Are These Dots Connected

    Well, here’s my second attempt at this.  One important thing I have to throw out there is this:  blogging on this website has forced me out of my contractual lingo thought and into investigating the “why” of the addressed subject.  For me to get to acceptance, I have to understand it.  I don’t have to like it but I do have to understand it. Do all | Read More »

    Is Future of Republic Grim?

    Beyond the spectacle and lunacy of the GOP voting to keep the Speaker’s gavel in Rep. John Boehner’s hands, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on the resignation of Rep. Michael Grimm, only one day prior to the disappointing Speakership result. Mr. Grimm’s resignation was long overdue.  He was responsible for the demise of his political career and should pay the full price | Read More »

    French PM Didn’t Want Netanyahu in Paris, Declares French Republic Failed If Jews Flee

    French PM Didn't Want Netanyahu in Paris, Declares French Republic Failed If Jews Flee

    For all the pageantry displayed in Paris in support of Charlie Hebdo’s free speech, and against the terrorists who slaughter innocents, France remains one of the least hospitable (read: most anti-Semitic) places for Jews in Europe. While the New York Times concerns itself with a possible backlash against Muslims in France, and supporting those who refuse mandatory military service in Israel, it’s clear that Jew | Read More »

    Pass the Pea-Brains, Please.

    Pass the Pea-Brains, Please.

    As it turns out, the rumor that Big Guy did not attend France’s unity march in Paris (due to critical NFL Playoffs) was incorrect. Photojournalists at Twitchy provided evidence: H/T Clint Eastwood Seriously, I’m beginning to think that eating too many vegetables isn’t good for us after all. All those peas that we’ve been forced to eat since MO and BO occupied the Big White | Read More »

    Sixty-One Journalists Were Killed In 2014 – Many Others Remain In Captivity By Terrorists

    Globally, 61 journalists were killed in 2014. The Middle East was the deadliest region, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in the organization’s year-end report. Almost half of the journalists killed last year died in the Middle East, with Syria being the deadliest country for journalists for the third year in a row. At least 17 journalists were killed in Syria as the | Read More »

    From the Charlie Hebdo attack to your local street corner: Multiculturalism as a fount of bloodshed

    There has been much commentary about the events in France over the last week. One of the major causes for the motivation behind the home grown terrorists who struck the offices of Charlie Hebdo is the fact that in many places in France, France is something of a foreign country. There are hundreds of “no-go” zones in the country where French police won’t go and | Read More »

    Nous Sommes Charlie – Beating The Kobayashi Maru

    In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and related hostage-taking and murder at a Kosher meat market, the Left, the media, and much of the world is pretending they can beat the Kobayashi Maru. There is no gaming the system to defeat this foe. There’s no tiptoeing around terms like “backlash” and “profiling”. This is not about religion, which is made plain by the huge gathering in Paris. It’s about humanity. And humans have to take sides. Failure to choose a side means you have taken the side of those who seek to overthrow civilization and replace it with their brand of tyranny, because unless you oppose them, you will be under their boot.

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    Dear Charles Krauthammer:

    Dear Dr. Krauthammer: Well before your bestsellling 2013 book, millions of careful Americans looked to you for wiser analysis of the “things that matter.” Desperately seeking solid, we rush to read your syndicated columns, to hear you speak, smiling or not, on FOX Cable News’ panels. Last year, on one of those panels, you declared that it would be “disastrous” to impeach President Obama, to indict him for “high crimes and misdemeanors” against our country. For the benefit of | Read More »

    Another Episode in the Clash of Civilizations

    This week featured yet another example of barbarity by the Mohammedan factions of the world. In Paris a parody magazine that had been publishing cartoons casting Islam and Mohammed in a rather grotesque light was attacked in military fashion by two brothers, one of whom had been indicted a few years ago for recruiting people to jihad. This then led to a man hunt, a | Read More »

    Rick Perry spends $300 million on Formula One track in Texas

    In the spring of 2010, Texans awoke to the news that Governor Rick Perry and Comptroller Susan Combs, both conservative Republicans, had agreed to spend a quarter billion dollars to fund a private race track in Texas for Formula One racing.  Rick Perry’s Texas is now in year four of a ten year agreement to use public treasuries to fund private investment, the Circuit of | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren and Science

    To an adoring crowd last year, moonbat articulated an Orwellian 11-point progressive manifesto.  Point number two states: “We believe in real science and that means we have a responsibility to protect the Earth.”  This statement makes two erroneous assumptions- (1) conservatives do not believe in science and (2) conservatives have no interest in protecting the Earth. Of course, she is referring to climate change which, | Read More »

    Cruz Courts Liberty Movement in Iowa

    Tea Party champion and conservative firebrand Ted Cruz may be ready to embrace his libertarian side – and he may need to, if he hopes to find a path from Iowa to the White House. As it turns out, the death of the Liberty Movement in Iowa may have been greatly exaggerated. While an establishment resurgence in 2014 spearheaded by Governor Terry Branstad succeeded in | Read More »

    the Obama Manual for Terror Unpreparedness

    Since the entire World has witnessed the horror of an armed military-style terror strike in the heart of Paris and we may be next, we should make sure we’ve ticked off every item in the Obama Manual for Terror Unpreparednes 1. Appoint devout Muslims—preferably with Muslim Brotherhood connections—to high positions in DHS. Here are just two examples: Kareem W. Shora appointed by President Obama In | Read More »

    Another “trust fund” is bankrupt because you don’t pay enough gas tax

    Gas prices now average about $2.50 per gallon, and some economic experts argue that they are low enough that American consumers can now absorb an increase in gasoline taxes.  Too many in Washington just can’t stand to let a chance to raise taxes pass by.  Indeed, was quoted last week as saying, “If there’s ever going to be a time to raise the gas tax, | Read More »

    Boehner and McConnell should have been marching in Paris today

    Just back from Mass, and I’m watching the  millions assembled in Paris protesting against radical Islam, and yes, some are actually daring to publicly call it exactly what it is. Heads of state from all over the world, including Netanyahu, and the King and Queen of Jordan (and they have to be especially nervous) are in the forefront. And from the US,somewhere in the crowd, | Read More »

    “Globesity”: The End of Outrage

    "Globesity": The End of Outrage

    As you’ll recall, Sammy resigned last month “to spend more time with his family.” “First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday tapped FoodCorps co-founder Debra “Deb” Eschmeyer Executive Director of her “Let’s Move!” initiative and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. Eschmeyer replaces Chicago native and Obama family personal chef Sam Kass, who resigned last month.” – Chicago Tribune And despite gossip like this: Kitchen magician | Read More »

    Europe and Islam: A Mismatch Made in Heaven

    Last week, before the despicable attack on the editors and cartoonists at the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo, NBC News had a short blip on their nightly news about a cathedral in Cologne, Germany that had turned off their lights to protest the recent anti-Islam protests taking place in that city.  I assume this is akin to the lights being turned off on the Empire State | Read More »

    Indonesian searchers believe crashed AirAsia’s fuselage found

    Indonesian search teams believe a sonar scan has detected the fuselage of an AirAsia airliner that crashed two weeks ago with the loss of all 162 people on board and divers were on Sunday checking the find, a senior official said. Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control during thundery weather on Dec. 28, less than halfway into a two-hour flight from | Read More »

    Boehner, your omnibus spending bill is a crime against conservatives.

    Speaker Boehner, Please don’t be upset because we think you are a squish and are no conservative. Things change, well some things change anyway. We couldn’t change Obama Republican control of Congress. But when it comes to being a conservative, no one, and I mean no one that voted for the omnibus spending bill in December is a conservative. Any leader involved in bringing this | Read More »

    Conservative Strategy for the 114th Congress

    Conservatives are rightly concerned that the new 114th Congress is not going to live up to its potential or to the political mandate of the American public, which is to defeat Democrat priorities on a wide range of issues like amnesty, raising energy prices with new carbon regulations, and spending as much taxpayer money as possible on crony political allies. So how should conservatives work | Read More »

    On Immigration, Cruz And Paul Are Right, Rubio and Walker Are Wrong

    On Immigration, Cruz And Paul Are Right, Rubio and Walker Are Wrong

    Immigration is probably the most confusing topic of concern for conservatives today. What makes it confusing is the inconsistent usage of the word “amnesty,” a word which cannot seem to find a singular definition. For that reason, it is time for conservatives to abandon the “amnesty” buzzword and start looking at policy specifics, which is really what they should have done to start with. As | Read More »

    Vous n’êtes pas Charlie!

    You are not Charile! I am totally stealing this from Mark Stein, because he honestly did come to this before I did.  But it bears repeating.  Charlie Hebdo is only a cause for the sunshine patriots (a box of mars bars to who gets that reference).  I guarantee that if the savagely bloody murders committed at their HQ did not happen, it would have been | Read More »

    Remember back when all those liberals threatend (promised??) to move to Europe if Bush was elected?

    Europe is indeed showing us the way…leading by example. We can now in all its glory observe the full effects of unfettered immigration, open borders, the embrace of multi-culturalism, the failure to assimilate immigrants, and a welfare state. It’s what liberals here in the US would like to see America become. But back in the days, 2000, and 2004 to be precise, remember all those | Read More »

    $16 Billion Shortfall Only To Be Filled By Gas Tax?

    “Just wait until we have a cooperative Senate!  THEN you’ll see us push back on the progressive agenda!”  So said the Speaker and his class of Sweathogs. Last week, we heard the sound of heads exploding as and went on Fox News Sunday to lay the groundwork for a gasoline tax.  Americans finally get a break at the gas pump (thanks to the Middle East | Read More »

    Pendulum Swings and Emboldened Police Officers

    Largely in response to what was perceived as an expansion of criminal rights under the Supreme Court leadership of Earl Warren, the Burger, Rehnquist and Roberts Courts are generally seen as rolling back some of those rights.  The question now is whether that pendulum has swung too far in favor of the police and prosecutors and if so, does this have anything to do with | Read More »

    Oh No…Romney Again-Open Thread

    Please tell me it isn’t so.  Please someone tell me this isn’t happening.  Just think how hard it is going to be for the media to pick amongst Bush, Christie and Romney as their “go to” Republican candidate.  Sad thing is that the rest of the candidates are going to have trouble raising money.  Looks like the Establishment is on a roll.  

    Keystone XL: It’s Official – Excuses for Inaction Have Disappeared

    Last year, President Obama halted the U.S. Department of State’s 90-day review of the Keystone XL project, citing the importance of giving the Nebraska Court the time to issue a ruling. Earlier today, the Nebraska Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision, and in doing so, ruled that the Governor of Nebraska has the authority to approve the pipeline’s route. Now that the Nebraska Court | Read More »

    Who Is Qualified to Be President? We should expand the constitutional requirements to include experience.

    Re-posted from National Review Online With crowded benches of Democratic and Republican candidates actively contemplating a run for the White House in 2016, should Americans consider expanding the current constitutionally mandated presidential eligibility requirements to include relevant levels of work experience? Since all professional occupations require some form of licensing before one is allowed to have clients or patients, shouldn’t the holder of the most | Read More »

    Islam is not a Religion of Peace

    The tragedy in France is another sad chapter in the West’s failure to come to terms with the true threat of Islam.  Even as one of the pillars of liberal philosophy – freedom of speech – is viciously assaulted by dogmatic religious ideologues – many liberals continue to look for blame in the actions of the victims while desperately trying to empathize with the perpetrators.  | Read More »

    Speaker’s Race – in Texas

    Rinaldi deserves our gratitude for his courage and transparency. Like those 24 GOP Congressmen who voted against Boehner, and the Texas Reps who are preparing to vote against Straus, it may be quixotic to oppose GOP leadership, but it is still the right thing to do; that is, if you value honesty and transparency.

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    What Happens When Progressives Tax (and Spend)

    As Rush Limbaugh so rightly pointed out, “No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.” So many people have accepted the argument that progressive taxation is just, necessary, and fair, so I know this article will offend many.  Hopefully it will also make a few people reconsider their acceptance of policy.  Many who are vehemently opposed to socialism, collectivism, and all the other trappings of | Read More »

    Pre-SOTU Road Show: He Has a Pen, But Does He Know How To Use It?

    Pre-SOTU Road Show: He Has a Pen, But Does He Know How To Use It?

    Perhaps when he’s done debuting his State of the Union address around the country, Big Guy will have time to issue a more thoughtful comment on the Charlie Hebdo situation.  Because freedom of speech is a linchpin of democracy, and the threat of it succumbing to political correctness might actually be more important to the future of America than free tuition. It would be nice if | Read More »

    The Democratic Party’s Zombie Apocalypse

    After any drubbing in an election, a political party usually looks within and does a post-mortem analysis on what went wrong.  Call it what you will, but the Republican victories in November were a drubbing of the Democrats and their message.  The GOP won in places where they had no right winning- liberal strongholds like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois in gubernatorial races- and replacing hardcore | Read More »

    There seems to be no shortage of marauding bands

    While doing some reading recently I was reminded of an infamous  quote – “Nobody in this country got rich on their own.  Nobody.  You built a factory out there?  Good for you!  But I want to be clear.  You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.  You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize | Read More »

    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    The people in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District are unhappy campers this week and who could blame them? They were betrayed. They were betrayed by a loud-mouthed, mean-spirited, arrogant carpetbagger who didn’t live in the district. But even worse, they betrayed themselves. Newly elected Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-6) who claimed he would oppose Boehner (and amnesty and Obamacare and Common Core, etc), didn’t oppose Boehner at all. In | Read More »

    Sexting, Lobbying, and an Abortion Movie: How $500 Million Tax Dollars Helped Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood admittedly aborted at least 327,653 unborn babies last year and took in $528.4 million in our tax dollars, 41% of its total revenue, last year.

    Since you and I are handing the abortion giant more than half a billion dollars of our hard earned tax dollars each year, maybe we should be able to ask what we helped pay for this year.

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    Follow the Money: Under Armour

    Follow the Money: Under Armour

    It’s the classic American success story. A young entrepreneur builds on an idea in a basement and spends the next few years hawking his wares out of the trunk of his car until he earns his first major break. For Kevin Plank, that break was a $17,000 sale of t-shirts with a revolutionary fabric to the football program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Within | Read More »

    Senate Delay on TRIA Would be Costly

    The cowardly attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is an unpleasant reminder that terrorism is a constant threat and possibility.  Terrorism insurance has become a necessary requirement for things like construction projects but unlike auto and life insurance, we still do not have enough quantitative data to make an accurate prediction about the probability and the likely damage the next attack could cost. When | Read More »

    Memo to the Jenkins Hill 25: Just Vote Against the Rules

    In retaliation for having the temerity to question ‘s leadership, Boehner has gone “full despot” against the 25 Republicans who voted against him as speaker. In particular, Florida Republicans and will lose their spots on the powerful House Rules Committee. And, according to Politico, “[m]ore punishment is likely.” Conservative “leaders” have sent a whiny letter.  But here’s an idea:  The “Jenkins Hill 25″ should just | Read More »

    Could the 2016 election hinge on whether or not to close Gitmo?

    Elections are quirky, and often unpredictable. Sometimes there are broad themes that shape races. Bill Clinton had “it’s the economy, stupid!” as his mantra. Ronald Reagan promised us the vision that “it’s morning again in America.” Less remembered today, but very effective then, was Dick Cheney’s refrain during his 2000 acceptance speech at the Republican convention, “Help is on the way!” And sometimes it’s one | Read More »

    Tigers Never Change Their Stripes

    Tigers Never Change Their Stripes

    Terrorists Terrorize: Shattered Illusions Weasels lie: “Yeah, I love you back.” Community organizers give speeches and take victory laps for other peoples victories: “Nice Mustang, butt you didn’t build that.” And yes, we are all “Charlies” now: Appeasement does not and will not appease any of them. Butt do not be afraid: Be prepared. When there are tigers in your neighborhood you are not safe. P.S. | Read More »

    Lessons America must learn from France’s mistakes

    The following are my immediate thoughts and reaction to the terrorist attacks in France yesterday: What happens when a country and the society it contains loses its culture, traditions, and faith, and the identity created by those things?  We’re finding out right now in France.   The antidote to rapidly expanding muslim influence in european nations like France isn’t secularism, that’s been tried and has | Read More »

    Misogynists and Victims: Campus Sexual Harassment

    There is a growing trend, spurred by the Federal government, on college campuses to restrict not only free speech, but also academic freedom.  To understand what is happening, we need to look at the genesis of the government’s response and go back to 2011 and the University of Montana.  In response to allegations of sexual assaults on and off campus, the government began an investigation of | Read More »

    12 Dead as French MultiCulturalism claims victims at Charlie Hebdo

    There is a trend in Europe toward rejecting political correctness, non-assimilation and passive regulation of immigration and laws. Today’s mass killing – technically a Holocaust, will assuredly give that campaign even more momentum, both in France and elsewhere on the Continent and in the U.K.

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    F-35 Lightning II Program Meets Aircraft Production Goal for 2014

    Last month, the Defense Department accepted the final F-35 Lightning II aircraft delivery for 2014. With the delivery of this aircraft, the CF-19 F-35C for the Marine Corps, Lockheed Martin officially met the production goal of 36 aircraft for the year. In total, 109 operational aircraft have been delivered to the U.S. and its partner nations. The final aircraft of 2014 was also the first | Read More »

    Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama IF she runs: “I pee sitting down, he pees standing up”

    Sort of a weird story on Reuters:“Podesta: Clinton to draw differences with Obama if she runs” John Podesta, long-time Clintonista, and now an adviser to Obama (though he’s leaving next month) is expected to head up Clinton’s WH campaign if and when she decides to enter the race. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Obama snatched the nomination from Hillary in | Read More »

    The Exorcism of Mayor de Blasio

    When he appeared at a recent press conference, New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio at first seemed like any other human being, albeit a politician. He waxed poetic about the NYPD, and tried to make himself look mayoral. But as the event wore on, it became obvious—even to members of the press—that it was an illusion: de Blasio is not a normal politician: he’s possessed | Read More »

    New Congress Wastes No Time Introducing Pro-life Legislation

    In terms of legislation, this just may be the most pro-life Congress Washington has ever seen. Returning pro-life senators like (R-KY) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) have spearheaded former pro-life legislative efforts, as well as representatives like Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). What’s more, an historic 21 pro-life women are now serving in Congress – and they’ve already shown that is more than just a number. | Read More »

    #JeSuisCharlie – Charlie Hebdo – Profiles in courage

    The murdered writers and cartoonists of Parisian satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, stood for something.  It’s called freedom of speech.  To paraphrase one of their editors, “I would rather die standing, than live kneeling.” In our oh, so politically correct world, where newspapers such as AP, already censor free speech under the guise of not offending anyone, Charlie Hebdo stands out like a beacon of light | Read More »

    Choosing a Consensus Conservative Candidate 2016

    The evangelical primary is well underway. Today Senator Rick Santorum invited supporters to a private meeting next week to assess his candidacy. Governor Bobby Jindal is scheduled to visit Iowa and meet with conservative pastors this week. Governor Rick Perry and several others will be attending the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24 in Des Moines. Dr. Ben Carson plans to make a decision by | Read More »