Trump Chooses His VP!

    Little Ralphie Cushman’s Tulips are Still Blooming in the Mild Air of May…

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I first published this almost five years ago at RedState. The senseless, brutal slaughter at the Bath Consolidated School will mark it’s 90th anniversary next year. I do not want that date to pass without some moment taken to remember the innocent, beautiful lives that were lost forever that day. The contemporary references I spoke of when I wrote this piece are spinning | Read More »

    Trump Trumps Never-Trump

    The Perpetually Re-elected Progressive Elite, the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream media, and their pet poodle pundits make fun of Trump by calling him a “Reality TV Star.”  They just don’t get it. Half the country wishes they were reality TV Stars.  They say he is brash, uncouth, and disrespectful to the army of political hacks he has been and will confront. They just | Read More »

    On Donald Trump and Keeping Promises

    Of course, political correctness being what it is, wives to be don’t promise to honor and obey any more, they promise to honor and cherish. But anyway, you get the meaning of the subtext. When you get married, you make a promise not just to each other, but to God, to stick with it. And 90 percent of the time, that’s what you should do. | Read More »

    Gulfstream Liberals

    Back when I was young, there was a term for rich liberals who blazed around in gas guzzling cars, yet claiming that they loved the environment by contributing to Greenpeace or other left wing organizations.  They would spend their money to pollute and consume as much as they could, while on the other hand denouncing consumption and calling for the masses to a bus to | Read More »

    About those missing votes in 2012…………

    Now more than ever, it burns me to hear this falsehood repeated as it was again on Hannity the other day—I’ve also heard many conservatives I admire and respect, repeat this myth.  The truth is Romney received about a million more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008.  The real missing votes where on the democrat side—–Obama lost about 3 and a half million votes in | Read More »

    My Interview with Curly Haugland: A Way to Stop Trump?

    The delegates choose the nominee Back in March, long-term member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee and unbound delegate from North Dakota, Curly Haugland told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that: “’The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,’” He said. “The political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief,” he added. When Mr. | Read More »

    Water Cooler 5/6/16 – Third Party Edition

    Erick Erickson Working the Phone Lines for a 3rd Party Candidate Today Erick’s been holding conference calls to gather momentum for a 3rd Party candidate, and is planning two more today, according to an interview in The Hill. Even though May 9th is the deadline to get over 79,000 signatures to get on the Texas ballot, Erickson believes the time is right for a 3rd party | Read More »

    Average Hillary

    What Outrage?

    What Outrage?

    In a political year allegedly defined by Republican voters outraged at the DC insider machine, not a single GOP member of Congress lost their seat in a primary contest. Even the Democrats, with grassroots torn between Hillary and Bernie, have only tossed one incumbent congressman in a primary. And that’s a fellow under federal indictment for racketeering and an influence-peddling conspiracy! Where’s all the outrage, | Read More »

    RedState: The new Comedy Central

    As a reader who occasionally rambled by RedState for some timely political articles I must admit I stop by everyday now. The pieces written on here are pure comedy when it comes to how not to have Trump as the nominee. The petition, the stay at home, the vote Hillary, the let’s form a new party. The reason this is so funny is because more people | Read More »

    2 issues to win back voters

    Robert Samuelson of Newsweek is out with another good column today on oil and gas. He takes Obama to task for not using new energy devlopment to provide jobs. Why has no Republican leader since Sarah Palin jumped all over this? Polling was strong on this in our favor during the election. Even McCain was talking well on this issue but the financial crisis took | Read More »

    Gary Johnson : Reality Check

    Conservatives pride themselves on being realists. We see a proposed law to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms designated for the sex in their head and see a law that would allow male perverts(who are not transgender) free license to enter women’s bathrooms to take pictures of them while they pee. And we are correct. Some psychologists now suggest that there may even be | Read More »

    Milwaukee Loses Millions As Government Buildings Sit Empty

    It’s one thing to have an incompetent government; it’s far worse to have a government actively opposed to progress. Unfortunately, that’s the situation in Milwaukee when it comes to the public school system.

    Read More »

    The children are in charge

    I was on vacation for three months and got to escape winter. I couldn’t escape the Republican primary tho!  Following redstate every day, the resurgent, trumpnews (aka foxnews), druge, bill o, wow what a soap opera. We found out that voters are incredibly stupid in both parties. We found out that the media has real power over the incredibly stupid public and has no journalistic integrity | Read More »

    Thank you Redstate

    Over the last year Redstate has been one of the very few places that has seen reality, called it like it was, and done so intellectually. Many people, sites and organizations have given in to what has been called Trumpism, but in reality is nothing more than a cult of personality. However, most here at Redstate not only recognized Donald Trump for what and who | Read More »

    The Elections in the Philippines and the GOP Nomination Here

    In trying to explain the rise of Donald Trump, this writer has published previous articles that have attempted to illustrate similar phenomena in other countries.  Political populists and far right wing parties have shown gains in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Peru and, most recently, Austria.  The dynamics of what is happening there is somewhat similar to what is happening here. The latest | Read More »

    How We Got Here and Why Trump is a Poor Choice

    How We Got Here and Why Trump is a Poor Choice

    I believe Trump has one prominent guiding principle, that is the advancement of Trump. I don’t believe him to be pro-life nor pro-choice. He has one central ideology and that is self elevation and creating the facade of greatness – his greatness. He is simple minded on big issues with highly honed manipulation skills, he gets what he wants. He is not a producer he | Read More »

    NC Bathrooms, CA’s Church Abortion Mandate and the Rule of Law

    The Obama Administration can evidently move at terrific speed when its agenda – and its favored constituencies – demand it. Less than 6 weeks ago the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a law, HB2, protecting the privacy of North Carolina residents in public bathrooms by maintaining single sex restrooms in public schools and other public buildings for each biological sex, while providing accommodations for those | Read More »

    You can Support Trump, or Hillary: A Response

    A current Trumper meme is: If you don’t support Trump, then you are supporting Hillary.  Others have already addressed this concept in the past, but I want to look at it from a different perspective.  I’m big on logic, and this post will attempt to show why this position is illogical and shallow, even assuming that Trump and Hillary really were the only two options. | Read More »

    Petition to Deny Trump The Nomination at the Convention – First Draft

    I brought up this idea yesterday here, and this is my attempt to get the ball rolling. I’ll be happy if y’all will take a look and make suggestions on how to shorten it, or write up a pithier and more impactful version. The aim is to have as many people as possible, especially registered Republicans to print, sign, get others to sign and forward | Read More »

    Trump Woos Sanders Voters, Ignores Cruz

    Many conservatives afraid of a Trump nomination have been saying that Trump needs to woo them over, mend fences, repair bridges. Well now that Cruz has suspended his campaign, we can see exactly what Trump intends to do with the conservative #CruzCrew. Nothing! Trump has shown no sign whatsoever that he wants to move in any way except toward the left. And why should he? He | Read More »

    The Morning After – a California View

    The five stages of loss and grief associated with the end of Republican opposition to Donald Trump – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance – play out differently in California than in the rest of the country which has been going through primaries and caucuses for three months. (Has it only been that long?) With last weekend’s California Republican Party convention and the primary set for | Read More »

    Trump and establishment GOP succeed in destroying Conservatives

    Trump and establishment GOP succeed in destroying Conservatives

    In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s win in Indiana, and the subsequent suspension of the Ted Cruz campaign, it’s now time to sort through the rubble of the Republican party. And while it would be easy for me to point to Tuesday’s primary results as proof of the GOP’s demise, the reality is that the party of Lincoln has been on life support since the | Read More »

    And Now for Something You’ll Really Like!

    After Tuesday’s fiasco, I think we can all use a chuckle or two.  If you liked Weird Al Yankovic in his heyday, you might like this, a reworking of “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent. Yes, sir, there is nothing like a tender Ted Nugent love song for expressing frustration about our political system…   Hang on to your hats now baby, Big government’s back. Missus Clinton or | Read More »

    A Young Trump and His Pet Fish Balaam

    When asked where the name came from, Trump responded, “From one of my favorite stories in the bible. When Balaam got swallowed by that big fish. Beautiful. I learned a lot.”

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Now with even weirder Trump Tweet! — Evi L. Bloggerlady (@MsEBL) May 5, 2016   The true story of Sinko de Mayo — Evi L. Bloggerlady (@MsEBL) May 5, 2016 Lem Levity: Wait, Vincente Fox said what?  So what do we make of Vincente Fox reaching out (a bit) to the Donald?  It could be Fox realizing that there is the possibility Trump could win and he better soften his | Read More »

    What Trump Has Done For Conservatism’s Future

    Delegates – Oaths You Have Taken, Now Fulfill Them All!

    I know you want to do the right thing and stand up for your country, its freedoms and ideals.  The country that stands strong offering freedom and opportunity to ALL, not solely the rich or the poor.  Affirming personal responsibility and capability, not scarcity, dependency, and victimhood. May this diary help give you the courage to do what you must are we to survive the | Read More »

    What in God’s name was wrong with SCEVs: “so-called evangelical voters”?

    The after-action reports on Cruz’s campaign have begun. Many reasons are being offered for his defeat, and there is some validity to several of them. However, it’s odd that the most glaring cause of Ted’s loss is pretty much being swept under  the rug. Simply put, if so-called “evangelicals” had substantially supported Cruz, today we’d be guaranteed a contested convention, if not the real prospect | Read More »

    Watercooler 5/5/16 Open Thread:No Cookie For Donald:Dems Attack Bill Of Rights:AL Quaeda To Attack Forests:Hillary Being Hillary

    Bush The Elder, And Bush The Younger Both Won’t Be Endorsing Trump President George H.W. Bush and his son President George W. Bush have no plans to endorse Donald Trump, their spokespeople told ABC News.”President Bush does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign,” the younger Bush’s spokesman, Freddy Ford, said. Jim McGrath, spokesman for the elder Bush, said the 41st | Read More »

    How it Happened

    It happened because it could.  We face a Presidential Election between what should be two utterly unelectable candidates, because it was allowed to happen. Safeguards which should have been activated, failed because they no longer exist.  But not only was it allowed to happen, it was actively encouraged, fomented, augmented and supported by what remains of an entity the architects of our Constitution not only did | Read More »

    At War With Reality, In Love With Meaninglessness

    What does it mean to live in a world at war with reality, in love with meaninglessness and proud of contradiction? In classical philosophy, it meant the end of an argument, an impossibility of truth, a dead end. The only outcome for a people living under those conditions was understood to be chaos and self-destruction. And yet here we are. Americans are actually arguing over | Read More »

    In order to win elections, social conservatives and libertarians must unite- Here’s how we can make that possible

      I recently got into a debate on twitter with a pro-choice libertarian who will be voting for Gary Johnson if he’s the Libertarian Party nominee, which is highly likely, and will be determined later this month at their national convention. He was trying to convince me that I should vote for Johnson because even though Johnson is personally pro-choice, as president he would appoint | Read More »

    Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night… Ted Cruz, The Constitution and Third Party Choices

    I’ve never seen a train wreck, but I’m told they are somewhat difficult to turn away from if you see one occurring right in front of you. That was my experience two nights ago watching Donald Trump roll in Indiana and then Ted Cruz suspending his campaign. What made the night almost surreal is that it came on the heels of Ted Cruz simply destroying | Read More »

    Five things Trump would have to do to win my support

    Tales are already circulating of conservatives willing to vote for Hillary Clinton for president over Donald Trump. As one commentator put it, it’s like choosing between malaria and Ebola, and at least one has a chance of recovering from malaria (Clinton). I’m not there. I figure you can die from either disease. I can’t get past the outrageous things Trump has said and done, his | Read More »

    Trump Didn’t Kill the GOP; It Was Already Dead!

    Truth be told, the Republican Party died a while ago.  The New York Dail News’  cover recently showed an elephant in a coffin with the headline, “Republican Party- 1854-2016″ after news that Donald Trump had won Indiana forcing Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of the race.  The RNC through Reince Priebus tweeted for unity behind the presumptive presidential nominee. According to practically every online and | Read More »

    Laughable: Bathrooms Are the Next LGBTQ Civil Rights Issue?

    With all the notoriety around Target’s new bathroom policy and North Carolina’s HB-2 which targeted a Charlotte “anti-discrimination” ordinance, the rhetoric has become laughable.  To many what was once a no-brainer situation- which bathroom to use when not at home- has become a civil rights argument now.  Seriously?  Bathrooms? Granted, at one time this was an issue with respect to black versus white bathrooms and | Read More »

    We Are The Dissidents… My Plan To Win

    We Are The Dissidents... My Plan To Win

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I write you today in the darkest of days, our forces have all but been crushed and our uprising’s gains seemly squandered. Our media’s spies and political enemies have schemed against us and we are now but a small battered force. Our future is in deep searching and it remains uncertain. However in this moment of great despair, I’m reminded of | Read More »

    About a Libertarian – Conservative Coalition…

    Recently, both Leon & Erick (over at the Resurgent) posted articles discussing the possibility of the Libertarian Party as a vehicle for Conservative resistance to Trumpisim…. As the sort of conservative who has, in the past, heaped scorn on Libertarians for what I believe is a naieve ideology on the subject of drugs, prostitution & military policy… I have to say, it makes sense. For the | Read More »


    Question: Why do political parties have conventions? Answer: To “convene” the delegates. And what, exactly, are Republican “delegates”? Well, first and foremost, they are human beings. Most all of them have work-a-day jobs. Of the three I have known to my state Republican convention, one was a civil engineer in private practice, one was a architect for the state Department of Corrections, and the other | Read More »

    Of Course! Trump Wants to Raise Minimum Wage

    Fresh from the Cruz concession, Trump is now magnaminously wooing conservatives by accomodating their views into his general election strategy. Actually, no. Not even close. Donald Trump, who has been sporadic but relatively stable with regard to minimum wage policy, just proposed “taking a look at it.” Certainly not the unambiguous “NO!” that we conservatives equivocate. From the Washington Times: Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald | Read More »

    Time for a Third Party Alternative

    I began advocating six months ago for conservatives to start looking for a third party alternative and lay the foundation for that. Most people disagreed, and I suppose I understand that. People who were supporting Cruz or Rubio or Carson or Bush understandably wanted their candidate to prevail. Of course, in the midst of that, each was advocating for the other candidates to drop out, | Read More »

    A message of thanks and appreciation to everyone here at Redstate.

    For many years, I have felt quite disillusioned with the political process. During this election season,  I have felt betrayed by so many so called conservatives in the media and on radio who have revealed themselves to be nothing more than the finest snake oil salesmen. For many years, Fox News and Drudge were constants in terms of how I kept up with political news. | Read More »


    Longtime reader from Texas here. Have some thoughts I’ve been pondering trying to get across to other folks who might also read Redstate but don’t comment or diary because while they are generally like minded to most here, they might differ in kind or degree, in other words, “squishes” to you longtimers here.  I voted for Rubio in our Texas primary, because I thought he | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and 2020

    Ted Cruz is still a young man. He will still be relatively young, as presidential candidates go, in four years. At present he is a man who has something a lot of other would be Republican office holders can only envy– the names and e-mail addresses of about 320,000 people who have been willing to walk precincts, make donations and make phone calls for him. | Read More » Letter Call to Action is HUGE

    My troll BantheGOP is my collection point for all liberal lunacy fringe correspondence, and it’s usually nothing more than a claptrap of social justice warrior talking points along with the usual plea of three bucks. But Donald Trump has really filled the air with fresh, bloody meat, and these jackals are on top of it immediately. Dear MoveOn member, The New York Times just reported | Read More »

    I thought I was a Republican. Guess I was wrong

    I thought I was a Republican. I am pro-life I am for federalism I believe in the right of people to their own property I am a supporter of 2nd amendment rights I believe people are born with a given gender that is immutable I believe marriage vows matter I believe torture is wrong I believe people should be allowed to choose what they buy | Read More »

    The 2016 Primary Kingmaker will be at RSG16…will you?

    The 2016 Primary Kingmaker will be at RSG16...will you?

    Remember the days when only Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina mattered in the primary process? Those three states were unnecessarily given so much power to de facto pick the Republican nominee that by the time other states began to vote, the field had already narrowed to in many cases just a single candidate. Not very democratic when the majority of Americans have no say | Read More »


    In a Daily Caller article from March, delegate at large and rules committee member Curly Haugland has made it very clear that delegates at the July convention should not be bound to any candidate on the first ballot. In the article, he explains in detail why this is so. Mr. Haugland sent a letter to the RNC membership saying: All Republican delegates who participate in the 2016 | Read More »