What? Liberal Sweden is going to expel 80,000 refugees?

    What?  Liberal Sweden is going to expel 80,000 refugees?

    The source is al Jazeera; make of that what you will. Sweden to expel up to 80,000 refugees Al Jazeera | Thursday, January 28, 2016 Sweden intends to expel as many as 80,000 refugees and migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose applications for asylum have been rejected. “We are talking about 60,000 people, but the number could climb to 80,000,” Interior Minister Anders Ygeman | Read More »

    An Incredibly Weird Two Weeks for Donald Trump

    As usual, something Donald Trump isn’t doing is dominating the news cycle.  His decision to skip tonight’s debate is all the rage right now, but the handwriting was on the wall soon after the January 14th debate when he started to make noise against Megyn Kelly being a moderator in tonight’s debate. Apparently, Trump still holds a grudge against Kelly for a question she asked | Read More »

    America Loves A Train Wreck

      Two of America’s favorite disasters have met and one endorsed the other. The Sara Palin, Trans-Siberian Express struck the Donald Express. America loved it, because they are sick with a condition of debased sensibilities. America loves a disaster and can’t get over the “Donald”. He is only two more debates away from getting The “Duck” status added. Sarah your ship has sailed and an | Read More »

    The Battle for the House 2016- Part 2: January News

    This is part 2 of January’s US House news and happenings. NY-22:  With RINO Richard Hanna now departing, this may be Claudia Tenney’s year on the GOP side.  She will have a primary opponent. The Democrats landed David Gordon, a one-term Oneida county official who also ran on the Conservative Party ticket in the past. NC-09: GOP incumbent Robert Pittinger recently revealed that his his family’s | Read More »

    Dana Loesch endorses Ted Cruz for POTUS…

    Loesch, whose tussles with Piers Morgan and others have become well known, has backed Cruz officially for president. Now Ted needs several more before the Iowa vote. It would help if some from the senate that supposedly “hates” him would speak up fast, like M. Lee if he already has not done so. Rick Perry has already backed him. Ted could use Levin if he | Read More »

    Our Troops are Not Campaign Props

    Much ink has been spilled about Mr. Trump’s decision to skip tomorrow night’s Fox News debate, and so I won’t focus on his decision much here. I will, however, focus on what he has decided to do instead of attend the debate. His official release says that he will attend an event to “raise money for Veterans and Wounded Warriors.” I already see several young | Read More »

    Choosing our Commander in Chief

    The role of Commander in Chief. What would prepare someone for such responsibility?

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    Before there was Donald Trump; there was WC Fields….

    Addressing the Prescription Opioid Crisis

    Abuse-deterrent opioids may reduce long-term healthcare costs, according to a new paper released today by the American Legislative Exchange Council. The paper, “Optimizing the Abuse-deterrent Opioids Market,” written Dr. Wayne Winegarden, finds that abuse-deterrent formulations (ADFs) of opioids treat pain and help prevent abuse. Prescription opioid abuse accounted for an estimated $55.7 million in healthcare, workplace and criminal justice costs in 2008, with an estimated | Read More »

    While You Slept III: Putin, Iran, and the Iranian Hijacking of American Military Vehicles

    Circumstances of various kinds have prevented me from writing this for a while, but the silence of the general media on this topic for two months has forced me to alert RedState readers to this “behind the scenes” story, which is actually available to anyone with the time to follow it. I have not yet read anything connecting the dots to Putin. The American Public has | Read More »

    Donald Trump is Setting Up Fox News to be the Scapegoat for an ‘Unfair’ Iowa Loss

    Donald Trump is Setting Up Fox News to be the Scapegoat for an 'Unfair' Iowa Loss

    We are about to witness bankruptcy #5 for a Trump-related entity. This time, he’s filing a strategic bankruptcy on behalf of his campaign to establish protection against the blow back from his upcoming loss in Iowa. If he pulls this off, it will be the rallying cry he needs to convince his current and future supporters that it’s them versus everyone else. He’s going to | Read More »

    Martin Luther King and Flint, Michigan

      In 1963, Martin Luther King dreamed of people judging others by the “content of their character” rather than external characteristics. The news from Flint, Michigan, reveals, though, that we still don’t understand King’s message. Michigan residents elected Governor Snyder to run their state, to keep the people of safe, to be a man of character. Today, however, we find that, the Governor authorized, for | Read More »

    Hedge Fund Cronyism

    Cronyism is a big problem in politics. It is one of those issues that has been with us for a long long time, but the super rich seem to be taking advantage of it in high profile ways. Just look at billionaire Donald Trump bragging that he bought and sold politicians. Trump said at the first Republican presidential debate on Fox in August of 2015: | Read More »

    4 Reasons Why Trump Ditching the Debate is Brilliant

    Here are 4 reasons why Donald Trump’s decision to skip Thursday’s debate is a brilliant political maneuver: 1.Trump hasn’t benefited from nor been hurt by any of the previous debates. So, it’s unlikely that skipping this debate will hurt his national poll numbers. 2.  Ted Cruz has been the hardest opponent for “The Donald” to outmanuever, especially in debates. By skipping Thursday, Trump leaves Cruz | Read More »

    The Curious Case of Declining Illegal Immigration

    Every time the public is concerned about immigration, the elite waste no time trying to everyone to forget about the issue.

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    Watercooler 1/27 Open Thread – Danes Push Back, New Toys At SHOT, Trump Twitter Trolling

    Welcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got… Dept. of Irony, Islamist Hypocrisy Edition: Seems that some Saudi and Iranian clerics want to ban chess, a game that was created by Persian Muslims in the 7th century and then exported to Europe in their expansions. Ironically, no objections to backgammon or card games… but they now think chess is | Read More »

    It’s all about Megyn.

    FLASH FOR FOX NEWS: Don’t flatter yourself. Trump’s boycotting of the Thursday evening debate is not disrespectful to the people of Iowa. It’s a message to FOX and Megyn Kelly, in particular, that he won’t be used by FOX or any one of its hosts who hope to boost their own egos at his expense. It’s a message to FOX and FOX alone. Megyn Kelly | Read More »

    Trump skips Fox debate: Brilliant move to win the nomination.(not sarcasm)

    While many are jumping up and shouting “this will be the end of the Trump campaign” the Donald just made a brilliant move. The MSM and especially its talking heads have spent years trying to take Fox News down and this gives them an opportunity to pile on.  Trump knows this and by skipping the debates, he is loading their cannons with hours of airtime which | Read More »

    Time has come to change the First In The Nation Primary contest locations

    The time is long past due to change where the ‪#‎FITN‬ Primary contests are held! Why? It’s simple. Reality dictates that Presidential Elections really come down to the half-dozen, or so, Purple/Swing States! Therefore, we should be concerning ourselves with who it is that those Battleground States think is the best nominee in order to win those States and thereby the Election(s)! Put those States | Read More »

    The beginning of the end of the Trump campaign?

    For months now, Trump has defied the “experts” and has shot to the top of the polls inexplicably. He seemed made of Teflon. Then recently some in talk radio began to turn on him in a sense. Then came the National Review piece, with follow up ones by Katie Pavlich for one. Glenn Beck joined in actively. Then a previous supporter changed his views with | Read More »

    The Battle for the House- 2016- Part 1: January News

    There was a lot of news on the House front in January, so I am splitting this into two articles. CA-21: Emilio Huerta, the son of a United Farm Workers co-founder, has entered the race on the Democratic side to take on GOP incumbent David  Valadao.  He joins Daniel Parra on the Democratic side, no doubt inspired by Parra’s weak performance thus far. FL-05: Democrat Gwen Graham | Read More »

    Poor Wittle Twump: Did the Big, Mean Weporter Say Bad Things to You? (Or, “Donald Ducks”)

    Chickenscat. We are on the eve of the most consequential Presidential election in over a generation, and what the hell are we talking about? Birth Certificates of candidate’s mothers, which candidates are “nasty”, which member of the Duck Dynasty family is endorsing whom, what Sarah Palin was wearing, and who can make the best “deals”, as if governing was like getting a better rate on | Read More »

    No wonder Donald Trump hates Megyn Kelly…

    She’s Living In The Trump Penthouse Rent Free Update (see comments also): Instapundit: Walter Hudson: Did Trump just jump the shark? Don Surber: Did NR raise the white flag for Donald Trump? Most electable? I still say Donald Trump has been a plus for the GOP party and field as a whole. He managed to destroy Jeb Bush, which my friends is a great gift to | Read More »

    Dear FOX News: Call the big baby’s bluff. Announce that Carli Fiorina is being promoted to the main debate

    Trump’s an idiot.  He’s gone way too far this time. The main reason is he doesn’t have a solid campaign staff…just a bunch of yes men/acolytes who keep telling him how smart, how GREAT, he is. So there was nobody around to tell him that NO, DUMBASS!! boycotting the FOX debate Thursday is a REALLY DUMB IDEA!!!! But FOX needs to act fast. Announce that since there | Read More »

    Cruz is masterfully trying to make lemonade out of lemons following Donald dodge…

    On Hannity just now, Cruz challenged Donald to a debate one on one anywhere anytime! He did a fine job going after him, claiming to want to do a Town Hall in Iowa, or have other moderators chosen for a one on one debate. He said he knew he would refuse but he asked why is he afraid of it? He offered NO moderator, just | Read More »

    No clothes: Trump’s straw man Fox News debate setup

    Donald Trump has pulled out of the Fox News Channel debate scheduled for this coming Thursday, January 28, 2016.  This reeks of a setup which could and should have been detected from a mile away.  Several days ago, Trump resurrected the carcass of his dispute with Megyn Kelly seemingly out of nowhere.  Based on the timing and the circumstances surrounding all of this, it is | Read More »

    Donald Trump is Wrong About Public Land

    On Mark Levin’s radio show Monday, Jan. 25, Mr. Levin played a clip of Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking with Field and Stream Magazine about federal control of lands in the Western United States. Asked if he would support transferring federal control of much of this land to states, Mr. Trump responded, “That’s not good, because you want to keep the land great, and you | Read More »

    Brave Brave (cowardly?) Sir Trump Robin!

      He was not in the least bit ‘fraid to be mashed into a pulp! Brave Brave Brave Sir Trump! Trump!  Or to have his elbows broken… Ted Cruz, are you reading this? Hat Tip: Dafyd The Donald ran away, Bravely ran away! When Megyn filled his heart with dread, The Donald turned his tail and fled. Yes! The Donald turned about, And he loudly | Read More »

    If the left are really concerned about global warming climate change . . .

    From MarketWatch: Monster storm makes life difficult for Fed Fed says some officials may participate by videoconference By Greg Robb | Published: Jan 25, 2016 10:44 a.m. ET The Great Blizzard of 2016 couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Federal Reserve. The blockbuster snowstorm that dumped 18 inches of snow on the nation’s capital will certainly make life difficult for the dozen | Read More »

    Trump is the GOP nominee the Progressive/P.C. Movement Is Dreaming Of

    There are lots of stupid reasons to support Donald Trump. Many of his supporters, for example, still parrot the ridiculous and thoroughly discredited position that Trump, a deal-making, liberal-leaning, glad-handing elitist who has the inside-the-Beltway clique now wholly in his corner, is somehow anti-Establishment. Many of his supporters claim that they flock to Donald Trump because “isn’t P.C.,” and “stands up to the P.C. culture.” | Read More »

    Like an earlier “teflon Don,” Trump’s self-implosion is inevitable

    Donald Trump is a man-child in the political promised land.  He is exulting in the aura of adulation that surrounds him. He is absolutely convinced that because he currently leads in the polls, he is the white bread incarnation of Muhammed Ali, “the Greatest.” and can do no wrong whatsoever. Trump has no organized campaign per se; that is he has nobody to tell him, | Read More »

    Why Ted Cruz Wins Iowa

    Why Ted Cruz Wins Iowa

    On a cold Tuesday evening four years ago, I drove to West Des Moines, Iowa and entered a high school gymnasium. Wearing my Rick Perry for President t-shirt, I greeted the Perry precinct captain and asked if I could speak on behalf of the Texas Governor. He graciously agreed to my request. It was the culmination of a long multi-state journey. I waited to speak, | Read More »

    The 2016 Spoilers

    Don’t you just love a spoiler. Especially when it’s you’re team that’s trying to do the spoiling. Your team has absolutely no chance whatsoever of making it to the postseason, but by golly it will do everything in it’s power to make sure some other team doesn’t get there either.  The reasoning doesn’t matter. Maybe someone on their team dated one of your player’s sisters. Maybe your team is trying to | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/26/16 Open Thread: Ryan’s Outreach, Falwell Endorses DJT, Sanders vs. Obama, Coalition in Disarray.

    Welcome to the Watercooler. Let’s start with some good news for a change. Speaker Ryan’s Outreach Speaker Ryan is a quick learner and is taking steps to avoid the pitfalls that ended Boehner’s reign. His biggest move is the shake up of the powerful GOP Steering Committee that decides who gets the Chairman gavels, and even Huelskamp made it onto the panel. Ryan is also breaking bread with everyone, | Read More »

    Sound Bite Nation

    Sound Bite Nation By Karen Cacy   Dr. Ben Carson has a problem.  He’s intelligent, with a sound candidacy for the Republican nomination, and he’s got reasoned positions on a host of issues.  But that’s not what we’re looking for in a candidate. We are busy.  We need short staccato sound bites.  Yeh, yeh, I’ve got it.  Now, on to the next thing.  Or person.  | Read More »

    A winning argument against Donald Trump that is waiting to be made

    There’s one argument left against Trump that hasn’t been made, and I think it’s a winning argument. It goes something like this . . .   Sure, his rivals have brought up the fact that Trump has donated to many democrats, such as Reid, Pelosi, and Rahm. But his supporters not only don’t mind that, it’s actually a plus in their eyes because they view it | Read More »

    Donald Trump = Winfield Scott

    Not drawing an exact parallel here, but for historical purposes the Whig party won the presidency in 1848, lost in a landslide in 1852 and then was no more.  Winfield Scott managed to win his party’s nomination, but did not represent the values of his party at large, and most especially did not represent his party’s most ardent supporters (the abolitionists).  The party was divided | Read More »

    An Open Letter to All Conservatives Supporting Neither Trump Nor Cruz

    An Open Letter to All Conservatives Supporting Neither Trump Nor Cruz

    Dear movement conservatives presently supporting neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz, “A republic, if you can keep it,” Benjamin Franklin once famously quipped in describing the handiwork of the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.  “If [we] can keep it,” indeed. We movement conservatives presently stand at a crossroads.  For those of us deeply committed to the ideological and philosophical moorings of our movement—a Burkean skepticism of | Read More »

    Donald Trump Preys on the Weak-Minded

    Donald Trump Preys on the Weak-Minded

    When 1st term Senator Barack Obama took the lead in 2008 for the Democratic nomination for President, he did so through two intertwined strategies. First, he made campaign promises that were completely untenable but that appealed to the gullible low-information voters. Then, he got them fired up with powerful speeches at rallies while maintaining a strong hold on the attention of the media. They followed | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Ted and Trump take different tracks on ethanol

    Branstad slammed Cruz because, as he told reporters: “He’s opposed to the wind energy tax credit. He’s opposed to ethanol and biodiesel”—which are the very positions that make Cruz an attractive candidate to limited-government, free-market Republicans.

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    Populisim & Conservatisim: Oil & Water

      Basic Premise: While it is possible to be Liberal & Populist… One cannot be both Conservative and Populist. The more of one you are, the less of the other you will be. Why? Because populism is just leftist ‘demand side’ economics mixed in with a sprinkling of nationalism for garnish. There is no defensible reason behind any of it – and in fact, some | Read More »

    Fear is the mind-killer, or a possible explanation of some Trump support.

    After months and months of all the silly season campaigns going on, I have been scratching my head on why and how Trump has kept his support.  It seems like every election is for the sake of the country, and in many ways , they are.  I remember hearing ’08 that we had to support McCain because losing the White House would ruin the country. | Read More »

    How Rubio, Cruz, and even the others can dismantle Donald at the next debate…

    Too bad it’s not a Town Hall setting. The GOP failed to have at least ONE of those included prior to Iowa. Big mistake. That would have exposed him by now, he would have failed to answer in any depth. The standard debates have helped Donald, despite his low I.Q. He has a crowded stage so the fire cannot be concentrated. What the others need | Read More »

    Nobody I know is voting for Nixon…

    Byron York has a piece up now relating houses with Trump signs that were on properties of people who never posted political signs before. That’s disturbing for those of us opposing Trump, since it’s like with Obama in 2008-emotion is trumping, pun intended, logic and people are showing up or threatening to who are not usually keyed up to participate. When that happens, like with | Read More »

    Trump is NOT an “outsider” combating the biggest perceptual edge he possesses?

    One of the most striking things about Trump and his numbers are the inside ones, ones that show the voters believe he’s the most OUTSIDER of the candidates. Not Ted Cruz, who stands almost alone against the Establishment. They perceive the celebrity cult figure of Trump as some sort of independent crusader against the system while the truth is he’s a crony capitalist who wants | Read More »

    Confessions of a Protester

    This past Saturday, many from my small mountain town of Sonora, trekked to San Francisco for the ‘Respect Life March.’  After attending for a few years myself, I noticed something interesting, not only have the marchers increased by the tens of thousands, but those in opposition, the pro-choice people have decreased.   Some of the pro-choice ladies were visible standing next to the stage clad only | Read More »

    Obama & Trump & Zombies: Worry not! Our hero is at hand!

    As her best friend turns into a drooling Zombie, the girl in the impossibly tight pants recoils in horror and lets go a scream that echoes and reechoes off the walls in the ill lite room.  As the zombie advances, she knows it was once her dear friend and is paralyzed with indecision, run away? fight? try to reason with it?  Not knowing how to stop the zombie, | Read More »

    Who Says Ted Cruz Can’t Get Things Done???

    Trump supporters point to Mr. Trump getting things done. Mr. Trump has built buildings and golf courses so: What has Ted Cruz Done? How about making sure people from other countries cannot avoid our laws and our punishments if they commit a crime here?  Jose Medel­lin was sen­tenced to death for his role in the rape and murder of two teen­age girls. He con­fessed to the crimes, even | Read More »

    Iowa Evangelicals, a vote for Trump is a vote for an abortionist…

    On the anniversary of one of the worst decisions in history, most of the candidates supported the marchers for life. But Trump was silent. His website is not exactly pro-life either. And in his past Trump has effectively voted for Partial Birth Abortion. This time around SCOTUS will be open for at least 3-4 replacements, and if we don’t get Cruz, or at least Rubio, | Read More »

    Don’t be fooled- Donald Trump isn’t pro-life

    This past Friday was the 43rd anniversary of Roe v Wade.  I haven’t checked but I’m assuming all of the GOP candidates put out statements talking about how it should be overturned and what they would do as president, etc.  We should expect nothing less from a conservative running for president. Donald Trump was nowhere to be found in this fight, both now and in | Read More »