacare exchanges.  States are trying to keep federal money that was given to them to set up exchanges that failed. The federal taxpayers are bailing out bad decisions of state lawmakers and federal ObamaCare officials. Like dominos tumbling over, the state Obamacare exchanges have failed one after the other.  These exchanges were built with over $5 billion in federal | Read More »

    My Message to Donald Trump

    I noticed that all of your attacks on people in the media or other candidates are based on popularity and poll numbers. That doesn’t make you a serious candidate for president, it makes you the political equivalent of the high school jock who bullies everyone and uses peer pressure to get people to be on his side. It turns out the cool kids in high | Read More »

    Know Your Enemy (It’s not Donald Trump)

    Conservatives need to use Donald Trump to beat the media into submission. This is a simple strategic maneuver that is similar to isolating competition. It has the effect of narrowing the field of battle and reducing the range of your primary target. It will also draw out the media and render their most used weapon – false moralizing – useless. Rush sees this PC battle | Read More »

    Why Did Rand Paul Attack Donald Trump in the Debate?

    Why Did Rand Paul Attack Donald Trump in the Debate?

    If my memory serves me correctly, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 88% interjected twice (maybe it was more) after Donald Trump gave answers to questions directed at him. It was a nice way for Rand to garner more tv time, after all, he received the least amount of speaking time of all the candidates. However, I’m not convinced it was beneficial for him to | Read More »

    On Trump

    Hanging out at RedState Gathering the last several days, I’ve was amused by the sub-culture of tea party adherents who have nonetheless bought into the mainstream media creation that is Donald Trump. And he IS a creation of the MSM, make no mistake. His is all-bluster, all the time. He is a caricature of what Hollywood lefties want Americans to believe businessmen are like: angry, | Read More »

    Could Hillary be kaput after New Hampshire..would her campaign survive losses in Iowa and NH?

    Well, we conservatives and Republicans have been kept pretty busy for the last few weeks attempting to discern where the GOP is headed, and banging our heads against the wall, and each other, about  Trump , so I thought I’d turn for a second to the Democrats. The Bernie Sanders phenomena hasn’t got that much attention yet, but it soon will. He’s the far-left equivalent | Read More »

    Why Conservatives Object to Leftist Patent ‘Reform’

    The following is in response to Mytheos Holt’s Townhall “The Three Dumbest ‘Conservative’ Objections to Patent Reform.” —- The Left, along with huge Leftist companies, are pushing to fundamentally transform – radically undermine – the Constitutionally-protected intellectual property known as patents. As the Left is wont to do, they are looking to thoroughly alter the Constitution – without amending it. Passing legislation that guts a | Read More »

    Honorably Recharged: How Rick Perry Became My Standard

    Honorably Recharged: How Rick Perry Became My Standard

    He’s back, and he’s better. I cannot hide my admiration for former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Everyone who knows me, along with my acquaintances on social media the last five years would identify me not merely by my name, but as “the Rick Perry guy.” I have never claimed he’s perfect, nor do I attribute flawless idealism. But you must recognize his place in American politics, conservative history and his value to | Read More »

    Republicans, Conservatives, and Unions- Part 3

    If the Democratic Party wants to play class warfare, then by all means let us play that game.  But, let’s put all the facts on the table and nowhere are those facts more obvious than when it comes to public worker unions.  At the federal level, the average salary is $72,000 compared to the national average of slightly over $50,000.  Throw in the lucrative pension | Read More »

    Time to Dump Establishment Debates

    We need a real debate about the real issues. Of course the Republican party doesn’t want this. Republican “leadership” has said they will exclude any candidate from future debates who participates in a non-sanctioned event. In other words, candidates must only appear at debates that are designed to aid establishment candidates. CNN and Fox each host three more debates. CBS, NBC with Telemundo, ABC, and | Read More »

    Don’t Let Donald Trump Give You Heartburn

    Donald Trump Some conservatives and Republicans out there are perplexed if not flummoxed by the candidacy of Donald Trump.  More than a few have probably developed heartburn. At this point, after correctly talking about the crimes that illegal immigrants are perpetrating, to his remarks about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 51%, and his debate presence and post debate feud | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Obama’s Clean Power Plan: solar companies win, taxpayer’s lose

    While the excitement from solar proponents is palpable, it is surprising how shameless they are about sucking the government teat while bemoaning the low price of natural gas—which Solar Industry Magazine calls “a fly in the ointment” and “inconvenient.”

    Read More »

    A Trump Education for the Establishment

    Promoted to the front by Erick Like clockwork, in recent years, The Wall Street Journal editorial page has lectured conservatives about the imprudence of their frustrations and need to fall in line with the orders of the Washington establishment. It is to be expected then that they view Donald Trump’s rise in the polls as a creation of those of us who have been trying | Read More »

    A plea for civility among the RS brethren

    There’s a rash of bad behavior going on here at RedState. Name calling… from various sources — and including some moderators. We can disagree with people without name calling. We can even kick people off the site without name calling. And here’s the thing: it’s not only proper behavior, it’s the rules.  If we are not going to follow some of the rules, let’s get | Read More »

    General Michael Flynn, director of Department of Intelligence, Advised Obama Admin Not to Support Radical Jihadists

    Because it worked so well in Afghanistan in the 80’s, right?!! “There are some big takeaways from Lieutenant General Michael Flynn’s interview. Flynn, the director of the Department of Intelligence, reported directly to the White House, Joint Chiefs, and Secretary of Defense. Flynn had read the DIA report and said, “I paid very close attention to it- I argued about it.” Hasan asked Flynn: “Did | Read More »

    Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, and Fox News

    Donald Trump feels that he was victimized by Megyn Kelly at the Fox News Debate. Ms. Kelly asked Mr. Trump a question about his prior remarks about women. Mr. Trump apparently felt that the question was unfair so he verbally attacked Megyn Kelly. Ms. Kelly’s question at the debate was not a softball question, but she was not ugly or disrespectful. It was just a | Read More »

    Status Quo Government Meddling and Cronyism Is…Progress?

    It hasn’t been a great year from the perspective of shrinking government. In fact, it’s been terrible. Really awful, pork-and-cronyism-filled programs are being refunded, renewed – and even resurrected. Since November – when We the People delivered Republicans another historic landslide victory – what have they delivered us? Laura Ingraham Blasts Republican Leadership Over $1.1 Trillion CR-Omnibus Budget Bill “A 1,600 page bad joke.” Congress | Read More »

    To the Media: Give Us Substance, Not a Circus

    To the Media: Give Us Substance, Not a Circus

    I was going to hold off publishing my column for this Wednesday, but the betrayal of America by Fox News is so profound in hosting a debate for their own ratings and using the candidates like they were reality show contestants, I had to post it early. All the debate did was attract 24 million viewers to see Donald Trump zing Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier, and Chris | Read More »