When “Solutions” Are the Problem: Student Debt

    Whether on the Left or on the Right, there seems to be a general consensus that there is a student debt crisis.  The statistics are quite stark in this regard: total student debt exceeds $1.1 trillion and has surpassed credit card debt as the #1 source of all household debt.  The average amount of student debt held by a household in which at least one | Read More »

    GOP Presidential Candidates – Things are looking bright!

    Conservatives, Tea Partyers & even Libertarians — it is time to celebrate!  It is actually good news that so many Republican Liberals are running this time.  Last time, there was only one legitimate Republican Liberal – Mitt Romney running for the POTUS on the GOP side!  All other candidates had some weaknesses but none came close to Romney’s record as a liberal! There was one | Read More »

    The Ultimate “Free” Program

    Oh how Progressives love to offer “free” things to people.  Of course nothing is really free, as somebody (i.e. the taxpayers) needs to pay for it.  But let’s buy in to the Progressives’ delusion for a moment and as we do so, I would like to make a request for free government. Progressives are willing to give us free health care, free education, free housing, | Read More »

    “Middle-Class Economics”

    Yesterday marked the date of the annual Sate of the Union Address – or as it has recently become – the president’s yearly pep rally. There were the typical liberal talking points, which consisted of how global warming is more threatening to the US than ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the importance of closing Gitmo so terrorists can be reunited with their families, and so on. One | Read More »

    Introducing the Primary 100

    I ranked 213 of the Republican members of Congress, including only those who Are up for re-election in 2016, Represent a district or state with a Republican PVI of at least +1, Served in Congress before 2015, and Excepting the Speaker of the House. Each member’s rank is determined by his or her Primary Score relative to the other 212. Each member’s Primary Score is | Read More »

    Follow the Money: March for Life

    Follow the Money: March for Life

    As hundreds of thousands of activists prepare to participate in the March for Life, the world’s largest annual Pro-Life demonstration in Washington, DC later this week, it may come as a surprise to many of them that the companies they shop with may be funding one of the principal abortion providers in the country – Planned Parenthood. The group released its most recent annual report | Read More »

    What Does It Say?

    When the first string of western countries took a stand and joined together to march in the streets of Paris, it sent several messages. They joined together to demonstrate unity against radical Islamist terrorism along with the need to destroy it—a big deal even if it falls short one day. Yet it’s an even bigger deal because the United States was absent. A complacency that | Read More »

    VA Reform, Obamacare & ‘Driving the Conversation’.

    Ok. Obamacare sucks. We can all agree on this – and according to the polls, most Americans do too… However, those same polls show that the public may hate Obamacare, but they aren’t really sold on ‘what to do about it’… The Democrats, of course, are utterly opposed to any changes & have been using the line ‘the Republicans don’t have any solutions’ to try | Read More »

    “”We have tried spending money. …it does not work.”

      Fellow voters, we elected Barack Hussein 0bama, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm for the first time 6 years and some days ago (when the electoral vote was counted in Congress, not when the popular vote was cast). Up until then, we had seen the Mr. 0bama making speeches with his “Office of the President-Elect” seal and trying to pretend that HE and not George W. Bush, | Read More »

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea

    Taxing Section 529 tax-free education plans is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea. Of all the lying, broken campaign promises,and studied burglary President Obama has committed over the past six years—seven really, if you count his first campaign—this has to be the worst. He who can’t help but toot his own horn (tooting his horn was his only moment of clarity in the | Read More »

    Obama – self-centeredness run amok

    When this unqualified little man was first elected, listening to Obama deliver so many overt lies and half-truths, all with his special brand of arrogant condescension, made me angry.  Now, however, after six years of this, lying and arrogance are precisely what I expect, and last night’s SOTU provided more of the same. For the record, I don’t agree with a single policy initiative that | Read More »

    SOTU 2015: Obama Shines Like a “Million Points of Spite”

    SOTU 2015: Obama Shines Like a "Million Points of Spite"

    Well that was a spectacle to end all; words fail me. Butt not Big Guy, his words – and he had plenty of them – shined like a million points of spite. I was up all night trying to figure out how best to summarize the SOTU for those of you who were too busy to watch it for yourself. Succinctly: it was 50 pounds | Read More »

    Obama Omits “God Bless the United States of America” at End of SOTU Speech

    Promoted from the diaries President Obama ended the State of the Union address in a new way. He didn’t say, as tradition, “God bless you, and God bless these United States of America” He said, “Thank you, God bless you, and God bless this country we love.” A quick check on his prior SOTU speeches reveals he used the customary phrasing in past years: 2014: | Read More »

    About That $15/Hour Hamburger Flipper

    This is not about the minimum wage which differs significantly from the concept of a “living wage.”  Living wages are considerably higher than minimum wages.  This is nothing more than socialist b.s. and their desire for an annual minimum income to wipe out poverty. First, we have no set definition of a living wage.  The cost of living varies widely based on one’s geographic location. | Read More »

    Can Lindsey Graham Beat the Tea Party Twice?

    If conservatives split their vote in 2016, then Graham wins again. I will say this throughout this year and the next – the people at FreedomWorks, Club For Growth, Heritage, and Tea Party Patriots and others need to find a unifying candidate to rally behind.

    Read More »

    Romney 2016: Red Flag Warnings Within 2012 Exit Poll Data

    It has been less than two weeks since Mitt Romney made his semi-bold pronouncement of 2016 intentions saying, “Everybody in here can go tell your friends that I’m considering a run.” “Everybody” was a group of about 30 mega-donors in New York comprised of the one-percent of one-percent crowd. Since that evening on January 9th, there have been two major developments. First, was a CBS | Read More »

    Tax Hike Mike Returns

    (Above: a 2007 ClubforGrowth.Net ad on Huckabee’s Record) Well folks, it looks like Mike Huckabee is going to actually run for President again. As many of you know, the Club for Growth has always done a sober and very thorough analysis of the economic records of all the Presidential candidates running for office. We intend to do so again for the 2016 cycle and our research team | Read More »

    The Worn Out Euphemisms of Abortion

    This week abortion advocates celebrate the forty-second anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that has consigned nearly 60 million Americans to their death. They, and their political allies, will proclaim their continuing pleasure at the “freedom,” “choice,” and “privacy” that Roe supposedly provided. These euphemisms for destroying living human beings are grotesque enough. But their rhetoric doesn’t even match today’s agenda of | Read More »

    A Free Market State Legislative Agenda for 2015

    President Obama will lay out his plan for the nation during the State of the Union tonight, but state legislatures convening across the country in January should not wait for him to act. Legislators are already meeting to discuss fresh ideas and create plans of action to address the many issues facing their states. A 2015 legislative agenda for the states should break out of | Read More »

    Liberalism Explained – Gettysburg Address Rules (272 words more or less)

    My son and I have discussed liberalism at length; in its current form it is a convoluted and contorted philosophy. My goal is to boil it down to its essence. In 272 words here is what I came up with: Liberalism is the “elevation of self”, the cult of “I, me, mine” manifested in group form as the all-powerful “state” from which all moral authority flows. It is | Read More »

    SOTU Preview: Dress to Kill and Soak the Rich

    SOTU Preview: Dress to Kill and Soak the Rich

    You know what they say: the only things you can count on are death and taxes. And with Big Guy’s new plan – scheduled for the big reveal tonight – we get both rolled into WON! That’s right, the retreaded Robin Hood agenda includes new, stiff Grim Reaper taxes. So if you didn’t earn that yourself, you’ll have to share it with BigGov.com who will | Read More »

    Obama’s State of the Union: A Study in Bubbles

    In anticipation of this year’s State of the Union Address, president Obama began issuing a series of “spoilers” to give a glimpse of what he intends to communicate to the country. The themes, broadly categorized, are the resurgence of the American manufacturing sector, the housing market, and access to higher education. At first glance, these may appear to be wildly divergent subjects, but there is | Read More »

    Sen. Cardin(D-MD): Bring Gitmo Terrorist To US: Meaning Bring Them To Illinois

    On Fox News Sunday Maryland Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin expressed his desire to have terrorist detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay brought to the US.  It may not be the time to release these detainees, but it’s certainly past time to close Guantanamo Bay. The cost to the American taxpayers, those funds can be put to much better use in protecting the security of our | Read More »

    Is it just possible that Obama doesn’t want Hillary to be President?

    I have believed for some time that after two more years of Obama it will be impossible for ANY Democrat to be elected president in 2016. All of Obama’s recent actions…basically ignoring the 2014 election results, challenging the new Congress at every opportunity, and defying the will of the American people seems calculated to diminish Hillary’s chances. The conventional wisdom is that Obama is now | Read More »

    The White House Lied About Broadband in Cedar Falls

    From the diaries… The President’s claim that Cedar Fall residents can get a gig for less than many Americans pay for premium cable is untrue. His statement that the Cedar Falls Utility network is 100 times faster than the average American Internet connection is, at best, a misleading and contradictory exaggeration, and at worst, absolutely false. Last week, President Obama said “were gonna change” — i.e., preempt through | Read More »

    If You Hate ‘American Sniper’, You’re Probably Not American

    ‘American Sniper’ draws a line in the sand separating Americans from whimpering cowardly quislings who share our country but not our spirit.

    Read More »

    The Oscar Nominations: Time For Some Affirmative Action

    Of all the things for the civil rights community to rail about, this year’s Oscar nominations seem to have gripped their collective consciousness.  Who cares?  Of course, Al Sharpton had to inject himself into the discussion; that was to be expected and he will likely be heading to Hollywood to shakedown the industry for “donations” to causes he deems worthy. I confess to not being | Read More »

    5 Unseemly Examples of Access, Assistance & Favors for Campaign Contributors

    I’ve been tracking campaign finance related stories at my blog Democracy Trending (and related sites) for the last couple months and, with the anniversary of Citizens United coming up, I wanted to share some of the more interesting, unusual, or egregious examples of contributions buying access, assistance or favors that I’ve come across.  These examples demonstrate the corruption, poor policy decisions, and erosion of confidence in | Read More »

    How the GOP Can Avoid Obama’s Tax Trap

    President Obama’s State of the Union proposal to increase taxes is the Democrats’ opening salvo in the 2016 election. The plan, as usual, is to pit the Republicans and the wealthy against the Democrats and the majority of the American people. Republicans should come back with a legislative riposte to put the Democrats on the defensive. Obama’s tax increases are terrible economics, but unfortunately the | Read More »

    The Worst Generation

    The Worst Generation

    We have ceded parental responsibility and authority from moms and dads to the government. Government can protect our children, sometimes. But a government who can do everything for your kids, can also take your kids away if you disagree with it. As the old quote goes: “If your government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything | Read More »

    What six years of Barack Obama’s economic incompetence has wrought

    Now that Barack Obama’s first six years are over it might be nice to see what he has wrought, and compare him to another iconic president, Ronald Reagan. When Barack Obama took office in 2009 65.7% of Americans were participating in the laborforce. (This is called the Labor Force Participation Rate – LFPR – which includes those working and those looking for work.) Six years | Read More »

    American Sniper and its Opening Message

    I posted my thoughts on this movie on EE’s post.  However, I feel compelled to write about this.  I’m not a journalist…so if there are mistakes…I am sorry.  However..let me go forward.   I tried to get tickets to this movie in one town up here in NE Georgia.  SOLD OUT FOR THREE DAYS…All showings.  We finally got in and we were one of the | Read More »

    MLK: It Was The Content of His Character, Not the Color of His Skin

    MLK: It Was The Content of His Character, Not the Color of His Skin

    Ah, nothing says “civil rights” like a pre-Martin Luther Day re-enactment march in Selma, Alabama led by the cast and crew of the Oprah’s movie Selma. Oprah Winfrey, fellow actors from the movie “Selma” and hundreds of others marched to recall one of the bloodiest chapters of the civil rights movement on Sunday, the eve of the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. David | Read More »

    Marita Noon: U.S. light dimmed with Obama energy policy

    While India chips away at regulations, the Obama administration continues to pile them on—first against coal-fueled electricity generation, and now aimed at the oil-and-gas industry. His policies, such as the Clean Power Plan (CPP), and the new methane regulations announced on January 14 (just to name two) will kill jobs and raise energy costs. (Both the CPP and the new methane regulations aim to reduce so-called greenhouse gases that alarmists claim are the drivers of climate change. The CPP: carbon dioxide; the methane regulations: methane that leaks from oil and gas wells.)

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    Is it time to push the reset button on 100 years of progressive government corruption?

    I know that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State pushed the reset button on our foreign policy only to see everything go to Hades.  That didn’t work out so well. The world war is growing, much of the west is being conquered by various elements of the Islamic Empire, and the true religious nature of the World War is becoming obvious. The Islamic Imperialist forces that were | Read More »

    Some Quotes From Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I thought is prudent to remember eight quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. To all conservatives especially those in Congress: Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggles. To all Leftists/ liberals/ progressives/ Democrats: Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. To those who govern and legislate by consulting the latest polling | Read More »

    Is Rand Paul a Judicial Activist?

    There has been much buzz over a recent speech by in which he declared himself a judicial activist. Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have piled on to declare this proof positive that the Senator is extremely and/or not sufficiently conservative. Leftist blogger Ian Millhiser foams that Paul “believes that the problem with American government is that it gives the people too much | Read More »

    Patriots vs Seahawks

    Hey everyone! Just checking in after a while and a half. Been busy with school and did some travel, fell in love, had my heart broken, am recovering. That last part – I’m referring to tonight’s loss by Green Bay, but really the last 5 minutes were just ugh, guys, can we R-E-L-A-X a bit LESS please? Anyway. Rodgers done us proud. Next year, man. | Read More »

    How to teach your child to play with fire rather than curse the darkness.

    How to teach your child to play with fire rather than curse the darkness.

    It’s Sunday, the day of rest. So let’s give it a rest for the day – politics I mean.  Big Guy’s new Soak The Rich plan can wait for the State of the Union, and the #OscarsSoWhite situation is in Al Sharpton’s capable hands. So let’s shift gears and talk about the culture-at-large instead; specifically the care and tending of children in this dangerous culture. | Read More »

    The 2016 GOP Field: The Vegas Odds Edition

    Determining the GOP Presidential nominee is 2016 is certainly more difficult than doing so with the Democrats which revolves around one person- Hillary Clinton.  As she makes moves which indicate she will make a run, the pressure grows on the Republican Party to make sure they put forth a candidate in stark contrast to the old, tired ways of Clinton.  The reason is simple: Hillary | Read More »

    So…The Supreme Court Again Takes On Gay Marriage

    In a move largely expected, the Supreme Court will finally take on the issue of gay marriage yet again.  Since its rulings in the Windsor DOMA case and the Proposition 8 Hollingsworth case out California, there has been numerous litigation in federal courts over this topic.  To date, 36 states now have gay marriage either through state constitutional recognition, legislative action, or (mostly) judicial fiat.  That is | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and the March 1st Challenge

    Steve Deace put together an article that would put a knot in any conservative’s stomach for 2016.   In 2012 the rules were changed at the convention to pave the way for the Establishment for 2016.    Here’s what Steve Deace’s “little birdie” from inside the RNC tells him.   “Look closer at the rules and you’ll see this is tailor-made for Jeb Bush 2016,” | Read More »

    Did Eric Holder Do Something Right?

    Yes, yes — I never thought I’d write something positive about Eric Holder, but from the looks of news in the Washington Post, Eric Holder has done something about which I (cautiously) agree. Holder announced that he has “barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without warrants or criminal charges. Holder’s action represents the most sweeping | Read More »

    On Duke, Islam, and Progressives

    In third grade, I won a basketball game at a local carnival, and as a prize was handed a Duke Blue Devils-themed miniature basketball.  With piqued interest, my first distinct memory as a Duke Basketball fan was the following season’s national championship game in 1999: Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Duke — which had not lost since the championship game of the early-season Great Alaska Shootout | Read More »

    Do You have Hope?

    Marching out of Yorktown to surrender the British Army played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”  As I drive to Meg Lo Mart to make my latest deposit of monopoly money in a Chinese savings account all I can do is mumble the final tag-line of the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world? What a world?” There is a massive unspoken problem | Read More »

    “Don’t do stupid stuff” Is No Longer Obama’s Foreign Policy

    "Don't do stupid stuff" Is No Longer Obama's Foreign Policy

    It’s official: our foreign policy has devolved to singing. Having found our previous #hashtag foreign policy no longer effective we’ve moved on to a different course of action. It consists of springing old pop songs, and old pop song purveyors, on both our friends and enemies in order to express our heartfelt concern and whoa, whoa, whoa feelings. I can only presume that the intended | Read More »

    “Racist” Cops and Police Brutality

    Not that I am late to the conversation, but I considered it best to let the angry rhetoric die down before penning this entry.  We have witnessed some ugly scenes in Ferguson and New York City that I believe we can all agree were not handled particularly well.  The fingers point at city officials and protesters with the flash point being the police in between. | Read More »

    Faith On The Final Frontier

    “The final frontier” — since the mid 1960’s these words have characterized Star Trek’s perception of the adventure and the discoveries to be found in the distant reaches of outer space. Yet can this vast interstellar ether really be said to be the final frontier in terms of providing an ultimate foundation or purpose? For despite all its wonder, at its core the cosmos is | Read More »

    Pope Francis and Free Speech – “There Are Limits”

    Should we demur from using a very powerful weapon against the nihilistic enemies of freedom and personal choice – the weapon of free speech? Not from what I can see. Islam is a filthy religion and its’ ‘Prophet’ is an abomination and the Muslim tribe generally is a disgrace to humanity.

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    Christian Ministers Leading from the Front: In and Out of the Pulpit

    Ministers have always been at the forefront of leading America, calling upon God for mercy, guidance, wisdom, and revival. Historically, they led both in and out of the pulpit—spawning the American Revolution, opposing slavery and organizing the Underground Railroad, actively registering people to vote, supporting civil rights, prison reform, and poverty legislation, and fighting in war and/or serving as military chaplains. Because every area of | Read More »