Too Spiritual By Half?

    In an exposition of Mark chapter 3, it was observed that Christ’s first miracle after the commissioning of the Apostles was the casting out of a demon followed by the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law. The Lutheran seminarian insisted that this symbolically represented the precedence of the spirit over the human tendency to emphasize the body. The expositor lamented that such a characteristic was the result | Read More »

    Do Rubio, Perry Have a Path?

    Rubio and Perry both fall into the “middle third” of the party, where all of the nominees who have gone on to win the general election have come from, George W. Bush being the last one; Governor Scott Walker is running away with the “middle-third,” and will have a leg up in neighboring Iowa.

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    Contemplating the unimaginable: that ISIS cannot be defeated

    We’ve heard repeatedly these last few days that we can’t hope to defeat an enemy if we can’t even identify our foe by the right name: Radical Islamist terrorism. That’s the least of our problems. It’s necessary for us to contemplate the very real possibility that ISIS/ISIL/AlQeda (or whatever the “nom de jour” is) cannot be beaten. Before I defend my thesis, let’s examine the | Read More »

    Cronyism Alive and Well In New Congress With Reintroduction of Gaming Bill

    Despite an expanded Republican majority, crony capitalism is off to a running start in the House of Representatives. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 88% (R-UT) fired the starting pistol by reintroducing legislation sought by a Las Vegas billionaire that would prohibit states from legalizing online gaming for citizens within their own borders. Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Sands Casino, has openly bragged | Read More »

    Geithner Threats Washed Away in S&P Deal

    Crossing the Obama Administration often comes at a cost and for the respected credit rating firm Standard and Poor’s (S&P), which has been around since the Civil War, that cost can be calculated at about $1 billion. In the aftermath of the Obama spending spree — the stimulus, cash for clunkers and, of course, ObamaCare — the S&P issued a warning about the torrent of | Read More »

    Ten Years (and Counting)

    It seems an incredible thing for me to contemplate, but ten years ago today, in a decision that I could not possibly have predicted would have as far reaching consequences on my life as it has, I signed up and created my RedState account. I was motivated to first start reading blogs by the public de-pantsing of Dan Rather over the TANG “fake but accurate” | Read More »

    Let Republicans Be Radical Again!

    This article originally appeared on on Friday, January 30, 2015, where I have a new article every Friday:   Hey, GOP! Be the Radicals You Were Meant to Be! By Dr. Mom I have both a confession and a strong suggestion to make. First, the confession: I’m not interested in being an ordinary Republican anymore. Don’t get me wrong. All my political heroes are | Read More »

    Prime Minister Netanyahu: Today’s Churchill

    One of my favorite T-shirts says: A Politician Thinks of the Next Election.  A Statesman Thinks of the Next Generation.   Unless you’re one of today’s Liberals, historically proven to get almost every serious issue backwards, Benjamin Netanyahu is, by factual definition, the greatest living statesman the world has today. Last year, because of his courage, wisdom and demeanor in a world at least as | Read More »

    It’s Hump Day in Obama’s Amerika

    It’s Hump Day in Obama’s Amerika

    Another hump day in Obama’s Amerika, another week of seemingly endless atrocities. Should I start internationally? With the barbarism of ISIS? I see some people, like this Gawker writer, are more concerned with the way the retaliation executions in Jordan might get spun than the atrocity itself. Butt don’t worry, Barry is on top of it. Obama on Tuesday said that if the video proved authentic, | Read More »

    President Obama’s Budget Proposal Violates the Principles of Sound Tax Policy

    This week President Obama rolled out his budget proposal, which again demonstrates how incredibly out of step the president is with the rest of the country. Just a couple of weeks after outlining $320 billion in tax increases during his State of the Union address (and quickly backtracking on a plan to tax 529 college savings accounts), President Obama rolled out a budget proposal that | Read More »

    WaPo: Vaccinating can’t be “something Democrats do”

    WaPo: Vaccinating can't be "something Democrats do"

    Boomerangs, piss off the ship’s bow, and fecal matter in the fan blades all return to their source.  The Washington Post calls Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 80%’s remarks about vaccinations “dubious” and Obama’s remarks—saying the exact same thing—“sincere and well-informed”.  The double-standard is obvious, as Guy Benson pointed out at Townhall.  But WaPo takes it a step further, quoting | Read More »

    Pinkwashing Silly Dodoes

    Pinkwashing Silly Dodoes

    Sometimes the worst ideas are tried just to show how bad they are.  Like the Pontiac Aztek, or Sylvester Stallone in one more action flick.  Here’s a really bad one:  It describes itself as a site that “allows you to connect with people who pretend to like the same people as you”—and if you use the site, you’ll meet the other sixteen people who also pretend to | Read More »

    Assessing the 2016 Senate Races: The Midwest

    If there should be some fretting regarding some GOP seats in the South, the sometimes unpredictable Midwest creates more opportunity for Democratic pick ups. Illinois- Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) 30%, a RINO of the highest order, may be the best chance for the Republican Party in Illinois.  There was speculation he might retire after one term because of health reasons, but he has | Read More »

    The Truth about my Headline-making trip to Israel

    Truth matters. That’s why during the lunch hour at a northern Israeli kibbutz, I skipped a group event to set the record straight about the first few days of myheadline-making trip in Israel. It seems that those vilifying it are misinformed. I’ve been traveling with people who represent many faiths, ethnicities, ages, and even have friends and relatives whose lifestyles and/or political beliefs are quite different than | Read More »

    Matt Mayer: Could a Third Party Rise in Congress?

    Given the long history of America’s two-party system, the historical odds of the U.S. becoming a multi-party political system like most European countries weren’t high. Those odds, however, may be increasing, as the leadership in both parties confronts an increasingly hostile wing. Those wings find far deeper support among the activist voting base of the parties. Safe-seat redistricting has lead to the rise of these | Read More »

    Really Mr. President?

    Really Mr. President? These ISIS barbarians burn a human being alive for all the world to see and all you can come up with is:  “their ideology is bankrupt? Well I suppose this JV team didn’t have to surrender their matchbooks to the BK court, now did they? Maybe if your Administration would only call them what they are; Radical Islamic Terrorists, we could begin | Read More »

    Sick (Pro-life) Beats

    I love Kelly Clarkson’s new single, ‘Heartbeat Song.’ Considering she has been my favorite singer since she became the first American Idol back in 2002, I may be a little biased. But, my appreciation for her newest hit goes beyond my personal fandom. Attempting a scientific advancement that has never been done before in music, Clarkson chose to use her daughter’s prenatal heartbeat as the | Read More »

    We find it offensive !

    We are constantly being informed that Muslims are offended by many of our actions. Well, join the club folks because I, along with tens of millions of others, are equally offended by their perverted and violent culture ! We find it offensive when we are told, by the elites: Islam has been a major contributor to civilization and mankind. The Truth is that this is | Read More »

    James Robertson of Detroit: Look What You Can Do Without the Government

    James Robertson of Detroit: Look What You Can Do Without the Government

    “It might be tough, but my dad used to say, tough times don’t last — tough people do.” – James Robertson James, on his 21 mile daily commute on foot I know we could all use a feel-good story, and I have a doozy for you today. It comes to us from – of all places – Detroit. As you read James’ story you may | Read More »

    Why Florida Senator Marco Rubio Should Run for Re-Election Instead of President

    At this writing, the Real Clear Politics (RCP) 2016 GOP nomination poll averages have former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush leading the crowded, wide open field with support from only 16.4 percent of primary voters. Next in line is NJ Gov. Chris Christie with 9.4 percent and then near the back of the pack sits freshman Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 100% as | Read More »

    My initial impressions of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates (part 2)

    This is part 2, continuing my diary about the 2016 GOP presidential candidates, in no particular order . …   Chris Christie-     I believe he has the necessary qualities to be a good president.  Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I think he’ll be a good president, just that he has the potential to be based on certain traits he possesses.  There | Read More »

    My initial impressions of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates (part 1)

    I wasn’t able to watch all of the speeches at the Iowa Freedom Summit this weekend, but I watched most of em.  I was very impressed by many of the candidates who spoke, and I must say that this is the most impressive and most well-rounded field of candidates in the Republican Party in my lifetime, and it’s not even close. In 2008 we had | Read More »

    Assessing the Senate Races in 2016: The South

    Having surveyed the Senate races in the Northeast, it is now time to head south because it is never too early to look at potential trouble spots and targets of opportunity.  Much has been made of the GOP make-over of this region, but a deeper look indicates that the lock is not so certain in some areas. Alabama- No one expects anyone to seriously challenge | Read More »

    Jeb Bush’s Strategy

    let’s hope that the conservative establishment has influence in 2016 to prevent a Huckabee or a Santorumesque candidate from becoming the Jeb Bush-alternative.

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    For the Record, Rand Paul did Not Say Vaccination Causes Autism

    I suppose it was inevitable. The ideology of the left is rooted in fear. Scare people badly enough they’ll accept any level of government coercion. And what scares people more than “your children are going to die!?” So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the left’s new line of attack against Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and any Republican that doesn’t instantly fall on the coercive vaccination | Read More »

    Christian Publisher Targets Children With Leftist Indoctrination

    The Eeerdman’s Books For Young Readers spring 2015 catalog contains a book titled “Edgar Wants To Be Alone.” According to the synopsis, Edgar doesn’t like company but notices he is followed by a worm. So he tries to get away from the invertebrate. The summary reads, “Edgar asks for the other animals on the farm to help him, but eventually he realizes he might have | Read More »

    Barack Obama: Loves muslims – Hates Israel

    According to an Israeli official, Obama is about to agree with nearly 80% of Iran’s demands in the discussions with that rogue nation regarding their nuclear ambitions. When Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% announced that he had invited Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to speak at a joint session of Congress to help members better understand the situation in the Middle East | Read More »

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares Feb 2nd Chris Kyle Day

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares Feb 2nd Chris Kyle Day

    Governor Greg Abbott has declared that, going forward, February 2nd  should be known as “Chris Kyle Day” in Texas,  honoring one of the state’s, and America’s , greatest modern military heroes. In the recent film directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper depicts the story of Kyle; a United States Navy SEAL, father, husband, and honored with the title of “deadliest sniper in American history”.  It was only | Read More »

    The “Consider This!” Podcast: Extending Unemployment Benefits Extends Unemployment, and Presidential Memoranda

    Episode 96 of the Consider This Podcast has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. Who would have thought that extending unemployment benefits further and further out would actually cause people to stop looking for work altogether? Well, actually, those who know that incentives (and disincentives) actually work; you know, market economics. How many jobs were created after the 99 week benefit system was stopped, | Read More »

    What to expect from President Cruz

    Right now I am leaning toward voting for Cruz in the primary (if I have the option).  I was asked (legitimately I might add)  “You think Cruz is just going to shut the government down until he gets what he wants? Is that how you envision things happening?” In a word: No. Here is what I would expect: Judicial Nominations:I expect that Scalia and Thomas | Read More »

    Marita Noon: America is falling behind in the new cold war over Arctic oil and gas

    When you connect the dots, it seems clear that President Obama is doing Russia’s bidding—through his environmental allies—at the expense of America’s economic and energy security. We find ourselves in a new cold war (pun intended) over Arctic resources, and our president appears to be on the side of the enemy.

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    Obama’s Israel End Game

    President Obama could be the biggest enemy of the State of Israel since its founding in 1948. His end game must fail.

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    Current Education ROI Isn’t Benefiting Investors

    Remember traveling before September 11th, 2001? If you were a frequent traveler like me, security procedures varied from airport to airport, some more efficient, some more friendly and some were neither. After September 11th, airport security procedures were revamped.  Now, when people travel by air in the United States, they are more or less subjected to the same security protocols regardless of the airport. Many | Read More »

    The Paper Lion: Both Wear ZERO

    The Paper Lion: Both Wear ZERO

    There sure are a lot of Patriot haters and sore losers out there today. Including Big Guy. Never Won to miss an opportunity to stick his finger in the eye of the loyal opposition, Barry used the normally innocuous presidential half-time interview as an opportunity to spike his deflated balls. Barry’s Balls: Don’t touch When Savannah Guthrie asked BO if he was planning to take | Read More »

    Wake Up and Fight America

    God strategically places people into certain places for a particular reason that we might not understand why. This is the case with President Obama being elected in 2008 and 2012. Since the progressive movement started in 1913, the USA has changed tremendously from what the founding fathers envisioned. Changes such as: Larger and more powerful federal government, that believes it knows what is best for | Read More »

    An American Man’s Suspicious Death In Saudi Arabia – Right Before He Died He Sent Messages Stating He Was In Danger

    An American employee of an Israeli defense firm has died under mysterious circumstances, in Saudi Arabia, and his family believes he was murdered. Chris Cramer was employed by Kollsman, Inc., a United States subsidiary of Elbit Systems, a defense electronics company in Israel. According to Saudi authorities in the city of Tabuk, where Cramer died, he committed suicide by jumping from his hotel window at | Read More »

    Assessing the Senate Races in 2016: The Northeast

    While most eyes will be on the 2016 presidential race, equally important are the many Senate races that year where the script will be flipped and the Republicans will be playing defense.  This is an early take on those races starting in the more liberal Northeast. Connecticut-  Democratic incumbent Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) 0% will seek reelection and be 70 years old | Read More »

    Why the practice of medicine needs a Trust-Buster….

    As a long-time fan of RedState, I would much rather be writing about the Tea Party insurgency, the debt or social issues.  But as a physician, and a new diarist, I figured I would share my perspective on my job.  I’d like to talk about the state of medicine for a bit, from the point of view of a private practice physician.  Most people understand | Read More »

    Media: Obama is a poor victim of the politicizing behavior of Boehner and Netanyahu

    I’m beginning to suspect that there might be a bit of leftist bias in the media. As near as I could tell in scanning the Sunday morning news shows this week, the network anchors were in pretty solid agreement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would do serious harm to his country’s relationship with the U.S. if he follows through with a planned speech to | Read More »

    Scott Walker roars ahead in Iowa

    In the wake of a phenomenal speech in Iowa, Scott Walker has made a big move upward according to The Des Moines Register Iowa poll released this morning. Des Moines Register Scott Walker  15% Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 80% 14% Mitt Romney 13% Mike Huckabee 10% Ben Carson 9% Jeb Bush 8% Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% 5%   Chris | Read More »

    Strike while the iron is hot! Administration concerned about ObamaCare tax implication.

    In an article in the New York Times titled “White House seeks to Limit Health Law’s Tax Troubles” Obama administration officials and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act say they worry that the tax-filing season will generate new anger as uninsured consumers learn that they must pay tax penalties and as many people struggle with complex forms needed to justify tax credits they received in | Read More »

    How Do We Get Back to Where We Were?

    It’s hard to be a conservative when there’s little left to conserve.  The increasing pace of America’s progression from free markets to a command economy has reached such a pace and become so obvious that way back in 2009 the Russian Prime Minister used his spotlight time at the World Economic Forum to warn America not to follow the socialist path.  The Russian newspaper Pravda, | Read More »

    My Secret Ski Date at Deer Valley – Hint: He’s Not Running for President in 2016

    My Secret Ski Date at Deer Valley - Hint: He’s Not Running for President in 2016

    I have to make this a quickie as I have a ski date at Deer Valley this morning. I’ll have to turn my snowboard in for skis today, as they don’t allow ‘boarding at Deer Valley. That’s okay though, I’m ambidextrous. Then I have to scamper back to the mountain bunker to watch Tom Brady whup-up on the Seahawks (apologies in advance to Seahawks fans, | Read More »

    Is Bush Really That Strong?

    Regardless of the political implications of a Jeb Bush candidacy for President in 2016, there are other serious considerations at play.  From the political perspective, Bush is viewed within the GOP as perhaps too much of a moderate.  That is predicated upon his stances regarding Common Core and on immigration.  Further, he has been highly critical of other Republicans and partisanship in Congress.  His comments | Read More »

    GOP Governor Tries To Stop Husband From Aborting Wife

    Ten years after the death of Terri Schiavo, Politico revives her with a full-on assault on Jeb Bush.  In the Cindy Sheehan role we have husband Michael Schiavo, the prime advocate-of-convenience for the removal of her feeding tube and thus her starvation.  The Schiavo case led to many difficult discussions in everybody’s household, and it was very unfortunate that such a private matter became so | Read More »

    Whose Looks Will Help, Whose Will Hurt?

    Whose Looks Will Help, Whose Will Hurt?

    Since the JFK-Nixon election, the better looking candidate is 5-0 in elections featuring non-incumbents (Nixon/Humphrey is kind of a toss up, but I’m giving the edge to him: JFK (’60), Nixon (’68), GHWB (’88), GWB (’00), and Obama (’08) all were better looking than their opponents.  One can’t deny that we live in a superficial society, and looks do help or hurt candidates in elections, | Read More »

    There ARE Two Americas: Want To Keep Them For 8 More Years?

    There ARE Two Americas: Want To Keep Them For 8 More Years?

    Democrats have always lived in Two Americas; and as long as BO and Joey are around they always will. First, there’s Big Guy’s fairy tale America (no offense to fairies): “There is no economic measure by which we are not better off” than when he took office, he said, and Democrats must tell that story. And then there’s Joey’s America: “To state the obvious, the | Read More »

    The Shape of Chris Christie

    Chris Christie is not a favorite of conservatives and certainly not a favorite of many here at Redstate.  His recent appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit is instructive and illustrative of why we should not necessarily discount Chris Christie as a candidate in 2016.  This is certainly NOT(!) an endorsement towards those ends, but more a warning that “dead man walking” may very much be | Read More »

    The Taking of MH 370

    Author’s note: I wrote this as an outline for a book. If I can find a publisher that is interested, I intend to flesh it out, add dialog and sub stories and additional characters. The fleshed out story might also make a good movie.  This is a work of fiction based upon a real happening. The names used herein are fictitious and do not represent | Read More »

    Where Do The 2016 Candidates Stand On Common Core?

    Where Do The 2016 Candidates Stand On Common Core?

    This past December, The Federalist published an excellent article entitled: 7 Things Slick Politicians Will Say To Make You Think They Oppose Common Core Among those slick politicians are potential 2016 contenders: Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Bobby Jindal. Among those, I am only willing to give Jindal a pass, and only because he has been fighting | Read More »