MSM Follows Mordor’s Plan on Gruber

    MSM Follows Mordor's Plan on Gruber

    Nothing that happens in Mordor is hid from the eye of Sauron.  Of course the White House knew about Jonathan Gruber’s on-the-record tell-all detailing How We Shoved Obamacare Down Your Throats.  The West Wing of Barad Dûr has plans within plans for such minor contingencies. Note that these remarks surfacing didn’t stop President Obama from his Grand Asia Excursion, where he traded awkward bromance moments | Read More »

    Chris Murphy (D-CT) Called Gruber Quotes “Irrelevant” and Twitter Responded

    Over on Twitter, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) called Gruber quotes “irrelevant” and Twitter responded big-time.

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    Action Congress can definitely take to deal with amnesty.

    The Constitution’s only specification with regards to the State of the Union address is: He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. Until 100 years ago, this was generally a written report.  Then President Wilson gave an address in person, and it has | Read More »

    Healthcare dot gov Begins a New Season

    I’m certain this will be the first in a long series of articles. Stay tuned.

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    What’s the Right Remedy in King v. Burwell?

    Insofar as I know, no constitutional issue has been raised, briefed or argued in King v. Burwell in any of the courts below; so this may all be too much to hope for. But now that the Supreme Court has accepted certiorari, here is an entry from that perhaps-too-much-to-hope-for category. According to the Court’s contradictory opinion in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, the | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 1: How We Got There

    Technically speaking, the case recently taken by the Supreme Court- King vs. Burwell- is not a direct challenge to Obamacare.  If anything, the plaintiffs in this case are arguing for the Supreme Court to uphold the ACA as originally written.  The action is taken not against the law itself, but against an IRS interpretation gone wrong. Section 1311 directs states to establish health care exchanges within | Read More »

    Democrats Still Have a Big Advantage in the Electoral College

      Re-posted from National Review Online After the GOP’s 2014 midterm election triumph, Republicans are still celebrating that the good guys (and girls) won and our nation has been saved. Finally, the American people wised up and threw the bums out. Six years after the election of Barack Obama, the midterm tsunami over the bluest of blue states filled Republicans with “hope and change,” mixed | Read More »

    Congress Can Deploy Troops to the Border

    I’m no expert on the Constitution but I think there may be an opportunity to stop amnesty and secure the border and do so in a constitutional means that doesn’t involve a shutdown or budget threats. I was listening to the Mark Levin show yesterday and he was reading through Article I, Section 8 and he breezed past these Congressional powers that caught my attention: | Read More »


    Ever tell a lie? I mean a little white lie, like telling someone they look fantastic in an outfit you wouldn’t use to cover your dog’s behind? Sure you have. And if you seriously can’t bring yourself to tell the truth, to stop telling lies, there’s a place for you.

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    State Governments: Big (Empty) Promises

    Many states continue to bamboozle their citizens by obfuscating the true depth of their debt that is occurring in the form of unfunded liabilities. Those liabilities are mainly state public pension plans, and they continue to routinely promise pie-in-the-sky returns, even after years of bleak economic growth and investment. A group called State Budget Solutions analyzes the problem of underfunding each year. Its annual report | Read More »

    Gov. Mike Huckabee Encourages Ministers and Faith Leaders to Speak Truth, Fight Evil Despite Political, Cultural Hostility

    This week, Gov. Mike Huckabee, along with David Lane of the American Renewal Project, hosted a tour with roughly 100 ministers and faith leaders to follow the steps of three leaders who greatly influenced world history for the better, with the hopes that these ministers would return to America empowered to do likewise. Retracing the steps of Pope John Paul II in Krakow, Poland, Margaret | Read More »

    Dust it Off: Pro-Life Legislation to be Rescued from Harry Reid’s Desk

    The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. It would save at least 18,000 lives a year, according to LifeNews. It’s a common sense bill that a majority of Americans support – especially women. Yet, (D-NV) let it languish on his desk for months. Now, soon to take the reins as Majority Leader, (R-Ky.) is ready to brush away | Read More »

    Delaware’s Black Caucus Suggests Racial Discrimination In Letter To Dept of Elections

    <em><strong>Guest Post By: Jahi Issa Ph.D</strong></em> Court action filed: November 14, 2014 Re: La Mar Gunn vs Delaware Department of Elections The Delaware Black Caucus (the caucus) hereby writes this letter of complaint regarding determinations made by the Delaware Department of Elections (the Department) and the Kent County Board of Canvas in the Recorder of Deeds election held in Kent County Delaware on November | Read More »

    The Mindless Liberal

    I came across this link from a progressive who tried to explain what it means to be a Republican or how one can become a Republican. Then I noticed the date and could tell that the author was indeed living with a total disconnect from reality. The mindless liberal will – Use Fear Joe Biden – “…going to put ya’ll back in chains…” when talking | Read More »

    Mr. McConnell, WE Gave You The Senate

    In what could be stated as one of the largest landslide turnovers in American Political history, The People wrenched the government from the hands of Progressive-Liberal destroyers and gave the power of Congress, fully 1/3 of the United States government to republicans. To you, Mr. McConnell, To YOU! We have done so because we see the path that these Marxists are taking and it is | Read More »

    Washington, D.C. Outperforms Virginia in School Choice

    Washington, D.C. Outperforms Virginia in School Choice

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) last week released its annual Report Card on American Education, where it grades states’ education policy based on six areas: state academic standards, charter school laws, home-school regulations, private school choice programs, overall teacher quality and policies and digital learning opportunities. Interestingly, states sharing the same border often receive very different rankings. For example, Virginia education policies ranked very | Read More »

    Obama Plan to Regulate the Internet Promises More Economic Despair

    It’s no mystery why the Democratic Party lost big in this year’s election: “The party of economic despair will always lose.” President Obama has presided over six years of lackluster economic growth. “Progressive Democratic policies on Keystone, power-plant closures and oils exports crushed younger, unionized job seekers.” This week, the President doubled down on his bad economic policies when he announced his plan to impose | Read More »

    User Fees As a Barrier to FOIA

    My lovely wife was trying to extract some data from the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.  She was looking for GIS mapping data for a number of precincts in the area.  The marginal cost of supplying this information is arbitrarily close to zero.  Yet here’s what she saw: ApplicationForGISpurchaserequest2014 Are you kidding me? $86 per district?  Clearly a case of setting price way, way | Read More »

    Ebola Amelia

    She was lost in Juarez. A stranger. She had come from El Salvador with her cousin, Hector, in a crowded bus. The trip had cost them most of the money they had. And now Hector was gone. He had went out to drink like he had on several occasions since their arrival in Juarez several days ago, but this time he didn’t return. Amelia had | Read More »

    When Playing the Nazi Card, At Least Get It Right

    Using the Nazi analogy to discredit political opponents is a popular game that seems to work best as a substitute for honest criticism. Although such comparisons usually do little more than expose one’s ignorance of the actual history of the Third Reich, it doesn’t mean that valid comparisons don’t exist. Within the right context, similarities can be drawn, Godwin’s Law be damned. Actually, there’s only | Read More »

    Rep. Hal Rogers Is Attempting To Commit Legislative Suicide

    Rep. Hal Rogers Is Attempting To Commit Legislative Suicide

    House Appropriations Chairman is seeking to pass an omnibus spending bill which would fund the government for the rest of this year-and the next year too. This is in opposition to many of his conservative colleagues, led by , who would prefer to pass a continuing resolution to finish out the year and then approve spending for 2015 with a Republican-controlled Senate providing its input. | Read More »

    Midwest Governors: Checking the Boxes

    The successful 2016 Republican presidential candidate will need a combination of personality, philosophy, and experience. On the first score there is a lot to be said for freshness – provided the candidate can withstand the army of “opposition researchers” fanning out after the 2014 midterm elections, with both Democrats and Republicans trying to get the dirt on the many who want to be on the | Read More »

    Obamacare architect AGAIN calls Americans “stupid”

    You can’t make this stuff up… A THIRD video showing the Obamacare mastermind disparaging the intelligence of the American people has surfaced, courtesy of The Daily Caller: In this video, Jonathan Gruber – otherwise known as the MIT professor who has been making the rounds on MSNBC trying to sap sympathy from his snotty, liberal elitist buddies – outlines his plan to hoodwink the | Read More »

    Keep Away From Those Climate Change Church Crazies

    To be sure, Global Warming is a religion. It’s got a gospel, commandments, saints, apostles, evangelists, apologists, and even scammer televangelists who want your money. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same as Christianity, just without the worship music.

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    Campaign Spending and Sour Grapes

    In the wake of an historic Republican victory in the midterm elections where they solidified their lead in the House and captured the Senate, many on the Left are not calling this election for what it is and instead are deflecting attention.  Namely, many articles are saying something to the effect that it was not Republicans that won the election, it was money.  As an | Read More »

    Church History Sermon Fails To Consider Profound Lesson

    In a sermon on the importance of church history, it was argued that the church rather than the biological family was the primary social and psychological relationship in the life of the believer. That might provide a degree of comfort if one’s biological family is urging one to engage in blatantly anti-Biblical behavior. However, such a grandiose sentiment itself needs to be circumscribed by carefully | Read More »

    “You Will Never Stop The Voice Of Liberty”: Steve Tucker Speaks Out On Truthy-gate

    Truthy, is a nearly million dollar taxpayer financed research project of Indiana University computer science professor, Filippo Menczer, that tracked, monitored, and recorded tweets from conservatives on Twitter.  In a 2012 book Menczer admitted to using his Truthy project to have the Twitter accounts of several conservatives suspended. Menczer and his Truthy project are the subject of a growing controversy in Washington as the House Science, | Read More »

    Obama trying once again to seize the internet

    He’s tried before and failed, but our free-market-hating president is at it again! After multiple failed attempts, Obama is once again making an attempt to grab control of the internet away from the free market and put it under government control. Using his favorite “net neutrality” talking points, Obama is preparing to save the internet from itself. Of course, it is only for the good | Read More »

    Video From F-35C Sea Trials Aboard USS Nimitz

    The F-35C, the Navy’s variant of the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet, has been conducting sea trials aboard the USS Nimitz this month, resulting in some spectacular images and video. Among the inaugural sea trials taking place this month, the aircraft successfully launched from and landed on an aircraft carrier for the first time: Check out a great roundup of photos from week one | Read More »

    Forget the Dec 6th runoff; Landrieu is running for 2016

    Other than having the same color hair as Cameron Diaz, for Louisiana voters, this year there is definitely NOTHING about Mary that appeals to them. Yet Landrieu is running an aggressive (actually a dirty campaign) in the run-off against . The big question is why? She’s going to lose, and big.  Her one hope was that control of the Senate might hang on the outcome. | Read More »

    Follow the Money: 2014 Midterms

    Follow the Money: 2014 Midterms

    A week ago, voters elected a new Senate majority. In key Senate races across the country, voters made their choice on which candidates supported their values. What most people don’t know is corporations did the same. For all the post-election analysis involving mega donors such as the Koch brothers or liberal Tom Steyer, labor union get out the vote efforts, or shadowy organizations’ barrage of | Read More »

    The Symptoms of Failure: Diagnosing Bad Policy

    Doctors have a hard job. They are expected to observe a diverse collection of physical symptoms, and, using their knowledge of medicine, correctly diagnose the patient. Government policies are a lot like the human body: they can be sound, or, far more often, they can be sick. And just like doctors, we can diagnose this sickness by examining the external features of the policy in | Read More »

    A joke every minute

    We are being ruled by a regime that is purposely marginalizing and weakening the country it governs.  The past six years have provided enough evidence of this to anyone who has been even partially conscious, but it seems clear that the pace of executing measures to reach those ends is accelerating, and we can probably expect this to continue for the remainder of BHO’s term. | Read More »

    Should The U.S. Outlaw Islam?

    Religious violence is on the rise on every continent on the globe.  The vast majority of it has been instigated in the name of Islam by extremists who profess to follow its true teachings.  If terrorism, torture and murder are, indeed, the true teachings of Islam, should America outlaw Islam? Defenders of Islam say that nonbelievers have Islam all wrong – it’s a religion of peace.  They say that Islamic terrorists don’t reflect the true teachings of | Read More »

    Look Who’s Lobbying for Price Controls: Meet John Rother

    Those of you with long memories should recall the name John Rother.  He was the head of the American Association of Retired People (AARP) back in the days when Hillary Clinton tried to nationalize our health care system.  Rother turned the organization into a leading cheerleader for “Hillary Care,” proclaiming “This is a good deal. It’s a good deal in dollars and cents.” It’s no wonder | Read More »

    The American Voter isn’t “Stupid” – The American Voter was Lied to

    The architect of ObamaCare was just caught on camera calling the American people “stupid.”

    Jonathan Gruber, the principle designer of the President’s prized health care law and former paid consultant for the Obama Administration, admitted what the Left thinks about the American people, saying that the only reason that they were able to pass ObamaCare was “the stupidity of the American voter.”

    But it’s not that he’s calling us “stupid” that is so outrageous; it’s that we were lied to.

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    No Compromise

    Those who might be anticipating a Bill Clinton-like turn to the right from President Obama in the wake of the massive Republican victories last week obviously have not been studying this president for the last 6 years.  There is nothing in President Obama’s past or in his current demeanor to suggest that he has any intention of compromising with the new Republican majority. Bill Clinton | Read More »

    It’s Veteran’s Day and the VA scandal continues

    Today is Veteran’s Day, so allow me to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to the men and women who have served, or are now serving, in the military. Your service is appreciated more than I you will ever know. Sadly, the Obama administration and his people working in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs don’t appear to feel the same way, as is evidenced | Read More »

    For Thinking It’s So Evil, Preachers Can Certainly Rattle On About Harry Potter’s Specifics

    In a discussion of the Harry Potter novels that was broadcast interestingly enough as part of the program that just days before heralded Larry The Cable Guy as a philosophical humorist on par with Will Rogers, the host lamented that 50% of all children in America have read at least one of the novels in that particular series and how said it was that many | Read More »

    Veterans put our own lives in perspective

    This year of 2014 has been quite a trying one from bee stings and infestations to sick pups and their costly surgeries/MRIs, not to mention consternation at my real day job with a new marketing platform that is forever in the hiccup stage.  But today on this Veterans Day 2014, I realize how very fortunate I am to be living in this country, and thankful | Read More »

    And To This Republic

    Christopher Nolan could have written Obama’s reaction to the Democrat Waterloo last week.* If you’ve seen Interstellar, you’ll understand. It hurts my mind to think about how the people on the Left like Nancy Pelosi can blame those who stayed home, then claim they were suppressed.

    The far-Left that controls the Democratic Party really believes this stuff.

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    Election Night Take Aways

    The post-mortem has begun on the 2014 elections.  The following were taken from Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report, Ezra Klein at the New York Times and James Hohmann of Politico.  First, Cook’s observations: 1. Tip O’Neill was wrong- all politics is national:  This is not true in all elections, but it was true in this case.  Clearly, people spoke even if it was not | Read More »

    Why Do Tragedies Lead to Trusting Politicians?

    In times of crisis, people tend to place increased trust in government officials. This pattern has proven itself over time, and was perhaps most notable after 9/11 when Gallup’s polling showed 60% of Americans always, or most of the time, trusted the government—an all time high. (It has since declined to 19%.) The recent ebola scare has also validated this theory, with Americans becoming more likely to | Read More »

    Obama has GOP for lunch

    Well, the chosen one hosted a luncheon just three days after an election that saw Republicans gain control of the U.S. Senate and increase their majority in the House of Representatives. During the event, Obama let the new leaders of the G.O.P. know that he pretty much intends to ignore the results of last week’s election, and thus the will of the American people, while | Read More »


    Immigration I worked in the private sector for close to twenty years. Along the way I was responsible for the hiring and, unfortunately, the firing of many folks. Hiring someone took 1-7 days. It all depended on the state they came from or worked in. Back then, some localities didn’t have their records available online. I’m sure you are wondering what the point is. The | Read More »

    What Do You Think They Died For?

    On this Veterans Day I want each of you to ask yourself that simple question and it is a question that really should be asked of every American who inhabits our Country. Since the first 8 men were killed on Lexington Green, the men and women of what is now known as the United States have been dying and suffering around the world. Our leaders, | Read More »

    Dear Washington Pundit—What would YOU recommend?

    The conventional wisdom among Washington pundits is that gridlock and (what they label) obstructionism are very bad things. Bad things Republicans—and in particular extremist, Tea Party Republicans like —do. When you broach Brand Republican, this is the first thought that springs to mind through the writing of journalists bemoaning the poor governing skills or commitment of national politicians. Especially Republicans. This is an ongoing theme | Read More »

    What Does the Shift Toward Online Video Streaming Mean for Regulatory Policy?

    A flurry of announcements that HBO, CBS, and Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises will stream video content online has prompted plenty of speculation about its potential success or impending failure. Some claim it proves that all consumers want to purchase video programming on an ‘à la carte’ basis. Others claim that HBO’s online service is “doomed before it even starts.” I’m inclined to side with , who is optimistic that the trend will | Read More »

    Video: Obama’s Internet Takeover Just One Of Many Possible Huge New Lame Duck Web Taxes

      Thank you very much to all who serve and have served. #VeteransDay Yesterday we had this: Internet Reclassification: President Obama Tosses Another Grenade After Second Election Shellacking President Barack Obama this morning released a statement calling for his administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – allegedly an independent agency – to execute a unilateral, complete rewrite of existing law. He wants reclassification of how the | Read More »

    Preserving the Status Quo Through “Net Neutrality”?

    I sincerely never expected this mind-boggling “explanation” It was lunch break time yesterday and I took a few minutes to do my Twitter thing. Saw a Fournier tweet: Very anti-populist position he took RT @alansmurray: is confused on net neutrality via @FortuneMagazine — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) November 10, 2014 So I dropped a quick reaction and clocked back into work. .@ron_fournier @alansmurray @FortuneMagazine “Net | Read More »