A Tale of Two Tragedies

    The tragedies in Ferguson, MO. and New York are being tied together as examples of systemic racism among local law enforcement across the country.  They are alike only in two regards – both saw a black man die at the hands of a white police officer and both are being exploited by the same boisterous gang of race peddlers who make their living perpetuating the | Read More »

    A new kind of social networking app or site for teens?

    The following is a random idea I had to create an app for teens called WHO-R-U.   I realized there’s apps for adults to hook up like tinder, but there’s no social networking sites or apps aimed directly at teens.  I was reading this article , and I had a sudden realization.   Obviously today’s teens are struggling with their identities for a number of | Read More »

    Congress Poised to Create 4,000 Jobs in the Western United States

    Contained in the House passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a provision that would create 4,000 jobs in the Western United States and produce $60 million in productive economic activity over the next few years. The language was crafted over a decade and is the result of give-and-take between industry and the government. As Daniel McGroarty notes, some in the Obama administration are unwilling | Read More »

    A Feeble Case for Destroying Senate Rules

    Now comes a National Review article by an “Ed Whelan” attacking my position in favor of the institutional role of the Senate.  And what a tantrum it is!  Whelan is clearly fond of adjectives and invectives.  As for arguments, well, not so much. Before I get to a point-by-point rebuttal, let me just go back, briefly, to the general issue:   There is no conceptual difference | Read More »

    Jonathan Gruber… “I Behaved Badly.”

    I’m not going into a line by line account of everything that Jonathan Gruber has written out as his official testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform. At the bottom is a link and you can read it for yourself. Or use Hotair’s link if you prefer.  But I do want to make a couple things clear. When you pull it up in pdf | Read More »

    South Texas College Professor Compares Tea Party With Nazis

    Via The College Fix comes the following video of a professor likening the Tea Party with the Nazi Party. He also explains that someday people will realize Tea Partiers are just a bunch of nuts, just like they eventually realized the Nazis were a bunch of nuts. Obviously, this professor has never looked at the full name of the Nazi Party, which was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche | Read More »

    Obama Administration Transparency – “Shades Up; I Can’t See!”

    “This Is The Most Transparent Administration In History” – Barack Hussein Obama Q: When does the most transparent administration in the history of the world actually practice said transparency? A: When it can be used as an excuse to release their $40 million report on “enhanced interrogation” techniques used under George W. Bush’s watch. Otherwise our posture on transparency around here remains unshaken, which is | Read More »

    Campus Rape: It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    Campus Rape:  It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

      I would begin by saying “unless you’ve been under a rock”, but I know a whole lot of rock dwellers who haven’t heard a thing about this story or the endless discussion going on, mostly on the Internet and cable news.  So I’ll begin this way:  ICYMI*:  Rolling Stone Magazine published an article entitled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at | Read More »

    Getting Real About the Minimum Wage

    This should be a very easy subject for the conservative and liberal to understand if we look at the issue realistically.  First off, increasing the minimum wage does not alleviate poverty.  It also has a disproportionate effect on small businesses- the main driver of job growth in this country- since they are less able to pay increased wages.  It certainly does not encourage wage growth | Read More »

    Did The People Or Elites Decide In Favor Of Gay Marriage?

    In reference to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases regarding prohibitions against gay marriage in a number of states, the 10/6/2014 episode of Viewpoint with Chuck Crimier was titled “America Officially Embraces What God Hates”. But is that entirely accurate? For did not voters in these states initially enact prohibitions against this practice? Therefore, on what grounds is the average American responsible when leaders | Read More »

    Let’s Not Give Up on the Institutional Role of the Senate

    Back in 2005, a gaggle of so-called conservative lawyers were hatching a Senate parliamentary “con game” called the “nuclear option,” in order to confirm President George Bush’s judicial nominees. At its core, the “nuclear option” is this:  51 senators fraudulently vote that the written Senate rules provide something that they don’t.  They stand in the Senate well, raise their finger for recognition, and lie.  They | Read More »

    No, Adam Kinzinger Isn’t The 2nd Most Popular Member Of Congress

    According to the Cook Political Report Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger is the second most popular member of Congress in the entire country; New York Republican is first. If the rankings don’t make you question the validity of this list from Cook the methodology will. The rankings were based upon the margin of victory of the last few elections for each candidate coupled with the | Read More »

    The Republicans’ Populist Moment: Squander or Capitalize?

    With the bid for re-election of (D-LA) now recorded in the ignominious annals of crushing defeat, the Republican gains for the 2014 mid-term elections stand at nine Senate seats for a total of 54, and 12 seats in the House for a total of 246 going into the 115th Congress in January 2015.  Among the most notable factoids, this is the largest House Republican majority | Read More »

    Al Sharpton Is As Much a Reverend As I Am a Black Man

    In America many people claim to be something they are not and get away with it, which explains why Al Sharpton continues to use the title Reverend. However, he is as much a reverend as I am a black man. By age ten Sharpton was “ordained” by Pentecostal minister Bishop F.D. Washington—a man with no training or education. Regardless of education, no one in his | Read More »

    British Christianity: “Denial and Inertia” No Match for “Resolute Wickedness”

    Gov. Mike Huckabee recently retraced the steps of Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan with a group of ministers and faith leaders. After touring Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the Churchill War Rooms, he remarked that both Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill were heavily criticized and often dismissed yet they remained steadfast to name and fight evil. “During two periods of massive global | Read More »

    Judge chooses NSA over the Constitution

    On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I took a lot of flak from many of my readers for an article I wrote stating the following: As we approach another anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place in New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, we are reminded of many things. We remember the thousands of innocent lives that were | Read More »

    ISIS Reportedly Beheads Four Christian Children in Iraq for Refusing to Convert to Islam

    The brutality and barbarism of ISIS – the Islamic State – has been well documented, but the latest report is unspeakable.

    The Christian “Vicar of Baghdad,” the Rev. Canon Andrew White, recounted that ISIS jihadists recently beheaded four Christian children.

    Read More »

    Marita Noon: Welcome to the O-zone—where economic development is a zero-sum game

    While environmental groups and the Obama administration maybe feel, “emboldened,” more regulation—especially that which “would impose too severe a burden on industry and local governments”—is not what the American people want or need.

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    Do the upheavals at Rolling Stone and The New Republic presage the future of the Democrat party?

    Hmmm?? Life imitates artifice…. It’s been an interesting last few months for the denizens of the left, to say the least. The Democrat party suffered its second consecutive mid term shellacking, yet Obama blithely ignores it, and proceeds to unilaterally amnesty  millions of illegals. At the same time, two longtime cheerleaders for the establishment left, “Rolling Stone” and “The New Republic” self-destruct. Can one deduce | Read More »

    Surrender: Why does anyone ever vote for the Republican Party… at least one run by Boehner & McConnell?

    Do you ever wonder sometimes why Americans vote? How many times have you heard people say “I don’t vote because my vote doesn’t really matter, those politicians are going to do what they want regardless of how I vote.” In some cases that’s true. Obamacare was a perfect example. In January 2010 Scott Brown won his campaign for the Senate in deep blue Massachusetts by | Read More »

    Judd Gregg Recommends GOP Surrender

    Former Senator Judd Gregg has become a surrender monkey.

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    What Part of Illegal Does Our Government Not Understand? Rule of Law, Immigration and Racial Divide.

    Our country has arrived in the rabbit hole where up is down, down is up and absolutely nothing makes sense anymore. It didn’t happen overnight but clearly accelerated over the last six years. We have gone over the edge where the rule of law is meaningless to our federal government yet We the People are still held to account when citizens break a law knowingly or | Read More »

    Hands Off! Don’t Loot!

    One current rallying cry being used by those, like Al Sharpton, who have made a profession of fanning the flames in America’s black/white racial divide rather than building a bridge across that chasm, is “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” There is no legitimacy to it. It’s based on a concocted account of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The rallying cry that needs to | Read More »

    Getting Real About Campus Rape

    One of the worst crimes is rape.  The reported statistics by some groups is disturbing in this area, but like any statistic they can be skewed and parsed by any group with an agenda.  We are told that at the low end, there are 300,000 rapes every year and at the other extreme, it is 1.3 million.  Additionally, about 54% of those situations that fit | Read More »

    If We Are to Automatically Believe Rape Accusations…

    …then I take it that the Washington Post now accepts Juanita Broadrick’s allegation that she was raped by one William Jefferson Clinton? And do they also accept the allegation that Al Gore attempted to rape a masseuse in Portland, OR? It is true that the allegation first came up in the National Enquirer, but Zerlina Maxwell didn’t say anything about the credibility of the source | Read More »

    Getting Real on Abortion and Gay Marriage

          There is often a disconnect between the real and the ideal.  The best laid plans of the Left or the Right are often met with unintended consequences and hardships along the way.  That, however, should not prevent us from fighting the good fight.  Often that “good fight” translates into an over-arching theory of morality and personal responsibility.  But we know that not | Read More »

    Hillary in 2016? Not so fast

    It was not such a long time ago that former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton was viewed by the Democratic poobahs and her worshiping public minions as a shoe-in for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, and ultimately the White House.  But life happens, and life has found Hillary Clinton. In a recent Politico article, “Delay of Game“, we’re getting another read-between-the lines | Read More »

    Obama, Solicitor General, Pentagon And Sikorsky Vs. Lloyd Chapman

    Why are the Obama Administration, the Office of Solicitor General, the Department of Defense and Sikorsky Aviation Corporation all joining forces to defeat Lloyd Chapman and his American Small Business League? I won a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Pentagon for the release of the most recent report submitted by Sikorsky under the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program. Federal District court | Read More »

    It’s Time to Change BACK

    Our Republic is on The Precipice of a Death-Spiral Our friends on the left are quite confident and open, to the point of arrogance, on the subject of their progress to fundamentally transform our country. Yet the silent majority, that being us, realizes the extent of the damage already caused. I speak with some authority on this topic, having studied the human condition as my | Read More »

    Coordinating Dems Deceive Voters in effort to Keep New Mexico Land Commissioner Seat

    Coordinating Dems Deceive Voters in effort to Keep New Mexico Land Commissioner Seat

    Democrats Fight Back In the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) news update released on the DPNM website Thursday, DPNM claimed that Republicans and the Dunn campaign have “resort[ed] to ​lie​s and ​fear.” The Democrats’ statement could not be farther from the truth.  The only fear involved in the recount process is the Democrat’s fear that they are losing the Land Commissioner’s seat to Republican | Read More »

    Student Privacy Concerns Add to Common Core Resistance

    There are many things to hate about Common Core standards. From convoluted, unsolvable math problems, to an increased reliance on soulless standardized testing, to a lack of local control and adaptation to individual circumstances, just about everyone can find something to object to. One of the most concerning aspects of the program, however, is the invasive collection of personal data from students, an area that | Read More »

    Why should we bother to call our congressmen to oppose Obama’s amnesty if those same congressmen are going to vote for Boehner for Speaker?

    Erick has been waging a vigorous campaign to get conservatives to burn up the lines to their representatives, demanding that they do everything possible to oppose Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty. Good.  Nothing wrong with that. He’s even made it easy to express displeasure by sending Boehner  a can of blue tennis balls, to replace those he’s lacking. Nice gesture..humor is always a good thing. Note: Two | Read More »

    TNR’s Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    TNR's Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    Erick wrote with great clarity on the death of The New Republic as a pillar of progressive thought, but navigating the Byzantine maze of Washington liberal media is only for the bravest of brave hearts.  So Ezra Klein has broken it down for us in the hoi polloi by Voxsplaining what has happened to the august TNR. Before we delve into Klein’s truly dizzying intellect, | Read More »

    What Do Voting Rights and Obamacare Have In Common?

    As everyone is aware, the United States Supreme Court has decided to take a case that challenges the subsidies for health care plans purchased on the federal exchange- King vs. Burwell.  This is not a constitutional challenge to the law, but the case is one of statutory interpretation.  Such cases are common before the Supreme Court and, in fact, make up the bulk of their cases.  This | Read More »

    The Racism Accusations Are Overshadowing The Real Issue In The Eric Garner Case

    The Ferguson case and the Eric Garner case have polarized this country on the subject of minorities and their interactions with police officers. The left-leaning media and well-known race baiters insist that in both cases racism played a major role, while others insist race had nothing to do with either case. Both sides quote statistics to bolster their claims and draw people to their “side.” | Read More »

    The California Delusion

    During a recent discussion of election results an experienced senior California Democratic leader reflected on how dominant Democrats remain in California and (I believe sincerely) how national Republicans are on the brink of irrelevence. Acknowledging much of the prior, I was stunned by the latter claim and have thought a bit about the mindset of California Democrats. First, California from a Republican point of view: – This | Read More »

    Black lives matter. The lives of perceived criminals who happen to be black don’t, and that’s the problem

    The following are my thoughts on the Eric Garner case:   When I watched the video that showed Garner being subdued and ultimately killed by the cops, I had a different take than many people.  Most articles I’ve read or analysis I’ve seen about the case choose to focus on the one cop who put Garner in a choke hold and eventually suffocated him on the | Read More »

    Senate GOP Leadership is a Bag of Hammers

    We now know that much of the Senate GOP leadership is either as scared as their House counterparts, or they’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

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    The IRS-White House-Koch Brothers Trifecta

    Well, now we know something that has been long suspected for the past four years: the IRS and the White House are sharing taxpayer information. That has certainly been the suspicion since at least 2010, when a senior White House official, Austan Goolsbee, made a comment about the Koch Brother’s business practices in August 2010. The Weekly Standard was one of the first to cover | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Macy’s

    Follow the Money: Macy's

    Two years ago the so-called Progressive Congress went after Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren for his involvement with the nonpartisan Fix the Debt Coalition. The liberal group accused Lundgren of betraying the “spirit of Christmas“ by lobbying for common-sense economic reforms like lowering taxes, reducing the deficit and fixing Medicare and Social Security, which the Huffington Post was more than happy to insinuate amounted to “Grinch”-like | Read More »

    A White House Connection in the IRS Scandal?

    The IRS scandal just took a turn for the worse, exposing what may be further political abuse by the Obama Administration.

    It has recently come to light that the Obama Administration’s Treasury Department is in possession of over 2,500 pages of documents that may show that the IRS and the White House were colluding to illegally obtain confidential taxpayer information and that the White House used that information in an attempt to harm its political enemies.

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    Whites Asked Not To Participate In “Die-In”

    Merriam-Webster defines “racism” as “racial prejudice or discrimination.” Cambridge defines it as “the unfair treatment of someone because of his or her race” The University of Missouri seems to define it as “business as usual.” In an email regarding a “die-in” at U of M, they requested that “only people of color be the ones to [die].” Whites were told they could come but were | Read More »

    Democrats use 40 Attorneys to attempt to Manipulate NM Land Commissioner Race

    Democrats use 40 Attorneys to attempt to Manipulate NM Land Commissioner Race

    November 4th, almost a month ago, Land Commissioner Ray Powell narrowly lost the popular vote in New Mexico to challenger Aubrey Dunn.  Because Mr. Dunn won the race by less than 0.5 percent, New Mexico state statute mandated an automatic recount. While Dunn declared victory, Powell swore that the race was far from over and that he was “cautiously optimistic” that the recount would make | Read More »

    Run, Hillary, Run

    I have recently taken a liking to the political analysis editorials of Harry Enten at the New York Times’ FiveThirtyEight blog.  I believe he, along with Larry Sabato, do some interesting research into political trends that have some predictive value.  Enten’s most recent article is titled “What May Persuade Hillary Clinton Not to Run in 2016.”  Sabato recently made some headlines when he predicted that there | Read More »

    Peter King Is Wrong About The Garner Case

    Peter King Is Wrong About The Garner Case

    Congressman , who represents a district in the same state where Eric Garner was killed, is offering pathetic excuses for Garner’s death. From CNN: “The police had no reason to know he was in serious condition,” King said. “You had a 350-pound person who was resisting arrest. The police were trying to bring him down as quickly as possible. If he had not had asthma | Read More »

    The New American Civil War

    by Chris Shugart If our country were a marriage, there’d be a lot of people asking for a divorce right now. And we know how messy those can be. When irreconcilable differences go unresolved between spouses, one or both parties may seek to dissolve the marriage. On a national level, history has shown us that unresolved differences can lead to war. Which is a little | Read More »

    Don’t Go After The Admin, Re: Immigration, Just Kick the Illegal Immigrants Out of Your State

    http://apnews.myway.com/article/20141203/us–immigration-texas-0e6478e753.html “Texas is leading a 17-state coalition in suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration.” Lost cause, never going to amount to a hill of beans. BUT, these States can just Kick the Illegals Out of their State. Although they cannot make immigration law, and apparently they are not allowed to enforce immigration, why don’t these governors / state legislators just | Read More »

    UK F-35B Achieves Key Weapons Test Milestone

    A UK team has completed initial testing for ASRAAM and Paveway IV weapons on the F-35B fighter. The testing took place in November at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, United States. From the release: The trial or ‘dummy’ weapons rounds, which are identical in fit and form to the operational weapons, were tested on the Short Take-off Vertical Landing (STOVL) F-35B for the | Read More »

    Mitt Romney Enshrined In The G.O.P. Hall Of Shame

    This has been long overdue. Mitt Romney has possibly done more than any other Republican to earn the distinction of being a member of our Hall of Shame, but his recent behavior has secured his place in Gutless On Principles Hall Of Shame infamy. Here’s why… Mitt Romney surprised at the news There’s a Facebook page calling for him to run. There’s a movement to | Read More »

    Government Denies The Release of 2000+ Documents Showing IRS-White House Link

    Last week, TIGTA revealed the existence of around 2500 documents “relating to investigations of the improper disclosure of confidential taxpayer information by the IRS to the White House.” December 1st was the deadline for the Department of Justice’s tax department to turn over those documents, as ordered by a judge. You can read more of that background story here. The group involved in the FOIA | Read More »