Sixty-four yrs. old, long time executive and entrepreneur who got busted by the crash in 2008....making a comeback. Political junky for the last 25 years...should have become involved sooner as the country was heading down the tubes. Have written a business book and a great political thriller I can't sell; damn shame, wrote it in 2009 and I was quite a soothsayer, if a say so myself. Decided to sign up as an outlet for frustration and, hopefully, to offer some meaningful comments.


    Whata We Do Now?

    It apparently worked.  The establishment GOPers, without much pretense have pulled it off.  With the help of the media, they’ve all but nominated Romney.  Hard to believe that with  the upcoming primary states that Newt is going to pull it out.  By God, they went after him, and they got him. So it’s Mitt.  Do we pray that he isn’t what he is?  Maybe he’ll experience a | Read More »

    The Dump Job

    Admittedly, I may not have the strategic perspective of many… probably too focused on the ‘now’ with the accompanying emotional reactions.  However, the last few days of seemingly coordinated attacks on Newt leave me frustrated and depressed on many levels. Never, in my memory and I’m 64, can I ever recall this sort of intra-party venom heaped on a fellow member, particularly one running for president.  Seems | Read More »

    “Character Matters”…per Joe Biden

    Good ‘ol Joe’s no-comments today regarding Gingrich: I have no comment. Look this is quicksand, and I think that Newt Gingrich, as we all are, is going to be judged by the voters in the primary on the totality of who he is, and that includes everything. People make judgments about our character. They make judgments about our positions. I just don’t have any comment. | Read More »

    I’m for Newt…how in the world did I get here?

    The analysis has begun and the emerging conventional explanation of Newt’sSouth Carolinavictory seems to be coalescing around one of two themes: 1) Romney’s debate incompetence; 2) Newt’s answers to two specific questions in the South Carolina debates. Though I generally agree with the two theories, I believe they are simply symbolic of issues a whole lot deeper.  I’ll use the chronology of my thoughts/emotions, not | Read More »