So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish

    I took a break from RedState awhile back, because I felt that folks were savaging each other, instead of engaging in good-natured, crossed swords in argument. I’ve come back to a community where I’m told to ‘shut up and stay silent’, because I’m of the opinion that the misapplication of ‘turn the other cheek’ , will ultimately surrender our core freedoms. If disagreeing on the approach we | Read More »

    A Lesson From Charleston

        Sunday afternoon I was listening to a local radio talk show on the way to the grocery store. The topic, not surprisingly, was this week’s murders at the AME Church in Charleston, SC. The exact station and host don’t matter (I don’t work for any radio station, so there’s no benefit to me to give any host a plug), but something that a | Read More »

    Dr. Carson In Chicago: Stories Of African-American Inventors Can Inspire Todays Youth(Video)

    Dr. Ben Carson in Chicago with former congressman Joe Walsh, Sen. Jim Oberweis, and Pastor Corey Brooks Speaking at an Urban Issues Presidential Series town hall on Chicago’s south side Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson talked to about 200 Chicagoans about the importance of education and the need to get the economy growing to help inner city neighborhoods and the | Read More »

    The OPM Intrusion

    Calling this intrusion a “hack” is an insult to hard-working hackers everywhere.

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    Atlas Shrugged with music

    Atlas Shrugged with music

      Love and Mercy. This is the best movie I’ve seen this year, in part because it has the advantage of having Brian Wilson’s music as its soundtrack. (Some of us are just young enough to have only faint memories of the better Wilson songs, until they were brought back to everyone’s attention as the score to HBO’s BigLove). It’s also the most libertarian, combining themes | Read More »

    Rick Perry has a Michele Bachmann moment

    Given the four years Perry has had to prepare, I’m stunned that no one has done a better job of preparing him to NOT make silly, uneducated comments that make him a target for a hostile media and reinforce stereotypes that the MSM likes to draw of conservatives, especially conservatives from Texas. Perry’s poor communication skills appear more like a fatal flaw than a product of sleep deprivation or a memory lapse.

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    The Purgings Will Continue Until No Conservatives Remain

            Boehner is busy flogging removing more Representatives from their chairmanships for having the audacity to vote  their own conscience. As we have all learned, voting for the procedural rule(s) typically leads to passage of a bill. So in order to stop Obamatrade and protest that the Leaders were working too closely with Democrats on the bill, 34 Republicans voted against the rule. Well | Read More »

    Education: The Cult of the Higher Pay

    In the previous entry, I attempted to illustrate that many states with teacher salaries below the national average do not perform considerably below the states with high teacher salaries by an appreciable amount when it comes to academic performance and, in some metrics, the low-paying states actually perform better.  That was the broad stroke analysis of the teacher pay argument.  This article will deal more | Read More »

    American Exceptionalism: Are we Exceptional?

    I spent the first 25 years of my life looking through the rose tinted glasses of American Exceptionalism. The entire idea was woven into my identity as an American and my understanding of the United States, patriotism and good old fashioned American values. American exceptionalism was a state of being that our nation possessed that made us greater than any other nation this planet has | Read More »

    Illinois Principal Fired Over Prayer Book

    Shahran Spears, photo Dekalb Chronicle On Monday the secular war against people of faith and any expression of it came to Dekalb when in a 5-2 vote the Dekalb school board fired Brooks Elementary school principal Shahran Spears because someone complained about Spears handing out prayer books to teachers and other staff at the school last month as a part of staff | Read More »

    Hold China Responsible for Hacking Federal Employee Database

    The recently discovered hacking of the Federal government employee database has been tied to the Chinese government. Time and again, China has targeted U.S. and western computers for intellectual property and military intelligence purposes. In general, China pays no non-rhetorical price for these attacks on the United States, and over many years they have plundered our defense and IP secrets to their great advantage, and | Read More »

    Dylann Roof, the Left and South Carolina: What We All Can Learn

    The most recent act of senseless violence by a deranged “human” in South Carolina has brought out the worst in the Left and the best in the Right. On the Right, there is universal condemnation and acceptance of the fact that this is a hate crime.  This author dislikes that phrase “hate crime” and has written articles about it in the past.  I find it | Read More »

    Charleston #hatewontwin How I Sold My Soul for 30 Pieces of Silver

    Charleston #hatewontwin How I Sold My Soul for 30 Pieces of Silver

    Image source: Getty Images Today I feel like I sold my soul to the devil for 30 pieces of silver. This morning, I wrote a simple piece for my part-time writing job at BPR, which shook me to the core. “Hate Won’t Win” Very few things have ever touched me this deeply writing about it. In tears #CharlestonShooting — Steve Berman (@lifeofgrace224) June 20, | Read More »

    Guns: The Liberal Soapbox vs. Reality

    Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. suffered an unimaginable tragedy on Wednesday, June 17th. According to police shots were fired during a Bible study meeting by 21-year-old suspect Dylann Roof, killing nine people. America is mourning for the innocent lives lost, their families, and friends. It is a time for everyone to reflect. But as expected, President Obama was all too quick to take | Read More »

    Honest question about TPA

    I know that the debate on TPA is pretty heated, here on Red State, on the right-of-center  blogosphere generally, as well as in DC itself. Much of the conservative opposition to TPA is grounded in a well deserved distrust of President Obama. In particular, there are concerns that any trade agreements will have immigration and/or environmental provisions in it that will be added to the | Read More »

    Center-right ousts Social Democrats in Denmark after surge by anti-immigration party

    The Social Democrat led government of Denmark fell in yesterday’s parliamentary elections, as a four party center-right grouping scored a narrow majority.  Outgoing Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt  has resigned as leader of her party, taking the blame for their loss.  The big winner in the election was the eurosceptic and anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party (DPP) which emerged as the largest party on the center right, | Read More »

    Charleston’s Dead Were Victims of Victimhood

    Charleston's Dead Were Victims of Victimhood

    Image source: CBS News I have been accused of blaming the victim in my post on Thursday arguing that if Rev. Clementa Pinckney supported legislation to legalize firearms carry at churches in South Carolina his life may have been saved from Dylann Roof’s bullets. This is not mere speculation. I don’t blame the victims of Wednesday night’s massacre. They did nothing to deserve | Read More »

    Why I’m Considering Running for President

    Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the country with Our American Revival, sharing our message of how to tackle difficult problems and repeatedly win tough policy fights with bold, conservative reforms. We’ve spoken with thousands of hard-working Americans, and the response has been incredible. But we’ve done more than just talk. We’ve listened. In state after state, the message | Read More »

    The Donald Descends Into the Race

    So Donald Trump entered the GOP sweepstakes to take on the Queen-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton.  He did so to the fanfare of television cameras as he descended an escalator.  Perhaps a better entrance would be to have six people carry him in as he threw out rose petals…or something like that.  The symbolism of a descent down an escalator should be a metaphor for how we | Read More »

    Clues to King v Burwell ruling on Federal Exchanges

    Clues to King v Burwell ruling on Federal Exchanges

    If you have been following the King v. Burwell case then you know that a pretty important decision regarding the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, will be released very soon – maybe even on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Do we have any clues as to which way the decision will go?   The decision has already been made   Realize that for a | Read More »

    Rand Paul, Daniel Mitchell, and a VAT?

    Daniel Mitchell, a libertarian economist and Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute, offered an overall positive review of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 84%‘s tax plan that was released today. He had three minor quibbles and one major concern with the proposal. It his his evaluation of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 84%‘s 14.5% business activity tax that is the interesting | Read More »

    Drones v Gitmo

    One of the many benefits of eventually turning the page on the Obama presidency in favor of a Republican leader would be an end to the bizarre impasse between national security hawks and the “progressive” left over the treatment of international terrorist leaders. At issue: Republicans have blocked civilian trials for the remaining “prisoners of war” being held at Guantanamo; the administration prefers to release | Read More »

    Federal Health Insurance Subsidy Funding

    FEDERAL HEALTH INSURANCE SUBSIDY FUNDING Generally tax-loving Obamacrats would be paying the most on my proposed taxes to fund health insurance subsides. Paying the new taxes gladly will give Obamacrats a way of showing their love for their fellow man in a way God would approve of. There will be about $100 billion/year in health care funding help handed out. Five hundred executives making $33 | Read More »

    Here Comes the Anti-Gun Circus

    Everyone hold your nose because they’re dropping a mountain heap of bison excrement for the next few days.

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    Politicizing a Tragedy

    It hasn’t quite been 24 hours since a white gunman, allegedly motivated by a racist ideology, walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, and shot dead 9 people, and, already, President Obama, as well as several other prominent democrats, have seized upon the tragedy and politicized it by using it to push their anti-gun agenda. Ironically, this is the same crowd | Read More »

    Facebook: Alleged #CharlestonShooting suspect appears to have had many African American friends

    After the recent Charleston shooting strategy, where a church with African Americans was targeted, journalists and social media enthusiasts have been searching for clues to what’s been going on in the Charleston, South Carolina there has been a lot of mention of Dylann Roof, the suspect who has been arrested in relation to the shooting. Responding to tragedy with love I’ve seen several people in | Read More »

    A Strange and Confusing Day For Free Speech

    Today, the Supreme Court released six opinions in pending cases this term- four involving criminal justice and two involving free speech.  In a strange alignment where the liberal wing of the Court picked up the vote of the most conservative member of the Court- Clarence Thomas- the Supreme Court ruled that the State of Texas could bar the Sons of Confederate Veterans from displaying the | Read More »

    Bill and Hill: ‘Two for the Price of One’ — Again?

    The Clintons at President Obama’s Second Inauguration Credit: Daily Mail UK   It was during the 1992 presidential campaign that Arkansas governor Bill Clinton — the nation’s first baby-boomer presidential candidate, running against President George H. W. Bush — used the phrase “two for the price of one.” This twofer concept was Clinton’s quaint way of bragging (to the delight of | Read More »

    The Senseless Death in a Charleston Church Could Have Been Prevented

    The Senseless Death in a Charleston Church Could Have Been Prevented

    Every time an American community suffers a tragedy involving a firearm, the anti-gun crowd unveils itself in full tribal dress. Wednesday night, a 21-year-old sandy blonde-haired white man with blue jeans and Timberland boots walked into a historically black church in Charleston, S.C. and killed 9 people.  That’s a horrible, murderous act, made worse by the fact that the man is still at large. The | Read More »

    My Choice for 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

    Since 1975 in every year ending with the number “5,” the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to a group dedicated to eradicating the world of nuclear weapons.  Considering that this usually coincides with the fact that such years coincide with some anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, this should not be a surprise.  This year, there are about five such groups on the suspected | Read More »

    The world lost 22 million manufacturing jobs between 1995 and 2002

    In talking about free trade, the issue of job losses comes up.  There is no question that a smaller percentage people work in manufacturing in 2015 than they did in 1955.  However, the reasons for that change have little to do with trade. As reported in Bloomberg, the world as a whole lost 22 million manufacturing jobs between 1995 and 2002. Some 22 million manufacturing jobs | Read More »

    The real story on the TPA: Freedom Caucus sticks it to Boehner

    As many know, I am very disappointed in the nature of the public debate on TPA and free trade generally. I think that if more people were really honest about themselves, they would say that NAFTA was a bad idea and that they don’t really support any future NAFTAs. While that would disappoint me, I wouldn’t be fired up about it enough to write anything | Read More »

    Four Things To Know About F-35 Production Ramp Up

    As the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter continues making strides in testing and flight hours, production of the fighter jets is being ramped up. 36 aircraft were delivered in 2014, and in the next three years that number should double. Coverage on lines out four key elements to learn about what the production ramp-up will mean, including: 1. Program Managers Are Sure the | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger(R-IL) Blames Drudge For Obamatrade Delay

    [mc_name name='Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)' chamber='house' mcid='K000378' ]Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger Wednesday morning in an interview with 1440 WROK blamed Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report and other new media outlets for delaying Republican leaderships plans to give President Obama “fast track” trade authority and ultimate approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP), also known as Obamatrade. Kinzinger said, “(TPP) Does not exist | Read More »

    A more market-based expensive drug and device payment system

    Right now insurers often have to pay $10,000 for a drug for a person that only makes $11,000/year. That is absurd. New drugs at over $10,000 with high volumes are rapidly hitting the market. Few people would pay these prices themselves. Some market-based restraint needs to be introduced. PAYING FOR EXPENSIVE DRUGS and DEVICES If a drug is very expensive, an insurer might not cover | Read More »

    Despite Having A Bad Year, 52% Still Have Confidence In Police.

    One of the polls I keep an eye on is Gallup’s annual survey of confidence in American institutions. It’s not a pretty picture. In this year’s survey only three institutions enjoy the confidence of over 50% of Americans: the military (72%), small businesses (67%), and the police (52%). It goes downhill from there with Congress bringing up the rear at 8%. Those saying they have | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Amanda Renteria

    Nothing quite describes the word “first” coupled with “nothing” as much as Amanda Renteria, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s political director.  Other than the fact she is Hispanic and Clinton is appealing (pandering) for Latino votes, this is an odd choice.  We will inevitably hear the puff pieces from the mainstream media about how Renteria, the daughter of a Mexican migrant worker, pulled herself up to | Read More »


    My preference in dealing with the Democratic made PPACA mess is: 1. grandfathering past federal subsidies not in excess of the proper amount and legally authorizing federal exchange based subsidies with the immediate demise of the mandates and complete remittance/refund of all related mandate “taxes”/fines/penalties 2. cutting all existing federal health care related fines except those related to fraud by 90% 3. the repeal of | Read More »

    Rep. Jeff Duncan blows the lid off Boehner’s secret plan to pass TAA (and by extension, TPA)

    Rep. Jeff Duncan blows the lid off Boehner's secret plan to pass TAA (and by extension, TPA)

    On Tuesday via Facebook, Congressman Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) 85% revealed a secret scheme to ensure that the TAA (and as a consequence, the TPA) passes in secret. Said Duncan: Tucked away in the rule for the Intelligence Reauthorization bill is a provision that allows Leadership to bring up TAA (the last provision of TPA fast-track authority that must pass before the | Read More »

    Studies Show: Conservatives are More Tolerant Than Liberals

    Studies Show: Conservatives are More Tolerant Than Liberals

    We are often told, usually by liberals, that liberals are exceedingly tolerant. “Tolerance” is one of their buzzwords but, in practice, that can be awfully hard to see. While they are exceedingly tolerant of their own viewpoints, they tend to get a little upset when confronted by opinions which differ from their own. We were reminded of this recently when conservative feminist Christina Hoff Sommers | Read More »

    With Just About All Things Government, Less is More – and Better

    Government is just another organism. Just like any other other organism, its first priority is self-preservation. Its second – is to grow. The most it possibly can. It wants to be bigger, do more – control more. There are more than four million humans who work in just the federal government. Most of them see preserving and growing government as in their interest. And see | Read More »

    A Post Obama Top 10 List For American Prosperity…

    America has a love affair with Top 10 lists. Probably the most well known is David Letterman’s “Top Ten List” that began as a throwaway skit on NBC 30 years ago and soon became a cornerstone of his program, even more so when he later moved to CBS. There’s also ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Day… and they even have a Not Top 10 | Read More »

    Obamacare in Crisis- the GOP’s Plan to Save Health Care – Part 2

    Obamacare in Crisis- the GOP's Plan to Save Health Care - Part 2

    Obamacare is in peril, and many think that’s a good thing. Last week, I had a conversation with Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) 81%, the co-chair of the Republican Study Committee’s Heath Care Task Force, who helped lead the effort to draft a Republican answer to our failing government attempts to regulate health care for Americans. This is part 2 of a 2-part | Read More »

    Vegas Odds on GOP Nomination- UPDATED Version

    Using a combination of betting sites and deriving an average, the “odds” on the GOP nomination are in need of some updating since the last time I published these.  Instead of relying on a single site (like last time), I derived an average from several betting sites both domestic and foreign.  Please remember that these are NOT MY ODDS, but averages from betting sites.  The | Read More »

    Difference between Federal and Local Government in one day.

    My kids, who are all grown, ask me why I am not a fan of a large Federal government involved in all of your business. Today illustrates the difference well: I get up this morning with three errands to complete (prepare to wince): 1) Go to the IRS office to drop off an estimated tax payment, 2) Go to the city auditors office (in a | Read More »

    It Must be a Matter of Trust

    It’s a funny thing about politics. One day you can’t get enough of it—the excitement and the angst, but by the next, you abhor it; wanting nothing further to do with it. I think what it comes down to is a matter of trust. In this current environment of corruption and gray lines, can we really trust our politicians to do the right thing for | Read More »

    Marita Noon: To win, Republican candidates must be strong on energy

    In Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina, Hickman asked about other energy issues, such as coal-fueled power plants, the Keystone pipeline, offshore drilling, and hydraulic fracturing. Again, support among Republicans and Independents—even many Democrats—is strong on a wide range of energy issues.

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    Why do TPA opponents trust Obama?

    Why do TPA opponents trust Obama?

    Most of the recent discussion surrounding Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) has focused on the overwhelming distrust of the President from, well, pretty much everyone. Many fear that the President plans to use trade agreement back-doors to compromise US sovereignty and ram through environmental and immigration policies that would not have a chance of making it through the GOP-controlled congress. The most consistent critique of those | Read More »

    Congress Should Reject Trade Fast Track Authority

    We free traders have seen international trade as a debacle for decades. We really, really want to end the senseless protectionism and endless complication of international trade. Giving the President Fast Track Authority is too high a price to pay to end it. House Leadership will try again Tuesday to pass the trade package. WH says Pres Obama to confer today with @SpeakerBoehner about getting | Read More »

    The Dismal State of Federal Cybersecurity: It’s Time to Play Chess Instead of Checkers

    The cyber attack on US federal personnel data, unofficially attributed to Chinese hackers, was found to yield far more than the Obama administration admitted to. In a letter to the director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), J. David Cox, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has said that, “based on the sketchy information OPM has provided, we believe that | Read More »