A sickening global possibility

    So I had a fairly unnerving line of thought recently.  Let’s consider a few lessons from the last decade or so It is impossible to reform Islamic nations into peaceful democracies (see Iraq and Afghanistan) as peaceful leaders in the region are inevitably shot by the populace Islamic dictators are evil (exemplified by using chemical weapons on their own people), Islamic gangs (ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda) | Read More »

    Watercooler 01/11/2016 Open Thread: Messy Grace, Gun Violence, and Porn

    Good afternoon every one. I hope your weekend treated you well, I know mine sure did.  Had the opportunity to hear an Pastor/Author by the name of Caleb Kaltenbach speak.  Caleb’s book Messy Grace chronicles the journey of his life growing up with two sets of divorced openly gay parents, to now being the lead pastor of a church in the suburbs of L.A.  His is not the story | Read More »

    Children Gun Deaths Versus Abortion Deaths

    During the recent White House press conference on more gun controls, President Obama stated: “Every time I think about those kids that were killed by guns, it gets me mad,” he said, wiping a tear from his right eye. “And, by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day.” This time he flicked away a tear from his left cheek. I do | Read More »

    Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz.

    I have decided to endorse Ted Cruz and to urge other serious conservatives to join me in supporting Cruz.

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    Donald Trump and Football Being Soft: Is this an analogy for an over-regulated America?

    The NFL, of course, did not voluntarily go to these new concussion and safety rules on their own. They were prompted with medical evidence of serious head injuries with players from repeated strikes. But the question is, did Trump do this spiel stream of consciousness or were these comments intended to make a point on regulation?  My guess it is stream of consciousness, but Trump | Read More »

    Urgent amendments to the national rules of the Republican Party

    Help me correct what I see is a very dangerous problem in the current national Rules of the Republican Party, please try to influence Republican leaders you know to support the corrective amendments to the national party rules that I shall propose next week as the RNC meets in Charleston, South Carolina.

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    Is Bernie Sanders in fact actually running a brilliant, near perfect campaign?

    It’s quite possible that conservatives will soon owe Bernie Sanders a huge apology. And when  future political historians study the 2016 election,  Sanders’ campaign may well be regarded as one of the smartest ever in decades. A few weeks ago, during the Democrat debate, when Sanders ducked the opportunity to criticize Clinton about the ever growing email scandal, saying that  he was tired of hearing | Read More »

    Who Can Screw Up a Water Auction in the Desert? Government Can

    The age-old analogy describing a good salesman is “He can sell ice to Eskimos.” Let us now contemplate the opposite. What if someone has repeatedly screwed up so terribly – they could damage the sale of the hottest of commodities to a full panoply of desperate buyers? How could anyone hamstring a water auction – in the desert? We face that possibility in March. And | Read More »

    Immigrants, Slaves, Redistribution and a Cult of Personality: Barack Obama and the Last Days of the Roman Republic

    Late last year I started listening to the History of Rome app. While functionally terrible, content wise it’s quite good. Having been many years since I read Roman history, it’s a welcome refresher for those things I’ve forgotten and an education for many more I never learned in the first place. It’s an extraordinary history, particularly the first 500 years when Rome was a republic. | Read More »

    Corn Pickers vs. President Makers. Why the NH Primary Matters More than Iowa.

    John H. Sununu famously said, “The people of Iowa pick corn, the people of New Hampshire pick presidents.” The stats prove he was right. With such a crowed field, the Primary elections this year will matter more than ever and I think New Hampshire is the key to the White House. So a look back tells us that Iowa has a horrible record when it | Read More »

    Astute Parents Alert To Jihadist Intrusion

    A Virginia school system shut down classes for a day over protests that erupted in response to a Geography assignment that would have required students to write in Arabic the fundamental Islamic statement of belief known as the shahada. If Jews or Muslims rebuffed an assignment to write John 3:16 or “Jesus Is Lord”, would the leftwing media formulate coverage of this story in such | Read More »

    Amanda Marcotte clams up

    Amanda Marcotte clams up

    Salon writer Amanda Marcotte has always, always! been insistent on women’s rights, a frequent writer — and jumper-to-conclusion — concerning sexual assault, and a proponent of the so-called “slut walks,” in which women demonstrate concerning their right to wear whatever they wish or act as they please and not be looked down upon or seen as “asking for” rape. Thus, when Henriette Reker, the Mayor | Read More »

    Sean Penn belongs in prison

    From The Wall Street Journal: El Chapo’s Meeting With Sean Penn Aided Authorities in Capture Lengthy investigation and surveillance led to recapture of escaped Mexican drug lord By José de Córdoba and Dudley Althaus | Updated Jan. 10, 2016 12:51 a.m. ET MEXICO CITY—Captured Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was back Saturday in the same prison he escaped from six months ago, his | Read More »

    A Moral Tax Code is Possible

    Dr. Ben Carson recently revealed the details of his tax plan, Prescription for Growth. Experts are just beginning to evaluate the economic impact of Carson’s plan; but it is heartening to see real economists, not just pundits, heap high praise upon it. See Daniel J. Mitchell’s article, “With a Bold and Pure Flat Tax, Ben Carson Sets the Standard for Pro-Growth Reform” and Chris Edwards’ | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/10/16 Open Thread: Happiest Warrior, Birthers gotta birth, Today’s must read

    The happiest happy warrior:  If I had to place a bet on who was the happiest warrior right now I would put it on Arthur Laffer, the father of “supply side economics. Briefly and very simplified SSE suggests if you lower taxes on corporations that money is then invested back into the business which in turn raises production, which causes other great benefits down the road. Anyway, Laffer is now trying | Read More »

    Ohio GOP Undercuts Grassroots Conservatives

    Ohio GOP Undercuts Grassroots Conservatives

    The Ohio Republican Party formally endorsed Gov. John Kasich for President last Friday. Given politics such as they are, this is not a surprising move to back the sitting governor of your own party. No other names were even put forth as alternatives despite the fact that Trump (23%) and Carson (18%) were beating Kasich (13%) in the Quinnipiac poll last October with Cruz (11%) | Read More »

    Trump is the Plumber You Need

    Two things. One, I’m new to RedState. Drawn here out of horrified reaction after realizing what a garbage sheet the Huffington Post actually is. (Though, to be sure, it does manage to sneak in more pin ups than Red State ever does.) Two, I’m a man -well, I’m a jellyfish, really, but I’ve learned to hit the keyboard with my tentacles – of very few | Read More »

    Right To Work Is Right For West Virginia

    West Virginia will most likely be the next Right to Work state, and opponents of this worker freedom legislation will stop at nothing to mischaracterize the law and its history.

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    The 2nd Annual Academia Awards

    Hosted by Michael Moore at the auditorium at the University of California at Berkeley in the Socialist State of California, the following is a summary of the best of higher education this past year. The award for Stupid Government Actions goes to the National Science Foundation for awarding a $300,000 grant to study how the STEM fields can include more gay students.  The runner up | Read More »

    Why I’ve switched my support from Rubio to Cruz (part 2)

    (Continued from part 1) After seeing a recent speech by Cruz I realize I’m looking at this whole thing about presidential demeanor and temperament all wrong. Now, I actually think that even though americans look for a president who appears calm and is a uniter, that doesn’t mean that candidate will be a good president. What I think it means is that many of our | Read More »

    Why I’ve finally decided to switch my support from Rubio to Cruz (part 1)

    After many months of following the 2016 GOP race and following both the candidates and the issues closely, I’ve decided to switch my support from Rubio to Cruz.  I’m not 100% behind Cruz yet, but he’s my #1 choice as of now. Here is my explanation and the things that caused me to change my mind: -Cruz hasn’t had any major flip flops, whereas Rubio’s done so | Read More »

    Has the left finally “awoken a sleeping giant” or will we remain “the silent majority”?

    As reported in the Washington Post, Nov 14, 2015, and according to the United States Election Project in the article, “General election voter turnout for the 2014 midterms was the lowest it’s been in any election cycle since World War II.”   I have no doubt voters that post or comment here and on other conservative sites will turn out to vote, that is not | Read More »

    Could Donald Trump win this thing?

    After reading Mark Steyn’s article today, I thought about this scene from Godfather II: Michael Corleone: I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t. Hyman Roth: What does that tell you? Michael Corleone: They could | Read More »

    Germany and Angela Merkel reap what they sowed…

    Sort of ironic this Cologne (Köln) protest in January 2015 given events December 31, 2015… Even without the specter of Islamic violence or assimilating Middle Eastern and North African men into European society, why would Angela Merkel think inviting more than a million uneducated Syrian refugees into Germany’s generous welfare state would be a good idea for Germany’s economy?  And the American left is all eager to | Read More »

    Reality Check: Obama ‘All Talk’ on Guns

    “President Barack Obama has announced a series of executive actions on gun control. He says he wants to end gun violence running rampant in the United States. But is it a fair question to ask? Is the President all talk on this issue and do the actions by his administration speak louder than his words? What you need to know is that while the president | Read More »

    This Month in Jihad

    This Month in Jihad

    A new monthly series to be posted the ninth of every month bringing you the best news in the world of Islamic terrorism.  Some were big stories; some were barely covered in the mainstream media.  Happy reading. THE FRONT PAGE Well, the Christmas season has passed and there were no major attacks in the United States.  That does not mean that Islamic radicals- and some | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/9/16 Open Thread: Nothing to see in Germany, A winning ticket buys a lot of Hellfire

    That’s Rich Huck:  Mike Huckabee is firing back after being told Ted Cruz suggested Washington wanted Conservatives fighting and split. USA today said Cruz told an Iowa audience  “That is how the Washington candidate comes right up the middle with 23%,  steals the nomination”.  Meanwhile, according to Buzzfeed: “Iowa radio host Simon Conway said Cruz’s warning that a split in the conservative vote would allow a moderate | Read More »

    Pondering Donald Trump

    Pondering Donald Trump

    A conundrum indeed!  It is time for the political establishment to acknowledge that Donald Trump is here to stay, to understand why he has not imploded, and to embrace the positives while mitigating the negatives. That involves a bit of humble pie, summoning up respect for his followers, and making commitments as the voice of the voters is about to be heard in Iowa and | Read More »

    An open letter to Charles Woods: Go ahead, sir, take the lie detector test, live, on air, WITHOUT Hillary

    An open letter to Charles Woods: Go ahead, sir, take the lie detector test, live, on air, WITHOUT Hillary

    Charles Woods, the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed in the Benghazi attack, recently challenged Hillary Clinton to a lie detector test, to prove or disprove whether or not she did in fact tell the family members of the four dead Americans that the YouTube video was responsible for inciting the attack on the Benghazi compound. Of course, the Clinton campaign | Read More »

    The Loss of Conservatism’s Soul

    The Loss of Conservatism's Soul

    In 1787, fifty-six Americans assembled in Philadelphia to draft the United States Constitution to “form a more perfect union.”  Along the way they studied and debated a form of government where citizens were the sovereigns.  It was as many, including Obama, have said a system of “don’ts” rather than “do’s.”  The one thing they feared was a powerful executive which is why there are so | Read More »

    Conservatives Agree Standoff In Oregon Elevates Debate on Federal Land Ownership

    Conservatives Agree Standoff In Oregon Elevates Debate on Federal Land Ownership

    As protesters continue to engage in a standoff against the government at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, conservatives agree the events have elevated the debate over federal land ownership. But, lawmakers stop short of endorsing the actions of the protesters occupying a federal building located south of Burns, Ore. “It’s brought attention to a problem issue,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told The Daily Signal. “I’m | Read More »

    TX Gov. Abbott Releases Texas Plan, Endorses Article V Convention Of States

    Speaking at a public policy meeting in Austin, Texas Friday Gov. Greg Abbott released his “Texas Plan” a 100 page package of 9 potential amendments to the Constitution that would restore liberty and revive the system of checks and balances in our federal government. Abbott’s plan echo’s that of nationally syndicated talk show host and author of the best selling The Liberty Amendments Mark Levin, | Read More »

    Let’s Have Lots of Withdrawals After Iowa Caucus

    The number of GOP presidential candidates remains huge, and I hope that a lot of them will drop out after Iowa.  Otherwise, the non-Trump candidates will only be hurting each other, and the GOP voters will be deprived of a head-to-head race between Trump and a non-Trump.  No votes have been cast yet, so Mike Huckabee has a good point: “Why not rally around me?” | Read More »

    For the Dual Citizens Among Us: Lest We Forget

    It was at about this time on this date sixty years ago that five young Christian men–Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Flemming, and Roger Youderian–were attacked without warning and speared to death by some members of the unreached Waorani tribe in Ecuador, among whom the missionaries hoped to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Their martyrdom not only led to a reception | Read More »

    Natural Born Nonsense – Trump and Rubio’s latest gambit

    Did the founding fathers really believe that any pregnant American woman who happens to be on holiday or business outside of America could be jeopardizing her child’s future chances of becoming the president of the United States?

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    Barack Obama’s False Factoid About Mass Gun Deaths In America Needs To Be Refuted

    Instapundit had this link to this study (via the Crime Prevention Research Center). The CPRC does not take funding from the NRA or gun manufacturers. “This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency.” — Barack Obama on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 in remarks at the White House Even pro Democrat sites | Read More »

    Watercooler 01/08/16 Open Thread: “Assault” Rifles, POTUS, and Islamic perverts

      I had the opportunity just the other evening to have a real life water cooler moment if you will.  My wife and I along with several other couples got together to break bread.  These folks are our dearest friends, many of them I would consider family.  It may surprise you to learn that I do not adhere to that old adage about never discussing | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Why Hillary Could Be Indicted Before Feb. 1 Iowa Caucus

    Re-posted from WND.com If FBI Director James Comey recommends (or has already recommended) that he seek a grand jury indictment against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified material, Comey’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, must grant approval in order for him to proceed. It is likely that a Justice Department decision on this entire investigation will be announced before presidential | Read More »

    Context on Guns

    President Obama has his “executive action” pen out again. Frustrated with his inability to negotiate anything with Congress (not that he even makes a reasonable effort) he wants to take matters into his own hands to control gun ownership in the United States. This is how The New York Times reported on his executive action proposal from Tuesday of this week. As tears streamed down | Read More »

    Keeping guns away from the mentally ill: Aren’t we all a little crazy at one time?

    I think everyone will agree the government does not do things in proportion to the problem they are trying to solve.  At all levels of government, a few people bring a problem forward and government reacts by throwing a blanket over everyone. Government overreach struck me when I was watching President Obama talking about gun control in his “town hall” meeting held 1/7/16.  He mentioned, several | Read More »

    Fly Me to the Moon

    Some of our more bellicose presidential candidates want a no-fly zone in Syria.  Some are adamant about it, and some are nonchalant but make no mistake however they express it a no-fly zone in Syria is not a tool in the war against ISIS. ISIS doesn’t have an air force. A no-fly zone in Syria can only be aimed at Russia who is flying in the | Read More »

    It’s still going to be Joe.

    Joe Biden said recently that he thinks about his decision to take a pass on the upcoming presidential election all the time. He did it, he said, for personal, family reasons. He regrets it, but that’s how it is when you have a conscience. I’m sorry, but. . . No you didn’t Joe. And no you don’t. I maintain now as I did in a | Read More »

    Trumps, Wolves and Hirelings Are Not the Only Answer

    December 18th was a red letter day for Congress and the American people.  It was red letter in the positive sense for Democrats and “para-Democrats” (compliant paranoid Republicans) because they finalized a budget gift to Barack Obama and then ran for home.  Chuck Schumer bragged that the deal “…pass[ed] the test of Democrats’ values with flying colors and fit the framework we laid out years ago”.  | Read More »

    Right to Privacy on Trial in Federal Court

    Right now, the United States v. Microsoft case is playing out in a federal court.  The right to privacy is central to this case as well as the idea that cloud computing should not be punished by the courts.  If this case goes the wrong way, privacy rights will be narrowed and American tech companies will be damaged. In this case, the Obama Administration is | Read More »

    The fix is in from the Establishment to force Rubio on us.

    By now everyone knows about the so-called “birther” tactics being tried on Cruz. Of course, the GOPe is not unhappy about The Donald going this route, since they want to scare us all into “settling” for Rubio out of fear of a GE loss since HRC and others are sure to claim Cruz is not eligible and force him to be taken off message and | Read More »

    GOPe please go away, mad or not, just drop dead OK?

    Every election it’s the same with the Northeastern Establishment clowns that run the Republican Party with an iron grip now for generations. Every time, they push Wilkie or Dewey or Ford, Dole, McCain, Romney, etc. on us with threats of a lack of electability and proceed to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy by their own behavior. And yes, I listed Wilkie because this [email protected] has | Read More »

    2016 US Senate News- January Edition

    There was surprisingly lots of news on the Senatorial front in January.  This writer also has a race rating change in Wisconsin moving the Republican incumbent from toss-up into the danger category. Alabama:  Perhaps learning the lesson of Pat Roberts in Kansas and Lamar Alexander in Tennessee in 2014, Richard Shelby, who seems a shoo-in for the GOP nod and reelection to the Senate, has | Read More »

    “Noise Pollution”

    “Noise Pollution” By Karen Cacy               They’ve studied it.  They know.  Eating in noisy restaurants nullifies the pleasure of the dining experience.  Why?  Apparently, they say, our bodies can assimilate only so many assaults on our senses at any one time.  Apparently, according to researchers, noise negatively impacts our senses of smell and taste.  When one lays out a king’s ransom (these days,) to | Read More »

    Johnny Manziel vs. Tim Tebow

    Sometimes a story is never really fully understood or unpacked until there is a bright contrast. In some cases a real felt tension is required to embrace the conflict between two extremes. Johnny Manziel may represent the worst of the Millennial generation and has demonstrated his lack of character. Those of us who follow college and professional football knew who Tm Tebow was as a | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/7/16 Open Thread: NH polling, Another gov runs, UK talks Trump

    Libertarian Field Heats Up: – John McAfee is getting competition in his Libertarian run for the presidency.  Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson said he is once again making a run for the oval office .  He ran back 2012 as a Republican, then dropped out only to get back in the race as a Libertarian after winning that party’s nomination. After his unsuccessful presidential bid, Johnson went on to | Read More »