If It’s January It Must Be Time To Dog Sarah Palin Again

    If It’s January It Must Be Time To Dog Sarah Palin Again

    If it’s January 1st it must be time to do some trolling to see what Sarah Palin has done wrong so far this year. And sure enough – right out of the box she’s been caught red-handed engaging in animal abuse. No, not moose hunting this time; dog cruelty: Trig Palin stands on family dog to reach the sink Eric Ericson, editor of Red State | Read More »

    Can We Get Back Our Sense of Scale Please?

    Can we please get a clue? My futility meter is beyond pegged out–in fact it may never work again.

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    Phony Capitalism- Alive and Well in New Jersey

    Phony capitalism is defined as success in business being dependent on a close relationship with the government.  Think TARP, or Solyndra, or the auto industry bailout.  By any other name, it would be called liberal fascism, but what’s in a name?  It takes on many forms: bailouts, special loans, too-big-to-fail, favors, mandates and tax breaks.  It is one thing where true fiscal conservatives converge with | Read More »

    Who are you supporting for MI-GOP Chair?

    Bobby Schostak is not running for Michigan GOP Chair; to be elected the end of February 2015. Well known, and well positioned, Ronna Romney-McDaniel is vying for the position but is being challenged by Grassroots Conservative and TEAParty activist: Kim Shmina. The TEAParty tried unsuccessfully to unseat sitting Lt. Gov Brian Calley for TEAParty activist Wes Nakagiri at the 2014 Michigan State Convention – will the | Read More »

    Vandalism? Terrorism? War? or a Crime?

    When the federal government recently accused the North Korean government of participating in the computer hacking of the Sony Corporation as a response to the release of The Interview, varying pundits called the action: “an act of war” “cyber terrorism”, “cyber crime” and President Obama called it “vandalism” and promised a “proportional response”. Interestingly enough, the President stated that the public may not even be | Read More »

    “Talk is Cheap” – Johnny Manziel and the GOP

    2015 is a new era for Republican leadership and I’m afraid that we’re still playing with our college recruits. Boehner and McConnell are saying that it’ll be different this time, leaving conservatives to simply shake their head and mutter the words of Browns coach Mike Pettine: “Talk is cheap.”

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    Time for a new Speaker

    NationalReview.com and Breitbart.com are both carrying articles on the recent poll by Pat Caddell and EMC Research where there is strong support among Republican voters for a new House Speaker to be elected January 5 when Congress returns.  In the telephone survey, where the question was asked, “If it were up to you, would you elect Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. John BoehnerN/AHouse Republican Average39See Full ScorecardN/A to | Read More »

    The Case To Restore The Original Intent Of The Republic: Via An Amendments Convention Of States

    The supreme ruler of the United States, or sovereign, was always intended by the founders to be “We the people”! This was the reason that the framers of our Constitution put those words in large bold letters to symbolically emphasize that point! The overwhelming number of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, today agrees that “We the people” are no longer the sovereign! Our power has | Read More »

    A Simple Alternative to the ACA (aka Obamacare)

    As we watch “open enrollment period” and remember the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and think about the expense involved in the Healthcare.gov web site, subsidies and other expenses of the ACA so far disclosed, it must occur to many of us that we could do this better and for a lot less money from the government and from the insured with | Read More »

    Obama in Photos: Don’t You Love It When Life Imitates Art?

    Obama in Photos: Don’t You Love It When Life Imitates Art?

    Pete Souza, Director and Chief Official White House Photographer, has released his 2014 version of “The Year In Pictures.” Would you like to play a game? Identify the book/movie that served as the inspiration for each of the photographs in his album. Extra credit if you can also provide actual quotes from the book/movie. Here are a few I recognized immediately, butt there are tons | Read More »

    The January Supreme Court Docket

    In January, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in ten cases involving a variety of issues.  Those cases and a brief synopsis are: Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, AZ- This case involves signage for a small, local church placed weekly on a street corner to direct potential parishioners. Unfortunately, placement of the sign and its size apparently violates the city’s ordinance regarding | Read More »

    How the Economics of Oil Could Win in the Ukraine

    REMEMBER that diplomacy without power is feeble, and power without diplomacy is destructive and blind. REMEMBER that no nation’s power is without limits, and hence that its policies must respect the power and interest of others. (Hans J. Morgenthau, In Defense of the National Interest, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. NY 1951, p 242.)   .Realpolitik is often thought of as the skillful use of the | Read More »

    Could 2015 be the Most Dangerous Year Since WWII?

    The year 2015 could prove to be the most dangerous year facing the world since World War II.  Many conditions exist today that bear an eerie resemblance to the eve of that terrible chapter in human history. Russia is ironically now playing the role of Germany.  Vladimir Putin is following the Hitler playbook of expanding his nation’s influence and boundaries by claiming to be coming | Read More »

    Scott Walker’s 2016 Strategy: Fool The Right, Appease The Establishment

    Scott Walker's 2016 Strategy: Fool The Right, Appease The Establishment

    When George W. Bush won the Republican nomination for president in 2000, he did so with the blessing of the establishment. But he also neutered opposition from the right. His consolidated base of support prevented Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes, and Gary Bauer from undermining him from the right, while at the same time positioning Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. John McCain49%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard49% as a challenger | Read More »

    New York’s Minimum Wage Increase: The Wrong Way to Ring in the New Year

    Last night, as shivering tourists gathered in Times Square to watch the New Year’s Eve Ball drop, something much more impactful rose across the entire state of New York. Rising from $8.00 per hour to $8.75 per hour on December 31, New York’s minimum wage became the fourth-highest state minimum wage in the nation. Yet advocates continue to call for a higher minimum wage, some | Read More »

    The Secure Republican Senate

    Back in November when it appeared that the Republicans might narrowly win the Senate, there was a theme in the liberal press that any victory would be short-lived as the Republicans would have to defend 24 seats in 2016 and the Democrats only 10. Since then Republican prospects have increased measurably: the Republican majority is 54-46, and, while early, the 2016 prospects look good in most of the competitive | Read More »

    2015: The Year of Neutrality

    2015: The Year of Neutrality

    As a New Year’s resolution, I thought I would look at making 2015 the Year of Neutrality. The idea of Net Neutrality is so absurd that it I thought we might apply it to everything.  Here’s just a few I came up with. Airline Seat Neutrality.  Oh, you bought a business class seat?  Great!  You paid the airline to fund that seat and we’re very proud of | Read More »

    My Eleven New Year’s Wishes…In No Particular Order

    These are my ten New Year’s wishes for 2015: 1. An end to the media being an accomplice in Islamic terrorism:  Too often the mainstream media has a difficult time calling a spade a spade.  When terrorists are depicted as “rebels” or “freedom fighters,” the media does a huge disservice to true rebellions and true freedom fighters.  The fact is that Islam is perhaps the | Read More »

    Texas’ New Year Resolution – Open Carry

    Believe it or not says Ripley, Texas has banned the side arm in public for 140 years. Even stranger, with the public image of Texas being what it is – it is only one of a few states that has such a ban. It is just one of a small handful of (mostly large states) California, Florida, New York, Illinois and South Carolina and of course, the District of Columbia, that still prohibit public holstering. Of course, there is a distinction with regards to long guns. But Texas is set to change all that in 2015.

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    It’s time to roundup Roundup and the corrupt corporation who created it

    Just looking at the title of this entry, I’m sure anyone on this site who sees it will be wondering, “what in the world is this about and what does a pesticide have to do with politics and the conservative movement in general?”  It’s a fair and valid question to ask, and in this diary entry I’ll attempt to answer it. Before I go in | Read More »

    2016’s Political Strategy

    As Congress reconstitutes itself and Republicans take up the reigns in both houses it is important that they identify their top priority for the next two years and move swiftly to secure it. That top priority should be political victory in 2016. No other conservative issue can advance if a Republican doesn’t win the White House and a whole bunch of Republican senators don’t retain | Read More »

    The votes are in, it’s official: 2014 The Year of the Butt

    The votes are in, it’s official: 2014 The Year of the Butt

    Talk about being way ahead of the curve: 2014 has officially been named “The Year of the Butt.” Way, waaaay ahead of the curve And suddenly everybody is covering this phenom: there’s the PG-rated Yahoo version: From Instagram sensation Jen Selter and her “belfies” (butt + selfie), to Kim Kardashian’s bare-it-all photoshoot in Paper magazine, it’s clear backsides are taking a front seat. Not to | Read More »

    3 Lies of Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is about a lie. Three lies, in fact.

    Three lies that lead to one bad policy conclusion: you didn’t build this; you don’t own this; and we (the government) are taking it over.

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    The tragic irony of turning Michael Brown and Eric Garner into martyrs

    It seems like it’s almost impossible to get through a day without reading or hearing something having to do with the killing of black men by cops. Whether it’s endless Facebook posts or NFL players running out on the field with their “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gestures or protests blocking rush hour traffic, it seems to be everywhere. From what you see one would think | Read More »

    Hold On About That Rush to Judgment on Scalise

    From Slate, an online liberal outlet, comes this tidbit for digestion from columnist Betsy Woodruff.  According to her article there may be a very good reason Steven Scalise does not remember speaking at a white supremacist conference in 2002 while a state representative:  HE NEVER DID. According to this account, Kenny Knight who was an associate of David Duke was tasked with setting up the | Read More »

    Top 20 Liberal Jerks of 2014

    # 20- Uncle Joe Biden- the man who gives new meaning to the word “gaffe.” #19- Russell Brand- who made more sense when babbling incoherently on heroin. #18- Charles Pierce- who proves why ESPN commentators should not comment on politics. #17- Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren7%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard7%- the faux Cherokee turned fire-breathing progressive populist…or something like that. #16- Eric Holder- the man who | Read More »

    Where ColdWarrior and Sen. John McCain Go Toe to Toe

    Those who drop by RedState frequently are familiar with the name ColdWarrior. He is one who will take every available opportunity to, dare I say, harp on the virtues of being a Precinct Committeeman. The influence the position wields within a state’s party and how, for some reason, many of these slots remain empty despite their importance to our cause.  ColdWarrior has encouraged, nudged, and has gotten in the face of those | Read More »

    The Audacity of Kwanzaa

    The Audacity of Kwanzaa

    No word yet on how the Wons will be celebrating Kwanzaa this year. Unfortunately they were unable to make it to the big Kwanzaa parade in Los Angeles. BO was too busy playing golf with the boys – oblivious of the wedding plans that were squashed in order to accommodate his tee time – and MO was too busy having her nails done or something. However | Read More »

    Go right, and stay there!

    2014 is quickly coming to a close, and we are approaching another year closer to showing Obama to the door. Yes, the next 24 months are going to be bumpy and, no doubt, there are going to be some battles between the newly crowned GOP Senate, and that guy occupying the Oval. This is especially true given that our next election will include a vote | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2014- Part 9

    The next two have a lot in common.  At #4 is Florida Congress-something and DNC Chair- Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, one of my favorite moonbats.  This is a woman who could singlehandedly tell four lies in a single sentence.  I understand that as head of the DNC you have to support your leader, but DWS takes it to slobbering levels.  She actually stated that she cannot find | Read More »

    Abandoning Utopia

    I ain’t as dumb as I once was.

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    Marita Noon: Ethanol policy reform—the rare place where environmentalists and energy advocates agree

    Today the U.S. is the world’s largest natural-gas producer and is projected to pass Saudi Arabia as the number one oil producer. With crude oil supplies flooding the market, prices have been cut in half. Although fears over foreign-oil dependence have abated, the U.S. remains stuck with an ethanol mandate that is outdated, unworkable, and even harmful to vehicles, engines, and the environment.

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    Obama: Still Peevish After All These Years

    Obama: Still Peevish After All These Years

    S. Jay Olshansky, a public health professor at the University of Illinois, set out to prove that Big Guy isn’t aging any faster than the rest of us. And amazingly – as all well-constructed studies can – he proved it! An Illinois professor set out to disprove the age old presumption that the relentless stress of America’s top job makes our Commander-in-Chiefs age in fast-forward. | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Obama’s climate change polices are a pHraud

    “Ocean acidification” (OA) is receiving growing attention. While someone who doesn’t follow climate change science might think OA is a stomach condition resulting from eating bad seafood, OA is claimed to be a phenomenon that will destroy ocean life—all due to mankind’s use of fossil fuels. It is a foundational theory upon which the global warming/climate change narrative is built. The science and engineering website | Read More »

    The Most Dangerous Soul Alive

    The Most Dangerous Soul Alive

    Rebecca Solnit wrote in Salon.com that “The Age of Capitalism is over”.  Oh my, where to start? At the beginning seems a good place as any.  Solnit was thrilled to hold a land auction notice from post-Jacobin France—Thermidorian France for the historically-minded.  Thermidorian France was no more compassionate to live (mostly, to die) in than the Jacobin version which oversaw the execution of tens of | Read More »

    Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 8

    In a sense, its difficult to fathom the fact that there are 4 people above these next two entries on the list, but there are.  Personally, I do not know which one is more obnoxious.  I guess they are equally obnoxious, but for different reasons.  You can easily interchange them on this list.  It was a difficult call, but at #6 is feminist extraordinaire, Amanda | Read More »

    Thomas Jefferson Says a “Pruning Knife” is in Order

    A friend recently pointed me to some quotes from Thomas Jefferson.  The one that struck me most was from a letter than Jefferson penned to Spencer Roane on March 9, 1821.  He wrote, “The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, growth and entailment of a public debt, are indications soliciting the employment of the pruning knife.” So do you think we are | Read More »

    Detroit Gets One Right: On Crime, Cops, and Guns

    Detroit Gets One Right: On Crime, Cops, and Guns

    Good on you Detroit! Detroit — As 2014 enters its final week, the city is on pace to record its fewest homicides since 1967. The fewest homicides recorded since 1967 – the year of the infamous Detroit riots that began the long slow decline of a great American city. That is a major accomplishment. Only 298 this year, as opposed to the 281 recorded in | Read More »

    Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 7

    Coming in at #8 is our esteemed Secretary of State- Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. John Kerry0%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard0%.  Before launching into a critique of his performance, can someone please answer this burning question: Where are his eyes?  This is a man who actually makes Hillary Clinton, who essentially accomplished nothing as Secretary of State, look good.  Its hard to list all the diplomatic blunders committed | Read More »

    Defending Those Who Defend Us

    Today, a brave man was laid to rest. A police officer in one of the largest police forces in the world. And it breaks my heart to see the photos of his young son at the funeral, to witness his family, his friends and his brothers from all over the USA have to stand with honor and dignity while they are feeling torn apart inside. | Read More »

    Obama’s Media Harem and the Sore Loser

    Obama's Media Harem and the Sore Loser

    I think CBS stands for Caress Barack’s Scrotum.  Saturday’s puff piece based on the President’s Hawaii vacation pool report asks the question “why Obama loves golf, basketball and all things athletic” without actually answering it.  In fact, Obama’s love of “things athletic” would make him a glutton for punishment, because he’s not very good at any of those things. It’s a fairly typical Hawaiian presidential | Read More »

    It’s Time to Demilitarize the Police

    It's Time to Demilitarize the Police

    Habersham County, Georgia is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, just south of stunning Tallulah Gorge.  The biggest city in the county is Cornelia, with 4,160 residents.  The entire population of Habersham County would fill slightly more than half the seats in the Georgia Dome. Yet Habersham County Sheriff’s Department has a SWAT team, complete with flash-bang grenades, one of which exploded in | Read More »

    Thanks Sammie, and you can keep the shirt.

    Although he announced his plans earlier this month, we were hoping against HOPE that he would change his mind. So it is with a heavy heart that I must report that the rumors are true – we are losing chef Sammie Kass; he’s moving to New York. To be with his new wife, Ms.NBC news hostess, Alex Wagner. She’s a former political activist and music-magazine | Read More »

    Top Liberal Jerks of 2014- Part 6

    We are now up to the top 10.  And coming in at #10 is a “journalist” I used to somewhat respect.  His articles and editorials for the Washington Post used to be well-reasoned and punctuated with facts.  However, apparently the liberal intelligentsia- an oxymoron by any other name- must have gotten to him.  I am talking about Eugene Robinson.  Perhaps it was his calm demeanor | Read More »

    Greetings On Boxing Day; And the First Day of Kwanzaa

    Greetings On Boxing Day; And the First Day of Kwanzaa

    So; another Christmas goes in the record book. That means today is Boxing Day – the day originally designated to give your servants a small token of your appreciation. Now days it’s just another excuse to go shopping to pick up stuff on sale that you don’t need, don’t really want and will eventually end up in the Goodwill or Salvation Army box. So shop | Read More »

    The Sexual Revolution, Feminism and The Rape Culture

    Four stories over the last couple of months have brought to light the glaring inconsistencies in the liberal mindset when it comes to sex. Bill Cosby was once an example of an educated entertainer whose message was one of personal responsibility and racial liberation within the backdrop of the American Dream. Now he is a punchline to jokes that aren’t as funny as his stand-up | Read More »

    Stupid Police?

    One of Obama’s first forays onto a certain path that I can remember happened some years ago. Remember Cambridge? The time he (the President of the United States mind you) injected himself into a minor local police issue by taking his friend’s side over a duly sworn officer of the law before he (the President of the United States) even had the facts of the | Read More »

    Taking the “measure” of Obama: 208, 24, 20

    As we near the end of Obama’s 6th year in office, we can take the measure of the man by looking at three numbers. Though they are in fact disparate, when viewed in context, they provide a true insight into his soul, or rather, a lack of: 208: The number of times Obama has played golf. Does he get a mulligan for the times his game | Read More »

    What’s wrong….very, VERY, wrong….with this picture?

    From FOX News this past Sunday: H/T to Mississippi Conservative Daily. Click on the link to read what Chris McDaniel has to say about it. BTW, has anyone seen or heard of/from Thad since the run-off?

    Rush Limbaugh TRIGGER WARNING

    Rush Limbaugh TRIGGER WARNING

    It’s amazing what the Left and their media bootlickers latch onto.  On December 23, Rush Limbaugh commented about a few lighthearted stories, you know, the kind of stuff a radio host talks about just before Christmas.  One of those stories involved a Sony email about casting a new James Bond. RUSH: Back to the lighthearted Stack.  One of the e-mails that leaked in the hack | Read More »