Memento: The story of liberals who can’t seem to learn from reality…

    If you’ve never seen the movie Memento, I would highly recommend it… The main character, Leonard, is suffering from anterograde amnesia – the inability to create new memories – the result of a violent attack. Unable to create new memories, Leonard uses tattoos and notes to help him find the person he believes is responsible for the last thing he does remember, his wife’s murder. | Read More »

    Using Abram & Hagar To Understand Reproductive Technology

    Scripture reminds us there is nothing new under the sun. And even though the way certain things are accomplished and the settings might change to some degree, most human dramas have not changed all that much since the earliest days of recorded history. One such desire that has been a constant throughout the passing millennia has been the longing to have children. Both classic literature | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 9

    Eric Holder rates high on this list because not only is he a liberal spew, he is a dangerous one. In fact, he is more dangerous than Chuck Hagel, John Kerry or Kathleen Sebelius. That comes by virtue of his office- Attorney General, the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, not to mince words, he is also the biggest scum bucket, power grabbing Attorney General | Read More »

    Knock Out Hipocrisy by the DOJ

    The coverage by the media on the assault of innocent people in the so-called “knock out game” is inexcusable. This is not a game when people are being killed with one punch. The media needs to quit using that name and start putting a spot light on this horrendous act of violence regardless of race or reason. I am sickened by any human being hitting another, | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 8

    You may ask yourself, who the hell is Joy Reid and it would be a legitimate question. She is a columnist for the Miami Herald who passes herself off as a journalist, and a frequent commentator on my favorite liberal punching bag, MSNBC. Like anyone on that station, she is an apologist and booster of everything Obama. Screw up in Syria? Not Obama’s fault; it | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Is There A Proper Way to Govern and Educate?

    The following article, a publication of Hillsdale College, is taken from a speech given by Dr. Larry Arnn in October of 2013. Dr. Arnn is president of Hillsdale College. The speech brings such clarity to the proper way to govern and educate that I copied it in its entirety. There is a proper way to educate and there is a proper way to govern, and | Read More »

    Benghazi – Murders, Cover Ups and Smokescreens

    Will the Benghazi murders of our four brave American men ever be solved? Probably not because the key players have snubbed their noses at Americans pretty much saying, “catch me if you can.” Darrell Issa has fallen prey to Washington politics anyway you cut it. This in no way means Darrell Issa has been a willing victim of our defunct judicial system, but it does | Read More »

    New Oklahoma Bill Would Require Daily Pledge of Allegiance in Elementary Schools

    Republican State Senator Rob Standridge of Norman has introduced a bill for consideration in 2014 that would require the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in all elementary schools in Oklahoma, as well as every school own and display the US flag. I am old enough to remember saying the Pledge every day from the time I was in either kindergarten or first grade | Read More »

    You will be “Made to Care” – about what?

    The right of enjoying and defending our lives and liberties is found throughout our founding documents, as you can see “lives” born and unborn is placed first, and it is placed first and foremost for a reason. Its when these founding values become subjective, perverted and distorted we will have stepped on the slippery slope downward, we have already allowed our selves to step on | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 7

    Paul Krugman proves four things: (1) being a columnist for the New York Times, (2) being a professor at Princeton, (3) winning a Nobel Prize in economics, and (4) having a beard are no guarantees of one’s intelligence. Supposedly by these four facts, Krugman lends some intellectual weight to any Obama policy. Hence, he comes in at #8. First, the New York Times is hardly | Read More »

    Liberal Radio Blames Everyone Else For Its Failures

    There are a couple of things going on in this Huffington Post article, and a downright awful understanding of how radio works as a business is only a part of it. “It was a business decision,” John Campanario, host of the LGBT talk forum Out And About and a digital marketing executive for the station, told GBM News. “The antics of people like [right-wing talk | Read More »

    Ahead Of Possible 2016 Run, Mike Huckabee Endorses Lindsey Graham

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee appears to be posturing himself for a possible 2016 Presidential run, recently reversing his pro-Common Core stance and ending his radio program. He also said the chances he will run are 50/50, and that he will decide after the midterms. Of course, we already know that Huckabee is a big-government politician and the only reasons many conservatives give him the | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 6

    Hoping everyone had a very merry Christmas. Getting back to the subject at hand: You just knew this clown had to make the list and here he is- Piers Morgan at #10. What irks me are these smarmy Brits who come to the United States and criticize this country because they don’t understand our laws, our culture, or our politics. There is a very good | Read More »

    President Obama’s Constitution

    In the broad arc of American history the Obamacare episode will be known not so much for its incompetence and deceipt or its near destruction of the world’s best health care system as for the most broadly understood example of a decline in constitutional protections against an imperial presidency. Consider: There’s lots to dislike about Obamacare – and most Americans do dislike it; the most recent CNN poll | Read More »

    Not Yet Made to Care

    Nine months ago, I wrote a diary that received a lot more attention than I anticipated. Erick’s response to my post has since become something of a catch-phrase here on RedState, and has since made its way into the broader conservative blogosphere. “You will be made to care.” Thanks to a photographer named Elaine Huguenin, a cake maker named Jack Phillips, and a duck-call manufacturer named Phil Robertson (do I really need a link to | Read More »

    My Wish

    I am one of the progressive liberals who loves to read, and sometimes, to post on Red State.  I love this site for the things it teaches me, the ideas it reflects and the diversity of views (some powerful to my mind, others not so much — to my mind, at least) which its posters and diarists express every single day.  I love it for | Read More »

    Don’t Fear Using The Constitution To Save Our Nation

    On Monday night AM 560 The Answer host Joe Walsh took a call from a man in the Chicagoland area who used his air time to tell people not to go down the Article V path to amend the Constitution in order to address such issues as a balanced budget and congressional term limits. This caller said that those who are leading this effort are | Read More »

    Jesse Jackson to shake down A&E over Duck’s ‘white privilege’ Dynasty

    That’s not a misprint. Even in the Age of non-white-Obama, with non-white Susan Rice privileged to be promoted to National Security Advisor after perpetrating the Benghazi-was-caused-by-a-video-lie while U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.; the Most un-Reverend Jesse Jackson (much as does his Sharpton clone)  still sees America as controlled by racist Whites. Maybe he missed the last two elections in which a 70% Caucasian electorate gave | Read More »

    Why the Left Hates “Duck Dynasty”

    The hypocritical outrage over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch (that word alone drives liberals apoplectic) by the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jesse Jackson should come as no surprise. The American Left has always been uncomfortable with religious people (other than fanatical Muslim jidadists), and they especially despise Christians. About the only time liberals jump on board with religion is when they attempt to use it to | Read More »

    Christmas 237 Years Ago — And Today

      General Washington to his troops, Christmas night, December 25, 1776: “Tonight we cross back into Jersey. I beseech you all, remain close to your officers. They are good men. Heed their commands. On the march south a profound silence is to be enjoined and reflect upon what we owe those mercenaries. And when the hour is upon us fight for all that you are | Read More »

    Of Ducks and Disposition

    All too many want to play it safe, some think talking is enough, think preaching to the choir is enough or compromise, this is all wrong. You will be put to test on how well you live up to your own book of rules and more, there are groups out there looking to kill you and they are not going to play nice.

    Read More »

    Father Records His Kids’ 25 Years Of Christmas

    A father recorded his children’s Christmas mornings for the last 25 years. In the YouTube description, it reads: Every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs. This is a compilation of all the videos I could find. Relatives and pets grow up and disappear, and new extended family members appear in their place Here’s to family memories.  I hope you had some | Read More »

    RedState’s Year-End List of Banished Words and Phrases from the Queen’s English — Open for Nominations!

    Michigan’s most iconic PR man was likely the late, Great Bill Rabe (pronounced “Ray-bee”) of Lake Superior State College. And, in a state full of automobile hucksters from David E. Davis to Harvey Earl, that’s saying a lot. But, all through the 70′s and 80′s, the joyous Bill could be heard any given morning swapping clever repartee and jocularity with JP McCarthy on WJR (“The | Read More »



    For Unto Us A Child Is Born, Unto Us A Son Is Given

    I’ve adapted The Christmas Story in the New King James Version using The Greatest Story by Johnston M. Cheney & Stanley Ellisen, Th.D. as a guide to lay out the story from all the Gospels in chronological order. Hope you all Enjoy, and share it so all your friends and Family can enjoy as well: Mark 1:1 Mark 1:1 The beginning of the gospel of | Read More »

    Federal Elections, 2014

    There is very little activity over in the Northern Plain States and because of how few Congressional members I figured I should lope both of them together. Despite both States having not voted for a Democrat nationally since 1964, both states have a tendency to choose Democrats to represent them in Congress. So we’ll have a brief ( relatively) history of federal office holders for | Read More »

    Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone!

    This will be the last diary you’ll be seeing from me for the year. I originally was gonna stop at my previous one which reflects on 2013 and looks on to 2014, but I think Christmas deserves everybody’s attention. While it’s been a tough year (and 2014 may well be tougher), I fully believe we in the liberty movement will triumph in the end. It’s | Read More »

    Secularist Educators On The March Against Traditional Holidays

    Sometimes, the best way to gain insight into a thing, person, or an issue is to consider it through the lens of its seemingly opposite. For example, in terms of celebrations on the calendar, on their surface few would be more opposite than Halloween and Christmas. Halloween, on the one hand, is a reflection that all things in this life come to an end in | Read More »

    The War On Christmas

    Every year after the Thanksgiving national holiday, Americans begin preparing to celebrate the Christmas national holiday. Others, who perhaps see themselves protecting the freedom of religion for those who don’t practice Christianity, try to prevent the trappings of a religious holiday from intruding into the public square.  That’s all well and good, but in doing so they are missing the chance to celebrate the greatest non-religious holiday | Read More »

    Babies and Bathwater Yet Again

    Back in the late sixties, a wonderful movement to ensure equal rights for women was picking up steam.   Ultimately, it led to huge and well-deserved strides for women.  There are still some areas that could use improvement, but overall the movement was a huge success. But many supporters of women’s rights developed a sense of moral superiority, and could not resist the temptation to demonize | Read More »

    What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics?

    Political terms mean different things in different countries, and they mean different things in the same countries at different times. In the United States and across the world in the 19th Century, the word “liberal” described someone primarily concerned about liberty. Over the years, the word “liberal,” deliberately adopted by the left in the United States, has come to mean here someone committed to, among | Read More »

    A Christian Nation

    Are we really a Christian nation? If so, what’s the big deal? Homosexuality is a sin. Period. Love the sinner hate the sin. I know people that have lied, cheated, had affairs on their spouses, dis-respected their parents. Taken the name of GOD in vain. I am one of those people. I sin, but I ask for forgivness. All Phil Robertson did is point out | Read More »

    Obama refusal to negotiate ‘accrued bills’ makes all spending permanent

    When President George W. Bush began his second term with a proposal to reform Social Security by creating the first real “lock box” that would allow taxpayers to bequeath any accumulated contributions remaining in their FICA accounts at their death, to their heirs, even his own Republican Party allies in Congress refused to negotiate. But at his recent news conference, President Barack Obama seemed to | Read More »

    Fewer Presents, but an Indescribable Gift

    My wife and I just returned from our first ever trip to the Holy Land. Especially at this time of the year, it was something we’ll never forget and hope all get to experience some day. First, God showed us his sovereign power with a “100 year” snowstorm in Jerusalem that scrambled our plans as the ancient and most controversial of all cities in the | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ O Come, O Come Emmanuel [UPDATED NEW SONG]

    While getting excited in anticipation of the celebration of our precious Savior’s birth, I found some titillating music to share from the Annie Moses Band. Enjoy. By the way, the Annie Moses Band is a Christian family of musicians. The father plays the piano and writes and arranges their music. Be encouraged RedStaters and know that God is still in control. And don’t forget to | Read More »

    NM Supreme Court: Gays as Capable of “Responsible Procreation” as Heterosexuals

    First comes love,  Then comes marriage,  Then comes… Last week the New Mexico state Supreme court ruled redefining marriage, mandating that changes be made so as to not “discriminate” based on gender.  The decision was 5-0 and the opinion read in part: We separately consider the purported governmental interests in responsible procreation and responsible child rearing. Regarding responsible procreation, we fail to see how forbidding | Read More »

    The Fed @ 100: Can’t fix Obamanomics

    Today’s centennial anniversary of the creation of the “Third Bank of the United States”, legally titled the Federal Reserve,  seems a good time to reflect on its mostly unchecked power, role in causing and preventing financial crises, and obvious inability to return an economy to health made sick by failed fiscal and other economic policies imposed by the federal government. The Federal Reserve System was | Read More »

    The Snowflake Issues

    Snowflakes are a lot like fingerprints. No two are the same. Their uniqueness is part of the allure. One of my favorite activities in grade school was when the teacher gave us white construction paper and scissors, telling us to cut out little bits to make our own snowflakes. No student did theirs the exact same way, and it was cool to see so many | Read More »

    A repost from a month ago seems appropriate… An American president can become a tyrant only with Congress’s acquiescence

    In 1803 Chief Justice John Marshall changed the face of American government. He did it in such a subtle way that few people understood the consequences of his act at the time. After losing the election of 1800 and in an effort to thwart the power of victor Thomas Jefferson, John Adams sought to place dozens of party loyalists into various positions in the judicial | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 5

    At number 12 in the countdown is that lovable butler from the old Addams Family sit-com, Lurch- also known as Secretary of State John Kerry. This is a man who on at least three occasions in 2013 said that global warming was the number one threat to our national security. So if I get this right, Syria’s chemical arsenal, a nuclear Iran and North Korea, | Read More »

    “Dumb and Dumber” – Obama Administration

    Let’s see what a Dictator can get away with before he’s stopped. So far it appears he’s on top of his game because there have been over 27 changes to Obamacare according to so Galen Institute -no one knows from day to day what tomorrow may bring. The past five years Obama has discovered that he can absolutely rewrite laws or bi-pass our Constitution any | Read More »

    Ryan-Murray Budget Passed Because Obama Wasn’t Involved

    Congress hasn’t passed a budget in four years, so the sudden approval of the Ryan-Murray budget last week came as something of a surprise. What changed this time? President Barack Obama avoided getting involved. “I think this budget deal worked, quite frankly – let’s go right to the center of this – because Obama was not part of the negotiations,” said Bob Woodward, a noted journalist who | Read More »

    A Jewish Christmas Story

      My love for politics is only exceeded by my passion for religious and faith issues. So with Christmas upon us, here is an intriguing tale of religion and faith that happens to be my own tale of religious freedom. It is during this time of year that I most enjoy reflecting upon my 40-year relationship with Jesus and my ever-growing love for HIM. What | Read More »

    Untangling The Corporate Web Behind Duck Dynasty

    Most people know that the Duck Dynasty TV show is shown on the channel A&E. Since the ridiculous suspension of Phil Robertson, there have been massively organized efforts to boycott all A&E programs. In fact, there are three Facebook pages in support of Phil Robertson (and opposition to A&E) that have over 1 million “likes” each. What most people don’t know is that A&E is | Read More »

    Hexavalent Chromium Found at Closed Vlasic Pickle Plant and Adjacent Residential Groundwater

    Co-authored By: Wolfgang von Baumgart Independent chemical analysis studies reveal that hexavalent chromium has been found at the site of the recently closed Vlassic pickle plant in Millsboro DE and has leaked to adjacent residential areas at Possum Point on the Indian River Bay. At a public hearing in Millsboro to discuss the viability of opening a new poultry processing plant on the closed Vlasic | Read More »

    Top Liberal Spews of 2013- Part 4

    Numbers 14 and 13 are appropriately listed together since they co-host the same MSNBC drivel- “The Cycle.” I am, of course, talking about that “something” called a Toure, and Krystal Ball. They are actually interchangeable on this list, but I am putting Ball slightly higher on the list. I put Toure- actual name Toure Neblett- a little lower only because he does a great bobble | Read More »

    Islam, NASA, Christian Prince Charles and climate change

    Soon after insisting that his 2009 Stimulus bill be quickly passed by Congress lest unemployment ever rise above 8%, President Barack Hussein Obama’s first foreign policy trip was an Apology Tour to the Middle East. The message: the Islamic world had nothing to fear from this son of a Muslim, non-Bush-cowboy. President Obama went on abandon surge-fought-for-gains in Iraq, leaving no American footprint; promise date-certain | Read More »

    I’m Coming Out of the Closet… I am a Married Heterosexual Evangelical Christian!

    So, there I was, minding my own business… And I read that the guy with the long, scruffy beard from Duck Dynasty can’t figure out why some guys might prefer a man’s anus to a woman’s vagina. Ho, hum, another day in America. What’s on the Weather Channel? It seems like just yesterday that we were all worried about Miley Cyrus “twerking” –although, being a | Read More »

    Why I will no longer be eating at Cracker Barrel.

    As both as a libertarian Republican and a Christian, when Cracker Barrel decided to pull products with Duck Dynasty picture of Phil on it, I took it as a direct assault on my belief system. While I am not a Duck Dynasty fan and I personally don’t like the show, I support Phil in his right to his religious belief as well as my own | Read More »

    Of Ducks and Constitution

      Update; Looking around, there is not much mention on the obligation and duty of the people found in our founding documents from which the United States Bill of Rights originated from. The First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights only restricts the United States Congress, but why? You can find this in the laws of the various State Constitutions and more, to | Read More »