Fax Bomb Campaign: Citizens United & Anonymous Call For Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton

    Fax Bomb Campaign: Citizens United & Anonymous Call For Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton

    It was recently reported that U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) employees have contributed so much money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign that critics are reluctant to believe the agency can handle the private email server case impartially. The Clinton campaign has accepted approximately $75,000 in campaign contributions from DOJ employees during the current election cycle. Bias aside, the actual case against Hillary Clinton is | Read More »

    Trump Apologist

    From Politico a quote from Rep. Duncan Hunter, one of the first to endorse Trump, explaining his disappointment at Trump’s refusal to meet with current endorsers today  while in DC to meet with Ryan and McConnell:   “If they endorse him, then go back to their districts to say they’ve met him and he’s not crazy, it goes a long way,” Hunter said. “It helps if you | Read More »

    Google Discrimination

    Google’s announcement yesterday that they will prohibit online short term lenders from advertising will hurt middle and low income Americans and might be an attempt for Google to help out a company they have invested in that provides short term loans.  Many complain that Google has so much power that they are effectively a monopoly when it comes to search engines, although Bing and Yahoo | Read More »

    Watercooler 5/12/16:Obama Declares War;Watson Evaluates Candidates:ISIS losing popularity

    Obama Declares War — On Property Values As a parting shot before leaving office Obama has an attack on suburbia planned. Hillary’s rumored running mate, Housing Secretary Julian Castro, is cooking up a scheme to reallocate funding for Section 8 housing to punish suburbs for being too white and too wealthy. The scheme involves super-sizing vouchers to help urban poor afford higher rents in pricey | Read More »

    The Elon Musk Earmark

    The House of Representatives are in the process of gathering up amendments for floor consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act as the Senate wraps up a closed door markup of the bill.  This bill has traditionally been the legislation that carries major changes in policy across the finish line late in a session.  What is expected to happen is that the House and Senate | Read More »

    Predictions: I’ll share mine, if You’ll share yours…

    I thought this might be interesting, and even fun, to make predictions for this upcoming election to be revisited at later dates… how many of our predictions will turn out to be right?? Prediction #1:    It’s Trump/Kasich and has been for some time now—-Kasich fits the bill—experienced in DC pushing legislation through congress,  Trump likes him and always has, and he is from a must-win swing state, Ohio. | Read More »

    Young Conservatives and the Future of America

    First of all, I would like to thank all the members of RedState for proposing answers to what I believe to be very interesting questions concerning this year’s Republican primary. They were all very helpful and insightful. In that same post, I mentioned that I am 19 years old. The fact that I am both (relatively) young and a conservative seemed to inspire many of you | Read More »

    The High Priest of Hypocrisy

    When historians look back at the era of the global warming scare, they will note with glee and laughter of how a group of Chicken Little’s conned so many people into believing the world will end unless we pass this tax or this carbon trading scheme.  There will. No doubt be chapters dedicated to voices of doom like Al Gore, President Obama and “The Science | Read More »

    Ted Cruz, and the Orange-Scented Pledge…

    It might have been Dick Dastardly. It might have been Tennessee Tuxedo– I can’t remember which. But, there was a scene from one of those Saturday Morning cartoons of my inglorious youth where one of the protagonists was attempting to nail some boards or shingles onto his roof. No matter how he held the hammer, no matter how he held the nail, he kept hitting | Read More »

    Hillary and Donald? We don’t have to vote for Dem and Dem-er

    Hillary and Donald? We don't have to vote for Dem and Dem-er

    As America continues to drift ever closer to her destruction, the opportunity to elect new leadership that could keep that from happening appears to be gone as it looks like our two primary choices for president have been boiled down to a couple of New York liberals – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Or as I call them: Dem and Dem-er. My position on The | Read More »

    The Olympic Torch Arrives in Brazil

    Once again, we will be tortured with that every-four-year event known as the Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in early August.  Does anyone really watch these things anymore?  For me, it got a lot less interesting when they started allowing professional athletes in the games.  We all knew that the Soviet Union and teams from East Germany were putting professionals | Read More »

    No, I will not pass the Donald to find out what’s in him.

    I have been trying to answer the various arguments put forth by Trump supporters meant to persuade conservatives who are #nevertrump. Should I put aside moral/ethical concerns and vote because of party? Should I vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court? Another common argument I hear goes thus: Yes, Trump is a liberal. Yes, he is untrustworthy. Yes, he is all of those things | Read More »

    A Question to Trump Supporters

    One of the biggest arguments for “support Trump” has been to say that not supporting him is tantamount to supporting Hillary in the election.  I’ve already written on why that is bunk.  With that said, I want to posit an honest question for those who say we should support Trump to stop Hillary: Is there anything that Trump could say or do that would make | Read More »

    Trump: Never Apologize

    Those of us who have had the sad experience of dealing with narcissistic bullies recognize Trump’s abusive bully tactics. His latest one is to have all of his minions attack the #NeverTrump conservatives while simultaneously making his personal disdain for us known by saying that there are certain endorsements he doesn’t want and support from certain people that he doesn’t want. Would that the people | Read More »

    Watercooler 5/11 Open Thread: Speeding Delivery, Lottery Musings, Conduct Unbecoming Petition to RNC

    #NeverTrumpNeverKasich #NotInMYNameWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… well, we’ve got a short one. And People Say Cops Are Heartless Thugs… Here’s a heartwarming one from the Boys in Blue. Two LAPD officers started what looked like a routine traffic stop for speeding on Mother’s Day, only to find the passenger in labor. Thoughts of traffic stop | Read More »

    The Reluctant Case for Trump

    The rise of Donald Trump as the presumptive  GOP candidate for the 2016 Presidential election has led to public denunciations by other Republicans unlike anything I’ve seen in my life.  Trump was never my candidate of choice, but just like I don’t revel in getting older I simply find the alternative even worse.  There are many reasons to prefer a Trump Presidency to a Hillary one, | Read More »

    Del Becarro in California

    Because of California’s open no party primaries, it is vital for California conservatives to vote on June 7 just to have a conservative on the ballot in November. The way the races, other than president, work in California, is that all candidates run against each other in the primary and the top two run off in November. In the open Senate seat the top three | Read More »

    My George Soros Nightmare

    My George Soros Nightmare It was one of those nights. Friends came over. We drank a few beers, smoked way too many cigarettes and stayed up into the early morning talking politics and music and whatever happened to Ozzy Osbourne. I crawled into bed contented but wiped out. II fell into a deep sleep immediately like a two year old run out of energy. And | Read More »

    #NeverRockyRoad! (A Fairy Tale)

    My favorite ice cream store started a contest to eliminate flavors one by one. By November, one flavor will be declared the “winner”, and that’s the only flavor we’ll have for the next four years. My favorite freezer is on the right-hand side of the store. On the left sits a decrepit old freezer; its offerings tempt young customers and those with “special interests”; usually they | Read More »

    Facebook and The Donald

    I know I said I was tired of stories about what led to the rise of Donald Trump. But recent news of Facebook workers suppressing conservative stories in the “trending” column that so many millennials seem to rely on for news is leading me to add to the many columns on this topic. Facebook’s censorship is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. Or rather, what | Read More »

    Behold Senator John McCain’s Terrible Military Amendment

    Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has over his decades in government built a reputation based largely on a few key tenets. As a genuine Vietnam War hero, and as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, he is one of the lead defenders and proponents of all things military. He relentlessly champions “good government” – i.e. spending government money more wisely and well. And | Read More »

    Left Wing Protesters are Brats That Need to Be Spanked

    Remember those Tea Party protests back in 2010 when people would stand up at a town hall meeting with their elected leaders and ask questions?  Sometimes, they would protest in groups on the mall in Washington, DC and pick up their trash afterwards.  Sure, they looked silly in their tri-cornered hats and I’m sure the occasional character dressed as Benjamin Franklin did not help their | Read More »

    Watercooler 5/10/16 Open Thread: Healthcare, Minimum Wage, and…Milton Friedman

    Obamacare Update: Insurance Premiums Set To Explode Higher In 2017 Starting in Virginia, Anthem Inc and Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield are proposing 15.8% and 25% increases respectively. Humana may exit Obamacare individual plans in some states U.S. health insurer Humana Inc, which plans to be bought by larger Aetna Inc, is considering ending the sale of Obamacare individual plans in some states in 2017 to stem | Read More »

    With Donald Trump, The Republican Party Left Me

    With Donald Trump, The Republican Party Left Me

    As an 18-year-old conservative activist, I have volunteered over 1,000 hours of my time on Republican campaigns. I’ve dedicated much of my young life to Republican politics and defending the party’s conservative principles. The GOP was created to embrace economic freedom, pro-American beliefs, strong Christian morals, and a unifying tone. I joined the party because of those viewpoints. With Donald Trump’s nomination, the Republican Party | Read More »

    Republican Abe Lincoln’s Party Platform

    Republican Abe Lincoln's Party Platform

    Republican Party Platform of 1860 Resolved, That we, the delegated representatives of the Republican electors of the United States in Convention assembled, in discharge of the duty we owe to our constituents and our country, unite in the following declarations: 1. That the history of the nation during the last four years, has fully established the propriety and necessity of the organization and perpetuation of | Read More »

    Three Tax Lessons the Left Keeps Failing

    It’s no secret that lefties love taxes. Problems arise, however, when in its unending defense of the tax-and-spend playbook, the Left simply chooses to ignore facts and good data. The Joint Economic Committee (JEC) recently held hearings on the policy markers for economic growth. My friend and colleague, Dr. Arthur Laffer, made important observations at that hearing on some topics we have collaborated on over | Read More »

    Dennis Prager makes a scary point…

    Dennis Prager makes a scary point.  Thomas Sowell has made the same point. The rise of Donald Trump is a symptom of something far worse for this country. I am #NeverHillary for a reason. Beyond the political battle of the two unacceptable candidates and which is worse, we need to address how we move forward.  Conservatism, needs to be simple.  It is about the empowering | Read More »

    Transgender bathroom wars have nothing to do with civil rights

    Transgender bathroom wars have nothing to do with civil rights

    Google or Bing “LGBT” and “Strident Conservative” and you’ll see pages of news and opinion on how the political agenda of homosexual, bisexual and transgender groups have systematically destroyed American culture. But more than that, you’ll see how the movement has deceitfully used the rallying cry of “equality” as their motivation for the change they seek while, in the end, equality has nothing to do | Read More »

    Dear Trump Voter Holdouts, What is Republican(ism)?

    Dear Trump Voter Holdouts, What is Republican(ism)?

      I pose my question to Republicans who respond to #NeverTrump with, “He’s the Republican nominee. I’m a Republican, ergo I will vote for Trump.”   Bobby Jindal: “I think electing Donald Trump would be the second-worst thing we could do this November, better only than electing Hillary Clinton…” Rand Paul: “I’ve always said I will endorse the nominee.” Scott Walker: “I stood on the stage in Cleveland | Read More »

    Why Hurricanes Are Sexist- A Little Humor to Lighten the Day

    Hurricanes are sexist.  Its not because we name them after females.  The National Weather Service took care of that a long time ago when they started naming them after males also.  Some feminist, which is just a synonym for crackpot, whose name escapes me claims that the word “hurricane” sounds too much like “her-icane.”  Since it is female sounding, it must automatically be misogynistic.  It | Read More »

    Why I will not give in to secularism and vote for Trump

    We humans are tribal beings. We are individuals, yes, of course, but we also strongly tend to identify as members of various groups. Like concentric circles, we can list a number of groups with which we identify. We offer loyalty and support, time and energy, sometimes receiving back the same, sometimes unrequited. When family or friends hit hard times, we are happy to help, expecting | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Colorado Supreme Court embraces the rule of law, not the fear mongering of the anti-fossil-fuel movement

    The consequences of the decision are “comparatively small,” according to NYT, as the land now opened up for exploration represents only a fraction of Colorado’s oil-and-gas development. “More significant, said experts on both sides of the conflict, is that the rulings shut down future efforts to stop fracking in local jurisdictions.” Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said that she fears the ruling will not end the divisive debate. “Instead some activists will continue to push anti-development initiatives undermining the state’s record of local cooperation on these policy issues.”

    Read More »

    Trump’s Agenda and the Will of the People

    House Speaker Paul Ryan’s unwillingness to support Trump as the nominee has made massive waves in the political landscape. It has sparked a very important debate about the nature of the Republican Party and its platform. If Trump is the nominee, does that mean his stances are now the standard of the party? Or does Trump have an obligation as the Republican nominee to uphold | Read More »

    Want to Form A New Third Party? Slow Your Roll

    Look, I’m for third parties. Indeed, I’m among many who’ve made the decision to walk clean away from the GOP in favor of one. So I don’t say this lightly: Taking disaffected Republicans and former GOP brass to create a NEW third party is a monumentally stupid idea. For now. Generally, I wouldn’t feel it necessary to say this. It should, after all, be obvious. | Read More »

    Conservatives are surrounded on all sides by Trump, GOP and Democrats

    Conservatives are surrounded on all sides by Trump, GOP and Democrats

    As we move ever closer to what appears to be the eventual nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, Conservatives are facing a moral dilemma on how to vote in November. As I wrote a few days ago, Trump has more in common with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton than he does with Ronald Reagan. And since the suspension of the Ted | Read More »

    We Can Deny Either Trump or Clinton Electoral College Majority

    Good article for any conservative who is against Trump or Clinton. I believe if we can identify a conservative alternative candidate to Trump and run on a third party platform, it is possible to deny either Trump or Clinton necessary electoral college votes if the candidate is able to win a couple of states that is enough to prevent a electoral college majority for either | Read More »

    Water Cooler 5/9/16 – OPEN THREAD – RedState trending, Poor retirees, Naked students forget needy

    Clip – n – Save this article If you’re getting close to retirement here’s something a little disconcerting.  I’ll let the opening paragraph from this Washington Examiner article get you in the mood: “President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year, $2,841 more than the average annual Social Security retirement benefit, | Read More »

    Destroying the One Legitimate Argument Trumpsters Have Left Against being #NeverTrump

    Since Trump was anointed the presumptive nominee by the very establishment he’s railed against from day 1, #NeverTrump conservatives and Trumpsters have continued their debate about whether or not never voting for Trump is handing the election to Hillary. I’ve heard all of the arguments on both sides of this debate, but it seems Trumpsters have lost almost all of them and have now focused in | Read More »

    Hitler, Chavez, Putin and Trump… The Constitutional Road to Tyranny

    Many people make the mistake of thinking that dictators or tyrants always came to power illegally, through some coup or some other extra constitutional manner. Of course that is sometimes true. Both Mao and Castro fomented and then won revolutions which put them in power. But more often tyrants and dictators come to power perfectly legally. Take Adolf Hitler as example. While Hitler was a | Read More »

    Trump Is Not Batman

    Trump Is Not Batman

    Why do people like Donald Trump? You’ve heard all the reasons, you know it’s not policy or conservatism but personality and emotion. But why do they have an emotional affair with Donald Trump? Simple, they think he’s Batman! Sound crazy, no more so than Donald Trump being the Republican nominee and getting there with all the things he’s said and done. People see Donald Trump | Read More »

    Texas Republican Platform Fight

    Texas Republican Platform Fight

    The Republican Party of Texas Convention begins today (at least the real work of the convention as committees start meeting). I wanted to address some discussions on the platform that have been going on. There is movement to make sure that everyone gets a real say in the platform and I appreciate Tom Mechler and Amy Clark leading on finding a way to handle it. | Read More »

    Trump, Tribalism and Why the Left Is to Blame

    Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the GOP has befuddled many people.  In every way, he has violated Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool upon which the GOP supposedly stood.  On foreign policy, he has adopted an isolationist view and openly mocked the Bush administration and the Iraq War.  On economic issues, he has proposed a wealth tax, considered single-payer health care, and is clearly anti-free trade.  On social | Read More »

    The Desperation vs. The Resolve

    I arrived late today for our family’s Mother’s Day celebration.  As I walked in I realized that the other men in the family were discussing the “landslide” Trump was about to win in November.  My sweet sister, who knows how I feel and wanted to keep peace on this family day, declared that she wanted politics “off-limits” for the day.  Not immediately taking her advice a | Read More »

    Hillary or Trump? I say no. Instead, an Alternative

    Hillary or Trump? I say no. Instead, an Alternative

    Today I am writing this epic tale, and I need you to read from top to bottom. I need you to trust in me the reasons to read it all. You see I know a Trump supporter cannot muster that, and they will skip to the bottom and not know WHY I made the call I am making for everyone. It’s very important, please read | Read More »

    Water Cooler 5/8/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Mother’s Day; SMOD 2016 — Get Away; Theft; Jesus Lunch

    Mother’s Day Around The World Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S. and many other countries, however not all countries celebrate it today. For whatever reason, possibly a wish to disassociate themselves from British traditions, the pilgrim fathers who first travelled to America didn’t seem to take Mothering Sunday with them. 1914 is when the celebration date was set here. But seriously, Call your Mother! | Read More »

    Paul Ryan:Reality Check: UPDATE

    Like many Cruz supporters, I was sort of surprised in a good way when Paul Ryan declined to endorse Donald Trump. Wow, I thought, some spine. Then my daughter, (who is the recipient of a lot of my political later) asked me what state he was from. Click. The light went on. I did a little research. I knew Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin,and I | Read More »

    The Crubio Dream Lives On, But It Was Never Real

    Spengler’s Prediction Aside, How Does This Help Now?  Jake Tapper presumably has a good source…  Wallowing in what might have been does not help. I would have greatly preferred Cruz and Rubio as our presumptive nominees, but I doubt that unity ticket would have changed the primary outcome.This was an unusual year and voters (on both sides) were looking for an outsider. The DNC was | Read More »

    How to be #NeverTrump and Still Vote for Him

    How to vote for Trump while remaining NeverTrump.

    Read More »

    Why I am #NeverHillary

    Instapundit: Twitchy: Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes Instapundit: The Server Is The Smoking Gun and Dem Strategists Know Trump Is A Bigger Threat to Hillary EBL: Donald and The 300 and Hillary Twerking I am absolutely not supporting or voting for Hillary Clinton.  I will not vote for her under any circumstance.  This is not to suggest that I am going to vote for Donald | Read More »

    Can the Left Actually Win It For Trump in November?

    Before one dismisses this idea, hear me through.  There are two important factors here and they are the actual campaign of Hillary Clinton and the outside Leftist groups loaded for bear against Trump.  With respect to the Clinton campaign, she has found that Bernie Sanders is a nagging opponent who has vowed not to go away.  In some ways, the Democrats may now end up | Read More »