The Marketplace Fairness Act – It’s Not Fair, but it’s an Act.

    Limited government advocates’ chief objection to this new confiscatory scheme, is a matter of basic philosophy. Government has already reached the dimension where its sheer size has become an internal threat to freedom and Natural law rights. Instead of putting more meat on the table of this beast, Washington D.C. needs to be dragged against its will onto the ‘America’s Biggest Loser’ TV show.

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    Midterm Races in Delaware, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

    In this entry, there are three gubernatorial races and two Senate races besides the congressional races.  That represents a potential for some GOP gains. First up, Vermont.  This is one of the most liberal states in the country.  There should be no surprises here as Bill Shumlin will easily win reelection as Governor and (D-VT)’ chamber will be reelected to the US House.  Thus, there | Read More »

    The Fight Over Obamacare Must Go On

    Editor’s Note:  This column first appeared in the October issue of Townhall Magazine. Conservatives have experienced a fair share of setbacks over the past 12 months in the ongoing battle to roll back the debacle of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, now euphemistically referred to as Obamacare. Our first setback was acquiescing to the phrase ‘Obamacare’ taking hold in the popular lexicon. Barack | Read More »

    Opinion: Stealth now the “baseline” for air combat

    In an opinion piece posted on the Jefferson Policy Journal, Rob Givens, a retired USAF officer and air combat strategist, argues that low observable, or stealth technology, needs to become the baseline for all air combat. He underscores this argument by stressing the need to move away from 4th generation fighters and towards the 5th generation technology of the F-35 Lightning II, comparing the difference | Read More »

    Porn-Free Public Wi-Fi: Why don’t McDonalds and Starbucks have filters?

    Re-posted from National Matt Bai’s new book, All the Truth Is Out, chronicles how a sex scandal destroyed the 1988 presidential prospects of former senator Gary Hart — and how “Hart’s downfall forever changed American politics.” The most gossip-filled chapter about Donna Rice, the woman at the center of the scandal, was excerpted September 21 in the New York Times Magazine. Since then, several | Read More »

    Just Eat Your &*#$^%&* Toast

    The span of my morning will end at noon with me either finishing up a conference call or jumping in the shower. My day began at 5:10 a.m. I ate my breakfast, talked to God for a while, checked in on the news and Twitter and Facebook and email…like you do. At 6:30 a.m., my mom work begins. I put the toast in the toaster, | Read More »

    Mindless Political Correctness

    I know they shouldn’t , but the priorities of BHO and those he’s surrounded himself with continue to astonish me.  Certainly, there has never been such a presidential administration so committed to political correctness, regardless of the costs or consequences. In the midst of Eric Holder’s announced resignation, the outgoing Attorney General again asserted his desire to further limit the practice of profiling in the | Read More »

    Thirsty Californians and unemployed New Yorkers – Sacrifices to Liberalism’s Global Warming Delusion

    Liberals often live in a fantasy world that ignores the real world right in front of them. They continue to pour trillions of dollars into poverty programs despite the fact that poverty persists and grows. Their go to solution for failing and failed government schools is always spend more money rather than embrace solutions that actually work such as charter schools or voucher programs. It’s | Read More »

    Hold Obama and the Democrats Accountable for the Terrorist Threat

    Hold Obama and the Democrats Accountable  for the Terrorist Threat

    Since 1945 Republicans have not won the popular vote unless national security was the primary issue. But security issues were virtually absent from the 2008 and 2012 elections. This gave victories to Barack Obama, the most anti-military president in American history. Fortunately, the prospects for 2016 are looking marginally better because Republicans are now actually focusing on the fact that an anti-military presidency has ominous | Read More »

    Our Energy Policy Needs Direction

    We’ve seen it on the news, read it in articles; that the United States is struggling to define its energy policy can our leaders can’t seem to decide on what kind of sources to use. Nuclear Reactors have been closing down or are at risk of closing down while solar power plants and wind farms are being constructed. All of this is under the banner of trying to | Read More »

    On Reince Preibus’ PATHETIC appearance on Meet The Press

    Mr. Chairman, when will you ever learn? I happened to catch Reince Preibus’ appearance on MTP today, and it was well..gawd-awful. Note: As I post this, 6PM on Sunday, there is no video or transcript online as yet. I’ll post a link when I have a chance, but if anyone finds one first, please do so. Chuck Todd was his usual snarky self. Let me | Read More »

    A reminder for the Brannigan v. Lipinski, 3rd District Congressional Forum is On!

    After getting backlash for his refusal to debate Sharon Brannigan,  breaks down and accepts his first public forum ever, since his dad gave him his house seat in 2004! The “2014 Third District Congressional Debate” will be held on the campus of Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills.  It will be located at The Fogelberg Auditorium.  It is in the “T” Building (the Center for Contemporary | Read More »

    Ebola Joins the Perfect Storm

    Ebola Joins the Perfect Storm

    There is a perfect storm of untrustworthiness in a multitude of institutions combined with public distrust verging on paranoia in our culture. The Presidency We have been trained during the last 100 years to expect our presidents to be on top of every problem or crisis that presents itself. We do this regardless of whether such vigilance is actually an appropriate responsibility of presidents. Here’s the | Read More »

    Kanye West, Arbiter of Social Issues? No

    So I’m talking to a friend of mine and it starts to go in a direction that I didn’t intend for it to go. Something unsurprising once you get to know me. So thinking about it now, I think it was inevitable. My friend is black. Why is this relevant? Well he is one of these oxymoron’s see and it perturbs me to no end. | Read More »

    Anti-business Policies and the Liberty of Risk

    Ben Casselman penned a piece a year ago in the Wall Street Journal, which documented the decline of risk-taking in business ventures. Hard data showed that both the number of new companies and the use of venture capital is waning. He rightfully suggested that this downward trend is a major contributor to the fact that the recovery from the recent recession is so painfully slow | Read More »

    Washington Midterm Races

    After analyzing Missouri and Indiana, our attention now turns to the Pacific Northwest and Washington State.  The current delegation from here favors the Democratic Party 6-4 which is pretty good for the Republicans in a blue state.  Unlike the previous two states in this series, there is greater potential for changes. In the First District, Democrat Suzan DelBene will face Pedro Celis on November 4th. | Read More »

    Fight Hard on the Border Issue

    Of all the issues across the American political spectrum, few make certain factions of the Inside-the-Beltway/K Street Establishment wet their panties more than does the immigration issue.  These armchair-quarterback Establishmentarians can freely opine from the relative tranquility of Greater Washington whilst our porous southern border and outmanned Border Patrol attempt to withstand hitherto unforeseen numbers of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs), illegals entering domestic soil from Ebola-stricken countries, | Read More »

    CAIR Censorship Fails in Knoxville, Tennessee

    I’m always big on stories that report wins in the battle against censorship. Part of the battle is just exposing the people and groups that seek to veto other opinions and viewpoints. The other part of the battle is using what’s left of our justice system to hammer these self-appointed guardians of public speech. ACT for America, is – according to their website, “the nation’s | Read More »

    The dangers of bureaucratic neglect are built into the system

    I carefully read Jack’s front page post and this line jumped out at me. The only way this disease could be a major problem for a significant portion of the US population would be for a lot of people in charge to make some very poor decisions I provided end user support to the the health care industry until just recently. We can get into | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Indiana and Missouri

    Over the next 30 days, this series will look at the midterm races in all 50 states using a model of election outcomes I have been working on.  I intend to start with the less contested races and move onto the closer races near the end of the series.  Since the campaigns are not static in October, at the end- based on new information- some | Read More »

    High Taxes and Demographic Shift Affect Congressional Representation

    I have written on this subject before, and now the affects of high taxes and population migration are playing out in a substantial, political way: the decline of about 40% of Congressional seats in the northeast. According to the Census Bureau, high taxpayers are moving south. It notes that in the 11 states that comprise the Northeast, population grew at a rate of only 15% | Read More »

    Navy Corpse-men, Attention! October is “Breast Awareness Month”– So Visit Your OBee-Geiny, and Get Checked for E-Bowl-Eye

    Dan Quayle misspells “tomato”, and you’d think it was grounds for impeachment. Sarah Palin references “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue”, and it clearly disqualifies her as a carbon-based life-form. Barack Obama can talk about “breathalyzers” and correct it to “inhalators” when he really means “inhalers”, and it’s chalked up to long, grueling days on the campaign trail for an otherwise brilliant orator. Joe Biden can claim “Jobs” | Read More »

    IL Constitution amendment on ’14 ballot

    Our illustrious and all-knowing democrat career politicians in illinois have devised a vehicle that would prohibit the initiation of a state voter ID law and allow fraudulent voting in illinios to become the constitutional norm. The following is listed as a proposed amendment on the Illinois 2014 election ballots: CONSTITUTION BALLOT PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE 1970 ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION Explanation of Amendment The proposed amendment adds | Read More »

    We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Common Core

    If states would take responsibility for their childrens’ education, every student would benefit. By passing off the educational standard creation to the federal government, the state bypasses the voter, which is unacceptable and unconstitutional.

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    Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs…Might Get You Arrested

    “Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs” If you are like me, you remember this catchy little jingle from your childhood. It recalls to mind the savory meatballs, getting spaghetti sauce on my clothes, and making my mother’s laundry duty that much more difficult. Whether you loved them, or hated them, I doubt that you ever confused SpaghettiOs with drugs. Can you remember the last time you got high off meatballs? Yea, | Read More »

    Daesh’s Gift to Jews on Yom Kippur: A Beheading

    Daesh* has a gift for Jews this year. I thought it was coincidence, but maybe not.

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    CDC Says Don’t Panic but Relies on The Honor System for Our Safety

    The CDC among other agencies tells us that we shouldn’t panic in the face of an epidemic and then posts on their websites that we can expect more of the same. There are several cases where a government agency identifies a problem after the fact and then tells us to expect more of the problem as if they are powerless to effect change to an | Read More »

    Ebola in the US – Just in time for the November elections

    While President Obama was recently touting his upcoming, unilateral enactment of amnesty for those who have entered the US illegally, “no force on earth can stop us” and “Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!”, our fellow Americans in Dallas, Texas, and now Washington, DC are grappling with the spector of Ebola.  Not since the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which killed more | Read More »

    Islamic State Fan Club of America

    The Islamist cleric that is most popular with Islamic State insurgents in Syria and Iraq is gaining an enthusiastic following in the United States. He’s also a convict with an ankle bracelet monitor on federal parole.

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    Elbert Guillory Gives Us A Game-Changer

    By now many of our readers have seen the video Louisiana state Sen. Elbert Guillory released earlier this week indicting Mary Landrieu and the Democrat Party for the terrible effect their policies have had on the black community and the cynicism of Landrieu’s once-every-six-years appeal to blacks in order to maintain her share of their votes. If you haven’t, see it here. The video has | Read More »

    NC Voters: Remember the Chiclets!

    Judge John Tyson, candidate for NC Court of Appeals, compared this year’s election in North Carolina to shopping for groceries. Most grocery shoppers plan to buy the main ingredients – milk, bread, eggs, meat, etc. When they get to the checkout counter, they decide at that point whether they are going to buy items like candy bars, breath mints, or Chiclets.   In this year’s | Read More »

    Paul Krugman Has It All Wrong: American Dreamers Are Our Invisible Stewards

    Paul Krugman sees America as a stratified society, with the top tiny layer controlling a staggering amount of wealth, and the rest of us consigned to a life of Sisyphean struggle. He rails against Our Invisible Rich, who he believes prosper at the expense of all of us, and waxes about how the golden sunbeam of knowledge of these rich parasites on our nation could kindle the proletariat to action.

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    Koch Vs. Kennedy

    As the media recently reported, David Koch was recently lauded in New York City for a $65 million donation to the Museum of Modern Art and their recent renovations to their 5th Avenue facade.  For this, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earlier characterized the Koch brothers as “war criminals” for their alleged damage to the environment.  No matter how one looks at it, the Koch brothers and | Read More »

    November 4: A Building Wave

    After the terrible disappointment of the 2012 Presidential race, one is reluctant to let one’s expectations get too far out in front of the calendar. Reporters want things to be close and uncertain so that you will remain tuned in. Campaign managers want things to be close to wring that final $10 donation out of you. Nevertheless, absentee voting has already begun and much is | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Mayor Sandra Bury

    Oak Lawn Village President, Sandra Bury: Dear Mayor Bury: It has come to my attention that in the month of September, you interviewed Rep. Dan Lipinski on Channel 4 Public Access Television.  I respectfully request equal air time. “The equal-time rule specifies that U.S. radio and television broadcast stations must provide an equivalent opportunity to any opposing political candidates who request it. This means, | Read More »

    Pastor Apparently Selective In What Pagan Practices He Condemns

    In a sermon titled “The Satanic Deception Of Halloween” posted at, Pastor James Cooley details the history of how black cats came to be connected with this autumnal celebration as the spirit familiars of witches and as a result of an alleged Druidic belief that cats were the reincarnated souls of evil people. To this, the podcaster interviewing Pastor Cooley remarked that he knew | Read More »

    Redskins Controversy Is Over The Top

    This whole Washington Redskins nonsense has moved beyond silly to the absurd. A CBS announcer refused to say the word “Redskins” during a recent national television broadcast of a game between the Redskins and New York Giants. Instead, he called them the “Washington Team.” Really? Just whose feelings did he think he was protecting? One cannot tell another what is offensive. You can’t tell me | Read More »

    IRS Cover-Up: IG Report Exposes IRS Lying to American Public

    A new Inspector General (IG) report general report exposes yet more abuse and cover-up at the IRS.

    In response to a report (from the same IG’s office) detailing the IRS targeting scandal, the American public demanded to know the truth. The American people sent in numerous FOIA requests, and the IRS concealed pertinent information at least 336 times.

    If that’s not a cover-up I don’t know what is.

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    The FCC, the Washington Redskins, and Joseph Goebbels

    Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. There goes the Strident Conservative with another Hitler comparison. Well, check out this story from about the Washington Redskins and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion I have: The Federal Communications Commission has been asked to punish a broadcaster for indecency for using the name of the Washington NFL team, the Redskins, and FCC Chairman | Read More »

    Principles for American Renewal

    As we approach Election Day, it’s important for voters to understand not just that Republicans oppose the policies of President Obama and the Democrat Party, but also to know what unifying goals Republicans share and what policies we support. That’s why today I’m unveiling the Principles for American Renewal, eleven core principles that unite Republicans across the country and up and down the ballot. I | Read More »

    Surprise, surprise: Elijah Cummings gives strong statement in support of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

    Like most who watched yesterday’s House hearing about the Secret Service, I pretty much tuned out when Ranking member Elijah Cummings was bloviating, er..delivering his lengthy opening statement. However, amid his ramblings, Cummings surprisingly delivered a stirring defense of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo. police office who shot and killed Michael Brown. Here’s the video: The relevant segment is from 15:00-16:30 Here’s the money | Read More »

    Watch Tim Bishop in “THROWN OUT OF OFFICE!”

    A good spot!

    Palestinians ARE the Problem

    While the United States and the world were rightfully focused on ISIL and their brutality, an event occurred which was largely overlooked by many in the mainstream media- the Palestinian-Israeli situation.  With the negotiated cease fire apparently holding between Hamas forces in Gaza and Israel, all eyes have turned towards Iraq/Syria on the international scene.  But, let’s start at the beginning because the outcome of | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Omni Hotels

    Follow the Money: Omni Hotels

    **Promoted from the diaries – Aaron** What makes the conservative business traveler sleep soundly? Is it the high thread count sheets? The pillow top mattress? The rewards points accumulating towards that free end-of-the-year get away? Or is just knowing that the cost of comfort has also bought the peace of mind that comes with the assurance that at least one hotel chain is not sending | Read More »

    WV Supreme Court Says Natalie Tennant Ignored Election Law

    It seems like the Natalie Tennant’s efforts to keep Republicans from filling ballot vacancies backfired in their U.S. Senate candidate’s face.

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    U.S. Soldiers in “War” with ISIS Not Eligible for Medals?

    With 1,600 military “advisers” on the ground in Iraq, 2,300 of our troops being deployed to the Middle East as a “special purpose marine air ground task force,” and ongoing airstrikes being conducted in Iraq and Syria against ISIS’s jihadist army, it is absolutely stunning that our military personnel are NOT eligible for certain military medals.

    Why? Because the Obama Administration refuses to call our fight against ISIS terror a military campaign.

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    Islam and the Second Amendment

    The national firestorm sparked yesterday by the owner of a shooting range when she decided to no longer accept Muslims as customers raises important questions over constitutional rights in an age of terror. Jan Morgan, the owner the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, argues this is necessary for her personal safety and those of her customers because of what the Islamic faith teaches. From the | Read More »

    Obama Funded Islamist Rebels without Congressional Approval Creating ISIS

    Adolf Hitler said, “the great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” Sadly, this could not be truer among Americans who believe big lies about Islam and how their tax dollars fund Islamists on multiple sides of conflicts throughout the Middle East. President Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus, the CIA, among others, provided weapons | Read More »

    The “Consider This” Podcast: Conservatives, Pick Your Battles!

    Episode 88 of the Consider This Podcast has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. This time around, I spend a little time chiding those who are my ideological compatriots. So often I see in blogs, on Twitter and Facebook, such petty attacks against liberal targets that I think it diminishes our impact. In this episode, I note a couple of those that I’ve seen | Read More »

    Should We Be Concerned?

    Should we be concerned? Consider the following headlines: The rise of a formidable terrorist group that has vowed to strike in America. Tens of thousands of people pouring across our southern border unchecked. Ebola patients being brought back to America for treatment as our soldiers are sent to the Hot Zone to help, and now the first Ebola case in America. A mystery respiratory virus | Read More »