Jeb isn’t Bush 3. He’s Romney 2.

    Jeb isn't Bush 3. He's Romney 2.

    I like Jeb Bush. I like Mitt Romney. I believe both men want what’s best for the country and they could really bridge gaps if they were ever given a chance in the White House. Unfortunately, neither has the ability to win for the very reason that many Republicans believe they can. Both are too moderate. The Republican Establishment continues to try to win by | Read More »

    Time To Send A Happy Warrior(Breitbart’s Mike Flynn) To Congress

    July 7th is the day for the special primary election in Illinois’ 18th congressional district to replace the disgraced, and likely to be indicted soon, .  The winner of the Republican primary between state Sen. Darin LaHood and Breitbart editor Mike Flynn will be a shoe-in to win in the special general election scheduled for September in the heavily Republican district. So who should Central | Read More »

    Generation Ascendant: Rubio vs. Clinton

    The Millennials are all the rage. Everyone cares about what 20-somethings think and buy. But what about that odd generation between the Millennials and the Boomers: Generation X? Have we forgotten about the children of the 80’s and how much Reality Bites? If you measure generations by parents having children our generations are spanning larger gaps in time. The children of the Baby Boom generation | Read More »

    Mark Kirk’s Todd Akin Moment Has To Be The Final Straw

    At a Senate committee hearing Thursday Illinois Republican was caught on a hot mic saying of fellow that he is a “Bro with no ho”.  Graham is a bachelor suffering from a delusion that he’s running for President on the Republican side and has said that he’d have a rotating First Lady, which is what prompted Kirk’s comment which his office told the Huffington Post | Read More »

    Religion ‘Mall’ed by Georgia Legislature

    Religion 'Mall'ed by Georgia Legislature

    Milan is a beautiful and ancient city in the north of Italy, nestled in the foothills about 75 miles south of the Tyrolean Alps, with their snow-capped peaks topping ten thousand feet. I visited Milan 25 years ago, and found a modern, metropolitan city, Italy’s center of fashion and commerce, bristling with open air markets full of leather crafts, neckties, and ladies’ purses. One unique | Read More »

    #ObamaTrade: Ted Cruz is dangerously wrong about Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

    #ObamaTrade: Ted Cruz is dangerously wrong about Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

    The Trade Promotion Authority (aka TPA, or Fast-Track) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (aka TPP, or ObamaTrade) is dead until…Tuesday. The Senate has already approved the TPA. On Friday, the House voted on it. The TPA portion was actually approved by a tiny majority, however it did not pass because it was tied to another provision: TAA, which failed miserably. In essence, the TAA is a multi-faced welfare | Read More »

    The Wrong War in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

    Despite what the Neo-con punditry that perpetually crowd the stage on Fox tell us over and over a war with Iran will not be the walk in the park they promised the second act of our war on Iraq would be.  And neither will a third act against ISIS.  Unfortunately these Neo-con talking heads are either a reflection or a cheer leading squad for the | Read More »

    “Fast Track”: Put a Stake Through its Heart, Cut Off Its Head, Cover It In Garlic, And Bury It In A Lead-Lined Coffin With a Crucifix On Top

    In a stunning setback for Barack Obama and the new Obama/GOP “era of good feelings and bipartisanship,” the House, by an overwhelming margin, voted to kill the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) sweetener which Obama had said he would need in order to sign the “fast-track” bill. Some in the Washington media are predicting that “fast-track” is dead. But it would be foolish to operate on | Read More »

    What Islam Teaches About Jews and Gays: Behead them.

    It may surprise most Americans to learn that according to a 2014 FBI report on hate crimes in America that Jews are the most targeted victims of hate crimes in America. Not blacks, not Muslims, not gays. Jews. In fact, Americans might even be surprised to learn which college campuses are the most dangerous to be a Jewish student—on American soil. Under Islam no Jews exist. | Read More »

    Coming Attractions at the Supreme Court Theater of the Absurd

    As usual in mid-June, the hearts of Supreme Court junkies beat ever more rapidly as they eagerly await “blockbuster” ex cathedra diktats from on high. Of great interest is whether Justice Anthony Kennedy meant what he said just two years ago, when five justices overpowered and insulted (Scalia, pp. 21, 25) four justices to declare unconstitutional an overwhelmingly enacted federal law restricting marriage to opposite | Read More »

    Local NAACP President is White. So what?

    Apparently, Rachel Dolezal, the President of the Spokane, Washington NAACP, is white. It seems she went to a tanning bed, dyed her hair darker, and got it tightly curled so as to appear more African American. Her parents have outed her. From The Guardian: Her parents claim that, post-divorce in 2004, her daughter began to adapt her appearance. “Rachel has wanted to be somebody she’s | Read More »

    Silk Road Creator Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Doing What We Pay the Russians to Do

    Silk Road Creator Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Doing What We Pay the Russians to Do

    See that over-the-top, anti-Obama comment on Facebook or your favorite blog?  It could be a paid Russian troll.  See the picture above?  He’s serving a life sentence without parole because he started an illegal website.  He claims to be a Libertarian, but he certainly made a ton of money (the Feds claim over $100 million) selling–well, everything, sort of like Amazon, but much smaller and very | Read More »

    What the TPA debate shows us

    No human being living on the earth in 2015 is perfect.  There was a carpenter’s son walking around about two thousand years ago, but that is another topic for another day. We all make inadvertent mistakes.  Human beings range from the honest maker of inadvertent mistakes to the purposeful liars, cheats, murderers, thieves, criminals, etc.  To me, those who engage in corrupting others are actually | Read More »

    Ya gotta love Bernie!!! Sanders may well be the GOP’s secret weapon for 2016

    It’s long been axiomatic in American politics that in the primaries, you run hard (left or right) to your base, then move to the middle for the general election. Right now, Hillary Clinton is pivoting hard to her left, attempting to lock down her base.  There are many problems with her candidacy, and many flaws with her campaign, but right now she is driven by | Read More »

    A new criteria for any GOP presidential candidate: an unequivocal pledge to abolish HUD

    Obama yesterday released proposed new rules that would enable HUD to virtually dictate zoning and housing policy for nearly every local government. HUD would use housing grants to coerce wealthier cities and towns to construct affordable housing  in their midst; harkening back to the tired old liberal shibboleths that everything is a function of race, and we can somehow eradicate poverty by redistributing income, and,oh | Read More »

    Driving Miss Hillary

    Seeing DrudgeReport’s link titled “WASH POST PAGE ONE FRIDAY: Hillary Refuses to Go Away” started me thinking – what keeps this woman keeping on?   1) Is Hillary driven to serve by the sheer weight of knowing that no subsequent public servant could possibly live up to the high bar that she has set in matters of competence? Benghazi scandal Emailgate  Military Hero(ine)ism HillaryCare   2) | Read More »

    Will Supreme Court Take an Abortion Case?

    It has been years since the Supreme Court under John Roberts has taken an abortion case.  There are two petitions before the Supreme Court for consideration to take up next term.  The first one comes from Mississippi which passed a law requiring that doctors at an out-patient abortion facility have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.  Mississippi has only one such facility which | Read More »

    Washington Post attack on Ben Carson’s campaign distorts the truth

    One must remember that certain journalists often do not let facts get in the way of fabrications. If one can shovel dirt instead of dealing with reality, why worry about truth?

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    Scout Head Promotes Immorality Among The Organization’s Ranks

    Speaking to a national meeting of the Boy Scouts in his role as the organization’s president, former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in reference to gays among the ranks of the group’s membership and administration proclaimed that “we must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.” He insisted that such an adaptation of policy | Read More »

    Fox’s Martha MaCallum Thinks Iraq Vet Who Flew Refueling Tankers “Well Qualified” To Talk About Winning In Iraq

    Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and Air National Guard pilot, was on Fox New’s today to talk about the latest developments regarding ISIS and its takeover of Iraq. Fox host Martha MacCallum started off the interview by saying that because of Kinzinger’s veteran status he was “Well qualified to talk about how to win there(Iraq).” This is absolutely incredulous. | Read More »

    TPA & TPP: Senator Jeff Sessions’ letter to President Obama

    ‘ Office has just published a letter to President Obama outlining his opposition to the TPP.  The letter is a followup to one he apparently sent earlier seeking clarification about what he read in the treaty.  That letter went unanswered. The core of his objections in the letter are quoted below (emphasis mine): The letter, which received no reply, asked several fundamental questions Congress ought | Read More »

    Hillary’s Four Dwarfs

    Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Despite odds worse than The Donald on the Republican side, Martin O’Mally, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chaffee, and (probably) Jim Webb are running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Their egos demand it. The grass roots Democrats who want something to do other than watch the Republicans for the next 12 months demand it. The media who need something to talk about | Read More »


          The United States and Free-world face extremely serious life-threatening problems. Thousands of innocent lives have already been sacrificed as fanatical extremists intend to rule the world. Yet, Democrats and the Mainstream Press are fixated on “gay sex” as a major campaign issue. They believe fundamentally changing our society should encompass redefining the century-old religious and biblical custom of marriage. They hope to | Read More »

    The Abortion Industry Doesn’t Believe Its Own Rhetoric on Fetal Pain Laws

    From the diaries… As the U.S. Senate takes up the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, abortion advocates and their friends in Congress will undoubtedly predict serious consequences for women’s health. This is a common refrain in opposition to any regulation, however modest, of abortion or the abortion industry. But in the case of a limitation on abortion after 20 weeks gestation, when science indicates | Read More »

    NC Legislature overrides Governor’s veto on bill allowing magistrates to opt out of homosexual marriage duties

    The North Carolina House of Representatives today voted 69 to 41 to override GOP Governor Pat McCrory’s veto of Senate Bill 2 which allows magistrates and employees of county Registers of Deeds to opt out of performing any duties with respect to a same sex marriage if they cite a religious objection to doing so.  The House joined the State Senate which had previously overriden | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Libertarian Crack

    Rand Paul's Libertarian Crack

    Rand Paul sells libertarian crack. The Kentucky Senator deals in a designer drug of anarchism so powerful that it flows equally well in the ruby red arteries of liberty-leaning Republicans, as well as the deep blue veins of liberal Democrats. This drug isn’t your run-of-the-mill small government chatter that all the Republican candidates parrot (save Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, who are perfectly fine with | Read More »

    An Education Loan Bailout — and the Backstory

    On Monday, the Department of Education announced student loan debt forgiveness for students at the now-closed Corinthian College system in California. At the end of April, the Department of Education slapped the for-profit college group with $30 million in fines for allegedly misrepresenting post-graduation job prospects and/or placement rates to some 900 students in 12 schools since 2007. Read the letter here. Never mind that | Read More »

    Dear Hillary: Your Voting Suggestions Suck

    I do not know Hillary Clinton’s motivation to go big and go long on voting rights, but I suspect it may have had something to do with overshadowing Lincoln Chafee’s call to institute the metric system in the United States.  Considering she was speaking to a predominantly African-American audience, it becomes painfully obvious that she engaging in three well-worn Democratic, liberal strategies.  The first is | Read More »

    Your Labor Belongs To You, Not A Union

    I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but for the half of the country that hasn’t yet experienced the benefits of the recent pendulum swing, I bear a simple message: your labor–and the fruits thereof–belong to you, not a union. That’s the way it should be appreciated, in any case. Admittedly, the automatic withholding of federal income taxes doesn’t aid in understanding such an idea | Read More »


    Sorry folks…because I cannot source this ( don’t know how)…I have to cut and paste.  I ask that Streiff or EE get on this ASAP. Discovered inside the huge tranche of secretive Obamatrade documents released by Wikileaks are key details on how technically any Republican voting for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would technically | Read More »

    Follow the Money: Basic Rights Oregon

    Follow the Money: Basic Rights Oregon

    Unless you live on the West Coast, Basic Rights Oregon may be an unfamiliar name to you. However, those paying attention to the national marriage debate and the ramifications of that debate on religious freedom have certainly heard of this group’s efforts in recent days. Last week, The Daily Signal released a series of communications between Basic Rights Oregon and employees of the Oregon Bureau | Read More »

    Warning: Pro-Abortion Candidates Don’t Survive Republican Primaries

    I know an easy way to narrow the list of Republican candidates: pro-abortion contenders can go ahead and drop out now. The right to life has proven to be an underrated force during primary season. Just take a look at this abbreviated list of pro-abortion Republican casualties: Gary Johnson, Arlen Specter, Pete Wilson, and Rudy Giuliani. Johnson defended his support for abortion until the point | Read More »

    Dear Accidental Sen. Bennet: Actions speak louder than words

    “Accidental” (D-CO) has a problem on his hands – his lefty actions as a Senator don’t fit the centrist veneer he’s attempting to paint over his record. Senator Bennet currently occupies a seat that is considered to be the seventh most likely in the nation to change parties, and in a western, libertarian-esque, independent state like Colorado, his far-left actions don’t bode well for his | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell’s yellow streak with Obamacare continues

    Mitch McConnell's yellow streak with Obamacare continues

    While America waits for the Supreme Court decision later this month in the King v. Burwell case, which would end federal subsidies to those who enrolled for Obamacare through instead of a state-run exchange, Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame enshrinee has been under fire for lacking the guts to repeal and replace the failed socialistic program. On Monday, McConnell declined to discuss | Read More »

    Does Obama’s outburst against SCOTUS mean that the Obamacare decision has been leaked to the White House?

    It’s been pretty much a universal article of faith in the country that Supreme Court decisions are absolutely secret until they are announced. No one knows the result, except  for the justices, their clerks, and the few staff people who input the text of the decisions. And it needs to be that way, because advance knowledge of a particular decision can be a tremendous advantage | Read More »

    Why is the GOP leadership rushing to a vote on the trade deal WITHOUT forcing Hillary Clinton to state her position?

    Sometimes, you just want to go bang your head against the wall. The Democrat Party is engaged in an all-out civil war….or if you prefer, a  major intramural dispute over the TPP legislation, with most House Democrats strongly opposed to granting Obama, who just happens to be the head of their party, the fast-track authorization to negotiate a deal. The GOP, ever the party of | Read More »

    Why the Establishment Needs to Get Out of the Way this Time

    Why the Establishment Needs to Get Out of the Way this Time

    It’s an endless cycle. Every election year, I preach the same message. It used to be through letters to the editor. Then, the blogosphere and social media came around and made things easier. Regardless of the venue, I can’t seem to get over the hump that the Republican establishment mounts every 2-4 years, but that won’t deter me from trying. We cannot put up another | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Maya Harris

    This is the second in a series of articles examining the movers and shakers in the nascent Hillary Clinton campaign.  Last week I dealt with Jake Sullivan; this week is one of her senior policy advisers- Maya Harris.  Maya Harris is the younger sister of California lawyer, attorney general and 2016 Senate candidate Kamala Harris.  Maya’s resume includes a who’s who of Leftist organizations and | Read More »

    NYT Shills for Abortion Industry as Texas Law Upheld by Appeals Court

    NYT Shills for Abortion Industry as Texas Law Upheld by Appeals Court

    The ink wasn’t even dry on the ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, upholding the meat of Texas House Bill 2, which requires abortion clinics to meet hospital standards for healthcare facilities, when The New York Times started spinning their story. A federal appellate court upheld some of the toughest provisions of a Texas abortion law on Tuesday, putting 13 | Read More »

    Department of Justice subpoenas “reason” magazine

    Department of Justice subpoenas "reason" magazine

    The Department of Justice yesterday subpoenaed the names of on-line posters at the libertarian monthly reason critical of Judge Katherine Forrest (pictured), the well-healed Obama-donor judge who sentenced Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht to life in prison.  Perhaps this should not have been surprising, given that the DOJ announced its plans to catalog and  “study” critics of the government using social media just last month.  Amazingly I didn’t see | Read More »

    Polyamorism in America: Throuples, Grouples, Niblets, Niblings, Transpa

    There is a disturbing trend pushing polyamory as “normal” and “socially acceptable” by the media, Hollywood, “science,” public schools, federal and local government officials, and the “medical community.” Promoting polyamorous relationships, transgender, subjugating minors to sex-reassignment surgery and pubescent blocking drugs, and teaching children gender neutral terms within the context of “sexual fluidity” only harms children and promotes mental disorders as normal rather than insisting | Read More »

    A Harvard Ph.D. Totally Misses the Point About ‘Red State Blues’

    A Harvard Ph.D. Totally Misses the Point About 'Red State Blues'

    I was recently chided by an editor when he asked me my opinion on one of my stories.  I told him how The Washington Post reported it: “WaPo went with ‘shocking’,” I emailed. My phone immediately rang. “I don’t care what WaPo went with,” he said in an animated voice. “Listen, those people are just the same as you and me. “I’ve been in those | Read More »

    Crony Socialism: Governments All Over the World Are Messing Up a Free Trade Market

    To quote the late, inordinately great Ronald Reagan, “Government is not the solution to our problem – government is the problem.” To quote the White Stripes, “I said it once before but it bears repeating”: “Trade Wars” actually aren’t about trade — they are about government trade policy. If peoples are trading freely, there isn’t a “War” – there’s commerce. The “Wars” only happen when | Read More »

    Some Musings From the Culture Wars

    Some general observations in the seemingly never-ending culture wars: Scott Walker, ultrasounds and the media:  I know others here have written entries on the obvious false characterization of remarks made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker regarding ultrasounds, and more recently rape and incest.  There is no need to recount the details.  Instead, there is still a steady chorus in the liberal media that despite putting | Read More »

    TPP, TISA, Fast Track: Do I trust Obama?

    I’ve been weighing this for a while and I decided I’d just put it in a diary.   I am not sure how I feel about the TPP.  I’m not sure, because I don’t know what’s in it.  Nor do I know what is in the TISA, or the TTIP.  All three are multinational treaties that Obama has been secretly negotiating for the past several | Read More »

    Marita Noon: The Ex-Im Bank: By doing nothing, Congress sides with taxpayers and basic market principles

    While Clinton wanted her small audience at Smuttynose to believe that Ex-Im is, as the website says, critical to small business, a recent report from American Transparency (AT), validates “corporate welfare” claims. The Federal Transfer Report – Export- Import Bank analyzed the $172 billion in Ex-Im loans, guarantees, and activity since 2007.

    Read More »

    Republicans Should Not Fix The Obamacare Web Of Failure

    As the Obamacare train wreck slowly grinds to a halt, the Democrat Media Complex is asking what Republicans will do about it. Republicans should do nothing about it except repeal the rolling disaster before it does any more damage. In the pending Supreme Court decision in King v Burwell, the Justices will decide later this month whether the IRS must follow the letter of the law | Read More »

    Gone Girls: Sewn Up and Spit Out, 9 Year-old Girl Commodities

    Girls between ages 1-9 are kidnapped, sold, and bought at slave bazaars then married and remarried throughoutIslamic-controlled areas. While ISIS may be orchestrating most of the child sex trafficking and condones institutionalized violence against women as a “righteous act,” it is important to understand this is not extremism and mirrors Muhammad’s behavior and instruction.     Muhammad did everything the Qur’an permits: marrying multiple women | Read More »

    The Tragedy of Trans-Jenner

    Transgender is a mental disorder according to Dr. Paul McHugh, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal that sex changes are “biologically impossible” and anyone promoting sexual reassignment surgery is promoting a mental disorder– with serious psychological outcomes. What McHugh refers to as a “disorder of assumption” is likened to an anorexic who looks in the mirror and thinks he/she is fat. People who think they | Read More »

    Legal Sex with Animals in America (Zoophilia): A Lifestyle Choice

      Another lifestyle choice, zoophilia (sex with animals) is being propagated in America as “normal.” It is legal to have sex with non-human animals, like horses, cows, pigs, dogs, dolphins, or rabbits in Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Known as bestiality, zoophilia is illegal in all other states, considered either a misdemeanor or felony. | Read More »