A Sociopath in Our White House

    It’s time to speak up, speak out and clarify who Barack Obama really is and what he’s done in five years in an attempt to destroy our Nation. Let’s call a “Spade a Spade” now, to heck with what someone has conjured up as to what is and what isn’t politically correct. Don’t know about you but I tossed the “Damn” race card out in | Read More »

    Jimmy Carter’s grandson, Peach State Dems, and an awkward charade

    An erstwhile sleepy 2014 cycle in Georgia has been awakened by a set of legacy Democrats seeking to revive the party’s prospects in a state they lost a long time ago. The most recent addition to the That 70’s Show retread is state Senator Jason Carter, also the grandson of the former president Ronald Reagan vanquished in a landslide back in 1980, seeking to follow | Read More »

    We Had George Washington, South Africa Had Mandela

    What conservatives need to read about Mandela to ‘get it’ on the praise of him: http://drewmusings.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/getting-mandella-wrong-when-conservative-juiceboxers-attack/ This debunks the “Mandela was a communist so he was a bad guy” conservative complaint. It’s not the whole story. Read it. We were fortunate to not have our American Revolution replace one despotism with another. Far too often, that is the way of the world. We were fortunate | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate part 3 (UPDATE)

    In part 3 here, we’ll look at the Midwest which has a slew of races in play or potentially in play. Here we go. The Midwest Illinois Dick Durbin should be reelected a 4th term next year. That said though, the recent Obamacare screw ups don’t make this entirely slam dunk. Obama’s job approval from what I’ve heard actually has dipped below average. While it | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Time For Friday Satire: Our President

    While mulling over writing a diary about how it is becoming more and more apparent just how…dumb???…our president really is, Erick publishes a diary titled, “Is The President Smoking Weed Again?” calling Obama out for his “ignorance” regarding the causes of poverty and inequality: The media has gone gaga over his speech, but here too the President has shown a deep ignorance. In the meantime, | Read More »

    “Knock-Out” Spin. Suddenly, Aggravated Assault is…a “Game!”

    After trying to ignore the growing “Knock-Out” phenomenon, where violent black street thugs attack random white people, the liberal media predictably tries to excuse the violence, by using an almost laughable premise: that we shouldn’t get upset because “black youth have always been violent.” See Ann Coulter’s column in Human Events: http://www.humanevents.com/2013/12/04/liberals-talk-race-and-crime-and-hilarity-ensues/ But the larger issue is the ongoing practice of the media to continually | Read More »

    Alcohol prohibition-repeal turns 80, Obamacare prohibitions begin

    America’s nightmarish experiment in anti-Liberty, Islamist-Sharia-like prohibitions of beer, wine and spirits-filled pursuits of happiness ended this day in 1933, when the Twenty-First Amendment was ratified, thus repealing the Eighteenth and its Volstead statutory enforcement Act. Sadly, then-newly-elected-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had already doubled-down on Hoover-like government-run prohibitions of non-alcoholic free enterprise that would unnecessarily make the post-1929 stock market crash-induced-Depression Great and usher in | Read More »

    Health Care: Republican Ideas

    One of the Democrat canards as support for Obamacare (and Obama) is collapsing is that the Republicans have no ideas other than to return to “the bad old days”. True, there is no one Republican spokesman and the House has focused on repeal, but that does not mean that there are no Republican ideas. The larger point is that “the bad old days” were not so bad | Read More »

    You Didn’t Build That

    We can’t know what we don’t know however we can know that we don’t know or as Socrates taught us the recognition of our ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. The society and civilization in which any human lives and operates is like water to a fish.  Something they move around in, something they need to survive, it is also something they don’t even notice.  | Read More »

    Why America is Exceptional

    The United States is the most dynamic and powerful nation in world history.  No major issue of global peace or stability can be resolved without involvement by the United States.  This state of affairs did not occur by accident.  It is testimony of the exceptional nature of this land and its people. To be an American is to be different from other nationalities. From colonial times through the | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate part 2 (UPDATE)

    In part 1 (which you can find in my stack of diaries and look at my original conclusion of all Senate races), I looked at the South and the status of races. Most interesting were Arkansas, Louisiana and Georgia. Now we look at the Northeast races. The Northeast Delaware Chris Coons was elected to fill out the rest Joe’s old term and should have no | Read More »


    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com In a hastily called press conference today, former CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon.com would be merging with the U.S. government. “We really had no choice,” Bezos explained. “We needed to revamp our website, but we discovered all the top level programmers, the ‘A Team,’ you might say, were in Washington, improving healthcare.gov. Since our objective has always been to provide the sort of | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate (UPDATE)

    I’m gonna do something a little different from last time. I’m gonna split the races in five regions: South, Northeast, Midwest, West and Pacific Coast. Here we go. The South Alabama Nothing changed from last time. Safe R Arkansas Mark Pryor is in hot water with Tom Cotton as his top opponent. Polls show the race to be tied or close. I ultimately don’t see him | Read More »

    Every Democrat candidate for the senate MUST be made to answer one simple question: Will you support a bill to repeal Obamacare? Period!

    Well, Harry Reid says that “Obamacare will be a good thing for Democrats running in 2014.” OK Harry, let’s find out. It is always dangerous to make any race a one-issue contest.  The Middle East may be in flames within a year. However, it is apparent that Obamacare will be a crucial issue in the 2014 campaigns. There is one simple thing that the GOP | Read More »

    ACLU suing bishops over hospitals’ Pro-Life guidelines

    The ACLU announced on Monday that it is going to file a sweeping federal lawsuit based on Catholic hospitals not offering abortions. Because that totally makes sense in every way possible. From the same left wing that expects Christian churches to marry same sex couple and sues them when they don’t, we have a group that wants to sue not the hospital where an incident | Read More »

    Tennessee State Senator Devises Plan To Circumvent 17th Amendment

    The 17th Amendment is a hallmark of progressivism, passed in 1913 along with other progressive legislation such as the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve. It abolished Article 1, Section 3, Clause 1 of the Constitution, which specific that: “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator | Read More »

    Democrat Hypocrisy for the Environment and Light Rail

    President Obama and Baltimore Democrats are willing to endanger an endangered species for a light rail line a la THIS article from the Local section of CBS Baltimore.  How about letting us drill in Alaska for oil where only over-populated caribou roam?  No way, not for oil.  Perhaps if we found an endangered crustacean in the area we could get an expidited environmental study like | Read More »

    South Korea Order Would Drive F-35 Per-Plane Cost Lower

    South Korea’s plan to purchase 40 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters could have a positive impact on the cost of the overall program for the U.S., according to a recent Reuters article. Along with driving down the per-plane cost of the program, which could save the U.S. military $2 billion, South Korea’s order could also impact jobs, creating 10,000 positions in the U.S. needed to carry | Read More »

    Dilemma: Put personal info on HealthCare.gov or Facebook?

    Day 65 of Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov roll-out also known as Day 4 of the President Obama-guaranteed new and improved re-launch produces lesson no. 65 on how not to build and launch a website. The latest “glitch”, around which Democrats have wrapped there’s-nothing-to-see-here-police tape, that “all” president’s lie about and about which Republicans are required to lead cheers lest they be accused of “rooting for failure”, concerns the security | Read More »

    Does Religion Cause the Most Wars?

    Sam Harris, says in his book The End of Faith that faith and religion are “the most prolific source of violence in our history.” The three-volume Encyclopedia of Wars, which chronicles some 1,763 wars that have been waged over the course of human history, begs to differ. For those wars, the authors note the causes of each. Consider this; they categorize 123 as being religious | Read More »

    Who is REALLY behind that new “gun rights” group?

    Anti-gun zealots have recently been creating more and more fake “gun rights” groups, often duping unsuspecting gun owners into contributing to them. What’s most diabolical is that the money collected is then used to attack gun owner’s rights, not protect them. Probably the best example of a “False Flag” gun rights group is the infamous “Americans for Gun Safety” started in 2001 and bankrolled by | Read More »

    why should there be any sales tax at all?

    I don’t know enough about economics to have a good opinion. My opinion is just my gut feeling and I am happy to be educated. I used to think a VAT tax was a good idea but someone here at RedState gave me some links a while back that showed it wasn’t. I just feel that arguing about whether one sales tax is good because | Read More »

    GOP Leadership Deceptively Passes Plastic Gun Ban

    You may have heard that the House voted to extend the plastic gun ban. Information on the bill from that article: The 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act was enacted under President Reagan and reauthorized under Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. It is scheduled to sunset Dec. 9, the same day the Senate returns from a two-week Thanksgiving break. If the law expires, Congress can fix | Read More »

    Immigration Reform (or Amnesty) is ultimately DEAD this Congress

    I read a good column from Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post which he spoke of immigration and why it’s dead for this Congress at least. It was published back on the 25th. Here it is:  President Obama gave a speech Monday in San Francisco calling on Congress to act on immigration reform! House Speaker John Boehner rejected the idea that immigration reform was dead  at | Read More »

    It’s time for Louisiana voters to heed the words of Mary Landrieu

    In October of this year, Mary Landrieu (D-LA) stood on the Senate floor and told her constituents that her upcoming election should be a referendum on her vote for ObamaCare. Talking about voters and ObamaCare, the embattled Senator said: “We did not wake up one morning and declare this the law. The people of the United States declared this through us as their Representatives. If | Read More »

    Hayek’s Spontaneous Ordering Forces

    Friedrich A. Hayek’s training and pursuits in economics led him to reach conclusions about society, government, and markets. Quoting from Friedrich A. Hayek’s lecture “The Pretense of Knowledge” upon accepting the Nobel Prize in economics, Dec. 11, 1974: To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge | Read More »

    Wendy Davis reminds us she’s still running for office

    Remember Wendy Davis? The Left’s hero who was going to defy political reality and turn Texas blue, or at least drape the Governor’s Mansion with purple? And all because it started by filibustering a pro-life bill in a ruby red state? That’s the delusional path to victory Democrats nationwide saw her charting. The reality confronting them is that they’ve got an anointed candidate who’s proving | Read More »

    John Roberts was wrong on Obamacare

    When the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare came down I was stunned by what Chief Justice Roberts had done and by his reasoning that the individual mandate was constitutional as long as the fine was considered a tax. I was led to believe that the man was an originalist, a man who would interpret the Constitution as written and understood by the Framers. He may | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Even Californians Turning on Obama as Dems Running Scared

    When even the Los Angeles Times is prompted to publish Obama’s failures publicly, it’s worth pausing to take note. It must have been hard for this self-proclaimed, die-hard Obamacare supporter (and journalist) to put this in writing: He’s supposed to be the technology president, propelled into office by his team’s expertise in social media, Internet tracking and online fundraising. Today, he looks like the fumbler-in-chief, | Read More »

    A Chilling Effect

    What if I told you that ice levels in Antarctica have reached 35-year record highs? What if I told you that the rise in the surface temperature of the earth has been markedly slower over the last 15 years than in the 20 years before that? And what if I told you that the lull in warming has occurred even as greenhouse gases have accumulated | Read More »

    Catching Fire and Washington D.C.

    If you haven’t seen the new Hunger Games movie, I really do recommend it. It’s a solid continuation of the series and it is an incredibly emotional movie that takes the star character, Katniss Everdeen, and breaks her so hard she cries for nearly all 146 minutes the movie is on. However, this isn’t a review of the movie. What does follow, however, does contain | Read More »

    Radio talk show host fall for an “April fools” cyber Monday joke.

    OK, I am heading home and during the twenty minute drive I had two different talk radio stations blabbing endlessly about that web site that wants to drone their product to your door. This is cyber Monday. I will tell you the truth, after a case of the flu, a tough Thanksgiving weekend and no particular rush to shop online. I ended up checking out | Read More »

    Time again for “the count.” Are you a PC? If not, why not?

    Our Republican Party is defined by its voting members in every precinct. Are you one? In the past, I have gently urged conservative Republicans to stop just complaining about “the Republican Party” and, instead, get inside it to change it. So, it’s time again to ask those who post here: Are you actually a voting member of our Party where you live? Do you attend | Read More »

    Assessing the 2014 Senate Races- Part 2: The Northeast and South

    Starting in the Northeast, let’s dispatch with the easy states. Democratic incumbent Jack Reed is safe for reelection in Rhode Island. In polling against hypothetical opponents, he comes in with no less than 60% of the vote. This will be a cakewalk for Reed. Prediction: Democratic retention. Every so often, we hear of the possibility of a challenge from the right against the likes of | Read More »

    illinois pension reform is a joke

    Illinois lawmakers returning to Springfield Monday from Thanksgiving weekend are being expected to digest a 325 page Illinois public pension $100 billion shortfall “fix” for a vote on Tuesday. By all means, lets create a massive comprehensive bill over a holiday weekend and ram it thru without time to read the bill. Have we seen this movie before? Some of the details of the bill | Read More »

    EPA Powers Before the Supreme Court Again

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear the consolidated cases of EPA vs. EME Homer City Generation and American Lung Association vs. EME Homer City Generation. The Homer City coal electricity-producing plant is the focal point of a battle between the EPA and environmentalists on one side and the energy industry on the other side. The plant itself is located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. First, | Read More »

    The GOP Establishment Cannot Be Defeated Unless You Help

    We all know the names of the GOP establishment RINOs whom we love to hate; John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell in the Senate, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Pete King in the House. They and others are the ones pushing the Republican Party to embrace amnesty, they are the ones who wouldn’t support defunding Obamacare, they are the ones attacking Ted Cruz, and they are | Read More »

    What Ever Happened to Optimism?

    “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”- Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams, August 1, 1816   The risk inherent in the creation of our new nation was immense. Everyone involved knew that it was a great experiment in social science and most of the international community was convinced that it would fail. How can a | Read More »

    Suing Educational Success

    Hurricane Katrina caused unimaginable devastation to the city of New Orleans and to the state of state of Louisiana itself, but it did provide an opportunity to push the reset button on some of the city’s and state’s policies. One of these resets has occurred in the area of education. Last year, Louisiana’s legislature established a voucher program for poor kids who would otherwise be | Read More »

    Update on Internet Sales Taxes

    Today, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Amazon.com/Overstock.com’s challenge to the NY affiliate nexus law, also known as the Amazon tax. On September 19, the American Legislative Exchange Council filed an amicus curiae brief with the Court based on our long-standing policy of supporting the physical presence rule. Ironically, the Court announced its decision on Cyber Monday. This is disappointing because it leaves unsettled | Read More »

    Representative Carlos Trujillo Endorses Republican Richard DeNapoli

    Representatives Carlos Trujillo Endorses Richard DeNapoli Nokomis, FL – Today, businessman and Republican Party leader, Richard DeNapoli, today earned the endorsement of Representative Carlos Trujillo. “Richard DeNapoli is ready to solve Florida’s real problems. He will continue to inch our state economy toward economic recovery while protecting investments in programs benefiting seniors and our public education system.”  Representative Trujillo stated. Upon receiving the endorsement, Richard said, “Representative Trujillo is | Read More »

    Quelle Surprise! Five years of Barack Obama undermining American influence in the world…

    The American military is the most powerful in the world. Indeed, we spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined. As one might expect, that amount of military spending translates into a lot of influence around the world, far beyond the bases in Germany or the battlefields of Afghanistan. From leading NATO to acting as the last – and in reality the | Read More »

    Assessing the 2014 Senate Races- Part 1: The West and Midwest

    The following is an assessment of the state of the Senate races for 2014 by region starting out west. In Hawaii, Democratic incumbent Brian Schatz will face a primary fight against Democratic Representative Colleen Hanabusa, Daniel Inouye’s hand-chosen successor who was passed over in favor of Schatz. One expects Hanabusa to win this primary and win the general election against whoever runs for the GOP. | Read More »

    Obamacare “Essential Benefits” Rendered Most Insurance Policies Obsolete

    The great bait-and-switch of Obamacare (“you can keep your plan and your doctor”) was intentionally orchestrated by the architects of the legislation. There were thousands of policies offered nationwide that were good and even very good but now they can’t be sustained under the new Obamacare policy requirements. These regulations are so narrow that it intentionally made obsolete or non-compliant the vast majority of health | Read More »

    Google Still Trying to Hijack Patent Legislation

    Google is used to getting their way. The multi-billion dollar corporation has a knack for doing whatever it pleases and escaping with little consequence, regardless of the law. A years long investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded Google engaged in abusive trade practices. The punishment? A letter from Google promising they won’t do it again. While many conservatives might argue against anti-trust laws, | Read More »

    The knockout game how to fix it

    The knockout game is a serious game that need to be dealt with. We need to take care of it by doing some simple Things like figure out how to appeal to them in a way to not attack people. The simple fact is they are attacking people because game today job climate of unemployment that have reach 23% with African-American in United States because | Read More »

    Four Steps to Senate Control in 2014

    For the third consecutive election cycle, the Republican Party is yet again poised to take control of the Senate. Of course, we said that in 2010 and 2012. In 2014, things may be somewhat different. Coupled with the likely retention of GOP control of the House, this is yet again a unique opportunity which Harry Reid has, coincidentally, made it easier for Republicans to thwart | Read More »


    CRASH THE SITE – November 30th 2 PM CENTRAL. Just open a browser window on http://healthcare.gov and leave it open! #CrashTheSite

    Ivy League Word Games Undermine Human Dignity

    In Isaiah 5:20 it says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” At the time abortion was legalized, opponents of the procedure warned that, if this moral floodgate was opened, there would be no telling what might pour through that would further devalue human | Read More »

    I call upon all of Red State to help!

    I call upon all of Red State help this one initiative of mine. I want to end smoking of cigarettes in a peaceful manner. I include chewing tobacco in this effort but will not (personally) take on cigars or pipe tobacco. Politicians target cigarettes often but their efforts are mostly show. They might increase taxes which then results in increased smuggling and tax evasion, they | Read More »