Born in the Antelope Valley, raised in Los Angeles; now residing in the Antelope Valley. Senior in college and part time worker at both a movie theater and fast food restaurant. I am a Millennial, I'm 22 years old, and a solid conservative. Today's political parties such as the GOP think bending to pop culture is what will win our favor. I laugh at such a prospect, my generation is the Gimme Generation and until they grow up, get married, and have children; the entitlement mentality will continue to corrupt their better judgment and vote "libertarian" or democrat.


    The Millenial Generation and our Culture

    Millennials Ah yes; how often do we hear that younger people are “libertarian”? That special group of 18-30 year old men and women who want to be “left alone” and  that the only way the GOP or the conservative movement can stay relevant is to give up our defense of the family, the unborn, and-in some cases-the elimination of the welfare state. While it is | Read More »

    Conservatives Underestimate Themselves

    How many times have we heard CEO’s of companies we know and love taking positions that issues unfavorable to our political cause? How many times have leftists mocked conservatives for simply saying “I won’t patron there anymore” and we hear the usual scoffing that we should boycott Microsoft, Apple, HP, and so on(by the way leftists, stop using the internet! JavaScript was created by a man who supports Traditional Marriage).

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