Six Stages of Scandal: E-mailgate just moved into Stage 4

    Re-posted from National Review The facts concerning Hillary Clinton’s most recent scandal — “E-mailgate” — may be unique, but the media coverage in our 24/7-news age follows the same predictable story arc every time something like this happens. Up until now, this arc has never been formally recognized or officially named. Therefore, drawing on the familiar and widely accepted “Five Stages of Loss and Grief,” | Read More »

    What in the name of Adonai is the matter with about 50% of Israelis?

    Facing an existential threat from an-about-to-become-a nuclear-state Iran, it appears that this week a slender majority of Israelis are about to toss out on his tuchus one of the great leaders of this century, and chose instead…..what? As one who is a great support of Israel, and who admires the monumental accomplishments of the Jewish state in a few mere decades, I am, to put | Read More »

    Cory Gardner wants to arrest others if he fails to do his job

    “Let’s shake up the Senate.” With those words, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) 69% (R-INO CO) promised to be a difference maker if Colorado voters elected him as Senator instead of re-electing Democrat Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO). Unfortunately for those of us who voted for this pathetic excuse of a Republican, we found out that Cory had no intention | Read More »

    Global Warming, Consensus and Models

    This is the first of four articles on climate change because… well, Barack Obama believes it is the top national security concern facing the United States.  Besides, I haven’t written on the subject in a while.  Part of the problem is simply misinformation regurgitated by our Misinformant-in-Chief himself.  How many times have we heard the Left (Obama included) say that the discussion is over, that | Read More »

    History Speaks Volumes about Islam and Christianity

    Since President Obama decided to compare Jihadists to Christian crusaders and lecture us about getting off our “high horses”, misinformation has flourished.  The President managed to skillfully insinuate that the activities of present day terrorists are morally equivalent to actions of Christian crusaders (700 to 900 years ago).  Predictably, there has been substantial reaction to those comments as well as a massive amount of analysis | Read More »

    Liberty Rising: Texas State House Edition

    Pictured: Stickland (left) and Simpson (right) The Texas State House, currently under the corrupt leadership of Speaker Joe Straus, is facing a groundswell of pressure from the libertarian movement within the Republican caucus. So far in 2015, the rebellious lawmakers have been filing bills with a frenzy. Their pro-liberty, pro-federalism efforts have been extremely refreshing. Representative Jonathan Stickland is one of those lawmakers. In this | Read More »

    “Rape Culture” in the Courtroom

    Just over a year ago, when Texas teen Ethan Couch was sentenced to mere probation for killing four pedestrians while driving drunk, thanks to his attorneys mounting the “affluenza” defense, I predicted that it would be only a matter of time before “rape culture” was invoked in the same way. (For the life of me, I can’t find where I wrote this, but no matter | Read More »

    Valerie Jarrett, Hillary may have the last laugh

    So we learn this morning from The New York Post, that Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press Hillary Clinton’s use of a the private email address.  The reasons given for the leak: “Last fall, during the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, Jarrett was heard to complain bitterly that the Clintons were turning congressmen, senators, governors and grass-root party members against Obama by portraying him | Read More »

    Democrats and Human Sex Traffic…Perfect Together

    This past week, in a rather startling exhibition of political posturing or stupidity, the Democratic leadership in the Senate blocked passage of a bill that would crackdown on human sex trafficking in the United States and around the world.  The reason given is language in the bill that would prohibit any funds from being used for abortion services except in the cases of rape, incest, | Read More »

    Boehner’s State of the Nation Survey

    They asked for contributions..My answer: So you can feed at the through more!! You are kidding right

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    OFA Climate Change Leading To Lower Crop Yields, USDA 2014 Record Year For Crops

    This week Obama For America, also known as Organizing For Action, aka President Obama’s permanent campaign team has been doing an NCAA style tournament bracket for climate change deniers featuring Speaker Boehner, Iowa congressman Rep. Steve King (R-IA) 80%, and others who do not buy into the liberal fallacy of man-made climate change/global warming. In today’s email concerning OFA’s midwest portion of | Read More »

    Madame Spoliation

    “She cannot be that stupid can she?  She’s a lawyer!  She knows this stuff because it is common legal knowledge.  Or is she really that brazen thinking she is above the law?” Watching this entire thing unfold since the New York Times broke this story no doubt because prosecutorial powerhouse Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 81% was probably going to drop the bombshell publicly has been | Read More »

    How Hillary Clinton’s Server Makes Her An Object of Blackmail

    In days past, I was the proud holder of a Top Secret clearance.  What I did is unimportant, but how I got my clearance is, and why total transparency was critical to making it work.  To get my clearance, I was required to divulge and discuss issues that were, shall we say, part of a foolish and somewhat misspent youth as a grad student. Why | Read More »

    Why criminal justice reform must be a part of the 2016 GOP presidential campaign

    Conservatives in general, but especially the 2016 GOP nominee, must make criminal justice system reform an issue that they get behind in their campaign. I know a lot of conservatives don’t like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 84%, but he’s absolutely right in his position on this issue, and he’s not only talked about it, he’s trying to pass laws that will correct it. | Read More »

    Big government and Executive Amnesty – A perfect storm

    Recent Social Security Administration ineptitude is providing the fuel that makes Obama’s executive amnesty possible.

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    Treason and Sedition: Cotton or Obama?

    This week, the great foreign policy brouhaha revolves around a letter authored by Senator Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) 85% of Arkansas and signed by 47 fellow Senators.  This letter was delivered to Iranian leaders who are currently negotiating a nuclear deal with the Obama administration, among others.  To state that this has engendered some extreme hyberbole would be an understatement of the | Read More »

    Does the Sun Set in the West

    I have taught the history of Western Civilization for many years.  I praise God that I have taught at institutions that allowed me to teach this history without the disdain that is often heaped upon what some call Eurocentric culture.  Personally I believe that Western Civilization which may have peaked before the beginning of our current Long War, brought humanity to the highest point so | Read More »

    Hillary is Not One of Us

    Hillary is Not One of Us

    From the diaries… The level at which many liberals excuse Hillary Clinton’s actions is already exhausting, and she has yet to formally announce a 2016 presidential candidacy. This has been apparent for quite some time, but especially so in recent days with “emailgate.” For them, to be Hillary Rodham Clinton is to be untouchable – a privilege that has only increased from her time as | Read More »

    In case you’d forgotten, this isn’t Tom Cotton’s first rodeo….er…letter

    Sen Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) 85%‘s open letter to the Iranian mullahs, signed by 46 additional GOP senators, has generated a massive hue and cry, and general teeth gnashing, by the usual gang on the left. It’s also had the remarkable effect of causing both SecState Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and State mouthpiece Jen Psaki to admit that | Read More »

    A strategy for defeating Hillary in 2016

    It’ll be tempting for the 2016 GOP nominee to focus completely on Hillary’s dirty laundry and corruption, of which there’s a ton of to focus on, but I believe focusing on it too much will backfire on him.  Besides talking about his own vision, experience, and positive attributes, he has to stress the fact that Hillary also doesn’t have any accomplishments she can brag about. | Read More »

    Leftists Dumbing Down America

    One of my favorite Leftist nut cases, Amanda Marcotte, had an article on one of favorite Leftist nut case websites, Alternet, describing what she perceived to be a conservative assault on education.  No- this was not an indictment of parental choice, the one area where Marcotte and her ilk do not think choice is a desired outcome, nor was it about charter schools or school | Read More »

    Attorney For Illegal Immigrant In Fatal Hit-n-Run Wants Charge Dropped Citing 5th Amendment

    The attorney for Maria Romero, an illegal immigrant, wants the most serious charge against her dropped on constitutional grounds, namely the fifth amendment and its “right to remain silent”. Romero is accused of driving the SUV that struck and killed 17-year-old Emilio Perez of Villa Park on Interstate 88 near Joslin, IL on March 8th of last year.  Romero is charged with leaving the scene | Read More »

    Hillary’s Moral Bankruptcy

    Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe was fatal because it played into the Daddy Warbucks caricature that had already been created. With even the  New York Times now willing to speak some truth about Hillary’s ethical vacuum, the “morally bankrupt” narrative is so rich that there are actually three varieties: that which she inherited from husband Bill, that which she shares with him, and that which she has earned | Read More »

    Follow the Money: DIAGEO

    Follow the Money: DIAGEO

    Green is coming. Green shirts, green ties, green hats, green beer and even green rivers.  Saint Patrick may be the Patron Saint of Ireland, but these days, the holiday honoring him is less religion and more libation. Over 35 million Americans claim Irish ancestry according to the United States Census Bureau, which makes for about 11.6% of the population. As the third largest ancestry group | Read More »

    The Article V Convention: The Other Way to Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment

    The Article V Convention: The Other Way to Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment

    In fiscal year 2015, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects the federal government will run a deficit of $468 billion, borrowing approximately 13 cents of every dollar it spends. As if this were not enough cause for concern, the CBO’s 10-year forecast projects the deficit will steadily increase to be more than $1 trillion by 2025, leaving the nation with a debt of approximately $27.3 | Read More »

    The Lynch Nomination is Dead — Unless Biden Cheats and McConnell Caves

    Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch has been called many things:  “Eric Holder in a skirt.”  “The fifth liberal vote on the Supreme Court.”  “The woman who lied under oath.”  Repeatedly. But she will be “history” unless McConnell allows Biden to cheat her way to confirmation. Lynch will be filibustered.  And the “black-letter law” of the Senate rules requires 60 votes for cloture on her confirmation. | Read More »

    GOP PAC Says Abortion Not a Women’s Issue

    Main Street Advocacy’s “Women2Women” initiative travels to Phoenix today as part of an ongoing tour around the country this year. Main Street Advocacy is the political action wing of the Main Street Partnership, a group that works to defeat conservative Republicans in primary elections. In a January conference call introducing the Women2Women initiative, Mainstreet’s COO/CFO Sarah Chamberlain said the group believes that the top issues | Read More »

    Stop the Hillary Witch Hunt, She’s Been Found

    Stop the Hillary Witch Hunt, She's Been Found

    It’s well-known that the S.S. Hillary press cruise lists to port, and that fact makes predicting their next move childishly easy. Here’s a fun game.  Two stacked headlines appear in The Hill the morning. Which one will the media report as “fact”?  And where does that lead us on the other story? If you’re like me, you’d just be waiting for the catchwords  “witch hunt” | Read More »

    Alaska bases closer to winning F-35 fleet

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) 38% and the other members of the Alaska Congressional delegation are applauding an Air Force announcement indicating their interest in basing 48 F-35 fighter jets in their state, possibly at Eielson Air Force Base. The Air Force issued a notice last week that it would begin meetings in Alaska to discuss an environmental impact study, the first step | Read More »

    Who Will Stand for the Constitution?

    Our elected officials take an oath to faithfully uphold the Constitution.  Nowhere in that oath does it mention anything about promising to never shut down the government.  The oath does not include a promise to provide health care coverage to all or to give free contraceptives to women.  You might also be surprised to know that it does not include a promise to make sure | Read More »

    The 2016 Playing Field

    There is a belief in electoral politics that it has become difficult for Republicans to win the Presidency because of the so-called “blue wall.” This is the assertion that the Democrats start with an electoral vote advantage.  Under this theory, the Democratic Party has a lock on the electoral votes of 18 states plus DC and need only find about 30 more electoral votes to | Read More »

    Don’t Hide Behind Piety During Totalitarianism’s Rise

    On Issues Etc, the topic was addressed if the Christian must defend the Charlie Hebbdo cartoons construed as blasphemous . From the clip highlighted as the sound bite of the week, one gets the impression that articulating a defense of the gunned down editorial office’s freedom of expression isn’t really all that much of a priority. After all, the ultimate concern of the church is | Read More »

    Rep.Kinzinger(R-IL): Important To Show Republican Support For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Monday at the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition event in Chicago congressman Adam Kinzinger said that is was important for the Republicans and business leaders in attendance that the show their support for comprehensive immigration reform. Among those speaking at the event where Republican congressman Bob Dold, Aaron “Downton Abbey” Schock, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) 23%, and Gov. Bruce Rauner.  All of whom | Read More »

    Clinton Wrote More Personal Emails Than Official Ones, Averaging 31 a Day

    According to the LA Times, Hillary Clinton has revealed that aides “deleted more than 30,000 emails that she deemed personal.” In fact, Clinton herself breaks down the email numbers: there were 62,320 total messages. 30,490 of these were provided to the State Department, and 31,830 were private records that were destroyed. That’s right, she wrote more personal emails than professional ones during her tenure as | Read More »

    The True Story Behind Hillary’s Private email Address

    Early 2009, in a town in New York. Bill: You’re going to be Secretary of State very soon. Hill: I know that. Bill: You need to decide about your professional email address. Hill: I suppose I should use the one State provides for me. Bill: Are you sure about that? What if Chelsea gets married? Or your mother dies (the old bat)? Do you want | Read More »

    Hillary’s No Classified Email Claim Fails the Laugh Test

    Hillary's No Classified Email Claim Fails the Laugh Test

    Years ago, I used to be an Air Force IT contractor.  I used to manage an unclassified email system (among other things) in an office that regularly (as in daily) dealt with classified information. And I can say with some certainty that Hillary Clinton is—charitably—wrong, or lying, when she claims she never emailed anything classified, ever, in her term as Secretary of State. The New | Read More »

    Jews #1 Victims of Hate Crimes in America

    In America, more hate crimes are committed against Jews than against all other groups combined, according to a recent FBI analysis on hate crimes. Most disturbing is the documented, widespread hatred and violence committed against Jews on American college campuses by Muslims. According to the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s website,, the ten most dangerous American college campuses for Jews are: Columbia University, New York City | Read More »

    Testing Gone Wild

    Here in my neck of the woods of New Jersey, students in grades 3-8 have begun taking the PARCC test.  This is a standardized, computer-based assessment allegedly designed to gauge a student’s critical things skills and knowledge in language arts, math and science.  There has been controversy and opposition to this test in red, blue and purple states.  By extension, this test is an outgrowth | Read More »

    The Great Press Conference of 2015

    If the Warren Wing of the news media succeeds in driving Hillary Clinton from the 2016 presidential race, as now seems possible,  Hillary herself will have helped them do it with her disastrous performance on Tuesday. Writers and editors at The New York Times, the Huffington Post, and several other left-leaning ‘news’ outlets have been taking Hillary to task for over a week concerning her | Read More »

    Media Bias And “The Rape Question”

    Hillary – why do you support partial-birth abortion? And to Barack Obama: why when in the Illinois Senate did you support a bill that let babies who survived botched abortions be denied medical care and left to die, cold and alone, in garbage cans? Once these two questions are answered by these two individuals, each GOP candidate can answer “the rape question.”

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    Addressing The False Meme That Conservatives Are Racist

    In case you have not heard, there is a viral video showing a group of frat boys from the SAE chapter of the University of Oklahoma singing a disgusting racist chant. To the University’s credit, the fraternity was immediately disbanded and today two of the identified offenders were expelled from school. This incident occurred in my own backyard, which has caused me to reflect quite | Read More »

    Boehner Four Votes Short of Record for ‘Hastert Rule’ Violations

    House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% has passed legislation opposed by a majority of his own party nine times since becoming speaker in January 2011, according to the New York Times’ online record.  It places him ahead of his predecessor Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 18% and four votes shy of the highest number of “Hastert Rule” violations for | Read More »

    Two Genocidal Jihadist Armies Merge in the Cowardice of Silence

    The “Islamic State Africa.” Not the words anyone wanted to hear, but it should come as no surprise.

    The most barbarically brutal jihadist army in Africa, Boko Haram, has joined with the most heinous jihadist army in the Middle East, ISIS – the Islamic State.

    Boko Haram, as we have long warned, is every bit as horrific in its atrocities as ISIS. It has slaughtered thousands of Christians, destroyed Christian villages, and gunned down worshipers.

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    The Glaring Double Standard of Campus Bigotry

    The medias narrative has long been that white people like to get together and fantasize about lynching black people.  The boys and girls of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma State University have certainly fed that narrative with this video. Nasty stuff.  Greek Life in college never really had a reputation for being politically correct but this is beyond the pale.  The punishment was swift and in | Read More »

    Why Calling Them Islamic Terrorists Matters

    The Right has been critical of President Obama for not calling ISIS and other violent Muslim hate groups “Islamic terrorists.” The Left counters that Islam is a peaceful religion and what’s in a name anyway? Obama believes the terrorists have distorted Islam and are not representative of the religion. But whether you believe Islam is a hateful or a peaceful religion, it is very important | Read More »

    The genius of Trey Gowdy: despite criticism from some conservatives, he’s doing everything right.

    I’ve long admired Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 81%. I was thrilled when it was announced that he would head the House Special Committee on Benghazi. I felt that his experience as a former Federal prosecutor would be invaluable, and equally important, that he had the cojones to stand up to, and push back, against Democrats on the committee, yet not make himself | Read More »

    Dr. Ben Carson: First Amendment Freedoms vs. Political Correctness

    Trampling upon one’s ability to express a desire for open dialogue on controversial issues is reminiscent of the gag order to suppress discussion of slavery in the halls of Congress several years before the outbreak of the Civil War.

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    Branding Alienation

    In a video that attempts to explain the reason European Muslims go to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS, the “comedian” and “actor” Russell Brand recently lent his two cents worth of social awareness to the problem.  One is not sure if this was his latest sad attempt at stand-up (or sit-down) humor, or if this is his true beliefs.  By starting off with | Read More »

    Feminist Undermines Masculinity & Gripes About The Results

    In the February 2015 issue of Sojourner’s Magazine, a pregnant feminist in the article titled “Clear Eyes Full Hearts” laments, “I worry about my son. How do I raise a good white male?” What she is asking for simply isn’t a lad that protects the innocent and provides his own way in life while giving his mom a heartfelt hug once in a while. What | Read More »

    Thoughts on School Choice

    Recently I had occasion to gain some direct knowledge of the issue of school choice – something of which I had theretofore been comfortably ignorant, DINK that I am. I and a few colleagues were invited out to DC to take part in the Amplify School Choice conference hosted by the Franklin Center. There were several instructive panels and engaging speakers who touched on the | Read More »