Forget about letting Turkey into the EU; Turkey must be expelled from NATO

    Turkish president Erdogan must have a Jewish ancestor somewhere. Otherwise, how else could one explain Turkey’s over-the-top display of chutzpah in recent days. Europe comes together, in a near spontaneous outpouring of revulsion against the terrorist attack by Islamic radicals in Paris, and what does Erdogan do? 1. He sends his Prime Minister to Paris to march in the demonstration, yet he accuses the “West” | Read More »

    Montgomery County MD Officials Conspire With NARAL Against Pregnancy Crisis Centers

    Montgomery County MD Officials Conspire With NARAL Against Pregnancy Crisis Centers

    I know that this is Breeanne Howe’s bailiwick, but I didn’t think it should wait for her next installment of The Vine.  Besides, I think The Vine lifts me up more when it’s about positive pro-life stories, and this one is decidedly sad.  Actually it makes me burning, seething, mad. Lifesitenews did some digging into the too-cozy relationship between Montgomery County, Maryland officials and pro-death | Read More »

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Stopping Executive Amnesty For Dreamers “Wrong Message”

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ]Wednesday morning the House of Representatives voted to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that contains 2 amendments to curtail President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty orders issued in November and in the summer of 2012. That second amendment, offered by Tennessee congresswoman Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Marsha Blackburn73%House Republican Average39See Full Scorecard73% was opposed | Read More »

    Retrofit Mitt

    From the flurry of news articles about another Romney bid for the Presidency in 2016, with The Wall Street Journal editorial board referring to his bid as “Romney Recycled” and the polar opposite Washington Post also penning a piece, you’d think Romney was through before he even declared himself a candidate. Mitt Romney in campaign mode – (AP) First, let me say, | Read More »

    Virginia County to Interrogate Homeschool Teens about Their Religious Beliefs

    A school board in Virginia is considering the repeal of a policy that would have forced 14-year-old minors to stand before the school board to be interrogated about their religious beliefs.

    The Goochland County policy is aimed at homeschool families that fall under Virginia’s decades-old religious exemption statute, which acknowledges parents’ rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

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    Joining Forces: Team-Obama, “Team-Plants” and Hollywood

    Joining Forces: Team-Obama, “Team-Plants” and Hollywood

    I’m pleased to report that I have arrived safely in Park City where all the Christmas trees are still festooned with zillions of lights and everything is covered with a foot of fresh snow. It’s still really early here so let me be brief: Lady M released a new Joining Forces video with Greg Popovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs. They both look like | Read More »

    Open Thread – Obama-New Tax Proposal

    Here we go again.  Yup…we are going to get those gas prices up.  Just remember…he can’t stop the methane…he can only “tax” it.   Finally we are getting a little break from this so-called non-inflation and they have to tax it.  My thoughts….if you are so worried about methane…get rid of ethanol.

    Why the Left is Hyperventilating Over Dynamic Scoring

    Why the Left is Hyperventilating Over Dynamic Scoring

    The Left is so used to controlling information that they believe it to be their birthright.  For nearly 100 years, they’ve assumed the mantle of impartiality simply to cover their own failed policy aspirations.  Now they are all going bat-guano crazy because the Republican majority in Congress wants to make a small dent in the gleaming fact-fogging machine the Left has built, by directing the | Read More »

    And the Islamic Apologists Just Keep Coming

    Elias Isquith a political writer for Salon and other liberal outlets.  He is also a naive jerk of the highest order.  Like another Salon/Alternet writer- Amanda Marcotte- he spouts some of the most twisted, almost retarded stuff ever written.  His latest piece is titled “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz95%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard95% and the New McCarthyism: Inside a dangerous response to the atrocity in Paris.”  He spends three | Read More »

    Apostates Hijack The Messiah’s Arrival To Whitewash Criminal Mayhem

    The TransFORM network is a “progressive community formation network.” Right from the get go, anyone with a lick of sense can tell that his outfit isn’t playing with a full theological deck. Any doubting it only need to consider what the organization was proposing for the Christmas and Advent seasons. The email making the suggestion begins, “Advent is a time when sentimentality and spiritualization reigns. | Read More »

    The Charlie Hebdo Tipping Point

    Introduction – established frameworks of Islam The twin terror attacks in Paris last week sent shock-waves through western capitals. Heads of government, members of parliament and pundits took to the airwaves in order to frame the conversation about the nature of the problem and policy recommendations going forward. As with other acts of violence committed by Muslim terrorists, the media and political narratives generally fell | Read More »

    Boko Haram’s Radical Islamic Jihadist Army Barbarically Murders 2,000 More

    As the world has watched the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, France last week, as radical Islamic jihadists murdered over a dozen innocent civilians and struck at the very heart of freedom, another terrorist group carried out what is being called the “second-deadliest terrorist attack in modern history.”

    Boko Haram, a radical Islamic jihadist army similar in its barbaric tactics to ISIS, slaughtered an estimated 2,000 innocent human beings last week, literally exterminating an entire city in northern Nigeria.

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    The Jewish “Hybrid Race of Shape Shifters” to Blame for Bombing Theory

    Over at the Daily Beast is an article entitled “Paris’s Muslim Suburbs Blame Jews for Charlie”.  Nice quick article where the author has interviewed several Muslims and gotten some interesting feedback on their thoughts as to why the bombing occurred.   Some explanations are what you would expect. The classic “well, he started it” routine whereby if you hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t have done that. But at least a couple | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

    Follow the Money: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

    Anyone watching the NFL playoffs has undoubtedly seen the ads for this week’s release of American Sniper, the biopic of decorated Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.  Kyle, who served four tours in Iraq, was an American hero.  He saved countless lives and worked with disabled veterans after he was honorably discharged.  He made the rounds on cable news and positively influenced just about every single | Read More »

    #JeSuisChamberlain It is a staple of B-Grade movie thrillers that a structure built over an ancient Indian burial ground will inevitably become a portal for an alternate evil universe. No doubt president Obama must be wondering who was buried beneath the White House, or even beneath Michelle’s organic vegetable garden, because it’s like he’s stumbled into an alternate evil universe. Every time he turns around, | Read More »

    Last night, I dreamed of a world without Obama’s peas.

    Last night, I dreamed of a world without Obama's peas.

    Not my favorite way to wrap up a road trip: it’s going to be a snowy trip through the mountain passes today. So I’ll just wrap up my thoughts on this pea thing, that I can’t seem to get off my brain, and leave you all to sort it out. I sure hope it isn’t something I ate. As a member of the humble legume | Read More »

    Obama Cares THIS Much About Islamic Terrorism

    Obama Cares THIS Much About Islamic Terrorism

      When the world press took the White House over its knee for President Obama’s absence at Sunday’s anti-terror rally in Paris, the official response might well have been “my dog ate my homework.” The White House cited security concerns and the fact that the rally came together quickly, in about 36 hours. [White House press secretary Josh] Earnest said presidential or vice presidential security for events | Read More »

    Why Not Net Neutrality?

    With the FCC about to rule on net neutrality next month, we need to look at this very important subject for what it is.  The Left, which is largely for it in keeping with their anti-corporate rhetoric, loves to gussy up things in soft, fuzzy, cuddly phrases like “net neutrality” or “fairness doctrines.”  That should be a warning sign.  Everyone loves equality, neutrality and fairness, | Read More »

    Survival of Iowa Straw Poll is Good for Rand Paul

    The big political news out of Iowa this week is that the much-ballyhooed Iowa Straw Poll survives.  Sometime next August the Republican Presidential candidates that care to know what Iowa’s grass roots think of them will come together with their supporters for bar-b-q, speeches, revelry and of course the eponymous poll. Meanwhile, back in D.C., the Washington Post has been poo-pooing [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Education Stance Resonates in Iowa

    “I recognize the great potential of local schools and parents who are allowed the freedom to manage their own children’s educational needs, according to the community they live in.” “What about local control?” The first is a partial quotation from Rand Paul’s United States Senate website.  The second is from an editorial in last Sunday’s Des Moines Register bemoaning the state government’s interference in local control | Read More »

    Why Rand Paul?

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Rand Paul93%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard93% is the rare Presidential candidate that is both the smart choice and the right choice.  He’s the smart choice because he can win.  He’s the right choice because he really believes in liberty—not just as a talking point—but as someone that has devoted his entire political career to the cause. We’re often reminded to be practical in | Read More »

    A woman has a right to choose … unless Connecticut disagrees.

    In October 2014, Cassandra saw DCF and the entire Windsor Locks Police Department surrounding her house, pounding on doors and windows. She hid in the closet, but when her mother returned home, the state agents invaded the house and took Cassandra into custody.

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    As a Conservative, I Support Ted Cruz for President

    In 2008, our GOP kingmakers said that we must nominate an establishment moderate as our candidate for president if we wanted to win the general election. Conservatives then supported Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. John McCain49%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard49% in the primary over more conservative choices, only to watch him get clobbered in November. In 2012, the GOP elite trotted out that same lie about moderates and | Read More »

    Want to end terrorism? Burn the Constitution!

    In just the latest example of how far liberals are willing to go to make the world a “safer” place, we receive word that a former cabinet member of the Jimmy Carter administration wants to eliminate certain forms of free speech. In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski feels that the United States should reconsider whether satire should | Read More »

    As Christianity exits Europe, ‘Criminal Muslims’ fill void with rabid violence

    History provides ample evidence of ways in which the local church provides continuity, encouragement and support of family life and societal freedoms. It also reveals what happens when churches close: societal structures erode, crime escalates, and freedoms evaporate. Throughout Europe, tens of thousands of churches have been torn down, sold and repurposed due to an 80-90 percent drop in attendance. Non-attendance is indicative of negative population growth and sub-replacement fertility | Read More »

    “Criminal Muslim” Ideology is Freedomphobic, Christianphobic, and Anti-Semitic

    Westerners must identify Islamic threats to their existence if not for the only reason that they themselves and their way of life are identified as the primary threat to Sharia. Muslims worldwide identify their problem: Kūffar, the non-believer, those who reject Allah, or are otherwise known as “infidel.” I am Kāfir. I reject Islam as a religion and as anything remotely close to a peaceful | Read More »

    “Moderate Muslims” Are Irrelevant to America and the World

    Many argue terrorist attacks are committed by extremists. However, as I have repeatedly argued a small minority has always been responsible for implementing violent ideology to overtake the “peaceful” and “moderate” majority. Consider this: of the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, national security organizations estimate “radical Muslims” account for 15-25 percent. That equates to approximately 180-300 million “Radical Muslims,” nearly the entire population of the United | Read More »

    Jeb vs. Mitt: Nasty, Nice or Brutal?

    Photo Credit: National Review This is what I call a potential “back to the future” match-up or what the National Review has called Establishment vs. Establishment. Then over at Forbes, John Zogby had a piece with the headline: Jeb vs. Mitt: Good For The GOP. Perhaps some of you have a slightly different opinion? The Washington Post tackled this clash of country | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Wind energy’s bluster peters out

    …the Department of Energy (DOE), which seems to indiscriminately throw money at any politically favored green-energy project, was tepid in its support for Cape Wind. DOE’s loan guarantees generally average about 60 percent of the project’s costs, but the $150 million offered to Cape Wind made up a mere 6 percent—and that, only after the project received commitments for about half of its financing. In most cases, the government guarantee comes before the private financing and signals a go-ahead for investors.

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    Ceding World Leadership – One Terror Attack at a Time

    In October 2008, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if he was elected, he would fundamentally transform America.  At least that’s one promise he’s keeping. President Obama’s decision to not attend the Sunday rally in Paris in support of the right of freedom of speech, which reportedly drew close to 3 million people and 40 world leaders, was a conscious one.  At first, one might | Read More »

    Are These Dots Connected

    Well, here’s my second attempt at this.  One important thing I have to throw out there is this:  blogging on this website has forced me out of my contractual lingo thought and into investigating the “why” of the addressed subject.  For me to get to acceptance, I have to understand it.  I don’t have to like it but I do have to understand it. Do all | Read More »

    Is Future of Republic Grim?

    Beyond the spectacle and lunacy of the GOP voting to keep the Speaker’s gavel in Rep. John Boehner’s hands, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on the resignation of Rep. Michael Grimm, only one day prior to the disappointing Speakership result. Mr. Grimm’s resignation was long overdue.  He was responsible for the demise of his political career and should pay the full price | Read More »

    French PM Didn’t Want Netanyahu in Paris, Declares French Republic Failed If Jews Flee

    French PM Didn't Want Netanyahu in Paris, Declares French Republic Failed If Jews Flee

    For all the pageantry displayed in Paris in support of Charlie Hebdo’s free speech, and against the terrorists who slaughter innocents, France remains one of the least hospitable (read: most anti-Semitic) places for Jews in Europe. While the New York Times concerns itself with a possible backlash against Muslims in France, and supporting those who refuse mandatory military service in Israel, it’s clear that Jew | Read More »

    Pass the Pea-Brains, Please.

    Pass the Pea-Brains, Please.

    As it turns out, the rumor that Big Guy did not attend France’s unity march in Paris (due to critical NFL Playoffs) was incorrect. Photojournalists at Twitchy provided evidence: H/T Clint Eastwood Seriously, I’m beginning to think that eating too many vegetables isn’t good for us after all. All those peas that we’ve been forced to eat since MO and BO occupied the Big White | Read More »

    Sixty-One Journalists Were Killed In 2014 – Many Others Remain In Captivity By Terrorists

    Globally, 61 journalists were killed in 2014. The Middle East was the deadliest region, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in the organization’s year-end report. Almost half of the journalists killed last year died in the Middle East, with Syria being the deadliest country for journalists for the third year in a row. At least 17 journalists were killed in Syria as the | Read More »

    From the Charlie Hebdo attack to your local street corner: Multiculturalism as a fount of bloodshed

    There has been much commentary about the events in France over the last week. One of the major causes for the motivation behind the home grown terrorists who struck the offices of Charlie Hebdo is the fact that in many places in France, France is something of a foreign country. There are hundreds of “no-go” zones in the country where French police won’t go and | Read More »

    Nous Sommes Charlie – Beating The Kobayashi Maru

    In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and related hostage-taking and murder at a Kosher meat market, the Left, the media, and much of the world is pretending they can beat the Kobayashi Maru. There is no gaming the system to defeat this foe. There’s no tiptoeing around terms like “backlash” and “profiling”. This is not about religion, which is made plain by the huge gathering in Paris. It’s about humanity. And humans have to take sides. Failure to choose a side means you have taken the side of those who seek to overthrow civilization and replace it with their brand of tyranny, because unless you oppose them, you will be under their boot.

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    Dear Charles Krauthammer:

    Dear Dr. Krauthammer: Well before your bestsellling 2013 book, millions of careful Americans looked to you for wiser analysis of the “things that matter.” Desperately seeking solid, we rush to read your syndicated columns, to hear you speak, smiling or not, on FOX Cable News’ panels. Last year, on one of those panels, you declared that it would be “disastrous” to impeach President Obama, to indict him for “high crimes and misdemeanors” against our country. For the benefit of | Read More »

    Another Episode in the Clash of Civilizations

    This week featured yet another example of barbarity by the Mohammedan factions of the world. In Paris a parody magazine that had been publishing cartoons casting Islam and Mohammed in a rather grotesque light was attacked in military fashion by two brothers, one of whom had been indicted a few years ago for recruiting people to jihad. This then led to a man hunt, a | Read More »

    Rick Perry spends $300 million on Formula One track in Texas

    In the spring of 2010, Texans awoke to the news that Governor Rick Perry and Comptroller Susan Combs, both conservative Republicans, had agreed to spend a quarter billion dollars to fund a private race track in Texas for Formula One racing.  Rick Perry’s Texas is now in year four of a ten year agreement to use public treasuries to fund private investment, the Circuit of | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren and Science

    To an adoring crowd last year, moonbat Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren7%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard7% articulated an Orwellian 11-point progressive manifesto.  Point number two states: “We believe in real science and that means we have a responsibility to protect the Earth.”  This statement makes two erroneous assumptions- (1) conservatives do not believe in science and (2) conservatives have no interest in protecting the Earth. Of | Read More »

    Cruz Courts Liberty Movement in Iowa

    Tea Party champion and conservative firebrand Ted Cruz may be ready to embrace his libertarian side – and he may need to, if he hopes to find a path from Iowa to the White House. As it turns out, the death of the Liberty Movement in Iowa may have been greatly exaggerated. While an establishment resurgence in 2014 spearheaded by Governor Terry Branstad succeeded in | Read More »

    the Obama Manual for Terror Unpreparedness

    Since the entire World has witnessed the horror of an armed military-style terror strike in the heart of Paris and we may be next, we should make sure we’ve ticked off every item in the Obama Manual for Terror Unpreparednes 1. Appoint devout Muslims—preferably with Muslim Brotherhood connections—to high positions in DHS. Here are just two examples: Kareem W. Shora appointed by President Obama In | Read More »

    Another “trust fund” is bankrupt because you don’t pay enough gas tax

    Gas prices now average about $2.50 per gallon, and some economic experts argue that they are low enough that American consumers can now absorb an increase in gasoline taxes.  Too many in Washington just can’t stand to let a chance to raise taxes pass by.  Indeed, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Nancy Pelosi11%House Democrat Average39See Full Scorecard11% was quoted last week as saying, “If there’s ever going to | Read More »

    Boehner and McConnell should have been marching in Paris today

    Just back from Mass, and I’m watching the  millions assembled in Paris protesting against radical Islam, and yes, some are actually daring to publicly call it exactly what it is. Heads of state from all over the world, including Netanyahu, and the King and Queen of Jordan (and they have to be especially nervous) are in the forefront. And from the US,somewhere in the crowd, | Read More »

    “Globesity”: The End of Outrage

    "Globesity": The End of Outrage

    As you’ll recall, Sammy resigned last month “to spend more time with his family.” “First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday tapped FoodCorps co-founder Debra “Deb” Eschmeyer Executive Director of her “Let’s Move!” initiative and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. Eschmeyer replaces Chicago native and Obama family personal chef Sam Kass, who resigned last month.” – Chicago Tribune And despite gossip like this: Kitchen magician | Read More »

    Europe and Islam: A Mismatch Made in Heaven

    Last week, before the despicable attack on the editors and cartoonists at the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo, NBC News had a short blip on their nightly news about a cathedral in Cologne, Germany that had turned off their lights to protest the recent anti-Islam protests taking place in that city.  I assume this is akin to the lights being turned off on the Empire State | Read More »

    Indonesian searchers believe crashed AirAsia’s fuselage found

    Indonesian search teams believe a sonar scan has detected the fuselage of an AirAsia airliner that crashed two weeks ago with the loss of all 162 people on board and divers were on Sunday checking the find, a senior official said. Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control during thundery weather on Dec. 28, less than halfway into a two-hour flight from | Read More »

    Boehner, your omnibus spending bill is a crime against conservatives.

    Speaker Boehner, Please don’t be upset because we think you are a squish and are no conservative. Things change, well some things change anyway. We couldn’t change Obama Republican control of Congress. But when it comes to being a conservative, no one, and I mean no one that voted for the omnibus spending bill in December is a conservative. Any leader involved in bringing this | Read More »

    Conservative Strategy for the 114th Congress

    Conservatives are rightly concerned that the new 114th Congress is not going to live up to its potential or to the political mandate of the American public, which is to defeat Democrat priorities on a wide range of issues like amnesty, raising energy prices with new carbon regulations, and spending as much taxpayer money as possible on crony political allies. So how should conservatives work | Read More »