A Look at Last Tuesday’s Down Ticket Primary Outcomes

    Besides presidential primaries in five Northeastern states last Tuesday, congressional district and Senatorial primaries were held in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The following is a look at the outcomes in those races. Maryland Senate:  In a race that did not end up as close as most believed, Chris Van Hollen defeated fellow Democratic representative Barbara Edwards.  He will go on to face state delegate Kathy Szeliga | Read More »

    Ted Cruz’s Only Hope for Indiana and Beyond: “The Government didn’t build the American Dream…”

    This has been a tough week for Ted Cruz. He lost 5 states by double digits. Of course they were all northeastern states which means there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell they will be landing in the red column in November. Nonetheless Trump won them fair and square and he appears to have momentum. So now there’s Indiana. The numbers are such that if Cruz | Read More »

    The Media Have Chosen Their Destructor

    Choose Your Destructor: It really never gets old (classics you can watch again and again)…   Instapundit: Choose Your Destructor, why Trump is winning, and The Left Have Chosen Their Destructor   Obama joked about it during the White House Correspondence Dinner. Trump just wanted to promote his hotels and…well the rest is where we are at.   Andrew Breitbart said politics really is downstream of culture, and look where culture | Read More »

    I hate to say it, but I believe Hillary Clinton will be the next president

      As I see it, we have two possible scenarios going forward: 1)Trump is the nominee, which is possible, although certainly not inevitable. If he’s the GOP nominee, he’ll lose in the general without a doubt because a big chunk of the grassroots conservative base will stay home. The exit polls show that. Even if you underestimate that percentage, it will still be more than | Read More »

    Eleven Reasons to Dislike Lena Dunham

    There are likely more than 11 reasons, but I will list just these for now.  I have every confidence that as she grows older, there will be future Dunham fodder.  However, the best news is that she has promised to move to Canada if Trump becomes President.  Almost makes you wanna vote for Trump (um…not really). #11.   She is a hypocrite.  For a book signing | Read More »

    Transgender Bathrooms and the Two Minute Hate

    All of the angst and discussion about the reasonableness of adopting a law that mandates that all bathrooms and lockerrooms and changing rooms be unisex, permitting predators and voyeurs easy access to their intended victims, really kind of misses the real point and purpose of the argument. Conservatives and traditionalists who have just been minding their own business and living their own lives get blindsided | Read More »

    TO: Jay Cost – YouTubify your Storify

    Dear Jay, Leon brought your excellent Twitter rant on Storify to our attention here at RedState. And as often happens, he is absolutely right – it is an absolute must read. Here’s the problem; a miniscule number of people are going to see it, when it needs to be seen by far more people. Which is why I am hoping you would consider putting it | Read More »

    My California Calls for Cruz

    Today I have been making California Calls for Cruz. Two that lit up my day. An elderly lady who said she would certainly vote for Senator Cruz and thanked me for volunteering and making phone calls for Senator Cruz. An elderly Hispanic gentleman who answered the phone “Bueno”. I proceeded in my fractured spanish. I generally do this when people speak Spanish to me because, | Read More »

    M-x dissociated-trump

    Disclaimer: This post is complete fluff and amusement. Back in the old days of Usenet (prior to the Great Renaming) there was a gag pulled in the net.singles newsgroup where they took posts to the group and ran them through a Markov chain generator to create semi-coherent posts that they posted under the name of Mark V. Shaney. The resulting ramblings amused and bemused many. | Read More »

    Cruz Positioned to Win California

    Yes Ted Cruz is behind in the polls in California. He has also been ahead in the recent past. The truth is that California voters haven’t yet had a chance to get to know Ted. As a California voter, I think they will like what they see when they do. Cruz’s appearance at the California GOP convention sends the message that the California GOP Establishment, | Read More »

    Water Cooler 4/30/2016 OPEN THREAD – Trump, Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump

    Water Cooler  4/30/2016 OPEN THREAD - Trump, Anti-Trump and #NeverTrump

       SiriusXM and the Republican Convention SiriusXM, in expectation of Donald Trump Reality Radio (SiriusXM is calling it “Convention Radio,” but none are fooled), will provide “gavel to gavel” coverage of Cleveland live from the convention floor. Although the Republican Convention isn’t officially called to order until Monday, July 18th, the plan is to promote the weekend prior as “Prelude to The Convention” programming. “Our | Read More »

    Cui Bono?

    My wife and I were discussing the Target restroom dust up this morning, and we were both surprised at the estimated financial impact the boycott was having. Both of wondered if the financial hit had gotten the attention of the ownership. Which led to the question, “Who owns Target?” The answer surprised me. I typed “Who owns Target Corporation?” into the Google search engine. (“Google” | Read More »

    Stand and Deliver – Paul’s Message to Peter

    What we learn before we turn eighteen becomes the common sense of our later life.  Just as the vast majority of people after careful consideration of all the candidates and the issues end up voting for the same party as their parents so too most people can never break free of the paradigm impressed upon them as they grew up. Many people repeat the time | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Races in 2016- April News

    Florida:  Yes…there is no gubernatorial race in Florida until 2018, but court-ordered redistricting may be having an effect on this race already.  After the districts were redrawn, Gwen Graham found herself in an almost impossible predicament of defending the 2nd District.  Graham is a Democrat.  Her best option was to run in the neighboring 5th currently held by Corinne Brown.  When Brown lost her lawsuit | Read More »

    Why does John Boehner hate Ted Cruz?

    So why the H8 Boehner? Friends! Rush Limbaugh: Why the GOPe hate Ted Cruz   NRO: Boehner’s Unreasonable Attack on Cruz   Can we give up than claims that Ted Cruz is in cahoots with the GOP establishment? When we have politicians of both parties consistently going to Washington to do good and doing very well, something is seriously wrong. Personally (while Boehner’s delivery was crude | Read More »

    Water Cooler 4/29/16 – Carly Fiorina – Cancer Survivor, Business Warrior, Faithful Believer

    Carly Fiorina – A Warrior’s Breast Cancer Survival Story I’m going to devote this Water Cooler today to one of my real heroes in life, Carly Fiorina, and her remarkable story of courage, survival, and achievement. What many Constitutional Conservative friends of mine were unaware of is that in 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a double mastectomy | Read More »

    Bobby Knight Throws Another Chair

    In the also-rans of Trump celebrity endorsements, he picked one up from Bobby Knight, who was famous for throwing a chair, thereaby displaying his bonafides for a typical Trump endorser. In an interview on CNN, Knight decides to go to the Trump baffoonery speech playbook and give this gem: “You know, I’m not sure what a conservative is. I don’t know whether a conservative is | Read More »

    Open Letter to Donald Trump

    Dear Mr. Trump, In all my life, I never imagined that I would be placed in a position where I would have to say what I am going to declare in the ensuing paragraphs. In that respect, sir, you have achieved the heretofore impossible. Not that congratulations should be forthcoming for this dubious achievement. In previous elections – especially those most recent – we have | Read More »

    Conservative Media and The Importance of the Truth

    Rush’s job is to tell the truth. He can cast himself as a businessman and entertainer. He can say his only purpose is to acquire and hold the largest audience possible and charge confiscatory advertising rates. But these are SECONDARY purposes. No business is in business solely to make money. If the only thing that mattered was making money you should be a drug dealer. | Read More »

    The Battle for the Senate in 2016- April News

    With two Senatorial primaries in the books, there was a lot of news on the Senatorial front in April.  Without further ado: Arizona:  The latest poll out of Arizona shows incumbent Republican John McCain deadlocked with Democratic opponent Ann Kirkpatrick.  Although there is not much polling out of the state, this is the third consecutive one to show McCain in a tight race.  He faces | Read More »

    Dear Trumpsters Will Please Go Back To Being The Principled Conservatives I Know You Are

    “Vote for the most conservative Republican in the primary-period.”-Rush Limbaugh Dear Trumpsters, Please take the Limbaugh Rule to heart and please go back to being the principled conservative and Tea Party activists I know you to be. The walking billboards for Donald Trump that you have become isn’t consistent with the limited government, lower taxes, less spending, adhere to the Constitution principles we have all | Read More »

    Hey, Donald: If this Thing is over & Ted is “Eliminated” Why Not Take Your Name off the Ballot in California?

    Hmm? Just Askin’, of course. You are Mr. Unconventional, right? Mr. Scrappy Street Fighter, huh? Mr. Tough Guy? Go ahead, punk: Make my day. That’s right, Donald– Just call the Secretary of State in California, request the extension for the Bureau of Elections, and ask them to remove your name from the ballot for the June Primary. There’s still time. Let everybody know how confident | Read More »

    Observations of an Establishment Republican

    First a definition of the Establishment – and it is probably worth dividing it into the professional and the amateur. The first is made up of the career politicians, the relatively small number of people paid by the parties, the ousted politicians who wind up in government sinecures, the army of operatives who drift from one campaign and PAC to another, and the nuveau riche lobbyists in Washington | Read More »

    My Phone Call for Ted Cruz

    Starting a couple of weeks ago, I began making phone calls for Ted Cruz using the app that tedcruz.org will send you to. Mostly I’ve called California because I live in California. And, by the way, following the campaign’s direction I use my own smartphone, which is cool because, like a lot of people I have unlimited minutes for calling anywhere in the country. Anyway, | Read More »

    While Hillary will almost certainly win the nomination, Bernie Sanders’ commrades are still winning support with the youth…

    In response to my post about the manufactured feminist-SJW controversy over University of Washington cheerleader tryouts, LL reminds us of this movie video gem! @KevinNR Someone wrote an article on that almost a year ago. https://t.co/deLywwOWBO — Robert BorkBorkBork (@HSCP6) April 28, 2016 While Hillary’s nomination may be inevitable, Bernie Sanders absolutely influenced the Democrat race. I laugh, but it also makes me want to | Read More »

    House Freedom Caucus Chairman Vows to Push Conservative Amendments to Spending Bills

    House Freedom Caucus Chairman Vows to Push Conservative Amendments to Spending Bills

    The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said Wednesday that Republicans should be able to put forth “conservative policy riders” to appropriation bills. “If we really are about quote ‘regular order’ then that means the ability to offer amendments and push for those policy changes that we think make sense,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told The Daily Signal in an interview. Asked if it mattered | Read More »

    Trump’s Inner Tyrant

    When Donald Trump continually attacks the procedures that the various state Republican parties have made as to how they want to select delegates, he reveals his inner tyrant. He will get his way by lying over and over again. Colorado has been electing its delegates pretty much the same way for 100 years. They like it that way. Trump uses his free on air pulpit | Read More »

    Wtercooler 4/28 Open Thread: Hillary’s Classy Campaign: CO2 Increases Food Production

    Hillary’s Campaign Stays Classy, Takes Money From The Clan, Then Releases The Trolls: As things stand, I am waiting for Hillary to screech “And I’ll get your little dog too. First it turns out her campaign has been taking money from the clan “A prominent Ku Klux Klan leader says that the group has raised thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that the | Read More »

    Why Carly Fiorina Matters

    Ted Cruz has character. He’s more than once stood completely on his own to do what’s right, even at great political and personal cost. He’s been willing to call a liar a liar. He has always been on the side of life. Selecting Carly as his VP just solidifies it. This election is about the soul of a political party and the character of a nation. I know that. Ted knows that, and Carly knows that. It’s time the rest of the Christians in this nation stop buying snake oil and start doing what’s right

    Read More »

    Five Reasons Why Senator Tim Kaine Will Win Hillary’s Veepstakes

    Re-posted from National Review It’s been clear since Obama’s reelection that Hillary Clinton would run for the White House in 2016, and the speculation over her running mate has been going on almost as long. For instance, in May of 2014 I penned the piece “Kaine Is Able, and Warner Is Too,” suggesting that both Virginia senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, would be strong | Read More »

    Don’t disenfranchise 58.12% of Republican voters!

    Don't disenfranchise 58.12% of Republican voters!

        Trump Cruz Rubio Kasich     10,056,690 6,854,211 3,461,265 3,672,832 I would like to know why no one makes the argument that more people have voted against Donald Trump than for him? So much talk by Trump and surrogates focuses on Disenfranchisement of the voters of this country. Here is some simple math that supports why an open convention is what allows the | Read More »

    Two questions for #Never Trumpers, like myself: Could Trump actually ask Cruz to be his VP, and would/should Ted accept?

    OK, OK…before you laugh, or spew your coffee, or tell me I’m fruitloops, or drunk….hear me out for a few minutes. First, as to my  bona fides.  I have been opposed to Trump from the first day he announced. I’ve called him a megalomaniacal narcissist with pathological tendencies.   Check out my diaries. I’m as pure as Ivory soap in my loathsome detestation of The Donald. | Read More »

    Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

    It has been said that Donald Trump is involved in hundreds of business ventures, either directly or through the licensing of his name. In fact, Trump has stated that of his claimed $10 billion net worth (Forbes places his net worth at a far more modest $4.5 billion), $3 billion consists of his “brand.” It might come as a surprise to some that his name | Read More »

    If you think Donald Trump is a conservative, then you might be a liberal.

    If you like Donald Trump position on taxes, then you might be a liberal. If you like Donald Trump position on protecting religious liberty, then you might be a liberal. If you like Donald Trump’s plans for creating and protecting American jobs in this country, then you might be a liberal. If you like Donald Trump’s position on a pathway to citizenship, then you might | Read More »

    Let’s be honest: Trump had some solid foreign policy ideas

    I’m no Donald Trump fan. In fact, I’ve been thinking of who I’d write in for president if Trump is the Republican nominee. What’s more, I was very excited by Sen. Ted Cruz’s announcement yesterday of Carly Fiorina as his running mate. She was my candidate at the outset. Nonetheless, I have to be honest: Donald Trump’s foreign policy principles, as outlined in his speech | Read More »

    Americans Have Only One Choice in the 2016 Presidential Primaries

    I’m an American.  Like many of you, I was born here.  Of those born here, I’m in the subset that is old / lucky enough to have gotten an education rather than lefty-indoctrination.  All the basics were covered including a positive view of American History and Civics.  I grew up proud to be an American, confident that we had the greatest nation on earth, and grateful | Read More »

    “No Trump Anytime” Coming to a City Near You!

    "No Trump Anytime" Coming to a City Near You!

    Clearly Donald Trump is Not Welcomed Here   all images courtesy Plastic Jesus, inc.   “NO TRUMP ANYTIME” Signs Pop Up from LA to DC                                               

    The Battle for the House in 2016- April News, Part 2

    Continuing from yesterday: MN-03:  The Democrats believe they have their woman in to run against incumbent Republican Erik Paulsen- state senator Terri Bonoff.  She ran here before, but lost the Democratic primary in 2008.  Since 2008, Paulsen has never garnered less than 58% of the vote in the general election. NV-04:  Lucy Flores, the Democratic Party’s abortion Barbie in Nevada is seeking this seat against | Read More »

    There Shall be One More Debate– Moderated by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

    From the Desk of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus. Or should be… April 27th, 2016 Dear Fellow Republicans In these United States, political parties do not exist merely as vehicles to advance power after power, or endure in perpetuity simply as entities of social inertia and stasis. They do not exist to pad expense accounts, or to lobby for patronage. Rather, political parties exist | Read More »

    Why #neverTrump

    There are those who are already saying that much of the #neverTrump movement will dissolve come November.  They are wrong.  Here are the reasons #neverTrump will last, and why Trump is losing 30%+ of the Republican party. First, it should be noted that we are not Republicans first.  We are Republicans because of what the Republican party stands for, and because it gives us a | Read More »

    Watercooler 4/27 Open Thread: LePage’s Secret Identity, Kasich VP Fun, Weird

    #NeverTrumpNeverKasichEVERWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…   Target Boycott Pledge Update The hits just keep on comin’… we’re north of 800,000 signers on the “No Target” pledge.   Separated at Birth, or Unholy Resurrection? After the weekend’s antics from #LiarLePage, I got to thinking, and the photo Streiff posted of the bloated, bespectacled, bloviating bag of B.S. | Read More »

    So How Bad Was Tuesday?

    Obviously, Donald Trump had a very good and better than expected primary on Tuesday sweeping all five states.  His closest rival Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from a victory on the first ballot at the convention in Cleveland in July.  But, that was a foregone conclusion after New York pretty much and obviously Cruz’s strategy is to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates to win on | Read More »

    Never Give In

    It’s hard not to feel dispirited if you are a Cruz supporter. It was hard to not feel dispirited if you were British after Dunkirk. It is hard not to feel dispirited after writing the last sentence when you realize that most millennials would have no idea what you ere talking about with that reference. But Utes the deal: I want to be on the | Read More »

    So what is Ted Cruz’s Major Announcement?

    Fiorina is backing Cruz Politico: Ted Cruz as a major announcement at 4 p.m. in Indiana Update: RedState/Brandon Morse: Rumors confirmed! Ted needs to change the narrative after last night.  Trump had a big night and Indiana has become a do or die for the Cruz Campaign. Given the stories about Cruz vetting Carly for vice president, this speculation does make sense. Carly Fiorina was | Read More »

    Nathan Deal and Donald Trump: A case study in businessman governance.

    Nathan Deal gives us an object lesson of what happens when you elect a man who admires nothing more than making a great deal and values money more than principle

    Read More »

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Donald Trump and the Tyranny of the Mob…

    For the last eight years I’ve been shaking my head, simply bewildered that so many Americans could be so insane as to vote for Barack Obama for president. Not surprisingly, once Obama was ensconced in the White House things played out pretty much as predicted with virtually every month bringing new news of a faltering economy, a shrinking workforce and more government waste, intervention and | Read More »

    Family Research Council Requests Congress Investigate Illegal Abortion Funding

      AmeriCorps is a federally funded, government program who’s goal is “to meet critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.” Between 2013 and 2015, six Americorps members helped a few pregnant women meet their “critical need” of an abortion by “supporting them during the abortion procedure” while at a New York City Health Center. Following OIG’s public release of their investigation’s findings | Read More »

    The Battle for the House in 2016- April News, Part 1

    There is a lot to get to and a lot that happened in April.  This is part 1 of a 2 part series on House races of interest. AZ-02:  Surprisingly, the DCCC has not listed this race as a priority to unseat GOP incumbent Martha McSally.  Perhaps they are waiting for their primary to decide, but McSally has an impressive $2.2 million war chest at | Read More »

    Hillary’s Risk of Stroke & Toxic Drugs That Cause Confusion

    Hillary’s Risk of Stroke & Toxic Drugs That Cause Confusion

    It’s nearly every week now that Hillary Clinton has a substantial coughing attack. Of course, this observation is being dismissed as politics-as-usual.  Hillary-supporters accuse conservatives of conflating these issues into her being unfit for the presidency.  I think conservatives (at least) can agree – from a character, integrity and positions-standpoint she is definitely unfit to be president. More importantly, she may be physically unfit as | Read More »

    Helm’s Deep, Indiana

    Things are looking decidedly grim for those of us still possessed with some modicum of reason. Despite months of abject stupidity, rank ignorance, and astonishing displays of petulant immaturity, Donald Trump is poised to become the Republican nominee. Many are suggesting that Cruz improve his game, that he step up and Get It Done. To paraphrase the King of Rohan, What can men of reason | Read More »