Two Genocidal Jihadist Armies Merge in the Cowardice of Silence

    The “Islamic State Africa.” Not the words anyone wanted to hear, but it should come as no surprise.

    The most barbarically brutal jihadist army in Africa, Boko Haram, has joined with the most heinous jihadist army in the Middle East, ISIS – the Islamic State.

    Boko Haram, as we have long warned, is every bit as horrific in its atrocities as ISIS. It has slaughtered thousands of Christians, destroyed Christian villages, and gunned down worshipers.

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    The Glaring Double Standard of Campus Bigotry

    The medias narrative has long been that white people like to get together and fantasize about lynching black people.  The boys and girls of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma State University have certainly fed that narrative with this video. Nasty stuff.  Greek Life in college never really had a reputation for being politically correct but this is beyond the pale.  The punishment was swift and in | Read More »

    Why Calling Them Islamic Terrorists Matters

    The Right has been critical of President Obama for not calling ISIS and other violent Muslim hate groups “Islamic terrorists.” The Left counters that Islam is a peaceful religion and what’s in a name anyway? Obama believes the terrorists have distorted Islam and are not representative of the religion. But whether you believe Islam is a hateful or a peaceful religion, it is very important | Read More »

    The genius of Trey Gowdy: despite criticism from some conservatives, he’s doing everything right.

    I’ve long admired . I was thrilled when it was announced that he would head the House Special Committee on Benghazi. I felt that his experience as a former Federal prosecutor would be invaluable, and equally important, that he had the cojones to stand up to, and push back, against Democrats on the committee, yet not make himself a lightning rod, as was Issa. Many | Read More »

    Dr. Ben Carson: First Amendment Freedoms vs. Political Correctness

    Trampling upon one’s ability to express a desire for open dialogue on controversial issues is reminiscent of the gag order to suppress discussion of slavery in the halls of Congress several years before the outbreak of the Civil War.

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    Branding Alienation

    In a video that attempts to explain the reason European Muslims go to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS, the “comedian” and “actor” Russell Brand recently lent his two cents worth of social awareness to the problem.  One is not sure if this was his latest sad attempt at stand-up (or sit-down) humor, or if this is his true beliefs.  By starting off with | Read More »

    Feminist Undermines Masculinity & Gripes About The Results

    In the February 2015 issue of Sojourner’s Magazine, a pregnant feminist in the article titled “Clear Eyes Full Hearts” laments, “I worry about my son. How do I raise a good white male?” What she is asking for simply isn’t a lad that protects the innocent and provides his own way in life while giving his mom a heartfelt hug once in a while. What | Read More »

    Thoughts on School Choice

    Recently I had occasion to gain some direct knowledge of the issue of school choice – something of which I had theretofore been comfortably ignorant, DINK that I am. I and a few colleagues were invited out to DC to take part in the Amplify School Choice conference hosted by the Franklin Center. There were several instructive panels and engaging speakers who touched on the | Read More »

    The Amnesty Litmus Test

    Quick thoughts from my iPad at 30,000 feet. Please excuse typos. I am getting tired of this amnesty disqualifier.  I see no one calling to deport 11-12 million people yet those who might let them stay even with no citizenship and penalties are supposedly for amnesty. The  hardliners say we do nothing until border is secure. Fair enough…but a cop out. Sadly, I think we | Read More »

    Marita Noon: Solar Power propaganda vs. the real world

    First, efficient and effective base-load, coal-fueled electricity that has provided the bulk of America’s power is being prematurely shut down by regulations prompted by environmental lobbyists and promulgated by the Obama administration. It is virtually impossible to get a new coal-fueled power plant permitted in the U.S. Even natural gas-powered plants, such as the one planned to replace the Salem Harbor coal-fueled plant, meet with resistance from groups such as Grassroots Against Another Salem Plant, which “has pledged to use peaceful civil disobedience to block construction of the gas plant.” And, of course, just try to build a nuclear power plant and all the fear-mongers come out.

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    The “Consider This!” Podcast: Call It “Islamic Extremism”, and Collegian Scott Walker

    Episode 99 of the Consider This Podcast has been released; conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less. The Right got upset when the summit was called “Countering Violent Extremism”, not mentioning the very real, global threat we face today; Islamic extremism. What’s in a name? Well, if you won’t call it by name, you run the risk of ignoring the main threat and inflating other, smaller ones. The | Read More »

    The Anniversary of Selma Alabama

    This last weekend we had the anniversary of the March in Selma Alabama. The news was rife with images of the 1965 march and the violence that ensued, juxtaposed with the march of today where we saw our president front and  center, marching, and doing what he did best, which was to give a rousing speech. All in all, I’m ok with anniversary celebration. But, | Read More »

    12 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Reject Scott Walker

    12 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Reject Scott Walker

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. On the surface, Walker looks like a great choice. He is known as a fighter and a conservative reformer who can win elections. However, before conservatives hop on the Walker train, the bad aspects of Walker’s record need to be examined. Below is a list of reasons why conservatives should | Read More »

    Johnny Paycheck’s Philosophers’ Stone

    If I may paraphrase that great American political thinker – Johnny Paycheck, “Take this (Republican Party) and shove it. I ain’t (supportin’ her) no more.” The Republican Establishment Elites and their Republican Progressive RINO cohorts, rather than being a part of the solution, are proving to be every bit the obstacle to the maintenance of individual liberty and equal opportunity, as are the radical leftists | Read More »

    Freedom Caucus: Conservative House Reps Are Determined To Be A Thorn In Boehner’s Side

    Undaunted by last week’s loss in the battle over funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), conservative freshman Republicans vow to press forward with conservative interests. A few of these conservatives spoke with Reuters last week, indicating that more conflict in the future, within the GOP, can be expected. Indeed, several freshmen have joined the fiercely determined new bloc of House conservatives known as the Freedom | Read More »

    Barack Obama will go down in history as the most successful president since Abraham Lincoln…

    The eight year reign of Barack Obama will go down as the most important in American history since Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln led the United States at the single most important decision point in its history. At stake was no less than the question of whether the country would continue as a single nation or would it split in two as Manifest Destiny was fulfilled. Would | Read More »

    Democrats Not Heeding Their Own Advice

    In the wake of the 2014 midterm losses for the Democrats, there has been some soul-searching on what went wrong on their side.  In a nutshell, they failed to address the concerns and anxieties of middle class voters by (1) ignoring many economic themes, (2) spending too much time running from Obama and his record, and (3) focusing too much on women’s issues in certain | Read More »

    EPA to vastly expand regulation of non-navigable waters

    Do you own property that ever gets wet? You’re about to be subject to the EPA under its preposterously expanded definition of navigable waters. President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) have proposed a rule set to go into effect next month that dramatically expands the definition of “waters of the United States” regulated under the Clean Water Act (CWA). | Read More »

    Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

    Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

    There’s been a surge of a very well meaning, but often unrealistic sentiment within our society that calls for violence being a last resort. Thing is, I notice that “violence should be a last resort” is too often applied to folk who had reacted to violence, and not the person initiating the violence. I also notice that this is only said when the offender is | Read More »

    Red State contest: Guess how many of Hillary’s emails will pertain to Benghazi?

    Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for 4 years. That’s  1460 days. She’s announced that she has just turned over to the State Dept all of her relevant emails, (she’s considerately omitted all  those related to planning for Chelsea’s wedding)…..some 55,000 pages. Now admittedly, we don’t know if there is more than one email per page…but  probably not. So, if we do the math, that | Read More »

    Now That the Scopes Trial is Over…

    Scott Walker is the presumptive front-runner among Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race.  Most polling puts this as a race between Walker and Jeb Bush.  Where Bush has the advantage is in lining up donors whereas Walker is making rhetorical waves.  Although Walker’s performance at CPAC was not as stellar as at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January, his performance was certainly better than | Read More »


    Based on revelations the Justice Department intends to charge (D.-NJ) with corruption,  he has a lot of explaining to do. Congratulations to the New York Times for finally reporting on Menendez’s alleged acts of impropriety and unethical conduct. Maybe the liberal media and Fourth Estate are finally acting responsibly and allowing some sunshine on a fellow liberal? Hopefully, we can find out why it took | Read More »

    Ted Cruz “Birthers” Oppose The Founding Fathers

    Ted Cruz "Birthers" Oppose The Founding Fathers

    The “birthers” are back. Or rather, they never went away. After questioning the eligibility of Barack Obama for years, they seem to have shifted their focus towards potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates, notably the Canadian-born . (They have also gone after and Bobby Jindal, but the venom directed at them is less notable and their circumstances are for another article). There is a simple problem | Read More »

    Why Cruz Needs to Hear From His Supporters…Right Now.

    In case you missed it, there’s an Agriculture summit taking place in Iowa. Folks mulling a run for the White House are in attendance, including Sen .  All a would-be candidate would have to do really is stand in front of a stalk of corn and say “I’m all in for Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS)”.  Which is exactly what Sep said when he spoke to the | Read More »

    Jeb Bush In Iowa: “I’m Not Going To Back Down” From Supporting Common Core

    According to the Associated Press, former Florida Gov. and leading GOP establishment Presidential candidate Jeb Bush said at a fundraiser in Des Moines, Iowa that, “I’m not going to back down” from his support of the Common Core education standards. Bush said, “Raising expectations and having accurate assessments of where kids are is essential for success, and I’m not going to back down on that,” | Read More »

    The WHY of Obama

    On the other hand he is not that smart. His actions betray his intellect. What he does with executive orders and lawless edicts and vetoes shows that he is more of an accomplice than a leader.

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    SCOTUS Should Not Apply “Deference” In the Obamacare Case

    During oral arguments of the Burwell Obamacare case before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, a possible resolution seemed to rear its ugly head when Chief Justice Roberts questioned U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli over the contested ambiguity of the application of Obamacare subsidies. Verrilli made the case that the “court should defer to the interpretation of the Internal Revenue Service, which said the tax credits | Read More »

    It’s Over, Hillary

    Hillary and Bill Clinton have always had what can be termed as an “Icarus” problem.  Through their years in the political office, the scandals swirled around them, but seemingly failed to engulf them:  Jennifer Flowers (and the other women); Whitewater; Travelgate; the cattle futures killing; Monica Lewinsky; Benghazi; Bill’s “business” jaunts courtesy of convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein; the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donor problem; and now, | Read More »

    Glenn Beck, Ben Carson and the Gay Mafia

    Glenn Beck says that Ben Carson’s presidential campaign is over. He’s probably right. Then again Ben Carson has always been a man looking for a campaign. I like the man. It’s gotta be hard to go from a prolific career in neuro-surgery and make the leap into politics. Few men made the US presidency the first elected office they attained, those who did primarily served in | Read More »

    DC Council Dares Congress, Presses Forward With Anti-Conscience Bills

      The D.C. Council’s nine-month quest to enact two anti-conscience laws appears to be coming to a close. After hearing concerns about violations of the First Amendment and federal law from outgoing Mayor Vincent Gray, the D.C. Attorney General’s office, members of Congress, and dozens of pro-life and religious organizations and schools in the District, the council has apparently rejected those concerns, effectively challenging Congress | Read More »

    The Keystone XL Pipeline, Another Way to View Democrats

    We deride and his inept leadership in the Senate. Rightly so, he could not override Barrack Hussein Obama’s idiotic veto of an economically necessary piece of 4-year overdue legislation. Look at it this way, if you want your gas prices at the pump to decrease you needed the Senate to boot the President’s veto. Not because it will have an immediate influence on the amount | Read More »

    Chris Christie’s Big Break

    if Senator Bob Menendez has to step down Christie will have the chance to replace him, and that pick will put him back in the headlines. Expect Christie to choose a replacement who will please conservatives

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    Random thoughts on CPAC 2015 and advice for conservative politicians

    -To me, it’s clear that the following candidates are definitely running for president in 2016:   Walker, Carson, Christie, Bush, Perry, Rubio, and Cruz. -I will admit that Walker isn’t quite as prepared as I would like on certain policy issues, but then again, how could he be?  He’s been busy fighting off crazy liberal protesters and winning elections in Wisconsin.  He doesn’t strike me as the | Read More »

    Chicago on the Potomac

    Back in the Dream Time, elders were honored because of their accumulated knowledge, if Pops knew a better way to saddle horses that knowledge helped Junior since he saddled horses.  Today if Pops knows how to tune-up cars what good is that when cars don’t need to be tuned-up anymore?  Now the old are relegated to extolling their own relevance while exclaiming, “I’ve never seen | Read More »

    The Media’s Low Expectations of President Obama

    Barack Obama is the new Teflon President. But where Ronald Reagan could never get media-created scandals to stick, Obama can never get actual scandals to stick.

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    The Watercooler ~ Meet Bibi the Bibisitter

    I stumbled upon this campaign commercial a few weeks ago and it was so hilarious I must have watched it twenty times. Bibi doesn’t look too worried about the upcoming election, does he? Enjoy and have a great weekend. The Watercooler is always an open thread.

    Chris Christie’s BIG opportunity: Demand that Hillary answer questions, like he did at “Bridgegate” press conference

    Chris Christie’s nascent WH bid is struggling. He’s way down in the polls, and facing an uphill battle to gain traction. However, the recent revelations about Hillary’s DIY email system have given the governor a superb opportunity to thrust himself back into the national debate, and in the process gain favor with Republicans of all stripes. Anyone remember “Bridgegate?” For days it was the obsession | Read More »

    A Modern Day Game of Thrones [PODCAST]

    Have you ever played chess? I have and I just don’t get it. It’s like trying to jump into the middle of the season of Game of Thrones and trying to figure out the beginning and the end without really understanding what the heck is going on. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Game of Thrones series. But, in order to figure out the next | Read More »

    Why Hillary’s secret emails are a big deal, both now and in 2016

    Let me start this diary off by saying how much I’m truly enjoying watching Hillary and her defenders in the media squirm as the spotlight shines brightly on her blatant lack of transparency on the issue of her email records as secretary of state.  Few politicians deserve this scrutiny and criticism more than Hillary does.  For those of you too young to actually remember her | Read More »

    Boxing in Income Inequality

    Income inequality is all the rage on the Left these days.  Of course, they conveniently gloss over the fact that the income gap has increased significantly under Barack Obama.  And one look at the stock market is indicative of the fact that the investment class- those who already “had-” has done remarkably well.  The Left’s solution consists of targeted tax increases against “millionaires” who are | Read More »

    The New Racism now Requires Notations

    Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  This sentiment implies that one’s race would not be either a preference or a distraction.  However, today, we have moved to the state where it | Read More »

    Liz Warren is running the perfect campaign for the Democrat nomination

    Very soon a lot of Democrats will come to their senses, and ponder the scenario of their putative nominee dealing with scandals over her emails, financial shenanigans at the Clinton foundation, having to testify before the House Special committee on Benghazi……and, as if it possibly couldn’t get any worse, there’s the strong possibility that her husband, who’d be back inside the WH if Hillary won, | Read More »

    Congress: What’s Plan B

    OK, Plan A didn’t work. For those of us who hoped that 54 seats in the Senate and 245 seats in the House would allow Republicans to put bills on the President’s desk, it was a false hope with three fatal flaws:  Senate rules require 60 votes to get a bill to the floor; there are at least 50 members of the House who are more | Read More »

    Obama threatens to veto science at the E.P.A.

    If someone from the government  were to say to you, sorry you can’t run your business the way you have been , because I have proof it would harm the environment. Would you want to know about the “Proof” ? If the same person then handed you a conclusion, with no data, no disclosure of methods and what amounts to nothing more than a long | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell: An Argument Analysis

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of King vs. Burwell- a case which questioned the federal tax subsidies for those who purchased health insurance in the federal exchange.  Generally, it is tough to tell how any Justice will vote on a case from their questioning during oral argument.  As I have mentioned in many previous articles, they usually have some idea of | Read More »


          Belittlement and marginalization of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu were primary goals of Vice President Biden and Democrats who boycotted his Congressional speech. Surely, Israel’s enemies will interpret the walkout as proof of lost American support. It could encourage Hamas and Hezbollah to increase rocket attacks on innocent Jewish men, women and children. Evidently, in conjunction with President Obama’s refusal to recognize | Read More »

    The Prosecutorial Abuses of Schneiderman and Lynch

    The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article a couple weeks ago calling out the egregious prosecutorial misconduct of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. In this farce of a case, Schneiderman is hell bent on going after Hank Greenberg (formerly with AIG) in an attempt to discredit his name in a state civil lawsuit. The manner in which Schneiderman is conducting himself is a | Read More »

    The Senate Rules Require 60 Votes to Invoke Cloture on Loretta Lynch

    So let’s start with the black-letter law, the Senate Rules, as they read today — March 5, 2015: And if that question [of whether debate shall be brought to a close on ANY MATTER OR UNFINISHED BUSINESS pending before the Senate] shall be decided in the affirmative by three-fifths of the Senators duly chosen and sworn [except for rules changes] then said measure, motion, or | Read More »

    Music Corporate Cronyism is Not Conservative

    Next week, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) will hold a hearing on music licensing and a potential decision by the Justice Department that will impact all those who like to listen to music on the radio and a computer. He wants to know whether the crony capitalists of Big Music are using their lobbying influence to try to disrupt the market and make it harder for you to enjoy | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Clinton Foundation

    Follow the Money: Clinton Foundation

    Many of us know what it’s like to be “dead broke;” some of us know the crushing weight of substantial debt. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the connections or friends in high places with the financial capabilities of funding our charitable foundations to the tune of $2 billion. The direness of the Clinton family’s financial position as they left the White House in 2001 | Read More »