A Step Forward for Privacy, Technology, and Law Enforcement

    Americans were rightfully shocked last June when news broke in The Guardian that the National Security Agency was collecting vast swaths of private information from U.S. citizens, ranging from phone call metadata to personal emails. The situation became much more dire when it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice was wiretapping journalists and seizing their emails. Under the weight of public pressure and Congressional Oversight hearings, President Obama pledged to dial back his Administration’s surveillance policies, but the damage was already done – and any facade of trust between government, the media, and the American public was shattered.

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    ISIS: The Three Questions

    To understand the war against ISIS, it is best to separate the discussion into three parts: 1. Is President Obama’s strategy logical? 2. Can Team Obama execute the strategy? 3. Can the American political class provide the long term support necessary? 1. Is President Obama’s strategy logical?     In a nutshell, the strategy is to engage a broad coalition, rely primarily on indigenous ground forces in Iraq and | Read More »

    John Foust is that all you Got?

    Working in NOVA I get to see some pretty interesting ads during the political season. John Faust wasted no time in bringing up the war on women in his latest ad against Barbara Comstock. Personally I believe the ad is lame on so many points. One – no one elected to congress is going to overturn Roe v. Wade. The courts have decided and it | Read More »

    Michelle Nunn’s Hoodwink Georgia Campaign

    Beginning with her first campaign commercial, Michelle Nunn has been attempting to convince voters she is not a liberal, and perhaps not even a Democrat. Prior to her campaign commercials becoming standard-fare attack pieces that play fast and loose with the facts, the message they contained was clearly focused on hoodwinking Georgians into believing she is politically conservative. Her campaign web site continues that theme. | Read More »

    “We the People” is an Everyday Celebration of Liberty

    No one sentence could better sum up the American spirit than the opening line of our Constitution. For 227 years these words have served not just as a set of guiding principles for our nation, but as the building blocks for the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

    But let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever read the Constitution?

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    Educational Choice is Good Policy

    Educational Choice is Good Policy

    Teachers unions campaign for local taxes because they believe higher taxes help students, even though research has shown very little correlation between per pupil spending and student achievement. Teachers even threaten to strike for smaller classes or fewer school days because, you guessed it, it’s for the children. For decades, however, these same teachers unions have attempted to block the very policy that is first | Read More »

    Harf v Timpf

    Has anyone ever seen these two women together at the same time?

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    What Defines a Woman’s Worth?

    What determines a woman’s worth within an organization? Is it her experience, ability and performance or is it her “lady parts”? Are all women created with equal talents and abilities? Are all contributions to an organization to be considered equally important, but women’s contributions are considered more worthy? If a woman is the CEO of a company, is that company better than a company with | Read More »

    New Air Force Oath of Office: So Help Me, Me

    So help me, me.

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    Ray Rice, Shaneen Allen and Chris Christie

    Generally, I would not dedicate a whole diary entry to another person’s entry, but since I (for whatever reason) cannot seem to comment, I feel this is a necessary follow up.  To recap, everyone is now aware of the Ray Rice situation and his violent assault on his then-girlfriend in an Atlantic City casino.  Everyone should also be aware of the situation of Shaneen Allen, | Read More »

    Bashar Assad: Our new BFF?

    There is only one disciplined, well-trained military force in the Middle East that is willing and capable of fighting and defeating ISIS.  No, it isn’t the “Free Syrian Army” (whoever that is), the Iraqui Army or the Kurds.  It is the Syrian Army of Bashar Assad, which is already engaged in fighting ISIS, with some limited success.  If we don’t want to put American boots | Read More »

    Analysts Rush To Defense Of NFL Player Accused Of Child Abuse

    Charles Barkley insists that the beating of children by athletes should be overlooked because that form of discipline is a “Southern Black thing”. Will he be suspended from his broadcasting duties like the correspondent that simply asked why Janay Rice would deliberately marry a known domestic abuser? Will Black media personalities insisting that the beating of their youth by parents is just the way things | Read More »

    President Obama’s 9/10 Strategy in a 9/11 World

    The sad irony of President Obama’s September 10th address to the nation on ISIS is that he laid out a 9/10 strategy in a 9/11 world.

    Thirteen years ago, we awoke on 9/11 and the world had changed. We awoke to the reality of radical Islamic jihad and its commitment to destroy America. Now we face an even greater jihadist threat. Have we forgotten so quickly as a nation?

    President Obama unabashedly asserted that ISIS isn’t Islamic. Yet it’s Islamic to its core, establishing a caliphate – an Islamic State – across large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

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    There’s a Movement (again) to Dismantle ATF.

    The backstory here is  Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.)  introduced a bill today which, in effect, gets rid of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms).  Woohoo, right? Its not the first time this issue has been thrown around and if it doesn’t make it then it probably won’t be the last. Even Reagan wanted to hand over ATF duties to the Secret Service. So, is it a good, bad or | Read More »



    Bloggers, In Liberally Expressing Opinion, Are Often Met At the Gate of Truth by the Darlings of the Present Fact and Evolving Lie. These Servants of State and Fortifications of Resistance to Any Opposition, bland or Colorful, Mark Their Territory by Criticizing That One’s Opinion is “Over the Top”, “Irreverent to the Office of the President” and “Not Expressive of Any Present Truth”. Moderates Eat | Read More »

    Obama plays politics – no boots on the ground in “war” against ISIS

    One day after Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested that US ground troops might be necessary to defeat ISIS, President Obama hurriedly reconfirmed to service members at an appearance at McDill Air Force Base that “I will not commit you, and the rest of our Armed Forces, to fighting another ground war in Iraq.”  The President further | Read More »

    Educational Success for Connecticut Family

    Educational Success for Connecticut Family

    “I realized Julia has has very little instruction in science, history, geography and writing when compared to my boys education in our school system.”After their four sons graduated from public school in small-town Connecticut, Ray and Kathleen were happy with the education they had received. Ranging in age from 21-29, all had done well and gone out into the workforce. However, last year, Kathleen noticed | Read More »

    (Update) Obama to Iraq: No US Aid Until an Inclusive Government. Does Iran Count?

    (picture of Iran’s Quds Force courtesy of AP via Free Beacon) The president was insistent that the newly formed Iraqi government be an inclusive one to include Sunnis and Kurds before he would start an air campaign to degrade ISIS. That was part of the reason for his dithering while ISIS was charging towards Baghdad. On a side note, did Obama insist the new government had Christian | Read More »

    Nana-Nana-Boo-Boo Parent Commissars Get Off Adrian Peterson

    To those vicarious helicopter parents looking over my shoulder: you better get off me, or I might have to pick out a switch—for you. Same goes for Adrian Peterson. I believe him when he says he is not a child abuser. I think he’s just a dad.

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    The “Consider This” Podcast: Going Back to Iraq

    Episode 87 of the Consider This Podcast has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. The President has, in the past, said some things about the situation in Iraq and some of the players that he’s had to take back recently (or at least ignore). Now, we all know that Presidents can’t be perfect prognosticators. They have aids that specialize in different areas who try to | Read More »

    Volunteer for Rahall Campaign Shows Support for Hamas

    For a campaign already in trouble, having photos of this staffer’s love of Hamas is a huge blow. Voters need to ask themselves if they should continue to send Rahall back to Congress.

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    New STELA Bill, Still Not Clean

    Recent news reports indicate that the Senate Commerce Committee has dropped the à la carte and Internet provisions in its STELA reauthorization bill (called STAVRA). But the bill is still not ‘clean’. It appears that the bill still contains a provision codifying the FCC’s decision to prohibit independent TV stations from jointly negotiating retransmission consent agreements. Like the FCC rule, this prohibition would apply in all TV markets, including | Read More »

    The Road to Six: Your Help Is Needed

    As Red State readers know, six is the key number in the battle for control of the Senate. In addition to holding all the seats currently held by Republicans, we have to flip six Democrat-held seats. As I wrote earlier this week in a memo to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee, the good news is that we have multiple paths to get | Read More »

    U.S. Ranks 32 out of 34 Countries In New Global Tax Index

    The Tax Foundation released its first global stat called the “International Tax Competitiveness Index”. This index aims to measure two criteria, competitiveness and neutrality, by examining “the extent to which a country’s tax system adheres to”, these “two important principles of tax policy”. The index accounted for more than 40 tax positions and policies. In their analysis, two of the most damning reasons for ranking | Read More »

    Burning Down the Gun Nut Straw Man

    Amanda Gailey, English professor and mouthpiece for Nebraskans Against Gun Violence (NAGV), is an amateur trying to be an expert at building straw men and burning them down. Her post on Salon could have been titled by Josh Earnest: “Wretched, disgusting commie leftists”: My nightmare fighting gun nuts in a red state. In one sentence, she managed to tie the words “nightmare”, “gun nuts” and “red state” together. I love it. By love, I mean it’s an elegant way to prop up the blood libel that midwest Republicans are gun-crazed, hate-spewing, Bible-thumping rednecks.

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    Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

    I know this video will be controversial here, and as a veteran and North Florida Bubba, I didn’t think I’d ever be on this side of the fence on this issue, and I don’t think Ben Swann (the former Fox affiliate anchor in the video) ever thought he would be either.  We’re both Christian (he’s also a youth minister) and both conservative, and wow it’s | Read More »

    My Email Response to NRSC “Slipping Away.‏”

    So, I get this email from the NRSC: Friend, After months of predicting GOP victory, the Washington Post’s statistical model now shows a 51 percent chance that the Democrats hang on. Why? The answer is simple – the Democrats are spending over $40 million more than the Republicans in battleground races. For weeks, our candidates have been holding on, despite a relentless barrage of negative | Read More »

    Southern Baptist Missions President Applauds Family Neglect In God’s Name

    In a sermon titled “The Gospel Demands Sacrifice” posted at YouTube, President of the Southern Baptist International Missions Board Daniel Platt emphasized the Gospel requirement that our love for Christ should surpass even what we have for family. As an example, Pastor Platt praised John Bunyan who was tossed into prison for refusing to stop preaching when ordered to by Anglican authorities despite the hardship | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Senator Tom Udall wants to shut me up

    My ultimate goal is to ensure that Americans have access to energy that is efficient, effective, and, most importantly, economical. I hope to provide a counterbalance to the plethora of propaganda promoted by the White House and green movement that propagates the fairytale that we can power America on butterflies, rainbows, and pixie dust.

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    Can someone slash the corporate tax rate and be done with it

    Can someone slash the corporate tax rate to 10% or whatever it takes to be a little lower than Ireland and be done with it?  Because apparently the larger corporations have figured out how to pay closer to 0% so that the only corporations caught are the fast growing small productive ones that might otherwise put the money to for example create jobs. Does anyone | Read More »

    Staring into the Chasm of Zombie Thinking

    There’s a chasm separating rational-thinking people from zombies these days. The zombies look like normal, functioning citizens, but they lack the ability to form coherent thoughts based on consistent values and common sense. They also lack the ability to translate what is left of their shriveled consciences into actions which promote a civil society.

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    The Long Knives are Out for NASCAR

    Last week we learned the investigation into Kevin Wards death was completed by the Ontario Sheriff’s office and turned over to the DA. Today we learned the DA is taking the case to the Grand Jury. In some states it’s necessary to take any case involving a death to the Grand Jury, but that is not the case in NY. So what gives? First of | Read More »

    GAO Bombshell: ObamaCare Directly Funds Abortion

    A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals what we’ve been saying all along: ObamaCare funds abortion.

    Put more directly: you are paying for abortion with your federal tax dollars in direct violation of federal law.

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    Reuters: Pratt says next F-35 engine deals will cut costs by 7-8 pct

    Pratt & Whitney announced this week an expected price drop of 7 to 8 percent with its Pentagon contracts for their next two batches of F-35 Lightning II engines. They further announced that a fix for the engine issues that temporarily grounded the fighter jet fleet earlier this year should be in place for some test aircraft by the end of 2014. From Reuters: Bennett | Read More »

    IRS Has 99 Problems But the Church Ain’t One

    The scandal plagued Obama Administration IRS admits that it has targeted 99 churches for additional scrutiny after settling a lawsuit with the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

    The IRS settlement with the angry atheist group FFRF is shrouded in secrecy, but the little we do know is enough to raise significant suspicion.

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    What Title II Regulation of the Internet Actually Means

    There is a great deal of discussion today about empowering the FCC to regulate internet services providers as if they were public utilities. Supporters of Net Neutrality tend to think this is a good idea, because they fear that ISPs will give discriminatory access to bandwidth, creating a so-called “internet fast lane” for companies with enough capital to pay. The solution, many argue, is to | Read More »

    How to Win the Non-War on Terrorism

    With ISIL all the rage these days in the media, some of the discussion has descended into the ridiculous and bogged down in semantics.  Is it a “war” or is it a “sustained counter-terrorism offensive?”  This is silly.  Call it a prolonged “whatever” and move on.  It will be prolonged because long after ISIL is destroyed, self-destructs or is neutered, another group will pop up | Read More »

    Coal Miners Union Abandons Workers in Key Senate Races

    Signaling total disregard for its workers, the United Mine Workers of America Union (UMWA) endorsed two Democrats over Republican rivals in upcoming Senate races in coal dependent states. It’s not a total surprise. Following Obama’s declaration of war against coal in 2008, the UMWA endorsed Obama during his first campaign. After observing Obama’s attack against its members, the UMWA decided to remain neutral and failed | Read More »

    Invite the Military Over the Next Time You Plan to Get Romantic with Your Wife, Husband or Camel

    Invite the Military Over the Next Time You Plan to Get Romantic with Your Wife, Husband or Camel

      As We Enter Day One of the “Undeclared” “War” Against Syria or ISME or Whatever on the Globe that We Can Draw a Red Line Upon, I Cast Your Attentions Upon An Even BIGGER War President Barack Obama Has Declared. The WAR on MICROBES Has Begun. Yes, Our Commander-In-Chief, Mr. Passive-Aggressive, Has Initiated a War on Flu–eh, I Mean–Ebola.  Yes, Marine Corps Base Quantico | Read More »

    Dept of Schadenfreude: NLRB orders CNN to rehire 100 fired employees

    Yesssss! Who’d ever have thunk it? CNN, affectionately  known among conservatives as the “Clinton News Network” has been found guilty of  (gasp)unfair labor practices, “widespread and egregious conduct,” a flagrant and general disregard for employees’ fundamental rights,” and a whole other bunch of really bad stuff. Really? CNN? Seems CNN will have to rehire some 100 workers, and make a financial settlement with another 200 | Read More »

    Being True To Yourself

    Women need to cheat a little to get what they want.

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    #MorningJoe and defining Crazy #CrazyNeverWins

    Crazy never wins. Nashville: An Evening with Russell Moore, Erick Erickson, and Joe Scarborough A Conversation on Faith, Freedom, and Culture in Our Modern World Crazy Never Wins is the topic up for discussion at the event. “Hosted by Erick Erickson Tuesday, September 16th at 7:15 PM – at Lipscomb University’s Collins Auditorium – best-selling author, former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough will appear | Read More »

    Lucas Guttentag: A USCIS Appointee with a Career Devoted to Hamstringing Immigration Enforcement and Controls

    Lucas Guttentag: A USCIS Appointee with a Career Devoted to Hamstringing Immigration Enforcement and Controls

    The polls are in and it doesn’t look good. Public approval for the president is at an all time low, and folks now trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle immigration issues by large margins. Meantime, deportations are plummeting because the Obama Administration does not want to enforce the law. To build public confidence in the credibility of the immigration system, the administration should be | Read More »

    Crony Capitalism or Just Big Government Growing More Government?

    If there was any one issue that candidate Barack Obama embraced and promised to pursue if he became president it was the promise of an open and transparent government. The country expressed its support of this promise by a wide margin. But a recent Wall Street Journal article, “FCC Encourages Media Companies to Provide Confidential Complaints on Time Warner Cable Purchase”, uncovers how far this | Read More »

    Evil is Evil..Or..Why David Horowitz is awesome!

    This is disgusting, and it should be required viewing with the video of the 9/11 attacks….

    Sorry Erick, Ross Douthat is Neither Precise Nor Right

    As much as I respect Erick Erickson and trust his opinions in many matters, in this one I’m afraid he is dead wrong.

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    Marita Noon: The EPA is more concerned with what sounds good than what actually works

    The Clean Power Plan will radically alter the way electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and used in America—all with dramatic cost impacts to the consumer. It is based on the discredited theory that climate change is a crisis caused by the use of fossil fuels emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It aims to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The combination of the CPP and previous regulation will shut down more than 40 percent of coal-fueled generation—representing 10 percent of all electricity-generation capacity—within the next 6 years.

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    The Experiment Halfway Point: How Much Tax Do We Pay?

    It’s halfway through the month, and time to update you on my experiment. To review, I chose September to capture every penny of tax we pay, and see exactly how much goes to the government. I am only capturing direct taxes, rather than driving myself into the abyss of insanity by attempting to accrue all the corporate taxes, and second- and third-removed taxes on money we pay.

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    ‘Most Transparent Ever?’ Behold the FCC’s Secret, Crony Socialist Meetings

    It is yet another Barack Obama Administration pledge now relegated to the ash heap of Mendacious History. The Most Transparent Administration In History The Most Transparent Administration in History This is the Most Transparent Administration in History This is the Most Transparent Administration in the History of our Country We’re the Most Transparent and Ethical Administration in U.S. History Get the trance-inducing mantra? And Administration | Read More »

    The Strong Horse, Barack Obama and the Collapse of American Influence

    Robert Kagan had an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago. Titled “Power Failure” it discussed the parallels between the aftermath of WW I and today. In it he talks about the feeling in the US and the UK after WWI that war itself had seemingly become impossible. Then as now, Americans and Britons solipsistically believed that everyone shared their | Read More »