Is Carly Fiorina really the new darling of the GOP? Not so fast…..

    By all accounts, Carly Fiorina was the undisputed winner of Wednesday night’s CNN debate.  Her sound bite on Planned Parenthood especially resonated across all media outlets: “As regards to Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, it’s heart beating, it’s legs kicking while someone says we | Read More »

    Obama appoints openly gay Secretary of the Army

    Obama appoints openly gay Secretary of the Army

    There’s no longer any semblance of a mask on President Obama’s intentions regarding our military.  Instead of a force based on good order and discipline, training, and principles going back 240 years, the Commander-in-Chief has made the only superpower’s fighting force the subject of social experimentation, and imposition of a new agenda. We will have the gayest military he can possibly build. Eric Fanning, a | Read More »

    Even the Left agrees that Congressional GOP leadership are doofuses

    Even the Left agrees that Congressional GOP leadership are doofuses

    If you go far enough east you eventually end up meeting someone from the west going the other way.  And if you read enough conservative takedowns of congressional leaders, you eventually end up agreeing with someone like Michael Winship. Winship is a senior writer for Bill Moyers on his “Moyers & Company” PBS program, and a fellow of the far-far-left think tank Demos (DEE-mos).  He wrote | Read More »

    The GOP is heading towards a reaping of Biblical proportions

      Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. I believe by now we are unfortunately all too familiar with the GOP failure theatre.  Just recently Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% on Hannity expressed this succinctly; “If you look at the left, if you look at Barack Obama, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, they are | Read More »

    The Civility and Courtesy of RedState

    This is going to be short and sweet. I write as a newbie on RedState. Just started the other day. The warm welcome by some on here is so refreshing and encouraging to continue to contribute to the conversation. I have been absolutely thrilled and pleased at the civility, courtesy, warmth and respect among the writers and commentors on Redstate. This is such a change | Read More »

    Every Trump Controversy is an Opportunity

      ROCHESTER, NH – SEPTEMBER 17: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a town hall event at Rochester Recreational Arena September 17, 2015 in Rochester, New Hampshire. Trump spent the day campaigning in New Hampshire following the second Republican presidential debate. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. We must destroy the credibility | Read More »

    The Democrats and the strategy of the few

    The Democrats and the strategy of the few. (A Hispanic perspective)   In an ordinary political race, Republicans speak to common sense issues that affect people and offer solutions to address those issues.  As a result, we have more Republican Governors than ever before and Republicans control the U.S. House and Senate.  Democrats lose these races because they speak to bitterness and special interest groups | Read More »

    Kim Davis: The Most Critical First Issue

    There have been a lot of opinions about the Kim Davis affair in Kentucky. I will try to break this down to one, single, simple issue. We think the first and main issue is our own rights here in America. Not so. Not even close. Kim Davis took the position of a certain 3 men who were friends of Daniel, the Old Testament prophet. You | Read More »

    This Is How World Wars Happen

    The eve of World War I saw the great empires of the day positioning themselves for one last grasp at relevancy. They were all spoiling for a fight. The world was on edge waiting for a spark to ignite the fires of war. The eve of World War II saw a world weary by war and economic catastrophe unwilling to check the ambitions of a | Read More »

    I’m Outraged Over the Faux Outrage from Those Living in Glass Houses.

    It doesn’t matter if one supports Trump or despises him to recognize that the media and candidates from both Parties are gleefully using a nutcase from his townhall last night to paint Trump as the crazy one in the crowd. This is ludicrous on so many levels. Did you notice Trump’s first reaction to the guy? He thought the nut’s setup sentences were less than serious when Trump said, “We | Read More »

    I’ll thank Trump for saving the GOP once he loses

    I'll thank Trump for saving the GOP once he loses

    Since the beginning, I’ve thought of Donald Trump as an egomaniac, a liberal with a handful of conservative views, an incredible entertainer, a manipulative genius, and a childish bully who can’t handle it when he’s popped in the nose. I stand by those perspectives, but I’ll add one thing that is certain and one thing that is possible.

    Carly Fiorina: Pro-Life Warrior of Convenience?

    Much has been made of Carly Fiorina’s remarks on Planned Parenthood and abortion at the 2nd GOP debate. These comments are correct in their own right. If this is her actual stance, then she needs to explain the following past statements and actions: -Fiorina supported a website in 2005. According to the Daily Caller,the website directed users to only to Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Federation | Read More »

    1 + 1 = 2 Inflammatory, Insulting Punches in the Face

    Okay, I have just had it! RedState, may I have your permission to…hmm…here goes… SCREAM!!! Ahhh…….I needed to do that, thank you. Seriously people, we have the POTUS insulting the Pope before he even gets here. Then immediately following that perverted, sick travesty, we have the POTUS choosing Eric Fanning to be the Secretary of the Army, a man who will be the first openly | Read More »

    What is Trump really up to?

    What is Trump really up to? (One Hispanics perspective)  The Democrats are not stupid and what they are doing this election cycle is brilliant.  They are using Donald Trump to control the Republicans conversation and helping assure a Democrat wins the presidency, if not in 2017,  for many years thereafter.  From a Hispanic perspective, this is how it is playing out. Donald Trump is like | Read More »

    So Much for the ‘Thump Trump’ Debate

    I was so disappointed in the CNN debate.  I thought that perhaps after the ‘gotcha’ moments on the Fox debate night there would be a more serious moment where questions about issues might at least come up. Instead- the moderators pretended to be aggravated teachers at a rowdy recess time. “Donny said this about you- what do will you say back to him?”  “Donny doesn’t like | Read More »

    Ahmed The Genius? Or Ahmed The Fraud?

    It would seem that Ahmed is not as much of a scientific genius as was previously believed. A photo that is now beginning to make its rounds around the internet, Twitter especially, is a post from an electrical engineer on Facebook. The man, Kevin Davis, describes the components of Ahmed’s clock. Mr. Davis makes some excellent points, especially with his question at the end of | Read More »

    Donald Trump: Beware of scorpions asking for a ride across the river

    Donald Trump: Beware of scorpions asking for a ride across the river

    Note: Given that Trump seems to have stalled a bit since Wednesday’s debate, and his gaffe in New Hampshire and subsequent retreat in South Carolina, I want to be clear that this piece wasn’t written in response to those events.  Setbacks are inevitable, even for Trump, who seems to be immune to mortal missteps that would have sunk just about any other candidate.  This piece is about | Read More »

    No Bailout for ObamaCare Enablers

    The biggest drug companies in America have their hands out and want a bailout. Congress should not give it to them. Although news reports indicate that a bill to reform patent law may be dead, big and powerful pharmaceutical companies are lobbying for a huge bailout paid for by seniors and taxpayers that relates to a proposed change in patent law. We have seen this | Read More »

    Why Women’s Issues Don’t Matter

    The national deficit is approaching $19 trillion; ISIS is growing stronger; the lunatics running Iran are getting closer to attaining a nuclear bomb; our borders are swiss cheese; the Russians and the Chinese are becoming increasingly aggressive; private sector businesses have been on the decline for years; and the social foundation of this country is being dug up. How do you feel sexism stacks up against those issues?

    Read More »

    Marco Rubio staffer accused of assaulting Rand Paul aide (updated)

    This is what happens when staffers get bored.  A story up on Politico this hour has some of the details, but in a nutshell Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 88%‘s Michigan chief strategist, John Yob, claims Rich Beeson (Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92%‘s campaign) punched him the face. “The state police are looking for him. I have it on video, from multiple angles.”, Yob is | Read More »

    Can Republicans Ever Have an Actual Debate?

    Because I was busy the night of the debate, I was fortunately unable to watch it live. Last night I found the debate in its entirety (2 hours 47 minutes without commercials!) and spent most of my evening watching it. I had originally had much higher hopes for this debate than the previous one, and after the flop that was the previous debate, it seemed | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Why a TV Network Should Sponsor a Hillary vs. Carly Debate for Charity

      Re-posted from National Review If any broadcast or cable network needs a ratings boost that would attract mega-millions of viewers, I suggest that it host a charity debate between Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton. In this scenario, the hosting network must offer to donate a large percentage of net advertising revenue (which would be millions) to Fiorina’s and Clinton’s favorite charities. In Clinton’s case, as | Read More »

    Report Finds FDIC Pressured Banks in Operation Chokepoint

    A new report by the Inspector General of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation finds that FDIC officials were neck deep in “Operation Chokepoint” working with the Department of Justice to try to pressure banks to drop “high-risk” customers such as gun shops and pay-day lenders. Thirty-four Members of Congress and the FDIC’s Chairman Martin Grueberg had requested the review. This report is evidence that the | Read More »

    Once again, NRO got it Bass Ackwards

    Well, once again, the Establishment, in the guise of Charles Cooke at NRO, have gotten everything bass ackwards.  In a video, some hooligan at a Trump rally says that Obama is a Muslim ( As Jim Treacher tweets, What is wrong with that anyway? Isn’t Islam the Religion of Peace?)  Trump blows the guy off with a, Sure we will look into that type of | Read More »

    The PC Feeding Frenzy

    They smell blood in the water! It is really quite impressive. Sad, but impressive. The politically correct radicals are relentless. Every single day there is new “crisis” or new “victim class” thta MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS! I don’t how civilization ever made it as long as they did without these saviors of speech running around instructing everyone what to say, how to say | Read More »

    Support This or Your a Warmonger!

    John Kerry, and Obama, have repeatedly claimed the only alternative to the terrible Iran deal is immediate war. This is a very stark, polarized statement that offers a false choice; peace or war. We instinctively know that war is bad and peace is good. The listener is immediately biased towards one of the choices, the Iran deal. This false choice is repeated over and over | Read More »

    Jeff Flake plays four-dimensional chess on Iran

    If one of the signs of a person being raised to the maximum level of incompetence is a focus on minutiae, then sheer, bloody-minded incompetence is the order of the day in that august body, the Senate. Let’s review the bidding. Barack Obama negotiated what, to all intents and purposes, looks, smells, and tastes like a treaty with a known state sponsor of terror, which | Read More »

    Think Eric Holder Was Bad?

    From New York to California, from Idaho to Alabama and Michigan, the Department of Justice is watching local court cases.  In a program initiated early in the Obama administration and enforced with zeal by Eric Holder, the DOJ has been wading into local cases involving civil rights.  Although she appears less controversial than Holder- think of her as a stealth Holder- current Attorney General Loretta | Read More »

    Selecting a President

    The 2016 Presidential Election will be the sixth election of its kind in of my lifetime, the fourth while mildly conscious of the world around me and the second while I identified as a conservative Republican. I believe that it is safe to say that I don’t have a clue what I am talking about. However, I cannot shake the creeping feeling that We The | Read More »

    Cultural Sanity: Incorporating The Bill of Rights Must Stop

    Hello readers and welcome to the first of what I hope to be a multiple part blog. The Crisis The United States faces a Constitutional Crisis, I don’t believe any freedom loving, God Fearing American doubts that. However I see a disturbing trend among my fellow patriots where that the Constitution is suppose to be law even at the local level rather than just the | Read More »

    A Modest Proposal for Increasing the Funding of Planned Parenthood

    Living in a midnight blue district, while it gives a Christian, pro-life conservative many opportunities to point his neighbors to the reality and consequences of the biblical God’s sovereign ownership of all that is, also tends to minimize the time one can spend in actual primary campaigns. But it does give one time to think a little outside the box. So: I propose that the | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Different Take on Foreign Policy

    Being a conservative, I agree with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 88% on about 80% of most issues. 5% of the remaining 20 is the legalization of marijuana, and the other 15% deals with his foreign policy views. Last night during the debate, Paul was asked whether or not Obama should cancel his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinxing. Paul stated “I don’t | Read More »

    How CNN Manipulated Who Spoke During the Republican Debate

    I watched the debate three times for you all so I could finish this post and it became GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that CNN decided who was going to talk during the debate and for how long. They asked some candidates nine questions (Trump) and other candidates two questions (Scott Walker). They also used the rebuttal rule to their advantage. Instead of waiting for a candidate to bring up | Read More »

    A Constitutional Conservative With a Record

    This nation is in deep trouble.  We suffer from a trifecta of attacks from each of the three branches of our own government.  We are daily subjected to the leftist attacks on our country and national welfare by a President and his Executive Branch intent on destroying our economy, freedoms, and American exceptionalism in order to reduce our national standing in the world.  President Obama’s | Read More »

    Why They Lie To Us

    There are some things that are more than uncomfortable, they are almost unbearable. One of those things is poverty.  They say if all you have ever known is poverty it isn’t so bad because you don’t know any better.  I always think that people who say that have never been poor.  Since from time immemorial there has always been someone who has it better and | Read More »

    Obama / Putin / Assad: Act II

    Back in 2012 Vladimir Putin pulled Barack Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire in Syria by orchestrating a partial turnover of Syria’s chemical weapons to the UN after Obama had declared a “red line” if they were used, Assad’s troops deployed chlorine and sarin gas anyway, and Obama was unwilling or unable to respond. Russia’s current call for direct US-Russian military talks on Syria represent | Read More »

    “We The People”

    The power of faith, unity and determination for liberty and justice is what lead our ancestors to this great land in which we now occupy. A land for all filled with unlimited possibilities and opportunities to fulfil every dream regardless of how big or small, regardless who and where you come from. The beauty of the American dream is the power to move forward together | Read More »

    The Great Quandary of Immigration: Anger or Sorrow?

    Preface: This piece is long. I would apologize for that, but I knew when I started writing this I would have to write my whole heart or write none of it. My friends and readers here on RedState, I am in a great quandary about the issue of immigration!! I am torn to pieces between anger and sorrow as I view the evil elements sneaking | Read More »

    The Art of Being Offended

    The Jews have a long standing tradition of humor that some scholars say goes back to the Hebrew Bible. There are scholarly theologians that can cite passages from the New Testament that they say are humorous renditions of Christian teachings. While Muslims are eager to tell you that the Koran is also filled with humorous references, they will tell you at the same time that | Read More »

    Ben Carson Does It Again

    Before the Presidential race began, I knew about Dr. Ben Carson. I had seen his movie “Gifted Hands” a few years back and knew the story of famous neurosurgeon. It wasn’t until I heard his outstanding zinger about Washington D.C. being brain dead that I really began to focus on carson. Last night’s debate saw some good moments, some horrible moments (Jake Tapper’s moderating) and | Read More »

    Feds Demand Warrantless Access to Your Emails

    If you ever doubted that the federal government is the biggest threat to your privacy, those doubts were put to rest at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). At issue are efforts by a bipartisan group of members of Congress who are seeking to strengthen privacy protections online. Liberal Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) 5% and conservative | Read More »

    The 2nd Debate Clamor Eleven

      Dr. Carson wanted America to clamor, he got the clamor during the second debate. Except it wasn’t what he desired, as he withdrew from comment for another day. The debate was about ego and pompous jostling for America’s attention. No one could stand out in that crowded poll elevator. The appeal was for a candidate’s base and not the America seeking a leader. One | Read More »

    Is Ben Carson the conservatives’ “affirmative-action” candidate?

    In Leon Wolfe’s  front page diary today about “The Right Outsider,” he examines the problems with Dr. Carson’s candidacy, as  those conservatives  who want an outsider appear to be gravitating towards the neurosurgeon. Leon writes: “The problem thus far is that the “not Trump” faction of the outsider faction seems to be coalescing around Ben Carson. And I think Carson got badly exposed in last | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Ignored; Won’t Play Along

    It is obvious to anyone who watched last night’s CNN debate, that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% was sent to the back of the bus. CNN and particularly Jake “I don’t have a political philosophy” Tapper, treated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% like a third tier, inferior candidate in the amount of time and questioning allotted to him. The | Read More »

    Losers of the Night Awards

    In the spirit of “everyone should get a trophy so no one gets hurt feelings” I’d like to pass out a few ribbons to some clear losers. If I miss a few losers, call me on it.  And I won’t rank them, as that might cause in-fighting amongst the ribbon winners. So without further adieu: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 54%  & [mc_name name=’Rep. | Read More »

    This Post is Yuuuuuge. And Fabulous. It’s Really Just Very Great.

    Before I begin, I just want to tell you that right off that this post is at the top of the posts list. You see it right there. Right when it was posted, it was at the top. First. That’s important because it shows that I’m obviously right that because of its position. This is the classiest, most luxurious post ever. You see how fabulous it is? Its | Read More »

    We Are a Nation of Immigrants

    We Are a Nation of Immigrants

     “We are a nation of immigrants. We are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the ones who wanted a better life, the driven ones, the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life in that place called America could be better.”  – Governor Mitt Romney Those words are true. I know they are, because I am one of the | Read More »

    Myra Adams: Lessons From the Holocaust – Why and How You Should Help Persecuted Christians

      Re-posted from Between the years 1939-1945, when Europe was embroiled in World War II, European Jews were systematically murdered in Nazi death camps during what is now commonly referred to as the Holocaust. In 1933, the American Jewish Yearbook estimated there were 9.5 million Jews living in Europe. By the end of World War II, two-thirds of them had been extinguished. Why American | Read More »

    What the candidates SHOULD have said to Trump at the #CNNdebate

    What the candidates SHOULD have said to Trump at the #CNNdebate

    Here are four things I wish the other GOP candidates said to Donald Trump in last night’s debate: Gov. Chris Christie, in answer to Trump’s repeated “great timing” on leaving Atlantic City: “Do you think the people in Atlantic City who lost their jobs think you had great timing?” Gov. Jeb Bush, in answer to Trump’s casinos in Florida remark: “Donald, apparently you think that | Read More »

    Initial Reactions to the Second Debate

    This is sort of like a word association test, actually sentence association and will be very brief: Jeb Bush- did OK, but had to do better than OK.  Did not help himself. Chris Christie- held his own in limited time.  Best line was the sarcastic congratulations to Fiorina and Trump for being successful business people.  Images of the old Christie sans bullying… Ben Carson- think | Read More »