Keystone XL: It’s Official – Excuses for Inaction Have Disappeared

    Last year, President Obama halted the U.S. Department of State’s 90-day review of the Keystone XL project, citing the importance of giving the Nebraska Court the time to issue a ruling. Earlier today, the Nebraska Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision, and in doing so, ruled that the Governor of Nebraska has the authority to approve the pipeline’s route. Now that the Nebraska Court | Read More »

    Who Is Qualified to Be President? We should expand the constitutional requirements to include experience.

    Re-posted from National Review Online With crowded benches of Democratic and Republican candidates actively contemplating a run for the White House in 2016, should Americans consider expanding the current constitutionally mandated presidential eligibility requirements to include relevant levels of work experience? Since all professional occupations require some form of licensing before one is allowed to have clients or patients, shouldn’t the holder of the most | Read More »

    Islam is not a Religion of Peace

    The tragedy in France is another sad chapter in the West’s failure to come to terms with the true threat of Islam.  Even as one of the pillars of liberal philosophy – freedom of speech – is viciously assaulted by dogmatic religious ideologues – many liberals continue to look for blame in the actions of the victims while desperately trying to empathize with the perpetrators.  | Read More »

    Speaker’s Race – in Texas

    Rinaldi deserves our gratitude for his courage and transparency. Like those 24 GOP Congressmen who voted against Boehner, and the Texas Reps who are preparing to vote against Straus, it may be quixotic to oppose GOP leadership, but it is still the right thing to do; that is, if you value honesty and transparency.

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    What Happens When Progressives Tax (and Spend)

    As Rush Limbaugh so rightly pointed out, “No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.” So many people have accepted the argument that progressive taxation is just, necessary, and fair, so I know this article will offend many.  Hopefully it will also make a few people reconsider their acceptance of policy.  Many who are vehemently opposed to socialism, collectivism, and all the other trappings of | Read More »

    Pre-SOTU Road Show: He Has a Pen, But Does He Know How To Use It?

    Pre-SOTU Road Show: He Has a Pen, But Does He Know How To Use It?

    Perhaps when he’s done debuting his State of the Union address around the country, Big Guy will have time to issue a more thoughtful comment on the Charlie Hebdo situation.  Because freedom of speech is a linchpin of democracy, and the threat of it succumbing to political correctness might actually be more important to the future of America than free tuition. It would be nice if | Read More »

    The Democratic Party’s Zombie Apocalypse

    After any drubbing in an election, a political party usually looks within and does a post-mortem analysis on what went wrong.  Call it what you will, but the Republican victories in November were a drubbing of the Democrats and their message.  The GOP won in places where they had no right winning- liberal strongholds like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois in gubernatorial races- and replacing hardcore | Read More »

    There seems to be no shortage of marauding bands

    While doing some reading recently I was reminded of an infamous  quote – “Nobody in this country got rich on their own.  Nobody.  You built a factory out there?  Good for you!  But I want to be clear.  You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.  You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize | Read More »

    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    The people in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District are unhappy campers this week and who could blame them? They were betrayed. They were betrayed by a loud-mouthed, mean-spirited, arrogant carpetbagger who didn’t live in the district. But even worse, they betrayed themselves. Newly elected Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-6) who claimed he would oppose Boehner (and amnesty and Obamacare and Common Core, etc), didn’t oppose Boehner at all. In | Read More »

    Sexting, Lobbying, and an Abortion Movie: How $500 Million Tax Dollars Helped Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood admittedly aborted at least 327,653 unborn babies last year and took in $528.4 million in our tax dollars, 41% of its total revenue, last year.

    Since you and I are handing the abortion giant more than half a billion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars each year, maybe we should be able to ask what we helped pay for this year.

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    Follow the Money: Under Armour

    Follow the Money: Under Armour

    It’s the classic American success story. A young entrepreneur builds on an idea in a basement and spends the next few years hawking his wares out of the trunk of his car until he earns his first major break. For Kevin Plank, that break was a $17,000 sale of t-shirts with a revolutionary fabric to the football program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Within | Read More »

    Senate Delay on TRIA Would be Costly

    The cowardly attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is an unpleasant reminder that terrorism is a constant threat and possibility.  Terrorism insurance has become a necessary requirement for things like construction projects but unlike auto and life insurance, we still do not have enough quantitative data to make an accurate prediction about the probability and the likely damage the next attack could cost. When | Read More »

    Memo to the Jenkins Hill 25: Just Vote Against the Rules

    In retaliation for having the temerity to question ‘s leadership, Boehner has gone “full despot” against the 25 Republicans who voted against him as speaker. In particular, Florida Republicans and will lose their spots on the powerful House Rules Committee. And, according to Politico, “[m]ore punishment is likely.” Conservative “leaders” have sent a whiny letter.  But here’s an idea:  The “Jenkins Hill 25″ should just | Read More »

    Could the 2016 election hinge on whether or not to close Gitmo?

    Elections are quirky, and often unpredictable. Sometimes there are broad themes that shape races. Bill Clinton had “it’s the economy, stupid!” as his mantra. Ronald Reagan promised us the vision that “it’s morning again in America.” Less remembered today, but very effective then, was Dick Cheney’s refrain during his 2000 acceptance speech at the Republican convention, “Help is on the way!” And sometimes it’s one | Read More »

    Tigers Never Change Their Stripes

    Tigers Never Change Their Stripes

    Terrorists Terrorize: Shattered Illusions Weasels lie: “Yeah, I love you back.” Community organizers give speeches and take victory laps for other peoples victories: “Nice Mustang, butt you didn’t build that.” And yes, we are all “Charlies” now: Appeasement does not and will not appease any of them. Butt do not be afraid: Be prepared. When there are tigers in your neighborhood you are not safe. P.S. | Read More »

    Lessons America must learn from France’s mistakes

    The following are my immediate thoughts and reaction to the terrorist attacks in France yesterday: What happens when a country and the society it contains loses its culture, traditions, and faith, and the identity created by those things?  We’re finding out right now in France.   The antidote to rapidly expanding muslim influence in european nations like France isn’t secularism, that’s been tried and has | Read More »

    Misogynists and Victims: Campus Sexual Harassment

    There is a growing trend, spurred by the Federal government, on college campuses to restrict not only free speech, but also academic freedom.  To understand what is happening, we need to look at the genesis of the government’s response and go back to 2011 and the University of Montana.  In response to allegations of sexual assaults on and off campus, the government began an investigation of | Read More »

    12 Dead as French MultiCulturalism claims victims at Charlie Hebdo

    There is a trend in Europe toward rejecting political correctness, non-assimilation and passive regulation of immigration and laws. Today’s mass killing – technically a Holocaust, will assuredly give that campaign even more momentum, both in France and elsewhere on the Continent and in the U.K.

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    F-35 Lightning II Program Meets Aircraft Production Goal for 2014

    Last month, the Defense Department accepted the final F-35 Lightning II aircraft delivery for 2014. With the delivery of this aircraft, the CF-19 F-35C for the Marine Corps, Lockheed Martin officially met the production goal of 36 aircraft for the year. In total, 109 operational aircraft have been delivered to the U.S. and its partner nations. The final aircraft of 2014 was also the first | Read More »

    Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama IF she runs: “I pee sitting down, he pees standing up”

    Sort of a weird story on Reuters:“Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama if she runs” John Podesta, long-time Clintonista, and now an adviser to Obama (though he’s leaving next month) is expected to head up Clinton’s WH campaign if and when she decides to enter the race. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Obama snatched the nomination from Hillary in | Read More »

    The Exorcism of Mayor de Blasio

    When he appeared at a recent press conference, New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio at first seemed like any other human being, albeit a politician. He waxed poetic about the NYPD, and tried to make himself look mayoral. But as the event wore on, it became obvious—even to members of the press—that it was an illusion: de Blasio is not a normal politician: he’s possessed | Read More »

    New Congress Wastes No Time Introducing Pro-life Legislation

    In terms of legislation, this just may be the most pro-life Congress Washington has ever seen. Returning pro-life senators like (R-KY) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) have spearheaded former pro-life legislative efforts, as well as representatives like Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). What’s more, an historic 21 pro-life women are now serving in Congress – and they’ve already shown that is more than just a number. | Read More »

    #JeSuisCharlie – Charlie Hebdo – Profiles in courage

    The murdered writers and cartoonists of Parisian satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, stood for something.  It’s called freedom of speech.  To paraphrase one of their editors, “I would rather die standing, than live kneeling.” In our oh, so politically correct world, where newspapers such as AP, already censor free speech under the guise of not offending anyone, Charlie Hebdo stands out like a beacon of light | Read More »

    Choosing a Consensus Conservative Candidate 2016

    The evangelical primary is well underway. Today Senator Rick Santorum invited supporters to a private meeting next week to assess his candidacy. Governor Bobby Jindal is scheduled to visit Iowa and meet with conservative pastors this week. Governor Rick Perry and several others will be attending the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24 in Des Moines. Dr. Ben Carson plans to make a decision by | Read More »

    Is a Muslim Reformation possible? (part 2)

    This is the second part of my thoughts on al-Sisi’s speech but will be more broadly about the roots of Muslim antisemitism and resistance to assimilating into the modern world. To all the people who hate Jews and say Jews all over the world are evil I ask the following question:  what have the Jews done to you?  Even if you hate Israel and believe | Read More »

    Global Warming Is Dead And Irony Is Alive!

    Global Warming Is Dead And Irony Is Alive!

    I see the loyal Opposition re-elected their illustrious leaders yesterday; they are beginning to act more like Democrats every day. ‘Nuf said. So as the next do-nothing Congress convenes Big Guy will travel to Detroit today to take another victory lap (this will make what, a thousand?) for the auto bailout. In an exclusive interview ahead of today’s speech BO warned that cheap gas can’t | Read More »

    The 25 Should Keep Standing

    The 25 conservative members of Congress who voted against Speaker Boehner will almost certainly face retaliation. Early media reports already rumor that two of Boehner’s opponents have lost their seats on the quiet but significant Rules Committee. If most or all of the 25 members who voted against Boehner are stripped of their committee assignments and other perks then they will have little influence through | Read More »

    Time For A House Conservative Fund?

    This is an open thread and Dairy to the 25 Conservative Hero’s who voted for someone other than for Speaker of the House in January 2015. I list you below and ask “Do you need help in 2016?” What can you do in the next two years to prepare for the ongoing battle with the GOPe? is it time to “Gingrich” Boehner and if so, how | Read More »

    Mitigating the Suck: The $1.00 Campaign and “Not one D*** Dime!”

    OK Erick, I’ll take your post and raise you $1. I agree we shouldn’t throw them all under the bus for one transgression, although I’d certainly like to at this point.  So let’s apply some positive reinforcement to the 25 patriots that opposed Boehner for Speaker, and some negative reinforcement to the other 258 bozos that claim the title “Republican”. If everyone reading this gives | Read More »

    Is a Muslim Reformation possible? -Updated

    I should begin this diary entry with a disclaimer:  I’ve already written about the roots of Muslim antisemitism and why it’s so prevalent in today’s world.  However, I recently came across a speech given by President al-Sisi of Egypt that really caught my attention, and I thought I’d tie it in to my previous writing.  In the speech, he talked about and called for the | Read More »

    Putting An End to Affirmative Action

    As originally articulated, affirmative action programs were supposed to seek out and retain minorities in the workforce and colleges.  There is nothing the matter with this if only everyone had stuck to the game plan.  Unfortunately somewhere along the line affirmative action turned into a game of preferential treatment and (wink..wink) quotas with the ostensible goal of making the workforce or student body reflect society at | Read More »

    A Review Of Exodus: Gods & Kings

    It wasn’t that “Exodus” God & Kings” was that bad of a movie. It is more that it could have been better. The narrative did succeed in creating dramatic interpersonal tension between Moses and Pharaoh by emphasizing the intertwined family relationships of the two characters. While the film strives to acknowledge in its own way the broad strokes of the Biblical saga, the producers could | Read More »

    The One Illegal Immigrant The Obama Admin Isn’t Amnestying, Yet

    Since President Obama announced his unconstitutional expansion of his executive amnesty in November to allow some 5 million illegal immigrants to stay and work in the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) has released more than 600 illegal immigrants in its custody. That is on top of the fact that 90% of illegal immigrants who came to the country, including from Central America, in the border | Read More »

    My first diary

    Hello friends, This is my first diary here. Excited to get started. More soon… Vince

    Trey Gowdy Is Not A Conservative Leader

    Trey Gowdy Is Not A Conservative Leader

    Former Congressman Allen West has a massive following. He is loud and bombastic. His followers think he is rock-solid conservative and is their response to Obama, the first black President. It turns out he was decidedly mediocre when he served in Congress, despite his fiery rhetoric. Congressman Trey Gowdy is a similar case. He is known for his epic demonstrations of wit during oversight committee | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood: Abortion by Any Other Name, Still Raking in Huge Profits at Taxpayer’s Expense

    Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report is a sobering reminder that it remains the unquestioned leader of the Culture of Death.

    As it has seen across the board increases in abortions, taxpayer dollars, and profits during President Obama’s time in office, Planned Parenthood continues to play the American people for fools.

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    Marita Noon: Obama Administration kicks the oil-and-gas industry while it is down

    I have warned the industry that while they have remained relatively unscathed by harsh regulations—such as those placed on electricity generation—their time would come. Now, it has arrived. The WSJ concurs: “In its first six years, the administration released very few regulations directly affecting the oil-and-gas industry and instead rolled out several significant rules aimed at cutting air pollution from the coal and electric-utility sectors.”

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    Sabermetrics, the vote for Speaker, and why we’re going to need a new party

    Sabermetrics is the empirical analysis of baseball, especially baseball statistics that measure in-game activity. Bill James, who pioneered sabermetrics, defined it as “the search for objective knowledge about baseball.” It gained  great acceptance with the general public after the publication of “Moneyball.” About the closest thing we have to sabermetrics in politics are the various scorecards that different organizations use to track how members vote. | Read More »

    Boehner’s stalking horses don’t have to be “viable” to win

    Crossposted from BatesLine and updated. Critics of the anti- rebellion who say the announced challengers —  of Texas and  of Florida — cannot win the speakership themselves are missing some historical perspective. Gohmert, Yoho and company can get what they seek — someone besides Boehner as speaker — without becoming speaker themselves. They don’t have to be viable alternatives. They are stalking horses. The most famous | Read More »

    Bill de Blasio – Urban America’s Alexander Kerensky

    The fatal events in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York, and the grand jury verdicts which followed (exonerating the police officers involved) continue to fuel an undercurrent of unrest across America. For some, the incidents confirmed their worst suspicions about the failures of a supposedly post-racial nation. For others, the country appeared to be hijacked by divisive forces seeking to destroy the basic pillars | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan .vs. Mario Cuomo: Remembering How Futures Are Built

    Ronald Reagan .vs. Mario Cuomo: Remembering How Futures Are Built

    Mario Cuomo will be laid to rest today. Odd. The son of a legal Italian immigrant somehow managed on his own to get an education, grow rich and become governor of the nation’s largest state – and  pass his legacy on to his progeny  – butt he wants the government to do for the next generations what he and his family did for themselves? I | Read More »

    The Prophets of Politics Are Angry

    The Prophets of Politics Are Angry

    It doesn’t take anything more than the possibility of a Christian right candidate like Mike Huckabee running for president to turn the Tea Party-aligned Republican mood rings from algae green to obsidian black.  The reaction runs the gamut from not taking Huckabee seriously in spite of his tenure as a two-term governor and solid campaigner, to outright hostility that someone who believes the Book of | Read More »

    All Crimes Are Hate Crimes

    There is one area of the law that really disturbs me and that is the concept of “hate crimes.”  These are laws are where the punishment is usually enhanced for perpetrators of criminal acts whose motivation was purely out of a dislike of an individual because they belong to a particular group.  By doing this one elevates the status of the victim above that of | Read More »

    UPDATED: Incoming Freshmen Who Promised To Vote Against Boehner

    The purpose of this post is simple: to document the cases in which incoming freshmen House members promised to vote for someone other than Boehner as Speaker of the House. If they violate their word tomorrow, it will be updated accordingly, and they will face serious consequences from their constituents. If they remain truthful, they are to be commended. Below are the newly-elected Representatives who | Read More »

    “Talk is Cheap” – the Tea Party Version

    Every candidate runs as a conservative in October.  Everyone! Now when Alison Grimes and Wendy Davis speak against gun control, nobody believes them.  Unfortunately when and say they will stand up to Obama, many conservatives don’t believe them.  The Democrat and the Establishment Republican have proven with their actions and their votes that they desire a Washington-centric government.  They will speak all election season against Washington, | Read More »

    Fast Track: The Way to Punish Obama for Not Being Trustworthy is to Not Trust Him

    You have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Remember that?  But if you think ObamaCare was a corrupt exercise in legislating, imagine giving the congressional imprimatur to something that hasn’t been written yet. That’s fast track. In order to give Obama a “legacy-burnishing achievement” [Washington Post, "Obama to seek GOP's help," December 27, 2014, page 1], the Washington Establishment is now pushing | Read More »

    Presidential Competition Pound for Pound: The Tale of the Chubs Running

    I can’t help but observe that many of the early entrants and front-runners in the 2016 presidential election are a little on the heavy side. Or as Cartman would say: “I’m not fat, I’m festively plump.”  Is it just me or are these four candidates big boned? Maybe it is just winter insulation, holiday cheer, turkey and ham that I see, but it has me thinking about voter perceptions. | Read More »

    Three Unelected Democrat Bureaucrats Are About to Overrule and Override November’s Election

    The American people in November overwhelmingly, historically rebuked President Barack Obama, his policies and his unilateral practices. The President his own self primed the pump for the election as a referendum – on him. Obama: My ‘Policies Are On the Ballot. Every Single One of Them.’ President Obama has for years benefitted greatly from then-Senate Majority Leader (Democrat) serving as a preemptive veto of most | Read More »

    I, Feminist, 2015: Objectify Me.

    I, Feminist, 2015: Objectify Me.

    Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being a fashion icon in this town. For example, nearly every trip requires two complete changes of clothes. The leaving and the coming Which is really expecting a lot from a committed feminist like Lady M who has many other issues on her mind. Lest you think the lure of feminism has died down recently due to the | Read More »

    Misfire on Speaker Challenge

    A conservative challenge to Speaker Boehner is an understandable impulse by those who feel the urgency of the problems facing America. House conservatives would desperately like to get stronger, wiser opposition to the Democrats into the Speaker’s chair. Understandable, but I have yet to see any convincing argument that this impulse is a good political strategy. Conservatives need to understand that Boehner is a symptom | Read More »