A Young Conservative For Hillary? I Sure Hope Not.

    I’ve been a conservative activist for eight years, ever since I was 10 years old. I’ve campaigned for some of the most conservative politicians in America. I’ve written blogs for some of the most conservative websites. I’ve spoken at Tea Party rallies, CPAC, and many other conservative conferences. In short, I’m a strong conservative through and through. Yet, a couple days ago, I tweeted that | Read More »

    I’m Chiming In Here: A Couple of Quick Observations. UPDATE: Cruz and Kasich Battle for Second

    1) There is some reason that the Neil Bush folks have climbed aboard the Ted Cruz Ship 2) More people are STILL voting against The Nerf Ball than are voting for him. He still hasn’t reached a majority status win in any state, including Trump’s natural stomping grounds such as Mississippi and Alabama. His percentage totals keep dropping in Mississippi as the results come in. | Read More »

    Rules at the 2016 Republican National Convention

    No one who has not participated in the rules-making process for the national Republican Party is likely to understand all provisions of the current rules, much less how those rules, whether as they now read or how they might be changed, would affect what happens at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Changed or not, The Rules of the Republican Party will have huge | Read More »

    “The Establishment” won’t choose the nominee. GOP convention delegates will.

    Several prominent voices have come out against the idea of a contested, or brokered, GOP convention, suggesting it would be a sign of The Establishment quashing the guys and gals in the trenches. To that, I say: Who do they think the delegates to the convention are? Those will be the guys and gals in the trenches. As I’ve pointed out before, here in Pennsylvania, | Read More »

    Well Marco; There You Go Again!

    So here we go…”The Most Trusted Name In News” reports Rubio is being urged by senior staff to drop out of the race before being clobbered in Florida lest he destroy his political future. As a result, Cruz supporters do what any and all campaigns would and regularly do and forward a report to staff that CNN ran all day with …and now we have | Read More »

    Mark Steyn warns: Hitler? Be more worried that Trump will turn out like that other Austrian….

    Some of the anti Trump stuff just a wee bit over the top: Let me make this clear to Trump fans: This photo in Florida guarantees he will never be president. pic.twitter.com/dUXh4Bdy22 — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) March 5, 2016 Okay, Podhoretz loathes Trump, but I think he is referring to the imagery above. I agree, not the best imagery to be sure, but whether or | Read More »

    Crunching The Numbers At Crunch Time

    It is crunch time in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. The next 8 days could very well determine whether Donald Trump is going to go to Cleveland with enough delegates in hand to win a first ballot nomination…Ted Cruz surges to an upset in the delegate count…or we end up seeing a process that requires two or more ballots to select a nominee. | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/8/16 Open Thread: 150, Robocalls, PledgeGate, Women and Pancakes.

    Welcome back to the Watercooler and another election day in America. 150 Delegates – 1,056 and 44.69% After tonight’s 150 delegates are awarded in MI, MS, ID and HI, the RNC will have allotted a total of 1,056 out of the grand total of 2,363 or 44.69%. We’re not even halfway there yet! A quick guide for each state is as follows: MI: 59, Open Primary, 15% Threshold, | Read More »

    GOP Establishment Will Lead the Ruin of Fox News

    It has been abundantly clear that Fox News is the cheerleader of the #AnyoneButCruz effort. What we are witnessing is the morphing of an organization from a center-right lean to a center-left lean. It is instructive in that we get a glimpse on how the slow drip of liberal tyranny infects its humanoids. Worse yet, they don’t even realize it. Fox’s pro-Trump bias, in particular, | Read More »

    Here’s Why Mike Lee Opposes Federal Aid for Flint

    If you give a city a bailout, it’s bound to ask for another. That’s the philosophical foundation of Sen. Mike Lee’s opposition to federal aid for Flint, Mich., the city with contaminated drinking water. Not only can Michigan handle its own problems, Lee told The Daily Signal, but federal intervention would do more harm than good. “If we create a precedent that suggests anytime there’s | Read More »

    The Brokered Convention’s Silver Lining

    This has now boiled down to a three-person race: Trump, Cruz, and whomever a brokered convention chooses. In Ohio, some Cruz and Rubio supporters are getting #NeverTrump letters encouraging a vote for Kasich which would increase the chances of a brokered convention. I have been a brokered convention-denier until now, but this is exactly what the GOP will get unless either Trump or Cruz begin | Read More »

    Rubio Must Drop Out Tomorrow: Save Illinois and Missouri’s 121 Delegates and Ohio’s 66

    I am a Rubio critic, however, I previously have not called on him to pull out before Florida.  My thinking was that even if Cruz lost Florida and Ohio, there were still plenty of contests remaining for Cruz to win on first ballot. This is still the case, HOWEVER, there is a better opportunity here—if Rubio drops out. . So many people, including myself, have been | Read More »

    Cruz Senate Endorsement story ERRONEOUS

    Yesterday, word went out that Ted Cruz would be announcing “at least four” Senate endorsements this week.  But last night came word that information is false.  National Review offers little in the way of explanation for the pulling of the story except to call it erroneous: CORRECTION “An earlier post stated that Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign was set to unveil a series of endorsements from Cruz’s | Read More »

    GOP Primary: ‘Conservatives’ now dead to me

    I’ve been promising myself I’d do this for some time now. This is a list of people and entities on the right I’ve written off, as if they were dead to me, as a result of the 2016 Republican presidential primary. An election that will surely go down as the most contentious in modern history, due in no small part to small-handed vulgarian Donald Trump. Frustrated at | Read More »

    Nearly forty percent of Trump University students received a refund

    Donald Trump says his Trump University program was so huuuuuugely and luxuriously fantastic that it enjoyed a 98 percent satisfaction rate. But CBS news has a story suggesting otherwise. According to court documents in the lawsuits filed against the so-called university, “nearly 40 percent” of the students enrolled in a Trump University three-day seminar got refunds. The story’s here. I don’t know about you, but a | Read More »

    The Quantum Physics of Hillary’s Email Controversy

    So, that was it!? In a town hall meeting on March 7, Hillary Clinton gave her long awaited explanation of her private email server under question by Bret Bair from Fox News. It went something like this. The documents on her server were never classified because that process only occurs in the setting of a FOIA request. Then and only then “various parties” review and | Read More »

    Cruz would win a brokered convention

    I’ve been shocked at how twisted the reporting from some corners of the ‘conservative media’ has gotten over the possibility of a brokered convention.  So let me set the record straight over what can and cannot happen. We have some bleating over the non-existent risk of Romney supposedly entering the race, even ‘stealing’ the nomination, despite Romney being very clear  and over the distortions around what | Read More »

    5 Ways to Be an Ambassador for Your Candidate

    5 Ways to Be an Ambassador for Your Candidate

    Candidates are bombarded with people telling them all the things they need to do and places they MUST be if they want to win an election. Everyone seems to think the candidate needs to be at every meeting in the district if they want to win and seem to take it as a personal slap if they do not follow their advice. Obviously a candidate | Read More »

    It Could Always Be Worse: International Elections, Volume 1

    This is the first of a several part installment that looks at recent elections in foreign countries.  As we wring our hands about Donald Trump and what his possible nomination means to the GOP and conservatism, as bad as he is, things could always be worse.  Make no mistake: this writer is no fan of Trump whatsoever.  The first installment involves the recent parliamentary elections | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Can Any Republican Candidate Win 270 Electoral Votes in November?

    Theoretically, the vicious, comedic and often embarrassing Republican presidential nomination contest could come to an end on March 15 if Donald Trump wins the Ohio and Florida winner-take-all primaries. (At this writing, RCP poll averages have him ahead in both.) A Trump victory in these two mega-swing states means that he will be virtually unstoppable in his quest to win the nomination. That is when | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Both parties are fractured, but on energy, each is unified

    There is no shortage of news stories touting the splits within each party. The Democrat divide is, as NBC News sees it, between dreamers and doers—with the International Business Times (IBT) calling it: “a civil war over the party’s ideological future.” The Boston Globe declares that the “party fissures” represent “a national party torn between Clinton’s promised steady hand and Sanders’ more progressive goals.” The Republican reality is, according to IBT, a battle between moderates and | Read More »

    Marco Rubio: Is It Time To Go?

    DRUDGE REPORT: Get out before Florida #MarcoMentum: It can sneak up on you! So much hope in the early campaign…   I was not happy with the whole Gang of Eight debacle, I still like Marco Rubio. I think he is mostly a solid conservative. He was very wrong about immigration and especially trying to cut a deal with Schumer and McCain. That cost him. | Read More »

    Hey… Someone should really cross-check Trump’s ballot-access petitions…

    The thread on Kaisich in PA had me thinking… Donald Trump has essentially run the cheapest presidential-primary campaign in recent history (At least for a frontrunner)… One of the drudgey-little-bits of politics, is getting ballot-access petitions signed… Typically, this is a brute force effort using temporary workers (who may or may not support you, but like getting paid to sit and collect signatures) and lots | Read More »

    Rubio’s Path to the White House

    At the outset:  Go CRUZ!!  In case any are curious I am a candibot – full disclosure. Rubio I believe no longer has a viable path to the nomination this cycle.  Between now and next Tuesday he will lose another 5 contests, and on Tuesday he will lose another 4 making him 2 and 27.  That is assuming he wins Florida.  The only pathway he | Read More »

    The Conquest of The West by A Thousand Scimitars

    In The Western Tradition, television lectures by the late U.C.L.A. History Professor Eugen Weber, the century of barbarian invasions of Roman provinces is likened to “continual assaults by motorcycle gangs,” whose willingness to use violence and terror eventually wears down the local inhabitants and any law enforcement – or kills them off. Even though the barbarians were outnumbered by the civilized populace, it is the | Read More »

    Lawmakers Can Prevent Future Flint Crises

    Lawmakers Can Prevent Future Flint Crises

    As Flint officials handle the water crisis sickening town residents, state and local lawmakers should take a closer look at their own water supply and infrastructure viability. Thankfully, ALEC members have focused on this issue for years and can offer solutions that can be applied back home. ALEC is the largest nonprofit, voluntary membership association of state legislators focused on solving state policy issues that | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/7/16 Open Thread: Very Good… Now Finish Him

    On Saturday evening people all over the world huddled around their televisions after shelling out $50-$60 to watch the man billed as the most dominating athlete in mixed martial arts fight at UFC 196.  Conor McGregor was supposed to be an unstoppable machine.  His skill set was so far superior to his opponent that it was not a matter of if he would win but | Read More »

    What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics?

    The Leadership Institute, in cooperation with FreeThink University, has prepared and offers online a college-level course called Conservatism 101.  The course presents a series of fourteen lectures by known experts who address important aspects of the creation and growth of movement conservatism in the U.S. public policy process.  Below is my lecture in that series.  — Morton Blackwell What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics? | Read More »

    Dear Sen. Cruz: Campaign for The Black Vote

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record; Ted Cruz needs to aim some of his advertising budget at the black community. His laying of responsibility for the state of Detroit at the foot of Left-Wing Democrats’ 50 years of dominance of the city’s political leadership is an excellent start. Ads carefully connecting the dots between the 50 years of black people’s absolute loyalty | Read More »

    So how did the Democrat debate go last night?

    Legal Insurrection: Old People Yelling At Each Other!Democrat Debate Night!   Bernie did pander to the Flint crowd just a wee bit by claiming white people don’t know what it is like to be poor. There are plenty of poor white people out there Bernie, I suspect you might find some even in Vermont. That was a line to drum up some African American support in | Read More »

    “We Are Not Listening To A Serious Person”

    “A Serious Person” is an epithet H.L. Mencken coined and used a number of times in his writings, often with a negative qualifier.  Regarding Mencken, as with Rand, I can only compare living through these years without their influence and comfort to walking outside and finding four men on horseback flying through the sky with great seals being broken, and all without having encountered the Book of Revelation.  It is | Read More »

    Trump’s path to the nomination is steeper than it appears

    Trump is not in as good a position as many in the media would like you to believe. Yes, he’s winning the overall delegate count with 384 according to the latest numbers from Politico. The problem is that his opponents have 508. He needs 1,237 to win the nomination. That’s 50%+1 of the total number of delegates. I’ve included a detailed breakdown below. If no | Read More »

    Democrat Debate: Comment 2

    During the Democrat Debate Sunday night, the candidates were asked what they would do to bring jobs back to America. Sanders blamed NAFTA, even though Mexico is not the only place where American jobs have gone. Hillary mentioned taking back incentive money given to companies that are leaving. (why wasn’t that part of the contract when the money was handed out?) She also mentioned penalizing | Read More »

    What Is At Stake Tomorrow (and Saturday)

    Tomorrow, voters in four states go to the polls with 150 delegates up for grabs, only five less than what was available Saturday.  Of course, the granddaddy of them all is Michigan followed by Mississippi. Hawaii: Total delegates available- 19 Type of voting-  caucus At large (+RNC) delegates available- 13 How at large delegates allocated- proportionately based on statewide vote Congressional district delegates available- 6 | Read More »

    The best opposition research on Donald Trump is yet to be used

      Probably the most frequent question you hear both on political tv shows and read about on conservative websites is the following: “Is there anything Trump can do or say that will hurt him with his followers?”  Or:  Is there any attack his opponents can make against him that will hurt him in the polls? Up til now the answer to both of those questions | Read More »

    John Kasich Will Be the VP-Nominee and Kingmaker if He Wins Ohio

    John Kasich Will Be the VP-Nominee and Kingmaker if He Wins Ohio

    If I had to choose my three least appealing candidates when the field was 16-deep, I would have picked Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich. With the field narrowed, I have to look at this through a more discerning lens. Doing so has revealed that Kasich may be the most important endorsement waiting to happen, the one person who can shift the balance of | Read More »

    Democrat Debate: Comment 1

    During the Democrat Presidential Debate Sunday night, Bernie Sanders blamed “corporations” for destroying Flint MI. Corporations and Wall Street are to Sanders what George Bush is to Obama – a scapegoat for everything. Sanders blames corporations for shutting down plants in Flint. ??? Umm… he might want to try blaming unions and generations of Democrat politicians elected by the people of Flint, with their failed | Read More »

    Donald Trump and Mrs. Bell…

    The older I get, the more I’ve come to realize I may be among the most smiled-upon Human Beings in the history of the world. Of course, when you are in the midst of it all –growing up, and all– you don’t really notice the blessings when they are coming at you faster than mayflies splattering on a windshield. I now realize that I may | Read More »

    Trump: Tariffs, Trade, and a new Recession/Depression?

    #‎Trump‬: ‪#‎Tariffs‬, ‪#‎TradeWars‬, a new Depression, and ‪#‎TouchbackAmnesty‬…. ‪#‎DETAILSMATTER‬, explain them to people…. Trump and the promise of the Tariff/Trade War he’d create if allowed to get his way, that will drag America down from Obama’s WRECKovery into a full-blown Economic Depression… We need someone in the MSM to have the BRAINS to ask (or Ted Cruz to challenge) Donald. You’re for Tariffs, how about | Read More »

    Trump, like Obama, did these things called “books”

    Dear Trump supporters: The problem with Donald (and you) is the same as it was with Obama (and his supporters). Like Obama, Donald HAS WRITTEN BOOKS and he’s said certain things in those books! He, like Obama, has told us Who he is, What he is, and exactly how he operates! In 2000 (A year before Bush 43 took Office) Donald wrote about Saddam and | Read More »

    #DemDebate tonight in Flint Michigan

    The #FlintWaterFiasco goes on and the Left continues to deflect… Fact 1: Regardless of any other “facts” surrounding the reasons why Flint switched to the Flint River – it was the Flint Water Department that failed to properly clean and treat the water that created the crisis of Lead leeching from the pipes! (undeniable/indisputable) Period! (Why is no-one demanding all Communications be released between the | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/6/16 OPEN THREAD – Another super Tues, Trump with artificial intelligence, 3 new Mich polls

    Do polls matter: Ask Streiff and he’ll say they run the gamut from “bad to “ludicrous” as he did this morning.  Ah well, let’s play anyway courtesy RCP.  Yesterday, ARG put out results for Michigan.  Kasich 33, Trump 31, Cruz 15,  Rubio 11.  Today a CBS/YouGov shows things differently with Trump 39, Cruz 24, Rubio 16 and Kasich 15.  And finally, a new poll from | Read More »

    Cruz to Victory and the Trump Narrative

    This diary assumes that we all know that the MSM and talk radio is in the tank for Trump and that they hate Ted Cruz. This includes, Mike Wallace of Fox News, Most on The five, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity, O’Reilly, Savage, CNN. MSNBC et al. First off, going into last night I asked my fellow Chriatians to join me in a prayer for Ted Cruz, you must have because | Read More »

    Keep calm and carry on: the GOP is not falling apart

    Stories abound about how this current GOP presidential primary season, with its raucous debates and dominance by a vulgar showman who has little ideological history with conservatism, demonstrates the collapse of the Republican party. Every day it seems another one of these jeremiads appears on blogs, in newspapers, on radio and television, from both insiders and gleeful observers. Take a deep breath, conservatives. The demise of | Read More »

    Unity Ticket Makes Sense…But with Kasich Not Rubio.

    NOTE: I’m not completely sold on this idea. I posted this diary and then deleted it 1 minute later because I am not sure Cruz can partner with a man who said basically that deporting illegal immigrants is ‘fantasy’. But I guess if Reagan could partner with Bush who called his economic policies “Voodoo Economics”, Cruz can partner with Kasich if it means beating Trump | Read More »

    Ted Cruz wins Kansas

    AoSHQ: Ted wins Kansas and is leading in Maine   I thought Donald Trump (with the exception of Chris Christie in the background) was very good post Super Tuesday. He gave a very…classy if you will…statement following his win. He also did a decent job fielding questions from the press.  At the time I thought, he is starting to pivot for the general. But that | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: Modern day Martin Luther of the coming GOP Reformation

    I will not take sides, and I will try not to show my bias as I recount occurrences which began to unfold in Europe toward the end of the Dark Ages.  During the midst of the 14th Century, the Black Plague struck Europe like the very fist of God, and untold millions died.  After the fact, the leading edge of a movement began, and it grew from a tiny flame to a | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/5/16 OPEN THREAD – Puerto Rico votes Sunday, A Florida poll, The wurst, Trump’s rules

    Tomorrow’s election!  Puerto Rico holds it’s Republican primary tomorrow and while its 23 delegates may not sound like much it’s the same amount Maine has to offer. Rules are pretty simple, if a candidate gets 50% of the votes they got all 23 delegates otherwise they are given out proportionally to any candidate getting over 20 percent of the vote. And the Green Papers has it as an | Read More »

    What’s At Stake Today and Tomorrow

    As all eyes are on the upcoming March 15th primaries (the real Super Tuesday, by the way), it is best to understand what is at stake today and tomorrow as four states will hold caucuses and Puerto Rico will hold a primary.  Between them, 178 delegates are up for grabs this weekend.  So, it is best to look at each one. Kansas: Kansas will hold | Read More »

    Donald Trump Is Not A Capitalist

    Donald Trump Is Not A Capitalist

    Donald Trump is not a capitalist. Trump is a mercantilist. Mercs like Trump believe that the purpose of government is not to defend liberty. Mercs like Trump believe the purpose of government is to enrich mercs like Trump. Protectionism The biggest issue for mercs like Trump is trade protectionism. Mercs like Trump believe that governmental power is best used to hinder the operation of their | Read More »