Trump’s verbal diarrhea

    I watched the CNN town hall with Trump. I watched it so you don’t have to, cause let me tell you, it’s nearly unbearable for anyone who’s even remotely intellectual to listen to Trump talk.  The fact that his voters are able to, and actually enjoy it, tells me everything I need to know about their intelligence and education. Am I bashing Trump voters?  Yes, and | Read More »

    SC Evangelicals: Donald Trump is a Biblical Man!

    Sisters and Brothers, oh I was slow to awaken, but I now testify before you that I have seen the  light–that beautiful, blinding, orange light!!! You have an important task before you tomorrow; mine is to exhort you not to let anybody tell you that Donald Trump isn’t a Man of the Word. Because he is–and you know it in your gut, don’t you! But | Read More »

    #CruzPhotoshop all the rage after latest shenanigans from Cruz campaign

    What is Ted Cruz thinking? The hashtag #CruzPhotshop was all the rage Thursday on Twitter after Team Marco called out Ted Cruz for using a poorly Photoshopped image of Marco Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama. Politico reported: Marco Rubio’s campaign bashed the “culture of dishonesty” of Ted Cruz’s campaign for launching a website that uses a doctored picture of the Florida senator shaking President Barack | Read More »

    Let Voters in South Carolina Decide if Ben Carson’s Campaign is Relevant!

    To count Ben Carson out in South Carolina would be a mistake, and it is an expression of wishful thinking, not intelligent assessment. Whatever the wishful thinking, whatever the mistaken perceptions, to pretend one understands Ben Carson or his capabilities is only pretend and mere attempts at manipulation of outcome, not honest persuasion.

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    If you believe in conservative principles, how can you support Trump?

    Right now, Trump’s message is basically elect me and I will get along with everybody in Washington while at the same time saying that Ted Cruz is the most hated man in Washington and will get along with nobody. How can people say they want an outsider and yet support someone who is saying in the open that they will be a insider as soon | Read More »

    Four Pro-Gun Senate Democrats Silent on Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

    All four Senate Democrats voted against portions of the 2013 gun-control package. All have A letter grades with the NRA. All are running for reelection in red states in 2018. But none will say if they’ll support a gun-control nominee to the Supreme Court.

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    Sword Of The Lord Columnist Insinuates Sci-Fi Fans Not Fit To Teach School

    For decades, the Sword Of The Lord has served as a voice of independent Christian Fundamentalism. This publication has fulfilled that mission by regularly standing its ground against the encroaching liberalism and modernism plaguing broad swaths of the Christian church. One of the most interesting regular features of the paper is “The News and Views” column by Dr. Hugh Pyle that usually applies Christian plain-spokenness | Read More »

    Big Brother is watching you!

    I have previously noted the federal government’s requirement for computerized health records, in a common format, which can be easily transferred from one health care provider to another. Supposedly, this will improve health care, but, in reality, this is just a way that the government will be able to track and search your medical records. Now the government wants Apple to provide a “back door” | Read More »

    Hitler Mussolini FDR and Obama

    Many people today feel as if President Obama has been leading America covertly into the Socialism Bernie is overtly proclaiming.  Many feel that they are no longer living in the America of their youth.  To understand how we got here it is necessary to understand how we got here. History not only allows us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others it also | Read More »

    My Interesting Day Volunteering for Ted Cruz

    Today was a big beautiful day.  Today was the day I started phone calling for Ted Cruz at home. In the comfort of my cozy abode, I called about 95 residences in the Texas area likely to come out and vote for Ted Cruz.  Many were not home, or did not answer.  I contacted around 55 total people, a few in the same household.  Did | Read More »

    Mark Levin backs Cruz over Univision flap in Liargate-Rubio backing amnesty in 1998?

    Respected talk show host Mark Levin just took Rubio to the woodshed on his show, backing Cruz and his claims over Marco’s denials regarding the Univision appearance. Rubio attempted to suggest Ted’s grasp of the Spanish tongue meant he was in no position to speculate. Listen to the entire segment below: Ace at Ace of Spades HQ then uncovered material suggesting Rubio was backing | Read More »

    Book Review: ‘You Will Be Made To Care’

    “You will be made to care.” It’s a simple phrase conservative writer Erick Erickson coined that perfectly embodies the attitude and intent of the religiously-secular Left, which is bent on overthrowing the Judeo-Christian values that have characterized the West for nearly two millennia. Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was, in many ways, an American success story. He grew up in poverty, in the all-too-common tragic | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/18/16 Open Thread – Ben Sasse is great, Town hall fun part deux, 5-way race after SC,

    Ben Sasse’s bunch of mean tweets: Here’s the backstory. Back in January, Sen. Ben Sasse was essentially Trolling Donald Trump. Tweeting questions and just generally giving him a mini civics lesson. Stuff like that. To say that the Trump kids were not happy about would be an understatement. They tweeted all kinds of horribleness Sasse’s way.  Now, thanks to Independent Journal we get Sasse reading us the tweets | Read More »

    What happens if Hillary loses the Nevada Caucuses? Breaking: More bad news for Hillary, the only candidate she could beat may be dropping out…

    Hillary manages to transform a 23 point lead to a dead heat… DRUDGE has all sorts of links   Hillary could lose Nevada. If Bernie manages to win or even come close, what happens with Democrat Delegates?  With a dubious “win” in Iowa and a blow out defeat in New Hampshire, Hillary is now leading Sanders 10:1 on delegates?  Why? Welcome to the Byzantine back | Read More »

    You Will Be Made to Care

    You Will Be Made to Care

    Promoted from the diaries. Here in the diaries at RedState, several years ago, I had an encounter with a reader who penned a diary that he did not care about gay marriage as it would never affect him. I told him, coining a phrase it seems, that he would be made to care. “You will be made to care” became the phrase that explains what | Read More »

    A glorious day awaits for conservatives in the not too distant future

    For the past couple of months, and especially recently, all I’ve been hearing from conservative pundits is how Trump can’t be stopped and that we basically should give up and accept the inevitable death of the GOP.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see things that way. I still have hope, but not in the republican primary voters.  Rather, I have hope in Donald Trump. | Read More »

    Dispelling the Supreme Court Myths

    There is a lot of hyperbole on both sides over the possible replacement for Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court.  Obama’s most recent “news conference” at Rancho Mirage, statements by Republican presidential candidates and Senators, and editorials by Harry Reid aside, these myths usually have some shred of truth, but generally a greater lack of evidence to back up the assertions. Myth #1- “An 80 | Read More »

    Inspiration To Survive the Primary

    Inspiration To Survive the Primary

    Here is Texas early voting has begun, but we still have nearly two weeks until election day and then we have to deal with run offs and the rest of the presidential primary. It is exhausting and at times discouraging. I’d thought I’d share some of my favorite speeches, quotes, and scenes that help me keep on going. 1) Saint Crispin’s Day Speech – We | Read More »

    Obamacare Exchange Funds Improperly Spent in Arkansas

    Slavitt has been nominated to position of Administrator of CMS, and has faced questions of these issues, most of which have not been sufficiently answered. And billions of federal taxpayer dollars spent on these failed exchanges has yet to be recovered on behalf of American taxpayers.

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    Holy Hannah! New NBC/WSJ poll shows Cruz with national lead

    Looks like Trump’s melt-down in the debate is having consequences!  Let’s hope this is true and holds up! Sources: Behind paywall: Cruz campaign moves quickly to fundraise off WSJ/NBC poll showing them in lead. "This is a big deal!"– @WilsonWPA — Teddy Schleifer (@teddyschleifer) February 18, 2016

    A Simple Solution

    I have worked in technology for just over seventeen years.  Sometimes for free, overwhelmingly paid. I’ve worked on every version of Microsoft’s Windows and DOS platforms, every version of Apple’s System and OS X platforms, and a wide range of ports of the UNIX/Linux platforms.  I’ve worked with every iteration of Apple’s iPhone and iPad lines, and quite a few of their Powerbook/iMac/MacBook systems. I tinker | Read More »

    OPEN THREAD: GOP Candidate Town Halls Tonight on CNN and MSNBC

    OPEN THREAD:  GOP Candidate Town Halls Tonight on CNN and MSNBC

    CNN is holding the first of two town halls tonight. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be on stage. Another is planned for tomorrow and will feature Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Donald Trump  Both are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET. and Anderson Cooper will moderate both events. This is enlightening: “Unlike in the debates, the White House contenders will each take the stage separately | Read More »

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your Irony’s Showing.

    CONGRATULATIONS!  Your Irony’s Showing! By Karen Cacy Regarding “A Plea to Dr. Carson Voters in South Carolina,” diary posting today on, and its plea to South Carolina voters to switch their votes to Ted Cruz from Dr. Ben Carson, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Rush Limbaugh likes to characterize saboteur callers as “Seminar Callers.”  Methinks I dost smell a “Seminar Caller” right here on Red | Read More »

    Federal Decision Threatens Apple Smartphone Encryption

    Federal Decision Threatens Apple Smartphone Encryption

    A decision from a federal United States Magistrate Judge seriously threatens smartphone encryption by requiring Apple to build a “backdoor” to the iPhone for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use. Apple has promised to fight the decision. The FBI, in its investigation of the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, has been unable to unlock Syed Farook’s work iPhone. Because it has been unable to | Read More »

    New NBC/WSJ National Poll – Cruz 28, Trump 26, Rubio 17

    NBC/WSJ has a new post-debate national poll out today, and the numbers indicate the “collapse” in support of Donald that Cruz and others have been hinting at: In the poll, Cruz is the first choice of 28 percent of Republican primary voters, while Trump gets 26 percent. They’re followed by Marco Rubio at 17 percent, John Kasich at 11 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent | Read More »

    Watercooler 2/17 Open Thread: Scalia Dissed, Random Weirdness, Food for Thought

    Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…   From the “You Stay Classy, Barry” File… Scalia Dissed When a Supreme Court Justice gets the Big Summons From Upstairs, it’s a big deal, right? Big enough that Presidents traditionally make sure to attend the funeral and lead the nation in mourning. Not Bad Check Barry. Apparently, his golf game is | Read More »

    Mike Lee to Campaign With Rubio

    (Link to follow — the press is a little slow on this) This has to be a big blow for Cruz; Lee (and that Sessions guy he can’t stop talking about) are his best friends in the Senate.  Why is Ted’s best friend going to campaign with Marco? Probably because Marco has the best chance of taking down Donald.  I’ve read from some Cruz supporters | Read More »

    Haley endorses Rubio

    It was obvious that SC Governor Nikki Haley was against Trump, but Rubio just gained Nikki’s important endorsement today. Haley’s endorsement, combined with Sen. Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy, forms a powerful trio of endorsements for Rubio.  Meanwhile, Jeb has Lindsey Graham. It is also worth noting that Haley has not explicitly criticized Cruz.

    Post-Debate SC Polls: Rubio, Kasich Up; Trump, Cruz Down

    The battle for second place is neck-and-neck down the stretch, 17.9 to 17.6. Cruz was expected to beat Rubio in South Carolina so if Rubio’s momentum continues and he passes Cruz on Saturday that would be a big victory for his campaign entering Nevada.

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    Ted Cruz’s “Lousy” Spanish

    During the South Carolina GOP debate Ted Cruz pulled off a really slick maneuver vs.  Rubio. It was similar to a common  poker play where you put out a little bait and letting  your opponent make the classic mistake of overplaying their hand. Cruz accurately stated that Rubio had said on the Spanish language network UNIVISION  he would not rescind Obama’s Un-Constitutional immigration  executive order | Read More »

    Trump’s Vulgar Admission: Avoiding STDs was “my personal Vietnam” with “few uninfected” women

    Trump's Vulgar Admission: Avoiding STDs was "my personal Vietnam" with "few uninfected" women

    HT: The Daily Beast THIS POST IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.  VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. The polls in South Carolina have shown that Trump is leading among evangelical voters.  Let’s fix that problem right now.  But first let’s remember a few facts about Donald: He deferred (or dodged) the draft for Vietnam 5 different times. He attempted to prevent disabled veterans from becoming street vendors in | Read More »

    Trump and Rubio Prove How Bankrupt Our Political System Is

    If a constant drumbeat of truth is not heard far and often, what remains of our Republic and our liberty will become nothing more than another entertainer bankruptcy, relegated to a 140-character tweet.

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    Why Cruz and Rubio keep their powder dry.

    There’s a scene in the movie Gladiator in which Senator Felix advises Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, on how to trap the Emperor’s enemies. Felix tells the Emperor, “I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and | Read More »

    Sorry Rubio – You Lost Me

    So I have said that I am a Cruz man, but Rubio is a very close #2 for me.  I would happily support him if it looked like he was a more viable alternative to Trump than Cruz.  The biggest impediment to me crossing over was the fact that Cruz kept beating Rubio both in actual elections and also in polls.  I was willing to | Read More »

    Steve Deace: SC, NV pollsters using bogus methods

    Steve Deace: SC, NV pollsters using bogus methods

    Steve Deace is a conservative evangelical radio show host from Iowa who endorsed Cruz and campaigned for him in Iowa. Prior to the Iowa vote, he correctly called the outcome and pointed out that the public pollsters were vastly overestimating the turnout and using other questionable methods. Recently, he looked at public polling methodology from SC and NV and has found similar problems with methodology. | Read More »

    How to Spark a Trumpertantrum

    The last GOP debate we saw a Trumpertantrum on full on display. Full credit to Ted Cruz for coining and defining the term,  but  I believe that the origin and first  Trumpertantrum’s  date all  the way back to June 14, 1949 (the Donald’s D.O.B.). Every indication is that he has always been a spoiled petulant brat who when he doesn’t get his way spazzes out | Read More »

    An open letter to Erick Erickson

    Hi Erick, I hope things are going well for you over at The Resurgent… actually, that’s why I’m writing.  I love the site.  It’s my second stop after RedState. But there’s a problem. I can find no way to leave feedback — which I get, is probably by design. But some feedback is good.  Like, for example, when someone wants to tell you that something you’ve published and | Read More »

    My Advice to Ted Cruz

    This is the time and for big solutions to our economic problems. Cruz needs to explain in simple terms how his big conservative economic plans (tax & regulatory reform) will specifically help the working class. Trump’s brand of populism appeals to people because they see that American industry, wages, jobs, and prosperity took a hit after NAFTA and the huge inflow of illegal immigrants into | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and Homeschooling

    There has recently been some buzz here and elsewhere about Ted Cruz’ co-sponsorship of S. 306- the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Students Act.  This bill was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee and referred to the Senate Finance Committee where it awaits further action.  There are two main parts to this bill- one that addresses the portability of Title I funds and another that addresses | Read More »

    Why We Must Control the Border

    There are strong reasons to control the border. These are my reasons to control the border: 1) We need to prevent criminals and gang members from crossing. Most of the victims of the criminals are recent immigrants themselves. The only way we can sort out and prevent the criminal invasion (even if it is only a very tiny percentage of those coming to America illegally) | Read More »

    Urge Chuck Grassley to NOT Hold a Senate Judiciary Hearing for Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

    Urge Chuck Grassley to NOT Hold a Senate Judiciary Hearing for Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

    After a promising initial 48 hours of conservatives and Republicans holding strong in their determination to block all Obama nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court until the November election, the levees started to break a bit on Tuesday. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina decided to do the lapdog liberal media’s work for the Democrats, preemptively warning his Republican colleague against an “obstructionist” approach to | Read More »

    Republican/conservative talking points about the SCOTUS vacancy…

    Today Obama held a presser predictably praising Scalia, who he despises, at least ideologically, then shaping the argument to try to break the resistance of the right in the arena of public opinion. As I predicted here the plan is simple, and designed to get whatever Dems can out of this, so it’s all upside even if they do not get everything they want, including | Read More »

    It’s the Socialism, Stupid! Hillary Clinton’s non-battle against Bernie Sanders

    “It’s the Socialism, stupid!” That message might be Hillary Clinton’s only ticket to salvaging her campaign. Instead, she is picking at Bernie Sanders over minor issues, while the 800-pound gorilla of Socialism gobbles up youth who haven’t yet learned what paying taxes or starting businesses are all about. Hillary has zero paths remaining to the nomination as the “Bernie-Lite-who-women-must-vote-for-by-gender.” Likewise, “I’m the responsible Socialist” won’t work, because if Bernie’s voters | Read More »

    Rubio was right – Obama “knows exactly what he’s doing”

    Senator Marco Rubio is taking a lot of heat from the media for repeating at the New Hampshire Republican debate his line that “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.” This should not be a surprise or news to most Americans. No president could make so many mistakes and | Read More »

    Cruz has major favorability problems in SC.

    The recent PPP poll from SC has some pretty interesting data hidden on its crosstabs. Of particular note, Ted Cruz now has a negative favorability (-6; 42/48). Trump continues to have a positive favorability (+7; 50/43), along with Rubio (+27; 59/32).  Cruz’s favorability rating is the lowest out of all six remaining candidates. Rubio’s is second highest behind Carson (+45; 68/23). If one looks at the crosstabs | Read More »

    Scorched Party

    3 days ago, we lost a Conservative icon and, perhaps, the most important Supreme Court justice in the last 100 years, if not more.  In the wake f this terrible loss, Senator McConnell made an unbelievable statement (for him) and took a hard stance against President Obama placing another Kagan or Sotomayor on the Court. Today, the Party began to show cracks in its resolve to | Read More »

    Fraud Lawsuits Could Interrupt Donald’s Campaign

    Fraud Lawsuits Could Interrupt Donald's Campaign

    Donald has threatened birther-conspiracy lawsuits, claiming they could hold up Cruz’s campaign or prevent Cruz from taking office if elected. However, the person who actually has a trial date looming in his near future is Donald himself, as two fraud cases against Trump University in San Diego wind their way toward a day in court. In December, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel stated at a scheduling | Read More »

    Watercooler 2/16/16 Open Thread: Town Hall Wars, The Hispanic Vote, Meet Mr. Smith, Kristol’s Ball

    Welcome back to the Watercooler. Luckily we’re just four days away from getting some more clarity in the GOP nomination race, or so we can hope. Town Hall Wars CNN announced late last week that it would be holding two GOP town halls this week, although there were planned for quite some time. One on Wed. night with Cruz and Rubio and one Thu. night with Trump, | Read More »

    Do Trump supporters even know how the Presidency works?

    A few questions: “I will build a wall”, how is that possible if Congress does not appropriate money for said wall? “Free college for everyone”, again, where does the money come from? “Raise taxes to 90%, only Congress can raise taxes. “Deport all illegals”, only Congress can change existing law to make deportation possible.   That’s enough—I think you know where I am going with | Read More »

    FAA reauthorization is not conservative

    FAA reauthorization is not conservative

    American aviation needs to be reformed, but Congress is considering taking a sledgehammer approach to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that could cripple our entire aviation industry.  The FAA reauthorization bill, H.R. 4441, goes against key conservative principles of low taxation, limited government, and fundamental fairness.  As laid out in an op-ed I wrote for The Hill, H.R. 4441 would separate air traffic control from the | Read More »