A Tale of two Campaign Ads: Cruz 1, Trump 0

    I keeping with the newer standards I am not embedding the videos, but adding links. Donad Trump attacks Ted Cruz Typical political attack ad aimed at stating the worst about the other candidate.  You have seen a hundred of them, and this one is exactly the same.  Looks like Trump decided to do a traditional media push Ted Cruz trolls Donald Trump Easily the best political | Read More »

    For Marco Rubio being right on Barack Obama was a Pyrrhic victory

    Marco Rubio’s campaign seems to have crashed on the rocks because of his… shall we say somewhat repetitive use of the phrase “Obama knows what he’s doing”, but the truth is, he was 100% right. The reason that so many people scoff at the notion that Obama knows what he’s doing is because the very notion of an American leader who seeks to destroy that | Read More »

    New Hampshire Results: Be Careful What You Wish For

    It is now painfully obvious that Marco Rubio’s response to Chris Christie in the debate before the New Hampshire primary hurt his performance in the Granite State.  Despite the whining by Christie, Cruz and Trump regarding Rubio’s better than expected showing in Iowa where he captured third and accusations that the media had the fix in for Rubio, any momentum coming out of Iowa ran | Read More »

    Trump, Cruz and Kasich New Hampshire Winners. Robotically Repeating Rubio Deflated.

    Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are the New Hampshire Winners.  Rubio, Carson and Fiorina are the biggest losers.  This despite the massive media focus on “surging Rubio” for two weeks (the week before & after his 3rd place loss in Iowa).  Fiorina is no surprise.  Carson is, not because he failed to finish in the top 5 but because he finished with a | Read More »

    Paris, A Country Wench by Candlelight

    Sometimes folk wisdom is amazingly accurate.  The Paris Climate Protocol (hereafter “Paris”), man-made global warming and President Obama’s final State of the Union (SOTU) address can be evaluated with a few common-folk proverbs.  The first one that comes to mind sums up both well: “Nonsense charms the multitude; plain sense is despised.”  Another one is especially applicable to the whole man-made global warming illusion:  “It is a waste of | Read More »

    Why Senator Cruz isn’t closing the deal with me.

    Yes. I am still undecided. Yes. I lean Rubio. With Rubio potentially fading and Trump rising, it may become a necessity  to vote for Cruz. Yet I find it hard to do so. Why you may ask? Obviously it is not because of his conservative principles. I agree with his campaign that you know where Cruz stands, and that he hasn’t (for the most part) | Read More »

    Ben Carson dismissed by mainstream media as an Invisible Man!

    In the great irony of it all, if Carson and Fiorina were not passionate about American values and the Conservative cause, and if they were Democrats, they would likely have blown away Bernie and Hillary in both Iowa and New Hampshire. But, Fiorina is just a woman, and Carson is just a Conservative Christian, and a sincerely religious black man. Like Ralph Ellison, Carson is being turned into an Invisible Man, and Carly Fiorina is preferably “seen and not heard.” Such individuals still do not seem to stand a chance in the GOP of the 21st century. What progress the Republican Party has made since the days of Lincoln.

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    What Happens On Redstate If Trump Is The Nominee [updated]

    I have never seen a republican frontrunner so hated by so many within his own party.

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    Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan’s Campaign Spending Problems

    After spending the last few weeks joining with the Edgar County Watchdogs, the Illinois Times(Springfield), Open The Books founder Adam Andrzejewski, and David Giuliani of the Ottawa Times digging into the myriad of campaign spending irregularities contained within new Auditor General Frank Mautino’s state records it is about time that the man who made Mautino Auditor General got some scrutiny as well; that being Speaker | Read More »

    Homeschoolers to Ted Cruz: We don’t want government help!

    In a piece published at Breitbart News and titled, “Don’t Believe the Lies that Ted Cruz Hates Homeschool Freedom,” Homeschool Legal Defense attorneys Will Estrada and Mike Donnelly share their opinion on the growing confusion surrounding Ted Cruz and his education policy.– Estrada and Donnelly characterize the blogger as a “YUUUUGE” Donald Trump fan. That may be true but that is a distraction from the | Read More »

    Fearless predictions for New Hampshire tonight

    Since I was a lonely voice in the wilderness correctly predicting that Cruz would beat Trump in Iowa by a margin of 3-5 points (the final margin was 4), I now plan to let it ride with all my vast pundit winnings in the middle of the pile on the least predictable New Hampshire primary in living memory. I expect high turnout on both sides. Trump | Read More »

    Watercooler 2/9/16 Open Thread: Independents Day, Election Results, Delegates and All Things NH

    Welcome back to the Watercooler. I think everyone is thirsty for election results instead of polls and today’s the first Primary in the nation so this edition is dedicated to New Hampshire’s election day. Let the games begin! Independents Day Yes, today in Independents day, or as NH calls them, Undeclareds day. These people have decided not to affiliate with either Party and they make up about 44% | Read More »

    Marco’s latest “repetition” is NOT a fair example as some are suggesting.

    Up vote/recommend link this diary to Facebook/Twitter! MSNBC and even some on our side are suggesting Rubio “did it again” on the trail but he did not. He was talking about his OWN set of points, not answering a unique question on more than one occasion with the same canned point. All politicians use canned lines, and while he may have repeated himself, making the | Read More »

    Should State Legislators Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Policy?

    Should State Legislators Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Policy?

    Bernie Sanders is posturing against a reasonable reform he once supported – a commonsense lawsuit reform protecting gun manufacturers from scheming theories of liability. He has received undue pressure in progressive circles to backtrack his position and introduce legislation to undo this fair reform. In 2005, then-Representative Sanders voted for a largely symbolic bill that confirms common sense in lawsuit laws, and he voted with 59 Democrats and 223 | Read More »

    Trump’s Use of Eminent Domain is a Problem of Character, Not Politics

    Trump's Use of Eminent Domain is a Problem of Character, Not Politics

    Eminent domain is part of the United States Constitution for a reason. It can be incredibly useful for the sake of the common good of the nation when applied properly. Donald Trump has a history of utilizing it for projects that do not benefit the common good. In fact, the way that he’s used eminent domain should be drawing very pointed investigations into the politicians | Read More »

    West Virginia Sends Right-to-Work Bill to Governor’s Desk

    West Virginia Sends Right-to-Work Bill to Governor’s Desk

    It’s all but official; West Virginia is overwhelmingly likely to become the nation’s 26th state to expand both worker freedom and economic opportunity by adopting a Right-to-Work law. If adopted, the law (the Workplace Freedom Act in West Virginia) would make it illegal to require employees to join a union as a condition of employment. Ending this scheme of forced unionism exemplifies the states’ ability | Read More »

    I’m worried about America

    I’m a millenial. Twenty-six years old to be exact. I was somewhat conservative in high school, mostly due to my upbringing. My beliefs were fairly superficial until they were challenged and strengthened in the crucible that is the modern American University, where a conservative has to really understand and defend their beliefs to survive. I mostly kept my head down and focused on school, but occasionally I | Read More »

    The Gipper and the Griper

    Long story short: Doc Brown was cruising the neighborhood tonight in his souped-up 1982 DeLorean, and he took me for a little spin. Right after the Flux Capacitor finished fluxing, we landed squarely in Indianapolis on July 19th, one day after the 2016 Republican National Convention. The Bad News? Donald Trump was the Republican Nominee. I won’t tell you who he chose to be his | Read More »

    What Ted Cruz Did Two Days Before the NH Debate

    What Ted Cruz Did Two Days Before the NH Debate

    I hopped on over to C-Span today to see a live campaign event Ted Cruz had in New Hampshire, and I came across this from last week: New Hampshire Forum on Addiction and Recovery Apparently there was a forum on drug and alcohol addiction and recovery on Thursday, Feb. 4, hosted by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hooksett, New Hampshire. If you don’t have hours to | Read More »

    Marco Rubio Again Short-Circuits, Repeats Script During Campaign Event

    Marco Rubio Again Short-Circuits, Repeats Script During Campaign Event

    The media narrative just before and after the Iowa caucus was that Marcomentum had arrived. Now it appears that Marcomeltdown is in full swing. At a campaign event on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Rubio repeated himself almost verbatim when discussing values. Watch below: Transcript: “Because as you saw, Jeanette and I are raising our four children in the 21st century and we | Read More »

    THIS IS FICTION: Rubio campaign under media firestorm after Endorser Gowdy makes controversial proclamation…

    EDITORS NOTE: This diarist has chosen to write a work of fiction. Do not take this as fact. This will be the last time this diarist posts such a piece of work. Monday, February 8, 2016, speaking at a NH rally for Rubio, Trey Gowdy attempted to pitch for votes in a provocative manner that caused cheers in the audience and from Rubio but has | Read More »

    Is Rubio not ready for prime time?

    Up vote/recommend my diary & post to Facebook/Twitter! Following a bad series of exchanges with Christie in the Saturday night debate, Rubio attempted to do damage control the next morning by doing the Sunday shows by sticking to his claims over Obama knowing exactly what he was doing. His supporters, even several on this site, and now including Rush Limbaugh, appear to miss the point. | Read More »

    Myra Adams: The Last Three Presidents Lost the New Hampshire Primary but Won South Carolina

    “The people of Iowa pick corn; the people of New Hampshire pick presidents.” This oft-quoted quip about the importance of the New Hampshire primary is usually attributed to former New Hampshire governor John Sununu. The quote stems from Vice President George H. W. Bush’s victory in the 1988 New Hampshire primary after he lost the Iowa caucus to Kansas senator Bob Dole. Now, 28 years | Read More »

    In Response to, “Prove Rubio Doesn’t Regret Sponsoring and Selling The Gang of 8 Bill.”

    Preface: In another diary posted a few days ago, that wasn’t about immigration policy at all, a couple of us commenters alluded to the fact that Rubio doesn’t regret his involvement with the Gang of 8 Bill. A moderator said prove it. I’m respectfully responding here to the moderator and to that diarist so as not to threadjack further in that diary. But first, a story about secret sausage making in | Read More »

    Marco Obama

    Have we learned nothing?  Have we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or 50 First Dates once too often?  Did we get bitten by the Walking Dead zombies and now only respond to sound, stumbling forward to its source?  Are we collectively Jason Bourne, struggling to remember what trauma erased our memories?  What, in the name of  Amnesiacs Anonymous,  are Republican types thinking about this | Read More »

    Why Trump won the debate- and other depressing thoughts

    Here are my random thoughts on the most recent GOP debate:   For every debate, I look for a commander in chief on the debate stage. Still, I haven’t seen one. The closest I get to seeing one is Cruz, but even he doesn’t appear to be completely ready. Ironically, out of all the candidates who’ve ran for president in the past 8 years, only | Read More »

    Why Cruz Will Win the Nomination… An Exercise in Wishful Thinking

    Starting this with a regular caveat:  I am a Cruz guy.  I like Cruz, and I hope he wins.  I think he would do the best job at dismantling our ruinous regulatory regime, I think he would be the most staunch supporter of socially conservative values, I think he would make the best judicial nominations, I believe he is the most likely candidate to govern | Read More »

    Marita Noon: “Keep it in the ground” at work in the real world

    “Keep it in the ground” is the new face of environmental activism. If those who understand the role energy plays in America and our freedoms don’t engage, don’t attend meetings and send statements, and don’t vote, the policy makers have almost no choice but to think these vocal few represent the many.

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    Water Cooler 2/8/16 Open Thread – Needling Bernie, Driving in Cali, Flakes descend on NH

    Aren’t statistics wonderful? Last year in California Assembly Bill 60 was implemented. That’s the law which granted illegal immigrants a driver’s license.  The LA Times has some numbers: “An estimated 605,000 licenses were issued under the law last year, accounting for nearly half of all new licenses, according to the California DMV. Nearly 400,000 of the licenses were issued during the first six months.” Assembly | Read More »

    Scrubbed, Whitewashed & Censored: The DHS’s Dangerous History of Enabling Islamic Terror

    Scrubbed, Whitewashed & Censored: The DHS’s Dangerous History of Enabling Islamic Terror

    According to Philip Haney, former employee and whistleblower of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), while employed at the DHS, he was ordered to scrub the records of Muslims with ties to terror. Haney wrote, in an article at The Hill, that following the 2009 underwear bomber plot, “President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots. This | Read More »

    The Real Definition of “Progressive”

    Progress? Hardly. Today’s “Democratic Party” is not democratic at all; rather it is the party of what deTocqueville called soft tyranny; “In effect, soft tyranny occurs whenever the social conditions of a particular community hinder any prospect of hope among its members. For Tocqueville, hope is the driving force behind all democratic institutions. As such, whenever this all-encompassing hope is taken away from the people, liberal democracy fails.” (Wikipedia)

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    Can someone explain the popularity of HRC and Sanders to me?

    Old Spanish saying: “If you think the rich man has too much and want to take it away from him, half the village is behind you.  And they think YOU have too much.”    My father taught me that saying and not to be jealous of what another had when I was just a boy.  We were very poor and made a living by working in | Read More »

    John Kasich – Fruit Ninja

    In an effort to insert some humor in to a very serious presidential primary on the GOP side, I submit this. The Race for the top establishment Governor Candidate is of little real interest to me. It is a way to make NH more interesting. Watching them duke it out with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday was mildly interesting. But Christie and Jeb better | Read More »

    On women registering for selective service

    At the New Hampshire debate, the moderators asked a few of the candidates on stage about women registering for selective service. My memory’s fuzzy now, but I believe Sen Rubio and Govs Bush and Christie responded to the question. They argued that if the military has opened all or most combat roles to women, then women should be required to register for selective service. The | Read More »

    Eating Our Own

    Eating Our Own

    Watching the New Hampshire debate on ABC Saturday night and monitoring the online chatter, afterwards, has brought me to several conclusions. For starters, Martha Raddatz has as much business moderating a GOP debate as a hungry crocodile has guarding a yard full of piglets. The comparison is accurate, in that we can count on both Raddatz and the crocodile to do what is in their | Read More »

    Jihad News, Volume 2

    The Front Page The biggest news from the past month involved a new form of terror directed at Westerners, one that is sexual in nature.  The events of “Middle Eastern and Northern African” men groping, surrounding, harassing and, in at least two instances, raping Western women received some attention out of Germany.  This led to the firing of the Cologne, Germany police chief for allegedly | Read More »

    No, the Governors didn’t win last night

    So the talking heads are saying that the governors won the debate last night and that Rubio struck out.  I watched the entire thing, and I reject that analysis.  Truth up front:  I’m a Rubio supporter, with Cruz as my second choice.  But I tried to be objective, and here’s how I’d rate things, from worst to first: 7. Carson: Nice guy, but the “no | Read More »

    No more debates, I mean it this time!

    Every election, the left and networks stack up creeps like Harwood to ambush Republicans with gotcha questions, and every season of one we come back, allowing 30 second answer formats, few town halls or Lincoln Douglas formats, etc. Mostly, the same network creeps ask Dems softball questions like who does their hair or who is most liberal as a badge of honor! It never changes. | Read More »

    Stop whining about Iowa

    Full disclosure:I have been a Cruz fan from the beginning. My two favorites were Cruz and Jindal because I am something of a nerd lover. I really liked Dr Carson but had some qualms about his lack of political experience. After Iowa, however, I think he’s starting to look like a major cry baby who puts his own vanity before the welfare of his party | Read More »

    No, The Government Cannot Have My Daughters

    Last night no Republican on the stage stood up against conscripting women into the military. This continues to anger me as a father of 2 girls (and 1 boy). At the time, I tweeted: “I have 1 boy and 2 girls. My boy can be drafted to serve his country. No problem. Want to conscript my girls, you better SEND the army.” Yes, I understand | Read More »

    Did Cruz just call our 220lb Male soldiers “psychopaths”? [UPDATE: NOPE, Harwood misquoted him]

    I like Cruz — he is a principled conservative.  But sometimes he goes off-message and is not disciplined enough in his rhetoric.  He was just quoted by John Harwood: “Cruz says registering women for draft raises specter of forcing his and voters’ daughters into foxholes with 220-pound male psychopaths” Either he doesn’t know what a foxhole is (which is troubling), or he thinks some of | Read More »

    Water Cooler 2/7/16 Open Thread – Texas cleans up Texas, No excuses, A few quickhits

    Texas town arrests all but *1* city official. Let’s just get to the good stuff: “Crystal City’s mayor, city manager, mayor pro tempore, one of three current councilmen and a former councilman were all arrested under an indictment obtained by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney said.” Charges in the indictment allege the group used their positions as town leaders “to enrich | Read More »

    On the New Hampshire Debate

    That was absolutely brutal.  Seriously, what a bloodbath.  I’m glad I was out at a concert having fun and recorded the debate to watch this morning, because I might’ve cried myself to sleep after those two and a half hours of dourness, had I watched it live. Here are some quick takes on each of the candidates, followed by some other takeaways. The Candidates (ranked in | Read More »

    Just a *few* reasons why Cruz is the strongest general election candidate in 2016…

    The most likable candidate does NOT always win. In 1968, the less liked one won. In 2000, the person who argued over an obscure bill by getting in the face of his rival won the popular vote by over 500K. It often seems the more personable person wins, but that is not simplistically the deciding factor, a bunch goes into the final result that involves | Read More »

    Cruz Makes a Huge Concession in the Debate Last Night

    I’m a Rubio supporter to the end. However if Ted Cruz knocks my guy out I would then have a great second choice. If it happens I will be the first one out of the gate to help and support Senator Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a very deliberate can calculating conservative tactician. The man is brilliant and I love listening to him speak to conservatism. | Read More »

    Republicans MUST begin an all-out united effort to force CNN to ask Democrats tough questions about abortion at their next debate

    It  was just announced that Democrats will hold another debate March 6th, in Flint, Michigan. CNN will sponsor it. You can write the script…evil Republicans killing blacks by poisoning the water…. Marco Rubio’s best moment last night came during his passionate advocacy for life.  But there was one equally as good, and so far pretty much ignored. Rubio correctly pointed out that during FIVE previous | Read More »

    A Policy Towards Russia

    Russia presents a challenge to the United States on multiple fronts- the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and the Arctic region.  American foreign policy for the next President will be predicated upon  three fronts:  dealing with Islamic terrorism, Russia, and Chinese ambitions in Asia and, by proxy, North Korea. The United States, under Obama and Clinton, based their policy on Russia on engagement in the | Read More »

    Note to Rubio and Cruz: Two words to say the next time Christie starts blabbing about your “lack of accomplishment”: Abraham Lincoln

    Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both very smart, and equally gifted as debaters and orators. As the primary season began, I, and many others expected a far more elevated level of discourse. That’s often held true; but occasionally the other Lilliputians on stage have managed to flummox the two verbal giants. After Cruz’ scathing indictment of Trump’s SELF-PROFESSED “New York Values, ” The Donald | Read More »

    New Hampshire Debate Thoughts

    Let’s get right to it. Moderators: The questions were a bit scatter-brained. We did foreign policy, and then we asked other questions, and then without any transition, we went back to foreign policy several times. I’m not sure whether this was sloppy or intentionally done to throw candidates off balance. Also, they were a bit clumsy at getting the candidates on stage in order, which | Read More »

    Substantively, Rubio won the NH debate

    Stephanopolous was positively giddy when discussing Rubio’s exchange with Christie, where Rubio repeated his point — that Obama was systematically destroying this country — several times for theatrical effect. A few thoughts on this: * Rubio’s point on Obama was spot on, and when NH voters think about this more, they will agree more with Rubio than Christie. * Rubio could have given a much | Read More »