In Case You Doubted: Yes Planned Parenthood is Evil

    In Case You Doubted: Yes Planned Parenthood is Evil

    We shouldn’t be having this argument. It shouldn’t even be open to discussion. It should be like having a conference on when throwing virgins into the caldera of an active volcano to  appease the gods is acceptable.  Or when it’s okay to eat your young. But here we are. Planned Parenthood is erecting a media screen in defense of their practice of killing unborn babies and selling the | Read More »

    In Defense Of Gov. O’Malley: All Lives Do In Fact, Matter

    The irony is that O’Malley, like all progressives supports abortion, so maybe he doesn’t really believe that all lives matter. But if I must, then I’ll go ahead and defend the former Maryland governor for his statement as a progressive gathering in which he said all lives matter in response to a question about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. What he said was taken out of context | Read More »

    Let’s Change the Culture of “Mt. Washington”

    Yesterday, I outlined some of the steps we need to take to change the culture of overspending, overborrowing and crony capitalism that dominates Washington D.C. This was my campaign’s first major policy speech precisely because if we can’t fix the culture of Washington, we can’t fix any of the other problems in our federal government. We all know the problems: Failure isn’t punished; managers aren’t | Read More »

    Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

    Thank goodness we last November gave the Republicans the Senate majority. Who besides the GOP would resurrect government money for ridiculous “green” “energy” – which is neither green nor energy? To the tune of tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars more down the juice-less rat hole. Oh yeah – every Democrat on the planet. Senate May Revive Expired Green Energy Tax Subsidies The | Read More »

    What are we talking about?

    Last week after Franklin Graham expressed his opinion that the United States must protect itself against violent Islamic jihadists, a Facebook conversation characterized him as a xenophobe. The use of words like xenophobe has become all too common in public conversations. Facebook, Twitter, and comment threads on blogs are littered with such words. It is extremely disturbing to see how discussion of viewpoints has fallen | Read More »

    Will Trump Be A Trumpet Call To The GOP?

    Donald Trump is the GOP candidate that is getting the most media attention and voter interest right now. Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons An ABC News/Washington Post poll released yesterday shows Trump was the favorite with GOP registered or Republican-leaning voters with 24% support. Scott Walker was second with 13% and Jeb Bush was right behind with 12% support.  Put another way, Trump has | Read More »

    Hey Mods…what’s with all the weird diaries? Is this an attack?

    It’s an improvement  ( of sorts)from the Turkish poker posts, ( haven’t seen those for a while… but this has got to stop… Coordinated leftie attack, or just David Brock totally coming unglued? Hey, maybe Trump can keep ‘em out. Why not ask him?

    Let’s Try Some Real Prison Reform

    Prison and criminal justice reform is all the rage these days and rightfully so.  In some cases, the pendulum has swung so far to the “law and order” side that it is placing a serious burden on our prisons, police, courts and judges while costing billions of unnecessary dollars every year.  Coming to this conclusion does not mean a capitulation to liberal ideas for prison | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Mexico’s energy reform is rolling, albeit with training wheels

    When Mexico’s energy reforms began, oil was in the $100 a barrel range, the Mexican government expected four to seven of the blocks would be sold—representing a goal of 30-50 percent. On July 15, the success rate was a less-than-expected 14 percent.

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    Ann Romney Faked MS To Get More White Privilege

    Right folks, now you know…rich white people continue to be targets for outraged white progressives who just can’t stand it anymore…how dare Ann Romney, with all those millions of Mormon bucks in her Depends panties, DARE to try to curry sympathy from minimum wage Walmart and Burger King fast food workers…and all the inner city bruddas and sistahs of color too!  That’s what all this | Read More »

    Time For ZERO Lindsey Graham To Drop Out

    Former Texas Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has called on fellow presidential contender Donald Trump to withdraw from the race over his remarks about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 53% made at Saturday’s Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. Perry is right about one thing, there is a candidate in this race that needs to drop out. But it isn’t | Read More »


    Why did ultra liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 17% (D.-MA) remind Presidential candidates, “they must curb the influence of Wall Street and banks on the political process“? It seems as if she was specifically targeting her party’s leading Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the largest benefactor of wealthy Wall Street contributors and “too large to fail” banks. Mrs. Clinton can | Read More »

    Slaughter Babies and Nobody Panics; Sell Their Body Parts and Everyone Loses Their Minds

    Slaughter Babies and Nobody Panics; Sell Their Body Parts and Everyone Loses Their Minds

    By now, most people have either seen or heard about the Planned Parenthood video. If, by some chance, you’ve been living under a rock, you can watch the full, unedited version here. In all honesty, that video didn’t shock me. It was certainly disturbing, yes. But we’re talking about an organization that has murdered almost seven million babies since 1970. Why are we all of a sudden | Read More »

    Homosexual Marriage: Will a State Stand Up for the Constitution?

    Homosexual Marriage: Will a State Stand Up for the Constitution?

    What to do when a Supreme Court Ruling violates the Constitution? This question should never have to be asked, because judges swear an oath to perform their duties “under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.” But what if a judge ignores the Constitution when ruling? Let’s examine this with respect to marriage. What does the Constitution state on marriage? | Read More »

    Is Buchanan more influential than Reagan in the run-up to 2016?

    I have a lot of respect of Pat Buchanan as a man.  He has unique insights on things, and he is someone who will speak his mind rather than get along for the purpose of getting along.  In contrast to the  “tell it like is” Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan has been remarkably consistent over the years.  While Trump and Buchanan competed against each other for the | Read More »

    Fool or a Villian? Obama and America’s Standing in the World…

    I find myself vacillating between thinking Barack Obama is utterly incompetent, or he’s an evil genius who has a nefarious anti American plan in mind. While my heart wants to tell me that the person who’s been twice elected President of the United States is a good man with good intentions who’s simply in over his head, my head tells me something else. When it | Read More »

    Yet Again, the Left is Caught Fraudulently Faking Support for its Ridiculous Policies

    Remember Russia’s Potemkin villages? The phrase “Potemkin village”…was originally used to describe a fake portable village, built only to impress…. The phrase is now used, typically in politics and economics, to describe any construction (literal or figurative) built solely to deceive others into thinking that some situation is better than it really is. The modern Left is renowned for erecting Potemkin-esque faux support and supporters | Read More »

    Is Islam Inherently Violent?

    I first learned about Islam by reading some history books in my dad’s library. He belonged to the ‘Book of the Month Club’ (remember that mail-order business?) back in the 60s and he bought the ‘Story of Civilization’ collection written by the erudite scholar Will Durant and his wife Ariel Durant. Really fantastically well written. Anyway, the Durants wrote all 12 volumes between the 1930s | Read More »

    Education 2016: An Agenda for the Next President

    The Republican Party has a unique opportunity in 2016 to advance an educational agenda which will improve our public schools.  Given the spending habits of groups like the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers and their state affiliates, one can expect enormous attacks.  Greater than 90% of the NEA’s political advocacy donations go to Democrats. ranks the NEA as the 4th largest | Read More »

    Trump supported path to citizenship, said Romney was “mean-spirited” on immigration

    Trump supported path to citizenship, said Romney was "mean-spirited" on immigration

    I find it very interesting that Donald Trump has rocketed to the top of the polls, especially since he is doing it on the issue of immigration. It appears those supporting Trump don’t know much about his history. Glenn Beck has been trying to get the truth out. On his show the other day, he played a clip of Trump endorsing a path to citizenship. Skip | Read More »

    Hey Reince, you just got a sneak preview of the first GOP circus, er…..debate. Happy?

    Well, well Chairman Preibus, I guess your little chat with the Trumpster was a rip-roaring success after all. Yup, he calmed down, “toned it down”…and now look. Reince, you were just treated to a sneak preview of what the first GOP debates are going to be: a three NO Trump circus. Everything will be all about The Donald, all the time. And it’s all your | Read More »

    Not All Black Lives Matter, Let’s Get Real

    I’m watching the Sunday morning talking heads and I just saw Donna Brazil, the Democratic consultant, talking about this festering issue in the American polity, the constantly recurring meme and cliche of  “all black lives matter” and all of those platitudes surrounding race. Look, her life matters because she is a responsible productive person and being African American has NOTHING to do with her value. | Read More »

    Education: School Choice and Vouchers- The Way Forward

    The key factor in true educational reform is an introduction of competition into the system- a viable option for parents to break free from the yoke of failing public schools.  Unfortunately it is the teacher unions that stand in the way of these reforms based upon misinformation, confusion of the facts and, in many cases, outright lies.  Their best argument is that the jury is | Read More »

    Former RNC Digital Savior Burkett Tells Truth About RNC Digital… Again

    Bless Andy Burkett, the former Facebook digital savior hired by the RNC after the famous 2012 digital ‘autopsy’ of failed digital operations. Saturday, Burkett appeared at a Lincoln Labs event in San Francisco and elaborated on his previous statements about the dearth of digital regard at the RNC.

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    Don’t Worry About Trump

    I have no plans to vote for Mr. Trump.  I don’t believe he will make it past the debate coming up in a few weeks because I’m not sure he will be able to hold his own against some of the others. On the other hand, we might all be surprised. Those of us here at RedState are some of the most tuned in voters | Read More »

    Honoring military veterans versus cultural cleansing

    Our nation  is undergoing an orgy of cultural cleansing right now, and most of it is aimed directly or indirectly at those who defended their homes and states as soldiers, often giving their lives.  Right now it is directed against the soldiers who fought for the south in the War Between the States, but we have to remember that the liberal media which is orchestrating | Read More »

    Hillary In Iowa: Reaganomics One Of Worst Ideas Of The ’80s

    Hillary Clinton Speaking at the Iowa Democrat Parties Hall of Fame dinner Friday night in Cedar Rapids former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attacked the pro-growth economic policies of President Ronald Reagan as one of the worst ideas of the 1980s saying, “Trickle down economics has to be one of the worst ideas of the 1980s.  It is right up there | Read More »

    Live Free or Die: Honoring Marine Dead Means Disobeying Cowards

    Live Free or Die: Honoring Marine Dead Means Disobeying Cowards

    Try not to envy: I’m writing this listening to waves crashing on beach, minutes after sunrise, to the aroma of morning coffee. The sun rises early over the placid beach in New Hampshire’s picturesque seacoast. A narrow thirteen miles of beaches, marshes and rocky shore is all that separates Massachusetts and Maine’s long and storied coastlines. Everybody’s from somewhere, and I’m from that little spit | Read More »

    Why Progressives Don’t Want A Secure U.S.

    Remember all the hoopla over the illegal immigrant children flooding the southern border from Guatemala and other parts of Central America last year?  How outraged liberals were at the mere suggestion that it was wrong to allow them inside the U.S. en masse. And what goes for mere children, the humanitarian impulses of the liberals are just as active for all the adults, whether educated | Read More »

    Education 2016: Another Saga of “Rich School, Poor School”

    Another lie perpetuated by teacher unions is that public schools are underfunded when compared against private schools.  This is educational class warfare at its rank worst.  One will usually hear these accusations when the subject of school vouchers is brought up.  You will hear statements like “they are diverting needed money away from public schools.”  As I have shown, this is patently false with respect | Read More »

    Trump was right. But read this before you support him for president.

    Trump was right. But read this before you support him for president.

    Donald Trump was right. The open southern border is a problem. There is absolutely no way to prevent violent criminals from entering our country. However, if we put aside his border advocacy and general anti-PC style, is he still someone that conservatives should support for president? That question comes down to trust. Can we trust Donald Trump? Consider his history: Trump flirted with presidential bids in | Read More »

    2nd U.S. Constitutional Convention

    “Capitol Hill aides suggest that Republican leaders in both houses are wary of wading into the gay marriage debate so quickly after the court decision”,

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    Conservatives Will Win Everything…Politically, Socially…But It Will Be A Bitch

    I know everyone here is exasperated, with the Iran deal, the inability to fight the Islamic jihadists, the adulation of illegal immigrants at the expense of American citizens, the inability to secure the borders, the Orwellian thought police mentality of liberals that imposes the ethos of self-censorship on ordinary people with trepidations about our collective trajectory, the rising demographic tide of the brown and black | Read More »

    J Street Sonderkommandos

    Back in the days of the nazi death camps, the SS created special groups of prisoners called Sonderkommandos. Their job was to lead the Jews who were to be exterminated to shower rooms which were in reality gas chambers. After the prisoners were gassed , they would remove the bodies and incinerate them. A lobbying group known as J street , supposedly pro-Israel and pro-peace | Read More »

    How is this allowed?

    Single white guy kills 9 black people and it is immediately called “domestic terrorism” and the entire culture and history of the south is vilified and erased. A man with an arabic name kills 4 servicemen and the media searches for a “motive”.  Really?  I have no idea how this stands?

    Cracking Down on Tax Evasion and Illegal Workers

    A person would have to get an IRS permit by January 1, 2017 in order to work for pay or other compensation: 1. at restaurants and other licensed food preparation establishments 2. at lodging establishments 3. as landscape workers, except those working on governmental highway contracts 4. as a construction/building tradesperson or construction or building site worker 5. at a residential dwelling or housing unit | Read More »

    John McCain adds “whiny narcissist” to his re-election resume

    If you ever needed proof of the narcissistic motivations of the RINO establishment in Washington, D.C., look no further than a recent interview with The New Yorker given by the Maverick from Arizona — Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 53%. As reported by, when asked about Donald Trump’s recent rally in Phoenix, AZ., McCain stated that Trump will hurt him personally as | Read More »

    Stupid party leaders, pick up your Trump card

    I don’t know anyone that actually thinks Donald Trump would make a good candidate. Explanation. We are pissed at you. Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58%, please step down. Donald Trump has offended just about everyone it would seem. Except the people who answer the poll questions. Explanation: The echo chamber caused by the | Read More »

    Education 2016: The Myth of the Eggheaded Teacher

    There are two great impediments to entering the teaching profession- state certification rules which are demanded by the unions, and nepotism.  Any profession requires that a member be certified by the state- doctors, lawyers, even hairdressers.  It is generally a sign that the person has achieved some level of expertise in their chosen field.  Teacher quality is certainly an important factor in academic achievement, but | Read More »

    Facts vs. Fluff on Gubernatorial Records

    Because politicians add fluff to their records, it is important to compare the factual records of the conservatives running for president in 2016.

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    2016: The Known Knowns

    Between now and November of 2016 a couple of billion dollars will be spent to convince American voters that one party of the other has the answers – or at least that they have the questions. Most will be wasted – not because advertising doesn’t work, campaigns and candidates are unimportant, or 21st Century Get Out the Vote techniques are lacking. To the likely benefit | Read More »

    Why the Love for Maoist Art?

    Politico has toured the Hillary for Clinton headquarters and they proudly display their love for Maoist art.  Why the fascination with communist art?

    “Caitlyn” Jenner And The Land Of Confusion

    I think Caitlyn Jenner is perhaps the most flawless representation of America in 2015. He/She, or he represents what this country has become: That is a nation that ultimately doesn’t really know what it is, who it is, or what it wants to be known as. America in 2015 is like an indecisive child who can’t seem to nail down the choices between vanilla, strawberry, | Read More »

    Iran Nuclear Deal Is A Treaty

    The Iran nuclear deal is a treaty. From “Treaty – an official agreement that is made between two or more countries or groups.” Since this is “an agreement made between two or more countries,” by definition, it is a treaty. According to the Constitution, treaties require approval by the Senate by a two-thirds majority vote.  The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act turns this on its | Read More »

    Obama: Black Kennedy In His Own Mind

    Amid all the conservative criticism of Obama’s reluctance to use, or threaten to use, military force to further America’s policy ends, whether presently in Iraq/Syria against ISIS, back in 2011 in the case of the residual force in Iraq, against the Somali pirate home bases, etc.,  no commentators or analysts on the left or right have talked about a fundamental root cause for Obama’s attitude | Read More »

    New Counterterrorism Bill Would Force Internet Businesses to Turn Over Suspicious User Content to the Feds – No Warrant Required

    The Senate Intelligence Committee has passed a version of the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2016 (S. 1705) that would create a “duty to report” requirement for “providers of electronic communication services, which include online content hosts, internet service providers, and public libraries and coffee shops that offer WiFi access.” These companies would have to report any supposed “terrorist activity.” The impact of this provision, | Read More »

    The sickening moral inconsistency of The Left

    I could link to articles, but the material is so well known that it isn’t needed.  First Obergefell v. Hodges.  In this case a “fundamental right” was voted on recognized by the Supreme Court to have your sexual deviancy fully recognized and supported by your neighbors.  If they didn’t want to bake you a cake, then take all their money and send them to re-education | Read More »

    The GOP Field Falls Into Place

    We have Senators and Governors and ex-Senators and ex-Governors, business leaders and CEOs, and a bona fide legitimate medical doctor (in fact, two) to choose from for the GOP presidential candidate to take on Hillary in 2016.  With the field set and many debates to go before we get to Iowa or New Hampshire this winter, let’s take a breath and take stock of the | Read More »

    “Institutional Republicans” to Blame for Trump Being Up

    Institutionalization of Republicans

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    Satan Against Satan

    Satan Against Satan

    Satan cannot stand against Satan.  If he does, his own house falls.  Every Sunday school child learns this simple lesson, but liberals’ rank ignorance of this fact could present the greatest hope of our time. “How?” you ask. Let me explain. Just yesterday, the news was all abuzz with a not-so-shocking undercover video of Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola placidly discussing how | Read More »