Crossing the Continental Divide in a Grabber Blue Pinto, October 1980: The Preamble of a Ted Cruz Victory.

    Ah, well; That didn’t work out so well. Like too many others, the 1970’s were a mixed bag to him. My older brother graduated High School in 1973, the year Nixon folded the tents on the draft, so that wasn’t hanging over his head anymore. He noodled around for meaning in life beyond the rather dreary, daily, schlepping off to Community College later that fall. | Read More »

    Can Presidential Candidates Deal with our Complex World?

    What terribly complex problems our nation faces.  More than 100 million Muslim extremists (I’m assuming only 7% of people who call themselves Muslim) are actively engaged in jihad against the west.  As many as 375 million may not be active but they condone that jihad.  Yet the majority of Muslims oppose these jihadists.  Iran has been coddled by the Obama administration and continues to work | Read More »

    Why Cruz should attack Trump, and why it matters.

    This is a counter-argument to the current front page diary here. I encourage you to read it. Senator Ted Cruz is far and away the most popular candidate here on RedState.  It’s easy to see why – look at the number next to his name: . 100% That means something. Cruz has been the fighter for conservative values. Cruz goes out of his way to call out liberal | Read More »

    Things you hear while standing in a gun line

    Things you hear while standing in a gun line

    A couple of days ago I stood in line for little over an hour at a national sporting goods outfitter/retailer along with 30 other people (no lie, 30, because I counted them all in front of me) as some of us waited to purchase a firearm while others waited to pick one up.  As the line slowly snaked to the counter, with more people adding to the | Read More »

    A draft agreement has been reached at the COP21 Climate Change Conference #ParisAgreement

    From The Wall Street Journal: Support Builds for Global Agreement on Climate Change Final draft receives backing from EU, India, despite watering down obligations By Gabriele Steinhauser and Matthew Dalton | Updated Dec. 12, 2015 12:08 p.m. ET PARIS—Delegates from 195 nations participating in climate talks here appeared close Saturday to an international deal to tackle global warming that, if implemented, would force businesses and | Read More »

    Wipe out the Media (Trump shows the way)

    It is time to terminate the media. We gotten to the point where the media is reeling, it’s bleeding from the head. When you have a chance for the coup de grace, the death blow, you take it. When your mortal enemy is up against the ropes you take him out. You put him down. When you have your prey in your sights you take the killshot. | Read More »

    Assessing the Dwindling GOP Field

    Assessing the Dwindling GOP Field

    The candidates are presented here in reverse order not based on polls, but on Vegas and UK odds on the GOP nomination.  This Tuesday will be the final debate of the year and then people will likely focus more on Christmas and New Year’s before entering the most serious phase of the campaign in January. #13. :  This guy does not register in the polls. | Read More »

    An explanation of why Trump continues to lead the polls, and why he must be defeated

    Trump appeals to so many working men and women not just cause he’s not pc and has a strong personality, but because he comes off as uneducated and uninformed. He doesn’t know much about religion, the Constitution, how our gov’t works, or most issues in depth. But in his case, his ignorance is actually what draws his supporters to him the most out of anything. | Read More »

    God Kills Everyone, All the Time

    You hear a lot of talk these days about how real religious values preclude killing other people. ( For our purposes lets use “spiritual” and “religious “ as the same word.) Unfortunately it is completely acceptable to kill people according to major world religions. Very sorry about that! Look at it this way… The religious viewpoint is different from the Western scientific viewpoint. The Core | Read More »

    America’s Three Possible Futures

    America is on the path to one of three inevitable futures. Only one future offers a return to a free and prosperous America.  None of the paths is without trial and tribulation. The first future is catastrophe followed by collapse and balkanization. Sadly, in many ways this seems to be the most likely scenario.  America is divided in ways far deeper than at any point | Read More »

    Cruz readies for fight with Trump

    So, apparently there is leaked audio in which Cruz questions whether Carson and Trump have sufficient judgment to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal. This was at a fundraiser this week.  Like him or hate him pretty much everyone agrees that Cruz has impeccable self-control and very high intelligence.  Cruz will not have forgotten the 47% line, or clinging to guns and religion, | Read More »

    Kill a Cop “… the death penalty is going to happen” – Trump (Can he do this/open thread)

    Yesterday, Presidential frontrunner and all around bad boy Donald Trump received the endorsement of the New England Police Benevolent Association. This may come as a shock to many, but yes he does get endorsements.  What did come as shock was what he said  according to The Hill   while accepting the endorsement: “One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order, if I win, will be | Read More »

    Let’s Reason Together

    As Dr. Ben Carson has said, “we are allowing circumstances/sides to divide us, and make us hateful toward each other.” We, the United States of America, cannot be a house divided and last for long. We form a chasm when differences of opinion become “our” position versus “their” position. This is the problem we have in our country now. We no longer have a “United” | Read More »

    Justice Scalia Causes An Uproar

    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of Fisher vs. University of Texas at Austin.  This is the second time in three years this case was before the Court.  In a previous decision, they ruled sort of in favor of Fisher.  While noting the importance of diversity in higher education, they also sent the case back to the Fifth Circuit for further | Read More »

    Uh, excuse me, but 65-70% of GOP voters do NOT want Trump as their candidate

    Yes, Donald Trump has a solid core of support among GOP voters. About 30-35% support him, and will likely continue to do so, for the near future, no matter what he says or does. They are unflappable. Indeed the fervor of their support rises with each attack on Trump by the MSM. Just as the Democrats have long capitalized on the willingness of LIVs ( | Read More »

    The Man Made Global Warming Hoax Part Deux

    The Man Made Global Warming Hoax Part Deux

    Can you believe it?  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and our tone-deaf leaders are worried about man-made global warming.  They are so worried that after terrorists turn the streets red with innocent blood more than one hundred of them fly in private jets to ride in long limousines to a summit in Paris vowing to make a statement that will | Read More »

    Dear Republican “Establishment”: You cannot f(ornicate) Donald Trump worse than he can f(ornicate) you!

    As I was sitting on the couch this morning, putting on my work boots, the television was tuned to Fox & Friends Early (since the Weather Channel had a guy instead of the lovely Jen Carfagno doing the weather), and there was a story that I sort-of caught out of the corner of my ear, so to speak. Fox is reporting that the “GOP establishment,” | Read More »

    Carson walking the walk while others just talk

    Carson walking the walk while others just talk

      While we have recently voting to continue to allow visas to be issued to residents of dangerous Muslim countries and  Donald Trump encouraging Russia’s involvement in the Middle East which was proven to have led to a currently tense situation with NATO member Turkey, Dr. Ben Carson went to Jordan to visit the Syrian refugees and found that the vetting process is ineffective and that | Read More »

    Academic Fascism

    There is a movement by some at Princeton University to remove vestiges of Woodrow Wilson from their hallowed Ivy-covered walls.  In the past, I have written that Wilson was perhaps one of the worst Presidents in the history of the United States not because of the reasons in the present instance of backlash, but because he laid the groundwork for a progressive fascist state of | Read More »

    Stop Calling Yourselves American

    I looooove opera.  <heart!  heart!>  Except for the singing part, which I’d rather live without.  I’m especially fond of Sashimi.  Except for the raw fish.  That has.  To.  Go.  And I love rare stamps, specializing in the subspecies that I can get for the current “FOREVER” rate at good ol’ USPS. I grew up and will always be a cowboy, but I stay inside because I | Read More »

    What the 12/15 debate could have been.

    It’s almost that time again.  We’re now just a few days removed from the next GOP “debate,”  in Vegas on 12/15.  Hosting duties are back with CNN.  The good news is that we won’t have to put up with Tapper’s goading questions which, intentionally or not, have the effect of drawing Trump into every single question.  The bad news is that, instead, CNN will inflict | Read More »

    Hey, you — Trump supporters! Listen up!

    Hey, you -- Trump supporters! Listen up!

    A little thought experiment for Trump supporters: It’s 2018. President Hillary Clinton is holding a Rose Garden ceremony celebrating a special tax credit program meant to stimulate the economy, which is still limping. She’s raising other taxes to pay for it, taxes you’ll end up shelling out. She welcomes to the podium one of the backers of this crony capitalism deal who speaks briefly before | Read More »

    Defeating ISIS: Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis

    Georg Friedrich Hegel’s structure for the development of ideas – thesis; antithesis; synthesis – provides a good framework for understanding the current state of debate about the war against ISIS. President Obama tried to do the right thing with his address to the nation about terrorism – explain the military strategy in the Middle East; explain the strategy for combating domestic terrorism; call for calm | Read More »

    Scalia/Thomas, the Left and Affirmative Action

    The left have rent their clothes over comments made by Justice Scalia during oral arguments in the case of Fisher v. Texas. (Streiff has already given a good primer on the overall issue and commented on Justice Ginsburg’s latent racism.) During the arguments Justice Scalia said, to paraphrase, that blacks were harmed, or at least did not positively benefit, by attending colleges they were not | Read More »

    One more time: Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States is legal, constitutional and necessary.

    Rush Limbaugh the other day provided listeners with a bit of information that bears directly on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s recent statements about placing a temporary ban on all Muslims seeking to enter the United States. The information Limbaugh provided was important. Not surprisingly, however, not only did the major news outlets ignore it, but the so called “fair and balanced” FOX commentators, some | Read More »

    Iowa Republican kingmaker Bob Vander Plaats endorses Ted Cruz

    Iowa Republican kingmaker Bob Vander Plaats endorses Ted Cruz

    As reported by Conservative Review, sweeps Iowa Endorsements: The ultimate Republican king-maker in Iowa has endorsed today. Bob Vander Plaats, 52, is the president of the Family Leader, a social conservative organization that carries weight with Iowa grassroots activists. The Vander Plaats endorsement has historically been a major boon in the first-in-the-nation caucuses. In 2008 Vander Plaats endorsed Mike Huckabee, who was 1% in the | Read More »

    Mulvaney, Massie Lead GOP Opposition to RAWA

    It was clear, by the end of the hearing, Chaffetz had little support among Republicans on the committee for RAWA, and that most of the GOP members were strong supporters of limited government and in opposition to the effort to federal ban online gambling by passing RAWA.

    Read More »

    EPA’s Addiction to Fraud, Waste, and Pornography

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continues to show why it’s one of the nation’s most inept, corrupt, and harmful government agencies.

    Read More »

    Mulvaney and Others Leave Internet Gambling Ban Bill in Tatters

    With terrorist cells organizing within our borders, an economy sputtering and President Obama trampling on the Constitution with unmitigated power grabs, the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, , decided to spend a day holding a hearing to benefit one man — Sheldon Adelson. Billionaire Adelson, the owner of the Sands Casino empire, has single-handedly pressed Congress to pass a law to prohibit states | Read More »

    *** Vander Plaats Endorses Cruz ***

    Notice I didn’t put the words “Breaking News” in the title.  Mainly because this will not come as much of a shock to those who have been following and the effort he has put into getting his Conservative message out to Iowans. Now, I can leave the rest of the space open so people can talk about how Iowa doesn’t matter. And how Iowa hardly ever | Read More »

    Some Jeb Bush major donors are really dumb

    This WaPo article talks about how Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC is burning through money like crazy with little to show for it. We knew that already, but the reactions here are jaw-dropping. Right to Rise raised over $100M in 1H15 but only $13M since. It has spent nearly $50M so far – 5x more than other super PACs. And what do they | Read More »

    Suppose there was an ideology.

    Suppose there was an ideology. Not a religion, an ideology.

    Suppose the adherents of that ideology wanted you and everything you love, dead.

    How many adherents of that ideology should we take?

    Read More »

    Donald Trump is openly talking about running as an Independent.

    Remember this picture? That’s Trump holding up a signed pledge swearing to not run 3rd party. This is a pledge that came after Trump stood defiant at the first debate and said he wouldn’t rule out an independent run or wouldn’t promise to vote for the nominee. He signed this pledge after pressure from the RNC – no pledge, no debates, they said. Of course, Trump | Read More »

    Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) Authors Attack on US Immigration

    According to the Free Beacon the (insert descriptor here) Senator from the Peoples Republic of Vermont proposes to allow unlimited immigration to all. There will be a vote tomorrow, (Thursday Dec 10). Offered as an amendment to a larger bill governing nuclear safety, would prohibit the U.S. government from barring any individual from entering the country based on their religion. I have not seen this | Read More »

    Remembering The Days Of A Constitutional Republic

    Since the beginning of our Republic Democrats, Federalists, Wigs or Republicans understood that a free people will always be the focus of destruction by tyrants.

    Read More »

    Cruz: More Electable than Rubio

    I know, that is a crazy title, right?  How could possibly be more electable than ?  I mean Rubio is more establishment, more likable, better looking, and more charming.  There are three ways to improve your electoral advantages though Increase base turnout Win over independents Depress opponents voters The standard “electability” critera that favor Rubio (charming, attractive, personable CAP) mainly work by method 2: winning | Read More »

    Bring Leadership Back to the GOP Race

    Bring Leadership Back to the GOP Race

    This past July, Gov. Rick Perry presented an economic opportunity plan for minorities and the disadvantaged before the National Press Club as part of his campaign for the presidency. What transpired became known as “The Race Speech,” addressing racial disparity, economic struggle and a dirty history of racism. No Republican in recent memory has spoken so forcefully about the relationship their party has had with | Read More »

    How Max Kellerman Taught Me About PC

    In the early 2000’s I worked as an opinion columnist for (later renamed, and I occasionally conducted interviews. One such interview was with Max Kellerman, who ESPN2 had just hired as a commentator on “Friday Night Fights.” He and I are close in age and frankly I was jealous that he got the gig. So, I admit I tried to needle him. Kellerman use to wear an ostentatious | Read More »

    Take PLAN “B”. Or take Trump/Hillary.

    Most of my fellow travelers here at RedState are individually and collectively aghast at the slow-motion train wreck that is the Donald  Trump candidacy.  Many words have been slung to attempt to avoid the looming disaster or to justify it.  But before we can avoid it, we need to understand it. This candidacy has legs for a reason, in a nutshell because there are so many | Read More »

    Let’s call Trump’s bluff.

    Go ahead, Mr. Trump, drop out of the GOP race and run as independent, see if we care. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a liberal spouting the kind of repulsive views Mr. Trump is representing the Republican Party in the general election. I can’t speak for the rest of us, but I will not be threatened or bullied into making someone | Read More »

    No, I Will NOT Eat My Carrots!…Waahh!

    Dear “Protesting” College Children Everywhere: You’ll notice I addressed this to college “children” instead of to college students. This was purposeful, and I hope it will be a slap in the face, or rather a smack on the rear, which most of you have never – and should have – suffered. I have no doubt that this form of address will make you feel “un-safe”, | Read More »

    Trump drops pants in debate with Hillary!

    It is an old show business saying that when a person has nothing new to say or do, they drop their pants to get a cheap laugh.   If Donald Trump becomes the Republican presidential nominee, he will quickly reach the point when his outrageous statements will be old and he will “drop his pants”, especially if he finds himself on a stage facing Hillary.   | Read More »

    Bill O’Reilly gets it     “Last night in South Carolina Mr. Trump called for a total ban on Muslims entering the USA. He believes most Americans would support that prohibition and says we have to do it to protect ourselves against the jihad. Almost immediately hysteria broke out: CARLY FIORINA: “I think Donald Trump’s overreaction is as dangerous as President Obama’s under-reaction.” ((EDIT)) : “He’s a race-baiting, | Read More »

    Will the infantile apes please stop flinging poo and grow up?

    Will the infantile apes please stop flinging poo and grow up?

    We can all benefit from an occasional rant.  If President Obama gets to do it (over and over again), and the Trumpkins get to do it with gusto, why can’t the rest of us? So here’s mine. Many conservatives are pursuing an unconstitutional and, frankly, cruel, view of over a billion people based on what book they’re taught and the circumstances of their birth. Many | Read More »

    The Speech Barack Obama Should Have Given Last Sunday… But Didn’t

    My fellow Americans, I’m speaking to you on the eve of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the event that launched the United States into a war against fascists who sought to eliminate freedom and our way of life. That war was long and hard and uncertain… but we prevailed and today the United States is the greatest nation on earth. Seventy four years later our | Read More »

    Cruz’s Trump problem as I see it

    Im thinking of switching my support from rubio to cruz primarily due to rubio’s disingenuous attacks on cruz about national security and the nsa, but one thing that makes me hesitate is cruz’s refusal to criticize anything trump says or does. You dont’ have to be a RINO to do so, for evidence of that look no further than Rick Perry, who was Trump’s most | Read More »

    Is banning Muslims from entering the U.S. really an unconstitutional ban on religion?

    Critics of Donald Trump wasted no time jumping on his recent statement that he favored placing a ban on Muslims entering the United States until the congress can “figure out what the hell is going on” with the radicalization of so many Muslim youth. This, after the massacre of 14 civilians and wounding of 17 others at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, CA on | Read More »


    Have you ever been down and out? Passed by, while others get the bonus? Scoffed at, while others get the compliment? It stinks! Right? Been there, done that. And at that moment, you just want out of your situation. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, taxes were devouring the lives of the middle class. Restrictions were crushing small business operators. Government’s | Read More »

    Visa Waiver Program and Terrorism

    Congress is very good at two things –  doing nothing and overreacting. Just as liberals are demanding quick action on gun control in wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, others in Congress is in overreacting mode over the Visa Waiver Program.  This program actually increases security because nations that participate in the program must share data on individuals from their country who raise | Read More »

    In Defense of the Flat Tax

    The flat tax is getting a lot of attention—and a lot of criticism—as an increasing number of Republican presidential candidates embrace the idea in some form or another. , Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and have all proposed their own variations on the idea, with an emphasis on simplicity that seems like common sense to most people. Right now, the staggering complexity of the 75,000 page | Read More »