Why Trump is a likely general election loser…

    Be sure to up vote and recommend my piece and share it on Facebook, etc. A mistake many are making in this cycle consists of confusing a primary voting landscape with a general election. Democrats, like it or not, given prevailing trends in places like Virginia, and perhaps including CO and NV, have an electoral edge in the map dynamic. What this means in simple | Read More »

    Final Iowa Predictions and Things to Look For

    For true political junkies, tomorrow night represents something of a culmination of a multi-year buildup.  After at least two years of speculation and ten months of formal primary season observing, we will finally get some tangible votes from the Hawkeye State. Here is what I’ll be looking for on the Republican side, followed by some final predictions. What To Look For Trump’s GOTV Efforts — After months of | Read More »

    Water Cooler 1/31/16 Open Thread – Huck’s memory, Slowing the Twitter, Ribble to retire

    Slowing the Twitter: The latest thing Donald Trump has taken credit for is slowing down Twitter. Talking Points Memo has up a bit of an exchange Mr. Yuuuge had with a CBS host who questioned his Twitter usage: “Having Twitter is great. And between Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, I have 12 million people, more than 12 million people. So it is a great way of getting the | Read More »

    2016 – An Outsider’s Handicapping – Final Part V

    Mitt Romney, John Kasich or Chris Christie were the most likely nominees per my analysis I first started in November of 2014.  It has been over 14 months and tomorrow begins the voting, so I thought I would come back and revisit this one last time.  Let’s see what happens! I had the final six being Romney, Kasich, Christie, Perry, Walker and Bush.  We lost | Read More »

    Happy Sunday

    I’ve been lurking on Red State for years, but haven’t contributed with my own diary. Several years ago I hosted a blog called “Scottish Right.” I abandoned that project and always intended to re-establish a blog to discuss politics and public policy. Of course, there is a distinction between the two. I’m a rarity in that I’m an honest-to-goodness conservative from Cook County, Illinois. There | Read More »

    Iowa Caucus open prediction diary ( Who do YOU think is gonna win?)

    Well, having just spend several hours this fine Sunday morning watching multiple talking heads  admit they don’t have a clue,I though it’s time to let Red Staters have their say.  Here’s your chance to step up and  call it as you see it, and tell us why. Remember, this is NOT what you hope will happen, but what you think might occur tomorrow night . | Read More »

    The GOP Race: Electing a leader

    In looking at our field of GOP candidates, there are many different people with many different styles and personalities. Which will be the best leader?

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    Iowa Evangelical: What Do All Temptations Have in Common?

    The united testimony of the Scriptures, which is confirmed by our own hearts, is that temptations of all types contain a falsehood: a deviation from the word of God which is presented as a more desirable alternative in the moment than to obey our Creator’s revealed will. In the garden, the first Adam heard “Did God actually say?” and, to our doom, succumbed; in the | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Races in 2016: January News

    While all eyes are on Iowa today and tomorrow, there are important gubernatorial races in 2016.   There was some news on that front during January, so here it is.  NOTE: Not every race is necessarily covered in these updates.  So, for example, if there is no major news out of the Arizona senatorial race, there is no need to list it. Missouri:  Well, if | Read More »

    An Indictment Against Conservative Media

    An Indictment Against Conservative Media

    The Golden Age of journalism is dead. There are no more Edward R. Murrows, William F. Buckleys, or Walter Cronkites. Don’t look for them. They don’t exist. Those days when the news was the news and a journalist made his bones by digging for the facts and breaking the big stories are now the stuff of faded legend. While the advent of the internet has | Read More »

    Fox News and the RNC Want to Pick Our Candidate and Teach Us Tolerance

      In the ongoing quest to educate Americans on the value to our country of two groups that have allegedly suffered from Trump’s rhetoric and America’s scorn, Fox presented three questions from members of those groups, unquestionably designated for Trump, who decided not to attend the debate—perhaps wisely. It’s interesting how Fox was able to find no less than two veterans, one Muslim and the | Read More »

    About That Targeted Cruz GOTV Mailer

    About That Targeted Cruz GOTV Mailer

    The Ted Cruz presidential campaign sent out a targeted mailer this week in Iowa informing voters of their public voting record, and controversially, that of their neighbors. The mailer was designed to increase voter turnout at the Iowa caucuses February 1. The story was first reported by Sarah Rumpf at IJ Review. The Cruz “You haven’t voted, and your neighbors will know” mailer is based | Read More »

    Mark Zuckerberg PR Genius

    This is a public relations stunt cooked up by Mark Zuckerberg and company. Shame on the Times for putting what amounts to an ad on the front page.

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    Things to think about from your Dutch Uncle. (Hispanic but still)

    Since Trump announced, the GOP has been gnashing teeth, rending clothes, and looking for sackcloth to don and ashes to heap on their heads—-all is lost.  Before we self-induce heart attacks on a massive scale within our party,  lets take a real look at the race for President.  Like the proverbial Dutch (Hispanic) uncle, I love the Republican party enough to tell the bare truth and respect the GOP enough to respect | Read More »

    Did Cruz Lose? Is it Trump the Victorious or just the Wizard Of Oz?

    There are two campaigns taking place. One campaign is being conducted by the corporate media, intent on catapulting Trump into the nomination and the general election against whichever Democrat emerges. This is so that no matter what, America gets more big government and more compromise benefiting the Washington / Wall Street Axis.

    The other campaign is the real one, decided not by political polls inflated by Trump’s celebrity status, but by actual voters who are taking a good, hard look at Donald Trump’s clown act, however entertaining it might be, and trying to picture him sitting in the Oval Office. It also suggests that Trump is un-electable, which his extraordinarily high Hillary level unfavorable numbers underline.

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    Final Iowa poll results: 72% of Republicans despise/loathe/detest “The Donald”

    Well, the final Iowa poll, in advance of the caucus, is out, and Trump’s ahead with 28% of the vote. Given the other just released poll, which shows “The Donald” with the  HIGHEST unfavorable  numbers among Republicans, since, well..maybe Bill Clinton…I have just one question for all those who tell us that Trump’s inevitable… After New Hampshire, we’re likely to see the GOP field cut | Read More »

    The racism of modern feminism

    I noted, three weeks ago, on both The First Street Journal and RedState, that über-feminist Amanda Marcotte, long a documenter of the what she believes is a “rape epidemic” due to Teh Evil White Cisheteronormative Patriarchy™, has somehow failed to pay the slightest bit of attention to the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany. Miss Marcotte has always, always! been insistent on | Read More »

    Colbert made a campaign ad for Cruz

    I wouldn’t normally have seen this because I don’t watch leftist commentators like Colbert but a friend sent it to me and I thought it was good enough to share.  Since Trump dropped out of the last debate, Colbert put on a Trump v. Trump debate and it’s pretty damn funny.  It’s worth 8 minutes of your time.

    Politics and Lying

    When you live in a fallen world like we are today, where sinful behavior is the norm, lying is not considered to be bad trait. Whoever gets elected president or into congress is an accomplished liar. Lying, along with a capacity for backbiting, ambiguity, and double-dealing are in fact, actual job qualifications for politicians. The reasons politicians lie is because the public doesn’t want to | Read More »

    Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire

    Once again, Hillary is prominent in the news, but not the kind of prominence she was expecting. The fact that this woman is seriously running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President shows how thin the bench is on the Democrat side.  If her name were anything other than Hillary Clinton, she’d be living in Martha’s old room at Camp Fed Prison in Alderson, West Virginia. With Friday’s | Read More »

    Water Cooler 1/30/16 Open Thread – Can’t stand him, PETA’s creepy museum plan, Trolling

    Trolling a quarterback:  Quarterbacks are probably used to getting trolled, but probably not from dead people. Poor Jay Cutler. Here’s a portion of an obituary which ran in the Chicago Trib, courtesy of Yahoo. We are told Elizabeth Bowman was many wonderful things, including: “…a woman of loyalty, integrity, opinion, curiosity and intelligence. A lifelong fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (except Jay Cutler).” Here’s a poll: | Read More »

    The Democrats and GOP Establishment Have Chosen Their Destructor

    It’s YUGE! Tucker Carson: Donald Trump is Shocking, Vulgar, and Right On immigration policy, party elders were caught completely by surprise. Even canny operators like Ted Cruz didn’t appreciate the depth of voter anger on the subject. And why would they? If you live in an affluent ZIP code, it’s hard to see a downside to mass low-wage immigration. Your kids don’t go to public school. | Read More »

    The think tanks have failed us, too

    The rise of Donald Trump is directly related to the failure of the Republican establishment. We get that. Boy, do we get that. But let’s dig a little deeper and define the establishment. It’s not just the politicians and the party apparatus. In fact, I’d venture to say that the average guy and gal, the ones who believed the rhetoric about smaller government being better government, | Read More »

    Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL 15th District) Must Go – Part 3

    I put it to you again. Shimkus can & must be stopped. State Senator Kyle McCarter is our best chance to stop Shimkus. McCarter has the qualities & the principles we need in DC. The IL-15th can do better than Rep. Shimkus. The IL-15th DESERVES better than Rep. Shimkus.

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    Honest Questions for Conservative Trump Supporters

    If you are a conservative Donald Trump supporter here are some questions you should ask yourself: Are you concerned by how Obama has expanded executive power and circumvented Congress? If so, knowing Trump’s personality, do you trust him to reverse this executive overreach or is it more likely that he will expand it in the name of “getting things” done? Would you be ok with | Read More »

    Water Cooler 1/29/16 Open Thread – Hidden behind shrubs, Medical must read, Find the furry, Firing squads

    A little something different:  The New York Times has put out a “a virtual reality film.”  They made the film using footage of campaign events over the last month. You’ll need to download the NYT VR app on your mobile device if you don’t already have it. The Times touts the project this way: “Being alongside voters as they react to their favorite candidate is a | Read More »

    Iowa Debate Reaction

    Last night, all but one Republican candidate gathered for a final debate before the Iowa caucus. I’ve watched all of the debates so far this cycle, as I routinely do; I admit, therefore, that my perspective will probably differ from the average voter’s, who either hasn’t tuned in yet or is only just now, maybe, possibly starting to pay attention. I did not, however, watch | Read More »

    Hero Wanted for Aviation Tax Reform

    Not much good is going to happen this year in Congress. One thing that might happen is a bill to reauthorize programs at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That bill would be a great place for conservatives to take a stand on two conservative ideas – tax reform and devolving federal programs to the states. Aviation Tax Reform The FAA reauthorization bill would be a | Read More »

    School Choice Gains Momentum – and Here’s Why

    School Choice Gains Momentum - and Here's Why

    This week is National School Choice Week! Here are five reasons to celebrate school choice this year. Parents know better than bureaucrats Parents across America already know each child is different; each child has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, challenges and triumphs which shape how he or she learns. Despite parents everywhere recognizing this obvious fact when it comes to their own children, the | Read More »

    This Tax Treaty Would Authorize the Automatic Sharing of Americans’ Financial Information With Foreign Governments

    This Tax Treaty Would Authorize the Automatic Sharing of Americans’ Financial Information With Foreign Governments

    In November, lawmakers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a number of seemingly innocuous tax treaties, which typically pass with little to no fanfare. However, buried among the eight tax treaties passed by the Senate panel is one that could have significant consequences for Americans with foreign bank accounts, as well as foreigners who have an account at a U.S. financial institution. It’s called | Read More »

    Sweden responds to “gaffe” by trolling Marco Rubio!

    Sweden hit back at Rubio after last night’s debate over his comments regarding Bernie Sanders. Marco said Sanders might be running for president of Sweden, but not America. We don’t even want to be Sweden, dang it! Now the chattering classes there are taking the bait and hasten to point out most Americans are ignorant about Scandinavia, and they think Sweden to most of you | Read More »

    Share this with your pastor!

    Once upon a time, the pulpits in America resonated with Biblical truth. Pastors spoke about the issues of the day from a Judeo-Christian perspective. They also offered special sermons around election time evaluating issues and the candidates in light of Christian values. It is time to revive this American tradition. Encourage your pastor to speak Biblical truth from the pulpit. Americans need spiritual help to | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Run, Bloomberg, Run! He would make Trump a better candidate and help elect a Republican president

    Re-posted from WND.com Immediately upon hearing that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire CEO, was toying with launching an independent presidential bid, my thoughts turned to the 1992 presidential election. That was the last time a third-party campaign was self-funded by a billionaire businessman, a man named Ross Perot, who dramatically impacted the final election results. Could Bloomberg become 2016’s version of Ross | Read More »

    Who Voted For That?

    Just don’t take the red pill. Whatever you do, don’t take the red pill.

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    Debunking the ‘Rubio is Most Electable’ Myth that Gave us McCain and Romney

    Debunking the 'Rubio is Most Electable' Myth that Gave us McCain and Romney

    Following the last GOP debate, much of the conversation is focusing on the idea that Marco Rubio is the most electable GOP candidate. He’s charismatic. He has some conservative chops. He’s a solid speaker and a great debater. He can supposedly bridge the divide between the various components of the Republican party. All of this is basically true. However, there are several reasons why he | Read More »

    Timeline Shows Ted Cruz Amendment Designed to Kill Gang of Eight Amnesty

    In the debate tonight, FoxNews moderator Megan Kelly tried to make it seem like Cruz’s legal residency amendment was not a poison pill (an amendment designed to kill a bill so it would not pass). However the timeline and this transcript from an interview with Ted Cruz on Rush Limbaugh on June 19, 2013 shows IT WAS A POISON PILL designed to kill the bill: | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: An Indictment and a Defense

    In the January 14th debate, Marco Rubio accused Ted Cruz of changing his position on several issues.  For such a recognized crafty debater, his response was a little less than stellar.  Claiming that Rubio made eleven accusations “half of which were wrong” insinuates half were correct.  This actually started in the previous debate when the “amnesty flip flop” charge occurred.  The Cruz explanation in the | Read More »

    It’s Not the “Blind Trust” so much…. It’s Trusting Blindly that’s Worrisome

    We cannot see the misty undercurrents of History. We paddle about on the surface of this gigantic ocean in our tiny boats, noting the waves, or the tips of sharks or icebergs as we float along–; But we do not comprehend the vast canyons and submerged mountain ranges far below… For example: On an unseasonably warm mid-June evening of 1972, a lone security guard –a | Read More »

    Citizen Watchdogs, Not The Chicago Media, Bringing Down Illinois’ New Auditor General, A Madigan Lt.

    For 25 years Frank Mautino was the Democrat state Representative for Bureau and LaSalle counties in North Central Illinois. Since 2011 Mautino was Speaker of the House and Democrat Party Boss Michael Madigan’s, Deputy Majority Leader, the number 3 Democrat in the Illinois House.  In October Mautino was appointed by Madigan and approved by the Democrat controlled legislature to a ten year term as the | Read More »

    Breitbart News, We Hardly Knew Ye

    I love Red State. I love it not only because it is a bastion of conservative ideals, but because it’s a place that fosters real intellectual thought. I respect so many of the writers here and admire their conservative creds. I have often considered never writing a post here because whatever I would say has already been said. I used to feel this way about | Read More »

    Indicting Hillary

    The elephant in the room has nothing to do with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” as the nominating process moves to southern states where African Americans sway the Democratic party. It is quite likely that sometime between the Iowa caucuses on February 1, and the final Washington DC primary on June 14, that the Director of the FBI will recommend that the leading | Read More »

    Retiring Episcopal Hierarch Calls For Communist Upheaval

    In reflection on her term as the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church posted at YouTube, Katharine Schori said that the reign of God would look like a society where there is justice in the sense that nobody lives in want and nobody has too much. Given that the apostate wing of Anglicanism isn’t exactly known for its apocalyptic millennialism or even a literalist interpretation | Read More »

    Why is an extremist group like the SPLC monitoring so called extremists groups?

    Let me start that I am not a fan of the Ammon Bundy Occupy Ranchers in Oregon. It’s a counter productive and stupid protest on many levels. I support many of their underlying positions. I am very sympathetic to their positions regarding federal overreach and control of these open lands in the west. I am especially sympathetic to the Hammonds, who were railroaded (in my | Read More »

    Remembering Challenger And Other Heroes

    By Just The Numbers   In Sunday School, this week, we talked about the Christian Question “Father, why?” In relation to the Holocaust. I gave the answer I’ve come to through prayer and study – it changed the world for the better. This morning on my way to work I heard a tribute to the Challenger astronauts and realized that the same answer applies. People | Read More »

    Trump’s Art of the Deal: Working with RINOs, Pelosi and Schumer

      By Bob Bennett   A trail of tears for conservatives   For the last seven years we conservatives have had to watch President Obama systematically dismantle our immigration enforcement system; bow to the Muslim world—including our self-declared enemy, Iran; destroy America’s economy and its standing in the world. It’s as if you were tied to your chair and compelled to watch a madman slice a | Read More »

    I hope the candidates don’t make this mistake tonight!

    Tonight, all of them should be using their time to take pointed shots at the no show showcasing his views being out of step with conservatism and Iowa values. They should not attack each other. But we know Rand is going to hit Cruz, the only guy with a chance in Iowa who led consistently and is close enough to pull it off if old | Read More »

    It’s going to be Trump — get use to it.

    Why do Trump supporters refuse to budge? Why, no matter what their fellow conservatives say, do they reject their warnings and double down even further in their support of him? It’s simple really. Like him or hate him, most people believe that, if elected, Trump will do exactly as he says on three major issues: immigration, national defense and reasserting America’s place in the world | Read More »

    Watercooler 1/28/16 Open Thread – Reid is one of us, Polls of course, Electric NASCAR, Tacos

    Reid & “Our Republican Party”: First up is a bit of walk back from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Reid said yesterday he was “kind of pulling” for Donald Trump. Fine. His choice and not completely unexpected.  Soon after though he said he was “only joking.”  To make sure everyone knew he was trying to make a joke, Roll Call reports he went on the Senate Floor and clarified : “The danger of | Read More »

    CNN proves they are unfit for any news reporting, full stop.

    Imagine if Ted Cruz felt his feelings were hurt by Megyn Kelly. He then publicly withdraws, and decides to hold some PR benefit donation gig alongside the main event stage. The cries of every media outlet known would be “rank manipulation by an exploiter” would be deafening. Tell me again about how CNN would help him by live full coverage of his event to “make | Read More »

    OK, Donald, we get it. You’re an expert on bimbos!!! After all, you married three of ’em….

    Trump continues to display a galloping megalomania, a petty, vindictive, nature, and above all, a complete, total, and utter unfitness to be President of the United States. Unable to let the slightest perceived insult  escape his attention, Trump, the other day, resumed his “war” with Megyn Kelly by deciding to opt out of tonight’s FOX NEWS debate. OK, while many think it’s a very dumb | Read More »