The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link

    The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link

    Paul Ryan is a smart man, and probably represents the mainstream thinking of the Republican Party, though like every ambitious politician he likes to position himself as a critic of the crowd. But In a recent interview with Matthew Continetti Ryan started out well by complaining about the GOP consultant class. “The consultant class always says play it safe, choose a risk-averse strategy. I don’t | Read More »

    The Inalienable Right to Bear Arms

    The Inalienable Right to Bear Arms

    Our founding fathers met in Philadelphia in May 1787 for the first Convention with the intention of “fixing” the Articles of Confederation.  Instead, they drafted and signed the Constitution of the United States in September of that same year. Federalists would concede to the demands of Anti-Federalists in 1791 during the 1st Congressional assembly, when the First through Tenth Amendments were adopted, thereby creating what | Read More »

    Who Will Get Worst Punishment: Memphis Kroger Mob, Missouri Gang, Or Ray Rice

    The National Football League has suspended running back Ray Rice indefinitely after TMZ made public new video footage of Rice punching his then fiancée in an elevator of an Atlantic City, NJ Hotel/Casino.  The Baltimore Ravens have cut Rice today because of the video, which only shows a new angle to the attack. The question I have is, will Rice’s punishment, an effective banishment from | Read More »

    The Blue States’ Economic Paradox

    The Blue States' Economic Paradox

    Blue states have a problem. Although there are some recently notable exceptions, most vehemently oppose cutting taxes, favoring instead a tax-and-spend or top-down redistribution approach. They require high taxes to finance the pet projects they believe the market is too short-sighted to support, like Solyndra. At the same time, however, these big government states try to pursue goals of economic growth, even if they believe | Read More »

    New Mexico Democrats #WarOnWomen

    New Mexico Democrats #WarOnWomen

    Last week an interesting report surfaced bringing to light the troubling work history of attorney Roxanne “Rocky” Lara.  Lara, a Carlsbad resident who is challenging New Mexico’s Republican Congressman Steve Pearce, has finally released information on her campaign website claiming she has represented “children, particularly in abuse and neglect situations.”  Really? Debbie Wasserman Schultz visited Albuquerque a couple weeks ago in an event supporting Democrats | Read More »

    Get Into The Daily Free Football Predictions

    Have you ever surprised how the specialist handicappers come up in their NBA specialist betting picks? While each specialist have their own way of determining their excellent picks, the single key element in creating winning sports picks, whether they are NBA specialist betting picks, NFL or yet NCAA football betting picks, is knowledge and stats. Experts do further than to watch the sports event. They | Read More »

    The 2016 Crystal Ball

    Having recently peered into my crystal ball and consulted Tarot cards and a Ouija board to boot, I saw the following vision.  It is December 2016.  The long presidential campaign is a thing of the past.  After Hillary Clinton dropped out of contention by her choice- she wanted to be a grandmother and the Clinton Foundation is more profitable than the presidency given her financial | Read More »

    One Mom’s Reflection on the Legacy of Chick-fil-a founder S. Truett Cathy

    S. Truett Cathy died this morning at the young age of 93, and with his passing our world lost a true gem. Mr. Cathy’s Chick-fil-a franchise has enriched my life as a mother and as a woman of faith tremendously, with their unwavering commitment to God and family — in that order. His company and it’s policies are more far-reaching than one might think, especially | Read More »


    Last weekend, American Majority trained our 30,000th  trainee at a Boot Camp Training in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s 30,000 new leaders and activists who have gone through American Majority’s cutting edge trainings to equip them to be agents of change in their local communities. Many of these people have gone on to run for state or local office, while many more found a way to use | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Don’t give up America’s economic and competitive advantage

    In her speech, Clinton repeated a falsehood Obama likes to reference: reducing CO2 emissions will improve children’s respiratory health. “Hillary apparently doesn’t know the difference between soot and CO2,” quipped Jane Orient, MD, and president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness.

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    McDonald’s and the NLRB – those who can do, those who can’t regulate…

    Franchising has been nothing short of a spectacular success for America. From restaurants to hotels to auto shops to plumbers, franchising generates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year and employs millions of people across the country. Modern franchising as we know it was created a century and a half ago by Isaac Singer, an inventor, innovator and the founder of the Singer | Read More »

    The Death of Values

    Liberals have a secret passion: the death of values, and the elevation of class rules and pragmatism above all else.

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    Obama has “lyin’ eyes..”

    You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes And your smile is a thin disguise I thought by now you’d realize There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes That’s from The Eagles great 1975 hit.. During a more than 30 year career in the financial services industry I probably interviewed over 2,000 prospective candidates for employment. You look for certain characteristics and non-verbal clues: dress, posture, | Read More »

    The Closing of the Liberal Mind

     Political polarization is all the rage in the news.  Looked at realistically, one cannot say that the country is the most polarized it has ever been.  Perhaps that is true as long as political polling has been around, but to compare today’s political polarization to Andrew Jackson and his opposition to the national bank, the lead up to the Civil War, or even our entry | Read More »

    Senator Ted Cruz’s “Expatriate Terrorist Act” Has Right Intentions, Wrong Details

    Next week, Senator Ted Cruz will be filing a bill entitled the “Expatriate Terrorist Act.” This bill would strip the citizenship of American citizens who aid and abet terrorist groups. I agree with Cruz that those who take up arms against America should no longer be citizens. But I disagree with his means for accomplishing that. Neither Congress nor the President has the authority to | Read More »

    WWII Groundhog Day

    HISTORIC TIMES I was in the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation. We grew up having all of the adults in our lives being those who had seen the U.S. and its allies through to victory in WWII. Naturally, we were taught a lot about that historic conflict and the events leading up to it. Although it was exciting to have much of that | Read More »

    The Twists and Turns of The Immigration Bluffers and The Bluffees.

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave: When first we practice to deceive!” Obama drew a red line on acting unilaterally on some type of immigration reform by the end of the summer with his pen and phone because Congress didn’t act to his likening. He likes drawing red lines and then pretending he never drew a red line, see Syria: “I didn’t set a | Read More »

    Minimum wage and losing at life

    Erick has taken some heat over comments he made while guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show on Thursday on the subject of minimum wage (see Failing at Life for more context but a sample of the critiques are here, here, etc). I think Erick is mostly right on the issue. My family comes from Appalachia. Both my father and grandfather quit school at age thirteen to | Read More »

    New Hampshire 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Other than the Governor’s race, there should be competitive House races and a competitive Senate race…maybe.  In the Governor’s race- which is held every two years like its neighbor Vermont- Maggie Hassan will be the Democratic candidate.  On the Republican side, there are four candidates in the primary: Daniel Greene, businessman Walt Havenstein, former Gingrich campaign manager Andrew Hemingway and pot legalization advocate Jonathan Smolin. | Read More »

    Applying “Disparate Impact” Theory to the IRS Abuses

    The idea of “disparate impact” is a cancer that has taken root in the business world. If we do not focus on substantially curbing or ending it, it will continue to grow, extorting huge sums from innocent companies, creating an enormous economic burden on society, and allowing the tort bar to run amok. There are many areas in business where charges of “discrimination”, often regarding | Read More »

    Breaking: Kicking and Screaming. Obama Holds off on Amnesty Until After Elections.

    What the heck just happened?  President Obama made it clear he would take “executive action” and handle the issue of illegal immigration himself and he was going to do it by the end of summer.  Ok, that’s not going to happen.   “The reality the president has had to weigh is that we’re in the midst of the political season, and because of the Republicans’s extreme | Read More »

    Tea Party Scholarship

    You can’t do outreach without reaching out. Through the Tea Party Scholarship, we have the opportunity to plant seeds of conservatism in minority communities.

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    Massachusetts 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Although there are the congressional races, a Governor’s position and a Senate seat up for grabs this year, the fields have been set in all but the 9th Congressional District and the Governor’s race on the GOP side.  This is a very blue state, but there exists a real opportunity here to at least take the Governor’s mansion this year. In that race, Tea Party | Read More »

    What Can You Do With a Stolen Airliner?

    Recently we have read or heard that ISIS may have come into ownership of up to 11 airliners.  A relatively scary thought if one thinks about it. Fill it will explosives or nuclear waste, or some kind of biological weapon, and VOILA! you have, in some degree, an ICBM on the cheap. But, after thinking about this for a short time, the thought enters one’s | Read More »

    Blatantly Biased California Gubernatorial Debate Left A Positive Impression

    So it finally happened, the first and only debate between GOP Gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari and Governor Jerry Brown. I want to make some things clear before I begin: I am a staunch Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, and Pro-Constitution Conservative. I believe that in order to make an effective case against big government, we need staunch conservatives with the credentials to make the case. Thursday September | Read More »

    Illegal Immigrant Kills Illinois Teen In Fatal Hit and Run

    In March of this year 17 year old Emilio Perez ran out of gas on Interstate 88 near Joslin, Illinois.  As he was walking to the exit ramp Emilio was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. On Thursday 41 year old Maria E. Romero of Rockford was arraigned in Rock Island county on felony charges related to the death of Emilio Perez. | Read More »

    Jimmy Carter Reveals His Spots, Lauds Islam Despite Christian Genocide

    Former President Jimmy Carter’s advocacy of Islam brings to mind something my grandfather used to say: “A leopard can’t change its spots.” Little did I know at the time, he was quoting Jeremiah, who 625 years before Christ admonished people to return to God—a warning equally relevant today. In 1976 Carter famously declared he was born-again. Introducing his “deep Christian faith” into politics, he frequently | Read More »

    TV Consumers Beware: The Government is Here to Help

    Ronald Reagan famously said that, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” TV consumers should be very afraid:The government is here and is proposing to “help” them. Legislation recently introduced by Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Senator John Thune (R-SD) would require consumers to specify which local broadcast station, if any, they wish to | Read More »

    The “Consider This Podcast”: The Case of the Not-So-Missing E-mails, and Concealed Carry in Chicago

    From episode 86 of the Consider This Podcast; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. Once again, a change in gun policy, relaxing regulations rather than restricting them, has a positive benefit on gun violence. And they’re not handing them out free with the purchase of breakfast cereal. An individual permit costs about $600 and requires at least 16 hours of classes. You have to know | Read More »

    Governor Rick Scott orders flags flown at half-staff for Miami native Steven Sotloff

    Bill Lewis of Fort Lauderdale – Radio talk show host, Starbucks connoisseur, social media whiz, political consultant, identity theft expert, columnist, philanthropist and his kids Dad.

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    Where Minimum-Wage Workers Should Invest if the Wage is Raised to $15/hr

    Three things fast food workers should do with the “extra” money you’ll get if the national minimum wage is raised from $7.25 to $15 per hour.

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    ISIS is very much alive and growing as a threat, and BTW, General Motors sucks

    Obama ran, and won, in 2012, pretty much on one sound bite: “We are better off today. Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is very much alive.” Yesterday we learned, from a superb piece by Stephen Hayes in The Weekly Standard: that the WH  quickly halted the comprehensive examination and study of the documents and computers found in bin Laden’s house. This | Read More »

    Rhode Island 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Lincoln Chafee is stepping aside after one term as Governor of Rhode Island.  His chances of general election victory let alone a primary victory were much in doubt given his very low approval ratings.  On the GOP side, the two candidates are Cranston Mayor Alan Fung, a former Democrat, and Barrington businessman Ken Block.  This is turning into a nasty campaign with the Fung side | Read More »

    When the MSM goes MIA

    Democrats stunned voters and pundits alike last month when they selected little-known state representative Amanda Curtis to run for U.S. Senate in Montana. As a single-term lawmaker entering the race less than three months out from Election Day, Curtis stands little chance of winning the seat–especially with her well-documented links to communism. Even more shocking is the embrace she has received from national Democrats, and | Read More »


    In a much-previous life, I was both a candidate for, and an office-holder in, “public service”. Let me tell you: The “candidate” part was –at least, in the context of the Obama Presidency– the most instructive. By far. As soon as my election documents were filed with the Secretary of State, I was called by the Local Bugle. Literally– I was driving home from the | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ The Great California Debate between Kashkari and Brown Open Thread

    The only scheduled California gubernatorial debate between Jerry Brown and Neel Kashkari will be in Sacramento tonight at 7:00 P.M. Use this thread to vent and confess if you are not able to bring yourself to vote for the Rove-chosen establishment Republican — Kashkari — whose liberal positions on issues betray his party affiliation. Here is a link to the live Youtube channel carrying the | Read More »

    Is Chief Southern Baptist Missionary More Eager To Bash America Than Convert The Heathen?

    David Platt has been elected president of the Southern Baptist International Missions Board. The pastor is also author of “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream”. A description of the tome at reads, “It’s easy for the American Christian to forget how Jesus said how his followers would actually live…They would, he [Jesus] said , leave behind security, money, even family for | Read More »

    Putin’s Poodle

    Back in the 80′s Margaret Thatcher’s critics in the Labor Party referred to the British Prime Minister as “Reagan’s Poodle“. The two conservative icons sometimes disagreed during their largely overlapping and transformative times in office (economic sanctions against Russia; “Star Wars”), but generally believed in a “special relationship” between the United States and Britain as well as parallel domestic and foreign policy strategies. Both confronted labor; both favored a | Read More »

    Mr. Obama Goes to War:

    The War President by Michael Goodell And so it came to pass that the president was forced to pause in his nation-building at home to reflect on a world coming apart at the seams, or as he preferred to describe it, a world no messier than before, but a mess more visible thanks to 140 character descriptions. Indeed, if it weren’t for Twitter, Facebook, | Read More »

    Don’t Worry Be Happy

    No one gets to live in the world they grew up in, it moves too fast. It wasn’t always like this.  My father grew up plowing with mules as had his father and his father and his father back and back into the mist of time.  Things changed slowly until the machine age.  Then with the development of the steam engine, the assembly line, and | Read More »

    Our Dreamer-in-Chief and the Real Ostriches

    In the wild, ostriches make a “booming” sound to ward off predators. They also don’t bury their heads in the sand. An ostrich’s kick can break a lion’s jaw, causing it to starve to death. These facts separate the American Left from real ostriches. American liberals (Ignavus Americanus), unlike ostriches (Struthio camelus), do bury their heads in the sand, and emit a rather high-pitched danger call, which in fact attracts predators rather than warns them.

    Obama sees himself as the hero in a 1980’s John Hughes teen angst movie, giving the climactic “can’t we all just get along” speech that melts the bully’s heart. And the world responds with a slow clap. Such noble goals and dreams he has, and anyone who intrudes with the reality of the bankrupt human heart is written off as a hater, an unbeliever, a dream killer. This is our main problem: we don’t have a commander-in-chief, we have a dreamer-in-chief.

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    Obama’s strategy for defeating ISIS

    The secret weapon we have that will enable us to defeat ISIS: — Alan (@TheRetiredDoc) September 2, 2014

    The “Consider This Podcast”: Religion, Politics, and Policy, at College and at the Mall

    From episode 85 of the Consider This Podcast; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. Gordon College has petitioned the government based on its religious beliefs, but the Mayor of Salem, Mass. wants to punish them for it. Religious tolerance isn’t what it used to be. Maybe this is payback for the Witch Trials. Can you pray in a mall? Well, it depends on whether the | Read More »

    Becoming a “manageable problem” – Obama’s delusional view of ISIS

    Coming soon to a city near you.  As we approach the annual 9/11 anniversary, we wait for the other proverbial “shoe to drop.”  At least some of us.  With medieval barbarism, now prominent on the world stage in the form of ISIS, and brought into American homes via internet and television, we’re confronted with the real possibility of “it can happen here” again.  With the | Read More »

    ISIS draws Obama a “red line” in the sand….slashed across the necks of two Americans in the desert

    Obama’s presser yesterday was a veritable “tour de farce.”  He managed to successfully contradict himself on his non-existent policy towards ISIS, which only verifies that “as yet, there is no policy.” Whether or not one views this as taking “one step forward, two steps backs,” without a doubt Obama once again stepped on his crank, regardless of the direction he was attempting to take. It’s | Read More »

    The Fed: Economy is Gloomy Because Americans are “Hoarding Money”

    The Fed: Economy is Gloomy Because Americans are "Hoarding Money"

    In a moment of recent hand-wringing, the Fed examined the question of why inflation has stayed extremely low in the United States despite all the efforts of quantitative easing money pumping. Their answer: American consumers are mainly to blame. Yes indeed. In a paper released this week by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, the Fed cites “low level of money movement in large part on | Read More »

    Delaware 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    The only primary race in Delaware this year involves the Senatorial race for the seat held by Chris Coons.  Some operatives believe Delaware could be put into play.  These same operatives claim that when an incumbent’s approval ratings drop below 50%, they are in trouble.  Coons stands at 47%. Additionally, many Democratic liberals are not exactly in love with Coons with some describing him as | Read More »

    Cheap Grace Narcissist Church – It’s all about me!

    In June of this year, I wrote an article, Cheap grace, Nazi Germany, and the future of America, where I noted the parallels one could draw from the decline of Nazi Germany and the current condition of America. I based this observation from the forward provided by Timothy J. Keller (best-selling author of The Reason For God) in Eric Metaxas’ New York Times best-selling book, | Read More »

    New Rules or No War

    As the public and our nation’s foreign policy elites belatedly wake up to the real threat to American interests posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) there have been more calls for some kind of military intervention. Unfortunately, most of the clamor has been for a solution to the problem rather than advocacy for plans which might reasonably be expected to result | Read More »

    A Post-Labor Day Senate and Gubernatorial Races: Where We Stand

    It is the traditional start of the midterm election campaign season which starts traditionally after Labor Day.  Based upon polling and trends in polling as of September 2nd, let’s see where we stand.  First up, the Senate races: SAFE REPUBLICAN INCUMBENTS- Jeff Sessions- Alabama Jim Risch- Idaho Pat Roberts- Kansas Susan Collins- Maine Thad Cochran- Mississippi Jim Inhofe- Oklahoma Lindsey Graham- South Carolina Tim Scott- | Read More »