Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech was exactly what voters needed to hear

    I’ve been predicting for a while now that Romney would give a speech like this.  I knew he couldn’t sit back and watch as an impostor and an all-around horrible human being took over the party he was honored to lead in 2012. Before I go on, I already know some people will accuse me of being a fan of the establishment or of Romney | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/3/16 OPEN THREAD – Christie is AWOL, Petition to arrest Bill, Debate,

    Caucus may confuse some Kentuckians: Kentucky generally does primaries. And will, in fact, do one in May. But they haven’t caucused in over 30 years. The presidential race will be the only race residents will vote on Saturday. All other races will be done during the May primaries.  WSAZ explains how the KY caucus will work and how it’s different from some other states that caucus. Sen. Rand Paul, | Read More »

    Hey Chris Christie, the Simpsons did it first!

    As with virtually everything, it appears that Homer Simpson was there before everyone else.     For your edification, some additional Simpson-Trump fun:    

    History does not repeat itself, it is forgotten.

    Thinking on the subtitle, it dawns on me that many of my friends have no idea what a nation of laws as opposed to a nation of men even means.   These are college educated people, among them are two Masters and one PhD. but seem to lose their minds when it comes to politics.  Sorry to report, all of them voted on Tuesday for Trump. | Read More »

    Trump: The GOP’s Choice

    I just read Leon’s Diary, and it really filled me with fear. What if Donald Trump really IS the GOP establishment’s pick for president? I can’t be the only one to think of this, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere. But let’s look at the facts: Trump is a RINO. He’s a dealmaker who may be very soft on immigration/amnesty, defends Planned Parenthood, and | Read More »

    What will Rush Limbaugh’s legacy be: Footnote or Patriot? Now is his time to decide…

    I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh since about 1992. Although he claims to be right 99.8% of the time or something like that, I find that I only agree with him about 97% of the time. I’ve listened with great interest as he has eloquently exposed the left’s perniciousness in situations where I saw nothing sinister at all. More times than I can count I | Read More »

    Kinder, Gentler Trump is Going After the #NeverTrump Voters Because of Upcoming Closed Primaries

    Kinder, Gentler Trump is Going After the #NeverTrump Voters Because of Upcoming Closed Primaries

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s conventional wisdom and it’s usually valid. Very few things that Donald Trump has done in this election cycle can be construed as obeying conventional anything, so it makes sense that his tactics are changing. When we look deeper, it’s becoming clearer that this is a man with a very clever plan. To paraphrase what Marco Rubio said | Read More »

    FINALLY, an Explanation! J. Don Thurmond

    All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;     there is nothing new under the sun.  Is there anything of which one can say,     “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago, it was | Read More »

    Recent Trump Comments

    Donald Trump continues to not allow his massive ego get in his way during his quest for the White House. Today he is bragging about how many Democrats crossed the line and voted for him yesterday. I saw a number that 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts switched parties. Trump is a complete moron. Most of those Democrats are voting for him because they believe Hillary Clinton | Read More »

    Trump Can Only Afford to Lose 408 of the Upcoming Delegates or There Will be a Brokered Convention

    PLEASE double check my math, but this is what I come up with… Trump has 319 delegates. 1237 delegates are needed to win the nomination. Trump needs 918 more delegates to win the nomination. 2340 total delegates are available in total. 695 delegates have been handed out (Trump 319, Cruz 226, Rubio 110, Kasich 25, Carson 8, Bush 4, Fiorina 1, Huckabee 1, Paul 1) There | Read More »

    Why Marco Rubio should exit at once and join Cruz on a unity ticket…

    Cruz polled behind by 5-7 points in the final batch of 7-8 polls heading into Iowa, and proceeded to win there. He beat expectations, even though the media played up Marcomentum. He did so even with the entire ethanol lobby against him. In closed primaries and caucuses, Cruz is fairing well, Donald is winning the open version susceptible to mayhem from crossover voting. Cruz added | Read More »

    Medicaid ‘Reinsurance’ Program Deceives U.S. Treasury Department, Taxpayers

    Medicaid 'Reinsurance' Program Deceives U.S. Treasury Department, Taxpayers

    The list of failures, misrepresentations and falsities surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is almost unending. First there was the assurance that under the ACA if Americans liked their doctor, they could keep them. However upon implementation we learned that was not going to be the case. Then there was the botched management of, originally projected to cost taxpayers $464 million | Read More »

    GOP Lawmaker: Is There an ‘ for Human Parts’?

    GOP Lawmaker: Is There an ‘ for Human Parts’?

    Speaking at a hearing investigating the procurement of fetal tissue from aborted babies, Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., asked a panel of experts Wednesday: “Have we reached a point in our society where there effectively is an for human parts, including human babies?” While asking the question, Black showed those testifying an email from a medical researcher from a “leading university” requesting “a first trimester | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/2 Open Thread: Thomas Breaks Silence, “Cajun John Wayne” Hangs Up Spurs, Bernie’s Fingers in the Cookie Jar

    #NeverTrumpWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…   Silent Justice SPEAKS! Supreme Court devotees have long considered Clarence Thomas’s silence in oral arguments the stuff of legends. The Streak has broken, after ten years and one week–previous record, just a single SCOTUS term, was almost half a century ago. Pundits think that Justice Thomas may be attempting to shoulder | Read More »

    How a Rubio-Cruz Collaboration could defeat Donald Trump

    What would a Cruz-Rubio collaboration to defeat Trump look like? Super Tuesday has reduced the pre-convention possibilities to two: Donald Trump will win more than 1237 delegates and win the nomination. No one will win 1237 delegates and there will be a contested convention.   If Trump fails to get the 1237 delegates, Cruz and Rubio should agree to the following  tie-breaking rule: On June | Read More »

    Was Super Tuesday Super for Trump?

    Ed Rolling’s of Fox New blissfully wrote, “It’s all Over” Trump is the nominee. Rolling’s goes on to rewrite what he has been writing ever since June. CNN rejoices in a Trump trouncing!. Local blowhards are talking about Trumps Cabinet. My guess it’s the same on the EIB Network and with the call girl Laura Ingraham. Many of us here suggested that Super Tuesday would | Read More »

    Consolidation Has to Begin NOW!

    After the dust has settled on the Super Tuesday results, some analysis has to be made. Donald Trump may have won more of the first 15 states to vote in this primary, but the percentages and the delegate proportions make it clear that (1) Trump is not inevitable given his relatively low overall popular vote percentage, and (2) Cruz is in a strong second place | Read More »

    Why Not Cruzio?

    After Super Tuesday, we have a few likely certainties: Kasich is on an ego trip and won’t drop out until after he suffers the embarrassment of losing his home state. Carson is in a snit, or on a book tour, and won’t drop out. Rubio won’t drop out until after he loses Florida, or as long as the math shows a brokered convention is still possible. Ted | Read More »

    A Small Peak Inside the Texas Numbers

    I just wanted to point out a couple of interesting tidbits I picked up digging into the delegate tally  for Texas. With 3 delegates up for grabs in 36 Representative Districts, 34 of those districts gave Cruz 2 delegates to Trump’s 1. In the other 2 districts (1 & 29), Cruz picked up all 3. District 1 is East Texas, (Representative Louie Gohmert won his race | Read More »

    Will Flint officials adopt a competitive bidding process to fix their pipes?

    Will Flint officials adopt a competitive bidding process to fix their pipes?

    Federal disaster relief for Flint Michigan’s water contamination could exceed one billion tax dollars before all is said and done. As that money is dispersed to solve Flint’s water contamination, what steps are being taken to ensure this money is being used wisely? How are the taxpayers going to be reassured this money is not going to fund pet projects and crony capitalists? It is no | Read More »

    It’s less than 11 months to the inauguration. Hey, Donald…exactly how long does it take to put a $ ten billion company into a blind trust?

    It’s time for Republicans opposed to Trump to start putting the screws to him hard over this question…………….pin him down, don’t let him escape Trump claims that he’s worth some $ ten billion.  I, and many others, think the actual number is far less…a great deal less…more like ONE whole zero less.  But for purposes of this discussion (since the bigger number works for us) | Read More »

    Amazing! Even if Trump Wins Florida, Ohio Winner Take-All He Does Not Have Enough Delegates to Win

    If my calculations and estimates are correct, even if Trump were to win Florida and Ohio’s winner tax all primaries he could easily still end up short of the nomination. In fact, he could even win Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey’s Winner Take-all and STILL be short. This is not ideal, but no candidate seems willing to quit. So let’s not panic…yet. Even if Trump | Read More »

    The Little Trump Train is still chugging… Oh what is a party to do?

    Now that Super Tuesday is history, one has to wonder about the future. The Donald Trump train looks a little less like a juggernaut than it did yesterday… but just a little. Of the 11 states contested, Trump won 7, Cruz won 3 and Rubio won Minnesota. Seven out of eleven sounds pretty staggering, but when you look at the delegates it’s a little less | Read More »

    Cruz and Rubio Can Deny Trump Nomination

    There is a clear path to defeating Donald Trump and it involves Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both staying in the race until the convention. Trump has a huge regional weakness in states west of the Mississippi River, and if Rubio and Cruz stay in the race their delegate total will be greater than Trump’s, who can be denied 1237 delegates. Rubio and Cruz should | Read More »

    When Lindsey ‘Murder Cruz’ Graham Suggests Rallying Around Ted Cruz, We Should Listen

    When Lindsey 'Murder Cruz' Graham Suggests Rallying Around Ted Cruz, We Should Listen

    When one thinks of the Republican Establishment in the Senate, the names John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham ultimately come to mind. They represent the failures of the Republican majority to curtail President Obama’s out-of-control spending through their desires to walk the moderate line on nearly every policy that doesn’t include an F-22 or Stinger Missiles. Big government Republicans hate Ted Cruz, the Constitutional | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- February 2016

    February 1st:  D-Day…or should I say I Day.  You know…as in REDACTED Iowa?  Haven’t had this many butterflies in stomach since 2008 and Barry was challenging me.  This year its Bernie.  WTF?  Sitting in hotel awaiting results.  Have to find Bill though.  Snuck out, said he was going to bar. February 2nd:  Well it was close but we won.  Thank God for two-headed coins!!  So | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Takes Alaska – Four state wins now under his belt

    Ted Cruz won Texas over Trump by over 470,000 votes, winning with nearly 44 percent of the total.  The latest RCP had him winning by a margin of 9 percent.  He won with nearly 17 percent. In Oklahoma Cruz was polling over 12 points below the leader Trump.  He bested Trump in the first closed Republican race by more that 6 percent of the vote | Read More »

    Trump is a Forked- Tongue Disrupter – Not an Outsider

    Unless Cruz or Rubio, or ideally Cruz together with Rubio, immediately shift their messaging to impactful, everyday issues that the voters are faced with, using innovative and mountain-moving ideas, they will be reduced to the what-could-have-been heap that pervades the GOP today.

    Read More »

    The Golden Don Has My Vote In November

    As I write this Donald Trump has bagged his ninth of these great fifty states, with more likely to follow before dusk turns to dawn. I’ll admit this doesn’t bother me. I got what I wanted, which was the sight of Marco Rubio’s Presidential campaign streaking across the night sky, flames from its dead engine painting a glowing red line to an imminent drowning place somewhere | Read More »

    What are you all doing over there?

    Once, long ago, this site talked about the “big ditch” between Democrats and Republicans. That ditch was real, as it turns out. The middle ground is gone, dissolved into some sad and corrosive political void over the past few decades. And, yes, I am on the opposite side of that ditch as 99.9% of the people visiting this site. But, Trump? Trump isn’t even a | Read More »

    No Trump for Me

    As a conservative, I am not afraid of the Republican Party splitting or falling apart.  Especially if it fails to serve the interests of its members.  It’s better than what has been happening for the last 20 or so years – maintaining the status quo without truly advancing conservative causes.  And I’m not even talking about social conservatism (which I do care about, but pressing | Read More »

    Prominent Birther Loses Again As IL Judge Dismisses Challenge Against Ted Cruz

    Lawerence Joyce of Poplar Grove, IL is one of the most prominent birthers in the country. The hospital pharmacist and occasional lawyer was among those who challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President in 2008 and into 2009. Those challenges against Obama went absolutely nowhere. Flash-forward to 2016 and Mr. Joyce is continuing his birther crusade this time against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. In January | Read More »

    Is #NeverTrump Consistent With #Pro-Life?

    There are two sub-optimal human beings on the verge of running away with their respective party’s Presidential nominations. One is a unattractive, frumpy looking specimen with a hellaciously bad hairstyle, holding a death-grip on the leashed press with dainty hands, and whose temper tantrums, when challenged in any way, suggest significant mental impairment. The other is Hillary Clinton. And yet…one candidate has declared, repeatedly, that | Read More »

    Conspiracy Theory

    Did Donald Trump, the Clintons, and the Russians make a deal to give Trump the Republican nomination?

    Read More »

    Remember to vote strategically today for Cruz or Rubio depending upon the numbers…

    That means, vote Cruz in TX, to help ensure that if Cruz’s true lead is smaller, he preserves it and helps the race go on. You should do so instead of voting Marco if you are a Rubio backer. Marco might win in MN, so if those numbers are closer for him than for Ted assuming Donald leads, vote Marco.  That means if a Cruz | Read More »

    Watercooler 3/1 Open Thread: Mass Exodus, Debating Debates, Carson & Rand Taking a Stand.

    If it’s Tuesday, it’s election day in America and today it’s going to be SUPER! So let’s get started. Mass Exodus The one thing we’ve learned so far about this election is that voter enthusiasm in the Democrat Party is way down. But it’s getting worse for them, even in a deep blue state like Massachusetts, where nearly 20,000 voters quit the Democrat Party. From the Boston | Read More »

    Today, the GOP Meets its Own Robespierre

    Donald Drumpf (his real family name) is the kind of leader Americans defeated in 1945, because order simply never comes out of disorder. But a pendulum does eventually stop swinging. That principle is written in the stars. Will our future also be found by looking up, or down into the sewer of mob rule?

    Read More »

    The March 1st Primary Dynamic

    Based on the most recent polling data (assuming it to hold true through the actual votes) and the number of delegates up for grabs today, this writer believes it is safe to say that the quagmire for the GOP nomination will be no less clear than it was yesterday.  Donald Trump will still be leading in delegates, but to such a degree that neither Cruz | Read More »

    List of Trump Enablers and Quislings

    Time to start a list. If the Republican party is going to be torn asunder by a Cheeto-colored conman, we need to keep track of those that enabled his rise. There are figures within the media that have hoisted him willingly up for ratings. There are politicians who quickly bent the knee and kissed the ring on his stubby fingers. Let’s start keeping track of | Read More »

    Attention Trumpkins: #NeverTrump

    Attention Trumpkins: #NeverTrump

    It’s a revolution! It’s a movement! It’s #NeverTrump and it’s catching on! Increasingly, conservatives across social media are making a stand. For months, the stench of Trump has clung to the GOP, sickening all those caught downwind and sending waves of horror over 65 – 70% of the party. The remaining 30 – 35% that align themselves with Trump and his detestable, liberal values are | Read More »

    Something to Watch for During Election Returns

    It will be interesting to see how the media establishment handles the Super Tuesday election results. The thing I intend to look out for is how soon they call the states for the candidates. I recall that in November 2oo8, CBS News called the state of California (and the entire election) for Obama very quickly after the polls officially closed there. Obama had gotten over fifty percent | Read More »

    I Have Had Enough

    I only post during this season of primaries.  In 2008, I wrote in support of Fred Thompson.  In 2012, I wrote in support of Rick Perry.  In 2016 I write in support of Conservatism and the dwindling party of Reagan.  I am so disgusted by the flat out disregard of Conservative principles of the so called right of our Country.  I feel I have been | Read More »

    History’s Traffic Cop

    On Super Tuesday, Republicans in several states will cast their ballots not just for our nominee, but the future of our party, our country, and the world. We are at a crossroads, and your decision could echo throughout history. Five men remain in the contest and even though I support Marco Rubio, I could enthusiastically support three others in the fall if they are our | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Obama’s climate change legacy to be determined by next president

    Now, we wait for the CPP to make its way through the courts—first the D.C. Circuit Court and then, in 2017, the Supreme Court. But, since the CPP is on hold until at least 2017, its future will really be decided by the next president. Milbank states: “the next administration could seek to alter, cease or continue efforts to implement the existing CPP. Should a Republican reach the Oval Office, this could result in a permanent halt of the EPA’s implementation of the plan altogether, or a significant departure from current emission reduction targets. Yet, should a Democrat be elected, the new administration could push forward with the CPP while exploring additional provisions of the Clean Air Act.”

    Read More »

    How to vote for the non-crooks on Super Tuesday I

    This is a follow-up to Thomas Crown’s excellent “Vote for the Non-Crooks.” First disclaimer: Polling is inexact and many of the polls we have are not as up-to-the-minute as we’d like.  Furthermore, in many cases, the distance between candidates is within the margin of error. In what follows, I’m relying on the RCP average point estimates, not because they’re infallible but because I don’t have | Read More »

    Kasich Nomination Logic Deeply Flawed

    Kasich Nomination Logic Deeply Flawed

    By Matt A. Mayer, President of the free market group Opportunity Ohio and a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. Ohio Governor John Kasich submits that because he currently beats Hillary Clinton in national match-up polls and is the governor of Ohio, he should be the nominee for the Republican Party. Plus, there was that “big” reelection win in 2014. Most serious political analysts | Read More »

    Visa Waiver Program is Working

    The Visa Waiver program is working, and further improvements have been made that will make it even more effective. The program works to keep Americans safe while also allowing the benefits of citizens from countries we’re allied with to come to the United States for business, leisure or other purposes. We should let the program work before fixing what clearly is not broken.

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    NEW TRUMP BOMBSHELL (VIDEO): Sex, Racism, Immigration, ObamaCare, and more

    Trump is running ahead because most Republicans don’t really know his shocking positions and statements he has made on a variety of issues. The video below “tells it like it is” and shows Trump’s true character from his own words:   Trump’s devastating comments in this video: “David Duke just joined: a bigot, a racist, a problem” … “I don’t know anything about David Duke.” “Women | Read More »

    Watercooler 02/29/16 Open Thread: ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’

    Well I really feel like I am beginning to resign myself to the idea that Americans are going to be faced with the sad prospect of voting for a megalomaniac billionaire or a delusional lying grandma in November.  Before this weekend I was holding out hope that someone or something would rescue us from that fate but each day that passes those hopes seem to | Read More »

    Is Marco Rubio is potentially damaging himself with voters for short term benefits?

    Following his much touted debate “win” where his tag teaming rival Cruz chose a nearly equally attacking approach with more substance and mature rhetorical style in the spirit of a prosecutor, Rubio has since (admirably, on the surface) ratcheted up the rhetoric to dizzying heights. Unfortunately, that plan is taking an immature turn, on which I will elaborate and compare to that found in the | Read More »