We Should All Agree On Drug War Federalism

    There are conflicted views among Republicans on the Drug War. The majority maintains that it should continue. I happen to agree with icons such as Barry Goldwater, Milton Friedman, and William F. Buckley that is should be ended. Whatever your opinion, we should all be able to agree that drug laws belong on the state and local level. Proponents of Prohibition in the early 20th | Read More »

    U.S. State Department Finally Confirms Terrorists Behind Benghazi Attacks

    Just weeks after the New York Times’ asinine attempt to defend and cover up the Obama Administration’s disastrous response to the murder of four U.S. citizens, including our ambassador, in Benghazi, the U.S. State Department has now finally confirmed that “terrorist organizations” were behind the Benghazi attack.

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    Politically Convenient President

    They’re talking about income equality, poverty, unemployment extensions, the sun, the moon, global warming and all in between hoping that once again they can distract Americans from the real problems. Problems like murder in Benghazi, the Fast and Furious Gunrunner scam, spying on Americans, stealing taxpayer’s money, forcing a healthcare system on us that will cause and is causing financial and physical stress on millions | Read More »

    Divining Larry Sabato’s Predictions

    Larry Sabato is a political science professor at the University of Virginia and leader of the online “Sabato’s Crystal Ball.” He recently became a weekly contributor at Politico. On balance, I have found him to be one of the most non-partisan analysts of American politics. I have read his books and his website religiously. So given his track record, he recently made some predictions regarding | Read More »

    Generational Politics

    Over the holidays there were many opportunities – with kids, friends’ kids, and even grandkids – to reflect on the differences of political views between generations. Winston Churchill’s famous aphorism - “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” – sheds some light, but there is more going on | Read More »

    Jennifer Wexton is a Worthless Life Support System for a Sphincter

    Really Jennifer? You think running as an anti Tea Party candidate, that you are actually going to define the Tea Party with your ads. You have no idea what the Tea Party is all about. If you were asked if you support the Constitution Jennifer, what would your answer be? How about the greatness of the founders and how this country has been exceptional because | Read More »

    The Wendy Davis comedy routine

    Right now, I can’t even tell you what Wendy Davis is running for, but it seems like she’ll take governor of Texas, governor of Houston, or a standup slot on Comedy Central Presents. The latest guffaw in a campaign closer to a comedy of errors than that of the national Left’s crusader destined to turn Texas blue comes in the form of a serious policy | Read More »

    13K illegals apply for Maryland driver’s licenses

    Cross-posted from The Quinton Report. WBAL.com The MVA says it has scheduled 13-thousand appointments between now and early February for those illegal immigrants seeking to get a Maryland driver’s license. The appointment scheduling started last November but the first appointments didn’t happen until January 2nd. Buel Young with the MVA tells WBAL Radio there were 790 or so appointments on the first day and then | Read More »

    Obama Donor Investigating Obama’s IRS Political Scandal is Scandal Unto Its Own

    Imagine the outrage and media frenzy that would ensue if Governor Chris Christie were to appoint one of his major donors to investigate his own political retribution scandal. It would be unfathomable.

    Yet, that is exactly what President Obama’s DOJ just did in the IRS targeting scandal.

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    Is ‘Income Inequality’ the Democrats and Obama’s new ‘War on Women’ for 2014?

    As a long-time loyal Republican and “political observer” I marvel at the ability of President Obama and his Democrat Party message machine to concoct or resurrect wedge issues that are captured in catchy phrases and used to successfully polarize the nation. The phrase is then turned into fundraising gold, ground up into red meat to feed base Democrat voter groups, used to demonize Republicans, positioned to | Read More »

    Democrat doesn’t apologize for comments about Mexicans

    Cross-posted from The Quinton Report. I was the first outlet to report on remarks by Maryland Delegate Curt Anderson at a legislative breakfast in Baltimore City Saturday: I was amazed at how many Mexicans they have working on that school.Should be more African-American and minority contractors but still. After my initial report, The Daily Record and WMAR both reported on the remarks and credited or | Read More »

    “Immigration Reform”

    This issue seems to have a lot of hidden or unspoken communication about it. It’d be nice if the people who are talking about “immigration reform” would first define what the term means to them and then, second, explain why they believe “immigration reform” is necessary . . . although it’s likely that by doing the first, they would be doing the second. If the “immigration reformers” explained themselves, we might get dialed in to what | Read More »

    Reading Erick’s Book: Red State Uprising and I have a question

    I received an autographed copy or Erick’s book for Christmas from a friend (thanks for the inscription Erick).  I am enjoying it very much and will post thoughts and questions as I read. From page 18, third paragraph about half way down I find this, “A Republican Congress isn’t worth having if it is not going to be a conservative one, filled with men and | Read More »

    Hood Conservaties To Take Back Inner Cities

    Kansas City , MO A new conservative group will become official in January and it’s called the “Hood Conservatives”. It is a refreshing new take on getting into the core of Americas inner cities and promoting conservative principles to individuals. They have identified 5 issues they feel can help to not only strengthenn the urban core, but as a way to also build a realationship | Read More »

    The Politics of Obama’s War on Coal

    Upfront, it should be noted that Obama has been truthful about one thing since his original candidacy for president in 2008: his disdain for coal. Despite all the pie-in-the-sky talk about “clean coal” and carbon sequestration technology, we are no closer to either thing years later and likely will not be any time soon. His statements during that 2008 campaign about building coal plants, but | Read More »

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    The Ironic Rebirth of Freedom

    Something odd has happened in the past several years. Free market healthcare is experiencing comeback not seen in years. And that’s kind of thanks to Obamacare ironically. Contrary to popular belief, the US healthcare system isn’t laizze faire and hasn’t been for decades. Prior to the 60s it was free market operated primarily. But the introduction of Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance bureaucracy changed everything. | Read More »


    Imperial President – a “Dictator”

    One week ago today, I received a handwritten letter from my primary care physician stating that due to the Obamacare law she could no long administer to many of her patients including myself. She apologized in the letter saying she was desperately hoping she could find a legal way to retain her patients. In all likelihood she and her husband (who is a physician also) | Read More »

    How To Beat The Democrats At Their Own Inequality Game

    The Democrats have already made clear what their central theme is going to be in 2014: Inequality. This theme was used heavily in 2012 and despite the failure of Obama’s first term it helped get him reelected. Growing inequality is real. In the abstract, equality doesn’t matter. Most people are concerned about improving their own condition, not ensuring that they have the same condition as | Read More »

    *Updated: McConnell Staffer refuses to leave private Bevin event – Police called

    Eunice Loganposted toMark Levin 2 hours ago · https://www.facebook.com/marklevinshow/posts/10152176559163832?stream_ref=10 Mitch McConnell intimidation continues… McConnell-paid harassers escorted from Bevin event by police. Last night my husband and I attended a Meet and Greet for Matt Bevin in Stanford, KY. When we arrived, we noticed we were being filmed by 2 people in the back of the room. The young woman and young man, who was wearing | Read More »

    2013 Government Data on Food Stamp Growth is Worse Than You Thought

    Today our nation celebrates a glorious occasion, the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s War on Poverty. Thus, you will be hearing much media discussion as to whether this program, costing untold billions, was a success or failure, and you as RedState readers are capable of drawing your own conclusions. Tangential to a War on Poverty, “victory” discussion is a chart that our government released on December 6, 2013 | Read More »

    Governor Christie, A Man on a Mission

    I have never liked Christie politically, still do not. I believe to this day his disgusting pandering to Obama created a turn in public attitude towards the biggest loser ever to sit in the presidential office and contributed to his momentum in the polls and his eventual win. But I have always liked his in your face take no prisoner approach. It is this type | Read More »

    Talking point for 2016 – Forget creating jobs, create an American “Industrial Renaissance”

    Job creation is a distraction, government doesn’t exist to create jobs, at least here in America since the late 18th century. J0bs are created by Monarchs, such as the Saudi King who controlling all the wealth shares it with his population. Contrary to Barrack Obama’s self image, he was elected President, not King. His job is chief clerk of the country, not distributor of the | Read More »

    Women Beware of HRC

    Although Hillary Clinton is out trying to recoup the women’s votes she had in 2008, it might behoove her avid followers to review this woman’s sordid past. One can hide and run for a while but sooner or later the past does catch up with us. It’s not propaganda about the murders, suicides and accidental deaths of her business associates, bundlers and colleagues that plague | Read More »

    The Undiscussed Effects of Legalization

    After a $1 million opening day, marijuana enthusiasts huzzahed the triumph of the decriminalization of their recreational drug of choice and (after paying prices above street value to pot shops) promptly forgot why they were happy and thought only of their next snack. Rinse, repeat. The debate rages on, however, between the decriminalization/legalization crowd and the buzzkill narc squad crowds as the polling indicates a | Read More »

    Don’t Let Harry Reid Protect Endangered Democrats From ObamaCare

    At 10:15 Tuesday morning, on the Senate floor, Senator Mitch McConnell did the right thing. McConnell proposed a unanimous consent agreement that would allow Obama’s unpaid-for unemployment insurance extension to move forward — but only if Reid would guarantee a vote on delaying the ObamaCare mandate. Not surprisingly, Reid fumed — and objected. Obama’s allies had made it clear on the front page of the | Read More »

    Golfer Protection and Affordable Golf Club Act

    Here is my edited version of an email I recently received. The Obama administration has just passed a new law titled: “Golfer Protection and Affordable Golf Club Act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new set of golf clubs by April 2014. These affordable golf clubs will cost $3,000 per set per year for a single person. This cost does not include taxes, pull | Read More »

    Missing in Action? Absences of DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan Raise Questions

    Are the political aspirations of DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan distracting him from his current responsibilities? Apparently so. Throughout the course of October, numerous attempts to reach the candidate for Illinois state treasurer at his county auditor’s office resulted in failure. This was not a fluke. Out of ten calls placed on ten different days in a single month, the auditor could only be reached | Read More »

    Saving Lives One Baby at a Time – The Case for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

    Each year pro-life pregnancy centers save thousands of lives. Women in their most desperate time of need, searching for answers and just a simple helping hand, have been ministered to. Countless future doctors, nurses, engineers, inventors, and moms and dads of the next generation have been saved because their moms made the choice to let them live. Those unborn children were given a chance because someone gave their mom a chance, a chance for hope, a chance for success.

    Yet, to pro-abortion radicals, these pro-life centers are the competition, and they want the competition shut down.

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    Science Doesn’t Explain Politics

    Do Democrats make better neighbors? According to a long article by Ken Stern in The Atlantic, the correct answer is first no, then yes, then it’s unclear, then it’s irrelevant. The most important answer is that last one. Political party affiliation really isn’t a great indicator for kindness or generosity, despite the “emerging body of evidence” Stern refers to. There is a collection of studies and articles arguing Democrats | Read More »

    Chronological Reading of the Bible 2014 Group-Join In

    I mistakenly published a diary today forgetting that our group diary would be moved so here it is with a couple of additions. Will get the hang of things yet! Week 1 – 2014 January Monday              06           Genesis 1 – 3 Tuesday              07          Genesis | Read More »

    Elliot (The Perv) Spitzer Disgusts Yet Again

    Former Govenor Elliot Spitzer is in hot water again …literally! Sleaze ball Spitzer was spotted in a hot tub sucking the toes of his mistress Lis Smith. While his personal life is not really anyone’s business, he keeps trying to get back into the public spotlight as a politician. How can he expect this to help his career…or does he really care? Spitzer is still | Read More »

    We Are Still Here

    Just a short note for anyone interested. The Fed. Government has been closed for about 2 weeks. Pres on vacation. Congress on Vacation. Courts on Vacation. AND WE ARE STILL HERE! The sun still rises and sets! OK, there was just a little less torment, but we all survived. Next time someone starts running around like Chicken Little, crying ‘The sky is falling’ because a | Read More »

    Double Dumb

    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com It is a truth universally acknowledged that every era deserves its own wonky post-election analysts. Lately Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have shrugged on the mantel previously worn by such notables as Jules Witcover, Theodore H. White and, um, Hunter S. Thompson. Their perspicacious coverage of the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections have provided posterity with insights into the sheer brilliance of Barack H. | Read More »

    Not just Rand Paul’s son in Kentucky

    Since Kentucky started taking applications for ObamaCare and forcing most applicants into Medicaid, the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange has been excluding disability payments from income used to determine Medicaid eligibility. That changed last Thursday and it’s a big problem for Governor Steve Beshear. Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid eligibility is determined by a formula based on taxable income. The formula counts disability income as | Read More »

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    Privatize Government Charity

    American’s routinely give hundreds of billions in charitable donations annually, giving over $316 Billion in 2012. Every penny of this private charitable giving is voluntary. Federal and State government gives away more than $1 Trillion dollars in charitable donations annually. For 2014 this combined Federal and State charity is budgeted in excess of $1.36 Trillion, or more than 4 times voluntary charitable giving. Every penny | Read More »

    Jan 1 welcomes 40,000 new laws! Maybe it’s time for a different kind of New Year’s resolution…

    One of the great places to observe the successes of New Year’s resolutions is at the gym. January invariably sees the place packed with new people in their new workout clothes looking at the sea of machines trying to figure out what machine does what and you use them. By March the scene is much different in that a majority of those newbies have fallen | Read More »

    The January Supreme Court Docket

    The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in 12 cases in January. Of the twelve, four are of particular importance unless you count a copyright law case involving MGM and the movie “Raging Bull.” Two cases involve bankruptcy law and one involves tax law and I will not bore the reader with details of these arcane cases. There is also a case | Read More »

    Cuomo Turns To Pot In White House Bid

    Gov. Cuomo is about to announce, via executive action (sound familiar?), that 20 hospitals around the state will be allowed to prescribe marijuana to certain diseases. It will not be as liberal a policy as it is in states like California where even a backache score you a script for some weed. NY has some of the most punitive consequences for those caught dealing pot. | Read More »

    If George Will is right, Hillary Clinton has zero chance of being elected president.

    George Will was on FOX News Sunday’s panel, discussing the impact of Bill de Blasio’s election as mayor of New York City. Here’s the link to the video clip:http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2014/01/05/george_will_nothing_better_for_american_conservatism_than_periodic_examples_of_untrammeled_liberalism.html And here’s the money quote: “There is nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism….I give him ( de Blasio) three years, and people will be begging to return to something else..” Both | Read More »

    I’m All For “Single-Payer”… ME!

    Rather like the Vernal Equinox, it was bound to happen: The far-out extreme left-wing kook fringe is piling onto the “Obamacare Sucks!” band-wagon. But, in a move to contrast themselves with regular, sane, normal Americans who have been driving this behemoth-like bandwagon for nearly four years now, the far-out extreme left-wing kook fringe has their panties in a wad because Obamacare isn’t Marxist enough for | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton Will Run on Repealing Obamacare

    With all the talk abuzz about an inevitable Hillary Clinton candidacy, I wager that her platform might quite likely include repealing Obamacare. Hillary is certain to declare late in the spring so that she can positively impact the midterm elections to benefit the Democrats. What would Hillary gain from a repeal-Obamacare platform? Here’s three things: First, a “repeal-Obamacare” position would effectively neuter the Republican narratives | Read More »

    Is NSA Surveillance Program Evil?

    I am sure that NSA surveillance program has achieved a lot in saving American innocent lives from potential terrorist attacks and to protect our country’s strategic interests from foreign powers. I believe that for now NSA’s (or any intelligence agency for that matter) purpose isn’t evil and is operating within the confines of the law. So, how should Christians view NSA surveillance program in the | Read More »

    Peter Greenwald Challanges Eric Cantor in VA-7

    Retired Navy commander Peter Greenwald has decided enough is enough and vows to unseat incumbent Eric Cantor in the June 2014 primary in Virginia Congressional District 7. A patriot through and through he loves God and his country and is a strong constitutionalist. From Pete: In my last assignment in 2008 I reported to Fort Riley, Kansas to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan. On my | Read More »

    Education Reform, Innovation and Improvement

    I live in Lafayette, Louisiana, which is a phenomenal place to live if you want spicy, fried food and a great culture. The people are generally friendly (though I much prefer Vermilion Parish, which is where I work) and there is a lot to do. However, when it comes to politics in the area… well, the Acadiana area (which includes Lafayette and several surrounding parishes) | Read More »

    RNC participating in the March for Life this year

    Cross-posted from The Quinton Report. Ralph Z. Hallow of The Washington Times reports on the “unprecedented” move: In an unprecedented show of opposition to abortion, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is delaying the start of the party’s annual winter meeting so he and other committee members can join the March for Life on the National Mall, The Washington Times has learned. Mr. Preibus, a plain-spoken Greek Orthodox attorney from | Read More »

    Read Through The Bible In A Year In Chronological Order – Week One begins January 6th

    Week 1 – 2014 January Monday              06           Genesis 1 – 3 Tuesday              07          Genesis 4:1 – 6:8 Wednesday       08           Genesis 6:9 – 9:29 Thursday           09           Genesis | Read More »

    Can We Stop With This Charade Please?

    I’m gonna make this short and simple: I’m really getting agitated over this blowing up of every other statement coming from the Pope’s mouth. A lot of this charade was started and fault of the leftist media which hates the Catholic Church with every bit of energy they have, but a lot of people in general are blowing up over this statement or that comment. | Read More »

    Our Real “Obesity” Problem: Bloated Government

    If Republicans had any sense (which it is becoming increasingly obvious that they don’t) they would announce a positive plan to get the economy moving again, and deal with healthcare costs in the process. With a staggering Federal budget, and a national debt that is now greater than the GDP of most industrialized nations combined, we must do something to cut government spending, and free | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton’s MO

    Hillary Clinton has the Liberal News Media primed to usher her into the 2016 Presidency, Soros and other big Liberal bundlers are organized and prepared to finance Hillary regardless of cost. Many women will fall at her feet and worship her because she would be the first female President in our History – to many that’s more important than her qualifications. Others will take the | Read More »